Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 2, no. 3 (March 26, 1943).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
March 26, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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'VOL 2, NO. 3 Published Exclusively in :the Interests of !'he Personnel of Drew Field Contributions Lag m Red Cross Drive WOUNDED BIRD-At a bomber station in England a member_ of aU. S. crew is given a life-saving blood pl1mn;c tr!lJlSfuslOn, made by the millions of pints of blood con tributed to the Amer1cal). Red Cross by patriotic men and throughout the nation. Lt: Col. W Maloney, exIt x;otifies your families when ecutlve chairman for the Red you are sick. Cross Drive at Drew Field, stated It looks after you in the hos morning that contribu-pital. m the have lagged I It furnishes recreational facili considerably durmg the past wee: ties in the war zones. an0-results have been far I It furnishes blood plasma whe n you arP wounded. When we dwell seriously tipon I is to be hoped that every the ma11y benefits available to of!Icer of Drew Field will con the soldier through the America n tnbute liberally to this. worthy Red Cross, surely this organiza -cause b efore the end of the drive," tion does not need to be "solei" said Col. Maloney. t'o the personnel of Drew Field. E'.oliciti?g of any subscriptions : Senn e -things the Red Cross from 111eri is prohibited, does for you: but this shoufd prevent volunt_ary contnbut10ns from any It _lends you money in emcr-enlisted man. such contributions will be accepted b y the Red Cross It nelps you to obtain furloughs drive offi'cer of each unit :md in emergencies. .prooer credit \\rill be given the It aids your families and desoldier. pendents in need. Let's go! Put Drew Field over -It locates members of your the top in the drive for funds for families. the American Red Cross. )'oungest C. 0. On Drew Field Baseball season is rolling aound again and some of the pia:vers a .re now working out for the coming season. All men who are interes.ted in trvinq oui' for the team, re.por to the Base Physical Traininq Office at 5th and E streets at4 o'clock each day for practice. Practice is held every day except Sunday the direction ef Lt. Thomas at .Macfarlane PiJ,rk .and he is very anxious to ,get a look at aU the players who would like to :try out for the }:eam. Officers Go to Yale for Short Tech Courses Base Surgeon Has Served on Land, al Sea And in fhe Air Friday, March 26, 1943 Bomb Wing (.Oc Is Seasoned Vet Of Pacific Battles


Page-2. C.O. Pacific War Vet (Continued from Page l ) sbff of Lieutenant General B r e i.:.'s Allied Air. Force Headq_u;u-te rs, Colone l Vance went lo New Guinea, where on July 26 1942 he was promote d to his pre rank. Serving as Operations Officer of the advance Allied Base a t Por t Moresby, he supe r vised the construction of airdromes. r e com:aissance, bombing of enemy and shipping, and p r o v i.ded an Air Defense against N i pf)on, which was "on more of a basis" than prevwus Allied efforts. "i.t. looked at that time as if t h e J aps were on their way across the n:.ountains and around the tip o f Moresby. They were just one hop a ;ead of tiS all the time," the Co1 o.:;.el said. In this connection he pointed out that the Allies had comp!eted plans for the construct.ior:. of an airdrome at Buna, but lack of supplies interfered, and the e n emy moved into the tov.; n. CoL Vance noted a wide varia t i o n in the accuracy of Jap air-One day, h e said, they would lav their load on A llied installations with the greatest accuracy ::>.nd on the next, with no change in cu:ditions, fall extremely wide o f t h e mark. H e recalled with son! Hehreid ---HIT NO.2 /Daring Young Joe E. Brown, Clai.re Dodd :: :r.-:. March 26, 1943 TUESDAY WEDNESDAY SATURDAY SUNDA'Y. 2:30 to 5 Every Night i 8 till 11 l EXCEPT MONDAY Sc F a r e On Davis Island Buse LEAVING GRANT'S CORNER FRANKLIN AND CASS STREETS 7:15 --7:45 --8:1 s If You Haven/t Already ---DQ IT NOW MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE SARATOGA BAR Corner Forfune and E.ranklin Dancing Every Night in the Blue Room to THE CHATTERBOX Chicken and Steaks Real Italian Spaghetti SANDWICHES DRINKS LIQUORS Abba Dabba And Band Nightly 707 S. HOWARD A VENUE I PHONE H 3757 \ Welcome, Soldier! We Are NOT Out of Bounds Hold Your Parties at The So M.S. BAR NOW UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT THE LONGEST BAR IN TAMPA "WHERE YOUR FUN IS OUR FUN" 1210 Franklin Street AIR CONDITIONED Hotel FLORIDAN BARBER SHOP H. 0. LEWIS, Mgr. Complete Barbe r Service o Expert Barbers l\Ianicurists CONDITIONED DISTRIBUTED BY Ell WITT CIGAR CO. TAMP A. FLORIDA


March 26. 19<13 y ,HE ECHOES TI P S H Q. DETACHMENT 1 22nd BOMB. TRAINING WING College, at Huntington, W. Va., hem and no necessarily those and the University of Arizona. of the Lre so than S/Sgt. clerks, not to mention cockPaul Gaumer, fhght who roaches, was put under a mumps JS anxwus to show oft his nevv quarantine recently for a twochevron to hJS newly acqwred weeks period. So. at last, the boys w1fe. are catching up on their much Classes in Chemical Warfare, jointly by Pvt. Segal 1oins, Pvt. Saverro Console and vt. Amiello Corcione, of the 303rd, have now been completed with a surprisingly good average. Out of at least 100 students, 84 passed the tests with high grades. That a thoroug h know ledge of Chemical Warfare is necessary should b e no secret to a n y soldier, and whether or not h e i s enrolled in such a class, h e should make every effort to learn what he can 'about gas. It looks as if the 01' Eighty Fo'th meant business about this falling-out for parades. A goodly number of the boys who didn' t fall out last week are now falling out mghtly, complete with pack, for about three hours of drill and that ain't fun. A n orchid for acting first ser. geant J ennings of the 303rd. His responsibilities are manifold, yet The personnel of the 30lst keeps changing so fast, I don't see how the orderly room keeps track of them. Sgt. Miles Biggers of Oper ations and S/Sgt. Gottlieb, a former 30lst Intelligence man, have both been transferred io the west coast, via air. From there, well your guess is as good as mine. needed rest and their b lackjack. Although the P.X., movies. Serv ice Club, and the visit to Tampa omn his l'P"-FLOWERS Wired Anywhere in the U. S. A. Hospital OFFICERS' SHIRTS AND SLACKS All Wool, Splendidl y 119 5 TailorE-d. Trousers have zipper fly. Tan ____ Each ALL WOOL TROPICAL WORSTED Shirts and Slacks. $10 95 have zipper fly. Tan Each WEST -ct:iAsT ARmY STilR.ES I 917 FRANKLIN STREET, TAMPA CLEARWATER ST. PETERSBURG PLANT CITY 53.1 Cleve[and ;;-@>872 .;;:: : 2 J.lO N Collins A TAMPAQWNED INSTITUTION Bring Y:ou r Family and Frien.ds A NI.CE FOR PEOPLE TAMPA'SONLY NlTECLUB 3 Floor Shows Niie1y -8 10 Micbiig:W: DA.NNY 8c DON'S 911 TAMPA STREET Danceto the Sweet. Music of VERN. YONKERS ORt;HE$l'lA ... anhattan Cafe 210 E. I,afayeie St. Good Food Reasonable Price$ Try Our Sunday Roast Turkey DiDDell' Served From 11 A.M. to. 9 P.M. ALA CARTE SERVICE AT ALL OPEN DAY AND NIGHT WE USE STRICTLY WESTERN MEAl S Service Men Officers Families FOR REALLY GOOD FOOD AT MODERATE PRICt;S PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE-FOLLOW THE CROWD '1.'0 T H E C 0 L 0 N N A D E BA YSHORE AND JULIA SteQk, Sea Food, Chicken Dinners Delicious Sandwiches ic FRANK RUTTA, CHEFFormerly chef a Mon:trose Restaurant. Broadway and 48h. New York. came to Florida, got sand in his shoes and now has opened his own place a 418 W. Lafayette Street Specializing in Spagheii and Ravioli WE ALSO SERVE BEER AND WINES 1 BUY MORE WAR BONDS EVERY PAYDAY!


4 THE ECHOES P. 0. Box 522 GLENN R. ROSS, Publisher TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS Business Office: 1115 FLORIDA AVENUE TAMPA, FLORIDA Phone 2177 All advertisements contained in this newspaper are also contained in the Fly Leaf, published in the interest of the personnel of MacDill Field. Minimum joint circulation, 10,000 copies. ...::.._ ____ ADVERTISING RATES FURNISHED ON REQUEST A newspaper published exclusively for the: -personnel Field and devoted to military interesis .and the united THE ECHOES Top Kick Pali{lde I Morris, his two children, one would think h e had no record to s peak of. $o what do you say-shall we take a look a t the records? March 26, 1943 A few years after graduating from Armstrong High School JJP in Richmond, Va., S/Sgt .Ford's number came up and he was inducted in to the Army of the United States at Fort Meade, Maryland. After being duly proccessed as Pvt. Ford, his next stop was Fort Bragg, North Carolina There he was assigned to the 16th Field Artillery Battalion, remain il:ig in this outfit .until the w:ar By .. SGT; JOHN F. SUSZYNSKI broke ouf .... .... Pfc. Michael R. Vitale our forVictOry; .. Opinions expressed in this .newspaper are .thoSe of the ., ,r,tr. writers and under no circumstances are. they .to. be.considered those of the United States Army. Advertisements in this publication do not constitute an endorsement by the War Department or its per. Then, because C?f hrs. than :mer tr.ombonist, dropped in with mechanrca.l abrhty,, h e a Certificate -of Honorable the charge to say' "so long" to the trve Tr .ammg School at gang; he'll be at home at 563 Maxwell Fre:d, A _labama, Washington Street, Keene, New !llade short work c;>f _the Hampshire. Good luck, Mike : of _mstructwns and fmrshed "'rth we hope your brand-new son sonnel of the products .advertised. Staff Sergeant David Lee Ford, flymg colors. doesn't try to throw you out. Cover to Cover By EULAH MAE Drew Field think of their library: over 3,000 registered borrowers, over 50,000 visits, approximately 10,000 books circulated. the top kick of 911 th QM platoon, By th17 Pvt. was r_n The Society Dance. Combo has does a very good job of exploding the. Quartermaster Corps,_ where been prety. cocky since tickets the ancient myth that all top kicks h today Hrs next statwn was are ha.rd-boiled bul1ies. Not only e rs h were required for the Service --------*--------569th SIG. A W BN. The Blotting Board Dale Ma?ry Freid, Talla assee, Club dance at which they played is he tops in rank, he is tops in Fla., where h e was attached to the last Monday. They're gassing off popularity-as any man in 911 840th _QM Company. He stayed about "drawing power" and "pub will willingly attest. there JUSt ,long enough to prck up lie appeal." ... The MILITAIRF<:! Many new books have been placed on the library shelves d!lr ing the past week; others are ar riving daily. Those soldiers who have been asking for Lloyd Douglas new novel, "The Robe," will find two copies available in a few days. "The Robe" has topped the best-seller fiction list for many weeks. If you checked the records you a. corporals and he was on (that's our JAZZ orchestra) h would find that S/Sgt. Ford has hls ,way agam, tlus. t1me to ten to explain that the tickets a. By Archibald 0. Furthfoinder quite an Army history, and it's Lees OTU School m Vngmw. As free and may be had by calling on From Henderson Field (not on all good. However, he spends so Cpl. Ford he romped through Miss Leland hostess at the Serv Guadalcanal), Florida, the Blot-much tmie talking about Thelma, c;>f trammg there al"!-d fm-ice Club tZ.,enty-four hours in ting Board reports that the move his wife, and little David, Jr., and rshed wrth an excellent ratmg. advance 'of the dances .. ; It This book has been hailed as the author's greatest work. Douglas has been recognized as a great story-teller since the publication of "Magnificent Obsession" several years ago. Now, after 30 years of study and research, he has produced a superb historical novel about Roman .life and customs during the declining years of the Holy Roman Empire. The story is woven around the life of Marcellus Gallio, a Roman Tribune in command of the Legionaries who crucified Jesus. Christ's robe, which Marcellus won with dice, casts a supernatural spell over its owner and has a mysterious effect on all who come in contact with it. This is an exciting novel set in another terrible era in history. Among the gifts last week was Erskine Caldwell's latest book. "All Day Long." It is a story of guerrilla war behind the German lines. Inthe novel Caldwell shows the relentless courage and the intense hatred of the Russians who are staying on their home soil and taking up the fight against the Nazi invaders. A display of art books w ill be o n exhibit for a week. starting today, at the Base Library. This exhibit is timely because the Army is anxious to present art as a vital par t of the Special Service program. The display consists of books on painting, sculpture, photography and architecture. Among the titles are: Raymond Stiles' "Th e Arts and Man," a book giving the relative growth of man and art; "Un derstanding the Arts," by Helen Gardner, desi_gned to instill an appreciation of fine arts; "Archi tecture Through the Ages"; "Art Masterpieces" and "Modern Art,". by Thomas Craven, the foremost art critic of America; "Painters and Sculptors of Modern Ameri ca" deals especially with the present scene; "U. S. Camera is the latest Annual of Photography from Drew Field, recently accom-Last December he came here seerris that the walls of the club plished, was made with a mini-ing, N. Y., in a few days. 1 to the 911th, a corporal. With his aren't spaced far enough apart to mum of confusion. Everyone Congratulations to excellent training -and his ability accommodate the USUAL crowds, knew exactly what they were sup-zel on hrs recent promotiOn. Keep to handle men, he soon made the and future attendance will have posed to do, and did it without. it up, Neitz! grades of sergeant, then staff ser-to be limited. so THERE a hitch. Pvt. Terry who the first geant, in succession and. is Incidentally, Pfc. Gus DeRidder, We were afraid, for a while, column c;>f the Blottrl"!-g Boa;r.-1, now second m cm"I!mand Lt. subbing for Pfc. Joe. Owings in that 1st Lt. Waterman's report makes thrs one time Its May, the Commandmg the SOCIETY gang, was very from We.ehawken, N. J., where he to report that he IS on hrs way to: Staff Sergeant Ford likes It much impressed with the Fashion is on DS, would not reach us in a defense industry, in civilian 1 here at Drew Field. But who can Show-and models-featured at time for publication due to the Good luck to him. Pvt. tell how. long he will remain? a rceent sarasota benefit performmove here, but fortunately it arPaul rs also for the, h:as. brams. and trem_endous 1111ance .... Gus, have you forgotten rived two days ago. Lt. Waterman same shortly. He s on the last tiatrve, which are pnceless com"La Grable"? (promoted from second lieutenmile" in uniform I_'m .sure it wouldn't be Pvt. Dave Kuttner need not ant. tw!? ago) says that We are wondermg the movre, wrshful thrl"!-km_g to say that perspoilhis leave by worrying about Sprmg rs on 1ts way north. In "Immortal Sergeant, was made haps by thrs tune next year he Brother Bobby-Sgt Harry Fen'i s fact his brother expects to be at Drew Field. T-here is a most will be known as Lieutenant Da-has taken over the ;,Big Brother" S_I)rtlng from_ his estate at Ossin-1 reatistic sandstorm in the picture. I vid Lee Ford. part and allows Bobby to give Medical Detachment Day Room Sponsored by Wives of Officers him a pasting at checkers each noon ... neverthless. NO EX TENSION ON YOUR FURLOUGH, DAVE. Just when Pfc. Sam Schiavone thought he was. all through with his fancy gown, high-heeled shoes, beads, and feminine charm, along comes the movie, "Air Force," and Drew Fie1d's own mock premiere -and the erstwhile hostess of "Hullabaloo from Drew" is metamorphosed int9 a "visiting celeb (C armen Miranda). It's O .K. with us, just so we get a chance to eat your hat ... b y the \vay, Sam, it WAS made of REAL .fruit -wasn t it? FOREBODINGS: P f c Don Stockwell ai1d Joe an, d Pvt. D e l Purga "toted" Mr. Bake r's baton through parts of a cent band rehearsal-Don and Joe did some plain cussing; Del had to r esort to French ... the next session gives promise of a baseball bat being brought into dynamic play; so-o-o-o-o, come on out see and hear the 69th AAF Band in technicolor (bruises and all) at the next regular Thursday evening concert and broadcast from RB No. 1. --------*-------Church Call CATHOLIC (Sundays) G:15 A.M.-Mass in Chapels 2 -selected by, T. J. Maloney, pub-An atmosphere of gaiety mark, lished of the magazine, "U. S. ed the formal opening of the Drew recoJ!ditioning_ all the furniture, I plete harmony, mak_ing the com-/ in all Chapels: makmg curtams and slip-covers posrte picture one of pleasantness E d ) Camera." Field Medical Detachment Day This is the first ,..uf a series of )Room recently. Sandwiches and weekly displays to be shown at refreshments were served to the the library. Future displays will several hundred men present to deal with music, aviation,. radio, express their appreciation to the chemical warfare, travel, history, members of the Drew Field biography and fiction of outstand-Woman' s Club who made the ing quality. room possible. The Glub's members, wives of The Base Library is four officers stationed at Drew Field, months old this week. The follow-have spent many lon g hours during data indicate what men of ing tlj.e past weeks in and doing the thousand and one and comfort. PROT ST A Sun ays things necessary to make a nice, 1 The refreshments, too, were 10:30 A.M.-General service in light airy room for the men of prepared and served by members all Chapels. the Medical Detachment in their of the Drew Field Woman' s Club 7 : :30 P.M. -General evening "off duty" hours. and there is no question but what service in Chapel 4 The Day Room is decorated, these ladies were repaid, in part, cretone ir;J. light 'colors being used for their efforts b y the sincere for the most pai't in the slip-words of appreciation expressed tovers on the over-stuffed chairs, spontaneously by the men for and davenports. The rugs, lamps j whose benefit the task was underand other accesories are in com-taken. JEWISH 7 :15 P.M. Wednesday in Chap el 3 8:30 P.M. Fridays in Chape l 3. 8:00 A.M. S aturdays in Chap el 3


March 26, 1 9 4 3 THE ECHOES THE SPECIAL SERVICES OFFICE On the II Spot March 26 to April 2, 1943 RECREATIQN BUILDING No 1 Fridav, March 26.8:00 p.m.Band Concert by High School Band of Tampa. Saturday. March 27-To be announced. Page 5 Soldiers Always WeJcome EL BOULEVARD RESTAURANT FINEST SPANISH FOODS-BES'I' OF LIQUORS -2001 Yi!flbn

Page 6 Drew Son Of Famous Novelist, Is Noted Author Nathan Asch, 40, son of Shoiem Asch. the famous novelist, author of "Three Cities," ".The Naza rene," "God of Vengeance," "The War Goes On." and other bestsellE:r novels, is now a classification interviewer in "A" Stage of the A WUTC at Drew Field. Sgt. Asch, .calm and sedate, has applied for Officer's Candidate School in the Censorship branch of the Adjutant Ge. neral's Department, in Washington. The novelist is prominent in his own right, occupying a prominent place in Who' s Who in Amer ica, as does his father. He has written four novels, "The Office," "Love 1n Chartres," :Pa yday," and "The Valley," a travel book, "The Road: I n Search of America." "Payday," translated into 12 lan .guages, has sold some 40..000 <;_opies. Ironically, h e has sold more of his books in Europe than n the United States-particularly n Germany. His works are by no means popular with the Nazis. however, for they have ordered t!l his bonlsker keep Yerna H busy b y bothering the life out of her. Say, Zinser, when do we get a ride to town in your new car? 911+"" 0 : 1\.f, PLl1..TOON On The Ban NELSON "THE FLORIST" Qpen 9 A-.M. to 5:30 P.M. Closed Sundays 514 STREET BUY WAR BONDS! excitable Frenchmen to some spe-By SGT. R. C. T. PEARMAN cific use. And maybe, one of these I dpn't like to say I told you days, his ambition will really so, but do you fellows remember WHITE ROSE BAR Paul Webber, Prop. come true. a couple of columns ae:o when I -----* 1 said, "If any of you fellows got THE CAVALCADE .. RS 1 off the ball while Lt. May was in 1 the hospital, you better jump right COME TO HI HAT 1 back on again" ... Need I say more? One of the most colorful night The conversatiop was spots in recently reoverhea,rd in the mess ha.ll a coumodeled Hi-Hat Club-is ready ple of mess calls ago: "Cpl. Chesto usher in its summer season. ter James and Pvt. Buster Wal-.At great expen se,. the manage-lace drive their trucks just like ment not only redecorated the Earle Sande used to drive his." entire building but has signed up Reply: "But Earle Sande is an to.p-notch tale! 1t fol t}1eir f lopr lhe doesn' t k now any" st.a, : I WINE ___, BEER CIGARS 1 400 Phone !\ 207 Tl:v.fggs Phone Service Men Welcome GILBERT 811 Tampa St. Phone M 1094 0. E. BOGART, Manager WELCOME SE-RVICE M .EN Nu-Way Restaurant W e Have What You Like IN STEAKS AND CHOPS GRAND CENTRAL C 0 M PAN Y, 0 ll IN C. Tampa, Florida A Home Away From Home SERVICE MEN ALBERTUS HOTEL 956 Twiggs M


Ma-rch 1943 303rd Bombardment Squadron duties, is Supply Officer, and Pvt. Edward Fisher. Now wearing khaki uniforms, New arrival s to the squadron men of the Operations Office last week were Capt H. W. Lee have shown a marked improveand Lts Holman, Pettoruto and; ment in appearance. Coveralls Klein. and fatigues are no longer permitAmong those over 38 years of age who w ere discharged last wee k were Pvts. Hill and Pomerantz. "Pappy" Hill was a member of the famed permanent guard at Hunter Field. Pvt. Pome rantz worked for the orderiy room. Socia.l Nole: Pvt. "Wings" Flor, armorer and aspiring gunner who does most of his flying in the PX, has moved into the non-coms' rooms at the end of Barracks 189 Cpl. David Fo1d is now going to camouflage schooL H e says the work is very exhausting, but we notice that Ford is very seldom t o be found at the barracks in the evening. Evidently the lad from Pittsburgh has now set up headquarters in Tampa 1ngratulaticms to Lt. Olanc. __ squadron operations officer, on getting his silver bar. Some of the boys in engineering would like to know if Lt. Miller has any more cars to sell for $55. The Intelligence Section has a very large collection of tech nical a .nd field manuals with some very interesting phamphlets on field music, cooking and baking, and the physiologi-ted whil e on duty. Promotions to sergeant have been given recently to Milton P ater and Wallace Jennison. Henry is strutting aro'und with his new corporal' s stripes. Cpl. H enry's family w ill soon see them, too, for h e is leaving on a furlough withi n the next few days. Pvt. Brodell, just returned from a furlough, says he had a swell time. Our new chief clerk, S/Sgt. Charles E szek has quite a problem on h1s h ands these days. He's revising the svstem that was in effect at Operations You better keep. on the beam, boys. foi the sergeant sticks to regulations and is a tough customer when he gets mad. We were somewhat alarmed the other day when a captain of the MP walked into the operations office and requested to see Sgt. Jennison. Our fears thai: Sgt. Jennison had strayed from the straight and narrow path were unfounded, for the Military Police officer turned out to be Captain Jennison, the sergeant's father, who was on leave from his duties as Pro vost Marshal at Memphis, Tenn., to visit his son. --------*--------cal aspects of flying. All mem_ bers of the squadron are enii-. Ill :tied to use these books at any time. SIG. HQ. & HO. CO. Fighter Command By PFC. ROY SWARTZ Seen in town the other night was Pvt. Donald Cooper flipping \Ve vvish to welcome back into pennies with a shine boy to see our outfit M/Sgt. Berquist, Sgt. who would foot the bill for his 'Polk, and Cpls. Russworm and recently acquired shine. D o n t Ralston. These fellows have been worry, Coop, pay day is only three gone less than three munths, so days aWay. they are fai: from strangers. -----*-----Stray Scraps Cpl. Chrisp bets even money 304th Bombardment that Larry Bahr got married on Squ a d ron (D). his furlough .... Bernie Te Brake took the vows last week-end ... Cpl. George Gillespie, promot-Highest sco1e on the Army's <:;:ol ed recently to the rank of ser-lege test was made by S.gt. Gantz geant, has purchased a new plate with a score of 141 -out Elf 150 ... of false teeth! Sgt. I. E. Scripture Shapi1: o was transferred to the was promoted to the grade of lOth F .ighter Wing .... Cpl. Davis sergeant; P fc. Michael D e l was given a steak dinner before Vecchio to corporal; Cpl. Elmer 1 h e left for Photography School, Finnegan -to sergeant, and Pvt. ; last Monday Ocdlo, now attending an Auto Strictly Ad Lib -Mechanics' School in Omaha, That green zoot suit pair of faNebraska, to Pfc. These men are tigues, making its appearance of the well-know n Ordnance and around the area, belongs to Cpl. .Armament Section of the active McEldowney.\ ... Seen enjoying :ao4th Bomb Squadron (D). themselves 1n the Flamingo Room were Joe Alvarez and his local Lts Fahn and Harding have girl friend .... Walker's recent sprouted brand new silver bars. exciting episode called for the Cigars were in order and passed clothing salvage to r eplace one :out. Congratulations, gentlemen. badly torn shirt. Pn W ednesday L t Fahn, our InOddity Department: Cpl. Lertelligence Officer, came back from back was born in "Section 8" of a leave after having visited his his Wisconsin township .... Pfc. home in California. Be returned: Coleman was on the track and to find Cpl. Mather transferred pole vault teams back in his high out and two new additions to the school and college days. section: 2nd Lt. Harold C. Klemp, Back from Tallahassee, the boys from the 3llth. and 2nd Lt. Louis report that their work was com .).Vrontoya, freshly graduated from pleted in good orde r. The social lntelligence School at Harrisburg, side looked good, too, as Sgt. Pennsylvania. Courtad was lucky enough to es-cort a red-haired co -ed to one of I n the recent making of new the sorority dances .... Bill Simpgroups and new squadrons, Sgt. kins' latest is a girl named Doris. Pressimone and Cpl. Baker were In order to distinguish himtransferred to the 339th Bomb. self from anyone e lse in the com Group. Sgt. Pre.ssimone will be in pany, wh omight bear a resemcharge of the 485th Tech. Supply blance, Sgt. Dixon has adde d a I and Cpl. Bake r w ill assist in the mustache to his upper lip 483nl Tech Supply. I l Hiatt and Pvt. Rosenfield, DINE AND DANCE AT of _ch Supply, were promoted to LICATA'S I the rank of corporaL E E I Two now men have been added 'to the Tech. Supply: Lt. D L. Mays, in addition to his other SERVICE MEN LA NUEVA ERA Fancy Groceries -Fresh Meats 3018 Armenia Ave" Ph. H46-174 Free Delivery PILLOW T () P S Air Corps, Signal, Quartermaster M edical. Marine, Navy, Army, Coast Guard, 1\(!ap of Floriqa I SEE THEM BEFORE BUYING .. Air Bose Bus Terminal .1 906 TAMPA STREET :'i C HA RLlE'S : FRIED BONELESS CHICKEN AND FISH '-;NOTHING ELS. E 11 A M 2 P.M. -S P .M. -8 P .M. CLe5ED SUNDAYS ; Qorn_.,r :lack arul Morgan Streets Try the Best in Food FINEST LIQUORS DANCING EVERY NITE 22nd Street Causeway Phone Y 1715 PRIVATE DINING ROOMS KNIGHT BROS. PAPER 612 Bell 4205 : ''A Paper for Every Purpos;;-.' i: I MONEY LOANED ON ANYTHING OF VALUE TAMPA LOAN CO. "TAMPA'S OLDEST AND MOST UBE:RAL" 908 FRANXLHf STREET T 1i E E C H: 0 S '11 405th BOMB. GROUP 11Four Oh Five Times// New assignments for the 405th include 2nd Lt. Fores t B Stith who came direct from the special I service school at Lexington, Kentucky Lt. Stith is also a grad uate qf OCS, Miami Beach, Fla. He will assuine duties of Special Service Officer. for that. g1oup. 2nd Lt .. Sainuel K.. Jacobs also fresh fr'om OCS" arid a special cour s e in the J\rmy_Air Force Statistical School at Harvard, was assigned ass't Gropp ,Statistical Officer under 1st Lt, Harry Greathouse, Sta t. Officer for the Group. The Headquarters for the 405th is certainly a dreary looking place these days w ith the Adjutant I Capt. Adgar J Loftus, attending Administrator Inspectors School at Ft. Logan, Colo., CoL Marvm S Zipp, the Commanding Officer, on a special i'ni'ssion with his Executive Officer Major Hook and the Stat. Officer, Lt. Harry Greathouse, on a conference at Washington, D C., it all boils down to 1st Lt. Dupre' 'to carry the load. Now, ordinarily this job would be a tremendous undertaking, but I the 405th being the up and coming outfit that it is. Why, things just sail along at the usual normal rate with the smoothness of Tampa Bay on a balmy day. However, Lt. Dupre still will be happy when some of the senior officers return. You know, "Just in case" ... Incidenta lly, the aforementioned Lt. Stith will t ake over where Dupre' left off. He, having been this day transferred to the 42nd Wing at Third Air Support Com mand at Birmingham, Ala. With no basics at the Four Oh Fifth it is really something to walk

Page 8 Hotly Contested Game lost in Closing Seconds Sports Parade By 'PFC. DELWYN BAGGETT Basketball canie to an end last Monday -when the MacDill Fliers Coming from behind in the last eked out a close 38-35 win over half, the Dr.ew Interceptors tied the Interceptors for the city cham1 the game up in the third period, I pionship. but fina1ly lost the ho_tly Both teams played brilliant ball ed game to the MacDill Flters m and although the Drewmen lost the clos:ng seconds of the game, the big one every m ember of the 38-35, fol the championship. I t eam was glorious in the defeat Dre\\. won the first half of the. that saw them fight ever y minute Tampa C1t_y league w1thout a loss! of the wa and l\IIa{;Dlll captured the second, } when tl-.e two teams spl i t with Drew won the c1ty champwn-1 Florida Seer knocking ofi the In-ship last year from their brothers tercepto:s for their other loss. across the way and c:tme mi ghty THE .ECHOES P"esenf b 7ltis Week The following pictures will play in Theaters 2 and : ) on the dates inclic.:.c:!-J 2 3 ; He Dood It Again; Women in I Sports; Two Saplmgs. ---, The following pictures willj play in Theaters 1 and 4 on the dates I Sat .. March 27: DESPERATE JOURNEY -(Revival) EiTol Flynn, Alan Hale; Seein' Red, White 'n Blue. Sun.-Mon .. March 28-29: FLIGHT FOR FREEDOM-Rosa-lind Russell, Fred' McMurray; Flying Jalopy; News of the Day No. 255. Tues., March 30: AFTER MIDNIGHT WITH BOSTON BLACKIE-Cheste1 Morris; HE' S MY GUY-Irene Her-vey. Wed.-Thurs., March 1: IT AIN'T HAY -Abbot & Costello; Young and Beautiful; News J of the Day No. 256 Fri .. April 2: I DIXIE DUGAN-Lois Andrews; I-Ie Dood It Again; Women in I Sports: Two Saplmgs feated. in theiL fight out b\ the F liers in 1h<.' t o sta\-> 1 the ball gan1e and had: hcil.f. \, he lost lhe!r onlv to JOt!R!\ E):' (ncJ to figl1t an uphll 'battle
,.Lm IL\lc; i I \Vay-their tc;_ l.k:r gc:.ntc.S j n ule Sl:c:ond half. one to Sc8in: l:::e d u Blue. .I'! nents. Eve1y 111en1bcr or ihc t eon1! lVLacDill c:.nd the other to F1oric1a put up co. t'errif::; h!ttle lhc P.u s pe nd them as you do ca:;h, and I ,,_ tea1n w:1s Gunnerson, Petraitis tiona! floor game in his handling t 11ex are good until spent. No idearifi-' i .I (t\ and Horton. who played a whale of the ball; Cpl. Ed Sitarz, the I cation need e d. I l; of a defensive game. smooth ball handler; Pfc. John Wit-h this game, Drew ended Cassidy, for his outstanding per1 Issued i:1. denominations of $10, $20, the season \Vith a record of 27 formance oi1 defense; Sgt.Hall, 1'1 games ''-'On and four defeats. with his 6 foot 4 inch build. who Minim.1m cost 40c for $tOt:.> $50. Drew won the city champion-controlled the ball on the back' r a r s:::ie 2-t Banks, Raiiw:1 y E::!_Jress offices, at principal ship from MacDill last year and board; Sgt." Fox, with his expert rail(


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