Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Post Exchange
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 2, no. 4 (April 2, 1943).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
April 2, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
1 773
t Drew Field echoes.
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?/ :e.. VOL. 2 NO.4 Devoted Exclusively to the Interests of the Personnel of Drew Field Friday April 2. 1943 GEN. SHERRILL IS NEW C. 0. OF A WUTC BASE OPERATIONS IS MAINSPRING OF "KEEP 'EM FLYING" MECHA.NISM 19Year.:.Oid Officer Is C 0. of Three Drew Organizations 2nd Lieutenant Arnold lVI. Proctor probably enjoys the unique distinctio n of being the youngest officer ever to head three organiations at nineteen. H e is now 20, but even at 19 was Commanding Officer of the 903rd Quartermaster the 922nd Boat Company, and the 7th Operations Platoon. H e is also Laundry Of ficer which is a lot of responsibility for so young an officer. B4t Lt. Proctor is not young in t h e service, having enlisted November 28, 1940. He served at the Pendleton Air Base. Oregon. Soon after spending three months in Portland, Oregon, with a pursuit wing, and shipped overseas, bound for Manila, but he never got there. They were on the high seas on that historic day of Pearl Harbor. Says Proctor: "On that daY., there was plenty of excitement. We all knew what had happened, because there were W"erally hundred of radios on board. But within a half hour of the initial radio announcernent, all radios had been confir. cated probably so we wouldn't get unduly alarmed. W e were all wearing lifeboats, the ship was ordered back, the boat was zigzaggin g wildly, just in case any enemy subs w ere around, and we were all ready for action. "And we were r eally set for action too. All guns on boardanti aircraft and deck guns-were Firs row, left id right: Pvt. Hem:y C. Relation. 2nd Lt. Emrick W. Nult, Major Harry F. Bunze, ready to fire. The ship was the T/Sgt. Robert D. Crow, and Cpl. Walter R. McKibbsn.-Second row, left to. right: Pvts. Elmer T asker H Bliss, an Army TransA. Sordelet. Paul S. Auer, Chester A. Ceilesz. Floyd .L. Jensen, James A. Beck, Richard G. Hatcher, port which was later sunk i n the Phili p Pearl. a .nd Afred E. (;uzzi Third row, left to right.: Cpl. Cletus W. Buehner, Cpl. Eugene fighting off Casablanca. Luckily, S. Bell, Pic. Arthur Goldblatt, Cpl. James P. Morgan, Pvt. Andor F. Kish, Cpl..Raymond C. Minkus, we weren' t attacked on the way Cpl. Gillock L. Mabry. and Sgt. Clarence J:? Prince. back to San Francisco." +: "Whe n we reached port," conti------,-------,.-----nued Lt. Proctor, "we found that Col. Stern Leaves For An Important New Assignment Drew Field acquired the: serv ices of a ,former cavalvy officer and veteran of WoridWar I when Brig. Gen. Stephen H Sherrill replaced Col. Benjamin Stern on March 28 as Commanding Officer of the expanding Aircraft Warning Unit Training Center. Col. Stern has been transferred else-where under secret orders. G e n. Sherrill was formeny Commanding General of the Western SignalCorps School at Davis, California, and the Signal Corps Soldiers in_ Hospital j Many departments ar .e n. eces-Drew Boxers to Fight the ship had twice b een reported sunk by the Japs This was be-. Have a Good Tlmesary_to th eproper fu!!ctwnmg of In Tampa M"tches cause the'. hoped to get us to use GEN. s _TEPHEN H. SHERRILL an arr base but none 1s more fasu cinating or more vital than BASE our. :v-rireless, our Replacement Center at Camp Perhaps it may seem strange OPERATIONS. "On the Beam" 2 4 The tnrrd monthly boxing show positron. We dldn t do rt. Kohler, Sacramento, California. that anyone can have a good time hours a day, the personnel of this between Drew, Third Air Force He went back to Seattle, wrth The new Commanding Generaf in a hospital, but that is exactly office operates the mainspring of! and MacDill will be held at the the Command there, of the A.W. U T .C is a West what is happening here Under the "keep 'em flying" mechanism. Municipal Auditorium in Tampa, where Bngadrer Pointer who brings to new the tutelage of capable Martha E. Base Operations is directly res-April 5, at 8:15 p .m. S. Wash was Commandmg Offrcommand a wealth of military Maham, Assistant Field Director ponsible for the movements of _Dre_w won the March sh. ow by cer, and was of the crew on experience. In 1917 he was gradf b General Wash s plane. uated from the U S Militarv of Red Cross at Drew Field, every plane landing-at or our outs, drawmg one H,e was sent to at West Pam t and afte-r tl;le Hospital Recreational Hall ing from Drew Field. This office and losmg one.. c d d t s 1 1 t R ch has been doing fine work with must pass approva l before a plane The feature frght of the March cer s 1 a. e c 101 Q -receiving his commission he hospital can taxi across the field, before i show was between Pvt. "Popeye" mond, Vrrgmr a, rn t 1e u ar er-served for 15 months overseas in M M t d 1 it can s tart its run for the Holland, of Drew, and Sgt. Joe master. Corps, graduatmg _as a I World War I. As Commanding rss anam, a rame socla ff d b f Kaballo of the 21st Bomb Grou 2nd Lieut e nant September 25, Officer of Troop I S econd U S worker with considerable army 0 an e ore rt can. come m to p, 19 42, at t h e age of 19 He came Cavalry, h e oarti.Clpated ln four d R d C land Carefully checkm" even the of MacDrll, w1th Pvt. Holland F 1 0 t b 2 d d ail e ross expenence, says o ." I b k l to Drew le. c o er n _an. ma)or The advance tt.. t .t 1 t f f t Nth most mmute deta1l connected Wlh wmnmg Y a nocmut m the h b 0 k for the Quarter 1 a 1 rs o s 0 un. oo. o mg 1 ti second round as w 1 1 o cavalry of the army of occupation her morled. tJ:.and A l Sayre meet the highl y Offlce here smce that. in Germany was commanded by -'PI,..l1g some so rer ge 1s mm t t d s 'th f M D ll time. him. 'f h. h 1 t bl d f 'one purpose-to keep em flymg1 ou e m1 ers, o ac 1 m a +:---....,.--'-'-/ ;IS p ysrca rou I and landing safely at Drew Field., headliner Monday The Red drive will be In 1923 after studying commu-. t have somet,hmo :""long I .. ... Othe r men who w!ll appear for Cross nications e n gineering at the Shefwrt h him, he wouldn t be m the Stuff Drew on the card are Joe Balcontinu_ed for approximatel y field Scientific School, Yale Unih cspital. Drrecmg _the :y1tal functiOns. of samo Milton Donais and "Po another week. Voluntary con-versity, he was transferred _in t o There are all kinc!s of. things I Bas_ e ?pera:wpsls a West Pomcer, I eye" 'Holland. P tribuiions will be accepted by the Signal Corps. t o do. For the bed-ndden, there MaJor Harry F B1;1pze be-Tampa people will get their lhe Red Cross officers of each Gen. Sherrill was professor of ate books magazines, brought srdes knowmg his stuf_f, r15 I first chance to s ee the classy unit. military science and tactics at the a round dazly by the Red Cross of t9e most popular s ever Sayre from the east who won Carnegie Institute of Technology, Jibtarian. There is letter writin_g, at Drew. Frel?. the middleweight chainpiom:hip G. I. Gals Come to Drew Pittsburg, until 1930 when he ena n d games that can be played m MaJOl t1as been flymg. smce hrs of Third Air Force from the once-tered the Command and t-ed-puzzles .dominoes, checkers, graduatiOn from the outstanding Tommy Purcell of I Staff School at Fort Leavenworth. etc. de my. almost. three H is Lakeland in the main go at Lake-But Nobody W AACs ; K a n sas. Two years later he grad-Then. there. is handicraft work exl?enence mcludes pllo!mg a land last week. Will Arnve I uated. t.hat e':eil fellow who is 1 flyrz:g fortres:s servm"g. I Tickets will be on sal e at PX's, --. After graduating from the c.o,.v n LO hrs can do-thmgs. oper atwns offlcer of a flym_, for-Organizations' Orderlv Rooms Groom your selv'7S. soldier boy: Army War College, \XTashing ton, lik e plaiting a leather or a rope I tress sq_uadron. Before commg to Officers' Club Physical Training Get yourself a h_an cut, _launder I D C., in 19 39, he then served for belt: or making a bill fold, or Drew Field Septe_mber !1e was Office at 5th 'and E s treets and your Y?UI shoes,, three years in the War Plans assembling a model airplane or <;:>peratiO?S a. in S-3 at Base Headquarters. c l eaz: you: fmgernarls, shave Divbion of the War Department boat. Materials and methods for I D rll Freid. MaJOr Bunze s +: :yom self, WAACs are com-General Staff. In July, 1942 he doirig these things are furnished' capably by Capt. _Dona l d L. Yone 1 mg to Drew Freid. was assigned to the Sacramento by the Red Cross under the im-/and 2nd Lt. Hult. Fd.mg StatiOn Opened When the W-!":AC detachment r s command and pr.omoted from rrie

.. Bose 0 p -.the. of J he calls b:y radw: : 'Ll234 to "Stand \)y"-h!i! rlates the {Co:ritinued hom Page I) I tower, r equest pennisswn to facts concerning tl'!e sit. out for takeoff Go ahead, tower: uatwn to the ten persons simulta-Crow and his assistant, S/Sgt.l If plane s are coming in for a neoudy, thus assuring the pre .John S Crump. This office is landing or one already is at the sence of rescue persoimel wher notifi_ed of an:l' cras h on or off I of the to get ever needed to handle all deve l the f 1 eld and, 111 turn, passes on 111to the a1r, the Ll234 s pilot must opments. the i.niormation to authorized wa1t where he 1s until he receives I The Drew Field Base Operaperson s. .the permission: "Tower to Office maintains a complete Seni.ce, maintenance, repair and taxi ?Ut to end of runway 29." 1 information service to ans\ver any of both Bas e .and tranf\rnvmg there, the pilot then of the questimis ient .planes; U'tlder the direction the tOwer for permission to take-a pi!Qt might askfor his guidance: ofL iD.e T/Sgt. Robert B. off. Maps-:-covering in minute. detail Bumgardner arid Sgt. Henry L. As soon as the plane takes off, every section of the United StateS. Borum is another important" func-the tower notifies the dispatcher. -are on hand for use of-the pilots. Hon of. Base Operation. s : Th. e Base who. i m-;nedia -tely calls the A .irwayl I n fact, every. preeau.t_ton. and AleLi group. headed: by Sgt. Traffic: Control. Center m Jack-safety device is used by the U.S. Franc i.s F. Gel'osky, is on duty 24 I soriyille _aria gives the m the Army Ah Forces for the j:Jrbtechours a day. to-take care of the plane's flight plan. They in turn tion of its men a nd planes. alJ:Se seivice' needs or visiting I tr&nsrhit this inf?rmali0n to the, ... Major H;arry Bunze :oiiid his ofshtps: po111t of dest111ahon so that the f1cers and men-are thoroughly The Dispatcher's office and the' dispatcher there knows just when trained experts. They have the ContrCJl Tower are the 'other divi-1 to expect the plane, its speed, knowledge and equipment on the .sions of Base Operations. transmitting frequency and alti-ground to keep 'em flying safely Dispatcher Sgt. Harry J .. Schiei tude. in the air. and .J:;i.s assistants work in close j No flight plan is put in the NOTE: If a tentative course is conjunction with Control1 completed file; until the dispatcher marked. with bad 'Yeather n0 Towee. T/Sgt. Stevie Jenkms, at the pmnt of takeoff has been p1lot, w1th the exceptiOn of com !l>On-co:n in charge of the Td\.vei', of. the plaiie's ah-ival at I mand and Ser!-ioi Pilots, can get IS assJ.Sted by S/Sg<. Vernard Its dest111atwn a clearance without the per>:onal Smith, Chief Operator, arid a staff If for any reason the plane of th eBase Operations of. expert "air traffic cops." not arrive at destination I Officer. Ho, w 11 Works 9r IS not reported m a forced .,_;,;,liiooi--------""'"'-......., While it is imposeible to show landing in a n!asoriable length of L f t t H t 1 the e ntire workings of Base Opetirrie after its arrival, a a Y e e 0 e ration s in one article, its basic an SSS wai'ning is sei1t out by E. A. CLAY, Miirlagi!r functions can be explained. by the dispatcher to Jhe Reg,i6nal ... ,.. .... .. .... -.. showin g the steps a Drew Field ConhQl Ceriter and then trahs-120 Wed. strl;!et p 'ilot would autoniatically take' n1itted hom there by teletype to East i:J befoce starting on a cross-countr' y all stations enro.ute. Afte1 a fll.i-Phon .. e flight. ther wait, but to exhaustion Here's the procedure: Fil'st, the of .fuel, the dispatcher informs '-illiilliilliiioiliiiiiilliiiiiiiolliliilriiiliiiiriliiiiiilllliiiiiiiiliiliiiiiii,J weather over _the the Operations Officer that the posed route are checked carefully. plane has not beeri repoi'ted. If the weather is good,' the pilot A search i<; instituted at ohce. mereiy checks the charts for the employing all available aiicraft wirids aloft arid decides at what I :o1nd pilots from vai'iom organiza-. altitude he will fly. H e then .gets tiohs ori the Base. Siinultaneotis w_hate ver o-ther information he With this action; plaries are disneeds horri the dispatcher, such patched from the destination as local regulations at airports point to -irisure coinplete coverage areas, etc., arid I of eht!re r.oute in'the shoi-test a fhghc .plan IS made out by the posSible time. This _plan, when If it i:. likel:v that signed by 'tlj.e cdi1sti : II the may have forced tules the p1ane s clearance. _Howr\own 111 water or .def1h1te woid f."ver, a clearance is good for only Has been received to that effect, oiie houi'. If the pilot delays his crash boats are disoatched to the departure lo.nger .tha. n that, he. aoproximate location. In more, m.t.tst redick _\-vith -the. than one instance, the prompt I departm:e:nt ai19. dispatcher I arrival of these Jjoats -has bf'eh fer a new_ e1earance: iri the saving of a Nter. th Clearance is isSi,!E'd: life. 1 arid. t h e pilot _is 1 'eady, the disc 1 ln of Trouble patc_he r J!.pti!ies th. e \ Iri case of an airel-aft in troub. l e mterphone, the over or near Drew Field ari alaii-n craft ,:_:;.1iq :rt tpe ?3.ni e t1p1e is sotihded fro in the ,control towei ; the fttfht the tower _op;et : I this automatically .,cuts _off. any ?tpr;. next hnl-... other conversatwn and the m atr s:;J.fety cham for the. telephones i n ten diffei'eht offiCes. planes_ movement. I When the flash boai' d in the tower : Pll.i;t CO'hfads Tower shows that all ten phones have Vlher.;_ the pilot gets i eady to beet1 answered, the. tower operTailtrretf to Fit Better! 'S!HU{TS.>i\t SLACKS 1t: CAPS CHEVRONS OdrtijileteSetvice ifettl.s for Service Me,; 916 Franklin Street '" .. j ... .-"'., \ ..:-- \ A n notlfttceme ,rit CLUB HI-HAT Now Under New Management Ill A N) c E p L A c f F 0 R N / C E P E 0 P L pu FEATURING "The Parade of Stars'' The First Rear Epic C?f out Navy in Battle in the Pacifit! For action i Fo{ thrilis! It's the pic. of 'nie year! BY FOR ACTION" Tay .lor, Cl'larle s Laughton Brian nonlevy. Waltei Brennan Ph. 3290 9c -28c SUNDAY AND MONDAY SiNGLE FEATURE Disney artoon Feature TUESDAY -WEDliESI?A:Y SATURDAY AND SUNDAY 2:30 to s Ever. Y Night s till 11 f:xctJ?t MONDAY 5c F a r e l i I On Davis Island Buses LEAVING: GRANT'S .CORNER ttiAN'K:L:iN" A:Nb c.Ass stl:tE;f-ts 7 : : 1l:4S 8:15 SK _A.ti.NG RINK 210 E-; st Tampa Good Food -Reasonabfe Prices Try di.ti:' sunday :Roast Turkey Dinrier serveci: Frorri ii io 9 ALA CARtE SERVICE At' ALL HOURS. OPEN DAY A:Nt> NiGHT: WE lJSE stiUGfLY W e .Sf:ERN MEA!fs. 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"Srictiy in-Groove" Man:iar

ori th. e 'flith A.Arck 1 ,.., w here h e parilc1pat e d in se:vera ] Three-Thirty-Nine sor!Jes agains t the e nemy. He has been awarded the D.F.C. and Air S!)ih AVIATION SQ; (SEP) g)ishin' Dirt AT HEADQUARTERS, T/Sgt. Medal with three Oak Leaf Chls-CPL. JAMES J. MITCHELL Jacobson the busiest man w e ters. H is duties v\rill be to inshilct Leading the Gold-Brick pa1:ade have ever seen, is pining away new gunners in. aer. ial v.rarfai e this weelc is Pvt. Leon Webb and for the wife and auto back ih tactics, and we knciv\r he' ll make Cpl. J:ames B Witsell the mad Maryland. Seems h e can t send a direct hit. Sgt. Floyd M. Cle-Charge of Quarters Cpl. Vinfor one without the other. .. The ments has been granted a ten-day <:;ent J. Tutson and Cpl. Joseph base post office i s seriousl y con-furlough W e understan d that H Morrison has just returned sidering running a direct mail he returns he will be in a a furlough in the route to Cpl. Dubuc's desk. P op-i pos1t10n. t o prove or disprove that beautiful city of Jacksonvil le, u lar cqap. Must "owe" a lot qf J old saymg ."two living as Florida. : peopl e ... T /Sgt. Parker, seen cheaply as one. Got 1t, Wmche ll? Vve 11ave added to our Squadron squiring base telegraph offi c e pe1; : W e are very f.ortunate in 1 8 recruits from Kearns, Utah. sonnel, swears it's all "in line of Jack Pohl (Payroll Let's try to teach the m all of the puty." Trying to get better servi Specia!Jst ) m our o rganization, ideal s that will h elp to make t h en1. 1ce for Headquarters, no doubt. .. I and you may rest assured that good soldiers and to love Welcome home to Capt. Crowley, I he has many, many fri ends ... Fie ld as we do. our Group Adjutant, just return1 Cpl. Herbert .Haugh, former agri ODDS AND ENDS ed from a fortnight of important cultmal specwl!st (Barnyard D i Cpl. Johnriie R. Anderson L oner meetings at ... Pvt. 1 VJSJOn), beheyes m the o l d adage Boat Key's gift to the Army' Clerk Spry called home suddenl y by. "the early bud ,gets the worm." World. commonly lmo w n as senous 1llness m the family. W e H e J S first to anse m the morn-Johnnie .O neFinger is 'making hope it's all well again when you mg, and takes off on the dawn yery rap1d progress in the Base are back, Eugen e ... Cpl. Srri a lley 1 patrol for the mess hall. Fowl, Typing Class ... Cpl. Vernon T. seen o n what street at what hour 1 s n't he? Fo'give u s Fo'give us. Harnson, o u r expert Bakel\ a with w h a t pretty. woman who. += gra,duate of Fort Benning Gear Authorized Bottler: PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING GO. OF when questioned closel y, admitted THE SKIPPER OF THE 485t h s Bakmg Scho9l, has returned t o b eipg Mrs. Smalley? Flossible, l st L t. Charles A. Appel, just re-from fui',lough j u 'stas fine as ever, you know ... Lt. Colbourn; busy turned attending a confer-so you guys can begin to get your counting h is statistics one day, ence With the WIGS in mouth all gauged fo r some of came close to m e ntal prostration vVashmgton and Dayton The men those delicious coffee bun s, that when one of his "numbers" could of the 485th are mighty proud of are so soothm g to a hungry soul not'be found. Fina ll Y got a friend our CO and mighty glad to serve JU.st off Rocky Point, or some get him a date, though. under hun ... 1st S gt. Murray WJtty clerk that has been tusE.!mg seem s lost m a fog w ithout Mrs. w 1 t h a company pay roll Pvt. AT THE 482nd, talk of feudin' Mur:ray to steer him. Let's hope/ John "Ole Dad" has been r arripant 'in the orderl y ropJtl Mrs. Murray gets to Tampa soo n .honorably discharged from the W1 t h so many Kentuckians h e r e -at least someone will be abl e t o Army of the United States and boys, we haven't a chance .. : get him up in the mornin g ... by this tin1e is being called "Joe Medicine, ,:irhat we couldn't do 8-.gt. McCord, the onl y man on the Civilian" ... Pvt. Fagin will withqut it. l\1:qrn!ng !nspectjons the base who has n o first name be m1ssed very much, because we shots Sgt. Mallpw h?s JTiaily but merel y an initia l i s bemoanwill be minus o u r regtilar Post se11timental memories of how ing the fact that his lovel y W AAC' Exchange and Friday night Floor such things have affected him this has. the measles. What about q uar-Show. T o this guy Fagin get week: H e aiways gets tqe antm1111! the couple of letters she a r ound, you would think that he anyw11y H(on.) sends him eyery day, too? They only ab9ut twenty-five, but p(u;ch.) Kass, the man whose all seem tq have little red crosses h e 1s the ripe age of .' 1 sphits wer.e brcik e n during our on t h e bottom. : W elcome to our In the future this articl e will be' physical ,. exams.....::. not a S/Sgt. James Harris, gun-the resp onsibility of P vt. 1CI.1 thi_ng w r ong with him, physically. ner m North Africa and proud. Wllllam A Norns ('Dr. Wizzard' ). H t h h h Th kl wearer of the Air M e dal and two' Your ole correspondent is enroute : !J, 1 ee! aw. e wee Y Oak Leaf He's a 1 eal to Officers Cand1'date Scl1ool.i mspe(!tJOn seemed pretty go od t o t h e CO; but wait until next week gl!Y: .. The barracks just (lqfantry) at Foit B e nnii1g, Ga. 1 .:__we'll do tw1t;;e as well. What received the1r sprmg house cleanSkating Ril!llk SUf..PHUR SPRINGS ._, NEW FLOOR NEW MUSIC NEW SKATES .A.,dznission: :sKATE ON THE :q.qoR IN Sc -.:--Street Car and to Dpor !5c: Service Men say, qoys? Nasty ... Since fum im g. W e are !1":' open c:laily to S E M I N 0 L E I gating the barracks we've never the pulbhc for mspection. The }JaQ. trouble, but l e t Kass tell you admission i s very phenominal SOUVENIR & JEWELRY CO. I qf his experience in assisting. in and the raJsmg of one eyebrow C.Ol\o1.BLETE LINE OF the demise of one vicious mouse WJII be tolerated ... No man in w h o lived through the. cyanide thi s Squadror holds .as many jobs c u R I 0 s --G I F r s pttC!Ck, but pot the deathly sh" u g as L t. John O'Neill. I n addition WRAi'J'ED FOR MAILING gle with one shoe: Who put to being Supply Officer and Che107 Lafay!lite py..il)c 1 n that m 1cal W arfare Officer. h e i s a l so 'position while h e was in towri? the Ass't Adjutant. Poo r fellow. That fumigation mus't have. been we hope h e never has to account sorta strong at that ... We have for a ll the papers he s i gns the pleasure of announcing the Furloughs: those lucky guys of Lt. Stuhlman, our M/Sgt. T /Sgt. Hand Sq'L!adron D oc," so don't hold apd Sgt. Vogl. w ith thos e agonies now. The *:-----. i:;ick book is in the orderly room, POET':::; CORQNER: be sure to get your name in .. it before y isiting the dispensary. ThPrP. ni1ce was a girl fiom St. P a uL .,.:; *: Hey There Soldier! S W I M a t t he Sulphur Spripgs. Pool Springs. Temper!'ltur e '72 degi;ees. Bus and Street Car to Pool: Open 9 A.M. to 6 P..M. '. c 1st L t. Kuhn, THE 483rd' s CO.', Whn won :1. newspaper dress to a ball; ---. c-' "' ""' found to take on adde d dut1es. of his correspond now reads "Lt. & M r s R. G 'Kuhn." The men of this Squadron ext(;!n d whole h earted cqngrati.datioJ1S .. We also ext e nc:l congratu J a t ions to otir line c)lief, T /Sgt. Hardee, who made M /Sgt Also Her d ress c aught on fire and qur nt he1; entire Fronf page, spm;ts section, and a ll. RUY MORE WAR. BONDS AND STAMPS EVERY PAY DAY. to S/Sgt. Brundage, who became I .. ..... .. .. .. :first Sergeant, ansi to all other. MONEY LOAN ED men w h o made ratmgs ... We are : supposed to. be irrmressed b y the ON ANYTHING .OF "vi vid accomplishments" of the TAMPA LOAN CO three sergeants and a stray cor P oral who went fishing last Sun. MOST LIBERAL" day. .To date, vve have ne1ther 908 FRANKLIN STREET seen. nor tasted any of t hen "so:... ........ PAD;DOCK BAR :Not a Jqok Joint-But a place just hke -iJ'!O: <>ne back. you can brmg your wife or sweetheart. for a 9-'rink, a chat and fine music.": JACKSON. AT TA,MPA ST.' Open. From 8 A.M. to 1 : 2 P.M.; called a lot o f w hale oi l 'peats to us. This .. The 'L'OGICAL B .EST 'Pia'ce' send. B oth m e n have consid erable ove1 'seas experience to their credit, the forJTier in tqe Philippines and the latter in North Africa. Can' t go wrong with men like S/Sgt. Kelly is going with a glee anybody here who seen K e lly? THE MEN OF THE 484th re-cently chipped in and purchased a thoroughbred Cocker Spaniel pup. She will be the Squadron mascot and is receiving c 'onsiderabl e attention up and down the cpain of command. Right now we'd rather lead a dog's life ancl leave "Reilly" to his own devic e s. A new Medical Officer been assigned to organizati o n. H e is L t. F. R. Scroggin and is a former resident cif Kentuckv. TestingoDe ; t wo', three. Sgt. Gunner William T. Evans, assign to this Squadron recently, was F LOWERS Wired 1\.nywhere the U. S. A. Hospital Bouquets lfljl01 :kf2C''i''!'t'Jiiil.( OFFICERS/ SHIRTS AND SLACKS All Wool, Splendidly 119 5 Tailored Trousers have zipper fly ----------_ Each $10.95 Slacks ALL WQOL TROPCIAL WORSTED Shirts and Trol.\sers have zipper fly Each ______ WEST .'/. coAsT.ARm.S' STORES 917 FRANKLIN STREET, TAMPA CLEARWATER ST. PETERSBURG PLANT CITY Q31 Cleveland 872 C entral 110 N Collins ', YEAR YJSJ'f TaMPA' S I R 0 u N D p L.: A y G R 0 u N D 71( GRAND RIDES GAMES EA'fS ..,..... APM15SIQN to Ch 'II Special Rides for Children T h 'If I S Soldiers and Sailors. Welcor n e rl S A TAMPA-OWNED. iNSTITUTION ... 'Bring Your. Famiiy and Friend' s A PARK FOil. 'TAMPA'S ONLY NITECLUB ... -. Featuring 3 Floor Shows Nifely 8 10 DANNY & DON'S TAMPA STREET Dance to the Sweet Music of VERN YONKERS ORCHESliA : Service Men Officers Families "' FOR REALLY GOOD FOOD AT MODERATE PR!PES PLEASANT ATSPHERE-FOLLOW THE CRown T O T H E C 0 L-O N N AD E BA YSHORE AND JULIA Steak., Sea Food, Dinners Delicious Sandwiches FRANK Rl)TTA, CHEF-. Formerly chef at Montrose Restaurant, and 48th, New York. came to Flor"?' ida, got sand in his and now has opened his <:JWn place at 418 W. lafayette Street in Spaghetti and Ravioli Wf; ALSO SERVE BEER AND WINES BUY MORE WAR BONDS EVERY I


.... Page. 4 THE GLENN R. ROSS, Publisher TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS ADVERTISING RATES FURNISHED ON REQUEST A publlshe4 for the :pedonnel of Dre\V' Field anq qevoted to military interests and the United Natiom Victory. Opinions expressed in thi$. newspaper are those of the individual writers under no circumstances are they to be considered those of the United States Army. 1\dvertisewents in this publication do not constitute endorsement by the War Department or its per sonnel of the products advertised. 3rd F c., HO. & HO. sa. SEA BREEZES c ';) o -. --:-. .!N ,c;;ER.\JICE .CLlJB--. THE--ECHOES g 624th Bomb. Squadron (D) AAF only the s ixth time in Tampa and twice t h a t day ( h e should pay his bills). April 2. 1s43 Top Kick Parade ends, cabinets, and other knicks are made by the boys. In the library, other more ar_tistically inclined men try their hand at sketching and drawing. <> A complety equipped kitche provides the means for setting t occasional treats for the boys. ; That' s why it' s fun to be once in a


. April 2. 1943 THE ECHOES was the broad cast of 'Rookie Rov,' I whic\1 weli bot h the 11skn m g aucl!ence and t,he :.aldie r s w ho c i Service Men i GLEN'S BILLIARDS .\ Now In Its New Loa-Jll'loa .805 TAMPA ST. __ \


H E A Q Q U ART_ f R 5 the .:raps attack. of Dec. 7th. Ffe knew"many of the men at Clark Ask Culonel Zion w hat he Field, and orie \Vish is to be thinks about high altitude flying! with our boys when. they settle On second thought, boys, mayqe the scor e. He should ryn up a few you better not! Anyway we are points in. our favor. Watch out, ?la d to have the Colonel back. Tojo: With the return of Capt. Loftus -+< and Lt. Greathouse, headquarters One of the sacl,dest happen-is gr?dua!ly going back to norinal. .ings since last we went. 1-o;press. However, 4Q5th misses that bright \yas :Mc;mday riight movie smiie arid "what'cha kriow Joe" confusioJ1. After wearing a gas of 1st L t. Henry P. Dupre, former all the took it assistant adjufant and Group Spe-cJf w1th a wec;try sig];l, and pro. cial Service Officer. 42nd Wing, tQ the cinema for ''some at Birmingham,-has a mighty fine entertainment. Imc;tgine their man in Lf. Duore and we wish Vf!'!re told him the 5est ofluck. .. to go b;3.ck for gas The Some rumqrs are around that movie c.oiildnit have smelled 405th' Heac1ouai :ters has one of the most efficieht groups of non-+<---'--corns on the fielq. Who said that? Bomb. Sq. (D) Guess they forgot these non-' coni.s INTELLIGENCE SECTION ar.e hard to live with anyway! Really though T /Sgt Duff; S/Sgts Squildron :t o "' ,. f 1 '1 o ,'o, I 1 '\, '.o, ; I'.,.--2!1? 5783 COURTESY DISCOUNT 20 PERCENT .. '.. ,. ': '.: ..- Cpl. sneild, an!l certainly not the promotJ_om m _the smalle:o: t "Hefty" Granger, are getdron last week. Master S ergeanC the job If you don't! T/Ejgt L:ak D. Donehoo; believe it, just follow them around Sergeants: S/Sgt. John B. Barley? awhile. I G]lY F Cqle, Harry }\,: Tabernackr Bonecrusher .Lt. Engedahl and M_artmt S. Non:rs ; Staff SerIf the officers of the 405th make geants. Sg_s. Peter Srmone and the obstade course at "nothing Samuel Ersenberg; -Sergeants: flat" next week, then the followCpls, Sherman W. Hughe s Blacking week they !nay take a holiday. shear Snyder, Edward J. Qh, yeilh! Not the bonecrusher, Jame s W. Lynn, Wrl he' s a hard inan, McGee. h (l.m. Mrllazzo, R. Harper, The perspnnel of the Borrib Sq., Communications sec tion went to Lake Sutler last week. Aside the fact that a few difficulties were had in setting busy this week preparing for .. .. !! .. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. who were on the trip. 'Since the men in this Sq., traine.d they spend most of it q n K:P. and Guerd Duty. BAY VIEW HOTEL WITH W B SHULER, Manager 208 JACKSON ST .. Between FRANKLIN&: TAMPA .. Another officer arrived last Leomd B. Loyd, Mrtro Yuhas, anq wee\{ to:,ta)$:e Lt. pupre's plqut his' other wqrl{ 301 NEws H Crystill, Harold A : st Yaggie, Daniel J Rommel, Syl-M1"lisb 01'. 0. "ft .. ... .... In and. out they go, where they v.ester F. Kosminski, Earle M. come fr.om anQ. wrere they go, Ford, Ralph Fleckn1an, Rich?rd no one seems fo know. Yes; Robert. F Zen'ike, Ji personnel of'tlie 301st changes. SQ and Walter. Krenek; Pvts P eter. often I wonder how the orderly .t oom:Yilck, B er1iilinen A. Cizec, HYNES .t.1:11nager ... ) n J .. s M w I "I've *o P.e _fim ::!3 1'_. -room keeps up' "\'lit h them.. Joseph A. Mayer, Timothy II: When comirig in at night, never Horan, C)1eser P. Porter, Peter take fcir gra'nted that the aisle of Phipjps, q. Ff. and Pvt. the 'barracks al : e Clear of cots just A-thol 0 Holder. Blue .. :t::_ ( .... ______ .. ':. ... -* because they were when vpu "\'fe)1t O).lt in the evening, for if yqu do, Siemon, who recenqy atyou are apt to "fihd yourself in tended Photo-Intelligence .School the same cot with a newly arrived ilt :Pa : ]ust j'ql.ned. gunner, mechanic, basic or what tbe squadrori. In civilian life he have you. Tpe l;_J.st batch that rewas. a horsetr<].fner When he' en cently ardv.ed were gunners an? liste4 i11 the <1-i'fUY he P.xoecteq to they seem to b e a swell bunch of j pe in the cavack to Maxwell Field just before Meats, P-oultry, Groceries, and :P!ll-illl!-tessetj.' an{J all l" .,4, 'h )31ocl< East Of Nebraska Ave. "' Down! Men. :Oelicious Food Reasonabl-y Open Night. C H 1 L D CAFE 5 .01 FRANKLIN STREET AIR BA .. S : : E BUS L I N E c :aus swi!FION ... .... .:. 30-Minute Ser. ".lce Fields a* All Hours -15-.Minufe. Service D)lripg Rush -Jiours CALL 4 3 ... Welc9_me "TAMP A' 0 N L Y MUSIC A it,.: : ; B A R" CHESJERF{ELD BAR J-i 0 T E l > K N 0 X M;:mager l: Jeffers

_ ; Who's Who In Base Headqua.rtefs \ ...-f. ;.=_: ;; I J \ is for the "high-brow" stuff and he's giving up comedy for grand opera, symph0nies, and the kin dred -arts -like the 69 t h AAF ,_' Verse: Band Concerts. tlie -private to the sergeant, Pvt. Chuck Boldt misses the ."Don't you think the bugle blew Band boyD so mtich-after his first ; too soon?" week o n separate rations and liv. the sergeant to the private, ing off tbe post-that he wants :"You can sleep 'till noon." to move back to T-272 ... and Chorus: -Mrs. Boldt came here all the way Move it over, Move it over, from Mobridge, S. D it way over there; Cpl. Jess Zimmerman, editor .. another dirt load coming of the ECHOES; never fails to up the re-ad, commend this column for the So move it oyer there. promptness with which the copy Verse: By S/Sgt. John F. Suszynski is submitted each week ... he the private to the sergean t wants to give us a medalor would like a week to see mj The 69th Army Air Forces Band something??? f, gal." has just been granted a new I mav as well adinit it all .I Said the, sergeant to the private, Table of Organization IT'S APRIL FOOL! "Take. a mpnth, old. pal." one hundred men .... Pvts. Don I ;, Jtdditiomi.l Verses: Riggle, Alvin R. Wagner and -, 1 Said .the private to the .major, Francesco Zecchino joined us dur' ''I'm so tired 'cause I hiked so irig the past week to bring us Americans Invited to '> far. riear the ha:lf:way marker on t\l.e .. .. d .__ ___ __ .. -, .. -.... ., ........ .. "You always ehjoy it when you connect with a rio matter wHere. There's something about it tni:i't's special. All the difference between something really re and just something to drink. Yes, indeed. The oniy thing like Coca-Cola is Coci:i-.Cota, itsel.i. Bet you've fo und that ()Uf already." .. _, BOITLEO UNDElt AimtORri OF THE COCA-COLA CORrPANY BY TAMPA COCA-COLA BOTTLiNG COMPANY TriiS EASY WA Y --by t !lrnin_:; your c ash into American ExpressTrrrvelers If r.1isp!:1ced or stolen, their value is refunded in full. You spend them as you do cash, and they a; e gDod until spent. No identi-fi. cation r1eeGed. n in Jenominations of $10,$20, $5 O a::1ci $100. Cost only 7 5 per $ioo Minimum cost_ 40 $10 td $50. F;:,1 s:ile at B'anks, Railway Ex!'ress offices, at ptiiitipal rail-road ticket officeS' and at inari}' camps ari d oiises ,Said the major to the private new T/0. Open Door Canteen inside my car." (Repeat Sgts. Gordon Booth and Bud I i! chorus) and Cpls. Mike Galdino, The Selective Service Hospita l*----,_ Joe Owings arid Don Stockwell' 1 itv Service Committee, sponsors Said the private to the sergeant, as well as your Band Noter, 1 of the Open Door Canteen, locatetl liiiiiiiiiliaiiiii! .iiil iiii-iil" il "iil"iiiiiiiiiiliiiliiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliii the buttons on my coat are 1 fused to accept their recent proon. the corner of Draft and SERVICE MEN ARE INVtTED ;_ gone." 1 motions-on grounds of modes-ty, cuff Avenues, extend an invitaSaid the sergeant to the private, or some such pretense-and have tion to A-1 Americans to drop in A L M.. o AF E .... will sew them on." (Repeat advised Band Leader L. G. Baker, at Drew Field, Tampa, Florida. ::-chorus). in writing, of that fact. Open for duration and six months Cpl. Ralph "Mass" Sudjian, Pfc. thereafter. We Serve the Finest of Foods and Spanish Said the private to the sergeant, Joe Ar 1zona" wr1ght and Pvt G I. food, clothmg and dwc1plme T "' FI d" "Sh d h h h ,203 E. Ca_ s s ___ ,,.. ampa, or 1a_. ootin' craps and now I'm Del "Newyori<::er" Purga are v ery are serve on t e ouse m t e __ .. broke again." liappy at the prospect of their effort to make the Open Door a Said/"';! sergeant to the private, furloughs, scheduled to begin home for the boys away from 'f.et_ ] .1 lend you ten. (Repeat Anril 1 bein_g cancelled. Pfc. Sam1 home -. d ,.._, _!is). Schiavone refuses to go on his ______ ....;...,;._ __ .;..;;.... __ ..; S:iid the private to the sergeant, so weary I could drop right > h eie." the sergeant to the private, "tea,n on me, my dear." (Repeat _: diorus). >;; S ;\iid the private tb the sergeant, m e when I went t o ]:jed ;" S;iid the sergeant to the private, ki!SS you instead." (Repeat chorus). leave until everyone in the Band ') 1 l l 0 W has gone. .. T 0 P S T /Sgt. E. F Eaton has been Corps, Signal. Quartermaster. Medical, Marine, Navy, Army, ber.-iegecl with all sort s of offers coa5t Guard, Mao of Florida since he risked life and limb to' SEE THEM BEFORE BUYING chant a few h eart-felt ditties wi.th I Air Base Bus Terminal the Society Dance Combo at Sarasota recently. So far h e has 1 sos TAMPA STREET spurned all offers ... he dreams/ only of the day when l 1 e shall make his debut as the "Rheuma-. tic Tenor" wi't h the MILIT AIRES, under Sgt. Luukkonen's direction. CELESTE'S After announcin g the Band GIFTS SOUVENIRS S .. '"d t l... t t th Concert last Thursday, Pfc. Harry Greei .. I.ng Cards, Ren_tal Library. ue pnva e 0 e sergeant, Evans of Special Services is quit"l'll be g etting back to camp quite ting the Rookie Roy Broadcasts 440 W. LAFAYETTE ST. late." S ii;id the sergeant to the private, ... he has decided that his talent "I'll sit up and wait." (Repeat ,..;..-----------------------------: chorus). Sai:d the private to the sergeant, I -could use another blanket fine.:' S&id the sergeant to the p1:ivate, "Let me give you mine." (Repeat chorus). Said the sergeant to the pi-ivates, : ; fou're t,!1e dumbest guys I ever to the sergeant, we all love you." (Repeat !t'' tltortts) .-.FOR YOUR C 0 NV EN IE N C E WATCH REPAIRING TWO-DAY SERVICE TERMINAL WATCH REPAI'RING AIR BASE BUS TERMINAL 9os TA-MPA STREET KNIGHt PAPER BR.OS. c 0. 612 B'ell Phones 4205 4204 "A Paper for Every Purpose" ONE-DAY EAT HENDERSON BAKING () 0 s BREAD 2702 FLORlll.\ .\VE. SERVICE EXPERT WATCH REPAIRING -. (Succeswr to E. P. JOHNSON & SON) / Watche s -Diamonds -Jewelry -No-velties Our Motto: Men First/1 214 E. LAFAYETTE Open. Every Night 'Til 10 P. M.


I have been cai'rying the burden in practiCe so far. W was a former big leaguer, 'Bentz. s e]:ved them up .the Ala" league. Lt. :Thomas has b 'een sharing iii Jill the catching with two other mem-_______ _:_ __ __:.:...::_ ___________ _:.___::_:_ ____ bers of the team No position on the. team is sewed up. Drew -Bo-xing; Team Wins Meet From ----.-MAAli::: .B ROTH.ERS:_: Strong Opponents The Drew team defeated the West Shore Radar Unit 12-1 in a practice game this week behind the combined twirling of and Bentz. OFFICIAL EXCHANGE SERVICE The Drew, Field boxing team captured their second meet of the season :by stopping the strong Lakela.1ld : and MacDill com'bina tion fol a 3% to 2 l/2.win before a capacity crowd at the Civic Center i n Lakeland last Thursday night. Drev;r won their first big meet sevea: weeks ago in a three-way meet between Third Air Force and MacDill at Municipal Auditorium. On this card Drew won four b.Juts, drew and lost one. / The feature bout of the Lakeland was between two high ly t:ciu':e d middleweights, Tommy P urce1: of Lakeland and Al Sayre of Drew, for the championship of Third Air Force. Sayre defeated the weaving Purcell by ty" ing him. up completely and punished him through three rounds in-fighting: Purcell peld on in the 1 last Two rounds and would not give t h e sharp-shooting Sayre a chance to hit him. Sayre won all 'three .coundsand the champion shiP belt. In the other fights, Drew re ceivec. three draws, one TKO and lost m1e by the same route Games are now being tentatively ai-ranged with teams in Tampa and other service in the Tampa area. FLORIDAN TRIO PLAYING NIGHTLY NO MINIMUM NO COUVERT AIR CONDITIONED Bob Bowles, 165 of Drew, and .Jack Lo Bue, 165 of Lakeland, fought to a draw. Glenn Edwards. 155 of Mac Dill, and Milton Dona! s 158 of Drew. niixed it up free! y to hav e it called all even after' f hree rounds of milling. The-third bout ofthe night was won by Joe Carlos, 155 of Drew, by a T.K.O. in the second over Lesley Stevens, 155 of Lakeland. Pat P;;.ngallo 145 21st Bomb. Gp., MaeDill, ,von the only fight of the n ight for the home town boys by the T.K.O. route. .. .n -Armt Air Forces Photo FIGHTs ON ARMY crack middleweight stationed at Drew field, will meet Ji)ey Smithers on the all-army fight card nex't Monday night at city auditorium, t!'Y :[111 tl!e l'ampa. (ll'Cll, belt tQ be t!J,e Wil,lner:.,, DINE AND DANCE AT LICATA'S In the third draw of the eve-552nd' Wins -Drew ning, Kid Martino, 135, Lakelai1d, receiv e d a draw with Joe Bal. Field Basketball samo 140, Drew. The fight was close all the way, but the Dre w Championship puncher carried the fight t o his opponent and seemed to have a Tbe. 552nd S1gnal A1r Warmng slight edge. The judges called it Battah_on the 1943 even: champ10nsh1p of Drew by defeat----* ing the 555th Signal Battalion, 35-27, in-the p1a) off. Basketba II League In the first round of the playoff, the 552 Signa. defeated the p 503rd Regt., 54-42 and the 555th 1 whipped the 551st Signal 23-22. The Medical Detachment drew a .bye in the first round. RED LEAG.UE Team W L 552 SAW Bn. 7 ____ 8 0 503rd SAW Regt._ 5 3 314th Air. Base_.:._:.._5 3 564th SAW __ ..:__4 4 563rd SAW Bn. _: __ _:4 4 501st SAW .Regt. ___ 4 4 57 5th SAW Bn. ____ 3 5 555th SAW Bn. ____ 2 6 503rd Plot. ________ 1 7 500 The 555th drew a bye in the 500 second with the 552 Signal :500 w inntin 4 g 8 o 3 \ 1 erf Detach men -, or 1e ng t to meet .250 the 555th for the championship' .125 of the field. S/Sgt. George Gaskill, Cobb Pet. and Anderson carried the brun+ WHITE LEAGUE Team W L 55 1st SAW Bn. _____ 6 0 55 6th SAW Bn. _____ 5 1 828th Guard Sq.:.. ___ 5 1 568th SAW Bn. _____ 4 2 676th SAW Co. _____ l 5 56 9th SAW Bn. _____ l 5 56 6th SAW Bn.-::. ____ 0 6 1.000 of the scoring for the 55 2nd with .833 10, 11 a:nd eight points respecc .833 tively. McNulty was high scorer 666 of the gam:e in leading the 555th .183 with 12 points, and also played .183 a .beautiful floor game from his 000 forward position. The .championship l'(ame witnessed by a packed house and B.LUE LEAGUE Team -W L Pet. Med. Det. _________ *7 1 875 BOQ ___ 6 *2 .75D 710th SAW Co. _____ 5 2 714 708th SAW Co. _:.. ___ 5 2 .714 714th SAW' Cov----3 4 .428 314th Base Hq .c ____ 2 5 .285 705th SAW Co. ____ 2 5 285 703rd SAW Co. _____ 2 5 '"Medical Detachment and BOQ tied_ for championship of league dunng regular schedule. Medical Detachment defeated BOQ 34-22 in play off. --------------WELCOME! SOLDIERS .. GARCIA'S CAFE&BAR HOT HAMBURGERS 132 6 Franklin at Constant TIME IS IMPORTANT CHRONOGRAPHS A SPECIALTY 25 Years in Tampa RUFUS W :CARDEN M /Sgt. Aux. }>olica 205 TWIGGS Next io Elite Cafe BILLIARD PARLOR. SNOOKER AND POCkET' BILLIARDS We Also Carry a Complete Line ol Billiard Supplies 2222 E. Broadway Ybor City brought to a clos e the three bas Ketball leagues that l:ave been run by the Physical Training De-partment. --------*-------Baseball Team Shapes Up. WeJI The' baseball team continues to work out daily under t h e watchful eye of coach It. Thomas at ,\llacfarlane Park. Vito Tamulis and Lt Bentz SEABREEZE on Hillsborough Bay Try the Best in Food FINEST LIQUORS DANCING EVERY NITE 22nd Street causeway Phone Y 1715 PRIVATE DINING ROOMS BATTLE STORY OF "FLYING. FORTS" by author of"They Were Expendable" The hairbreadth heroes of the "most decorated outfit in the U.S. Army" fill the pages of this sensational war classic. It is a minute-by-minute story of Colin Kelly, Buzz Wagner, Shorty Wheless and the 19th' Bombardment Group 2. in their air battles against tremendous odds, in the South Pacific. Now in the April Reader's Digest. Survive at sea by drinking fish! How fish juices can save lives and what's in the fishing kit now placed on all life boats. How plans to win. Nine steps in his newest war plan revealed by reports from inside Germany. What makes a jo.ke funny? The surprising answer, with hilarious examples of jokes from Groucho Marx, vV. G. Fields, Joe Penner and others. Why the Japs hate the Nazis. A revealing account ofwhat happens when two"master races" collide. And 25 oth e r articles of lasting interest in this one pocl?etsize magazine ... condensed for quicl1, enjoyable readi ng. NOW 15 TO SERVICE MEN 25 TO EVERYONE ELSE GET THE APRIL READER'S DIGEST AT YOUR PX OR CANTEEN WE PACK AND SHIP CITRU(' TO ALL PARTS FANCY FLORIDA J OF THE U. S Half Bu. $1.75--Bu. $2.75 --Full Box $3.75 Vv e cany a complete line of fresh fruits and vege t ables RED BLISS 7Qc POTATOES ________ 10 Lbs. TOMATOES ----------Lb. 15c for 25c ORANGES AND $1 50 GRAPEFRUIT, Bag ____ GUSDREVAS 717 MARION AT POLK ST. PHONE M-58521 EVERYTHING FOR THE MILITARY JUST INSIDE OUR FRANKLIN ST. / ENTRANCE '\V aat to March Right Into Her AffectioliJ, ] .i ,.,_;.tJ i .i Wh1te W' I 1 I LAUNDRY !2. 806 Armenia Ave. Near l'. Phone H-3898 .. --1-tl .. Groceries -Tobacco Notions AdamsKennedy: Whiting and Jefferson Streeu TAMPA. FLORIDA The Tavern Bar & Grill HOT AND COLD LUNCHES Spaghetti a SpeciaUy 311 Franklin St. Phone 394 0 LIQUORS-BEER-WINES VALENCIA GARDEN Restaurant WE SERVE THE nNEST OF: SPANISH FOODS 8H Grand Central Ph. H 3773


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