Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 47 (January 29, 1943).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
January 29, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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:: :VOL. L NO. "4i, '\ "J Dre. w Officer Won Silver Star in The War in the Pacific At the age of 26 Captain Edwin B Gilmore, now stationed at Drew Field, is a seasoned veteran o" war in the Pacific. H e was ( ved in the campaigns in the in Bataan, in Australia, in Borneo and in Java. Modest and unassuming, the young vaiator tries to minimize his own role in the. historic battles in the Pacific. The intangible yet potent factor of courage, how-ever, appeared in his single .. handed conflict with nine J ap fighters over Java, to win for : him the silver star for gallantry : in action. C-apt Gilmore, a native of Royal '; Oak, Michigan, joined the Army Air Forces in May, 1940, and after completing an aviation flying course was. sent to Nichols : .. Field in the Philippines, where he was stationed from February, 1941, until may of the same year: Then he was transferred to Clark Field, also in the Philippines. Al: Pearl Harbor He had been stationed dt Clark Field for six months when the air base was--attacked by a flight of Jao bombers. The day that Pearl Harbor was bombed, a chart in the Operations office showed the Nipponese heading toward the field. They readied a squadron of P-40s to meet the. incoming bombers and the pilots were seated in their cockpits when they heard over the. radio that Pearl Harbor had -been b0mbe d Capt. Gilmore was up his engines when saw Major Moore (then a li eutenant) running around the field and pointing at the sky. Major Moore is now stationed at Drew Field as adjutant of the same group with which the captain is connected. Al:l:acked By Japs Capt. Gilmore looked up at the sky and saw 55 Jap planes zooming overhead. "We tried to take off" he said, "but bombs were falling all over the field. Two of our pilots were killed. Three of us managed to take off and we dimbed to 20,000 feet. I saw Lt. Moore's wings wobbling fis a warning signal. I looked to !DY right and saw 15 Zeros commg toward m e. I didn't know at that time whether 01; not they were Zeros I could see they had red circles on them. I pulle d up and went over the top of them, then went into a dive. They followed me. Lt. Moore and another lieu tenant shot down four of them. Another chased me and I went into a steep dive. When I pulled out, I saw him pass below and hjs wings fall off." / .e captain ducked for a cloud. ;,. a landing field and landed there after. the J aps got through strafing. Later he returned to :.Clark Field. "It sure looked like town," he said. "The field '\vas full of holes and. bomb cra Action al: Manila : He. rejoined his squadron at 'CJark Field and stayed their until December 24, 1941, when he was :lnstructed, together with nine o.ther men, to report to headquar ters. in Manila. They started out for Bataan .onChristmas .Eve. by :an ii-iter-island boat loaded with $.\i.pl)lies. The bay was full of mines and the boat pilot didn't know exactly where they were. One boat had been blown up only a before. When they landed at Marive l es, the boat was unloaded. Fifteen minutes later, Nipponese bombers _came over and blew the boat nght out of the water. On December 31, 194.1, he and seven other pilots crowded into a five-passenger plaT.J.e and were flown to Australia after some hec tic'exneriences in Tarakan, Borneo; Macassar on the island of .CelebP.s and Koepang, Timor. At .Brisbane, in Australia. they : .. (.Continued on Page 2) Published Every Week Qre_ w Field, Tampa, Florida Friday, January 29. 1943 CAPT. EDWIN B. GILMORE Hey; Soldie,r, Would You Like a Trip To Miami .... With All Expenses Paid! The Drew Field Specia l Service Department is conducting a series of auditions to discover the most talented entertainers at Drew Field. Since Jan. 28 preliminary auditions are being held daily at tne Service Club between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., and after 5:00 p.m. until closing time The winners in the final audition show-a genuine top-talent entertainment-w ill appear on the famous Major Bowes Program, broadcast over the Columbia coast-to-coast n etwork No are attached to this-talent t}uest. will be fairly a_nd yodel; if you can sing a ballad, aud1t10ned, and wm-a nove1ty pop or an operatic aria; ners w1ll be se:1t to M1am1 w1_th if you're a member of an instruall expenses pa1d and substant1al mental or vocal group; if you money for two days m can play classical or boogie1\II!amr. Also, those who actu ally woogie on a piano or a wash appear on tb.e M ajor Bowes Proboard-no matter w hat style of gram will receive a cash bonus act you do, you have an equal of $50.00 chance with everyone .of your Those who can sing, dance, or buddies in these auditions. play a musical instrument are urged to enter the Drew Field The final audition show will l::e Talent Quest. Also those who can h eld on Friday, February 5, in impersonate movie, radio, or pub-RB-1 at 8:20 p.m. lie personalities. Plan to be there, to root fo r Remember-if you can whistle; your buddies in the .show! E xtra if you can imitate anybody or prizes! $100 in war bonds! To be anything; if you can play a. violin J awarded according to audience an oboe or a bazooka; if you can applause. "Hullaballoo From Drew" Revue a Smash Hit Gen. Wash, Commander III Air Force, Dies In Brig. Gen. Carlyle H. Wash, former commanding general of the .third air force at Tampa, and nine officers and men were killed o11 Monday in the crash of an army transport, emoute from Drew Field to Brockley Field, Mobile, and the \\fest. The plane, a C-67, crashed in a wooded area seven miles south of F'Iomaton, Ala., and not far from the Florida-Alabama line. It caught fire and bodies were burn ed_ beyond recognition. Others killed in the plane were: Lt. Col. J H. Cunningham, Colorado Springs, Colo .; Lt. Col. J. A. Cain, Colorado Springs, Colo.; Major J R. Lee, Colorado Springs, aide to General Wash; Lt. J A. Simon, Colorado Springs; Major S. B Gimble, Jr., pilot, third air force, Tampa; .Flight Officer Glenn A Johnson, 21, Tampa and Oshkosh, Wis., co-pilot; Lt. Edward A. Durica, 36, Oak Park, IlL; M/Sgt. Pius Witherow, Tampa, engineer; and S/Sgt. J. C Melder, Tampa. General Wash's new post was commanding general of the second air support command w _ith headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colo. During his stay at Drew Field as commanding general of the third fighter command and in Tampa as commanding gen11Hullaballoo18 Held Over "Hullaballoo From Drew," produced by l:he Special Services Office, is being held by popular demand. A repeat performance will be given al: RB No. 1 on Friday night, Jan. 28. at 8 o'clock. after which l:he show will be taken on tour. 1 Before Soldier Crowd eral of third air force he had become widely know through war service and Army men said he made a remarkably fine record with the third air force. Conference of Christians-Jews To Meet at DrW In orde r to effect a better understanding and closer cooperation between people of different faiths, the National Conference of Christians and Jews has sent on tour a Catholic priest, a Jewish rabbi and a Protestant rector. On February 3, 1943, at 8:15 p m., in Recreation Bldg. Number one, Father Dennis A. Curren, 1 S. J., Rabbi Julian Feibelman, and Dr. Beverly M. Boyd will ap1 pear under the auspices of the National Confe r ence of Christians ; and Jews. They will deliver short ; speeches and follow with an open forum in an effort to create a b e t t e r understanding between and Jewish soldiers stationed at Drew field. Father Curre n, who is head of the Department of Religion at Loyola University of the South, soldiered in the last war. He was a second in the infantry. At one time he pitched for the St. Louis Cardinals. Rabbi Feibelman is from New Orleans. He has performed outstanding s ervices in the National Conference of Christians and Jews. Dr. Boyd is Protestant rector of the Grace and Holy Trinity {::hurch, Richmond, Virginia. He is an author and lecturer. On F ebruary 2 the Drew Field movie theatres will show a one reel feature in which Rabbi Fei-1-,elmn!l explains the purposes of the !"'ationtructed on the flying line af a lot of credit. The singing o.f' He was a howl in hi s own little 'Jre w Fie ld. vVhen finished,' it T alk to the Weatherman, by idea of what a certain we!l known v i!l be a two-stcr y buildi!1g, conVince M anney was so good that and much dislked person on _the :aining sh.owers, dressing rooms, men are now singing and whist!-other side of the lake docs whc:-; md a completely furnished lounging that same tune on the Base the music starts. !1.'5 room, equipped with easy today. I The blackout skit s were very a good radio, magazines The dance scenes were not par1 good and very funny. and books. ticularly dainty. But who said! At present "Hullaballo" is unThere wi ll al!

. : l ... .... .... ... .. --. Promoted Captain Gilmore him to the which was 151 miles away. Downs Three Japs (Continued from Page 1) It was a l so over Java that Capt. were scl)eduled to pick up flights Gilmore tackled tl\e nine Jap 1 of P-40s and lead them back to bombers single-handedly and Bataan. Unfortunately the pilo.ts shot down one of the thiee Jap were just out of flying school and planes he is credited with offithe planes were just beginning to cially. In recognition of his coma be assembled. Two weeks elapsed I geous venture, he was awarde d before the pilots and plane s were the _silver_ star. For being woundready to go They flew up to ed m actwn on the day h e was Java, 17 of them starting out. A shot dow n he wa s de-corated w'ith secr e t landing field was being the purple heart. Although his prepared for them at Soerabaja, leg was badly, h e was Java, and a week later they were back in t h e air a day later. there. B y the first of March, 1942, they J Daily Battle returned to Australia. At Bris-. During their one and a half bane h e functioned as a test pilot. months there, Capt. Gilmore and He and six oth e r pilots tested all his squadron fought almost daily. planes coming to Atlsbalia fo r Duxing the interim Capt. Gilmore erection. They tested aircraft by obtaine d some r einforcements, 1 f errying them ove r uncha'rted consisting of 30 planes and 40 areas in Australi a. They ferried pilots. They were c redited with hundreds of planes and never the ciestruction of 71 Jap planes had an accident. which were confirmed and a num-He returned to the states on ber which wer e not confirmed. December 20, 1943 and came to Only 11 Yank J)ilots and P-40s Drew Field January 7, 1943 H ere were lo s t. h e is instructing young pilots in ''1t was a steady grind of bombs, actual combat tactics. bullets and flving during the .----....,---,--,------Less than two years ago Major month and a half I was in Java," For MOTHER, WIFE or Glover E. Tully was an instructor Capt. Gilmore said. He witnessed SWEE.THEART Qf;_._physics in the P. K Young the Java sea battle from the air Laooratory School o f the Uni-whil e escorting a squadron of versity of Florida. In 1936 he had dive bombers. graduated from this university Bc>.iled Over Java and in' 193 8 h e had receiYed his While over Java, Capt. Gilmore master's degree from his alma was shot down. His plane's motor mater. H e had also pursued his was hit and caught fire. This studies further at Ohio State Uni-happened during a dogfight with versity for t w o quarters. Japs arid he had to bail out. I n 1936 he had been cmmnisThat was at about 17 000 feet. sioned in the reserve field artillery "The Japs have a -habit of and so, on August 22 1941 h e shooting at m e n hanging from .arrived at Drew Field, Tampa, on omachutes," said the captain, so [ his present tour of duty as a first I got down to 1,000 feet before I lieutenant. pulled the ripcord. I landed in a lei March, 1942 h e was pro-rice field and got stuck in the rooted to captain. On January 19, mud up to my waist." 1943; he won his promotion to He walked into a native's hut .major; ond noir>f.e d to a native boy, !'Me At' pt:esent, Majoi: Tully ,is aCtgo Cerebia." The boy directed ing Base Executive Officer, Drew l?ield Before assuming his pre-;Sent duties abo\.1t tvvo months a go. he. was on the executive staff' of t:he Base Commander. Major Tully wh6se home is. in 'Tallahassee, is the son of Mrs Ada D Tully, of Greenville, Fla. Drew Field to Join United War Chest 1 In War Fund I Drew Field and othe r military ... .and n aval bases in the Tampa .a:rea will join with the United War Chest, I nc., of Tm1 1p a, in the V(ar 'fund Drive vvhich begins tPday. ':)..'he quota wbich the pa organization has been requested raise is $263,922.03. Military personnel will be given an opportunity to make contributions in raising this fund. Money raised during this drive will be disbursed through 32 na tionail:y recognized charitable and w.elfare organizations. Of the 32 organizations, 18 are organized. for the sole purpose of furthering the war.effort and 14 have-as t:heir chief objective the welfare .Of our and thei r depend ents iThe War Fiind Committee of Prew Fiel\i is composed of Major R;ex Vf-: LeFav 1 e, Capt. Harry lVI. Uoster, and L t. James F Brow n. Each unit at the field will be to' cooperate in _this -drive 1)miming an officer to cooper a t e with the 3IAMPA TERRACE -seBRee fl. MASGN, Mg SIERVICE NEEDS FOR_SERVICE.MEN -. i COMPLETE LINE OF P: Shir ts Slacks "'Garrison and :Overseas Caps m O.D. or New Forest G r een 916 FRANKLIN STREET : r. 1'r ).' !\ ,, ,. ,.. VISIT TAMP A'S YEAR 'ROUND PLAYGROUND RIDES -GAMES EATS AMUSEMENTS ADMISSION to Grounds FREE Ch 'II Special Rides for Children Th II I S Soldiers and Sailors Welcome ri S A TAMP A -OWNED INSTITUTION Bring Your Family arid Friends J \-1 PARK FOR NICE PEOPLE ____ ...t 711 GRAND.CENTRAL' An Apron she will like and ap preciate, $1 Postpaid An\(;w here in U. S. MRS. FLECK 1603 FLORIDAA VENUE Alr-Culidltloneu fh: U 187" sue r.-tittlllee 44t; Nli;llt TODAY WEDNESDAY Primitive! Passiona'ie! Dangerous! Pirranl.oun STA.RT's THURSDAY "Commandos Strike at Da wn" Paul Muni -Lillian Gis h Air-Conditioned Ph. 3291 9c --28c Sunday and Monday Single Feattiie Black Swann IN TECHNICOLOR -Tyrone Power, Maureen O'Hara Saturday and Sunday n Juke Girl" Ann Sheridan .Ronald Reagan HIT NO. 2 ----liThe Sea Wolf" Edward G. Robir.tson TUESDAY WEDNESDAY SATURDAY AND SUNDAy 2:30 to 5 Every Night 8 -)ill 11 EXCEPT MONDAY i Sc F a r e ,On Davis Island Buse LEAVING GRANT'S CORNER FRANKLIN AND CASS STREET$ 7:15 --7:45 -8:15'-_ TAMPA'S ONLY N 'ITE CLUB Featuring 3 Floor Shows Nitely -8 10 Midnight DANNY & DON'S JEWEL EOX:NITE CLUB: 911 TAMPA STREET = -= = 3_; = Dar.ce to th-e Swer t Mtsic of HRN YOf KERS oRCHfSlRA llllllllllllllllllllllll .lllllllll_ll! IIIIII_ H IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIfllllfllmiiiUI mffii Groceries -Tobacco Notions Adams Kennedy Whiting and Jefferson Streets TAMPA, FLORIDA MONEY LOANED ON ANYTHING OF VALUE TAMPA LOAN CO. "TAMPA'S OLDEST AND MOST LIBERAL" 908 FRANKLIN STREET PAbDOCK B A R "Not a Jook a place just like the one back home--where you C ;{n bring your wife or sweetheart for a drirtk, a chat and fitie music.11 JACKSON AT TAMPA ST Open From 8 A.M. to 12 P.M. ClU1l HI-H: Al 120'4' FRANKLIN st. Invites You to-Dance to 11HI-HAT RHYTHM MAKERS'; Every Nife -7 P.M. Till Midnight Welcome Soldiers! "TAMp A I s 0 N L y MUSICAL BAR" Hear Your Favorite CHESTERFIELD BAR CASS & TAMPA STREETS ''I've tried to be Red, White and Blue To the boys at MacDill and Drew. When the money is lax, I charge no tax, This is surely the place for you!'' MILLER'S BAR 1111 FLORIDA AVE. Ph. M 7215 BEERS--WINES IOc BEER STILL lOc Manuel Garcia, Jr.'s Spanish Restaurant 915 Tampa at Tyler Ph. M 52073 Tampa, FIB.


29, 1943 314th lriSb Quint Slip Mic.key Finn To 308th Wingers By PFC. J. J. O'GARA No mere braggadocio is the chest thumping and Tarzan-like yells of the 314th Irisers Fighting Quint, for the phone number these hoopsters are running up over the opposition is some thing to write hom:e about and .knock the cherries off your aunt :?attie's straw bonnet. They've won four straight, dusting the diapers of the 308th Sig Co. :Wingers,. 41-26. With. the wirie of victory in their veins (and a Mickey Finn in the refer.ee's), they promise to trounce any team of 0 or EM that the base will produce. It's a great day for the Irish, for the .Jineup, :which reads like the roster of Hibernian Bricklayers Local 138, ,includes .such chappies as "Mahine Gun" Hogan, who was with lle victorious Lehigh University :leven for t.wo years. Bill "Bones" Cahill, a graduate of DePaul, in from the Windy City; "Turk" Turner, scrappy .chappie-about-Cage who is an ace basketballer: Mike Katen, former .Nevada University law student with three on sleeve, who swings a dashed efficient arm; and last, but not least, sitting on the fiver's Welfare Board, is Gothamite Joe Byrne, who is right tb.ere on the bench when a player wants relief. Incidentally, Pvt. Tony Memoli, Personnel Jerseyite, who says his most thrilling moment since the Orange Bummer Galento out waltzed the Brown Bomber at the Garden, was when the news came over the radio that Neward had gone in with the Allied Na tions, is a veteran of some stir ring. cage duels and a top-notch shot called. On behalf of the personnel of 26 ,th .Sub-.Depqt,. 'IIV,e .wish to our deePest syrbpathies t4;> L;t. G-. 0. Pleasants, who had .to leave us recently because of his father's .on. Hisname is Martin'.Alfi'ed F a Are-You a Goldbrick! You Can't Win This War By Goldbrickingw That's Sure The Echoes is interested in---------------------------Drew Field Conducts 3-:Day Special School For Meat Conservation stones aeanng wiin goidbnck ing. What is the worst case of goldbricking you've run across in your Army life? Write it down as simply and briefly as possible and send it through the Message Center to he Drew Field Ec;hoes. Drew Field Mess Personnel have been attending a three-day Are you a goldbrick? special school in meat conservaYou. are if you. could be doing tion,. conducted at the f1eld by more work and aren't. You are if i Mr. Frank.J: Boles, m eat special you are "making a pretense of ist,. of the N ati.onal Li,ve Stock. and working, while doing orily enough I Meat. Bof!rd ; of Ch1cago. These to escaPe punishment; to maljnarranged by. the Fourth ger." That is the way Webster's .Serv1ce .Command School .for diction.ary defines the verb "solBakers an

. \ The Drew Field Echoes GLENN R. ROSS, Publisher TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS )ver s eas Package Shi;Jp i n g Limited By New Regulation WHAT YOU PAY Following is a table of the annua l Victory Tax payable on a s ol clier s base pay. The tax also applies to additional pay, such as fore ign s e r v ic e pay, fli ght pqy, and parach1,.1tists' pay. Add 5 per c e n t of Business Office: Secretary o f War H enry L. such pay to apprcpriate figure in right-hand column. Deductwns .Stimson has announced new may b e made fer \Var Bond purchases. 1115 FLORIDA AVENUE AI'my postal regulations, drasti-Annual Annual P. O.'Box 522 TAMPA. FLORID"-Phone 2177 caliy limiting the shipment of Base Victory packages to soldiers overseas. Grade. Pay Tax .!'-11 advertxsc:ments con th1s. also Due to the vast _amount of space $ 600 none 1n the MacD1ll Fly Leaf. Mm1mum ]Oml cuc?lahon. 10.000 needed to transport packages, Private ___ __________ _: __________ ___ .__ _____ _____ 648 $ ADVERTISING RATES FURNIS:aED ON REQUEST SAecretahry Stimd .. son announced the 792 : 1 rmy as or ered that no pack-s t d T h 4th G d .. 936 15 60 b e.rgean s an ec; .ra e A newspaper published -exclusively for 'the .personnel of D:rew -ages e:.sent-to a soldieroverseas. s s t d T h 3 d d 1152 _26 :4. 0 J 1 .. tan et.gean s an e c :: r _gra e : .. cmd devoted 'to military interests 9-rtd the Uriited: Natidill' urt ess It contains_ an article __ ____ __ _:. ___ : "37.20 : V1-ctory. had requested soldier, Master or Fjtst Sergeants ______ _: ________ 1,656 : 51.60 Opinions expressed in this''newspaper-ate those of the individual ali e rea_uest .. _as _een aw Warrant Officers' (j:g) ______ ,.. _________ ..:...:-' ---.,----..., 1,800 5? 30 --writers and -unaer no circumstances they to. be considered those proved by his commandmg Offl-Second Li'eutenarits-' of the United States Army. Advertisements in this publication 'do cer.h Less than 5 years' service 1.800 58.30 68.30 ;not constitute an endorsement by the War Department or its perT e post office.-1 th. e Secretary More than. 5 years' service ___ _c ______ sonnel of the products advertised. of stated, ."":'I l not accept a F st Lieutenants1 th 'tt t b Less b:an years service-------------------.. I pacKage !or mallmg oyerseas unIr ,_ 10 2 000 ess e wn .en More than 10 years' service ------------------2,400 68 : 30 88.30 How New I nco me Tax than $1500 a year (first sergeants the _commandmg offiCe! s apmovCaptains-R I W"ll Aff and above) must file returns. al, IS Less than 17 years' service 2,400 88. 30 118 .80 U lnQS I ect However no man who entered ageds e Itmibe 0 Ivethpoun 1 s 5 More than 17 years' service -----------------3,000 the Army after October 17, 1940 an mc:y no e more an All Grades ThIS yeo r has to pay the tax (1) if it would mches m length. Magaz_mes and Less than 23 years' L s e r v ic e -----------------3 000 -.-I be a hardship to pay it; (2) if he newspapers be mailed_ only More than 23 years' s ervice -----------------3,500 subJect to the new 1943 applies for an extension. But by t _he pubhs .lei c:nd only If the Lieutenant Colon e.Is-. 118.80 143 .80. VICtOry Lax just li K e civilians, 1 service men must file a r eturn soldier IS a subscnber.. L Pss than 31) years' service ----------------. tJ;lere won't _be any in the they pay on it or not. _Letters fr:om JP.e __ soldie rs; fami= More than 30 years' service ---------------3,500 4 000 4 000 6,000 8,000 14a..a_O, 1 \ \ 1 .l1 si:z:e of service mens pay checks The 111come tax return must be hes :nd peiso,nal fnends w.ll con Colonr"'l ------------'-----------------------this sent' to the. Collector of Internal emu to be "'elcomed. Brie-adiET G e neral ____________ _: ____ __________ 268:86 368.80 Unhke ClVIhan employers, UnRevenue in the .district in which -+c Maier G eneral (and over) __ _____ -------------cle WOl}-'t deduct the tax you lived as a civilian. No tax is The Profesi O no I Att tude his service payroll. _The rub to be paid on the $28 the govern-Is, however, that all soldiers sub-ment adds to service men's allot. \ r1rcus Man f"lt""ds -would take his hat off. .to :the ject to the Victory Tax (and that mi:mts. If you ever watched a surgeon '""' Quartermaster Corps." includes but. buck pri-Nor does an officer have to pay preparing for an operation, you QM More Efficient "There ill,. one activity of. :the vates) wlll have to file regular a tax on his uniform allowance. pr(lbably. were ainaze<;l. at the al-h h s T QM operati-on that,.the' circus qoes. income tax blanks in March, 1944, It is not included in his income. detail of h _is prepa.. T t 19 op not try .to touch--'-nO matter. pow : and figure out what they owe in Officers may also deduct for other absolutely noth-/ :. -.. efficient-it is-and that'is Salvage. Victo.r:y Taxes. for themselves. pieces of equipment, such as corps 111g, was left to cpance. Pv:t J k T r tan t I doubt if anyone outside the That IS, will unless Congress devices Sam Browne belts and The .mav be a ,_ ,., a c.. C1V m ; ongma Y? service knows of the magnifkent. changes mi_nd before then. campaign bars which are not in.on the. golf,' course; an_ a l"r:esident job that the Quartermaster does .. Meanwhile, m March, 1943, eluded in his allowance. at a bar, or 'at t):le poker table, of t.:Ir,cus Pubhsi:un_ g in.this field. If the average pers:on .. service men, not married and not The Victory Tax is different. but when. he enters the ready of the R:.K.O. Build111g, were to see the QM: : :sa:ving -and' stationed abroad, who earn $750 from and in addition to tB.e reguroom at the hospital. he undergoes 'l':l'ew .York, has been 1.n .selling evervthihgfromegg. crates dr mor.e per year mu.st file a regu-Iar income tax. It is 5 per. cel)t of a comolete transfo:rrn'ation. He CI_rcus ;vork for 23 ; It: IS .to 'catsup bottles, from jam. jars Jar income tax return. In all income over $624 a year. Tl:].us may joke about "cutting bellies''. husmess, handlmg It to burlap bags, he would reali<:e words, men of a corpore: Is a private first base during off-hours, but .on the job g_Iven l:'vt. Tavl111 _an excellent. how efficientlv the Army was rank or hi_gher who are still s111pay is 648 a year-..,.will pay; a he is a professional. He studies 111to _the 111ner organizaoperating. nothing goes,. gle must file a return. Some men Vit'torv Tax of 5 pPr cent of $24-'his patient and .the history of the twnal workmg of the Circus to waste. Everythmg that can be of lower r!lnk who extra or$1.20 a year. The tax disease or iniury involved. He dustry. is saved.. The circus compensatiOn, such as fhght pay, to his base pay before .deductwns examines his inst-ruments. He rene IS now a member of Detach= I could learn plenty salvage longevity pay, parachutist's pa y, and allowances are taken out. He freshes himself fr.om his books ment 7 of 903rd Quartermas from the Drew Field Quarter-etc., also have to file. must al'so pay the tax on his extra or the .latest periodicals. on this C?mpany, Dr_ew Ield. From m aster." Marned men who makemore compensation if he receives any, particular problem He prepares hlS Circus he draws I 'Private Tavlin moved in such as flight pay. the patient caref'tilly' and outlines some very mterestmg compar-company in the circus world, Week .. :; .. -r-. -, :t ':.; \';, .: ... '' ,,,, .,, "ol I I t\'.1 :, 1 \.\'' ,, -1 1 ',lo; \\1:\r ',\, \ \.\:,\,,. '\\.-.: 't;o.l 11 'I' l.i,.l ', "11" .1 \1.' 1 \ h' I,/ ,,, :. 1,/ 'Jr., I{ :\i\;.{ The following pictures will play the Post Theatres on the dates indicated: Saturday, Jan. 30 SHADOW OF A DOUBT Teresa Wright, Joseph Cotten ACE IN THE HOLE Sunday Monday Jan. 31-Feb. 1 THE !'.OWERS'GIRL. George Murphy, Anne Shirley This is America No. 3 News of t .he Day No: 239 Tuesday, 'Feb: 2 ONE DANGEROus NIGHT Warren Williams Margu.erite Chapman Keep 'em Sailing Hold that Lbn, Please Wed. and Thur Feb. 3 ANDY HARDY'S DOUBLE LIFE Mickey Rooney, Lewis Stone Community Sing No. 5 News of the Day No. 240 Friday, Feb. 5 THE AVENGERS Hugh Williams Back to Bikes My Favorite Duck If the soldier buys War Bonds, his contemplated procedure in ad-Isons-to the advantage of the knowing personally most ot the these may be credited towards vance to his assistants. Nothing Ar-:ny :f<>mnn,o; pP.ople in the domain of. tax payments. Single men are althat can be anticipated and pre-. ::lay s Tavl111. I ve been arou,nd the Big Top. At. the New York lowed 25 per centof War Bond pared for in advance is left uncrrcuses_ for the past I ve World's Fair, he operated all conourchases as credits, while mar-done. been usea to system, movmg a cessions at the three largest shows ried men are allowed 4 Oper cent I No surl!eon is ever labeled a couple of hundred miles a mght, Billy Rose's Acquacade, American with 2 .per cent additional for each/ fuddy-duddy beeause he. does up a .canyas City, te;anng Jubilee, and Railroads on Parade dependent. these things. On the contrary, he It down, hauhng It to the railr.oad I He also owned one-third interest The Victory Tax is not entirely is admired by and runs, and loadmg for the JUmp to in the "Strange As It May Seem tax. It is. in part, a loan to th:e resnect.ed by his P<;l,tients. the next aay s m 24 Show." He hopes to put his organgovernment, for 40 per cent' of It '\Yhat has. all. do WI_th hours. I cus. system : ization experience to good use in will be paid back after tl_le war. flymg? Just this. an air.word 111 quick, direct-actiOn: the Quartermaster Corps at Drew 1t may ll:iso be m part plane J:las become a science a efficiency-but that was before Field for paying your m _come tax professwn-to be learned I hit the QM base at Drew l!'ield. *----when you figure It out 111 March, I the bottom up, backwards and :. l ve r eau a lot. about the Army Wh Cl .. 1944. forwards, inside aqd. Ol,lt. Each getting pointers from the_ circus, 0 aims Lowest mission requires the same .careful on loading railroad trainl5, and in ASN at Drew fle:Jd) W dd" B II R" Out planning, the same analysis of all t.ti.e operation of field kitchens. e mg e s mg 1 possible eventualities, the sc:me r had. read it, and really believec;l -For Act.lng Sgt: MaJOr tha! the surgeon. exercises it-but not now. It may:have been $gL Raymond V Soper',. now-of. In preparation -for a maJOr opera-true at one time, but t,he circus the Headquarters and Plotting tion. can get mote hot tipi5 here in Company, 551st Signal A.W. -Bn., Miss Genevieve Barbara Swann, In case of emergency a surgeon one hour; the _Army ever sent in his claim as owningthe daughter of Maj. and Mrs: Edmust act .boldly, almost recklessly g

F R o M T H E S P E C I A L S E R V 1 C E S 0 F F ICE l ; M A \On the : S pot Mo-nroe, Sings Janua:rv 3o. 'February 5. 1943 By sGT. J ,A.cr<: GoLnsPINNER If ..M ENLISTED MEN!S SERVICE OFFICIA-L ere' onday -'Nt" g hl CLUB The personnel of the Radio De-' partment sincerely regrets losing ___ Saturday! Janum:y 30, 8:00p.m.' Lt. Bean, and is fully aware that Drew Field soldiers will be -Group Sing; Bndge. I one man's lo ss is another man' s given an opportunity to sing toSunday, January 31, 8:00 p.m. gam. gamed California, while gether with Lucy Monroe Amer--Concert. 1 we gamed Lt. West ... ica's 'Star Spangled S Monday, February 1, 8:00 p. m. __ when she at "Praise the Lord and pass 20 phone in hl::l No. 1 on M d Tuesday, February 2, 8:00 p. n_1. 1 W.P.M." night, February 1, at 8 :00 of Recorded Symphomc I _--. She will present another of her I Music. The _followmg ep.hsted m e n 1i g, America, Sing rallies. Wednesday, February 3, 8:00 p. have _]omed the charmed circl e c hree soldiers are being 1 of !II _speed Radw _Operators to_ w 1th Miss Monroe. The February 4, 8.00 p.m. They a1e to be especially comSpecial Service Office has been -Bmgo. for they have aclueved holding auditions. The winner Fnday, February 5, 8:00 p m. this membership in the short will be d etermined by applause -Dance. space of 4 to 6 weeks: vote and will receive a valuable RECREATION BUILDING Pvt. J. H. Kane, T/5 Teddy prize. No. 1 Ganowski, Pvt John Kalba, S/Sgt The famous radio singer was J Meyerson, T /5. Harry Auman, original_Jy to appear at Satuiday, January 30, 8:00 p.m. Pvt. Frank D 'Am1to, Pvt. ClatC?n I .Drew -Field tomght, but was -To be announced. _. Jor: es, Pvt. Edward Parzyck, to change her plans. She Sunday, January_ 31, 8:00 p.m. Keith <;arlson, Sgt. Roy Frazier, will here Monday night after -To be announced. I Pfc. Richard Fultz, Sgt. John a hur.ried t_rip to Washington Monday, February 1, 8:00 p.m. Komonko, S/Sgt. Wm. sl?-e will smg at the.Presi--Lucy Munroe (broadcast). Pvt. Jack Stare, Sgt. Clifford s Birthday Ball. Tuesday, February 2, 8:00 p.m. Young. -Smce January, 1942, the lovely -Variety Show from Tampa. Pvt. _William Turner of young who gained fame Wednesday, February 3, 8:00 p. 392nd Signal Co. Avn., set a Rad1b as a radio,. conce:r;ttJ! :i:ld star, m.-National Conference of Jews code progress record by has made more_-than 200 appear-and Gentiles. passmg all five code lessons m for war Thursday, February 4, 8:00p.m. one day. mg some. 20,000 miles, conducting ___:_variety Show from Tampa. Il_lOre than a _score of community Friday, February 5, 8:00 p.m. smgs, appearmg on half a be announced. dred broadcasts, and making nu-+c----merous other personal appear. UNOFFICIAL Sgt. R. Oleson: "Have you any stage experience?" Sgt. Frank Welch: Yes, my leg was in a cast once. F1eld s dance band, will play for "' 1 Here is a line on Sgt. Frank _Th7 Deep Sleep Eleven, Drew I)J!W FllD this musical show, featuring some 'We lch. He went to the movies last new arrffilgements. Lucy Monroe night with Sgt. Jack Goldspinne r. will lead the audience in com, .. / 1 \--.... Jack tells us that Frank !'ell as-munity singing, encouraging them ,.,"./ ::a:;....--Jeep 5 minutes after h e sat down, to sing with her songs that they Greetings, fellow kilocycle and slept the entire love best. spanners. show. Later, a_sked he This musical program will be Miss Lucy Monroe, America's like d picture, he smd, It was aired over radio station WDAE, Star Spangled Ban.ner Girl, will I swell. the first big radio show to be broadcast out of the Recreation sing at Drew Field's RB number "Athletics" B 1 on Feb. 1st, 1943. That's on a 1 D s b 11 Uildmg. Special broadcast equip-Monday evening -instead of the T 1e R<'l:dJO oft ment has been installed, with previously scheduled Friday nite: team _fm1shed m thud place, 111 regular plat eglass control rooms d ate For th b t t. 1 the SIX team A.W. U T .C. school d lt t d f h e es Ime you ve, l h' I d d k an a mu 1 u e o m1crop ones. ever had sing with Lucy Monroe eague_ w Ic 1 en e some wee s -+c and let the WDAE microphones I al'!o. Kn k : Sgt. Pallay and Pvt: Ne w Books In The carry the entire program to our NICOl,! credrt for listening audience. teams fme showmg. 0 Yes, the broadcast idea has rew. Field Ll"brary finally come true. As a -matter of (You guessed it: we had these fact, this will mark our second men re-run the obstacle course broadcast. Last nite, Rookie Roy for our radio audience and every. -The Drew Fie1d Library, locat-and his ever-present scrapbook one had a swell time including ed in the Service Club, is contin-came to life on the stage of RB our two W A.A.C. Lts. -also ually gettmg .in the newPst and number 1 and soldiers at Drew guests). b _e::;t .. books 'J)o_ssible. .. :;;oldiers watched the production with Our Tuesday evening showCut to'r. g mu'r.l11ess The minute you put them on, r1 a 'y for easy effortless action. W: ik far and fa sf' makes no differenc :Uere you'll :find right -styles and cxpcticnccd .fiuing serviee. FROM 6.95 TO lt95 THE -sEA.BREEZE RESTAU-RANT Has always been i n the restaurant business. Good footl different food-has bee n our spec ialt y since the Seabreeze was opened. All flo01 space is taken up with our food and r efreshmen t facilities. WE SPECIALIZE IN ITALIAN SPAGHETTI, SEAFOOD and STEAK D!Ni\l!Bft.S: SANDWICHES and DRINKS OF ALL KINDS There is no violation of 0. P. A. rulings when we serve you, either inside 01; on the curb. There are ample transpcrb-. tion facilities available to the Seabreeze Restaurant. SEABREEZE RESTAURANT 22nd St. eauseway Phone -stationed. here are free to use the great interest and enjoyment. Drew Field Squadronaires-be. library as much. as they wish-. Some of the high spots from comes one of the high spots in to read the bqoks-ln the building, "Hullabaloo From Drew:" dropped Army radio entertainment ____________ or to ta-ke them: to their homes or in on Rookie Roy and gave out bqys have taken on a few more AIR CONDITIONED quarters: Below -are listed some the smootl:r stuff-Music-and voices and a piano-and now of the. recent. additions to the music. Roy was in good they're really terrific. .. library. _-sp1nts and Pvt. Purga with his Our weekly schedule: Monday .. War and :Arm:Y Life little 'Combo'. really made the through Sat., WFLA ... Drew .Strategy for' Victory-Hanson old RB rock and. roll. Field Reveille-7:05 to 7:25 a .m. W. Baldwin; Plan to Join On Tuesday, WFLA, Drew Field S. Zim; Flying Tigers-Russell Monday, February lsi Squadronaires ... 6:30 to 6:45 Whelan; Command df the Air-As usual, the Drew Field Parade p.m.. Thursday, WDAE (From Giulio Doubet; Modern Camou-is still _out its RB Bldg. No. 1), Rookie Boy's flage-Ma j Robert P. BreckenFnd<'l:Y variety productwn. Scrapbook, 8:3 0 to 8:55 p m ... ridge; West Point-Maj. William Consrdermg the fact that Pvt. Friday, WFLA (from Studio), H Baumer Jr.; The Army Means 1 (Guard Duty) Evans was in the Drew Field Star Parade, 9:00 to 'P siness-Herbert Corey; Still in. very midst of his act in 'Hulla9:30 p.m. d .Draft-Park Kendall I Heard baloo' at the same time we had Anzacs L. him on the air from the WLF A MacPherson; Suez to Singapore-studiOs, and Cpl. John Hession Cecil Brown Queen of the Flat-was also heard in both places at Tops-Stanle'y Johnston; Men at the same time as other members War-Ernest Hemingway; Hos-of the St_ar Parade Cast, we offer tagesStefan Heym; Siberia-explanation. You see, it was made Emil Lengyel. possible by the use of recordings. Fiction We 'waxed' these soldier stars for My Wo'rld'-and Welcome To It-posterity as well as for future James Thurper; Innocent Merri-broadcasts. It was an interesting meht-:-Franklin P. Adams; My and proved very enHeart for Hostage-'-Robert Hill-tertammg to our guests -of the yer; Tavern in the Town'-Cecile evening. Major Horton, .AWUTC : QUALITY PORTRAITS At REASONABLE PRICES Pa't.k Pltolo 438 West Lafayette 4 Doors--From 'Park Theatre Hulse Matschat; Lieutenant's and Training Officer, Capt. : Lady__,. Bess Streeter Aldrich; Robmson commanding officer of Royal Indis-,-Maud Diver; Meh the 555th and four (obstacle of Albemarle-'--Inglis Fletcher; minded) soldiers from the 555th. iliilliiiilillilliliililiiiiii Meet M e in St. Louis:__Sally Ben-son; Thorofare -Christopher Motley; Night ShiftMaritta Wolff. Educational Men of Tomorrow-Dr. Allan V. Really; India Today-W. E. Duffett, A. R. Hicks, G. R. Parkin; Voices of History-Charles A. Beard; Popular MathematicsDenning Miller. ---------+c--------Never discuss secret or confidential matters over a public tel ephone. The operator may be an enemy agent or you may be over-heard. THE C H A y T E R 8 0 X CHICKEN AND STEAKS REAL ITALIAN SPAGHETTI SANDWICHES -DRINKS LIQUORS ABBA DABBA AND BAND NIGHTLY 707 S. HOWARD AVENUE H 3757 Hotel -... BARB-ER -Complete Barber Service S 'HOP Expert Barbers ..., Manicurists H. 0. LEWIS, Mgr. AIR CONDITIONED Service Men Officers Families FOR REALLY GOOD FOOD AT MODERATE PRICES PLEASANT THE CROWD TO T H E C 0 L 0 N N A D E BA YSHORE AND JULIA Steak, Sea Food, Chicken Dinners MODE!IATE PRICES Delicious Sandwiches UNITED OPTIC1\l. DISPENSARY Manufacturing and Dispensing Opticians 205 ZACK STREET PHONE M 5783 COURTESY DISCOUNT 20 PERCENT ALL ONE PRICE $4.99 Prescriptions Filled-Lenses Duplicated A.S.BECK SHOES FOR MEN SI-lOES MILITARY GUARDSMAN 508 FRANKLIN STREET TAMP A. FLORIDA


for we found that we have potential stars in our ranks. In the heavy hitting .dept: Pfc. Oliver Fields and Pvt. Linbroadus Jones. In the fancy out fielding dept: 308th co .. CW'ING) SPARKS By Cpl. Rolph Fairchild Pvt. Roy Thompson, and Pvt. James McSwain. In the fancy in Monday's Tampa Trib. covered fielding dept: Cpl. Luthe r Wood-the details of the Saturday night ard and Pfc. Eli (if we can get dedication party quite well, but them away from the basket ball the U S.S. Tampa Unit, American team). That's all very good for a start, but we need much more Legion Auxiliary, deserves addic than that if we are going to have tional thanks .for furnishing this a .baseball team. So let's go, you outfit's day room. mrghty men of 911. The la(iies certainly did a swell Not only does the amazing Pvt. job, .both in furnishinng the day By Sgt. John F. Suszynski Van Dunk. handle himself beauti-room and; in putting on the dedi on the basket ball court but cation party. It is really appreHULLABALLO FROM DREW he also raised cain in the ciated by all of us. .. threatens to be a hit, judging If you get the chance drop in Tip to local city. ed's: ("Li'l from last Friday's previews ... and see him in action Abner") Morse's patience .wi.th : songs, dances and laughs (just He is being feature d in the "Clean Tampa papers is almost at an like the $4.40 shows) ... the Pot Dept." end. Neither. of thein have. pub"girls" are really something (Cpl. I saw Cpl. Fred "Wolfnagle'. lished his picture yet. In.fact;:they. Crain's female impersonations are Davis do his famous "Dance of have .not even. asked ,him .for one. worthy of top billing; the Band's the Passionate Snake" routine at And .everyone knows he. is the own Pfc. Schiavone sacrificed his the dance. last Fr.idav. It was a hottest thing .in .town .when it mustache to. play the part of a hair-rail';ing experience. comes to basketball scoring. i USO hostess); the "chorines" are Whilestill on the subject of-the T/5 William J Powers, Jr,, well -(there's no word for it). Even dance, I must mention Curtistine known local Texas character, some of .the. pit._Bandsmen (not Robinson and Eddie Lee Reeves wins this week's barracks bag ,to mentioning any names) have gone two of Tampa's most charming blow it .out. of: The award is made Thespian ... anything can hap-young ladies. It's people like that for his funny "lights out" stoil!;!S pen, and dramatically; who make the Friday night dance and his dry .humor about Army so, krck the word around. The a "must" on every soldier's list. .life in general. show starts it sroad tour tomor-Just one incident marred the 1st Sgt. Hoyt R. ("Gator") row at Winter Haven. hike to Rocky Point and back. It Carter ;lives up to his name. He. Privates Ira Spector and Roscoe happened after we returned to has five baby alligators in that F Lamb Sr. joined our gang last the area. As you know, Lt&,. May box behind the Orderly Room. week. Spector, well known con-and Curley treated us to a "Coke" The. little reptiles produce some c ert and orchestral pia,nist of New when we reached Rocky Point interesting reaCtions. York City, is already featured W ell, after we h a d marched back I Timid privates pick up the lit-. prominently in the .new. dance to camp and were dismissed, Pvt. tle 'gators and watch, fasci_nated, I combo whrch was orgamzed to "X" stepped up to Lt. Curley and as "Rough House, the brggest, share some of the DEEP SLEEP said "Thanx for the soda Mon clamps his tiny jaws on a pencil ELEVEN' S details-the other Commandant, but you should and refuses to let go. But Lt. Carl members of this. group include have told me about it before we W Roe, the CO, and Lt. Edward Sgt. Woody Harwick on drums, started." "Why?" asked Lt. Cur-C. Britt want none of them. Cpl. Hoier (formerly of the DSE, ley, a frown disturbing his placid Lt. Roe likes to look .at them; and Wisconsin) on trumpet, the features. "Because," said Pvt. "X" but watch him move when they Kuttner Bros. on reeds, and Pvt. with a twinkle in. his bloodshot start tramping toward him. Lt. Richman on bass. Pvt. Lamb hails eyes. "We could have gotten the Britt's positive declaration: "They from Nashville, T enn.; he has same kind of soda in the PX and can take all alligators back to the --- ---------'\ L.ARRIE'S ''sos Franklin Street. Next to Madison HE_ A :DQUARTERS FOR THE -l\.RMY MA. N COMPLETE LINE OF MILITARY CLOTHES SUPPLIES AND INSIGNIA Aso l'viilitary Tailoring -:-All Kinds of Chevrons served a prior three-year enlist-we wnuldn't have had to walk swamps and leave them there, ll!lllr .men as an Army bandsman, and so far. so far as I am concerned!" is carrying on as E Flat Alto iC Seems T/5 John J. Talbot has Horn player in place of Officer. had lessons from the great and FRANK RUTA-. Candidate Josenh Regis Jr. Inci-. 569th.SI.GNAL AW. BATTALION near-great of baseball in the r e dentally, J'oe's new address is Co. cent past. Ask him about his adB-Class 14, Building 112, Ft. 'The Blollt"ng Board ventures as a semi-pro sometime. Of New York and Former Chef.at ElTrocadero Washington, Md., if any of. you The names. he .t:wts ,out are rather OPENS HIS OWN PLACE guys shouldwant to send love impressive. Specializing in SPAGHETTI. and RAVIOLI and kisses. Pfc. Arant's.wife came to Tam-. Tuesday's Band Concert was pa last. week. This week Pfc. Arthe last one you'll be hearing for ants is .on -furlough. Hm-m! :f .LA S H .ES Hyde Park Spaghetti House 103 Hyde Park Ave. BEER AND WINES awhile. IVIost of the Bandsmen are Pfc. Waterman; DS detailed to HULLABALOO-FROM keJ:l, N. J., says it's so cold up From. the. Base Administrative DREW, and some of the other north the icicles are wearing hot Inspector's :Office Atte t 1 D men are going on long delayed w.ater bottles. n IOn .ancmg furloughs ... We'll let you know Lt. Bost seems to prefer dog By MiSGT. RQBERT. ROSS B y O n e W ho. K .n O W _s[ as soon as the concerts resume: biscuit to Army chow. At least,'he Drew Field is in for a real treat tried on the other day, and did We are one big happy. family; PRIVATE LESSONS next Monday evening when Miss Lt. Byrum's dog give him a dirty doing .business as usual in. our S 1 [) B k Monroe; famous radio and Metro' look! (P. S.-The biscuit tasted new location, on D Avenue, be" e .ma >re. nnan rO. O : S politan Qpera Star, presents a go(Jd ) tween 2nd .and 5th Streets Our Assistants for Practice concert in RB No. 1. Besides her Lt. Nelson brought his daugh-telephone numbers are 219 and Tel. H 32SSt 207 Parker s:t: solo work, Miss Monroe will judge ter out to the field a day ortwo 285 ..... -!l ... lll!lllll!lllllllthe Talent Audition, and also lead ago. For a .pretty good description Come in and get acquainted the community singing of Solof Miss .Nelson, see "Cookie," in w:ith the gang, introducing the Favorites. Originally sched-the "Blondie" comic striP and "old man," I mean Major Ziska, uled for tonight, the show was then multiply by two. the Base Administrative Inspec-' postponed when Miss Monroe was And who was the wise guy tor, ably assisted by Lts. Jones, called to appear at the President's who posted the following sign in Evans and Mitchell. MARCH OF :OIMES event in !the latrine: "This water no longer Lts. Jones and Mitchell and Washington. Warrant Officer Les-\ condamninated"? Sgt. Hardick are away at present .A Home-Away From Home. SER'.('IeE MEN ALBERTUS HOTEL sss .. Twiggs :M ter G. Baker will conduct the Cpl. Kornhauser is about to at Fort Logan, Colorado, : orchestral accompaniment for the I get an "emergency" _furlough f?r ing the .Administrative Inspectors' show you'll be sorry if you the purpose of gettmg home m School. ....... -..:! miss it. time for the premiere of "The Sgt. Langford is the latest vic--..,---ie Littl Kornhauser," 1which will be tim to be bitten by Dan Ct!pid. held soon. Happy landings and lots of luck, Sllth Q, M. ON THE BALL Cpl. R. C. T. Pfc. Eli (bless his little heart) returned from furlough with a bag full of baseballs. As a result of this, we wek able to get in some pre-season practice. It was a mighty. interesting session, too, All ni.'embers of this battalion Langford. are urged to submit items con-The following is a list of elicerning their colleagues to Mr. X, gible bachelors in this office: Lts. : through Message Center. Evans and Mitchell, S/Sgt. Reid, -Mr. X. and last, but not least, Miss Hood, ----,,----+: the gal with the million-word voNever discuss secret of confidential matters over a public telephone. The operator may be an enemy agent or you may be o:ver SPONSORED. BY cabulary, and the smile that goes with it. --------+=-------Before stacking ru:ms, ra.nks are npened. SULPHUR. SPRINGS UNIT AUXILIARY :;POLICE "Flowers Telegraphed Back Home Under Bonded Service" N FlS o N "THE ':FLORIST" Open 9 A.M:: to 5:30 :r.M. Closed Sundays 514 TAMPA STREET L a f ci y e r t t e H o t e I E. A. CLAY, Manager 120 West :Lafayette Street East Side of -Bride Fla. Phone M 5588 .. f, The Tavern -Bar & Grill HOT AND COLD LUNCHES Spaghetti a Special:ty 311 Fra:qklin St. Phone 3940 __ LIQUORS-BEER-WINES -. --STAR ,KOSHER D_ELI CATESS EN -All Kinds of Herring, Lox .and Smoked. Fish. Impo.ted. and Domestic Cheeses. Kosher Wines. All Kinds of .. Sandwiches .. Open -lill 11 P .. 805 Gr. Central, Ph. H 29-842 CUJ_P.LUMBER CO. 'Everything :to Build Anything' Millwork Made to Order 500 PACKWOOD Phone .H 1862 -:TAMPA ALWAYS SAY H 0 L S U M B R E A O EXTRA FRESH Rex Billiard Parlor I)aniel S. Bagley iC J012 FRANKqN T :E'LO;J;tl.DA EAT D A I(; I N .. G C 0 S -.. .... 'ELO.OR ._.SHOW 7 BIG .A:CTS 2702 l"L.oMD,A A V:E. WELCOME TO : :PA'LA c ; E S KATIN G RlN; K .. SULPHUR SPRINGS FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 5th 1943 ADMISSION, SOc Per Person Tax Included H 0 TEL KN 0 X TOM BRYSON, Manager Lafayette & Jefferson Streets For a Home-Cooked Meal like Mother Used to Make Go to KNOX GRILL ... .... ... ::: ..... _i:l_o_N_s_T_. __ ELITE CIGAR STORES 'The Sport Headquarters of Tampa' WINE CIGARS 400 Zack Phone :\1 62-072 :\1-1236 CENTRAL OIL C 0 M P A N Y, I N C. Tampa, Florid.a


lfl Fighter Comma-nd By PFC. LONGMAN AND PFC. SWARTZ -..... fellows, Sgt, Latz has 72lsi SIGNAL AW CO. taking -liberties with 0 R 0 p .. The company grapevine tells of Pfc. Ralph Schleicher still January 29, 1963 knocking. the USO gals dead. By CPL: ELLIS. A. HILBORN Dear C 0.: Have a heart and leave one for d F s It's been 20 "ears since I wrote Nme ol men, led by irst gt-J m e, Ralph. c k h t to you. Having recently been-in aruso, rna e up w a we some-contact with many of the old times laughingly refer to as the ; : -Soldiers Always Welcome EL RESTAURANT FINEST SPANiSH FOODS-BEST' OF LIQUORS 2001 Nebraska A few of the favorite teams al ready entered in the Day Room pirig pong tournament are: Dixon Zevada, Thurston-Holsomback, Hogenson-Amsler, and the CookLynch -combination. "Snake" Hanisee and Feulner claim the "dark-horse" title of the tournament. boys, I thought I'd let you know HQ. & HO. SQ. 72lst's football team The what the boys are doing: today. Ill FIGHTER COMMAND mentioned aggregation, composed Received a letter'from o z. of apprehended draft-dodgers'and T OWNSEND Whitehead, that fellow who did s--E A 8 R E E z E C' Section 8 candidates, is to engage Sash -Door < so much for Special Services at a similar potpour'ri fro_ m the_ & -Lumber Co. .. Drew. He tells me that he is 722nd in a superhuman physical now starring in a pew play on By Pfc. Alvin M. Amster contest-they yvill attempt to play a cer. "Destitut_e," 1 talkers and_ snorers are whrch he_ certamly: rs. He tned! especrally prevalent m Upper B-1 tain dog to win the other evening to hock hrs watch the other day, where Bob Shoff and Joe Skinner keg of beer wagered by our Lt because he liked the name. The and whq _do think was _th'e repair plane engines in their Newman aild by the 722nd's CO hound's name was "Conoco John" .You've guessed rt-_1 sleep. Bill Gowan had an excel-The game is official-the wager (anBdl itkdid win). Brll Greenberg. lent poker hand while pounding shtriCltly an off-thhe-rebcorbd iten:. To ac ties were in order at the By the way, QO _doubt the pillow. What about "Hey, t e oser goes t e ob y prrzepassing away of "Herbie. the hear_d of Jess __ e. Zrm_. merman be-l boy!" Who are the two sleepr'ng the job of collecting the corpses company's pet coon. Car:etaker h N that remain. "T .. Ll d commg _the edrtor; t e ew 1 side-by-side who carry on a con-C 1 W It M 11 t th' n oy is looking for a York Trr_umpha.nt_ ,_,vhrch_ has the_ I versation while they sleep? P a er u e er expec s e 1 tl d Mrs. this week. She will reside Larry Bahr, ex-Day Room chief, largest crrcu atwn 1 e .. un Sancton's hangar button "39 5 in Tamp a. We learn from reliable world. Some say. that meant $39 to James O'Neal A-4 is now punching the time clock in O'Gara had_ a lot t_ 0 do w_rth_ rt. 1 carpenter in a recent p olicy draw-sources that the Mrs. is a free the Supply Dept. S 1 h d h f t lance artist who paints greeting Don .Lille_.-received his reEd 0 omon, w 0 ?la_ e Js Jrs ing. What are some other good card pictures. We hear that she success on the Echoes rs really goones? t ._from the Hospital last Tues-ing olaces. He has been commis-J Best-Saying-Of-The-Week Dept. is prettier than her pictures, and St; -tnd is now headed toward sioned by the Government to From Tom Willoughby: "How did her pictures are pretty. lo'l:eu_gol1oygan, Wiscons_in, on his fur-paint th_ e murals on_the walls of I these cockroaches get in my bag?" Ollr new da:y room now open I I WI H 1 """t -complete wrth furmture. We W d the ute ouse a rmes. Promotion. Weather Officer had about half a dozen radios R e olts etrhla ntgs ever tl1rn Also in is Joseph Gilmore upped to Capt. Lts. Ed--tp ff d d 1 ty kg Brosnan. who 1s a1de to t _he Post-mund Erickson, Samuel Levy, and (one of which actually worked), wen o m goo 01 er as wee ter Gene r al He's assistant to w -11. D dd .. but they have disappeared since as "Abie" Goldstein took the mhas t t -1 h j 1 Jam 0 s are now v.;earmg we took over. l "J th b d t e ass1s an pencr s aroener. srlver bars. Tom Carl-ton rs pres;s H 1 ht t b p unge. anme lS e u e s Did you hear Delwyn s fixing a "Cpl" to his name.. gt. o ton oug o e on nl amke_ antdh we Wlldsh them all the broadcast of the Rose Bowl? They/ We-'learned through Mrs. Gum' tGhaewsvtaeg, e"GhreavmelakFeascae,?.oor_sd agcotr.onrg; I uc rn e wor say he used to make a lot of f s 1 h E IS B The cleverest. _bed t ag to date, mo. ney at the dof1 races In Ta111n rgna t at x-_ M gt. rown on a furlough soon, at least he 1 1 d 'Ji w J Ad a, did all right at OCS and is now h h h Ch 11-F was P ace on. u g : ams_ but personally I don't think he I commissioned. ope s t at e ls; o le ort See u?_per B-8 Ban acks for ever won any of those races. made us a cabinet for the office fmthE"r Listening to_ the opera the other HOT DOTS and it is the envy of all; we hope Best ,letter salutation of day, I was. Sl:lrprised to hear the That fence Park and Proffitt it will be there iri the morning week: t 'T?, :he. guy announcer say that the lead was put up took a weekend beatiri.g when we get to the orderly room; the shL:s, rece 1ved by Georgre beini! sung by no other than EdI' Champ dominoes player, Harold Perky took quite a verba'! thrash-' Schaffel, of the Motor Pool. die Planisek. The name of the Cochran ... Champ moviegoer, ing at the lecture last Saturday. LuMBER & MILLWORK, ROOFING AND PAINT-FHA LOANS D P H O N E H 4 8 9 1 N. Rome and Fuller Street HENRY HOWKEE 'CO. Chinese Hand Laundry Guaranteed 504 Tyler Si. Service Men Always Welcome S,..lphur Springs Cafe We Specialize In Home Cooked Food, Chicken, Steak and Chop Dinners Sulphur Springs, Arcade Bldg. T. w. RAMs E y -LUMBER COMPANY We Specialize In Mill Work & Cabinets We can furnish material for Repairs and F. H. A.Loans Phi>ne Y l219 _: 17th St. & 6th Ave at Sulphur last opera was The Baiber of Seville.[ L e n Nixon The Squadron Man, can his face get red ? Fnday-:-Pvts. Brock, Trlbm_ y and HP. always did know how to mascot certainly has attached it-Catch the coke bottle, Koya!!h! 1 Leco,r;ch1k t!Le old ,farthfuls "clio" the self to Sgt. Gosselin ... "Sparky" at ;the Club dance, Hear that David Hackett, that Myers furnished the carpenter ': Gus fat little sergeant, is now up in shoo mascot, "Nutsy" the squirrel. E lliston1s DrugStore OPEN .. DAY AND N -IGHT Tamp a Bay Mark.et A; G. Cleotelis; & Sori -Konopka, and Smr_tt v. the world. H e ]s 'fifth Perkins and Sawyer are the ,. Yarn Department. Have Bull dent of the Slag Steel Corp. in heavy mail boys in B-2 'Lew :Phone H is4 S Bu1loch tell you. the one about Pittsburgh. s Williams transferred to the lOth ; BEERWiNE-SAN-DWICHES i Groceriiis; FrU:iiS /Magaziries Ice C.rearp. _. and the calf or, b_etter Sneaking of Pittsbllrgh reminds Wing, Sam Palmer, the Army's Founfaih JUSt try and tell a bigger me that George Bucksar is still a gift to the' USO dances ... Sgt. one than he. or'ivate in the Army and is sta"Rastus" Williams is sweating 202 W. Lafayetit'l St., TAMPA. -:----"--------"""""--...;;.; ... ;.;;. '":-. :_. Congraiula_hons tioned at Quack Field, Duckville, out that February furlough : : .' .. ;,So'Ji1'1er8' Favorite' Eating 'Place" To our SupJ?l:y CardOhio. Good old Bucksar-remem-Major Bratton and Capt. Holland STEAI<:s AND CHOPS _-we'll_ for tlie s1-lver bars ber how he was called every-are t .hinking of opening a Coriga Sii!rvice Men: Always Welcome' A SPECIALTY -of :f1rst lieutenant. thing but "Bucksar. studio. E.'._ L 1 : T: ,_. Well, c. 0., I think this is all New Boys La G loria Restaurant 5 .64th. SIG. A WB SEP. the news for now ,but will write Anderson is doing a good job Fine Spanish Food :and First Reporting (o. hearing from _. _. Your old friend and fellow-horticulturist Delira and his gang, Phone H 33-521 RESTAURANT TA!tiPA AND TW'IGGS STS. By SGT. J. B. HARRIS soldier. Quintana, Stephens, Ball, and At last we know Pfc. Martinez' Chappell, are putting those flower first natne. Most of us have calle d HOS. co .. REPTG. BN. 1 beds in shape ... Lawler, Hq Sq him Joe, anc;l. let it go at that. But 503rd SIGNAL FF,GTMF,NT "Frankie Sinkwich" New it_ i s Amador, which, when trans-R E p 0 R T s Allison Engine graduates: Sgt. Jl:ited means The Lover. Many of Lee, _Bongiovanni, and us, having seen him in action in Where did Sweeney get the "The Place io Meei -and Eai" Motthewls Corner Fountain and Luncheoneiie Max's liquor Bar WINES LIQUORS CIGARS FREE DELIVERY SERVICE 1601 E. COLUMBUS DR. Ybor, can easily understand why By SGT. LESTER SHEAR nickname "Duke"? Kehr and he was given such a title. Bill Jones won't ever finish that ; W e also understand h e is some-DAY ROOM DAZE Rummy game Reugger is of a pugilist, too. Well, one Fifteen fellows surrounding takin!:( it easy until he checks into Liquors -Wines Beer We Deliver Lafayeiie & Tampa, Ph." M 1242 inust be to support a reoutation piano and Sgt. Doxen tickling the the Hospital for that tonsil opera. as The Lover implies. We'll all keys ... F /Sgt. Miller and Sgt tio'n ... Copher is transferring to SERVICE MEN be cheering The Lover and John Quinn playing ping pong :against a crash 'boat outfit ... "Don Juan" A N 'the: Battle Febri.t'aty 2, when they Sgt. Ness and Gpl. Goldberg Luca,s gets affectiO'nate letters L U E A ERA meet the MacDill boys in the ring. Sgt. Mullens_ studiously pla'yiiig from "Chubby" writ_ten on as--d d C 1 R 1 b'l tl .;_r a _ncy G 'roceries -Fresh Meats Ho'w's the Worm's correspondcar s an p avw 1 JU ran Y bestO's paper ... What corporal ence with Savannah these days. in the chips ... Cpl. Kosko in A-' 3 is always pulliil:g his rank? 3018 Armenia AvtC Pfc. we understand quietly reading a book .in the cor. :Pii: H 46.174 Free' Delivery -_ you're squirming to get back, but ner ... T/Sgt: Pendly drinking yoti know yo'u must write to stay Coca-Cola Kibitzers giving S E M I N o: L E in good ?races. rapt attention to the six ball in SOUVENIR A word of warning to Col. the side pocket ... Waiting line Densmore: please be 'careful with at the ping pong table ... Es those new "storecbought" uppers I quire magazi_nes getting a big lowers; it's against rules and play .. Pfc_._ Herb disregulations to bit in a clinch. roursmg on f1ckleness of Lady The last we heard of Cpl. EmLuck. 'merman, he was telling his troubles to a couple of .porpoises inOne of the unknown celebrities the Gulf of Mexico. A silly thing in our midst is Pvt. Matt Boryto "'to Corporal. Don't you know a veteran of the first AEF and I ,the n't get you a date with a rParing to go a -second time. If me1 !d! Matt is as old as he feels. )1o'o:; '; Did you notice Pfc. Groos work-just a kid, because he' s still full iilg: hard after hours last week? o f deviltry. Matt gets a couple of nice of you, Groos. Now show starts its road tour tom"''we won't have to wash the win-orchids for putting together the dows for the next inspection. pool table and entertaing the boys All were pleasantly surprised with trick shots. Supply Sgt. Joe with T/Sgt. Krause's return from H:vland says he feels like a chap 'California. Once he was turned lain. The boys all come to hiin _loose in those barren 'nills, we with their troubles. What Oklanever expected they would find hoina Comanche has learned -to him agairi. sleep with his shoes off since his If you have noticed any change recent marriage? CURIO rrs WRAPPED FOR MAILING 107 Laf_ a'Yet _h'! WELCOME SERVICE'MEN CAFE AND BAR l:i26 Franklin at Consiani Phone M 70l7 SUNDRiES TOBACCO SODAS WhiteheadDrug Store Compounding Prescriptions Is The Mosi Important Pari Of Our Business Q :phone:s 5105 Prompt Delivery Bl20' Nebraska Ave _., Sulphur Springs "A' GOOD PLACE TO EAT" PO: STOFFICE CAFE ,I;' C D Kavakos, Prop. Dinners, Lunches, Beer; Wines & Cold Drinks, Pies and.Pastiies. 406 Za'ck Sireef Tampa; Fla. Franklin St. Restaurant HOME' OF FINE FOODS Ai Reasonable Prices SPANii:Hi DINNERS. 1406 Franklin Street PHONE --Keep :f. m F1y:llig-McAskiH Music Stores Radios and Sound' and Inter comin urilcatln\1 Systems Aufhorlze'd capehart an d' Sc'ott Radio Service" lli6 Grand Central Phone H-3787 ____________________ ............... __, .. LOANS-MONNY TO LEND Dlnnnnrd,. wntc'beB o. .Jewell'}' sn-verwure : Diamonds ot n A. L. ECKART 4oo ToiniW sireet F E R N A N D E z-RESTAURAN r Cuban Sandwiches A 12i6 Franklin St. All Service Men Are Welcome Barcelona Co-fe SPANISH RESTAURANT wiN:Es ANb Liauci:Rs I Phone S 2142 Open Ail. Night 4714 Nebraska and Osborne in our cuisine artists' products T/4 Weinbren doesn't play give the credit to Pfc. (Oscar of cards anvmore. He figures he's 'the.Waldorf) Beck and Pfc. (Henri been too lucky at love. Why does of Sloppy Joe's) Barnett. Their Sgt. Pallay spend so much-time new slor;!an is "Yoa'll like it even writing his gal? Will those wed if it kills you." ding bell s chime next furlough SEABOARD RESTAURANT ------;:...... ;....:.;.-'--: V 1-CTOR Spagheiii a SpeciaUy \ ; Looks as though we just have time? Everybody i s getting mar-'room enough l eft to toss one b6u-ried while away, it seems. This .. SANDWICHES, CAKES, DRINKS quet in the direction of Cpl. Gar-time it's 2nd Lt .Thy Ricks. H e .. :dson. For many months Cpl. Gar-had the knot tied while on leave. rison has been lost down in Bn. Pfc. Bowman has been getting Hdqs. Cpl. Garrison is a most ef-razzed about his long distance ticient person, taking care of such lo\fe life with a gal in Tennessee. as service records and the How 'boot that, Jim? Sgt. Stanley endless amount of duties which is worried since Sgt. Ness started :fallupon the one holding his powriting his

.,.,_ Pag)'! 8 DR.EW. EClit>ES defeats. Lt. John Fowler leads the Interceptors and the Southern league. of the Tampa City league with 59 points. i' i' i' The 308th Signal Wing of Drew holds down second plac e in the Western league of the Tampa City By PFC. DELWYN BAGGETT league with five victories and one .defeat. Carl, Morse, high scorer Jan:uary MAAS_ BROTHERS Drew's boxing team has been in of .the city leagues with going through daily workouts for 91 pomts, 15 ope ?f. the reasons the "last .three weeks: and will twhy the 308th lst.glvmgf t9-t. e other. ... get their fi1" St taste of battle on e;;trns a .merry 1me o 1 February 2, in a thFee-way meet i' i': i' : with Third Air Force and Mac-Golf. WIPlllhave pladce on th1 e COfl Vef.nent Dill. n;enu at a rna ce1a to ay 0 The leather pushers will meet o clock, when 57 6th Sarasota, Lakeland, MacDill, the 503r?-Signal meet m the ,M .... LJTI .4R y Third Air Force and a -Marine fmals of the1r match. .,. _: _; L::[ team at Cl earwater in Feb1 :uary. i'---Lt. Pane Dee, coach of the team, is quite a scrapper himself, hail-A A F UNIT NAMES. ing from Houston, Texas, where INFANTRY PARALLELS he was three times winner of the middleweight crown in the Golden Gloves. H e was also a semi-finalist in the big AAU meet in New York. -1' i' 1< The Interceptors, Drew's No. 1 bas ket ball tea m, has pile d up a r ecord of 11 wins in 13 games to date. Drew leads the Tampa City league with five victories and no "Army Air Corps units and equivalent infantry units are l;"tP.d as follows: Wing -------------Regiment Group _______ :_ ____ Battalion Squadron _________ Company Flight ---------------Platoon Section -------------Crew ----------------Squad 4f1 / HI, FELLOWS! Meet Your Buddies at.:_ :GEORGE'S BILLIARD PARLOR SNOOKER AND POCKET BILLIARDS HIGH SCORER IN CITY LEAGUES-Pfc. Carl Morse, former fopeka. Kansas, high school star, is leading scorer with 91 points 1n the Tampa Western League, as a member of the 308th Signal basket ball team. 2222 E. Broadway Ybor City .. ... .................. ----------"--..... ... :;--.-......... .... ....... ...................... ......... -. ---; D B k Sh 2 0 BOB'S' OPEN EVENINGS ..::: rew as eteers earer, c --------8 S 44 33 Cassidy, g ---------2 0 eat a rasota, -Sitarz, g __________ 5 2 12 : : .. By Pfc. Delwin Baggett Drew Field Interceptors basketball team continued their winning ways by stopping the strong Sarasota Air Base, 44-33, in the Sarasota high school"gym last Mon-. day night. The victory over Sarasota increased the Interceptors win col umn, to 11 against two defeats for the season. Playing cautiously during the first half, Drew led 20-11 at the half-time period. Drew was out in front 9-4 at the end of the first period and 34-23 at the close of the third quarter. Ed Sitarz, high scorer of the night for the Interceptors with' 12 points, turned in a beautiful game both on defense and offense in leading his teammates to vic-. tory. Close onhis heels was John Fowler (high scorer in the Tampa City league) with 11 points. Fowler played a bang-up game on defense in holding the high scoring Fiack of Sarasota to seven points. The Drewmen hit the basket for 20 field goals, plus four !ouls during the night. Drew (441 f tp Fowle r, f_ ________ 5 1 11 Fox, f __ .:_ __________ 3 0 6 Messing, f _________ 3 1 7 Want to March Right lnt;o -Her Affections, : Soldier? CRENSHAW'S (Wholesale) FRUITS :-: VEGETABLES -Phone 2623 ------,---: ..... : :; i Army Store j Cannon, f ----------1 0 2 Comp lete Line Military Supplies For The Needs Of ;;, Bond, f __________ o 0 0 : Hook, f ___ .._ _______ 2 o 46 SERVICE MEN :.j Hague, c ___________ 2 2 6 :!: EXPERsT TAILORINGT :J ---=----207 E. Lafayette treet ampa :; TOTAL ____ 3 33 .. :-:-:!!-!ot!-!!!!!!!!!!:-:-:-: .. :-:!!:-:-:-:!:-:-:-t:-:-: .. :-:-:-:++: .. : .. :-: .. : .. : ENROUTE TO and FROM TAMPA DON'T LEAVE f LORIDA UNTIL YOU SEE BEAUTIFUL SILVER SPRINGS FLORIDA'S INTERNATIONAL AT.q;'RACTION-NATURE'S UNDERWATER FAIRYLAND OPEN DAILY FROM "SUNRISE TO SUNSET, FREE Admission to Grounds Reduced Rates to All Uniformed Men and Red Cross Nurses WAACS WAVES Dining Dancing Swimming Canoeing .Cabins 5 Miles East of Ocaia on Sta':e Road 500 to Daytona Thrill to otir glass bottomed l boat ride over 14 different springs -Nothing like it anywhere in :llhe world! Enjoy GOminute Jungle Cruise -speedboat ride down the Silver River. S&e Alligators and Monkeys. Visit Ross Allen at his world renowned Reptile Institute. S .e e rattlesnakes "milked" of their deadly venom! HOURLY BUS SERVICE FR


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