Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 45 (January 15, 1943).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
January 15, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
1 773
t Drew Field echoes.
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VOL. L NO. 45 Published Every Week Drew Field, Tampa, Florida January 15, 1943 Bank Opens; Many Services Made Available To Drew UH! HUH! !DreW Field Cooperates in Ban on Pleasure Driving The Branch Bank of the First NatiQnal Bank of Tampa, opened at Drew Field at noon January 1)-with the starting of a savings < 'mt by Sargeant Technician Nlit=tfl'rd A. Zydron, personal chauffe(Jr and orderly for Colonel Melvin Asp, Base Commanding Offieler. Sgt. Zydron comes from Bowers Hill, Virginia. The ;bank is.located.o n H street between 1st and 2nd streets and is accessihleto all commissioned and en_listed personnel of the post. It is open every day except Sun day, from noon. to 5:30 p.m.' TQe l!nited_ States Treasury and the First Bank of Tampa are cooperatmg m supolying such services to Drew Field military personnel. Located in a former p_ost _office building, the Bank of flc_r; IS compl_etely equipped with ofn:e machmery, tellers win dO\ V S cash counting equipment. safe. and everything else that goes with the banking business. Mr. Byron 0. \Vcbb and Mrs. Rules For Cameramen In compliance with 'War Department policy, photographers and artists who have permission I to work on military subjects at Drew Field must be accompanied by an officer or enlisted man. Officers/ Club Dances Cancelled; to Abide By Gas Restrictions I Emphasi zing the security meas-Another development of the l'res covering photographs and ban on pleasure driving of auto-drawings, a War Department re-mobiles was the announcement lease reiterates. that no cameras or other photographic equipment by Col. Melvm B. Asp, commandwill be allowed on any post, ing officer of Drew Field, tha:t station. or other install_a-Tampa' s largest air base will co on except WJth operate fully along with-civilians swn of the commanding officer, and within such time limitation complymg with OPA regula-as he may specify. hons. Persons without such Cancellatwn of the_ weekl_Y sion will surrender their cameras dan7es of the Drew Field Offi7 on entering any Army installa-J cers Club was announced by Col. tion and receivethem on leaving. Asp as one of the measures to Violators of these re<"ulations discourage the use of personal w ill be tur.,ed over to the com-automobiles for pleasure. The I officer and tbeir equip-Saturday e;vemng dances have n-:E'nt confiscated. devel?ped one of the out Examples of subjects of which standmg soc1al events of the photographs, drawings, sketches :'leek. "Hov':'ever.'_' state;d Col Asp cr m.aps arc not permitted, except m announcmg "disconhn_uance of when expressly authorized, in-these dances, Drc;w Field officlucle men and equipment on cers are glad to ab1de by restncl maneuvers, maJeriel in transit, tions placed on all citizens." and wrecks of any .items of miliVvh1le the _evenmg tary equipment have been. discontmued as a social event, mformal dances Margaret B. Lee are in cl",arge of th_e branch. The office, they state, w;ll do about everything except t JT!ake loans. Services which will I be provided include the opening and carrying of individual sav in!"s and checking accounts. There will be no exchane:e chare:e for the cashing of checks for m 'ilitary personnel upon proper identification excent for out -of -town checks. Soldiers will be charged for ch .ecking accounts, according to the size of the balance maintained, and the number of checks used. Accounts up to $5000 will be insured for the total amount of the account. This is Marcia, the other half of :the comedy and dance duo Coley Worth and Marcia, who help make USO-Carnp Show's musical "GOING TO TOWN," a real hit-show. Nathaniel Arvin, Soldier Cowboy in Drew Field Rodeo will be scheduled for Drew Field officers and their guests where attendance does not involve use of automobilse. Cancellation of the officers' dances will not affect the program of entertainment for enlisted men as scheduled by the Special Services and Service Clubs. Hospital Patients to Hove Benefits of Recreation Hall Other services-include the sale In charge of the Red Cross ac'of war bonds and stamps, bank i tivities in the_ Hospital and HosJT.oney orders, and travelers pital Recreation Hall, which is will also. be car-now nearing completion, is ned :'or organiZatwns hke the Martha E. Mahan, of Wyommg, Post E xchange, Officers Club, and I Ohio, a trained social worker wit_ h variovs squadron and regimental a great deal of Red Cross expen-organizations. ence with the Army. She is asi<: .1 sistant field director of the AmerTyping Contest Red Cr?ss a t Drew Field. sistJng her IS Miss Amy P. Wild, The Base typing class is having 1 of Medford, Mass., who will serve a nm-off competition today at' as recreational worker. Special-1:) a.m. to determine the speed-ized training in graduate schools iest g.nd most accurate of its grad-enable them to understand the uating members. meaning of physical and mental The Echoes goes to press too illnesses and their relation to per early to acmounce the winner, but sonal, 1amily and military life. tl': e lucky soldier is to receive a Bnilt hv the Army. and to be week's furlough for his clemonsfurni sl:ecl by the Red Cross, the tration of superior skill. (Con1inue l on Page 2) Patient Can Still S:unile Suzanne Dooley, 2nd Lieu!enan.t in the Army Nurses Corps, is shown in the above picture while taking care of 2nd Lieutenant Thomas J. :r.!enno, .on whom lbe, first emergency operation in the Field Hospital was pP.rformed. Lt. Dooley comes from Glenn Ellyn, I!li!':ois, and Lt. Menno con:es from Bedford, Indiana. USO Brings New Musical Comedy, It' d t t D F. 1 uG T 11 s ro eo Ime a rew Ie d, omg to own I Tampa's largest air base, and a large crowd of soldiers is on hand ---. 1 to witness a tall, gaunt, bronzed ---------i<:--------(onfesf Open to 6.1. Song Writers The new Broadway musical1 soldier on horseback gallop into revue, "GOING TO TOWN," fea-the outdoor arena with an excit musical comedy. and radio I ing and interesting assortment of favontes of the day, Will be pre-! daring horsemanship, trick rop-Drew Field song writers should sented by USO-CAMP SHOWS at ing and jumping. be interested to know of the col-Drew Field on January 27, 1943 1 The Drew Field soldier is Pvt. lection of songs "of, for and by This is a major attraction on I Nathaniel Arvin, a member of a the men in the service," to be the USO-CAMP SHOWS circuit, signal air warning service regi-published by the Arrowhead which includes V:irtually all i ment. He comes from Lexington, Press of New York City. It will camps, naval stations and manne 1 in that old horse state of Ken-contain not only the various "of bases in the country. This season tucky. He has ridden big black ficial songs'' but also a section USO-CAMP SHOWS. is presentI called "Hangover," embracing the ing greater and more lavish enter-favorites of the last war like tainment for the men in the "Hinky-Dinky." armed forces than ever before. Also a third part, to be known Rounding out the show are "Yank's Choice," will contain Coley Worth and Marcia, one of popular favorites of the men the cleverest teams in show busi-most often requested on the "G.I. ness. Their comedy and dancing .Tive .. radio program run by the are strictly big-time, high-lighted "Yank" magazine, and finally a by his satirical comments on to-collection of contemporary coun-pics of the day. .1 terparts of from "GOING TO TOWN" will be ., Armentieres.' presented free of charge as is :. It is in connection with this customary with all USO-CAMP last category that men on this J SHOWS. i<: base will have their opportunity Camp Newspapers Are Planned in All I Theaters of Combat to show their talents. Any ori' ginal song, any parody on an ex isting song, and new words to old tunes may be submitted. The publishers incidentally are inter "Stecl in the words rather than the music. Submit your selections to the Camp newspapers will be pubI Arrowhead Press, 17!l Fifth Ave. lished wherever Uncle Sam's Brahma bulls and bucking bron-New York, Citv. doughboys trave l it was an-cos in most of the eastern statesio:----nounced recently by the Special from New York to Florida-and G M. d W k Service Division. Portable kits traveled for some time wnn reat In S Ot Or containing all necessary equipGeorsrc Adams' world's cham? ment have been prepared for pub-pionship rodeo. lVfanv ITonths a<'o the Army lishing news sheets in the field. Among his medley of tricks is a gronn of eminent psy-The special printing and pub-a jump over a fourfoot chiatrists to determine the best lishing kits include a typewriter, hurdle. The most sensational of manner in which to ,:dec:t soldiers hand-ope rated mimeograph ma-his daring feats is his 11.mna:1: for the various fi ghting fronts. chine, styli, lettering guides, jump on two nlunging horses over The Army wanted to k1ow, for paper. ink, and other necessary an automobile instance. the best wav of clecidmaterials. Entering the Army on Februing '.vhich so ldiers should b e sent The kit was designed especially ary 23, 1942, at Fort Thomas. Ke:1to Iceland and which would be for overseas operation, and may tucky, h e took ten weeks of basic more effective i n desert w arfare be carried to any theatre of oper-training at Fort M : Cl elia!1, 1\laThe nsvchia1ris's not \\it!' a ations. I bama. H e he1s h"'"''1 at Drew Field Harvard group a!1cl <1 series of exThe Special Service unit will' since May 1 1942 'periment s was n"

-c ; __ 2 / : -:;...: .. Orchestra Leader Now FUe Clerk-in Ill Fighter (om. Billy Keen's Rodeo Thrills large Crowd Ol Drew Soldiers riding that was topped onl y by II,.,. ..;.;.'------------....., Keen's performance. TYPEWRITING CLASSES For quite some time Keen, well .The Base School Of:ilice will known in rodeo circles, has been start new classes in beginner's the champion trick rider of the typewriting on Jan. 18, 1943 world. H e has traveled all over Application for attendance thecountry as a participant in must be made at the Base most of the big contest rodeos on School Office, Bldg. T-621 6th the circuit. His skill on the back Street and Avenue "C, before By PFC. ALVIN M. AMSTER of a horse thrilled his soldier au-Jan. 17 194 3 Classes will be A very large crowd of soldiers dience. The most sensational of took advantage of a beautiful his daring feats was his Roman Sunday afternoon, January 10, to jump of two horses over poles. From b ands 'man to G.I. that's watch Billy Keen and his rodeo THE WEST CAME TO DREW who .t happene d to Pvt. Harold gallop right into the outdoor are-Ruth Keen, Billy's wife, did P a lu mbo; file and statistical clerk na at 3 o'clock with an exciting some very fancy things on the of Hc1. & Hq. Sq., III Fighter program of daring horsemanship, back of her horse, as did Dolores Command, on June 29, 1942 at trick roping and jumping. The Nemo, who risked h e r very pretty Fort Niagara, New York. Palumrodeo was something new in enneck to the art of horse roping. bo, aged 26, is a native <;>f N1agara tertainment for Drew s -oldiers. Dave N emo-the othe r half of the Falls. He has played m several Although Keen himself is a Nemo family, himself a champion well-known jazz bands, and later one-man show, he did not ride Rodeo Ride r and Roper-gave an headed his own 16-piec e jazz out-alone. H e brought with him a fine excellent example of how to get fit for about four years. combination of cowgirls and cow-all tied up in your work. The A 1941 graduate of N1agara boys -riders, ropers arid trick things h e d i d with a rope, left a U' n1versity with a BBA, Palumbo performers. Among them was a lot of m e n wondering just how :participated in .. c?llege. bask:t Drew Field soldier-Pvt. Nat he manages to get through a plate ::.and basebalL Dunng h 1 s spare vin. of the 503rd Signal Air Warn-of. spaghetti without doing some ,time he earned his expenses by ing 'Regiment. He d i d a bareback of the things he did in the ring. playing .in jazz bands, junip ove r a four-foot hurdle. The It might be interesting to see ; i.ng b.is income from the_ athletic cowe-irls and cowboys gave an sometime. : .scholarship he rece1ve<;L exhibition of daring horseback ----,----i'----B 'and Toured Europe Two Pigs, 200 Francs Featured as "Hal Palumbo and might influence a patient's r ecov-Two Nazi officers in Occupied -:His Orchestra," the ,crossed e1y, and a1'd 1'n a dJustJ ng any StiCh t h h band France decided to ren a room, tke Atlantic as t e s lP s dJ'ff. ;ctllties. 1937 They planning to pay in "occupation on the Aquitama 111 To make loans, where neces-G any Hol money," of course. They exam-: toured France, enn .. aiy, to -enable convalescent pah d' E 1 d ined the room wit 1 staste. land, Belgium and ng an tients to take advantage of rec"And how much do you get for Under contract to the Saga omnTended furloughs-or emer-d G l h the band this pig sty?" aske one erm_an. more and Stat er c ams, gency furloughs in case of illness b hotels m the "One pig, 100 francs; two pigs, played the mem er or death in the patient' s immedi200 francs," replied the Frenchnorth. In addition, _the)' played at ate faJ11J-ly. ff colleges man without battmg an eye. mimy private a aHs 111 To visit the patient's family and: country clubs, (through the local Red Cross .-heardover various radw stations chapter there) and notify them of and the major networks. Palumbo the conditions of hospitalized plaYS the the bass and service men. other fretted mstruments. To aid p atients discharge d from -Army Career d the hospital and the military As a GT,. Pvt. service to obtain medical attenhis _at tion and diet, to ar ed. theArr Cor.ps d range vocatwnal trammg. and .at Fort.Logan, Colora o, Jer ve olaeement for men disabled in at Dariiel Field, _Ga.,_ aOn ;a.s military service .shipped to.Drew F1eld m c 0 ei,. 'Taking" no cha-nces,-_ P _alumbo ,--------------....,...-married' his first vocahstm 194-L i RecretitiO'n HciH SHA. N lf:"'R. 1 L A 'S. ... ... .(Continued from Page 1) : : DELICIOUS WE&TERN T-BC>NE AND"CLUB new-: hospital _hall Is two..:stor y bulldmg _whrch 1lains facilities for off1ces and .. ijng quarters' for the staff, a .. k1tch. en fpr re_fres?mETnts ? a lounge : s 'T'EA K s T:'large : ,::;1' .. .. of 350. In t _he q:udrtormm .willbe shown movres, plays, and :fPtb.er entert'!-inments. It. has fa eiiities for pmg pong, chess, and T212 Grand Central Avenue table games. : 1 The lounge will be eqmpped .;i-titiJ very attractive fur= f: :b.iture. It is stocked with over 500 :hooks, donated by the Tampa. Sec 'iies! A corpse on their hands kill ers on their trail .. and cops in every corner! I I : --desire, : : An. important feature of_ Rec reation Hall'is a provJSJon f?r hQusing parents of seriously. Ill ':Sol.diers, summoned to the ?ospital by the military authonhes. I :: The members of the staff on' call 24 hours a day and, m _to recreational/ : vy-ork, th.e1r duties mclude: Comix\g Next Week "A Yank at Eton11 Mickey Rooney Edmund Gwenne If vou are a prisoner of war, never.. discuss anything about your organization's activities. An agent may be planted in the group or microphones may be to pick up such informa-1 When captured and questioned by the enemy do not give the name and number of your organization. Boxes of Oranges Send a box of Oranges, Grape fruit or Tangerines Home Inquire at NEWSSTAND Air Bose Bus Terminal 906 Tampa Street 1'', MONEY LOANED 1ON ANYTHING OF VALUE TAMPA LOAN CO. "TAMPA' S OLDEST AND MOST LIBERAL" 908 FRANKLIN ST.REET DINE AND DANCE AT LICATA'S S E A B REEl E on Hillsborough Bay Ti-ythe Best in F .ood FI-NEST LIQUORS DANCING EVERY NlTE. 22nd'Streel Causeway' Phone: Y 'l115 PR-IVATE. DINING, ROOMS There Soldk -r! P A .: D D 0 C K B .... A R .. '-'Not a Jook. Joint'-But a place just like fue one. back hom.,..._...where you can bring. your--wife, or:;weetheart for a drink, a chat and fine JACKSON AT TAMPA ST. Open From 8 A.M. to 12 P.M. ClUB Hl-HAT 1204 FRANKLIN ST. Invites You to Dance to "HI-HAT RHYTHM Every Nile -7 P.M Till Midnight Welcome Soldiers! I "T AMP A' S 0 N L Y M U s I C A L B A R Hear Your Favorite Songs CHESTERFIElD-BAR CASS & ,TAMPA STREETS .Obtaining, upon request of 1 'Medi:cal Offi'cer an mformatwn I including personal, marital, finan CiG\l and medical hi,;;tories that ,.E._ N Ta C ... A \ : R : : ... ... '-., \ L .... CIIiZIC co .. LJs.r;uM --_ Air-Conditioned Ph. 329< -._ ; L '. :. ; -''.DRIVE IT. YOURS-ElF "HERTZ. SERVICE'" To THE ARM'ED f 'QRCES0. P. A. has announced that SPl;vice 1nen on. leave can. use cars to visit relatives 01: make social calls. B y leave .. o : -P. A. states may include "liberty cards'' ; "leave papers"; "furlough pape_rs" or letters signed by. Commanding Officer. R E NT A CAR SFRVlCE' 4.03 E. LAFAYETTE STREET PHONE 3433 OPPOSITE TAMP A TERRACE HOTEL TAMPA,S ONLY NITE CLUB Featuring 3 Floor Shows Nitely a 10 -Midnight DANNY & DON'S JEW E L--B-0' x N llE L. U B d 911 TAMPA STREET VERN YONKERS Orchestra TOMMY RUTH -JEANNIE !: Season's Best in Tap ; 4 POWELL;ETTS MAXINE POWELL DANNY BROWN, M. C. VICKI LEE Sweet Singing li!IIH II!! 1!11 1!11111 H lli IIH lllllllll !lllllllllll! ll llllJIIIII U lllllll 9c 28c SATURDAY ONLY : "Tornado in .:the Saddle" Russell Hayden Wild::Bill-Hickok' Rides Again Errol Flynn SUNDAY AND MONDAY Springtime in the Rockies _Betty G rable, John. Payne Tampa and: Zack Phone 22c SATURDAY and SUNDAY Here Comes The Navy Pat O'Briel'1, James Cagney Murder in the Big House Johnson, F. Emerson Davis .. Islands Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday andi. Sunday .. 5 EVERY a;.ii.J.ll f MONDAY" Sc on;: Davis: Island. s usesLeaving Grant's. Corner Franklin and. Cass Streets ---7 ':1:5 -7:45 --8:15' DIAMOND CABS -lOc The South,s Finest Skating Rink


January 15, 1943 DREW FIELD ECHOES Page 3 A-20A, B, c Havoc _____ ____ ____ !-----------Unite d States Dive SB_D-3A Dauntless _______________ ; ________ ____ Uni_ted States Junkers Ju 88A ________________ ___ ____ ___ ____________ Germany Heavy (4-engine d Day --------------__ B oeing Flying Fortress B 17E and F States Night ----------------... Avro Lancaster -------------------------______ ____ Great Britain .North American B-25 Mitchell ____________ 1 ____________ United States Medium ----------------__ Dornie r 217-E --------------------------1-----------Germany :Martin B 26B Marauder ----------------: -----------United States ___________ Messerschmitt 110 __ __ !_ __________ G ermany Interceptor -----------... Supermarine Spitfire V Britain Naval ... or Martlet --------1--------U1?-ite d .. B11stol Beauf1ghter ___________ Great B11t a m Night --------------------__ Douglas A-20.(Modified Havoc or Boston)..: .. i _____ ____ United States MISCELLANEOUS -I Float Plane ___ .:_ ___ OOZero (equipped \Vith floats)_ ___ ..:.:..:.._..: _: ___ -Patrol .Plane Catalina .:. ______ _: ___ _.:1_" United .States (Flying Boat) j Torpedo PlanE! ---------__ Grumman. Avenger States Authorized .Boifler. : PEPSI-COLAB.Ol'TLIN.G CO. OF TAMPA . I ... ::.Douglas C-54 _____ _: _: ___ .::_:... _______ ,_:._ :._ ____ :...United States 9penid _pro. c .ess. .With S p .ecial .Sauce. F-rench -Eries: .Hot ,Rolls -and Hone.y 50C .Served to yo, u from the hot c .oals cafe.ter1a :style --------------.. :Famous For : :STE-AKS :SEAFOOD CHICKEN SPAGHETTI A pastry. baker b y trade, P fc. made a joint recording with Hi.42, iricluqing all conibatants, Anth?hY is a by of "Melancholy.-Baby." Their cause d a furious discussion in the p1amst at heart. 'Duri:ng_ voices were cut on _opposite sides office of. a flying magazine and hours the 24-year-cild of .the same re.cord for compari -will probably start .one across the: musician reaches the stomachs of son. Also recorded was his showcotmtry -There is no doubt that it' his buddies with pastry delicacies, stopping version of "This Is is, carefully considered, but that -----------------------------,..,....'1 but after the day' s work is done Worth Fighting For," with Claude it .is completely and individtlally h e is more than likely to be Thornhill. Baldwin. found a t the Service Club tick-The choice of the distinguished ling boogie-woogie melodies out The war, however, interrupte d correspondent and authoritative : of the ivories. the activities of most of the big-analyst is based on his r ecent Althopgh never a professional name touring bands, so he reservice at the front and therefore pianist, he has the professional's turned to Hartford and played in has a distinct advantage over touch. For several months he has and around his home town with stayat-home judgment-but it's delighted local radio audiences a small band of his own until h e still open to argument. Want to with his appearances on the Drew entered the Army in November, get in on it? Field Star Parade, Friday night 194 2 at H a rtford. ic----radio show broadcast over WFLA, He received his basic training. Safeguard your own ftlture and : Tampa. When Richard Himber in Miami and was sent ttJ Drew the futme of the American way and his orchestra played at Drew Field on January 5, 1943. He is 1 of life b y investing in War Bonds Field in November, h e performed with the 501st Signal Regiment. and Stamps. with them on the program. P fc. Camporiale is a native of Bristol, Rhode, Island. H e entered the Army February 4 1942 at Fort Devens, Massachusetts, a n d was sent to Fort McClellan, Alabama, for his basic training He appeared in musical shows there. He came to Drew Field. on April 24, 1942 and since then has been stationed with the Sig nal Hqs. and Hqs. Company of t h e Third Fighter Command. ----ic-----. Former Ra.dio Singer Now in S:ignal Corps Known as Vince Manny to the public, Pvt. Emanue l Gozzo's melodious baritone voice has been a hit with audiences for several years. Pvt. Gozzo is no amateur sing er having passed that stage of career dur-ing his high school days in Hartford, Conn. (\fter :gradua t io n he was selected m an .audition "from a f1eld of 50 to ap pear with the Andrews Sisters, with whom he toured for three weeks. He also has been billed on programs wi:th Al Donahue's and Fats Waller's orchestras, and HOW YANK BOXER .BEAT JUJITSU Ct!AMP .in fight to finish at Tokyo told in January Reader's Digest A thrilling blow-by-blow description of a battle between Lt. Co"l. Wanren J. Clear and the jujitsu champion of the Japanese army ... by a former mem.ber o f the American Embassy in Japan. Jail Tales the Service Men Spin-A collection of the best yarns from arm y camps all over the United States. So It's Happened to Me, Too -A wounded RAF pilot describes his -sensations as he plunged helplessly through space, chased bY .enemy planes-and how he saved himself from the grip of death. HOSTAGES....;..45-pag e bno k condensation-From the exciting new novel about 20 men who .faced a Nazi firiiig squad for underground -resistance in Czechoslovakia. And 34 oth e r stimulating, exciting articles and features in one handy magazine condensed for time-savinlf r eading. NllW 15 TO SERIIICE MEN 4 25' TO EllERY ONE ELSE GET THE JANUARY READ-R'S DlGEST AT YeUR PX OR CANTEEN and BEST ToBuy::Your ... 917 Franklin St., Tampa 872 Central-St. Petersburg 531 Cleveland-Clearwater I i .AIR CONDITIONED Hot.el BARBER SHOP H. 0. LEWIS, Mgr. Complete Barbe r Service Expert Barbers Manicurists AIR CONDITIONED I anha.ttan Cafej: 210 E. Lafayeffe S.i. Tampa Good Food Reasonable Prices Try Oul\ Sunday Roast Turkey Dinner Served From 11 A.M. to 9 P.M ALA CARTE SERVICE AT ALL HOURS OPEN DAY AND NIGHT ._ WE USE STRICTLY WESTERN MEATS 1 ,\( :. MADISON DRUG [O: M .PANY FRANKLIN AND MADISON STREET Where :the Men of :the Armed Service Shop and Eai : ; We Are Anxious :to Be of Service BAY VIEW HOTEL FIREPROOF CONSTRUCTION-:'EVE:RY ROOM WITH B J\.TH .. W B. SHULER, Manager 208 JACKSON ST., Between F-RANKLIN & TAMPA TAMPA, FLORIDA--. PHONE M 5537 H t I H }} b -:;.lorida Avenue. vj 0 e I s oro Twiggs St. 1 ; FRANK J. HY N ES, Manager GASPARILLA TAVERN coLONIAL GRILL Ser wce Men Welcome T :H E CHATT. :ERBOX Chi.cken and .Steaks Real Italian Spaghetti SANDWICHES -DRINKS -LIQUORS ABBA DABBA AND BAND NTGHTL Y 707 S. Howard Avenue Phone H 3757 e,: ,c,l


Page 4 The Drew _Field Echoes P. 0. Box 522 GLENN R. ROSS. Publisher TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS Business Office: 1115 FLORIDA AVENUE TAMPA. FLORIDA Phone 2177 All advertisements contained in this newspaper are also contained in the MacDill Fly Leaf. Minimum joint circulation, 10.000 copies. ADVERTISING RATES FURNISHED -ON REQUEST DREW FIELD ECHOES .. A .newspaper published exclusively --for the personnef of Drew By Sgt John F. Suszynski-Field, and devoted to :military interests and the :United The Band has resumed its VictorY.. "weekly" concerts __: Recreation this newspaper, are those of.the B}dg. No. I 'is the new -arid wdters an:d :under no circumstances .are they _to-be con::Hdei eu' wu;i, Cpl. John. Hession was :the first of the united States Army. Advertisements :in "this :publication dt gu_est soloist Drop' around on not .. constitute -an. endorsement< :by the :war Department or its per-at 8 p.m. ; H only. to sonnel of the advertised: : heckle T. Sgt: .Eaton,-the' Master of Ceremonies : : that's for.your corny possum .. gag on the last' Orew Field Has diers to complete the course in program, Sarge Ja::lllary 15 1943 .. R d reading and. simple printing. The Deep Sleep Eleven is still There was a most interesting ea ing Classes Since they are adult, and can purveying its wares, sometimes editorial in "Life last Dec. 28th "For _-,, ;ter ates learn much. faster than children, with bludgebn'-like effeCtiveness, It pointed out that interest in re-c th 1: M .Church : catl they soon grasp the essentials, on the Patrons of the Hi-gher Arts ligion is increasing : a 0 Ic asses! and theJ1 are ready to try for who chance to drop into the armed f?rces. The ;Godlessness :a:tn, ; Chapels. No: A strapping young soldier, -;peciahzed .military training. rce Club on Monday or Friday of the _Roanng Twentie_s seems .to 2 and 3; 9:00 a.m., Chapels No. 2' 20 years old, stood among primary reason for the ev_enmg. Incidentally, t h a ri k s be gomg out of fashwn. Many 3 and 5. hrs comrades and began reading :lasses is-to -improve the a rmy," Mrss Leland, for having-the piano !Hen :vvho -bee11: .much Wed.; from a mimeographed sheet of Lieutenant Thornton said '"A tuned ... now what will I use m rehgi?l:IS belief are Fri ... and Sat.,. Chapels: No. : 2 and paper. :nan who cannot read is a handi-as an excuse for the startling havmg the. expenence of the3 ; ; 5:30.p:m. Tues. and Thtir!'; "I am a man," he read halting-cap to the army. But at the same noises that come out of that Steinatherst dream.ed or:e Chapel No. 2.ly. "I am a soldier. In the army, time the men. are helping them-way the next time the DSE Dance m ght that God believe m a man-is a .-soldier." sel':esand they often continue on -Orch. is j-umpiiJ.g -through hoops. him. In times-of stress such .as o A corporal standing in th_ e back th. e _rr oc,,cord to become .more prof-or .sgt;. Luukkone n ?_ Tha. t. the present, all see!1'1 ,tq, g row closer to :the fund a m enta 1 Sunday""'-'10':30 a.m.; Cli.ap :el No;:' 'of the-to.om .said that was frcrent. Pvt. Vmce :Gqzzo, forrnerly with 3 11 Ch ls N andasked if anybody else. wanted Jack Teagarden's Orchestra -who proble!l)s of life arid : .death; when .. : ape ;o.l; 2,4 :apq .. mfoatryybe.A 4 2 gr;peuyrt.nugpsho1l.sdiehranodf.40 or Ct"y .. __ f: J .J._On::. P._. e r s_o onel _<:b-aen gbawckithto un: sighlats.t' M : onday the situatio11 is strained and the. 5. 1 : 0:00 a m : Holy Communioi;:l t way befote lis hone too clear; hu(Episcopal) ChapelNo. : 2. : : ; .:-:: "I f' ht f t th C N All d I inan beings are. more apt 'to ask Sunday Eveiling-7:30, .Chapels rg 9r my coun ry,. e OrS OW o We P arades_-and _-ReVl ews are a new h f No 1 d 4 u 't d St t th ld t e undamenta. l ques_ ti'ons. -a __ n . rue a e 0 er n1an T p k f" I d feature on the Band? s :schedUlE!--'-W d d !J. 30 Ch 1 N 5 -continued reading, pausing here 0 ar on Je ,lLSweek it was a Review of the Where am I going? What should" .. e nes ay'-'. ; ; ape' o :. and there -to figure out a letter ___ .. 50lst Signal. Co.-,. earlier 1t was I do _with fny li fe? What is :Jewish b t' "A ld' b meaning of existence .on tl11s com ma ron. so rer "as a B one of tbe 828th Guard Squadron .. gun. I have. a. gun. In the army .11 egmnbmlg 'rl;lesday, January 12, : 'starrmg Pvt. Dan Goldsmr'thottr earth'? H .. furlough business. signal corps phonetic alphabet. Streets. Pfc. Gus De Ridder had the When a .man in the signal corps E Doctor Goldbrick's Mailbag By Pfc. J. J. O'Gara Dear Doc: You savvy seven years too much long time for Indian Joe. play on Cornell feetball team and no gettum letter? -Indian Joe' s Ma Dear I. J's Ma/ You send him to long time no "C". Dear Doc: My brother, who. has been flat on his back ever since a :steam rolier ran over him, is afraid .won' t get by the Army doctors next week. Have the standards been lowered any lately? -Corp. Bacillus Flinch Dear Bacillus: No, in fact draft boards have been tightening up on tions. Only last. week they tu)."ned down a blind man because his Seeing Eye dog had flat fe.et. Wants to say the letter "M" for 5. ast Side of Hard Stand. at whole Band eagerly awaiting arinstance, .he ,says "Mike" so there northeast corner of intersection rival of the photo his Dolgeville will be no mistake. "R" is Roger, of lOth Street and Tampa Bay (N. Y.) honey promised him ... Mr. Ripley Dear Doc: Once upon. a time there. was a .. My fiancee, who is the apple of travelling salesman who pulled my eye, has left me for a sailor. up at a country farm house_ about Should I attempt to win back her: dusk. The farmer' s daughter came -and so on. Blvd. when it finally came, it turned Thus the soldier who cannot The. parking space to be used out to be a picture of Betty read learns his alphabet through by his employees will be desig-Grable. If Cpl. Ralph Su_djian, the use of names. Then he begins to nated "by each officer responsible Band Noter's new assistant, were read in the modern educational for civilian personnel sections. No not such an avid movie fan, Gus t' f t t' 'th 'd parking on hard stands or streets might have gotten away with prac rce 0 S ar mg wr 1 eas ex-the h .oax. Gus str'll Ins Ists that d h t t b k will be allowed, and any violation presse m s or sen ences, rea the resembla-nce r's pur'ely coln-. t h t d th 1 wrll result m the loss of insurance mg em m o wor s, en sy cidental. lables, finally letters. identification. "I:lms a soldier in the adult -+<---classes at Drew learns first to Said a police officer peering read the sentence "I am a man. into a car parked on a dark side Next he learns the individual road, "I ought to pinch you, solwords, and then the letters makdier." ing up the worcb. Came a feminine voice from Under the special service of-the car, "Quit giving him any ficer, Lt. Charles Thornton, a more ideas." former Newark, N.J., instructor, ------+<----the classes are taught by three Anna: "I'm so glad you like it, rural teachers, Corp. Carl Bjorndear. Mother says chicken salad son, Corp. W. Udberback and Pvt. and strawberry tarts are the only John Reese __ things I make correctly." It takes five weeks for the sol-Alford: "Which is this, darling?! The old Army Sergeant and his wife were at the breakfast table. Said the Missus, "That new Sergeant and his wife from next door seem very devoted." No reply. Only a grunt as the old Sergeant gurgled his coffee. "Every time he goes out he kisses her, and he goes on throwing kisses all the way down the street. Why don't you do that?" "Me?" snorted the Sarge. "Why, I don't even know her!" love or forget her entirely?-out to see what he wanted. -Heartbroken Aviator "Any brushes today?" he :asked. Dear Heartbroken Av: "No thanks," said she. "But Forget her. She may be the ap-won' t you spend the night? pie of your eye, but she's rottei1 Father isn't home." to the Corps. "Thank you, no. I've got a lot more work to do," he said, and drove off Dear Doc: My daughter worries me-she's going on eighteen and plays with dolls. Do you think she might be a little b ackward mentally? -Tampa Matron Dear T. M: No. My uncle is sixty and still plays house-he makes believe he's the .walls and gets plastered. Dear Doc: My wife threatens to pack her trunks if I don't .help her with ---------+<-------The cadet company was drawn up in a perfect line. The inspecting officer walked slowly down the front rank giving each man a searching glance-then he stopped. "Young man," he said to the cade t, "you remind me a great deal of General Grant." "RPally, sir?" said the eagerly.: .. Yes ," snapped the officer. "He -didn't shave either." I MAKE PLENTY OF E?U7 CAN'T SP,ENO IT, 50i.VH.4T'S LEFT FOR Mt= TO ---&'"R---PARDON FOR. 71+6 INTRUSION1 -BUT f1.105Ei. IDEA5 ARE FASHIONP,


January 15. lS43 DREW FIELD ECHOES Page 5 Jlli&IJ -Birth o f a Glee Club A ll men who are interested in forming a Gl e e clu b and s in ging with it are urge d to On Spot SERVICE CLUB submit their n ames to the Spe -Friday-8:00 p.m. cia O f fice. There is a Dance, with girls from tbe De-club forming and it will be a fense Mothers and American swell opportunity to g e t to-Legion Auxiliary. gethe r with others interested Saturday in music and singing. So let To .be announced,-: us know about you by g etting p. your name in Musical program. SPEC.IAL SERVICES OFFICE THE U sh 5 I Monday-8:oo p.m > 1 !._ .. any:. ows. lven_ Wh t" N T I t"' .1'\li\L"w s elves Dance. 'The combined uso a 0 .o en :' 1 / ____ s 'll Since schedule is necessary for Clubs of Tampa present,another D ur e n_.g W e e k _:.B y Where .. ar.e all the artists, or cr almost everything here's your of their dances "wouldbeartists" who want Army Radio schedule, with call Tuesday-8:00 p.m. do.SOlhe painting or diawletters 'and frequency listings: _.Recorded symphony concert. ( -fteclal s e rv s ing in their free time? We are \ ........ WFLA (970) Daily, Monday Wednesday-8 :00 p.m. "'JJ : : starting -some classes. in .these through Sat. 7 :05 to 7:25 a m. Dance by Business .Girls of I subjects very soon and want Hi, soldier! Bettertt,{ne in your Diew Field Reveille. Tampa. -to get all the men interested radio 'cause here we go again. WFLA (970) Tuesday, 6 :30 to 'Last week the Spedai to come in a 'nd get acquainted. Your annoulice c would like to 6:45 p.m., Dr'ew Field Squadron-ThU:rsday-8=00 P m. Office presented a good many We will have materials for you take this opportunity to thank aires. Bingo night. shows_ m Recreation Building No. to work with, so it will cost one of the Flying Lts. here at WDAE (1250) Thursday, 8:35 to RECREATION BLDG. No. 1 1 whrch by the end of the week you nothing at all to draw and Drew for making possible the un-8:55 p m., Rookie Rays Scrap-Friday-8:20 p.m .was nicely fixed and -ready to paint.. Come out of hiding and usual radio skit heard on last book. Cpl LaMarr presents a soldier house in comfort either a revue drop into the Special Service :Friday's broadcast of the Drew WFLA (970) Friday, 9:00 to revue with original sketches, a pla:y, o!' a conce1 : t. The seating Office and see Lt. Sarkin. Field Star Parade. I must confess 9:30 p.m., Drew Field Star Pa-songs and dances. capacrty 1s large, the.view of the that your annouii.cer was in a bit rade. Saturday-8:00 p.m._ -stage is_ frorri all parts of of a quandary about a subject of Keep Tuned to your Army. Soldier concert, presenting a the audrtonum, and the-acoustics II.'S-Q Q lhe Wayf. interest to present on that show. Signing Off. new Drew Field orchestra. are excellent-so that the use of J However, that was prior to meet--+<----the .microphone in this building ling one of the flying officers here World Traveler Sunday necessary to those.per.for'Hullobolloo .From Ore_ f ro' In .tlle s]ry dr rectly Open. .,t,_: s whose experience has been Will Show Fi1ms Monday-8:20p.m 1rmited to radio. Meri:-ha.ve' had "Hullaballoo from l)rew" ... overhead brought yours truly up Dr. Wilson and Band bring a diffic\lltY for you from Drew ... all withastart.Herewasrealaction! At Tampa USO fine concert from Tampa Uni-smce the Special. Seivof which is very bad newspaper Certainly the type of action every versity by courtesy -cf ,Dr ICe ;Offrce has. beep .. givin'g; it more work, but on the other hand she soldier at the field would be inOran McCormick world tra-Mooney. .-notice, audiences,have ... increased. wears a silken glove. And, gentle-terested in. And right at my side veler and author -the book Tuesday-8:20 p.m. Enthusiastic-reaction of the men men, if you don't think that there stood an officer, wearing the "The World, as Oran McCormick I Defense Recreation Variety is proof they:enjoy the shows will be silk, and stuff in wings of a flyer. Discussion of the Saw It," is on a lecture tour for Show. tremendously in this new 'loca!Jalloo ... come around. The thmg P-39's speed in brought the service men of Florida. He Wednesday.,--8:20 p.m. tion. IS well on its way to completion, a story packed wrth will entertain at the USO Club Danny Sheehan brings his -On. Monday eveping, .. Danny and it won't be long now until mterest and drama. One questiOn located at 601 Twiggs St. Tampa' young dancers and singers. _brought. !-lS some. fine 1 the and the costumes, led. to" yhou Saturday and Sunday, 16 and Thursday-B:2o p.m. dancmg acts which comprised and the musrc, and the peanuts could tum your tabs we ad 17 at 8:15 p m. The procrram will First presentation of "Bulla-most of the show -Floyd Winters. and popcorn will be ready too. the basis for our narrative co;lsist of a two-hour of brought singers to s -upport them. 1 Hullabaloo from Drew by men titled: 'Solo In_ The P-39." co lored movies taken during his baloo from Drew." The combination of. these-dancers of Drew for the other men of sound hbrary at WFLA 1938 trip around the world. and singers res u 1 i e d in a Drew, is really going to be some-was hterally turned ups1de down Films will include sc enes from Post Exchange 4 was thoroughly evening. music for the pro111 orde r to the Rio d e Janeiro, South Africa, opened at North 2nd Street the followmg night, the Army ductwn rs bemg orchestrated and wunds of the 'lme and fhght at India, Malaya, Philippine Islands .and "N" Avenue, January 14, -A1r Force Band gave a beautiful arranged by a guy named Bud Dre w. The only comment (with scenes of Gen. Douglas Me1943 This Post Exchange will performance as fine as any that Estes. He was good enuf for T. l the sound engmeer at the radiO Arthur and native troops), South carry a limited supply of this humble listener has ever Dorsey, so we think we'll kee p station was, ''If I only had SIX Pacific Islands, Australia, Hono-equipment until such time as heard a band give. It played a 'im. The skits and comedy rou_ more hands, the Drew Field Star lulu and various other stops on the building is fully completed. variety of serious and popular tines will be staged b y some lads,. Parade would b e a cinch." All of the l'Out e music with equal effectiveness. from the theatre, We have all whic h leads me to extend, once -----------------------------Cpl. John Hession sang two nuln-sorts of talent all professional :!!: .. : .. : .. ::-:-:-:!!:-:-:!!-!:-:-:-:-:-:-::-:!:-:-:-:-: ... bers with the band and distin-. and we are using all that we .:. .,... guished himself in both. can get. This whole affair is going Radio shows. Become a part of : B o B 'S OPEN EVENINGS On Wednesday night, there was to be one of the biggest (and I your particular outfit 'ON THE :i; a soldier show in wnich there I really mean BIG) soldier produc-AIR' .;. were many good acts. Harold 1 tions since This Is The Army Flash! Miss Lucy Monroe, star JWahldriMdge, Josepfh Kennelly and' d A lot of yoluse guyhs out-the lre Mof thel NBtCt n et\M'v'Ork raGdioRshovd'v', :i: s to' re _:;lx. o n ader per armed a parti-on' t know w 1a t we a v e m t 1 e an 1 a an erry o-oun .:. cularly amusing sketch of their line of talent here at the fi eld. come s to our Dre w Field Star .:. "1 _own writing. Adelbert Purga There is a lot of it, and awful lot Parade broadcast Friday, January i ::: played his violin brilliantly with-of that is real famous stuff. Guys 29. 19439:00 to 9:30 p: m. The ::: Complete Line Military Sup plies For The Needs Of :i: out accompaniment. On Thursday like Purga .. Crane .. Waldridge radio show is just a portion of,.;. J night, under supervision of "The .. Names back in the big City the huge evenings entertainme_nt ::: SERVICE MEN J. Pefense Recreation Committee," Names down here. being planned by the Specral .:. i Miss Merle Holloway sent us a Keep your eyes and ears open Service Office. A singing contest .;. EXPERT T AJLQRJNG t fine. show that was excellent in for the opening date. It'll be right conducted by Miss Monroe will 1; T :;: every detaiL Olive Beebe sang here at Drew .. then away we highlight the evenings gay time ::: 207 E. Lafayette Street ampa 1 _with great feeling and charm go on the road. So be sure with the winne r receiving a val. Miss Mabel Auginbaugh played y ou see it .. 'Cause if you uable award in the for1n of the t.:. ........................................................................................................................... .. 3 the piano with rare skill and was somebody else will. I'm not t ellin' all important War Bonds. To keep On Friday night, under the suI'm merely telling you that you' ll other informatwn concermng thrs I.J pervision of Lt. Trout, Cpl. La be darneQ. sorry if you miss it. gala evening, listen to the follow-ll THE TERRACE GlFT & FLOWER SHOP a delight to hear. ya to come .. Understand that .. posted on an_d I Jr FLO\\ -Marr, produced a soldier show It' s going to be soon, so keep an ing Tadio programs. and attend _and acted in it himself. The result evening open, gang, and we'll let the nightly entertamment fea-' Tampa Terrace, Phs. 3022--:M. 5561 .was so successful that he was you know. tures at the Recreation Building ,., "FLOWERS BY WIRE'" -asked to present another perform-Here it is-I told you so-just on 1st street between K and L. Open Until 11 P.M. F;very Da. y ance on Friday of this wek. verified-Friday and Saturday Incidentally, that's a good Last week there were shows five evenings, January 22 and 23. No ing to remember, fellas-drop 111 nights of the week in Recreation excuses now-we'll do it-you see any evening and see for your Building No. 1. This week we it! hope to have one there seven _________ nigh.fs of the week. -----+t----Hey, Gong, Listen To the Music ... Timely Comment To the soldier who is afraid that his pal will take his girl while he is away: "Listen, soldier, there really isn't anyth.i .ng to worry about. If Uncle Sam. wants your pal, he GOODY GOODY THE PLACE TO EAT 1119 FLORIDA AVENUE Est. 1925 Hey, fellas gather round over here for a minute, will you? Listen, we have something right down your main street. We have a fellow in the Special Service Office who is well known for his ,em: ic ability He was directorof for a great big outfit in the middle west, and I don't mean a meat packing concern. His name is Purga and he is forming an Orchestra to beat all Orches tras. If you know what the score is and really have had experi ence with music and instruments will be on his way to camp very *-------------* shortly. If the Army doesn't want .. do this. Come down to the Special Serv ice Office Thursday evening be tween 7 o'clock and 8 o'clock and speak to Pvt. Purg

P age 6 9llth QM PLATOON ON THE B ALL By CPL. R. C T. P EARMAN It seems that Lt. May, our Commanding Officer, has started a one man campaign to get things m:ganized around these parts. He has the new basketball court well on its way to being the bast on the Base. He has his mind set on getting some heavy soil for the floor of the court. If there is any to be had, he will get it, you may be sure of that. He isn' t satisfied with the present day-room or PX arrangement, so ... there will be some changes made (but quick). He has obtained possession of building 2485, when he gets through With 1t here is how it will look: A new and larger PX will greet you as you enter the building. As you continue to tfie rear, you will find a day-room large enough to accomodate the 59th fellows as well as ourselves. It will be the ideal place to entertain your friends when they come visiting.. (See what I mean, Featherstone? ) There will, of course, be additional furniture and games. I am told that we have enough money in the company fund to buy another pool table or a pmg-pong set. As soon as we make up our minds Lt. May will find a place to get what we want, so let's go. F ellows, in reading this co lumn I don't want you to get the idea t h a t everything is running smoothly in good old 911. As a matte r-of-f<.;t life has suddenly become vet'y complicated. Did you know that there is a bloody battl<:; gomg on between a certain substitute bugler and his bugle. S o far the b ugle has won every fall. Know what happened the other morning? The darn thing froze up and absolutely refused to w01 : k. So instead of reveille we had a sub bugler dashin g abou t m his shorts bellowing "GET UP, GET UP." The reason why L t. Curley l9oks so good on the basketball is because he has been play I_ll fast competition most of his life. He starred at Fordham Prep a n d again at Fordham Uni vers.ity. After that he played ser:ru-pro. and pro ball in compe tltwn With such teams as "The Renaissance, NY Celtics and other teams of that caliber. With a background like that, who would not look good? What a boost it's going to be to our team when he takes over the coaching job. That was a heck of a fine show the USO put on for us. That giri who danced h eld the whole darned camp in the palm of h e r hand. Safeguard your own future and the future of the American way of life by investing in War Bonds and Stamps. DREW FIELD ECHOES PLOT. CO. 564th SAW BN. (SEP.) d emonstration of a chicken with DOTS AND DASHES his head cut off was to be expected. Did you ever see Sgt. Snow working? He was the anchor-man By SGT. E. S. PERRY of the personel section tug-of-war By the time this i s printed, ye team as they dragge d, shoved, editor hopes to be looking them pushed, and pulled thei r f urniture to the old Finance Bldg. with over on the great white way of Ben]ie (D A ) Cohen giving legal l ittl e old New York. Going in opposite directions (even to Min-advice on consequences of damnesota) are Tobias, Burgess, age, neglect and Reports of SurSquires, Knott, Kaspar, Tucker, ve13"gt. Hackett, Sgt. Brosnan, PTarks1 Bell, Henso1 n and Wissert. Corp. Gallagher, and Pfc. PlanIp: ots of lone Y gals left b e -isek were the cheer leader s durhind. "Count" Larotondo had a lot ing the entire fray. of trouble p laying lea p frog dur-What with publications now ing the calisthenics period. Say, next to Public "Relations, the old did you see O 'Brien doing the mix-up is now worse than ever. elephant walk? P.R. 0 is slowl y going nuts ex-The Mess Hall is now crowded plaining to the dog-faces that with such personages as Griner, there is a s light difference. Pupa, Hawki ns, Feldman, etc. At ca?:verheard o n a crowded street breakfast since the "get o u t and stay out" edict went into effect. "I hear Baggett goes to the dog Tuesday's hike was sure a me-races every night." mmable stroll. Now that school in;'Jeh? Which race does he run is over for most men. It gave Have you ever noticed how the them a good workout. Wearing Photo Lab treats the erstwhile that gas mask has its points; a Neighbor Policy, a L a Hillsboro Senorita! I s Pfc Bruce working himself into shape for the obstacle course by tripping the light fantastic with 200 lbs. of "Honeybunch" from Tampa. Have you heard of S. Sgt. Haskell, the hero of Bataan, and his latest adventure s? If he won't tell you we will. Yes, Spring weather has touched most everyone. Why, even Cpl Flood's finger nails were too, too divine the othe r day. May we toss a big bouquet in the direction of L t Madden? We have n ever seen a better Master of Ceremonies. He picked up the party and put it on a level of perfection, what with a touch of his Irish humor and a natural gift of gab. Wonder if the cooks enjoyed that good meal; maybe it'll be a lesson to t hem. Didn't Lt. Hirt surprise us with his Merry Melody. Nelson Eddy better look to h is laurel s January 15. 1943 STAR KOSHER DELICATESSEN All Kinds of Herring, Lox and Smoked Fish. Impo.ted and Domestic Cheeses. Kosher \'lines. All Kinds o f Sandwiche s Open Till 11 P.M. 805 G r Central. Ph. H 29-842 Member V F. W Purple Heart E. P JOHNSON & SON watchtn&ken & J.ewelen OPEN .UNTIL 8 :30 P M. Zit E.". .;:M. M l LLER'S

\ ,::;January 15, 1943 f:' ... Army Offer of Education Bargain Listed in Booklet A booklet that may be expect \ ed to influence the lives of hun \l;dreds of thousands of men in the has recently been issued by /the War Department. It is the new Institute Catalog, prepared (by t!1e Special Services Division. With Its l!stmg of more than 500 correspondence courses now available to all enlisted men. it up vast new opportunities ; for the soldier whose education ,:was interrupted by the war and :' for the man who is ambitious to himself. It is going. to in ,,,fluence many a career, not only in ithe Army, but also in private life ::after the war. SIGNAL HO. & HO. CO. By Pfc. Longman & Pfc. Swartz Although this Christmas was HOS. CO., REPORTING BN. 503rd SIGNAL REGIMENT REPORTS By SGT. LESTER SHEAR not white, it was _beautiful. The Last week First Sgt. Miller, man with the chin spinach came Sgt. Quinn and a few other boys clown the drain pipe to leave a were invited to an informal parRadio-pronograph, over-stuffed ty in Seminole Heights. They furniture, rugs, and an sorts of must have had a swell time be "goodies" for our clay room. cause they're still talking about Xmas was spent cracking nuts it.ancl nursing heads that felt they T/5 Ravioli is on his own were about to crack. again. His extra mail orderlies To those who have recently are back on company duty. T/4 left this company to wrestle the Joe Weinbren has a new nickfuzz head or drink tea on the name. Nobby! Guess why? Guiza, we wish the very best. When Mr. Schooler, formerly Thumb up'--stiff upper plate-tech sergeant, turned his bed three shorts, one long,-c'est for-back to supply, he neglected to turie de guerre. They Sgt. Polk, tli.ke off the adhesive tape bearCpl. Ralston, Cpl. Coffman, Pfc. ing his name. The bed was issued Potts, Pvt. Ogilvie (a fine Kana again to a new member of the performer) leave us to join the company, who was slightly messy 9th Fighter. about making. up the cot one Shops. Frankly, we don' t hlame him. The way things have been shaping up over at B.E. S., we think both he and Lt. Ford deserve some real applause. BRONX CHEERS to those people who invariabl y insist on being "sixty minute orators" every time they get a telephone near their constantly moving tongues. It might be a good idea to ration some of the GAS that passes over our telephones. Marvin Gootrad, of shipping and receiving, better known as "Sloppy Joe," finally convinced someone that he's important enough to rate a private office. He gripes until he gets an office, and he. gripes at the noise the carpenters make while building it. Says he'll be gli:td when it's completed. So will we! Soldiers Always Welcome EL BOULEY ARD RESTAURANT FINEST SPANISH FOODS-BEST OF LIQUORS 200I Nebraska TOWNSEND Sash -Door & Lumber Co. LUMBER & MILLV\TORK ROOFING AND PAINT-FHA LOANS PHONE H4891 N. Rome and Fuller Street HENRY HOWKEE CO. Chinese Hand Laundry Satisfaction Guaranieed < All of the questions likely to ;;,be asked about the Institute are :;?fully answered in this catalog. ;clearly defined are the purposes, ,:advantages and operations of the :school and the book explains how .an enlisted man may enroll for ,as little as two dollars. More than ':thatAis a comprehensive guide :for who wants to be a \'bette_ _; 1 soldier; improve his Congratulations are i n order to morning.When the inspecting of-1st Sgt. Gantz, who recently was ficer came around, he took down the recipient of an amazing phethe name on the adhesive tape. nomena. He became a father. So And that's how Mr. Schooler now at the Gantz household it's found his name on the gig list. .the patter of tiny feet, goo-goo, T /Sgt. Kirby has at last found dada, and everything is beans and a cozy nook to live .in. the catsup. We announce with pride future his fiancee Is commg that the father is doing well. down and another perfectly good Foreman l etters of introduction were introduced to 26th Sub Depot Supply office subordinates the oth.er day by one of our upand-coming civilian employees, one who has been here a short j time, and who has advanced very .504' Tyler St. Tampa Fla. rapidly. Be sure, :f:ittle Beavers, 1 ...,--------------: that you comply with the letters. ---------------; It's a boy for proud papa, SAM ':"' .. for promotion; prepare training; start or con high school or college work {With credits; qualify for a better rjob in civil life. All enlisted men with at least i11onths' service are eligible. :;They have a choice of two plans: one. of 64 courses roffered by -Army .for only two c (pollars; the umversity plan un1'ider which more than 500 !Jare offered by 76 outstanding col 'Ieges and universities, with the lGovernment paying half the cost, to 20 dollars. The man him decides how much time he to spend studying. And an J;!Il1POrtant feat11re of the com;se that lessons are not interrupted tf,te man is sent overseas The of Proficiency for suc completion of AI:my Insti : itute: courses is. another popular cfeat/n-e of the .. program. The cover business, technical, industrial. liberal and en'gineering s 'ubjects and 1range from accounting and avia to trigonometry arid weldli:pg.,. .. (Don) Kennelly, Fo rmer Entertainer, Now Rod io Ope rotor Crowns, pounds and gu.ineas to. bite the dust. Sgts. Ralph E. Park, Wilmer G. The T/Sgt .. Boy kin John Lewak Donald M. J. A. has come mto the hmehght Diile David H. Culpepper, Suh, again, He is the recipient of a and a coronet to PFC Long" beautiful ring from some gorESCO. Congratulations, old man. Where are the cigars? HO. & HO. SO. III FIGHTER COMMAND SEA BREEZES man for the acquisition of that geous creature in town. Is it just By PFC. ALVIN M. AMSTER single chevron, which in itself love? proves that the age of mir-acles V.:ho says our armed .forces Congratulations to Lt. and isn't over. don t cooperate? We have m the Mrs. Levy upon the arrival of Now we ask for everyone's co-company two young boys study-little Susan Vida on New Year's operation. Pvt. Joe Morelli's pride ing radio. They are not like day. The lieutenant still insists and joy and the outfit's very spe-rest of the G.I.s They are Manne Sue was the first baby born in cial pet, 4.-month-old "Rusty," the Sgts. E. R. Lauck and Frank Mul-1943 in Tampa proper. brightest and cutest little pooch vey. Best-Saying-of-the-Week Dein these here.parts is mysteriously Yes, that. wreck is S(Sgt. Gon-partment: From Cpl. Joe "Red" missing. His identification is on tar sky. He IS recuperatmg. from a Hresko, "I'm saving this calendar his tag, along with a nifty harness Pendley IS some so that if I'm marooned on ii deshe is wearing. To the one who killer-diller with the women (beeJ,;t island, I'll know what day to returns "Rusty" will go our sin-lieve it or not) .. While on fur-go out for exercises." cere thanks. Iough he is reported to have re-The squadron extends its deep\Ve announce with regret the ceived no less than four loving .est sympathy to Pvt. Jackson death of Cpl. Melvin L. Casper, postcards from gals in town. And Page, whose father recently esteemed member of this com-I thought he was a quiet soul. passed away. nany. While home on furlough; Sgt. Renny West is a lonely Pfc. Walter Dorwart left Tues-he was taken ill. Cpl. Casper un-man since a certain person left day on furlough. January 23 is derwent. an operation. but never Tampa. East is east but West is the day .he and Miss Katherine 1'ecovered: .In his passing we lose not the same. Kachmar, of Stratford, Conn., a dear friend, stout fellow, good We have a .new type .of techm-say., "We do." .soldier. cian in our midst. .. Hot Dots first class. Cpl. Lew1s Levm Thanks to Sgt. Harry Lampert, 59th AVIATION SO. (SEP.) earned this new classification of A-2. for the SEA BREEZES New Year's Eve when he just sign .. Aiken .burns for Hedy stepped in and handled the job. Lamarr ... "Mile-a-Minute" BarBut it has been said that nobody tels, the .. nervous bundle of walk in the company had a hangover ing energy ... "Charlie" Taylor during the holidays. But some received a package of cookies DISH'N-DIRl By PFC; J; J. MITCHEl. 1 B PVT SAUL BE Fellows, your correspondent ( ., Y TENS. will be on furlough next week sho' nuff had a headache. from an unknown West Tampa admirer ... Maj. Fisackerly and \_.;"Fve been buckihgfor this long and will be substituted by the exclaimed Pvt. Joe inevitable Sgt. James C Gray. Sub .. Depol Subs Capt. Krause sprouted -Flight Surgeons' wings ... Betsy Wilson has a pair of modernistic wings from an admirer. Sgts. Wahl, Kollar and Joyner Sei'vcice Men Always Wekome Sulp hu r Spri ngs Cafe We .. Specialize In Home Cooked Food, Ch.lcken, Steak and Chop Dinners Sulphur Springs, Arcade Bldg. W: RAMS E Y LUMBER COMPAN:Y We s peciali.Ze in M ill Work & Cabinets We can furnish material for Bepairs and F. H. A .. Loans Phone.-Y 12i9 17th St. &. 6th Ave Bar and Cocktail Lounge The'TURF EXCHANGE Package Store OFI.'CHESTRA EVER'Y NIGHT Phone 2003 202 : E; Lafayetle Stteet "Soldlen-Fll:vorlte. Entlng PJaee" STEAKS. .. AND' CHOPS' A: SPECIALTY E .LlTE RESTAURANT :TA!tlPA AN D TWIGGS. STS Max's Liquor Ba: r WINES LIQUORS CIGARS FREE DELIVERY SERVICE 1601 E. COLUMBUS DR PHONE Y-1281 --Keep 'f!m Flyfilg,-Kennelly, internationally Typing school is ending today At first it was: ".Jones, and Me famous buck and wing star on (Friday) and the following felIntyre"-then it became. "Mdnlar .l'iving at Drew Field Flo{ida lows are looking forward to retvre and Jones"-now its "Jones, all I can say is that 'it's about ceiving Diplomas: S/Sgt. Adams, Mcintyre and .lanes; That girl ltime!" Ever since he's been in Cpl. Baisden, Pvt. Dunham and must really like the name of help to keep the Coliseum going --------------..; 'the !service, Joe has been anxious your correspondent. JONES. get into active combat. The co is back at the "White 26th SuhDepot Supply is 'il : J0e's first bieak almost Oak Desk" looking over .the rim mourning the loss of Mrs: Nana ago. When given a mmor of his. specs after spending ten Chatham, who was-.the very efIParl' in Ziegfeld's "Kid Boots days in his home town of Eliza-ficient. Supervisor of G eneral brought the beth, N. J FLASH Cpl. Files. But our tears are drying l!.OJ.!;>e. down Smce then, he sky-Carriere returned from furlough fast-Betty Giaquinto has taken to theater fame, appearthis week also, slightly over. Congratulations; B e t t y. ;Jng 1 With Jack Benny, Will Maposed. All the boys are wonder-we're sure you're doing a swell ;honey, Faith Bacon, and Patsy ing what is the matter. Is it that job. m Earl Carroll's Vanities he had too much fun? Congratula. -Guess who reported' for work <>r '30, '31 and '32 For the past tions to Sgt. Henders.on on. the Monday, the 4th-a gal we've lfe : w years, and at the time he motion to S/Sgt and Pvt: Ftank wanted to see come back home left Hollywood to join the armed Stephens to the grade of T/5th for a long: time;-'-Mrs. Edna Linn. Joe .was producing and di-. Yes, we alli are proud of Hi, 'Sweetie;' are you as: glad to recting Monarco Productions, them. Stephens; especially, for be back as we are to have you? 1working"' alongside of Lt. Col. possible for him to keep some THREE CHEERS to Dick Rook-iJames Roosevelt, then president cigarettes in the future. er, who is acting like a big kid these nights Joe Commerford's special delight is squash ing potatoes with Wood's help. ... Latshaw, former A-4 major domo, is at flying cadet school. Belated. Congratulations To Sgt. George Salmon upon his recent marriage; to AI Shaw for his new mustache; and to Ray Joffrion who celebrated his 21st birthday Jan. 12 .... Eldon Guidry received his third stripe. Who doctored Dr Brown's and Prof. Rarus' sandwiches with those chopped-up rubber banqs? ... Mr: Wolf, of A-4, brings delicious oranges to work. ... Gosselin passed out four boxes of seegars on his promotion to first sergeant. ... How about giving us the nicknames of some of our that film organization.. The case of the one and only lately; he's so enthused over the : Kennelly -has developed into an "Hep Cat" (William A. Norris) is progress of his new Engineering 'excellent radio operator in his an important one. He insist on "''lla--! aid in perfect-being called "Dr. Wizzard." .. Pfc. 'II Jp.g I .dbility, says Joe, is his James E. Nedd, another orderly, Ive capacity for rhythm is wild about concentrated field ,imd co-ordination -two vital ration D Tablets. The reason he qualities in attaining speed in is so plump these late days. boys? and receiving radio mes-I must congratulate the USO S _ages. Camp Shows Inc. for an excellent ,,: Following a trying day of mili-f th t training; you'll find Joe en-per ormance. a was givmg us thf. er.tairi .in g hfs. buddies. During his on the night of January 11th. They a!' e some showmen, but we .. OI).ths of Army processing, Ken-are going to be better with. the tU< Cool Restful Atmosphere Superb Food Excellent Seruice JAMES B PICKARD. Mgr: Iielly has produced, directed and well blended voices of our male J!layed in many musical shows. Glee Club in "Hti.llabloo from :A):i.ct all this, .in .. his few spare Drew" : You should hear those li'oub each day. At present, Joe guys. chime out every evening is rehearsing in Drew Field's new under the direction the very musical, "Hullaballoo from Drew." talented musicians, Sgt. Gray V ''I think Army life is swell!" and Sgt. Downing, of the Quarterchirped up Joe, on inquiry. "So masters. fiir I've gained eight pounds in I know most of you guys have weight;and feel 10 years young-been watching those thrilling er." 1 f And he looks it. basketbal games every a ternoon between the "Fighting 59th and .'>; AN_T_I ___ A_I_R_C_;A_F_T__F_I_R_E on "The Eating Quartermasters. We have won three out of five. Guadalcanal has shot down High point man was your corresrpore planes than similar guns pondent. e lse in the world NOTE: Have you noticed the iiav.e, perhaps, Malta. The outfit way all the boys are going to fu-imarily responsible for this church these late days? ... Is it remarkable record moved into a New Year's resolution? ... I the Solomons with several don't think it is because most of yea1;s' training and with service th. e saloons are restricted to sol pn Midway Island and at Pearl 1 diers. (NY Times) THE CHATTE R B OX CHICKEN AND STEAKS REAL ITALIAN SPAGHETTI SANDWICHES DRINKS LIQUORS ABBA DABBA AND BAND NIGHTLY 707 S. HOWARD AVENUE PHONE H 3757 McAskill Music Stores Radios" and-Repail'in.g: .sound .. and Inter CO'mmunlcatlng Systems. Authorized -Capehart and Scott Radio Service 1116 Grand Central' Phone B-3'787 LOANS-JtiONElY TO LEND Diamonds Wot.,bes -Jewelr7. Sllvervnre Diamonds ut o Dig Snvln&" A. L. ECKART 409 Tnmpa St.reet FERNANDEZ RESTAURANT Cuban Sandwiches A Specialty 1216 Franklin St. All Service Men Are Welcome Barcelona Cafe SPANISH RESTAURANT WINES AND LIQUORS Phone 52142" Open, All Night 4714 Nebraska and Osborne VICTOR CAFE BEER WINES 1324 Franklin Ph. M BILL BAILEY, Prop. Member V .F.W. & Am. Legion Special Invitations to --xu-Service Men GLEN'S BILLIARDS Now In lis New Location 805 TAMPA ST. I


Page B Drew Wins Over Tampa U., 44-34; Tied: in Loop. Lead Engraved Social Sblionery, lc o. The Commercial Print{ rs Printers of The Tampa Army 11.15 Florida Ave. Phone 2126 COl\IPLETE DINNERS luultr. \ tJ'ttttJ i t..,, urHI1 Herrin::. u11d Pll kind_.. nf fish. slri1ll. \\'INE, BEER, SA:'\D\\'ICit FINMAN'S KOSHER MARKET Onl.v i\1-arkf't In Tarnpn 928 F.. Broodway Ph. 11156-1.>3 % Blot'k East of Nl'brasl


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