Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 42 (December 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
December 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
1 773
t Drew Field echoes.
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VOL. L No. 42 Published Weekly Drew Field, Tampa, Florida Chrisimas. 1942 CHRISTMAS WILL BE FULLY OBSERVED Drew Station Hospital Opened; Most r1f1edical Facilities In the Station Hospital at Drew Field, which is now nearing completion, the Army medical department is utilizing all of its numerous medical and surgical facilities to keep healthy the sol-I' diers stationed there. The fact that the American Army is the healthiest in the world is not the result of chance. It is due to careful planning. "Sound mind in sound body" was the Greek ideal during its golden age and that is the ideal of our United States Army, too. When a soldier is in good health, he can do his job better, he can think more clearly, he is Bes:l: Healih Reco:rd --------=== The first patient in the new hospital was Pvt. William H. Fisher, of an air warnmg unit stationed at Drew Field. The nurse is Lt. Alice Lehto, and the doctor in attendance i s Capt. Harry R. Newman. Ward Officer. The hefllth of our Army is exceptional. Our new soldierg have a better health record tl1an any in our military history. On the average, they are far healthier than the men at Valley Forge and hardier than the men at Gettysburg; they are better protected from disease than the men in the Argonne. Their lungs are better than those of the 1917-18 recruits, the rates for respiratory diseases being unusually low. Their hearts are 1 s d stronger. Muscle, bone and foot defects are much less prevalent.. econ Wartime Yule. Plans P.X. to Open at 2:30 On Christmas Day New Pay Now In Eftecf Enlisted and commissioned service may now be counted for all pay purposes, in ac cOIdance with approved legis lation S-2723, which amends the Pay Readjustment Act of 1942. National Guard and reserve officers now may count for pay periods all commissioned service, active or inactive. Legislation increasing the Army's uniform allowance and broadening the group of officers entitled to the allowance .has been approved. The bill increases the allowance from $150 to $250 and makes eligible 'for this allowance all commis: sioned officers except graduates of West Point. warrant of, ficers and flight officers. When contacted Monday morning. Capt. S. E. Burns, .Drew Field finance officer, stated. that the War Department circular prescribing cerDrew Operafions Officer flew First s .. 17 Ttl Cairo Living conditions in our campg are much better than in '17 and 18. Methods of sanitation are :nodern and highly effective. All men are inoculated against small pox, typhoid, and tetanus im:nediately on entering the service, md these diseases are practically Ion-existent in domestic gervice. Major Harry F. Bunze, operaThe death rate in the Army from tions at Drew 1 disease is considerably less than of actlvrhes of Amenca's Flymg in the World War years of '17 and Fortresses in Africa with even '18. more in:erest _than that shown b y It is the U. s. Army Medical Jnts the Key F1eld arr base l_ast March (Continued on Page 3) Christmas Dinner to Be Something to V1'rite Home About Thei:e'll be a pot of turkey at the end of the chow line on Christmas Day for Drew Field men. And there'll be a lot more after attendmg the umt gas officers school at Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland. Within recent months h e has twice been com mended by high a.i.r force author :ties for ingenious inventions and developments in the field af chemical warfare H e is married and the father of thr e2 childre n. The Roshons live i n Adena, Ohio. -----i< besides. Lt. Col. Kaepel, For Christmas dinner, mess Q 5 d u halls here will be decorated. The nee tatione nere, dinner will s ame hr e.rery : Visirs Drew Field man abl e to get his feet unde r i The dinner Lt. Col. :Cr ic H Kaepel, whCD is fnnt cup,_ celery p,now 1 crro;ent in Atlanta, key, dressmg, grblet gravy, s -i v i ,;i'te d Drew Fic:ld earl" this flake potatoes, green beans, to-: week Y matoes, corn pudding, hot rolls, i butter, cranberry and orange re1 Col. Kaepel, w11o recel';ed hrs l!ish, celery, olives, pickles, ra-'promotion on Decembe r 1, was dishes, lettuce with Russian dress-. at Drew Field from ing, mince and pumpkin pie, ice: July, 1941 to August, 1942, as cream, spice Gake fresb fruits, 1 commanding oUieer Gf the 30!ilth ooffec, anli mixed auts. : Sonic e


Page Two PUots of Third fighter Command Train With P-40's Sarasota to Entertain All Soldiers Christmas Chances of Santa Claus overlooking a man in uniform in Sara sota Christmas day are virtually nil. Service men's club, veterans' organizations, civic and recreation Many of the P-40 fighter planes groups today announce<;! compre you see taking off and landing. at hensive plans that wlll assure D r e w Field are from the Third gifts, holiday dinners and Fiahter Command, commanded tainment for every man statwned byoBrig. Gen. A. H Gilkeson. at military camps in the county. Most of the pilots of the P-40's One of the highlights will be a planes which have gained renown Christmas night party at the muin dog-fights over the Phihppmes, nicipal auditorium when 80 0 to the East Indies and Australia, are 1000 soldiers will be entertamed. still in their early twenties. They Music will be provided by arc fine physical specimens; they Drew Field band and a portwn had to be to get into the U. S. of the program will be broadcast Army Air Forces. They are sel-over radio station WFLA of Tamecte d for the job of piloting fight-pa and WSPB of Sarasota, starter planes because of their daunt-ing at 9 p.m. less courage, and usually their medium size. U The Third Fighter Command Singer Passes P pilots won their wings before Hollywood Role to coming to Drew, and they spend many months of training here in Wed Drew Officer their new fighter ships before qualifying for combat duty. Cupid is right on ti:e beam, war DREW FIELD ECHOES Here1S the Lowdown, I On the Armls Chow Here is the story of G I. chow as told by NCC Service-grams. Washington's men crossed the Delaware on 24-hour rations of a pint of milk, 16 ounces of beef, I ounces of dried peas, and a quart of spruce beer. I In the war of 1812, regulations stipulated that mess should. be i prepared by squads of p r i':ates J and the G.I. Cook Book advised: I "Bread ought not to be burnt!' The Civil War introduced yeast' and pepper to the groceries but you'd never recognize the chow of that time as ''balanced diet.". The Spanish-An1erican War introduced the K.P. potato-peeling; and by World War I butter was allowed on bread. Fn-1its, cocoa, cheese, bacon, macaroni, and tea became part of the regular issue in 1927. A culinary columnist at DavisMonthan Field piedicts by 1982 the chowhounds will be dining on filet mignon, crepe suzettes, a good Mulligan and a cup of real coffee. Their training course is jamrp.ed I or no war. Sub machme guns. and wit h work-flying, ground school, 150 millimeter artillery instruction in everything from I mow m e n down on battlefields m I MONEY LOANED I tropical first aid to the intricacies great numbers I_1owadays, but the of the engines .which speed the little fellow .w1th. the bow and ON ANY'r:fiiNG VAJ,urr fighters on their missions. arrow still hits lus targe t. TAMPA LOAN CO. Every Flight a Solo T.he arrow led pretty !-'mse "TA!Hl'A'S oi,DRST AND The most unique fact about this Papm, of St. Loms, New J.UOS'l' r.IBEHAI.'' fina l training stage is that every and pomt:;;. west to Lt .. DOS flight is a solo flight. In their two-Wallace, Signal corJ?S off1cer I"M H h :w a seated advanced training plane, 1 tioned at Drew. E)eld. And. It the pilots had the aid of an ins1 her to gn':e a l:admg truc tor. But the fighter planes at 1 r?le a Max Remhar dt PI oduc-Drew have only one seat. So, betwn m. Hollywood. fore "checking off" in these comShe. IS the dayghter of the bat sh_ins, receive amJ?le Francis D who wa? cockpit trammg and ground 111_ of the St. Louis Post c sfru.ction. She developed a full swellmg so. prano and .moved to Ne.w Orleans Although they are where she sang in a hght ?-lone up there, contact .an festival and was featured with m:;;tructor on ground Is m;:un, Hal Kemp's band in the Blue tamed by radw. The ground. ms-Room at the Roosevelt Hotel. She tructor tells t"hem what <:ltltude 1 also sang in the Episcopal to fly, area t<;> m, and painted portraits on. comm1sswn bow to avmd any mistake. I and beat out big vigorous rhy. The Third. Fighter Comp1and's thms on the pipe organ, too. program for .fighter Despite all these activities, lots mcludes formatwn, cross-Luise managed to a-ttend a party country and instrument flying. or two. And at one of them she Almost every day the peel met a young soldie1 who. had been from an ech.elon and a singer before he got his gun. drve on an Im.agmary enemy. I They did such nice duets together Cross-country flights to distant 1 that they decided it was in the places are favorites, for they give cards the pilots experience over strange I He was transf. erred and so she terralltl. went to California t o visit an Gunnery .Practice aunt. She got a job in a music Aerial gunnery i s one of the 1 store, later managing it and ap InOst important courses taught by I pearing on 1elief programs with the Third Fighter Command, for such screen stars as Basil Raththc P-40's are practically flying bone and Ida Lupino. machine guns and the value of a i She was auditioned for Rein is by his hardt's play, "Personal Appearto f1re and h1t what he IS annmg; ance," and won a leadmg role. at: So each pilot receives many 1 She was so successful that she I hours of gunnery practice in his/ was offered the main role in P-40. "Heart of a City," which was to Target practice is of various' open within the next week. types, including firing at a sleeve I And then love stepped in. The I towed by another plane, or firing singing soldier was Lt Arthur at a n aluminum "slick" on tltte/ Wallace who, by that time, B.ad As one pilot put it, "Th<':Jt \Veathered three months at Fort tow-target is about the size of Monmouth, and was Sth bridegnwm and b ride are from N C. Mrs. Burrow was attended by l'/Irs. Woodrow Jones, wife of Lt. Wpodrow Jones, an assisUn;t base inspector at Drew Field The bridegroom is a clerk jn the Base Administrative In ;::;pcly scattered tow1is and villages. There is no way to predict where t.he worse jams will occur. And nothing. can b.e done to mcrease the nation's facilities fOl' handlmg thiS trE'mendOUS :volume of. calls. WAR needs the telephone lines this CnTistmas, so please don't. i.tse Long. Distance> o:rer th:e holidays unless vour call is vital. Your cooperatwn w11l be a real contribution to the war effort. With every circuit and every extra. operator on duty. ine,ritably calls will l_Je delayed. :Many. will not be pleled. For these, 'we ask your patience and. understanding. Thank you, and may your own Christmas be happy! Palace Skating Rink SULPHUR SPRINGS Special New Year's SKATING PARTY} NEW YEAR'S EVE SKATING FROM 8:00 P. M. TILL ?? SOUVENIRS AND NOISE MAKERS Sc -Street Car and Bus Service to Door --Sc




Page Four DHEiN FIELD Christmas. 1942 The Drew Field Echoes GLENN R. ROSS. Publisher TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS Business Office: P. 0. Box 522 1115 FLORIDA AVENUE TAMP A. FLORIDA Phone 2177 All contained in his newspaper are also contained in he MacDill Fly Leaf. Minimum join circulation, 10.000 copies. ADVERTISING RATES FURNISHED ON REQUEST A newspaper published exclusively for the personnel of Drew Field and devoted to military interests and the United Nations Victory. By Sg. John F. Suszyi:J.ski Opinions expressed in this newspaper are those of t!w indivirlual writers and under no circumstances are they to be considered those of the UJ?ited States Army. Advertisements in this pub11c a tJCn do not constitute an endor s ement hv the vVar Department or its per-sonne l of the products advertised. The d e dic ation of the Enlisted Nien's S e r v ice Club came off in g r and s t y l e-Col. and :Mrs Asp head e d i h e official family ; Sgt. 0. Z. V/hitehead fronte d f01" Drew's Enlisted M en; Fred War ing salute d the event on his nation-wide radio program; the UniWAACS TO REPLACE ENUSTE, D v e rsity of Tampa Co e ds, the VThe traditional solemnity mark-Baltimo r e will be soloist. The AS ARMY AIR FORCES SPECIALISTS t"ttes and the Soldiers Rec1eation ing the commemoration of the main theme of the decorations is and Entertainment Agencies con-birth of Christ is to be observed being worked out by Pvt. Edward H. Solomon. i T i b uted m01: e than a little to the by all Catholic men of Drew Field MISS HOLLOWAY GIVES CONCERT AT SERVICE CLUB In the first concert given at Drew Field, Miss Merle Holloway, pianist, convinced the Special Services Office that classical mu sic should have been included on the programs hitherto. Miss Holloway's interpretation of compositions by Liszt, Bee thoven, Glinka, Chopin, and Chaminade proved her versatility and ability as a concert pianist. This was Miss Holloway's first recital here at Drew, but we hope that she will return again and again to thrill her soldier audiences with her radiating. presence and delightful renditions. A Letter From Home Dear Editor: The front page of the Nov. 20th issue of your camp paper was sent to me recently. My husband, who is stationed at Drew Field, sent it to me so I could read all about the Coca-Cola s):row. I found the paper so very in teresting that I read both sides of that page completely. One article in particular caught my at tention-the one about Pfc. Faires' lucky numbers being 1 3 and 5. After thinking about it for a while, I decided to tell you about Sgt. Russell L. Geary's nu merous 13's this year. Perhaps you will find them even more of a joke than the other-combinations. First of all, Sgt. Geary's birthday was Friday, the 13th of No vember. H e was 26 years old (2 x13), and furthermore he had completed exactly 13 months in the army on that date. All that seems to b e jinx enough for one sergeant, but not for this one. You see, he was married August 31 (turn it around and you have 13 ) Then, too, his postoffice box number at home is 3 13 and -his bank deposit is 13. In spite of all the superstitions, we are laughing at all these 13's and I hope the rest of the boys will get a kick out of them, too. What I saw of your camp paper was really good. I will have to try and get a complete i ssue next time. Sincerely, o -Mrs. R. L. Geary P S I remember that the other fellow ended his article with a 13-day furlough. I just hope that my husband can do as well-and soon! f I d th Through the courtesy of station The Army Forces has reChristmas Eve. With all the sol-WFLA, this Mass will be broad the se;v!Ce s of 1 11e direction of Sgt. Luu'kkonen, emn reverence of the Catholic cast in its entirety. It will be the Women s Armv. Aux1hary "rrnish' d music for the dancers. Church's liturgy, Midnight Mass first time that a midnight Mas( Corps to replace enhsted men Now that its over, the Special will be celebrated in the new on Christmas Eve will have been,._, .reeu. ed. for combat duty, m many ::iervice Group can relax ... How Service Club on Sixth Street. broadcast from an Army camp spec1ah zed f1elcls, the War Delirl. vou like the Club's Hostes s, In a setting that will emphasize during wartime. This will enable partment al?-nounced today. M_en Miss L eland, of St. Pete? the dignity arid beauty of the the listeners to realize that, al. such JObs as ng, The Soldiers Show was staged night, Chaplain Francis J. O'Brien though the men in the Army are gmg, bombsrght wea-in the Service Club instead of the will offer the so lemn Midnight trained physically, they are also observmg. and gilder mstr1:1tArena, last Wednesday. Cpl. Mass of Christmas, beginning trained spiritually. The commen111<; w!ll be reheved of such duhes Booth and his trumpet, and Pvt. the solemn holiday with this antator of this ceremony will be a when of the WAAC Dave Kuttner (manhandling a cient and universal custom of the former NBC radio announcer, Lt. have re_ce!Ved the necessary tra.m-, clarinet) ga'{e out with some high Catholic Chutch. Wherever men George Kluge, of the 503rd S.A.W. for more tJ:lan twenty-frve class "stuff" that evening. are gathered together and have Regiment. He will be aided by h1ghly techmcal T/Sgt. Elwood Eaton begs to with them a Catholic priest, a Mr. William Sties, an announcer f As of th1.s. reqyest, 1 announce that Fred Waring is Mass will be celebrated that from WFLA. ollowmg JOb Vl;'lll now furnishing the arrangements night. Mass will be offered in Ire-The officers of the Mass will bhe added to serv1c e s whrch for our alleged Glee Club ... but, land, China, Russia and England. be: Celebrant, Chaplain Francis .1. t e W A A C rs supplmg to the Sarge when are you gonna be American s in all the armed forces, OBrien; Deacon of the Mass, Rev. Army: d 't t G H t wherever they may be, will be John Lyons, S J.;. Subdeacon of Draftsmen, operat. ors, 111 ome 0 give n this same opportunity. the Mass, Rev. James Doyle, S. J. a1rcraft elech:rc1 ans, a.rrcraft msIt looks as thouo h the Band and Christmas Eve at midnight, The assistants at the Mass will spec1ahsts, ancraft me-Dan"e Orchestra :re definitely set Mas s will begin with a procession all be service men stationed at a .rrcraft power plant spe-fol:;; uart in the forthcoming all-from the rear of the S ervice Club Drew Field. They are: Cross Bear crahsts, ancraft propeller spec1a ls oldiei" shov HULLABALLOO to the altar. Music will be fur-er, Lt. William Campbell; Mas.dope and f abnc rr:a.1 FROM DREW ... Lt. Thornton nished by Sgt. J. Dale Doxen, orter of Ceiemonies, Lt. Eugene J. chmrsts, metal w01kers, parad p t T d C f th S ganist, with a twenty-four-voice O'Neill; Thurifer, Lt. James J. chute riggers, welders, wood1 v e ooper 0 e. pechoir, under the direction of Brown; Acolytes, Lt. Joseph J. workers, automobile mechanics, I Se,rv.rcth 0ffl:e Chaplain John E. Madden, sing-Meskraitis and Lt. Joseph Kelly. truck and tractor drivers, general t \?'.e\h e .rm{ (gff' eB fn ing Leonard's Mass in "F". Sgt. The s ermon will be given by electricians, link trainer instrucCraie Ewt1 !Ceth a er. Caesar Longo, for many years a the Base Catholic Chaplain, Lt. tors radio mechancs d' -.P s e::. rs wor mg on e mupupil of Monsignor Manzetti of' John E. Madden. 1 ra ro .. oper c"al ators and control tower operators, -''" teletype repairmen, weather obmade a tnp .to Pmel-, A R u y g MV g 1' r n E B\ 0 M IU !: L servers, armorers, bombsight re-Flelct last w.eek A gvfi & H B !!: J r' IN. J ft'i! Ul [ pairmen, power turrent and gun-ne next concert. at D1ew, F1eld sight mechanics photog. h has set for Tuesda), J?e-, I n (' u D I T u G G E r T R 0 u s P?otographic laboratory r J"_' }2. m t?e new U J D HVI J J I Elf Clans and camera repairm d BUlldm, Theatre ... that s qUlte 1 glider instructors. en, an a place-come on down to see 1t; Suggestwns from Army In addition, the Army Air dO!Yt folget to stay for. the con-nel relative. t?. new Forces has requested clerks both cert. Pfc .. Joseph Owm.gs has doctrme, and administrative and il'the JOb of composmg a.n_d orgamzatwn, wh1ch have always structors bandsmen and h' -_ arrangmg a number for been welcomed, are to be espe-keepers ouse tary band. Youll be hearmg rt c1ally encouraged by all com-. on one of our future programs. manders, the \Var Department Here's another item for 'Woody' announces. CONGRESS: Atty. G e n. Bid dle and FBI Dire( t o r Hoover t old the Sen:tte judiciary com mittee cenc.orship of mail be tween the U S. and Alaska led to seizure of enemy agents seek ing to transmit vital military se crets, Another witness, Capt. Ellis Zacharia:;, head of Naval Intellige!'lce, testified intercepted messages between this country and "on e of its territories" sulted in smashing a ring re sponsible for refueling Nazi sub marines off the coast. (Philadelphia Record. ) CHEMlCAL WARFARE: Maj. Gen. William Porter. chief of the Army Chemical Warfare Service saidi the United Nations would u s e gas only i f the Axis used it first. "Russia had a good opportunity to use gas d efensively but kept the terms of the treaty signed with Great Britain, Germany and Italy in 1925," he said. (Philadelphia Inquirer. ) Harwick's list of accomplishments Suggestions, whether from offi-he is now a Sergeant So cers or enlisted men, which are t b.at they too can sleep until six found worthy of consideration in the morning, Henry Costello will be forwarded through mili and Ralph Sudjian have been tary channels to the. Commandpromoted to Corporals Erst-ing Generals of the Army Ground while Pvts Bob Ludwig and Joe Forces, Air Forces, Services of Wright report no change in the Supply, defense commands, de size of their caps since they've partments, theaters, task forces, beep made PFC's (modest guys, and overseas bases. After a. huh?) ... congratulations to you ther screenmg process, mentonall. ous suggestions will be forwarded We'll be seein g you a t the S ervto the particular agency of the ic e Club Dance-don't ask for Ground Force s, Air Forces, Serv autographs ... SOME OF THE ices of Supply, or of the War D e BOYS CAN' T WRITE. partment most directly con-------"',"'-----GERMAN PILOTS are em ploying a new tactic of faking dogfights among themselves in an effort to lure A llied fighter planes to their destruction in t h e traps, U. S. Eighth Air Force H eadquarters was told in a fur ther report on the bombing raid o ver Raue n Saturday. (Washington Times H erald.) cerned. Suitabl e official r ecognition will. be given to offic e r s or enlist ed m e n whose ideas are adopted. W ith the >;teadilv increasing numbe r of m e n with specialized I skills in the Army, it i s anticipated that many suggestions of a technical nature will b e receive d.1 The Army has long r ecognize d the value of suggestions from in dividuals in the s ervice. CHURCH CALL Jewish Service -Friday, 8:00 p. m., Chapel No. 1. Catholic Mass Sunqay, 6:15 a. m., Chapel No. 2. Mass Sunday, 9:00 Chapels No. 1 and 2. Protestant a.m., Service Sunday, 11:00 a. m., Chapels No. 1 and No. 2. Service Sunday, 7:30 p. m., 12'-lapel No. 1. OPINION: B ehind the scenes of the North African campaign a furious battl e is being waged b e tween U S and Brit i s h au thoritie s ove r a discriminatory policy agains t America n newspapennen tha t is not only in fl icting an overwhelming time handicap on this country's press but is enabling the Eng li s h to propagandize their own inter preta ti o n of events thro u g h theij cens01:ship bmeaucracy, t h N e w s learned. (NY News. )


I "DR;:_ w FIEL;D-ECEOE S ----.., ,-, ..... o r! d .,... C r e t e fo r foundatic: 1 s o f n e w 1-'li" u :-; '-r,....,. < 7 t-"il b lt;lclJ'I l"S N ... n l I t '-::, 1 {"";i L.-'YTI C .f":J .:J. .fo.;:) '-'" ul'c Jell ... ...., \!..."' .1! .; 'iU' .1i i h r o u;:;h groves of p ab1 tree s A "" '!'\' J lr1l <' .., r a i l way h ns been l a id to the f ield. p. C'l.1 -5_ \ P..Y '\'d..,. .. N e w hutment s wareho u ses, bm -.<:..iii. <..J u H .JI -'-A!. V 't '/1 .!i.... 1 f<: cks and countles s o t h e r build .. 1 f' M D'll f Jd d in g s s p r a m! UP, a lmost o ve r n ight. I n a so d -cove r e d cow p a s t u r e, m .:o1cec rom 1 ,ac 1 1 e a n o n c e s p otte d with pal m etto ;;;s s umed the status o f an inde -As the c o n s t r u ction goes on, t h llc l Pi n e t1 e"s t'1 e Un1 t e d the military populat io n grows. I n gro w a -"' 1 p e n dent a i r oase. As such, i t conStates Army has built a n e w nest the green-painted 'ba rracks, and f o! i t s war bi r d s -Dre w Fie ld. tinue d t o g row. S even day s afte r in row afte r row of hutments Pave d s t reet s have r e p laced Pe:-,d H arbor, 1700 m e n arrived :.vhich r e p lace d the T ent City of swamp y m a r s h l a n d Barracks :md f r o m Camp Vvhc e l e r Ga. In Jan-othe r days, thousands of s o ldiers hutments now stand whe r e p a l-uary, 1 942, it b e c ame a school now i n training for the highly m e t t o s and p i n e s g rew. From a n cent e r for air warning s ervice. In technica l wor k of t h e A i r Forces abandone d municipal airp ort h a s M a y Plant f i e l d was added as a and the Sign a l Corps are h o used. emerg e d Dre w f i e l d a modern s u b-ba s e of D rew. Anyone w h o saw Drew f i e l d a Army air base and flying schdol Const r uction work continues year ago would n o t r ecognize i t huilt to train f li e r s and soldier s without a s top. iVor kers pour c on-1 todav. Page Five for the War o f Sur v ival. J \ s it i s t o day, as i t \ Vill be in W 'HdM .. n-ee Ebf4iW44Jil X i'W'*' M .. 1 : lf\ :t> r :t> -::--..1.----1=t c""'ASS 3 5 T Z O (V 2 POLK ST Ul (fl i TWIGGS ST. r=j il n r--:-'lnc o Buses C!J l5l tatio 1.r u LOCATED AT CASS A N D TAt-AP A STS. (AlLIED BLDG.) *that every mile oper.ated needlessl y b y a rub ber-tired vehicie n e w rep res en.ts one less m ile o f operation that can be ob tained fr o m such vehicle in what well might be a desperate fu t ure situation. Guy A. Richardson, Director of Lor.al Transport Division, Office of Defense Transportation. We Are Saving That Mile Heedi ng the abo ve warning of 0. D. T. Director Richard son, site for the new Air Base Bus Station was selec ted with e xtreme care. be saved. Traffic congestion in downtown areas can be relieved PROPER FACILITIES FOR PASSENGERS The si t e chosen may inconvenience some of our passen g e rs, and for this we are greatly regretful, BUT IT SAVES A MILE ON EVERY ROUND TRIP. Thi s saving is equivalent to addin g several desperately needed coaches to the fleet. Round trips can be incr e a s ed. Service can be im proved. Gasoline, tires, equipment and manpo wer can The new Air Base Bus Station provides badly needed facil ities for passengers. Soldiers and civ ilians will be provid e d w ith shelter not heretofore available. Our station has a large waiting room, a restaurant and all modern public facilities. ) VIe are proud of our n ew sta tion proud of the impr o ved s e r v i ce it enabl es u s to offer and proud of the gaso line, rub ber and equipment i t will enable us to save. These materials sim ply ore not a vailable in quantit i e s n e eded, s o it is our respons i b i l ity t o protect o u r passengers by co n serving to the best of our a bility in order to continu e rendering s ervice f o r the durati on o f the wa r We appreciate your pas t c o-operat i o n and patronage and h op e you will agree with us that our new location is a sensible ch o ice and in the interest of vit al war transportation. Please Observe VUliORY STOPS I n c o m plianc e wit h 0. D T. re.::ommendo t ions V i c t o r y Sto ps o f approxim a t e l y eve r y othe r block will b e o n all r ou t e s. F ewe r stops w ill speed schedul es and sove gasol i n e and e quipm e nt. Plc o s e c ooperate w ith operators in ob se r v ing these stops. BASE BUS LINES. INC.1 CASS AND TAMPA STS -ALLIED BLDG. PHONE 4243


.Page Six DREW FIELD ECHOES Christmas, 1942: ) .. :.


Christmas. 1942 FIELD ECHOES Page Seven --AT THE THEATERS 3 Dances \Veeldy UNITED OPTICAl. DlllPENSAilY Wed.-Thurs., Dec. 23-24ONCE UPON A HONEYMOON, Gin g e r Roge1s; .News of the Day To Be Held at The Service Club Manufacturing and Dispensing Opticians 205 ZACK STREET PHONE M 5783 No. 223. COURTESY DISCOUNT 20 PERCENT Fri., Dec. 25-FLYING FORTWith the opening of the .EnPrescriptions Filled-Lenses Duplicated RESS, Richard Greene, Carla listed Men's Service Club, a series ==============: FLASH! Plans are now unde r L ehman; Screen Snapshots; En-of weekly dances has been in-M d" D C way to change the time of the rique Madriguera and Orchesstituted. Dances are to be held' a ISOn riJB.g ompany ld c b b d t tra The Greatest Gift. every ,Monday, Wednesday, and d M I' S Drew Fie ow oys roa cas Sat.' 26 S. TREE T OF Friday, with music furnished by Franklin an lson treet from Tuesday evenin g at 6:45 to h d E 7:00 P.M. to Wednesday evenmg CH!'-NCE, Burgess Meredith,: peep Eleven, Drew Where the Men of the Armed Service S op an at from 7:00 to 7 :30 P.M. The staClaire The Field s fme Jazz The girls ''Ve Al e Anxious to Be of Service tion however, remains the same Engmeers; Football Thnlls otlfor the dances a1e being sent to -WTSP B e sure and listen to. 1 942. the Base by the combmed 1!SO the Cowboys From Drew. Sun.Mon., Dec. 27-28 -WHITE: Clubs of the Amencan I CARGO, Hedy Lamarr, Walter; Legwn Auxiliary, and the DeMay we express om thanks to Pidgeon; This I s America; News fense Mothe rs. all the men responsible I of the Day No. 229. 1 The Special Service policy of for last Fnday s Drew Field _Star Tues., Dec. 29 -BEHIND THE 1 using admission tickets for the BA Y VIEW HOTEL Parade over WFLA on Fnday, EIGHT-BALL, Ritz Brothers, dances has proved successful and COXSTKCCTIO!\' -:-WITH IMTll vV. B. SHULER, Manage r 9 :00. to 9:30 P.M. What a show! Carol Bruce; The Mask of Nip-i will be given out at Miss Leland's Music, son gs, comedy and real pon; Monarchs of the Ring; The desk in the Service Club. A rephonest-to-goodness Army elrama, Loan. Stranger. resentative from each organiza208 J ACI{SON 8'1'. n e t ween Fn.'\NIO..I\' & 'l'A.MP :\ FLOIUDA -:-5:>37 the kind th_at really tells a story Wed-Thurs. D ec. 3031 -THE lion must pick up the tickets al-about our field. With the base BLACK SWAN, T yrone Power, lotted to his unit befor e six photo lab. as o_ur basic theme, Maureen O'Hara; Community o'clock on the day of the dance. we took the radw on a Sing No. 4; News of the Day The numbe r of tickets is limited typical Photo assignment w1th an/ No. 230 to thtee per cent of the outfit Army Bomber and all the sound Fri., Jan. 1-A NIGHT TO REA ll tickets not p icked up by six and excitement that goes With It. MEMBER, Loretta Young, Bri-o'clock in the evening will be Arr:1y 111 the an Aherne; Touchdown. Tars; given to any man who comes to HOLDIDA Y GREETINGS GOODY GOODY THE PI.;ACE TO EAT 1119 FLORIDA AVENUE radio shootmg scenes, The Mouse of Tomorrow. the Library desk and requests t With their buddies at the micro--1c them, on .a fi1st come, first phone. Other photographers were r d suved" basis Est. 1925 acting as radio sound men, add-""'ompcmnes .. -{<. ____ ing r ea_lis m to the broadcast..-A To Arr"l"gr-> L t G A ld 1 f f dramatiC story of one of the vital "" Jell e n _rno cue o functions of army field. All F 0 r Rocky p 0 li1 t Army Air Forces, disclosed that in all, it was an evening enjoyed we have a secret weapon or two by everyon e who participated, in-.Many organizations on the Post up our aerial sleeves that will cludinE" our studio audience. are beginning to take advantage, deal paralyzmg b lows to our el!e White VVay LAUNDRY-"" -of the recreational facilities a t 1 nues Parchute bombs, which 2800 Armenln A..-e., Near !Uh!hlgotn Phone That reminds me: In case you Rocky Point. Located in the Drew I exylode with dea.clly I fellas' are interested in watching Field area, entrance to the! JU:st above the grotmd, w,ere fust this broadcast from the WFLA is made jus t prior to t:s ed. by tne U. ,--------------, studios, just drop by any Friday termg the Dav is Causeway. OrArmy Au F01 ce:s, Lieut. Gen. Ar-1 Prescriptions I evening about 8:30 P.M. If you zanizations are mapping their 1 nold disclosed. Home Made Ice Cream are on time, a seat will be wait-hiking programs so that some .;.___ ing for you. Join Drew Field time may be spent by the men in One of the new and encouragDEITZ DRUG STORE I when it goes on the air! fishing and boatim>". in!< developments in the trend k Frt I) li:Ll\' J,;rt Y Schedule for the Radio Wee : What was once nothing but toward air power is the manner F n:tl S. llon nr41 A\'C. Ph. II 4:t8:-i Daily -Monday through riday Florida svvamp is rapidly being in which soldiers from many '----------------WFLA, 7:05 to 7:25 A.M. Drew cleaned up, to be used as a r e branches o Army service are Field Reveille-Tues. WFLA, 6:30 creational area for enlisted men. flocking to the Army An Forces. to. 6:45 P.M., Drew Field SquaThe area already possesses fourSome are relinquishing rank to dronaires-Wed. WTSP, 7:00 to teen boats available for fishing become aviation cadets. 7:30 (tentative), The Drew Field and boating, outside fireplaces Cowboys-Thurs., 8:35 to 8:55, and b e nches for eating. It is plan WDAE-Rookie Boy's Scrapbook ned also to provide for bathing -"Fri., WFLA, 9:00 to 9:30 P.M. facilities and the serving of sandDrew Field Star Parade. wiches and soft drinks by the ------+c Army Army War Show. closed D e c. Transportation to the area may 20. Tour of big cities has added h e arran.e'ed for company parties $1,000,000 to Emergency R elief through the Special Services Of-Fund. fice. A ffl&'t TO and FROM TAMP A DON'T LEAVE k LORIDA UNTIL YOU SEE BEAUTIFUL S .IL VER SPRINGS FLORIDA'S INTERNATIONAL ATTRACTIONNATURE'S UNDERWATER FAIRYLAND OPEN DAILY FROM SUNRISE TO SUNSET FREE Admission to Grounds ----Reduced Rates to All Uniformed :M:en and Red Cross Nurses WAACS WAVES Dining Dancing Swimming Canoeing Cabins 5 Miles East of Ocaia on State Road 500 to Daytona Thrill to our glass bottomed boat ride over 14 different springs -Nothing like it c:nywhere in he world! Enjoy CO minute Jungle Cruise -speedboat ride down the Silver River. See Alligators Monkeys. Visi Ross Allen at his world renowned Reptile In;i:tufe. S e e raiilesnakes ;'milked" of ihair deadly venom! HOURLY BUS SERVICE FROM OCALA-25c ROUND TRIP -Taxis Meet Busses, Trains &GMMW t W'HA Ftiffi'W'i'BWWH&Mad AWt'%1* Sulphur Springs Cafe \'ve 111 l-!LIIne Coul\.td Food. Chicken. Steal;: and Chop Dir-mers i;;urphur Springs, Arcnde llldat. CENTRAL OIL COMPANY, INC. Tampa, Florida LOANS-l\IONIDY '1'0 LEND Dhunouls '1:1.Tutth""' Je,velry Sllverwnre ut n Uig Snvln&: A. L. ECKART 40H 'rnntJHl Always Say. .. HOLSUM BREAD Extra Fresh \ w. RAMSEY. I LUMBER COMPANY l Repairs and F H. A. Loal1S J Phone Y 1219 -171h St. & 6th Ave KNIGHT PAPER B R 0 S. c 0. 612 Bell Phones 4205 4204 "A Paper for Every Purpose" TO HOTEL KNOX BB YSOX, Lnfnyel'te & Flowers For Mother, Sweetheart or Friend POWELL'S INC. FLORIST 412 Tampa St. -Ph. 2524 Open 'Til 7 P. M. Elliston's Drug Store Phone H 1645 Fountain Service and Lunches 202 W. LafayeiE> St .. TAMP A Air Base Bus Lii1es, lnco 30 Minute Service to Both FieldB At All Hours I 5 Minute Service During Rnsh HounJ For Further Inlorm.at!on Call 32 DINNERS \Tf'd!-1 Puu11r,,, Groc(riC'S, .anrl 1f'rrin1!", LO\.. and all ldnds ol' fi:-;h, frP:-.h. \\'1:\.E Bl>l(!\. S,\:\IH\'1C.llES FINMAN'S KOSHER MARKET Onh :\lar);.(>t in 'L'111npa ].;. I'lL )[;)(jl : l;{ 1 1:.: Hlot ii. ga:-;f of :"\t hraska \ n. All Se1vice l\Ien are \V!'lcomc. BAR CELONA CAFE SI':\ '"ISH V illeS nnd Liquo1s I Phone S!'.!142 Open All Xight 4 714 nnd Osbmnc FERN .ANDEZ RESTAURANT Cuban Sa,ndwiches A Speda.Uy 1216 Franklin St. Setvicemen Are \Velcomo llay or Nite nt CHILD CAFE 50 l Franklin St. Special Imitations to ,\JI Stnice :.Hen GLEN'S BILLIARDS Now in its :\' e w Loeatiuu 805 Tampa St. Adams Whiting and Jefferson Tampa, Fla. Groce1ies, Tobacx:o, Candy Notions


Page. Eight -----Flying Facts 3. The widespread use of new .50 cal. machine guns wh1ch most American planes are STAR KOSHER DELICATESSEN All Kinds of Herring, Lox and Smoked Fish. Impo.:ted and Do Cheeses. Kosher Wines. All Kinds of Sandwiches Open Till 11 P.M. 805 Gr. Central. Ph. H 29-842 D"REVJ FIELD ECHOES WHITE ROSE BAR Paul Webber, Prop. LIQUORS, WINES; BEER AND CIGARS Cor. Cass and Marion Sts. i i Retread Tire (o. I := Ill Fine Spanish Food and =' 58th St. & E. Broadway W Fruits..-:Vegetables Sandwiches and Happy. New Year Phone 4502 i Armenia Ave. TAMPA, FLA. 1 Phone 2623 H 33-521 fJ! __ ...,I :.0::::::::::::::::::::==:== ............ ....... ........ =>>= 1-;-------------;:: DINE AND DANCE AT LICATA'S SEA BREEZE on Hillsborough Bay Try the Best in Food FINEST LIQUORS DANCING EVERY NITE 22nd Sreet C::iuseway Phone Y 1715 PRIVATE ROOMS I I I I Exclusive CHRISTMAS GIFTS REASONABLY PRICED CEtESTE'S GIFTS SOUVENIRS RENTJI_L LIBRARY 440 W. Lafa:leite S!reei HOLSUh1 LUNCH REASONABLE PRICES Hom" Coolrr;oce. Phs. 3022-M 5561 "FLOWE?c' s BY WIRE" 1 n-'):. r;,:;i] 1 1 P.M. Every Day i


Christmas, 1942 DRE\V FIELD ECHOES Page Nine !)': f 'l r .. : =. I : ..... .:_, -.... .. : From the Printers of the T Army Newspape1s :-: L I


Page Ten DREW FIELD E.. H : :-" Invites You l:o Dance to .. sf As 0 N, s ONLY ALL-GIRL I. W. 'I BAND .1. G REf TIN G S :li :; "Hi-Ha! Rhythm Makers" ). Every Nite -7 P.M. I Henderson Baking Co. [ Till Midnight .. --l : .r-.. ti! L 2702 FLORIDA AVE. 1\i And a L m Happy Nev t Year -----------"A GOOD PL.A.CE TO EAT" I T. w. Rtnil$1lf POST OFFICE Lumber (om C. D. Kavakos, Prop. Dmners, I t Plate Lunches, Beer, Wines & 1 : P h one y -1219 :' Cold Drinks, Pies and Past;;ies. !il f!, 406 Z k St T Fl 17th ST. & 6 t h AVE. ;(# ac ree.. ampa, a. J +


Christmas, 1942 DREW FIELD ECHOES : .. Strike Up the Band Know America's Planes '-----BEECH AT-7 ADVANCED TRAINER:-----1 IJr.l Shown here by the A ero nautical Chamber of Commerce.of America is the Beech AT-7 Army ad,anced trainer. It is a low-wing monoplane, the wings tapering more on the leading than on the traili11g edge,and with the fuselage projecting slightly ahead of the Pratt & Whitney airc_ooled engi11es. The latter are almost i11 line with the nose. The wing have a moderate dihedral and the elevators are slightly shorter than the tailplane. The cross sectiotJ of the fuselage appears roughly rectangular in hope. OUR TROOPS live pretty _primitively in their scactered camps. They're on American rations now and the food is really wonderful. But there i s very little water. There is no room for little niceties and homey touche s as in the bigger tents in England. And there are no lights. Military police patrol the streets in the cities. Ustially it is quiet as the grave by 10:30. (Column-ist Ernie P yle.) __ A GROUND CREW sergeant who smuggled himself aboard a Flying Fortress in the clothing of an ailing waist gunner knocked down a Focke -Wulf l!iO. with his first shot at a live target. (Washington Times Herald.) ------iTHE WAR, EUROPE: American four-enginecl bombers which raided 1'\.ouen in northern France in daylight Saturday shot down 19 enemy planes in the fiercest battle of the war b e twee n the American and Ger man air forces. (Washington Times H erald.) ______ __ WEST AFRICA: The French in West Africa have decide d not only to open Dakar to the ships and planes of the Allies, but to fight beside them fo r the common victory, it was learned. (Washington Pos t ) Buy War Bonds for a merrier Christmas and a .happier New Year next year. Greetings from Lakeland Best '/i!ishes to All and Happy New Year From LAKELA_ND SPONSORS Cole Optical Company El! Witt Cigar ComP.any Ui)kland's Furniture Hospital New Florida Hotel Seldomridge Studios Hotel Lakeland Terrace BUGlE BAR=BmQ Corner of L2mon and UNIFORM DON'TS 1. DON'T wear flying clothing at any time except when actually engaged in flying missions or when going to and from such missions within the post. 2. DON' T wear your headgear in an office, officer's club, restaurant, or in other places where custom and courtesy require its removal. 3. DON'T stand or walk around with your hands in your pockets. 4. DON'T place insignia incorrectly on uniform; arrange all insi-gnia according to regulations. See AR 600-40, with changes. Miniature insignia is authorized only for general officers. 5 DON'T wear shoulder sleeves insignia on raincoat or white uniform. 6. DON' T neglect wearing insignia of grade on shoulder loops of raincoat and field jacket un.Iess directed otherwise by proper authority. 7. DON' T wear watch chain, watch fob, or any unauthorized article of jewelry if it is exposed. 8. PON'T wear uniform unbuttoned. Thi. s includes coat, overcoat, and shirt, as well as other articles of uniform. Don' t fail to button pockets. Don't fail to button collar band of shirt when necktie is worn. 9. DON' T wear mixed uniform, such as cotton trousers with wool shirt or cotton shirt with wool trousers. 10. DON'T wear raincoat for warmth. 11. DON'T wear a shirt t:'1at is not strictly regulation; don't wear a shirt that has a stripe or pattern. 12 DON'T wear any article of clothing with broken, cracked, or defaced buttons which are exposed. 13. DON' T wear coat buttons that are so attached as to have the coat of anns in any but the vertical position. 14 DON'T let brass get tarnished.-If you have no time to polish it daily, cover the brass with some substance such as lacquer so as to retain the shine. Don't neglect polishing bra ss on the belt. At Tampa Theaters Tampa Theater....:.... Starts ThursInc.," Edw. G. Robinson; "Grand day, D ec. 24, through Wednesday, I Central Murder," Van Heflin, Dec. 30: Palm Beach Story," 1 Celia Parker; Wednesday, ThursClaudette Colbert, Joel McCrea. day and Friday, Dec. 23-24-25: "Talk of the Town," Cary Grant, Flor1da Theater-Tuesday and Jean Arthur "Jackass Mail" Wednesday, De"c. 22-23: "WildWallace Beery Marjorie Main cat" Arline Judge "Lucky Legs" Jin:X Falkenberg' Thursday an'd Florida Theater-Dec. 26: "Rock Friday, D ec. 24:25: "The Glass River Angels," Western; "Torrid Key" Veronica Lake Brian DonZone," James Cagney, Ann Sher lev/ "Footlight Betty idan; Dec. 27-28: "You Were Grable John Payne. Never Lovelier," Rita Hayworth and Fred Astaire. Single feature. Victory Theater-Monday and Dec. 29-30: "That Other Woman," Tuesday, Dec. 21-22 : "Larceny, Virginia Gilmore, James Ellison; Best Wishes to All and Happy New Year UNION BAKERY -"Real Cuban Bread Our Specialty" 1506 9th AVE. PHONE Y Page Eleven "Dr. Remault's Secret," L ynn Roberts, James Sheppard. Victory Theater-Dec. 26-27: "Maisie Gets Her Man," Red ton, Ann Sothern; "Kings Row," Ann Sheridan, Ronald Reagan; Dec. 2 8-29: "Are Husbands Neces sary," Ray Milland, Betty Field; "Tarzan's New York Adventure,"' Johnny Weismuller; D ec. 3 0-31Jan 1 : "Juke Girl," Ann Sheridan, Ronald Reagan; "All Through the Night," Lloyd Nolan. LEGISLATION increasing the the pay o f nurses attached to the armed forces went to the White House with House tance of Senate amendments. (Washington Post.) NATION-WIDE DRIVE for WAAC recruits l aunched by the Army as officials seek to step up weekly enlistment from 900 to 1 ,80 0 women. (Washington Star. ) Buy More War Bonds WE WISH YOU ALL A Very Happy Xmas and Peace for the Coming Year M. Ml LLER'S BAR BEERS WINES lOc BEER -STILL lOc 1111 Florida Ave. DIXIE Cleaners : : Laundry Phones: M-103G, 4232


florida's Attractions for New Season Servic e Men and Women Find I Only Two Major Spots Clsoad SILVER SPRINGS, Fla.-Ma rineland at St. Augustine and Eagle's Nest Oriental Gardens at Clearwater are the only two of Florida's major attr,actions that will not be ope n for the duration, it. was revealed in a survey just completed by offiGials of Silver Springs, Florida's largest and moo t heavily patronized natural! attt THEM $ McLean's SEALDSWEET Oranges and Grapefruit Priced from S2 to $4.50, Plus Express (Same as Last Year) At Drew Field. See A. M. GILREATH. Base OM, Exl:ension 687 WM. C. McLEAN & SONS, Florida Fruit Growers Since 1884 Phone Us: Z929. Nights, H-42603. vV;:ile: Box 21. Tampa, Florida Or Call at Sui!e 4, 404V2 Zack St. (North of Post Office) tion of this type can fit into the--::--------------------'-----war effort. Not only do wives and families arrange to meet their sons here for week-end outings, but convoys of men running upwards of 750 men have visited the grounds every Sunday for the past several months. WEAR THE ONE ... THE ONLY af.llU BRUmmHL" 4FOLD UNIFORM TIE CONS. U S. PAT. RE 20942 FABRIC BY GOODALL .. WASHABLE .. N 0 N E GENUINE Wtl T H 0 U T THIS l A 8 E L .. OFFICIAl 0 p. KHAKI EVERY HAPPINESS IN THE NEW YEAR! I FLORIDA GROWER I; I MAGAZINE !: I TAMPA, FLORIDA :: A MERRY CHl?.ISTMAS And a HAPPY NEW YEAR to All The Men and Women in Our Armed Forces and Their Loved Ones at Home CHARLES Am STEWART AUBURNDALE, FLORIDA FLORIDA CITRUS FRUITS Christinas. 1942 -----e-S1 "That's the happy greeting heard today when a new supply of Coke arrives at a cooler. Folks wait for it wait because the only thing like Coca-Cola is Coca-Cola itself. Customers smile and start moving up to pause and be refreshed. "There's a cheerful spirit about this way of accepting wartime restrictions. Morale is high." BOTTLED UNDER A!..!THORITY OF THF. COCA-COLA COMPANY BY TAMPA COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY MOTOR FUELS TRANSPORT, Inc. 200 SOUTH TAMP A STREET TAMPA. FLORIDA &? W 1 I 407 Tampa Street Telephone 3222 X U&Z t4W E' U& I I F ... if#* e SERVICE MEN ARE INVITED ALMO CAFE We Serve l:he Finest of Spanish Foods and Special Spanish Dishes 203 E. Cass Streel: Tampa, Florida I


Christmas, 1942 DRBW FIELD ECHOES Page Thirteen J : \ = .; \' '-' -J I iJ .\\ i\ SEASON'S GREETINGS ) SEASON'S GREETINGS To .. i G R E E T I N G S WITH BEST WISHES \' FROM .U FROM lJ: lVIERRY ; /J: FROM =!!: jj: Kl NG-GRECO CHR1:sT!v1AS AND A I.J: Regan Lumber :il IJJ: n s H K R E s s .i\ il: VERY HAPPY a c {j: p R A T T F 0 0 D :. :!!; =.fl= HARDWARE CO. ): NEW YEAR ompcmy C 0 M p A N y : =. \l 811 FRANKLIN STREET .t\ T B M k t {1: i {J: Sh AVE. & 15th ST. ampa ay Or e {J: 41st & BROADWAY .t\ {]: TAMPA, FLA. BOX FRUITS SHIPPED J /J: 48ih & BROADWAY :' ::;,._} TAMPA, FLA. ANYWHERE :., TAMPA, FLA. J j!: f(j: :. A. G. Cleoielis Son : :. TAMP A, FLA. '= 1}' .t\ :Pb. H 3143-204 W. : : .. \l' :11 il: (1= tOr ey-armon l/: f GREETINGS FROM J Vogue Cleaners & FROM JJ WHOLESALE GRocERS J f B Ell AMy J. w. Connor & Sons laundry Berger & Rachelson j Wih You a ve,y Me"y j =!!. Service Station J 40h & E. BROADWAY = Inc. = Christmas and a .t\ TAMPA, FLA. HOWARD & MORRISON ::1 12th & WHITING Prosperous New Year lJ: f COLUMBUS & TAMPA j TAMPA. FLA. i TAMPA. FLA. J TAMPA. FLA. ""'"""'(<;: ..-= ... .. ,,,.,.:,_ ... ,. .. ,,. : : .ll :jj: {l: Chris1:mas Greetings SEASON'S GREETINGS p: G R E E T I N G S :J BEST WISHES FOR A ", : J. GREETINGS FROM 11 F R 0 M t JOYOUS CHRISTMAS {J From .\\ FROM \\ .t\ {J: Sunny Brook Dairy Dairy SeminCole Furniture Hillsboro Feed & J \i= {l: Rock RoadSix-Mile Creek {J: ompany if: Mil'ling Co. if: .t\ :!!. 1006 E. OSBORNE TAMP.!\, FLA. J Lafayette & Hyde Park 3021 BROADWAY J 403 E. BUFFALO AVE. lJ: \).' TAMPA, !'LA. :' .i\ TAMPA, FLA.="TAMP A, FLA. T .1\MP A, FLA. '= f.. {l: {): {1: ...... .t\ .. .. ....... .......... """. lJ: iJ: /): {)": SEASON'S GREETINGS J J GREETINGS J Ch'i'tma. G'eetings J BEST WISHES FROM FROM G R E E T I N G S F R O M From (= L & Ll {l: il :KJJ' 'if: Furniture .\\ j Dr. J. J. Guerra J J F. T. Blount COmpany J Exchange \}' 6 First National Bank Bldg. .t\ .\\ .\\ f 1402 19th tf: TAMPA. FLA. 705 MADISON ST. lf 409 TYLER ':jj: 1110 FLORIDA AVE. f TAMP A. FLA. J TAMP A. FLA. TAMPA. FLA. J TAMPA. FLA. :ll._., .. .. .. .. .. """-' """'-"-"-"-' .... ..._:.'i""''IOO.-. ....... :(}. .. .. ............ '"""................. J. ........ .. -.............. .. .. .. .. .. .._.. .. .. ..-.. .. '. .. .. .. .. .. .. .-.. .. \).: GREETINGS FROM :;{; HOLIDAY GREETINGS G R E E T\l N G S Best Wishes for a .G A MERRY CHRISTMAS = f U FROM 1ff1: =;t: MERRY XMAS {!: TO YOU ALL FRO:M a T d / C h R =k'! G Pietro Roccaforte rr" i\ 1i't o s as eg;ster =;,r: il: IJ= (= Mart American Rag 1i Grocery Crenshaw Bros. 1\ AI & F. uGrocery =!!. fi Company /l Produce Company 11: {J: 1807 JETTON AVE. f 2912 22nd STREET 303 Ii SOl TWIGGS 1603 E. COLUMBUS DRIVE ffl TAMP A, FLA. ...,J! {J": f,r: IJ. T A, FLA. '= 'i.Ci.: .TAMPA, FLA. ,i} TA!I lPA. FLA. : .. u '-jj: /): .!!!( .. ....,.. _..._ _,._J---;;,.r -........ '= --:.--... ............... ... ... ; :---;--..---. .. : : : .. .. ,.... .. ... .. G R E E I'! T I N G S ': = .{} .\\ e F __ OM .t\ f(: s oLD IE R s-:-fll: GREETINGs =iV. .. Phiiip!s Cash H. A. Humphrey iJ.== A XM"S .tf'.!. A MERRY XMAS and 1!1. & I>.A 1 IV' ... n .t"-='{; :t-:' F R o I-ii l VI(HKel" Sales Stables jl :!!; and \! A HAPPY NEW YEAR 12.: :.,::r: 3717 CENTRAL AVE. {!": 602 Cumber1and.Q A HAPPY NEW YEAR =/( Estuary Bar & :{;f. TAMPA, FLA. .. .. fJ: ({:: FROM t Mr. Frank Settecasi f Service Stati on .. LINCOLN BAR GREET 1 N G s ... j;: F R 0 M fi Comer LaFAYETTE & f.r. M C G iJ: {= l/: 211o MITCHELL tl = 131h sTREETs J! M PEREZ J oclel osh rocery we Phone FL.l\.. TAMPA, FLA. / { Beer Gt.Hden & Central f/: ,f= .. i = : .. .. .. ---"".. .. ""'--" ---.. .. :s:"{= G R E E TIN G S S.om!'ln c r.;F'ehr,r::s G R 1:. 1:. T IN G s lJ.'l "" :f.Jf G R T.' .,.. I N G s fi-t g: ':J Gu!f Bag & Burlap Fisk Clot hing Lafayett e ., VENDING CO 1t Co mpany t .li.: Co :;Jt Insurance Agency if: : f.s: lilt '- IGOl 2nd Ave. E. BROADWAY {a 3!02 E. Broadway 123 2 Franklin St. : fl-TAM?A, FLA. Hl6 E. Lafayeiie St. : .. :,. TAMPA, FL_i\., TAMPA, FLORIDA 'i TA. MPA, FLORIDA .j,: j,!.. TAMPA, FLJI_. -f. 7 h ,;r


:--:i \ ;.-";"; .i. :-:. '. : :. _; Page Foureeri DREW FIELD ECHOES 19'42 .,_.: R a d i 0 Officer tric wards, X-ray clinics, surgical painless dexterity and dentures operating rooms, laboratories, are given the man. In addition to Uses Knowledge d ental clinics, a n eye, ear, nose other duties, dentists constantly Gal. ned Wt'th Zen 1th and throat clinic, an out-patient conducts investigations on the building, and a flight surgeon' s causes and cure of dental caries Lt. Dur ic a s assignment as Ra-building. There are buildings for and pyorrhea. d io Officer, Air Base Squadron, nurses and officers living quar-Now, when brilliant military Drew Field T ampa, Florida, en-ters. Each ward has a sun parlor, exploits are becoming quite comabies him to use in the war effort and i n addition there i.s a patient's monplace, it is well to remember technical knowledge gained dur-recreation building which is that military surgeo.ns and their ing years of experience with the equipped completely by the staffs have labored long and unZenith Radio Corporaton. American Red Cross. Other build-tiring to make these missions suc" Back in 1932, Lt. Durica forsook ings include a post exchange, a cessful. Their work is never fin his studies in mining engineering theatre, kitchens, mess halls and ished actually, for it only reaches to become a technician. with supply warehouse s. its peak as the smoke of battle is Zenith. After a year in laboratory Dental Check clearing. ,-i "' nlied for military service, re-able practitioners attend them. A HAPPY NEW YEAR and receiving assign-toothache can cause a good deal : \ 1!1 to the Air Corps. As a lad of discomfort, and teeth in bad T All 0 S ld' :: Ye he gained his initial ex-condition often lead to more ser0 ur 0 Iers \ ; .. (' in flying, frequently ious consequences in vital organs. and Sailors I 1 ,,1 rides in the old DR's To prevent such an occurrence, \ ..... ... ,.] standards. Lt. Durica Drew Field dentists check the DR(JifEU .MinnoR 1 ,:1rn to fly, believing teeth of all m e n on the fi eld peD 1\ &1 KK r; 'T will enable riodically. Cases demanding at-. : him t,, i greater service. tention report to the clinic, X-rays' L Beer-Wine-Sandwiches 1C are take n and when teeth can be 1441 FRANKLIN ST. saved, fillings are made. O t h er-i \. wise they are extracted with' Stafo (Conti '''1" Page 1) A A Wish All You Soldiers MERRY XJ\1AS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR .TAMPA diseases w h' constantly makingfi e ld .... ,.,. dous. At Drew Fi.eld, .. 1 iln oughout our nation and ""' ,, the wprld, routine medical,.,' .. ,., .; -a] work Sorry I can' give you all an Xmas present but here are too many of you. is being performtt l \'. ,, lllne l <"llt 1 individuals of the J" .. 1 ( 1 epa t-: ment in large, wet "" .. ant1 1 \ well-equippe d hospit. 1 1 L'\ery L combat group, ". !11 a 1 bomb1ng group, pursu" '1 'tl.ll., air warning service batt"'' mored force, motorized for'' '' :' HAPPY YEAR To ALL MEN r.r-Y\ y AND ji ; ... THEIR HOME i......::o..:.... ADAMS PACKI. GfOO, AUBURNDALE, : ; :. SHIPPERS OF CITRVS :,:ElttJITS } ; : ...


Christmas, 1942 DREW ElELD ECHOES : : (.: EVERYBODY is singing or Zimmerman; Sgt. T. J. McCaslin; Marshall (Curly) Beasley, of playing "White Christmas." And, I two northern Yankees, and Sgt. I the. Hi-Hat Club, is trying to con as I sit at this Corona with the Leo W (Red) Kirk, a southern. vince Jimmy (Tiny) Licata, the floating shift, pounding out copy rebel, finished what was left of singing bartender, to play Santa for this week's column, I think it. the Civil War. Claus en Xinas night; will be if it gets any cooler. But the after dark folks don' t seem to Your reporter for the first S/Sgt; Anthony J. Grezik isn't 'inind the cold spell. They manage time had the pleasure of sitting doing so bad. See him with a to kee p warm by dancing. And in at a party of She-Officers. different one every night. -)t_.the crowds continue to flock to If sounded ft.mny saying, "May night spots, as was the case I have the next dance, Lieuten-Mr. and :Mrs. W; D. Campbell, '._,_,.Jt week, there won't be any ant but it worked. a well known couple from the; need of portable heat_ers, fuel or Ozarks, were host to Pvt. J. B. I no fuel. The Seabreeze hit the spot with Springer, Drew Field; a f e w Lt. Roy F. Humes and Lt. W. nights ago. They're really enjoy-. The Paddock Bar stayed plenty (Bill) Hastie. The Army will have ing the Florida sunshine, warm last Sunday after the Drew to get some Spanish cooks to Field band busted in. Pvt. -Don satisfy these boys from now on. Sgt. Warren L McGraw, a Page Fifteen MERRY CH.R'ISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU MEN IN AND YOUR LOVED ONES AT HOME MANHATTAN CAFE 210 E. LAFAYETTE ST OPEN DAY AND NIGHT -Enjoy Your Christmas Dinner With Us Davis, forme.rly with Artie Shaw's bashful bridegroom of nine band, started things buzzing with months, was spotted at the Sara-. lette r he received from Bri&aA little, red-haired singer of. toga Bar in company of Pfc. dier F H. Osborn1 chief 1 one of our clubs is in the middle Warren T. Thompson and Corpo(lf Special Serv1eesy-Washmgton. -on one enddts Lt. J. A. Gentry, ral James J. Poulos. Sgt. Woody Harwick, who has MacDill field on the other its worked overtime to get the Drew Pvt. Joe Rahar of Drew. Both Why are they calling Pvt. band going, acted. as host to Pfc. handsome boys: May the best Wilfred W. Andre, of Drew, the Bernard Kowalski and Corporal man win; Iorie wolf of Franklin street? Ralph Sujican. After all had Manuel Garcia, Jr.'s Spanish Restaurant agreed that .the Drew band was Drew Field has lost one of its the best in the service, Private best photographers. M/Sgt. Geo. Charles Fick, of the Medical D ;. Landes, jr, has left for parts Corps, poured more 'fuel" on unknown His last request before fire, telling _the gang. about the departing from our midst was swell Volleyball team they also that a copy of the Drew Field 915 Tampa at Tyler had at Drew, and of which he is Echoes be mailed to his parents; Ph. M S2-073 : Tampa, Fla. captain. He, nevertheless, gave a Mr: and Mrs. George D. Landes,, lot of credit to the top-kicker, Sgt. Box. 251, Lisle; Ill. Harry Walters, whose snftball. team captured the championship THE CHATTERBOX was the for Drew. scene of a party given by Lt. Paul Anderson. According to Danny Brown. of the JEWEL. what I hear. there wasn't a dull BOX. is sure making a hit wiih moment. Those attending he th,e boys. Once again he took party .included Lt. William H. his entire floor show to the Clifford, Washington; Lt; John HOTEL HILLSBORO to enter-R. Henderson. and Lt. F. G. fain a group of men from the Favorite. Engineer's Corps of MacDill ------------Field. They must have liked the show because they later re turned to his place of business to remain until the curfew. Lt. Col. D. H. McAuley, a vi sitor f rom Fort Wort h, Texa s and his party gav e the show a swell hand. AL STIMSON is back at the piano at the Chesterfield Bar. He made such a hit with his ivory tickling the othe r night that Sgt. Frank R ehmann passe d the hat around and did O.K. S/Sgt. Donald (Wayne) Randall was so h appy over somebody that tears dropped in his beer glass when a love song was played. To top off the evening, Sgt. Kenneth Max's Liquor Bar WINES LIQUORS CIGARS FREE DELIVERY SERVICE 1601 E COLUMBUS DR. PHONE Y-1281 --Keep 'f.m F1yfng-. Attention! D encing By One Who Knows! PRIVATE LESSONS Selma Drennan Brooks and Assistants Tel. H 32-654, 207 Parker St. .SOLDIERS ALWAYS WELCOME EL BOULEVARD RESTAURANT For Good Food at POPULAR PRICES 713 GRAND CENTRAL ELITE CIGAR STORES Football Scores by Dil'ect Wile WINE BEER CIGARS 400 Zack Phone M 62-072 207 Twiggs Phone M-1236 ROLLER SKATING COLISEUM Davis Islands AFTERNOON 2:30 till 5 NIGHT 8 till 11 Except Monday 5c FARE ON DAVIS ISLAND BUSES uaviag Grant's Corner Franklin and Cass Streets 7:15 --7:45 --8:15 Diamond Cabs -1 Oc 1HE SOUTH'S FINEST SKATING RINK A .MER,RY 'HRISlMAS And HAPPY NEW, YEAR TO .ALL MEN IN OUR ARMED FORCES .. AND THEIR LOVED ONES'AT HOME G. FERLITA & SONS DISTRIBUTORS Old Milwaukee a :nd Schlitz Beers TAMPA, FLORIDA SEASON'S GREETI'ftGS Strickland's Sandwich Shop J. CARL JOHNSON. Owner Florida's Largest Makers of READY-WRAPPED SANDWICHES EST. 1910 Service Men Officers Families FOI't REALLY GOOD FOOD AT MODERATE Pl\ICES PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE-FOLLOW THE CROWD TO T H E-C 0 L 0 N N A D E liA YSP:IORE AND J:ULI.A. Steak, Sea Food, Chicken Dinners DeliaiV\K Saadwicll.ea


Page Sixteen Drew Day Rooms To Be Furnished By Tampa People The Tampa committee of camps and hospitals of the American Red Cross, through its chairman, George Lenfestey, is lining up residents of the Tampa area to fwnish day rooms for servicemen at nearby bases like Drew Field. Ml'. Dan M Hartley, Red Cross field director at "Drew Field, has received a great many calls from interestecl individuals and organizations. Contributions of radios, tables, pianos, chairs, recreation equipment and other furnishings are sought. All contributions be come the property of the army, under the direct jurisdiction of Capt. Chester K. Belano, special services officer at Drew Field. Whi.!e the day rooms are built and furnished paitly by the army Hartley said "our com expects to add to these 1 furnishings to make these rooms like hoine to the men. 'l'o 1 do this, we need a tremendous amount of equipment, more than' the average person wolfld -imagine. That's why we need cooper -ation of all the c-itize!ls and organizations in the Tampa bay area. It's not just Drew Field we. wa.nt to equip, but all the army and coast guard bases in this region. "This has been successfully completed by thousands of committees throughout the nation, and there' s certainly no reason why ours can' t go over the top, too Base Photo Officer Promoted "' DREW FIELD ECHOES Christmas, 194Z A AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR AND A Happy New Yea' r MAAS BROTHERS AT T H E A LARGEST STORE 0 F THE SERVICE MEN IN SERVICE TO SERVICE MEN EVERYWHERE To All the Men in Our Armed Forces NORlHWESTERN We are proud of the part we played in furnishing materials for the construction of Drew and MacDill Fields. Townsend Sash, Door & Lumber (o. CANNING : 1541 FULLER -:TAMPA, FLORIDA AND PACKING CO. Canners of TtOma-iloes and S-iring Beans SEFFN'ilil, FLOHI:DA .. 1 l A MERRY XMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL MEN IN THE SERVICE : .!.:,.


Christmas, 1942 DRfW FIELD ECHOES '!\ By S. SGT. 'rOM CARUSO The tale of how T/5 Leonard -"BLITZ "SPARKS" 2nd REPTG. CO., 564ih SAW BN. By CPL. ROLPH FAIR CHILD D f 11 kn h t 1 E. ( "21") Evans came by his nu-t ? If 1 I mencal momker revolves around o you e ows ow ow e e. grams are sen so, pease ex-1 l'ttl d' t T 1 t pf Ub' h Th 1 t t a 1 e mneT par y m ampa P am 0 c. tc e as 1_me Monday night. In an off !IlOment that he wanted to send a wtre, E t ld th f EM 'th h he asked for some advice, and he vans 0 e our Wl lm i to "order what you wantthe got it. It seems that Ubich wanted party' s on me." They did. to send a birthday greeting which Come payoff time and "21" tqok he had forgotten. "How do you one look at the biH .and began want your belated greeting sent, grabbing frantically at his pock-. Night or Straight?" Upon which ets. The "some odd cents' did not : Ubich replied, "Late hell, I want worry him, but the $21 in that t h d t ht d I left hand column put him in a 1 rus e ou ng away, an tizzy. After a ll he's only a soldier, I don' t want it to go crooked t oo either." Get on the beam and lay This week saw a .sudden crop off the Rum, chum. of burr-heads in the GI line at One day while going through Mess Hall No 3. It is just one of company drill, L ts. Humphries those things. Somebody started and Friedlander pulled a surprise it and people like S/Sgts. John on the boys and yelled, "GAS, E. Elliott, .James W. Weaver, and simulating an imaginary gas at-Pvts. walter B. Brook,, Cecil L. tack to check dn the speed and Buchanan, Gus C. Freeberg, efficiency in which the men re? Francis E Love and Paul C. ("Li'l sponded. Everyon e in ranks acted Abner" ) Morse followed suit. I with lightning precision. Upon These are norrnally vr:ry nice checking the manner in which looking parties, of course, but : the .men had donned their masks, they would now be considered it was found that one S/Sgt. who "rum't communities" back home : did not have a mask, clasped both b y all who knew them in the old hands to his nose and mouth as a days. No wonder they have their w't.:-z : substitute for a mask. Upon spy-pictures taken with .helmets on! : ing the unfortunate sergeant, Lt. There are pepple around won-WE APPRECIATE IT .... .... we'll bet the folks at home appreciate, even more than we do, the patronage you service men have given us this year. THE PICTURE YOU SENT HOME IS TRULY WE ARE GLAD TO HAVE HAD A PART IN IT. : Humphries exclaimed, "Well men, dering where "Prayer Meetin!; .1 : we only have one casuality, and Willie" Wynne came by the gui : a sergeant at that." Whereupon tar: Seems h e had $5 and a cook ,. the sergeant replied, "Sir, there at Mess Hall No. 3 had one for are two of us. You forgot to put sale for $10. your mask on. Al_l we g _ot from So Willi e .put the bite on the atta the Lt. was a smtle. whtch was boys in barracks T-123 for the meant to be ."let's call it a drav(' additional five and procures the I overheard whtle guitar quite legally, contrary to I J\ 1\r u n_dmg the bus. (One colored sol-some reports. Anybody 'J nppn .ear. d1er to another) "Say, George, do -copies of old favorite .songs kindly J you what happened to me get in touch with Willie so he can last mght? It was al;>out four-discontinue trying to hum tenor! thirty in the morning, I was on parts. I FROM ALL THE FOLKS AT guard at my post, when out of -+c---. the darkness appeared a figure "Of course, I 'll b e liberal with! and asked me who he was. Broth-my _money after, married,! B RY N -ALAN STU D I Q S er, I n.early changed complexion, d arlmg. I'll spend 1 t on you as: I was that scared. I told him I fast as I make it. Now, what else never saw him in my life "\Vell, d o you want to know?" you may as well knoyt that I'm "How fast do you make it?" 416 Tampa Street TAMPA, FLORIDA the Officer of The Day," he said -+c ..doing out at this time of the that blondes know what gentleA : night? (I helped the cooks for 1 !!len prefer has a lot to do with .. one week after that. 1t. ""' tJV


Page Two-Part 2 9llth aM. Pl.ATOON ON IHE BALL Bv PF' C. R C. T. PEAR!VlAN Thirty line s, double spaced, 1}-Jat's ail the space I have in w hich to tell you a ll tho news <.bout our noble platoon. So here's whot I'm going to do; I'm going t ;) wtite about our Top Kick. Now you stick around, 'cause you might learn something. Y es, sir, Downing was quite a as a civilian and as a soldier j_,e i s still the tons. Here are just p2ople in one thing and another his young life? Did you know that he used to t e3.c h English in high school? Did vou know that h e used t o, sti"l! does, teach mus ic? (And/ woul d like to teach you to 1 some instrument right 11o..v). Did you know 'that h e used to a_:rango conduct and play i n his <,wn bnnd? Did you know that h e was very i;:.

Christmas, 1942 FIELD ECHOES Part 2-Page Three 563rd BN. ...,.,------..., (/ SIGNAL-EERS ( l /; t \ // \ ,) 11= I l j j I{ C 1 -., .... j I / "< "1: / 1 g prove d for OCS. The Hqs. & Plot. it v / j't _. : .. :. :. : Co. extends them best wishes for { J / 1 \ \ T () <';,' 1 builder was the I f J compliment paid to us by Lt. Col. / 1.,.: : ; Richards. on the occasion of our \ \ r ... ..,_. 1 .,.,_.,,U.'>'". 11 r, (_ ; "''\ recent dress inspection. Col. Rich-. \' .i ,...._ )\i' \ r __.. :::::: t.Hi' : '\ !'\...._ ,"'""/ 1 w_{ -.. ,,.. .. I' f faith in us. He said he believes \ ; ards stated that he has all his/ 1 : _.. : : J. on their furloughs in the next I h=:j C v J t;?}:5:_-;_(l) n= lJ:: I MANUFACTURERSOF l I would at this time like to inf : C l E A R HAVANA C I GARS _J = : troduce two men who qre keeping, --.e posted on the events occuring ';ilivst t :mill tary man their companies. They are Pfc. cert!;inly =!!. J :ichael Denis and Pvt. LeG ant, \)" : of Hqs. & Plot. and 2nd Reptg. ., P. O. Box 376 T F/ d ,=.: companies, respectively. : ampa, Ofl a The 2nd Rept. Co. heads the F.srrrr" "'" WAR BOND buy-ing list by hav" Reprint e d from the Dec ember issue c t Esquir-:! :p J.1 ing 100 per cent subscription, but witn tne perm1ssi0.'1 c, Esqu:r: )p \}= very all_ .of us shall. have .............. ,-. ..., : men r AR ... c" : l our favorite cooks, T/4 Sam Sun m WISHES ALL MEN IN UNIFORM .I and T/4 Fook Yen. We hope we A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR .. GREETINGS F R C? M 1 1 PURITY SPRINGS WATER (0.,. InC. may have heard T/4 William S. .: 4823 FLORIDA AVENUE Those of you listen to the radio -L.. z.._ -L.. z.._ ,-z.._ !>._ z.._ ______ .,. Carrol, guitarist, and Pvt. Phillip TAMp A F LQ R 1 0 A SEASON'S GREETINGS :L, .... .. :!'.. .. 0!'.. __ .,_ .. __ .: ._..-.,.-.., ..... J T / 4 Raymond McLeash wh1ch M J 11 g: J J J will be:: solemnized on New Year's ; W TAMPA, FLORIDA :. Day; We would hke to w1sh you \ CONTRACTORS I, ..._,..,.."........_,...._.,,-.."",-., .., ... :!'-.i'_._,._ ............ :!'-., ...... ..., .., ,... ... 1* all the happiness, Sergeant, and r : I ..,.. .. -l.----.. may all your troubles be 803 JAMES AVENUE PHONE Ml784 ones. : t/l1 The Battalion is forJ:?-ing a bas-1 : ketball team and I w1ll soon be 1--------------------_:__ __ letting you know how each ::!' pany stands in our competitive games. WE ARE DOING OUR SHARE to feed the boys from : It seems the Battalion mail clerk is getting quite a wo,rkout these last few days as .the C4ristmas mail has been pouring in from all over the country. Well, boys, I think that's about all for this time So, until the next time, this is your Battalion reporter signing off. I .. l :Jf....... __ ..,..,., ........... s E A s 0 N Is GREETINGS w H.l h 11 B ll 1 g emann .:.j!" CONTRACTOR 1._!1 : f: 4205 Florida Averiue Phone S-6572 'll A MERRY_XMAS ,(\" _AND A HAPPY NEVV YEAR TO ALL MEN IN SERVICE AND YOUR LOVED ONES AT HOME PHIL & Vl LE MAY our fifteen canneries located in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Arkansas, Delaware and Texas. APTE BROTHERS CANNING COMPANY General Office -Western Union Building TAMPA, FLORIDA A MERRY-CHRISTMAS ANDA HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL SERVICE MEN AND YOUR LOVED ONES AT HOME THE TAVERN BAR & GRILL LIQUORS -BEER -WINES FOOD I


Pa3e Four-Pari 2 DREW FIELD ECHOES Christmas. 1942 5-Cllst S .A.W. REGIMENT 1 .:OBSERVATIONS By S g:t. Caesar J. Longo v SEASON'S GREETINGS FROM i I DAVIS CAUSEWAY I A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! ;1 To All Men in Service and Their Loved Ones at Home ROBBINS MANUFACTURING CO. and a Happy New Year! ... To All Men in Service and Their Loved Ones at Home 'i""' .... --'. ROBERT M. BROWN DREDGING FOOT OF HARRISON ST.-TAMPA. FLA.


Christmas, 1942 Yardbird's Transition Should Bring Desire to Improve Appearance p:lEW FIELD ECHOES to turn to our Marines to prove their respective noggins and their the statement. They long have brass i s polishe d at the slightest been noted fm their impeccably hint of tarnis h. The final proof tailored sartorial appear. a nce. Y e t, of graduation from "yardbird" if a poll were taken of the few status occurs when they are seen Tokyo troopers who have met our to s neer openly at the new bunch Clothes may not make a soldier, Leathernecks in battle and man-of recruits who hav e jus t bee n but his appearance goes a long aged to stay alive, we'll bet that showed into uniforms. way toward indicating the type you would find they have a Unfortunately, a small proporof soldie r that h e is. healthy regard for the Marine tion of t h e m e n are content to In the b attles that the Army of Corps. maintain the status quo and look the United States has participat-D exactly the same as when the eel in, it has an enviable record. A Cha:'-ge Sho.uld Be QM first saw them in the clothing And yet the average civilian's To J eturn to. our own All11:\, on warehouse. It is these perennial opinion of the fighting qualities th.e other hand, all of us know a J y ; = u dbiids" who inspire this meso a GI individual, and of an "yardbird" when we see one. ca 'e Army in general, is unconsciously Certain things a:bout him mark g +: based on the military or unmili"yardbud" JUst as surely as Q f 4 B _h __ tary appearance of that individ-i f he had "John" written an over n e 0 rot ers l It I 1 1 d tl t him. Mostly it's the way he wears 1 A d S ua. laS )CCOme egen ary 1a his uniform, h e looks awkward fl. rme erv!CeS a solclie rs fighting abilities have a definite relationship with his in it; it looks like a hanct-mec Stationed at Drew military beal'ing and the way he down from a hockshop; 1t bulges wears his uniform. at odd places like a sack of pota..;;.. Private Durwood Apple, son of An Outward Indication toes. The garnson cap IS unsewed Mr. and Mrs. George Wade Apple Now don't g e t any wron. g ideas. at. the top and about the only of the Monroeton section of RockWe don't say that our slant-eyed, thmg that keei?s lt above the eyes ingham County, North Carolina s aki-drinking enemies from ToIS a sturdy pa!r of ears. In other I is one of four brothers serving ir{ kyo would cry "Uncle" just be-words, nothmg seems to flt hlln the armed forces of the United cause our men had the barracks-the way lt should. I States He is assigned to the 680th ba15 crease taken out of their Gradually, as they are whipped S .i!!. AW. Rept'g Co. at Drew bntches and bucked up their into shape, a change takes place. F1e l d: shoes once m a while. We just The more soldierly they feel. the .Pnvate Apple and his three that a soldierly appear-more soldierly they want to look. brothers are .giving tbeir parents a n ce IS a n outward of I I They find the pos t tailor shop and something to be proud of, for an Army s opmwn of 1tself. have the1r clothes f1tt e d. Then few parents can clam1 four sons As an exampl e, we have only ,_caps assume a rakish angle on in the army. Part 2,......,..Page. Five ) SEASON'S GREETINGS .\\ AND if: BEST WISHES ): GUARANTY TITLE CO. :fi. 407 TWIGGS TAMPA, FLORIDA IJ1'lrl-k.;..l#!?. .. h'i...., ... m:t l!:. .. t:f! t' Plant City, Greets Uncle Sam's r1ne F rces


Page Six-Part 2 DREW FIELD ECHOES Ch.-isfm:>.s, 1942 ------'


Ch:risimas, 1942 DREW FIELD E C H O E S Part 2-Pa g e Seven \l iJ = \)* {J"; f f ''1. J ; ) J f .: Best Wishes to All to All Our J : A Merry Christmas .. A Merry Christmas :J!. il ,:;, '!.!" Merry C!uistmas to .\\ J Men in Service : :to Men in Service J to All You All 1:;: =ll: GILES MOTOR CO. y le Wh1tehead Sulphur R -n 0 .... s D s !4! A L th J A A ADAMS i.r =!!:.. : Fl 1 G d : \1 prmgs rug tore {): mencan ea er :.". n 105 FRANKLIN ST. 010 ar ens 'fii!j: 8120 Nebraska Ave. Company Machinery & Supplie s 1= tl ]J: \ 2312 E. BROADWAY {\ : : TAMPA, FLA. 808 N. HOWARD }J PhoneS 5105 1312 FRANKLI N ST. ll TAMPA, FLA. : N, : J TAMP A, FLA. TAMP A FLA. TAMP A. FLA. : t 'i'!, il' t .A Very Merry J, A Very Merry J Best Wishes to All e? Merry :a Chnstmas and A Merry Chnstmas o = =il: IJ: Chnstmas :TJJ N y y All :l .J -Chnstmas and a g: a n d Happ y New Year ft n .\\ 11: ew ear ro ou '\ =!!. IJ= M G 1 itf= Happy New Year 11' \): Dr. Edward F. Carter J ox onza ez i!= Alfredo y Famdm .\\ E t sd Sh t M t 1 .ill VlllAZON & CO. if= .. L iquor Store G "f. as 1 e ee e a ;N_ : Jl rocery fJ Works D Cigar Manufa c turers :. 1903 Grand Central Ave. 1601 E. Columbus Drive .\\ 1601 North Howar d Ave. :. 2511 21s t ST. : --"= i .. .. .. -j -J ---. -.. .. .. .. .. .. ..... ..,.;,,"b, {j: lJ": {j: il x.J A Merry Christmas A Merry Christmas You A!l .. A A tvH1erry CNhristlynas J =t!; and Happy New Year {j: {. Christmas Greetings oppy ew ear : t .. s. M. R E G A R = =Jl Chnstmas and a ;J To All Our Men in Service fJ: Tyrolean Tavern JMACHINE" MILL suPPLY,;.\ Hajoca Corporation J Happy New Year J THUROW RADIO J :f!: Restaurant a -l.f: Washington & Meridian ,. D ISTRIBUTORS \). 2nd Ave: & 15th St. :. Dr. J. C. Vinson :. RADIO-MARINE ii: (= 510Y2 Grand Central TAMPA. r r... S J .. ,{;:: 115 South Franklin ireet J TAMPA, FLA. J First National Bank Bldg. '= TAMPA, FLA. ,, ---.,.; \).' ---- ...:. j;": -=--w-..,_ ...., {} ,...,.. -- '-" -,..... 9: -- -. ............ 'iJ: A Merry Christmas J M Ch A Merry Christmas G # d Ch d A Merry Christmas n= .i\ I erry ns.mas ... {J: 00 eer on .\\ N y =o: =. and Happy New Year if= Happy New Year{;: G d L k f.:i= and Happy ew ear .i\ F I s d & {j: .l\ 00 uc .\\ I t i.f= armer s un nes J j;': /)": UNION = LEVY DRUGS Lunch Emenck lumber Co. J. H. HADLEY SHJPYARD.CAFE :f!: 302 S. MORGAN iJ: 50th & BROADWAY '.j!: Nebraska & 135th Aves. lJ. 2722Y2 Nebraska {J: 1905 GRANT TAMPA. FLA. :1l: TAMPA, FLA. TAMPA. FLA. TAMPA. FLA. \}. g": TAMPA, FLA. 1}: 'iJ: {J : :!It :f!; .. n .. ....... ._. .. ..... ... -.;;;n....,.{j:,....., ......................... ... .... -. .. X) ........................ iJ: f A Merry A Merry Christm as J A Merry Christmas Best Wishes For a J A Merry Christmas J =If: and .to and Happy To All m servxce and Xmas and a J and a Prosperous \l Men ll'l Service =f!: To All Men m Servxce Thexr Loved Ones Happy New Year N Y iJ f \'!' .. {j: ew ear : :f!: and Their Loved Ones Rev. Francis J. : Booker & Dickson ,. : .. Henry G Carter ti. .i! :. LAWRENCE =f!: .,.. Dr. Paul Roque 'lf: Bren nan C.SS.R. iJ: Inc. : FRUIT MARKET \)' 5505 BRANCH 111. 22 d S :. llih Ave. & 17th St. BELL & MORGAN :. u jJ: :f!. 180 7 2 n t. 59th & BROADWAY .@ TAMPA, FLA. TAMPA. FLA. = TAMPA. FLA. TAMPA. FLA. TAMPA, FLA. j{: :f!: =!!: A HAPPY ,. :II= n I ott{j: Strickland Grocer ii= I s. oroug .t\ i. i ,\).' To All Service Men .\\ :f!. .t\ jj: :f!: A MERRY XMAS AND {j: XMAS GREETINGS .. \}' MERRY CHRISTMAS MERRY XMAS AND A {1: GREETINGS FROM = \'j' THE BEST OF LUCK IN \\ :f!: H I l k & K HAPPY NEW YEAR 4 M M :. :f!: THE NEW YEAR 11= A. Caltagirone \} = enry s oc ey (: Clean Products Co. ff urphy-cDonald : 1\:> : ... ,ROY GREEN J Grocery .,. Company of soaps .. DisJ lumber .Co. f: f. ... PHOTOGRAPHER :. 211'/ 2 E Lafayette, M 56-281 : mfectants and Alkahes .. M1ss. & Carohna Ave. : 505 Morgan St. Op. USO. 2007 20th ST. TAMPA 1403 22nd Ave. Tampa, Fla. TAMPA, FLA. :. .. ... ..-.t\ :f!: :f!; .t\ : = Tampa Armature BEST WISHES TO ALL TH{ J =J1: POST OFFICE CAFE, {J: Works \l Red Top L1quor Store 1725 E. Broadway {j: Good Clothes \)' .t\ :f!: 910 Nebraska Tampa, Fla. TAMPA. FLA. .\\ ... .. ... S.t .. : : : : : : :. :... : :: ... : : Ave: : ::: ..


Eight-Part 2 St. Petersburg ,____ ,, HELPING TO KEEP 'EM HEAlTHY a PHYSICAL. fitness and mental alert;,1ess are. vital factors in the mak ing of a good soldier. Each day in St. Peters burg and vicinity thousands of quarts of safe, Pt.Jl"e Poinsettia milk are consumed by members of our armed forces. Poinset-tia Pas.l:eurized Milk is helping to "keep 'em healthy." 414 Fourth Ave., North STEAM HEAT Reasonable_ Week ;. or Season. "Only 4 blocks to Main Busi-ness Center." Gilbert System Hotel !Ietty C. lllitcltell, 746 Centrul Ave. S t l'eterslJurg Phone 78H4 "Your H.()nte A''\":ty front Henne" You Are Ah\'n:\o s '\Yelconte I A phone i n Every Room Hot nud Cold Wnt.,r A 11 'rim<' Service Men...,.... JEWELRY-and GIFTS for Every Member of the Family. Wrap>ped and Mailed for Your Con-venience-Anywhere. PARAMOUNT GIFT SHOP 322 Central Ave. St. Petersburg At St. Peter8bura. Sportsman Billiard Parl01 228 central Avenue St. Pete, Fla., Phone 2 ."The Store T hat Value Built" B E R K MANIs Diamonds Jewelry-Luggage Gifts Next to S-P Cafe 538 Central Avenue -,. -. f?t. __ DREW Fl;&LD .ECHOES christmas, 1942 Wishes You A Merry. ChriStmas


Christmas. __ E_VV ___ F_I_E_L_D __ E_C __ H_O_E __ S ______________________________________ P __ ar__Z ___ P_a_g_e __ N_in e __ The Season's GreetingS from Sunshine City Firms I 1 --------------------------1 Page brought to the Service Club: SEA BREEZES dance the other night. Wonde r 1 (From Preceding Page) why "Rope" Shields likes twin' 'beds. That was some cocoanut' recent blackout. That syndicated that Jim Reed got in the mails I column o n Army life by "Bugs" last week. "Abie" Sancton had 1 Haer sure has all the boys in "Gus Jone s of A-4 standing on stitches; hi s whacky, comical hi s head trying to solve some of style of reporting sure i s a big/ his n a il puzzles. That was so m e favorite with the servicemen concoction we smoked in our pipe everyw h e r e. Wonder why Mi ss latel y: P S. B oys, didn't you Valenti got rid of her new hair-do know we've got a rubber shortjp. such a hurry-it drew quite a age? few whistles from the bo ys. Now Next week Al Amster the r eg that G er,kel has gone to school, ular scribe be back' with his "Abie" Sancton can have tl)at comments 'after a 15-day fur certain little redhead all to hi-mlaugh. self. Harriet Schroeder has found a new way of answering phones ... V{ith a gas mask on. "SnowWhite" Dzielnick of B-1 holds the ; record for writing the longest let ters ... you should tak e a gander at the length sometimes. N eil Grant is makin g sure that Santa FIRESTONE One-Stop Service Station 9th and: 9th, No ST. PETERSBURG Won t forget him this year; the :.. ---------------""'-'..._ ....... ....:, other day h e bought a Teddy A REAL TREAT A delicious patty of chopped sirloin of beef ... individually planked with buttered mashed potatoes and vegetables Your choice o fruit juice or sciup: ,. salaq or. dessert ... hot' rolls 75c. The SAND B A R For fhose who like service -and he best in life The CHATTERBOX I m BUY VVAR BONDS HERE St. Petersburg Federal Savings & Loan Assn. 556 Central Avenue. Phone 4121 j I .: 1. APARTMENTS _t 3 35 Second Av-e., Norfh 1 ST. PETE-RSB 'URG, FLA. ,: 7 stories, s team heat, 3 ele Phori'e 82'89 I. vators, 2 solariums. Walking i r distance to churches! amuse ; Greetings. Central a Firs 'I Hotriel'ike Atmosphere \ ;,: ment places, shoppmg cenBear and mailed it to himself. ;'P:'-""-squadron wolves sure kept 1 \\f.::ng in on the cutie Jackson 1 from ST. PETERSBURG :i Waliel' Isham ters. Social life a feature. TAKE HOME B E L l SUPER SOFT N OW ENRICHED WITH 450 INTERNATIONAL UNITS OF VITAMIN B-1 BETTER .. and Dry Cleaners in 5 Peie 24-H-our PURVIS, 619 atli Phone' 437 2 Vinoy M orket I li Owner and Manager r :: 130 4fh Ave. No. Tel. 81I5 ) 412 lst St. No /)! L ii ST. PET'ERS.BUR G !.o.:..-. __ ......,._;..:..,_ ___________ t I ............ _... --"-""""' '"""' '"""' ....... '"""' '"""'': ,..--------"--;......"'-------.__...,-t=;;;O:r.:.;.. -. The Beauty 1\-to: r t Letter's Music Shop .. :: ::_ WELCOME : Permanen-t Vla:v.iqg : E, Trubey, Hair Siylis 20 6th St., North !--.-P_.h..... S--4-66--.... 3.-44_9_h_, .. _s_t .. _N_o_.___; GR.OC E RY ':"""'---------.-.---!' VENETIAN BLINDS MA:DE LOCALLY .. Cartme!! J.Afg. Co. Inc. Phone 845-4 1300 3rd St .. South MerriWs Market 1041 9th ST. SO. S T. PETERSBURG i I I i OWOSSO HOTel. 435 Fourth Ave., North St. Petersburg, Fla. Located close to all io)lrisf activities. Home Envir6ri ment. Large Lobby Sunny Porch. Free Parking --WHOLESALE --. d:>ft'ages' Wilh Kitchens Specializing.:in Home Hater Rooms all with Pri. :. F6dd vate Baths. Inni:!rspring i 1045 F0\1'RTI't SOUTH. ST; .. PETERSBURG, FLA.. Mattresses. Steam Heated Z95' 9th Sftoeef N6 .. :. DAY MONTH YEAR S!J'. PETE.RSBURG : : I -e.;!!>. ... .,.....-.... __________ -.---- --- .. -"' -t o o --.i ............. -. .. \ M-,...t. GREETINGS: .... .. HOTEL CHfCAG() 'I' 1 "KEEP 'EM FLYING" REMEMBER WAKE ISLAND ; \ 521 South 5th S1, I : rl :: ..... A ..... _.:,!l WELC0?-1E BOYS OF DREW AND MacDILL G LJ D D f N' S p A f N T S T (j R f ; Paints -Varnishes-Enamels -Radios B : E N T 0 N & C 0 n c :: White's Mus ic Store 1 v 'I I, PicturesMirrors & Artist Supplies Band Instruments .i 3rd Sr. and. 9th Ave., Sou'th Phone 862'l Gretsch Drums, Sheet Music I f i1 "St. Petersburg' s Only Exi ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA :.: 869 CENTRAL AVE. ST. PETERSBURG. FLA. .. .. ll<---------1':'-'-. --=--=-' ..... '-. .... ""'"' ....... """'"" ........... "" = _._. __ ............. ............. "'""" .......... ""''


Page Ten-Part 2 DREW FIELD ECHOES Christmas, i942 --x' --=--: i -j. I 11Remember Drew Field?/! Dr. Goldbrick's Mail Bag By PFC. J. J. O'GARA D ectr Doc: Do I r eally look like Gene Autry, or _have the boys just bee n t a k ing me for a ride? I am enclosing a of myself. Pvt. "Houston" McGee Dea r Houston: / Personally you look like you've bee n -punching cows for yearsand the cows kept punching back. Dea1 Doc: I seem to be girl crazy since coming to Tampa, for that's all I think about day and night. What would you advise me to do about it? Wanted: Warrant Officers (J.G.) On A.A.F. Crash Boats An opportunity for appointment as warrant officers (junior grade) is now available for enlisted personnel of Drew Field vvho can qualify as maritime en gineel' s on crash boats. The qualifications necessary for a candidate to appear before the examining board of officers include the holding of a navigator's license, a score of 110 in the Army general intelligence test, and the passing of the physical examination. The examining board of officers consists of Majoi: Harry -F. Bunze, Captain Harry M. Doster and Lt. Rowell Lane. The latter is the recorder, holding "GI" Joseph a license for technical questionYou'll grow out .of that All I used to think about once was girls, girls-noW I all I think about IS women. Dea r Doc: I'm really puzzled as to what 1 kind of a gift to give my girl for I Christmas. I'd send her candy, but she doesn't eat any. I'd send her cigarettes or liquor. but she neither smokes nor drinks. What should I do? Perplexed Private D e a r PP: How about some flowers-she s mells, doesn' t she? Deal' Doc: i l = i ing in navigation and other \: lated subjects. : Three civilians-sponge divers : and m e n who have handled divI. ing equipment and worked on I r crash boats -have been appomted :: at this base by the Base Adjutant. !, The Third Air Force is responsi\" ble for the recruiting of civilians =/ as maritime engineers in the t Army Air Force. i. Any Drew Field soldier inter ested in attaining such appointment, contact Lt. Favorite, Base Classification officer, telephone Ext. 259. Seaboard Restaurant Spaghetti a specialty Sandwiches -Cake& -Drinks Courteous and Prompt Service Appetizing Home Cooking !SOl Second Ave., M. Russo, Prop. .Am I embarrassed! At the USO quiz the othe r evening my boy friend thought Hoover was still .. Pre sident. Should I marry a guy BEST WISHES FOR A as d opey as that? Hill-Billy's Dilly De::.L Diliy: I ':-@ S ure, that' s nothing. I have an uncl e that hasn't voted for the l a s t twelv e years-he thinks the J election booth is a shower. Dear Doc: My friend writes me that he has been rejected by the Army and pla c e d in 4-F because he is suffering from Dementia Praecox. what is that? Corp. Belvidere Snagg Dear Corp: Dementia' Praecox: A withdrawar from reality. Trying to figur e out what Hedy Lamarr has that your wife can' t hav:e straightened. Secretary Stimson Stresses Value of Life Insurance M e Henry L. Stimson, Secre-' tary ofWar, in an open letter the officers and enlisted men of the Army of the United States, w rites: l\1ERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEVV YEAR The Polk Company Canners of Citrus Fruits and Juices I n order to ft.\rnish maximum prot ection for rr...!mbers of the and their dependents, the provided National Serv ice Life Insurance. It is to the personal advantage of every offi cel and man to have this protection. The cost is small, and with I p1es.ent pay rates every soldier shol.\ld be able to carry the maxi mum amount authorized. WisHING votJ \r: "r/Ien are not taking advantage of the benefits Congress has pro v 1 d e d, largely beoause they are not properly informed as to its valL.e, and are not sufficiently im pressed with. the need. I t is my desire that command. ing officers of all grades stress the value of National Service Life Inst crance to the individual sol through educational methods and by personal inteJ.view." F o r information on National Serdce Insm;ance, contact the Bas e Insurance Officer, Lt. E. B Dail e y, Bldg. T-212, phone ex tens ion 003. CALLING ALL BRONZE GENA JOYOUS CHRISTMAS ANDA NEW YEAR OF PEACE AND HAPPINESS CENTRAL OIL CO. A movement is afoot to draft for the war service all b ro!'l z e generals fo.l r s t al' and othe:rwise, who now stand atop ped2stals in New York's public 1 p a r k s i\'Ie t a l being more u seful than d ecorative in wartime, the 616 TWIGGS STREET TAMPA, FLORIDA r e ti red generals may become tan k s and torpedoes if the project I goes through. l: AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL MEN IN SERVICE AND YOUR LOVED ONES AT HOME GILBERT HOTEL 811 TAMPA STREET PHONE M 1094 GEORGE T. BRIGHTWELL, Mgr. SEASON'S GREETINGS FROM F 0 R D P L U M B I N G C 0. :: 3807 FLORIDA A VENUE PHONE H 23-141 I




Page Twelve-Pari 2 I ,-.. DREW FIELD ECHOES means WINNING .lhe war for freedom is a job for US --every citizen in the fighting every worker in industry, every homee maker --un.ifed in the common purpose of preserving our homeland. No sacrifice _can be too great lo maintain lhe heritage of liberty our forefathers handed So in saluting the spirit of the men and women in our armed forces, it's well to remember that if is up_ to-US (everybody on the "home front") lo supply lhe weaponsi lhe food and other materials and fhe money to carry our war through to V I ( T 0 R Y. Everj War Bond and Stamp purchased helps make il possible lo launch .-... more ships, build. more guns and planes,equip more armies to keep what belongs lo US! U. S: P H 0 S P H 0 R I C P R 0 D U ( T S DIVISION TENN. CORP. Tampa, Florida Christmas, 1942 L -1


PICTORIAL SECTION Published Every Week Drew Field, Tampa, Florida CHRISTMAS, 1942 I


This section made possible through the co-opera ion of the following firms and individuals, who wish the men in the service a Merry Christmas. Carl B. Smith Insurance Co. First National Bani< Bldg. Florida Furniture Co. 1316 E. Broadway P. Puleo Feed & Grocery 2502 Armenia Service Warehouse Co. lUh & Washington Lodato Auto Service 1207 19th Iris Cafe 1806 14th St. Ross Avenue Market 514 E. Ross Mangels, Ladies' Ready-to-Wear 606 Franklin James D. A. Holley 709 Franklin Dr. J F Balder Maas Office Bldg. Ernest Berger Co. First National Bank Bldg. Dr. Ellis W. Holloway 205 E 7th Ave. Royal Grocery & Meats 213 W. Fortune Piedmont Shirt Co. 2202 N. Howard Ave. Mike Salvato Grocery 1747 Main Pietro Roccafonte Grocery 303 N. Oregon Ave. Lykes Bros., Inc. 209 Franklin St. Hardies Beauty Shop 210 Polk Dr. M. T. Diez 1717V2 N. Howard L enox Tea Room 2724 Florida Ave. Cleary' s Sandwich Shop 3006 Central Ave. Midcity Machinery & Scale co; 118 Morgan Singe r Sewing Machine Co. 715 Florida Ave. Rogers Transfer Co. Polk & Pierce


r----.. GI?Ol/P OF GVARD SQVAORON PERFORMING CAliST#ENICS This section made possible through the co-opera:Hon of the following firms and individuals, who wish the men in the service a Merry Christmas. Birdsey Flour Mills 2703 E. Broadway Floridan Garage, Inc. Marion & Cass Dr. Edward F. Grillo 422 W Lafaveite St. Rubins Spanish Restarant 1403 Tamoa St. Star Kosher Delicatessen 805 Grand Central Ave. Dr. Jose Suarez 1019 E. Columbus Drive Luther W Cobbev Tampa Theater Bldg. Weldon & Gray Candy 201 Franklin St. Pallardy & Watrous, Inc. 416 Tampa Paul's Service Station 15th Ave. & 22nd Remington Typewriter Agency 913 Florida Ave. Jesse E. Harpe, Custom Gunsmith Orange Hill Cemetery Co., Inc. Cass St. Arcade S B Correll 918 S. Orleans Lincoln Grocery & Market 3800 29th Strickland Fertilizer 8th Ave. and 25th St. Sparrow Lumber & Millwork 1701 W. Cass Dempsey Products Co. 1204 Platt S:t. Tampa Sheet Metal Works 1402 Grand Central Ave. V. P Syo:to & Co. 1501 9:th St. Villazon & Co. 2511 21s t St. Seybold Baking Co. Horatio & S. Dakota Ave. O'Brien's Drug Store 1015 Swann Ave. KleUs Grocery & Market 937 S. Howard Ave. Palma Cafe 2229 E. Broadway Kingan & Co. Whiting & Governor Valencia Floral Garden 808 N. Howard Ave. B. & B Super Market Morgan & Zack St. Looez & Llano Restaurant i402 19th Los Helados De Ybor Cafe 1814 14th St. Cul;a C a f e 1301 E. Broadway City Ice Delivery Co. 2911 Bay to Bay Blvd. Dr. Rex E. Mvers Z023 V2 E. Broadway Sanita r y Poultry Markel 1221 E Broadway Fontes Cleaners & Dyers 815 Roberts Tampa Auto Painting & Trim 1303 Gra y


j DECONTAMINATION IS Til JOB ASSIGNEO TO TilES MEN FROM MA.RS. TWO THOf/SANO POl/NO OEMOL/T/0# BtM1 READY FOR TOJO OR 11/Tf ER GIANT TIRES FOR MocOILL 's DEA TilDEAL/#(; BOMBERS This section made possible :through :the co-operation of :the following firms and individuals, who wish :the men in :the service a Merry Christmas. Polar Ice Cream 939 5th Ave. Columbia Vending Co. 1704 E. Bro'ldway Jose Franquiz & Co. 2nd Ave. & 19th St. W. K. Zewadski 4041 /2 Zack St. Peoples Oil Co. N. Rome Ave. & Union Pepsi-Cola BoUiing Co. 1208 E. LafayeUe St. Marenco Plumbing Co. 609 E. Columbus Drive AI & F. Grocery 1603 E. Columbus Drive East Side Sheet Metal 1402 22nd St. Thurow Radio Distributors liS S Franklin St. Lera Grocery 2410 12th St. El Encanto Cleaners ISIS 15th Jewel Box Night Club 911 Tampa St. Booker & Dickson, Inc. Morgan & Bell Tampa Coca-Cola BoU!ing Co. 608 Cass St. Seaboard Restaurant 1901 2nd Ave. Victor Rey Grocery 3921 Nebraska Bav View Hole! 208 Jackson Winn's Grocery Broadway at 41st St. Hamil:ton-Gower Electric Co. 403 E. Buffalo Ave. V Costa & Sons 1520 lOth Ave. S A. Freel Dist. Co. 205 E. Washington Ave. J. L. Morrison, E. I. Du Pon! Co. Paint Div. Bell Bakeries, In' c 1113 E. Cass Berger & Rachelson, Inc. 12th & Whiling Universal Carloading & Dis!. Co. BID Whiting Saffcld Bros. Produce Washington & Eas! S aratoga Bar 1302 Franklin Laycock Arma!ure Works For!une & Ashley ManhaUan Cafe 210 E LafayeUe S!. Frank Falsone lSOlV2 21st St. P abst Blue Ribbon Beer 510 Ashley Fielder & Mitchell Awning Co. 109 S. Franklin S!. Tamoa Arma!ure Works 40l S. Morgan G R Sanborn, Dist. of VITAMINERALS Cen!ral Truck Lines Jackson & Governor


11ST!II6EI?S '1 TAKE ON LAST A/J.Jt/STAfENTS BEFORE RAISING IIEL LIN ACT/ON. This pictorial section made possible by the co-operation of the following firms and individuals who take this means of wishing the men in the service a Merry Christmas. A L Eclraska Ave. Tampa Transi:t Lines, Inc. PlaU & Packwood Ave. Kiecl

This pictorial section made possible by the co-operation of the following firms and individuals who take this means of wishing all service men a Merry Christmas. Townsend Sash, Door & Lum ber Co., N. Rome & Fuller Hajoca Ccrp. Washington & Meridian Standard Supply Co., Inc. 101 N. Franklin Two Thirteen Bar 213 E. Lafaye!le St. Eagle Vending Co. 205 Tamoa St. Martin Outdoor Advertising N Howard & Nassau Ferman Chevrolet Co. 407 Jackson Gulp Lumber Co. 500 S. Packwood J. A. Suarez & Co. 1719 Franklin Gulf Bag & Burlap Co. 3102 E Broadway Cudahy Packing Co. 510 East Imperial Florida Oil Co. Florida Ave. & Kentucky Ludwig School of Aviation Peter 0. Knight Airport Crown Distributors 237 Wafer Canada Dry Bo!lling Co. Cass & River Robbins Mfg. Co. Nebraska Ave. af 13lsf St. Dr. Joseph J. Ruskin 1901 Florida Ave. Brants Bakerv 2707 E Broadway A.B.C. Employment Office 620 Twiggs General Electric Corp. 604 Ellamae Hillsboro Investment Co. Citizens Bldg. Tampa Pain! & Varnish Co. 104 Washington -------SI!I?VICE Ct. i.IB SWING S ESSION AFTER flOUR$. -/


. TIIIRD .P./Jp TilE BIGGEST AIR FORCE IN TilE Bt/SIIVESS, This section made possible through the co-operation of :the following firms and individuals, who wish he men in he service a Merry Christmas. Cooksey's BoUle Co. 1315 5th Ave. Mitchell Roofing & P ainting Co. 3918 Florida Ave. M L. Curry & Son 108 E. Park Ave. Holg t cin D airy Farm Rock Road at Six Mile Creek AI' M arke t 27ll Nebraska Ave. A. A. Adams Machinery & Sup. 2312 E. Broadway Southern Pump & Supply 902 Twiggs Myers Denial Laboratory Citizens Bldq. Tampa Drug Co. 313 Washington St. Ame1i can MaUress Co. 1806 lith Ave. Estuary Bar Lafayette & 13th St. Robertson & Hennington Co. 910 Whiting Beckwith-Holmes Co. Grand Central & Magnolia Jim Perez Beer Garden 126 S. Oregon Vogue Cleaners & Laundry, Inc. Howard & Morrison Hirsch Engraving Co. Bus Terminal Bldg. American News Co. 1809 Franklin St. Joe Langhoff Garage 290 S. Florida Ave. Fisk Clothing & Jewelry Co. 1232 Franklin St. Franklin Products Co. 409 C ass St. N Geraci & Co. I 701 l3rd Ernes t L Robinson, School Supt. 703 M adison N a t ional Cylinde r Gas C o 2613 4th Henrv G Carter 5505 Branch Ave. Tampa Awning Co. 1604 M acDill Spico1a Hardware Co. 907 E. Broadwa y Groc ery-Market 1 7 13 Garcia Ave. Ame rican Au.to Service 302 N Weslland Ave Cuscade n P ark S ervice Station. 300 2 1 51h St. Equip m ent S ervice 6112 Florida Ave.


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