Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 2, no. 2 (March 19, 1943).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
March 19, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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VOL. 2, NO.2 J;>evoted Exclusively to the Interests of the Per!?onnel of Drew Field Friday, March 19, Picture Filmed at Drew Field by Warner Bros Sale o.F. Food Discontinued :at PX The oustanding motion picture of the year, "Air Forpe," most of which was filmed at' Drew, will back home on March 24, p i.aying our own theaters. According to a bu.lletin j ust is-Warner Bros.' "Air Force" is a sued b y the Office of -the Base Commander, Drew the sales dramatic and true representation of beer and food at post exchanges of the attitude and the activity of will be discontinued immediately. our men in the air forces. For the According to the bulletin: first time in the history of motion "This extreme measure is due to lack of cooperation and dis-pictures, or the Army, a motioa, regard of instructions on the part picture will be previewed on an of personnel using the exchanges. Army air base. Even after having The extent to which paper wrap-shown the picture in theaters in pers, bottles, and cartons are being scattere d about is a serious Tampa and New York, owshow-. reflection on the Base and will ing will still be a preview so far 'not be tolerated. Unless a decided as Dre w and Army air bases are I improvement is shown by person-concerned. I nel in disposing of candy, chewing In coimection with this show-gum, and other similar wrappers in bash containers supplied for ing, a gala program of special the purpose, it will also be taken events are being planned. ReLeff :to right, firs row:. ls:t L:t. Philip Goodheim, lsi Lt. Paul G. Thomas, Cap:t, Alber H Hoopes, I off sale." member reading in the Tampa Majdr H. T. Major Thomas A. Clarke, C3.pi. J ames R. -Manners, lsi L:t. Horner Diman, lsi I Nothmg official has been said papers about the festivities held L R about whether or not beer and :t. .ober:t S. Noonan; second row: 2nd Lt. V. Berg, 2nd Lt. Wjlyman E. May, 2nd Lt. Day food Will be placed on sale again, m connectwn With the Tampa L. Chase, 2nd Lt. Rowland E. Curley, 2nd Lt. Edw: n J. Fisher; 3rd row: 2nd L:t, Roy F. Galey, 2nd 1 if the situation improves. But I premiere? That was tame. Wait Lt. Harold B. Martin, 2nd Lt. Walter W. Pugh, a 1d 2nd Lt. Frank A. Wilson. we hope to be to until you sEe Quartermaster Corps Delivers CHAMPIONSHIP GAME MONDAY I ?ave beer and food here or not, Force.'' Yes it's new and "t's d'f-It behooves us as good soldiers to 1 1 keep a tidy_ camp, to see that a ferent. Some lucky fellow on thts I few sloppy do not make base is going to become a celebrinecessary restnctwns on all of us. ty for a day. He will be feted and The -Goods At Drew Field The Drew Interceptors Irlee:t the MacDill Fliers for the Tampa City Basketball League championship on M o n d a y night, 8:30 p.m. The game will be played at Trailer Park. 1 If you see someone throwing pa-1 d D I pers or bottles on the -ground, tell ace rew s nero_ m con-The Base Quartermaster's De-, Noonan and 2nd Lt. Harold partment at Drew Field is one of Martin, whose responsibility it is the most highly organize d and to see that nothing goes to waste. systematic outfits in the Base. They are in charge of what will Charged with the enormous res-be ultimately the biggest shoe reponsibility of feeding, clothing, pair shop in Florida. Last month and furnishing all supplies needed they repaired 4,000 pairs of Drew by the huge army of men quarterField shoes alone, and eventually him what you think of him, and nectwn With the movie. The I don't mince words about it. screwiest day yet engineered here Soldiers are let' s keep at Drew, there will be a milli_on Drew Field the cleanest Air Base and all s_orts o_f entertam---------------.......: in the country. m connectwn with the pre-; VIeW. :!n addition, negotiations are under way to have the day's program photographed by one of the ed here, it functions with dispatch will repair shoes for a number of and only motive bases in this vicinity. Clothing -to render SERVICE. turned in for salvage is repaired 552nd Battalion Sets Fine Example War Bond D country's most popular weekly r IVe magazines. If all goes well, it looks as though Drew Field will really get around.. The date is And under Maj. Harry T. Rey:vhenever. possible and put back nolds, Base QM, a large .and effi-mto service. Last over cient organization of civilians and $12,900 worth of .and soldiers serve the men of Drew equipment were repmred and put Field well. back into use; E:X:perienced Administrator I Tin .cans ar-e coliected from Maj. Reynolds is an experienced housewives, _restaurants, administrator being a: graduate of and army posts m thrs area, and the Command anci General Staff turned in to Drew Field for shipSchool at Fort Leavenworth, He ment to detinning plants. Other has. been in active service now metals, bottles, and other scrap for:two years, and served as Ass't are saved and _reclaimed, and the QM and Executive Officer to the money turned m to Uncle Sam to Third Air Force before coming further the war effort. here September 7 1942. He was 2nd Lt.. Roy F. Galey is in commissioned Captain in the In-charge of purchasing and confantry in 1940 and Major August tracting, buying everything that 24, 1942. He is respon-cannot be secured through direct sible for all QM property and ac-requisition. This is a large order, tiyities on the Base. thousands of dollars being spent :There are two main functions of each month through local purthe supply of property 'ichase contracts. Some 3300 difand equipment, and supply of ;ferent purchase contracts have subsistence. Briefly, all house-been made already in the course keeping such as cook-of this fiscal year. ing utensils, clothing, and G .!. The second. big division in the soap, are furnished by the QM QM operations is job of figuring the furnishing of food. 1st Lt. each item of food on the rp.tions, Paul G .... Thomas is Sales Officer, In a recent bond drive, the 1 The posters which influenced and getting it there on time. and in charge of this program. 5 _52nd Signal A W Bn., through the the men were planJ?-ed by Lt. '1st Lt. Homer Dimon, Property. Drew's Q.M. office feeds not only fme efforts of L t. Arnold L Schemberg who was m the comOfficer, is responsible. for the re-the entire base at Drt;W1 but also Scheinberg, Battalion Bond Offi-j mercia! art world before entering quisitioning and supplying 'of al.l. all s!-lb-bases, the soldiers at Um-cer, 'and the clever posters of Cpl. 1 the Army. and the drawings were post, camp, and station property, I versity_ of T

3rd F. C .. HO. & HO. -SO. SiG: HO. & HQ. CO. Sea Breezes Ill Fighter Command By p:f'c. ROY SWARTZ By PFC. ALVIN M. AMSTER THE ECHOES INVI:I' ATIO.N--TO A BOMBING: "It's a dangerotfs mission, arid you'll come back either he>.Pes or angels." Such was the :mysterious invitation issued to potential volunteers for Gen. Doolittle's Latest promotion congratula. kyo expedition. Now the world ticms go to our Adjutant, Lt. Col. down tJ:ie center \mows they came back her. oes. J posrt_wn fo_r the Champ'lon Drew 12nd Lt. Joseph w. Manske, ForThanks rs leJ1ghy Cpl. E d mer Chanute Field. AM student j;Q that swell weather last Sat-S!tarz. Last Monday and Tuesday who went ort" the expedition' as "1Uday at Clearwater from B. F .," mghts he put u_p :an excellert, an engir1eer-gum1e. told abo\lt Hresko,. Bob (the cook) to help defeat tJ:ie the trip on a recent to Thrrd An and the MacDrll .ler Field Miss. Smith, and the writer. Bombers qumtets. iC Looks like our Shackpap'pies ------'-.ace tryin' g to populate Tampa. Company Briefs Airplane \',7indo:Ws made upon y_our new We are hoping-for a speedy re-lumarith, a 'ttanspar:ent cellulose .arrival's, S/Sgt. and .Mrs R. E. co very for Tom Scullen and. Don a cetate-hase pla'stic. which. screerrs .Brown (girl); Sgt. 4p.d M,rs. Jphn O b _ery,n_,. who .ar. e in_ the. out the burning rays of G

Quartermaster Corps De.livers the Goods At Drew Field (Continued from Page 1) houses have the: very latest. and sanitary equipment and are inspected very closely. Other war ehouses take care of c anne d goods, dried items, and other relatively non-perishable foods, such as canned goods, of whjch a three months supply is k ept. The S ales Store, at which. Army Personne l (married officers men) .can purchase fo -ods. for home ,consumption, is man:;tged by 2nd Lt. Walter W. Pugh. All such foods are subject to current ra tioning restrictions, just as for the Civilian population. 2nd Lt. Frank A. Wilson is in charge of warehousing all Subsis te:ric e and .Cold Storage Foods. 1st Lt. Philip Goodheim is in charge .of purchasing a rid contracting for, all subsistence .foods. So far as .possible, J.ocally produced fi uits, vegetables, arid other items are used '.in onder to conserve trans-T H E ,. E C H 0 E S portation. Motor P.ool and .Crash Boats b 1 D b d 1 N 1 t ,_ om: ... ln. 10: 0 al : a: 1 -ga: ors p ervises the dispatching cif admi": nistr.ative. veNcles for all activi ties on the post. Drivers arefurn isb,ed th,e soldiers in the 91lth QM Platoon, com. Aviation cadets who -have been lieutenants at _the of the first manded :by -2nd Lt. W!lyman E ,tr!lioed heretofore either as .bornp h !lse of the trainiTJ.g. Tbose apMay; and the 1018th .QM Platoon, bardie r s or as will in _pointed flight ()fficers will be commanded by -2nd Lt. tl'\e future' ,receive combined born. ccnm ;ni;;sioned second lieuten :;tnts Mem_bers of .. these. plac bardier-navigator training un,der. at the successftll c()m p letiOJil of. toonshandle other work -in-a new Army Air -Forces training their second : phase of training. nection with -QM ac.tl"vities ; -too. program announced b y the War The Motor Poo l operates .the jeep-Department. trailers which serve Drew Field These i;lew combination memas :;tn -interior trar;Jsportation b eis of Army Air Fo.1: c e s bomber tern. crews will receive full training Unde r 2nd Lt. Edwin J. Fisher, courses at both bombardier and members of the 7th D etachment navigator school s which are of of the 9 .22nd QM Boat Company 2 8 ek d serve on the Cr.ash Boat Uriits 1 aQ.d 1 .. we s uratwn, r e7 s pectivel y. In addition they will operating in Water Rescue and receive five weeks' training iri Salvage operations, out of bases aeri;;ll gunnery. at Sarasota, Tarpon Spr ing;; and. T Th 1 The new training program has ampa. ey are sea-gomg so -not been established to econ0Ii1ize diers. He also commands the 903rd Q .M. company Aviation ,which in personneL In the larger bomb-provides additiona1.Quartermaster ers, now carrying both a bombarpersonnel. dier and a navigator, these will An a,ctive training program is be replaced by two combination :qarried on for all QM officers, re-bombardier -navigator officers. gular classes fitting them :so1ne combination for any pos:sible emergency, and navigators a lready {lave been training them -to handle other trained -for lighter type bombing .. Hey there SoldiGrl P A D D .. o C K BAR ties thim their own. planes whose crew roster does nQt Lo. G -ISTICS _the ?ci'ence of-call for a specialist in each field. "Not a Jook Joint-But a place just TJ f th t like the one back hoin.,...:..where you supplying what is needed .when 1e purpose 0 e new ramcan bring your wife or .sweetheart i t is needed, at the pla,ce it is ing policy is to enable one officei for a drink, a chat and fine music." needed___,is the work of the Base to relieve the oth e r in eithe r caJACKSON :AT TAMPA ST QM. And Maj. Harry T. Reynolds padty to lessen fatigue or in case does an excellent job of it. one or the other is injured or Op_en From 8 A.M. to, 12 P.M. killed. Stqdents in training to become !1'11!11!11!1-:S_ottler: CO. OF TAMP .. SULPHUR SPRINGS .. :NfW fLOOR ,NfW :NUll. ( N ;fW 5KAJf5 -. .Admission: 311;-:> -"S.KATE ON THE FLO.OR fiOUTJ:j'!" Str\ e .et Car _and :B1Js :t, o Po.or 5C YEAR 'ROUND PLAYG ; ROUN D 711 G .RAN. P CENTRAL -:.EATS AMUSEMENTS ADMISSION to Grounds FREE Ch-1. _ll. s Special Rides for Children T .. h _rl"l. ls Sol(;liers and Sailors Welcome A TAMPA-OWNED INSTITUTION Bring Y{)ur Family and Fiie11ds TAMP A'S ,QNL Y NITE CLUB Featuring 3 Floor Shows Nitely 8 10 MiDrew Field Repair Shop is .oper.ated by. a well-known. Tampa op _.erator, Mr.Victor Longo. His shop is open from 9 a m ... to 6 p.m. -It is located in PX No. 11 at the corner of N a n d 2nd .. Stree'tS. Prices are reasonabl e and a list of the s e prices will be posted in ever y /branch Post Exch a n ge. You may leave your shoes at any Exchange branch and Mr. Longo will pick them up and ret\lrn t h e m to the same branch. COMPLETE DINN : ERS 1\Ieats, Poultry Groceries, a .nd JlJtdicatessen Herr.ing, -Lox und all J.rinils of fish, strictly fresh. WJ::o;E, BEER, SANDWICHES FINMAN'S KOSHER MARKET Only Jiosher l \larlcet in Tampa H ;!H E. Broadway J>b. l\156-1;)3 Hlot..:k East of .?{ebrasku Ave. (l U B H 1HAT NOW PRESENTS LEE -BARREll VALENCIA GARDEN Nationally Orchestra Restaurant Featuring EDITH KAY 200 Pounds of Personality WE SERVE 'THE FINEST OF and Voice SPANISH FOODS Every Nite 7 P.M. Bll Grand Central Ph. H 3773 Till Midnight .. The BlES T Place To Buy Your 917 FRANKLiN STREET. TAMPA 5Hl Cleveland-CLEARWATER 872 Central-ST. P'tTERSBURG 110 N Collins-PLANT CITY __ 911 TAMPA STREI;T Dance to the. Sweet Music of VERN YONKERS. ORCHESTRA : anhattan Cafe 210 E. Lafayette St.'-' Tampa Good Food Reas .. onable Prices Try Our Sunday Roast Turkey Dinner Ser_ved From 11 A.M .io 9 P.M. ALA CARTE SERVICE AT ALL .HOURS OPEN DAY AND NIGHT WE USE STRI<:TL Y WESTERN MEATS Service Men Officers Families FOR REALLY GOOD FOOD AT MODERATE PRICES PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE-FOLLOW THE CROWD TO T H E C 0 L 0 N N A D E BA YSHORE AND JULIA Steak1 Sea Food, Chicken Dinners MODERATE PRICES Delicious Sandwiches i( FRANK RUTTA, CHEFFormerly che f at Montrose Restaurant, j, Broadway and 48h New York, came to Flor '7' ida, got sand in his shoes and now has opened his place at 418 W Lafayette Street Specializing in Spaghetti and Ravioli WE ALSO SE:r;tVE BEER AND WINES BUY MORE WAR BONDS EVER'( PAXDAYC


Page 4 THE ECI-IOES GLENN R. ROSS. Publisher TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS Business Office: P. 0. Box 522 1115 FLORIDA AVENUE TAMPA, FLORIDA Phone 2177 All advertisements contained in this newspaper are also contained in the Fly Leaf. published in the interest of the personnel of MacDill Field. Minimum joint circulation. 10,000 copies. ADVERTISING RATES FURNISHED ON REQUEST A newspaper published exClusively for the. personnel of Drew Field and devoted to .military interests and the United Nation!' Victory. Opinions expressed in this .newspaper are those of the indfvidu'al writers and under no circumstances are they to .be -col1Sidered those of the. United States Army. Advertisements in this publication cto not constitute an endorsement by the War Department or its personnel of the products advertised. scared him so that he has lost his faculty of speech. HAPPY DAY! HULLABALOO FROM DREW -you guessed it-another LAST performance, last Wednesday, at RB No. 1. Lt. Robert Earle, actor, writer, producre, driector, manag er," etc., of the production, sweats that this IS the last showing. Six of our alleged "Brain Trusters" figured in the Special ized Training Qualification test last Tuseday. After what happened in Cpl. Willie Krewson's case, I'm not bidding any more hasty farewells. By SGT. JOHN F. SUl:;ZYNSKI Willie was slated for transfer out of the Band -everybody Beauty contests and circuses helped him pack, said "so long," have added to the Band's bawled a b1t, and even BAND NOTES Jeatured the story of ule of reviews and parades. The Willie's Gruesome Life-and then 69'ers helped to select ."Miss Air -his transfer was revoked. Willie Force" at Plant Park on the ochas been DEMANDING a retraccasion .of the premiere of Warner tion from your Band Noter be-cause he wants everyone to know :::lrothers' motion picture, "Air that he is. still with the Band. Force," filmed at Drew Field this .Okay, this is it. Now, Willie, be past summer One of our social a good kid-run along on your lions has the name and phone furlough, and don't do the things number .of the winner, but he that T/Sgt. Ellie Eaton did on his says it's not for general release. leave, unless you want to be the The BAND SHELL, Special wreck that he .has been since he Services' new "baby," was chris-got back from Broadalbin, N. Y. tened last Friday. Ringling Broth-ers-Barnum and:Bailey circus put FLYING MASCOT: ''Dumbo," on a two-hour show, with War-not an .aerial .elephant but a rant Officer Baker and the 69th winged canine, is the dog mascot AAF Band providing the music. of an American bomber station Broadcasts, shows, outdoor dances somewhere inthe African west and special events will originate desert. Mei:nber of a local "desert from this site before long. dog" clan, Dui:nbo has become General Streett's pinning of the greatly attached to his flying Soldier's Medal on Sgt. Kirchoff American buddies, and accomfor heroism was an impressive pimies them on numerous bombpart of the 828th Guard Squadron ing expeditions review last Saturday. Wednesday -----"''-----Camp DeSoto was on the review itinerary ... the 84th BG's have given us a return engagement. I wonder if our "booking agent" will. be kept busier now that the Band is strutting around in new "tailor-made" khaki outfits for the summer. Last Thursday's band concert and broadcast were cancelled because "previous commitments" detailed our Society Dance Combo to Sarasota: However, the DSE orchestra, re-named "The Mili taires," was heard over WDAE on the Rookie Roy show, at 2130 EWT, as usual. This program now features a feminine guest artist each week last week .'Mimi" sang; 'Jh is and see for. yourself. Pfc. Mike Galdino, tonsorial artist and tenor (hot) saxist, has gained the reputation. of "epicure, extraordinary." His midnight snacks of cappacolli, pepperoni, provolone, and assorted olives have made him quite oopular ... for Pfc. Gus DeRidder, Mike carries a bottle of "Brioschi" (bicarbonate of soda). What are WE going to do when rationing puts a stop to these prize packages from your civilian friends, Mike? Cpl. Ralph Sudjian hasn't said a word about how he missed us during the two days he spent in Daytona Beach; maybe t"h e WAAC's-one in particular AMPHIBIANS LTD: First of all Army officers to go down to the sea in a jeep was Maj. Gen. Innis P. Swift of Fort Bliss, Calif., who tested a special land-and-water edition of World War II's motor prodigy. Ten mile per hour is the jeep's speed in water. --------i'--------PRIZEWINNING M 0 DE L: Miss Elaine K. Wallace, professional model of Philadelphia, Pa., didn't know she was in a contest till she won it. Her picture, submitted by Pvt. Staton of the Municipal Airport, Memphis, Tenn., won for her the title "Miss Fourth Ferrying Group.'' ;. ; .. .. .. In an effort to combat absenteeism, the Bell Aircraft Co., Buffalo, N. Y., announces that it will designate as "AWOL" those employees who fail to obtain permission for being absent, An "AWOL" card will replace their usual time card and approval from the foreman or department head will be required before the time card is returned and work resumed. BELIEVING A LARGE-SCALE revolt to be on foot, Gestapo agents have arrested over 1500 persons at Sofia. All Bulgarian troops and officers in the city were said to have been confined to their barracks ever since recent THE ECHOES Top K i ck ParaGe M/SGT. L. E. TINKER The young Maine lad who, in a high school debate in 1934, contended that "modern advertising is not detrimental to the American public," is today still defend ing the interests of the people in his capacity as Sergeant Major of the 22nd Bombardment Training Wing. In a recent magazine article written by a soldier the _state ment was made that the Army is always glad when a man became a corporal or a sergeant. Have you men ever thought about that? The Army welcomes the man who is ambitious. The Army needs men who are not satisfied to be buck privates all their lives. Perhaps you have had the idea that there is no chance for ad-March 19, 1S43 Church Call Chapel No. 1, corner of C and 8th streets. Chapel No. 2, between 5th and 6th on E street. Chapel No. 3, corner 2nd and Tampa Bay Blvd. Chapel No. 4, between_ 2nd 3rd on L street. Chapel No. 5, between 2nd and 3rd on N street. CATHOLIC (Sundays) Master Sergeant Lawrence E. Tinker, blonde, with a perpetual twinkle in his gray eyes, handles the complex routine of coordina-tion of a large and busy office vancement in the Army. If you 6:15 A .M.-Mass in Chapels 2 with an aplomb which belies his have had that idea, you have just and 3. 24 ;vears of age. Born in Bangor, been kidding yourself. The plain 9:00 A.M.-Mass in all Chapels. Mame, and d.escendant of a':"l old t uth s that there is no ceiling PROTEST ANT (Sundays) Yankee family, M/Sgt. Tmker .1 1 enlisted on December 6, 1940, and on advancement 111 the Army. has risen through every non-com-Do you really .:want to be an of grade to his present officer? You can do it if you have flee. what it takes. It takes brains, am10:30 A.M.-General Service.in all Chapels. 7:30 P.M. -General Evening Service in Chapel 4. Fellows who work for him will tell you that .Sgt. Maj. Tinker bition, and a to work JEWISH knows how to handle men, and learn. Or are you anxious to 7:15 P.M. Wednesdya in Chap-spite the fact that he never took improve yourself for the fime el .3. a psychology course or came unwhen you return to civilian life? P.M: Fridays in Chapel 3. der the .beneficent influence of There are correspondence courses 8:00 A :M.-:-Saturdays ni Chap-Dale Carnegie's "How to Win ff d t ld" "f h el 3; Friends and Influence People.'' 0 ere 0 every so Ie!., 1 e really is sincere. He m_erely .m11ixesda bit off under-A lot of men speak as though There will be a special "Purim" standmg Wit a emand or me-the Army. holds them down, keeps service. hld. in. ChapeLNo. 3 at 8 ticulous, loyal service. It's a for-them back, represses. their ambiS d M ch 21 I t h mula that has Pal.d d v 1 dends urt ay, ar n e 1 111 tion. There is only one factor evening there will be a Purim. the form of a smoothly function-which can keep you back, and program held. at the Young Men's ing that factor 1s yourself. How about Hebrew Association Ross and M/Sgt. Tinker's military his-it? Do you really want to make I Nebraska Avenues, Tampa. tory dates from December 6, 1940, something of yourself? YOU can i'----when he enlisted at Portland, if YOU will. M h N Ch 1 Maine. Sent to Hunter Field, SaPlease notice, men, that the eet t e ew ap Utn vannah, Ga., he served with vari-Protestant church call has been ous organizations and, starting as changed from 11 a m. to 10:30 a Squadron Clerk. successively a.m. in all the chapels. became Chief Intelligence Clerk of a Bombardment Group, First Sergeant of a Group Headquar-this field when he successfully ters and Headquarters Squadron, battered an opposition which and Sergeant Major of his pres-sought to prove that advertising ent organization. was detrimental to the American His rise from buck private to public. his present grade has been steady. "I just quoted old Calvin CoolAppointed private first class on idge, who came out in favor of April 8, 1941, he "sweated out" advertising as a medium of saleshis corporal's rating until Septem-manship," the sergeant major ber, 1, 1941, and his sergeant's said. "When that Yankee audistripes on February 10, 1942. ence heard that the most rugged Thereafter he advanced rapidly, and typical Yankee of them all making staff sergeant on Febru-had so declared himself, there ary 22, 1942, first sergeant on was no doubt as to who would April 1, 1942, and technical ser-win the debate.'' geant on July 1, 1942. He reached He believed in advertising to the highest non-commissioned such a degree that he became asgrade on December 16 ,1942. sociated with an advertising com.-Drew Field has a new Catholic: chaplain, Francis L. Auer, \vho has been appointed Assistant Base Chaplain. Chaplain Auer was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on July 11, 1910 and received his education there, taking his theological training at Kenrich Seminary. Chaplain Auer was ordained to the priesthood by the Most Rev. Archbishop John J. Glennon in St. Louis, Missouri, on June 9, 1935 Chaplain Auer served as as sistant pastor at Holy Trinity Church, St. Louis, from June 9, 1935, until coming into the Army on January 9, 1943. He attended the Chaplains' School at Harvard University just prior to being as-signed to Drew Field. Chaplain Auer has his office in Chapel No.3. ---------+'-------EMPIRE STATE FEATURE: The sergeant major was a busy pany when he completed his high man while at Hunter Field, but school training in 1935. In 1937 not too. busy to recognize in Miss he became affiliated with the Polly Nell Durden, of Graymont, sales and advertising department Ga., the kind of girl whom he of the New England Division of New York Night at the Wichita wished to call "Mrs. Tinker.'' Cushman Baking Co and in Falls USO club brought together Polly had to be persuaded to go 1939 left that organization to one of the largest crowds ever to out with M/Sgt. Tinker on their work for the state of Maine, in pass over a USO threshold. For first date. But that was because connection with a bridge con-once Manhattan mingled with it was a "blind date" and she struction program. Upstate and Brooklyn accents hadn't seen his wavy hair nor His Tampa addres,; is 1307 E. w ere welcome, as Empire Staters heard his infectious laugh. On Hillsboroug h A v enlll\ where he from Sheppard Field, Tex., were January 13, 1943, pretty, bltie-and Polly shaP a si x r oo m h o use entertaine d at a special celebra-4 eyed, slender Polly Nell became with a bud dy. Billy Tctn-tion in their honor. Such distin.:1 Mrs. Tinker. pleton, and Mr::;. 'l0mplllt m. HQ guished f ellow New Yorkers as At Bangor High School, Ban-sometimes speak:;; vn g ul'l,\ of a Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, Governor gor, Maine, M/Sgt. Tinker was "Victory garden," but details nre I Thomas Dewey, and Mayor La captain of the debating team. He strictly guarde d "u J'nmily mili-Gu:cu-di a sent messages of well-achieved his greatest victory in tary s ecld. 1 wishing.


March 19, 1943 THE ECHOES 1'\ Things I Never Knew Till Now By. GEORGE THAW I I That:. The Corporal is I not actmg at a ll. (And don't call him a whistle jerk. ) FROM THE SPECIAL SERVICES OFFICE That: The Mail Orderlies never give you all your mail. (They always hold back the letters you oflast Week Friday, at Recreation Building No. One, located at Avenue K and First Street, an oUtstanding variety show with songs and dances W?S presented: It was highlighted With acrobatic antics by two lented members. And on the same night, at 9:00 p. m., broadcasting from WFLA, the "Drew Field Star Parade" brought to the air another entertaining half hour. Cpl. John Hession sang, and Pfc. Watsey Klinkowitz played the vibraharp. This was followed by a gripping radio play of American parachutists in Character Sketch Africa, The script was writ '\,'fr: by Pvt. Alfred Panetz and tGrj tced by Lt. George W. Kluge. '11?.!' cast included Sgt. 0. Z. In writing of Pvt. Alfred Panetz Whitehead, Cpl. John Hession, Pvt. Grant Huff, and Pvt. Alfred one is not writing of one who has Panetz. had a career, but of one who On Saturday night our all-wants to have one. Now, of .soldier revue, "Hullabaloo from Drew," played before a highly course, he wishes to do whatever receptive capacity audience at Re-is asked of him to the best of his creation Building No. One. On ability. But after the war is over, Sunday an old fashioned silent Alfred wants to write for the film, "Local Girl Makes Good," theater. He developed an interest featured the stars of a bygone era; the audience enjoyed it im-in writing for the theater while mensely. a student at New York University Monday a gala evening of en-and 'Nhile there he had the pleas-tertainment was presented at the Recreation Building No. One; at ure of studying with Albert 8:30 m., that mirth provoking Maltz, co-author of the noted play, radio program, "The Right An'Peace on: Earth." On leaving the swer or Else," went on the air and university, after a year the.re, his an amusingly entertaining time mother and fathe;. said that he was had by all who attended Di-rectly after the broadcast the USO could write provided he did not Camp Show, 'Fun. Parade,' march-allow this practice to interfere ed in and .took command of the with the finnily business, his enstage. Many famous acts of vau-trance into which his father had d planned. entertained the capacity. Alfred wrote several plays in On Tuesday, Floyd Winters and his spare time. None of these variety show Tampa en-were accepted, but he received tertained an enthusiastic au-great encouragement to continue dience. f:::-om a great many responsible On Wednesday "Hullaballo from persons. Most of them said, Drew" was presented for the "Many portions of this play are members of Camp DeSoto, and it good, but there are weak and dull was appreciated words beyond spots in it that keep the play from measure. And on Thursday, being entirely good. Go home, "Rookie Roy and his own Musical think about your play, and then S b k t k h f rewrite these portions that I crap 00 00 t e stage or a have indicated. The faults in that half hour of comedy, song, and music. An enthusiastic audience play come from imi11aturity of was present again. thought that only time can cor.;c rect. You have great talent. Go -----home and write!" On the Spot ..... ,._-:,.: Determined, Alfred took this advice and by dint of great effort finally, after two years, he had a play accepted. However, three RECREATION BUILDING" weeks before it was scheduled to No. 1 go 'on,. this country went to war and his play, like so many other Saturday, March 20. 8:00 p. m. activities, was temporarily called -To be announced. off. ,Here Alfred works in the Spe-, Sunday. March 21. 8:00 P m.eial Services Office, principally ,Silent movie, "Till-ie's Punctured \vriting radio scripts celebrating Romance," with Charlie Chaplin the war effort and instructing and Marie Dressler. soldiers and civilians in various M d wa r charities. His work is both ... on ay, March 22. ti:OO p. m.-Radio broadcast, "Right Answer strong and forceful. or Else." i'-----Tuesday, March 23. 8:00p.m.Broadway Comedy Variety show from Tampa. To Be Presented Wednesday, March 24. 8:00p.m. Here March 28th .....:All Soldier Show. Thursday, March 25, 8:00 p.m. "Claudia," the Broadway come -CJI. ert by AAF Band. 8:30p.m. dy hit by Rose Franken, will be dcast of concert by AAE' presented by the TCJ.mpa Little Ban 9:30 p.m. Broadcast of Theatre, Su11day evening, March "Rookie Roy's Scrap Book." 28, in Recreation Building No. 1, it has been announced by the Special Services Office of Drew Field. Friday. March 26. 8:00 p. m.Variety show from Tampa. ENLISTED MEN'S SERVICE CLUB Saturday, March 20. 8:00 p. m; ..:--Group Sing. Sunday, March 21 -To be announced. :, Monday. March 22, 8:00 p.m.-' Dance. .. Tuesday, March 23, 8:00 p. m. of Recorded Symphonic Music. } Wednesday. March 24-To be announced. /.'Thursday, March 25. 8:00 p ;m. ,-. Friday, March 26, 8:00 p.m. '-Pance. (HARLIE'S Fried Boneless Chicken and Fish "NOTHING ELSE" 11 AM 2:30 PM-5 PM 8 PM Cor. Zack and Morgan Streets The play is taken from the popular "Claudia and David" stories running in the Redbook Magazine, and is under the direction of S/Sgt. Maurice Geoffrey, of Headquarters, Third Air Force, former professional director and producer. The story is based on the turning point in Claudia's life, when she can no longer remain the child-wife of David, but, instead, must realize her responsibilities as a woman. The three acts are filled with laughs and dramatic situations and, needless to say, the curtain falls on the proverbial happy ending. "Claudia''. should prove ideal play for a soldier-audience. This will be the first appearance of the Little Theatre at Drew Field, and if sufficient in tere.st is shown, other plays will follow, according to Curtis R. Hinkley, president ?f the group, and Sgt. Geoffrey, d1rector. The complete cast, including several former Broadway players, will be announced next week. Radio Schedule want.) That: "Sweating" it out has a more powerful effect than a Florida sunstroke. That: Latrine rumors are not necessarily the opinion of the latrine orderlies. That:.,The Barrack Chief is not a full-blooded Indian. (But after your scalp just the same.) Mondays Through Saturdays That: The Mess Officer is really I not a mess-but the food someDrew Field R eveille-WFLA-times is. (I'm only joking, Lieu-7 :05 to 7:30 a.m. tenant.) That: There are only two sizes in this man's Army. (Too large The Right Answer or Else-and too small.) WDAE-8:30 to 9 p .m. That: P. F. C. really means Monday Tuesday The Squadroneers-WFLA6:30 to 6:45 p.m. Thursday The Air Force Band-WDAE8:30 to 8 p.m. Rookie Roy and His Musical Scrapbook-WDAE9:30 to 10 p.m. for Corporal." That: S.O.S. breakfast food,! whenever served, is definitely a call for help That: a.M. as far as the enlisted man is concerned, means "Quicj{: Measurement." That: A 15-day furlough doesn't really last that long. (Remember?) That: They really don't call you for sick call. 1 That: The A.E.F. is really the "American Exile in Florida." Friday The Drew Field Star WFLA-9 to 9:30 p m Parade-That: Private is not all the title implies. All right, men. Close your eyes and as you lean back in that easy chair in the day room, imagine you are at Recreation Building No. 1 (on K and 1st Street) and about to witness another of Drew Field's broadcasts .... When Lt. George W. Kluge steps on stage and tells you, "We are about to go on the air ," the actual production of a program is really not that simple. An enormous amount of detailed work goes into the preparation of the broadcast and it is only after the groundwork is laid and planned that it is molded into the finished product. As an example, let us take our weekly Thursday night program: "Rookie Roy and His New Musical Scrapbook (WDAE, 99:30 p m.). First and of primary importance, the story line and comedy elements of the program are established, and after that has been developed to its fullest ext ent, the program's musical elements are fused and then the high spots are inserted. Subsequently the body of the program in its entirety is completed. Thus the program is seemingly complete, but in reality we are taking the first of what will prove to be many steps .... Conferences with the director of the music are held,. and upon the selection of the music chosen to be used, rehearsals 'among the cast and musicians follow. Once this much has been achieved, the program is almost ready for presentation, but additional rehearsals are held before taking to the air. This to assure a completely satisfactory and well rounded program. And then, perhaps after the third or fourth rehearsal of the night of the broadcast, Lt. Kluge steps on stage to the capacity house: "We are about to go on the air." ''SLIP -EEZ" tO"""' To Wear Under the Shower iC To Prevent Athlete's. Foot iC For Use in Barracks-They Store Easily in a Knapsack. A. S. BECK Shoes For Men 508 FRANKLIN STREET "I've tried to be Red. White and Bl'ue -To the boys at MacDill and Drew, When the money is lax. I charge no tax, This is surely the place for you!" M. MILLER'S BAR 1111 FLORIDA AVE. Ph. M 7215 BEERS-WINES lOc BEER STILL JOe That Latrine. rumors are not a sign for you to start packing your barracks bags. That: Your feet acquire a new size when you enter the Army. That: C.O. really doesn't mean "Conscientious Objector." That: A Chow Hound is not a dog. (Always found heading that line outside the mess hall.) That: K. P. pushers never, never handle a broom. That: I wouldn't use a P-24 for bunk flying. That' I would ask for a transfer to Section 8. (You are crazy if you do.) That: You never have to ask for volunteers for Drill." (Sleep, it's wonderful.) ---t ........ /he fiAPPY A(E!JIIIhl .LPxtrltre ., not too strong! tJ not too mild! ., it's just right! As a precautiou, use ouly as directed. The Tavern Bar & Grill HOT AND.COLD LUNCHES-SpagheUi a Specialty 311 Phone 3940 LIQUQRS-BEER_:_WINES / FLOWERS Wired Anywhere in the U. S. A. Hospital Bouquets The Commercial Printers Complete Printing Service Phone 2126 IllS Florida Avenue Page 5 Soldiers Always Welcome EL BOULEVARD RESTAURANT FINEST SPANISH FOODS -BEST OF LIQUORS 2001 TOWNSEND Sash & Lumber Co. L Ul!!fBER lr M;ILLWORJ[. BOOriifG AND i> AINT FHA : J,OAJIJS PHONE H4191 HENRYHOWKEECO. Chinese Hand Lau:Jt\cby iC Satisfaction 504 Tyler St. Tampa !'1&. Service Men AI'waya. Wclcom e Sulphur Springs Cofe We Specialize In Home Cooked Food, C'hleken. Steak and Chop Dinners Sulphur Springs, Arcade Bld.g. T. W. RAMSEY LUMBER COMPANY We Specialize ID Mill Work & Cabinets W caD funtlllh mate:rlnl i

.C9M.PANY my-heart Yes sir, tr;y 2nd Lt. Waterman writes and 564ih AW BN. (SEP.) 'em and informs us that his stay at The I risl:i a.Iways _like to 'be l),ome was most pleasant, and .that he Do's and 'Darhes on St. Patrick's Day, and so. 1st was delighted t<;> out he OJ Sgt. O'Brien heads back to "Zin.. assigned to Detached Service at zinnati" with .a load of bricks, his old s ,tamping-gr,ounds, Weeh-:ey S G:r. E. PE.RR Y leaving the res.t of the bricks in awkel!l N. J_. f.l;e 1Vill to W 11 d b b k d charge of acting top kick Deutsch keep us posted news from th,e e I t s goo to e ac an and Cpl. Theder. Since Lt. Cant: Fro.n t m .su,bs_eq1,1en,t is able to write this column after well left, Lt. Richard L Eisenbise sues the Echoes. being laid up in bed with the took comm.and of the .Company The move from our area jsn't Grippe and tied up -with school. and now we are definitely the too bad after all. Now we are Jfere Jil.OW is good to best :Company on the Post. practically in Tampa. Another Did you see us at the swell move .we are liable to e11:d .say "Cheer .up" to -S/Sgt. Len Saturday review? Everyone looknearer .Orlando than tl,le bus Farnsworth who is in the Base ed so goo, d on the small sto,P. March 19, l!t43 ,' f' -MADfS O N Dli.J.G-CO: M :PAN' Y FRANKLIN AND MADISON STRE-ET l Where the M;en of :the A-rmed .Service ShQp m. g _et-FlREPRO.OF I:t.99M W,I_:I'H sleepmg on the of a $5 a to bake, the call for retr.eat just a;lY cor mer than It W. B SHUI:JE:R Manager day room celebratmg. blew: I retreat. IS, It Is that any men 208 .J:A<;:,K,SON F RJ\.NK ,LIN -. Cm ;m:nando Garrett. returned. ... I of this batta Jion having s<;>me FL.98IDA .. lVI a to_ a 569ih SIG. A W. BN. teres.ting little news .them....... :. ;;: bas)l:etball .game""'":whic:.l;t IJilCiden selves or. ot; l;ler _in ,the tally lost"':landed .. on J h BJ tt B d battalion, write same _on a pieQe and -t':'ISted his .ankle. l:Ie s stnct-; : e 0 .of paper and submitted .i-t to Mr.a ndge-runner, that Kentuck9 Furthfoinder, the columnist. Mr. lost the level: Archib. (lld a. Foithfoinder may be reached Cpl. F. Hengle IS _busier than a .through message center. Let's K;P on collan!lg talent. for T/5 Webster, due back from hear from as many oi .you as .poshis forthcommg ml,lSicale; besides furlough, which be well-deserved, sible. h,e cl,aily down-is a jack of all tra,des He l).ppears Who was the private in 2nd town, to -beat Caruso to be ba:ttalion tai-lor! barber. Reporting Company that au and one m Pmochle to beat Perry. radio-repairman, sign pamter, and swered, when he -was asked to Could anyone ever foretell that 1.what have you. And one does not define a vacuum "I don't know Perry, Krall, Garrett and Pupa suffer for the other, either. What in head but are real a man! can't think of it." (Not original.) S b D I S b 2ourse, are assigned to one of the 1/64th-inch tolerance in all their ll ... ; e :PO u s il,lb-depots of Florida. This school work. Mr. v. H Baldw in, Sheet Met.al has a large building with _In the Airplane Assembly a1;1d d t t. It 1 t d Dissembly Department, the stuScnool instructor, recently visited un er cons rue IOn. IS oca e dents 'are all women. They .seem : the Jacksonville schoolr ()n the .of ,J:a,ckilonville to enjoy climbing all over the : for the purpose of coordinating' a .nd is -policed with civilian planes. our schools with the-gua.rc,is. The school resembles a courses being taught there. The; subc c,iepot somewhat, with The Engine Installaqol;l Departf 11 f M tt d d d 1 ment resembles the final assem-o owmg IS a summary o r sea ere. an. peop e evbly room. of a factory. T h _ey-.are Baldwin's report: ; erywhere on -In The Air Ser_vice Command is : the sheet metal department they well supplie d with. a variety af now trainin,g war workers for the ar:e learning aircraft sheet metal aircraft engines and good instruc sub depots of Florida. This i;chn0l work .by J;llaking the various pa,rts tors. Thirty percent of _the stuworks in cooperation with the .of a fuselage section and tl:len as-dents are women. Each student state board of education. ::,wdents sembling .it The great must act as tool room clerk for are given a civil service learner's rna] ority a re women workers. two days to learn the tools. of the trade. contract while -in school, and unon .Some of the instructors are -completion .of the three-month women. Students pre held to a The Electrical Department has all the electrical instruments, o.:auges. motors, etc., on a large board for study. On another board is displayed the wiring diagram. They are given a thorough course in the technical and theoretical of the subject and in the reading of air corps drawings. Men and women students are about equally divided. .r. f : -H. BLANK, :Reiiltor 4 0 7 Tampa AlR :BUS .. .. I.. .. L I N E S l n c BUS STATION .Corner l'ampa & .Cass $ reefs to Both Fields at Hours Rusq -Hours For Fur.her Information ., Wit ... --.' .. STAR D :ELI:CATESS:EN All -kinds 'of Smoked Fish. Kosher Wines. We Carry a Complete Line of, PASSOVER PR0DUCT.S Open Till 11 :EJ.M. 1!05 Gr. Central, Ph. .. ...... ... ,. ) CULP (:0 > 'Everything to Build Millwork Made to Order 500 PACKWOOD Phone H 1862 -:Rex BiHiard Parlor Daniel S. Bagley -+c. 1012 FRA:NKLIN TAMPA I The Machine Shop Department teacb,es lathe operators. milling machine operators 'and berich rnai chinists. In the Hydraulic Depart ment they teach the removal ov erhau_l and installation of ali hydraulic equipment found on a plane. Men and women are about ELITi CIGAR STORE. S c ,,rOVVtVS'6i'Y),, "I'll inform the captain you want the Army to s_tart paper cups exclusively. Now may,.,l .f# k to please bqar with us ;;u --.. equally divided here also. The school places strong em phasis on safety rules and regu lations. The director, Mr. I. D. Murray, and his assistants fully realize their responsibilities and are day' and night to pl,lt over then program. They plan to visit the various sub-depots in the near future, to get suggestions on how to improve their. training .to meet the needs of aircraft repair .work. SEMINOLE SOUVENIR & JEWELRY CO. COMPLETELINE OF C U R I 0 S -G I F T S WRAPPED FOR MAILING 107 E. Lafayette Street Come on Down! Service Men Delicious Food -Reasonably Priced. Open Day and Night. .C H 1 L D Soldiers! "T A M p A I s 0 N L y MUSICAL BAR" :f;rear Your Favo. ri:te ,Songs :(HfSTERFlELD BAR C.ASS & T .AMP A STREETS WELCOME TO HOTEL KNOX TOM BRYSON, Manager Lafayette & Jefferson Streetz ALWAYS SAY HOLSUM BREAD EXTRA FRESH Learn fo Dance Correctly BY ONE WHO KNOWS MAKES ONE GRACEFUL PRIVATE LESSONS Se.lma Brooks In Tampa 17 Years TEL. H 32,65. 4 207 PARKER S .T. 'The Sport Headquarters of WINE -BEER -CIGARS 400 Zac){ Phone l\1_62"0. 7 2 _297 Twiggs Phone 11-1-1236 Service Men Welco GILBERT HOl-t1 811 Tampa St. M 1094 0. E. BOGART, WELCOME SERVICE MEN Restaurant We Have What You Like IN STEAKS AND CHOPS 713 GRAND CENTRAL CENTRAL C 0 M PAN Y, -0 I L IN C. i Tampa, Florida A Home Away From SERVICE MEN ALBERTUS HOTE-L 956 Twiggs M 1339


March 19, 1943 o!-o- THE ECHOES "-='-TIP s : quired to remove the sticky sub-had been received it wo1:.1Id be stance. delivered promptly. ... Lt. Col. Zipp was arimsed mildly Nearly everyone seems to be 20 minutes later to have the pri 303rd BOMBARDMENT SQUADRON (D) Most geographically misplaced man-in the squadron is Pvt. Ben Cizec, ace speed skater.. Ben has won four trophies in recent compretition, including the Eastern Cup in 1939, the Tri-Cities Trophy, the Central New York Meet; and the three-mile championship in the New York State Meet in' 1942 In addition to this he hcti:; won over 20 medals in other competition. As lus;k would have it, > Ben was .unable' to do any skating when home on 'furlough th'is Christmas due to iUness. The squadron extends its wel come to its new Intelligence Offi cer,. Lt. Wil!iai;n Thompson, who has just un:el;gone extensive training at Iritelli-gnce School at Harrisburg, Pa. The the loss of Pvt. John S:iilag.yi to Wing Headquarters. He' is a drafts man of gre'at talents:_so grea:f: fn8 within: one week he was :tr 'erred from Squadron to Gr ar:id thence to Wing. Szi i is at present suffering from gastronomic disturbances receiving a pretty red appearance vate deliver a letter from his amazes us as he nonchalantly 1 Joseph V. Terry, Carl G. Vanda-to their skin from the warm: rays aunt, Mrs. Charles M. Cross, in brushes adoring females from his grift, Oscar F. Byers, Fr<>nci s T f th Fl "d B I t' b Massachusetts; ftoin whom he """ o e on_ a sun. oys, e s e had n .ot heard in quite some lapels at the Officers' Club. Lt.! Caton, Joe Harling, Richard J. careful; too much of this will be On the second delivery he was Lowery is sending his clothes to' Straus, Jr., James N. Hudson, Ale dangerous to th:ose he-man phytaken aba'ck when handed a let.. the same laundry in hopes that len C Goodrich, Roy Carter, Cyril siques. he may get a chance to do som:e J. Curr;m, .Robert B. Battiri/"Miter from her son; Major D Cross, brushing. Could be. chael park, Leo M. Berb, ee, Er-of EI Paso, T.exas ... and he darri nest F. Ocker, Zoel L. Couture;. If you are walking around the near fainted when, tci his and There are fw ceremonies John w. White; charles s. Ken-' 304th area a rid tl;lilik you keep everybody else's amazement, impre;;sive than that of Retreat: .nedy, .. -Casimir P. Skorup:ski, Con-seeing stripes before your eyes, early afternoon del-ivery brought In that sunset When our-. ,stanti'ne A. Kleveckis, John Virdon't feel wonie d or be surprised, a letter froriT her other son, Cpl flag comes down,, every soldier go'Ii,a;;.Rbbert G. Hartman, Gerald because many of n;wst capabl-e Robert Cross; from North Africa' .' standing at attention no 1patter Pim;.Manuel w. Sil'V .a:, Richard ineri iri variou s depaftments have --where he may be, silently L-: Darling, Tneo"dore R. Hardin, received Capt. F;;dgar J. Lofteus, group presses his. love and loya}ty to Irv, iil H. Biel,. Daniel O'Leary, adjutant for the 405th the flag which is the symbol of Peter J Baumh'erger and Wan'en A very important ha s Group, left Thur,sday, March 11. ti?.e American, way of life. In those H Dunn. taken his place at the Squadron to attend a special course in ad.;. few moments when the flag is Disp ens1J.ry sin:c e his arrival at ministration at Fort Lowry, Colo coming down, each man forms The following men were pro-Drew. His name is Capt. rado. During his absenc. e thos anew those promises he has m _ade inoted ftom corporal. to sergeant: Martin J. Hartis' _In a short period duties will go to 1st Lts. Harry to himself, that his life would be Jaine' s P Clancy, Adtian R. Beer-of time there will be a few famil-Greathouse and Henry P. Dupre gladly forfeit rather than have horst, Richard Doria; Gilbert L. 'iar faees at the Dis-who, aside from their other duit fall into alien' hands. Kent, Ge'orge Guillot, Frederick pensary. These fellows have provties, are serving as assistant ad M. Fenske, George Phillips, Ray-en their ability in the han'dling jutants. As a whole, Drew Field boys are pretty well behaved when they go down town. Strangely enough, most of the lo:ud-mouths seem to be non-coms. Better watch it, boys. Those stripes can be jerked more quickly than they are given. ______ __ 30lst BOMB SQUADRON moi:td R. Chandler, Robert J. Lar-and caring for patients and will son, Patrick Savino, Ollie S. Bald-be transferre' d to places where Second Lt. John P. Engdahl wa's ridge, Theodore R. Gensheimer, there is a still greater demand for transferred recently to the 405th Walter A. Baggett and Miles_ A. their services. These men are from OCS, Miami Beach, Florida. Biggr. Cpl. David Schwaid, Cpl. John He came as physical training of Galeckas. Pfc. Peter J. Flynn, ficer. But the 405th already had Classes in split-second identifiPfc. Roy Gibson, Pfc. John Roden-one physical training officer in cation which are being attended beck. Pvt. Alfred Piroso, Pvt. Dal-Abner Simonton. What to do? by pilots, gunners and personnel I" s "ft Pvt W lt L What to do? That was solved IS ei s, a er udwig, easily when the .afternoon mail of the Intelligence are entertain-p t Ro Ma t"n a d p t M 1 v Y r I ez n v e -brought a transfer of 2nd Lt. Sicaused bv a chivalrous attempt Both officers and enlisted men on "his part e'a! some cookies iri the 30lst Bomb Squadron were : baked by his girl. recipients of promotim1s dur'ing ing as well as instructive. Pictures vin Nelson. of five digits, planes on the monton to AAB, Birmingham, ground or in flight, are flashed Alabama .... The way the Army on the screen at intervals of from The Intelligence Department does things ... ain't it wonderful? Pvt. Tom Miller, former interior the past week. Second Lts. Giles decorator, has not lost interest in C. Wright and James D. Wade his civilian occupation despite the were promoted to the rank of first lieutenant. rigors of Army life. He was seen 1/25 to 1/50 of a second and the has been very fortunate in re-+c---'--'--pupil is expected to approximate, ceiving two new officers. They HQ. DETACHMENT in that brief glimpse, the correct are 2nd Lt. Louis Montoya and 22nd BOMB. TRAINING WING numbers of each. At first it ap-2nd Lt. Harold C. Klemp. pears to be almost an impossible Few men can equal line me-By SGT. LOU STEIN in Tampa last Wednesday wan deting aimlessly around Maas Bros., pricing Oriental rugs. The squadron welcomes Sg!s. Neal and .Hill b 'ack into its midst. Thev were attending a school in a -laTge aviatio-n plan! 'on the west co ast. Is it true 'what: they say about women welqe"rs, boys? ... At first, Drew Field seems a lit tle rough to the boys who have been to colleges in different parts oi the country learning to do the ., -various jobs for which they are best fitted. After eight weeks or ; s,o of sleeping on nice thick m_ati tresses between sheets, and. eatmg from real dishes, it's a bit of a to have to drag out the old .. mess kit again. A further and '.-riwre shocking shock. is to see lone' s name bn the bulletin hoard for guard duty and dat ol' debbil .. K.P.; which we thought we had lft behind at Basic T1'aining. In the non-commissioned ranks S/Sgt. Joseph E. Gallagher added the next stripe for the rating of technical sergeant. job, but it is surprising how fast for genuinely. liking tfl:eir you pick up the trick of accuracy. JOb. a mall: enJ?YS talkmg First Lt. Joseph J Varley, Sta The course is designed to speed about work m his hJ?e. off tistical Officer for the Wing, was up your perceptive powers, and. D:ut:y, It IS a pretty good. lost to this organization during widen your scope of vision, which I twn that he ha_s mto h Is the past week. As square as they The following sergeants. were it effectively does. Another ifr!,proper s-lot and. places m come, and respected by all per raised to the rank of staff ser-portant phase of the course IS the AAF. _While. this a v_ery sonnel of the office, Lt. Varley's geant: William 0. Graham, Rayidentification of planes. Planes of, comme:r;dable trait, this wnter departure is felt keenly. He's off mond J. Winchell, Bias B. San-both. enemy and Allied nations; would to sugge,st that the ten to New York University, right in tillan, Lawrence R. Webber, Jiin are flashed upon the screen, arid whose bunks_ the heart .of the big town's WashPeace, Crez s. Flores, Sidney pupils' job to make instant his, :efram from en,thusiashc ington Square, to study meteorol Schwartz, Webster L Brainerd, Idenhficatwn. A regrettable numof a motors queer VICI!logy. The best wishes of officers Paul K. Gaumer, Emil Stettner, ber of ol,lr planes, as well as those situdes at 3 a m., when they come and enlisted men went with hiri;l: Harold H Groover Jackson M. 1 of our allies, have been shot down off duty. Cpl. Albert L. Fern, A-3 clerk, Countryman, Jame; w. Moncarr mistaken identity by ---'-----+c----'--is on furlough in Newark, N. J., and Russel E. Duncan. therr own planes. 405 .th BOM. BARDMENT GRO __ U P sporting the new chevrons he ac_____ --j( quired just two days before his Th 1 t th S z departure. e arges grot\p was e men 304!:1-t BOMBARDMENT Col. Marvm Ipp, m a rouOther promotions this week. making the grade of corporal. SQUADRON (D) tine inspection of the 405th Bomb. The following men attained the Group, had occasion to visit his were: Cpl. Fr'ed Q. Roquemore, _to first non-commissioned rank: Some of the men seem to be_ new mail room. In conversation sergeant; Cpls. Kessel ("NJYII") Leon Belenky, James L. Robinson, having difficulty in walking in with Pfc. Malley, who handles the Schwartz, arid Andrew C':NMI") Ralph H Daugherty, Jr., Hubert the Squadron areas. There are, mail for said group, he asked Charron, to sergeant; Pfc. An:M B F k S 1 M thony J. Zuchowski, to corporal; owers,_ ran a ov, arvm many piles of top soil being mis-1 what was the matter with his W E. Cole, Raymond M Simoneau, taken for shadows and the boys mail as he was expecting a letter and Pfc'. John F. erner, to cor:. Benjamin Cortez, Robert C. find themselves knee-deep in a from a relative for some time poral. Mathis, Walter F. Copes, Harry mucky pile of soil, and a consid-now. The rather nervous Pfc. ex-Several changes in duty assign-D M 1' H d H H bl f 1 ments were made during the .. argo Ish owa:,r e amount o scrubbing IS re-plained to the colonel that if any week: Cpl. Macheca, formedy Df At the first optional date they the Message Center, has been des-, could be worn, many suntan uni-Meet the Staff of the Base Technical Inspector ig 'nated as Supply' NCO, and Cpl. +: forms made their appearance and Zuchowski, who also worked in the post laundry smacked .its lips. the Messag e Center, is now assist-, ;It looks like 'the entire AAF poli-ing Sgt. Charron in the Wing File _;:c'y is directed against we chaps Section. ( e'ver sitting down. First they JtiJread a layer of good ?ld swamp l mud 'undr ctur favonte --!-trees and now we have our deli. colqred summer uniform ;(which will never sur_vi:Ve even one -;Hip to the mess hall. Well, at any ::tP,te, we can buy a lot more laun" {dry for $50 than we could for $21. :. --j( ___ "'! 302nd_ BOMB SQUADRON 30ind is back in high gear, .:with Lt. Gregory, our new C.O ., : at the stick With all .the. ratings ;:.that have come up in the last few c;fays, it is getting us to arourid the place. Everyone .,;you se e sprays -you with cigars. ). ; To the many friends of Lt. .iWork, who are worried about the :dazed expression currently occu )i)ying. his we hasten. to exfplain t It IS n?t phys1,cal 01' ->'llient. :eoccupatwnhe s get.. :iting IL ied early in ApriL :!':' _Lt: Larides is back with the and we are all happy 'about it. .L-The pilots read other things be .: :Srae s the comics .as evidenced by response to the A-24 article the Tampa Tribune. There is living with them now. Lt J J Myers, the poor Clark Gable, constantly !1-:-" .;"'Flowers Telegraphed Back Under Bohded NELS 0 N "THE FLORIST" Open 9 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Closed Sundays 514 TAMPA STREET Left to right: M/Sgf. Herbert W. Steenbock, S/sg Ker:inefli H. Barry, T/Sg!. Jay E. Waggoner; Pvt. James Clark, Capt. Joseph 0. Schreck, Pfc. JC?s'ph L. Malon:e y, Chief W. 0. Ernest N. McCormick, Sgt. Wilham 0. Huckaby, Jr., M/Sgt. Robert L. Fi 1lo"n, Sgt. Anthony R. Place, T /Sgt. John U. Walk) r Jr. 'EM FLYING, a national: anci trucks, etc. Further, all te'cH-1 William 0 Huckaby, Anthony R. slogan IS ;:lso the motto of the nica:l orders which emanate from Pace, Pfc. Joseph H Maloney and personnel 111 the Base Technical Wright Field are sent to the Base Pvt. James B. Clark, are all doing _Office Under the capi Inspector's office for re-1 specialized tasks. able direction of Captam Joseph distnbution here. Every membe r of the staff is a Schreck, ably assisted by Lt. E. M/Sgt. Herbert W. Steenbock: specialist. Most of them attended M. and a staff of se-is in charge of all the office's an Air Corps technical school; the lecte. d specialists, the Base Tech-enlisted personnel as well as the I others gained their knowledge the nical Inspector's Office is charged inspection of aircraft proper. hard way through demonstration with the responsibility of all airT/Sgt. John W. Walker is Chief application, and although each craft maintenance and inspection 1 Technical Clerk responsible for was picked for his special quali, !,'c.:... at Drew Field and all the outlying Reports, etc, while M/S.gt. Robert I fication they also have a well-. M o ... N E Y LQ. ANED I fields its jurisdiction. iL. has charge of

Page 8 THE ECHOES Lakeland Girl Selected As Air Force Drew Basketeers Lose to MacDill By S/SGT. DESHON Lt. S. P. Taliaferro spends $25 a week to visit his gal in Pass-aGrille. He says, "Her dad owns a In Cage League MacDill Wins Second Half; Playoff Next Week railroad it's a good investment." On the other hand, Lieutenant, The MacDill Fliers, paced by wouldn't it be cheaper to marry Lt. Ralph Cummings, who collect-h t th ed 13 points, turned on the heat the gal and move er m o e at the MacDill Field gym to beat United States? the Drew Field Interceptors, 39-The new sergeant in Link 30, and gain the second half .cJ:la.rrrTiainer answers to the name of pionship in the Southern diviswn Basil Fain. He says, "I can't help of the City Basketball league. it if the folks pulled a sneaker Plans are underway for the when I was too little to protect teams to meet again next weeJ::: in myself." that are_n't gig-the MacDill gym in a champwn-ging him call hnn Sgt. Fam. ship game, as the Interceptors T/Sgt. Rice is so happy he_ is won the first half title. in the Army he IS gomg to sign Fowler Paces Interceptors up for anothe1 hitch. When he. Lt. John Fowler was the big was a civilian he had one pan of crun of the Interceptors' attack. shoes fm Sunday. During the He connected for .four field go _als week he went barefooted; now and a free toss, totaling mne he has four pairs of shoes. points. Pfc. John Cassidy starrt::d Sgt. K. Haas has left for cadet for the Drew outfit on the de Who knows? Some day fense. some of you fellows on the line MacDill led by a 17-to-16 score I might crew his ship. point is, at halftime. we all w1sh him loads of luck and happy landings. Drew Interceptors (30) g f tp Sgt. K.' s cousin, Sgt. G Haas, Fowler, f ___ ________ _4 1 9 has been in the Army With hm1 B nell f 1 0 2 for some time. Sgt. G wants to f -=============2 0 4 know how Sgt. K. is going to get Petraitus, c ___________ 1 1 3 along now that he has to do his Sitarz, c _______________ 3 0 6 ; own thinking. Cassidy, g ______________ 1 0 2 sgt. John Har(\esty Horton, g ____ ,. ___ :. __ -:_2 0 4 has an idea for the Lmk Tramer. He sits arourid and dreams up ideas like' ptitting .30-caliber machine guns on the Link for target practice. "I'll take .care of mounting the guns and all the details," he says. It's all in fun, John. Remember how you used to make up Cpl. Duncan's bed. when you were a recruit at Morris Field? Yes, and don' t forget the times you ci :uTied my chow back to the tent fol' me and swept the tent flool' each morning. Those we!'e happy days. John. How does it feel to be in the Army almost a year? You learned the hard vvay but it was cheap. 'J'OTALS _:.. __________ 14 2 30 MacDill Fliers (39) g f pI 1 51 1 3 1 13 2 8 0 0 1 3 0 6 1 1 0 0 Ciesla, f IIenry, f Cummings, f ___________ 6 Snyder, c -'-------------3 Huntley, c ___ _______ o Grubb, g Scholz, g _________ ___ ___ 3 Miller, g ______________ o Kaveney, g _________ ___ o TOTALS ___ ______ __ 16 7 39 Score at halftime, MacDill, 17; Drew, 16. March 19. 194,3 MAAS BROTHERS OFFICIAL ARMV: EXtHANGE SERVICE -EVERYTHING INSIDE OUR -''':''i ,RANKLIN ST J Sgt. Hollis A. Kirchoff received a m edal for valor while at Dre w Field. He rescued a pilot from a burning airplane by pulling the pilot _from the burning ship. The pilot was too weak from shock to climb out by himself. He made this rescue not in the line of duty, for he is a member of the M.P. Sqd. He was cited for br:av 'ery by Col. Melvin Asp and presented the medal by Major General St. 1 : l t. S. W. W ascon is ____ Goes to Maxwell Field/ Miss Audrey McClelland, of is the heroine of the film. The Lakeland 20-year-old fiancee of, flowers were gathered by the a flying in the Air 1 Tampa FederatiOn of Garden Forces, was picked as Miss Au Clubs. Force" to reign as queen of the Judges who selected "Miss Air southern premiere of the Warner Force'-' were Dorothy Smallwood, Brothers picture, "Air For:ce John Powers model from New which was filmed at Drew F1eld York; Mrs. W. E. Thomson, presiWhile the Drew Field Band dent of the Tampa Federation of played "A Pretty Girl Is Like a Garden Clubs; Trenton C. Collins, Melody,'' the judges selected M1ss of the chamber of Commerce; McClelland as the most beautiful Will H Yole n and Herbert Pick of eight contestants represent111g man, of Warner Brothers. seven Army air fields in the Tam-Miss McClelland, the other con-pa area. testants and their escorts were en-Clair Streett. We are fighting the Marines Friday, February 19 Anyone wishing to participate in the bouts. see Cpl. Ellington, the boxing iristructor. Capt. R. H. R. Ris ley is refereeing, so the boys do stand a chance. ---------+c--------. The runner-up was Miss Kath-tertained at dinner by Col. Melvin leen Turner, of Avon Park, repre-B. Asp, commanding officer of senting the Avon Park Bomb111g Drew Field .. -+c Now It Can Be Told Range. M II G I Women are Ii)


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