Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 1, no. 49 (February 12, 1943).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
February 12, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
1 773
t Drew Field echoes.
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VOL. 1 NO. 49 Promoted Published Every Friday Drew Field. Tampa, Florida Friday. February 12. 1943 $11000 War Bond Purchased By Drew Private Pvt. Isaac Cohen, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, now serving with the Aircraft Warning Units Training Center at Drew Field, can not be included among those G.I.'s who say, "I'm doing my 1 share. Let the civilians buy the bonds" i A days ago he became the proud possessor of a thousanddolla r war bond which he purchased from the Base Finance Office Although the $750 which P vt. Cohen received recently was not burning a hole in his pocket, he decided that war bonds would be the safest and best investment I for it. After all, he reasoned, even if he is doing his share as a soldier George Washington Junior High School Pupils Raise $80 To Buy Garland Riffle for Army for winning the war, this war won't be won by getting only Major Frederick K. Bull, a one job done when one can do former hockey star for the Mas-more. For every war bond bought, sachusetts State College, was re-another nail is driven into the cently promoted from captain. Axis' coffin. SCHOOL KIDS BUY RIFLE FOR ARMY-lr.:;L Tampa, presents $80 :to Maj. GloverE. f'ully, .Major Bull is the Base Personnel At the time of the bond pur-rna Garda, president of school community represe!!lting Col. Melvin B. Asp, base comma:nde Officer. chase, Pvt. Cohen said, "There senate at George Washington Junior High Schor of Drev.r Field. The mony will buy a Garand rifle. Upon graduating from the Mas-are two 'Nays of looking at this ,_ sachusdts State College with a matter of buying war bonds. By _Ge01ge \Vashmgton Junwr chec"' to _Major Glover E. Tully, I els, and quarters pulled B.S. _degree in. Bacteriology and buyincr bonds, not only is ll'Y H1gh School JS now the prou_d representmg Col. M elvm B. from savmgs from MaJor BuJl was co1:0-money working against the Axis, owner of a Garand that JS base commander of Drew F1_eld, 1 obtamed m some_ way rmsswned a se_cond lieutenant m but it is also working for m e. It going_ to be used to kill some to be for purchase of a 1 until m a few days. the cJ;,Ildren the officers c_orps. He was ought to provide a nice little 1 Nazrs and Japs. It was the first In a little the school wrll had ra1sed the remammg $t2. promoted to first lieutenant on 1 nest egg when I'll probably need 1 school m Tampa-probably the have the senal number of the gun. Drew Field authorities were so July 7, 1939 and on August 11, it the most;, first in the United States-to con-I The $30 started out with $8 col-impressed by the children' s ges-1941, he reported for active duty tdbute money for a rifle after, lected from the sale of 200 pounds ture that a truck was sent to the m Drew Field. On March 1::;, 1942, 'they had read about the offer for' of fat. After the youngsters read school to pick up the leaders in he was promoted to captam, and Massachusetts Mu-_tual L1fe Insur-personal ownership of one of about the offer for personal O'?(nthe little campaign, and they on January 20, 1943, became a ance Co., Spnngf1eld. Uncle Sam's fighting weapons. ership of one of Uncle Sam's were taken on a sightseeing tour n'la]or. lVIa]or Bull, whose home IS on Visit Field fighting weapons, they decided to of the air. base. The students Hockey Star Hall Hill Long Meadow, Last Friday a jubilant group of chip in and buy a gun. evinced keen interest in military While in college, Major Bull Massachusetts, IS the son of Mr.l pupils from the school visited Raise Money affairs. played for three years on the and Mrs. Fred G .. Bull, 36? Sum-Drew Field and presented an $80 They pitched in pennies, nick-Accompanying the children varsity hockey team. He is a ner Ave Sprmaf1eld H e IS were Mr. E. E Jeter. school orinMerry-Go-Round, A fad-Paced Show That 0:,::::: Washington junior high school Spare Parts Make Crash Boat Mr-s. Harry F. Bum:.'f Washingtnn .Tr. High School, Tampa. Flr>ricla. s/IRMA GARCIA and that, What kind of Valentine greet-They haven't missed a thing. ings will Drew Field soldiers So, honey, let's get busy soon, send their sweethearts this year? They'll limit love by Spring." From the looks of things, Cupid Or maybe a bashful soldier will is now in uniform and the little get this revealing messae-e: naked angel of love has traded ''Whatcha waiting for, a black his traditional bow and arrow for out?" a machine gun Valentine stocks This year V alentines wi ll be indicate that the war has s mashed u:.t>d to convey real meanings, even into the greeting card busiwhere in other years they were ness. c.:mp l y something to remember Not that there's a lack of the not to forget to buy. .. old sentiment. There's still a big The Dre w Field soldier in camp supply of hearts and lace and may receive a doubtfully cheermuch rhyming of "you" and ing message-"Not crying in the "true." But you can rest assured rucket. just eatin' out my heart. that the Stars and Stripes are, 'Cause where you are where I am blended in. too. i s just too far apart." "Military Love" And greeting czards show that Current wartime expressions: this February 14 will not be a day for young Jove al0ne. bl't a day for exoression of love of family anrl frienris. Many have he"!n d e si"''1ccl es oecially fot PXCh'"ID "'" rpio<>l'J. members of the f;o'1'1il v ::t'ld old friends. includincr those fer scrv icP men ann R"Pause ]a ('v. intricate Valentines are tJan;t.ion:oll' a .. the custom. the r')'l r;,rl ('<11'0" of red hearts plun"'"ri ,,.;t h Cupid's arrow. ribbon b ows. f !ut ed oaper hear ts. But, generally, fo r 1943 are sin,ple anrl and mirror the world's affairs.


Retake I.Q. Test New Crash Boat T-o, .Quolify For Officers/ School T.l:ic Army, places a great deal of reliance on the Army general classification test as a basis of measuring a soldier's ability to learn, and h.is general knowledge. !lilli!l!il!l!illlllit! Because of the relatively high degree of correlation between test 1 .scores .and .subsequent achievement, certain minimum test scores are required for all Air Forces technical training schools, as well as Officers Candidate Schools. Consquently, every soldier does his best to get as high a score in the t est as h e possibl can. Occasionally, however, there .are men who demonstrate through unusual leadership ablity that their capability far exceeds the .apparent ability shown by t)Je test score when they first joined (Continued from Page. I) they Army. These men have been d "'f 1 f d h Promoted through the various ai L i e rafts, e t vests, an ot er aids to rescue work, and has a nan-commissioned grades to posi-cruising radius of more than 100 1ions of responsibility-they may 1 I h 1 h 1 000 be staff sergeants, technical ser-mi es. t w e ig 5 ess t an pounds, fully equipped. geants and even master sergeants. Tests Successf1.1l Through actual performance, thev On its trial run in Tampa Bay have shown they have the stuff to become officers, but they may this week, the Vic, Junior, proved be debarred hom going to Offiits seaworthin ess, exceeding ex" cers Candidate School thro.ugh pectations o f the designers and relatively low scores in the Army b uilders. A remarkable development was the fact that this boat general classification test. with a capacity crew can be opR.ea .so:t:ts for Low Scores erated in watey four to six inches In cases, low in depth, enabling it to reach any are_ not an md1cat_wn of low m-portion of .Tampa Bay. Its spee d man may I enables it to reach any area of have .been s1ck at the tlme,.he took Tampa Bay within a very few the test, and the score may not be minutes after an alarm is re-t h e best he have gotten. ceived. i the_ man had the Members of the engineering that test was not section who assisted in building unportant and did not try; the Vic, Junior, >vere Cpl. H A haps h e may have bee n tired Van Vranken, Pvts. L. M Johns, be could .hardly hold his eyes ______ -------open. Under most circumstances, the test scores have a high degree But there are excep:, The Army .provides for that by permitting men who have show!). outstand.il1g leadership, .and whq, eQuid otherwise .qualify for cer's Candidate School, to retakEthe Al:my .. general classification test. If his new i s high enough to qualify him for Offi<:et s Candidate School, h e i s per mitted to go before the Board for an, .interview. If the new scm'e is higher than the old. his .are changed to show that fact. If the. new score is lower-he is not penalized. Tests Give. n Soldiers who retake the Army genera l classificatio n test are no1 ;,given the identical test which t hey first took. But they are give. n .a test which is similar and just as .difficult. Such tests are. given ;periodically at Drew Field by the Classification Department, .with the .approval of the commanding nfficer of :the soldier who take:;'the test. FREE MENDIN G For soldiers who need mending or minor alterations of thei_r. clothing, this is a re minder that the Officers'. Wives Sewing Circle is still functioning. Bring your clothes to Chapel" No 1 on Wednesday mornings l)efore 10 o 'clock, The alterations will be made free of charge. GEORGE II. MASON, Mgt SERVICE NEEDS FOR SERVICE MEN COMPLETE LINE OF ie Slacks ie Chevrons -+c Garrison and Overseas Caps in 0.0. ;or New Forest Green .... J .01 k _g TAMPA'S ONLY NITE CLUB Featuring 3 Floor Shows Nitely -8 10 -Midnight DANNY & DON'S JEw-;ELsox .. N I T .. .. CLUB 911 T AM.PA .. STR; E .ET Dance to .the. Sweet Mvsic .of VERN ORCHESTRA :: E J Miller, W G. Goidick, A. W Dockter, M I. Langston and M. B. Heisey. Send FLOWERS to Your VALENTINE From KNULL FLCRAL CJ. 'cpe n Erening ., H-1:.5; 3(6 W. LA FAYE I Air-Conditioned Ph. M 1878 '39c Matinee 44c Night TODAYWEDNESDAY. ALL IN ONE GREAT PICTUBE! -Almost as many stars as he flag More song hits than in the Hit Parade!. SUNDAY AND MONDAY PANAMA HATTIE with Sothern, Red Skelton Tampa and Zack Phone 3003-9c, 22c Saturday and Sundar My Love Came Bock Olivia De Haviland Jeffrey Lynn ----HIT NO. 2 RlVER1S END Dennis Jiirorgan Elizabeth .Earl = TUESDAY WEDNESDAY SATURDAY AND. SUNDAY 2:30 to 5 .Every Night 8 till 11 E XC E P T MONDAY Sc Fa r e .on oavis .Island susPJL I LEAVING GRANT'S CORNEL FRANKLIN AND CASS STREET$ 7:,15 --7:45 8:15 VISIT TAMP A'S y E A R I R 0 u N D p LAy G R O u N D 711 GRAND CENTRAL RIDES GAMES EATS AMUSEMENTS ADMISSI.ON to Grounds -FREE C h 1.1 J s Special Rides for Childl:en Th r lls Soldiers and Sailors Welcome A TAMPA-OWNED INSTITUTION Bring Yo.ur Family and. Friends A NICE. PARK FOR NICE PEOPLE Groceries Tobac<;o Candy,. Notions Adams-Kennedy Whiting and Jefferson Streets TAMPA, FLORIDA MONEY LOANED ON ANYTHING OF VA:LUE TAMPA LOAN CO. "TAMPA'S OLDEST AND MOST LIBERAL" 908 FRANKLIN STREET .... I PADDOCK BAR ,, I The Tavern Bar & Grill HOT AND COLD LUNCHES Spaghetti a Specialty 311 Franklin St. Phone 3940 LIQUORS-BEER-WINES ClUB HI-HAT 1204 FRANKLIN ST. Invites You io Dance to 11HI-HAT RHYTHM MAKERS/I Every Niie -7 P.M. Till Midnight Welcome Soldiers! "T A M P A S 0 N L Y MUSICAL BAR" Hear Your Favorite Songs CHESTERFIELD o AR CASS & TAMP A STREETS ''I've iried to be Red, White and Blue To the boys at MacDill and Drew, When the money is lax, I charge no iax, This is surely :the place for you!'" Uot a Jook a place just like the one back horne-where you can bring your wife or sweetheart for a drink, a .chat and fme music." M. MILLER'S BAR 1111 FLORIDA AVE. Ph. M 7215 BEERS.;_ WINES JACKSON AT TAMPA ST open From 8 A.M. to 12 P.M. IDe BEER STILL lOc


it: ., Base Chaplain, ""' Returns to Drew Chaplain W. E Beardsley Chaplain Whitmore E. Beard:,;, ey Base Chaplain, has JUSt re turn'ed to Drew Field after fol-1ciwing an four-weeks' course at the Army Chaplains School in Harward University. The chaplain r e c eived his B A. degree from McKendree College, Lebanon, Illinois, in 1931 ; his B.D. degree from H artford (Conn.) Theologica l Seminary in 1935; and studie d at Cambridge Universitv. England, in 193 5 -36 "Tell me, Private Tripp, when do you begin maneuevers?" He entered the army June 23, -N C Day. Ever y man-officer anden-1942 at Fort Dix, New J ersey. Youngest on-om hsced-must go about his ordiOn J u l y 3 0 he came to Drew Field i A 5 f nary duties, prepared .to d o n J1is and was assigned to the 564th n rmy on gas mask and contmue working Si_e:n a l AI.W. Regime! 1t. H e was Drew Officer ]ust as he would have to do in w 1th latter orga_mzatwn until 1 a combat area unde r real attack s ucceedmg Chaplam Carl W. Not only I S ever y m a n supposed Hewl ett as Base Chaplain on D ec. Cpl. Allen Edward .1:' e 1dman I S to have his mask at hand, but is 10, 19 42. cla1mant to t!1e title of required to don it, beginning with Cha!Jlam_ Beardsley IS a Con-1 Corporal_ m U. 15 minutes the f irst Monday and g regatwnal!st. H e was born m Army. Recennng hJs wau ant at increasing the wearing of it 15 Kansas C 1ty? Kansas, on the age ofthree months, Cpl. mmutes every week I 15, 1911. H1s present home 1 s m a lso cl am1s the oply ASN. To date, only tear gas (CNB) Westhampton, Massachusetts. He cons1st m g of 14 numbers 111 I has been used. This has l ittle odol'. i s married but has no childre n entire army. The warrant mal_ ung. What odor i t has i s som ething His hobby is hi_m a offi c e r I like the 'appl e blossom" scent of ------1< was s _1gned by Rex w_. : a similar but stronger gas, CN Make-Up of American h"'? months a"o at Clem-I But who knows? Some day, wate1, :perhaps, th-2 Chemical Warfare Army Boin 111 al ''' N.J., Cpl. I Service unit may trot out the F eldma n flew Tampa at the, 'puking gas." Of the 7 500,000 enlisted m e n age of seven. weeks. Phooie!! in th,e 8 200,000 Army, the Air Also a cla1mant to mte restmg :Forces and its mobile SL

The Drew Field Echoes GLENN R. ROSS, Publisher TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS DREW FIELD ECHOES I Fighter Sq. Tells of Alert in Caribbean February 12, 1943 Top-Kick Parade oiled to keep away the mosqui toes. Every genus of wild animal in habited the area. While the men worked on the planes, monkeys pranced around the_ trees and Business Office: More than a year ago, while chatered. At night feral eyes 1115 FLORIDA AVENUE passing through submarine-in1 could be seen st,aring. throug,h TAMPA. FLORIDA Phone 2177 fested waters with a f'ght I darkness and wend norses P. 0. Box 522 .1 er heard. Black panthers, huntmg squadron enroute to a Canbbean I bears and snakes of every de All advertisements contained in this newspaper are also contained station, Cpl. George Y. Schombert scription, including p y t h o n s, in the MacDill Fly Leaf. Minimum joint circu1alion, 10,000 copies. I 1 d th mixed emotions. The P ague em. ADVERTISING RATES FURNISHED ON REQUEST beautres of the tropical sea and What was G::pl. Schombert s JOb --.,--------------------'--------:--::::--:--. he e d l b t during the alert? "I was waiting A newspaper--published exclusivel);" for the of D;rew n)oye Immense y, u f.or. reports of the. location of Field and devoted to military interests and the Umted Natlon:o It was marred by the IYienace of_ enemy,". he said. I was trying Victory. I submarines which was ar: to find out how close the enemy Opinions expressed in this newspaper are. those of the individual ways. present. On the trip downl.was and what was the size of his writers and under no circumstances are they to be considered those 1 the co;;tst, three undersea craft task force." of the United States Army. Advertisements_ in this publication do :vereh srghted. Fortunately, no.th-1 Defensive Action I not constitute an endorsement by the War. Department or its per-mg appened. sonnel of the products advertised. I l!'?r more than 11 montbs, this' The Navy patrolled the coastal !'!II j i '!llljllli;! J[!il!li!lil/1!! ------------. (Pa.) youth was sta-. area and pl.anes could sounded twned in the Caribbean area. 75 to mrles at sr>a. Wrth soundF ";: h J th p f Married, an electrical appliance mg de_vrces and al_l kinds of big rom .... omew ere D e aCI IC salesman in civil life. a nig11 guns, 1t was impossiChurch Call school graduate who later com-ble for the enemy to penetrate the pleted a course in airplane mezo:re. Barrage balloons were chanics at the Casey Jones School to 2,000 .feet to prevent dive of Aeronautics in Newark New bombmg of vrtal spots. Meet William M. HudJersey, Cpl. Schombert in-I ''It sure was son, of the 828th Guard Squad ducted into the Army in F'ebruh e saicl. I didn't sleep for 72 ron. Only 22 years old, he has the ary, 1941, in Pittsburgh. hours. The mosquitoes pestered responsible job of supervising the tJ:ere he was sent to Dale Mabry me and it rained every day. It guardhouse and furnishing '----< Freid, Tallahassee, Florida. he poured down, then stopped. The M.P.s, of whom there are m has been with the same fighter ground was wet and muddy. I'Ve hundreds, on the post. for the pa? t two years, waded in wa_ter up to our r..ips In 22 years he has grown into and yvhrle servr_ng-m rt he has to get the shrps out of the mud. a mighty big fellow, being six at drfferent time s We ':Vere ready for anything, but feet three in height and 280 in a and clerk. Now he rs nothmg happened." I weight. As might be expected, he :vorkmg Ill sq_uadro:r operatiOns, No, nothing happened. Nothing played guard on the football team m charge of mcommg outthat !s. but the Battle of Midway: of Pasco High School, Florida .. He g?mg pl_anes. 1 eturnu1g N9thmg but disaster to the Japa-'comes from Dade. Crty, Flonda, 1 from forergn m December, nese Navy. and worked for his :father, who he stayed at Dale Mabry has an orange and, grapefruit Freld for month. Last he -+< gr"ve, before entering the Arm:)'. was trans.erred to Drew Fr eld. He entered the Armv on Sept. Jungle camp Docfor 28, 1939, in charlotte, North car-His squadron was stationed in olina, and was stationed at Fort a valley wfikh opened directly Bragg until January 18, 1942. He into the ocean It was beautiful Mat" I Bag was in the field artillery until country, with cocoanut palms cov-June 4, 1941 when he was trans-. ering the steeo gullies and high ferred to the M.P.s as a .private. hills dense with jungle growth., Dear Doc: On .Tanuarv 11l. 1942 he was sent Vines hung from the trees. How long will my little boy be to Fort McClellan and on -May .. Situated in a vital strategic srck? He swallowed a half dollal.' 18, 1942. he was sent to Drew area of -our nation's outlying de-l yesterday.Fif'ld and assi'!ned to the 828th. fenses, his outfit was always on -Tampa Matron He 'ivas a Pfc. in 1,J)40, a ser-the alert for sabotage: When. Dear Tampa Matr.on: geant January 1 1941, st_aff ser-asked. what wa_ s his most exciting 1 _should see some change geant JuRe 2,Hl42. and SeJ?expenence whrle stationed in the I tomorrow. geant July 10, 1942. ,. Caribbean, Cpl. Schombert re. --. Sgt. Hudson is a big .man rp plied, "The alert. which too. K place. Dear Doc : size, but he doesn't throw. his wJ:ile the Battle of Midway was 1 BC?th Tamp

February 12, 1943 DREW FIELD ECHOES FROM THE SPEC-IAL SERVICES OFFICE CpL M: On-. the Spot h DIW rilD Trip Ruilding. One V,f/::: PRSNTS ___ SaturJay, Feb. 13-To be an't.',"..flf\ After a week of preliminary nounce auditioning, the Final Audition Sunday, Feb. 14-To b e an-Alright, soldier, step right up Show for Major Bowes' Amateur nounced. Hour tcmk place on February 6 to our microphone and let's see in the Service Club. The preli-M da F b 15 8 30 how good you are with your Field on y, e : P .m. M l 21 100 R b minary auditions revealed a Broadcast from Stage of the Right anua emem er, if you wealth of talent, and the selection Answer or Else: 8 :53p.m. Vanety can answer your military ques -of 26 performers out of 65 partiShow. tions, you'll be in the clear. If dpants for the final audition yoi.t cannot, then you have to proved difficult. Tuesday, Feb. 16-To b e an-take part in the "Or Else." The show was received enthu-nounced. Y es, men, that's the way things siastically by a large audience of ran last Monday Eveninn at RB. :"oldiers, many of whom walked Wednesday, F eb. 17-To be a n-Numbe r One vvhen the-Army's of the auditorium, a sking, nounced. newest radio program, "The Right .. __ lfhen are we going to have an-d Answer or Else," took to th. e air other show like this?" Thurs ay, Feb. 18 8 /00 p m. in a delightful and entertaining 8:35 p.m. Rookie Roy's Scrap 23% minutes over Radio Station Firs Winner Book. WDAE. This ne)v radi o prof'ram Corp. Max Brunker, "Yodeling Friday, Fe)J. 19 8 :00 T is really the first all-soldier show Cowboy" from D etachment H of. be anr: Junced. p.m. 0 in production a t this field. 'Rookie the 501st Sig. A. W. Regiment, Ro y runs second. was the first winner. With his Radio Crew expenses paid by Major Bowes But the fact remains that two Corp. Brunker journeyed to Enlisted fv1en's Service Signal Corps Officers, Lts. Compmi and appeared on the February Cfub ton and Garren, operate the spell program of Major Bowes' Ama-.cial controls in the newly con-teur Hour. He also receiyed a cash .Saturday, Feb. 13-7:15 Br1dge, structed studio office in the wings of $50 for appeanng on the 8:00 p.m. USO Camp Show. of the R.B. Number One stage. MaJors program. I Sunday, Feb. 14-To be an-Private Harry Evans operates the :r'ht; wmner of the second Mianounced. portable microphone in the aumi tnp for the broaqcast of either, Monday, Feb. 15-6:45 p m. dience, picking the contestants Thursday, February 18 or Fe-Dancing Instruction 8 p.m. and sending them up to the stage .bruary 25, has not yet been Dance where Lt. Kluge and his staff e?. Matters of PX:og;ram I Feb. 168:00 p m. proceed to do the asking. Just _bon have made It .for Symphonic Recorded Music. to keep the right answers straight, the sp?nsors to decide ?-S yet as Wednesday, Feb. 17-8:00 p.m. Private Alfred Panetz is on hand to of ..the followmg th:ree Dance. with a copy of FM 21-100 and a :men to. select: Co:r:p, John Hession; Thursday, Feb. 18-8:00 p : m. recent edition of Webster's dic_Pvt. ymce Mannmg, or Pvt. DelBingo. tionary. And, to assist with "Or bert Putga, Friday, Fe b. 198:00 p m Elses," Private Grant Hoff is al_ War. Sta-mp Winners -Danc e. ways ready to se_ e to it that every War winners and their "gag" works smoothly. awards are as follows: Pvt Ro-. Sho ws of Lost w "The Right Answer or. Else" .. Pauiscin $5; Pvt. Harold has everything a good Army Ra-Gadsdon, $5; Pvt. Nestor Simones, Last week-"Hullabaloo from dio Show should hav.e-fun for $Q; Corp: W-alter Young, $5; Co.rp nni'v/' did considerable touring. everybody, prizes, and a definite -Eddie Lizzmore, $5; Pvt. Lonnie On it played aid to_ soldier taking a part Stroud $5 Pvt Joe Kennealy McDill Field to a highly enthu-and hstemhg. $10; Corp.' Har,;ey Hilliard, $5; 1 siastic soldier On Tues-Don' t miss this show next week, Corp. J.ohn Hession $5 Pvt. day -Evenmg, It played Tarpon Monday, 8:15 p.m., R.B. Number Harry Evans, $ 10; Pvt. 'Vince Springs. The civilians gave it a One, Radio Station WDAE. Manning, $10; Sgt. James C. Gray, warm response. On Thursday 1 1>< $10; Pvt. Delbert Purga, $5; Pvt. Evening "Hullabaloo from Drew" 'Ira Spector, $5; Pvt. Harold Rich-. played Lakeland. The perform man, $5; Pvt. Bob Kuttner, $5; ance was given in the large Polk and Pvt. Dave Kuttner, $5. Theatre. Again the audience's Mr. Arnold S. Rittenberg, rep-reaction was not disappointing. resentative of Major Bowes' Ama-. On Mon_day Night; in Recrea teur Hour, in commenting upon twn Bmldmg Number One, Lucy the caliber of the Drew Field enMonroe sang. On Tuesday Eve tertainers auditioned for the .Mia-1 ning, Lt. Kluge gave a successful mi trip, stated: I stunt a "The fact that these amounts Vanety Program from 'Iampa fol total up to $105.00 instead of the lowe d it. Evening was $75.00 agreed upon is a very pracoccupied m auditiOns for_ Mawr tical tribute to the generally high Bo'-;Ves, On Thursday Evenmg, L t. quality of the talent auditioned Kluge the stage at Drew Field: It was really ex-of RecreatiOn Buildmg Number ceptional both as to quality and One the highly amusing "Rookie quantity. We regret only that the. Ro:y's Scrap Book" aforementioned factor of program which ;.-vas follow:ed by auditiOns construction makes it impossible i for MaJm: Bowes. .. :for us to accept additional Drew On Fnday. Evenmg auditions Field entertainers for M a j or for Major Bc;>wes again took place. Bowes' program. j Lt. Kluge did an excellent JOb as master of ceremonies conducting Colored Chorus the show .with his usual ease and Incidentally, and our capabilitv. The audience walked .broadcast needs deftmtely ex1 out of 'th e auditorium saying. elude la:ge. groups acts: I "Whe n are we going to have an-. be derelict m my duty 1f I fmled other show like this?" to comment on the colored choral[ -+<---group that is currently appearing in from Drew." This I I e s a Lon a way is considerably better than F D F. fd I've heard, white or co-rom rew Je Jored,m more than 100 army T N th Af camps and nav(:ll stations during 0 or nco the past 15 months. The group would, I imagine, be invaluable to the army in general and Drew Field, in particular, in a public relations sence, if millions of Americans could be given an op portunity of listening to them in .. repeated network radio pro grams." Formal Valentine Dance AT SERVICE CLUB. FRIDAY; FEBRUARY.l2. 1S43 8:00-H:OO P. M. -Five. cif the most attractive girls present will compete fol" the title of On Sept. 14 Capt. Anthony. M May, transportation officer, wrote a letter to Lt. L. P Clark, of a Fighter Squadron, Sarasota Army Air Base, Sarasota, Fla., stating that Lt. Clark owed 81 cents storage charge on .effects and professional books. In reply, Capt. May receive d a letter from Lt. Clark, dated Jan1 uarv 7 1943. which stated: "Sorry to have forgotten about this, but was in too much hurry il} packing. Finally reached me here in Africa." Yours. -Lt. L P Clark, A. C Incl. $1 ------+<-----HORNE'S PHARMACY QUEEN OF-HEARTS Ticket: sale begin:S Wednesday-: night and tickets must ;be se8 c 1 t D St 'D cured .at Hostess' office at the omp ore .L,k-Service Club. Orily 500 tickets Phones H 1925-H 3141 -to be 'iss-ued....:..... so hurry! No ticketS issUt"rl_ p.m. t S 0 D AS-SUNDRIES .. Fnday. .___ .. l\IIacDill Ave., Tampa Fla ..... -. : .,' ... IS a.se 1ltea.feH p!tesew.f 1ltis The following pictures will at the Post Treatres on the dates indicated: Saturday. Fr.b. 13 SILVER SKATES Kenny Baker, Patricia Morrison A Ship is Born Scrap for the Japs Sun.-Mon .. Feb. 14-15 IN WHICH WE SERVE with Noe l Coward News of the Day No. 243 Tues.. Feb. 16 HOW'S ABOUT IT The Andrews Sisters SALUDOS AMIGOS Walt Dis ney Feature Wed. Thurs .. Feb. 17-18 YOUNG AND WILLING William Holden, Susan Hayward Community Sing No. 6 News of the Day No. 244 Fri .. Feb. 19 CHETNIKS Philip Dorn, Anna Sten Hands of Women Freeman vs.' Venable Nutty Pine Cabin Drug Store Phone H 1645 Fountain Service and Lunches 202 W. St .. TAMPA BUY WAR BEFORE COSTS BUT A FEW CENTS SELF ADJUSTING HOLDS CO POINTS DOWN Neatness c .ouuts in IJie armr-jad as il does in civilian life, That's what the of ficers say. Collar neatness gives you thai. sm'!-"1. snappy, crisp appeara11ce. SPIFFY JS a swell job in dressing up lhe army. Easy On-Easy Off Quick as a wink to put on and lake oil. it's sell adjusting and slays put. anhattan Cafe 210 E. Lafayette St. -Tampa Good Food Reasonable Prices Try Our Sunday Roast Turkey Dinner Served From 11 A.M. to 9 P.M ALA CARTE SERVICE AT ALL HOURS OPEN DAY AND-NIGHT WE USE STRICTLY WESTERN MEATS THE CHATTERBOX CHICKEN AND STEAKS REAL ITALIAN SPAGHETTI SANDWICHES DRINKS LIQUORS ABBA DABBA AND BAND NIGHTLY 707 S. HOWARD A VENUE PHONE H 3757 FRANK RUTA... Of New York and Former Chef at El Trocadero OPENS HIS OWN PLACE Specializing in' SPAGHETTI and RAVIOLI Hyde Park Spaghetti House 103 Hyde Park Ave.. .. BE;:R AND WINES STAR KOSHER DELICATESSEN "Flowers Telegraphed Back Home Under Bonded Service" All Kinds of Herring, Lox and Smoked Fish. Impo. -ted and Do mestic Cheeses. Kosher Wines. All Kinds of Sandwiches Open Till 11 P.M. 805 Gr. Central. Ph. H 29-842 NELJON "THE FLORIST" Open 9 A.M. to 5:30 P.MA Closed Sundays 514 TAMPA STREET BUY WAR BOND$! Service Men Officers families FOR REALLY GOOD FOOD AT MODERATE !'RICES PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE-FOLLOW THE CROWD TO T H E C 0 L 0 N N A D E BA YSHORE AND JULIA Steak, Sea Food, Chicken Dinners Delicious Sandwiches MODERATE PR!Cl:."S UNITED OPTICAL DISPENSARY Manufacturing and Dispensing Opticians 205 ZACK STREET PHONEM5783 COURTESY DISCOUNT 20 PERCENT r Prescriptions Filled-Lenses Duplicated "' Buy More War Bonds and Stamps! .AJ


. Page;;_6 1 c -) DREW FIELD ECHOES ---., .. .. ___ ... f 191.. 3 __ ... ....... -..: ..; r y .. ; -,_ -... .... .:z,.._.:;;;: ... : a .. ;.:.. .. DEPT "B" STAGE. Z M A By Sgt. Jack Goldspinner OFFICIAL "Praise The Lord And Pass That W.P.M." UfFighter cominaiid On91Jh; iiali By Pfc. Longman & Bfc. Swartz Cpl. R. C. T. Pearman Last Saturday was movmg day Tl k for both the oruerly ana tne sup-11s wee we are gomg to mau-ply rooms and as might suspected gurate a _new department:" The -it rained. I rtluL vv hat rte LJ 1 o be Odds and Ends partment. James !?c:uggs Inspectors ltl. enry :Marcus and_ o fJ?e my fu st vrctrm for he ha. New recruits in the charmed Johnllle KalmH.:n put tHen UA d_e_ rmtely slippe d. He used to be circle of high speed operators are: fn st on the old chow 1 1 fo P v t. Roland p_ Bertrand and PFC on tne Daytona Beach WAAC's r n l b u e r last weekend -Travelina aiso eve y 1ea' ut yeste_rday I saw Robert L. Hengeller. These two was Johnnie Shesko who hm1 run a last. He even l e t m e n have been buddies for the West Palm -Beach. John Sunpso!1 bea t hrm and; past year and when one of them ,10 separate rations: Jim Buri, believe me, that rs bad. passed a s peed the other would who imported his, South. Dakota My next can?rdate 1s none invariably follow suit. Certain sweetheart and said "I do then the old Vugmran, Ol!ve1 men are on the verge of joining Those pole climber:s and 'Fields. He used to be qmte a guy this honor group, and they in-splicers are still "on the ball" :v1th the horse shoes, but he, too elude Pvt. Wm. F. Runge, Cpl. around the area Oddity of the, m the downgrade. Pvt. McCollum Warren H. Crain, and Pvt. Dean week: ".:::;tew picks up and I t_eamed up tnmmed hiin W. Smith. Come on, fellows, just two pounds in weight .... Marl hrs a game tnat get that extra dit, .and--you're in 1 wrll go down m hrstory. ... PFC Sherold Straube and ue rs sweatmg out That wild man from the west Pvt. G. S. Hess deserve mention Ius next furlough. I Pfc. Bedney, really stole the shovJ. for jumping from sp_eeds of 6 Drd Y?U know that hrs last Friday night. He can sing for W .P.M. or 10 W.P.M. m one day off Sgt .. Holz, of 3rd. me and my gal any day of code practice. iF. C. Offrce .!<_ orce, rs leader of a I New Recreation Hall In the beginner's code class, Boy Scout T:oop? The new recreation building i i leading .. th eclosely bunched Just a year .ago, Shultzre, our shaping up pretty well. When tt's men, Pvt. E. C. Bruney was m Mascott was g_rven finished we will have the PX. the lead at 6 WPM at tl:e end ,of her name by Sgt. Her. man Bartels. barber shop; tailor shop and reC: a week. Closely foUowmg were She named after Shultz, creation room under one roof. Pvts. Harry G. Kuzemka, H. J. of Personnel, who took care of' 'The PX will move in within a Pristic, and Edward. I:i. Schear, heQr as t Pb t D B b F ll few days. The barber shop is there who were on "five!' ues ron el< oes 0 a o_n already and open for business. UNOFFICIAL chew snuff or rs It a fnend of hrs ; The new ball field will soon be T b T t he met _recently on the way to ready for action. Lt. Curley is u e es Zephyrhrlls. I Showmg great promrse as elec-More Favorite Hobbies sear-chm_e: the srde for tricians after one week of main-H. D. Johnson and letter writfor. the mfield. It th:ere tenance work were: Pvt. John M ing"Charlie" Mann and sign IS any 111 the _state of Fl_onda, -'WHY GERMANY'S KE Y CITIES ARE NOT S .MASHED-ALTHOUGH JHEY COULD BE ... told in the February NOW 15 TO SERVICE MEN What's Holding Up the Air Offensive Against Germany?-How the Reich can be bombed to defeat with the proper cmpbinat1on of British and American air power: Inside Sto.-y of the North African Campaign --First authentic report of the vast preparations-and the almost incredible means taken in Washington to protect this biggest of military secrets. Preparing Our Fliers for Combat-How clerks, students, farm boys are turned into the world's best 'pilots, bardiers gunners and navigators. Grandstand View of Jap Naval Disaster-"-How a numeridiily smaller U.S. force sank 28 ships and damaged 10 others ip. a two-day :fight. These are only 4 cf34 exciting, stimulating featUres in one pocket-size ... condensed for quick reading. NOW 1 S TO SERVICE MEN 25 TO EVERYONE ELSE GET TilE FEBRUARY READER'S DIGEST AT' YOUR PX OR CANTEEN Johnson and Pvt. William R. l -t' -J S ld d l -you may be sure that he wrll get I _pam mg oe eewa an seep I son1 e -------------------------------Wrlson. PFC Waldman rs strll ing-G. C. "Kaltenborn" Johnson Tht'. b k tb 11 t leading the fourth week Radio d d't' 'tl c .e en ne as e a earn rs t c M' H 1 an e 1 mg 1e newsoco in the dog-house for dropping that quar ers ompany; rss e en Mamtenance class. It rs good to Manain and Mary L efler t th g -'T 1 t 'Adams Plottine-Company Miss smrlmg Sgt. Roy Frazrer Georgia Saturda The 'll have to do a lot Gloria Gonzalez, 1st Reporting 1 "' "'arne o ose u y s rn an1pa as m the battle for top honors 111 The Georgia Convoy fellows b tt y.h yth t Company Miss Julia Fishe l 2nd h e er w en ey n1ee on our t e S emor Radro Mamtenance had a real trip from all reports. h t th' 1 .1 Reporting Companyand Miss class, after being in the hospital 1 W e wonder why M aranville was 0I1fne courf rsfwllee h Edith Brantley Medical Detachfol nearly a 'lveek M I t any o y_ou e ov. s. ave a l y t WI k f' ll -_ 1 so n_rce to ama, on 11s r e urn, loose money m your pockets, take men w n t 1e smo e ma Y Sgt. H etbert Handelman, a buymg her a new dress, etc. Could d d d t l t t oJ cleared away, there were $26;J0 former_ M amtenance it have been a guilty conscious? a ?n tl e Jtlnl c worth of Bonds sold. now W i t h the E.F. D ept. JUSt vV 1 c. eo_I ,e avrs, le oo 1 ess "' ceive d a formal to his ur l t e clome Lt W I maryel I S on a borrowmg Co. Feuding vv e WJS l o we come. asson 1 agam. H e JS borrowmg cverythma In addition to these cash sitles, o w n weddmg. He s gomg to take' W Nestler to our Compan y as in sight "' the Battalion has 163 regular the big jump during his furlough I the new T & T. Office r. Is i t true that Dan Thorne can monthly subscribers through the next vveek. c -JI: feed a whol e platoon out of one Class A Pay Reservation plan. II ----rwAB"' can of p ec:s ? Sales were running along pretty From Reve iII e to Taps" a. m;; J .J -----1< evenly in all con1.panies until Lt. 59th A. VN so (SEP.) Busch up and bought a $500 Bond PINELLAS ARMY AIR BASE By Sgt. John E. Lee < through the 2nd Reporting" Com-. B SIS A E ,,.,. -rtlU:ftJU'Ml' !rnny pany. T/Sgt William H. Walker Y gt. DeShon well, folks, we agam enter Umi{ went in to pitch for Headquarters capt R H R R' I C portals of your company to grve Company and came out wrth '"-550 rs ey, om om-you the lowdown on the m mander, will be looking for a 1 th D t 1 d M d' 1 Den hm By Cpl. James Jasper Mitchell and put his company back new chauffeur now that Pvt. e e ac 1 e e etac m frrst place. The two girls who Massey is getting an honorable ment. All the boys wrsh t? thank Well, fellows, after JUSt r eturn-had sold most bonds selected two discharge fram the Army. Good' who to an_d from I am a?le to foldiers to escort them to the Luck George we'll be m's g decorate om new day room. It rs wnte about thrs fme squadron of Tampa Terrace for the evenina you. 1 srn j really a pleasure and to ours ... The C.O. and j The officers of the Battalion T/Sgt. Red McGoon Rice says spend our off there, wr!tn!-g all of the JUmor offrcers are work-nated a purse for the evening's "When a j eep gets into mud up and radro 111 mg out on. the basket,ball dining and dancing. Miss Rosier, to the radiator cap, it doesn't run our homelike sunoundmgs. every -:::igt. _Jas. \ J I the super-saleslady for the day, very' welf" I Sgt. Caldwell and Cpl. Kame Gray_ and hrs boys constantly chose T/Sgt. Walker, the Bat-Get your legal advic f p t a_re to be congratulated on the stealing the show of Hullabaloo hlion S0rgeant Maior. while 1\lliss Ll.mcoff wl10 wo k e ro:nt. v 1 fme work they are domg m s et-from Drew" ... Speakrng of the Fishel the close runnerup chose r s 111 opera rons. t' tl S lf B ll L b th' h C 1 L' In civilian life he had his own mg up 1e new o a eague. oys m IS s ow P rzzPvt. Edward J Bader of the 2nd Law practice. I Th:. l ads now have an Inter-more, Pnvate Stroud and Pnvate Reporting Co. The foursome had Ma F' h Barracks l eague. You Harold Gadson ... Jumped to a swell time from all reports Corp. J!ep-sea fish-really __ see one. _?f these that was_ a solid killer I ing last week His first catch was T!1e fuendly spr_ut a mP'hts aP'o m Rec-rPatJOn Shortly after Lt. Heib left for exciting for all. We didn't know, I at thrs pomt rs a fme B_mldmg No. 1 sent the au-the AGD School in Maryland, in the early rounds. whether he mdrcatron of the_ balanc.e drence out of then l:eads. word came in that he has bee n was going in or the fish was com-of wrll be like. FurI promoted to Captain. Hot on the ing out The fish came out, after thermore, rt_ls of are_The Squadrona n e quartette, heels of that news came the a long ha d b ttl t 13 d pe_at Champwnshrp Solf ball team composed Cpl. Barsden, orders promoting Lt. Busch to We one thrs year. I Hubert Wrl-hams, I:arf<;tte Brown I Captain. Heartiest congratulations nicest mess halls in Florida. The (The Boy) Aleck has been, and Sgt. _Gray, then; drrect_or, to you both. tables are painted white and the makmg a lot of tnps to town. yve 'to .. .be-grven for therr! F/Sgt Mahan is wearing a war walls are done in peach. wonder who the new splendrd of thohse ried look these days. His dog and We thank the people of Largo can be; Is a blond. -_ I ever popular spn_rtuals on. t. e the company mascot, "Frontier," for their weekly dances and the Sgt.. Daddy _Nemeth s _me has stages of the theatres m the is the cause of all his trouble. In new c:.e. M T been m a daze sr_nce meetmg that, i of the Tampa area : I m1ght keeping with the strategy of the ,__ 1 v_rc e ens .uounge. new flame of Ius. Better watch:' add here that the CO JS one hun-1 1 PFC some sort of out around those Roller Skating dred p ercent behind his boys in today, new frontrers_ are record _or else has rt bad. He_ called Pavilions, boy; you might get a this movement What is com-expected 111 the Battalron area. long d1stance, talked 31. spill! monly known as all the v,ray. -1<--'---to _the unhapp::June of $21. Dor; t Sgt. Weihrer and Cpl. MoorTid-Bits to that phone brll adian wish to challenge any two Privates First Class Johnnie R. from your mcome tax, buddy. soldiers to a friendly game of Anderson and Eddie L. RoundSub-Depot Subs Sauck a bridge. All firearms and brass are to I?e congratulated on Why Srmple, he rs settmg up ?rs knuckless are to be checked at therr promotron to the rank of Another one of those Supply shop to teach a bunch of recrurts, the door. They consider themcorpoqll EXTRA: It's boom RED-HEADS. Code. selves the Detachment Champs. time in our area since the return Little Jackie Tucker sat in the G Ohddt; ay.nd ESn/dSs t s Pfc. George Kufta, the Pfc. of Lt. Nathan Waitsman, so all corner, punching her posting ma-uess w a es, g mger acquired as of this writing, left you recruits might as well lace is raising another one of those on furlough, with a prize added I up your boots and. get. on the ch'iB e. Along came a spider and long grandfather mustaches. The th.ereto namely five moredays, ball Yes, that's nght; an sat down beside her. And said, gals call it the Jerry Colona making fifteen in all. trai'nin' g piogram is in "Gee, what a lonsy routine!' Pvt. Welch has a gal in Pass-adays were acquired by wmnmg the m akittg:. Madge Glenn, Supervisor of Grille, 20 miles from Sf.. Pete. the Championship Typing Cone Our Camp DeSoto basketball OEL in Supply says, "Everything Cab fare; one way, is $5.50. What test. team lost the-first ga:irre of the happens to me. The only time I a Gal or what a sucker? That. home cooking is sure season to MiJrton High,. .of Tampa, get a chance to flick my pretty Pvt. MacG1llivray had a tooth agreeing with 1st Sgt. Walters: by t;he narrow m?rgin of eighteen eyes at an officer is when. he' s pulled. Ask Lts; Whiteside; Washc Sinc;e gaining in weight, he had to--srxteen ... There are more to leaving. Ii looks like an officer burn or They .watched a special passage made in ll:is and_we have made a -resolushouldknow how to do, 'To the and enjoyed the extraction, sim-office for quick entrance and exrL hon to wrn them alL rear,. marcfi' ." ple because, Mac is a Link Trainer -1< --instructor and they are some of s I AW CONGRATULATIONS to Howthe pilotswho.sweatin the Link. netail and.now a member of the 55Jrd tgna ard. Wherry, Inspection D epprt-Pvt. Heller, another one of the Base Fii e Department? Battalion on his recent weddi?-gBy h .'lrd working Link boys, says he Meet Pinellas t h e wav, old man, how 1 s your p'lans to stay in Largo after the To you who don't know. Pinel-GASTRITIS??? War and run for president of the las Air Base is one field where After an absence of several town. It couldn't be a gal, could we don't have to sweat chow, months from the Echoes, we're Sub-Depot Cutic of the week it, Fred? mail, post exchange and latrine .glad to be back in the columns -:Velma Taylor of Blueprint and Is Pvt. Manago wearing a must-lines. again. We think we have some I Drafting Departnwnt. ache .because he is off t .he Latrine Whv is tent 39 the cleanest on pretty good reasons for coming W e l co m e greetings to Loraine the field? Is it because Private back just now, too. The main one MeadOJ.;, who hfl s rt'turned t o SupRex Billiard Parlor Da'niel s. Bagley -1< P arker has housemaid knees? is the Bond Drive held in the .1 ply from what o ulcl h

111 -F. c. HQ.?. & HQ.co FIRST REPTG: 72f$t sH;. AW. -; ,.,_ ..... r :..;.T _. '"" -, ... ------. SfA BREZf1 .. f '-"? .REPORTS DREW DROPS SoldierS /',1. AND them clean up his are a for last of SOCIETY ... the schedul e now 1 s an ag r>wes Hargett-(Just back from a 15 1. SPECIALTY week s inspection ... Say, Zahn-I includes dancing lessons, use of On ihe Q, T. day furlough) "Sarge. could I leuter. where did that rouge on the right hair tonic, and <:havin<>' (This is putting one over on our have a two day pass?" Engel-. Y,our shirt come from? We thought 1Iotions, a course in Bov-Girl reporter). Last night, after a little ha.rdt-(Lardie) woman in 1 RESTAURANT only cosmoline and ordnance inetc ... Good luck party, S/Sgt. J. B. Harris made a Miami. Clark-"I'rn soher -as a 1 TAMPA AND TWIGGS STS ELIT. E terested you ? 'Kid-you'll it. .. short cut the wrong way. He judge," ':'ant a ;york-:.:._ ____ .....,....,.,.. ______ .....,....: -----* More of H from D opened a window and jumped mon-I ll never do It agam. Ar:td Deep Sleep. Eleven, after through the screen. Better try last bl!-t not least, Bates who strll ---------------, Thl'! Board playmg_ Tarpon Sprmgs and LakeI the door next time, sergeant. runs hke a dee r at 40: Dow &ot .Max's" Lt"quor Bar \1 V land with Hullal!alo_o from D r Pw iC his new a little while SGSih SIG A W BN last week, found time to make ago and looks like a new man. WINES LIQUORS CIGARS an appearance at the S ervice KEESLER FIELD, MISS. -A Sg_t .. Riddle was doing all right Men's ... for Ti.,.,0.s' sergeant in o':e _____ i(:_____ dnllmg the battalion the other Sake. Thrs week the Show plays of the field squadrons wrote his -day until the dogs decided to takei and Clear;>''l.ter: tni friends tha t he was detailed to' Di my WAR PHONE Y-1281 oyer. They picked a point equi-j W ill be at the permanent. KP in his own kitchen IJU U' --Keep 'Fm F1ytng-CULP LUMBER CO. d1stant between the first and secA, uditonnm m Tampa : all the 11-voluntanly, of course Shortly ond ranks ar:td started to fight: and "'lrl_o" of the cast are afterward,_ he received from his th_ ere. Sgt. Rrddle ordered them I domg a great JOb. I sympathettc buddies an atti.ac away twice, and then really got TO WARRANT 0 F F ICE R wrappe d gift package con, mad. The drilling area has been I BAKER (on Leave of. Absence): ta111mg a new red apron, appro-'Everything o Build Anything' declared "off limits" to the dogs. I V()11 wouldn't .re;ogmze T/SP"t .. priately adorned with a G. I Millwork Made to Order .. l Pfc. Clift brought his wife back Eaton now that he s gone sergeant's chevrons. -with him when he returned from some rehearsals on the busmess iC PACKWOOD furlough. She wanted to find out r-md of your batonhair. is Insure your future and the fuPhone H 1862 -:-TAMPA if it is true what she heard about longer (and fad!=d); hiS naris, 'Southern belles. We could tell shorter: and m his sleep, he has ttJre of democracy. Buy War b h d t "C Bonds and Stamps. her. 1 een ear o scream, orne :Sgt. Waterman writes us from home, Mr. Baker-an is !orgiven." Weehawken, N, J., where he is What do you make of It ? on DS, that he .,went into a for*'----tune telle r s sho p last Wednesday. PLOTTING CO .. 564th SAW BN. The mystic told him that all she coulds ee. in h e r crystal ball, were lftl __ !\_'!if A her mot h er's s i s t e rs. Said Sgt.. fWU J tU'\1 Waterma n: "She had aunts in her tranc e By the way, who is Sgt. By SGT. E. S. PERRY I 1 Waterma n?_ While there's life there' s hope, l':1ur ton, :Valkmg so here's a little something about dov. anklm ?tr eet. r the old bunch. Without many of !In. of ci garette. lighter gasour_ former stars, we scraped up I olin ll hrs. pocket. Six cars were a baske t ball .1.fa,.,.,_ wh.irn ,.,,1T. followmg him. -Mr. X. I out and came back on the short -t< end of a 44-10 score; we w.e1c: I Insure yo:.;.r future and the fu-never that bad. 6 ture of rh 'mocracy. Buy War Promotions Bonds and Stamps. There was a tingle of joy in Hospital P.X. Opens -. To suppl y a much-needed service in the. hospital area, the Post Tailor Shop recently opened a branch in the Hos pital Post Exchange. Ope n from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily, except Sunday, the branch specialize s in all types of alterations for both officers and enlisted men. the hearts of a few when the last batch of promotions came out, namely Slota, Goodson and Farnsworth, who are now staff ser! geants. I Yes, anything can happen in the state of Florida; freeze in the morning and burn all day. We all bid Norton and M yers (two grand old guys) 'goodbye the othe r day when they left to join another outfit. but we sure hope to meet up with the m again soon. I Ahem, where can we go now to get the badly nee d e d five-spot? All the schoolboys are getting Watt to March Right Into Her Affections, Soldier? Its s ervice includes sewing on of chevrons. formfitting of shirts, shortening of sleeves, special tailoring on blouses tu fit individual n e eds. ar>r1 alh"r ations on trousers. It also makes over enlisted men' s overcoats intn half-coats or 'mackinaw style. along swell, with a diffe r ent I scJ:rool unde! their belt. With all 1 th1s uncertamty, are putting. :--------------. 1 a lot of other thmgs under their ALWAYS SAY Miss Jerry Terrell is the inanager of the in of all services. belts, too. See 1st Reptg. "Reports" Who was the guy who tried to qualify for the paratroopers by diving through a window the HOLSUM BREAD night of the 1st Reporting's party? EXTRA FRESH I think I'll dive, too. Attention! Dancing Makes One Graceful PRIVATE LESSONS Selma Drennan Brooks Assistants for Practice TeL H 32-654. 207 Parker Si. .. A Home Away From Home SERVICE MEN ALBERTUS HOTEL 956 Twiggs M 1339 Lafayette Hot e I E. A. CLAY, Manager 120 West Lafayette Street East Side. of Bride Phone M 5588 Tampa, Fla. VALENCIA GARDEN Restaurant WE SERVE THE FINEST OF SPAN ISH FOODS 811 Grand Central Ph. H 3773 Service Men Welcome GILBERT HOTEL 811 Tampa S. Phone M 1094 W. H. WHITE, Manager McAskill Music Stor.es Radios and Repairing Sound and lmer Co-mmunicating Systems Authorized C ap:ehart and Scott Radio Serv-Ice 1116 Gr;u1d .Central Phone B-3787 LOA:NS-I'IONIDY T-O. I,END Dlamondil Wutch<'" Jewelry Sllverwure Diamond" ut n Snvln.A. L. ECKART 400 Tnmpl" Street FERNANDEZ RESTAURANT Cuban Sandwiches A Speelalty 1216 Franklin st. All Service Men Are Welcome Barcelona Cafe SPANISH RESTAURANT WINES AND LIQUORS Phone S 2142 Open All Night 4714 Nebraska and Osborne vICTOR CAFE BEER -WINES 1324 Franklin Ph. lU7240 BILL BAILEY, Prop. Member V.F.W. & Am. Legion Special Invitations to AIT Service Men GLEN'S BILLIARDS Now In Its New Location 805 TAMPA


Page -a 'DREW 'FIELD ESHOES Drew Basketeers First-Half Winners SPORTS SLANTS ;}2, 19'4'3 police always the last one in, never the driver. Jeers and boos greeted the arresting offic e r. Driving regulations required "keep to the left." Since no US.Os were present, By PFC. ALVIN M. AMSTER and there was a scarcity of white girls, whiskey was the only out1/Soldiers in Tropics Bottle With Bug// Drew Man Says After ThrowingMac Dill For Loss By Pfc. Delwin Baggett ''You learn to soldier down in let-an extremely expensive item. the Caribbean. You're on duty 24 in the Caribbean, selling for twice hours a day and always subject the cost in the states. Native beer, to call." Such was Sgt. Fred called "cervesa" (pronounced ser 1 Thompson's expression concern-vay sa), can also be purchased Drew the I ing servic e with a fighte r squad-While its taste cannot be de first. half city _title With a r ecord ron which served 11 months in scribed, the men claim it is a of n111e VICtones and, no d efeats. the trooics b efore coming to powerful physic. By Pfc. Delwin Baggett Drew Interceptors captured the first half of the Tampa City bas k etball league by defeating the strong MacDill team, 50-47 in a thriller on the Trailer Park flo()( last Friday night for their nint h straight victory in league play. The Flyers from MacDill suf fered only two losses during the first h alf and both of these were 1netccl out by the Drew quintet. Drew won the first meeting 56-47. Trailing 19-18 at the h alf, the Interceptors hit their stride in the third period and garnered 2 4 points to lead 42-31 going into the last period. The Flyers h eld a 13 -8 qdvantage at the end of .the first quarter. The scoring for the Interceptors was divided between Big John Shear e r, center, with 14; Corp. George Gaskill, with 13 and Lt. .John F owler with 6 baskets good for 12 points. Corp. Ed Sitarz and Pfc. J olm Cassidy also figured in the scoring with six and five points each. Playing his steady game from his guard position was "Fat Man" Cassidy, who is the workhorse of the team in stopping the high scoring forwards of the visitors. Also playing a bang up floor game from his forward position was the slim six footer, Ed Sitarz, from Northeastern college in Bos ton who played the last half with three fouls against him. Lineups: (50) g Bunne li, f _____ 0 Sitan:, f _____ ___ 3 Fowle t f ______ __ 6 Shearer, c _____ 6 Schendel, c ______ o GaGbll, g ___ ____ 6 Cassidy, g _____ 6 TOT ALS ____ 23 MacDill (47) g Ciesl a, f Farley, f ________ o Israel, c _________ 4 Cummings, g ____ 5 Kaveny, g ______ l Mille r g ____ 4 Henry, g ________ H einz, g _______ o Scholtz, g _______ TOTALS __ 21 f 0 0 Q 2 0 1 1 4 f 0 0 1 2 0 2 0 0 0 5 tp o 6 12 14 0 13' 5 50 tp 10 0 9 12 2 10 2 0 2 47 High Scorer The. Inter c eptors pomt-and-Drew Field. The language spoken by the sol-. half-a-mmute tea m racked up 371 Like every other organization. diers to the natives is a native diapoints against the oppon e_nts' 273 this squadron had its pets and lect combining English and Span-. for an average of 43 pomts p e r mascots-consisting of. monkeys, I ish. English. and Spanish peoples. game m league play ... Agams t dogs, birds, and, of all things-a I dominate the t ropics. all opponents, the goat. Other animals, including boa have score d 768 pomts m 18 co n s trictors, crocodile s and alli-Local PXs games Drew lost the 1 r onl y gators, were to be found in the The PX, of course, follows the two games to Pla r:t H1gh 111 a n jung les ncar the camp, though Army. The PX, housed in a Gr early season practice game and few wer e seen by the m e n building, specialized in cervesa, to Soul.h e m College of Lakeland. Both seen and felt wer e the with toilet articles and stationery Lt. Fowlc,r, former tropical pest s Mosquitos, taran-as a side line. Shipments of Furman Umvcrs1t y tulas and scorpions had tl,_,e run American candy bars sell out. 1 l e d the Interceptor s sconng of the p lpcc. Clothes had to b e quickly. w:th 84 pomts 111 city leagu e s h a k e n before wearing, to get rid (\.s for the the and was sec ond h1gh scorer m of the scorpions the primary smd the y were .swell fellows. the lea_gu e Drew will move evil s. Being. in a COJ?bat. zone shoV{S mto b1g hme b a .sketball w h e n Housing Conditions I whether an off1cer 1s a mal "'\: they journey up to Gainesville on The 1' e d n bo+h barracks I otherwise. Their officers P'(j Lthe 19th and 20th to meet the Y IV thr:! acid t est. University of Florida in a pair of and tents: Showers and latllnes Summing up the experiences of: were stnctly GI. w1th water 11 b 1 games. drawn from well s. Drinking water .ser VICe m the tropiCS, lt a OI Si "f" d d 1t L' t down to one terse sentence; "rt Boxing had its place on the I ;a; Pw\he 1" a_ng t m aid was a continuous fight between schedule last week when Drew, a s 1 l V m quar e r s ] you and the bugs." i MacDill and Third Air Force met 1 c e n t trees,_ each sold1er i:J?, a m_eet in the spa-j pnvatc of coconuts. c1ous Ben1amm Field Arena ... m_a n,es, mt and MacDill copped the match with D1rty _youngs ters c hmbe_ d three-and-one-half points D the p alm tl ces to get t h e co co rew' nuts was second wi:th two-and-one-half I D 1 and Third Air Force third with urmg t spare moments. I AIR BASE BUS L I'N E S i Inc. BUS STATION two points ... Mike Holland, for-the men played base b a ll basket I mer Pacific Fleet light weight. !)all or volley. r_ndulged champ, put on a show wi!h his I 111 tha_t mdoor. SJ?OI t s1eep. 1 cleverness and foot work in win 1 A d a ll y ohysrcal trammg p e: t .od I Qing a T /KO over his opponen:t I was monthly. abrhty 11 Corner Tampa & Cass Streets in the :third round ... The veteran tests wcr e h e lc .. of many ring battles was in ex-Entertainment cellent shape and too sma.r:t for The GI theater was an outdoor his younger opponent. Drew will W ICII ES FINMAN'S KOSHER MARKET OuJ_ fiu .. ht-r _,larl,;., 1 iu TarnJl:t E H ruudwuy !'It, .\i:iU-1.;3 of 1KNIGHT PAPER B R 0 S. c 0. 612 Bell Phones 4205 4204 "A Paper for Every Purpose_


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