Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 2, no. 6 (April 16, 1943).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
April 16, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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h VOL. Z. NO.6 The Twin" Finally Found at Bradenton Base Published Exclusively in the Interests of the Personnel of Drew Field PRETTY TAPSTERS! Latin American Boys Add Pan American Touch to Orew Field Friday, April 16, 1943 To Intensify War Bond Drive Among Civilians


THE ECHOES Staternen t of the Ow.ne ts'hip and Management of Ill t=ightet < Command i-he Air Bose Bus Li,ne, 1nc. By Pte: Roy s-wai: l z After many tiresome ilOi.trs of triangulations and dry runs the L :1;.t week's editorial dealt in general \\ 'ith the subject of rumors company fired 0n the range last anu O(o ssip, with relation to military efficiency. It was stressed that week. The results were very good. April 16, 1943 acccp:.ance and t epealing of rumor and gosstp was not only unmtlt'Merriment'' was the keyword 1 tal_; .. but definitel y un-American. In order to ansWET spect ftc rumor s a t the Company's. party, where the ownership and management the An Base Bus Lme everyone drank beer, sang, or {t Inc.,. .,,.hich operates the buses runnmg lo and from Drew Fteld, the played cards. Cpl. Camporille was .folll)':;ing facts are submitte d. The mformatwn was gtven by Mr. A. in his prime, pounding out swing Pickens Cole, prominent Tampa attorney, who IS' prestdent of the music on the piano as Eal'l Rush cunHl'Jny. provided the floor show with his T here are only five stockholders in the Air Base Bus Line Inc., jig dance Sgt. Polk kept busy whjc!:. i s a Florida cor!) oration, with offices in the Tampa Theatre all evening filling up that gallon Bui1d: n g. 'I'hey are A. Pickens Cok 2603 Jetton Street, president; jug, while J D. High watched J A vVhiting, Dav is Island. vice -president and general manager, his new partner lose money. The \','h < ) ; ;als o president of T:llniami T;aihvays, 1nc.; F. H. tre;1s best saying at the party: Pfc. tHe l, .vho lives at 100.3 E. Ottawa Street and is treasurer of Tamiami Kolky to Capt. Snow:. 'Hey, Sir; Traihvays, Inc.; W. H. Whiting, of 110 5 32nd Avenue, who is operqtif you've got time, fill up our ing n : ..anage1; and Miss Elizabeth Donovan, 800 Patterson Street, who cups!" is Sl!<' ;:e:ary. There are only 100 share s of no-par stock. r epresenting It is reported that Sykes and I the .: "tire ownership of this corporation. All shares of stock wer e Svvoboda completed t heir fur:satisf.:.tctorily accounted f ol'. Iough trips in Maranville's car A ccording to Mr. A. Pickens Col e p!esident. no member oL the without a scratch .. vVe wish to mlli1.ii an independent Army air base Drew Beats Loke !and, 9-2 EurLirtg superb ball, Vito T a mj..d:is !'o lme r major league star .'le t lhr:: F{)od Machinery nine o Lakei,::wd down with seven hitf in last Saturday a s thf Drew fnten:eotots won 9-2. Ir. eight inn.ings, Tan'lulis struck out 1-1, m:>n anti is<:ued t w o basE , b esides collecting t w r hits fJ : a.> many nms. The game 'Was CJ. H e d at the end of the eighth rlue t d.mkness. Johnson poled out ;; J.ong t i.

Aprill6. 30ls_ t Squadron News -1 he is up in Mass. on a .l5 day_ furlough. -We can just :imagine Transfers plentiful in the 1 him sleeping all day until 7 a. rir., squadron these days, and most of 1 having breakfast in bed, and reus realize the immense amount of: ceiving loving attention from work this moving puts on the' pretty girls. The cmiquering hero Orderly Room. Due to these conI returned from the' wars. ditions, it would b e appreciated ---if the m e n of the squadr-on would Physical exercise has reared not frequent the Orderl y Room its ugly head over our peaceful for e very little detail and gripe. group. Every man in he squaas this congregating puts adde d dron is now required to present work and confusion on an o ver-himself either at 10 a.m. or 4 worked department. Pet peeve of p.m. for an hour of grueling Sgt. Schwartz of the Orderly grind known in the vernacular Hoom is men leaning on the large and in other places, as physical Statistical Record Chart that you training. Take heart, gentlemen. see him so frequent-ly working on. Once your brittlE.> old bones Let's take the hint. have softened, you will prob-ably enjoy this program. THE ECHOES Sq. Evidea.tly the guards of the 304th have been striving for the 24 hour pass gift, presented by the Group Commander, and se l ecte d by the Office r of the Day, for the best guard on each shift. Cpl. Lange, who is in charae of the guard details, is now ing a swelled head over the fact that seven of his guards haVe crashed the select circle already in April Pfc Cress:man. Pvts. Mandl, Nestor, Morton, Cordisco Shinkman a 'nd Nehlen. The following former Sgs. are now the proud wearers of the shack siripe; Phil Gearing, Elton Jefferson, Fred KasserCorporal Ralph Daugherty is being transferred to Scott Field, Ill., where he will start an 18 week course in radio operation and mechanics. Ralph should come out of the school a first class. radio m;in as he has had Eome experience on the line. In the supply shack, your r e -man, and John Gibson. If ycu porter found Pfc. Heikkila. who three chrevons on Fred has just come from Ft. Logan Williams, Morris Hagen and where h e att ende d the clerical Rothwell Neuhaus, you're right! school. From the line to the same In :the future, genlemen, it will shack, comes Pvt. Mitche ll who be Corpo;al James Hayes. bea r 8 li ttle resemblance to tl"le bomber. 2nd L t. Pasquale C. Bova. ma-New double decker bunks with mattresses are replacing the cots in the 301st and the feeling is unanimous as to the im iJrovement. There ,;hoLrld be less wrinkles and bulges for inspections. Occasionally good things come in pairs, even in the Army, for besides getting new bunks, the 30lst also got rid of the termites that -have bee n lodging in the walls of the barracks. After a clay of fumigatio"n, the floors of the barracks were covered with most every ,sort of insect. It surely will be a relief to be able to use your .bunk without first having to get i'id of roaches. Chemical warfare came into itsown last Sunday, as the : wl).ole sqd-n. spent the en ire day in gas lectures, drills, and going. through the g _as chamber. The last hour was spent by everyone :taking an examina-. ion on the different things learned_ throughoutthe day. Every.one is anxiously waiting :the outcome of this test, for if it is not passed wi. h a score of 70 or better, it will be necessar-y o :take t-he course over fo r an hour each night, Here's hoping. Last, but by no means least, we must say a few words abou:t our eight star who pre sented us wi:th eigh:t carbon copies 1-:1is wee!{. They have taken a small villa under he orderly rc:>m, and are a home to callers. Two kit:iens have been presented formarly. 303rd Bombardment Sq SQUADRON NEWS One of !he PX girls was tellin?: a member of the squadron that she thought the Air Corps was much more necessary than the Signal Corps. She said, "All the Signal Corps does is wave flags." Pvts. McGill, Clayton, and Ouellette are among those on furlough. Pvt. Carlson has returned from a short V<)cation in the hospital. He was sabotaged by German Measles. Some of i:he boys are complaining about the new double deckers. They claim it took them over a month to get accustomed to :the old cnes and now they find the new ones so comfortable that they cannot sleep. Raymond Biggs is the last man __ of the 30lst to be released from the Army, under the 38 year age 1 IS the lov;ly. tl:at limit law. Lucky man! Or is he? I has smrounded the ,quadran are_a ------+<: for the past few weeks? Can rt be the scent of Tampa orange 302nd Bombardment Sq.1 blossoms? To us it mIll can bring your. wife or """eekb. l

Page4 THE ECHOES April 16, : 1543 : THE ECHOES day there is celebrated .what is Sacrifice of.the Mass. On .. this GLENN R. ROSS. Publisher ._called the Mass of the Pre-sane ed ,called Mas';; because I.Ltea Mass; and called Prebecause at the a host, ii:t a re. TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS Business Office: P. 0. Box 522 lll3 FLORIDA AVENUE TAMPA. FLORIDA Phone 2177 pository from Holy Thursct.ay' s is consumed by the officiating priest. This Mass of the sanctified will be': held in Chapel No. 3, at 7:00 p. m. All advertisements contained in this newspaper are also contained in the Fly Leaf. published in the interest of the personnel of.MacDill Holy Saturday Field. Minimum joint circulation, 10,000 copies. Day of .anticipated Easter Joy. At 7 :00 p.m. in hapCel No. 3 there will be Blessing of the Easter Fire ancl Candle followed by Mass. ADVERTISING RATES FURNISHED ON REQUEST A newspaper published exclusively for the personnel of Drew Field and devoted to military interests and the United Victory. Sunday Opinions expressed in this newspaper are those of the individual writers and under no circumstances are they to be considered those .of the United States Army. Advertisements in this publication do not constitute an endorsement by the War Department or its per sonnel, of the products ad_vertised. ction of Jesus Christ the dead. The Holy Week ceremonies will be climaxed with a Solemn High Mass ,to be ceie brated in the open air, at 9:00 a. m., at the Band Shell beside Chapel No. 2. Topkick Parade Puffing contentedly on a cigar, First Sgt. John B Gosselin, of Hq. & Hq. Sq., III Fighter Command, related the story of his life. Preferring to be called 'John' by his boys, of which he knows every one personally, he has been Firs tSgt. since/ Jan. 1, 194 3 Born 29 years ago in Chester, Pa., of French-Canadian parents, Gosse.lin grew up .in Eddington, Pa., from the local industrial high school in 1930; specializing. as a cabinetmaker. Attracted by the recruiting posters of Army life. John joined up for a hitch in Philadelphia on June 1 1932. First Hitch coincided with New Year's Day. O.n Oct. 12, 1942 at Chape l 2, the Sergeant and Miss Lottie Kmito of New York City were married. At present they maintain a Tampa residence. The large assemblage of men from the Squa dron who attended the wedding are still chuckling over the line up immediately after to kiss the bride. it was announced by Chaplain :PROTESTANT SERVICES Morton C Fierman. Holy Communion will be held. At sundown April 19th, service in all five Chapels on Thursday men will participate in a com-evening, April 22nd, at 8 p. m. munity Seder at the Hillsboro Ho-Good F riday period of Medita t e! and the YMHA. Chaplain Fie.r-tion in Chapel No. 1 and Chapel man and Rabbis Eisenberg and No. 4 Zielonka, of Tampa, will officiate. Eastei' Sunrise Service in the following the ancient Seder cereBandshel"l, Easter morning at 6:3(L many, for the b enefit of the sol-. a.m. 1 "'\ diers. Easter Services in all five Cha Many homes throughout the .els at 10:30 a.m. on Easter morn> city a lso wiil be open to soldiers ing. Domestic accomplishments of Sgt. G -osselin include ari. amateur chef and preparing his favorite meal of vegetable soup and pep. pered steak .He is also partial to I on Passover eve, with civilians playing the role of foster parents to the Jewish service men for Church Call chicken, green vegetables, and J evening. fruit. The Sergeant is an 1 old. Chaplain Fierman, in announcCATHOLIC master at sewing and shining. ing Passover pla ns, declared that 6:15 A.M.-Mass in Chapel 2 brass. "the Jews have been in training and 3 First Sergeant's Woes for the defense of liberty for over 8:00 A.M.-Mass in Chapel 3 Gosselin lends a "Mother's" ear 3,000 years. -''rhe oldest army of 9 A M .-Masses on Sunday will to the usual gripes of his men freedom in the world is that of. now be held in the following which include the chronic lack of the Jewish people formed to pro-places: ratings, the necessary spirit on test against slavery in Egypt. Be-Chapel No. 2. their parts to obey orders and cause of this integral association Recreation Building No. 2, on perform the di.tties exp_ected with liberty, Jews in every age M between 1st and 2nd streets. Gosselin wants to see certain local have been the shock troops in Theatre No. 3, at K and 2nd improvements put into effect. challenging oppression. street. First iniprovement is better bus "The Jew has never been alPROTESTANT (S d ) 1 nr1 't E B d loTed to forget th. e tradi.ti.on of un ays service with a request that at Chap am vv 1I more ear s10 30 A M G l S least two empty buses be sent ley was promoted on April 7, liberty in which he was born, for 11 Ch 1 -enera ervrce m directly to the Hangai area im-1943, from First L1eutenant to year by year there is the Pass-a apes. mediately after Retreat to ac-Captain. Chaplain Beardsley, who aver Festival of Freedom as a re-s 7:30 -h Ge1ne4ral Evening commodate the men there, plus replaced Chaplain Carl W. Hew:-minder. Passover," Chaplain Fier-. ervice m ape one empty bus half hourly there-lett as Base Chaplain on Decem-man continued, "is associated with JEWISH after. "We are a]ways at the tail ber 10, 1942, came to Drew Field the very foundations of our Amer-7:15 P .M.-Wednesday in end of the loading line and by July 30, 1942 ican life. The Pilgrim Fathers Chapel 3 Ch 1 3 the time the buses reach us. if at The chaplain received his B A. looked upon the Atlantic Ocean 8 8 : 3 3 0 AP.MM. -FSntdayds In. Cahpe 1 as the Red Sea, and pictu.red their : -a ur ays m ape all, one additional man could not degree from McKendree College, entry into this new America in 3 even be poured .in." L ebanon, Illinois, in 1931 ; his terms of the Passover attainment Another suggested improve-B.D. degree from Hartford (Conn.) of freedom. When America fought American Airmen ment. is .the furnishing by the Theological Seminary in 1935 ; and fm independence, the story of A Base of a suitable play and r e -studied at Cambridge University, God breaking the yoke of Egypt Try Body rmor creation area for the daily condi-England, in 1935-36. gave spiritual justification for. our --tioning period of his men. "It' s He ei1ter-ed the AImy Jui1e 23 f h h 11 hald to have a nice gr-asse a area expression o t e ng t of a men MaJ. Gen. Ira Eaker revealed 1942 at Fort Dix, New Jersey. t l'b t Th 1 b t' f between barracks. I.f tllat's what 1 B o 1 er Y e ce e ra IOn. o that An1erican airmen are experi. Chap am eardsley is a Con-p tl th f Eighteen days after being pro-we have to use for our daily gregationalist H e was born in a.ssoveei: :rs year, ere ore, menting with bullet-proof vests. cesse d through Ft. Slocum, New exercising." K ct Tr F b brmgs with I t a deepened sense and other types of body armor. Y I h b d A ansas 1 y -'"-ansas, on e ruary o.f consec_ratr.on to th. e cause of' Woun.ds from Fragments or;:, e was a oar an rmy 'Yep, we've got a bttncl1 of 15 1811 HI.< pr -esent horne Is In 1 b t t 1 h 11 f f 1 t T h 14 h I f u I er Y o w 1IC a o u.s, o .' w 1a Most of the wounds suffered by ransport to JOlll t e t n an-good boys and if you ask me, I'll Westhampton, Massachusetts. He ever faith, are now dedicatmg our Yanks in their sweeps over Eu-try, then stationed in Panama. say the best on 'the Base," con-is married but has no children. His d 1 Af 21 h G 1 energies an our Ives rope have been from cannon t e r 74 years ere, osse m eluded Sgt. Gosselin as he con-hobby is photography. was shipped to Ft. Howard, Balti-tinued to puff on his fastly dimiliJ she 11 s scattering fragments h h f h d 1 1 t h throu.gh the bomber. The armor more, w ere e mis e 1IS 1I c nishing cigar. and was honorably discharged in .;: JEWISH Palm Sunday is designed to ward off these low-1935 Commemoration of Christ's velocity fragments. was a membei of var-Wedding Bells Ring Ouf Passover begins at noon on Thiumphant Entry into the city Steel helmets, worn over bulky ious Army athletic teams, par.tiApril 19, 1943 Seder services will of Jerusalem, mid waving of earphones, are likewise b ejng cipating in baseball, football, bas-Miss Juanita Prince of Falls b e held ih Tampa=--the Reformed palm branches and singing of tested. None of the equipment is ketball, and track. He played on Mills, W. Va., became the bride at the Hillsboro 'Hotel, and the Hosannas. in general use yet. the "varsity" teams and was in of Sgt. Charles G. Lee of Hq. & Orthodox at the Y.M. H A. NeOn this day it is the custom of .;:: ____ the lineups of several Army Hq. Sq., III Fighter Command, on braska and Ross Avenues. Also the church to bless palm branches. N S S S II championship teams. Wednesday evening, April 7. Rev. at private homes. Here at Drew Field palms, gather0 Wlm, 0 0 Y After his discharge he worked D. D. DieUenwor:th performed the Religious services for Passover ed on our own field, will be The battle of the Bismarck Sea for a large New Yor;k upholstery ceremony at the Tampa Heights will be held at Chapel No. 3 on ed. h d d t h M th d t Ch h The masses w1'll be at the same as cause a ras IC c ange r n firm for two years, using his e o Is urc Tuesday, April 20, at 8 and f t J t t F cabinetmaking skill. Then he se-Miss Geneva Prince; sister of Wednesday, April 21, at 8 a.m., time and places as usual. cured amployment as a machinist the bride, was maid-of-honor. and Monday, April 26, at 8 a.m., Holy Thursdar diers are going to be taught the with Westinghouse X-Ray ComS/Sgt. Lawrence P. Phillips, of and Tuesday, April 27, at 8 a.m. Day of Inshtutwn of. the Holy finer points of how to propel onepany in -Long Island City, work-MacDill Field, served as best man. ll1iill Euchanst. CommemoratiOn of the self in the water otherwise ing there from 1937 to 1942. He S/Sgt. William D. Sanders and '1t11" Last Supper of Christ. known as swinuning.' reentered the service on March Sgt. Arthur H. Riddick,. of the With' the cooperation of Army :r"here Will be three masses on Explain New Order 6, 1942 III Fighter Command, friends of officials, the Jewish community this at: As quoted .py Tokyo Radio in Present Se;svice the groom, completed the wedding of. Tampa and the local Army and 5:30 p. m. Chapel No. 4. a broadcast to the OWl, the gov-After his induction at Camp party. Navy Committee of the Jewish 6 : 30 p.m. !n Chapel No. 2. ernment's statement explaining Dix, Gosselin was sent to Keesler After a reception at the home Welfare Boa,rd has arranged for 7:00 p.m. m Chapel No. 3. the new order said: "The scheme Field, Miss., and came to Drew of some Tampa friends, the cou-soldiers of Jewish faith at Drew Good Friday has been prompted b y the fact .June 23, 1942. Because of his ple left for a short honeymoon. Field and its sub-bases to partici-The corrimemoration of the Pas-that war operations in greate.' tary background he was made They are now residing in Tampa. pate in the traditional observance sian and Death of Jesus Christ. East Asia are closely connecte' Acting First Sgt. shortly' after-, Sgt. Lee is a native of Camilla, of Passover, the Festival of Free-This is the only day in the year with water." ward. His ascendancy to First Sgt. Georgia. dom starting at noon April 19th, that Catholic Priests do not offer (Both on and under the water).


April 16. 1943 THE ECHOES Bv SGT.R.c.T:PEARMAN The very latest word on Pfc. George Da.vis is just this: he is now s p endin.f! all 'that money he worko so h8rd to borrow on fruit. That's all, ius t fruit. Next week J Will 1cll );Oll w h o h e give s it to It will make y o u lrmation I wish to mention all s leepin!'! time w ill be made up on"Burma By S/Sgt. Jc: h n F. Suszynski Road." Nee d I more? This guy Cpl. McAbee has been I The 69th Army A 1 r Forces Band walking about with a very conhas itsown peculiar versions of tented look on his handsome characters and things. Here 'are kisser. I admit Cmnp DeSoto is some. of them: "Mr. Five by Five" one heck of a swell place to b e. -our own roly poly Cpl. "Ma-but it' s not that good. I think we honey" Costello ... Fastidiousness better investigate. -Cpl. Jerr:;: (he'll eat his We\le lost two of our PX Sales heart out lf you don' t remark oirls. This makes me verv sad. abou t the 1:eatnes s .of his cot .. and J The only thin!l that chee.rs m e cubby-hole, ca. l hm1 Ole (and about h alf the camp) 1s to Mother Sedlak ) .. pai;t;on and drop into the PX and have a Pyduas-Pvts Fran,, Coke ann a friendly chat with and Erny G1uhano (a coupl e of Maxine \Va s hin.,.ton and Pearl l .ong-hair fiddlers clol!bling on E Harris. the on!; girls w e flat alto horn and clanne t r espec-have ]eft t!vely, With the Band) ... Blg The fellows in 1018 QM are Busmess-Pvts. Lamb and Na1lor 11 w .. II" 1g th ir To Kick 'Crash' Inc. (Laundry Serv1ce De Luxe) Cd ll c P C d Q t C 1 R 1 1 Freeman. If you don t know whv, ea e an Llle -P a P 1 ] 1 H 11 1 I t l -d Sudjian (on furlouo h) .. Touoh as\. 1ll11. e WI ) e on y o g a Luck Guy_ Pfc. to g1ve you an answer. (R1ght (cve1ything happens to Sam) between the eyes). Wol'ld' s Happiest Guy-Pvt. Jerry Cpl. Woodard: the perfect specl Becker, clarinetist and saxist (he men, he 1s m such wonder has just been transferred to the ful <;ond1twn has to take Band) Wall Stree t Financiers pec1al exercises Pfc. Bob Ludwig (handling the to keep h1mself m tnm. That may Band' s laundry account) .. Casa-be so, but that ain't the way nova-Sgt. Gordon Booth (or can T /Sgt. Ford heard 1t. it be "Lochinvar"; what is the B y the time thb is read the diffe1ence, anyway?) Chaos-Mighty Mite, or Pfc. Greenwhich, Sgt. Bud Estes (trying to get a will be back from furlough w i t h band arrangement of ''Easter Pahalf of New York in his handbag. rade" done before Christmas rci lJs That means we are all going have around again) .. Chief Agitator to get back o n the ball and watch -Cpl. Mike Galdino (discussing our steps. th-ousands -of. Drew the relativ e merits of jazz and Field enlisted men have made oocic' y music) Worry 'iVartMonday evenings at eight o'clock Cpl. Will Krewson (maybe his WELCOME TO a must in their date book, because recent furlough has s:Jmething to H Q T E l they don't want to miss Drew do with his frame of mind) ... KNOX Field' s ace radio program The Ambition Without Cause-T/Sgt. Right Answer or Else ... That's Ellie Eaton (he still has hopes our quiz show you know, which of a G l e e Club ala I're d Waring, TOM BRYSON, Manager selects the contestants for that within the Band) .. Atlas-Sgt. Lafayette & Jefferson Streets evening' s broadcast right from Harry F erris (our physical trainthe audience ten minutes before ing director) Band' s Main CULP LUMBER CO. it goes on the a:ir. Aversion-getting up in th0 And h e r e s the way it work: 12 ing ... Anticipation P ersonified-contestants are plucked from the Pfc Hector'' Spector looking for-'Everything to Build Anything' audience. Onceon stage, their ward to hi s seven nights p e r week I names and home towns are listed. stand at the Service. Club Millwork Made to Order The house lights are dim by then, Band's Main Diversion-passes 500 PACKWOOD and we have about 45 seconds to and FURLOUGHS (that reminds Phone H 1862 go before. we're on the air me-you'll be reading somebody Lt. George W K luge then gives else' s stuff in BAND NOTES for the high sign, applause comes the next coupl e of weeks, while from the darkened auditorium Sgt. Harry Johnso 11' was born your. Scribe is "diversioning") .. and The Right Answer or Else is in Hollywood, California. On leav-1 UtO:f)la-McK.ees Rocks on the Air again. ing high school, he decide d to be vama

Page 6 THE E C H 0 E S W < l N G T I 405th Bombardment Gr. I in at night. We live on B 1 presse d for attendance at E tl th 405 street JUSt across the bndge from cahsthemcs last Thursday, Charlie f \t J5 e 1 Treater N6 .. 2. just mumbled, "Postal Inspector IOOL:1 or a .;;u ff o.w actmg suppl y sergeant, C!e're tJ:e to mention. --: 'I that score tune of the Orlando-ttes w1ll It is reporte d that S / S gt. D o-Proble m D e pt. (o r T e ll It. to change. Really, boys; we here nald E. Horace k almosl cli:owne d Jesus, Brother)-Cpl. "Handsome S /Sgt. Johnson was trymg at the Sulphm Springs Pool la s t i Joe" McKee. just received two to ma.k e u s feel bad. I Sunday. The particulars have not; photos from h1s lovely w1fe. Busiest fellow at HEADQUAR-been disclose d as vet. At any r a t e l Wh1ch one to keep and which to TERS-Sgt. Schoot-planning his h e wasable to woik the following : return? At the the barI furlough wtth. a great deal ahead. day. rack votmg runs fifteen to twelve Yes, we now have plenty of M/Sgt. Fricks has been confine d m favor of the profile shot; and Coca-Cola ic e cold here and sug-in the hospital the past few' the odds are one hundred to one gest everyone entering these por-weeks. He is much improved sinve that Joe kee_ps both photos. tals-come armed with a supply his operation. Sights to see: Sgt: : .-Willard. April 16, 1943 of nrckels. I Something shm .. qct .be done Far':e;va guy you: d like to, :kmiw ------+< about the ma1l s1tuatwn. The -shdmg mto second base. You 624th Bombardment Sq 1 625th boys aren't sat1sf1ed unless .iust can't tag the man. Cpl. .. ............................................... ..4. 'they get mai.l two or three time s Vic Mauti pulling a Jeeter Lester In the spring a young man's 1 a day. We are lookmg for a t1)a il out in the sunny pastures of i BOB'S OPEN EVENINGS fancy usually turns to thoughts check who w1ll b e abl e to d e hver center f1eld as two runs come m: ::: :i: of Jove. Here, in the 6 24th, we leas-t one lette r to every man g;:ass plussun eq}-tals _sleep. And i ':' would say the thoughts are of m the 625th Bomb Sq .. datly. The \. JC IS a fiend for add1t10n ':' ._::: furloughs and not .of love. With boys have tned. wntmg mo.re !flash and Just stuff: Sgt. I ::: ArJ. l:rlY .-. :, the personnel as small as it is 1 often, but have received no 1 e B1g on : .:4 everyone can almost set the to date. Wha t we really need thts week. Likewise Sgt t h eir vacation will be forth-I r s a Santa Smg,. the paste com mg. Many of tl)e boys leaving board ?pe l a tor, m Sq. Sgt now are looking forward to Easter 626th Bombardment Sq. Jack ht s the road_to good at home. However, we have one old York\ 1ll e (N.Y.C. ) th1s We0 fellow here,. S/Sgt. Horrell, who By Cpl. W. H. Cook and nesday. Already h1s 1 has ::m altogether different reason Sgt. Ed. Murphy han&mg out. at the prospect o -s f s for going home now. He wants to B ecause our C.O. Lt. Roberts, h1s size ten on the bras be in Louisville, Kentucky, .for 1 has derarted for Orlando, ra1l of Yorln:rlle's B rau _Haus. Cpl the Derby. In the past 17 years, w1th h1m all squadron officers 1 Sanders for beau Sgt. Horrell has only missed one 1 and 14 of_ the rankmg nont Jful on The bar D erby and that was in 1942 when corns (otherw1se known as w1ll be a on the dul he was at School in Color ;ado "wheels) for a period of s-pecial 1 srde and not qUite so cheerfu Quite a record. training, news of activities of! he goes. As a note to Mr -1 1 : .., i'.'.'{ c ; : .. .a. ... :"' : : Complete Line Military Supplies For The Needs Of .:. : >t SERVICE MEN :. : :. : .. :. : _EXPERT TAILORING .. t. : .:. : 207 E. Lafayette Street Tampa .:. : .:. : .. .. :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:..:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: .. WE PACK AND SHIP CITRUS TO ALL PARTS. FANCY FLORIDA OF THE U. S. Half Bu. $2.00 --Bu. $3.00 _.:._ Full Box $4.00 .. The first report received from this squadron will be a little off i Sanders. let 1t be placed the Orlando. indicates that our De: record. We are, however, adher1 record that Hank. IS obeymg al tach_ed Personnel are really enstrictly to routine the the \ t aff1c day joying themselves. Sgt. Gelband gurdance of Lt. Forest B. St1th, -and I S a_ pre_tty fme soldier. I GlJ'SletD RE'Vi"i says the food there is tops. Here, Acl .mg C O. and S/Sgt. Lee P eck, Concludmg: We are all well and we are struggling along, eagerly actmg F1rst Sgt. happy th1s week do. ym. awaiting what is to come when. Some of the boys are r eturnmg are' too. Sgt. Labnola 1s 1n love those "Applied Tactics" are apI f,rom furlough ,with the usual over again with convalesc plied hete. We hope the. applica. -well here. I am and others mg Cpl. f!Cannon s corns are tion is gentle. ar.e departmg on their furloughs co.mmg along mcely and Cpl. Roe 1 -1 I 717 MARION AT POLK ST'. H E s T A G : t:nt'.,,'t_ :' 2nd Floor Knight & Wall Slda-. 'I We are thinking of using part wtth the eagerness and speed of Kmg has taken the pledge-whicl of our column as a question and the well-known sage hen. makes him a strong "character.' answer box something ori the Mechamcs, Armorers and OrdAh, yes, indeed, the angels are stvle of "Love. Problem" nance men and others are assigp.hovering over the 627th this week I I Cqr. Lafayette & Tampa Str.eets. COOL, CLEAN, COMFORTABLE-BED, and Shqwer Bath, $1. 00 : columns. In this case 'we will eel for datly duty to the 303rd answer only questions peitaining Bom.b Sq. and this_ was like re-339th Bomb._ Group Hq. to radio. Our communication turnmg .home, bavmg ongma]ly You AreInvited to Use Our Reading; Smoking and Wash I Rooms All Day Without Charge. .. triumvirate of Sgts. there. Perhaps the most talked about Hartnett and Mcintyre stand I few aa_ys ago yo:.: could hear event of the week was the big ready to solve any radio problem many of the boys talking about Barbecue held last Sa.turday with that may be bothering you. They their social activities in terms of all foUl : Squadrons participating know all the. answers. large size folding money, but as in an enthusiastic manner. A swell I MADISON DRUG COMPAN. Y ., If you notice a S/Sgt. walking pay dav draws farther away this time was had by all officers and hereabouts with his h ead above big talk has bee n reduced to enlisted men and from authoritathe clouds and he fail s to answer whispers and rattling coins. Rare -tive sources we have news that your "hello," don' t hold it against ly do you hear such thing as a thi8 won't be the last of this type h1m. Sgt. Dursh i s leaving for $5 00 bill mentioned. of "outing." home in Pittsburg soon and heCpl. Creech is leaving us with1 T/Sgt'. Jacobson reports that has plenty o f problems to solve in a few days with a valuable he has put on an early morning there. We are anxiously awaiting and deserved "Honorable D is-detail of seven men to scoop: the h1s return to find: out just how charge" in his pocket. Pop has sand out of Headquarters so that he weaves out of that entanglea defense jolb and you can bet he Capt. Crowley will be able to ment. will do his usual good work. Good; J find his desk without so much After a we&r: of Gas School our luck, Pop Creech. trouble ... Three long and loud mail clerk, Corporal GuUer, re-Cpl. Knowe lski, who spent the cheers fm: the cooks and all con-turns to duty. best part of a day t eaching some cerned in "Dishing" out the swell of the boys how to decontaminate chow we've been having since 625 ,th. Bomb SqNews with. wa.ter, learned something moving to our new location I new m the art from S/Sgt. "Gunthmk we'll all argue (especially By Cpl. Will:!ur: J. Kuhn ner" Pr:indle. Prindle's system is the staff and Mast. Sgts.) At present our personnel is di-much Simpler. He gave a demon-our chow IS the best on the freld. vided between Orlando and Drew I stration in the rear of the bar-It's has been rumored that the Field. Letters from the boys djs-racks by simply throwing a buckin the Morning Report close. the fact they are IJO.t only et. of water o .ut of an upstatrs Sect10n. Cpl. Le.on Dubuc, would learmng much, but will be back wmdow. He not only decontam1-not mJ.nd t!llqng an advance :;;oon. to teach us some of their nated the gas out there, but the course m Smpe Huntmg JUSt so I I FRANKLIN AND MADISON STREET Where the Men of the AJ,"med: Servic;e Shop and: Eat We Are. Anxious to Be of Service ONEDAY SERVICE PAUL'S: EXPERT WATCH REPAIRING Jf7a(ches Dimnonds ]ewel'ry Novelties Our Motto: "Service Men Firsr 214 E. LAFAYETTE. NEX1' TO MANHATTAN CAFE OPEN EVERY 'TIL 10 P. M. UNITED OPT It:; AI. ': ., Manufacturing. and Dispensing Opticians 205 ZACK STREET -P-HONE M 5783 COURTESY DISCOUNT 20 P ERCENT Prescriptions Filled-Lenses Duplicated new t'lctics. gas expert h1mself. long as 1t was near Denver, Colo. I W e don' t 'Eke to reveal our S/Sgt. Henry L _Jones i s a swell Now fellows don't the wrong BENNETT s DRuG s T 0 R E I source of infoimation but we hear guy. Now, Jones, how about the tdea; the r e 1sn t any g1rl connected 1 : Connecti -on. -S g t. Trank i s studying very two you m e if with _it as that ring. h e is carrying I IJ?dustriously. and on siestas (or I you m th1 s column. on h1s key cham 1 s a hand-me1004 Franklin St.

A,Pril 'l6, 1943 > *""" THE ECHOES 3rd COMMAND' ;.:.:482-nd :Bom. b ardment Sq. tryiJ+g to be g{)od to .Army; I could'trust her. But knowing ner Events are the real. ews items, and knowing the Army, NO!!! they tell us: Last week had its it: ____ S f A 8-R E E'Z E S greatest_ eyent. for this 485th Bo: inbardment s .. q .. .. By._Pk -Alvin M. Amster since activation, a long with the .. other squadrons of the group. l Men in the 485th are beginning Good n:ews: at Monday's non refer to the barbecue we so greatto like the set up at ihe new loca-com meeting th eboys voted in Page 7 GER : :I! RAN SK Tfls pi! A 1)'1EP s .. ly enjoyed. Mixed with an occa-1 tion pretty well. Plenty of room in favor of pNrchasing a wash rna sional draught, the party-was a the barracks, rriathesses and Pi1-chine for each barracks, and an huge success. Lt. McKinley ca:n lows, food and conditions in their iron and ironing board for each vouch for the superb flavor of -the new mess -hall, and a day room bay. Let's have some action now; 6 percent involved. with two pool tables. Of course, our Sq. washermen are "sweating: With the inteiviews .and classi-there are also some disadvantages out" the equipment. fROff\ fications over, many G .L's have to be'ing so far away from the Of course, a Base QM Laundry wondered about the outcome of main field. Not being near to would help. things. Don' t fret too much, we Movies, Service Club, Main P X., Notes on Sq. alumni: Gordon hear that the Army gives lots of Base Administration Offices, etc., Durland and Ray Cely, now both: interviews:; there is a definite reais a hardship. However, we are aerial gunners, are wearing S/Sgt. son and purpose"for each one. in hopes that this condition will stripes. As our C.O. i s away, we want be remedied sometime in the near Passing the one-year-in-service-to recognize the efforts put forth future by the provision of some milestone-April 7: Bill Nosker; 'by Lt. Bowman and Lt. McKinley kind of transportati'on to the main April 10: _Joe Hresko and your in running this squadron. Cooper-base. correspondent. Tell us when you 1 ation is needed. We are sure most The writer knows, fron'l first pass yours. everyone is backing them up, but hand information, that a fairly Best-Saying-Of-The-Week Dept. let's all pitch in and do 'better big Supplemental Payroll paid on Cpl. .Joe Olivier, "Today' s a big than our best. Monday, April 12 was very we!-day for me. It's my birthday." W e noticed that Sgt. Combs had come. (Note: April 13 was the day ) a pretty good star t at the party. All members of this Squadron Hot Dots '! It has become a startling rumor who attended the Barbecue on Hq. Custodian Ray Harmon (regular kind) that he started the Saturday, April."-10 seemed to like .likes onion sandwiches ... Rumor night befqre. A clear description the idea very much and hope it has it that something is being of the circumstances probably can v:riH be repeated as. soon as done to improve the Base bu:; be give n b y the sergeant .... Sible. The food and lJqUJd r efresh-service. We hope so! .. CongraM/. Galloway. alias "Fran'k ment were relished immensely, tul11tions to Sgt. Lee whotook Buc .s out for "Bring 'Em Back some very fine concert singing unto himself a wife ... 'Tis ru-Alive tactics. With that pith and harmonizing concluding the mored that Cpl. Epps also became sombrero his attire. is complete! affair. Of course, only those who wedded last week. ,. W e also hear his expeditions to appreciate the higher and more Mtmroe .picks up his extr.a k town are most classicl!-l type_ of music could fully twelve winks -daily immediately c A occurrence each aoprec1ate this vocal treat. Lower after breakfast. .. Grossman oncP night is Flight "B" of the mos,. forms of animal life; evacli.a\ed: .again .-a: shackrrian. Suitable Sgt. S the loc.ale_ it everi bei11g "Adolph Menjou" Prof-Hutchmson claims _one was so that the to leave "'-:as akm fitt. Whobrey, Staiger and large (a mosqmto) It on the to the_ ternf1ed. scaml?enng and' Southard are walking ads for edge of his bunk and smd, quote, scurtymg of ammal life leavmg Florida suntan. "We gotcha covered, paL" So the, the scene of a _forest fire. Boys On The Move Sgt. sa1d "Hey what s up, Doc?" i mmg and _bathmg were featured i. It's not a mistake, the drone of by a spirited polo match, the boys Zo1t.an Lucas moved to Gu_n-! wings at night is becoming more utilizing a football and they put nery School at Ft. Myers .. -. i ahd more intense. Make sur e the to shame the antics of seals at the Clarke now on TD_ at ClassJfJca r !';Creen doors are closed at night, zoo fighting over fish. As men!:Jon School, Waslung:ton & Jef i it seems the im: cts are always tioned-before, a siinilar event can ferson Co_llege Y"hitley,_ Ranck hungry and might particularly. not b e repeated too -soon to please and Dobie are still lookmg for c:are for you in a morsel sort of everyone concerned. good catches to mab them way .. POET'S CORNER Welco_me to Mrs. Lawrence, 1< A.TTENTION" All p n e w 01d. steno ... Rosemary 483 d B b d S ye mg-Groves cleaned out Joe Rarus r Om Or ment q. Pong Fiends. matching pennies ... Harding al-Though aced, d1sgt aced and ways engi:neering a card game. It i s rumored that a certain 1. S/Sgt. spendin.g quite a bit of time in Ybor City watching the .gals' skirt s go about their knees -while they jitterbug. This reporter did not know that he was that old! }.' Yjpes!! Flash!! the boys are figuring on clipping T/Sgt. Green-' berg .for the summer, his fur is ., roo heavy. 'The party i he1d last Saturday was a great s ;uccess and l et's hope that we ca n do it again in the near future. :Sgt. Ryan and Cpl. Maksymik are on the way to success in A M. School, they have the best wishes of this depaPtment. double crossed. By each elusive little ball, .The Wolf Howls It's better to have pinge d and lost. Willoughby, how is Eleanor P. Than never to have pongee! at these days? .. Seen the n e w cornaiL cob pipe smokers, Holz and Grondin? .. Lazenbv added an : other biri hday last Lts. Bartl and Lawson had to sweat ; out the bus line last week. SEND HER FLOWERS FOR EASTER I What noncom in the Adj. Gen's 1 Section is apple polishing? .. Our sympathies to the sunburn twins, ; Thom and Mellott. Dzelnick I gave Thom sunburn sponge baths. SWEAT'S FLOWER SHOP Welcome Soldiers! 1200 S. Ft. Harrison Ave. CLEARWAT-ER FLA. "TAMPA'S MUSICAL ONLY BAR" ':.< .'Betwe:en personnel reports, recl ords; classification and pictures, ; the O rderly Room is just about [ showed under. However, we still: j :ha've time to liste n to a fellow's 1 trouble. Sgt. Pharo is now calling -;;;;;;;;;;.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;'._KP's, Mess Attendqnts; T/5th i''GFade Lav{)ie is still trying to Hear Your Favorite Songs .sh'.6ot 'poo1; Pfc. Rose is strolling ;.._iri. his sleep (that'swbat .we call staying on the job); Pfc. !.Kless is to be congratulated upon manner in which he handles tll.e irpmunjzation Recotds of this .,:Squadron, for so far no one has i ben hooked twice (better not). .. .,.All :departments of this' Squa have really put out during ;.the past month and it is showing ., in the records. Nice .going, fel' iows-. :. 484th Bombardment Sq. :. S/Sgt. 'Floyd Clements returned recently from a furlough, wearh)g the happy smile of a benedict. br. ught his bride back with 'him ay he:re as long as he is I jstatio at this field. CongratuI Floyd, and the best of i lluqk. 1 picnic held Saturday by I the Group was a great success, from the comments I 'by the men. They are very desn-1bus of hav in g these outings as. often as possibl e and are looking; fOr nE'WS Of the next One. I 48<1th's mascot yYaccy," 1 1S still the center of at:ractlon, arpuncl the squadron; however, We have it on good authority that: : hnles-s her house manners im-: prove she is definitely going to 1 h e r stripe .'i.:The Maste r f::g's. and Tech Sgts. #e l'E'ally going to town, now. t,[.ta:t they eat in the ..officers' sec-: tion of the M ess Hall. The concensus of opinion among seems to be that the appetite im-1 'Tve tried to be Red, White and at MacDilliu1d Prew: {HfSJfRfiELD BAR Nhen. the money is lax. I _charge. : no tax, CASS & TAMPA STREETS i'-his -is -surely the place for you!'' M. MlllER'' S :BAR' < Al.:/WAYS SAY :Ul FLORIDA AVE. Ph. M 7215 HOLSUM BREAD B-EERS ---WINES lOc BEER -STILL lOc EXTRA FRESH r A I R B A s E B u s COMPLETF. t I N E s I n c I llo ut. BUS STATION Corner Tampa 8z Cass Streets '. Service to Both Fields at All 'Hours 15-Minufe Service During Rush Hours Herring, Lox u ut.l nll J.-inds of fish, Hi'rifll.' frr:-:h. UF;ER. SANJ>WICU.ES FINMAN'S KOSHER MARKET Oul.:r J{'osher Murket in Tnn1pn. !J:!S E. :nroadwuy Ph. i\l:)li-1.)3 %: Ulotli EHst of Nebraslut Ave. DINE AND DANCE AT LICATA' S SEABREEZE on Hillsborough Bay Try the Best in Food "NO, THANKS. HAVEN' T YOU GOT A COCACOLA?" ''That actually happened. And things like that are happening everyday; Ever notice in your newspaper how often Coke is men .tioned? Boys write home about it, too. They like the taste that sets Coca-Cola apart. They welcome that fee/ of refresh ment. Coca-Cola must remind them of home a lot. It reminds you to refresh yourself." BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY Of THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY TAMPA COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY + .. .... ,_ ... .,_.,_,,_,,_,,...:_,,_,,_,,_,,_ .. _, _,,_,,_,,_,,_,,_ .. ... .... ... -... r I T[;RRACE i j I GIFT b S'kop j I PRESENTS [ T H E E A S T E R p A R A 0 E f / 0 f F L 0 WE R S j j By Wire -or -By Presentation i PHONE 3022 M 5561 j I + ... BAY ViEW HOTEL FIREP.ROOF CONSTRUCTION-EVERY ROOM WITH BATH COFFEE SHOP IN CONNECTION W. B. SHULER, Manager 208 JACKSON ST., Between FRANKLIN 8z TAMPA TAMP A, FLORIDA -PHONE M 5537 SERVi[CE :MEN ALWAYS WELCOME ... BAY VIEW COFFEE S H 0 P Entrance from Lobby of the Bay View Hotel Good Food-Reasonable Private Dining Room for Company or Private Parties A la Carte Service Open 7 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. 21)8 Jackson Street, Between Franklin a.nd Tampa S:treets -ic FRANK RUTTA, CHEF-Formerly chef at Montrose Restaurant, Broadway and York, came to FlorI" ida, got sand m hts shoes and now has opened his own place at 418 W. Lafayette Street Specializing in Spaghetti and Ravioli WE ALSO SERVE BEER AND WINES proves a::.-soon a s nlaies replace 1 .. 'kits. We shouldn't wonder. James J. Brignola is hav-! a heck of a time trying to: keep up with some young. lady town. He phones her anony .trying to "date" her, but ifi)see,ns .she knows his .'voice. cl

Page ll Veteran of Afr i can War (Con:tinued from Page 1) \Vent into action. W e fou?J.d l a ter tha t we had hit-dead were climbing to h ead for (/Ur r. manning t h e ack-acks. Night .!'.ighting were m ade ready. And ti :cn they wer e on us. The firs t bomb. almos t split m y ear This i s a story of a soldier on a magazine cover. His picture appeared on :the cover of he Decem-drums, and d ebris, a s d a ngerous her 29 issue, Life Magazine, with :the simple cap:tition, "Gurmer." as s h r a p n e l was thi c k in the air. A veleran of ihe present war at 23, Sg. Delber:t C. Gilliam, aerial gunner, ha.s returned after 18 "Hadng done all v.re could for enga.gemenis with the enemy over France and Tu Hear award, a.n Air Medal nisia.. with a Purple the pmt e c t i o n of the camp, we. wi! h two Oak Leaf some shrapnel in his leg, and considerable ircn in his soul. sought the customa r y s h e l ter, a ------------fox hole. If you c an't find one 1 you ct:g one and b elieve m e yoL ; praise o f t h e crew of h is bombe r. the officers are very d e mocratic t o become citizens. In tur n they don't hmt around for a shovel. "We're all bro k e n up now.' he One day, w h e n I went int o the a r e bringing with the m the f r i e n d I dug nine with my helme t, faste r said. "After three year s. I under-w oods w i t h a d e t ail to cho p dow n 1 ship o f their home countries a s than I have ever done\ anythi n g s t and they'r.e going to use m e in some t rees, a firs t looey. h elped 1 they. write home of life in Amer-in nF training gunne r s. I'll b e gla d t o u s t o c h o p them down. You would ica. 52 'Bombing Raids in Tunisia do whe1t I can, to h e l p o f not f ind a n officer in a European Thus while Tampa may set O n t h e 24 t h of las t November cours e, but I hope 1t w o n t b e A rmy d omg t h a t. He'd m e r e l y s1t a side April 14 f o r obse r vance o f Sgt. G illiam and his perm a nent. Th1s leg o f mme w !ll !l em b y w1th h1s gloves o n and Pan American friendship, soldier s were a.ssigned operations on the b e all nght p1etty soon a n d then 1 ssue orders. like Z e laya and Sainz and Urbina Tunis i a n borde r, to which they well-" 1 The 1 s good and a r e bringing the ideal to r eality had b e e n m o ved. In the period H e didn't have t o finis h. H i s quate. 1he Army has tne d 1ts betwee:J. tha t date and Jan 4 expression, his t o n e o f voice told best to furnis h the m e n w itt 19 43. h : s squadron p articipate d only t o o clearl y t h a t h e i s count e v e r y day c omforts. ''SLIP-EEZ" 52 opecat ions agains t enemy h eld ing the days u n til that old gan g l 1 was I mpresse d by tl:e troops, airdron'J.es, docks, of his get s b ack togeth e r agai n : i ness of the average can sol -C AN VA S harbon, and ships It i s signifi'cant fly.in g high over t h e bad l a nds, 1 d 1er w h o makes fnends very ,.. that R : )!nmel's c o ncentration o f a n d blas' ing h e ll o u t of the enemv \l'lthout muc h a d o a b o u t L 0 C K E R forces b e g a n at this time. w h e rever t h e y may be." social amemtles. NDALS ''T h e we hit in our Afri-. Mean while, h e is taking it eas\ :No r did I find much racial cr ......, 59c can w ere T u m s So 8t D 'rew Fie l d, and. is rel1gw: ts p r e J u dice, a n d I'm s e Gabes, Ftad. Pas s, Pont 1 to b e foun d 111 the center ot a n m g fo1 t hose t hmgs, you know d e Fa., s S 1 b e tl a, B e.1a and B1a we some thropo of e m bno ,,.un 1 i< To Wear Under he Shower To Preven:t A:thleie's Foo:t zerte ... "Ne wer e a mighty lucky n e r s '"' "' p A ,.: T -' outfi t t h e ser g e a n t said modestan me. ICOn l y. "I 'hink we mus t hold s ome H n f l'k A of a i r f orce record, for dur-. I S tory II fO l, es 1-'l.!"my (Continued flom Page 1) Jng a]' o u r ope r a t io n s w e lost only fic.:e planes. Our score was (C < ::.hnued from Pag e 1) dor. et e rocer before joining tli.e BgC" ... I Army. H e s n _ow b 1us-hing up 011 ;r. ert1c1e n t so g uess we a lso I-h E 1 h For Usc i:l Barracks-They Store Easily in a Knapsack. A. S. BECK Shoes For Men SOB FRANKLIN STREET did o u; of d amao e 1 occupym& w n s L e n a s wntten. iiS. n g 1s m an Army school ------I April lG, 1943 MAAS BROTI-IERS OFFICIAL ARMY: EXCHANGE SERVICE EVERYTHING FOR THE MILITARY JUST -INSIDE OUR FRANKLIN ST. ENTRANCE TIME IS IMPORTANT FIN E WATCH REPAIRING RUFUS W. CARDEN M jSgl. A. x Police 205 .TWIGGS Next to Elite Cafe It '':as Bizerte"' tha t ou r m Engl w 1 severa.l one-:'! C t play s w l u l e 1 r ammg as a truc k driver luc-k f:nally ran out. But it ld a s yet unpub L s h e d. ctea ung w1th at t h e f ield. H e's been in t h i s h ave been worse_ a t Gn;ck -Amencan s ubJec t s. Anc ountry for t w o years. wors e e 0 o ther of hts ach !evements mclude s The l ist could go and o n a n d Sa c1 -1 1 f d a collectw n o f over 5 0 0 uoems on. Man v of the Lat1 11 Alne 1 1 can -, t Jan1 l S o 1Ul11 d 1 t h G J STAR KOSHER DELiCATESSEN 1 8 l LA UNDR i heigh!, lie h t complexione d and e a mg WI 1 eece English : soldiers are becoming ver} n .oci e s t H is fo ; wnfte?ds m c e 118 2l unde r the n e w regulations p e rmit-his office r Colone l w en 1e a 0 n epenc ence tmg men \vith good Arm y reco rds K o 1 -h h ld t!' n broke out m G r eece agamst the e e !.;an, w o o s 1 e lstm-T urks for w h i c h he w r o t e a 1001 gu1sher 1 Flvmg Cross and the A1r 1 < 4 M edal Nith three leaf page usto ncal lit erary mtro' \ D J A M Q N D S d ters ic:; u n b ounde d H e i s no;, Thi S C O l e c t w n IS yet un-1 a n at Wlll Roge r-s Field, a t I' p u o l E:.le d H e co!1d ucte_d a A L L J E W E L R Oklahoma City The Sergeant co lll!:nn m a G!eek n ewsp a p el: m i nim:zes his own p a r t in the t_h e receptiOn _at operatLI)n s but i s high h 1 F m t Shettdan P v t Argoe was m I S I to Atlanttc C1t y for bas1 c i ot-, .. _,., _,.,_,,_,,_,,_,,_ ,,.,_,,_,,_, t ,la1n1ng, the n to Oma h a, N e bras' 1 I f WELCOME SOLDIER! k a wher e f o r t w o m o n t h s h e stu.,.iillllliliiBBDiimr;iJij; j"Wh ei:'e Your Fun Is Our Fun" 1 d ied t e l e t y p i n i g Around the f i r s t = j of Marcr, of this year. he was f t" t.J f BAR sent to Drew F i eld. and is now ()05 Fnu:ldin t. j m ,.}, working in the Me-;sage C e t:t e r : 'C.. \AI Formerly "The Wonder Bar" f I of the 574 t h S A. Y'. Battalwn. c:.;:;ert vr ai'ch Rep a irS All k'n d s of Herri n g Smol,ed F i sh. Kosh e r Wines. We Carr; a C omplete L ine of PASSOVF'> Open Till 11 P.M. 805 Gr. Central. Ph. H 29-842 -----------------------GOODY GOODY THE PLACE TO EAT 1119 FLORIDA A VENUE Esi. 1925 Although h1s lmg lll stJc a b 1litJ e s 210 FRANKLIN ST. J 'have not yet been use d b y the "' .. --------* o}o -.. _,,_.,_,.....,.., _,,_,,_,,, ,,_:,+ I A r m y the c h ances are that ; ,-------------------D!!MJ1!Gf. lJii.'lliett Argoe's desire to devote h i s tallents to t h e war effort. w il l s oo n EASTER. FLOWERS b e realiz e d ORDER EARLY Impres s ions of Arm-; Wired _::\_nywhere in he U. S. A. whe n aske d hvw h e the i A r m y h e replie d w ithout hesit a -. I li o n. ''It st;i ts n:e I could apui U I for a d i:::;::harge b ecause I am o Z e r VIA. 33 but I don' t w:mt to. I have lrllmNr:Jtt:ti5C!IJ1!! 11-SruJll.[ n o CC!n1pla 1 nt:s t o I haven t :yet f ol.!nd tha t horn b l e savage, IBII!Mii3lllli!BIIBII!Iilllllll:l1 cussi n g sergeant o f f iction, and / HI. FELLOWS! Meei Your Buddies attifORGE'S BilLIARD PARLOR SNOOKER AND POCKET BILLIARDS We Also Carr y a Complete Line of Billiard Su::>pl ies 2222 E. Broadway Ybor Ci! y I 2805 ARMENIA A v ,:.;-I T I Phone H-3838 j Groceries -Tobacco Candy, Notions Adams -Kennedy Whiting and Jefferson Streets TAMPA, FLORIDA The Tavern Bar & Grill HOT AND COLD LUNCHES SpagheUi a Specially 311 Franklin S:t. Phone 3940 LIQUORS-BEER-WINES VALENCIA GARDEN Restaurant WE SERVE THE FINEST OF' SPANISH FOODS 8J l Grand Cen:tral Ph. H 3773


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