Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 48 (February 5, 1943).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
February 5, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
1 773
t Drew Field echoes.
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VOL. 1. NO. 48 Published Every Friday Drew Field. Tampa, Florida Friday, February 5, 1943 Engineers Chip Lucy Monroe Makes Quite a Hit At Drew Field Sing Growth of Drew Reflected By Rifle Story Brings Results In to Furnish Drew Day Room Finance Office Civilia n employees of the Base Payday is an important event Engineer's Department at Drew in the life of a soldier. Counting Field, including truck drivers, out his money on payday, how-stenographers, clerks, construe-ever, is only one of the multiple tion specialists and laborers. haye jobs handled by the Drew Field "chipped in" _and contributed Finance Office. And with the ex-jointly enough money to furnish pansion of the air base, the re-another day room for the soldiers sponsibilities of the Finance Ofat Drew Field. fice have increased tremendously. This was entirely the idea of Celebrating its first anniyersary the civilian workers themselves, on January 20, 1943, the growth working under Mr. Charles Fuss, of the Finance Office corresponds who is superintendent of con-with the expansion of the field. struction. The idea was approved The original office was activated by Captain Guy B. Lynes, Base as an a_gent finance office of Engineer, and Captain Raymond 1 MacDili Field with a staff of one W. Godfrey, Assistant Base Engi-commissioned officer and two en-neer.. listed men and was set up at The money for the day room Base Headquarters in a space ap-was handed over to Captain proximately 12x20 feet. Chester K. Delano, Special ServGradually the Finance Office ices Officer, at a meeting of the MISS LUCY MONROE grew until, on October 1, 1942, the Base Engineer's Department per-Chief of Finance authorized the sonnel, held in the yard. Lucy Monroe, the star-spangled activ:ation <:Jf an accountable disSaid Captain Delano: "We par-soprano ori tour of Army camps bursmg office at Drew. It moved ticularly appreciate the generous several times to large r quarters, spirit with which this money is 1 evealed h e r capac1ty for d1plo-but because of the field' s in given. The employees in the Base macy as well as singing on Mon-creased strength, the Finance OfEngineer's D epartment have set a day night at D 1 ew Field. fice soon became a very crowded fine example for others to follow. place. Plans were evolved for the These day rooms are urgently She not only pleased the s_ol-constr1:1ction of a new building to needed and money donated for drers who packed the recreatwn house It. Payday December 31 was this purpose is well spent." I building, but satisfied the three one of the most congested times -----1< contestants comi?etmg for the best' experienced during the short hisoffi.Ce rs c I' m b 1!tle by plckmg all three as tory of th office, when an esti"bests." I mated 700 to 800 individuals As Promotion Blitz No doubt the most please d oflpassed. m and out of the building. the three was Cpl. John Hession, I To alleviate these crowded con Hits Drew Field who was c hosen by the point-a-ditions, the Finance Office moved finger method to sing a duet, "Let to its new home, now located at. A promotion blitz hit Drew M e Call You Sweetheart," while the intersection of First Street Field officers recently. Among cuddling Miss Monroe in his arms. and Tampa Bay Boulevard. The those going up were: The other two "bests" were Pvt. new building affords more ideal From captain to major-Frederick Vince Manning and Pvt. Donald working conditions. K. Bull and Glover E. Tully. Boyd. The staff of the Finance Officer From first lieutenant to captain Col. Melvin B. Asp, command-Major S. E. Burns, has expanded -Benjamin H Cuttino, Alfred W. ing officer of Drew, introduced considerably beyond his two en Lewis; Anthony A. May and Rob-the singer. The program was ar-listed men. Today, assisting him Shown here is Sgt. Edward T. Eastwick, of Camden. New Jer ert H. R. Risley. ranged by Capt. Chester K. Dela-in the administration of Drew sey. as he demonstrates firing of a Garand rifle at Drew Field. From second to first lieutenant no, Special Services Officer, and finances, are several officers a "Many people have expressed a desire to do what :they could -Arnold L. Grantham, Leslie B. the music was furnished by the warrant officer, more than for the war effort. bu:t were unable :to finance the1 donation of a Kovacs, Michael J McLaughlin, Deep Sleep Eleven orchestra of eral scores of enlisted men and plane, a tank. or a .75-mm. gun," officers said. "Giving a Garand Lawrence vV. Scott, William L. service rnen, under the direction six civilians. semi-automatic rifle is something that a great many people could Tedford, and Ernest L. Webb. Jr. I of Warrant Officer Leslie Baker. Ail casualty payments to-en-do without undue financial strain, because :the cost of :the rifle listed personnel are handled in is only $80." Precarious Perch! However. she doesn't sit there long. Those two female zanies. Sylvia and Clemence. who have been wowing fans of Jimmy Dor sey. Shep Fields, Clyde McCoy. Orrin Tucker and others for years when appearing w.ith :these bands, are now convulsing service men in the USO-Camp Shows' s;creammusical show. MERRY GO ROUND. This shGw will be presented at Drew l"ield on Feb. 17th. the west wing of the new build-Tampa citizens who wish to contribute a Garand rifle have been ing under the supervision of urged to do so by making out a check for $80. payable to the :treasS/Sgt. Joseph Bock. This group urer of :the United States. and sending i:t to the War Department of specialists are thoroughly through the Drew Field Public Relations Office, :together with a versed in computing enlisted letter stating the purpose of the gift. payrolls, individual pay vouchers -. t In _response to a request for for enlisted men, furloughs, and MaJOr Bowes Audatlons contnbutors which appeared in a tations in lieu of rations or quar-. from Drew 1s Capt. Harry M. Doster, Public ReI vouchers pertaining to commu" Tampa newspape r on Monday, ters for enlisted men. The travel! domg all nght for guys. T _hey lations Officer at Drew, received branch; which handles all prob-1 played Tarpon _Spnngs mght the following t elegram: lems pertaining to payment of t? a swell. aud1ence and It l?<:JkS "Mailing chec_ k today payable mileage and per diem, 'is also in like the thmg was worth wa1tmg U. S. m amount of $80 this wing, under the supervision for. to b e used m one of S/Sgt. George Goedde. I The of Lucy Monroe s and_ semi-automatic H e r e s smg fest from the stage of RB 'hopmg other orgamzatwns and The cashiers ca_ge 1s_ located m No. 1, on Monday night, was a individual-do the same." It was the _center th1s wmg. The tremendous success. A lot of fa1 signed L M Koons, Lakeland T/3rd Eugene Knowle;., vorable comment from town Junior Chamber of Commerce. accountable to sures us lhat the aired show was Capt. Dost17r said the_ gift, like f9r all funds dt.l1-O.K., so far as the actual program all others of 1ts. kmd, w1ll be sent I each day. In addltl<:Jl!to. mak-at the RB is concerned, it was to the Treasury D epartment with 1ny.g_ payments to all m1hta_ry and terrific. Miss Monroe said, after J the request that funds be used I CJVIhan personnel, the cashier has, the show, that the fellows at 1 for the purpose expressed. cash l"ale only, P bonds m Drew are a particularly swell! After the gift is accepted, the $2:J and $_50 denommatwns. bunch. She meant it, too!! 1 Secretary of the Treasury will J The officers' p_ay al!-d allowance i Don' t forget to get in on the' issue a citation certificate in r e e l branch, located m th1s wmg. singing, dancing or what-haveI ognition of the patriotic donation processes all vouchers pertammg you audition conducted by that made to the Unite d States and the to the pay of commissionR n offi-genial talent scout from Major donor will b e informed of the warrant officers, flight of-Bowes. Here is a wonderful op-. rifle's serial nuP'ber. fleers and army nurses. portunity to actually show what 1<----The assistant finance officer. you can do. You can get all the Lt. L. B. Kovacs, in addition to information you want from the Post Exchanges Open his other duties, assists in making bulletins you all have been r e cash payments at such times as ceiving, or get in touch with the the cashier is absent. I ?ervice Club or: the ServThe building's east wing houses 1ce _Office. Get 1n there-Jt means the production or work wing nf a mce little vacatwn for the lucky the office and is restricted to fi-guys ch?sen. Rem<:;mber, there are nance personnel only. This is no professwnals 111 the Army necessary to avoid interruptions everybody has an equa 1 chanc P and possibilities of lost or misSo come on out and _get a crack j placed documents. Under the at the chance of a lifetime! 1 present arrangement, if losses do 1.. .. i< v o_ccur, they can be confined to A}R OPr.NS IN fmance personnel. Warrant Offi-1 A n F01 ce, motwn pictUI e i c17r Baamonde, chief clerk: superWarner Bros. at 1 vises the branches occupymg this D1ew Field last sum met, opened, wing. at Hollywood Theater in New The check section. unde r the Y0rk City t_his week. supervision of S/Scrt He Feature d m the PJCtm e, wh1ch "' 111 Y t Il th t f 'Ma Ann a H evia is a part of the adminis-e e s 0 1 Y 0 ry branch. The ac ou t g Flvmg Fortress. are .John Gar c n In I f1eld, Charles Drake Harry Carey, (Continued on Page 3) George Tobias, and Gig Young. The Drew Field Exchan:;Je. a .ccording to Capt. Dopald S. Evans, wishes :to announce the opening of :the following sub exchanges on Drew Field: Exchange No. 4Lo::ated in Block 3A on East ls:t and "L" Streets. Exchange Nc. -u' lcin;l' No. J n e-n F.ast ":;)" A venue (Hos pital Area). Exchanae No. 1 No. IOD-02, on "J" Av&nue, be tween Ncr!:h 2nd and North lsi Stree:ls. Exchange No. ll-Building No. SC-03. on "N" Street. between North 2nd and North lsi Sis.


. ... / military service and i s therefore AbQ,ul J 4nd They Affect P ;er; s 9 _nnel deduct'ible. : '"' Cost 6'f"foo d a n d is allowabie. 'Nor i s the cost.of war bonds-alJowal,J)e. Premiums 6i1 life insurance eluding' 'National S ervice Life Drew Field officers and en-, income (see explanation above). i s.il()t ,C\llO'-Vabl e E x pen.ses listed m e n are advised, that all1 1 Status of taxpayers, whether for laundt'y and dry cleaning nor tax r etums are due on or .f?nli'sted qr and allowable,' anp court-I'riahial before March 15 1943. It IS of utwheth e r marned or s mglE;!, de are not allowable. I;.oss bf'pay due :nl o s t importance that the person-i t ermined as of one date only, viz. to A.W.O.L. ot sicknes s, not in 1 in all units are advised to I December 31, 1942 line. of duty is not 'l)p-tai. t full information c t t f t a kee p and operation of 'PI'ivate. -o n a once ...... .ommu awn quar ers an a--u t o m o b te Is .. n o .. a .. llo\;,abl e with respect to their total mcome rental value of quarters-not tax-L f.&r' 1942 so that preparation to able. The Victory .Tax returns may be instituted. Money allowances .for subsis-. 1. Perso!ls i n serv: following' wiii be h elpful tence or rations-..-not taxable. ICe are to the Ytctory Tax: {!. l c n1ng out the ordinary tax reA t d d d however, .1t I S not. Imposed or: 1ll; 1 moun s pat as epei1 encyj :l942 income and has no connec -turn Where parttculat: proble!'ns allowances mrectly to w11e ,tion with '}he income 'tax retu'rr 3Jl.d questions arise nqt answered 0ther clPnendents by the Umte d 1which must be filed for .1942 in helow suc:;h .question_ s .9e States Government-not taxable. 1 .. in wr'itirig ( f!' J is doep not includE7 voluntary I core The Victor y Tax on 1943 in: .and Boards S e ctJFn dui m allotments to the fC\mtly chai:ged will not be deducted froir '621, 'J;>rew Field lon a. ? to a soldier's allotments the monthly pay of military per Must F1le a Retum. b made by the enlisted man are sonnel The Victory Tax will b inco!'ll e tax return must e able,. see above). computed upon 'the 1943 incomr by smgle 1 Umform allowances received by tax return which will be filec income of $o0 0 1 more an officers-not taxa]Jle or before March 15 19 44. persons having a gross Deduct\on-A.Uowable and either separately or comNot Allowable of $1200 or more. Contributions (charitabl e and .Send FLOWERS to Your ;f:: .Personal Exempilons religious); interest paid o n v ALE-...'rTIN 't:: From !Hi,'.'. r,o Are .. Allo w a bl_e? 1 l d f

February 5 1943 DREW FIELD. E C H()E$. : ... ; -.. --""""'' ]..__,_ By J. J. MAGNIN Cincinnati, to you and to the average Yank soldier, is more or less just a place famous for good beer. But r ight here at Drew Field i.s a hands9me, human example of a much more important Cincin nati war product-one that will do a great deal more damag e to Axis p i p e dreams of conquest than all the b eer in the world. W e r e r eferring to M ajor William E. Zins, who only three and a half yE:ars ago was working in the experimental laboratorie s of an aircraft plant and dreaming of a care\lr for himself in the a ir. Majot Zins, who claims Cincin nati for his hom. e town, but is also claimed by San Diego, Calif. as one of its. famous so ns, came to Drew recently afte. r establishing an E'nviable record as C O. of a fighter squadron at Howard Field, Pal}ama Canal Zone. His aerial career really start-:!J when he was still.in Roger Bacon High. School in Cincinnati. It was there that he decided his future was in the air, and made up his mind that he was going to do something about it. H e did. He went' to the Univer sity of Cincinnati to study and did so well that he was g raduated in 1 937 with the degt'ee of Aeronau tical Engineer. From there he went into pt'actical work in the Consolidated Aircraft Corporation in San Diego and worked oi1 ex perimental win g design a year. \ With war c louds over Europe "Murphy, this mean s e xtra duty for you. This is he third growing blacker and blacker, time his week I've caught y ou with your slip showing." Major Zins decided that the laboratory wasn't exactly the place I to be and applied for appointment out of the Drew F i eld Finance Offor paying troops ha:re resorted as an Aviation Cadet and .was acftce. Thts sectwn ts under the su! to usmg desks occupted by the -cepted June 29, 1939. He was pervisiort of S/Sgt. Jean King. f inance personnel. Such arrange graduated from Kelly. Fteld on I The connecting wing between ment has caused interruptions in March 23, followmg_ year, t h e east and west wings is occu-the daily work. The present ar after prellmmary. trammg pied by M a jor s. E. Burns, Fi-rangement permits officers to Ryan Primary Flymg m nance Officer; his s ecretary Mrs. verify their funds prior to deSan D iego, Randolph Baste and 1 Lillian H Osborn; and the assist-parting f rom the. fi;1ance Flymg ant to the .Fmance ,Lt. A schedule is published-in 'the Antomo. J:Ie was A. Magutre. Also 111 thts wmg Daily Bulletin prior to each paySI?ned a secon d lleutenant m ts a modern storage vault. day, indicating the hou r at \Vhich Atr Corps Reserve the day after I The hallway i n the j each. organization will call for its gr<)duahon! a.nd on. J u l y 1.' 1 941:. wing is used as a co untin g roolii f unds. It is expected that this ar.. wa. s commtsswned m the 1 egul ar i for agent offi cers. Previously, I rangement any con-Army. 1 agent officers who obtamed funds gested condttwns. Major Zins served wtth the 40th Fighter Squadron at Selfridge Fiel d; Mich for a year bes a rtl n g R .. e fore being transferred to a squad. e a I .OnS' .. ron at Dale Mabry Fiel d. He to Panama after the ITap s a ttacked In First Poll of Service Men Peai.-1 Hm;b01'. and in May of last year was mad e C:O of a squadron Thro u gh the first pol( o f t h e figh [ing forces ever c o nducte d by a n ) l at Howard Field. A m e r i c an pub l ication, CLICK. magazi n > e h a s l ear ned w h a t y ou ser v ice men ant Amer icans a t home to do for you Promotion ,t'o the rarik of ma. Q uest ion n aire s covering 25 important' s u b j e ct s were submit ted t o jor. last 29,. and t h ousa nds o f service men t hrou g h the U. S 0., Y M C. A a n d o t her Zins. family back m Cmcmnatl ser -vices. A wealih of informa t ion was secur e d welcomed .the news. His father, A comp l e t e analysis of the results> in the M arc h iss u e of CLICK, pre-Mathew Z i ns, Sr., gathered with sen.rs a Story of keen interest to every man i n the ar med forces. Get your t he rest of th_ e famil y four c opy t oday and see how the answe rs t o each questio n coincide wit h your ow n t h oughts and opinions. br-others and two sisters-to saC LICK a l so f eat u res lute their favorite so ldier. man y o t her timel y articles, c o l o r ----ie :_____ photogr aphs a n d car ioo ns. Buy t h e M arch issu e now a t your Post F1nanc> e Offrce Excha n ge magazine s t a n d (Conti n ued from P a g e 1) bran ch, under T/Sgt. Reuben Hawes, performs all bookkeeping a n d maintenance of records per t inent to accountability of funds expended. Also located in t h is section is the commercial accounting branch headed by T/Sgt. Spencer mend. This section handles the payment of all .local purchases made by tbe vari o u s p urchasing o f f ice r s on t h e fiel d. All a uditin g, computing and briefing of vouchers relating to t h e payment of enlisted men are under the supervision of M/Sgt. Weldon Devoe. H e is a l so in 9f. the casualty section of the enlisted pay bral).c h The south end of the east win g -is occupied by a small but very impbrt'arit bra rich. of the off ice the agent auditing branch. A von Bc?mb arid Gunnery Ra)l.ge a n d t h e at Sarasota have agen t -finance officers who work Diamonds and All Jewelry 605 Franklin St. CLICK The Monthly Picture Magazine. Now on s a l e a t 10 .Your Po s t E x ch a nge ./',: .. r ... ... .. '\ .. Good meaty leathers. give them a rea l custom look .. M !LITARY SHOES $6o85 K N 'ox $3,98, $4.98 Militar y Shoes vVEsJ:-, ... e tr .. s-'T n nES' .'./If.:._.. ... P a g e 3 .... .... 1". .. :.!'-----.. : Authorized BotUer: PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF TAMPA F 0 R v A L E N T I N E D A y I F E B 1 4 : IRENE GILBERT CHOCOLATES HOME-MADE s :t. Peiersburg-121 Third S t. .. .. Mf Cool Restful Atmosphere Superb Fo o d Exc ellent Service I BENNETT'S DR-UG STORE:: 1004 ; Complete Luncheonette : ..:...:.. _..., ___ -' ... ":.:;. t..-....::. ... ":. :-\.1\ .. : anhattan: Cafe{ 2io E s1: ..::.::: Tam p a Good Food _.. Pric .. es Try Our Rci. asf Turkey Dirinel' Served Frcim 11 to 9 P.M. ALA CARTE SERVi C E A T A L E HOURS OPEN DAY AND NIGHT WE USE STRICTLY WESTERN MEATS MADIS-ON DRUG CO-MPANY: FRANKLIN AND MADISON STREET Where the Men of the Armed Servfce Shop and Ea t We Are Anxious to Be of Service BAY VIEW HOTEL FIREPROOF CONSTRUCTION-EVERY ROOM WITH BA'r}{ W B. SHUL ER, Manager 208 JACKSON ST., Between FRANKLIN & TAMPA TAMPA, FLORIDA--PHO'NE M 5537 Hotel Hillsboro Florida A venue at Twiggs Sf. FRANK J. HYNES, Manager GASPARILLA TAVERN coLONIAL GRILL Service Men Welcom e ELECTRIC BLUE 'PRINT COMPANY Expert Watch Rep a irs 917 FRANKLIN STREET. TAMPA BLUE PRINTS-PHOTOSTAT PRINTS-BLACK LINE PRINTS 872 Central-S. P etersburg 531 Cleveland-Clearwater 509 Twiggs Stree t TAMPA, FLA Phone 4 175


4 .... fhe Drew Field Echoes GLENN R. ROSS, Publisher DRFW FIELD ErEO'SS j V/edding tJtarch I oFFICE / 1 3l4th Squadron I 1-\re 1 ou Go1ng Overseas?, TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS M i ss Maxine Davis-S/Sgt. James By M/SGT. ROBERT ROSS I __ ...:.__ ________ --:----::-:-:::------------_.:.-! M. Smith -On January 25, 19 43, S/Sgt .. W e <:11 hope" to pnv:Susiness Office: James lVL Smith was married to of go m g Over Th.E're to d0 1115 FLORIDA AVEN:UE 1 Miss. Maxine Davis, of Emden, our part m extermmwThol(!as Sumter;, better known as Afnca by the f1rst troops. This story goes back to 1908 a cler.k Base Headquart.ers, was ing publications: AAF Bulletms, the Gamec?ck, after whom the They used as goods 1 when Congress actually forgot to tO the former IVI1ss Mar-Nos. 42_ 1 42 2 42,3 42-4 and A.?.-5., state was ;ncknamed. m supplymg the soldters. In .appropriate money to pay Army .Jone J. Daws, daughter of State 'Personal Affairs of Military Per-l On a smaller the Gamemonths .that followed;. learnmg orficers and enlisted men. ;Senator and J?se?h H. Daws. sonnel and Their Dependents" I cock .State con_tnbuted a leaC! the needs of. the natwns, the After six months without pay, ?f De Kalb, MtsstssmpL Sgt. Bloch dated Oct. 20, _1942 er to Drew Fteld m F/Sgt. commanC! has 1 .mported more _tea, a certain_ major, out for i 1s s?,n of M_r. and I MORAL: Put y;our house in; day, who comes from Mannmg, a sugar, nee, crgarettes, tobacco, a walk, stghte::i hts co lonel. a very 1 B '1:1 "" nf lVftss. order, before you cross the border.. small town. at the edge. of a toC?tton _sheetmg, black<:mt mate-, straight-la ceci old man. Crossing 1 Sgt. Bloch was for 'merly a,sstst-1 -+c I bacco-,growmg area. H1s _home nal, mrlk, shoes, pe. nclls, razors the street and saluting, the ser-. ant secretary of the VIcksburg 'I M 1 town 1s after a famtly of and-above all-medtcal supplies. eant said I ChambPr of CommerrP. He enurtal 01 mq South Carolina governors and, with General Giraud, g "Colonel: sir, I hate to bother: thP. Arnw on Qf. Old p M 1 obviously,. he is on in Ersenhower rev:ersed you during off-duty hours, buti 1942 at CamJ? Mrs_SlSSlppl', apers to en _Manmng tradttlon as an ad-the P?licy of_ the Ax:s arm1es _m look, sir, I'm broke; can you l end a:nd worked m the mductwn cen : mmtstPator. occupted where supplies me some money?" tE'r f0_c e 1ght weeks P\t. Raymond McGraw, of Bur-l The young top kick ts a htgh are looted and The colonel drew himself up ftve weeks_ of bas1c 1 ; .. Iowa. now working in the graduate and was an asPOP.Ulatwns subJected to slave la-haughtily. 1 tramme: at Sheppard F1e ld. Texas. offices of t h e Post Theaters ali s1stant mt)aager an A. & P. bor to support _+1-Je Fatherland. "Sergeant, get the devil back, After th1s h e was sent to H':lr.dmg I Drew Field, rece ived a big arm-P.nterng thP .Armv. ------+c where you came from. I'm work! Fteld. B<1ton 'R.0uge. Lou1 1ana. fl,1 of mail recently. H e was sur-Before commg to Drew Fteld m ing this side of the street_ you: On, July 30, 1942, he came t? Drew: prise d and disappointe d to find February, 1942, h e had at .Is ase Week J::::i,S !._t; -J 1 ;. !,Ji, -;, ,, 'J' ... r .\-\i .. .\ ;, / ,,i_:. t 11.,11r :111.-( ,{ .. .. --\ work the other." 1 and has been h ete ever out that it consisted almost enFort Jackson, South Ca!olma, ------+c 1 smce. I tirelv of old newspapers and where he served a year m the SSSh SIG. A.W. BN. 1 B .loch was connecte_d magazines-written material that mfantry. In _:!:me, 1942 he vvas 1mP_tly ::v1th .the U S. he will probably never have tune. to 11r st ser;::eant. TL. a3 Jl : offiCe m. Vrcksburg, MlSSlSSlppt, 'to read comple t e ly. Workmg from reveille unhl.far !1e Ill a On u; car fJ :and Mobtle, Alabama. I The well-meaning friE'ncls who mto the h?urs of evemng, I Miss Eselle Kohn-Pv. Edward I sent all these papers did so with I F/$gt. Holliday 1s a very busy S/Sgt. Calkms has been gettmg H. Solomon the best of .intentions-they want-, man. The squadron .. commanded quite a few t.e lenhone fr""" On Jantarv 28, 1943, at the ed him to keep up with the home 1 by P?PUlar Captam John A r<.iverside, California, and we Hillsboro Hotel, .Tampa, Pvt. Ed1 town news. Soldiers have all the I Scb"eJde r on":' 0 f the don't think it is on uUS!IJess. ward H Solomon was married to I reading matter they can usE), Iww-on growmg au base. T/5 Welden likes to go to Sarathe former Miss Estelle Kohn by ever and find it very difficul1 gea1:t s duties .embrace admtm" sota on his day off. He clatms 1t's Chaplain Carl W. Hewlett, of 1 to find time to read out-dated trahve res;>ons1ble for the great because the weather is mcer Drew E'ir-ld. P vt. Solomon is the macra z ines. Drew Field has two of nh>:ted pP.rS0"'1"'l C'nnthere.' But did you ever see weath son of Mrs. FannP. Solnmon. of, libraries, consisting of sbtutmg. the base headquarters e r wearing a dress? Los Angeles, California.. Mrs. I books, magazines and daily a u base Cpl. Waterman, DS, Solomon lS the daughter of papers from a great many 'home raphers, weathermen, mechamcs, ken, N J says the authontles up an.d Nrrs H Kohn, of St. Louts, towns." These are available at all clerks, north don't enforce off-the-post Mtssoun. times for all soldiers. In addthon to hts dutie s on Saturday, Feb. 6: saluting as much as in the South. Capt. John A. Schneider, com-The space which these bulky Drew Field, his work entails adNORTHWEST RANGERS, with In fact, he writes, he didn't even officer of the 314th, gave newspapers and magazines take ministration men on James Craig, Jack Holt; Roar, bother to salute a ma]or yester-the bnde away. Sgt. Harry Lam-up could be much more effectivedetached serv1ce at Pmellas and Navy Roar; Human Sailboat; Toll c1av. Cpl. W_aterman us all pert served as best man and Mrs. ly u sed for first-class mail.....::those Sarasota. He i"sues _Passes to the Bridge Troubles. this from h1s quarters, wnere he Lampert was matron of honor. priceless letters from home that men, and handles dtscharges and Sunday and Monday, Feb. 7-8: is scheduled to spend the next Private Solomon, cartoonist, mean much to the soldier. His miscellaneous duties for hearl-THE IMMORTAL SERGEANT, two weeks: n'iusician and printer, entered the letters are delayed oftentimes be-quarters. All in all, F/Sgt. Rolli-Pvt. Corey is leading a dog' s army on February 23, 1942, at cause of the enormous volume of rlay is a kev man in the "Keen life these days, taking care of our Fort MacArthur, Calif. He took old newspapers continually sent'F.m Flying" program at Drew N f th D No 24r two. pr:ize ,<;h?w-hounds But his trai;ting at Camp Cro.w-through the mails. Civilians Field. ews 0 e ay 1 think tt's gomg a little too der, Mtssoun, where he studted should be urged not to send news-------'--i'-----'r'uesday, Feb. 9: ----. to make the poor .dogs wash thet, r a _ircraft warning. plotting in the nar><:rs ;md magazines to men still SEVEN MILES FROM ALCA-own. mess ktts, smce they aren t s1gnal corps. At Camp Crowder in the United unless there TRAZ, with James Craie; Bonita 1 big enough yet to reach the top he met his bride-to-be, who was is a specific reason for doing so. Granville; Kiss and Wake Up;, of the Gl cans. introduced to J-1..im by her brother, -+c----Johnny Scat Davis and Orchestra; I Our battalion commander, Lt. a fellow soldier. NOT STUCK ON THE AMOUNT Wild Honey: 1 K!iox, is re;ally qui ted pleased 1 From Camp Crowder. he went A typhoid getting bet-Wednesday and Thursday, '":1th T(5 W!lson. He almost has to McChord Fteld, Washmgton, on + d m:mded somethincr to eat. Feb. 10-11: h1m trame. d to step on brake July 4 where he lear:ned to gave him a t e a"'spoonful THE CRYSTAL M.LL, with ;-vhen_ commg to a sto? of I be_ a operator. He arnved of tapioca. Paulette Goddard and Ray Mil-Jumpmg out and .the Drew F1.eldon August 12 where "Now I should like something land. News of the Dav No. 242 comm_and car from the rea! to he became a man. He to read How about bringing rne MARCH OF TIME N 6 slow 1t up. transferred to the mr corps on ct t ?" 1 1 o Sgt. Major Katz is causing a October 16, 1942, and soon joined a pos age s amp. Friday, Feb. 12: lot of wear and tear on the coke the staff of th e Dre:w Field Echoes CITY WITHOUT MEN. with machine. It's breakfast to him, as a cartoonist and associate Mi,.,1z <;1urli os. subLinda Darnell and Glenda Far-but that breakfast seems to go editor. sidiary of Columbia; Walter Lantz, :-oi: Mort the ::>ky; in on all day. In civilian life Pvt. Solomon of the Universal Pictures; and Do ing Her Bit. -MR. X was an animation cartoonist for 1 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. LOST: One white pearl locket, with a picture of a girl in dde, and the emblem of the Moultrie (Georgia) High School on it. If found, please return to Miss Frankie Gay, at Post Exchange No. 3. --------i'-------Last fall a ball game was played on Africa's Gold Coast between a U S. Army team and some college all-stars representing Pan-American airways. 1000 fans witnessed the contest, proceeds of which were contributed to a fund to buy a British Spitfire plane.


February 5 -1943 DHEW FIELD ECHOES :. T H S P E C I A L S E R V I C E S Shows'_ : <:-:Qn th c Ill Spot Free Recordings at Presented Last Wee!(::;, """ Drew Service Club '--. ENLISTED !v'I:'F.N'S SERVICE f_; The Special Service : ; CLUB Througn L1e courtesy of the i$ente d a great many shows : last:--r.,.; rl,'ly, February 5, 8:00 p.m.-Pepsi-Cola Company, Drew Field J_week in Recreation D a n ce. soldiers are now_ g iven a n abso\1. On M onday Evening, Saturday, February 6, 7:15p.m. lutely free machine recording .:fense Recreati o n Commiltee sent -Bridge. system, to make phonograph rec-' [us a fairly good show from-toiArL S a turdaY:, February 6, 8:00 p.m. ords to send back home or to !On Tuesday, the 69th AJi Force -Group Smg. their best friends; or for tha t !Band gave a concert tha t, if E;.unday, F ebruary 7-To be anmatter, to anyone. Under the di;thing, even surpassed the Ji n e n:ounced. rection of Mr. John Bayley, w h o )concerts tha t this band has given Monday, F ebruary 8, 6 :45 p.m. devotes full time to this job. Drew ;prevwusl y -Dan c ing Instructi on. Field soldiers can get r ecords On W ednesday Evenin g, the Monday, February 8, 8:0 0 p.m. made at any time between 4:30 sent u s one of their Camp -Dance. to 10:00 p.m. in Drew Field' s :Shows, "Going to Town. It, for-Tuesday, February 9, 8: 00 p 111. _comfortabl e S ervice Club. A ll you tunatel y. include d a n act of twelve -Concert of Recorded S ymphonic have to is walk up to Mr. :;.girl v.Til inists and a girl singer. Music. Bayley and say "I'd like to make ;TheJf:ro, .rformed numlwrs by W ednesday, Febntary 10To a recording." He'll be glad to Cohan from Yankee l:ie ann-ounced. 11 obhgc. -;-aud great charm. : m. -Bingo. work for the last six months, ; _Doodle -D andy" with brilliance. Thursday, F ebruary 11, 8:00 p. Mr. Bayley hasbcen domg this On Thursday Evening, the Friday, February 12 8:0 0 p m. having worked at anothe r Tampa _eial S .el"Vic e Office presented. the.' -Da n ce. I air base before coming here. He _first all-soldjer broadca_st to take I Men must wear full Class. A has b een making -about 60 on tht s field. Directerl by 1 uniforms to dances at the Serv1ce a here at Drew, which IS: Tit. G eorge Kluge, that brilliant Club. 1 constderably unde r capacity. Dur-' ; c:;9IT\edian _Pfc. Har:ry Evans, perI RECREATION BUILDING No. 1 ing rush_ hours, he is too busy j:formed his Rookie Roy $ crap,.! Friday; February q 8:15 p. m.l but durmg the earl y and late .;:Book. H e received assistarice,.Jioni. -Altditions for Major Bowes' I hours of his working day, h e has Cpl. John ti_me to !ake care of more sol' ttVmce Manney and from Saturday, February 6, 8:15 p.m. diers. Gmde yourself accordmgly )Adelbert Purga. Lt. Finals of Audition for Major in getting there for that recordjin the sketch himself. The iwl)oie f'Bowes' Show. 1 ing. Pepsi-Cola now has 40 rec-.!'Was. a Sunday, February 7-To b e an-, ording in operation insic:te :rnedy and music that the I nounced. 1 the Umted States, and one m of soldiers Monday, February 8 8:30 p.m Alaska. i 'piendously. .:/;i__ -Broadcast from stage, "The I There are plenty of things you : > Afte r the broadcast, M i,s: > A.r.Right Answer or Else," followed can do with these records lmour's b a ll e t ;se_ t 'i ous: by Variety Show. I sp_oken letters to u;; folks -.:,numbers and received a deserved-1.. Tuesday, February 9-To b e a n -at home, ltke H ello, Mom. May_ly enthusiastic nounced. I be you would prefer an interview, : Servic e Office arid t!'Ie Wednesday, February 10To I like you d get over the radi ogen erally were very gtatefuL.:b e announced. M r Bayley w tll obltge. If you Mrs. Armour for bringing, h eF I Thursday, February 11, 8:30 p. h ave_ musical talent, you could "excellent ballet out here and hope m .-Rooki e Roy's Scrap Book, fol-' record a song, or a number on .tha t she will make a retu r n lowed by Variety Show. the harmonic a One day, Mr. Bay.:_gagemer:t in the r:ear future. Friday, February 12-To be an-ley recorded solos by most of the On Fnday Evenmg, the Specia! nounced. members of the Drew F t eld B ansJ.. ,'Service Office gave the third per, -!< Maybe you'd like to send your o n this f i eld of Meet Artist Morgan girl a musical valentine bri:ng ba'loo from Drew." Soldier audt 1 your own poetry. One soldlCr ences apparently enjoy this. s how. N e w Contnbutor work e d up a first rate recording On-Sunday Evening, the SpeE h of "A Day at Drew," des_cribin 'cia! Service Office showed a film T 0 T h e c oes in news-announcer style a ranid '/of silent days. "Eyes of Youth," fire stor y of what happens to him 'starrin_g Clara Kimball Young and A new contributor to the Dre'.v every day. Maybe you ail(! a '::.Rudolph V a lentino. The men en1 Field Echoes i s Pfc. Jack D. Marcouple of your buddies would like ._:.joyed this film of days It gan cartoonist of t h e 50 1st S i g. !o put on a little skit-practice full week m Recreatwn A. w Regiment. It up ahead of Bmldmg Number One. Before entering the Army on Whatever you d ltk_e to do w1th -+c September 2?, 1942 at Fort Bragg, I the rr>corrl. come on n can North Cardllna, he was pbr be played on a phonograph or h -Fll!!-ll\ engraver and commercial artist victro1a at least one hundred I)R.W .:; II for the Advertiser Publishing times before they wear out. You 1 Company in Asheville, North Car-are welcome, even if you've m a d e pnf'st'IJfS olina. H e was also a free lance one already. Pepst-Cola even pays ,::,: ::_ the postage. .,-. tember .. 26 1942, for his basic Q.-When rlocks d) strike ou' Keep tuned to Army radio and training. On November 1 ; thirteen times, : you can' t go wrong in fine enter-. he_ was. sent to Camp Cl owcl"1 ThP n what time is it by these Yes, that's 'the story I M .t:-soun: _where attended chimes? : ':ichere at Drew Field. At present An W arnmg 11!-format.wn A.-Time to fix the clock. your Special Services Office School. After six weeks there h e -Se lect e d :.:fwishes to announce the airing of l returned to Drew Ftel_d and i'nine radio programs per week. ple t e d the Informatwr: Center /i'Two of these broadcasts originate School graduatm g wtth .he r e on the Field. Monday, recommendatwns for floor super:<8:30 p m .-The Right Answerc, the last few weeks h e _-,/Or Else! And Thursday, 8:30 p.m. Fo _.}: _,__Rookie Roy's Scrapbook. B oth has contributed several humorous _:programs reach you over the fa-cartoons to the "Echo," a trade 1 f WDAE newspap e r of the Ecustra Paper .,_ci 1-tles o C t B d N th C .. _:. : We might remind our listeners orpora wn, revar or ar,that since these radio programs olina, depicting scenes from his been received with such en-life in the Army. -,\':thusiasm we have found it neces-H e i s the son of Mr. W J ,Mora program in which gan of Brevard, North Carolina. :the 1 audience, those seated -+:----/in tH ecreation building, could Bunk Used by Brother rbe brought into the show. I be',"]ieve we have found that pro-Selected by Rookie .. :"gram. Making its first appearance CAMP ROBERTS, Calif. A 'f,this coming Monday, Feb. S, "The bunk occupied by his brother was ::Righi Else," looks to selected by Pvt. Henry H erzog .' ,you for a great send-off. .;_,',:.Last M onday the RB No. 1 when he arrived h e r e recently :played host to its first "big-time" Henry walked into a barrack. F 1 1 L plunked down h is luggage and .ypr:oadcast. eaturmg ave Y uc,y began to make up his bunk. Then_ [-.Mbnroefor a fast-moving 221h ._. t. m _inutes, this show was our high he noticed a bunk tag which bore the name of the man who had ofthe month. Monroe completed training in the previ : ;-::';'elected the three top smgers here ousClass It was the name of. his .. ''at Drew, but all three were so o!ifgood that the first prize had to brother. : be dupllcated in all three cases. ------------;):Cpl. John H ession, Pvt. Vince at 7 :3 0 o'clock in RB N o. 1. Audi fManning and Pvt. Donald Bovd tions for Major Bowes and hi s the three lucky men, with ColUJ'nbia N etwork radio proHession ending up with a gram. The major's talent scout ::;-duet on hi s hands. Yes, Lucy and has been a busy man during this .-: John san g t hat old favorite, Let past week, but from his latest re-': :Me C all You Sweetheart," and ports, Saturday's auditions will '-this r eporter understands that really be the biggest show night -Cnl. Hef8ion has been nick-named Drew Field has ever -;cuddles" Hession. Nice work if Come on over and cheer D 1cw's : _you can g e t it, John-that' s what fines t on to victory. On to Miami i ) alwavs say. -fo1 four davs, I mean. See y a at Waet to March Right Into Her Affections, S .oldier?' SEMINOLE SOUVENIR & JEWELRY CO COMPLETE LINE OF C U R I 0 S --G I F T S WRAPPED FOR MAILING 107 E. Lafayette Street _!;: All big radio news at the RB No. 1 Mondays, Thursdays. or to t h e big auditions tomorrow night for sure. 'Bye I take place tomorrow mght n ow. -_..: -=-----------------' Pag e 5 Freshen up, Soldier! THE Chew Wrigley's Spearmint Gum Yes, you fighting airforce men know how much a little stick .of chewing gum can mean when nerves are tense or you've got a to1,1gh job to do. Chewing cools your mouth-keeps your throat moist. Helps steady your nerves during strenuous flights. Seems to make your tasks go faster, easier So chew and enjoy swell-tasting Wrigley's Spearmint Gum every day-as millions do. CHATTERBOX CHICKEN AND STE.'\.KS REAL ITALIAN SPAGHETTI SANDWICHES -DRINKS LIQUORS ABBA DABBA AND BAND NIGHTLY 707 S HOW.".RD .Z\.VENUE PHON_ E H 3757 FRAN-K -RUTA-of New York and Former Chef at El Trocadero OPENS HIS OWN PLACE Specializing. in SPAGHETTI and fiA VIOLI Hyde Park Spaghetti House l 03 Hyde Park Ave. .. BEER AND WINES 1 407 Tampa Street Telephone 3222 STAR KOSHER DELl CATESSEN All Kinds of Herring, Lox and Smoked Fish. Impo .ted and Domestic Cheeses. Kosher Wines. All Kinds of Sandwiches Open Till 11 P.M 805 Gr. Central. Ph. H 29-842 "Flowers Telegraphed Back Home Under Bonci.td Service"' NELSON "THE FLORIST" Open 9 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Closed Sundays 514 TAMPA STREET BUY WAR BONDS! S ervice MenOfficers Families FOR REALLY GOOD FOOD AT MODERATE PRICES PLEASANT AT:i\'IOSPHERE-F6LLOW THE CROWD TO THEC 0 L 0 N N,.A D E BA YSHORE AND JULIA Steak, Sea Food, Chicken Dinners Delicious Sandwiches MODERATE: PRICES OPTICAl .. DISPEN'SARY Manufacturing and Dispensing Opticians 205 ZACK STREET PHONE M 5783 COURTESY DISCOUNT 20 PERCENT Prescriptions Filled-Lenses Duplicated


})age DREW FIELD ECHOES ;g WHY GERMANY'S KE' CITIES ARE NOT SMASHED-ALTHOUGh 1 THEY COULD BE ... told in the February 'NOW 15 TO SERVICE MEN ... What's Holding. Up the Air Offensive Against Germany?How the Rei,c:h can be bombed to defeat with the proper combination ?f British and American air power. the North African First authentic report of the vast preparations-and the almost incredible mearis taken in W ashirigton to protect this biggest of military secrets. Preparing Our Fliers for Combat-How clerks students farm boys are tumed into the world's pilots, .. bardiers, gunners and navigators: (;nindstand 'View of JaJi Naval nwrierically. smaller U.S. force sank 28 ships and damaged. 10 : .. .... -u. s. Arrriy Air Forces Photo l DREW FIELD BOXING TEAM-Members of the Drew field boxin g team which starts competition soon. Kneeling, left to right( Cpl; T. G. Johilson, Pvt. Ctir'iis a: Lewis, Pvt. K R. Johnson, Cpl. Sam Terrano, Cpl. Henry Hansen, Peter Rossi. : Stah4ing, Payne J;>ee, coa9h .. the team, Pfc. Earl N. Daniels Pte. others ip.' a two-day fight only 4 c( 34 excitin, stimulating features in one---. pocket-szze magazzne ... condensed for qui ck r eading r' Ed Heagney, Pfc. Louis Goodwin, Pfc, Joe H. Martinez, Pfc. Arnold DensJllore and "Birdie" Moriarty, trainer "--I :-NOW 15 TO SERVICE MEN 25 TO EVERYONE ELSE for the te am: Lt. Chesfe r Soh 0f tV\.t1jo' r Star: To Coach Drew Ni'ne Catching Babe Ruth, greatest player and is a member of the swatsmith baseball ever had, on Drew quintet. He hurt a knee in Oct. 10, 1916, when he pitched the the Drew-Sarasota football game Boston Red Sox to a 7-1 victory on Day and isn't able over the Brooklyn Dodgers in 14 to play. innings-longest game ever play" I never played any footb'all ," ed during a world series-was he said, "but I wah ted to try it, Chester Thomas. so I went out for the team. It Lt. Thomas, son of the old. wasn' t too 1:9.rd, though. But premajor league catcher, is stationed vious experience would l1ave at Drew Field and will coach the helped me." He was a back on Interceptors' baseball team this the Drew eleven. spring. -.; "What I m interested !tJ. now is Played in Minors baseball at the field," he added. Although the lieutenant doesn' t "I wish we could start now but remember the great world series there isn't any use until the other game-because he wasn't born get started. If Paul Der until 1917-he's heard plenty n_nger, Paul Wane r and the other about his daddys ability behind j big leaguers that _team ?t the plate. And before entering for spnng practice, we d the, Army, ,he was a minor league I like play them for the Tampa catcher himself, having played in fans. the 'Piedmont and North State "w,e I"Ot .!!God prospects and should be able to give other teams He doesnt intend to play base-around here a tough battle." He ball after the war. "I guess my hopes to be able to catch on the playing days are over," he said, Drew team. as far as pro ball is co;1cerned." +;: ____ P}ayed Football Thomas is a good basketball "DUD OF THE DAY" Rex Bilfiard Parlor Daniel S. Bagley +: 1012 FRANKLIN TAMPA FLORIDA EAT HENDERSON n A I{ 1 N G C 0 S B READ 2102 F .LORIJ)A AVE. -------+:-------B efo1e I eavino; any quarters i..-:1 a. theatre of apera[ ti..,ns be sur" 1'1at ;vnu h .ave not I left p apers. equipment or anythinff to sleep." Come on Down! Service Men Delicious Food Reasonably Priced. Open Day t:.nd Night. R : i : L D C A F E FRANKLIN STREET' GET THE FEBRUARY READER'S DIGEST AT YOUR. PX OR CANTEEN : la m p a -US 0 ( u b s ;. t: USO Club, 214 N Boulevard, open daily 9 a m to 11 p.m. Phor1es .. H 4841, H 3980 I USO Club, 506 Madison Street, open daily 9 a m. to 11 p.in\ ; Phone 3560. : i USO Club, 601 Twiggs Street, open daily 9 a.m. to 11 p:r,;: .. Phone M 8061. USO Club. (Colored), 710 Harrison Street, open daily 4 p.m. tb .11 p.m. Phone M 62-461. Aclivif.iel:.for Week-Beginning February $ SPECIAL DAILY FEATURES / } Information_J?E!sk; .Service; :package Wrapping Mallmg; Shavmg Equxpment; Circulating Library 'lT' ;.: .. .-FREE .AT AL.L CLl)BS. Shower and Sh?e.shine Equipmerlt-:USO Clubs, 506 Madison ,; 214 North Boulevard. Shopping H. and 21i : North :aoutevard, T to 10 P .M; ifc: Shopping Edith Page and Clubs: Twxggs St. and 506 Madison-7 to' S P.M. .. :'J'J" :Letters and F6rh7:s Tv:Ped by Recr Cross, M on<;lay through : :;_ _____ ;._ _____ _...: USO, 601 Twiggs-7 to : .. : ;) l-. Lxbrary of Op.erahc and Symphonic Recoi'dings:.....pso, 214 N: Blv.d.Outdoor Cooking Reservations at uso. :sol: TELE,PHONE H 25-692 THE CRICKET TEA ROOM ., 241 HYDE PARK AVE. WHITE-R01SE BAR Pa_ nl Webber, Prop. LIQUORS, WINES, BEER AND CIGARS Cor. Cass and Marion Sts. Phone 4502 DINE' AND' DANCE AT LICATA'S on Bay Try, the in Food FINEST LIQUORS DANciNt; EVERY NITE 22nd Street Causeway Phone Y 1715 PRIVATE DINI11G ROOMS EtfTt c rGWR of WINE :B:EER-....:.. CIGARS: .JO ZIW'k 207 Twig:gs Phone :\1 fi2-072 Phone :\1-1236 Tampa, Florida WELCOME TO H 0 TEL KNOX TOM BRYSON, Manager Lafayette & _Jefferson Streets Ironing Facilities at vso Club, 214 :N. Blvd. .. MONDAY; FEBRPARY 8 3:00 P M DANCING INSTRUCTIC>NSMrs. Nat spai'lman, instructor -USO, 601 Twiggs. 8:15PM DANCE AT DREW FIELD Sponsored b y usos of Tampa. 8:30 PM PING PONG TOURNAMENT -USO, 214 N. B lvd. 8:30PM BRIDGE GAMES-USO, 214 N. Blvd. 8:30 PM JOIN THE. FUNLet's play BINGO, a prize for every game -USO. 506 Madison. 9:00 P M DANCING INSTRUCTION. USO, 214 N. Blvd. 9:30 PM NFORMAL DANCING, music by P A. S.-USO, 214 N. Blvd., 7: 3 0 PM SPECIAL PARTY, MacDill Field, USO Girls, hostessesusa. 710 Harrison (colored). 8:00PM WHIST GAMES USO, 710 H arnson (colored). 9:00PM ART FOR FUN USO, 710 Harrison (colored). TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9 8:00 PM ART FOR, FUN. Courtyard Studio-Mrs. L. R. Anderson, instructor-USa 601 Twiggs. 8:00 PM MUSIC A P P R E C I A T I 0 N HOUR-USO, 214 N Blvd. 8:15 PM DAN C AT MUNICIPAL AUDITORUM, Orc hestra, spon sore d b USO. 601 Twiggs. 8:30 PM SONG NIGHT, featuring the Hertlein Sisters. Terry and HelPn-USO, 506 Madison St. 8:30 PM'BINGO. prizes each game USa. 214 N. Blvd 8:30PM CHESS CLUB-USO, 214 N Blv d 9:30 PM INFORMAL DANClNG. music bv P. A. s.-uso.. 214 N : Blvd. 8:00 PM DE F 1C N S E RECREATION COMMITTEE DANCING PAR TY-USO, 710 Harrison (col-. ored) PM PHOTO 'cLUB MEET. WEDNESDAY: FEBRUARY 10 8:00 .PM FEA'T'Uii:E MOVIE-USO, 214 N: Blvd.: 8 : 30 PM INFORMAL DANCING,-USO, 601 T wii'(J!S. 8:30 PM CO-ED VOLLEY BALL GAME -USO. 506 Madison St. 9:30 PM. INFORMAL DANCNG; music bv P. A. S.-USO, 214 N. Blvd. 8:00 PM USO Wome n's Auxiliarv-Ar. tion Counc il Meetin-USO, 710 Harrison (colorPdl. 8:30PM P T C'T'URE PUZZLES CONTEST USO, 710 Harrison (colnrPd). 9:00PM RADTO STORY H011R-USO, 710 Harrison (col o red). THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 11 7 :00 PM CONVERSATIONAL SPAN-ISH-USO. 601 Twiggs-Mary V ManPll. 7:00 PM T-TUSBAND AND WIFE SUPPER -Make reservatin.,s bv W<"r!nPsday noon a t USO, 601 T\.\r iggs. ; 8:00 PM SYMPHONIC RECORDINGSUSa, 601 T wiggs. :)1 A. 8:30PM-QUI PROGRAMusa, sqG MadiSOn. 8:30 PM INFORMA;L DANCE US0; 214 N. Blvd. h: 7:30 PM 1Kl 11 PM-"HEARTS ANP, DARTS" dance party-Sport" sors, Debs foi Victory-U:>f-. 8 :00 PM MOVIE;S: FEATURE PICTURE -"There Goes My Heart"...,."USO. 710 Harrison PM BOWLING ized.,-USO, 710 Harrison (coli. ored). \ SUNDAY. FEBRUARY 14' _.!.;. 9 30 PM COFFEE HOUR-USO, soi T\viggs. <., 1:00 PM SWIMMING AND PICNIC at' Aunt Mazie and Uncle .. "Soldiers' Paradise." .. Bri;qg your 506 2:00 PM A'RT FOR FUN-Mrs E Chabot, instructorUSO, 61)1. Twittg-s. ;, 6:30 PM VESPERS AND REFRESH'-: MENTS, Rev. John Minder-'.:.. USO 214 N. Blvd. ., 7:00PM TWILIGHT HOUR-Music, soirational talks USO, 601 T\Vig"g"S. 8 :00 PM MOVIE. "Gun!{a Din." witli Gr.ant. McLag!en, Fai>hanl{s, and Joan Fontame-USO 214 N Blvd. .:, 2 00 PM to 4 PM-CHAMBER i\'IUSI,C -USO. 710 Harnson lcol o r e'dY.. 4 PM to B P M -FORMAL ST. VAL. ENTINE TEA PARTY. Soonsor);, Deh for V ir.tor"-USO, 710 Harrison (colored). :, 9:00 PM to 11 PM-POPULA R MUSt<;:: HOUR USO, 710 Harrisqq (colored).


. --.---.... --.-. _,:_,.; --DREWFtE:GD-:ECHO.ES F. C:-. & SO. SEA BREEZES .1.1. L.V I.-N M. AM: STER ,BY SGT. JACK GOLDSPINNER y ,PFC. A RADIO DEPT.. .s:r AG.E C(J .. 564th .$IG. J...W. Bl'f., l M A By SGT. E. S. PERRY Official This is the .first column in a (if'unny, isn't it, how one guy "Praise the Lord and Pass long time so it better be good. an outfit can bu1:1gle thmgs up? But what's the use? Everybody _.$qldiers Alw-ays EL BOULEV.ARfl. "' ..;! REST}\.URANT FINEST SPANISH FOODS-BEST _oF LI9RS 2001 Some people must learn the hard the 20 w f. 1\1. wUl be .too busy po)icing ui;>, shall i-' r The folldwing EM hiwe .been 1 t d th T tbat .UP .!1rs gas speed iadio operators: Pfc. Clifnien around for the news flashes iahon board and explained why fl)rd E. Olson, Col. Kermit E. Wil-of the recent promotions. Sgts. & Co. ltif was driving. should ,._ )1ams, M/Sgt. Solomon A. SterFarnsworth, Glenn, Schaede l, LUMBEJ,'l &: MILLWORK, ROOFING 'Ot ...... .... !flow by .ncivV he's in wi'th a pack SGT JOHN F. SUSZYNSKI. nan. 1 .Lovelace, and Cpls. Negrotto, .. AND PAiNT_:_ FHA LOANS" jokers. By At_the conc;luswn of four 1 Hengie (that's Frank), and :Pfcs. pept.: Pfcs. Galdino, Owings, Stock,leadmg the freld of_ EM who start. Block, Barefoot, Parrish, Wallen Said 'ambrtJous P_ar-well.and Woodke have given our ed 'from srratch m code were: I and Hengie (that's Matthias); not p H o N E H -4 a 9 1 N. Rome and Full"r Street l_tyJ., 'J .can't decrde w.hrch I lrke barracks a deserted .look since Pvt .. Wm. F. Runge, at 16 wpm, to' overlook Sgt. Krall and Cpl. llst, guard, KP, or work gone .home on furloughs closely followed by Pvts. Clarence Fogarty. You know tl;tesE(ratings H ..E : N"-. R Y .-, H ... 0-.. w .... .. K ._E .. E ..... -. : tdonfidentially,.we know he lrkes : they HAO to go-the "Poor A. Schwegel, Harold Seymour, come slow but sure, and somej flying best.) I Fellows:'' .Even Warrant Officer -Emmett H Sweno, Orner Vanhow have a habit of sticking : ; Baker is on his way to review .the brunt and Ray ,ter: :Sincere sympathres to "scenic" wonders of Kalamazoo, At the of two .Pvt. Pfc. Seder hit the high spots m iC cqarke;, _whos_ e father awa;,: j Lt. c. J. Albers is acting :V. ;r. leadrng !11S _felthe show (and offers ate pouring I ... Hank CO during Mr Baker's leave of low l;Je/imners m coqe wrth the iri from Broadway); as did Pvt. I frxmg watc]1e:s m _111S absence. speed of 10 wpm, whrle E)gt. Ev-Baseler on his I 1P.Je. : 'Lt. _Ro:vell Lane wrV Cpl. Ralph Sudjian has moyed erett Clutter and Pvt. F. lYL Tolle Luckv at cards but unlucky 111 St. Fltl. hrs talents to his tooth bru_sh, :razor and hun.were running close .seconds at 8 -love seems to the case for a J_.;;,;ia.-"! ... ... '!".,""!, .,... ... ........ ""!. ""! __ .!"""" ""! .. p.sh boat' ilmt ;J.t New Orleans. self to the Station Hospita l.:_he wpm. 'few of our men. I ood luck. claims it's from overwork (Joe Our basket bail team .s'"rvice Men Alw>;EN _Dfo.Y A,NI) J:'IlG}iT f:ie(th k t MacDill's Special at, tlw la11ndry_ too rt as a 1111 Spag e 1 a pec1a Y 1601 E. COLUMBU i 'g attained in the day room wrth c::. s D 0 tment) l;lecause then! m the back of tht> 311 Fr'l.nklin St. Phone 3940 PHONE Y-12_81 t e addition of curtains, floor d OF DAVID book were at least a dozen new LIOUORS:_l3EER-WINES --RPPJI 'F-m Flytng-1 mp<: and new tables. "Nick" h 1e f alln s c Cpl Krewson n :llnes and t elephone numbers!.._...;..: ..:.._...;_ __ ...;_ ____ _.__...; --------------Jj' c 1 B d g as a e n sm e h 1 1 are om ;;;st. w .ee.. Attention! DoncinQ McAskill Music Stores t o comma.nc!.os Srike at Dusk .... couldn t Sllth 0. M. Ma!ces O .nP G rac o ... ful ;!);with the exceotion of a tree a ':lay from the mn_ r or, 0 Jh B II started by Lima's "machine JUSt watchmg hrs n e a PRI, V .A.TE L ,ESS_ O ti? I :gp,n" and the capture of Sczurek, so he had shave or else : q : r: Tacha's canie through was 11: By CPL R. c. T, PEARMAN Se.lma Drennan ,,Ji>th fJvirig colors Monday at drdn t _mmd bemg_ calle?Pan Assistants for Pract1ce ita.Uott and .tl.t!pairing SourHl dOC 1rner t..o -mrnunlcatlng Systems Authorized C a p ehart and Scott trt' 'H'll' bu ough Park raid: Other eho," hll sorrreone made rt sound W ell, sir. things really hao-.;i.r.Jn. "Punchy." Spec_tor was new pened at the dance Friday night. TeL H 32-654. 207 St Kapral .Wise Morellr, r rr: the game-he srmply Willie_ Pearl Wilds, one of Tam-' re,. ..... .. ... ,f'--. .... :.: ... iish McGlade. I hrmself and shaved one mornmg. pa's' .sweetest, .put .on a jitterbqg ... I WHAT NEXT??? exhibition that had us all on our 1 A Home Awa}r 'Fro.hi' Home St.ray Scr&ps -+c feet. She was so good that she in-j. I;:Honors for the neatest lookmg I b D I (' b spired Pvt. John Fagin, 6f the SERVICE MEN at_ last Saturdf\:Y's inspec.JU -epo JU s 59th, and Pvt.: Sylvester Harris, nf the 9llth. to h6ok'up in a jitALBERTUS HOTE; l ahd. B ernard Nye, of B-9. There are two very happy la-terbug contest of their own, 1890 : ; We hooe. for a sueedy recoverv dies in Headquarters these days-style. You can take it from me, 956 Twi!;JgS M 1339 af Sgt._ Cook, Col. Taylor, Cpl. H. l'y1rs. Wilder .and Kelley. brother. they were plenty hot. ___________ y :Smith and Pvt: Gras_, who ar;e Catherine has just received her I noticed that no one was al-.. iii the Drew Field hosprtal. transfer to Panama to join her lowed to cut 'in on Willie Finch 1 ; Some have started warming up BETTER HALF. Betsy's other and his girl friend. I wonder why? b .. cicklJqnd fpF the half has just rec;.eived that certain It didn't take Pfc. Hezekia h _..,:;.i _I1g poi1g tol! rnament gold bat after. many hard and Ri l a v long to reorganize his n'ext. 'V 1 r k t Off" c Bridge and Doughnut Club, once .5 w 'The nerson or persons ue mg wee s a rcers an-h e returned from .the OTU a t La f,a yet t e H o t e I E. A. CLAY, .120 West East Side o :Bride ,;:. an r ... d',atin!'! that drdat_e School. \ ld I d fq}'thond rck' waddlE! I .Thls week' s Sub-Depot CutreviacDill Fie t .was goo to see .. w_ exercrse, e u N ANCY_ WADE_ o f _. him bulldozing .his ,way tllrou!!l Phone M 558 8 ,Fla. ,,, I Radio Service 1116 Grand CPntral Phont' R-3787 DlomC.nd" Wnt<-h<" Jewe1r7 SIJVer\1.-nre ntumoudll o1 u nftt A L E C K -'\ R T 40U Tnmt)n F ERNAN.DEZ R : f S T AURA : N l A SpeetaJ\y .. 1216 Franklin St. game after game everi i'f 'if :.r : -Favorite Combinations I ,Quotmg Marwn Ward: "Come keep us awake 'hq'f the night. --. ,_.. ... .:rn. Y SOJt!e Congratula,tions tp thqse,fellows : All Service Men Are Welcome and Tlme trllle. 1Vh0 were made Pfcs. Thete .were Franklin St. B I c f Gallagher ;J.nd name C. .of $upply, so manv that it would .take .the .HOME OF FTNE FOODS arce On a a e 'ds and tanks from a spell_ of whole column to.hold their' names RESTAURANT '' oiky and his ]eep. Illness. as Jupe Law_ IS stncke n That's one thing. about Lt. Mav At Reasonable .. wiNEs AND LIQUORS r _,,..'-': .' W e thmk June-was)ealous. Wh h t h t l s 'PANISH DiNNERS I 'Phone s'21'2Open .Ali "'!ghl .. ... Chas. Spa:duzzi, of Engineering: en .e promo es, e am Y .. 1 Ji h H for hrs "H M A PI t ld does it on a large scale. 1406 Franklin .. .. ... t and Osborne ,. 0 Cp : o _n esswn I as ary nn ace o you Lt. Curley l ;eall. Y had the n0'1 fine singmg 111 the _productiOn, what to. do?" From Drew." Apprentice: "Yes, sir. She told corn s tongue s hanging out. the ---------------: "hut!-tup!-thrip!-forp!" By the VALENCIA : F,:.t : me to wake her up when I heard other night as he rnade with the v -. I c T 0 R c A F E Ul. p LUM. BER CO. of w;;ts ti r1'" T got there Cpl. McNeal was l asked what the young ladies, m walking about with a glassy stare Res to u rant BEER .:..__ WINES 1:-Everything to Build Anythmg his department do, his reply was, in his eyes. Was it the exercise or WE SERVE THE FINEST OF 1324 Franklin Ph. M-7240 f the beer that came after? '' Millwork Made to Order "Oh. t.r.ey go around carrying a Sgt. Downing, Cpl. Simmons SPANISH FOODS .;: torch for me." f soo PACKWOOD The "SIXTY-FOUR DOLLAR" and Pfc. William Bedney a r e 811 Grand Central Ph. H 37,73 H 1862 -:-TAMPA question-What jerks work really making sweet music these .. all day for therr hard-earned days. If you don't believe m e. tun(' .'' -'-' Inoney, then .lose it all playing in on WFLA every Tuesday a t h 6:30 p.m., and listen for yourself ALWAYS black-jack .while riding ome to 1 ; ,,, St. Petersburg? Well Sgt. Dave Ford f in a l v r Understand Lt. Jones and M yr-got out of that snow drift up in 9 S .UEMX, T R .BARFEREA. _SHD to to learn a new systerr. of OVERin the mess h<;tll and h e 'PAYING us. Well, w e can dream 1 will get all of his w e t ght back L I can' t we? I t oo. Service Men Welcome HOIEL Bll Tampa St. Phone M j W. H. WHITE, Manager BILL BAILEY, Prop. Membe r V .F.W. & Am. Legion Special Invitations to All [ Service Men 1 I


Pa'g'e 8 .UJ.,Amf.Loses, 43-29; Drew, MacDill Play league Gamel onile Drew Interceptors moved a notch closer to the first-half championship in the Tampa City Basket Ball league by defeating the Third Air Force Quinte t, 43-29, on the Traile1 Park floor Mon day night. It was the eighth straight win in the league for the Intetceptors. The crucial game of the first hal.f will b e played tonight at the lVfacDill gym, with the Flyers playing host to the Interceptors. MacDill lo s t to Drew i n the first meeting for their only defeat in league play. A victory for the In terceptors would give them the first-half title, while a d efeat would throw the league into a two-way tie between the two teams. Centee Shearer accounted for 19 points in hitting the basket for eight fi('Jd goals and three for high scorerof the night. Gas kill followed Shearer with 10 Cassidy tunl.ed in a beautiful game on defense for the Interceptoes along with Ed Sitarz. Line1tos: Drew Field (43) g f tp Fowlet, f 0 1 Messing, f ________ ____ o 0 0 Gaskill, f 2 10 f ___________________ o 0 0 Shearer, c _____ ____ ____ 8 3 19 Cass idy. g _____________ 1 0 2 Bixby, g __________ ______ 1 1 3 Sita1z, g _______________ 3 2 8 TOTALS _________ _: __ 17 9 3rd Air Force (29) g f Wing. f _________ _____ 2 2 Martin, f __________ ___ 1 1 Hibbin. f ______________ 1 2 Weber, f __ ______ _______ 1 0 Cmppe r. c ___ __________ 1 0 .Jones, c ___ __________ 0 0 Taffe, c ______________ o 0 Anple, g _____ :_ _: ___ ____ 0 1 White, g ___________ ____ 2 0 Phillips, g ____________ 1 0 43 tp 6 3 4 2 2 0 0 1 4 2 5 Vito Tamulis/ Former Big leag1 u e Hurler/ Is In the Army Here DREW FIELD ECHOES \Yeekly Review By PFC. DELWYN B.i\.GGETT Basket ball will be the theme Jackson, g :_ _____ _______ 2 1 TOTALS ______________ 11 7 Vito Tamulis, former major 29 league baseball pitcher, trade d in his baseball uniform for that of tonight, when the No. 1 teams of Drew and MacDill clash on the latter' s court at 8 p.m. to deter mine the first-half winner of the D r e w Signal Corps Basket Ball Standings the Army quite some time ago. Tampa City league .... MacDijl He is now stationed at Drew Field lost their only game to Drew sev eral weeks ago and will be out to scalp the Interceptors for a The veteran hurler hopes to re-crack at first-half honors. with a medical detachment. sume his pitching career after the Drew has a clean slate, but a de-war, but with a minor league feat tonight would bring about Three Signal Corps basketball b th t 1 b d leagues continued play during the team.. a tie etween e wo c u s an t k I R He'll play WI.tl1 tl1e DI-e"' .FI'eld necessitate a play-off. Bpa1 s wdee __ m t 1e ed, White and -+< -+< -+< ue !VISIOns. Interceptors this year, teaming The 503rd kE'pt a clean slate m up with Sgt. Fre d Swindells for-BASEBALL IN THE AIR .. the Blue league w1th a record of J 1 Vlith the appearance of V1to Ta-six wins and no defeats for the mel Washmgton Senators hurle r, mulis, former Yankee and Brookseason. Following them closely I and CpL Moore, property 11yn pitcher at Drew will form a were the 552nd with six victories 'of the Cmcmnall Reds. Swindells nucleus for the pitching staff of and one loss. and Moore hurled for Drew Field the DrewField baseball team this In the White division, the 555th durmg_ last season' s successful vear. Vito, who has seen stay out in front with a record campaign on baseball battlefields. service with a number of the of 6-1. Close on their heels were Pvt. Tamulis doesn' t think the maiOl-leacrue clubs. says he will the 308iJ1 with a record of 5-2. war will, prevent. the I be J ready" to go \Vhen the first _The 70,8th remamed undefeated leagues fm1shmg their practice is called in February. He w1th a 6-0 plus column to lead schedules th1s year. is stationed in the Medical De-the Blue 'league. "Sure, they'll play baseball this tachment. ... Lt. Cheo:ter F. LC:i:!guc standings: year," Vito said bet\veen potatoes Thomas former minor league Rh.D LEAGUE h e waspeding while on KP duty, catcher before entering the Army, Te3m \V L Pet. "and 1t should be an inte resting comes from a baseball family. His !'i03rd .Si..;nal ______ 6 0 1.000 If the Ca:dinals haven't been father caught for Boston before 552nd Signal 1 .857 h1t too b:y losses the serv-the last war and was of the game of the 1916 world series, which went 14 innings for the longest extra-inning series game in history .... Young Thomas will probably hold down the catch ing reins for Drew this season. -+c -+< -+c The 503rd Signal Reg. defeated the 576th Signal Battalion, 12-6, in a golf meet at Palma Ceia golf .course last week .... F/Sgt. Smith shot a 73, three over par, for low score of the .day ... and ,believe me, this Palma Ceia course is 1ough. ''+C -+c -+c BASKET BALL Drew Interceptors won their seventh straight loop game as a member of the Tampa City league in defeating Tasco Shipbuilding Company, 48-27, last Thursday night in the Drew gym to remain undefeated in league play. Lt. John Fowle r, high scorer in the Southe m loop of the City league with 59 points, added 12 1 more points in the Tasco game to bring his total to 71 points in seven games. Sitarz and Shearer a lso shared in the scoring honors with 10 points each for the Interceptors in playing a jam-up game on de-fense and offense. r Drew led, 36-10, at the half time and maintained a 22-4 ad vantage at the end of the -first period in stopping the Shipbuild ers' offense cold during the first half. Tasco hit the basket for 17 points in the last. half. In the second half, Coach Col ley tried several combinations, vvith the result that the Intercep tors managed only 11 points dur-. ing the last half. Playing a steady game from his guard position was "Fat Man" Cassidy, who always gets the as signment of holding down the high-scoring forward of tbe vis itors, and to date there have been. few points scored over his hulk. The opponents say he is so big they can' t get around him. He is good, come out and watch him oerform in Recreation Buildin' g No. 2 some Thursday night. The line-ups: Tasco (27) g f tp Alchediak, f ___________ 5 0 10 Collins, f .. ____________ 1 2 4 Castano, f _: ____________ o 2 2 Mumbauer, c ___________ 2 0 4 Straus. g _____ _________ 1 0 2 Howell, g ___ _________ o 1 1 Lopez, g ______________ 2 0 4 TOTALS ____________ 11 Drew (48) g Sitarz, f Messing, f ___ ___ ______ 2 Fowler, f c __ ___ ____ ____ 5 Cassidy, g ____ _______ 0 Schendel, g ____ ___ ____ 1 Gaskill, g _____ _____ 3 Fox, g 5 27 f tp 2 10 2 6 0 12 0 10 0 0 0 2 0 6 0 2 TOTALS ____ ______ 22 4 48 ---------+c--------Q.-0 all peculiar things on earth, This one you won't forget it! What from you is taken away, Before you ever get it? A.-Your picture. QUALITY PORTRAITS At REASONABLE PRICES P a'tk Pftolo o 438 West Lafa)ette 4 -Do1 rs From Pa1 k 563rd Signal _______ 5 2 .714 ICe, the}'ll wm agam greatest cacthers of the t11ne ... 50 J st S iP,"na 1 _______ 4 3 .571 Tam u bs hurled for the New !1Siitl'. ____ :_ __ 3 4 .428 York Yankees in 1934 and 1935 fi66th Signal _______ 2 5 285 and after a co .uple of years with !i64th Signal _______ 1 6 .143 LNewark, 1 m the International! 553rd S.!Qnal 0 6 000 <:;ague, 1e returned to the majors LEAGUE wrth the Browns at St Louis. In Tea.m w L Pci. l fl3Ll, he joined the Brooklyn .SiP"na1 6 n 1.000 Dodgers and stayed with them 308th siqnal 2 .714 until when he _was. sent to 575th .Signal _______ 4 2 666 the PhJls. Before gomg mto the fF6th Signal _______ 3 4 .428 the Southern .Signal _______ 3 3 .500 I Army, he played at Nashville in J Sth Fighter _______ 2 4 .333 1< Signa 1 ________ 2 5 .285 680th _____ 0 6 .000 BLUE LEAGUE Team W L Pet. 708th Signal ______ 6 0 1.000 1303td Signal 3 .571 710th .Signal _______ 4 3 .571 705th S irrna l _____ _.4 3 .571 71:'-!th .Sirrna1 _______ 2 4 .333 S!ilst Signal _______ 2 4 .333 703rd Sie n a l _______ 2 5 .285 lURSES' DAN C E American-Helenic Center Parker and Eagle Friday, Feb. 12, S:30 :to 12:30 GLENN SMITH AND HIS ORCHESTRA Sponsored by SPnior Nurse:; Class Tampa Munictpal Hospital Sl-10 "ler Couole Semi-Formal Men. a:1d Dates Irivitecl 7tl4th Si.gnal _____ 1 5 .166 ,.----------------. Includes gam> through F e b. 1. -------+< I Be careful not t .'> 1eveal even the matters to to strangers. By piecing such inf-c-rmatK-.--. together with that ob t t .ined elsewhere, the enemy Dlay l earn something pf the greatest imp8l'tauce. Boxes of Oranges Send a box of Oranges, Grapefruit or Tangerines Home Inquire at NEW SST AND Air Base Bus Terminal 90S Tampa Street / HI. FELLOWS! Meet Your Buddies at-GEORGE'S BILLIARD PARLOR .SNOOKER AND POCKET BILLIARDS 2222 E. Broadway Ybor City February 5, JM3;: "'--'-BROTl-IERS: Complete .. con-venient .. MILITARY. DEPT. JUST INSIDE OUR FRANKLIN ST. ENTRANCE MEN'S SHOP 1\:IA.IN FLOOR CAMPBELL j .; -! :-..' and BEAUTY SHOP: 308 Twiggs Ph. M 54-572 1 Featuring I :: IRENE GORDON, Lady Barberp AIR BUSj LINES, Inc. t.: BUS STATION Corner Tampa & Cass 30-Minute Service io Both i Fields at All Hours :: 15-Minule During Rush Hours For Further Information C A 1 L 50 PRINTED Engraved Social The Commercia! Printers of The Tampa Army Newspapers 1115 Flor i da Ave. Phone 2126' COMPLETE DINNERS l\Ients, Poultry, Groceries, and l>elicatcssen. Herrin;.;-, Lox and ull kinds of fish. strictly fresh. BEER, FINMAN'S KOSHER MARKET Only J\.o sher l\lurktt in Tampa it!X J :;, ..Broadway Ph. !\156-1.13 !,.':.: Ull,cli Eust of cbraska A \e. KNIGHT PAPER 612 Bell .Phones 4205 4294 : "A Paper for Every Puri>ose"


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