Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 2, no. 1 (March 12, 1943).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
March 12, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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VOL. 2, NO.1 Published Every Friday Drew Field, Tampa, Florida Friday, March 12, 1943 ECHOES HAS FI ST BIRTHDAY! ECHOES OF DREW These Men Bring You The Echoes Or-1 Remember When <.---.,. \ < S Told to Pvt. H. M. Peterson t As Drew Field nears its second a busy, bustling camp sprawled out of what was once swamp land, two of the first officers to be stationed here began reminiscing the other 'day. recalled some interesting and little known facts about the field's development. The officers, Majors Frederick K. Bull and Glover E. Tully, came here from MacDill Field on August 25, 1941, to find the place rather primitive as a military establishment. The personnel had under handicapping con ditions, and as they think back now, they wonder how they did It. At one time, Major Tully had to be the permanent Officer of the Day for a solid month. There I was no PX, no theater or Service 1 Club, and the only Chapel Serv ice was administered by Chaplain William Clark in a tent. There was no Officer' s Club, and the officers had to live in a building that might be called a "shack." There were no .lights or water. Further, there was no guard house, and Major Tully recalls a humorous slant about the first prisoner. He was a member of a prominent college fraternity; the first prisoner chaser turned out to be a member of the same outfit. It has not been revealed how they got along. Putting out a newspaper is not a one-ma11 jcb. I takes a s:taff putting ccpy and ideas ino print. These are' the men hat make he Echoes heard: Seated at the desk is ihe edi:lor, Cpl. Jesse S. Zim formerly with the Baltimore Sun. Standing, from left to right: Pvt. Jackson K. Sewar:t, feature writer for the S-ignal uniis and Special Services; Pvt. Herman "Pe:l:e" Peterson, feature sports wri:ter, and formerly with he Philadelphia Record: Pfc. Harold R. Bradley, feature writer for the Hospital and Medical Detachment; Pvt. Delwyn Bagge:U. sports editor; Pfc. Alvin M. _1\:mster, feature writer for he Third Fighter Command; and Pvt. Edward H. Solo mon, art editor. At one time the Base Headquarters "offices" were located in the airplane hangar. It was cold and damp, .and every time the doors were opened, every piece of paper :which was not battened down was blown to th.e rafters. Special Services Entertainers Bring Mirfh and Raise Morale When it was learned that Drew was to become a major air base, round up all Drew Field men in and huge shipments of supplies town. began toarrive, most of them had The first big contingent of to be temporarity stored in the Signal Corps men came on Dehangar because of a lack of warecernber 19, 1941. According to house space. Major Tully, the men came here At first, the only entrance was from Camp Wheeler, and were on Tampa Bay Boulevard and some of the most enthusiastic men lOth Street. Guard posts were who ever arrived here. lighted by lanterns, and all the Another event that will be long buildings in the field were in the remembered, was when Ringling's area between lOth street to the circus gave a performance in the west. Second street to the East, hangar, and a troupe of aerialists B Street to the North and A put on their dangerous act in the Street to the south. hangar, from a height of 60 feet, :. Base Headquarters proper was over cement, and without the use located in a building which is now of safety nets. Base Operations, a structure 80 All in all, Major Frederick K. feet and 20 feet wide. Both Bull, Base S-1, and Major Glover Maims Bull and Tully give full E. Tully, Base S-2, have watched / <:!dit to Colonel Melvin B Asp, practically the entire growth of 1 vmmanding Officer, for the field Drew Field, and are proud of it. is now. And Drew Field is proud of the -'"' 7"He created order out of utter important part they have played c .onfusion." they said, "and he in making it the important Air kno>i ; s what is going on at all Base it is today. throughout the base. As an -K----organizer, we have yet to see his New PX Opens equal." Maiors Bull and Tullv also reIn DeSoto Area call that the only officers who were at the base when they came in August, 1941 were Col. onel AsP. Major Forrest Munger, Maior Thomas Hogan. Chaplain Clark, and Captain Earl Smith. The:v are proud of the record of the Base in carrying on its work with an absolute minimum of personnel. It was in August of 1941 that the first apron of concrete for the runways was laid, and the first plane to land on the fi'eld came December 17, 1941. Among those who were there to greet it was Genera l Clarence Tinker, who later died at the Battle of Midway. December 7th and Pearl Harbor brought vivid recollections. Most of the men were on passes downtown, or on furlough. There was some confusion at first: but telegrams were sent recalling those on furlough, and an extra detail of MP's was sent to Tar.pa to A wholehearted r eception was given the new Post Exchange No. 5 which was formally opened this week and indicates what will be Camp DeSoto's most popular retreat. Present at the opening were Major Alfred B Strickler, Cornmanding Officer of th.e 59th Avn. ; Capt. A. W. Lewis, Base Adjutant; Capt. Edwin P. Jones and his assistants, Capts. Morris I. Porler and Donald S. Evans, and several hundred e lated soldiers. As part of the ceremony, Major Strickler gave a short address to the men asking for their cooperation in keeping the place clean and orderly. He then presented the m e n present with a ticket valued at 25 cents for their first purchases. The men are all behind the major and will no doubt see that all hls vYishes are cheerfully By Pvt. Jackson K. Stewart The Special Services Office, started in December, 1941, with three men, has now grown to a staff of thirteen officers and enlisted men, in addition to a large number of volunteer entertainers and workers from the soldiers at large. When organized, Captain Earl Smith was directing officer, assisted by 1st Lt. Earl DeForest and S/Sgt. William Abbott, who is now the oldest man in point of service. Sporsored Base Arena Many .soldiers at Drew will remember the shows held at the Base Arena, which was begun in December of 1941, and completed soon after. Defense recreation committees in Tampa and nearby cities were called upon for entertainments. They responded generously by working with other organizations and the Special ices Office. Transportations arrangements were made, and soldiers were taken to dances in Tampa, St. Petersburg, and other cities. Shows were put on every Monday night at the Arena. Later, two weekly shows were put on the schedule. Early in 1942, Spe cial Services started regular broadcasts from neighboring radio stations, with the Staff writing own continuity, in cooperation with the Public Relations Office. In March, 1942, Pvt. 0 "Z. Whitehead was added to the Staff -h.e has been on the job continuously, and is now sergeant. Transportatio n for outside entertainment for soldiers was increased, and more effort was put into the radio broadcasts. More soldiers began to participate actively in the pcograms. Lt. DeForest, shortly after his promotion to Captain, Speci!J-1 Services for a CWS umt. Captam Smith left in the same month for overseas services. Toward the end of May, Colonel Richard Gimbel became head of the office. Ser-(Coneinued C>fl Page 2.j It Happened One Year Ago One year ago, an infant was born to the camp newspaper world when Volume 1, Number 1, of the Drew Field Echoes .rolled off the presses of a small Tampa. print shop. It wasn't very big, containing only four pages, tabloid size, but it bore promise of growing into a useful existence-that is, of ful filling the functions of a campll--------------paper. Camp papers serve their purpose when th.ey aid in trainof .arr warnmg service d t" f trammg umts. mg, spee crea wn a ':1-'ar psy-At the top of the front page chology m the newly mducted 1 3 d 4 b t' soldier, familiarize him with m co umJ:!-S an was a. us Army rules and regulations, and reproductiOn of Col. Melvm B. orient him-to Army life. In short, Asp, the B

page 2 .' .. ; ... pember, as set desrgnE:r ; cartoon-Ban a 'Beats Drilm' ... tFor Drew }Field ist,, .and poster artist Pvt. Ted from Pilge i). who. has .be.en on the job .. geants Abbott and Whitehead. since Octobei., miu:iages stage shows. Pvt. Alfred P.aneh is-as began to. organize for day rooms sistant to :Kluge, writ.ing on the ba.Se, getting furiJ.ishirigs. d T.hey contacted many, ,organiza-scnpts an contipuity. ; The Air. :Bind at .tions and individuals in Tampa ,Lt, Stanley .I(raft ,managed Field. was activate9, .April !6, I-942, for, donations .. ... the theatres on the Base since and shortly aftenvard?: Techmcal special-Services lost ari.other la:st Jul.:};._, ::):_.t. '::BenJ'tmin : .Toay is $rgeant G Baker of Kala-good lea?:er Qrmt:Jel 11E>W ip, chaige 'of all Da)t Roorns Michrgarli' \olras sent h .ere t(? for, England. Bl;lt C?-ptar.n an. d equipment for Drew' Field. Or : g a n; z e. the Band. The uru.t. .. ::..v. as K ca!Il.e m 1 1rs T h t : :., t : t s -1 ''' pl d h il t d th e ... rpos J17J.por a:n; originally. attached to tb.e .. :f.Iea<:l. 'ase, P: 9 e : ; e $er'{ices fo.ccornplishr:nents during r s ? .D-d wrth outstandmg the last few months are: The Squadron of tl1e 309th Ser\nce ever WC\S one of th.e Seivice C1Ltb, >oa)' Rei om for purex:cutrves ,at Tufts. Un,rings, Field Recreation Prcigr.ams with Captam Ha!vey 9: versrt:y nea_ r Boston, and actrve 111 Daily Radio Broadcasts, Weekly Turner Jr as commandmg ofu-World -War 1 Articles in the Drew Field Echoes, while. quarters for. the new broadcasts Recn :ation Building No. 1 come men were provide d b v the Signal were developed and .contmued. uletelv fitte d out, the N early Headquarters and HeadqJ..larters :-fhe was. moved from Completed Bandshell, and HulCompany of the Third Fighter Tent Crty to the Base, and l R b a l oo from Drew, the all soldier Command stationed here. Chapshows were steppe d up to thr:ee show. fain Clark's t ent a week In. August, the S ervrce 1 s c r .ved. als.o .. as. the :gf 33 musrcrans. T,he personpel 1Prew, un<:J.er the of J_.t, : .. schooleg in sym" I :VvC,IS a n phqgi_ c a,nd concert music,. as and many: ... dai1ce of. tJ:e of the c!tles around Drew bandsmen have taught musrc m ::: .. .. -: .... : ... : public schools; 'In: the shO!VS and several have origirialm\:1-' fr-om the. Arena. to. Recrea .. .$lG an,c;l 'pubhshed:--:Every Buil.dirig No. l)n thE;! of e:io?erie!J-Ge .::..... Arga, Wor_ k begun on_. tJ;re: sWge, ra_c;lio a!ld b;mdshe}l replacmg the. old. within this group of. :Tl,le : : completecl. str1,1cture wrll be . the, near future. ... ,The band's. dutie::t play. Miss Na;rcissI .this; a<;ti\rit:V, Mr Baker was IT. STANDS ALON'E!' The. Greotest Hu'man Drama of our Tih,e! TUESDAY .. ,WEDNE5DA SATURDAY AND.SUNDAY 2:30 to s I Every Night 8 till 11 l r l I I EXCEPT MONDAY 5c Fa r e On Davis Island :BuseS. I LEAVING GRANT'S CO. RNEI'l FRANKLIN AND. CASS STREETS 7:15 --7:45 -'8:15 instrumental in forming two -d@ce within the military these orchestras have ? t.o be .popular with vlSltors .. at the:: This is the. stoi:y of a ship,' of men, who .SO. galii!.ntly seive her, and. of the \vomen: .who hate fear her, who pray for her safe-keep-' ing. I 1 Open i '10 A.'M. :f .Ustl'!d

March 12. 1943 .R. Drew's largest After One Year Sgt. Angelo D e l Quadro, as top kick of the postoffice, still holds that position, with two of his original cle'ks; Sgt.. Doi:riinick Coco zz a and Corporal John Ar mati. All' three were Privates when they arri'ved here with the Regime rit. From a ''buck" .Regiment, with on1y rolling equipment, the 50lst DREW FIELD ECHOES ivilian Shoes Repaired on Bose The Drew Field Exchange an nounces the opening of a s ho e repair concessio n o n Monday, March 15th. The shop w ill be known as the Drew Field Shoe Repair Shop. It will be operated By JACKSON K. STEWART now has advanced to an institution at Drew Fie ld. The Regiment It was March 14, 1942, that a now handle s all "A" Stacre t rain-by a well-known Tampa operator, tired, weary group of soldiers ing which includes basic "'infantry Mr. VIctor Longo. Longo will steppe d out i n front of rows of drilr basic signal communication, 1 have his shop open 9 a.m. to tents Retreat on sandy Florida small arms training, classification 6 _P.m. locatwn of the sho? soil. 'Ihey were the 5qlst Signal and assignment, motor-chauffeur, be 111 PX No. at the cor-Aircraft Warnmg Regiment. 'motor_ maintenance and other ne1

Page 4 The Drew Field P. 0. Box 522 GLENN R. ROSS, Publisher TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS Business Office: 1115 FLORIDA AVENUE TAMPA, FLORIDA Phone 2177 All advertisements contained in this newspaper are also contained in the MacDill Fly Leaf. Minimum j circulation, I 0.000 ADVERTISING RATES FURNISHED ON REQUEST A newspaper published exclusively for the personnel of D_rew Field and devoted to military interests and the United Victory. Opinions expressed in this newspaper are those of the individual writers and under no circumstances are they to be considered those of the United States Army. Advertisements in this publica! ion do not constitute an endorsement by the Y.Tar Department. or its per :sonnel of the products advertised. Drew FieldBase Photo [ab Top row from left to right: Pfc. John H. Weiss, Pvt. Cecil L. Hayton, Sgt. Thomas E. Hook, Lieul:. Robert E. Price, Pvt. Verle J. Bressman. Pfc. David Chanes, Pfc. Joseph A. Doyle;. second row: S/Sg. James A. Smith, Pvt. Joseph J. Bio, Pvi. John H. Puck et, Pvt. Arthur J. Gordon, Cpl. Wesley C. Chapman, T Ar thur E. Spieler, and Pfc. William J. Jacobs. Other members of he DREW FIELD ECHOES March 12, 1S43 !":;row'"h of Chaplain's I Fi.eld .were hospitalized at Mac Dill Field. Today we .have a has-Work On Drew Field pital with a hospital chaplai_n .on duty for all the patients, givmg Drew Field has grown tremen/.them the ministrations dous l y in the past year, and they need and desue. ,, ; equalling the physical and nu-J The pas t yea r has seen many merical growth has been the changes, and none greater than growth .in the I:eligious program! in the religious of the Field. on the Field. A year ago there I Today Drew Field has more Chawere only two Chaplains-and no plains than any other Air Base chapels. Chapel services were in the Third Air and F/SGT. DONALD K. GANTZ h eld in a large, located on the I days ahead hold many mterestmg If being a "top-kick" in a high-triangle, just west of Base Head-possibilities. er schelon demands e:x-traordinary quarters. Music for these services -1c qualifications, the Signal: Head-consisted of piano number and Ch h C 11 t d H d t C hyrims .accompan. ied on the piano. u rc a quar ers an ea quar ers om pany of the .III Fighter Command Office facilities were provided in Catholic (Sttndays) is in good hands. Top-kick Donald tents. 6:15 AM Mass in Chapels 2 and K : Gantz of that company has Today things are much dif-3 made a profession of First ser-ferent. Instead of hvo Chaplains !J:OO AM Mass in all Chapels. geantry and he hopes to continue-are now There ar1e Proesiant (Sundays) his profession for the duration two Ca.thollc Chaplam.,, a Jew1s.1 l0:30 AM General S ervice in pius a life-time. and twelve Protestant I all Chapels. Possessing qualifications for his Chaplams. And now there I 7 : 30PM General Evening Servpost, when he enlisted three years excellent chapels r eligious ice in Chapel 4 ago at Fort Hayses, services. Instead of pianos, every Jewish Ohio, Gantz spent <;Jf lus chapel has. a Hammond E!lectnc 7 :15PM Wednesday in Chapel-3. I early Army days. tutonng m the an mstrumen.t havmg an 8 : 30 PM Friday s !n Chapel 3. orderly room. This month marks range. Offices B:OO AM Saturday in Chapel 3. his first anniver.sary 1:!-S boss-man v1ded .m each chapel for LL Chape l No. l, corner of c and of the top-rankmg Corps Chaplams. 8th streets company on Drew Field. The chapels are unique, in that Chapel No. 2, between 5th and Born and in the they are intended to s erve men 6th on E. street. eye" state-Oluo-Gantz had hiS of all the thre e major faiths, Chapel No. 3 corner 2nd and early sch_ooling at Doylestown. ; ACTION! CAMERA! These I from the copying of marriage li-Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish. Tampa Bay Blv'd. Later he attended nearby Akron ,words truly express the activities cense s to the making of a 26-mile And they are used for that purChapel No. 4 between 2nd and University for. one an?then :of the Drew Field Base Photogra-mosaic. pose. 3rd on L street. studied chemica.l at _phic Secti!=ln '-Yhich is 1:1nder .the I Another service rendered by The religious Nork on the Field Chapel No. 5, between 2nd and Ohio StatE! .for t>vo staff were unable o be present. capable dil'ectJon First Lreuthe Base Photo Lab is the fur-has grown in another respect. A 3rd on N street. on hi_s_ acade-tenant Robert E. Pnce. nishing of operators and projec-year ago all patients from Drew mic expenence, he worked for The Base Photq Lab, as it is : ton for the showing of educa-the Ohio Edison Company l ll d th f t l d t n later entered the wholesale orl :common y ca e IS e scene o 1 wna an en ertamment 1 ms m e Now, there may be a reason for bttsi.Iless. PrI01 to his Army serv-almost constant action and is one this area. I) d 1 H t I F:i\11\..r.W f!!l..i!""fl t11at I on t mow. owever, JUS ice h e was a salesman for the '_pf the most i!J1portant depart-The Base Photographic Section \ldtVi!SWf: to make sure that each man on Eastland Oil Company. ments on the freld. On the alert conducts a training school .con" ;:" this field knows the exact loca-Enlisting in the Signal Corps, 24 a d;;tY whenever tinuously in all phases of photog tion of the RB No. 1 WE REwas assigned to the 62nd ,m the arr,. member. s .of the raphy under the supervision of PEAT! It's on lsi Street, corner s1"'nal B attalion at Fort Me-Labs P ersonnel are r.eceivmg. t .he Sgt. Hook. The U.s. Anny m eth.__.. K St t '" 't t If o h 1 d t l t ..- --or ree can miss I Pherson in Georgia. Working in C oo mg an pr.ac Ica rammg od is used exclusively wh1'ch I o d d 1 '11 ... t ll b you o, you an you a one WI the company orderly room as a v ... I a Y necessary m com at serv-demonstration and executi on. b th l N k'dd' f 11 After an absence of one week e e oser. 0 I mg e as, private he learned administration fCe. S/Sgt. Smith is the only man your radio columnist is. back there' s a swell show &oing on. at from the ground up. Being i n one ; Begmmng operatw_ns De-in the Section to receive schn olformation with bomb racks filled that RB No. 1 every flight dunng of the first Signal Corps battalions cember 13, 1941, the first home of in"' at the Armv Air Forces Pho-with the latest information con-the week-even on Sundays. organized, Gantz had a keen in the Pho.to Lab .was a hospitre men and equip-! a blo\1se only rarel:v did b.e Moran ... and the play "Hooray girl siriging your favorite melo-Gantz was transferred to the !J1ent we:e bemg constantly adc:!-, don his She sent him a pair I for the Champ" was written and dies attend these broadcasts. I Signal Headquarters and Headand m September of 1942 It of bars neatly mounted on produced by the Special Service Until air time then auarters Company of the III ,became necessary to move the tape. for those c:Iays when Office. Pvt. Pantz was SO LONG Fighter Command, and t w o Lab its lou.ttion on the he w1ll go shirtless. responsible for the fast moving months later was made first serEorner of Erghth St. and Ave-1c script and the all-soldier cast is Did you hear about the little geant His commanding officer is ;nue C. Senior: "You want to keep your to be commended for a swell job. moron who saluted the refrige-Captam Nelson M Snow, Jr. i Practically every organization eyes open around here. F ellas-I would like to take this rator because he thought it was Sergeant Gantz was married at ;on the field has official need of Freshman: "What for?" opportunity to remind you all General Electric? Brooksville, Florida, in JanuaryJ rphotography at more or less reguSenior: "People wili think you that your missing a swell bet by Did you hear about the little 1 1942 and has a son, two month9 llar intervals. Photographic sub-are dumb. if you go around with not attending the nightly shows moron who was dying, so he went, old. He hopes his son will be an 'jects covered by the Lab range them shut." being presented at the RB No' 1. in the living room. Army man too.


By CPL. JAMES J. MITCHELL Our Area is sparkling with the following faces: Sgts. Barnaba antl Flecther; Cpls. Johnson, Tayer and Williams having returned from OTU S:hool at lV!acDill Field, filled with the knowledge of how to become b elter and more capable non-commissione d officers in the future. It has been rumored that Pfc. John H Braynon is leading the T yping Class, ev en if h e has been slightly over powered with joy since learning through recent communication that his little daughter, Gladys, has four pegs now. Odds and Er!ds During the past week the reserve d Sgt. James C. Gray was conversing with the C.O. about our r egular Sunday m orning chanel exercis es and the C.O. asked, "How many different de nominations do we have in our squadron?" The good sei g 2anl seriousl y r eplied, "Sir, we have a few Catholics, a mass of Prot lestants ;:md th-ree or four Presby lterians." The organist for our chape l exercises was none other than Mnjor ALFRED B. STRICK LER last Sunday morning .... L t. lVIoore, our new chaplain, is in his office twice every week to help you bear your troubles. PX News The dedication of our new Post Exchange wsa accomplished with the cooperation of the Post Exchange officer, commanding officers of the 9llth, 1018th and 59th Aviation Squadrons. respectively. Fellows, this is one of the finest buildings of this type on Drew Field, if not the finest, so let's try to keep it so. To help the sales of this new project we have two of those lovely Tampa maidens as salesgirls. When the whistle is blown for a formation, don't let the "personality-plus" of these two ladies delay you. SIGNAL HQ. & HO. CO. IU Command ""' By PFC. ROY SWARTZ With Spring approaching, there is talk ill the air about the coming baseball season. The Softballers would like to secure Charley Perea from the Hardball Nine, because h e's one of the best around these parts. SOCIETY COLUMN To newlywed "Pop" Tilbury, who left camp with a marriage certificate in one hand and a furlough in the other, we wish the very best of luck. Over St. Petersburg way, there is a diamond that's glittering in the bright svnshine and the cause of it is reticent Sgt. John Shuey. Of course, nothing has been overlooked, even the budget has been made out in advance. Pfc. Longman's San Francisco girl friend is down here on a visit. He emphatically states that there is no serious intentions, at least, for the duration. ON THE BEAM Exploring around Z-Hills week-end were those old faithfuls, Cavanaugh, Oberlin, and Mc Carty; also Cpls. Davenport and Camoorile were up at the old stomping grounds ... Black Owl added a few extra pounds while on KP. We couldn't figure out the reason for the Sgt. Woods-Sgt. Cun solo argument out at the firing range until we heard that Sgt. Cunsolo was in on a ten cent 'POOl, for the best shot, and he was debating over the score the way Sgt. Culpepper won tne poo 1 for the best record. While on furlough, the people up home told Bernard Cohen that he talked like a Southerner. Twin Palms is still Heacluarters for the Motor Pool. Most mannerly person of th. e week: Sgt. Lawrence, who uses the word "Sir" in his sentences whether he's talking to an officer or an enlisted man ... Tony Aulton sent Padgett in afte r his laundry and had tCJ wait two days to get it, so Tony says he'll get it himself next time ... S gt. Holsomback says the Company twins are Sgt Dixon and Cpl. Hoge nson. As was suspected, Cpl. Konopka came back from furlough with many weird tale.s. FLOY./ERS Wired Anywhere in the U. S. A. Hospital Bouquets i!MJI Congratulations to the TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS On Their FIRST ANNiVERSARY "PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE SOUTH" B R Y N -A L A N STUDIOS 50 2 A STREET +' ...... y. y v i Scr,n1.e from "Ai r '?orce," 'v'larner Bros. film which opei'led last -t.%+ +!+I nigh in i!le Southeastern premiere in Tampa, after impressive .... 4... !11 C!'en;onies. .., v + 1 *:<'/ c o N G R A r u L A T 1 o N s 9llh QUARTERMASTER I C H U :rvr P S) at horseshoe pitching Well, Pvt. lVIcNeal and yours '[t l I !ff_ tr}_ D n truly beat them six games in a to the +1 IV; c lj 1\.h:: B row last Monday, and we plan to do it again in the very near fui <> t I By CPL. R. c. T. PEARMAN ture. I advise everyone to be on/+) TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS t l hand for the slaughter. ++ By now S/Sgt. Downing is well Have any of you fellows noticed I : t I on his way to Aviation Training how Cpl. Woodard and Cole 4+ ANNIVERSARY tl School. He left so suddenly I treat each other smce tl:eir return ++ doubt if most of us knew that he from the MacDill Field OTU 1 : t I had departed. I speak for School? They go together like I+++ one in Camp DeSoto when I wish salt and pepper, mght and day, ,._o+ It's good to see Lt. May out of Don't thir.k hike !s called I t : 1 him all the success in the world. or Lum and Abner. t the hospital and back on the job off forever JUst because It ra1n e d .1 .. agani. If any of you guys got off last Sunday. Remember, is t th-= ball while he was away, I sug-tl s d g g l t up +1 gest that you jump right back on 1 Cpl.: +t+ +!+ again. White, Pfcs. Pinkett, I : 1 Business is re<:>Jlv b ooming at Cole and Pvt .. Wilson spent t t I the new PX. Everyone seems to half the evenmg talkmg about f E\ [ !!'\ j H n w L A N D I n c .... 1 go in, but you never see them things and stuff, co!nple_tely % (; ;} U 1 :a come out again. The reas::Jns (as no ring all of those mce girls. t 1 if vou didn't kr:ov.r) are those two But Pfc. Bedney made up for It t1 ]o,;cly salesgirls behind the coun-by taking possession of two of the I MIA:l'.'!L FLA. FT. LAUDERDALE, FLA. ter. loveliest in the place. And 'i + I This week we have two v ictims Flora Mae lVIItcb..-=11, whcm we all1 JACKSONVILLE, FLA. in t h e ''Ain't What H e Used to kno'':' as "Boots," loveORLANDO, FLA. ++ Be Dept." They are none othe1 lJ_er m her old ca_ Ilol e d .. out.1 t than the great Pfc. Fields, and f1t. ... But a ll tLe gnls we"e so TAMPA, FLi\. : 1 tl:e almost (but not quite) sensaI sweet that I can hardly \;a1t un_ ++ tional Cpl. Ryan. They are supI til next :.':eek when we ao It alll l .:.; posed to be the champs (spelle d over agam. t l BEST WISHES TO THE ARMY NEWSPAPERS ON ITS FIRST ANNIVERSARY --ALSO-To the 11Tampo Made Picture,'/ UAIR FORCE" We are proud of the fact tha:t we W(?re abie l:o assist in he making of fhis picture by transporting Eros. and :their magnificent stars to locations. BUS STATION: CORNER C_l\SS AND TAMP A STREET 30-MIUTE SERVICE TO BOTH FIELDS AT ALL HOURS 15-Minute Service DURING RUSH HOURS Phone 4243 I I I CONGRATULATIONS ... }AocDill and Drew Army Newspapers FIRST On Your ANNIVERSARY I f f lAFA VETTE HOTEL t E. A. CLAY, Manager i SIDE OF BRIDGE I I 120 WEST LAFAYETTE STREET-EAST I PHONE M 5588 TAMPA, FLORIDA i l i i ,, ti+ii Congratulations to The TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS On Their FiRST ANNIVERSARY I lj RliHHUf CAFETERIA RIT AND CLIFF CHAMBERS, Owners I 310-312 ZACK STREET Y. M. C. A. BUILDING t BEST WISHES FROM. I l l STANLEY HEEL WORKS I I CHAS. M. PRICE, Agt. : ._ ____________________ ji J ; _,,_.,,_,_.,_,.,_,,_ .. BUY MORE WAR BONDS EVERY PAYDAY!


!)-Pfc. O' The was a purposeful glint in get that necktie? What does the I C Q N G R A T U L A T I O N S l the eye of Oliver O 'Brien, Private red stripe in the hatband mean? I j First Class, as he left camp for Have you stopped beating your "t wife? Ever been convicted of a I a week-end pass. f elony ... ? TAM p A A R MY "t Oliver got to town a half-hour I later and dropped into a bar. "Vlhy, I've never been so in-" '""'-Pretty soon a civilian said, "Hiya, suited in my life! Young man, j I soldier. Nice day. what do you mean by asking a j N E W S p A p E R S i "Yup," Oliver admitted. such impertinent = "What outfit you ... the ques wns. ;1 1 On Your _:,1 civilian began. "Well, I tell you, mister," said "Where you from?" interrupted I Oliver O'Brien, "It's like this_ 1 _=1 Hi 'yah, Pvt. Walter M Bett-' Oliver. I've been in this man's Army now man: I "Me? Oh, I'm from a nearby going o.n a year and a I:alf and J F f R S T A N N 1 V E R SA R y l You-re new 111 the Band and 1 city. What outfit?" every tune I go on pass It seems -1 1 you may find things a bit dif-'What are you doing down like evei'Y other civilian I run fercnt than when you played sax down here?" snapped Oliver. into thinks he has a right as a j J and clarinet with Muggsy Spanbriskly. taxpayer to ask me the goldarnedJ ier's Orchestra, but don't you "Oh came down on a little est questions about my personel I new "playmates" will busine'ss," said the civilian. There affairs and private life. i l do everything to keep you happy. was surprise. in his voice. "I get asked first what unit I f j 'l'he ba!!d sch.edule :vill keep you "Y'hat ,;vas the f!ature of the helong to, although any civilian \o busy with dnll sesswns, lectures, busmess? asked Ohver. that can read a newspaper ought I 1 parades, reviews and "Well, I don't mind telling you, to. know by now that a soldier f f wspectwns ... to break .the mosoldier. I came down to see my isn't supposed to give out infor' =,notony, you'll latnne and wife's lawyer about some prop-mation like that. Then I get asked 1 ;;;_ room orderly details. erty she owns." where I come from. what I did 1 J I doubt if you will find time "Ah, you're married?" before I joined the AI;my, what I = "' to be homesick for Manhattan. "Oh, sure, what outfit did you do in the Army. what my unit I You have already been called say you ... does where it's going after we I ( I T y I r r. D u: L I v E n v c o I upon to substitute in bot\1 our "Do you like your wife?" here. I jusfthought I'd come 'I \. 1\. "t "jazz" and the "Society" dance "Huh?" He looked a bit rattled. to town today and ask a civilian (;ombo's;. you have played for "Ah, I see. another woman, a few sassy questions. Thanks, j j fromDrew" (incidenehl, you r?scal! ., buddy, good-by." I 2911 BAY TO BAY BOULEVARD "t "LAST" performances of this "Aw, now. don't apologize to Success used to indicate supeI T A MPA1 FLORIDA j tally there may be a few more I Hey, listen here, soldier .. : iC f;how) you took part in the reme, pal. I know how it is I've rior ability, but now people me-' "1 view parade of the 84th Bombardbeen around. Got any children?" rely wonder what vitamin you're I I've got children. taking_. ____ +:----l ,,_,,,_,,_,,,_,,_,,,_,,_,,_,,_,,_,,_,,_,,_,,_,, .,_.,-:-.,_"_.,_.,_,,_ .,_:!. BUY WAR BONDS! i:ng stand, and the planes flying "Legitimate or illegitimate?" in fancy formations); and you "Say, you listen to me, you helped us serenade Pfc. Mike Vi-young ... tale, our trmnbonist. \vho has been ':Oka;Y, Don't ans\ver _,,_,,_,,_,,_,,_,,_,,_,,_,,_,,_,+ "boarding" at the Station Hospi-If It Will mcrumnate or degrade t = I tal for nearly two months-it you. By the way, what was it you B E S T W 1 S H E S! logks as though Mike will .be 1 started to ask me a \';hi!e back'?" j I gomg home to Keene, N. H., m-" I JUSt wanted to know what I SERVICE MEN f stead of moving back to the band outfit vou're ... Th?t should give you "Oh, pardon me just a second, I .("nSO'id5_fed an Idea of thmgs to come. may I ask what that funny look= V h U CONGRATULATIONS to the TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS Walt, if the program seems to ing thing on your watch chain 1 be a drag on your eJ;ler.gy, cton't means?" Box (o II "Atlas" Ferris'. calis"That's my lodge charm. I don't I ; : a themes will mould you mto a see anything funny about it. Well, 3302 N. ARMENIA r :)lgged hunk of muscle and stuff I better mosey along." Jfor example, .see apy 69th Af;.F "Where you going?" +,_,,_,..,l-"'-"'-"-"" _'"_,,_.,_ ,,_, + Bandsman), and you ll be beggmg for more d!=tails. It will pay you to be nice to I I Sgt. HarwickJoe's o.ur stttppdly 1 B E S T W I S H E S Irian; for confusion, JUSt ra e j banter with a couple of our pro-1 found "philosophers" (you might 1 ff B p d ( start with Sgt. Luukkonen when ('a old ros ro uce omn:.nu j I J 1 in 3. jam session with "Dee" Cle- \AIL,oles .... le fru'lt and Produce l ments on the vibraphone, Mike 1 YV rJ u 1 GaJ .dino on tenor sax, and Hal 1 = Richman on bass. If you have I any woe to shed, save it for T/Sgt. I WASHINGTON AT E.l\ST STREET Elwood F. Eaton who should be I FLORIDA ] back from J-:. is furlou.e:h this week; i if you can't wait, tdl Cpl. Ralph I = Sud.jian troubles-he's a sym.pathetic soul. &$4 rAU Jld'lWI5 $&HiAirGMi5i M As a last bit of advice, don't 11 forget to "subscribe" to. and I I B E 5 T 'V I 5 H E S read, the DREW FIELD ECHOES. I 'f i The publication is celeb.rating its I first anniveJ:sary this week. and j its Staff deserves a world of 1 praise and a shower of gratitude 1 1 il for a job well done. I may have a cigar for you that is, if Pvt. Ed Solomon (of the ECHOES staff) and I get the cjgars that "Miss. Drew Field," J Pearl Foster, promised us. Your sarge, -John F. Suszynski c t I f I ongra u a 1ons i :' "TAMPA ARMY i w j = 510 A S .HLEY i PABST I CONGRATULATIONS Electrical Repairs PHONE M 8265 1 P. -Q. Box 1318 II .. Tampa1 Flori. da I I I COMPLIMENTS AND BtST WISHES i I I 1 .ON YOUR FIRST ANNVERSARY i i i I I j j I DAVIS 'CAUSEWAY l PAUL SMITH CONSTRUCTION CO. I I l i CONGRATULATIONS f J I TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS + ,_,,_,,_,,_,,_,,_,,_,,_,,_,,_,,_,+ f ON YOUR FIRST ANNIVERSARY i f Congratulations I GENERAL CONTRACTORS Miami Tampa San Juan I "Builders Over ihe Souiheasi" A .JAtt1ES LUMIA 3215 12ih && 3 4 ..... 4 Congratulations to The TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS On Your FIRST ANNIVERSARY BRUCE'S JU;CES: IN(b 1005 Cumberland Ave. Tampa1 Florida p; a ; ,;mw me I CONGRATULATIONS1 I 1 I TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS i I J I On Your j I 1 F I R S T A N N I V E R SA R Y I CANNERS OF CITRUS FRUITS AN:D JUICES i I r i i I TAMP A, .FLORIDA I CONGRATULATIONS From SILVER MOON :. f f I 1 .. Un.io. n Bakery 1 i R ( H ff l I 1/Real Cuban Bread i i I u man Construction (oll i 1 Our Specia!ty11 l [I I 1102 Central Ave. VANDERHORST I I I ESTELLE AND HIGHLAND AVE. j psos 9ih Ave. Phone Y-'43991 i j BUY MORE WAR BONDS EVERY PAYDAY!


March 12, 1943 FROM THE Fun Parade To Perform AI RiB. 1. Monday Evening "Chicago style" is stamped all over "The Fun Parade,'! the musical variety revue which USO Camp Shows. presents here. free o'ri March 15 at Recreation Bldg, No. 1. And "Chicago style"means _:_big and breezy! ."The Fun Pa,rade" took to the Shows trail direct from Chicago's famed Loop. Into the show went a cast of performers whose. combined:. 'talents 'spelled '4errific entertafument.'.. ; First of. all ) .'The ''Fun Para'de" --1as Freddie Stritt as master of. -ceremonies, than whotn there is none funnier in the business. Fi:eddie with liis marvelous knack of' hvping a sh,ow together,_ works throughout the revuethe whole thiniig moviiu1g with clock FIELD ECHOES Page 7 T .. .. .. --::::-:-.. ... .. .. .. i Mar. I2 to Mar. 18. IS 4 3 r I RECREATION BUILDING No. I \ j BEST OF LUCK l l Friday. March 12, 8:00p.m.-1 SERVICE MEN variety Show from T ampa. --!1 ''We Welcome You111 Saturday, March 13, 8:00 p.m.-To be announced. Sunday, March 14, 8:00 p.m.I Old fashioned silent film. l Monday, March IS. 8:00 p. m,( u b a ( f e SPECIAL SERVICES OFFICE Character Sketch USO-Camp Show, "Fun Parade : (1;1. I Kluge directe d the production exTuesday,' March I6 8:00 p.m.:._ J 0E:rtly The broadcast was so good Variety Show fi'om Tampa. E. BROADWAy that it should certainly be soon March I7,. a:oo p.m. I;>OI J r epeated. -'--Soldier :ShoW. .. j ''Hullabaloo fr.om Drew" played Thursday, March. 8:00 P: II_l 1 t a r ehm1 date at the Municipal -Concert by'--69th Army Air Audi'tm,iumin Tampa on 'Sa:tin: -Force : Band._.:.8:30''p; m.; Broad-.. .. .. .. :-"'",...,.""-""-""+ :lay Evening. The cast responded cast Concert 'Adir .. .. ... .. .... -! t o this ca'pacity audience with the :P m Broa cast 0 00 le ... . I best pei'form'ance, 'that it has scnip l Book.'1 gi-ven. Th_ose responsible f<; n the -. .- : j' I success of this .show have had SElWIC;: 1 considerable rirentiori from time I :,;,i;c., .'. : :. .:... I c I t" totiine 'iri'th''prl:isS 'all: .. j r:.t. John Sarkin. who.: .. 1', -c: -, ; : ..... .. A ..... M y f .iri : .. : .. : __ f N .EW:SP,A I shb\i-7' :know. ''Monday. March 15. S; _OQ p ; m.I : 0 0 --. clevei, = F m f have: .. T.\!,esday /March .. l rO hi' s wcirk to the abs-:Recorded"$.Ympn.ohlc I cence'Of?prog'tams'they haverib' M\lsie;'' ., ::' ... ; ... : : ; No I \V'ay of 'felling. wlib 'was ; W e .dn. esda_ y, Ma. rch. ; 17----, 'l;'q 'Qe A E -R ; I 1: sible fc:n it, '.: ''" : .. : : ; I : -': -; ; ,,l.i, :.: : ::-. There { ,,;,ere other shows pre-. S:OH p.m. j J sen ted py .the Spedl!-1' mgo Office in the last week: 'l;'wb varr--:-,.:_ +i .. .. ....:.,,_ ,_:,. u .. -,,_.,_ 1 etv shows 'from: Tam'Qa : and a.n .. -.----........ .................... __ old-fashioned filzy1, Caf: ll:nd the Canary gfveri in R ecreatwn Building i{o. 0rie. Tpey all. ac" complished their 'purpose, that. of entertaining ,.. or: -:-.. ..;_ ... ..:.... _...:.: __ .. .;...._ ----....--::j smooth timing: .... Private John Mader was born : The Six s 'tariets are also spotted brougJ:t up _in Inthroughout the show. A line of uiana. Wh1le high school, b'eautiful young girls. the Starlets he developed ambitiOns to be an have danced in' leading clubs .and actor .. In order_ to get a start! .Joh_n h 'otels from Florida to California, orgamzed a httle the?ter m hiS wHITE R o. s E B.A .R .. with pert An'ita Lane taking an h?me town. On _gi:aduatmg from extra bow for her exceptionally high school, he JOmed a Paul Web.ber, Prop... ::. ',': \' '.)'', 212 E. ROSS. Service Men You alwt;Jys fine tap dancing. : stock company m India -LIQUORS. 'wiNES. BEER AI Verdi & Dolore s help keep napohs. AND CIGARS W E L ( 0 M E J the fun in "The Fun Parade" Although this engagement was 11 r!otous. Off-stage Verdi is a very successful, he did not find it parCor. Cass and Marion Sts. fihe cellist. When he walks on ticularly lucrative. so before hjs Phone 4502 S 0 L D I E R stage, and clowns through a series marriage, li e established a photo-N E of side-splitting routines on the graphic studio in which John was M A R 1'. cello and violin, he is still solid so efficient, that after a year and S A I L 0 maestro---but all gag.. a h alf; the rewards fr.om ft enB E S T W 1 S H E S A couple of ver. y fine jitterbugs, able d him and his wife to move Carroll & Dietrich put their tal-from Logansport to Chicago, G A R ( n A r C' ents to extreme good use in their where h e set up a photographic Army Newspap A ..J '.. : Welcome Here. Lopez. & Lla"o '402 19h TAMP A. FL.t'\ ver.y clever puppet act "To:l;'s in studio. His work there was so ,. Using radnpr:fine, that several of his photog-A f .J C'f CAFE & BAR .. irig on their dolls for b:.;Ilhant Ilraphs 'ivere showi1 at the Belgian J or. e luminating .effects, this young Exhibition in Antwerp and, what U I326 Franklin at Constant J couple put the puppets thro1:1gh was perhaps even more extra J routines both charmmg and not-ordinary, out of twenty-five thou370I E. BROADWAY I ous. sand photographs hung in "The I CongratuiQtions 11 An attractive young brunette National Salon" at the Stephens stars in the rhythm section of Hnte l in' (:hi,..ago, one of John's !I to MacDill and Drew "The Fun Parade. Mary Ann 'was given "The Award of lV1erit."! Russell is a sweet-swing thrush. While in Chicago, John d i d a h j !: The arrangements of her numbers !treat deal of illustrative photog AnderSOI11S Market Bes't of lu. ck tot e s I F ., i are terrific and she puts her songs raphy and also made portraits !1 em1n0 e u .rnhlUe_;1 across in socko style. for the "Music Corporation of E:ast Broadway & 40th Sreei Army Newspapers Darlene Walders is the featured America," photographing such j dancer in "The Fun Parade." A various !'ls. Buddy Phone y 1133 I !, Company pulchritudinous young lad', "Miss Rogers and Nino Martm1. Walders stops the show w1th her I 1 sensational tap-acrobatic J?espltte ahc_claifm li_n thfis J,;, H-. H!dl_ .ev. !I Lafayette & Hyde Park She has played. a:ll Ieadmg o Is ee mg or_ 1 --.' w '6 hotels and clubs in this country theater, John was _not Sll:tisfied so I TAMPA. FLORIDA j' and has also tapped out her fastI .three years_ m Chicago, h e Congrattdations l li ced numbers allover Europe. I h is w1fe and. their three year old 2722y2 NEBRASKA I pa d .. b t act of I daughter, Barbara Lee, returned Army The come .Y aero a IC to Logansport. Soon afterwards l'l t"' t' I Emmett Oldfield & he went t o Indianapolis and a of. "The Fun Para e. 'ed a theatrical coinpariy touring o I n (n and WI e plays as "The Male Animal," These two_ the middle west and acted in such nue Kiig U' il I yet. akil}ful execution of. amazmg "Laburnum Grove,'' and "Anna I 290I 12:i:h STREET lr i' _,,._,,_,., _,,_,,_ ,,._,.,_,,_,,_,,_,.'!"1 tricks and stunts. Christie." I I The day after the war began. I L;.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.;;;;,;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:;;;;;;..t I B EST \A 'I s r; E s i he tried to enlist, but because of llo YY 1 "THE HOME OF GALLONS'. t t k t'l I THE rlependents was no a en un r J. 0 Ju!ne.the Special Office to WILDER & CO., Inc. J TAMPA ARMY l BEST OF LUCK SERVICEMEN AND TO THE Tampa Army Newspapers WHOLESAL'I:' : G.,.,.OCERS.. which he is assigned on this field, NEWSPAPERS :1 n he works hard over details that CUSTOMHOUSE. BROKERS 1 'H6'i'E:t:. RESTAURA-NT 'AND' require both technical abili_ty and AND' FORWARDERS j A. lt Adams BAKERS SUPPLIES imagination. He. appeared m sev-. .!' Un"on.:. :! eral sketches in "Hullabaloo from TAMPA. Drew" which he wrote. Machinery and Supplies Ii'!SIGNIA HANDKERCHIE-FS. HANDK'JERCHif.lF. HOL1J.<;h::; .-:c'ILI.,....,,.sr 'FLORIDA' MAP' BANDANAS SEE THESE BEFORE YOU BUY Bose Bus Ter niinal 996 TAMPA1 .STREET'.. : Entertainment. of CONGRATULATIONS FROM ,. Thf3 Past Vleek I & Dickson/ Inc. T)1e past week in our Recreation Deoartment was crowded with eni:E'rtainment, as a lways, a ... ,., the earl: morning broadcasts Morgan Bell BUILDING MATERIAL Job!:iers, B!-'ick, Lime. Cement, Congratulqtio,ns ancl Best Wis}l, es ... Guaranty Coy 407 TWIGGS Congratulations Eme.rick lumber Co. Nebraska & I3Sh Aves. TAMPA. FLORIDA from station WFLA. so w ell conducted by Pfc. Harry Evans, S g t. : John 'Hartman, and Pvt. Gra rit Roofing, E!c. Phone 2645 -P. 0. Box 2410 Hoff. There was the always suec(Ossful broadcast, "The Rig h t ----. .. ____ -, Answer or Else," on Monday night fro m Recreatio_n No. One. Highly amusmg ''Rookie Rov's Scrau Book" ol'l Thursday. from the sam e place; and "The Drew Field Presents" h alfhour ove r station \VFLA o n day 'night. The script of this last "Hurray for the Champ" by Geo. Dowell arid Pvt. Alfred Panetz -..vas particularly fine. Lt Robert Earle played the main character with gre'at force and feeling. Eleanir Kluge, Hilda Sweat, Pfc. Harry Evans, and Pvt. Alfre d Panetz gave excellent ances in support. Lt. George BEST \A/ISHES on your First Anniversary Ha KreiS & A. P. RAGSDALE. Mgr. 811 FRANKLIN ST. T-1\.MP A. FLORIDA I Shipyard Cafe 1 : i !, I 90S f I + _.,_,,._,.,._,,_,.,_,,_.,, .. TAMP A. FLORIDA i I ... I + : I I I i 1 i i Congrat!J 1 Congratulations TO THE TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS i Service i r i I l 1 AI.& F. Grocery f li 3 j 1603 E. COLUMBUS DRIVE i i u F k e P!tt'.1 I i T.'\.MPA. FLoRIDA i ran 1 ; 2110 MITCHELL j j T AiviP A. FLORIDA .f.. BUY WAR BONDS!,


}>age 8 ,->-; On Drew Field Becomes Citizen A refugee from Germany, an emigre froi:n Palestine, a soldier in the Army of the United States -that, in short, is the story of Private Schulin Barth, 28, newly made American citizen. He is a member of a signal corps air warning service unit a t Drew Field, Tampa, Florida, one of the largest army: -air' base$. in the Southeast. Private .Barth entered the army at Fort Hayes. Columbus, Ohio, on July 7, 1942 He was assigned to the Signal Corps and sent to Ca.mp his basic training. He stayed there 2.! moriths and came to Drew Field in tember, 1942, serving as a clerk in the orderly room of his organ ization. He studied at a Rabbinical school in Frankfurt, Germany, and when Hitler began his bloody regime in Germany in 1933 he left school and went to Palestine. There he spent four years, work ing most of the time on an orange grove collective farm in Petach, Ticquah which, translated liter-. ally, means "the beginning of hope." In Palestine he found the ex istence of considerable ill feeling between the Arabs and Jews. Before the first World War, he 1 pointed out, the Arabs were mostly under Turkish domination and held Pan -Moslem political views-namely, that all Moslems should unite against Christians and Jews. Nonetheless, due to -the, influence of the famous explorer I and author, T. H. Lawrence, many Arabians leaders were convinced that they should unite as Pan Arabian rather than Pan-Moslem. However. after the war it was impossible to unite the Arabs, and the 'Pan-Arabian viewpoint as a result of Palestine being placed under the home rule of the Jews. Again the Arabs their DREW FIELD ECHOES the Miss Air force Contest Pictured are four of the eight contestants in the Miss Air Fo:rce contest which was held yesterday af:teirnoon in Plant Park. They are, from lef to right, lop row: Mrs. Jimmie Lea Smith,. represent ing Hendricks Field, and Miss Pearl Fosler. "Miss Drew Field." Bottom row: Miss Nidilia Lightfoot, representing Sarasota as "Miss 'Air Base," and Miss Marjorie Breeze, representing Bra denton as ''Miss Sarasota Air Base." --, political outlook. Mufti, not';d Arabian reactionary leader m ; Palestine, has influenced many ;Arabs in the' belief that the people .. of the Moslem religion should. join together and take ?stand i against. the United Nations t? 1 .. .-. .. 1 achieve their objective. Muft1, Pearl B. Foster 1 Pvt: Alfred Foster, is March 12, 1943 .. -. .. : .. '. -: CONGRATULAT 'IONS to The DREW FIELD ECHOES .and. The THE CHATTERBOX CHICKEN AND REAL !T ALIAN SPAGHETTI SANDWICHES DRINKS LIQUORS Abba Pabba and Band Nightly 707 s.-HOWARDAVENUE' PHONE H3757 : -. ; has considerable support among stationed atGreat Falls, Man M.oslem tribes in I Eng. ineer Entry, Is 1 tana, in the Corps._ IWI .. IIIIIIII_IIII_IIIII .... III ... IIIIIIIIIIIIII ..... IIIIIIIIIIIIII ..... IIIIIIIIII. and his foHowers_foment d1ssenM 0 p sian between the Arabs and Jews. ISS reW re !!: Pearl Bernice Foster, 18, datighEN ROUTE TO AND 'FROM TAMPA and the Arabs resent the presence -ter of Mr. and Mrs. James P. Fos of the Jews in.what they consider ter, of 3113 Horatio Street, Tam.their country. pa, was selected Miss.Drew Field In i938 Private Barth left Pain the wake of treniendous audi Jestiite for the United States, ence enthusiasm. The soldier _au Coming to Youngstown, Ohio, dience in the Drew Field Service where his uncle, J. M. Barth, owns Club cheered as 14 lovely girls, a store. Working during the day selected by the various civilian in his uncle's store as a clerk and departments paraded before them. bookkeeper, he. burned the inid-The judges were a Powers mod night oi_l study:ng .. Barth Is_. an el, two Vlarner Brothers talent accomphsh_ed lmgmst, speal-.mg scouts, Lieutenant R .obert Earle. many foreign languages. of the Snecial Services Office and Whqe speaking his Bonnie -Beth Byler, Iviaid of' Cot an. ton. By elimination, the choice Fnvate Barth added.. Bemg a was narrowed to two-Pearl Fos new citizen of the_ l!mted States. ter, of the Base E:1gineer's O.ffice. I consider it a pnvil17ge to be a and Mae A Bei tz. n iece of Mrs: member of the Umted D. I. Boone, of 1220 New Orleans Army. If any _cf tJ:ose H.tlerStreet, Tampa, who vwrks in the countnes hke Czechosales commissary in the Quarterslovakia Poland and the others master Department. are fighting desperately for tJ:l.eir f d Americans must fight I So I _Foster c..emm e and om, whe d because we have charmmg miss of 13. was WICe as ar crowned MISS DREW FIELD in more to lose. the most thrilling contest e'ver "Our standard of run at Drew Field. The band omically, culturally and spintualplayed on. the boys cheered, Miss ly-is much h}g .her than that 0! Drew Field was very, very the other .. we could los-thrilled_ and the big show became all of those thmgs If we lost the an affair of history. war."

March 12, 1943 DREW FIELD ECHOES ?History of Ill F D C. Dancing'.Dorlene-Co incites With Growth of-Drew By PFC. ALWIN AMSTER, Feature Writer One of the p arent" organiza tJ?ns o f Drew Field is the III F1ghte r Command, with its Headquarters & H eadquarters Squa dron a n d the attached Signal Headquarte r s & Headquarters Company. The III Interceptor Command, as it was originally known, was activated April 21 1941 wit h Maj. Gen. Walter H: Frank (the n Brig. Gen. ) as the <;ommanding Officer. The activa tion of the Squadron followed on July 14. Commanding Officers include d Brig G e n Clarence L Tinke r (later Mai. Gen.), Nov. 6 : 1941 ; C o l. Willis H Hale. Dec. 16, 1941 ; Lt. C ol. Charle s W. Lawrence, D ec. 20 1941; Brig. Gen. Carly l e H. 'Nash Mar. 2, 1942 ; George P Tourt ellot (now Eng. G e n.), June 26. 1942 Commanding Officer p1;ese n t C_omm andi n g O f of t n e III F1ghte r Command ls Brig Gen A. H. Gilkeson a West P oint g r aduate. who charge on O c t 8, 1.8-12. One of he reasons THE FUN PARADE, breezy Chicago musical revue presented by USO-Camp. Shows is a hit v 1iih service men is charming Darlene Walders, sensational tap :J.nd acrobatic dancer. (See Story Page 7) Last year Gen. T inke r was killed in action while leading a group of An!eric a n planes against e nemy craft m the S o u t h P a ci f ic. He h a d been Command i n g G e n eral of the Haw a i i a n C o mmand from shortly after Pearl Harbor. G e n Wash lost h i s life in a recent a ircraft accident At the time he was Commanding Officer of the Second. Air Support Command. various groups at different air J., F. Whisenand, Plans Office r ; On May 15 1942, the name of bases under the jurisdiction of the Maj. J. S Fisackerly, Surgeon; organization was officially 11! Fighter Command. Capt. E. W. Jordahn, Ordnance changed from the III Interceptor A fighter pilot replacement pool Officer; Capt. R. B. Roshon, CheCommand to the III Fighter Com-to furnish qualified pilots for mica! Office r. mand. combat squadrons is also operated Headquarters Squadron Com-. Sig. Hq. & Hq. Co. Arrives by the Command. The pilots re-mande r is Lt. Col. Roscoe G. Originally from Mitchel Field ceive '"post graduate" training Conklin. John B. Gosselin is 1st N.Y., the present Signal in flying as well as ground detail Sgt. 1st .Lt. Nelson M. Snow comqu'arters & Headquarters Com-and operation before further as-mands Signal Headquarters Com-formerly named the Second signment. pany while 1st Sgt. is DotJald .. er. ations Company, AWS. ar-Gantz Present Headquarters Staff -"'---,----nved .at Drew Field on July 2, -.. 1941, after a 1.300 mile motor The present staff officers of the BUY WAR BONDS! convoy from Mitchel Field. 1st III Fighter Command include Lt. Harry E. Roderick. was the Brig. Gen. A.. H. Gilkeson,. Corn. Commanding Officer at the time. manding Officer; Col. 0. H The Cadre l,lnit had as its purpose Kyster, Jr., Executive Officer; 'n d l AliJ I the and of Col. A. R. Springer, A-3; Lt. Col. laiDOfi S c fi J ewe fJ the Aircraft Warning Service of R. E. Lowrey, Jr., Acting Signal l the Command. .\>';\-Officer; Maj. J. F Garber, Jr., Hq. & Hq. Sq. Activated Adjutant; Maj. A. C S trecke r When H eadquarters. Squadron A-1; Maj. S. B. Mitchell, A-2; y: -:, was activated on July 14 : 1941, Maj. C. C Catlett, III. A-4; M a j the men were drawn from Maci Dill Field, tben a new air base., 1 L f t + H t I iJ '!,. At the time the only building s in. j a aye I e 0 e 605 Franklin Si.' the p resent Headquarters area at l E. A. CLAY, Manager \ Drew \ve r e a few barracks, a Mess I l H 11 d t f C d H d 120 West Lafayetie Street I E l W l h R 1 quarters. T h e O r d erly Room hacl East Side of Bride a an par o omman ea.:" l xper a C epa lfS :QOt yet been constructed; neither had the hangar nor the apron. Phone M 5588 Tampa, Fla. I There were no fences, side wal k s or roads. Co w s roame d at: will. Ora nges were a vailable for. SUNDRIES TOBACCO SODAS I C A M p B E L L 'the picking from nearby groves, Whitehead Drug Store usua il y t o the exasperation of the I BARBER and BEAUTY, SHOP g Compounding Prescriptions Is rowers. 308 Twiggs Ph. M 54-572 Purpose of the Command The Most Important Pari Briefly the function o f the iii Of Our Business Featuring Fighter Command is the a i r d e Phone s 5105 Prompt Delivery I IRENE GORDON, Lady Barber I i e n se of t h e S outheastern United Nebraska Ave., Sulphur Springs States, whic h includes the States of Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi. Arkansas, Louisiana, Okla homa, Texa s, N e w Mexico, and part of Florida This includes the spotti:qg and the 'tracking' flights of e nemy pla..r1 e at filter and inf o rmation c e nters by the Warning Service. The n the c e ption by fight e r planes of the TELEPHONE H 25-692 THE CRICKET TEA R 0 0 M 241 HYDE PARK AVE. SEMINOLE SOUVENIR & JEWELRY CO. COMPLETE LINE OF C U R I 0 S --G IF T S WRAPPED FOR MAILING 107 E. Lafayette Street ............ ... .. ++++++.++++++++++Y-+++-++ ... .+ + + + + .. + + +. +.,.. + + + + +. + 9. {4. I + + y ti: Congratulations to the :i: y A Cf TAMPA AR&IY NEWSPAPERS :i: y C:: ON THEIR FIRST ANNIVERSARY :i: A y A MOTOR FUEL TRANSPORT,, IN. :i: y TAMPA : : FLORIDA ::: :f: .. + <) + .. "' + + + + + + + .. + + ... ++-+++ Page 9 COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES ON YOUR FIRST I ANNIVERSARY I _:;. ;t: : SULPHUR SPRINGS, FLA E. A. ROULEAU, Gen. Manager DISTRIBUTED BY Ell VIITT CIGAR CO. ALL ONE PRICE $4.99 TAMP A, FLORIDA Pu.urt4 Cool Atmosphere Supe;b !Food Excellent Service B PICKARD, Mgr. A.S.BECK SHOES FOR MEN SHOES MILITARY GUARDSMAN 508 FRANKLIN STREET TAMP A. FLORIDA SERVICE MEN ARE INVITED ALMO CAFE We Serve the F inest of Spanish Foods and Special Spanish Dishes 203 E. Cass Street Tampa. Flcrclia we


10 DREW ECHOES March 12, 1943 ......... Cupid ..... i Congratulations On Your I First: Anniv?rsary Eord,.RJumbing (o. 3807 FLORIDA AVE. OF. LUCK Service MenWith Your Newspapers PRAll FEED CO. E. BROADW.\Y & 48th ST. YB CITY'S FRIENDLY JEWELERS. 1520 7th Ave. YBQR CITY :1. .. -:J I LYKES BROSa; Inc MEAT PACKERS Tampa, Florida Thursday, March 18: QUIET LEASE MURDER-Geo. Sanders, Gail Patrick; Calling All P ass; Screen Snapshots No. 4; C:olly Polly. Staple and Fancy Groceries and Feedstuffs Choice Western Meats, Choice Market Supplies 2112-14 SEVENTH AVE. Phone Y-1153 .. .a.ae+D Best. Wishes .... fa L & (o. Customs Brokers and Forwarding Agents Ship and Freight Brokers TAMPA. FLORIDA Wiring M ateriqJs -106 SOUTH FRANKLIN STREET .:.. ... TAMP A, FLORIDA I I I ... : :f. + r I' f f 1 Compliments of : JWY ( I I 1 : oung & l I I j Manufacturers of Cigar Boxes j I i i TAMPA, FL"OR,IDA j i ''. i>:: GARCIA r. ;_ THE BONDED HAVANA CIGAR Box 149.8 Tampa, Florida !"' .... + I G R E E TIN G S FROM Congratulations To Army Newspapers I I 1 B : E S T WISHES F R 0 M i ESTUARY BAR & STATION Corner & 13th S .TREETS TAMPA, FLO;EUDA J. Ruskin 1901 FLORIDA AVENUE I 1 I HENRY W HILGEMANN i I i I General Contractor i I i I s 1 4205 Florida Avenue Tampa, Fla. I J ;....____________ :1 w I s H ES I I GREETI N.GS FROM [ t S A N ,(H.ll & H A VA: ( 0 f I Geraci. & ( .ompany I 1 FLORIDA 1 1 Wholesale F ruit and Produce l i FLORIDA 1 .. -.. .. _,.,_ .. .. _,._,._:,-.. .. .. .. r i BEST WISH E S.... j 'I l Tampa Crown Distributing (o.. 1 coMPLIMENTs AND BEsT WISHEs i 237 wATER sTREET PHONE M 1020 ON YouR Fl RST ANNIVERSARY .. I .... -' ,:;. COMPLIMENTS I r j l 1 \VJttN S G R 0 ( E R Y PIONEER TIRE COg PHONE 2871 CORNER T.Z\.MPA AND WASHINGTON l EAST. BROADWAY & 41st ST. PHONE Y 1732 I


ll;f!il'ch 12. 1943 ; ;D,REW : : :_ :.. 1 :'o P':g, e 11 : .::.. : ) I _:. ':-::._ The Of The the future pilots, bombardiers, Claire L Chennault, who hacr ------------Sea Breezes 1'1 navigators and observers who are I just been promoted to brigadier Always awaitin g calls for training at var-, general 'Since Gen. Dooliltl e was By Pfc. Alvin M. Amster 31 Afh ious aviations school s. bound for .home whei: e stars were Congratulations to the powers If Due to the faGt that so many he pinned his insignia that b e w h o put out the Drew B Ed C K different types of work are to be .on G e n Field ECHOES and especially edi-Y wm ennedy done, the _men come from all Successiyel y the stars were t ors, Cpl. Jess e Zimmerman and March, 1942, saw an aggrega-walks of hke and from every on Caleb com-P vt. Ed Solomon for their excel-tion of 1 8 enlisted men and a few 1 part of _the mandmg the India Arr Task lent job, on the first anniversary. I officers at work at Drew Field I contnbutmg h1_s expenence m .IJ;lForce; C. Oliver of Max A bigge r rtnd better '43 with more formi11g what is now the most dustry to bmld the 314th, well Freid, !\-l a f_orty-year-old stripe s f o r everybody is our wish. important unit, the 314 Bas e Drew Freid, and to ard 111 the war the Arr Servrce Command Col. Conklin i s back in the of! Headquarters and Air Base Squaeffort. 111 Indra, and !hen on Gen. Old. once a gam after his extended 1 dro?, under .the ab}e guidance of 1 _The stars wrll go back to Gen. EL BOULEY ARD RESTAURANT FINEST SPANISH FOODS-BEST OF LIQUORS 2001 Nebraskl!l T OWNSEND Sash -Door & LumberCo. tnp to Tuskegee. I MaJor J c Hardw1ck The headGeneral s Star,s Get B _rssell w h e n Gen. Old gets Have you noted the changes at quarters squadron of Drew Field A d lus own parr. tne Mess H all in the chow, the was born. rOUn -it LUMBER 8c MILLWORK ROOFING white uniforms on t h e cooks, and From that time o n the growth With malice none; with .. AND PAINT-FHA LOANS 1 also that "Red Reugger grad-and march in the scope of activi-NEW DELHI, IND.IA (CNS) all." P H o N E H 4 a 9 1 uated from KP Pusher to cook? ties of the 314tli has been always The most widely u se d pair of Abraham Lincoln (That p lug ought to be worth upwards and o n If a large amount general's stars in this .war theater some extra chow nex t time). I of credit goes to"' Major Hardwick are being worri by newly "In the Dogho\,lse" for the given_ to the earl y mated Brig. Gen. William S Old, ( L E f J E f s For this new paragra h "I g rowt!'l of this the n of Uvalde, Tex. J the D oo h ouse" you nominfte' Y Captam John A : -_Schneider, the The stars originally were sent .. friends"' fo r the boners they pulfe ct. I presen!. commandmg 0 f f !C e r, to Gen. of This week nominations include comes Jor a treme.1_1dous amount I the Force 111 Ihd1a and Chma, Greetmg Cards, Rental L1brary ./ _. Sgts. Haddock and T y ler, because of credit for}!Ie <;J.evelopby _his wife. Brig. Gen .John 440 W LAFAYETTE ST N Rome and Fuller !)h_eat HENRY HOWKEfCO. 9 .hinese Hand Laundry -11 they almost didn't make it home m_ent _.and of then AJ:l!.er.. ... : the other night. d1 on mto !1 umt to kee p 1c:an Mrhtary Mrs slqn 111 -9hma, 504 Tyler :=;t. Tampa Fill. Best-Saying-of-th e -Week D ept. -t!'le base. \1eaqq_l!, ar tep operathe star$ on .Gen. .............. _____ .. From Bob (KP Kid) Lawler tions umts mo-vmg. Then Col. James H. Doolittle 1 ; "Hey, you can't wear. those, they of the 314 .. a_re at WOl:k ardved i n Chul;lgking after wings.'' daily at. Base P.!?-eratl.ons, and-111 ing Tokio, to -firid that --h e \vas a Hot Dots th. e h a ngars, car'111g _for the varnewly appointed_ genGILBERT :HOT.EL-... 1 wus needs and so eral. so. Gen. Bissell p111ne d the 1vl_el ott now spends h1s time necessary to "keep 'em fly111g." I t c 1 D l"ttl h 1 t 811 Tampa St. Phone 1094 readmcr AR's and P Lbl" t' h ., Is arson _o. oo 1 e, w o a e r ""' c 1 rca wns. T ey_ are a; so r:s.ponsJbl_e for was promoted to maior general. 0. E. BOGART. Manager Our Sam. Lap1du s boys, H e m Y transJ.ent v la11es, yJsJtmg ancraft : Interdonati and Howard Johnson. and .personnd a boi.lt the fiel d. Gene1al D_oohttle encountered Vlaltermar Anderson, -the part .. : _:; ._==-. t11;ne sawmill operator, left us la_ s t the Base li.eadqua: te1 s, w,eek for specialized training and f J c er,s ,a11p men_ a -hew assignment So d d Ed to L1C\Hhes .. of adm1111st i atwn. I Steelnack for OCS. a r e faced witl:_ the .problen:s I Billiard Parlor Daniel s, Bagle. y it: 1012 FRANKLIN .Sincerest sympathies to Tom f'ff JcJently trammg J : o us 1 n "' Bulger who recently lost his .ransfernng an<;J. e qUJpm g men. Jviother ... Ask Cpl. Manassa how The a lso _mcludes the he likes S unday night KP. who woik Ordnance: TAMPA FLORIDA Rosemary named Mr. Wolf "The "\Varfare,_ F111ance. Quarte1master, ,..,....,.,,..,e,..,;s:m...,_...., _____ ,....,_....,,.. ELITE CIGAR. STORE$ 'The Sport Headquarters of Tampa' WINE BEER CIGARS 400 Zll{?_ !( :!07 Twiggs Phone 1\1 ll2-072 i>hone M-t23fl_ original sweater boy" The f'. .. Base Photo Lab., of. Gum and handle 1111 c1al Services and other umts t1_.,_,._,._ _.,_ _.,_,,_.,_,, _,,_,,_,,_,,_.,_,._,._,._.,_.,_ _,._ t Tax problems. to make .up a base or, c-ongratulations to M a j. Charles gamzahon. .. I 1 !Jolland upon the promotion: T.h. e n t oo, _the 3-Hth has the I j = query honor of hold111g fo r a short time What happened to Staiger's old I 1!1Ustache? ... "Charlie's tough CU LP LUM, B -ER C:O. I I ll!ck meant losing his wallet and 1 _1 twenty bucks ... S een nightly 'Everything t6 Buiild Anything' a t PX No. 1, "Glamour Boy" I)ayMillwork Made_. to Order 1 i tpn -Lefurgy serenading that cutie 500 PA. c K i .'1 M.B ... Remember alumnus Frank Mataya? He' wrote Oliv ier .Phone H.l,8G. 2 -:.TAMPA 1 that hair .......... 1 1 I Barnes learned what a GI bath PILLOW TOPS I cp_uld b e like. San\ ('Ihe-Army-. :: r I P a 1m e r New Shipmen --"' See These, qimc e d the first dance after the Before You Buy \ I

Gu3.1'd _Squadron taking body-building exercises. (Inset): Capt. Guy B. Potter, Commanding Officer. I stick to orders to the lette r. Their 1 creed "To help the soldier" is simply pointed out as a job not The 828th Guord Squadron Has Tough Job of. offenders, _but of helpmg m any way poss1ble Ifs a tough job. 1 member of the unit who's on fur-The white-gloved is the I That's the only way one can lough, pass, or otherwise incogsmartE;s_t of any orgamzatwn, an? describ e the duties of M.P.s. "Rid-1 nito. the m1ht_ary_ courtesy of the Milling on a group of fun-loving I Organized Last May tary Pohce IS !aultless. soldi e rs-especially a herd" as The 828th Guard Squadron 'l'hey're soldiers, too. 1 large as that at Drew Field-is a (called Squadron because it' s at-job requires exacting work tached to the Air Corps; other "A GOOD PLACE TO EAT" from me;mber of the Miliwear Signal braid on POST OFFICE CAFE 'The tary Pollee umt. their caps, Infantry braid. or any.1 That, in short, is the job of the branch) has a brief but .interest-c. D. Kavakos, Prop. Dinners, 821lth Guard Squadron at Drew. ing history. It was organized May Plate Lunches, Beer, Wines & COSTS BUT A FEW CENTS But it isn't all that simple. 3, 1942. Then, in October, the SaCold Drinks, Pies and Pastries. Since somewhere back in World rasota Detachment of the 828th c I War I just the utterance of that was started. Since that time, __ 4_0_6_z_a_c_k_s_t_re_e_t __ T_a_m_p_a_,_F_l_a--: i' tern E ying phrase "M.P's has three other detachments at Pinel-caused American soldiers to shake las, Winter Haveh, and Bartow in the ir hobnails-and that dread have been organized, all offspring CR F..u N sHAW's b.;c;:: ovoked a widespread frown of the parent 828th. p 0 t on t!1e countenance ot e very solThe Drew Field Unit is comr111 dier i n the Army today. manded by Capt. Guy D. Potter, (Wh 1 1 ) 11. T i : e favorite story of the MP's provost marshall, who came .here 0 esa e goes back to World War 1. The last June. With 18 years service, FRUITS :-: Armistice had just bee:t;J. signed active and rE'S;?rve, h e is a product and a group of soldiers were 1 of the Infantry. He enlisted in the marching 'through the streets of 1 Second New York National Guard a smc,ll village. A bewildered ci-in 1916, spent 13 months overPhone 2623 vilian bystander accosted the seas with an advanced engineers Ell' t D S men: "Who won the W ar?" In a group. IStOn S rug tore Complete Printing Service AIR BASE BUS Inc. BUS STATION Corner Tampa & Cass Streets ; r 30-Minute Senice to Both Fields at All Hours 15-Minule Service the group retorted, "The Ass i sting Capt. Potter are 1st l\!!.1.' : 1 Lt. William A. King, assistant Squadron Is "Streamlined" marshall and executive Fountain Ser-vice and Lunches Phone H 1645 ., ... -:' .::::::-Rush Hours Phone 2126 L k 11 f' bt f 1 officer; 1st Lt. Ernest Webb, in L e a lg mg umts 0 t le charge of police provost officer 202 W. St .. TAMPA however, 'stream2nd Lt. Raymond A. Durkin, effect has been sistant police and athletics offithe thMP DorgamFza"Ilodns,U u:cer; 2nd Lt. David L. Rawls, in HORNE'S PHARUACY _uamg e rew Ie mt. charcre of traffic and gates and lVI Smce the_ other war, have 2nd Lt. Chas J. Albers changed JUSt hke the fightmg war officer plane and the fighting air forces. From one angle, instead of only Aidmg t.he provost office, and I D Complete D_rll'g Store D .1...): Serv1ce Phones, H 1925 -H 3141 S 0 D A S S U N D R I E S apprehending offenders to mili-also runmng the squadron. as tary regulations, the MP's now cadremen, :'ire the followmg: se.ek out the source, and are using S/Sgt. Edwm Calho1;1n, provo:;t 2 709 MacDill Ave .. Tampa, Fla. prevention. Carrying out orders sergeant; .. Dayid Bush, m from the Provost Marshall' s of-the P.ass, Ident1f1catwn, fm-fice. individual passes are made gerprmt. work; S/Sgt. for each soldier as he appears on Evans, m charge of the mten?r Drew Field, with his picture 'at-guards; Sgt. Ivan K. Hughes, m tached to it. This, in itself, is one of mounted patrols and of the greatest steps to identificatraffic; 'Cpl. tion. which is directly the work whose JOb IS directmg the MP s of the MP's. who the busses and check Guarding the post, patrolling outgomg passes. streets of Tampa and neighboring 1 These. besides First Sergeant cities. and guarding the gates to J William 0. Hudson, who just the post-all are large jobs for "runs the company ... the, MP' s. Whrever go, I S/Sgt. Pinson, oldest man with MP s also go, to r;>reserve military 1 the 828th Guard Sqquadron, h .as ordet and, mos.t Important of all, had 16 years of service, and was to p rotect soldiw-s. a charter member of the cadre .':You'ye gotta ha,ve cops in ci-of the MP unit here. He is now hfe, and ye gotta have on special duty with the Sarasota em m the IS the way 1st Detachment. Sergeant M. Hudson, of MP's have to be tough to carry the ll28th, puts It. 1 b H 1 Looks Easy. But It Ain't out a toug 1 JO. owever, t 1ey Probably the most generally are proud of a JOb well done, and accepted duties of the MPs' are the h ardest. At the entrance to Drew. checking passes into and out of the post looks easy, but 1 wait: Hundreds of visitors weekly call at the gate, asking to see .'Johh.ny" or "Bill" or "Junior" and this is where the "mounted" MP' s take over to delived the WELCOME SERVICE MEN We Have What You IN STEAKS AND CHOPS 713 GRAND CENTRAL message to the soldier, with an ..--------------.. easy address-just "somewhere on Drew Field" or "in Company B." : Errands of mercy-delivering telegrams and wires, or finding soldie rs roaming somewhere in Tc-.mpa to deliver an urgent mes sage from home-those are parts tht: MP's play which go unsung, which they do with a system .ana of a streamlined or CENTRAL OIL C 0 M PAN Y, I N C. "' Tampa, Florida T. J. Cocktail Bar "WHERE GOOD FELLOWS GET TOGETHER" Air-Conditioned -Cozy Moderate Prices Hotel Thomas Jefferson ICor. Franklin & Washington M 5571 I Congratulations TO THE DREW ECHOES AND THE MACDi LL FLY LEAF Tampa Armature Works 401 S. MORGAN ge-nl<. 'wn. ::t fl inspections are regularly Congratulations to the TAMPA ARMY p-APERS CENTRAL MECHANICAL SHOP B. T. Morris "\VHEEL ALIGNMENT" 1010 CENTRAL AVENUE PHONE M 6716 s c ,-:J Ltled for every MP unit, and tt1t.: il28th !ltands out in these sh'\F.o. Then, during leisure mo l!L : .. L a member of the unit may g u ::.orne recreation on the obs course (they have their own, and if.'s tOJJI>h as tl,ev l'Yl "la 'pYY'I). The rest oi the time is his own l 1 i!' if. there Isn' t some : i "pmch-hittmg' to do, for another 1115 Florida Avenue / Come on Down! Service Men Delicious Food -Reasonably Priced. Open Day and Night C.H I L D CAFE 501 FRANKLIN STREET DINE AND DANCE AT LICATA'S SEABREEZE on Hillsborough Bay Try the Best in Food FINEST LIQUORS DANCING EVERY NITE 22nd Street Causeway Phone Y 1715 PRIVATE DINING ROOMS KNIGHT PAPER BROS. c 0. 612 Bell Phones 4205 4204 "A Paper for Every Purpose" IE AT I HENDERSON I I I BAJi:ING c 0.' s BREAD 2702 FIAlRIDA AVE. BUY WAR BONDS! For Furiher Information CALL 4243 Weicome Soldiers! "TAMPA'S MUSICAL ONLY BAR" Hear Your Favorite Songs CHESTERFIELD BAR CASS :& TAMPA STREETS WELCOME TO H 0 TEL KNC TOM BRYSON, Manager Lafayette & Jefferson Streets ALWAYS SAY H 0 LS U M BREAD EXTRA FRESH Learn io Dance Correctly ,.. .. .. BY ONE WHO KNOWS 1 MAKES ONE GRACEFUL ... PRIVATE LESSONS S 1 B .rooks rn Tampa r .... 17 Years :rfL, H 32'-654 207 PARKER ST. A Home Away From Home SERVICE MEN .ALBERTUS HOTEL 956 Twiggs M 1339


DREW FIELD ECHOES _Pa_ge 13 : [. DISTRIBUTORS BU D\'VEfiSER AND REGAl BEERS A.W.U.TaCa Rises Up from The 56Sh S.A.W. BN. Swan1ps fo Becorne fhe largest Aircraft Warnings Schoor in Ua The BloUing BtltiUd ... By Archiba.ld G. Furlhfoinder t ._ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + H s Miste Waterman at Signal OCS, according to a carrier l pigeon r eport received this week. .t B E S T Vv S H IE S Mr. Waterman claims he l ikes the +v + + life at Fort Monmouth' s OCS but +!+ .:,. The Aircraft Warning Unit T!aining Center bad its inception on that he'd like it e ven at + from a dreary day, ten days after Pearl Harbor, when trainees arrived Weehawken, after he gets out. : at Drew FJeld on only hours notice. Will Waterman make second lieu+++ .,+ There were _no housmJ!, mess or latnne faci!Jties-not even a tenant? Will he be sent back tc <>++ The J. n. (Hi IIA.r.\:1 liff_ '0 : cleared and_ dramed plot of ground on which to pitcl1 tents. A doze n Weehawken? Read next week' s t IK 11.. 1 or more offtcers had arrived on December 15. I column and _fmd_ out. Pyranudal were pitched We_ have: fmalJ y found c;>ut the .,+_. % 1 m the only available unoccupied 1 ltdentlty cl: Mr. X H1s r e al, or at t TAMPA. FLORIDA area of Drew Field's then limited! u :uts were shipped_m to D:ew fori :pen name, is Archibald Q ; + ac_reage. F1eld kitchens were has1 t1 ammg, along With 11101 e men l' urthfomde!'. Mr. FurthfomdE r + + + + + + + + + + + + 4 + + + + + + -' + <.:, t : up under flies and, on D e -! fro1:1 Recept!on Centers, and nu-1 formc1 l y ,;,as reporter for the .. X\r 17 \Vhen the men arrived! m_erous and c?mn:utment beci column of the Argenfru.!!i Camp Wheelet they went I g1 oups W1thd1 awn for shipment, 1 tma Gazette. iiito a camp, such as the limited the III Comm_and saw the I The non-commissioned officers tir :ne, equipment and labor could for bette r ?f this battalion have all move d afford: facilities and, dmgly, p1 o-mto one barracks. The only way OF In the absence of any directive cured. the for the con-to solve_ the problem now is t o th tro a 1 t' structwn of nutment type bu1ld-put a pnvate 111 cbarge e were ,.m o ings, to be located in the newly 1 ten provisiOnal compames forthe: acquired acres r.t to tl Now that S/:::;gt. S.11pp 1s mar-Plll:P?Se o aclm m 1stratwn a_nd cast and includine-., 1 e r!ecl, we can offer our congratu1a As a nucleus for a tram1 and residence"' of tw,ns. Sh1pp now believes that 1ng center, there was one Signal estate e v hell be sh1pped soon; m fact, h r A W Reporting Company and carries all his b e longi!1gs arouncl three Signal Air Wing companies 1 At the tune w hen the btuldmgs with him .in b a g s -under his eyes. that had participated in the Lou1 were complete, but not furmshed Cong;atulations to T/Sgt. Buisiana and Carolina maneuvers. or eqmpped, word v vas received r eau on that extra stripe. It too l' The i.rainees from Camp a group ?f generals_ was com-five men to stretch his arm to Wheeler composed of grocery mgl down from_ Washmgton to get 1t on, though. 1 k b ma (e an mspectwn of the school. c _er -s, r:1ec .. am:s, farmers, teach-Evidently the reputation of this S/Sgt. Wnght t?. have DISTHIBUTORS OLD Mll\VAUKEE & SCHUTZ BEERS TAMPA. FLORIDA er,s, bakers, ca1 p_enters, and Ph. institution that existed in fact, a pretty good c1me w.11le on D s,_ had thirte_:n weeks. of but not o n paper, ha. cl spread.1 furlo:t.Q"h._ All" h e needs now 1s an.. basiC ti aimng, but knew Having nearly a week's notice other fmlou,h o f of AHCI?-ft prior to the arrival Ba a tl ._ ------'--------Gl!?i:ET!NGS Warnmo. So 1mhally the m. .> se u 1011 struct01:'S and 'a small a'mount of ties once more s lasned a few more warning S c rvir.e Unit Training FROM equipment were drawn from the stnng_s_. of red and, pnor t_o CerJ.ter was officially recognized BEN AND Signal .AW Reporting Company o_f t!liS mspectmg _PaJand act!vatecl. On October 8. and Win a Companies. ty, the mteuol s had been. Hl42. the name was changed to tv1ACK as Florida was en-as classrooms and special}sts "Aircraft \Varning Unit Training jo:)Zina some of its seasonal rainy school had moved fr 0111 the cent Center." I 1 f .1 h d area to 1ts new and present loca-weat 1er, cassroom ac1 1hes a tion with the former Drew resi-Thus. the A. vV. l! T C. has liUMPHREY & MacGREGOR to be a program as head uarters evolved from a. garnson s:-hool of spec1 a hst mstructwn could be q orgamzed to tram the spec1ahsts inaugurated. To meet this need, The mspectwn :party was ev1-of two tactica l units, to a fplly hospital ward tents were obtained dently pleased w1th what they constituted training center, diviclfrom the Quartermaster, as well found, <;ts shortly thereafter a T/0 eel into five "stage s." I Customhouse Brokers and Forwarding TJI.MPA. FLORIDA A* L as two assembly tents, ''circus wa". bemg drafted as well as an The Aircraft Warnina Unit type." A larger circus type tent _for a of Training Center is unique"in th.at was also borrov.red from the uctwn fo!' ?-11 An Cl aft \\T<1rnit was oraanized develooed and housed a sideshow of Ringling Engmeers got a directJve to start l ft 't o A T T E N T '. 0 N -B h Tl I a t t immediate construction on a laroe anc' a ei 1 was a gomg = 1 p X rot ers. 1e aroe ens were mstJtutwn. was activated a<; the i = complete except for. poles. How -camp for Aircraft Warmng troops. official training center for all air1 = TROUBLED WITH ROACHES??? ever, so!ne nearby pmes mystenJune 12 19 42, the Aircraft craft warning units. I = ousl y drsappeared and the tents = were e rected with bright, sap= oozing center poles. :::=: Tvm factor s v1ere not considI = erect at the time these large tents I ,. were obtained for classrooms; namely, Florida's winter winds I = and the effect of a rainy season 1 j H A R R J S ROACH TABS WILL RID YOUR PLACE OF THE PESTSOR MONEY REFUNDElJ SUPPL V on ground with a high water ta-! = ble As a result it was almost a i = TAMP A, FLORIDA 1 !II! I !1111111!1!1111!! !ill i I !IIi!! I! IIlii I III! I IIi llll!llllllllllllli had to b e suspended because of had been organized about two weeks a directive was received to acti'vate and organize the 503rd Signal Aircraft Warning Regiment a !l d the 553rd Signal Aircraft \Varning Battalion, Separate, using the Signal Corps personnel at Dre.v Field. The Wing Com panies were soon absorbed by thes e i'..vo newly activated units. Sch ool, as it came to be was organized and oper the garrison school basis.' Instructors, both officers and en liste d men, were on a special duty b a s is. Equipment, as the T. B. A. ite m s arrived for the regiment and battalion, was turned over to the school on memorandum receipt. Special training equipmen t was obtained by pur chase Irorn limited training funds allotted to the two units. Shortly a fter the arrival of the tro o ps, the Area Engineer barked on a program of wmtenz ing the This was necessarily slow a s it had to be done with a of interference with the oec"Upa ncy. B y the middle of F ebruw:''.{, all tents were winter ized and the area drained. The only pErrrw .nent typ e building i n I u se in the v.rhole area was an old tr.3.t had degenerated,' in to a madhouse with a gaudy and q_uc,;tionab! e past. After in into Drew Field, it was mra Hable and used as school b eadqt.w .rter!>, S till l egible through the wa.t o! paint since given the

Page 14 DREW FIELD ECHOES March 12. rM:i iJ ----w: 1 -N c -y -rJ () 405th GROUP I tion of having swallowed an iron A St :i: ftL f! ft. r ... _n1.. y : 0 re :av SGT. LOU STEIN fv I I 1411 tern. Eyelids burned-tears streamSgt. -Allen Reid left for. the ed---,-,personne l ran. : C I .. M'l' S I' F Th N d Of ,:. HE.ADQUAR'r'EF!::. 22nd Bomb. Tr. W. Army Administration OCS this Wh1le on a routme Pvt. Amillo Carcione, Chemical oinp 1 1tary upp 1es or e ee s :i: Before his departure, his Capt. Edgar J. Loftus, AdJutant; Warfare instructor, assigned to :;: SERVICE MEN :i: friends presented him with. a gift for the 405th Bomb. Gp. encoun-1 the 303rd, complete with gas mask .. : .. X : >. : P ER' T .. TA ILO R' J NG consisting of many useful toilet tered the 1st Sarge and other and behind a bush, had just re .El articles to help tide him ovez; .the Headquarters n<;mcoms of the mirided the boys with a harmless i : three. -month sweating-out period 625th Squadron m a senous ex-; little Chloracetophenone bomb ::: 207 E. Lafayette Street Tampa i which he faces. H e was recently aminatioi;J. of the new Service I {tear gas, to you) that Monday ). ."'( : :: ,:p,:, promoted to his present Rec.ord which was espe-.was indeed Gas Mask Day. a.t++: .. : .. ;.: .. : .. : .. : : .. .. :-: .. :-: .. :-: .. : .. : .. : .. : .. :+.: .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. :-:-; .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. :": .. Pfc George R. ciall{". that. daJ:. It n1et all,. (And you shouldn't talk like :IJromoted to Corporal, for h1s _fme and was a neat. that to us Sergeant. Where were work as Message Center Chic;f. thorough JObexcept YOU. you?) M A o \ t : ; ; N o R u 6 ( 0 M : 'pAN y New men added to the Wmg nad to almost stand on your hea<;J. -+c this week were Pvts. Ger.ald L to get. the reports and forms out '-.,.----Ventre, James Bey, and John J of it. This was very baffling untii 301 st Bombardment K_roll. They will in the thE;. Post, wno 5 (D ) F1 b and A-1 Sectwns. t!)a.de 1t called Then camE\ qua a FOn M;. and Mrs. Karl H1ll, parents the dawn-1t was discovered that Office cif tlie ll_lt'elligence Offker ef Colonel Vance's secretary, Sgt. Cpl. Post was left-handed and the H file' was):mil(accqri:{ill,'gly. .. Thirigs a1;e gefthig back to after a shor tv1Slt, to make their Congra,tula,twns i,irE'dn order for mal iri the squadron after hom2 in St. Petersburg. 2rid Lf. Henry 1?. Dupre. Ass' t weeks confusion of. transfe'ripg ---+c Adj. and, Special Services Offices a!).d retransfering. Now that th!'! 304th Bombardrtie't1t for: the On_Marcn, ;smoke has. c!eared, everyoiJ:e 5th h1s F1rst Lieutenancy came, knows to :wh1ch group he belon:g s Sq-uadron (D) and_ to celebrate the o<7-'the squadron is rolling its sleeves caswn he bought and smoked his/ up for some hard work and train-FRANKLIN AND MADISON-STREET. Where. ihe Men of the Armed Service Shop and. We Are Anxious io Be of S ervieEf tJNITE D OPTICAL DISPENS .. 4RY Manufacturing arid Dispensin!J Opticians 205 ZA,CK STREET PHONE M 5783 COURTESY DISCOUNT 20 PE'RCENf Prescriptions Filled-Lenses Dupii'cated _Smce tne the 304th have ciga1:. Res)Jltone of the i ing. Lt. McGee, the new Com-been at Dr c;\V Field _they I: ave SICkest First Lieutenants Drew I man ding. officer of the squadron : NJ TRY BATHIr kept very bvsv d9mg vanous Field ever saw. MORAL-never called a meeting of the Noncoms JObs m the depart-let a puff you up or, for the purpose of getting better ments A <.:. ,rc, l t has been go up In smoke. I acq ainted with them beside giv-made 111 cleanm" "D the ina u them a much pep th?t have":J:;;n Promotion among the noncoms tallc Lt .. McGee mad<;: such a good W. B. SHULER, Ma.nager ano there has .,.,-;.;}ny 1m went to S/Sgts. Russell M. Duff, impressiOn that he IS assur_ed of 208 JACKSON ST1 Between FaANKLIN & .TAMPA I provements accon.,JJ_,. I and Leonard lVL Mrch.els who were I gaining the fullest cooperatiOn of TAMPA, FLORIDA-PHONE M 5537 I We have ;''Onu cmg made T/Sgts. and Sgts. Chas. D h is men. Bouquets to Lt. Enes, Lt. Schun:acher Whiteford and Harold L. Johnson .and Sgt. Horton for the efficient happy smile of, satrsfn... a:1d who made S/Sgts. Corporal Harry! mani1er that they are executing now the queshon has F Schott was promote d to Sgt.. i thei r new duties of Adjutant and veale d. Lt. Schu ,l!a Who says the 405th isn't the up' Ad' tant and First Sergeant res-whose home. 1s {1-l_bur-"1c'" comingest outfit at Drew ely York and M1ss VIrgima Allen of ,pee IV Rensselaer, Nevv York w ere tt :i1 -+c The congested condition of the ed in marriage February 16th at b d :barracks should be eased as the the Post Chapel of Drew E'ie1Ll. 303rd Born ar ment men of the new group are movmg Lt. Mays taken charge of S d (D) l 'to dif_feren_t .. C?f course, the Intelligence department at the qua ron ,we "':lll their faces, present time while Lt. R. Fahn New arrivals to the 303rd but 1t Will be a not to I is on a fifteen day leave. The elude three .men who began their, stumble thru the arsles of the Intelligence Office has lost three sei'vice in the AAF, _at Mitchell! barrac!':s, especially at night after, very capable men in the last two! Field, two years and eight months returmng from a local bar. w;eeks: Sgt. Fred Taylor, Cpl.l'a 'g'o _and who have miraculo1;1sly The favorite subjects of discusClarence Kretc.hmer and Cpl. remamed together. through 1 sian these days are ratings and Nathanson; they have been re-1 ments Panama; Dutch Gurana, ; .furloughs, and why not? I under by Pvt. Freeman Mather and Tnmda:d. stand there are plenty of each and P_vt. Joseph Boticher. _are: Sgt. Thea. 1 given out at present. Incidently, In tne Ordnance Dept. there has S Chnss, bo:rnharl.let"-<""' .. S .e;t. Tankerslv is on an emer .. some changes in the person. Sgt, Nicholas Albano', gemcy furlough for the purpose neL The following men have been engmeergunner and ""' ;...gc of visiting his father, who was trap.sfe rre'd out:. T/Sgt. Dunkel-Stamm, badly hurt in an automobile (iC. pf:rg, Sgt. Appollma, Cpl. Schaeff, The men were nne:mallv at-cident. We are very sony to hear BENNETT'S DRUG STORE I 1004 Franklin St. Complete Luncheonette Liquor Annex In Connection ... LESLIE H. BLANK, Realtor 1 "Defense Renta-l Homes'' 407 Tampa Street PJc. Finstad, Pfc. Taylor, Pvt. tached to.' .tile 9th Bombardment this Speaking. of. furloughs, we Bar:nett,.Pvt. B.ehan, Pvt. Criba.ro, Group { M) .. 99th Bor,obardme)\t ar; expecting Daddy Fream back Pvt. n eFalco, Pvt Dempsey, Pvt. ?quadran, was up 1 from furlough soon, and are an :Mauti and Pvt. Regalis. m .Panama .aj; .RIO: Hato after': -:-;jous to hear. all abOut the new their place are Pvt. Fisher, Pvt. eleven months of service 111 th_ e 1 o v. If heredity doesn't fail; the Fogg, Pvt. Hertzfeldt, Pvt. John-Panama Canal zone. It's 'new son should be tops In passtn g $6li.' Pvt. McClannan, Pvt Moore, nel was used to form the 25th out bouquets the squadron supply :Pvt. Reynolds, Pvt. Roberts, Pvt. Bombardment Group (M), and tl;re shouJ<;J.. ncit be. ovei'lool<;ed for the Stump, Pvt. Tu;r11er, f\len were assigned to the giand viay they are handlin; g f'vt. Tyler, and Pvt. Warsbaugh. 35th Bombardment Squadron. things. It reaUy i s a pleasure to Lt. Keith Anthony and 2nd It is assumed that the Sergeants rro in thP. supply room and get Lt. Joseph Ducey taken ov'er are enjoying their respite here, serviCe :v,:th. a sniile, in'stead of ih.e duties of Lt Jack :j). More -while awaitinng reassignment, as inefficienC'v with a growl we and 2nd Lt. Waltet' P. when one of them wa's asked how had been getting. More power to Le.EJki. the of foreign lands comthem. M/Sgt. S/Sgt. r.ared w1tJ:r. he answered: that we new and Pvt. Tw1est of the OperatiOns What lad1es. men m the squadron 1 t might be ?-eP! have GAS" S "S-S!! a good idea to have a squadron but fillmg m their places Perhaps of the effecoa. r ty or dance, in orde r the I are Pvt. Ryar:-. P:vt. Bernard. hve yet devised was men can get better acquamted. The followmg men haye bc;en practised Monday mornirif! on the What do you think? A new father transferred the Engmeermg 303rd's personnel at Reville for-in the squadron is Sgt. Country -Hotel Hillsboro Florida A -venue at Twiggf! St .. > FRANK J. HYN'ES, Manager GASPARI:GLA TAVERN toi.ONIA:t. GRILL Service Men Best Wish es From BUSHNELL-LYONS IRON WORKS, INC. STRUCTURAL STEEL Dept: SgSgt. M1ller, S/Sgt. mation. man, and a very proud one, of TAMPA. FLORIDA son, S/Sgt. Schurr, Sgt. Pressi-1 Sleepily unaware that this was course. With a six and qne half .. mane, Sgt. Jernstadt, S/Sg t. Mondav, Gac;. Mask Dav. thf' pound boy, who wouldn't bP : Hand, S/Sgt. Wood_ward, Sgt. yawning ranks formed, a fair proud? Sgt., and i ::\tai:a!ia!!l!illlliBBBBiili'JBIIlial!IBi!miiBBIIIiii!Sialilllil5iimJ2ill:;i:alil&lllll511i li! Pard'l:l e, Cpl. Gearhar.t and Pvt. fifty percent un-gasmasked. here's hopmg he Will be as fine i Koemg. New m e n fillmg some o f f 1 a person as you. the vacancies are T/Sgt. Weber, the o at;JD e I S/Sgt. Beebe, Pvt. Walter, Pvt blossoms way mto How about givmg three cheers Block, Pvt. Biasi, Pvt. Niles, Pvt. about ?DO appre.c>JatiVP :md 111'1for the g:ood old 301st and eac1_ht I Norton, Pvt. Dz;.nham, Pvt. Me-suspectmg nostnls.. Old apple-of us domg our best keep Cleary, Pvt. Landry, Pvt. Bennett, 1 knockers gathered m a lungful. the best squadron of th1s or any Pvt. Lamohds, Pvt. McArdle, Pvt. Then, of course, came the sensa-other group. What do you say? Laven, Pvt. Ludzinski, Pvt. F1;ano, Pvt. Greenberg, Pvt. Siracusa, Pvt. Z:walisky, Pvt. Heimann, l Pi/ t. Wood, Pvt. Gree n, Pvt. I Stover, Pvt. Rubbins, Pvt. Smut'zer, Pvt. Cirillo, .and Pvt. In the Orderly Room new men have been assigned to various du they .are. Sgt. Willi'ams, Sgt. Theriot; S/Sgt. Warlock, Pfe. Lange, Pvt. Black and B.loomberg. We are very happy to. Lt William P. Corby .to the orderly room; he will be tb.e Ass't Adj'. and Ass't Supply Officer The lo'ss of so many fine men has been keenly felt by all the Sqi.Iadrori, but we are sure the new men taking their positions will soon fulfill their duties well. STAR KOSHER DELICATESSEN All Kinds o Herring, Lox and Smoked Fish. Impo.ted and Do mestic Cheeses. Kosher Wines. All Kinds of Sandwlche Open Till 11 P.M. 805 Gr. Cenfral, Ph. H 29-842 BEST WISHES FRO M PERFECTO GARCIA & BR-OS. HAVANA CIGARS< TAMPA, FLORIDA 7 .: :_ "". : ........ : ..... ',, .:.. \ I GREETINGS -GA.R[IA,S INSTANT SERVICE Accessories of All Kinds 24t h Street and East Broadway TAMP A, FLORI Congrattil(lrior,s to TAMPA ARMY PAPERS T A M P.A DR U 6 C 0 M PAN Y 1 WHOi,ESALE MANUFACTURERS OF .ALLEN'S DRUG PROD-UCTS "' and Health Needs Tampa, Florida ;


Ill F. c. Watchmaker Repairs Watches 'In :Spare Time "Keep 'em running" is the mot-to of Pfc. Henry L. Interdonati, an ex-New Yorker, now of Hq. & H q : II Fighter, by reparnng and overhaulmg fine wrist and pocket watches of officers apd enlisted men at Drew during his spare time. He sets up. "shop" about three a wee!{> .in_ the Squadron Orderly Room, corner Avenue: A and Eight Street, usually before an audience of five or six interested R.ibitze.rs. Watchmaking Career Leaving school to become the family breadwinner, Henry first went to work as an apprentice watchmaker for an uncle, a skilled craftsman. Aftervvards, he worke d in several well-known shops in New York! s Maide n Lane district, the j e welry, g e m cutting and watch.center of the country. He c o m pleted e i ght years as a watchmaker, later becoming a skilled machinist and instructor intricate machines. '!\ Enlisted in Army ltj'fter enlisting in February, ltH 2 Henry spent a week at Camp Dix. N. J., three months at Camp Crowder, Mo., and pulled Drew with a unit in May, 1942 transferring shortly afterward to. the III Fighter. At present, as instrument mechanic w.orking on the Command's plane s -he expressed a desire to become a bombsight and precision instrument repair .and maintenance man where his skilled fingers. and exacting knowledge of detaile d parts, could be more effectively employed .. A Real Hound" A .. real. / Chow hound Iriterdonati doi'ng K .. P : nothmg to.dp with his knojW 1ng how to' prepare "real Italian" spaghe!ti or a sizzling steak. .::..' -.. ... '"' \ ARMY CROSSWORD QUIZ ... :-. J i-33 36 A.'Cnoss fmportant .battle in World War, I ... ..... 19) 4 6 Historic island in the Mediter .;: ... Page ls Petersburg ;\ ,... Greetiitgs ''""' 1."" ,-to all Service Men \ .. M Southern T rarider & storage Co.l Inc. 2161 FIFTH AVENUE, SOUTH -:-PHONE 7l90 ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA Formerly ENDICOTT FUNERAL HOME 649 Second Ave., S. Phone 4112 ST. PETERSBURG "KEEP 'EM FLYING" REMEMBER WAKE ISLAND WELCOME BOYS OF DREW AND MacDILL Inc. 3rd st. and Sib Ave .. South <. : st. :PET:E:Rslih:Rct :FtoRir>A. Iriterdonati" appeared .. on several WFLA broadca.sts as a ., singer,. IJlimic q.nd He ;:is 25, and singl!'!. : 2 F'os!Hve termi'nal of electMc source g :;.. ""';" .. .. ... .. .. .. .. .. .. ... .. g formerly used to hurl 13 .Wears away by slow d'isihtegra1 4 WJLHELM \UNr.fERTAKING Hobbies ..>< W!lil.e ; .a.. civilian. his hobbies. 1n. amateur. photo-graphy and: ,:readmg. He was a high scoring of his church's rifle team !and re'cently qua1i:f'iec{ as a sharp ;Shooter: on :sllfall arii;lS. He has .,const,ructed several .violins and :guitars which ,he: twiuiged while .:5 Affirmative reply 1 6 Tab} e of : .. AMBULANCE WitiiiN-crrY LIMITS 6 Soviet capital 17 Mihtary .. avjators who 7 Helmet with globular er.p Ov'!Vn a orescribed number of $V$IE. WILHELM ... 145 ... Eighth Street :r:iC?rih 8 Hawaiian wreaths plc.hes 1 Secretary-Treasurer. ... ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. 9 c o a .rs' e c loth m ade from IR And I Latin) ............. Phone 8181 19 Perceives 10 To stick ?.() ... on furlough last month. ; "My :specialty is overhaulin,g naviga :tion I've-had practi 'cal experience on : every :rp.ake of fine watch. With my equipment .I have h ere I .give the same de:tailed workmanship now as I did ;when, reparing watches in New York. AIR BASE "From Reveille to Taps11 By 5/SG-T. A. E. DeSHO!'l 13 U. S Commander in Europe Southern constellation 15 Embattled Russjan City 2:3 Soldiers' m e al 17 Term used in h ai ling a ves;oel 24 Inclosure defended by a stock20 A feigned battle &de 21 Air carrier 2S Commotio n or tumult 23 Member of an Indian tribE> 2(j A flsh 27 .Per day 24 Small South American rorlent 28 'f:o. render insane by poison 25 Game resembling tennis 29 Curved pointed h ea d of cylin2o Obsolete Hottentot dialect drical projectile used in rifled 27 A dagger firearms .28 A gJow_ match used in discharg31 Battlefield .in New Guinea 32 State ti()ops ( Mihr.) ing cannon 33 Part of th. e verb to be SO Terrain (.Ger.) d .:34 Bib)i<:al city lil Locality fr0m.-?1h.ic. h .. an arme 35 .Barrier Corp. Gilcrest, better' as force i .nitiates 36 Member -of' a organi 'Gildersleeve .. is running Sgt. 32 lJnited .... (Pl.) zation Dinner a the gum 34-.Barrar.k in garrison towns 37 .At the end beaters Marath_on M 3'8 Bristles essengf'r E d Did anyone see the cook and 87 River embllnkmf'nt .. gypt1an sun I5P t\vo M P s chasing Pvt. Heller? 88 Upright piece in fra.ming 40 Long dart u sed by the Gauls From now on. Fred, .. when .. 40 Derricks used in raising heavy 41 Regular, steady. says yov may have .a box 42 Simple; unaffected pf candy the boys,he :. : 44 lmportan. t city in Egy,pt the, pound box not the whole 41 Act of se)ling 45 One w ho p;trtakes' of ,dinner 100 pound carton.: ; 43 Two-toed .sloths .. 46 Famous;' Captor of. Ticonderoga P vt. ''Smokey" Green, from. tb. e 44 A machine which operates by 47. G erman city Aberdeen proving groun(.is, wants sliding contact 48 Boundaries k:pow if we'll p;cint .his picture in .our paper. He claJ.rns (By the way) "Could 1 interest I Having .cashed pay check, he looks Is like YOl.,l, for a trivial monetary consiman _cquntmg the bills flash Gordon. Where 1s Super deration, in the purchase or the way of w:et. .. _. quisition. of an amphibious fowl tmg his thumb and leafmg l UN I 0 N COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES cOMPANY TRUST a i ST. M 0 R R I S .. O N CAFETERIA ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA 523 FIRST AVE .. NORTH PHONE 6129 GREETINGS ... SUWANEE HOTEL ST. PETERSBURG, FLA ..--. ___ ,,, .. ... A REAL TREAT A delidous pay of chopped serloin of beef individually planked with buiiered mashed and Your choice of fruit juice or soup salad or dessert hot rolls 75c. :; don t beheye are of the family anatidae, a fow1 through. "_: pf us that vnll everby webbed. Pe.dantic The bank 'teller said, "He "Offlcers'_ H ..ead' q 'ua' rters" .. we had Saturtremihes to aquamarme ex1st dr-'1't you know that money IS. qay. ; T hat swellcookmg, let's ,ence?" "In-othPl' words--do you .full of germs?" ._ _____________ .; have more hke that, wanna buy a dvck?" The man answered "Don't 1iilllili" a i "' i iil''i 'ii''Jia"iii"a ii. iil iii j'8 .............. ... Pv:t Kauffman 13ent q.way for +:.. .. ld. 1' :1' a Charles Atlas book. Hi! Muscles. .. worr:Y.,no germs cou Ive on m) r ; L t. "Commando" Coutu says,! _Asked 'Yhv she qmt her j salary. the boys. go up for target With a socially prol?ment .. .. ... ... practice and I am towing target the colored m a I d explamed I nianei.tver so fast I lose "Ther_e:s toq much switching of i Home .Service" targe t ." :the for the fewness of the I N : E''[ N -.. Sgt._ John" Hardisty, from the food. Armament section, claims now a I days they make t,he gun,s and Old Lady: "Little boy, why are "THE build. the plane around them. not you in school, instead of going 1 Open .. 9 .A.M; o .. 5:30 p;M. Ho<-v is Pvt. Parker going tot to the movie?" Closed Sundays get from New York to Auburn, I Little Boy: "I've got the meas-514 TAMPA STREET Maine ? Mayb e he can borrow a : Ies, lady." p a1r of skis, or snow shoes, 8 cutler says, "When I f -AIR CONDITIONED w as l etting down through the :Hotel I D A N so I centered the ball and needle." P vt. "Muscles" Madago is now _B A R s E R ta}Jng u p the art of self defense. What happened to .. the Bing Crosby role? s H o p C o rp Ellington is organizing a boxing team. All interested con tac t til<; Corp. who, by the w a y, is .I.Jfner in the ring. H. 0. LEVIIS, Mgr. Complete. Barber Service : .. Expert Barbers Manicurists P.D.l1. end s 10 year s in \Vhite lwusw, 1hH:'m' t the tim e go fast? AIR CONDITIONED r The Ch;lp1ins number is 35. !:ffl88s :SEAFOOD iois st.. so. ST PHONE 7S49 '., .... .... -. ',!! I = Welcolite 1 I i l to 'the ; i SUNSHINE o I I I CITY i i o I The SAND BAR For t .hose who iike service --and the best in life Th. e C}IATTERBOX Central at Firs ST. PETERSBURG Visit and at Shoot R I'F L E 5-P O .RT S [ 3 P. M. to 12 P. M. DAILY 316 Central Avenue ST. PETERSBURG; FLA.


Page 16 Sports Parade AI Drew Field DREW FIELD ECHOES Interceptors Down MacDill Bombers to Tune of 41 to 28 ANSWERS TO ARMY CROSSWORD QUIZ Shows Winning Teams; Outstanding k .:. ( I d I r st. Fl Drew Field's hustling basketon en ers Ui J0Unuern Orlua ban club, the I chalked up another wm, this time b y drubbing the MacDill Bomb-Culminating its first a s a n Army A1r Base, Drew F1eld parers, 41-28 The game was played. ticipated in local sports, a ma,1or portiOn of the _events. OJ! MacDill's court on Tuesday To go back to the begmmng, last Marcn, unde r the d1rectwn o f 111ght. R. H. R. Risley, the first Physical Training the ba'sketball The Interceptors had little trou team brought the flrst Drew champwnsl11p by \\ mnmg 22 out o f 3 0 ble with the Bombers, leadin g at g.ames. ? the end of the first quarter, 5-4. A lso m March, m the Mt-They ope n e d up in the second am1 Golden Gloves, P atte r so;1 Sporting a strong team the quart e r to pull ahead, 21-10, at the won and vvas sent to the New Medical D c t. vvon the softball end of the h a lf. York finals, but droppe d hJS s e cchampionship, after trouncing the ond bout. best that the o t her organizations Aoril. 1 942, and the first call could offer. In the Volleyball came for baseball players to r e L e a g u e, the Signal Headquarters port for practice. There appeared Headquarters Company took such _names as Sgt. Fred Swinthe crown like the champs they dells and Sgt. Car los Moore. wer e. These two hurlers, along with At present, the Signal Corps L efty Brown, accounted for the basketball l eague s, composed of majority of the wins for the In-three divisions, known as the Red, terceptors, who finished the s e a -White and Blue, are running in son with 37 victories against 20 full swing, vvith each team play defeats. After the first month of ing twice a week in one of the play Capt. Earle DeForest took three g y ms. The Air Corps also over the coaching reins. has teams entered in these I n June Lt. Matt L. McBride 1eagues. succeeded Lt. Risel y as Base Physical Training Officer-only to be replaced by Lt. Arthur ColAWUT( BarDe ley. The Intercep'tors defeated the .. MacDill Flyers six out of eight games, ending the season with 37 wins and 20 defeats. S wimming saw the III Fighter Command. capture first honors in the Third Air Force S wimming Meet at Cuscade n P ool. Winning the Third Air Force Obstacle Course Meet was Cpl. Andy Fish er, of Drew, who \VOn a f1ee week end a t the Tampa Terrace Hotel. I n the football season, Drew starte d out b y losing the first game to Tampa U. to the tune of 2114. The next game Drew dropped a hard-fought tuss l e against Fort Benning, 13-0. I n a reti. fr n game with Tampa U., D re,,l ost, 40-0. On Christmas Day, Drew faced the Dav is Island Coast Guard eleven in the First C elery Bowl game at Sarasota and finally came through with winning score, the tally reading Drev;. 1 3; Coast Guards, 0. League Standings AS OF MARCH 5 1943 With the league ending on March 19th, four teams in three leagues r e m a i n undefeated through last week' s play in the Signal Corps Basketball League. In the R e d Leagu e the 503 r d and 552nd remained idl e during the w eek and k ept their record of 4 wins and 0 l osses. The 564th tacke d two victories on their win column to move 3 notches up to 3rd place. The 551st's team still l eads the White Leagu e 828th and 556th are tied for second place. Base D e t Medics downed the 703rd's quintet as they lead the Blue League with 4 wins against no losse s 314th Base Hqs. nosedived to 6th place from the second slot they held a week ago. Soon after Christmas, basketball, under Coach Lt. Arhtur Col l ey' and Pvt. Tom Temple began to functi?n. With the Inte1:ceptors Team entered 111 the Tampa City Bask etball Leag u e the team won the 503rd first half of the league play un5 5 2nd re:eated. I n the second half, the RED LEAGUE w L 0 0 3 2 3 3 5 3 5 4 4 4 Pet. 1.000 1.000 .571 .500 .5 00 .400 .286 .25 0 .166 n erceptors won six straight be-314th Base Hq. fore losi n g, making 28 oui: of 31 555th 2 3 2 games won. Baseball is again soon to start with such notable names as Jo Jo G!illagher, Vito Tamulis. Jack 503rd RJOrdan Carlos Moore, Lt. Al 2 1 1 Bentz, and manv more who will make up the 1943 horsehiders. In the boxing arena we found such names as Mike "Popeye" Holland. Johnny Sikes, Paul Gastelum, Robert. Bow l es, Joe Balsamo, and Mllton Donais, who represented Drew at the Third Ai1: Force boxing show, winning four one draw with one loss to win the meet. Intramural Sports In between events were the regular scheduled games between the various organizations on the. field. The Signal Corps Swim Meet at Cuscaden Pool was won by the SigBal A.W. Bn., with 43 pomts. WHITE LEAGUE-Team 55 1st 828th Guard Sq. 556th 568th 676th 569th 56 6th w 4 2 2 3 1 1 0 L 0 1 1 8 1 3 3 BLUE LEAGUE Team W L Med. Det. 4 0 B. 0 Q 3 1 710th 4 2 708th 3 2 714th 2 2 314th Air Base Sq. 2 3 705th 0 4 703rd 0 4 Pet. 1.000 .666 .6,66 .500 500 .25Q 000 Pet. 1.000 .750 .666 600 500 .400 000 .000 Sgt. Hall, lanky star center, led Drew's attack with 19 points, followed by Lt. Fow l e r with 8 points. The Interceptors had the Bombers unde r control all eve ning except Cox, who led Mac-Dill'. s scoring with 14 points. I (41) g f tp Messmg, f -------------0 0 0 Fowler, f _______ __ ___ _4 0 8 Hall, c ___________ ____ 8 3 19 Hort0n, g ______ _______ 2 0 4 Gaskill, g ____ __________ 3 0 6 Petraitis _____ ___ _______ 1 1 3 Tracy, g ___ _____ ___ o o o Reedy, g _____ ___ ____ o o o L ee, g -----------------0 1 1 TOTALS ________ ____ 1 8 5 4 1 MacDill Bombers (28) g f tp Cox, f ____ _____ ___ 7 0 1 4 Dempste r, f _____ ___ ____ o 0 0 Lewis, f ________ ______ 1 0 2 Breen, f --------------0 0 0 Thompson c ____ _: ____ 1 1 3 Sheeley, g ____ ____ ___ o 0 0 Grass, g ____ _____ o 0 0 Hulbne1 g _____________ 2 0 4 Polsetsky, g __ _________ 0 0 0 Wodos,. g --------------2 1 5 TOTALS __________ 1 3 2 28 Franklin St. Restaurant HOME OF FINE FOODS At Reasonable Prices SPANISH DINNERS 1406 Franklin Street EMPLOYEE'S SALE NOW IN PROGRESS SERVICE MENYour Is Located At 801 Florida Ave. Sears, Roebuck & Company Tampa, F lorida GOODY GOODY THE PLACE TO EAT 1119 fLORIDA AVENUE Est. 1925 Your telephone system is overcrowded with urgent war calls. The equipment was designed to care for any normal increase in service demands-but then came the war and with it an unprecedented demand for -more and more service. We'd like to add new lines, new equipment new facilities. But--. the eoppu, lead, steel and other mater ials are now being used to manufacture weapons of war. That comes first, of course, so we must do the best with 1. Don't make unnecessary calls. 2. Be sure of the number before you call. 3. Don't call "Information" if the number is listed in the directory. 4. Be brief when you ao call. 5 If you ore on a party line, be considerate of the other fellow" share the line willingly. what we now have With everyone s co operation, we can "spread" the service so that it wili do more and help more people. PENINSULAR TElEPHONE Q+e AM HL FELLOWS! Meet Your Buddies al--GEORGE'S BILLIARD PARLOR ., BILLI-.1\:RD CHAMP trick shots, Monday, March 15th '!\t 7:00 p.m. at the Service Men's Erwln. Rudolph lin, person, gi vi n g exhi'bition 0f SNOOKER AND POCKET BILLIARDS We Also Carry a Complete Line of Billiar d Supplies Shown m actwn Erwm Club. This exhibition is to be former Worlds given befor e the regular sckedBilllar(j player, who Will appear uled d a nc e 2222 E. Broadway Ybor City I March 12, 1943 -MAAS OFFICIAL ARMr EXCHANGE I SERVICE .J EVERYTHING FOR THE MILITARY JUST INSIDE OUR FRANKLIN ST. ENTRANCE Wai.t to Marcli Righl Her ,-I .J I Milano "If you want real spaghetti, cooked by. one who knows how" 123 HYDE PARK AVE. Groceries -Tobacco Candy, Notions Adams -Kennedy Whiting and Jefferson Streets TAMPA, FLORIDA Soldiers Welcome to THE SHANTY RESTAURA,NT sTEAKs 117 HYDE PARK AVE. Service Men Always Welcome La Gloria Restaurant Fine Spanish Food and 3103 Armenia Ave. Phone H 33-521


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