Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 46 (January 22, 1943).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
January 22, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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VOL. !-NO. 45. Published. Every Friday Drew FielJ, Tampa, Florida Friday, January 22, 1943 FROM DREW" HERE TONITE -___.: ___________ ---------------------------------------------------DREW FIELD PlAYERS WILl ENACT FIRST SHOWING FOR SOLDIERS Rest and Relaxation AT RECREATION BUILDING NO. 11 -TGnight, out at Drew Field, shades.of Broadway will descend. One of the zaniest, most musical and most promising of all soldier musical revues. ever to hit the south will knock them into the aisles of Recreation Bldg. No. 1. "Hullaballoo From Drew," written, directed and produced by "the men of Drew Field, really should be a n outstanding hit. The music is delightful. New, full, and goo.d. This is definitely not just another soldier show,. but a real production. Men will laugh them selves sick, and tomorrow those same men will sing and whistle .--------------------------ATTENTION, WRITERS All men interested in serving as reporters and feature writers for the Drew Field Echoes are urged to write a letter relating their writing experience and send it through :the Message Center addressed to this newspaper. Caught In the Draft the turnes from the show. A veteran of the first world So far as the comedy is con-war, having served in the 27th cerned, it is of a rare and witty Division at the age of 15, Private timbre. The kind that all of us George C. Kaley, now of the 314th enjoy and need today. The dance 1 Base Headquarters and Air Base scenes are crazy, but wonderful. I Squadron, played a part in the The sight of a. lovely gown sup-Draft Lottery drawing which was vorted by two very hairy legs is, I evPntually to catch up with him. intself, a laugh. When the gown On the afternoon of October 15, and the thing in it start to weave 194U, the Kaley Motor Company and sway in the pattern of the received a telephone call from several dance I'(')utines it is a Bruce Barton, then Congressman howl. from New York. Mr. Barton Several of the production num-spoke to the president of the bers are outstanding. It seems like motor company, G eorge C. Kaley. Broadway all over again. Of The conversation concluded with course, you know as well as I Kaley's choice as representative know that Broadway dance cho-of the Syrian-American Veterans ruses don' t carry as much weight of the World War in the drawing as do soldier lines, but the way of the Draft Lottery. in which the show is conducted On the following day, October surprise d me, and I've seen ari 16th 1940 the memorable event awful lot of shows. took place. The famous "fish I hope that when you see this bowl," from which the numbers show you will .look for a tall for the draft in the first world blond lad singing "Tipperary." war were draw n was brought He's good. H e was good in "The back. to Washington. President Grapes of Wrath." However, Sgt. Roosevelt addressed the nation 0. Z Whitehead does a dead-pan and participated in the ceremony rendition of this song that is a which was soon to affect the scream, I mean scream. The lives of every family in America. house will nearly fall down on It was this ceremony which laid this one. the foundation for our present I These two exceedingly ambitious looking gentlemen are the Monroe Brothers, now appearing in the USO-Camp Shows' musical "GOING TO TOWN." They are two of the cleverest trampoline performers in the world. Diapers Bribe Natives Of North Africa ATLANTA, Ga.-Diapers used in the North African inva.,_ sion as bribes to win the friendship of the natives, according to Frank M. Smith, deputy director of the War Production Board here. He said 60,00 0 suits of three-cornered underwear were included in the equipment of the troops which made the invasion. FREE MENDING For soldiers who need mending or minor alterations of their clothing, this is a reminde r that the Officers' Wives Sewing Circle is still functioning. Bring your clothes to Chapel No. 1 on Wednesday mornings before 10 o'clock. The alterations w111 be made free of charge. Generar s Aide W a r Friend of Col. 'Buzz' Wagner "They said the 'Gremlins' al most got me," explained Major Robert L. Coffey, aide to Brig. Gen. A. H. Gilkeson, command ing officer, III Fighter Command, as the causeof his recent mishap. En route to Johnston, Pa. to at tend the funeral of his late friend and former buddy, Lt. Col. Boyd D. "Buzz" Wagner, as an honorary pallbearer, bad weather forced the major's P-40. down outside of Moundsville, W. Va. Mak ing an emergency landing on a &noyv-covered field, made soggy underneath by the Ohio River flood a week earlier, the plane nosed up, causing Major Coffey to sustain minor scalp lacerations and a shaking up. Born in Chattanooga, Tenn., the major's family later moved to Johnstown. He and Col. Wagner were boyhood chums there and I attended public school and Penn I State College together. During their summers they worked in the I local mines. After leaving college, he was a mining engineer for three and one-half years. In the meantime, Wagner had become I an Army flyer and finally in duced Major Coffey to follow suit. I 'Army Career He received his basic flying training at Randolph Field and graduated from Kelly Field in June, 1940 as a second lieutenant. Coffey's first seven months of service were at Langley Field with the 36th Pursuit Group. The n the major was transferred to Puerto Rico and served there all of 194t At the outbreak of the war he was moved to Panama and saw duty there until Septem ber, 1942 He was promoted to captain in Panama. While awaiting transportation at Miami to join a squadron now in India, Coffey was traT.J.sferred instead of the 305th Fighte r Squadron On Nov. 28 Coffey was transferred to the ill Fighter Command as Gen. Gilkeson's aict'e One week ago today he was pro moted to major. Also look for a yeqr beautiful army and is making possible ultiyoung lady. She will smg several mate victory over our Axis foes. tunes, and her gown is "delish." After the official dignitaries Don't wait at the stage door for had made their speeches and her though, because she is a he, drawn numbers from the "bowl" and he might not understand. It Kaley's name was called. Little is Cpl. Charles Crain, well known did he realize then the full sigfrom Br_oadway to Hollywood, nificance of the role he was play IJ?many pro_duchons. Hts ing, nor difl the thought that h e ImpersonatiOns are ter-would some day be drafted innfic. trude upon his mind. Listen for the voice of Vmce Fate, however, sometimes plays Man?ey. H e be the good-funny tricks and today George lookmg fellow never-to-C Kaley, president of the Kaley voice. _Vmc e former-Motor Company, i s Private G e o ly was the vocalist with Jack C. Kaley, of Drew Field. For on Teagarten's famous dance band, September 10 1942 he was draftand .of late from Claude Thorn-eel from Washington and inducted ...._\ll's band, with whom_ he at Fort Myer, Virginia. The "Quack" Saves Army Fliers at recordmg. This Worth Fightmg For." The lad ------is super in the show. BLESSED EVENT Scenery, dance routines, skits, L t. Joseph Schreck, Base and dialogue, music and producTechnical Inspector, is a proud tion are all original, and all par-father. The blessed event took ticularly good. Consider "Hullaplace on December 29, 1942, at balloo From Drew" a rimst on 10:30 p.:11., when his wife, Avis, your entertainment calendar. gave birth to a 7-lb, 2-ounce Don't miss it. The boys from baby girl, Judy Jane. Drew certainly have stolen the Fathe r, mother and baby are show even of the year so far as doing well. youi:. correspondent is concerned, and I ain' t Kiddin' Army Nurse Corps Now Rate Salutes Army nurses now rate salutes under a new War D e partment order published recently. In. accordance with an order by the Secretary of War, Army Regulations have been so amended that all Army nurses will rate the same privileges with reference to salutes as are accorded regular commissioned officers. Share You.r Car For gas rationing purposes, drivers of auromobiles, either military or civilian personnel, who live off :the base and wish additional passengers to carry to and from work are urged o c o n a c t the Drew Field Echoes, in he Public Relations Office, Extension 218 staing he n u m b e r of passengers wanted and :the address of the driver. Those. who are in need of transportation facilities a r e also urged to contact this of fice, stating :their address. Flash! A plane in trouble over I In one recent call, they were t h e water, in Tampa Bay, or in at the scene of an accident more t h e Gulf! U-.J.n 30 miles from the field in Immediately things happe n at 12 minutes from the lime of the Drew Fie ld The pilot in troubl e first radio message. has radioed to Drew, or someone The "Quack" i s a Grunman who bas seen his pla n e in eli EfiAmphibian Widgeo n, which will culty has telephone d the infor-o perate with equal ease on land mation. or water. Capacity i s five passenThe crew of the amphibian gers, but under emergency conplane. the "Quack," goes into ac-ditions it can h andle even more. tion immediatel y The men are It i s equipped with collapsed always on the alert, waiting for "Mae Wests," or life b elts which an emergency c all. They spring can be inf lated on the spot and into the plane, take off in a flash, thrown to people in the water. So, soldier, the next time you meet that .trim 2nd lieutenant in blue-present arms! and get to .the scen e withou t de-There also is a compact rolled, .:.....---------:-------! llay. inflatable li fe raft, bjg enough to support a swimmer indefinitely in any kind of water, and com p lete first aid equipment. The "Quack" can land easily in the water besid e the distressed pilot, take him into the plane, and take off for home. The crew can administer first aid en r oute, if needed and then turn the flier over to the flight surgeon at the base fer a thorough checkup when they get there. The "Quack" i s the pride and joy of Major Harry F Bunze, Ease Operations Office, who takes over the controls at every possible opportunity.


Page 2 DREW F-IELD -ECHOES -s .... a F .......... -... -: ....... Contestants m Typing Contest Observing the contestants (standing) is Capt. William M. Hinch, ) School Officer. From left to righl:, front table, are Pvt. Victor Smith, of W01cester, Mass.; Pfc. William G. -Phillips, o f Niagara 1 Falls, N. Y .. winner of the second prize, and Sgf. James Liner, of .Englewood, Tennes.see. From left to right, center table, a1'e -Pvt. G eorge F. Kufta, of Montville, N. J., first prizewinner; and Pfc. Eugene A. Hostvetlt, the first of successive classes :fur _fhe duration are: to dei.ve six weeks mstructwn m sheet metal. More than half of -;the students are and it is pected tha t an ev'lm greater 1 p cceritage of.women will "man" e classes as the needs of the .mtmed forces for men increase. 1l1Mr. Vaniah H. Baldwin, of St. :F;btersburg, is the instructor. "':'Students were fo rmerly sent to I Nashville and other places for .. ... I MONEY LOANED I ; TAMPAILOANVCQ; 1 : "TAMPA'S OLDEST AND MOST LIBERAL' 908 FRANKLIN -J i DINE AND DANCE AT t I s E A B R E E z E LICATA'S : on Hillsborough Bay .... PLAY-ING NIGHTLY NO MINIMUM NO COUVERT Typing Contest Prizewinner Was Formerly Fire Chief Pvt. George F. Kufta, of Montville, New Jersey, won the typewriting contest recently held at Drew Field, copping the prize of a week's furlough. Pvt. Kufta and about 40 other m e n, chose n from their organizations, took a 10-weeks' typewriting course at the end of which seven finalists were chosen and a time contest h e ld. Pvt. Kufta was the winner-far ahead of any of the othe r contestants. Pvt. Kufta was inducte d into the Army October 2 1942, at Boonton, N e w Jersey. He received seven weeks' basic training at Danie l Field, Augusta, Ga., and was then sent h e r e to Drew Field. He is stationed in the Medical Detachment in the Hospital at Drew Field He was forn)erly fire chief of the Excelsior Fire Department, of the Fii'st District of Montville, New Jersey, and at one time a part-time m ember of the local po lice department. For the. past 10 years he was a clerk for the D. L. & W. Railroad at Hoboken, New Jersey. -Ph. M 1ST1l af)C rnuttnec 44. c Night TODAY WEDNESDAY "A YANK AT rtTON" wi-th MICK:E y ROONEY Tina Thayer Freddie Bartholomew Edmund Gwenn Also Paramount 9c --28c SU:ndav and Monday Single Feature "Rood to Mor()CC011 BobHope, Bing Crosby Dorothy Lamour T -ampa and Zack Phone 3003-9c, 22c Saturday and Sunday "Knute Rockne" Pat O'Brie n Gale Page 2nd Hit TUESDAYWEDNESDAY SATURDAY AND SUNDAY 2:30 to 5 Every Night 8 till 11 EXCEPT MONDAY St Fa r e On Davis Island Buses LEAVING GRANT'S CORNER FRANKLIN AND CASS STREETS 7:15 --7:45 8:1.S TAMPA'S ONLY -NITE CLUB Featuring 3 Floor Shows Niely -8 10 Midnight DANNY & DON'S JEWEL EOX Nll'E .CLUB 911 TAMPA STREET ;., = = = = -.Dance to the Sweet Music of VERN ORCHESTRA = I -'IIIIIIIJIIIIIIIIIHIIIHIIIIIHIIIIIIIIHIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIrtlllltiiiiiiHIIIIIIIIIJIIIiffi PADDOCK BAR "Not a Jock Joint-But a place just like the one back home-where you can brxng your wife or sweetheart for a drink, a chat and fine music/' JACKSON .AT TAMPA ST. CLUB HI-HA' l 1204 FRANKLIN ST. Invites You to :Dance fo IIHi-HAT RHYTHM MAKERS1 Every Ni:te 'i Till Welcome Soldiers! "T A M P A S 0 N L Y MUSICAL BAR" Hear Your Favorite Songs CHESTERFIELD BAR CASS & TAMP A STREETS 'Tve tried to be White and Blue To the boys at MacDill and Drew, When the money is lax, I charge no tax, This is surely the place for you!" Ma MILLER'S BAR 1111 FLORIDA AVE. Ph. M 7215 BEERS-WINES lOc BEER STILL lOc Try the Best in Fooci FINEST LIQUORS DANCiNG EVERY NITE 22nd Street Causeway Phone Y 1715 "Four. Mothei'S11 I Open. From 8 A.M. to 12 P.M. FRANKLIN STAMP & STATIONERY CO. Incorporated Manufacturers of RUBBER STAMPS Priscilla Lane, Claude Rains \ PRivATE DIN'ING ROOMS BUY WAR BONDS! 1801 Franklin St. Ph. 2714


fighter Group CO Promoted Recently To Rank of Lt. Col. WHO CLAIMS LOWEST ASN AT DREW. FIELD? 314filMess Officer. Recently. Promoted If you were in World War I, you may have the lowest Army Serial Number on the post. Send us your name, ASN, and activities in the last war. How many men to feed today? There are no prizes in this How much meat is needed? How contest, but your story might much fruit? How much milk? Recently promoted to lieuten-be of interest to our readers. Vegetables? Bread? If it's a mat-ant colonel, the 28-year-old com-_____ -fc_____ f ter of vitamins for the chow manding officer of t .he 53rd Fight-M w k of the 314th Base Hdqs. er Group now stationed at Drew asonry or on and A1r Base Sq., the. problem be-Field, stared thoughtfully at some longs 1to Mess. Officer Lt. Charles of his lyers climbing into the D B d C'L. II C Bostick. cockpits of some P-39s. rew an JUe Enlisting in the regular Army "Our fighter group has some March 20, 1912, Lt. Bostick went mighty good men in it .. he said Nearly Com. pleled with the 20th Infantry from Salt puffing on h,is pipe. i Col. Dar: Lake City, Utah, to the Mexican H. Wilhelm is a collector of pipes. border where, under General "It the fust organization of John J Pershing, he was on pa_our -nation's armed forces to be Most of the masonry work for trol duty as a border seouL Dur-sent .out of the co ,untry after the new Drew Field band shell ing the World War, he served in Pearl Harbor. For almost a year been completed under the di-the infantry, under Majoi A. S. we operated in the Canal Zone rection 0f Captain Chester R. Frost, receiving assignment as arid .the Republic .of Panama.'' Delano, Specia-l Services Office1;. machine gun -instructor and re-Not only does Col. Wilhelm exban<,'! shell is l?eing financed cruiter. After the ArmiStice he .press S. Authorized Bottler: BOTTLING CO. OF TAMPA ALL ONE M,99 A S'' ... B : E C K ...... e .. .. GUARDSMAN of me;mbers o f the to be r -aised l;>y the' all-Called to active duty upon his. gro_up's sever.ne into the building Pl:oject, as mess officer to t .he 3l',lth Base; 0 .. .. f s f o. R M N And well he might be. proud of which will assure completion of Headquarters an,d Air Base, such .brilliant figh:ters as J'iil;ajor the band sheJ.l, a modern broadSquadron. Recently he was ...... Joseph Moore, Group cas, ti,ng boo.th, and a tet:razza .mated from second to first I dancing floor in front .of the band tenant. shell. La.ter, Clressing 1:ooms -will For 17 years prior to his en-: be added to ,the band shell build-tering the Army in June, 1942, Lt. ing, and to seat thou-Bostick was employed by the Ex-: sands of soldiers will be built in change 'Building Company, Meman amphitheater in front of the phis T enn., in the capacity of as-stage. sistaht building manager. The stage will be shaped as a He no:w resic;les in Tainpa, Flor-semi-circle, with 30 feet front-ida, with his wife arid two daugh1 age, and 15 feet deep. It is so designed as to afford the best .ac coustics possible, to do justice to the fine music of Drew Field talent and various big name bands THf CHAJJ.ERBOX CHICKEN A -ND .STEAKS REAL SPA9-H'ETTI SANPWICI:fES ,..,... pRIN;KS pouo.:a..s ABBA DABBA AND I,3AND NIGH',l'L Y 707 S. HOWARD AVENUE PHO-NE H 375 7 and shows which will ultimately use the band shell. The terrazza dance floor is large, 90 feet by 70 feet, and will give plenty of room for those who wish to trip the light fantastic. Drew Actor Plays Leading Role In Tampa Production S/Sgt. Wade Wybrants, appeared __ on Tuesday and Wednesday nings in the Tampa Little Theatei production of "The Male Animal," by James Thurber and Elliott Nugent. The play was presented in the Federated Clubs Building. The second performance was exclusively for service men. LT. COL. DON H. WILHELM an,d : Cap.t. Edwin B Gilmore both .oJ d,e_cora;t.l;!]J years-1n ,the A,rmy Air orps he has risen to p;t;E!sent .9-f. : a fE!at m }l;llle ,b,e :been .o#icer. .i.e,,re. :l;le : w ;c;o_ :rrunand !fl e .sq\!

Page 4 ..:Sitilil1 The DrewFieldE choes P. 0. Box 522 GLENN R ROSS, Publisher TAMP A ARMY NEWSPAPERS Business Office: 1115 FLORIDA AVENUE TAMPA, FLORIDA "Hullabaloo From Drew" Opens At RB No. Most Drew sold_iers have heard the current song hit, Der Fuehrer's Face," which is listed in the Hit Parade. A Disney cartoon has been made of the and Drew Field' s moviegoers will have an opportunity to see it soon. "Der Fuehrer's Face" is booked for a showing at the theaters here on Jan. 27-28. This Disney special Donald Duck cartoon is a technicolor subject. Paste the dates in your hatJan. 27-28. DREW FIELD ECHOES USO to P resent(:) _'Go ing to Tovm" Thi s Wednesday January 22, 1943 The W a r Department places in the Episcopal and the Luthgreat stress upon the spiritual eran churches, such services are needs of service men. If a man conducted as the needs and deis going to serve h is country well, sires of the men themselves are, he must also serve his God well, learned.

r January 22, 1943 DnEW FIELD ECHOES Page 5 of. 392nd Signal Company A via-1 gratulated-for their performancetion men at the recreation hall11ast Fdday night. Another date No. 1 Friday night. The show I and showing has been asked for. was produced a n cl d1rected by Corporal La Marr's show will Cpl. La. Marr to a large att.end-again be presente d in the near fu mg aud1ence. ture. Don't miss it if you J_ove Col. L a Mar r, recc1tly from to laugh and forget your troubles Hollywood, is well known on the for awhile. These productions are screen as Dave Daggett. Some bemg presente d through the co of his last pictures before join-operation of special services. ---1 FROM THE Monroe to SPECIAL SERVICES OFFICE ing with Uncle Sa m in June were: "Navy Blues," with Ann Sheridan, Martha Raye; "Underground," "Never G e t Rich," with Fred Astaire, Rita Hayworth and many more. He has had a long background on both the stage and screen. La lVIarr started on the s t a g e at the age of 10 with Comedian Gus Edwards. : Judge Contest for orewls Best Vocalist On the II Spot SERVICE CLUB .Hey, gang, get a look at this... Sunday, 8:15 P.M.-Piano con( There is a contest now open cert by Miss Margaret Cosie. .. to Drew outstanding Monday, 8:00 P.M.-Dance, girls vocalist ... Get 1n here a little from Tampa USO clubs. closer while I tell you what to Tuesday, 8:00 P .M.-Concert of do. Just submit your name in recorded symphonic music. r. v.:riting to Lt. Earle at the Spe. Wednesdav, 8:00 P.Jyl.-Dar:ce ;; Cial Serv1ce off1ce. The office is !!1rls from Tampa Busmess G1rls ''at the corner of Second street and 1 Club. B avenue. Thursday, 8:00 P.M.-Bingo, ,:. Jt!st remember that your name 8 .00 p M D I be m by Tuesday Januar 26 II ay, : --:-ance,_!pi s Of course 1943 y from Amencan Legwn Auxiliary ". and Defense Mothers Club. ': t r we .e-et YOUl name, well Saturdav, 8:00 P.M.-Commui t.,. h.._... care of You see, nity songfest. Miss Lucy Monroe JS _gomg to ap;; pear at Drew m person to ,_. entertam lls., and the show will be BROADCAST from our own stage at _RB 1 ... Get the idea? The _w1m1er of our singing con.. test will appea,r with Miss Mon roe on the broadcast and will be asked to sing a du'et with the famous international radio star That's not all There will an award presented to the lucky man who wms the place of hon or, and. Miss Monroe will dci the presentmg. Remember the set up now ... Send_ your name in to Lt. Earle, Special ServiceOffice, not later than T!lesday, January, 26, 1943. rhe wmner of the contest will Mr .. Drew _Field for a night, ( and Will rece1ve a very special from Miss Monroe and also will s111g_ on our Drew Field pro gram With Lucy Monroe. The date ... Friday, January 29 ... the place RB 1 the time 8 : 35. Let's get the names in: We have the talent, let's get it on the air. ----i'---Hi-ya, fellas. Time once again to tune I_n on your radio reporter .a?d listen to the Army's activities of the week arranged for you "On the Air." On last Friday's Drew Field Star Parade, Consolidated Mess Hall._No. 20 went. on air to tell Its interesting storY" to all our effects brought out field ... These included :mess kits, knives, f o r k s and spOOJ?-S dishes, pots and pans, etc. All were used by .per sonnel from Mess Hall No. 20 .... For 30 minutes the WFLA studws took on the accompany to add realism to our broadcast For 30 minutes the WFLA studios took on the appearance of an Army Mess hall ... Chow lines were formed with all the accompanying conservation KP's 1st Cooks, Mess Sgt.'s, and meat cutters retold their story with and interesting highlights. T h e entire broadcast marked another highspot in the "!J-S: radio as a Special Serv'">ature. A means given to t rmy to P a s s In Review .ev y time the familiar Air Corps theme song races across the blue : to you. song is a symbol of perfectwn 111 the air-which is what we strive for on any :Of the present nine weekly army radio shows. If all technical difficulties can be adjusted by this coming Thurs ; :day popular radio feature, Rookie Roy's Scrapbook, will hit c",the air .at the usual time, 8:35 8:55 P. M direct from Drew : ,Field Yes, wires are being .: stru_ng, lines tested, broadcasting :, eqmpment c h e c k e d and re,checked and this reporter has been interviewing former radio : engineers who. are now stationed 'at Drew Field in hopes of find: -ing either an officer or an en: li_sted to operate this spe\ cial equipment. Now all is in ;. readiness. .If t h e lines check ; -we'll be on the air and you men: Will have an opportunity of watching this s0ow. You might even take part 111 the broadcast. Just to make sure, why not plan ron being at_ the RB. No. 1, this \Thursday, at 8:00 o'clock? Look (in bn Rookie Roy as he adds Recreation Building Number L First St. Between K and L. Thursday, 8:20 P.M.: Varietv show. featuring ballet Fridayo 8:20 P.M.: Preview performance of "Hul laballoo From Drew." This is the long-awaited all-soldier revue. Saturday, 8:20 P.M.: Performance of "Hullaballoo From DreviT.'' Sunday, 8:20 P.M.: Silent movie from the early. twenties. Monday, 8:20 P.M.: Civilian vanetv show. Tv<>sda v, s,zo P.M. Concert by the 69th Army Air Force Band. Wednesday, 8:20 P.M.: "Going to Town," USO-Camp Show. Thursday, 8:20 P.M.: Civilian variety show. Friday, 8 P.M.: Lucy Monroe in i'l personal ap-pearance. This brings the favonte smger of the Army to Drew in a procrram featuring the awarding of for Drew' s best soldier singers, and the first WFLA broadcast in thP new senes directly from the field. more bits of interest to his grow-ing scrapbook. Just a word about our B1g Time broadcast which unfolds from the stage of RB No. 1 a week from today, Januai: y 29th, to be exact It will be Miss Lucy Monroe, star of the. Manhattan Merry-Go.-R o u n d, NBC network feature, in a special broadcast on the Drew Field Star Parade-Miss Monroe will condud a singing contest. Lucky contestants will be awarded valu able prizes in the form of War Bonds ... For information concel"ning auditions, c o n t a c t Lt. Kluge at the Special Service Of fice. We expect to find many new singers through these audi tions. So 'contact Special Serv ices right away! Clip this, and you have '!ready guide for your Army radw programs. WFLA-(970) ... Daily, Monday through Sat., 7:05 to 7:25 A. M., Die w Field Reveille.' WFLA-(970) ... Tuesday, 6:30 to 6:45 P. M ... Drew Field Squadronairs. WDAE-(1250)) Thursday, 8 : 35 P. M .... Rookie Roy's Scrapbook. WFLA-(970) ... Friday, 9:00 to 9:30 P. M ... Drew Field Star Parade "Keep 'Em Tuning" In Appreciation We up here at lhe Special Service Office want to thank the nice people who helped to make our Rodeo such a fine hit with you all. Mr. and Mrs. Lucien Byron were the nice p e O pIe who brought their two s .well horses and two "sweller" children out that dav. Miss Clarice Hall was the other lovely young lady who rode her own horse. To all these swell people, our thanks are extended. M i s s Peggy Simms comes in for her share of the credit too, be cause it was t h r o u g h Miss Simms that the whole thing was arranged: People like that help us to bring fine entertain ment to you guys out there. 392nd Signal Men Present Their Variety Show -the f/A?Pi' AfEOIIItH : Something that Drew Field has Typifying the great service been very fortunate in obtaining that orme1 entertainers from, is the very fine recreation halls Hollywood are giving to the they now-have and last week has armed forces, an all-soldier re1 seen of the best cntertamview and musical, "Me e t t.h A ment that can be supplied for this Army," was presented by Cpl. post. Corporal La Mar. r and his C. V La Man with an entire cast whole 392nd cast arc to be con.LnxtlftYe .. v not too strong! v not too mild! v it's just !ight! As a precauliDII, use OIIIY as directed. MILITARY PHOTOGRAPHS BRYN-ALAN'S INTRODUCTORY OFFER SERVICE MEN'S Get-Acquainted SPECIAL Beautifully Finished OilColored Portrait SIZE 8 X 10 $}.95 ONLY YOUR BU:S FARE REFUNDED IF YOU USE THIS C :OUPON! We will pay BUS FARE both ways [20c in cash] to each customer in uniform who uses this COUPON before JANUARY 30, 19430 CLIP THIS COUPON This Offer Cannot Be Purchased at Studio Without Coupon. BRYN TE.-'-R OUT AND BRING THIS COUPON DREW FIELD SPECIAL ONE 8 x 10 OIL COLORED PORTRAIT FOR $1.95 ONLY DOES NOT INCLUDE MOUNTING OR FRAME Available only to personnel of DREW. FIELD ONLY ONE SPECIAL OFFER PORTRAIT to a person in any six-month's period. Studio TUESDAY-THURSDAY-SATURDAY to 9 :oo P.M. I I I I BRYN-ALAN STUDIOS 416 TAMPA STREET-SECOND FLOOR THIS OFFER I VOID AFTER I JAN. Jo, 1943 I I ALAN STUDIOS 4.16 Tampa Street--Second Floor Telephone M-1439


. 3& &US!& .. J t .. LB 3141h FLUNK-UP_ S Wanted: A brave man. Are you willing' :to look :the world in :the eye, and wi:thou:t ba:t:ting an .eyelash, :tell i:t wha:t you think'? If you are :tha:t man. won't you :try writing :this col umn? :l08fh .SIG. q:Q. (WING) 1 By CPL. ROLPH FAIR CHILD L.. L ...... @l.. I--V .... 2 if!. kid III FIGHiE:if';20MMAND-HO. H .O. SO. SEA B 'REEZES Pfc. Johnny N'Jzzo's hometown By PFC. ALVIN M. AMSTER girl friend has cured him of writ-A pleasant goodbye and good ing her nasty letters. The method luck to Ray Janus, who left b t'f 1 't 1 't Sh 1 today for AC QCS ... Neal Grant, Credit Whel'e Credit Is -Due Dep:t. eau I u m I s s_Imp ICI y e w.ho was transferred to a crash Simply tore up his last letter, boat outfit at Myt:tle Beach, S. C. Have you ever watched. a man! dropped the piece into an .enve-... .John "Wolf" Wilson at Med. I tnring cj.o 42 jobs at one time? I lope and ma'iled it to hir:n. ?chool,<; Louisiana State J1;1st come down to .the Mess;VIth t!;Ie ; "Rope" Shiefds' : by's first .. a .. ... T :h.e tEoW!Il the Cl!q) perk our gang was I We're. all j;o .:;;ee ; tf;ie ;fi;<.>nt :B?:ge .Q.f tl;le IJ?:g: ... .collects the :egular Tuesday ev:E;-,$!:IJilil1g {ace J>ac]5: ;w:ith .us T.d,. under the O'Gai-a laughing to .himself? The was known stnctly as _Paul or are Willoughby,\Steelnack, Kmp directw_n of Prof. Wiltsie, presentteason for all the mir.th is ,that :c;ody":-:--:fron: Buffalo Bill: s :role pers, and the : .. Long ed a fme concert o n the same he is .laughirig at his own jokes-= m ,be supposes. how to spell. ... Sgt. "Flowers Telegraphed B{lck stage ,d.ay l:>efo;;e. I that he steals from E;:squire, Fihn That middle _mihal, by the way, McWhorter, z:>.e':" ad<;J,rtwn .to B-1, Home Under Cp_ l. 0 Mahoney IS Fun and Shakespeare. s,tands for Clifford. saws W<:JOd Have N .'E [ : S. 0 N soakmg up a lot .of fresh air and .. Pfc. Willie Wynne .Is .another .seen Bill Jones.,marksmanship suns?in.e-to make healthy; *.. whose narrie got changed in the legals? ... Tl:}e ty;:o Bob Smiths passmg _up ch_ow_ sesswns,-to Army. Never before he It: mess h;;lll forever getFLORIST" do. wn h Is waistlme; and gettmg called .an. y.,t bing .except "Bill" or tmg m each oth_er s:,.w ay. 0 9 AM :t 5 30 p M h h d Th Bl I B d b k pen .-' o : Is air. wave -to make him II ''Dick" he insists. And Ye Sc.ribe Some qames Closed Sundays beautiful ... It's all so unfair. e ... _ln: g o ;a.r< mad to:learn. to answer to the Sanders hiWs from, 514 TAMPA STREET _bis -.wife going .to recog-, name; ,o{. iri place 9f his "Wild Bill" ) illiam: : _______ l[lll_. .. ._ __ ll!lll!filllli ruz_e him 'Y:hen she .sfer to :the urse orps a er ... .. ___ .. __ A:._ ... ... the D,eep Slee_ P In-'T "et Pte 2 00 s b ; 0 j f : .bS er_ y t_o_ Mrockow .... ,sk_ir who's at ,the Cldentally, the sho:w Will be pre9.-.'i".' .,.,, ""' ;::-:-:-,.. u /!II! epo hospital. :. : _.,;:;. viewed at ,. ro._ 1 .this -$48.0'0 : ... .:.. -: ':-.. ;-_ .... Oxner .pe, r.pet_ d<;J,y, and,opr_ da.rJ,<;e .orchestra will what CQUld' _tells she u_al playerS(YQO are _foreve;r d_o the mc;sical chore; that have .happened to the app.l,l:t t9 ;rqa;k e a : tr;tp nbbllilg each other. .... VIvona IS means yqu ll be $2 .00_ :t9 4J.v1,t\ge h1s the. new -qpper leader ... ,. orchestra at Serv1ee Mens T/'.1th Ar.busto ,has ;in his ,J;>,Cl;rne.. Ma_J. Wb.Iseni)J;lc;l, must h;a;ve that mght are you :Iii giJ.].;\ery A:f .of ,of )31117, .swiped _that. n?vel cig:ar hurmdor glad some Jadies he claJ.ms .to : sayf, ,s :hil-Y:ID..g :wolves fr?m his. :Wife : s cookie set.. .. .. Pf?i Sa:U Is to He tbey',r:e :f:i-orri New ,b;>,t,he,rJ.;I,1g -b.-er aLnit?;J:jt,., ; b,ut spe Hide r thmks 9lub Bah IS _a Bros. D a ;v s -he se :Workinl on a per-,gravv:s_ @e o,n ... It see swelT .place .. : .pot Huml spen. t : Attentipn' D a ,nci,Qg By One Who Knowsr PIUVATE LESSONS Se,lmci Drennan Brooks -for Prac.tice Tel. H 32-654. 207 MEN ALB'ERTUS HOTEL t l ..... -starred m. the m o '-;I e AIR mr:t;J,Mt"'change for the ,battalion -J1J.:?:t .on :J;J.Igb,t shift, a few days 1n Qhiemg .the fn:st ,t<;>. chatter..:;.there is a profound si-groom (smart feU<;>w) fire for on the ne_wly comIEmce. This is due to the ,transferred to Georgia. pleted iirmg range. Smee .only_ of all the 3rd Fighter office men, Won't'.she ever get a :half of the CO!fl_Pany able to rneri, cooks, and operaSub-Depot's cutie of 120 .West Lafaye:t _:te Street Eas:t of Bride Phone M Tampa, Fla. The Tavern : B .Qr & Grill HOT AND _COLD LUNCHES ,complete the fmng, the high :;;cor-tors to this floor m place of the Mary Rutherford, of ers will not be announced until radio, and Cen, bept. Who shm.lld be next .Spaghetti a Specialty )ater. men. Barracks B-9 has the cutie? We wish to welcome a n.ew of receiving Pfe. Kropidlowski ... ,.,.r;,i,it 311 Franklin S:t. Phone 3940 radio officer to our company, and "Whispering Joe" Konfrst _LIOUORS--'BEER-WINES Lt. Maus. He will take the place among its new members. ,of Lt. Denton, who was trans-+c: ___ ....:__ ferred t() the 50lst S. A. W. Regt. It was quite a coincidence when Protect your life, the lives pf Lt Maus arrived in this com-others and valuable property and pany and met Pfc. Mann. If equipment by always .observing seems that they played together strictly all orders concerning the in a dan. ce band, in Texas, back secrecy of messages. in 1936 FRANK RUTA-Of New York and Former Chef a:t El Trocadero OPENS HIS OWN PLACE Specializing in SPAGHETTI and RAVIOLI Hyde Park Spaghetti House ELITE CIGAR STORES 'The Sport_ of Tampa' WINEBEJ;:R-CIGARS Pl1one M Phone M-1230 CENTRAL OIL C 0 M PAN Y, I N C. With forward Urban leading the way with 17 points; the Fighte r Command nosed out the 76t h Squadron, 28-26 Babbs sank the winning basket in the closing seconds of the game with a long shot from the side of the floor. All the boys showed good team work and with the addition of Sgt. Landry, who h a s just r eturned from furlough, the scor103 Hyde_ Park Ave. BEER AND WINES".,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,,,,.,.,"-"..::="""'' Tampa. Florida Rex Billiard P ad9 r ;Ba,gley -+c ....... 1p12 TAMP A EAT HENDERSON c 0.' s B. 2702 FLORIDA AVE. KNOX TOM BRYSON, Manager Lafayette & Jefferson For a Home-Cooked Meal like Mother Used o Make Go to KNOX GRILt.. 405 JEFFERSON ST. .. .i


22; 1943 --I :C---:Censors Kept Busy By Loose -Talking and Lefler Writing IN THIS SAFEST-OF-ALl. FORMS Not even a strong-room is as safe for your cash as a wallet of American Express Travelers Cheques. For you c/on' t lose _yo11r mo11e;, even if you lose your Travelers Cheques, Here' s why! You sign each cheque at time of purchase. You countersign them when you spend them. American Express promptly refunds full value of lost cir st9len Travelers Cheques which are uncountersigned. They are spendable like cash anywhere, as experienced travelers know. No identification re quired except your signature. Issued in denominations of $10, $20,$50 and $100. This protection costs only 7 5 per $100. Minimum cost 40 for $10 to $50. l'or sale at Banks, Rail way Express offices, at principal railroad ticket offices and at many camps and bases." !'Best Developed Man' Was 4-F To His Draft Board VALENCIA GARDEN Restaurant WE SERVE THE FINEST OF SPANISH FOODS 811 Grand Central Ph. H 3773 Soldiers-Always -Welcome EL BOULEVARD RESTAURANT FINEST SPANISH FOODS-BEST OF LIQUORS 2001 Nebraska TOWNSEND Sash -Door & Lumber Co. N. Rome and Fuller Street HENRY HOWKEE CO. Chinese Hand Laundry it Satisfaction Guaranteed we Specialize In Home Cooked ChiCkeri, Steak and Chop-Dinners Sulphur Springs, Arcade Bldg. W. RAMSEY LUMBER COM-PANY We Specialize In Mill Work & Cabinets we can furnish niateriai-for Repairs and F. H. A Loans -Phone Y 12-19 17th st, & Gth Ave WHITE ROSE BAR Paul Webber, Prop. LIQUORS; WINES, BEER AND CIGARS WINEScm_A.RS FREE DELIVERY SERVICE 160'1 Ei COLUMBUS DR. PHONE Y -1281 -Keep 'F.in Fiybig-Sound' and _Inter Co-mmunlcatlngSyS'temif AuthorizedCapehart -and-Scott Radio -Service Ill'& Gnmd Ctiii&il -Phone B"'3'78-7 Diamon'ds Watches ..: Jewelr7 Silverware Dlnmonils ut a nt'g Savini{ A. L. ECKART 400' Turitpil Street "" FERNANDEZ RESTAURANT Cuban Sandwiches A Specialty 1216 Fra.nklln St. All Service Men Are Welc-ome Barcelona Cafe SPANISH RESTAURANT WINES AND L -IQUORS Phone s 2142 --:-Open Ali Night_ 4714 Nebraska and Osborne Service Men Welcome GILBERT HOTEL I I V 'ICTOR CAFE BEER WINES 1324 Franklin Ph. M-7240 811 Tampa St. Phone M 1094 W. H. WHITE, Manager GOODY GOODY THE PLACE TO EAT 1119 -FLORIDA A VENUE Est. 1925 BILL BAILEY, Prop. Member V F W. & Am. Legion Special lnvfiations to All 1 Service Men I GLEN'S BllLIA-RDS i Now In Its New Location 805 TAMPA ST.


f Drew Loses Game Interceptors Stop New Basket' Ball League Formed In Drew Field's younger days, Drew Drops MacDill sports were on ;1. can basis. But with tl:ie advent of our new gym buildings, sports and recreation finally have come into their own. And as an outstanding example of the initiative After Chalking Up Nine SJra-ight Wi.ns WilD 56 4 7 Score; Drew Interceptors basket ball Third Air Force By Score of 39 to 34 of t.lie boys in the Signal Corps, three Drew Field basket ball leagues have been formed. Last Monday night, in Lake-team completed the first half of Take League Lead land after win.r_;ing ,nine straight the first round in the Tampa City games, Drew F Ietd s .. 1 basL e::fgue by defeating the Third PFC._ DELWIN BAGGETT kE"tball team suffered Its first Air Force, 39-34, for tbeir fifth feat at the hands of FJoncla straight win in the league In w_inning their fourth straight So_uthern College by the score of I The Interceptors now have won gamt: m the Tampa City league, 33 27. 10 out of 12 _g:ames played Drew's No. 1 Post basketball team Mlssmg basl ... et repeatedly, league and outside defeated the MacDill Flyers, 56-along wJLh. bad was the w1th nme of them 47 Gn the Drew court last Turs-mam downfall of tl.team. m successiOn. day night to take over undis,John high sc?rer _m The first quarter was a nip-and-puted league lead. Tampa CI;Y of which tuck affmr with. Drew leading MacD-11 1 g 1 1 f D l<"W 1s a 1w ,,be1, led the team 7-6 at the end of the penod In I on an arc 1 nva o 1 1 f' ld b k t f t Drew, made a fight of it all the WI 1 seveti as e s or a o-the second quarter, Drew picked way and led the Interce tors tal of P?mts. ; SIX fit;ld goals and one foul for through the first half Diew The L1t eiCE'1JtOIS .held a 11_-10 13 pomts, to lead 20-15 at the made the. b'd f t th advantage at the end of the f _Irst half 1r I or VIC ory m e last h If d 1 d th t quar,er .dut m the second penod, I .Fowler and Schendel paved the 39-38 a at au e d elf d 'lrem OP lv one foul shot. way for Drew's victory with 12 quarter. le en e 11 I Southern led 17-12 the ,half. and 11 points, respectively Ed Schend 1 f w up nme pomts m the I Playing a bang-up game on deAU teams are from different organizations in the A WUTC. There area total of eight teams in .each league and they meet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in gyms Number 2 and 3. There is no admission charge and the gyms are open to all spectators. Three basket ball games are played in each gym each night and the players are strictly "on the ball." The league is sponsored by the Physical Training Department and has the sanction of all or ganization s concerned. Former Ball Player Now Sergeant Major 1 Of Signal B attalion' MAAS__ Complete .... convenient MILITARY DEPT. JUST INSIDE OUR FRANKLIN ST. ENTRANCE player hit the b third auartPr, the Interceptors fense was Messing for the Inter goals for a 20 or oint;eto forged ahead and led 21-19 at the ceptors, who did a good job in lead the Drew attack. p Follow-\ enu ot third cr the offense of the losers. A former professional baseball MEN'S -SHOP lng on h' h 1 'tl 11 t In the fmal quarter the rolle e \ Lme-ups player who starr d t h t t Is .ee s WI 1 pom s b t t k 1 d b p 1 e a s or s op respectiVely were Sam Haskin .0 wm e Y ane-Drew (39)-Haskm, f (4), :J?Ixfor the San Francisco Seals of the MAIN FLOOR.and John at forwards. ho, f:!_I_gh;. pomts to amass I by, f (2) Fowler, f (12), Pa. cific c ?ast L_eague, MIS __ gt. The Flyers grabbed a quick 14 and -the game. f (5), SchendeL c (11), Sltarz, g Jack M. Rwrdan IS now starring :. lead as the game opened and iC (3). Derkacs, g McConnell, g, Fox, 1 in a more serious. undertaking ---------------...;,-.held' a two-point advantage at 503 d w T R g (2): He is now sergeant major of the the end of the first and second r ms WO In OW Thtrd Atr Force (34)-:-Davis, .f 566th Battalion. A : I s u quarter. The half-time score was <2), Apple .. f (8). Martm, f (4), Sgt. Riordan 'ente:red the Army 26-24.. Monday night, January 11, the Kerr, yrmg, c(6), Cropper, g, 11, 1941, at Monterey, Durmg the hectic game, the 503rd Regiment's basket ball wnne;;;.,_(,), .Johnson, g l7). Cil:hf. h_Is ho!fle and reIead changed hands 13 times and team Won, 31 to. 22 in a slamceived his basic trammg at Camp was tied on five occasions. bang battle against the 564th Bat-D 7 Roberts, Calif. He also spent 10 Drew scored 1 7 points ih the talion. McLoughlin was high sc.or.rew, 4 ; J. H. S., 42 months at McCord Field, Wash-last quai:ter as they pulled away er, with 12 points. The players T.h e Drew basketeers Since co_ming to Drew from their opponents in a scoring were Friedman Ackman, Me-tinued their winning ways in he received the follow spree that has become typical of Loughlin, Arysh, Scott, McAtee, defeating Jesuit High School. mg promotions: sergeant on Janthe Interceptors. Flis and Brown. 47-42, for their ninth victory uary 8, 1942; first sergeant, Bonnell and Cassidy turned in. Monday night, January 18, the of the season. March 1, 1942 ; and master ser-a supel'b floor game on defense 503rd did it again In a furious Jesuit led the wav for the geant, August 10 1942. for the Interceptors as they kept nip-and-tuck game with the first three quarters-but late In 1940 M/Sgt. Riordan was the high scoring quinte t from 55'2nd Battalion' s five, the 503rd in the final pP.Tiod the soldiers from ;:>an College. across the way in check. rang up 47 points against their found the basket and edged Followmg up his favonte sport, The,lineups: opponents' 40. Ackman was high out their high school op baseball, in the Army, he has MacDill Flyers (47) G F tp scorer. The players this time in-ponents. played on the Drew Field base-Calmer, f ____________ 1 0 2 eluded Freier, Land, John Fowler was high scorer rc>ll team which piled up a win-Farley, f ______________ 3 2 8 Carter, Fnedman, Ackman, Me-for Drew. ning record last Mel(' f 1 0 2 Loughlin, Arysh, Scott and mney, ----------Brow n Creslar, f _____________ o 2 2 Th Cummings, c __ ________ 6 1 13 ese games are held every c ________ o 0 0 Monday, Wednesday and Friday Isrell; g 4 12 nights in Gym No. 2, and all in-Kaveny, g _:_ _________ 2 0 4 terested spectators are invited. g g are on the ,schedule TOTALS ________ 19 Drew Intercept. (56) G Haskirt, f ____________ 5 Sitarz, f ______________ 1 Fowler, f ___________ 5 9 47 556th F tp 556th 1 11 564th 1 3 553rd 1 11 Sig. Sig. Sig. Sig. Bn. ----------1 Bn. __________ o Bn. __________ o Bn. __________ o Bixby, f _____________ 1 Schendel, c ___ ...: ______ 10 Bonnel'l, g ___________ 2 Cassidy, g ___________ 1 0 2 0 20 1 5 2 4 TOTALS _________ 25 6 56 Matthews Cops Gol.f Prize S/Sgt. M. S. Matthews was medalist winner of the golf tournament held by Drew Field players at the Airport Golf Club. A nice 78 won for Sgt. Matthews a sterling golf charm prize. Other winners were S/Sgt. J. Allison net winner, 86-19-67. Cpl. L. c: Ray won the high prize with a gross 98. WHITE LEAGUE Team W 555th Sig. Bn. __________ 3 308th Sig. Co. Wing ___ 2 312th Sig. Co. Wing ____ 2 576th Sig. Bn. -----------1 575th Sig. Bn. _________ 1 951st R. I. -------------1 391st Sig. Co Wing ______ 1 680th Sig. Co ____________ o BLUE LEAGUE Team W 708th Sig. Co. __________ 2 1303rd Sig. Co. _________ 2 713 Sig. Co. ___________ 2 710th Sig. Co. _____ _____ 1 307th Sig. Co. Wing ______ 1 705th Sig. Co. ______ ___ 1 703rd Sig. Co. _____ .::. ____ 0 4Q7th Sig. Co. ____________ o 2 3 3 3 L 0 0 1 1 2 2 2 3 L 0 0 l 2 2 2 1 2 More player.s.are urged to take advantage of 1he Airport Golf Club facilities and join in the fun. Everyone enjoyed the tournament and more matches are planned for the future. Includes games through 15, 1943 Jan. The golf club is just a half mile west of the north gate. AWUTC Basket Ba!l -Leagues in Full Swing The .Air Warning, Unit Trainmg Center basket ball league co n t i n u e d play in all three leagues during the past week. In the Red 'league, three teams remained undefeated with three :;WICHES FINMAN'S KOSHER MARKET Only Kosher in Tampa E. Hruadway Ph. l\156-lii3 lllock Eust of Ave. KNIGHT PAPER B R 0 S. ca. 612 Bell Phones 4205 4204 "A Paper for Every Purpose" In the Blue league, the 70.Sth Sig. and the 1303rd Sig. Co. remamed at the top of the league w1th two against no defeats. DRIVE IT YOURSELF UHERTZ SERVICF' TO THE ARMED FORCES o. P A_ has announced .that serv1ce men on leave can use cars to visit relatives or make social calls. By leave 0 P A states may include "lj bcrty cards"; "leave papers"; "furlough papers" or lette r s signed by Commanding Officer. Service Men Are Welcome League standings: RED LEAGUE Team W 552nd Sig. Bu. ___________ 3 503rd Sig Regt. _________ 3 563rd Sig. Bn. ----------3 501st Sig. Regt. L 0 0 0 1 Day or Night at RENT A CAR SERVICE 403 E. LAFAYETTE STREET PHONE 3433 CHILD CAFE OPPOSITE TAMP A TERRACE HOTEL 501 Franklin Street_


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