Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 44 (January 8, 1943).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
January 8, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
1 773
t Drew Field echoes.
4 856
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VOL, L No. 44 Published Every Week Drew Field, Tampa, Florida January 8, 1943 LOCAL BANK TO OPEN BRANCH HERE * *I .. New War Bond Systent Cuts Waiting TLrne Banking Facilities Made Available for Personnel of Drew b ew Men Now Billy Keen and His Rodeo B W B d To Ride Here On Sunday uy1ng ar en s Af a Steady Pace :Drew Field officials have put into operation the War Department's new streamlined method of issuing War Bonds through the Class "A" Reservation Plan. Under the new system, bonds will be in the hands of Drew Field buyers much quicker than in the past. Red tape has been slashed, short cuts taken, and civilians working on the post have had thei r bond-buying m ethod divorced from that o f the Army personneL 1 Military personnel who hold Class "A" pay reservations will continue to receive bonds from the Treasury Department in Washington. However, civilians will get their bonds direct from the Finance Officer at the Finance Office of Drew Field. This will save time b ecause it will relieve the congestion at the Washington end where formerly all such pay reservation purchases were cleared. ECHOES TO GET FACE LIFT Next week the Drew Field Echoes will .come out with a orand-new mast head. The original mast head, originally designed for a single-page edition, has not progressed with the growth of the rest of the paper. The drawing, made by Pvt. Ed Solomon, staff artist, will be more i-n keeping with the size and quality of the paper. P-40 Fighter Planes Known as 'Warhawks' Plans for opening a branch bank at Drew Field were announced Wednesday by Colonel Melvin B. Asp, commanding officer of Tampa's rapidly expanding air base. With the building and fixtures for the use of this institution receiving the finishing touches now, the opening of the bank will be an event of the coming week. This facility will bring to Drew Field a complete From now on you can call the banking service and prove a de P -40 fighter planes you see taking cided convenience to the military off and landing at Drew Field o. ersonnel o f the field. 'Warhawks." In order that the general pub-The United State s Treasury and li e may get a b ette r ide a ot the .he First National Bank of Tamp l a nes mentione d in pre ss dis ;:a are cooperating in supplying patches from the battlefields o f such services to D rew Field mili world, the Army and Navy tary personnel. In general, the have officially r ecognized the b r anch will furnish the same p opular names which have b e -banking facilities as the come a ssociated with the various own bank It will be located in models. 3ldg. T-192 on I Avenue beSinc e many o f t:1ese planes tween First and Second streets have e arned fame, it was felt ;md will be open between 12:0Q that this practice should be main100n and 5:30 p m. daily (excep.t tained rathe1 tha n attempt to Sunday). Bends can also be purchased at the new branch bank of the combined U. S. Treasury and First plant new and p erhaps conflict, Mr. B yron 0 Webb and Mrs. mg names in t h e m mcls of the i Margare t B. Lee will be in charge civilian population. Certain minor, of the branch. Mrs. Lee' s husband change s have been made as in I is a member of the military forces the instance of the Curtiss P-40 1 now in Africa. which been vaService s which will be provid1 as Tomahawk and ed include the opening and car-Kittyhawk, but will now be Irving of individual accounts. National Bank of Tampa, located "Ride 'im, cowboy!" on I Ave., between First and Sec-! L d s Galloping right into the Drew ond Streets in Bldg. T-192. aun ry erv1ce Field outdoor arena on Sunday afternoon, January 10, at thre e Two Million Soldiers Now f D [ ld" o'clock, with an exciting and in-Buying Bonds or rew .JO lers teresting program of daring Although no quotas have ever horsemanship, trick roping, and jumping, Billy Keen and his Robeen set and there is no pressure An i_mproved laundry service deo will J)resent something new upon them to do so, nearly 2,000,-IS now m operation at Drew Field in entertainment for Drew Field known only as the There will be no exchange charge The planes have gamed for the cashing of checks for mili m dogfights o:ver the I tary personnel upon proper iden Phi!Ippmes, the East Indies, Aus-tification except for out-of-town and more recently over checks. Each account will be subNorth Afnca. Most of tne P-40 1 ject to scrutiny, for which there fighter I;Jlanes at Drew are from may be an analysis charge dethe Third Frghter Command, I pending upon the size of the ac:ommanded by Brig. Gen. A. H. (Continued ,on Page 2) 000 soldiers, from priv:ates to with the collecting and distribut-men. now are buyi_ng ap-ing point in building T-152 across .ruthough Keen is himself a from the main post Parachute Riggers ai_Drew field partment reports. [ Through arrangements com-a fine combination of riders, 1 As of September, 30, 1942 there pleted between Drew Field au-ropers, and trick performers. fl"nd Their Jobs Vt.ilry Exacting 1,619.257, enlisted men and thoriti e s anrl the T ampa Laundry .cor quite some time Keen, w ell \if officers buymg War Bonds and Dry Cleanin" Institute the known in rodeo circle s has been thn;mgh the Army payroll r eserw dowin<;>; rules ,,;1ll govern: the champion trick ride r of the vatwn plan, With total monthly L All laundrv mus t b e in a world. He has travele d all over deductions of, $11 154 819. barracks or laun.d r y bag. the country as a participant in On ,the basis of the :t._. Tne i nd1vidual's name and most of the big contest rodeos on tl_le D epar bllent FIs0 n a l number mus t b e plainly the circuit. His skill on the back nance C?ffrce es.Jmated that, as of pr!nted on the outside of the bag. of a horse is astonishing. Among O<;t;:>b:r 31, number of 3. l aundry and dry cl ean-other daring f eats, his Roman LO thi mg w1ll b e paid when it i s d e li-jump with two horses is quito Pthan t ? 1 mdoudn e t o vered. I s ensational. J JJi 4 "'..,1 oca e uc wns _4. Laundry and dry cl eaning Also outstanding is the bare 2 t r cl th d s lips will be pnnte d plainly and back jump over a four-foot 1 e new s 1 earn me m e 0 made m duplicate. I hurdle to be performed by a of IS;Sumg War. Bonds Is expected 5 The original slip must b e I Drew 'Field soldier Private Nat to aid m the mcrease of sales. place d in top o.f the bag. Arvin, a forme r rode o performer. 6 The duplicate slip will b e I He will also illustra t e how to -----* re tain_ed b y the individual and rope a horse and trick riding. All S ld. R llS"d Jn making any cla1ms. 1 Paste the date in your hat, sol, o ter evue/ ? 'All clalms Will be made clier-Sunday .. January 10, at 3 i 'Hullaballoo from Drew1 lwithm s e v e n day s after r eceipt o'clock in the afternoon-the of the bundle. place the outdoor arena. Roimding Into Shape 8. Laundry and dry cle aning -+<---mus t be called for within one _! 1:.. .1 1 wec>k after it is left. FrPC Recorumgs lY\.:1( e a ll -so!die r r evue "Hullatoo far a w a y should as-At Drew Se .. vi'"e Club I l::alloo from Drew," is fast whip-semble ;mel turn in bulk with -'--ping into shape with rehearsals tickets. It i s hoped to ope n anwell unde r way. Some of the men o tl' c r collection p oint in the i Since Tuesday aiternoon, the already c ast in major p arts in the .'\. WUTC a r e a. Service Club has feature d a new revue are Sgt. 0. Z. Whitehead, -+< i ,dea for Drew Field. The P e psi.r o h n H ession, Col. Charles l y A 'f Cola Company has s e t u p a v oic e I Craine, CpL Earl Powell, CpL .;sten/ e rt1sts recording apparatus. From 4 :30. In th., al::o;e et parach v t e is s:;.own landing in a drop-Tommy Searles, Pfc. Harry Ev-Make yourselves known! Come to 10:00 p.m., every day except I csi while a ground observer looks on. ans, Pfc. Anthony Caparilli, and in and let us kno\i.r what you can Sundays, free recording o the Pvt. H:lr old Waldri dge. do \Vant to do murals? Want to voices of the Enliste d Men will Parachute r igging calls f e r c:c-1 nre a ll c iv il ia!ls a : 1d c:ll are There is still time, however, do posters, or drawings, or water be made to send home to the curacy, close and keen o bs

Page 2 DREW FIELD ECHOES January a. 1943 ;1-'- < 1 ", I I s t ... COUnts up' to $50 00 wi'ii -be insured'<'itJ:ohths ;may apply"for''exa' rriin a.: .. #....---s, and other. orgam received a BC::i degree in 19 36, zatwns desnmg such services. Ac Main at North B -oulevard was a certified public accountant 'before -being inducted into the lv:my as a private on September 3, 1941, at Camp Upton, Long Franklin St. Restaurant Island. After six .and one-hal1 monJ;hs _at Camp VJ'heeler, Geor r,i.a, and Drew Field, he was sent to the ,OCS Army Air Corps A4ministrative School at Miami Beach and after his HOME OF FINE FOODS At Reasonable Prices SPAN ISH DINNERS 1406 Franklin Street TAMPA'S 'ONLY NITE CLUB F..ea;t)lring 3 Floor Shows .Nitely 8 1 0 Midnight DANNY & DO,N'S J ; f W E L-.;B ;() X"-' N 1 J E t U B 9ll J'.AMPA STREET i VERN. YONKERS MAXINE POWELL 'TOMMY:RUTH-JEANNIE DANNY BROWN. 'M. C. II Best in Tap VICKI LEE 4 POWELL-ETTS Sweet' Singing WELCOME SOLDJfRS! ''TAMPA'S ONLY MUSICAL BAR" HEAR YOUR FAVORITE SONGS cHESTERFlELD BAR CASS & TAMPA STREETS of .war bonds and stamps, bank ists, and be equipped to perform money orders and traveler checks. i the various specialized duties of Loans will not be made, however. a Wariant Officer. In the event a large amount of. warrant Officers are not apcash is to be drawn by an organ. j pointed from civil life except in ization or an individual, the bank. the classifications "Maritime" and I manager must be given 24 hours' j "Maritime Engineer" and the I prior notice. several classifications of the 1 605 Franklin St. For cashing checks or drafts. Anny Mine Planter Service which drawn on banks outside of Tampa are sometimes made direct from the charge will be lOc for $1.0 0 civil life, but these, too, usually lExpert Watch Repai"rs to $25.00; 15c for $25.00 to $50.00; are made from the ranks of en. and 25<" for $5fl.OO to $100.00. For listed men. ##__, ... ... ----......-,,,,,..,..,,, ............ more than $100.00 there will be a charge of 25c per $100 00. Bank I I ::::';can: Enlisted Personnel for Warrant 9os FRANKLIN sTREET 0 f f ice r Material A numbe r of temporary appointments of Warrant Officers (Junior Grade) are being made from the enlisted personnel of Drew Field after exhaustive examinati on. Enlisted men of any grade between the ages of 18 and 46 years, who have completed at least three months of continuous .active duty on the date of application or have had a minimum of 6 months of cumulative active duty in the Army in the preceding 12 Alr-Cu.ntiitton<"ti Pit. 1.\1187, 3!t. c M.nttn.e<"" 4:i" Nic;ht TODAY THROUGH WED. LANA TURNER {lARK GABLE IN "SOME\VHERE: I'll YOUn ALSO Paramount News, 9c ----28c SATURDAY ONLY "International Squadron" R?nald Reagan HIT -NO. 2 "Down Texas Way" Buck Jones -Tim McCoy Sa!urday and Sunday 'Devil Dogs of he Air' James Cagney, Pat O 'Brie n -----HIT NO. 2 -----'Manila Calling' Llo y d Nolan. J a n1es Gleason Carole Landis SERVICE MEN Your Is Located At 801 Florida Ave. Sears, Roebuck & Company Tampa, Florida DINE AND DANCE AT LICATA'S SEABRE.EZE on Hillsborough Bay Try :the Best in Food FINEST LIQUORS DANCING EVERY NITE 22nd Street Causeway Phone Y 1715 PRIVATE Dll'UNG ROOMS Hey There Soldkr! PADDOCK BAR "Noi a J cok JointBut a _!>lace jus! '.ike he on2 back ham.e-\vltere vou ::an br.in:r Wife 0!-S\Veetheart or a drink, a chat and fine music.u JACKSON AT TAMPA ST. Open From 8 A.M. to 12 P.M. CLU B HI-HAT 1204 FRANKLIN ST. Invites You to Dance to "HI-HAT RHYTHM MAKERS" Every Nite 7 P.M. Till Midnight ROLLER SKATING COLISEUM Davis Islands Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday AFTERNOONS, 2:30 -5 EVERY NIGHT. 8 till 11 EXCEPT MONDAY Sc Fare on Davis Island Buses Leaving Grant's Corner Franklin and Cass Streets 7:15 --7:45 --8:15 DIAMOND CABS -lOc The South's Finest Skating Rink


Commanding Officer Of Ill Fighter Com. Promoted to Lt. Col. On Decembe r 22, 1942 Major scoe G. Conklin, CO of the Hq. Hq. Sq., III Fighter Cotnmand, "aS promoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel. Col. Conklin's Arl11y career began in 1915, having served then as a sergeant on the M exican border. H e was sent to the Ground School at Georgia Tech, where he was commissioned as a second lieutenant upon graduating May 11, 1918. He spent two and onehalf months at Kelly Field. Tex., and another three months on special detail in Washington. H e was sent to the Balloon School at Fort Omaha, Nebraska, where he took an Observer's course, spending the next two and one-h.alf years as Supply Of ficer of the Balloon Division, Central Department, Fort Oma ha. "Let's see-uh-Gas by the numbers!" C.C.C. Commander "Yanks Are Fine Soldiers/' Says South African Line Soldier CoL Conklinwas made first lieutenant in 1923; captain on A 1:ne;110 Drew FieldlVIay 12 1941 and major on er s _gom, ov el seas, fom a !meMarch l9 1942. From 1934 to I soldier ser_vmg 111 the Umon of 1939 he in the Civilian ConSouth Afnca Army: servation Corps, serving as com-''On quite a few occasions I manding officer of C.C.C. camps have come across Yanks ( excuse at Canton South Dakota Buck the slang) and I must say that Knob, Arkansas; Crystal Spri1ig, of the troops our boys have conArkansas; Crow Creek Camp, tacted, yours and the Aussies go Chamberlin, South Dakota; and down the best. Camo W ashing.ton,. Blair; Nebras"There. is none of the 'superior' ka. Later he was district inspec-air that, unfortunately, many of tor of the Neb1:aska"South Dako-. n e chaps from other countries ta district of the C.C.C. .have. Taken on the whole, the Lt. Coward Promoted To Base Plans and Training Officer Succeeding Major Walter F. Joy ce, who has been given a new assignment, Lt. Hasseltine C. Coward has been appointed the Base Plans and Training Officer (S-3). Lt. Coward served as assistant S-3 officer for quite some time before his promotion. Prior to his assignment to S-3, he was the officer in charge of the Offi c ers' Mess and Transient Person nel. ':.:.'-'.iJr.'r.-8.1<; .: ;!A",.. :,, ,)' ... ... '!'. : ....... ?s 5 ";._ s Authorized Bottler: Opening of .... SHANGRI-LA G -ARDENS 1212 Grand Central Avenue SPECIAL: EVERY SATURDAY AND SUNDAY. FRESH GEORGIA SPARERIBS BARBECUED IN OUR OWN PIT \"'ith charcoal and palmetto butts in ihe old-fashioned slow-baked process. Wiih Special Sauce. French Fries. Hoi Rolls and Honey. 50 cenJS. Served io you from ihe hoi coals cafeieria siyle. Famous For STEAKS-SEAFOOD-CHICKEN-SPAGHETTI AIR CONDITIONEO. Hotel FLORIDAN. BARBER SHQ p H. 0. LEWIS, Mgr. Complete Barber Service Expert Barb ers e :Mani curists AIR CONDITIONED anhattan Cafe 210 E. Lafayette St. -Tampa Good Food Reasonable Prices Try Our Sunday Roast Turkey Dinner Served From 11 A.M. to 9 P.M. Adj utan'.t to General Tinker' Yanks are a fine body of men. In. 1940 he participated in. the ;;ociable and interesting." Thir:d A rmy maneuvers at Ja:s-This South African' s opinion per, Texas, and was called to a:c-of the way American troons tive duty July 15, 1940, at Macup in combat is worth Dill Field, where he served as "Omething, certainly. H e h elped Adjutant and later as Adjutant to boot the Italians out of Italian Maj. Gen. Clarence L. Tinker, of .::iomaliland, and was in one of the Third Bomber Command, >!w British outfits to enter who was killed in action in the Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia Battle of Midway Island. where he helped himself to a The new S-3 office r r eceived his commission as a s econd lieutenant in the Officers Reserve Corps in 1931 upon graduating from Clemson College, South Carolina. On June 17, 1942, he b egan an active tour of duty at Drew Field and has s erved here ALA CARTE SERVICE AT ALL HOURS since, being promoted to first OPEN DAy AND NIGHT lieutenant on Dec. 1 1942. Lt. Coward comes from Aiken, WE USE STRICTLY WESTERN MEATS ; Col. Conklin. was graduated batch of the Italian governor's from the Adjutant General's pt;!rsonal stationery. Since then he School in Washington in August, nas spent some time chasing surSouth Carolina. Prior to entering the Army, was a fan11er.1.1941. vivors of Rommel's Afrika Korps acros s the desert sands of Egypt. Safeguard your own future and the future of the American vvay of life by investing in War Bonds and Stamps. MADISO N DRUG COMPANY FRANKLIN AND MADISON STREET Where the Men of the Armed Service Shop and Eal WHEN NEEDS MUST At Camp Walters, Texas, a nese and a Dane-both member s of Uncle Sam's Army-are rying on conversations in Japanese these days, to help the Chinese learn English. The Chine s e couldn't speak English, and the Dane couldn't speak Chinese. B E N N E T T s D RuG s T 0 R E I We Are to Be of Service. 1004 Franklin St. Complete Luncheonette @ Liquor Annex In Connection B A Y Y I E W H 0 T E L FIREPROOF CONSTRUCTION-EVERY ROOM WITH BATH Howeve r, both of them know the t """""""'iiWM*i* r I LESLIE H BLANK R It I for lessons in English and Chi. "Defe:se Rental hrone 3222 in by buying 40.7 Tampa Street )re War Bonds and Stamps every payday. .. .......... .. mi :rhe LOGICAL and BEST To Buy Your MILITARY NEEDS 917 franklin St., Tampa 872 Central-St. Petersburg 531 Clevelond__::Cieorwoter W. B. SHULER, Manager 208 JACKSON ST .. Between FRANKLIN & TAMPA TAMPA. FLORIDA-PHONE M 5537 Hotel Hillsboro Florida Avenue a.t Twiggs St. FRANK J. HYNES, Manager GASP ARILLA TAVERN coLONIAL GRILL Service Men Welcome _1 -_ ------.. ------c-.------. -.--THE CHATTERBOX Chicken and Steaks -Real Italian Spaghetti SANDWICHES -DRINKS LIQUORS ABBA DABBA AND BAND NIGHTLY Phone H 3757 .... --'


The Drew Field Echoes P. 0. Box 522 GLENN R. ROSS, Publjsher TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS .Business Office: 1115 FLORIDA AVENUE TAMPA, FLORIDA Phone 2177 All advertisements contained in this newspaper are also contained in the MacDill Fly Leaf. Minimum joint circulation, 10,000 copies. ADVERTISING RATES FURNISHED ON REQUEST DREW FIELD ECHOES By Cpl. A newspa,per published exclusively for the personnel of Drew Field and devoted to military interests and the United Nation::: Victory. Sgt. Suszynski has requested a Opinions. expressed in this newspaper are those of the individual few words regarding mv thoughts writers and under no circumstances are they to be considered those about leaving the band. of the United States Army. Advertisements in this publication do I guess it will be a long time not constitute an endorsement by the War Department or its perb e fote l forget the group of men sonnel of the products advertised.. '"'110 "rrived at. Drew Field from Ft. Meade, Md., in April, 1942 rl.ll woKea torwarei to tneu stay 1 in Florida; since that time, most of the group have left this field. R eltgwus serv1ces for the men January 8, 1943 ., .mp_ Church Call I I always will remember the of the Hebrew faith stationed at rapid. progress in the building of I Drew Field are b eing conducted Catholic Masses: the f1eld to 1ts present statute. -REFLECTIONS-OF THE PAST, Fnday mght at S :OO p m. Sunday-6:15 a.m., Chapels No. AT DREW: Answering the telem Chapel No. 1 (near Base Head-3 00 Ch l N 2 t ) I th b f 2 and ; 9 : a.m., ape s o. phone while working at Base quar ers n e a sence o a reg-3 and 5 Operations during the warming ular chaplain, services are conjup of motorsR:unning to post ducted by Pvt. Joseph Hornstein, Daily-6: 15 a m., Mon., 1 durmg alerts-Tnps to Sarasota h bl f'll' H 1 F d s t Cl 1 N 2 with the Band, and the splendid w o I S y 1 mg. m. e IS a so n an a 1ape s o. "'"' "'-' I treatment by the people of that conductmg classes m Hebrew two. 5:30 p .m. Tues. and Thurs., Chap-! city-Playing concert at Pinellas nights a week. j el No. 2. I and._ not getting credit for being The response of the Jewish sol-, p t t t S there corrected) BS:nd diers is very gratifying with ro es an ervJces: fbornt1hatwn dnldls more men attending each I Sunday-11 a.rri Chapels No. y e one an on y 1 e Ita e (hope you get well soon, Mike), week. The third Au Force has 1, 2 3, 4 and 5. 10.30 a.m., Holy and the group of boys become aware of the need for a 1 Commumon (Episcopal), Chapel that the band personnel. regular Jewish Chaplain, and we No. 2. Guess I Will always recall how soon will have a chaplain assign-j the band was move d around until d t D F ld t d t Sunday Evenmg-7:30, Chapels e o rew Je expec e o we started fmally to bunk. at ou_r arrive Feb. 1. No. 1 and 4. present abode. Also the wait until the grapefruit and oranges ripen-.Incidentally, it might be of in-Wednesday-7:30, Chapel No. ed for us to eat. terest to you to have an idea just 5. Can' t overlook my dismay at where these chapels are located. Th f h 1 t D Jewish Services: how cold I could get in the Sunny ere are Ive c ape s a rew Sbuth. Field, and you will find chaplains in every one of them. If you are interested in finding a chaplain Want to end by congratulating Mr. Baker on his splendid work -never enjoyed working for any "Please to waiting a minute-have just got time to buying U. S. one more than I have for him. War Bonds!" Also wish to thank Mr. Baker and Sgt. Eaton for their tireless Two Kinds of Courage able t,o show that courage a sec-efforts in trying to make a horn .ond hme. player and soldier out of me. Every cadet and every pilot Came the summer of 1898 and And finally to wish each and now in training knows in his the explorer, nervous and fear-every member of the band utmost heart that there are two kinds ful of criticism, decided h e could success for the future, and to say, of courage. One he wears jaunt-no longer await an ideal wind, "You are a swell group of felily, as he wears his service cap, but would take of:f with almost lows." for all to see. The other he hides; a .ny North wind at all. When he -JOE he knows it is courage, but he embarked the balloon rose Cpl. Joe Regis, one of the most sometimes hesitates to show it valJantly for a few mmutes, then popular members of the B and, is for fear it will appear to others 1 d1pped until the gondola touche d substituting for your Band Noter as cowardice. the. sea. His guide ropes, upon 1 this week. Joe left for Postal OCS The thin line between these 1 which h e had counted heavily last ?unday-the 69th J\AF Band two kinds of courage was never for steermg, p a 1 ted .. !lloment hasn t been same smce-and demonstrated better than in the I had come. for a deciswn m. favor are lo?,kmg forward to a cas of .Andree, the air explorer of of or agamst wha: we thmk, of. Lieutenant Guest Colummst two generations ago. n?w as a 180-degree t .urn. '!he soon). kmd of courage that lJes on the THE CASE OF ANDREE surface prevailed. Andree's men threw out ballast, the balloon rose and drifted away, never to be seen again. -J.F.S. ________ Hot and Cold Back in 1898 Andree took off in a balloon from Spitzbergen in the hope of reaching the North Pole. He and his companions and FOOLHARDY COURSE Early in December, at Fort their craft were never seen or UNFORGIVABLE Knox, Kentucky, sixteen men of heard of again until 33 years the Armore d Force s filed into a later when their remains were In training, especially, fool-streamlined white stucco and found on desolate White Island hardy courage. cannot. be conglass brick. medical research in the Baltic. doned. Ther.e Is. proof building which was to be their Was it courage or cowardice that many flJei:s m Ol:lr Air Forces I home for almost a month. For that sent Andree on that last fa-who are lost m acc1dents would 26 days these human guinea pigs tal voyage? have been far braver had thc:y I appeared to be doing nothing but Andree, history records, passed 1 never. made the. start. They did loafing, reading, playing cards the suininer of 1897 poised for not possess tJ:te mner courage to and writing letters. But they his take-off, awaiting only the face might have appeared were doing it in temperatures proper weather for his venture. to their comrades as lack of ranging from 120 degrees above An expectant world shared his courage. to 60 degrees below zero. From impatience as weeks dragged Youth, as a rule, r ecognizes time to time they pedale d a hi into months without the appear-only the obvious kind of courage. cycle set up on a stand. Dials ance of a favorlfble wind. The The real hero is the pilot who and gauges recorded the amount summer passed, and with it h is I watches the weather reports, who of energy they burned up. Docchance to get away that year. heeds all regulations, who studies tors made periodic checks, ob-Knowing from experience what j his loads and balances, who se1ving the men's reactions under Andree's state of mind must be, awaits better equipment; who varying conditions of humidity an explorer friend wrote and. con-flies, in. short, with all the odds and temperature. Reason for all gratulated him on having the in his favor. He i s the man who this activity lies in the fact, demcourage not to attempt to fly will reach a combat zone, fit and onstrated in locales like the Afwithout the right wind. Andree ready to turn his hard-won abili-rican desert, that tank crews sui replied that he would never be ty on the enemy. fer from extreme heat insi9-e f.ll;tiOOI-"Y-GFI5 A DAY O'FI=/ AN() NO MUSIC!) of your own faith, there are Baptist, Congregationalist, Catholic, Episcopalian, Disciple of Christ, and Lutheran Chaplains on the base. Drop in at one of the pels-any one of them, and make yourself at home. Thei r locations: Chaoel No. 1 corner of C and 8th stie ets. Chapel No. 2 between 5th 6th on E street. Chapel No. 3 corner 2nd i and! and' Tampa Bav Blvd. Chapel No. 4 between 2nd and 3rd on L street. Chape l No. 5 betweeJ} 2nd and 3rd on N street. their rolling fortresses during the day, when the temperature frequently may hover around 120 degrees, and from jus t such ex heme cold at night. The thermometer may drop as much as 80 degrees in 12 hours. And tanks operate also in Arctic areas, where it is even colder. The Armored Force is undertaking a systematic research to learn how men, as well as machinery, behave under extreme conditions, for the Army demands efficiency even if they have to re-design th equipment to fit the men. Invest in Democracy by buying more War Bonds and Stamps every payday. FREE MENDING For soldie r who need mending cir minor alterations of their clothing, this is a re minder that the O fficers' Wive s Sewing Circle is still functioning. Bring your clothes to Chape l No. 1 on Tuesday mornings before 10 o'clock. The alterations w ill be made free of charge. Friday-S p.m., Chapel No. I. p1r.esew.t 1his Week .... ....... .. -:::: ..... :. ... .. .. _,..'1-I: .. ';.1: \\\r 1\.V ./-:,,, 1 11: 'I" 1 ;.!. : .. \t 1 1 \ h, r .. ;J.' .. l,, .,-t,.,lil' :il,.-{ Friday, January 8-ICE CAp ADES REVUE, Ellen Drew and Jerry Colonna; It's Every body's War; Tito's Guitar. Saturday, January 9WHEN JOHNNY COMES MARCHING HOME, Allan Jones, Jane Frazee Dover; Sweeny Steps Out; Eatin' on the Cuff. Sunday and Monday, January 10 and 11-CHINA GIRL, George Montgomery, Gene TierneY; The Sleepwalker; News of the Day No. 233. Tuesday, January 12 OVER MY DEAD BODY, Milton Berl e, Mary Beth Hughes; Pop ular Science No. 1; Ray McKinley and Orchestra; Sniffle Soldier. Wednesday and Thursday, January 13 and 14-YANKEE DOO DLE DANDY, James Cagney, Joan Leslie; News of the Day N o. 234 Friday, Jan. 15 IN DIXIE, Red Skelton, Ann Rutherford; The Fighting Engineers; Speaking of Animals and Their Families.


January 8, 1943 D .REW FIELD ECHOES -FROltl THE. SE_RVICES OFFICE By YOUR ARMY ANNOUNCER Greecings, dial twisters! This is :,;our arn1y announcer once a gain-onl y this lime Drew Field present s radio news on the p1inted page. If you lis tened to Frida y s broad cast of the Drew Fielc l St a r Parade, All-Soldier Show at Recreation Bldg. Is 0 h S B "t f p vnu h eard th e thrilling s tor y or Army n :J. e ,po t an one 0 romlse I War Game s Enacted by an alls oldier l. S D 1 east, thi s took th e radi o audi 1 ngs on rew F 1e I d ence out to the proving ground s abo ut Q u i t e Successful FRIDAY [20 miles from this f i elda nd there, R a d I 0 p rog rams amid rifl e machine gun fir e and simu 8:00 p .m.-Service Club--Dance. --r;,tive of the battle a s it actually took llated bon101ng, \ V e gave a runn1ng narI A baritone of considerable place. And what a battl e that w as'! On Wednesday Evening, Dec. 30, the Special Services Office presented an Show for the first time in Recreation Another of the popular dances promise Cpl Th S .1 As real a s anything could be-even to r'tl 0 f 0 tl D ,, 0 0 OnlaS eal es,. son tile ext ent O t havm g smo k e and gas 'A 1 1 gu s 1om 1e e __ ns-of the chwf of pollee of S10ux attacks The entire acti o n too k place Mothers and American Legion .t aJJs, South Dakota, is now con-within the hour s of 8 a .m. a nd 4 p.m. Building No. 1. A '1' tributin n it'' a {P.W short bursts of Jus New Year/s Eve'Show 8:oo p.m.-Service Club'--ConFort Leavenworth Kansas, on gun (blank ammunition, of .course). I 4 Pvt. Northrup was the fir s t simulated M G d cert. Octobet 28, 19 1. but his tine s howing brought eets 00 Response. 0 Hls Army career mcludes athim to our microphone a s the guest of D e l Purga, V10hmst, wtll pretendance at Message Center and the evening. And that's the wa y the sent a recital of program pieces First Sergeant Schools at Fort battle orof!r ess<',d all day lon.g, <:ndmg On N Y E th D d 1 l' h with the 683rd s posJtJon still mtact. ew ears ve, e ean semt-popu ar VlO tn n1ustc, tV!onmouth, New Jersey, w ere It was a qr<'at dav anrl both compa nies fense Recreation Committee sent accompanied at the piano b y he was stationed from December got a lot of good soldierin>r a nd fun us an excellent show. The audi-Bob Parsons. 1 1941 until April 15, 1942. Then o ut oJ thP. field problem. LET'S HAVE ence was not large but those t t Ca np Haan Cali MORE OF THEM. present enjoyed it t;emendously.j 8:20 p. !11-Rec_reation Building h: stayed' until Mrs. Sandler sang such songs. Number One-Stlent Movtes. June 15 1942 when he was trans-Field. YP.s. radio station WDAE has as "Ciribiri Bin," "Make Believe" MONDAY f erre d to Pl;nt Field. '"' "ie to brin!!. a comd "All th Th' y A '., I d pletP set o f r p mote contr o l radJO equman e mgs ou re Wh1le at Pla!lt Field, he bu ment out to the field ann set it up in with feeling and charm. 8:00 p.m.-Service Club-Dance. I cl1e d around wtth h1s nan1esake, RP.crPation Bid<'. No. J. lnrat<>d on 1st Mrs. Dulaney gave two dra-The Combined USO Clubs of Jackie Searls. the brat of movie Street between K anrl L. W a tch for the t d f' .h l t f ooenm!! l'ro a dcast. ThJS dat e Will be ma IC rea mgs m me manner. Tampa .present another of their I fame. althoug not a re. a tve o announced and sent on to you just as Miss O 'Yama played the accor-well-attended dances. his. He was cast 111 a 1111110r role onon as the broadcast e quiom ent is in. dion and received much applause. in "Air Force, the motion pic-This i s y our first opportun i t y to w atch A soldier violinist, Pvt. D e l 8:20 p. m.-Recreatwnal Blllldmg I ture made at Drew Field last -1< Purga, capably accompanied by Number One-Variety Show 1 summer by Warner Brothe rs, Sgt. John .Suszinsky, concluded starnng a Flymg Fortress mckG 0 0 D y the program, playing two num-A variet.Y entertainment I n.amed "M .. ary John G?r-GOODY bers with rare skill. featunncr dancmg returns to f1eld, Hauy Care y and Geotge ------1< Drew Tampa Tobias. THE .PLACE TO EAT HAIR-RAISING QUERY H e started to wotk with the TUESDAY Special Service s Department of Est. 1925 lll9 FLORIDA AVENUE One private at Harding Field, Lauisiana, is a mighty confused man. It all came about after a recent inspection. In keeping with a squadron order, this soldier laid out all his GI equipment in neat display on his bunk. It looked strictly regulation to him, toothpaste, soap, toothbrush, socks, raincoat, everyhting there in good shape. So that same afternoon, when he discovered, his name on the "gig list," he was baffled. True, he explained, he hadn't laid out his comb with the rest of the. articles But what's the use for a comb, ran his argument, when you have no flowing locks to curry? He is bald. l h e Air Warning Units Training 8:00 p.m. -Service Club-Con-Center in November, 1942 *----------------------* cert. A recorded concert of the world's finest music will be presented. The new Library of Music owned by the Service Club contains some of the greatest recordings ever made, 8:20 p .m.-Recreation Building Number One-Band Concert. This program is present e d by the popular Army Air Force Band, and features singers spe cialty .solos. WEDNESDAY 8:00 p.m.-Service Club-Dance. Service Men Are Welcome 1 The Wednesday dance will be presented by the Business Girls Day or Night at of Tampa. CHILD CAFE 501 Franklin Street IR BASE BUS LINES, Inc .. BUS STATION Corner Tampa & Cass Streets 30-Minute Service to Both Fields at All Hours 15-Minute Service During Rush Hours For Further Information CALL 4243 8:20 p.m.Recreation Buiiding "Bubbling Over," a delightful USO show that has been well receive d wherever played. You won't want to miss this .show THURSDAY 8:00 p.m.-Servic e Club-Bingo Night. 8:20 p. 111.-Recreation Building Number One-Variety Show. VALENCIA GARDEN Restaurant WE SERVE THE FINEST OF SPAN ISH FOODS 8ll Grand Central Ph. H 3773 Service Men Welcome GILBERT HOTEL 8ll Tampa St. Phone M 1094 W. H. WHITE, Manager NICK THE TAILOR Expert Tailoring Cleaning and Pressing WE ALTER ARMY UNIFORMS 208 Harrison Street Perhaps you have, withoutrealiziilg: it. If you carry money around with you in camp or at a base, or when you travel, you run the risk of losing it or having it stolen. You can play safe by carrying your funds in the form of. safe qnd spendable American Express Travelers Cheques which are --* promptly refunded if or stolen. Issued in denominations of $10, $20, $50 and $100, and cost 75 for each $100. Minimumcost 40 for $10 to $50. For sale at Banks, Railway Express and Western Union offices, at principal railroad ticket offices and at many camps and bases I AMERICAN EXPRESS THE TERRACE GIFT & FLOWER SHOP Tampa Terrace, Phs. 3022-M 5561 "FLOWERS BY WIRE" Open Until 11 P.M. Every Day UNITED OPTICAL DISPENSARY Manufacturing and Dispensing Opticians 205 ZACK STREET PHONE M 5783 COURTESY DISCOUNT 20 PERCENT Prescriptions Filled-Lenses Duplicated your Army radio program in action. We might remind all_ h ste ner s that the? following schedule will keep you pos t ccl on Army rndio programs about y our Jie ld. Here it is fellas : Just tune m on th e following programs and you can' t Ill iss. WFLA. Monday th rough Saturday, 7:05 to 7:25 a.m.-Drew Field Reve ille; WFLA, Tuesday eyen mg, 6:306:45The Squadronairs; WDAE, Thur s day evening, 8:35 to 8:!)5-Rookie Roy' s S r 1 apbook; and Friday evening over WFLA, 9 to 9:30-The Drew Field Star Parade. Join your Army on the air and keep l istening Invest in Democracy by bHyin g more War Bonds and Stamps every payday. I I SEMINOLE Souvenir & Live and Stuffed Alligafol's Florida Souvenirs-Curios 107 E. Lafayette Street FLORIDAN TRIO PLAYING NIGHTLY NO MINIMUM NO COUVERT AIR CONDITIONED T. J. Cocktail Bar "WHERE GOOD FELLOWS GET TOGETHER" Air-ConditionedCozy Moderate Prices Hotel Thomas Jefferson I!Cor. Franklin & Washington M5571 I Welcome Service Men Nu-Way Restaurant For Good Food .at POPULAR PRICES 713 GRAND CENTRAL "The Place to Meet and Matthew/s Corner Fountain and Luncheonette Liquors Wines Beer We Deliver Lafayetie & Ph. M 1242 Service Men Always Welcome La Gloria Restaurant Fine Spanish Food and Sandwiches 31G3 Armenia Ave. 'Phone H 33-521 SERVICE MEN LA NUEVA ERA r ancy Groceries Fresh Meats 3018 Armenia Ave., Ph. H 46-174 Free Delivery "A GOOD PLACE TO EAT" POST OFFICE CAFE C D Kavakos, Prop. Dinners, Plate Lunches, Beer, .Wines & Cold Dtinks; Pies and Pastries. 406 Zack Street Tampa, Fla. CRENSHAW/S (Wholesale) Fruits-:Vegetables Phone 2623


.. : M u 0 K p !-every man for himself, and God help I esslng P n the man who gets in your way! I wasn't the least bit hungry, but when food is being handed out, as caretaker D I "I of the stockroom and chief taster, I e al see no reason why I should be exclud-ed from tasting a little more. ---------+:--------Report Card The School Building By PFC. HARRY POLSKY HO. & HO. III FIGHTER COMMAND SEA BREEZES By PFC. ALVIN M. AMSTER 9llth OM. PLAT. Well, our Sgt. Shreeves has finally Best wishes for continued success to Today, Dear Diary, I have a sad tale done it. Disregarding all advice from J'ohn B Gosselin, the new first ser-By PVT. HERBERT GORDON to tell you. Yes, it happened; I was 0 N T H E B A L L your reporter, he has committed him-geant. Sgt. Ma1tin, who is continuing detailed for Kitchen Police duty. What self t tl t t f t s as mess sergeant, was upped to Tech. a shock I got when I saw my name we. 0 Pfc. Herman Cohn returned from on the day room board. It was just best of luck. May your cups of joy furlough (with several boxes of ex-like somebody had hit me on the head By CPL. R. C. T PEARMAN and happiness overflow for the rest cellent cookies) and found his 'boss, with a hammer. of your lives. E. F. Williams, wearing silver leaves. But it was me alright, and that Well, now that the combined rigors After resting up from a strenuous J'oe Cony was given an extension in night I went to sleep a very of pay day and the Year have furlough, your reporter is back on a furlough because he was caught right sad young man. What a night that was, lUSt about subsided, Jets see what we somewhat weak beam. When I arrived in the thick of that Ohio River flood Dear Diary I'll never forget it. I kept have left. home, I was at once attacked and at Marietta. awake all night; j ust waiting for the Our basketball tea. m IS begummg to 1 chased by a bevy of beautiful girls. Bes t -Sayin!{s-ofthe-Week Dept. K.P. pusher. This fellow is the dear shape up rather we ll. We knocked off I It was a long and arduous chase over rom Tech. Sgt. J'oe Driscoll: "No one lad that haunts you. all day in the the 59th Avn .fellows 111 a practice hills an d valleys, across streams and S d ld game. Cons1dermg. that we have not. rivers, with the pack in full hue and can come into A-1 ect10n an go -kitchen, and his job is to keep the reache,d our strength, I would cry after me. I finally caught up with brick unless on official business." poor unfortunate K.P.s moving about say lt s n .Ice gomg. her when she tripped over a stone. HOT DOTS :.:Chimney sweeps -if he can find you. The idea is to Congl'!tul. atlO_ns to ex-Cpl. Dave Ford Captain Hench has turned the school wear soot suits ... ';:-'Sgts. Kirwin Mur-keep out o f his way as much as possi-for makmg se1geant and to Cpls Mar-into a smooth functioning organization. dock and Tonv Pillitter:e our mustachios ble, and most important, never let him tm Furgerson Dave Dallas, Leue CarA lso on the beam are Lt. Favorite and "Santa Claush Dorwart sweating ter, Robert Brown, Raymond Sunmons Lt. McKendry, of the Classification out that furlough and .apartment huntunless he sees y.ou in person. Naturally and Russell McAbee for makmg that Office. They know what the score is ing. Bob Parsbns, ex-fisherman if you see him first, you can hide. But grade; and keep batting that ball around from Lafayette Bridge, can beat it out if you're not fast enough and he sees Say, how, about lt, you volleyball with nary a strike-out. The officers of on the piano .... Butler saves odd k d players,. lets get orgamzed and us,e the Courts and Boards are also on pennies for his seven-month-old cheryou, then you're stuc an no one is the eqUipment we have for you. Don t that well-g reased beam. ub back home. to blame but yourself. -let the softball and basketball players Gat.h eed from a v<>rv unreliable Harold Palumbo had his own dance Well, to get back to where I was haive11.kalel tthh. eatf'u1n1a1 1 .cut tiiat Pvt Hawsource is the. information that Miss. band which played.' at big name East-lying in bed waiting for the K.P. push-R b t t t 11 1 g th t er to wake me up. J'ust as I fell into thorne Simpson is featurin g these days. 0 er s IS gomg 0 s TO a on a I ern spots. Ray< J'anus received noa deep slumber. Bingo, Bango! in It is rumored that he conceived the f lower-strewn path,wav. How about tice o f his OCS call and CQ at the walked the K P.P. idea while gazin g at a cue ball wallowMisS Roberts? Don t keep the boys 1111 same time ... :.:.Sgt. Ed Steelnack He approached my bed {and it is ing in a bowl of mush. all g lad to see Cpl. Peabbles transferred to the. squadron the same ..,W:) STAR KOSHER DELICATESSEN All Kinds of Herring, Lox and Smoked Fish. Impo.:ted and Domestic Cheeses. Kosher Wines. All Kinds of Sand.wiches Open Till 11 P.M. 805 Gr. Central, Ph. H 29-842 Member v. F'. w. Purple Heart E. P. JOHNSON & SON Watchmakel'!l & .Jewelen OPEN UNTIL 8:30 P. :M, zu E. Lafayette -:Tampa Ne:rl To Ma.n!hatta.n C&fe SOLDIERS. only 4 :30 in the morning). The dear best of luck to Pfcs. Ha1old up and around again after a three-day he :va. s _upped _to sergeant ... boy seems to get a great joy and deWh1te and. J'ohn Lm:d and to Pvts. week sojonrn in the hospital. You Daily .P!,a} er (?ver Capt. Hollands, light out of waking me up. Why, I Vernon Goms,. Hezek1ah Riley, James can't keep a good man down. phone). OJ:! LOI d; please me to don't know. The first thing he did Grant,. McCollum, Wilmo:t Crl. M c A rdell will be sadly missed keep my b1g mouth. shut.. .. Sgt. : when he came over to my bed was to Qumten Stanle_y by his typist when' he leaves on a Holz of Signal has his phone mounted When you are l'onesome & blue And you .don't know what to do, come to shine a pink searchlight square in my Robmspn and J'ohn Emle, .'\ ho are .furlough. And him cPlebrating his on a toy express .wagon. face and give me a mighty push that now at .OTU School, MacDill Field. f...,ur-month wedding anniversary, too. Capt. Muse stiJI'Joses matchin g Maj. knocked. me clear .out of bed K!ilct CO knows T''' tsk. tsk. Garber for cokes ... Margaret (Holy) These. playful tactics practically scared a thing or two about baseball, and H.,v, s gt. Wilkinson, how come your Smoke is being rushed by a certain the Wits out.of me, and was I !llad? handles himself. like a big l ea<;uer? trips to the Sub-Depot have fallen off? handsome P.fc. at .those Monday night '?f course If I to l!'ake It tough ... Cpl. Dallas is quite a guy on the Don't you. see Red any more? USO dances at the Service Club; come the K.P. pusher to. fmd my bunk pool table? It's going to be Pfc. Stern gets those sugar and see ... Grossman marm the middl e of the mght, ; w h y all I mighty cozy in the mess hall when oorts from MISS I don t r ied one.year J'an. 10 ... J'ohn (Wolf)' have to do 1s to f01:get to tie a towel I those four stoves get going. It know what she wntes hnn but when-Wilson and La Count are the ticklish on the foot of m y bed. If I had done won't be long before everyone in our Pver he gets through r<:admg one of boys "Alabntiary in thP U. S. She lnves the third, and so on. geant just can't make up his mind who to tell you about her v.isits to Chatta-, But don't ask Davy to demonstrate he wants to bestow this honor upon. hoochie, too. Ask her for her opinion beyond the "Small Change" and "Dol If he doesn't like your face, you're of the folks at Chattal,...,ochi e Jar Bills" compartments, for in those picked. This makes all the boys jealweP.k thf'! Army claimed another dar-k recesses he keeps the foundation ous, and they all start goofing off to Sub-Depot eniplovee-Weyman Brown. of the f uture Stukelman millions. get a chance to work on this lovely of the Supply Warehouses What has detail. become the Armv's P"ain has also be-Well, I stroll in and by the grace of +''" "'"h-Depot's loss. Best of somebody o r other, I am told that I lurk. Pvt. Brown. shall be the custod-ian of the stock We were very happy to receive a room for the coming week. Having visit from two of .our Alumni last charge of this room means to keep it ,.,.,k. P<>'+tv Officer. C::lass. U S. N., in order, and spick and span, at all Payton Thomas. formerly of the Intimes. strument Department, dropped m for Now I proudly march over (in a mi!i" f<>w minutes to t e ll about the fme tary lTianner) tO the StOCkl"OOln and, urnr'Jr t11P t\i'l" ('lnins:!. lo and behold, the door is locked. Lt. Col. C C. Harris, our first Com "What is this?" I say to myself. An" I mandine: Officer. paid a f...,r going to laave trot>l/le getting into my t''" first time since he left u s last July. own office?. Well, '"'l: never ask ques-He certainl y looked fin<> wea>ing t l1os e tions in the Army, do as I'm told silver oak leaves. We're looking for(military courtesy), so 1 waited by the ward to ""eing them both again in door.' Along came the mess sergeant the very near futur.e. and I explain to him the situation. Safeguard your own future and the future of the American way of life by investing in War Bonds and Stamps. TELEPHONE H 25-6'92' THE CRICKET TEA ROOM 241 HYDE PARK AVE. Phone M 1718 H 29122 !!.IllS E. Lafa.yette Street CAMPBELL BARBER and_ BEA:UTY SHOP 308 Twiggs 'l'h. M 54-572 Feaiuring IRENE GORDON, Lady Barber ,\;,. SER'iiCE MEN AtBERfUS HOTEL {: 956 Twiggs Lafayette M1339 Hot e I E. A. CLAY, Manager 120 West Lafayeiie Street East Side of Bride Phone M 5588 Tampa, Fla. Elliston's:.Drug Store ., Phohe H: 1645 Fountain and Lunches 202 W. St .. TAMP A The Tavern Bar & Grill HOT AND COLD LUNCHES Spaghetl:i a Specialty He listens sympathetically to my tale, so I figure I've got him snowed under. Well, after I get through telling him that I cannot get into my stockroom, I find out on the porch loading up milk cases. "You see," he explains to me in h i s soothing voice, "the lieutenant has the key, and wheri he arrives, you will be aUowed to enter your office." WEAR FHE ONE THE ONLY 311 Franklin St. Phone 3940 LIQUORS....:....BEER-WINES <;,,; V' .. :,..:;_"',... --_:-_ -_ -_ -_ -_-_ -_ -_ -_ -_ -_ -_ -_ -_ -_ -_ -_ -_ -_ -_:-_ .....:._ As soon as the lieutenant arrives, I march up to him and give him the good news that I am the new man for the stockroom and ask him for the key. I don't get the key, but he opens the door hi:mself, warning me never to the door open. I didn't know. what he mearit, but I soon found out. I went inside and snapped the door shut behind me meaning to catch up on some lost sleep: J'ust as .r made myself comfortable on a few bags of onions and potatoes, I heard a faint knock on the doo:r I didn't care who was there, but when the soft knock I:Iecame a bang. I figured I'd better find out who was on the other side of the do.or. It was one o: my fellow K P .s and he claimed he was hungry, and would I give him a morseJof food before he caved in. I invited him in and made him as comfortable as possible under the circumstances. He told me how much he appreciated my not chasing him out of the stockroom, but if I had known that he was to haunt me all week, I never would have fed him that morning. I didn't have but five minutes after he left when I heard a lot of running in the hallway outside my door. I opened the door in time to hear the mess sergeant yen "CHOW," which is the cue for all K.P.s to drop whatever they're doing and run to the mess hall anru sliummHL" 4FOLD U ,NtFORM HE Tampa B ay Market '\iif: WHITE ROSE BAR BOX FRUITS SHIPPED .ANYWHERE CONS. U S. PAT. RE 209-42 FABRIC 8'11 GOODALL :.WASHAB.LE .. NONE GENUJNE WITHOUt' THIS OF'FICIAL' 0 D KHAKI ', 'I' A. G. Cleotelis & Son .. Ph. H 314 3 204 W. H. o TEL DeSOTO RIGHT DOWN TOWN STACY Marion and Zack MANAGEMENT AD AM S AND W. FRANK RUTA-P. HOLMES Of New York and Former Chef at El Trocadero OPENS HIS OWN PLACE Specializing in SPAGHETTI and RAVIOLI Hyde Park Spaghetti House :. 103 Hyde Par-k Ave. .. BEER. AND WINES Paul Webbe1,, Prop. LIQUORS, WiNES, BEER AND;CIGARS Cor. Cass Marion Sts. Pho*e 4'5Q2 ELITE CIGAR STORES 'f.he Sport HeadqlJ.ariers of Tampa' WINE --BEER:-CIGARS 400 Zack 207 Twiggs Phone l\l 62-072 Phone M-1236 CENTRAL OIL C 0 M PAN Y, 1 N C. Tampa, Florida "THE FLORIST" Open 9 A.M. to 5:30 Closed Sundays 514 TAMPA STREET Attention! Dancing By One Who Knows! PRIVATE LESSONS Selma Drennan Brooks a nd Assisfants Tel. H 32-S54, 207 Parker St. Prescriptions Home Made Ice Cream. DEITZ DRUG STORE. FREE DELIVERY fl31 S. Ho'\v CULP LUMBER CO. 'Everything to Build Anythingr Millwork Made To Order 500 Packwood Ph. H 1862 -:Tampa ALWAYS SAY HOLSUM BREAD EXTRA FRESH Rex Billiard Parlor Daniel S. Bagley +: 1012 .FRANKLIN TAMPA FLORIDA EAT HENDERSON: RAKING CO.'S BREAD 2702 FLORIDA AVE. WELCOME TO HOTEL KNOX TOMBRYSON, Manager Lafayette & Jefferson Streets Calling All Service Men TO GET A HOME COOKED MEAL AT KNOX GRILL 405 JEFFERSON ST.


.1.anuary 8, 1943 B a -se Engineers One Of Hardest Working Units on the Base 1APTAIN GUY B. LYNES Don't fix that leak; call the Engineers. Do you have a fur nace that doesn't work? Call the Engineers. I s you r plumbing out of whack? Call the 'En gineers. Have you got electrical troubles? Call the Engineers. No matter what the trouble is, just call the Engineers and all will be taken pleted in full detail. However, the contractors under the Area Engineer are extending every effort to conclude the job as soon as is humanly possible. M eantime they are,'resortipg to t emporary means to have the buildings ready foi: oc cupancy by the troops. Becau.se of the difficulty of obtaining;:, :, necessary rnaterials dueo::io :priorities and shortages, thg work is going on at a slower pa-ce .than desired. "And I ma: y add," the captain said, "that Base Enginee r s office '<:fppreciate the cooperation of' 'the enlisted m e n and officers. in. keeping off the newly planted .'soC.'! in the road-side 314fh ,fLlJftK-UPS By PF<:;: ; ; _;r; .J. O 'GARA Pfc. DeFelice;:'who has poetry in his veins-and rea1iz e s he'd be better off with blood, the _ex-printshop owner whose short st(lr.y, "The Miser's Daugh ter," appeared -in_ :andssue o f Collier's magazine wheri a n ear-sighted clerk dumpe d a basket into the presses and whose entire flat i n Jersey has walls papered with rejection slips from the pulps and glossy paper mags, the chappie who sits at the left hand of King Cook's thron e in the EM Section and fans that worthy' s brow while the Cook perspires over them torrid love letters which he keeps in an asbestos a1s. t s ''.'hmpmg th"' Remm_ton Commandoes mto !me at the School of the South Atlantic DIVISI?n building where he instruCts a c lass i n of Engineers and was commiStvping. so you can assured that sioned a captain in the Engineer thes"' Army clerks, the unsung hero<;s C H d D of modern warfare wtth tts comph OI ps. e arnve at I ew Field ,.a ted paoerwork, the chappies who on July 10 1942 and was ap"Keep 'Em Filing," when the time pointed Assistant Base Engineer. comes. are going. to be uo t here On October 7 194? he was probehmd them carnages htttmg the kevs for all thev're worth at 80 words per mated to Base Engmeer. minute, pouring hot lead type into He is ably assisted by Capt. naragranhs until the la>t t ypewriter. i s Raymond W Godfrey and L t shot out :fro! n under thetr fleet :fmJ l P M'l : ->ers, and tnumphantlv watchmg the osep 1 I ey. As Fn e Marshal Jan> go down under their barrages of o j Drew Field, Capt. L y nes has neatly typed Special Orders. the a!!sistance of three enlisted Andso, until next week. w hen we m I 1 d' g th b b t will present a few more thumbna1l en. nc u In e. su -ases a okptches, as cousin ChutnPv (cricket tached to Drew Field, he has a hlio-hter. Chut) would "I must be staff of over 400 classifie d emohifting, old thing, awfull y g lad to have ployees. All supervisors are handof you and all that picked men who are well quali-rot. Ptp-ptp!" ie: ____ fied to fill their respective posi tions. "Our primary job," says Capt. Lynes, "is the installation, operation, maintenance and repair of all utilitis. It's a constant job to keep the buildin !!s, grounds, sewage systems and equipment in proper working condition. The program now on schedule is the grassing of all scarred areas. Emphasis is being laid on the roadside ditches in order to eliminate excessive dust and to aid in the run-off of water during the rainy seasons. The dust and dirt in the air an"! extremely injurious to the health of the soldiers, so everything pos sible is being clone to cooperate with the health authorities pertaining to this, matter. Pointing to a common complaint on the field, Capt. L ynes said that this base is still unde r construction a n d premises are occupied that are not yet comj The Commercial .. Printers Complete Printing Service Phone 2126 1115 Florida Avenue PLOTTING CO .. 5 64th SAW BN. Dots and Dashes By SGT. E. S. PERRY We hit the print this week with news of more newlyweds: Pfc. Wm. Griffin and .Cpl. Chas. Crain, who took unto themselves brides while on their last furlough. More good news came in the welcome return from the frozen north of T. Sgt. Chas. "Garry Owen" Smelt zer. But then as fast as they come they also leave,' a $ witness the trans fer of our best pinochle players and Romeos, Cpl. Her.ring, Pvts, Fite, Hol e man and Barnes. Does Pvt. Hanson go to the beauty parlor for that permanent wave? Just a remlnder-we're about due Jor a compan y jamboree, ell, what? Too bad we can't get our best basketball team together on accoun t of school. How does a Southern boy, like Pfc. Fieldman, acquire a taste for blondes? Yes, we're jealous. Three of our company got some tough from back home and had to leave on emergency furloughs. We hope it \.\'asn't too bad for Cpl. Dicker son, Pfc. Mager and Pvt. Shaddy. We sur. e hope the m edic we c:>'led comes aro.und soon to examine Cpl. Krall for his insomnia. No one knew where the Old Ladies' Home was in Tampa ,until one o f our scouts fol lowed Tobias and Talarek. Of course, we admit that life begins at 40 59th AVIATION SQUADRON SEP. ) DISH'N DIRT By PVT. JAMES JASPER MITCHELL This week I am extending congratulations to Lee R Leffler, second lieu, tenant. who has been appointed first lieutenant. Private Miller (Alice the Goon) gave another grand affair with the assist ance of S. Sgt. Adams lwho, b y the \ v a y has been squa\vking ever since the morning after t h e night before about the money P r ivate Miller jived out of him). Our too-kick has return e d from Ohio. where he spent a 14-day fur lough with his family and friends. I don t know how he stood the five-be low-zero weather, because h e grabs his GI dog-bed (overcoat) ever y time we get a >tlong east wind off the Gulf. Lt. Herbert C. Donagha y has re turned from a refresher course that was held at MacDill Field. and boy I mean i s he more on the ball than ever >ince. Some of the fellows in this out fit coul d stan d some brushin.; up-to r.o m e up to the standard set by the lieutenant. I might mention that this is a new vear and everyone should resolve to be better soldiers, pledge allegiance to DREW FIELD ECHOES Parachute Riggers (Continued from Page 1) the' 'chute 'pinieT"ny pafi'el ; inspect-ing for stains, mildew, rips and tears, and other signs of weaknesses. If any stains are found, the cloth is washed carefully until clean again. The parachute After coming here, all workers cloth is so brilliantly white that are put on a 30-day probationary any stain, however insignificant, period. If doubt exists about their can be noticed immediately by ability to do the job perfectly, the trained rigger. they are not kept on the job. The rigger then carefully ex-From then on, each rigger is amines the suspension lines-of personally responsible for ever y which there are 24 on most of the parachute she packs and inspects. parachutes being used at Drew There are no interruptions. It i s Field, more than ampl e strength her responsibility to see that no protection for the flyer who has one else handles the parachute; to use them. When the rigger is the blame for improper working sure of its perfect condition the of the chute, if it should fail to cloth chute is folded carefully by function, will be laid directly at an instrument which insures exher door. act size of the folds. The suspen-A case history is kept on each sion lines are folded carefully and parachute from the time it i s lined up so that when the chute manufactured until considered is opened they will not get safe to use. A record is kept snarled. Page 7 SOLDIERS' ALWAYS WELCOME EL BOULEVARD RESTAURANT Finest Spanish Foods Bed of I,iquors 2001 Nebraska TOWNSEND Sash -Door & Lumber Co. LUMBER & MILLWORK ROOFING AND PAINT -FHA LOANSPHONE H 4891 N. Rome & Fulle r Street HENRY HOWKEE CO. Chinese Hand Laundry iC Satisfaction Guaranteed 504 Tyler St. Tampa Fla. every time the parachute is The pack assembly is tightpacked, inspected, tested, with ened, so take as little space as the name of the worker. Whethe r possible. The harness and chute used or not, the chute is opened are then placed on a frame,. where] and inspected every 60 daysa two girls check the entire harness necessar y procedure for checking and sew the harness straps to1 on the strength of the suspension gether in such a way that it lines, the strength of the locking hold together for carryin g unt}l ; pin on the ripcord assembly and the ripcord is actually pulled, the the strength of the harness. parachute opens and the strain is Where any doubt exists about put on the harness. Then these the safety of a parachute, it is temporary stitches break, and the drop-tested before actually put harness assumes the shape necesinto use again. Taken up in an sary to take the flyer safely t o airplane, faste ned to heavy rope the ground. dummies named "Pop Eye" and The locking pin in the ripcord "Olive Oyl, shaped roughly like assembly is tested by being human figures and weighing placed in a .tight socket on the about 1 50 pounds, the flye r wall and attaching weight to it. throws a dummy overboard from If it bends under the strain, it is a height of 500 feet pulling the discarde d It is better to discard ripcord as the chute leaves the the entire chute, if necessary, p lane, dropping it in such a way than take a chance with an that it can be observed by ground American soldier's life. watchers b elow. At this low alti-The Drew Field parachute rigtude, the chute must open prop-gers are proud of the role that erly or not at all. The descent of. they, as civilians, play in our the chute is watched carefully by war effort. They have a personal the ground observers who in-interest in seeing that chutes are spect it carefully again when it rigged properly. Their record has I l ands. If it has held up safely un-been p e rfect and they intend to cter the strain of carrying the keep it that way. dummy, it is considered safe for service again. Berore mspection, the parachute is unfolded and hung up i n a drying room for 24 hours, to be thoroughly aired. It is then laid out on a long table, where convenient hooks hold down the <'hute at one end and the harness at the other, keeping the entire assembly taut for thorough in s p ection. The rigger then goes over the entire cloth material of the f lag and f i ght :for a true D emoc racy. BXTRA Why did somebody cry .vhen somebody went home .... I do hope the cooks can hold out until the mess sergeant returns from furlough. Groceries -Tobacco Candy, Notions Adams -Kennedy Whiting and Jefferson Streets TAMPA, FLORIDA Manuel Garcia, Jr.'s Spanish Restaurant 915 Tampa ai Tyler Ph. M 52-073 Tampa, Fla. Freshen up, Soldier! Chew Wrigley's Spearmint Gum Yes, you fighting airforcemen know how much a little stick of chewing gum can mean when nerves are tense or you've got a tough job to do. Chewing cools your mouth-keeps your throat moist. Helps steady your nerves during strenuous fli ghts. Seems to make your tasks go faster, easier. So chew and enjoy swell-tasting Wrigley's Spearmint Gum every day-as millions do. Service Men Always Welcome Sulphur Springs Cafe We Specialize In Home Cooked F .ood, Ch-icken, Steak and Chop Dinners Sulphur Springs, Arcade Bldg. T. W. RAMSEY LUMBER COMPANY We Specialize In Mill Work & Cabinets W e can furnish material for Repairs and F. H. A. Loans Phone Y 1219 -17th St. & Sih Ave Bar and Cocktail Lounge The TURf EXCHANGE Package Store ORCHESTRA EVERY NIGHT Phone 2003 202 E. Lafayette Street "Soldiers Favorite Eating Place" STEAKS AND .CHOPS A SPECIALTY ELITE RESTAURANT TAMPA AND TWIGGS STS. Max's Liquor Bar WINES LIQUORS CIGARS FREE DELIVERY SERVICE 1601 E. COLUMBUS DR. PHONE Y -1281 ---Keep 'f.m F1yfng--McAskill Music Stores Radios and Repairing Sound and Inter C .ommunlcatlng S ystems Authorized C a .pehart and Scott Radio Service 1116 Grand C .entral Phone H-3787 LOANS-1\IONEJY TO I"END Diamonds Wn1<>h"" -Jewelr:r SJ lver,:v are Dlnmonds ut u Ule: Sa..-lnll' A. L. ECKART 4011 Tnmpu Street FERNANDEZ RESTAURANT Cuban Sandwiches A Specialty 1216 Franklin St. AU .Service Men ate Welcome Barcelona Cafe SPANISH UESTAURANT Wines and Liquors Phone 82142 Open All Night 4714 Nebraska and Osborne VICTOR CAFE BEER WINES 1 32 4 Franklin. Ph. l'\'1724 0 BILL BAILEY, Prop. Member V F W. & Am. Legion Special Invitations to All Service Men GLEN'S BILLIARDS Now In lis New Location 805 TAMPA ST.


8 Drew (agers Three basketball league s got underway last Monday night in Air Warning Unit Training Center with two games being played in each league except the Blue league The leagues are know as Red, White and Blue In the R e d league, the 552nd Battalion and the 566th copped wins. The winners of the White league were the 555th Sig. Battalio n and the 319th Sig Co. Wing. 713th Sig. Co. Wing cap ttuec1 the only game played in the Blue league. L eague games are played on Monday, Wednesday and F riday in R ecreation Buildings t w o and three. Three games are played on e ach o.f these nights. The R ecreatio n Buildings are located on M street b e tv vee n 1 s t and 2nd Sts. C_ome out and support your fa-von t e t eam. Teams entered in !"ac h league: Red League-552nd En. 556th Bn., 5G6th Sig. Bn.. 503r d R e gt. 553rd Bn., 564th Bn., and 501st R egt_ .Whxte Bn., 319th Stg. Co. Wmg, 576th Sig. Co., 575th Sig. Co., 312th Sig. Co. Wmg. 680th S1g S e p. 951st Radio Int. C o., and 39lst Sig. Co. Avn. _Blue League -713th Sig. Co. Wmg, 703rd Sig. Co 710th Sig. Co .. 307th S1g Co 1303rd Sig C?perational. Tr. Co., 704th Sig: Co .. S1g Co., 7051: h Sig. Co. Safeguard your own future and the future. of the fl:merican way of ltfe by mvestmg m War Bonds and Stamps. ("(),,p(.p-;.,.,.. DINNERS (; l 'tHerit>s, nnd Herrin!.:, Lox nnd nit l.:it1ds nf Htr:((l\ frt.,h WI:-.rr:, 1n:E1t. :<." :-.-on'rcur: ,; FMNMAN'S KOSHER MARKET DREW FIELD ECHOES Drew Basketball Team to Plav Team From Pinellas Base Drew 1 Team Wins First Game In_ City League I MAAS_ BROTHERS Complete ... convenient MILITARY DEPT. JUST INSIDE OUR FRANKLIN s rr. 612 Bell ENTRANCE B R 0 S. c 0. Phones 4205 4204 "A Paper for Every Purpose" Service Men Officers Families FOR REALLY GOOD FOOD AT MODERATE PRICES PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE-FOLLOW THE CROWD TO 1 H E C 0 L 0 N N A D E EA YSHORE AND JULIA Steak, Sea Food, Chicken Dinners MODERATE PRICES Delicious Sandwiches PHOTOGRAPHS FOR SERVICE MEN This Offer Cannot Be Purchased at Studio Without Coupon. Drew Field Special for $ } 95 only One BxlO Oil Colored n rortraLt Y


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