Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 41 (December 11, 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
December 11, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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VOL. L No 41 Published Every Friday Drew Field, Tampa, Florida Friday, December 11. 1942 SERVICE CLUB OPENING IS GALA EVENT Aerial Gunners Are raining Course President Signs Bill For New Pay Credit AIRCRAFT WARNING SCHOOL. 1 Cot Asp Presents Building fo Drew In formal Opening


i Page:2 lhe Crazy Show I Drew field Buy Christmas Seals Will Be Here On I Many Drew Field outfits have E responded favorably to the (hrl"slmas V e christmas campaign of the. Hillsborough County Tuberculosis and Health Association of Tampa. The sum subscribed by Drew The title is the tip off .on the Field personne l for the purchase ::re_vu. e whi.ch USO-CAMP I of Christmas seals totaled$203.15. w1ll present free on Dec. 24, 8 .00 In a lett e r of apprecratwn, Mr. p.m. at the outdoor arena, Drew H. Wayne Bevis, Seal Sale chair. F .ield The CRAZY SHOW rt's man, stated, W e wish to thank called and it really is a dilly. everyone who responded so Anthing can happe n m a show quickly and generously to per wh.ich was designed with all the 3onal letters and especially do we -emphasis on zaniness-and m thrs thank the lead ers and men of the one anything, and companies: _goes. The comedrans smg, the i .:singers make with the jokes; the CHRRSTMAS SEAlS dancers ad-lib and the gag men 1 .dance. A man makes mus ic on a bicycle. pLu11p: A pair of stilts is one of the props. Performers walk .'On and off the stage at will. heckJing ribbing each other-tieing and tl'. e audience, up j n knots The complete good na-j turc of the. fast-pase d slapstick ibrand of humor which runs 1;hrough the whole revue bounces right over the footlights and i s .strictly in the conclusive groove Emceeing all these crazy go-jogs-on and adding his own p ar :ticul a r brand of gooniness to t h e _general b ilarious disorder is Ben 1 McAtee. who is d efinitelv of the Milto n E erie school of coi11edians His deli very is smooth and glib Protect Your Home from Tuberculosis .and he keeps the show moving "382nd Signal Co., $75 (partial Wilbur Hall and Renie and Ed-Bn. $22; 11th Fighter Wing, $2.15; rlie Hanley also doubl e in brass and the 705th Sig. A. w. Co. :in the laugh section of CRAZY SHOW. Hall and Renie, headline 320th Sig. A. W. Co. 958th Signal c-omd:ly duo, who sing, play a Radio, 3d M edical Supply .Avn., t f 1 t t 501st Sig. A. W. Reg., 5!lth Avn. vane Y o musrca ms rumen s Sq., 337th Fighter Sq., 306th Sig make with the gags. are a nal Co. Wing, 76th Bomb Sq. !lJli1H1.ture musrcal comedy show 553 d Sig. A.. w Bn., 316th Sig. : m themselves. And Eddle HaJ?--. Co Winer 318th Sig A W 704th 'ley, a ':ery ted dramatrc Sig. A. 'f..v., 556th S .ig A w., 3d comedy, rs sure-fue. Ficrhter Command Hq. & Hq. Sq. The rest of the cast I S brg3 "". so w I 0 I. time. Arken and Roberts. the boy 1"', 0111g and 1 ,; le 1 t 1 and girl jitterbug dance team, are Fro.hter v\ 111o $2 eacl :really root-suit; Vivian Frances. the attractive acrotapster. stops the show with her flash routines :and Lee Bartell, a real belle of the blues, is an exotic looking young. thrush who sells her songs ]ike a veteran, and particularly her verv strong arrangements r:-F St. Louis Blues and Joseph, Jo:seph'. Signal Hq. & Hq. Sq .. A. W. S. HI FIGHTER COMMAND "SIGNALS" By CPL. LARRY R.I\LSTON It i s interestin g to note that 1 this company moved to Drew 1 even befor e the present ce;-1 2nd REPTG. co .. S64th s.A.W. EN. .1ent runways had been J. lr 8 L 1 J l n .trl!cted. This organizatiori furlnished the nucleLts of the instruc-1 I lor personne l for the Signal Corps ; Bv s SGT. TOM c 1\.RUSO School which has gro\vn to b e I Vl"th d tl f of the largest in the country., Upon arrival here, Drew Fieid "lir:g normalcy and the fellows are was nothu:g but swamp and gmnmg to reahze that there are 3 0 has been rnterestmg to some of I .<.la:ys to month. I have bee_n through the first ones h ere to watch the :q_wte n few paydays. b).lt th1s last one was a lulu. For instance. who would m:provement and enlargement of 1lave ever thought that I would get thrs camp. I 1.i:le to see several charaa-IVIore than 20 per cent of this I Jter1Z m on the big Ted? p;:,( Orchow: Just g rve Lt. San Frhppo a lrt-3J:.k.Y mto the swing of life. tle more trmeand we'll be known r.da1nc1,t1n;._ f";et for the first as the boys wrth the bulgmg mus-. n rvee s wife. wtth Col 1 i Wh th 1 t t"" k P.are.H a and P fc. Kurcharewic z lookin,; c es. en e enan. rna es ;>pffv1th e:lee AH this took place at With the contortiOns," many menJ [e>f follows should e:et a load make mighty muscles ]hove. mer _of gets int1. o ont. mtch-awaited line You men are never .satisi Fustv.Sgt. Jones out on his fled. : Lt: st!ll to tl1osC' -------------<'Ia ''aches m the com ina R oer and that PvL will be a g1cnt how J et;_ Sa.\. d 1d <='Vt:r .LL. Hun1phries velJ? Tile lje _:_ : :n g-ot. a teJ.ee-ran1 the ot.l':et dav no-. _;1nr_; hi.rn that he h;,td bc--can;e c a nci t..'1at \\as a bov. Upon n o lteulenan t let out a!1 ear-sr"'1f1 ... 1nR .,..,_,,, tl1at alinost scared BUSSEY INSURJU:jCE AGENCY Phone M 1718 H 29122 109 E. Lafayette Streef nut of Lt. 'Vho u:ac:; tr:v :mg t o k eo a Peaceful in 'the order!,, roo>n. C .on"atulatio'';.. Elll"ston 's Drug Store L_reutf'nan t! You certainly did nass the o u t i n a hurry. Phone H 1645 -And have you heard this one? P'ounfain Service and Lunches OJ_lC gr rl puts it this way : EvervI want do i s either il202 W. LafayettE> Sf.,.TAMPA le!Jl]. imm&ral or fattening'' Sulfa Bandages I Bar Wound Infec tion Development of a tough, lucent film of medicated cellulose which can effectively shut out infection f rom. war wounds J and burn s, yet i s easily carrie d 1 in a soldier's first-aid kit, was re-I ported recentl y I The pliable sulfadiazine bandage, which may be left on a burn from three to five 1 days and makes inspection 1 wounds easy because there IS no 1 immediate need to r emove it, was developed by Dr. K enneth L l1 Pickre ll, of the d e partment of surgery at the Johns Hopkins Medica l School. Particularly valuable on burns, 1 the film has also been use d used, in surgery for such purposes. covering incisions, lacerations, and abrasions, as well as hasten-. ing the ''closure and regeneration. I I of perforate d eardrums. I Sgt.: I gave my g i r l a wonder. ful present last night. Pvt.: I gave nine a past! -I TAMPA LOAN CO. "TAJUI'A'S OJ,DES'l' AND LIIIEUAT." llO S VUANI\:LIN S'l'REET MAUREEN O'HARA TYRONE POWER in IN TECHNICOLOR! High adventure and Romance! \ ., -FLOR I DA. <'. J .-' .. ,. Air-Conditioned 9c ---28c SUNDAY MONDAY. Single The Major and The Minor Tampa and Zack Phone 3003-Sc, 22c SAT. AND SUN. Freshen up, Soldier! Chew Wrigley's Spearmint Gum Yes, you figl;lting airforcemen know how much a little stick of chewing gum can mean when n erves are tense or you've got a tough job to do. Chewing cools your mouth-keeps your throat moist. Helps steady your nerves during strenuous flights. Seems to make your tasks go faster, easier. So and enjoy swell-tasting Wrigley's Spearmint Gum every day-as millions do Hotel Hillsboro Florida Avenue at Twiggs St. Frank J. Hynes, .Manager Service Men Welcome THE CHATTERBOX 1,-fi9 Chicken and Steaks Real Italian Spaghe.tti SANDWICHES DRINl\:S LIQUORS Abba Dabba & Band Nightly '9 707 s. Howard Ave. .. -Phone H-3757 WELCOME TO HOTEL KNOX TOM BRYSON, l\fanager Lafayette & Jefferson Calling All Service Men TO GET A HOME COOKED MEAL AT KNOX GRILL 405 JEFFERSON ST OPEN DAY AND NIGHT Tampa Bay Market BOX FRUITS SHIPPED ANYWHERE A. G. Cleotelis -Son Ph. H 3143-204 W. Lafayeffe EAT HENDERSON BAKING CO.'S BREAD 2702 FLORIDA A "l'""E. DIXIE Cleaners :: Laundry Phones: !\I-1036, 42;\ 2 "ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT" Priscilla Lane "Flowers Teleg-raphed Back ---2nd Feafure-"MANPOWER" Marlene Dietdch Home Under Bonded Service" NELSON "THE FLORIST'' Open s A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Closed Sundays 514 TAMPA STREET QUICK DELIVERY 40th sr: LIQUOR STORE .JO:U:: V A SQl!EZ 4014 7til. Ave. Phone Y-3815


HO. & HO. SO .. 3d F. C. SEA BREEZES By SGT. JOE RARUS .. 3141h FLUNK Un(' I sale on rubbing alcohol at Wal-' ,. r' J 1 greens to g e t drunker than a j fiddler' s floozi e e y e in g the stock Bv PFC. J. J. O'GARA downtown like a pair of timber -. wolves in a sheepfold. I H angmg l!p. towe ls tl11s wee k The 9xl2 Turkis h towe l with For the n e x t t w o weeks w e will Gabnel anc! Abe l who the Sultan's autograph is awarded be pmch h1ttmg for our regular have sweated the EMs h a lo, WO, to Lt Bostick who 1s sweatm", scribe A I Ams t ct, who is having and the air is blue wit h the stink-j out that scatter himself a s w e ll time furloughing e r s the y are passmg a r ound; mer-. marbles in a s choolyard whe n the at Cl e v e l and, Ohio. d e ntally, I must hte myself old boy's back is tmne d. And if. B e s t w i s hes f o r success to "Bus L O \ V ll to a bus stop durmg the t h e Vermont Jarme r who said, "A I ter" K omCJ.

Page 4 DREW FIELD ECHOES Friday, December 1 L 1942 The Drew Field Echoes GLENN H. ROSS, Publisher TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS Business Office: P. 0. Box 522 1115 FLOJUDA AVENUE TAMP A, FLORIDA Phone 2177 All advertisements contained in this newspaper are also contained in the MacDill Fly Leaf. Minimum joint circulation; 10,000 copies. ADVERTISING RATES FURNISHED ON REQUEST A newspaper publishe d exclusively for the personnel of Drew Field and devoted to military interesis and the U.nited Nations Victory. By Sgt. John F. Suszynski Opinions expressed in this newspaper are those of the individual writers and under no circumstances are they to be considered those of the UJ:!-ited States Army. Advertisements in this publication do 1 not constitute an endorsement by the War Department-or its per-. sonnel of the products advertised. JUST WONDERING: -Did anyone hear the broadcasting debut of our Dance Orchestra on last Friday's "brew. Field Presents'' Radio Show over WFLA. -Was there any special significance in the title of Bud Estes original tune, ENIGMA, which was featured on the program Not to be outdone by Cpl. Estes, Cpl. Russ Hoier premiered his own Doctor Goldbrick's Mail Bag By PFC. J. J. O'GARA Dear Doc : ba_cked in!o the slicing ma chme m the kitchen of the 314th mess hall yesterday but prefer to rather than lay up in the dispensary. Is this serious enough to prevent me from carrying out my duties? -Worried Cook ANS: Think nothing of it-you will just get a little behind in the dinners. Movie Theater Programs For Next Week Friday, Dec. 11-I MARRIED A contribution to Musicana by foist-WITCH -Fredric March Veing his HASH-SLINGER'S SEREronica Lake. NADE upon the unsuspecting Inside Fighting China. guests. at the Officers Club Dance Glen Gray and Casa Lorna at Drew Field, last Saturday band. can' t help wondering whether Saturday, Dec. 12--NIGHTMARE "soulful outburst'' is a tribute Donlevy, Diana Barry-one of the fair damse ls at Mor-more. I:ison's Eatery, or. a display of Victory Vittles. antipathy towards the assortep_ Information Please. No. 10. sizes of muscular, hairy and SundayMonday, Dec. 13-14 -brawny KP's who favor uS' with THUNDERBIRDS-Gene Tier-our daily repasts) ... Pvt. Ted ney, Preston FGster. Cooper of the Special Services The Spirit of West Point. Group (Sgt. 0; Z. Whitehead, News of the Day, No. 225. Inc.), for?+erly with Tuesday, Dec. 15-STRICTLYIN Fred Warmg, Charlie Barnet, and Dear Doc:. Healy, lintendto keep on buying War I don't know whether or not The State vs. Glen Willet. world, tagged our Dance Orche$- the Hqs boys are puliing by leg Guardians of theSea. Arm. y '(haplat"n s )lain with .requests. bcirdering ori tta "W:O when they ten me I look like Miracle Makers. ,. the ridiculous:_ Chaplain Carl BOYS' '; Sgt..Luukkonen likes. the,, Martha Ray so I am enclosing a Wednesday-Thursday, Dec. 16-17 Hewlett, Base Chaplain at Drew name "DEEP SLEEP ELEVEN snapshot. Do you think it's on ac. -ROAD TO MOROCCO-Bing (onlrl"bu le Muc h Field, in commenting .upon the -I wonder which mqpiker .will. count of the cute way my mouth Crosby, Bob Hope. tasks of an Army chaplain, stick : The: 69th AAF Band is shaped? News of the Day No. 226. J cussed some of them. (that's us) played-at the Drew -Base Telegraph "Cutie" The March of Time No 4. 0 Ar_my .. _Morale -For instance, one day a soldier Field vs Ft Benn_ ing .Football came to him. "I'm in a bad ANS: Is that your mouth or Friday, Dec. 18-MADAM SPYtion, sir," the boy said, "and rd. Game last Sundaythe garn,e have they put teeth in the Hol-' Constance Bennett, Edmund ___ .like. you to help me." ended 13-0 in favor of i;he gang. land Tunnel? I MacDonald. "Don't tell your troubles to me, "l'll be. glad to if .I can,, the from Georgia-I wonder if anJ)'.. Phony Cronies. one blames the Band for that Dear Doc: A Hunter's Paradise. 'buddy. Tell 'em to the chaplain." ( .chaplain replied. "Whats your score ... How .. happy, Col. The characteristic method of trouble?'' h Is it true that Jascha Hiefetz, The Good Job. brushing off the annoying com-" Well, sir, Lpromised my girl must be now that his .furloug ls the famous Vl.rtuoso went to -"' ove r and he's back "home" a t ..,. plaints of a chronic "beefer" is to friend I d marry her. I've been ash work at a very early age? ui:ge him in the above fashion to sured .of a buck se. r .geant's rating Drew Field 1 wonder if t ere -'-Cp Hemingway Sheer. Nat"onal Serv' ice Life will be a duel When Cpl. Estes A go to the Chaplain. And, indeed, by the .tenth of the month If goes to take back his tenor sax NS: Yes, at the age of .seven Insurance an ArmyChaplain has more than you'd lend-me $30, sir, I'd hring seat fromPfc. Mike Galdino. who he was playing at concerts in his hands full with th eproblems her down froni. Alabama and get has been doing a nice job of Carnegie Hall and contributing of troubles. For -many of them, married.". h 1 several thousand dollars to sup" A Government agency organ either disgruntled or troubled; go He also asked the chaplain to in:gin with the Dance Band w I e port his parents. Up until that ized to provide life insurance 1 to him to pour out their tro1,1bles. get her a job in the Post ExBud's been away wm the time, however, he was just a bum. tection to service men is National Every officer in the. Army, chang e so they could have plenty Band's Volleyball team over win another ganie (Boy! What shell-Dear Doc: Service Life Insurance. It is ini-whether he is the commanding of-cif money to. Iive. on. He didn't, ackings tak:en the past I L k tially granted as a year term ficer or a medical officer or a however, get his buck sergeant's two whats the matter, Tgot a "Veromca $a e" hairdo policy with optional conversion .chaplain; is concerned about the rating. Nor did .his gid friend get ca p t. Sedlak?) ... Ho_ w lo ng_ wi.ll m ampa and paid 9.00 for it. privileges. morale of the command to which a job in the PX. Nor did Chap-, Gl Cl b Don't you think I was greatly After the policy has been in he belongs. Morale plus_arms and lain .Hewlett let him ha_ ve $30. it take T/Sgt.' Eaton s ee u overcha g d? to learn that new number? r e force for one year, but within the equipment win -battles. And moBut he did get married -Blonde Destroyer five-year-term, the insured may rale isn't entertainment, but the A Drew Field chaplain's tasks STILL WONDERING:. Did anyANS: I certainly do! M.adame convert the term policy into one feeling that you wish to excel in are multiple He consoles a sol-one miss the last two "Weekly". Murphy, on Florida Ave., gives of the ;following policies: (1) or-your task, the feeling drives one dier when death visits hi$ family Band. Concerts (Tuesdays) at the you hair dowri over both eyes dinary life; (2) 20-payment life; on to greater achievements as a until the Red Cross is able to ar-Arena-the opening of the EM's and a Seeing Eye dog for $5.00. or (3) 30-payment life. soldier. range for his emergency furlough. Service Club on Wednesday acFor detailed information in re-There are many sides to morale. He investigates applications for counted for the last postponeDear Doc: gard to policies, pre!fiiu_m rates; Th_e mess officer feeds well and emergencJ: relief to determent_:_the guest baritone singer A certain Cpl. at Base Opns, etc., see ym;r orgamzatwn's In-bmlds morale The mme the of reyou .heard with us on the occasion who is a just a verygood friend, surance Officer, or contact the clothes the men well and bmlds quests. He VISits Sick sold1ers at of the .dedication was Cpl. John keeps telling me 'over and over Base Officer, Lt. Ed-morale. finance officer gets the Army at least _once a Flession, prominent on Dre.w again that he needs ):Tie Should ward B. T-212, Ext: the men pard regularly aJ:!-d proHe. distnbutes to pnsoners Field Radio and Special Service I believe him? --,., :893. ":,., 70:{ motes--morale. The. pro toilet artlcles, such, as soap and Shows. -S)gt. Majors Secre'tary vides the mer). with religious razor .blades, donated by generous : ANS: A friend :in need is a The: wife. was .always ices and dispenses the solace and citizens of Tampa. He holds reli-AND THE .BIGGEST. WONDE: R friendto k:eep away from: .ize. 'by her husband going out' af strength of religion to the men gious seryices for prisoners. onee OF ALL: Cpl. Woody Harwick's. night. 'His departing words, which a 'nd thus contr-ibutes towards mo-a week; He leads: community sing& craftsmansl!ip. Be$ides playir),g Dear Doc: \ especially angered al-tale. every Sunday, and has quiz pro the bass drum in our Band, -he .My boy friend writes me that ways, "Good night, mother of The chaplain is always willing grams at which he distributes cig-has found time to convert our he is in the Guardhouse. What is three." to lend. an ear to a soldier who arettes given by outsiders to the Supply. Roon1 into a vedtable that? But. one night she could stand brings him his.problems. Some of winners. In addition, he arranges showplace (with shelves, work--Lizzie Tish it no longer and when he took thepleas, however, are beyond and appears at church socials and bench, tables with drawers, and -ANS: A guardhvuse is what if his. hat, started out the door, she the chaplain's control. Some men parties given for the men,. of cupboards)-he built a "bridge" you pass out suddenly and wake called cheerily, "Good night, don't like .the outfits they're in, I which four or five take place to span the rut from our doorstep up with lumps on your head, you father of one." Now he stays so they come to the chaplain and every week. All in all, the chapto the. road-it's even rumored. are with an MP in. home. -plead with him to get them trans-lain has a busy week. that one of our NCO's will be ferred to other units or other Besides ministering to a sol. moving into the Lister Bag S}1Pl------'What has more fun than people posts. He is 'forced to turn such dier's needs, the chaplain must ter. that Woody built ... The Love is what makes the world do? men away without satisfaction, keep in touch with the civilian markable thing is that all go 'round. When the world goes ANS. Rabbits. the transfer of personnel being po!.Julation He is called up to work was done with scrap lumu" round, it makes a revolution. A Do you know why? entirely out of his jurisdiction. He speak at many functions in town and the crates in which our band revolution causes riots, bloodshed ANS. Because there are more has no recourse other than to re--meetings of patriotic, church instruments came ... It's getting and the loss of property, and rabbits. than. people. fer the discontented -soldiers to and fraternal organizations. Or so that boys have to hide leads to war. War is hell. Then Do you know why? their squadron or.company com-he has.to wrestle with the prob-their matches now, !est Woody love is a he1luve thing, you little ANS. Because rabbits have more manders. l ems _of soldiers' relatives on the 1 should appropriate them for some devil, you. r:;; fun than people do. Some soldiers come to the chapquestion of allotments. new proJect ... Watta guy! ''I'M ct..13AN AND N'eAT, IM srRoN& AND )!!RilE, I'M COURTEOU5 A5 "fJ J../IKG AND ORIL.L, AND EXRC15; I VN DO 'K. P. f ---


Friday, December 1 L 1942 Fori Benningw.13; Drew Fieldr Forty Report For Basket Ball Team ---. Forfy men reported to Lt. By Pfc. Delwin Baggett Arthur Colley. Base Physical DREW ECHOES 1314 Hoopslers Prepare For The Coming Season A tough Ft. Benning.'eleveri de-Training Officer, in the first feate d the Drew Field-' Signal call of the 1942-43 basket ball Corp 13-0 at Phillips field last season. A base team will be The 3 14th Base Headquarters Sunday before some 5 000 .fans.' formed :to represent Drew basketball team went through Drew running from .the famou s Field against outside competi-their initial workout for the com-T-formation was never able to tion. ing sc .as0n last Monday night at penetrate below the v isitors' 34-A tentative schedule is now the Y M C : A. gym. yard line as their runners were being arranged for the team S/Sgt. Utt, manager of the bottled up all afternoon. during the coming season. team was v ery much pleased with Page 5 The Dragons from Benning If the first few workouts are / the first workout of the team, and scored their first touchdown in an indication of flue kind of hopes to have one of the leading the opening period. After an team that Drew will have. the quints on the Drew Field baske t change of punts, the Dragons took personnel of his field will be ball l eague. Bottler: PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF TAMPA the ball in mid-field and drove justly proud of the quintet. Answering the first call were: T W R A M S E y to a first down on Drew's 4 0 On Lt. Colley. who will handle M/Sgt. Louis Aymond, S /Sgt. the next play, Ralph Britt faded the coaching reins of the team. Donald Utt, Sgts. Joseph Byrne, LUMBER COMPANY back with five m e n chasing him is very pleased with the pros-George Popp, Mike Katen, Cpls. We Specialize In :mrl heaved a long pass that was pects for the coming season. Robert Reed, William Cahill, Mill Work & Cabinets tt by End J .ohn Hamilton I foreseeing a very successful Joseph Bresnan, P v t s. Mike Chirew' s s i x -yard line cage season ahead. hutsky,. William Smith, and AnBenning scores on pass j Practice is conducted each thony Menoli. We can furnis h material for Repairs and F. H. A. Loans Phone Y I219 -17th St. & 6th Ave Nick Copra dropped back and day at the Trailer Park gym in Wish you luck, Base Headquar-shot a pass in the end zone to downtown Tampa during the t ,...---------------. Robert Linscott for the touchphysical training period. er.s I dow n. Copra's placement was Anyone who would like to HQ CO ; good and Benning led, 7-0 fry out for the team. contact i .. EPTG BN. L e d by Left End Karbowiak j the Physical Training Supply 1 503 d SIG. REGT .. A.W. 1 and Tackle Whitehead, Drew's 1 Office at phone 429 R E p o R J s I defense stiffened and held the 1 Lei's go, cagers! "Soldiers Favorlt(" E:Jtln'!" Place" S'rEAI{S AND CHOP.S A SPECIALTY ELlT E UESTAURANT TAJIIPA AND TWIGGS STS. Dragons scoreless in the second 1 .. (I quarter. intercepted aj Tam p a 1U11 vs. Drew By SGT. LESTER SHEAR '---------------..J pass on hiS own 10 to stop a l r' --------------scoring threat in the second per-n Return Match HEADQUARTERS REPORTS: Phone B-3787 iod as the half ended -j S d Af SPEAKING OF FURLOUGHS McASKILL MUSIC STORES Drew punt is blocked .,. Un ay ternoon Sgt. Rosenthal, one of .the usual th f th 1 Radios and Repairing Drew took the kickoff in the, au ors o IS co umn, at last s econd half and on two passes Drew Field Signal Corps foot-received a futlough. He is now drove to their own 47. On fourth ball team will meet Tampa U. to-back in New York with his J:ieau down, a Drew punt was blocked morrow, Saturday, Dec. 12 at tiful bride (Ann Sothern type) and recovered by James Phipps Philips Field. and very happily married indeed! of Ft. Benning on Drew's 29. Tomorrow's game will be the 1 Pvt. Walzak was swe.atin g out a Sound and Inter Co-mmunicating Systems Authorized C apehart and Scott Radio Service 1116 Grand Central SERVICE MEN ALBERTUS HOTEL A Home A way From Home Drew held there, but on fourth second meeting of the two e levfurlough for the holidays. Finally down Ft. B enning was awarded ens. Tampa U. was victorious in it_ was granted to him, but imme a 15 yard penalty for unnecessary the first game, 21-13. diately after he was put on the roughness on the .. part of. Drew After a bruising contest with alert. Tsk, tsk, tsk. The army pla.yers, and took first and 10 on I the Third Armored Regiment. of ruling to limit holiday furloughs the 14. .:.:::.:_ Ft. B enning last Sunday, which weighs heavily on First Sgt. Britt shot a pass to Copra to the Dragons won 13-10 all the Miller's shoulders. After all, he is put the ball on the four, John Signal boys came through the the o n e who says "No. Those 956 Twiggs Carney hulled his way to the. one 1 Sunday game in good shape C!nd of us who are instructors might .and then went went over for .the I will be ready for the grudge be interested to know that our l\1-1339 score. The try for ertra point was game Saturday. company doesn' t count e mer-TOWNSEND blocked Ft Benning led 13-0 at Tampa U. has idle gency furloughs, but HeadquarS h Door the end of the third period. their last game Wit h Ft. Benm_ng ters "B" Stage does. as Signal Corp threatens two weeks ago, but have contm1c 1c 1c 1 & Lumber Co. In the fourth quarter, Drew ued practice daily. Coach Mel Don't look now, but after a spe-LUMBER & MILLWORK made their only serious scoring Vines is expecting a ga!-Ue cial course at Orlando, T /Sgt. AnROOFING AND PAINT threat with Fullback Pane ... Je a,(ifrom the so ldiers and IS puttmg derson and S/Sgt. Gontarsky are -FHA LOANSing the attack which carriea to his charges through long drills. back with us. Mister Schooler PHONE H 4891 Ft. Benning's 34. But at this point, The Physical Training Depart-(formerly T /Sgt.) looks swell in N Rome & Fuller Street Harry Baldon intercepted a pass ment has put the Signalmen his new uniform. Incidentally, we and Ft. Benning kept the ball for through their paces during haven't seen Mister Senn since he the remainder of the game. past week and has been workmg received his appointment. First Britt and Larson collaborated in on a defense to stop the running Sgt. Miller is at it again. Almost driving to Drew's one-yard line attack of the Spartans. every day finds some new man as the game ended. Drew's line-up will remain entering our organization and it's The backfield for Drew was about the same as it was in the up to the sergeant to find sleep never able to get started and this last game except for a couple of iilg room. H e finds room, but was their main downfall. Drew's changes in the don' t ask 1:11e how. Sgt. Ness, who line had its bright moments at changes in the backf1eld. The lme was studym g to b ecome a lawyer times. will remain the same. in civilian life finds working with Air Base Bus Inc. 30 Minute Service to Botb Fields At All Hours T 15 Minute Service Durfnc Kush llo11111 For Further Information Call 3286 CULP LUMBER CO. 'Everything to Build Anytbin:=;' :M:lllwork Made To Orde:. 500 Packwood Ph. H 1862 -:Tampa Flowers For Mother, Sweetheart or Friend POWELL'S INC., FLORIST 412 Tampa St. --Ph. 2!S24 Open 'Til 7 P. M. Armenia Floral Gardens "Ilcally FreHh Flowers" Corsage., 'n Everything Ph. S !IG-341. 4500 Armenia Drew and Tampa U. Saturday The game tomorrow will prob-the court marshall board right Drew will play their last sched-ably be the last game. of the sea-down his alley. Corporal Dick ule game tomorrow with the Uni-son for the soldiers. Kickoff will I Lang is spending most of his versity of Tampa at Phipil);?. ... be at 4 o 'clock at Phillips Field spare time in a trailer. He seems to St. Petersburg dium beginning at 4 1c I to like those pottable jobs. Sgt. Tampa U. defeated Drew; ... 21-13 Hoffman and Sgt. Bernstein spent several weeks ago. Sub-Depot Subs so much money at Bros ,. SERVICE MEN -Read Tl).e that they are practically stock-y 0 u R P H 0 o Marcia Beach returned recently holders. T / Sgt. Kirby knows the after a 10-day leave. She flitted words to. the Radar song. After all over the East. Was up in Ohio, three Coca-Colas and a little Kentucky and Washington. Mar-coaxing, any of you boys who are TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS ONLY YOU CAN GIVE FOR FINE WORK AND GOOD SERVICE GO TO K PH 0 T 0 STUDIO-. 438 W. LAFAYETTE, __ ... 4 Doors from Park Theatre LAFAYETTE HOTEL E. A. CLAY, Manager 120 'Vest Lafayette Street East Side of Bridge Phone M-5588 'White 'Way -cia is a real Florida Cracker and interested can get the words. It' s has never seen any snow. Was a sharp little ditt y, not well hoping she would get to roll in known. Kirby also looks pretty a little befor e returning to the slick in his cowboy boots and Sunshine State, but the fates campaign hat. were unkind to her. R eports that W e still have a few orchids left she had a grand time and "didn't over from the other wee k, so we'd want to come back"-why??? like _to give one t? S/Sgt. Watts "The guy who said "There is no on h1s new promotw!'l, S/Sgt. V a n rest for the wicked" must have 1 MaeJe and Cpl. Sullivan who had the Sub-Depot employees in 1 for O.C.S. Th?rnton f?r his mind. This g etting to work at COI'l}mendable JOb pmch hittmg as 7: 3 0 a m is just about more than mml orderl y and T/Sgt. P.ennely the body can stand. It has its for keep1_ng men of his, bar compensations, however, Getting racks stnckly on the ball. off at 4 p.m. is really nice; but 1c----all we can do now is eat, sleep "Why do people marry?" and work. Sure don't have much "Because .their childre n d emand time to jook around. it." The MacDill Fly Leaf The Drew Field Echoes ST. PETERSBURG REPRESENTATIVE HOWARD EDSALL 416 Beach Drive, North Phone 88-124 WATSON'S DINING ROOM 553 Fourth Avenue. North Specializing in Steaks and Home Cooked. Meals At St. I'etersbur110 Sportsman Billiard Parlor 228 Central Avenue Wha t does Sue Logan have that -------------escapes the rest of Sup-j house now finds the nawsty old ply lent Sue to Engme;enng for dirt too, too, devastating? Gets a while, and now all the m e n in her dainty little throat and in from downstairs can find more her hair. Don't l e t anyone know excuses to come up in the Supply about this-some of the nurses in Office j ust to speak to Sue. A the battle zones who are giving hint to you wolves: Mr. Logan their lives to help our boys may 2800 Armenlo Ave., Neor lUlchla;un ain' t no weakling. get a little b lue trying to protect Phone H-3S!J8 Our two messenge r girls, Joyce such as this. Hi, HEEL! S p fl Ph SO 612 Mueller and Florence Moore, who The employees from Supply t. ete, a., one -have gotten along so well officewent to the circus in a body "The Store That Value Built" e r these many months, are -all seem to have had a swell to pull hair over a c ertain soldier time. The Supply gang seem to B E R K M A N 1 S whom they call Lightning. get along better than the re s t of Diamonds Jewelry Luggage I Now tha t Hobby has. left, it u s They are always doing some-Gifts 811 Tampa St. Phone M 1094 I didnt take Kathry n P atillo long thin"' and so far there have bee n N 1 to g e t into circulation. no spats among the m Why can't I ext to S-P Cafe George T. Brightwell. Mgr. I What little so-called "glamour a ll of the Sub-Depot take a l esson 538 Central Avenue puss" who got a job in the Ware Supply? -::_ ___ s_t._P_e_:t_e_rs_b_u_r_g_._F_la_. __ _: Men Welcome GILBERT HOTEL THE NORMANDIE 414 Fourth, Ave North : St. STEAM HEAT Reasonable Rates-Day. Week or Season. "Only 4 blocks to Main Busi ness C-;ner: Attention Soldiers -Bargains in Unredeemed Pledges. D!a mands, Watches Jewelry We Specialize on Watch and Jewelry Repairing. Also En graving. PROVIDENT LOAN CO, 206 Florida Theater Bldg NIKKO INN 19 1st St. No. Phone 6720 AJr Cinditioned, Plivaie Dining Rooms, Chinese n.nd American Meals Gilbert System Hotel Betty C. 11111chell, lUgr. 740 Central Ave. St. l'etcrMburr; Phone 7864 "Your llon1e A'\'FRY front lJomc'' You Are Ah""nYH A phone In E\cry Uootn Hut nod Cold Wn1cr All 'J'JrneH Service Men-JEWELRY and GIFTS for Every Member of. the Family. Wrapped and Mailed for Your Convenience-Anywhere. PARAMOUNT GIFT SHOP ;322 Central Ave. St. Petersburg


THE HEAVY-SET GUY in the r e d suit and the white whiskers droppe d in at s ome of t11e night spots earlier than usual. The' week-end saw every place play to a capacity house. A s k Frank Arango of The Tavern 1 Drew's Service Club ina u gural last B a r if he's lucky in love. I night with Miss S elma Brooks, the Dancing Teacher. Could it be that WHAT CAPTAIN in the M edical Miss Brooks had something to do with Corps i s mailing gardenias to Sarah the captain's sudden dance craze? Moss, hos tess at the T ampa Terrace '' '' Saw a thousand and one new faces. Jus t when I was starting to know the a fter-dark c u stomers the n e w mugs started to sprout. At any rate it' s "Hel lo. Bill!" to the score of new readers D ining Room? Lt. Gafle, Drew, is not a Clark Gable, but his stvle of romance across the table at the TURF EX CHANGE the other night was a better performance than Clark put in Talking about changes the Jewel Box -Danny and Dan' s night club-made a red-hot transfer in singers Patty Burke, lovely Chicago songbird, will thrill you every night. (I Come next pay day, Doris Redman. Indiana will swap her name for that of Mrs. Norval Cross Norval is one of Mrs. Norval Cross. Norva l is one luck and lots of happiness to you both. It seems that the Hi-Hat all girl band has the j itters. Tony the drum mer, has gone for a Fort Myers Sarge Margaret, the sax player, only man hater in the band, told me she w a s daffy about a buck private and would sy "I do" i f he pops the question. Two siste r s Gene and Rita, are still stand-ing by the Coast Guard. :;: l:VIr. and Mrs. W. Setzer, 2707 M ertyle Ave., are getting an ideal Xmas gift this y ear. Their one and only Billy Setzer, 19 years old, will b e home from parts unknown. He's in the Navy Corporal Joe Paruso and Steve Siand has been promoted to Petty Offi biga, two well-known M.P's have startce1 3rd Class. eel to walk a beat. '' S. Sgt. John R. (Woof Woof) Mar-The bes t one heard at the Lafayette cum can be found most any n ight at Hotel this week: A soldier walked in the CHESTERFIELD BAR, where he and a sked the clerk to call him a cab.\ keep up the morale of the "Which one?" asked the clerk '"Tis C""'>!er. none o f your business," barked the I Who. is. the officer who won the fin-khaki-clad youth, turning around and ger-tlp k 1ssmg 1 walkmg out. < ,, CORPORAL .JESS ZIMMERMAN, ed' one of his pies. .:. 1)1: I) M.P. "Dimples" Moran, Plant Field, won a compact and a blackout flash-, light in the Penny Arcade on Cass Street. l -Ie says he needs both of. the prizes. I can understand the f lashlight, but the compact? Now, Dimples .... : (I 1)1 :) In the Dumps this week: Pfc. C. I. Hinely, Drew, becaus e his Lavata is very ill in a Jacksonville hospital. Seaman Harve y Garfincle, Bradford Pa.,. grid star, stayed at his post o,.; Dav1s I s land all night because his girl didn't show up the night before. LINCOLN .BAR FINEST LIQUOR PLACE FOR COLORED PEOPLE. We Deliver Phone H 3114 Main at North Boulevard IT LOOKS LIKE a certain little blues 1tor of the Drew Field Echoes didn't singer from New Orleans and now at do. a bad job of entertaining a few Webb's Patio, St. Petersburg, will keep V1s1tors at the Saratoga Bar. His Lt. J R. McGhee. Jr., MacDill Field. fnends, Pvt. T. J. Baker, Harrisburg, on the run between here and Webb's Pa.; Pfc. Harry J. Wright, New York; nightly Corporal \'lesley Chapman, Pittsburgh, 1 and Sgt. Tom Hook, Phil a d elphia, h a d The Chatterbox seems to be the spot a wonderful time. In fact. the only I for romance every Sunday night after thing that stopped the party w a s the midnight. Abba Dabba .knows just curfe w Yep, I had one wit h them. what to play for the lovebirds At a corner table, Virginia Ivey and Adel I didn't know that Capt. B cockDraughon crossed love beams over r ell, Drew, could dance until I heard cocktail glasses with L t Antonio Mo-he was tripp.ing the light fantastic at reno Localle and Lt. Walter .Dzeuba, Drew Field. The word RING \Vas men tioned. It could be a phone call, but then a gain, it could mean something e l s e Your gues s is as good as mine. Ask L t Art Moss or George or John nie, the bartenders; they seem to la1ow all the answers. Anoth..., spot with many new fac.es was the PADDOCK BAR. Is it Benny's new mixed drink, or Jo Ann Ryal's return after a sick spell of six weelts? I know the bovs all welcome back :Jo Ann, especially now :that she's prettier :!him ever, What happened to Clara and Helen? Or izzi:t 'true :that they've opened up a spot on Florida Avenue? Frank Ruta, who owns the Hyde Park Spagh-:Ui House, is in New York on a well-earnecl vacation. Tonv Craoarn is in charge. Tony is a veteran of World War I and a member of Amen Legion Post No. 73. All the sol dlers know where to find him. "A GOOD PLACE TO EAT" POST OFFICE CAFE C D. Kavakos, Prop. :Qinners, Plate Lunche-s, Beer Wines & Cold Drinks;, Pie6 and Pastries. 406 Zack Si:reet Tampa, Fla. ,'if.--iC GOODY GOODY TidE PLACE TO EAT 1119 FLO;RIDA AVENUl: "' Est. 1925 You'H Enjoy OUR FOOD iC Cuban Sandwicl>-ct3 -+: Oyst ers, any style -+: Delicious Cuban Shocbets iC Mode.rate Prices Los Helados De Ybor 14th St. at 8th Ave., Y.bo.r City HOLSUM LUNCH <. REASONA:8'LE PRICES Home Cooked AI'Ilerie>aR Meals Our Specialty : Fried Oltic:ken anol T Bone SteaRs 714 GRAND CENTRAL AVENUE sERVICE MEN LA NUEVA ERA rancy Grocaies Fre&h Meats 3018 Armoo.ia A.ve Ph. H 46-174 P'ree DeHvG'!'y Welcome Service Men Nu-Way Restaurant For Good Food at POPULAR PRICES 713 GRAND CENTRAL ELITE CIGAR STORES Football Scores b y Direct Wire WINE -BEER CIGARS 400 Zack Phone M 62-072 207 Twiggs Phone M-1236 SOLDIERs ALWAYS WELCOME EL .QOULEVARD RJtSTAURANT 'i' Flnf:!st fulaniSh Foo!h of Liquors. 2001 Nebrask&. ManuerGarcia, Jr.'s Spanish Restaurant 915 Tampa at Tyler Ph. M 52-073 Tampa. Fla. Special Invitations to All Service .Men GLEN'S BILLIARDS Now in its New l>ocation 805 Tampa St. WELCOME SOLDIERS V I c 1324 Franklin Ph. H-7240 B-riLL BAILEY, Prop. Mtmaber V.F.W. & Al!i'A' Legion -DINE AND DANCE AT ... LICATA'S SEABREEZE on Hillsborough Bay Try :the Best in Food Service MEiil Always Welcome FINEST LIQUORS La Glor.ra Rsstaurant 1 DANCING EYERY NITE Frankin St. Restaurant HOME OF FINE FOODS At-.Reasonable Prices SPANISH DINNERSe 1406 Franklin Street All Setvice Men Welcome BARCELONA CAFE SPANISH RES'.rAURANT Wines and Liquors Phone 82142 Open All Night 4714 Nebraska and Osborne FERNANDEZ RESTAURANT Cuban Sandwiches A Specialty 1216 Franklin St. Senioeme n Are 'VeJ.come Day or Nite at CHILD CAFE 501 Frank'lin St. SOLDIERS ... When you are lonesome & blue And you don't know what to do, come to M. Ml LLER,S BAR Where slq_e is friendly and true BEERS WINES lOc BEER STILL IDe 111.1 Florida Ave. Bar and Cocktail JJ0llnge The TURF EXCHANGE Package Sl :or0 ORCHESTRA EVERY l\'ITE Phone 2003 E. St. Max's Liquor Bar WINES LIQUGIRS CIQARS FREi: Dli:LIVERY SERVICE 1601 E. COLUMBUS DR. PI'IONE Y-1281 -Keep 'f.m F1ylng-Attention! Dancing By One Who Knows! PR:J:V ATE LESSONS .. ROLLER SKATING COLISEUM Davis Islands. AFTERNOON 2:30 till 5 NIGHT 8 till 11 Except Monday 5c FARE ON DAVIS ISLAND BUSES L Diamond Cabs -1 Oc THE SOUTH'S FINEST SKATING RINK MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE SARATOGA BAR Corner Fortune and Franklin D ancing Every Night in the Blue Room To JIMMY GARDENER (. ...... <' "South's Best Negro Rhythm" BEER WINES LIQUORS Sunday Matinee Dancing Phone 7988 TAMPA'S ONLY NITE CLUB Featuring 3 Floor Shows Nitely -8 10 -Midnight DANNY & DON'S J E W E L B 0 X N I T E ( LU B 911 TAMPA STREET JEWEL BOX LADY CASSANDRA Orchestra Girl With the 4 POWELL-ETTS Can-Can Dance LONG NOSE (DURANTE) Radio Mind MAXINE POWELL Fan Dance KING, EMCEE 11111111111111 1'1 11111111 In II U Ill 11111111111 rl I rl llllll N Ill IIIII I U Ill U 11111111111111111v CLUB 1204 FRAN:KLIN ST. Invites You io to TAMP A'S ONLY .A:LL-GIRL BAND "Hi-Hat Rh:yfhm Makers" Every Niie -7 P.M. Till Midnight Rex Billiard Parlor Hey There Sol,gil "Brinks You'll Like and Can Affor4i" PADDOCK BAR JACKSON AT TAMPA STREM' Open frem 8 A. H. to 12:6!1 P.M. Fine Spanish Food and 1 _22nd Skeet <;;auseway Sandwiaites Phone T PIS. Selma Drennan Bro.oks 10Q.2 F.RAN1Hlft4" Da'I S. The Tavern Bar anel Gr-81 HOT AXD COLD LUNCH.I:S a Specia.Hy .. -.. 3100 Armema Ave. .._ ___ P_h_9Il_ ... e_l'l_3_3_-s_2_l __ l :t-. __ P_R-_I_v_A_T_E_D_ ....... ...! and Assis;ianis Tel. H 32-654. 207 Parker St. 311 J i'ranWtn St. Pk&ne 394:8


E:_:S;:___----"'"""'--.;._,;_-----'-'------'---_.;;..;.:___:...:....:...._____;:.._;...:Pa=-: _g_e....:.:.::.. ? Friday!. December 11-:_, __ I .PLOTTING 564th S.A.W. DOTS AND DASHES I FIRST REPORTING' COMPANY I 564th SIG. A.W. BN. SEP .. REPORTS B y SGT. E. S. PERRY There's no doubt now in an,one's Lt Madde n has the men rounding mind that we are about to ha\e our into shape (doubl e time)' o n his. morn good basketball t eam: under the ca!e ing hikes. Lt. Carroll. our athl<: t c off: ful tutelage of Lt. Cantwell the pia,-cer, the n add s the fine edge w1th iootlooked sharp in practice; and then ball and volley ball games. m sp1te of our. open challenge (and a The officers of the 1st Reportmg Co. lot o f other compar\1es must have read have a t1 r s t rate volley ball team. A n y il) have been few so in doubt, please contact the officers How s about that, you Reporters, oi the 2nd Reporting Co. 5 03 etc.? Jus t call Cpl. Talarek and 1st Sgt. Mattice ancl T Sgt. Krause he'll be glad to arrange games to stl!t participate d in a touch football .game y o.u. and the battle wounds are st1ll ev1dent. :S.o' .the time this I S pu_bllshed th<:re 1 (Limpy) Hunter isn't the same after w!11 be a h1ke and a bee1 pa1 t y unaeii the era me, followed by a n1ght m our belts and b oth should be a lot o t I town.. On the h 1ke, the bay ran out o f "Blimp-Motor Pool" McCord pulled water (some awful funn y thmgs ha;)-up lame after a tou r o n guard. pen here. in Tampa) but here's hoping A new dart board. cards and c heck there's plenty of beer at the party. ers are now i n use ancl enjoyed much Wonder who the champion beer b y all. guzzler .s? Lt. W arren and 1 s t Sgt. Mattice Jabs m the darkTopkick O'Bnen hooked up in a stirring checker game. made up the wrong bunk one mornmg Thev both bear watching and n o and Sgt. B ritto n had a flat tire O N doubt will improve with practice. S gt. his car the other night; ours i s u s ual!, Moe (call me Max) Kester talks a in the car. Sure hated to. see that good game of checker s grand old guy, Sgt. Dav1s, moto!1 T Sgt. Hopkins (that's the way they sergeant. go but then that's all in the clid i t in Crowder) i s in charge of game. Pf:C Fol?'arty insists he's going beautify inl?' t h e grounds a r o und the to remam a bachelor m sp1te of area; a l s o the (obsiacle course) s1de -run1ors o.therwtse. .., \Va1k s. T h'b coffee pot m Barracks !\o .. l S.Sgt. D e Bonis is: put .ou t _no endCioes a rushmg b u smess but wa1t till Sgt. Hopkins clefeatecl hun 111 an all those cold spells h1t. The coke m acl11ae importFC Hanson. but it lasted the u sual HQ. & HO. SQ. The f1"ghf1"ng N1"nfh then addresses, etc. There's the cha-plain. '-Bye. Bv Col. Walte r Werner 56'3d SIGNAL A.W. BN. UNUSUAL -OCCUPATIONS: Our cur-f -,SIGNAL EERS'' iosity about things a little off thf! beate n t rack led u s to the door of "' Sailor Katzy-High C lass Tattoo Artis t (Tampa). where we h a d qmte a chat. b y Pfc. Norman V Taylor I He's been in business since he was There's n o time like the present to nine years old. H e said he just announce to the camp the arnval of it up in Manila. He told u s that bus our new Commanding officer. On the ness was good. but it is now hard to morning of Dec 3, Lt. Col. Roy Thom-get t h e necessar y colored inks-espe a s Richards said goodbye to the 552nd cially blue. "TATTOO BLUE HAS SAW Bn. and assumed his duties as GONE TO WAR!" commanding officer of the 563rd SAW Fightinl?' Ninth walking Art Galleries Bn. include: 1st Sgt Jenkins Pvts. Forte A native of Tempe, Arizona h e en-and Hoagie. T /Sgt. Masi, T ;Sgt. listed in the army-spending 18 months Posner. T /Sgt. McVay, Pvt. Quesnel. in the infantry during World War I. and Pvt. Wild, and t hat "old soldier In 1922 he was commissioned as 1st from Ohio. who would like to b e a Lt. in the Engineer Corps, later beGlider Pilot. ( People come. and peopl e ineassigned to the Signal Corps. He go. b u t Tattoos go on forever). is a graduate of MIT ,and Harvard Vve spent a n interesting a fternoon on Radar courses. He arrived at Drew the line last week working on a gas in O c t. 19 42, when as stated he be-, truck with Pvt. "Buddy'' Gannon, who came commanding officer of the 552nd I can h andle that tractor like no body s sp;,v-,r Bn. We are happy that it is their business. While there. we also saw. Pvt. loss and our gam. Harry P e nce and Pvt. Earl Qmglej' ---busv dishineout the oil to keep 'em ,. W e are proud to announce the pro-. f1Yii1g motion of S Sgt. Morgan to wanant 1 Inc identally, when G annon. Pence. Officer. and we a ll want to w ish him and .Qui g l e y wer_ e returnin g from best of _luck m his new and hardSpringfi e l d Ill .. they visited the Chief earned posihon. .of Police in Cordelia, Ill. and told lum The 2nd Reptg. Co. went on a hike 1 abotit. their visit to Lincoln's Home. t o Lake Carroll l ast Fnday and the 1st r He kept staring at Qui,-ley. Finally h e Reptg. Co. went out o n the nfl e range. said that Quigley looked like he You should see some of the targets might be a son. of T odd Lincoln. Since were turn2,d in. You can bet your then "Quig" has been dubbed Todd'' bo,tom d ollar : .1t theenem y IS goby all the Tiansportaton boys. ing to scra1n o u of the section \Vhen we l?'et there. GIVE MOTHER A DRESS FOR.XMAS Well, fellows. I am sorry to say I have no sports I't' morning. Lt. Britt glanced up. 'Ttl like to f l y h e remarked. "A P 37, Sir ? a n EM asked "Lord. no." replied the startled lieu-. tenant. I wan t to fly one of those 'puttputts!' We're ready fo serve you wifh all kinds of Christmas candies for gifts, your table. Buy our special wrapped Xmas assort-ment and glaced fruits. 707 AVE OPPOSITE Y.M.C.A. THE PALACE YBOR CITY'S LEADING JEWELERS 1520 7th Ave. YBOR CITY STAR KOSHER DELICATESSEN All Kinds of H erring, Lox and Smoked Fis h Imported and Do mestic Cheeses. Kosher Wines. All Kinds of Sandwiches Open Tili 11 P.M. 805 Gr. Central, Ph. H 29-842 !\I ember V.F.W. Purple Heart E. P r JOHNSON & SON & OPEN UNTIL 8:30P. M. 214 E ; LaJ'ayette --:-Tampa Next To Ma.n:llatta.n Cafe ExClusive CHRISTMAS GIFTS REASONAE L Y PRICED CELESTE'S GIFTS SOUVENIRS RENTAL LIBRARY 440 W Lafayeife Street SPIFf'/ STAYS GIVE THAT DRESS APPEARANCE/ KEEPS COLLAR POINTS DOWN Neatness Couflt s Say In Military as well as Civilian Life, you have to have snap and poli QUICK AND EASY The Self Adjusting SPIFFY Collar Stay is easy to put on-takes just a few seconds, and assures you of o crisp, fresh appearance. COSTS ONLY A FEW CENTS AIR CONDITIONED Hotel FLORIDAN BARBER SHOP H. 0. LEWIS, Mgr. Complete Barbe r Service Expert Barbers Manic urists AIR CONDITIONED o .:-----.. ... :-: .. :+ r ANHA TTAN cAFE 1 210 E Lafayette St. Tampa :i: Good Food --Reasonabe Prices Try Our Sunday Roasf TJ,lrfkey Dinner :!t :;: Served From 11 A. M. to 9 P. M. -:!: ALA CARTE SERVICE AT ALL HOURS :f OPEN DAY AND NITE .. : .. .. = .. .. .. : .. .. : .. .. ALL ONE PRICE $4.99 A.S.BECK SHOES FOR MEN SHOES MILITARY GUARDSMAN 508 FRANKLIN STREET TAMPA, FLORIDA


DREW FIELD ECAOES Friday, December 11, 1942 Page 8 J?ROM THE SPECIAL SERVICES OI?FICE SERVICE CLUB On the Spot 'HULLABALLOO DANCE POLICY Club Dance FROM DREW TO t...._ The fir s t of a series ot: weekly Friday Is ANNOUNCED night dances. Music b y th e Drew Field START ON TOUR D ance Ban d Songs by John E(.ession and the double quartette Girl s brought I out bv the D efense Mothers an d the An1erfcan Legion Auxiliary o f Ta1npa. Captain Chester K Delano, saturday An original revue "Hullaballoo Base Spec i a l Serv i ce Officer I _.s:oo P M Service Club G ame From Dre w ," vvith an all soldier 1 k t I th 1 I N rgh t. t 1 1 I t f \\ oulo 1 e o exp am e p o ICY G ames. active and not so active. will cas WI n1a a our o towns of the weekly dances to be h eld: b e tri e d out in the S ervice Club. Unde r within a radius of fifty miles of at the Enliste d Men's Se:i'vic e I the direction o r the hostess, Miss the Base, in ordet to raise 1110ney Club Many me1i have attende d Leland. a s\\ell evening of fun is prom-to finish the new Band She ll. the u sual type of Army dance the first m a senes of Game The plan is to ope n the show in where there are fifty or even less/ sunday Cl eanvater on New Year's Eve, danc[ng partners for about a 8:00 P.M. -Service Club Pi ano and continue the tour for two thousand men. The floor i s I Recital. weeks. k. bl t M1ss Merle H o lloway, well known Cl owae d ma rng rt rmposs1 e o pianist and composer. has volunteer e d Al H i ll an undiscovered song-take more than. a step or two her services in the firs t of a series of writer, has written some brand without interuption. I n the end, concerts by noted artists. H yoct 've new tunes for the revue. These it means that a thousand men been where you can hear include: G I. Jive" and I Hate l tl d .th f 1 f some good mus1c, well played, tlus iS T bl ,. b f I eave 1e ance WI a ee mg o your answer. rou e, oth o w 1ich will be dissatisfaction and frustration. 7:00 P.M. Base Arena Silent heard from in the future. And the girls who have come to Movies. Blackout ske. tches, ribbing the Here' s your chance to see the olrl-dance and unable to do so, leave time movie stars in their favorite hit s Army, have been written py John with a decision not to return. Lillian Gish, the Talmadl!e sisters, Mader Maurice Feder and 0 Z. It is the desire of the Service William s Hart. Fatty Arbuckle and a Whitehead for "Hullaballoo From Cl b l t 1 t th. host of others b


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