Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 2, no. 5 (April 9, 1943).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
April 9, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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VOL. 2 NO.5 Published Exclusively in the Interests of i'he Personnel o f Drew Field Friday, April 9, 1943 MOVIE TO BE. MADE AT DREW New C. 0 Of Army I Weatherman \Vas Member of Flying Tigers G-M Film To 3rd F. C. Squadron i 'l. ;.:: Is Veteran Pilot By Pfc. Alvin M. Amster I thought I had the finest Squadron in the world when I had the 7th Observation Squadron at Lawson Field, but I'm beginning to think that this one is superior. This a good Squadron and it stood a satisfactory inspec tion,"' : w remarked Maj. John K. Coughlan, new Commanding O f fice r of Hq, & Hq. Sq., III Fighter Command when interviewed immediately after the Squadron's regular personnel and barracks inspection. Chie f W arra n t "C.:c:ice r ( s g.) Phi]ip Simcic, Base Ad jutant prepared a m emorandum recently as a guide for t h e clerks in Base Headquarters. We are r e printing it because w e believe !that it might prove useful to 'clerks throughout Drew Field. ARMY CLERKS What Are You Doing i'o Help Win the War Soldier or civilian, man or woman the Army i s d e p ending on you to do your job to the very best of your ability. Your failure to do your best, cause s overwork, disagreable working conditions, and excec:sive paper work. All of these help prolong th<> :-:ar What You Can Do :to Insure Victory 1. No mattE:..-wnat job you are on, study and become thoroughly familiar with A.R. 340-15 (Military Correspondence). Have this publication handy at all times, even if you have to make a copy of it yourself. 2 Review your basic grammar. Keep a pocket dictionary on hand. 3. Be courteous, respectful, loyal, and p rompt at all times. l:Se thorough in your work. 4. nead and study everything r e l ating to your job. Keep a noteboqk on your work. 5 Help your immediate supe rior by properly handling all details. o. Become familiar with your Recentl y a communique was issuperior officer's habits, so as to be able to serve mm better. m Chungkmg .. Upon the dJ7 Correct any typographical re bon o! and crrammatical errors made by the Fom teen h An Foi ce was Maj. Coughlan, who is 42 was born and rraised in Ripley. T e n n essee. He attended the Univer sity of T ennessee where he pursued a course in civil engineering,. and afterward followed this pro fesf!iori b j actlvated today The Fourteenth on Page 2) Air Force, commande d by Briga-G.l. Gals Visit Drew Field From 1928 to 1941 Maj. Coughlan was a highway engineer for the State of New York, working principally in the Greater N e w York City area. His. largest job was that of enginee r in charge .of the grade separation of bridges and railroad crossings i n Rockville Center, New York. The contract i n volve d was ov.er t w o mil' lion dollars. Army Career In 1924 Maj. Coughla n gra d u a ted from. Scott Field's Army Airshi p and Balloon School and was plac e d on a reserve r.-tatus. In 1936 h e was named Assistant Unit Instructor, Air Corps, Secr Corps Area. Remaining on a ; 've _status and .re... !I1.eratlon h e voluntanlv assisted-in the training of Air Corps Office r s His fine results brought co m m endation from h is superiors. The Major was called to active duty on Jan. 2 1941. H e first Se,rved as Operations and Engineer Officer of the Second Bal loon Squadron, Pope Field, .Ft. Brag g On June 10, he was promoted to Squadron Commander a p d served. in this capacitY until the .unit was disbanded in Feb. 1942 Served atLawson Field W ith the activation and formation of the 7th and 8th Observa tion Squadron from th'e personnel of the old Second, Maj. Coughlan wa"' mad e Squadron Commander of the 7 t h and h elpe d it move to L awson Field, Ft. Be1ming. The functio n of an Observation Squa dron i s t o instruct Infantr y Offi cers to use air support in connect ion with their missions. Everyt hing at Lawson .was done as close t o actual warfare as could b e simulated The two W AACs in the abvoe picture-left to right, Auxiliaries Vertrees Cole and Mary Bermenter-were !he first of their or g&.nization 1o visit Drew Field dier Genera l Chennault, replaces the China Air Task Force." This communique was read in an .American newspaper with more than pas '3ing interest by Sgt. George Lancas t er, a 27-year old member of the weather squaStar Irene Dunne and Spencer Tracy Already pictured in the movie s as Hawaii and the Philippines by Warner Bros., Drew Field's palm trees and clear tropical skies will double for a New Guinea l andscape in A Guy Named Joe a M etro-Goldwyn-Mayer production. J Marchant, location manager fo r Hollywood's latest air film, in Tampa selecting sites for location scenes in the picture featuring Irene Dunne as a ferry pilot. and Spencer Tracy as a flying in structor. Mr. Marchant said "shooting" probably would begin in about three weeks. Dre w Field was chosen for some of the film's scenes because of the large amount of Army equipment available here in close proximity to a Florida jungle cypress swamp similar to the New Guinea jungle. Scenes laid in England are being filmed in Columbia, S. C. and those in Arizona are being shot at Phoenix. Mr. M archant will leave Tampa Saturday ,and r eturn in about three weeks with his camera crew to begin work. With him are William K aplan, director; Rennie Burke, construction foreman; Howard Campbe ll, art director; Lt. Jack Daley, public r elations officer from Harlingen, Texas; and Capt. Dean Davenport, of the Third Air Force Drew Drops Practice Game to MacDill dron stationed a t Drew Field. For he was with the Flying Tigers, the American Volunteer Group Drew and MacDill opened the which gave Japan its first rude baseball season W ednesday in a shock. practice game at Macfarlane Park, Sgt. Lancaste r enlisted in the with the Fliers from MacDill winArmy on October 13, 1940, at ning, 4-2. LiHie Rock, Arkansas, and was Both coaches used a number of sent to Jefferson BaiTack:., Mis-men in looking over their roster souri. He was stationed there un-for the coming season and trying til February 1, 1 941, when he was t o get the lowdown on them. sent to Chanute F i e l d Illinois, as Knott and Tamulis worked on a student in the weather school the mound for the there On May 5 1g41 he was and gave up six hits betwee n t d H 1 F' 1 t h e m. Tamulis, a former Brooklyn 10 ami ton I e d, Dodgcr and St. Louis Brown Cahforma, and wlule there Amer-ican VoJunteei Gr:;up prospect s pitcher, gave up one hit in the were r.:Jmmone d b y their com-last three innin/ei. mande r s to a secret meeting. The ln'erceptors jnability to Sgt. Lancas t e r li s t ened to Gen. hit in the clutches cost them the (then Colone l) Chennault tell t h e game, as they left 12 men w h o l e story of C hina and the e d o n the bases. Drew outhit the Burma Road. The American VoFlius, e ight to !:.ix. Knott whiffed lunteer Group, h e pointed out, e:ight men in the four stanzas h e worke d would work as a unit of the Chi-MacDill sco r e d three runs in nese Army Air Force from its the fourth and on. e in the sixth. own bases in Burma and south-eastern China t o prote c t ship-Catcher O 'Brie n of the Fliers ments over the road. The y would smacked out a three-bagger, when re' ain their Unite d States citizen-two Dre w outfielders the ,.' lip. ballgo b etween the m Needless to say, the sergeant V.:ill meet the Food M a was sold on the idea one hundre d ch m e i y nme m Lakel and cent. Although not a pilot. j day af_te rn.y nf the H a waiian Is lands, the P h ilippines. the Dutch Indies. and up ,-. : rough Singapore. They disembarke d from the s hi;:> & t R a n goon. Burma and followe d by r ai l to Toung oo. Burma training cenic! for one o f the A. V.G. c ontinP.'cn t T hetc Chennaul t began schooli:-.g the fighte rs. Announcing 26th SUB DEPOT FLIGHT LINE FLING -April 16:th. American Hellenic C e n t e r Parker & Lilqle Sire2is. from 9 p.m. 'till??? Dance to ihe music of Graham Smith

Pagel THE ECHOES Weather M a n A HERO/ TO HIS MOT!ai ER New C 0 {Continued from Page I) (Conti n u e d fro m Page 1 ) .Japs. He made the m e n hard and t h e r_ii;cipline easy. The n three w e e k-; before Pearl H arbor, he Chun g king that the Tigers were ready for acE o [ L ... And for service above and in telling how, tht:ough cooking beyond duty, Sgt. John Gray has uo various d eals w1th t ypical m-received the D.S.C., C.M. V.C. "enuitv the 7th was able to beg, a n d the A i r Medal." Mrs. Jackson bo1:row airplanes suitable for sighed as she looked away from Infantry School missions. the newspaper. Her thought s were Came io D r e w o n her son, Wi1li e, still a private Co;:trol TO\\er operator On March 24. J 943 Maj. Cough-a f ter being in the army for over a. the s ergeant saJcl Jan reported to Drew as Squadron a year. Why couldn't Willie do L:u 2_: 1 went U!'>_ to Chma wtth Commander of Hq. & HI. Sq. III something outstanding, have some a u /anced detail on December: Fiahter Command As to Jus letters after his name like Sgt. 1 < GC1 helped to _orgamze tio"'ns to Drew FJeld, the Major John Gray, and have his name fot Fl) mt, remarked, "The field Js excellent! iii the newspaper? Yes, WJl l!e at_ ,1,na ;e 1 and everybody is friendly and was a problem. up .. e \\eathei_ staLon. He 1 ful. Maj. Couohlan stated hts pJtJ IJatJer, Mrs. thP<> r nti l Apnl 15 Hl4? e P "' 1 c ,111g up 1e ;. tt t t'l 't F l g I poltcy would I.Je to 'make h i s men Jackson turned the pages when v: urs con ac 1a 1e y1n b ld' l T i ero.: had with the JaDs was on ettei so. I e J s suddenly she stopped and starec. D g 18 194 1 T. t f Adm1ttmE: a weakness for play-I -ett1 ng out a wil d veil she ran ece r oe \\' e n y o J t l ,--:., .,. tl d. d t mg goH a s hts mam hobby, h e from the house, calTymg the .;eL,1 e t_. 111 1e a C ance modestly admitted. ''I'm a v e r y newspaper. the. taCJ_o poor golfer butt I enjoy the game." "Mrs. Smith! Mrs. Smith'" ,..;,e net. v;_[ the Ameuca n t Jghte t s 1 As yet he hasn't had a_n opportu : crie d, running to. her neighbor. enco-.:-1; -et ed_ the Japs 40 mJJes nitv to plav any golt smce his "Mrs. Smith, look, Willie' s name f.mm !:'c unmmg. Thev shot clownJ 1 h t r 1 .' ] t 1 arnva ere. in the paper! He' s been decorated! \\: J 1 ? u o smg I Like many men, the Major said l-Ie s a H ero!" any 0 the _Flym"' T1"'" 1 5 planes. I his favori' e food i s a uood. well Glancmg at the story Mrs. ''T' u Chmese had n o t enJoyed "' an victory in so lono.' the I done steak. Ice tops, his SmJth read, "Pvt. wJ !lJ e Jackson. ,. "' dessert list. .f. A.W.O.L. that, the_y lVJ:aj. Coughlan i s a member _of I azy }o}. !he} the Kappa Alpha Fraternity up our "_ Jcto !' 1!1 the n (S.outh.ern), the Alumni Associ MQN EY LOAN ED pape <. vVe wet e l1ke ,ods to of tl Um ,ers1ty of Uu:m. T hey had figured we had The Ass-ociation, QN ANYTHING OF V:ALUE a c hance the The Association of Highway En: TAMP A LOAN CQ \ !C,oiy wa= gineers of the S tate of New York, a rd .. t? a de and is a Master Mason. He holds Clded uph!t to _moiale. the ratings of Airship P ilot a n d sos FR'ANK;LIN' STI'!.EET The_ F lymg Tigers learned from B !loon Observer Balloon Pilot the best way to u,. f;.ct 'aft ObservPt-'. and presentl y the J.,.;.JS. It seemed. to Sgt. Lane A. chi P ilot's wings caster that, the men, because of wear: s -11P their i:uexperi e nce in actual com-+c-bat, ref;o t -te d a good d eal to exM d f Cl k perinwntation,. A s a result. they l}mo.r.an :Um -O.r e r S .. found that by fig hting the enemy in do::;e they would .knock the engin e o u t of the plane and u:;ually i t woujd burst into flames They were bombed about three times while Lancaster was there. lVIany of: the Chines e people were killed. i n the city w h .ere no bomb shelters whei1 caught in a surpci.se raid. With never more than 50 planes fit for co .mbat. the Flying 'l'igers g uarded aU of Bur ma and South C h ina. Soon the Flying Tiger s were a legend. With shark' s teeth painted i n the no:; 2 s, their p!. a nes took on vastly superior .! aoanese air squadrons. Wheri i C .oniinu. e d fr.om Page I) you:r: superior in dictation or drafts. 8. Cut down dictation.from suI periors, by preparing your own drafts of papers (be 1 s ure to mark it s uggested draft). I Double space the draftc:. 9. Bring all errors to the atten .. tion of your superiot, before com-pleting the job. 1 1 0 F inish you r job on time. : If you can't do it promptly, 1:eport 1 it to yom superior. You. Mus t Not Do the A V G. was disbande d finally 1. Don't be a clock watcher or I in .Tu!j', 1942 i t had shot down d uty shirker. Don' t blame the fel20 planes for each o n e it lost low who isn: t there anymore. "1\i e had one a dvantage," the 2. Don't be. a yes man. sergead: noted, "in that we had 3. Don't try to be the pet of 30 to. 3'5 minutes warning before the office. Don : t try. to curry an a i 'taid and our pilots could favor. D o your own work. he t o the Japs even if 4. Don t be lateif, however, they c hanged t heir course." you can't help yourself, notify t h e The F'1ying Tigers worked un-office in t ime. det a weather hand ica)) because 5. Keep busy-don't wait for '\oveather stations and trained per-the boss to tell you \vhat to do. somJe i was limited. Flying \Vas Use your own initiative. hazardous for inexperienced p i 6. Don't waste time by repeatlots, ea:pecially over the rugged i.n g the :::ame questions. rnountain ranges. 7. Don' t ask others to f ind maof the Flyin g Tigers have terial you s hould dig up-find it with Gen Chennault. yourself. If you don't know how, Sgt. La.a.caster cam e back t o this fin d 'out-bu t d o it yourself. country, rejoine d the American 8. Don't allow work v,;. hich you :.Irrny and was sen t to Drew Field k now i s wrong t o leave you r '\vhere b e is now working in the desk, u nless. you have been tol d Control T ower. to do. so a,fter bringing i t to the Sgt. Lancaster, a native o.f attention of your superior. Mountai n Vie \v', Arkansas. grad-9. Don't be sloppy i n you r fr:om t h e University o f h a b its, p e rson, attit u d e, ATkar,sas i n 1937 : H e was a school desk or-equipment: teache<' and salesm a n ii1 civi l l ife. 10.. Don't f orget that you need ills w .ife i s the former Judy a clean typ ew.r iter, and p l e nty of Harton., also o f Mountain V iew. the r ight k ind of s upplies. Don't wheD. ask e d what stood OLtt >vai t till vou run s hort-anticipate 11l0St ptomin ently in his m i nd you r need s. concerning his experiences with/ -+<---lhe. Flying Tiger-s, Sgt. Lancaster 1 said, 'The thing that impressed Bose Off1cers I nv1ted me the mest was the eagerness .,,-ith wh i c h the 41hinese coope-To Attend Mov1es rated .with u s -''They are good peopl e to wor k 'l.vith, the Chi nese a r e. I enioyed. worki.TJ.g with them every mintHe

April 9. 1943 THE ECHOES 9llth 0. M. On The Ball command of the 'Burma Road" other evening he had to leave the P v t. Sam Gibhon. FRASH ... He's table were he was sitting. done it again The first man to lead the goldbricke r's parade Watching the bears and alliga-twice is Cpl. Walter C Williams, tors in Plant Park Sunday (and By exLong Boat Key's detail com-probably reminiscing of the SGT. R. C. T. PEARMAN mando. drooklyn Zoo) Pvt. and Mrs. l'r" "--WI On behalf of S/Sgt. Henderson, Ellison ... Also Sgt. Walter Smith Pvt. Mart Brooks' wife is stay-I wish to thank each of you for was absorbing some of that after ing in Tampa, and therein an your worthy contributions on pay-noon sunshme. .. Payday odd story. On several occaswns, day to the Sacred Heart Catholic/ Varnell and hts wlfe en]oymg dm?fter returmng to the barracks. Church of Tampa. net at Sulphur Spnn15s. m themornmg, Pvt. Brooks found I Cpl. Stevens, the .mail orderly ta m B-? br: hts. bed lookmg_ as though some-_1 bas made a confesswn that 66 longs Pmk;y Niedzialek. J?e one_ had s_et up ltght houszkeepmg i bucks a month. minus an allotlovv h1s name IS a cartoon of a dunng his absence. Needless to 11nent fee isn't enough to keep a p1g! .. To us, the best nile team say, J:e was very perplexed. The I man of his standing in smokes was the pan .. cleamng of his beddmg every and pleasure for a month ... Sgt. We hope Doc Corbett has a mormng was begmmng to get htm Luther Patterson, one of our betspee d y recovery so he can back to down. A few days ago the culont ter non-coms, was granted a three h1s new JOb m the mess hall. was u,ncovered.,It was none other day pass which h e seemed to have than _'Smokey, the QM Mascot. enjoyed at his favorite spot, gaz Now, 1f he stays m he ing for would-be buyers ... Sgt. offend hts wtfe and Smokey. Willie Smith "ivin<> away a cig If he doesn' t, he_ will have t o buy a relte in fro'nf of the mess-hall, some new beddmg. What to do? is front-page news even in God's What to do? Country ... Cpl. Tutson has found Congratulatwns to Tech Sgt .. much greener fields down Bra Dave Ford, S.gt. Ryan and Sgt. Ed denton way. The scenery is lovely, Freeman, and to Cpls. R. Smtth, he says ... Congratulations, Cpl. L Jones, J Delancy, J. Mote, 0. Harry Thayer for being able to Fields, Golden, and R. Jones carry on the' sq. elk. work on for makmg those grades. N1ce Sunday afternoons. gciing, fellows. -1<----_....<',.;Jl. Willard Hammock and Pvt. I .es Lewis are the latest to take SIG. HQ. & HQ. CO. antage of the "Discharge of 1 e n over 38" regulation. They're in the process of being discharged now. Ill Fighter Command By Pfc. Roy Well, it's been decided to com-The company resentfully gave bine the 'best players of the three 'up 1 good office men to the Hq. outfits here in DeSoto and form Squadron this week. These fel a baseball team to represent the lows will be welcome around the camp. 'Tis better to have one company area the same as before. "lulu then three stinkeroos. DID YOU KNOW? and AT GARDEN 1212 Grand Central uSelected Food for Those Who Know Foodu Western Steaks *Chicken Seafood Barbecued Ri-bs : There is a rumor floating about j Even the Teletype bo} i s have .to the effect that Sgt. Dave Dallas .taken up hardball workouts. Dick -is operating a bootleg Bhorter, Belanger, and Cpl. Our co has gone HI-hat and Cheshire were practicing during -got himself a private office. It rifle practice breaks ... Did you Spaghetti 1 mighty slick, too. As a mat-know Clendennon. use to be a ter of fact, the whole new setup street car operator in Dallas. Tex. :Jooks like something you might .. Sgt. Tyson was a buyer for a find on Wall Street: large tobacco company in North It' s good to see Scruggs up and CaTalina. "Mike" Ridzy has a 'around again. secret crush on a little waitress ------'-' -1< n amed "Gracie" ... Bashful Sgt. 59th AVIATION SO. (SEP.) Pittman blushed so much the By Pvt. lei. William A. Nqrris Fellows, I know you are sur prised to see the name of your .new correspondent at the very beginning -of this article. Even :though I may act like the wittiest .chump in the squadron, I have .made a vow to your -foTmer cor -respondent and the C.O. of this .organization to keep up his good work. ODDS AND ENDS The very crust of the better 400 of Tampa, whose family is rooted in the Goths of the Medieval Age, is doing a five day stretch on the Burma Road "De La\vd," _Hubert Williams, has returned from furlough and, boy, is Sgt. Gray happy .. Leading the "Gold Brickers'' parade are Pfc. E. Neeld (Porky Pig), Cpl. Abrapam E. Brown, and the Cpl. in. '"\ OFFICERS--l 9a!Jmw!i.JtJL and wool. Splendidly 11 ilored. Slacks have ='==='= ipper fly. Each Zipper fly. Crease holding. Genuine Burton' s Irish Popl in Shirts Chino Shirts Chino Slacks Zipper fly. .... ._.,__,.: Tropical Wo .rsted Garrison Caps Tropical Worsted ''" Overseas Caps .... Each 4.98 3.50 3.50 3.98 l95 2 .25 Chino Overseas Cops, $1 Raincoats, 14.95, 17.95 917 FRANKLIN STREET. TAMPA CLEARWATER 531 Cleveland ST. PETERSBURG 372 C entral PLANT CITY 110 N. Collins i ".. \ --.. .' ---' I I GARDEN PARTY SUNDAY, APRIL l7th 8:30 P. M. For Servicemen Who Make Reservation 20 7a Discount PADDOCK BAR "Na! a Jook Joint-But a place just like !he one back home-where you can bring your wife or sweetheart for a drink, a chat and fine music." JACKSONAT TAMPA ST. A.M. to 12 P.M. ZJAMPA TERRACE GEORGE II. 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Page 4 T H E E G H 0 E S THE GLENN R. ROSS, Publisher TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS Business Office: P. 0. Box 522 1113 FLORIDA A VENUE TAMP A. FLORIDA Phone All advertisements contained in this newspaper are also contained in the Fly Lea, published in the interest of the personnel of MacDill Field. Minimum joint circulation. 10.000 copies. ADVERTISING RATES FURNISHED ON REQUEST A newspaper published exclusively for the personnel of Drew and devoted to military interests and the United Natiom V1ctory. Opinions expressed in this newspaper are those of the. individual writers and unde r no circumstances are they to be considered those of the U:r:ited States Army. Advertisements in this publication do not constitute an by the War Department or its per-sonnel of the products advertised. Patriotic Soldiers Pay No Heed to Rumors One of the chaplains here at Drew Field once knew two boys CHURCH CALL who were brothers. Both of those CATHOLIC Rumors Are Started Generally by Enemy To Promote Disunity It has bee n a traditional right of the American soldier to gripe and grouse (sometimes we use a n eve n harsher word to describe it). It has often been said that when a soldier is not griping to some extent, he is not a happy soldier. No one will deny the American's right of free speech and free thought because they are two of the most important liberties that we are fighting for. But sometimes griping and grousing is not just "blowing off steam. Sometimes there is a malicious sort of giousing, which goes far beyond the traditional rights of the American S'Oldier. Gossip and rumor are employed as a means of vilifying the char acteJ. of a soldier or officer, of casting slurs on his honor and ili tegrity, and occasionally as a deliberate libeL Such malicious rumors are not only criminal-they are un-American. Rumors which create dissension, gossip which creates dissatisfaction, and any kind of whispered remarks which are not hon orable enough to come out in the open-those are the methods of the Axis agents who seek to disrupt our military system. Those soldiers who are foolish enough to repeat idle rumor, malicious gossip, and libelous remarks are playing into the hands of the clever Axis agents who are frequently responsible for such trickery. Criticism of our food, complaining about the transportation sys tem, dislike of a pa1ticular noncom or officer, griping about living quarters, grousing about ratings can be toler'ated in a small way, as_ the American soldier's legitimate right to blow off steam. But when occasionally a particular rumor or a malicious lie reaches epidemic proportions -then the subtle hand of Axis propagandis-ts can be discerned. boys grew up in the same home, 6 .15 A. M .-Mass in Chapels 2 both of them had the same pa-and 3 rents, both of t hem had the same 8: 00 A. ).\!I.-Mass in Chapel 3. I teachers, both of them had the 9 A. -M.-Masses on Sunday will I same oppo\tumty. Today one of now be held in the following those boy s is a professor in a places: great university. H e is known and Chapel No. 2 1 respected in his community and Recreation Building No. 2, on -1 tb.e people who knew him as a M between 1st and 2nd streets. I boy have nothing but admiration Theater No. 3, at k and 2nd and affection .. for him. street. The other boy lS now servmg I a l ong prison sentence. H e has the PROTESTANT (Sundays) respect of no one. The people who I 10:30 A. M.-General service in I knew hun as a boy say that he all Chapels. got what was coming to him. Two 7:30 P. M -General evening 'b?YS, each with equal opportu-s-ervice in Chapel 4. By S/Sgt. John F. Suszynski mty, -one of them form.ed : a life that is an example to follow; the This week we welcome Pvt. other wrought a life standing as E a warning to all who know him. rnest_ P : ?rJ..ihano Jr., clannebst What-kind of a life will yours be? JEWISH 7 :15 P M. -Wednesday in Chapel 3. 8:30 P M.-Fridays in Chapels 3. 8:00 A.M.-Saturdays in Chapel 3. and vJOl}mst of South Ardmore, What kind of character will you Pen?sylvania, to our happy little 1 form? or You fam1ly. Erny came in just in time I can. ma)

, -April 9. 1943 THE ECHOES where we can get a S\' jeJl -meal an' it's free. Pete: Did you mention food, Moe'? How do you find out all those spots? Moe: (Bragging) I got connectiom;. see? An' me an' the first .Page s Soldiers Always VWeF.come EL BOULEVARD RESTAURANT sergeant understand each other, I FINEST SPANISH FOODS -RES'l' just as 1 we was brothers. OF LIQUORS 2001 l\TeJ>n,ak& P ete: Y eah, you told me the same story last lnne An' whc:n FROM THE SPECIAL SERVICES OFFICE we got back late last Tuesday, TOWNSEND \vhat happened? How come the Sash Door f1rst sergeant was so "'lad at us l1r you know him so w ell7 & lumber Co. A T M l\1oe Yelll got to r emember, Character Sketch 0 n the m:m Spot YPICO ornmg m a -Pete, that was only the ninth time LUMBER 8t MILLWORK. l5CJO.FJNCJ IE1 D F' ld D we come in late. An' marchin' AND PAINT-FHA LO.IH:r .Repaln and F. H. A. Lour.1s Phone Y 1219 -17th St. a. 6ft. 1 ).\-.;-e OPEN DAY AND NIG,H"ll" Tampa Bay A. G. Cleolelis & Son. BEERWINE-SANDWICB:I::S Groceries, Fruits, Magmd.'ll\es Ice Cream Ph. H 3143. W. "Soldler/J JO'a...-orlte Entlng STEAK!' AND CHOl'!'l A SPECIALTY ELITJE, RESTAURANT TAl'IPA AND T 'WlGG5 -Max's Liquor Bar WINES LIQUORS -CIGAB. S FREE DELIVERY SEB:ITJOE 1601 E. COLUMBUS DP'.. PHONE Y -1281 --Keep Flying--McAskill Music Radio& and Repairln& Souna and Inter Co mmunlcc>,lrt ll! System a Authorized Capehar t and Scr.H Radio Service 1116 Grand Centn> J Phone H-378'7 LOANS-MONEY TO LJ''l'JD Dhunond Wnt<'he8 l t:.w o Y .n'7 Sll...-erwnre Dlomonds at n JUg A. L. ECKART 400 Tampa 'street FERtfANDEZ RESTAURANT Cuban Sandwiche. A 8tOH Lti.ltJ 1216 Franklin S t All Service Men Are w Ei;:cme Barcelona Cof e SPANISH RESTAURA.NT WINES AND LIOUOHS Phone S 2142 -Open A H 4714 Nebraska and Oabon:.

T-HE ECHOES FOUR 0-Fl\'E COVER TO COVER 1'\ By Eulah Mae Snider 405th B b G left the barracks. M/Sgt. Tom om roup "Spook" Hickson bad his hand THE PAGEANT OF INDIA, by Our commissioned officers and placed trus' ingly in 1st Lt. Orr's. Francis Yeats-Brown, is one of enlisted men left Drew Field SunA touching sight. lVI/Sgt. Burch most outstanding o:f recent day morning and proceeded to had a rod and reel along (sounds books written about nations inOrlando, for further intensive fishy, doesn' t it?) S/Sgts. Chrisnlved in the present world con-I th h flict. Readers will remember him study there. t was n mg ere tensen and Volpecelli, the "big at HEADQUARTERS to -witness guns" of the Sq., looked if as the author of the ever popular h h d LIVES OF A BENGAL LANGER the sendoffs of t e c osen m I-they wer.e going on a vacation. h Th which 'was filmed several years victuals of t I S group. e remam1 But what will happen to them h 't th ago. In. the same captivating and ing memberc.ere awa1 e1r re-shouldn't happen to a dog-vet. h t h h t' J enlightening manner h e reveals turn 30 days ence, a w 1c 1me Lest we forget. many of the th G the long history of India, land of tactics applicable. to IS roup boys, having brushed their teeth mystery and beauty. will be experienced. every morning as good soldiers The author stat!;!s that, Capt. E J. Loftus and Sgt. do, have been promoted. In order to England, his love is for India, Major Rankin are dile back th1s we have: Sgts. Ody and Lazorick where he has spent a great deal week and 2nd Lts. Jacobs and to S/Sgt.; Cpls. Pucke tt, Robert-of his life. His work there carried Smith have the situation well in son. Rees, Kretchmer to Sgt., and him into every part of the coun hand here' I finally, Pvts. Godlewski, Derkacz. try and in his new book he does What. is this we bear about Hannon, Robinson, Stroeble, and not overlook a single corner oi Corp. Magourk being so moon-, Fargariis to Cpl. Now Cpl. Robin-this great nation. struck by a certain clerk in town son can stop burning incense to Little does the casual observer that his purchase of an Air-Force Buddha. realize that the colorful history sweat shirt turned out to be a 1 In the Romance Dept. Sgt. La-of India can be traced ba.ck s ignal force shirt? 1 briola has finall y !ward from Ann, far as that of Egypt, China, Rome, Several promotions are again to the beautiful appendicitis casual-and The country has probe note d in this group and the ty. Now we can give our right duced great philosophers such as boys are enjoying cigar aromas ears a much-needed rest. Hurrah Buddha, artists like Baber and once more. :for love! Shahjehan, rulers such as Akbar S/Sgt. Duff inti!Uates that VirI While the cats are away, the and Tamerlane. Her rulers have -ginia from Kansas shall soon. be-rest of us mice are beginning to built -cities of great size, and ins a resident of Tampa. Bless-1 play. Cpls. Stroeble and Demar tilled m her people a des-ire for ings to the lovely couple. were. thinking of buying a ,pair their own individual cu1ture such Sgt. Schott has very recently, of deck-chairs; Cpl. Ralston as no other nation has. Their been seen at a Tampa jewelry the blue-prints for a backyard influence-upon the nation caused store. What, a rock lovely swimming pool. Cpl. Twiest just it to .grow in wealth, p .ower, arid Eldora? 'Bout time, Sgt. of wanted to curl up wiih a .blonde beauty. luck! -anyblonde. Btt t Cpl. Al.Disdier, For one who has always thought who hasundertaken the task 6f of India as a land of squalor and 624t h B b S dron keeping us birds in line, has them ignorance, this book is an. intriApril 9. rs4a DRUG COMPANY F:;RANKUN AND MADISON STREET Where the Men of the Armed Service Shop and Ea:t We Are Anxious to Be of Service UNITED OPTICAL DISPENSARY Manufacturing and Dispensing Opticians 205 ZACK STREET -PHONE M 5783 COURTESY DISCOUNT 20 .PERCENT Prescriptions Filled-Lenses Duplicated BAY Vl EW HOTEL FIREPROOF CONSTRUCTION-EVERY ROOM WITH BATH W R SHULER, Manager 208 JACKSON ST Between FRANKLIN&: TAMPA TAMPA. FLORIDA PHONE M 5537 om .qua listening to reason. A etough job; guing eye-opener. Then, too, in The 624th "bosses" are no.w in but Cp1. D is an psychologist its pages, is suggested a p1an for Orlando, learning something of from 'way back. the future of a greater India. (R.. Applied Tactics. In the meantime, S/Sgt: O'Hearn misses hi.s side-viewed by S/Sgt. W. C. Abbett) "right chere" Hite, our very cap-. kick, S/Sgt. Ody, but, along with able staff sergeant, the man Of Sgt. Pappalardo are keeping The Book-of-Hie-Month Club's' m.any duties, asst:unes responsib.ilthemselves busy at. the ancient for April is WiHia'm 1 Hotel Hillsboro Florida Avenue 'ai Twiggs St. -FRANK J. HYNES Manager GASPARILLA TAVERN coLONIAl... GlULL Serv ice Men We/come ity of keeping the boys in line. art of thumb-twiddling. O 'Hearn Saroyari's novel, "The Human The 30'lst will .teceive the benefit iscurrently in t h e lead with 70 Comedy." The movie rights fo'i' of some expert advice when the R.P. M But "Pappy" has been get-this book have been sold for becomes attached to ting in some secret practice, and $59,000 Mickey Rooney will star :.I them for work during the 30 days. confidently declares, for publica-as Homer Macauley, the fastest ... _,. This Squadron vvas found to be 'tion that next week h e will hang messenger in Ithaca, California ... ----' -...,;;; ___ in perfect physical condition as up record of 85 R.P.M. We'll This is a story of simple Amer-Lt W d t I okay on all the I d ican folk in wartime. The pl_ot is oo pu 11s keep y_o_u pos_te :... bo'ys. Speaking of Lf if a 7"----weak but the characters are very l t t t h ld real and human. po.pu an. Y con es was e on 3rd FIGHTER COMMAND 1 this field, he would be right up The Macau'leys are a ovable among the leaders. He is a "regfamily-Ulysses, age 4, Horner; ular guy," and you know what sea B r e .. e z es Behss, M t s tMh acAauley, aTnhd M_arculs that means in this Army. w o 1s m e rmy. e simp e Lt. Catterton further demons-By Pfc. Alvin M. A 'mster everyday happenings of this fam-trated his ability as a lawyer and ily and their neighbors are inter-.. Adjutant when he won an .acquit-Saturday night. Jeemy Robin spersed with humor and pathos. tal for one of the boys of the 84th out with schoolteacher g f. Robin The author subtly preeents a in a recent Courts Martial case. must 'return to Drew. It was cold. formula for living in a war-torn, He's a good man to have on your Robin. would freeze. lResult, topsyturvy world through bits of side. Jeemy's. g :f. loaiied him one of her his philosophy woven into the Generally, college graduates a t-nicely knit beige sweaters to wear speeches of his characters. The tain a higher I.Q. than the men back: Beautifully knit, too. oen and ink sketches of Don Who haven't had the benefit of Say, Sgt. Gosselin, we're a ll Freeman catch the spirit of the such an education. However, the "sweating out" 'nother Sq. party. story and enhance the reader's 624th has a man with only 2% Say when? enjoyment of the book. I h d h Saroyan already has won some years hig 1 sc ool e ucatwn w o Congratulations to our new literary acclaim for plays and tops aU the men of this squadron Captains-C. B Bateman, C G. short sketches. The Human CoIt is pTobably safe to say that his Sharkey, and D. L. Zabriskie. medy is his first full-length novel 141 is one of the highest in the Best-Saying-of-theWeek Dept and it now ranks fifth on the best 22nd Wing. We salute elongated From Pfc. Don Daug-herty, just seller list. 'S/Sgt. Donald R. Lafferty, gun" returned from a Washingto,n, D. ncr-mechanic. Since he enlisted c .. furlough, "Washington is all in the Army, Lafferty has spent fu ll of brass. I probably saluted a great deal of his time in Army .even a couple of doormen." Technical Schools and has always Hot Dots managed to fil1ish near the top Burke and Duncan say the bf his Clearwater are still OK. : During wartime there is always Oliver G. Noland i s our Hq. W .O. that continual cry to stop wasting ... Joffrion, Jovner, and Butler man hours. How about applying taking turns making eyes at those that old axiom, "Charity begins six Clearwater babes. at Home," to the 22ncl Wing? A Cohn, Corry, and Schmittke had solution to the mess pi-oblem o;ome exercise when thev had to 'Would rest1Jt in the saving Of ')11Sh what P"al's car to e:et it startmany man hours ... It's a common e d? .. TECH SGT. Karches oboccurrence to stand in line for an served shining PVT. Page':: shoes hour waiting for chow. As a and later malA STREETS have the Officers eat later. Say is so bad, mavbe Kehr ain't so .for instance, at breakfast, if the ironing his ow.n clothes'? .. E.M. were to use both sides un Wonder w h y us doggies at Drew until 7 a m. and hen .one. side no B asy QM to closing time. It would give the ... And more wondenng why men on the line an opportunity 'he bus service is once aga. i n so of getting on the jobs and having, 1ousv? I"n't there a f1ond sainarithe planes in readiness by the .. tan 'who'll go to bat for us and time the pilots are ready to fly. see that things are dnne properly? E'Ve'ryone in the 624tiy is smokWelcoi:ne back to Sgt. "Rastus" i07 E. Lafayette S:treet .:......-------. ,... ----. !ing cigars as a result of the fol-Williams, our itinerant photog -low .ing men being "upped" a rapher ... Carlin. brought a car :grade: S/Sgt. Stringham, S/Sgt .J..ar;k with him f.rom furlough. Reidy, S/Sgt. McCoy, S/Sgt. HorKane almost dirln't get back. reH, Sgt. Angier, Sgt. Brenden, Saturdav night. waiting for the S gt. Ross, Sgt. Vernon, Sgt. Hen"'"" Tito still waiting for hir. drickson, Sgt. Mcintyre, Sgt S ll Hartnett, Sgt. Glasser,. Sgt. BeaU, OC ca ;CHARLIE'S FRIED BONELESS CHICKEN AND FISH, SSe NOTHING ELSE" 11 A.M. 2 P.M.-5 P :M. 8 P.M. CLOSED SUNDAYS Corner Zack_ and Mor!1'an Streets "Cpl. Arbaczawoki, Cpl. Bach, Cpl -----..,Oo-:"W-:-:--T=--:;;o:-:p:"" -:;;S:-; Savage and Cpl.:.C Gibson. I P I L L ____ ...,:_.........; ______ -: 627 h B b S d Air Corps, Signal, Quartermaster, .. C I t 'Om qua rOn Medical, Marine, NaY)'. Army, Ome On Coast Guard, Mao of Florida By Cpl. James E. Hannon SEE THEM BEFORE BUYING Down' The 627th barracks, these days except for the sour baritone of Air Base Bus Terminal Sgt. "Big George" Hammond, i s so6 T 'AMPA STREET Service reminiscent of Grant's Tomb (New York City, fella!) As. you j.----------'-----: Men probably don't know, many of our noble waniors. have departed for the. beyoo-ti-ful city of Orlando fro'm whence they will return in a mo'nth's time as full fledged Commandos-or something. It was quite a send-off. Lts Radtke, Hull, Smith, orr, and Reiff l e d the boys as they slowly "THE HOME OF GALLONS" Berger & Rachelson INC. WHOLESALE GROCERS HOTEL, RESTAURANT AND SUPPLIES .Food. -Re,asonably Priced. Open Day arid Night. C H llD CAFE 501 FRANKLIN STREET WELCOME TO H 0 TEL :KNOX TOM BRYSdtf Manager Lafayette &: Jefferson Streets ALWAYS SAY H 0 LS U M BREAD EXTRA FRESH Learn t6 Dance Correctly BY 'ONE WHO KNOWS MAKES ONE GRACEFUL PRIVATE LESSONS Selma Brooks TEL. H 32-654 207 PARKER ST. STAR KOSHER DELICATESSEN All kinds of, Herring. Smoked Fish. Kosher Wines. We Carry a Complete Line of PASSOVER PRODUCTS Open Tillll P.M. 805 Gr; Central. Ph. H 29-842 CULP LUMBER CO. 'Everything to Build Anything' : Millwork Made to Order 1 500 PACKWOOD Phone H 1862 -:-Rex Billiard Parlo r Daniel S. Bagley 101 FRANKLIN TAMPA -FLORIDA ELITE cYGAR STOR'ES 'The Sport Headquarters of Tampa' WINE -BEER CIGARS 400 Zack 207 Twiggs Phone Ill 62-072 Phone M-1236 i Service Men, We1come GILBERT HOTfl 811 Tampa St. Phone M 1094 t 0. E. BOGART. Manager . ... WELCOME SERVICE MEN We Have What You Lilie IN STEAKS AND CHOPS i 713 GRAND CENTRAL CENTRAL COMPA N Y, "' OIL rN c.: Tampa, Florida A Home Away From Home SERVICE MEN ALBERTUS HOTf.L 956 Twiggs


; Ap.ril 9 1943 T .HE ECHOES Page 7 WING T I 301 st Bomb Sq News I years. in the Army could target. He was shooting at 24 and so n s m "picturesque s peech' from hit the hull's eye on target as Silver bars have. b een flashmg the our mess hall. witnesses may attest. With some recent promo"Wings" Flor was observ e d Several beautiful tans have ap-twns among the Tanks of the off-downtown receiving a l ecture on. peared on some of the fellows cers. Those to Lieu-the "facts .of life" and "Tamra hot and, it .might be noted, not a few tenants are: 1....ts. Bohle, Housman, spots" from a sh.oeshine boy. cases of sunburn. Littleton, Davis, Van Sickle, and We wonder how P vt. James Webste r. Taylor acquired. all hi s knowledge A bouquet of lilies to Pvt. That, proud look on M/Sgt. of N.Y.C'. night life? sias on his return from the Rooney. s f ace these days. Is cause d ,Jack Lacetena enjoyed his 10tal to the Communications De-by h'.S recent I?romotwn from day sojourn in New York. .Mike partment. T_ech. If you didn' t get one of the l'!Ialachewitz })as also departed The Army is managing to strug-. h e so freely gave out, you tem.porarily for the northe .rn regle. along without the services of mi<:,-sed a fme smoke. M/Sgt. gic,ns We hope he h a s a good time Pvts. Griffith and Woodall, now Rooney I S one of the few ongmal on his furlough. on furlough. 3ulst men still vnth us, and Is Sgt. Otto Radies hit a bu\l's eye Proposed motto for the 303rd: o.ne of the pillars of the orgamza-on the fidng range the othe r day. "First in war, fiJ:st in peace and tion. The only trouble, it was the wron6 last in the mess hall." W e offe r e d our congratulatiOns ------------------------------THREE THIRTY NINTH some time ago to Lt. Richard S. White law. and since then have been abl e to interview him on his r e c e n t marriage. Numerous men have passed along their ad-miratio n fo r his lovely bride. the 4 82nd Bombardment Sq. Afte r seeing his wife, all we have former Mary G. Weiler of S anta to say is.'"Lucky Guy!" Paula, Calif., which is the groom'<: W ith so many new faces in this Lt. Carroll is certainly inter-home town also. The wedding outfit there are times w hen in-ested in the mail service. W e place at the Tampa Terrace troductions are needed. S o, boys, heard him say the other daythat March 24th, at 7 o 'clock. be sure and let yourself b e known he wanted the mail man to be '!plain Fix officiated. Lt. John in the squadron ... Are you bash-sure and have transportation. We Wilso n a c lose friend of the ful? Do you miss women? Then wonder why! Chuckle, Chuckle, groom was best man. The bride apply at once to S/Sgt. Knox's Chuckle!!! flew h ere for the wedding, but lovelorn column in operations. The men of this squadron are was forced to take a train from We understand he has an angle certainly proud of their C.O. Lt. Atlanta. because of priorities. or two in town! Marvin D. Norris. He is easily The Drew Field rifle range was The mail situation was getting accessible at all times and makes again the. scene of heavy action serious so. Cpl. Sayre the 'Champ,' it a point to personally welcome Thursday and Friday, as the men gets an.d plays havoc in the all new men coming into the of the 301st with several. other next mail call. will squadron. squadrons stormed its heights. bnng the letter you are wattJng 1 Lt. Minella we think is the No casualties were reported. Sevfor, "Champ." Congrats to the' record holder' for the of eral more men have. attained the medical dept. boys. on then first I duties assigned him. We know of ranks of marksman. chevrons. Pfc. Se1ft s and Pfc. at least four positions h e holds. "Suzy" is the mother of a litter I Edwards are the boys. He is Finance Office r Chemical of puppies, and a .proud Under the 15uiding hand of the Officer and Assistant' Adjutant. mother she Is. About a year ago officers of this squadron and the That should put him in the cate she herself first saw the light of 1' willingness of the enlisted persongory of a "on e man army." And day, about the time the 301st was. nel, a transformatiOn has entere d wh1le we are on the subject, we formed. 'Suzy" and the 301st have lour weary lives .. Just want to congratulate him on the grown up together and both are: sent to a Shangn-La eh, fellows? really fine job being done in the doing fine. Any as to l1 Who i s AAA in this outf it? Not mess hall. hovv the puppies are domg can be a plug for the Chamber of Com. answered by their guardian, Sgt. merce, either. B y looking ovet 485th B b d S Crockett. the roster, we find it is jovial I 0 m 0 r men t q. ------t Pvt. AA Adler. 302 d B b S d Silence in the. dark of qight! A Lt. James H. Hayden, the adju-. ... n om quo ron I sudden roar-what is it'? A dive i tant of the 485th, is back again Our mail room is having its/ bomber? For further information I to_ take up h is old duties along face lifted, and the 301st has 1 consult Pvt. Bellman on his/ with a few new ones. He has been moved out. W e hope to be abl e method of combating mosquitoes., away from his old friends for the to find our office if they decide The theme song of the 482nd is 11 pas. t two months, attending the to move it. If they could work "When The Lights Go On Again." AdJutant General's School at Fort out. a system that would avoid .Yes, fellows, the First Sarge I Washington, Maryland. To say the rush hour mob scenes, every-hums it every morning Take I that we have misse d him and are one would be happier: but the note, "A long elapse brings co lto have him back puts it main thing is keeping the letters i lapse" (K.P.)-W e, the 4 82nd, i W e are happy to have him rolling and those fearless mail 1 want to extend a cordial welcome m our midst again. We undeJ clerks do a very nice job. to the new flying officers who I stand that since his attendance a t Tuesday morning the 302nd have been transferre d recently to of the Army' s scl)ools he changed their barracks personnel this u nit. W e hope you will be 1s. one .of the best informed admi-to bring the different groups to-. happy with us. mstratJve officers in the group. 'gethe r Radio men can scan the Success to you, Lt. Hayden. floor as far as the eye can reach 483 d B b d t S We are sure the boys of Squaand see only radio men, clerks r om Or men q. dron 485 will Cpl. D anie l can speak clerkese to each other, Having settled dow n to the Behan for more than j ust a day. transportation men can ride each normal life of the army (moving), He was born in good old Ireland other. This makes everything very we are now ready to go to piess. and dared to try his fortune in cozy. Do you feel cozy, boys? Congratulations to the new mess this country 14 years ago. Now Return of the native. Harold' S Say, but that is the first. time a he has been discharged as over-Nelson ,one of our "on the ball" bit of vinegar ever caught age. S K THE A ATROOPER pAR "WONDtR WHAT THAT FELLOW THINKS ABOUT ON THE WAY DOWN" "Did you know that high altitude makes you terri bly thirsty? 'Dehydrates', they call it Who wouldn't want an ice-cold Coke. Coca-Cola not only quenches thirst, it adds refreshment, too. And taste. a deliciousness all its own. And you count on. Makes you glad you were thirsty." BOTTLED UNDER OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY T AMEA COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY ONE-DAY SERVICE EXPERT WATCH REPAIRING PAUL'S (Successor to E P. ("POP") JOHNSON & SON) Watches --Diamonds --Jewelry --Novelties 0 M "S M F" II ur. otto: erv.1ce en 1rs. t communications men, has returnAll in all the mess has really His quiet manner and pleasing ed from a long vacation in the started off with a bang and with personality made him a favorite hospital. He feels much better, the men. that in charge of i t, arrwng his comrades. Though he and we thank Miss Wynn and we kno.:w it wiU continue that is no longer in the armed Miss Dooley for taking such good way. of his foster country, he is stili 2H, E, LAFAYETTE TAMPA, FLORIDA care of our little bo.y. T/Sgt. Greenberg has been. in there pitching ashard as e\ier. Open Ev:ery Night. 'TillO P. M. !' Barry, who. ente1'ed the threatening to get a short ha.ir. 'W_e that he is in hos.p1tal, for an operatw.n cut; M/Sgt. Hardee is trying to 1 V1ctona, New York, makmg gyill!llii;week, IS now recupera.tmg m add a few more hairs to the roscopes for both anplanes and I grand style. He?U probably a ado:fnment on the upper lip and ?Cean ships. Without vi.tal furlough when they h1m up we ,wonder how long that will mstruments m?dern n!iyigatwn '7' and agam. last. Sgt. Pharo is now resting would be an ImpossibJhty. So Mecbcme hath charms. Ed easier at night. He used to do chee,rs f?r Behan nson and Joe McKee, enheted calisthenics with the chronic sno-who s domg h1s b1t for freedom '7' see m to b e going steady. rers on each side of him by shak-and Uncle Sam. I).amon. and Pyth1as were great ing their cots-both at the same ---------------pals, but they never made. the time. Since the move to the new ll'll) : Corps. ,. . area, he has managed .to find two ., w.l ::iJ : f Je a )ovely t1m: Fnaay, men who do.n't snore' {didn' t think : FRANK RUTTA, CHEF... Formerly chef at Montrose Restaurant ; Broadway and 48th, New York, came to Florida; got sand in his shoes and now .qas opened his own place at 418 W. Lafayette Street Specializing in Spaghetti and Ravioli WE ALSO SERVE BEER AND WINES and all. If D1 ew Field 1t was possible). T /Sgt. Shelnut : ... : 1s _ever by the enemy, they i s communicating between what Will .soon fi .nd out that they are two stations and then only to find wastmg the1r gas .. Our men now that the sweet young thing was Poultr;l" Groct-rif'tfi, ond Bdicntel"l'if"ll Herrin_:.:-, LOx und 1111 Jr-iuds nf fi'!-h. RtTif!tl, \ tnn<:R. 1! "Keep 1Em Flyingt' are hghtnmg qu1ck WJth their down here all the time? masks, and can 1denhfy .any gas Our adjutant, 1st Lt. P e ter E known-and some unknown. Fineran, has passed out the cigars. The weekel:1d.kept us busy, w i t h Nice going. Wish you could get a the mspectwn. promotion every day. FINMAN'S KOSHER M :ARKET mormng, and th. e review m the What Sgt. from the deep south C\fternoon. These Jaundiced o l d i s going around trying to pronKo,h<>r in e"}}eS have. neve r seen such. beau -ounce Japanese wjth a real South-.1<:. Hronlwny Ph. tJful shmmg barracks. Th1s had ern accent? Yeh, I'd like to know Y" Blof'l< East of ]';phral< n .\ n. better not b e done too ofte n or too 1 the boys will wear away the s';sgt. Pinkerton i s back in. th.e woodwork. fold from South America: We ------+< tend our greetings to him and 30Jrd Bomb. Squadron sure are glad to have him with Intelligence Secion u s Squadron News Let your correspondent r e mmcl Is i t true that Pfc. Ernest Cat-you that anythm g you. might have lett who hails from Akron Ohio .of news value I S deftmte l y wel of helium bags, Just ttun 1; m t h e Firs t Army to release a WAAC for ac-S ergeant. will that It gets tl e r c ? mto the nght hands. v se V I e. .. Lt. K. N Birkett, instructing class in aircraft identificatio n, 484th Bombardment Sq. I!fadvertently f lashed a picture of a plane upside down on the S/Sgt. Co.chran is all smiles DINE AND DANCE AT LICATA'S SEABREEZE on Hillsborough Bay Try the Best in Food FINEST LIQUORS DANCING EVERY NITE 22nd Street Causeway Phone Y l715 PRIVATE DINING ROOMS His only comment was, these days. And no wonder, since '';This is oui most h e .his wife. frC!m ships.' West V1rgtma to stay Wit h hm1 .; ]\tan:r-a n 1 aster sergeant. with 15 so long q;> he is stationed, he1 e. .. . .. :..,. ... -- -P. 0. BOX 1318 Tampa Arma.fure Works INCORPORATED Electrical Repairs PHONE M 8Z65 TAMP A, FLORIDA Buy M or_ e War Bonds amt Stamps!:


Page B Sayre, Smithers: Fight To Draw _On Army Show B r Pfc. Delwin Baggett The second monthly boxirig match between Dlew, MacDill and Third Air Force \vas held at the M:micipal Auditorium last Monda:.r night before approxi 1000 fans. I n tl>.e 10-bout program, Mac Dill \ ; o n three, drew two and lost one il: six bouts. The 21st -Bomb Group of l'!IacDill won two, one draw a .nd two losses. Drew had one win. a draw and one defeat, while Third Air Force headquarters fiaished with one win, one draw and two No field won a team victory as no f i e ld had the same number of fighters representing, the m In the feature bout of the night, A l Sayre. of D re;,v, and Joey Smi t h ers, of MacDill, fought to a draw f o r the middleweight cham pionship of the Third Air Force. Both boys put on a clever exhibition of. foot work and blocking punches in the gmelling three rounds that kept the spectators on the edge of their seats. Sayre beat Tommy Purcell, of Lakeland, one of the leading mid dleweights in this section for the right to meet Smithers for the championship. The two boys will probably meet in the next fight card to be held in May. Larry Ford donated the belt that will T H E E C -H0 E s-Blues or Ballads---She Puts Them A0ross Maybel Mayfair, attlactive 19-year-old thrush, handles the vocal s-but goad-in USO-Camp Shows' all-colored musical com edv revu(', "SWINGIN' ON DOWN," which alsc boasts Lee Norman's band: and stellar big-time performers. "SWINGIN' ON DOWN" will appear at RB No. 1 on April 13 at 8 P.M. Army Air Forces Technical Specialists To Wear Distinctive Sleeve Patch be given the champion, when he A distinctive sleeve patch bas. l ed radio tower with flashes em-is crowned. b een authorized for wear by en-1 anating from the top. The only knockout of the night listed technical specialists of the Engineering: A gear wheel cen was furnished by CpL F J Graf, Army Air Forces in the job classi-tered in the triangle. of MacDill, in tagging Pvt. Olin fications of armament. communi-Photography: Picture of a caScott, of Third Air Force, in the cations, engineel"ing, photography, mera, with bellows open, lens third round for a T/k.o. Scott d 1 1 w D tried to slug 'it out with his cool an weat 1er, t 1e ar epartment pointing shghtly down to the announced today right. opponent who stepped back and The patches have the same Weather: A weather vane with hit th_e Scott as he basic design, a 2% inch equilateral a horizontal cross arrow at the knotcktriangle, resting on the point. on top. owns e 01 e e Ig was s op-. a background of ultramai-ine blue, The sleeve patch will' be worn ped. with individual distinguishing decentered on the outside of the of card sign in gold within to represent right sleeve of the blouse was fu-bmshT d b y super show-each of the five technical spejacket, and shirt (when worn man, vt. Popeye of :cialist classifications. without the blouse), with the Drew, the welterweig:ht, : The distinguished symbols are: lowest point 4 inches above the who at or:e time w _as Armament: A bomb pointing lower edge of the sleeve. On the of the Pacific fleet. Holland tned down to the right. fatigue uniforms it will be worn very hard to catch the clever Joe Communications: Pyramid shap-on the left breast pocket. Kassab, of the 21st Bomb Group, off guard but his counter punch mg was too much for the old man and he won the bout by decision. 11Things I Never Knew That: P .F.D. means Private for As usual, Popeye was the No. 1 the Duration showmari. He came into the ring Till Now11 That: PAY DAY on an Army wearing a sailor's cap (the original (STRICTLy G.I.) base, thE! field is deserted as a Popeye's) and puffing hard on a butcher's window on Tuesday. corncob pipe that laid down a By G. K THAW That: You don't order or ask smoke screen as he trotted down in the Army, you just REQUISIthe aisle to the ring. That: If all the SHAVETAILS TION. Drew's only victory of the evewere laid end to "end, its total That: When you finally meet nirig was turned in by Pvt. Henry even Ripley wouldn' t believe it. that swell looker at the USO, you Mendoza who outpunched Staff That: They have two kinds of .are shipped. Sgt. Pat Pangallo, 145, of the 21st pills for your ills in this man's That: After six or seven of Bomb Group, to win the deCision Ariny. those interviews at the CLASSI-. 1k .is Week The following pictures will play in Theatres 1 and 4 on the dates indicated: Saturday, April 10 PRIDE OF THE YANKEES (Revival) Gary Cooper, Terese Wrig!1t Fifth Column Mouse Sunday, April 11 TAHITI HONEY Dennis O'Keefe, Simone Simon Bmbee-Cues The Last Lesson The baffy Duckaroo Monday, April 12 THE MANTRAP Henry Stephenson TAXI MISTER -William Bendix Tuesday 13, Wednesday 14 HAPPY GO LUCKY Mary Martin, Dick Powell Rear Gunner The Olympic Champ Thursday, April 15 HE HIRED THE BOSS Stuart Erwin Shipyard Sympl;wny Troop Train Mexican Police ori Parade Friday, April 16 HIT PARADE OF 1943 John Carroll, Susa n Hayward Plan For Destruction Bravo, Mr. Strauss The following pictures will play i n Theatres 2 and 3 on the dates indicated:. 9., Saturday 10 HELLO, 'FRISCO, HELLO Alice Faye, John Payne, Jack Oakie MARCH OF TIME No. 8 Sunday IL Monday 12 HAPPY GO LUCKY Mary Martin, Dick Powell, Rudy Vallee Rear Gunner News of the Day No. 259 Tuesday, April 13 THE MANTRAP Henry Stephenson TAXI MISTER Williani Bendix Wednesday 14, Thursday 15 HIT PARADE OF 1943 John Carroll. Susan 'Hayward Plan for Destruction News of the Day No. 260 F LOWERS The two boys mixed it up free l y That: A copy of SHIPPING I FICATION OFFICE you find you and was one of the best bouts of LISTS is not sent first to the have been at the wrong vocation Wired Anywhere in the U. S. A. the night. trine orderlies. all these years. Hospital Bouquets The scheduled match between That: All that glitters is not a That: A DRILL SERGEANT ,_ Staff Sgt. Pat Lucas, of the 21st GOLDBRICK. a language all 11lS own (Hup, Bomb Group. and Pvt. Joe Ball-That: If you want to find a .a1up, tnteepJ. U samo, of Drew, was postponed heel, see your SUPPLy SER-<>+.:. A n A RTVIY COOK has a when the doctor refused to allow GEANT (I'm only kidding, Sgt. vaned rr1e?u has learned 25 ]fi;JMiiO!:f}5CNJ$'8f.ilW+iAl.[ .B'alsaino to fight because of a Stepp).. ways to ptepare potatoes) I boil on his arm. Ttiat: 'Those pictures of Army 1 +_,._;,_,,_,,_,._,,_,._,, _,._,, ; + life showing G L FOOT LOCK-{! ERS are just propaganda. i That: When the sergeant asks r I for experienced 'inen in SHORT. HAND, it usually mean s they are i short h anded in the kitchen. I r ; That: You always pull ROOM -ORDERLY on your day off. I l That: Your own i11other would i A J not recognize. you on those = IJ -CD ASS B PASSES. J That: The, company D A Y i ("'' l ROOM sees most of its action at j night.. T I M E I S I That: A.W.O.L. reall y means i 1 M I After Women or Liquor. I P 0 R TAN T .1 That: NON-COM doesn't mean i non-combatant. i i FINE WATCH I That: They always leave a piece i j ,REPAIRING of that needle in your arm when j 1 1 they give you those .SHOTS (at. 25 Years in Tamp a I least it feels that way). j That: I wouldn't rush 'for my : SPECIAL ATTENTION bathing trunks when summoned TO MILITARY PERSONNEL I to the MOTOR POOL. RUFUS W CARDEN NON-COM by his. strir>es ; a J j That: Youcan a lways teH a I YARDBIRD by Jus gnpes. i MjSgt. Aux, Pollee That: They don't keep you ll1 I : 205 TWI_GGS I stitches at the BASE HOSPITAL Next to Ellie Cafe j (you ral/e to pull yourself together). / HI, FELLOWS! Meet Your Buddies at. -GEORGE'S BILLIARD PARLOR SNOOKER AND POCKET BILLIARDS We Also Carry a Complete Line of Billiard Supplies 2222 E. Ybor City BEFORE COSTS BUT A FEW CENTS SE.LF ADJUSTING HOLDS CO LAR POINTS DOWN 'Neatness counts in the. army-just II.S il does in civilian lile. Thai's what the ol ticers say. Colfar neatness givos yon that. snappy. crisp appearance. SPIFFY u domg a swell job iu dressing up the army. Easy On-Easy Off Qnick as a wink to pnl on and lake ell. 11'1 sell adjusting and slays pul. 9, 1943 -MAAS. I OFFICIAL ARMV: EXCHANGE SERVICE EVERYTHING FOR THE MILITARY JUST INSIDE OUR FRANKLIN ST. ENTRANCE W aat to March Right Into Her Affections, Soldier? J White \Va, l LAUNDRY J 2806 Armenia Ave .. Michigan I : l Phone H-3898 i = Groceries Tobacco Candy, Notions Adams -Kennedy .Whiting and Jefferson Streets TAMP A. FLORIDA T,he Tavern Bar & Grill HOT AND COLD LUNCHES Spaghetti a Specialty 311 Franklin St. Phone 3940 LIQUORS-BEER-WINES VALENCIA GARDEN Restaurant WE SERVE THE FINEST OF SPANISH FOODS 81.1 Grand Central Ph. H 3773 I


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