Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 43 (December 30, 1942).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
December 30, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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VOL. 1 No. 43 Published Every Week D ,rew Field, Tampa, Florida December 30, 194Z Money-Back Patriots Add to the Final Cost of V i c t o r y Drew Post Offices Handle Big Volume Of Christmas MaH The Christmas spirit was evid ent at Drew Field throughout ro weeks preceding the holi _judging from the volume o f mail-and parcels handle d by the Base post offices: During those two weeks most ;soldiers had bundles and boxes cra.mme d underneath bunks: .in ba1'racks bags, in foot lock ers,ready.to be opened onChrist day. Others who could not W _Cj.it until Yuletide opened the pac]{ages and showed what the :fqlks back home had sent. :.so tremendous was the volume .of -imiil and parcels that two .triicks wer e used four times daily fQr transporting the mail to and f.t:om the Tampa post office dur i:pg that period in contrast to the ?'se of one truck three times daily lh a normal period .. Additional spldiers were detailed to handle the maiL Some of the incoming mail went through the Army Di r'ectory Service (transfers and overseas shipments), n e c essitating rebilling of registered and insured mail. Two problem types among the purchasers of War Bonds have arisen: First, the type that wants its money back "right now'' because War Bonds are not deliv ered whe n 90 day s have elapsed since the bonds were fully paid for. This (ype may be heard to remark along this line, "I'm used to getting what I pay for I put out the price," or something this: I m cancelling my res-! ervation and demanding my money back use I'm getting tired I of "' iaiting. for my b01ids." Sec ondly, the one who, with a great flourish, demonstrates the patriotism or financiering sagacity by loaning Uncle Sam the price of a honcl for 60 davs to win this war, and then decides to call the loan off. This latter type someon e has aptly termed the "Money-Back Patriot." Captured German Plane Is On Exhibit In Tampa This Wee-k Almost all mail was delivered b y Christmas day, excepting late arrivals and transfers which, of :course, will still be coming in fo 1 a week or ten days, Below is a list of the postal business done in the two Drew 'Field post offices during the peri 'bd of December 15 to 24 : .incoming ;Insured parcels delivered, '(count) ____ __________ 12 .842 'Ordinaryparcels delivered, (estimate) __________ ___ 5,000 .Greeting cards delivered, :(e;;timate) ________ ______ 28,500 Rf>cr'stered mail delivered, unt) __ ------_____ 1,686 t\... m.ail delivered, (count) ----------------10 5 :Outgoing Insured parcels for mailing, (count) --------------___ 596 Ordinary parcels for mailing, (count) -------------1,472 Greeting cards for mailing, (eshmate) _________ _: ___ 12 000 A slight increase in the amount of bonds redeemed this month is shown over last month. On the whole, the percentage is very small and there i s no doubt that the distres s reasons given were P,"enuine enough, yet the increase in redemptions arouses the suspicion that some of these flashes of patriotism are tinged with' more of self-righteous coloring tl:;in s with Lt. Howard S. C o rvell. co-pi l.-,t : Lt. R. Charmlev, navigator; Sgt. William C. Fie l ds, engineer, and Sgt. Robert L Rice, radi o operator. ______ .>.:____ ---Non-Coms Are Given Powers of A r r e s t Office rs. n on-co m m is s ioned of ir.ers a'ld p elty o ff ic e r s of the '\rmy, Navy and Marine Corps wer e authorize d as of 15 to take corrective measures, n cluding arrest. i1 the event any 0mb<'r of 1 h e forces com i1 s a breach of t .hP. pear. e or any 'lthe r w hi c h r t:?t:.eds rlis -redit upon the services, the War rc:::ently a:1riounccd n a bulletin. for a delightful occasion on ChristAbout his languae. every other mas Eve, when Mr. and Mrs. word he uses i s G I. ," and of Hines entertained the offi-course. he must cuss Some re :who make tr. is hotel their cruits think one cannot be a real home with a buffet supper. This h e man" or soldie r unless one proyed one o f the most delightful uses profane language. e yents of the Christmas season forj Moral: D o r.wt advertise to the the-0fficers .and their ladies. -,:crld that you are a recruit. Soldiers relax in a lounging room in the Drew Field Hospital furnished by the Coca-Cola Bottling Company. Mrs. Alfred C Warrer selected the furnishing with an eye to the comfort of the m e n. The War Department circular :tated that the actinn was ae-reed oon b etwee,;j the War and Navy .)epartments.


SIGNAL CO. (WING) HQ. & HQ. SQUADRON THIRD FIGHTER COMMAND Tlf:I..D _I;:_GHOES Art Comes to Drew SPARKS SEA BREfZE$ By CPL. ROLPH FAIRCHILD D o you l i k e t o p aint, draw or S Tl}e first in the new 1 carve? Fo1_' t hose m er: \\"ho are tat 011 _Hosp1t a l took p lace on the mterestcd m dabblmg m the fme B y PFC:. ALVIN M. AMSTER day before Christmas when Lt. . Tbc othe r yawning this bit of Theodore Stonehill and Pauline a1 ts, th1s IS a n mv1tatwn to v1stt fllm5y turned up i n the Orderly H APPY NEW YEAR! Anna Spiewak both of New York the Specia l S e r v ices Office and Room d ecorated v.'ith a good deal Big congiatulations to our City, were by Char)lain hav e a chat with Lt. Jack Sarkin, I of typing. V erification did Squadron Commander R. G. R 1 1 E G not t a k e l ong. \Vtlh unblushmg Conklin upon that new promo-a P 1 w in. The ceremony assistant s p ecial services officeL I d t t 1 t 1 was wttnessed b y Lt. Ston ehill's N .. 1 n1odesty (?) the EM concerne JOn o t e u enant colone. a ss ociates of t h e hospita l staff. ume!O .:Jsand othe1 admitte d to this : Thanks to Sgt. Martin, the Lt. Stonehill pre p a r e d quite a t y pes of v. ork ar.e for "Special Notice: New pinochle cooks and KPs for the excellent tmJque m vttation to his wed din the atwn of day rooms and champs were crowned last mght Chnstmas banque t. It was G I from b e in t the se1 vtce club. You can do whe n the team of Cpl. S z czesn y I Thanks t o Sgt. Joe Rarus for It fol:low s: g nmg 0 e n useful have a lot ajld CpJ Pugh defe<;lte? S g t. \V ea-the exc ellent job on Sea Breezes Headquarters Saio:ri Hos it 1 of fun at the same bme, so why ver and-G:pl. Evans m a hectic wlul e yours truly furloughe d. In-Drew Field P : a not make use of our s tud10 and scssi.cn The winners deserve to cidentally, Jeanette Rarus cook0" f tl C -hobby shop? b e c a ll e d champs for their out-ing agrees with Little Joe-he's Jce 0 Those inte rest e d in_ Pt?Ster and standing knoewledge of the game. put on 15 pounds in their two Dec. 22 1942 Tampa, Florida. sho,w-card work are m':1ted a l_so. "Tbe 308th i s proud of them and a half months of man.ied SUBJECT: Marriage of Lt. Theo-We ve got the p_lace r_n wh1ch {sic). The cl)amps will defend life. doJe Stonehill and Miss Paulto do 1_t: the matenals their title next week against the Flashbacks from furlough: ine Anna Spiewak. to d? 1t, and the places m w h1ch same opponents and feel sure Plenty of snow and cold (brrrrr) TO: Officers of Station Hospital, to 1t. ? they will be champs a long time 1 back home. S/Sgt. and Mrs. G aret Drew Field Florid VI hat a1 e we warbng for. Lets unless stronge r opposition is P enhale and cute 10-month-o l d 1. The will get gomg! found. went as far a s Jersey ... take place at 11: 00 Wednesday Ju. s t who master-minded tbis the \ 'Hile r exhibited himself,_ his December 23, in the Chapel of I little gem 1 s not clear, but tha t one stnpe, and BETTY at vanous 1 H 1 R T J spelling certainl.v make s it ap" i place s in Cleveland. t 1 e osplta ecreation Building. 1 2 All offtcers of the Station pea r Cpl. Pugh had something to S a d mistake: Cpl. Abe Sancton, Hospital, togethe r with their 1 C k } d o "with it. our versatile t ypewriter fixer, ac-g uests. are invite d to attend. The I 0 c t a i B a r Bu.l.letin: "The champs' now d e -cidentally answered Gen. Gilke -b d d rnand full r ecognition as "Undisson with a "Yes sir .CAPTAIN, n e an g r oo m will b e highly "WHERE GOOD FELLOWS putcd Champs" after winning w h e n the genial' your presence. GET TOGETHER" hands down Sunday night (no into the workshop. !...as t week Ralph E. G\\ m Air-Conditioned -,--Cozy Pun lntended). Sancton r eceived an enve lope an_ C Robmson, Captam M C Moderat e Prices Another "championship" round from his old draft bo ard containWa.s Com p l e > t e d Monda" afternoon. ino the customary "crreetino s" and Best Man. J "' c "' "' D1stnbut10n: This company's volley b a ll team to prepare for llnmedJate mduc-1 I t Col J F G 1 took on the III F C. Hq. outfit. tion. : a:y .:rame .. TI1c 308th took the first g ame HOT DOTS Concrratulations 1. MaJor Lmn F. Coope r. "' 1 B ulletm Boa1d 15-1, Cllnd the third game. 1 5 4 to Cpl. Paul Buckner. who said But another 308th team dropped "I do" whil e on furlo u g h ... also the middle bracke t, 15-6 in favor to Ruth B elcastro of A 2 who is of III F .C now Mrs. John Patton. Un.Ul this game went against Promotions: It's no\v Lt. Col. them, the company's teams stood lVI. D Magoffin, Assistant A-3. undefeated in everything except Paden Epps sewed on his s econd softba ll. And the loss of that stripe, while Bob Parson s and opening softball .game was re-Hollis Bunn received their first. gardcd as ancient history. "Ghandi'' Fre derick pre Warning is hereby given to one fers brunettes. and all that L t. Hall' s lesson s in That A-4 bag of beans sure "Judo" are taking effe_ ct. Unless caused some commotion. Pete s .re good a:t it. lay off. The Washe (the money-beltd e Romeo) lads are all to anxious to d emon'Poochy" Antonucci were stratc those special grips and the innocent victims of a Christ1 .holds. The barracks are fille d mas Eve accident. Could I with crashes and thuds t11e .se Roxie b e the cause of that new nights as the gtunt-and-groan ex-i11ilitary bush set, comb and mirperts get in a little after-hours i'
Corner Fortune and Franklin Dancing Every Night in the Blue Room to quit trying to hog the spotlight, Dodd., and let's focus it on the lieutenant. Before entering the Army, h e was for two years manager of the Chica.go office o f the Alexander :Film Co. Prior to that, h e vvas with Educationa l Film Co. for .one year. And one year with Ideal Pictures Corp. The fo1'egoing ;compa.nies are outstanding firms in tb: e motion picture and photog :t""aphi c advertising field, so I wasn't surprised when Lt.. Hillyu confided in m e that he plam 1.0 la.unch an advertising busines> 10f his -own shortly after Victory !Da y to which W.'r e all .forv;rard and working like any thing to haste n. In a nutshell, Lt. Hillyer i s the sort or person you like to havE' .arou.q d on a dreary dai His smile brightens things up. H e VIas passing out the ;right and l eft, ariel the fellows of this outf-it were offering coi1 crrat u lation: s. Former S/Sgt.

__ J)ecember 30, 1942 3141h Flqnk--Ups B y PFC. J J. O'GARA Pvt. Martin C lc mi:;, the young Info Cente r artis t w h o s e work has attracte d n o little attention a t the art s a lons wh2re hi s sketch ings have b een displ ayed, and which found him, during the current season's exhwitions. walking off With many prizes and hono'rs is other things, a student of psychiatry ('nuts' to you and me), and at skilled magician w h o IS accomplished in the fi1'le of_. making things disappear, mcludmg the audience. This week Martin picks up a towel and falls in w i t h the paraders by virtue of his sweating out a furlou h to t h e Smoky City. b Cpl. Vincent McGarry, who has the theater in his veins, the youno comedian who, in the s mash hit o f last season, "Life Wit h Mother in-Law," had the Broadway firstnighters rolling in the aisles-until the ushers came and took away the dice, i s thinking seriouslv of again taking up his draniatic studies which the war so abruptly P.:'" _;vt. Ed Planisek, S-2's Lady from C leveland Ohio. w h o gives the pastures in' Ybor City a wide berth because his big brown eyes attract cows, on being congratulated by this scribe on his promotion to private first class, modestl y r eplied, "Oh that won t make any difference, and you can t e ll the boys who knew me as a buck private that I'm still Ect to them." Commendations are in order for Sgt. Greenberg, Orderly Room factotum, fo r the steding p e r form ance he and his crew turned in last week, and I doubt if there is another man o n the fie l d w h o could have done the job so effi1::iently and in such a limite d period of time, which speaks well for .. DREW FIELD ECHqES I) Shown here by the Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce of America if a Brewster Buccaneer Navy dive bomber undergoing a {mal checkup ju st prior to its departure /or service 011 Jome battle-front. The Buccaneer if a ship.board dive bomb er-built to operate from the deck of an aircraft carrier. A 1000pound bomb can be carried entirely enclosed withi11 th11 fuselage. It is powered by t o 1700 lz.p ; Wright Cyclone aircooled engines, and carries a cre w of two-pilot and rear gunner. An almost idimtical model, known as the Bermuda, is being delivered to the Roycit Air Force f o r o,tJeration from land bases. his f uture in the servic e for organizational and admini strative ability s uch as this is bound to be recognized eventually. Sgt. Greenberg, we salute you. After all, who am I to turn down a few bucks? It is most gratifying to note the steady increase in fan mail and we take this opportunity to acknowledge that fellow's interest in o u r efforts. but p l e ase, never use that kind of language in a letter addressed to thi s sc1ib e call up Cpl. J ess Zimmerman or P vt. Ed Solomon. Only last week I got a letter from Tallahassee with a proposal of maiTiage in it. The gil'l even wante d to come to Tampa to marry me, but s h e n ever got here-they ca ught her going ove1 the wall. And so, with a since ie \Vis h that a ll you g uys and gals will have the best New Year's ever, until next week, .as cousin Chutney (dash 'ed fine egg, Chut) would say, "Stout fellow, carry o n! .. -------------ENROUTE TO and FROM TAMPA DON'T LEAVE t 'LORIDA UNTIL YOU SEE BEAUTIFUL SILVER SPRINGS fLORIDA'S INTERNATIONAL ATTRACTIONNATURE'S UNDERWATER FAIRYLAND OPEN DAILY FROM SUNRISE TO SUNSET FREE Admission to Grounds Reduced Rates to All Uniformed Men and Red Cross Nurses WAACS WAVES D.ining Dancing Swimming _Canoeing Cabins 5 Miles East of Ocaia on State Road 500 to Daytona Thrill to our glass bo!iomed boat ride over 14 different springs Nothing like it anywhere in the world! Enjoy 60 -minute Jungle Cruise -speedboat ride down the Silver River. See Alligators and Monkeys. HOURLY BUS SERVICE FROM OCALA-25c ROUND TRIP Visit Ross Allen at his world renowned Rep'tile Institute. S e e rattlesnakes "milked" of their deadly venom! Taxis Meet Busses, Trains freshen up, Soldier! Chew Wrigley's Spearmint Gum Yes, you fighting airforce men know how much a little stick of chewing gum can mean when nerves are tense or you've got a tough job to do. Che,ving cools your mouth-keeps your throat moist. Helps steady your nerves during strenuous flights. Seems to make your rqsks go faster, easier. So chew and enjoy swell-tasting Wrigley's Spearmint Gum every day-as millions do. anha-ttan Cafe 210 Lafayette St. Tampa Good Food Reasonable Prices Try Our Sunday Roast Turkey Dinner Served From 11 A .M. to 9 P.M. ALA CARTE SERVICE AT ALL HOURS f OPEN DAY AND NIGHT USi ___ !\fESTERN MEATS ....__ MADISON DRUG COMPANY 1 FRANKLIN AND MADISON STREET Where he Men of he Armed Service Shop and Ea.:l: I I I BAY HOTEl VIEW I FIREPROOF CONSTRUCTION-EVERY ROOM WITH B.1\.TH W B. SHULER. Manager 11 208 JACKSON ST .. Between FRANKLIN & TAMPA TAMP A, FLORIDA PHONE M 5537 --------------------. Hotel Hillsboro Florida at Twiggs St. FRANK J. HYNES, Manager GASPARILLA TAVERN coLONIAL GRILL Service Men Welcome L_ _____ .. ___ ___ .. THE CHATTERBOX Chicken and Steaks Real Italian Spaghetti SANDWICHES -DRINKS -LIQUORS ABBA DABBA AND BAND NIGHTLY 707 S. Howard Avenue Phone H 3757 '0' "'1'


Page 4 The Drew Field Echoes GLENN R. ROSS. Publisher TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS DREW FIELD ECHOES FIRST REPORTING COMPANY 564th S.A.W. SEP. REPORTS By SGT. HARRIS Did you see how g lad Cpl. Mc-A!J PiP. CHURCH Protestant Service Sunday, 11 :00 a. m., Chapels No. 1 and No. 2. Service -S.unday. 7:30 p. rh., Chape l No. 1. December 30. 1942 i JW L4KiXUL Sub .. Depot Some months ago Sub-Depot:, Subs was and very ca pably composed. It has since become an institution with the em ployees of Drew S.ub-Depot, .. Guckin was when Cpl. ClauseJ Phone 2177 informed him that the motor had _A_l_I-a_d_v_e_i'_f-is_e_m_e_n-ts__c_o_n-ta-in=--e-d:fallen out of the plane in which in the MacDill Fly Le_ a. Minimum joint ci-rculation, 10.000 copies. he was to ride home w hile on fur-. P. 0. Box 522 Business Office: 1115 FLORIDA A VENUE TAMPA, FLORIDA Jewish Every Friday Drew Echoes was hastily scanned for the pleasure. S ervice -Friday, 8:00 p. m., of reading this column-our c olChapel No. 1. umn. On those weeks when it failed to appear (whiCh was -no fault of the author), everyone had ADVERTISING RATES FURNISHED ON REQUEST laugh? We don't think h e would have boarded it even if the motor \\ Catholic had not fallen out., Mass """7 Sunday, a n air of gloom and disappoint-6:15 a. m., ment until the next week when A newspaper publishe<;l exclusively for the personnel of Drew At last we heard a story which Chapel N o. 2 and devoted to mrhtary interests and the United Nations equals the "Man_ Bites Dog" story, Mass Sunday, 9:00 it did appear. But now sadness Vrctory. eh, Pvt. Kivisto? How many penChapels No. 1 and 2 Opinions expressed in this newspaper are those of the individual nies did you collect for the song i<---,.--a. m., begrieves us, 'for the author and originator is abo tit to. heed the "Call of the Yukon." It is to Mr. Ralph Hancock we wish to ex press our sincere thanks for those few intimate moments of pleasurable reading, and as his successors we onl y hope we cari do one-half the excellent job that h e has accomplished so success-writers and under no circumstances are they to be considered those and dance? SIGNAL HO. & HO. CO. of the United States Army. Advertisements in this publication do AND YOU, Sgt. Freund, how's III FIGHTER COMMAND not constitute an endorsement by the War Department or its per-FriPnd Sue? We hear she' s some sonnel of the products advertised. girlie. But why were you regur"SIGNALS" .. By SGT. JOHN F. SUSZYNSKI Last week's GREEN XMAS was a strange innovation to most of us, but aside from the lack of snow flurries, the symptoms and the spirit manifested were not un like the old northern variety. T/Sgt. Eaton's choristers, with the help of Cpl. John Hession and a newly formed_ brass quartet, piled into a truck on Christmas Eve and made their rounds, sing ing ahd playing appropriate car ols at different points on the field. Santa paid his respects to each of us individually. Pfc Kowalski and Pvt. Stockwell were espe cially favored-if they should de cide to pool their packages, they could give the PX some compe tition. The Band, as a unit, got a -coupl e of packages-one of these was marked "Pvt. Hal Richman, bassist," and was delivered by way of Pine Camp and Fort Ham ilton Station Hospital, New York. (Pvt. Richman reports bad train connections between New York and Florida. ) Cpl. Sedlak and Pvt. Richman have teamed up as playmates for the coming week, and the formidable pair will per form in the little room in the lower bay of our barracks each morning from 7:30 to 8:30-ad mission free. The Band's other "package" was a trip to Sarasota and par ticipation in Florida's first CEL ERY BOWL game, at Ihrig Field. A queen was crowned-her ladies in waiting made quite a picture, too the Army mule and the Navy goat chose to snub each other ... a bit of horseplay, with Pfc. Harry Evans as hero, heroi n e and villain (all combined) was passed off as high-class drama .... Warrant Officer Les ter G. Baker led the 69th AAF Band through its musical and marching paces in the ceremonies before the game, and during the period between halves. Col. M elvin B. Asp, Drew Field's Base Commander, recorded all this in the making" for pos terity, with his little movie cam era. An incidental feature of they Celery Bowl classic was a foot ball game in which the Drew team manage(\" to wrest a 13-0 victory from a stubborn Davis Island Coast Guard eleven You know it jus t isn't done now. the event promises to be a n anLooks as if we may have a nual one. iandy basket ba 11 court. In case By CPL. LARRY RALSTON 1 ne evening was taken up with ;omeone would like to have an dancing at the Army and Navy nter-barracks tournament, we'll Club -our dance orchestra fur-,ut our monev on Barrar.ks No. 1 nished the music. DREW FIELD that i s if T/Sgt. Krause w ill PRESENTS, regular Friday night :oar. h BC)rracks No. 2 'T'he Sig. Hq. & Hq. Co. basket fully. ball team won their second game As this is the first edition of ')f the season bv defeating the Drew Field Echoes this year, we 'i64th A.W. Battalion, S ep., 44-26 would like to reminisce. Remem\Vednesday night on the Drew ber when there was no such thing Field court. a s overtime and time clocks: the radio feature, was broadcast by Have you ever tried to get into r emote control over the wires of '3arracks No. 2 on a S aturrlay WFLA. The committees in charge rnornine:? It's, practically an im certainly did a bang-up job on '10ssibilitv. T/Sgt. Siegler meets arrangements .... Santa paid a vou at the front rloor with a personal visit to the dance and stony stare, and T/Sgt. Vido'. i c h distributed bundles to those pres-'11ePt.s you at hack door with ent-but I suspect that h e was a phony dare. W ell, who wants more than a little interested in. in, anyway? They say it's because the pulcluitudinous display (and of inspection, but we think thev I don't mean the Christmas tree are in cahoots with the detail and trimmings) tl1at _greeted his dodgers._ Starting fast, Signal Hq. scored post office was just a hutment ; quick points before the across the street from the ha-ngar; 56.4th could get settled down. The most of the clerical work was rmarter ende d 11-5. Continuing done by soldiers, and how in tl'. e second stanza, the score ed to see them go; L t. CoL WC'nt to 18-ll in favor of the Sig-Harris was just Lt. H. C. ,.,s; nal Hq. quintet by half time the offices were just a balcony on After a few minutes' rest at half tre north side of the hangar time, 564th got credit for seven (was it cold!!); Casey was fight more points in the third period, ing sailors off with a club; the while Signal Hq. staged another Supply Warehouse was in the scoring spi,ee, looping in 13 more south lean-to of the hangar; there points to bring the three-quarter was no such thing as a parking mark to an end, 3618. With sub-situation; the office force swept stitutions slowing up the game in the floors because we had no the last quarter on both teams, janitors; Mary Ann Placewas li the hovs got a little rag-ged on brarian; a certain sergeant used the edges, and passing and shoot-to cuss us-"civilians"; nine out of ing were below par on both ten people in Engineering were teams. The game. ended 44-26 former Craig Field employees; with Signal Ho. & Hq. Co. on the the B 17E seemed to qe a permalong end of it_nent fixture; all the girls' heartS eye-! wouldn't have mentioned Who has been courting to the that if he hadn't passe d me by. tune of "Who Is Sylvia?" If you'd The Band's official address that really like to know, we can tell night was the John Ringling Ho-you. can' t we. Sylvia? tel. Sarasota, Florida SOME We all miss the boys who were STUFF! Now we are back to transferred to other outfits, par"work and you can find us at ticularly Sgt. Kester. He prom Barracks T-272, on Fourth Street. ised an interestin?" story on Ger Ho, hum! Oops, I nearly forgot-man education. With the new HAPPY NEW YEAR. G I. haii'cut he has, h e would pro---------i<--------Doctor Goldbrick's Mailbag Bv PFC. J. J. O'GARA Dear-DocI am enc:;Josing a sample of the hair tonic that the girl at the PX said would grow hair on a billiard ball. I s it any good? Pvt. Waldorf Fluff. Dear Waldorf-Yes, I've tried it and it works-but it sure s lows up your game. Dear Doc-What can I do to g e t over my terrible fear of the dark? I. Dread. Dear I. Dread-See a psychia trist. I knew a fellow with a fear of the dark who slept with pa jamas trimmed. with neon lights. After three treatments he now sleeps with a small tail light. Dear I got .taken i n a crap game ana owe my next pay in IOUs, my watch and ring are both. in hock, and my laundry has gone back to the plant awaitin g oavment. On top of that my wife is hounding me _for the rent which is three months in arrears. I feel like taking the gas pipe. That is my problem. What can I do? Cpl. Pillsbury Gripe. Dear Cpl.-My advice to you -is to buck up. Dear Doc-My boy friend writes me from the B.V. D Islands, but he can't tell me where they are located. Can you help me? Anxious. Dear Anxious-They are in the West Undie s. Dear Doc-Theres a guy in my barracks thats troubled with aga rophobia. What is that? Sgt. Slump. Dear Sarge-Agarophobia: Fear of open places. Refusing to bned down in a tight-fitting suit. vide plenty of natura l back ground. During his first visit back to the company we expected him to click his heels toether and burst forth with an "ach lieber Gott" most any moment. Sgt. Kester was one of the best sports ever to hit our outfit and will surely be missed. 828th Guard Squadron Party Was Successful Woicief!howski Ralston. Smith beat faster at the thought of see and Landry were the big guns ing John Garfield; Edward Ste on the offensive, and Dixon vens was chief clerk of Ene;ineer played a bang-up game on the ing; all the mechanics had to fensive. All organizations desir-climb up on the hangar roof and ing .games will get in touch with paint O D. over the black and yel Lt. Cardvv ell at extension 385. low checkers! the gang used to The company volley ball team, 1 eat at the Officers' Club because which all season hovered close to there was a lack of dining facilithe too, won the Base Elimina-ties; we used to have to go to tion Tournmnent. and are Base MacDill for our physicals. champions fo r this season H e re's wishing everyone a ----i< HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR. On December 22 the 828th HO. CO., REPORTING BN. 503rd SIGNAL REGIMENT Guard Squadron staged an elabo-sir, w here there's smoke; there's rate military ceremony. They REPORTS someone smoking. T/4 Fredericks were reviewed by Colone l Asp has a swell three-way proposition. and inspected formally by Major By SGT. LESTER SHEAR Church, gal and dinner. Not bad Toyce. The Drew Field band un-eh? der the skillful leadership of The company party was a wow. Who is that certain young lady Warrant Officer Baker, perSwell entertainment, swell fel-who made Sgt. Elihu. Bernstein formed splendidly: The music and lows and swell beer. First Sgt. take up weight-lifting? It seems the various military movements Miller kept shouting, "We still she wants 1:nm to be a he-man were executed very expertly. have seven kegs of beer left. even if it kills him. T/4 Schneider The officers and enlisted men, And no matter how much the is trying to be a he-man, t oo. Poor ably -commanded by thei-r com-boys drank, there still were, it boy, poor boy. First Sgt. Arm-manding officer Captain Potter, seemed. seven kegs left Cpl. Lang f'ttone; T/Sgt. Johnston anrl 4 made an excellent showing. The was locked in the ice box, but Clarke are back on the T white g loves, neat uniforms, and found three pitchers of beer to I air waves. Sgt. James (Wi m DPrfect line when passing in re-keep him company. When he Tell) Gibson is still trying to hit view provide that the organiza-came back to the barracks, he had the side of a barn with his bow tion is well disciplined and the boys in stitches watching him and arrow. The Christmas mail trained. undress. T /Sgt. Pendley slept sure ruined Cpl. Ravioli. His Captain Potter may well be through it all. weight went from 132% way proud of commanding such a Drew Field finally a game down to 132. And .if any .. of you splendid organization. and our own Pfc. Pehtte was boys have noticed a change for The same evening, in the squad-right in the thick of it, dishin' the better in our meals lately, you ton mess hall, the par t y took and takin' Hope you boys have can blame Sgt. Heiple. Cpl. Frizs place, with plenty of delicious taken advantage of our dayroom; by, Cpl. Layers and Cpl. Red Oss sandwiches, and last, but not it' s a swell place to goldbrick. man for all the cakes and pies we least, beer and plenty of it. The T/4 Howard W Clarke is the lat-have been getting. They're so entertainment, furnished by tal-est boy to bite the dust. He was good, methinks they should get ent from,Drew Field and some of married while on furlou gh, and more dough. Florida is really the boys inside the cages, was a like all the rest, brought the gal beautiful at this time of the year, knockout. Th_e jokes; especially, down to get some of the Tampa and Sgt. Pallay has taken to the went over big. sunshine. Sgt. Lichota is back open road on his days off. The -----i<----from the big town with big reC.O. is in the market for a Invest in Democracy by buying more War Bonds and Stamps every payday. -.... ports of big doings with the big pen. He wore the old one out girls. Along that same line, ask checking off names on the gig P endle v who J anie is. Yes. list. J .. ---.. ..:.-... ::::


December 30, 1942 DREW FIELD ECHOES ; -=-_:: : : __ //We : .f() invest safely --the way things are gomg now!11 .. .. 59th AVIATION _sa. (SEP.) Sllth OM. AVN. DISH'N 'DIRT.. ON THE BALL By PVT. JAMES J. :r;,;(fr:caij:l:.L By PFC. R. C. T. PEARMAN Speaking of parties, What do you say, fellows, are celebrations, etc., all the we going to have a basket ball personnel really enjoyed t):i-e .. caf'-} team or not? We have the court fair given by Pvt. and we have the coach (Pvt. Eli), at the swanky Robert,: CitY.' 1fo'all we need is vou tel, located in West Tiii:p.p}:i, I I could be w'iong, but have any might add, this of you guys noticed anything difis owned by Pvt his ferent in the way our bugler is family. Sgt. Ba1Aaba,:;pi.1r acting blowing his calls lately? H e seems first sergeant q : w)ii:g absence to be putting his heart and soul of F /Sgt. Spinnei, Miller's into his music these days. I think party 'an (after I have the answer. Our lil Gunga w'?men or admit Din is in love. You should see the I th1s little bundle of JOY happmess Pvt. Mlller;uses a techmque sumthat comes a-callmg m the cool lar to that of Elsa Maxwell. of the evening. WHAT A DOLL 1 has trouble downing one and a half. Pvt. Stanley no longer sings, and he is now given to hiding in dark corners. The other day I caught him writing 34 letters with an average of 221 words each. All together they were just a few words short of "Gone With the Wind." Before I run out of space, I would like to wish the Command ing Officer and all of the m e n of the 911th QM. lots of luck and advancement for the coming year. ---UKEEP'EM FLYING!" -**"**"**'' The new mail orderly, Pvt. (ha ha). Frank Stephens, is dying for a I managed to get in to town I;,..,------------...-. T/5th rating in order to be abl e christmas night. I happened to A Home Away From Home to keep enough money for cigar-drop in at the USO in time to ettes for more than a week, and see Pvt. George Davis g ive his help the cute little wifey at home. famous imitation of Sitting Bull. I would suggest for someone to It's really. wonderful the way he put in a go.od word for S/Sgt. sits and sits. After four hours one Lester Adams. I have been ac-wonders why he does it. Could it :J.Uainted with the rumor that his be his two left feet? Eriertd, Miss Hannah Gilbert; is I saw an article in the paper to Joe the Civilian, plus the other day that had to do with t his, his body is in pawn at a some soldier who owned a pair very unreasonable cost. of size 13C dogs. At that rate our No doubt most of the guys m Pvt. Robert Davis should rate nathe squadron had noticed the fine tional headlines. He nurses a pair scrimmage the basket ball squad of size 15EE tootsies, complete was exemplifying before the ath-with corns and hangnails. It's letic equipment was called in. true, so help me on the basket ball squad were Say, how about the change that such notbales from the 59tl:l as has come over Pvt. Stanley and Sgt. James C Gray, formerly of T/5 Cpl. Fred Davis (everyone Florida A. & M. College; Sgt. named Davis here) since they Ernest C. Henderson, of Melville, came back from their furloughs. La.; Cpl. Elijah Barber, of Bra-Davis, who used to easily get rid denton, Fla.; Pvt. John Braynon, of three mess kits of chow, now of Miami; Pvt. Frank Elhs, of Gainesville, Fla., and Pfc. Ja_mes J Mitchell, former All-Amencan SERVICE MEN of Morehouse College. The 911th participants are as follows: ALBERTUS HOTEL From Brooklyn: T/5th G.rade Davis, Woodard and Pvts. Eli and A Home Away Ftom Home Tan Dunk; from New York:_ Ritchie and Pvt. Stanley. 956 Twiggs l\1-1339 _ruly we have all the material to make our team one of the win-ning invincibles of the armed the holidays most of Rex Billiard Parlor the inen were busy getting them-Daniel S. Bagley selves lush on the drink called 1e "Nipponese gin" (Central Avenue special-, but Pfc. Norris wan1012 FRANKLIN dered to town and I believe he ha fallen in love with some inno-TAMPA FLORIDA cent maiden of the Tampa area From what he has been t ellP--------------.. ing the boys she must be alright. ALWAYS SAY ... .. We have privates first class to return from the O.T.U. School at MacDill Field, where they H O L S U M B R E A D have been studying a course in company administration. From self experience I know it is a .. EXTRA FRESH fine course. WEAR THE ONE ... THE ONLY Bf.IIU BRUffiffiHL 4FOLD UNIFORM TIE CONS. U S. PAT. RE 209H FABRIC BY GOODALL .. WASHABLE .. NONE GENUINE WITHOUT THIS LA8El OFFICIAl 0 0. KHAKI CENTRAL OIL C 0 M PAN Y, I N C. Tampa. Florida SERVICE MEN ALBERTUS HOTEL 956 Twiggs M 1339 Lafayette H o te I E. A. CLAY. Manager 120 West Lafayette Street East Side of Bride Phone M 5588 Tampa. Fla. ::;ervice Men Are Welcome I Day or Night ai CHILD CAFE 501 Franklin Street AIR BASE BUS LINES,-Inc. BUS STATIQN Corner Tampa & Cass Streets 30-Minute Service to Both Fields at All Hours 15-Minufe Service During Rush Hours For Further Information CALL 4143 Page 5 KEEPS COLLAR POINTS DOWN Neatness Counf s Say Officers In Military as well as Civilian Life, you have to have snap and polish I QUICI{ AND EASY The Self Adjusling SPIFFY Collar Stay is easy to put on-tokes just a few seconds, and assur es you of o crisp, fresh appearance. COSTS ONLY A FEW CENTS Authorized Bottler: PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF TAMPA Service Men Officers Families FOR REALLY GOOD FOOD AT MODERATE PRICES PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE-FOLLOW THE CROWD TO T H E C 0 L 0 N N A D E "" BA YSHORE AND JULIA Steak, Sea Food, Chicken Dinners MODERATE PRICES Delicious Sandwiches THE TERRACE GIFT & FLOWER SHOP l:Iotel Tampa Terrace, Phs. 3022-M 5561 "FLOWEilS BY WIRE" Open Until 11 P.M. Every .Day UNITED OITICAI .. DISPENSARY Manufacturing and Dispensing Opticians 205 ZACK STREET PHONE M 5783 COURTESY DISCOUNT 20 PERCENT Prescriptions Filled-Lenses Duplicated i


Page 6 DREW FIELD ECHOES December 30, 1942 'siiow -oo., Presented In J the Service Club STAR KOSHER DELICATESSEN All Kinds of Herring, Lox and Smo k e d Fish. Impo_,ted and Do mestic Cheeses. Kosher Wines. FROM THE Christmas Eve Show Success In .Spite of Delay On Christmas Eve last week, one of the peculiar things happ ened that sometimes does occur in show business. The stage of 1 the new Recreation Building was s e t for a ttouring USO revue called the CRAZY SHOW. It ,was to start a t 8 P.M. The audience came, but there was no CRAZY SHOW. Instead, talented soldiers, led by Harry Evans and John Mader, filled in with an hour and a half of entertainment, keeping the thousand or more soldiers laughing and cheerful, while the Special Services Office tried fran tically to get in touch with the touring players. They arrived. Twelve of them. Tired, hungry and fourteen hours late The trafn had been delayed, but the show had come. Finally, at 10 o 'clock. the USO CRAZY SHOW opened with a bang. The players may have been tired, but they didn' t show it. Vivian Francis did acrobatic tap dancing with a verve and vigor that brought the house down. Lee Bartell, a torch singer, not only sang well, but added her note of dark beauty-to the entertainment. T ecJ Arkin and Dorothy Roberts, d i r ect from the New York run of "Meet the P eople, brought their n e w brand of humor to the sketches. The show was brought to .a rousing finish by the Two H alls, Wilbur Hall playing several instruments at the same time-violin and trombone; two French horns simultaneously, and songs played on a tire pump adde d to Wilbur Hall's strange icry, a new note in entertainment. Altogether, the men voted the show a fine Christmas present f rom Uncle Sam. Three Lieutenants Join Spedai Services Staff SOLDIER CHOIR AT MIDNIGHT MASS IN SERVICE CLUB An all-soldie r show was the feature on W ednesday evening, December 16, in the Service Club. is far simpleJ: for an entertain er to give a performance there than in the base arena, the use of a microphone is. course, Accompanied by Sgt. Suszyn Pfc. Sam 'Schavoni played numbers on the saxophone highly spirited fashion. 'Pvt. Made r and Cpl. Robert followe d him in a sketch warmed the audience with After this Cpl. Wells stayed on by himself and did some thoroughly amusing impersonations of suqj1 persons as W. C. Fields, Joe E .Brown and Wal-ter Winchell. Cpl. Gordon $eethe next contributed a finely played solo on his trumpet. When he had finished, Pvt. Maurice Feder and Pvt. John Mader enacted a clever sketch of their own writing. Versatile Harry Evans .concluded the program with several dances of a humorous nature. This comedian is at his best when the material is subtle and has for its foundation a natural source. Guest House Opens With Several Guests Although in grim training for a war job ahead, in which combat duty is almost certain for most of the men now stationed at Drew Field, the men were permitted to relax a little for of Christmas. The Dre w Field .Guest house Commanding officers of squadrons and companie s w ere liberal has had its officiaf;,ppening, and with leaves for the day, although has already enterta.ined several of necessity some of the m e n had guests, visitors of enlisted men on to stay on duty to kee p operations 0 th s t the. base. This is another sign of going. It was Christmas. but a n e po the maturing o f the .fi eld. Captain war is stil] going on. Chester K. D elanq; Bas e Special R eligious services were held at Thursday S ervice s Off ic e r has. drawn up a Dre w Field in the S ervice Club number of rules3or .the efficient S Cl b 8 p M N oneration of the Gi.1e.st House for and all of the chape ls. P artie s and ervrce u ew "' dances in the S ervice Club and Year's Eve party. the fullest benefit. of the men. day roOJns were many Scores of I Include d in the rule s are the fol-soldiers were. invite d to Tampa Recreation Building Number 1 1 lowing: homes for Christmas dinner. -8:20 P.M.-Variety show. 1 The Guest House is designed to Many attended USO and other. furnish overnight transient ac-club entertainments downtown. Fnday commodations for immediate fam-. Col. Melvin B. Asp. commander S Cl b 8 p M D relative s, and friends of the ervrce u -ance. enlisted men. of Drew Field, sent this greeting Girls will be brought out by the First priority to such accom-to his men: "On our second war Christmas Defense Mothers and the modations be allowed to t?e since the bombing of Pead Har-can Legion Atixiliary. a1;>ove of personnel vrs bor, it is fitting that w e search. Recreation Buildin_ g Number_ 1'j ho.sprtahze d members of the the depths of our b eing and de8 20 p M s t t : .-urpnse e n er am-I Except in emergencies deter-termine whether we are doing ment. mined to exist by the Post Com-everything in our power to as' mander r elative to the first pri-sure successful prosecution of our Saturday greatest war effort. ority abov e no guest may remain "On this Christmas day, as we Service Club-8 P.M. G a t the Guest House more than l b arne three consecutive nights. at Dr 'ew Field pause to ce e rate, Night. Reservations should be made Lt. Jack Sarkin, former designer let us thin_ k of those soldiers bon S d with the hostel' s two weeks in and artist with Metro-Goldwyn-the battlefrelds; l e t us remem er un ay advance if poss i):lle Mayer ln Hollywood, ha s taken the vacant chairs in American A h f 7 5 t ht l h Service Club-8 P.M.-Musrcal c arge o cen -s per mg over the art activities on the base homes; let us rea rze t e magmn b d f .. d t .hlou::::h the s pecr'al Ser vr ces Oftude of the task to whrch our evening 1 e m a e a::: twn 111 the Guest 'rtouse. Brlls are fice. It is his desire to start sparehand has been set, and l e t us Recreation Buil<;iing Number 1-payable in advance to the hostess time classes in painting, design, thank _God _that the of 8:20 P.M.-Old trme movre s. in the S ervice Club. sculpture and sign painting for today rs strong and 1 ceful, Monday All availing themselves enlisted men who areinterested. well worthy .of the sacnfrces of, of the pnvrle g e s of the Guest He has taken charge of the Hobby ,those who founded Club 8 P .M.-Dance. House m embers _will Shop, and many interesting plans our n_at_r_o_n_. Girls brought by the combined to the _regrster are undei' way to use its facilities USO clubs of Tampa. m the lounge, gr vmg_ the1r !lame to the fullest extent. The shop has Review of Silent Film, Recreation Building Number add;r ess, and statmg therr removed to new quarters and is "F b"dd c t II 8:20 P.M. Variety s h 0 w llatwnshrp to the person vrsrted. now located at the corner of Ave-Or I en I Y Brought through the courtesy of, Guests are not to nue F and Second Street. WPA and the Defense Recreation lea:e valuables m therr rooms. Another new addition to Spe-On Monday evening, _December Committee; Danny and may b e made for cial Services is Lt. Robert. Eaile, 28; in Recreation Building Num-his Dancing School will bring car e of_ wrth the host-formerly an actor and director ber 1, on First Street betwee n K this popirlar entertainm t ess m the S ervrce Club.. with Orson Welles. Lt. Earle is and L Avenues, the Special Serven Enlisted m e n may VISit wrth the officer to see if you have any ices Office presented an old-time Tuesday and greet their relatives and special services in your silent film, "Forbidden City," friends in the lounge of the Guest organization. Among his duties is starting Norma Talmadge and Recreation Building Number 1-House. the dii e:cting of .the blackout skits Thomas Meighan. 8:20 P.M.-Banq, concert. Any guest planning to be out in the Drew Rield revue, "HuUa-Some of the men came to laugh, after 11 p .m. should make previ-balloo From Drew." Open'ing of .some to reminisce in a nostalgic Wednesday ous arrangements with the show has. been postponed un-mood, but all stayed because of Service Club 8 p lilT D ess. trl the third week in January. the sheer enjoyment of the novBusin e -:+' ... :Guests may purchase their But the rehearsals aTe -uride'rway, elty of seein' g fine p1mtorri.ime in ss Grrls from Tampa wrll meals in the Service Club cafeand the men of the Base can ex-an interesting story. Although act as teria after making proper arpect sev'eral pl:eviews of this fold in the mode of anofher day, Recreation Number 1rangerrients with hostess. All Kinds of Sandwiches Open Till 11 P.M. 805 Gr. Central. Ph. H 29-842 .Member Purple Heart P. JOHNSON & SON Watchmakers & Jewelen OPEN uNTIL 8:30 P ; M. 214 E. Lafayette -:Tampa Next To Ma.n:hatta.n Cafe SOLDIERS ... When you are lonesome & bl And you don' t know what to do, come to M. MILLER'S BAR Where she is friendl y and true BEERS -WINES 10c BEERSTILL lOc 1111 Florida Ave. "Flowers Telegraphed Back Home Under Bonded NELSON "THE FLORIST" Open 9 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Closed Sundays 514 TAMPA STREET Attention! Dancing By One Who Knows! PRIVATE LESSONS Selma Drennan Brooks and Tel. H 32 654; 201 Parker St. .\Vhite VVay LAUNDRY 2806 .A.rmenlto Nea-r llllchla;> I POST OFFICE CAFE C. D Kavakos, Prop. Dinne1 Plate Lunches, Beer, Wines Cold Drinks, Pies and 406 Zack Street 'Fampa, Fla. star show long. Since there with strange costumes and odd 8 : 2(!). P.M.-'-AU-Soldrer Show, Visitors at' e invited and urged is still an opportunity to get in coiffures, the acting wa:s appeal-Thursday to attend any entertainments the show, it is suggested that all ing, and the stciry itself given in the Service Club during EAT HENDERSON men interested in having parts, in and beautiful. Service Club-8 P M .-Movies. their visit. either the musical sections or the It is surprising that after the_ Pictures in color and black and ------+c----in tol}ch with the lapse of years since the declirie w:hite of-the 'weH-known Cypress Invest in Democracy by buying Specral Servrces Offrce at Avenue of the silent films these movies Gardens will be shown. more War Bonds and Stamps B and Second Street. hold an appeal their sheer Recreation Building :Number 1 every pa'yday. new face at Speci'al restful quality that is almost a 8 : 20 P.M.-Variety Show. AnServrces belongs to Lt. Ted Met-relief from some of the more other of the pop1.1lar Defense Rec calf, whci recently been added blatant and comphcated cinema's rea t i on Committee entertainto_the staff. Lt. Metcalf came here turne d out in HoHywciod in the ments, featuring talente d girls frOJ? of ; our large radio height of the war mood. It is from Tampa. chams vra the mfantry. the com-sometimes good to return to the ____ __ mando engineers and the signal past for a :few hours. Try it and corps. His voice is perhaps famil-see how entertaining it can be. AUTO -INSURANCE --FIRE BUSSEY INSURANCE AGENCY Invest in Democracy by'buying more War Borids and Stamps e v ery payday. Main at North Boulevard Franklin St. Restaurant H OME OF FINE FOODS 'The Place to Meet and Eat" Matthew's Corner Fountain and Luncheonette Liquors Wil\.es Beer We Deliver: Lafavette & Tampa, Ph. M 1242 Service Men Welcome GILBERT HOTEL Phone M 1718 H 29122 i a r to many of you li s t en-inne rs. H e w a s a news editor, comm entat or, and s peci a l events announce r and was heard o n m a n y well know n daily radi o progr a m s H e i s now assi sting L t. K luge in the radi o d epar t m e n t as well as pro At Reasonable Prices i SPANISH DINNERS 811 Tampa St. Phone M 1094 109 E, Lafayette Street 1 curing entert ainment f o r m e n o f Drew. .;.... __ I_4_o_s_F_r a n k_I_in_s_tre _e_t_----! George T. Brig htwe!L Mgr. DA.Ii:ING c 0. s BREAD 27'02 FLORID-' AVE. VICTOR CAFE BEER WINES 1324 Franklin Ph. 1\:I-7240 BILL BAIL EY, Prop. M embe r V .F.W. & Am. Legion Calling All Service Men TO GET A HOME COOKED MEAL J:._T KNOX GRILL 405 JEFFERSON ST.


Hi, listener!?_! Well, the big holiday s e ason at'Drew has come and gone and the same goes for our radio round-up. It's been a busy ?easo n wiH1 Drew' s "mikes" go Ing full blast. We hope you've enjoye d li stening and will continue to do so as long as we are on the air. This Army reporter and announcer would like to inform all' readers we are very much interin the s .tory of each organi zatiOn here at the field. We be lieve that Army radio programs should present soldier talent. We also be"lieve that when we have the air-time available we should do more than talent. Drew Field is the biggest thing we've got to talk about -and that's exactly what we would like to do. 'reil our story in the most interesting and entertaining ner so as to make each Army ra WELCOME TO H 0 TEL KNOX TOM BRYSON. Manager LafayeUe & Jefferson Streets 1 Speciai Invitations to All J I Service Men Groceries Tobacco Candy, Notions Adams -Kennedy Whiting and Jefferson Streets TAMP.'\, FLORIDA i GLEN IS BILLIARDS j Now In Its New Location I : 805 TAMPA ST.


Page 8 DREW FIELD BASKETBALL TEAM Drew "Un-named" Cagers-Here is the Drew Field basket ball team. The players in the picture are Gaskell, Walters, Zevin, Cahill, Bixby, Schendel Sitarz. Smith, Turner, Webster. Jones, Lennartz anri Messing. Coach Colley is at left, and assistant coach Temple, right. Trainer Christiansen, cente r with ball. Prize Contest For Naming Drew field Basket Ball Team Sponsored By PTO A contest is being sponsored by the Physica 1 Training Office for naming the Dre w Field varsity basket ball team. As the team is made up of men from the Signal and Air Corps, the name must be symbolic of the two branches of service. Wtite your suggestion on the blank printed on this page and return to the Public Relations Office before January 6, 1 943. The prize winner for the best name suggested will receive two passes to the boxing shows in Tampa from the Physical Training Office Fill out Y.OUr blank and send to the PUBLIC RELATIONS OF FICE a t once. BASKET BALL NAME CONTEST BLANK Contestant's Name and J;{ank ___________ _________ _____ _____ ___ :Organization Name of Team.-7----------------------------------------------(Please submit name of your choice for the Drew Field basket ball team and return this blank fille d out t o Public Relations Office before J a n 6 1943 .) Drew Cagers On Winning Streak In winning their t h i r d straight game of the season, .Dre1r.r varsity b asket ball team stopped the Jefferson High ca:;ers 51-39 on the latter's court last Wednseday night. It v.ras the fourth game of the season for the Drew!)l;en. Drew now holds wins over Hillsborough, Planl Alumni, and Jefferson High. The soldiers' only los s came in the opening game wi,th he Plan High five. As :th e game was only a practice game, it will not coun! agains:t the record of Drew. The score in this I game was 41-35. Capt. Edd i e Rickenbacker and two companions were rescued by a Kingfisher two-place observa tion scouting plane. With Capt. Rickenbacker and one of his companion s lashed to the wings and the third man squeezed into the cockpit, the plane did not attempt to get into the air, but taxied on the surface of the water for 40 miles to its base. The Kingfisher is made by Vought-Sikorsky, a division of United Aircraft Corp. VALENIA GARDEN Restaurant WE SERVE THE FINEST OF SPANISH FOODS 8 11 Grand Central Ph. H 3773. The Tavern Bar & Grill Basket Ball League And Boxing In Signal Corps As part of the physical training program, the Signal Corps will start its basket ball and boxing seasons in January. These two sports will add to many other training prograrhs going on to make men tough and alert. Basket Ball. The baske t ball leag u e will be composed of 25 teams, with games scheduled three times weekly. Three games nightly will b e played, on Monday, Wednseday and Friday. At the end of the s eason, the Signal Corps champion s will meet the winner of tl:e Air Corps loop fo r the field championship. Boxing. Intramural boxing shows will be put on weekly. The best box ers will be formed into a team to meet outside competition. Perhaps you have, withou t realizing it. If you cany m o ney around with you in camp or at a base, or when you travel, you run the risk of losing it or having it stolen. You can play safe by carrying your funds in the form of safe a n d s p endable American Expre ss Travelers Cheques which are Drew Basket Ball Team Earns Splilf In Two Games Drew Field Varsity basket ball team got a split in their two prac tice games before the Christmas holidays, in losing to Plant High, 41-3 6 and defeating Hillsboiough High, 50-35. In losing to the Panthers of Plant. the soldiers missed numer ous ciip shots in their fiist game of the season. Lack of practice was the cause of the many misses, while the high schoolers have. been practicing for some time with several games l:)ehind them. Drew began hitt ing the basket in their second game of the sea son with the Hillsborough bas keteers, and ran up 50 points on 1heir opponents. Gaskell and Bunnell wer e high for the soldiers with 12 and 13 points, respectively, each in the Plant game. In the Hillsborough game, Gas kell was 'individual high scorer for Drew with 14 points. Sitarz was next high with nine points. The handling of the ball by the Drew team was very good for early season games, and w1th a few moPe practice games, Drew should have one of the leading ser v ice teams in this section Line-ups: Drew (35): Messing, Durkis (4), Smith, Zevin, Burgin, Cahill, 1 Sitarz (7), Lennartz, Gaskell (11), and Bunnell (13). Plant (4 1 ): Sorry (6), B elden (1), Stover (10), Ennis, Klostermann (6), Fisher, Lowry, Wilcox (7), Younger (3), Lester (7), and Carte (1). Drew (50): Lennartz, Gaskell, Cahill, Burgin, Zeven, W ebster, Messing, BunnelL Schendel, Sit arz, Derracs. Hillsborough (35): Escobar, Clements, Goins. Win gate, Durrance, Hill, Johnson: Lo kenzo, Miranda. Eckart, Pullaka, Dominguiz. promptly rdunGed if lust o r stolen Issued in de nominations of $10, $2Q, $50 and $ 100, and cost 75e for each $100. Minimum cost for $10 t o $50. For sale at B::tnb, Railway Express and \ '\!estern Union offices, at principal railroad ticker offices and at nuny camps and HOT AND COLD LUNCHES AMERICAN EXPRESS a Specialy LIQUORS-BEER-WINES TRAVELERS CHEQUES 311 Franklin St. Phone 3940 I Drew Cagers Defeat Plant Alumni, 45-41. Drew Field's varsity basket ball team captured its first official game of the season in defeating Plant High Alumni, 45-41, in a thriller at Plant High gym last Monday night. Schend e l a late comer to the team led the attack with .16 points for the soldiers. Besides being individual high scorer for the game, he played a beautiful floor game all the way. Second high-point mail for Drew was Gaske ll, with 13 fol lowed by Bunnell, with eight points. Playing in the back court and doing a splendid job on defense was big six-foot-one Eel S1tarz, formerly of Northwestern. As a whole the Drew team was able to hit the basket more often as they continue d to sharpen t heir eyes and round into shape. Poal!0 led the attack for Plant Aluml1i with 18 points as he threw the ball in from all direc tions. Price and Wynne contrib uted eight points each to the lose rs cause. The line-ups: December 30, 1942 Drew Eleven Win Cele-ry Bowl Game Drew Field fo.otball team won its first game Christmas day and also the first bowl game in defeating the Tampa Coast Guard of Davis Island, 13-0, in the Celery Bowl game at Sarasota. The soldiers scored both of their touchdowns in the second quarter and held off se-veral threats of their opponents to win their first bowl bid. Drew was on the march w1-'l n the game .ended with the ball on the Coast Guard twoyard line. Tb'l Christmas game was the fourth game of the season for Drew and gave them a season -,.,cor d of one win and three losses. The soldiers were deu-.o.red b y Tampa U. twice and Ft. Benning. Hold that pigskin unil another season. Safeguard your own future aL.,., the future of the American way : of life by investing in War Bonds: and Stamps. Drew (45) f g tp Gaskell ---------------1 6 13 _________ _..:._ __ Zevin -----------------1 0 1 Walteis --------------0 1 2 ffoskin ----------------1 1 3 Schendel ___________ __ 0 8 1B Bixby --------------'-0 0 0 Bunnell --------------0 4 8 Sitarz ----------------0 1 2 (' ().'\fp r. F.1'11: DINNERS Totals --------------3 21 Plant Alumni (41) f g 1\Ip.nts, Poultry, Grocerieg, and 45 Delicatessen. Herri rt!<, Lox and all kinds of fish, strictly freslt. tp WINE, BEER, SANDWICHES Gillette -----------0 1 Wynne ---------------2 3 Price ---------------0 4 Jones ----------------1 1 Poage -----------------2 8 Millsap --------0 1 Totals 5 18 .. ROBLEE 2 8 ll 3 1 8 2 FINMAN'S KOSHER MARKET Onl.v 1\:osher ::\Iurli:et in 92H E. llroad\\'n;\r Ph. l\156-153 1 /., .Blnfk F.nlo:.lt o f ""oh.... c1:-.-. \ T'"'. '$6 A Pai r ___ _____ _____ --------------& RAND $7 1 Pal! ______ _____ ____ _____ _____________ FOOT PALS $7 A J. P. SMITH $8 & $12 APair ___ ________ ______ _____ $11 A Pair ------------------------------WRIGHT ARCH PRESERVERS JOHNSON & MURPHY $14 A Pmr ---------------------------------If you're looking for shoes that are tough enough to take all the extra walking you're doing .... smart enough to go any n1ace ... versatile enou. g h to wear on the street or on the parade ground ... the shoes you want will be found here .... in a wide and varied selection. OTHER FAMOUS NAMES TO CHOOSE FROM! Mail Orders Promptly Filled


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