Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 2, no. 7 (April 23, 1943).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
April 23, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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$ h ............. VOL. 2, NO.7 Published Exlusively in the Interest of the Personnel of Drew Field Friday, April 23, 1943 Cistern Twins Reunited New. Legi$laUon Provides for National Service Wiih@Mf Exam The ECHOES is calling to the use d in making Class A Allotattention of Drew Field military m ents from pay for premiu m s Jeffrey Lynn, Now A Shavefail, Checks In At Drew Field p ersonnel the fact that new l egisApplications should specify insur-The tall, handsome blue-eyed lation provides any person in ac-ance and AGO Form 29 should b e shavetail, not long out of the Of tive servic eshall b e granted Na-use d in m aking Class N Allot-ficers Candidate School, Fort tiona] S ervice Life Insurance m ents from pay. for premiums. Monmouth, N. J., did not vary without medical examination and Applications should sp' ecify insurmuch in appearance from any of without medical history s l atemen t a ne e is to be effective immediate-the countless second lieutenants upon application made in writing l y and be mailed directly to Chief who check in a t Drew Field. The within 120 days from April 12, o f Finance, War Department, new officer registered for assign-1943 upon payment of the prem-Washington. D C. ment in the Army's aircraft warniums. All military personnel who have ing training units at the large Thi s right. accorciing to the War less than $10,000 Government Army air base. Department, can be exercised not-Life Insurance will b e informed Tru2, he was a bit older than: withsta.nding rejection of any immediately of their current right the average shavetail, being 34; prior application for such insur-to apply without statement of j and the name that he penned on e>.nce on any wha1ev:er. Ii' health or physical .. examination the personnel register. was a bit covers increases in amounts of 1 and be urged to take out maxi-uncommon, having a Swedish existing insurance as well as pro-mum insurance and be furnished sound about it--Second Lt. Ragcurement of\{1-ew insurance. I every assis-tance and facility nee-nar G Lind. However, the name Insurance Form 350 should be essary. was not tagged with urominence. CameroCiub, to Be Receive Oper.o.ted .By U SO War News Doily Mce' ing each Wednesday night Un-to-the-minute news accounts at 8:30, a camera' club sponsored of the rapidly changing picture of by Mrs. Karl B. Cuesta, well the World War is now provided known photographer, held its first for all men of Drew Field as a s-essio n at 214 N Boulevard in daily feature of the Special Serv Tampa on April 14. Service men ice Division, Washington, D. C. from Benjamin Field, MacDill Drew Field is being supplied Field, Plant Field and Drew Field daily with 1000-word summaries were present. which are copied and distributed A darkroom is not yet ready, to all units stationed here. but the equipment is available Information is kept current and will be set up when it is through the, efforts of competent demonstrated to those in charge newspapermen, together with the that enough service rpen will use cooperation of regular news tne darkruum tu maKe It s operawurces such as Associated Press, tion worthwhile. United Press, International News Because of frequent shifting of Service and Transradio News. In fact, there waslittle that stood out sharply on his personal history record except the part where he stated his occupational background. H e was born in Au-. burn, Mass., w-ent to school in Worcester where a large Scandinavian c o 1 o n y resides, he was a graduate of Bates College, he had been a half-miler on the college track team Even his occupational experience just after graduating from college was not out of the ordinary, for he spent the first two years selling telephone s-ervice. He wasn't particularly fond of that job, so he gave it up and on advice from his former college professor of English, he accepted a job as an English teacher in a high school in Lisbon, Maine. miliiary personnel no officers will More facts, about such things The "cistern twins"-Pvt. Wm. First news of his sister upset be elected. The club's activities as terrain of the fighting fronts Allen Hamilton blue-eyed blond Hamilton and he refused to be-l will be planned from week to and tactics of the forces involved, soldier stationed at a sub-base of lieve it because until that time week with a _program s-ubject and w ill be given than usually apDrew Field, and Mrs. Bettie Jayne he thought he was the real son I chairman to be selected pears in the average civilian pub-Did Not Like Schooi Teaching There was nothing glamorous about school teaching, either, so Lind gave it up for something that he had had his heart set on for a long time-the theater. During his high school days the theater-bug had bitten him and from then on he took part in Little Theater activities during his spare hours. Catron, blue-eyed, blonde, Twin of his foster parents, Mr. and Mrs a week m advance. lic at ions. Falls, Ia., housewife-were reu-Allen Hamilton of Omaha. .Particular stress wlll be laid Drew Field soldiers a-re urged nited last Friday after a separa-. on fundamental knowledge of to utilize this more realistic sum-tion of n early 23 years. I n arrangmg their photography and all beginners are mary of events for their own in-With a conventional "I'm happy meetmg contmued after mvited to attend Wednesday terest and education. to meet you" and an awkward, Hamilton convmced Mrs. night's meeting and to bring their simple handshake, they were inC<;ttron was his Sister. Mrs. Catron cameras. Attention will also be siastic fti>llow fans to show your troduced in a Bradenton hotel wired her brother she \yas on her given to advanced photographers pictures to and to talk with about room by Lt. A. G Thompson, way. The was s:nt to \:rho will gain much from compe-your hobby. Drew Field ass-istant public rela-Drew mstead of_ to Bradent1i!on With each other and from The club's prime need, in order tions officer. ton and m meantime Hamilh eloing beginners. to insure its permanence, is a ton had obtamed a furlough and The club will offer a safe star-flock of members to attend the h 6hey h were to wired his sister not to come since age place for cameras floodlights next meeting at the N. Boulevard 1 ea23 man ma a hospital near-he was on his way to Omaha to for taking pictures at 'meetin.,.s a USO, near Plant Field, at 8:30 Y years ago had they seen meet her there d k f d 1 do each other. In fact Hamilton did ar _room or eve opmg an e n-Nednesday mght. Can you make not even know had a sister !-'as-t the soldier left largmg .mstructwn, and enthu, 1 t? until Mrs. Catron's desire to find Bradenton m an Army truck her twin led her on a 3 000-m l ro_ute to Tam.l?a to a tr.am. d h h I e His commandmg offrcer, advised rozrssey w IC ended m Braden-that Mrs. Catron had left for T he com 1 d Florida already, overtook the e y sis,er arnve In A k Tan1pa with her foster mother rmy true m a _Jeep dnver: b y M A h S an MP and convmced Hamilton rs. rc h _ungar, Rockp_ort, to return to await his sister's Mo. Army officers, who warted arrival. patiently for three hours until the arrive! of their train, took them in a staff car to Bradenton. W e hope you don't think we're ner'e' tormake< trouble for you," Mrs. Shuri.,.ar said in meeting lamilton. "We just had to come. 'ttie Jayne has dreamed of J,eeting for 14 years and this meeting is the biggest thing in her life." The shy soldier said he knew they were "going to get along swell." Mrs. Catron had persuaded her husband to let her take the faml y savings and go to Omaha to trace of him. Contacting his adopted parents, she traced mm to Camp Crowder, Mo. then fo Drew Field and then to Camp Bradenton. She and Mrs. Shuriger borrowed money from the Rockport band to complete their journ e y here. Both !wins are now in Omaha, "isiting friends and r elatives. tieneral Arnold for The De$fruction of Jap Air force 1 In a message dispatched to every ail' base .in this country and throughout the combat area, Major General H H Arnold has called upon the perso.nne l of the Army Air Forces to redouble their in the day when perpetrators of the crime of execution of several" of the airmen who participated in the bombing of Tokyo will be brought to justice. The text of General Arnold's. message is as follows: 'To .'\11 Personnel of Army Air Forces: Drew Field Observes Palm SLindoy And so he penned in alongside the space reserved for occupation -"Contract player, motion pic tures." That was the pay-off, and somebody in the office who has se-en him in a number of fiJ.ms.-.:."Four Daughters" and "Four Wives," with the Lane Sisters and John Garfield -recognized the former film player, Jeffrey Lynn. Before the day was far advanced, the word spread like wildfire throughout the field: "Jeffrey Lynn, the movie star, is here." And so Lt. Lind, the former Warner Bros. featured player, J effrey Lynn, was introduced to Drew Field, one of the largest Army air bases in the Southeast. Became Officer :the Hard Way The formerefilm star was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Signal Corps after spending more than a year in the Army as an enli sted man. After induction at Fort MacArthur, Calif., in February, 1942, h e was sent to Camp Crowder, Missouri, where he received his basic training. From there he was sent to an Army photography school, where he leamed to operate moving picture cameras such as are used by n of comnmnication, and the production centerswhich offer opportunity to continue such atrocities. 1 h e could take 1t. After a year he Chaplain Auer presented Sg:t. Joseph l::lyrne, 01 New YqrK Ci.t"y, and Miss Peggy Jeanne Bruns. of Tampa, wi:th :the symbolic crosses made of a palm leaf blade at a Paln"l Sunday observance. I got J:ris chance o take officers' train.mg. .. That was the toughest three (Con1'in ued on Plllge 2 )


T H E E C H 0 E S April 23 19 U :_2 ______ _;__ _______________ _:_.::_:_=---=-_:_.::_:_.::_:::::__::_ _________________________ USOa.(amp ShOWr FuU Speed Ahead, Here Arnn 30 s Do You Know ... I several fi lms. One, "The Roaring Twenties," opened with him in a shellhole in France. In another, That. If all the bluepllnts ''Underground." one o f his best, he qui1ed t o build a medium bom.bet was cas t as a Nazi officer whore la1d end t o one volted against Nazi brutality. W ide. -1t 'V:oul d taJ, e a plane 0 Two years before entenng the hours to fly their length? Army h e playe d the pad of the poet, Joyce Kilme r, in "The i That, after years of research, Fighting 69th," which included v;:_Lh a hand-picked cast of perthe Chemical Warfare Service has James Cagney and Pat O 'Brie n in for!':.-::rs who have starred in developed clothing which is treat-its cast. :To assimila t e the nuances Bco SHOWS. made gun no powder is necessary. poet." Compressed air supplies all the 'I't1e Three Nonchalants are one force neede d t o ''blow" the equiKilme r's mother saw the picture reason why it is a riot. The val ent of a 50 caliber bullet. six times when it played in her now:halant way those madmen, which has no shell cas til1g. There home town in New J e rsey. Lind T;1 ,_, 'l'ht ee Nonchalants. knock tried to see her to find out i f his is no noise, no recoi I and no flas h. each other around the stage has ____ {<____ portrayal was anything like her r pears.: in which he portrayed the '-yv "" "1nv r s1ble man" type. for Third F. C. Highlights of Film Career B efore going to the film capiR;"C?ndy r eplacmg Col. B e n )a -tal Lind knocked on doors on n_,ir: tmnsfen-ed to an. unII Broadway. In Hollywood he began r -:e_:-::_eakd new as Signal to be noticed for his portrayal of Ofn.cEr of the III F1ghter Com1 a V. M I. cadet officer in "Brothmand. Lt. CoL Robert E. Lowery er Rat" the su-In pictures for fom yeais, Lind v ,.,wn and of the had advanced into the $1. 000a-1 Am::ralt Warnmg Service of. the week bracket when called for It tl1e Army duty. It was quite a jolt, L'J J -rhe Informatwn and Filter b eing thrust do,.vn so suddenly Ceder;; ae1d the Ground Observer into the $50-a-month income class Corp's but he g]:ew used to it. l'-native of Tuscaloosa. Ala., Lind has portraye d soldiers in CaL Lowety was commissioned a se<:onrl lieutenant. in the Infantry r.ese: w upon graduating from the Unt\rr:>r sity of Alabama in 1932. An aut.hority on short-wave rarl io, he w:.i:;.connected with the Police De::1ac tment of Tuscaloosa prior t<3 being caLle d to active duty in I 1'93'7 He was instrumen'al a l so. !dcoducing short-wave police .w. U!!c; South. 1 first called t? active duty 1 1.n _;_g: ;T, he was ass1gned to the' 1rad io d e partment CCC camp I i:1 Thi'badoux. La L::lter he served a s Signal Officer of District D. CCC a.t Fort McClellan. Ala. WhH-:> there he transferie d to the SignaL Corps_ p )[[OI-'iing a course at Fort 1\Ionmouth. N. J h e was assigned to MacDiif Field, w here he comniar.d?ri several signal sompanies betJC ':' hi.> transfe r to the III F'igh:.ec Command as Ass i s tant S igcu.( Office!' in May, 1941. tRiO PlAYiNG NiGHTLy NO MiNIMU1M NO o n the glitterin g Bmbary Coast' IN TECHNICOLOR 'Hello friscod Hello' With Alice Faye, John Payne Jack Oakie, L yriil Ba1i 'sc --28c SUNDAY AND MONDAY "Hitler's Children" With Tim Holt Bonita Gl'anville i.E A ViNG GRANT'S FRANKLIN AND CASS STREE' 7:15 -7:45 -8:15 W E l C 0 M E S Ol D I E R S We Are NOT Ou of Bounds BEER -:WINES -:SOFT DRINKS RELAX At THE LIBERTY B A R T oriy Italiano, 717 Grand Central Phone H: anhattan Cafe 210 E. Lafayette St. -Tampa Good Food Reasonable Prices Try Our Sunday Roast Turkey Dii\ner Served From ll A.M. to 9 P.M. ALA CARTE SERVICE AT ALL HOURS OPEN DAY AND NIGHT WE USE STRICTLY WESTERN MEATS If You Haven't DO IT NOW!!! MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE SARATOGA BAR Corner Fortune and Franklin Dancing Every Night in the Bltie Room to "South's Best Negro Rhythm11 BEERWINES i Sunday Matinee Dancing THE CHATTERBOX Chicken and Steaks Real IJ:alian Spaghetti SANDWICHES DRINKS LIQUORS Abba Dabba And Band. Nightly LIQUORS 707 S. HOWARD A VENUE II PHONE H 3757 I!_______ ___, I .. M!()NEY LOANED I : ; "T.;\.M?.'\..'3 OLDEST AND 1 NOST LIBERAL" 9ll

Apri l 2 3, 1943 THE ECHOES FROM THE SPECIAL SERVICES OFFICE Drew Fi e ld Presents I Army Ai1 Force B and gave a par 1icqla) YBOR CITY I 917 FRANKLIN STREET STORE IS OPEN I Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Evenings I O t h e r shows were presented in RB No. 1 last week, bu&:: D for a drink. a and JACKSON AT TAMPA ST. From v a A .M. t o 1 2 TAMPA'S OLDEST NITE CLUB Featuring 3 Flopr Shows Nitely -8 10 M i dnighi: DANNY & DON'S JEWtELs O X N I T E CLUB 911 TAMPA STREET uance to the Sweet Mu&ic of MANNY. Men Officers Families FOR REALLY GOOD FOOD AT MODERATE PJUCE3 PLEASANT A TMOSPH E RE-FOLLOW THE CROWD 'f:{) T H E C 0 L 0 N N A D E BA YSHORE AND JULIA Steak, Food, Chicken Dinners Delicious Sandwiches BUY MORE WAR BONDS EVERY MODERI"..TJi PRIC Eff


Page 4 THE ECHOES P. 0. Box 522 GLENN R. ROSS, Publisher TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS Business Office: 1113 FLORIDA AVENUE TAMPA, FLORIDA Phone 2177 All advertisements contained in this newspaper are also contained in the Fly Leaf, published in the interest of the personnel of MacDill Field. Minimum joint circulation, 10,000 copies. ADVERTISING RATES FURNISHED ON REQUEST A newspaper. published exclusively for the personnel of Drew Field and devoted to military interests and the United Nation!' Victory. Opinions expressed in this newspaper are those of the individual writers and under no circumstances are they to be considered those of. the United States Army. Advertisements in this publication do not constitute an endorsement by the War Department or its per sonnel of the products advertised. Operating Equipment of the Air Base Bus Lines Last week's article was concerned with the ownership of the Air Base Bus Lines and helped dissipate spurious rumors to the' effect that some officers or enlisted men, or both, were profiting per scnally from the operation of this transportation system. This, of course. is entirely false. In an. exclusive interview with Mr. A. Pickens Coles, president of the company, a good picture of the equipment situation was se cured. According to Mr. Coles, the bus company is doing everything possible to give good service, and will continue k do this. There are grave difficulties, however, as Mr. Coles pointed out-difficulties concerned with a rapidly expanding military personnel, and with a practical impossibility of getting more equipment. However, he as sured the Echoes representativethai" everything possible would be dcne-that as fast as more equipment could be obtained, it would be put into service. At the present time, serving both Drew and MacDill Fields, there are 29 buses in operation, divided according to type, as follows: Twelve "Cattle Cars," which are tractor-trailers (converted new trailers), seating SO men. Eight "Dive Bombers," which are 33-passenger buses, which will uli'imately be equipped with air-doors. Seven "Butt-Heads," which are regular city-type buses, seating from 29 to 44 men. Two "Pride of the Fleet" buses, which are rebuilt inter-city buses, seating 44 men. Of course, it is a military secret about how many men are a I Drew and MacDill Fields, but it is no secret thai there are plenty of men. It is obvious that ,transporting thousands of men into town every 'nighf is a very definite problem. For example, in February of this year, the company had 145,000 passengers, including civilian riders to both fields. In February of 1942, the figure was only cne

April 23, 1943 THE -ECHOES Pa:ge 5 W EAL l _3_0_3_r __ d_B_o_m_b __ -S--q-.--N-e_w_s __ no_t_m_i-nd-it_a_t_a_Jl_o__o_ne--or-t-,,,0 or a week-end. BATHING--BEACHIN: G -' WI N G T I of the female sex were put in to FISHING. You haven't seen the West CtHlst Several new faces are seen in sort of give it a feminine touch. At the rate fluloughs are being the Intelligence Section as they What about that boys???. of Florida until you see Clearwater. 30lst Squadron News given out in the 301st, it won't be are enlarging their training proOur Special Service Officer, Lt. long until most everyone in the gram. Those added so far are Cpl. Ashworth, better known about squadron will have had one, or Samuel Rudolph, Pfc. Emanuel Drew Field as "Lawrence Tibbet," I L. Gordon and Pvt. Selden I. left yesterday for some advance do I hear some, "Oh, Yeah's?" Peugh. schooling. We've a suspission w .hy Well, anyway, everyone due a I ---he had such a smile on his face furlough will have had one. The Pvt. Joseph Parri left on an just before he ]eft. Your reporter f furlough i'o New York City be-has it from the "know" that his latest urloughs start April 20 and cause of the serious illness of girl friend lives not so far from yours truly is one of the lucky his Grandmother. where he is attending school. .. guys for that date. There are more ___ Well, who wouldn't smile? coming up, so don't feel too badly Quite a change has taken place Reports coming back from Lt. as you may be in the next bunch. in the Day Room. The Orderly Terry, now DS at Fort Logan, .Keep on trying. Room personne l moved in the Colo., have a note of cheerfulness. East end of the building while He says the weather is fine, school Orders have come out recently I the west end is now the Day is fine and the social life is extra that all limited service men will Room. The change is a great help fine. be taken out of the squadron, and to the clerks as they have so The past week has seen a lot from what I hear the squadron I much more room now. of new faces added to the 339th will be losing some good men. ---Bomb Group. We all welcome one of the first men to be transPvt. Wm. Lemming became them and hope they'll like their ferred is Cpl. Elmer Marshall of the father of an eight-pound 'new' home as much as we do. the Engineering department, and son and li:dt at once on a fifSpeaking of new faces and trans many of us will miss his enthu-teen-day furlough. Congraula-fers Lt. Colburn, Statistical Ofsiastic dashing around the line, tions, Pvt. Lemning. ficer for the Group, has put in a :1'ng his many jobs. Elmer is one ---requisition for an interpreter to :' be old men in the squadron, Who was the lovely blonde enable him to classify his new h __ e started with the squadron with the yellow dress that Pvt. basics. We can't say we blame when it was first formed, and no Ventsias was seen skating with him in the least ... doubt he will miss his outfit, but at the Coliseum? SIGNS OF THE TIMES ... he is getting a break, in that he ---He who drinks and drinks with is being transferred to his home state Alabama, and to Marshall there is no place like Alabama, no place like home. The Engineering department has gained three new officers Lis. Ralph G. Young, Chester Cooper, and Morton L. Levy. Warrant Officer Staik is at tending a course of study at Chanute Field, Illinois. Lt. Wm. J Thompson was trans ferred from 303rd Intelligence Section to the same section in the 302nd Squadron. 304th Squadron News grace, Is ever welcome at this place, But he who drinks more than his share, Is never welcome anywhere Sunday, March 11, will live j482nd Bombardment Sq. long in the minds of the 304th Bomb Sq. An afternoon off, and It IS farewell goodbye to a jaunt to Rocky Point, where Cpl. _to Al Sayie and !'Iappy beer, sandwiches, swimming and landmgs _f1om man In !he boating were enjoved by all. 482nd. HIS apphcabon for Flymg Engineering has gained and In__ Cadets has bee n approved and he temgence has lost an Officer, but There were no tablecloths and is now on his way. We took great we are getting used to this _niceties with the usual dose of personal pride in his numerous tant change, as it is an everyda)r ants, but a good old fashioned ring activities which were in a occurence in all departments. picnic replete with beer and measuie our victories. While in Cpl. William Barbieri has comple.ted his examinati;>ns for OCS, and it shouldn't be long before he will be leaving us for :training. Lo:ts of luck, corporal. hot dogs. The boys the 482nd he won the title of themselves with whatever was champion of the 3rd Air Force handy which turned out o be Welterweight Division. He will boats, a fairly gqod beach for soon be squaring off with the swimming, and the athletic Axis in the air and we confi equipment which was brought dently predict that he will emerge along. Also noticed among :the frorh the "bouts" still the Cham What a time they are having to bc :ys were :that a few resembled pion. Again we say "Happy Landget a good system for feeding the Isaac Walton. ings, Cpl. Sayre." men of the Group without too ___ While we have lost our cham-much confusion and delay. Each Intelligence lost its "wheel," as pion boxer, we still have the marched to chow in: .the saying goes. 1st Lt. Raymond champion singer of Drew Field, formation at a designated time -Fahn is among the missing in that our Fir.st Sergeant Edg?r Craiger. and although it reminds us of our .pepartment. He has joined that He has a remarkable singing basic training days will work out new and energetic group, the voice. He does well with any satisfactorily if everyone co339th Bomb Group. However, the (Continued on Next Page) operates. From what is heaTd if department is consoled in that this system doesn't work, they:; .. it has two swell and capable men, will start one tha.t will really .Lts. and Moss, who will Sanitary Cleaners and Laundry very bad so perhaps it will pay; forms, then they lay down a spitball barrage and charge forward hu'tling paper clips with deadly accuracy. By the time the chanized staplers move in, the battle is over. But they're good kids just the same. Things are getting pretty bad when Neely, Russel, and Gor man go to a USO d _ance and spend their time cuiiing in on .the same girl. Barbash managed to get to Sulphur Springs and meet some girls from he blue grass country, and Mims went through his usual cut-up routine in Tampa. If only you'd flood :this office with tales of various adventures we could .make. up a more personal, more i:Dteres1ing column. Developer, and Designers of Bayshore Beautiful and Lynwood Subdivisions MAAS OFFICE BLDG. TAMPA, FLA. = i DIAL 7470 MRS. A. A. ANDRUS, Mgr. = -I I = l I = l l BAY VIEW HOTEL 1 I = i I = i Large Sunny Rooms Overlooking :the Gulf i .. Directly Above USO Service Club i I = I i 414 Y'\ CLEVELANP STREET, Opposite Chamber of Commerce l .... ... -11-11--+ Compliments of lARPON S P R I N G S SPONGE EXCHANGE TARPON SPRINGS 1 .. i [; ...;.,: FLORIDA BUILDING M.li.TERIAL PAINT ROO..'f'ING CURTIS MILLWORK PINELLAS LUMBER COMPANY OF CLEARWATER (Not Inc.) "FROM TREE TO TRADE" 602 EAST JEFFORDS TELEPHONE 2"fZ. 7 CLEARWATER, FLOHIDA FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN TARPON SPRINGS. FLORIDA Member F. D. I. C. ,. I l i I i l .j I I i i +-m-un nn m1 11n 1.11 IIA 11n liM 1111'-nn 11n 1111 1Hit-1--1-< iii i l CLEARWATER GROWERS l l CLEARWATER, FLORIDA i 1 : ..... STAR FURNITURE CO., IN. COMPLETE HOME FURNISHERS PHONE 2417 127-29 NORTH FORT HARRISON CLEARWATER, FLORIDA F I R S T N A T I 0 N A L B A N K I I I .. I CLEARWATER. FLORIDA ,. Member F. D. I. C. I I f BANK OF CLEARWATER 1 j CLEARWATER. FLORIDA I l Member F. D. I. C. l F. 1. SKINNER DUNEDIN, FLORIDA ORANGE AND GRAPEFRUIT GIFT BOXES SHIPPED ANYWHERE


Page 6 THE ECHOES (Continued from Preceding Pag2) the wing and none in the time when w e will get new men bus h S pring! the S e ason of to comple t e our squ':ldron person-numbe r b u t h is real d e l ig h t is the e' ernal r e -awakening of mas-neL Kent uc k y mounta in mus ic. You quitoe s a n d d a n d e lions and asthM /Sgt. Fric k s, who h a s b een in shoul d h ear him g ive forth on rna. the hospita l for s e v eral weeks, "Coming R ound the Mounta in. On r e ar'Jin'! last week s Dre w hopes to b e s e n t b ack to our How our h earts have longed Field. ECHORS c0nc!"rnin. g the squadron b y A p r il 22. We wish for the soft caress of mattresses I'Y''lking of anothe r M 1, i a at Dre w him the b est of luck and will be s u c h a t the ones W e had at home t r .is r emark \"aS h11rtl e d into the looking fo r him. Ever y GI has fond dreams and midst of an otherwise quie': gath-Cpl. Saul Friedman left last mayb e even has included the d e ering in one o f the harrack s So. week for Michigan, s-ire (i n his prayers) for such mat-they \ Vant to u s e this a s a rackbe a t t ending Officers Candidate trc s .ses. Our prayers were an:;;wer-<:1round f or. a jungle!! Well-If School for Provos t MarshaL For ed last Monday (without the the y ever film D ante s Inferno the benefit of his friends, w e will home). And now Sgt Craige r t h e y ought to know ius t where post his address as soon as vve complains that. he can't get 'em to comer!" Of rours e the gentle hear from him. up in the morning Ah, swee t man wasn' t serious. Congratulations to Cpl. Kight. Morpheus. Our Adjutant. Lt. James H. H e is now a married man. If his We notice that Sgt. Stupp b e -H ayden. oerfech> d a w alk-a\Vife was here we would give him lieves in the comfort of life b eing meter. They'r e ava i lable at cost an old fashion belling. give n the first consideration. H e to anyone who woulrl like to Red S!urnberge r b etter known was observed in a most comfortdiscovPr how many miles a day as Sgt. Thop1as is one of our able position while pulling C.Q. he walks to keep off a n undesircoo ks. He a kick out of r ecentl y. Or maybe he was r e cu-able ctetail! Or. they can be a+-'hrowing h

April 23, 1943 THE ECHOES Page 7 (Continued from Preceding Page) 59th AVIATION SO. (SEP) SiGNAL HEADQUARTERS I a few tall yarns to reiate but very little bragging. Don't slip on us, Kress. DISH'N DIRT By Pfc. William A. Norris I Ill Fight;er <;:omman d J By Pfc. Roy Swartz It won't be long now b efore our officers and the w heels" will be returning from Orlando. We have our fingers crossed, wondering what dire things they are thinking up -for us to do .upon their return. F ellows of the 405th should drop around PX No. 10 once in a while. Some good men of the 626 t h are working there in the evenings Brother. I mean work. In the Beer Department i s Cpl. W H "Budweiser" Malley. Down in the Sandwich Dept. is Cecil "Roast Pork" Magouyrk. In the soft drink d epartment (of all things) you wiil find the writer slinging the P epsi Cola around and farther down. the counter is to b e found P eter "Candy Bar" Flynn. Come around, f ellows, and name your poison. Se:t. Billy "Rockefeller" Ellis is getting writer's cramps these days writing c hecks on his bank ac c ount....:... Billv is the financial ge_nius of t11is outfit. Our chow has been exceptionally good for the past' few days. Should be; the 6261.41 cooks are doing the cooking of t h e time. .. \... -+<---Best of luck to Sgt. Shuey who I On the night of April lOth a takes the vows Easter Sunday. farewell party was given in honor Latest trade was made b y Varne ll of Cpl. James J Mitchell, your and Jones, who traded in their ex-scribe, who bas left us for green fatigues for of tJ:e OCS at Fort Benning, Georgia. kitchen ... Poor Nordquist has his Quite a number of celebrities troubles; this time his wife puts were present. Pfc. and Mrs. Frank him on an a llotment plan ... Best Aaron acted as hosts. Present laugh of. the week was on H. D. were the Honoree; F/Sgt. Calvin Johnson. H e lined up to buy S. Spinner; S/Sgts. Lester Adams, seventeen theatre tickets for himDennis D Green, Frank Barnaba self and his buddies but forgot to J r., and Ernest H enderson; S g t get the one for himself ... "Whis James C. Gray; Cpls. Eddie Li zz pering Joe" Kohfrst and Gallamore, Joseph H.-Morrison Harry pher spent Sunday i1ight in Tam E Thayer, James B W1tsell, and pa-by request! Vincent J Tutson, T/5th Frank SIDE GLANCES Stephens; Pfcs Levy L. Byrd and Taking a cross section of the Donnie L Underwood, who were company on a t ypical Tuesday a ll accompanied by some o f the evening we find: Sgt. Queen and 1 love lier young ladies of Tampa. Cpl. Russwonn preparing for their I A fine time was had b y a ll. evening maneuver s Coonrod 1 FLASH ... There's cause for and Coleman involve d in celebration. On the 16th of. this a game of "8 ball at the Day month some new promotions were room while Sczurek i s showing 1 announced, and we have in our Cliff' Wise a few of the finer midst some new NCO's Sgts. points in th.e game of Ping_Pong. Fletcher and Gray were promoted. Sgt. Pittman arid McGuckm s Jt to S /Sgt; Cpls. Williams and' ting on the steps of B-8 and lisTutson to Sgt; Pies. B r a ynon, I tening to the tales of Cpl. Dillon, Speight, and Tarver, to and Belanger, about prog ress of Cpl. You fellas have gained these their new outfit ... Babb lymg on promotions .. retain them his bunk and enjoying a hand of keep on the ball. solitaire ... Krause pounding out All the fellas of the 59t h Avn. a letter on the typewnte r and After a peaceful twelve day Sq. who attended the picnic wish expl ail:ling how he can Interlude-the to thank the Officers responsible ter :vnth a typewnter m flont 627th Bombardment Sq. soporif ic calm of the barracks .was for the outin g. The picnic was of him ... CpL and G shatte red this week by the re-held at Rocky Point two weeks C !ohnson Ice cream turn of Cpl.. Bill Derkacz, the ago, where the participated of the mterestmg shoVv "Manchester Madman," from fur-in fishing, swimmmg, boat ndmg, they JUSt saw ..-laugh. Built like a fire hydrant, and dart throwing. Refreshme.nts Bill "fears no man." One of his were served in 91Hh 0. M. more cute stunts is rolling this ON THE BALL correspondent out of the bimk 3 d F C HQ & HQ SQ. while said scribe i s trying to r Sgt. Simmmis Speaks: collect a little "shut-eye." ForS E A B R E E z E S Dan Cupid, that b usy little ras-sooth, we firid no p eace. Though cal, is shooting his arrow truer :it's good to have him back. R e d By Pfc. Alvin M. Amster these Spring days, with Sgt. Ryan blood, you know. the object. T/5th Gr. Theodote Carl Johnson, the whispers say, Memo to First Sgt. Goss-elinRobinson (the amazin g Double will return from his three-day what's the latest on the wash Clutch) need s a rest. H e wdrks pass no longer a Benedict. In machines imd irons? Whe n i s the so lwrd doing nothing that a_ comshort; he' ll b e eligible for a Class date of our Sq. party? The men plete breakdow n is A allotment. Indirect, what? are forever asking "Winchell" How about a ftirlough for hun, .. Casualty: It's a beatltiful day Amster for the latest. Sgt. Fot;d? :in Tampa-the clouds dot the blu e Oddest oddity Sgt. Earl Poor little Whitney, the d en-. Ill. A A.C. THE P "COMPANY HAlT. FAll OUT FIVE MINUTES." "A W.A.A.C. does a double job. In doing her own job, she releases a man for combat service. In a way ice-cold Coke is like that, too. Not only quenches thirst but brings energygiving refreshment, too. Ahd oil tOp of tl\dt it offers the you don t flnd this side of Coca-Cola, itself. How about a 'Coke date', now?" BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF COCA-COLA COMPANY BY TAMPA COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY like puffs of c01ttonballst h e "Mother" Dunca n and Sgt. Ed tist's delight, lost all his grass is green (as is the corn) and "Week-End Shackman" Knippers which left him in an awful plight, the 627th is in the midst of a washing their dirty duds and then It's rumored tha t the 1018th QM terrifk softball game-the score ironing them. boys have found themselves an is tied and one man is out-Sgt. A joint welcome to the new Hq. exclusive section of Tampa and ."Pappy" Pappalardo hits a bulletadditions, Lt.. Col. Greene, Lt. named it 1018 Alley." Nice seeing .. .:.....,;..,.... .. _,;,_,._,,"'-'-.,.... .. ..:... .. _.,_,,_.,.:.....:;-+ drive to right field. The second Oestrich, and Warrant Officer Se: t. Furgerson around_ and we_ ll I b f d L1'en. Also to those n e w clerks k t R RACE aseman, an unre orme soccer Cf Cf again. Pfc. C. Jac -son IS so qme 'I player, kicks the "blooper" around from. Los An,eles and Ft. Lo,an, upon returning from town that I the infield as Pappy (sawed-off Colo. he is going to be rewarded 111 the I edition of Babe Ruth) rolls down Best-Saymg-of_-theD ept. near future. Pfc. Quinten Stanley I to second base in lo w gear. As T/Sgt. pale. M mnJck, Whit ley I is so bit t e n by the love bug (&he [ G I T (;;1l p the afternoon air 'filled with and I Will hire out as gig?I?S for works in the PX) that the man! F I. 0 I shouts of anguish (so terribly, all ':'omen whn, j By W1re or By Presentation I At the moment Is sils to the M D ... Bill Sanders with T F1 e d Davis g1vmg him PHON E 3022 M 55Gl -1 up. 11;, the h.ospi a l a I put the engagement ring on that competitiOn. 1 beatific SITIIle on his pleasant Ta1npa gal's finger. .f._,,,_ ., _,,_,,,_ ,, _,,_,,_ ,, .. _.,_.,_ ,, ,, ,, ., _:,,....:..,,.:....;,_ ,, _.,_ _,,_ + face. Carry on, Pappy. John "Wolf" Wilson rated an : Jottings: _the local bookm.aker: Ironing Certificate from the TamSoldiers! ----------------.. -were surpnsed when Sgt. Elmer pa .Laundry Institute : Sq. I B A y v I E w H 0 r E L Tay lor turned out to be the little alumnus Russ Wapensky visite d 1 P1an who was ... Earle re-us with his A erial Gunner's Wings I "TAMp A, S 0 N L y FIREPROOF CONSTRUCTlON-EVERY ROOM WITH BATH a wilted lily days and Sgt. chevrons ... Willoughby I j COFFEE SHOP IN CONNECTION as his bosom (metaphoncally) pal, also looking for a gal with a car M U S I CAL B A :R" W. B. SHULER, Manager t:pi. Erwin Fmstad, has gone on .and "C" book. (Ain't we all?) II 208 JACKSON ST .. Bf?iween FRANKLIN 8t TAMPA turlotigh. .. TAMP A, FLORIDA -PHONE M 5537 Where's the Anthropologists Hear Your Favorite Songs -------... ..---.. -----, .--. -.. .-Cpl. Ramiro CosJ a gives li e to the ALWAYS SAY theory that man requires t w o legs for locomotion. Y e t, with our own eyes we saw him waltz_ into the H 0 l S U M B .R E AD barracks on one leg. The darkness, CHESTERFIELD BAR we grant, may have distorted our vision. It WAS late-01' earl y, If .. _Prefer. ecfai' rilviiaiions toAlii Service Men GLEN'S BILLIARDS I No_;, In lis New Location I 805 TAMPA ST. II -------v ICTOR CAFE1 BEER WINES .. 1324 Franklin Ph. iU-7240 BILL BAILEY, Prop. Member V .F.W. & Am. Legion rve tried io be Red, While and Blue To ihe boys at MacDill and Drew, When the money is lax, I charge rio tax, This is surely the place for you!" M. MILLER'S BAR AVE.' 72151 BEERS-WINES ... : l EXTRA FRESH CASS & TAMP A STREETS ( J ., w:;., A I R BAsE B u ('0\lPI.E'l Jr. L I N E s I n c llll-sf.olen. Lo'\: nntl ul! J irodN of fhh \\"L'\ Jt;, Bi.:lt:Jt. KOSHER MARKET o)nl_\ :\larlit\ t in 'l'nmpn :l"?li 1!::. B rondway Ph .2\l.ifi-I:,a Y:! BhHl.;: Jt::u!'lt or 1'\thra.-kn ,\vt. LICATA'S SEABREEZE on Hillsborough Bay Try ihe Bes! in Food FINEST LIQUORS DANCING EVERY NITE 22nd Street Causeway Phone Y 1715 PRIVATE DiNiNG ROOMS .:. SERVICE MEN. A LWAYS WELCOME ... BAY VIEW COFFEE SHOP Enfrance from Lobby of the Bay View Hotel Good Food Reasonable Private Din ing Room for Company or Private Parties A l a Carte Service-Open 7 a.m. to 11:30 p.m 208. J:ackson Street', Between. Franklin and Tampa Streets FRANK RUTTA, CHEF-Formerly chef at Montrose Restaurant, Broadway and 42th, New York, came_ to Flor '7' ida, got sand in his shoes and now has opened h i s own place at 418 W. Lafayette Street Specializing in Spaghetti and Ravioli WE ALSO SERVE BEER AND WINES "SoldlerM P1nf'"e .. STEAl(!< ANil CHOPS l SPJ'i:CJ .\J,T\' ELITE RflSTAl'RAN'r AND TWIGGS STS. CRENSHAW'S ('Wholesale) FRUITS :-: PhOne 2&!-9


Page B Drew Nine Downs MacDill in Tight Pitchers' Battle i 1: Drew Field's Signal Corps baseball tea m was carried 10 innings last Sunday by the MacDill Fliers before they finally won out; 4-3, on the MacDill Field diamond. For nine innings Vito Tamulis of Drew, former major league pitcher, and Lefty Janieck, of MacDill, hooked up in a heated mound duel during which Tamulis ffoRrHE MJ_LITARY the \Vay, with MacDill leaving 11 men stranded on the bases and Drew nine: Petite, Morris and Reedy led the attack for the Signaleer nine Sport ShortsBy Pfc. Delwin Baggett player with Northeastern College, Boston, Massachusetts. Ed, as he is known to the ball! ::------.;.;.... __ ....;.. ____ -; playe r s; was one of the most SOUVESNEJRM&I NJEWO ELL_ REY CO. I able m e n on Lt. Arthur Colley s fine basketball team at Drew with h.vo hits apiece, while Eiche, Drew Field aas come up for and Kranenberg managed the second straight season with a a pair apiece for the Fliers. winning baseball team. The team Playing in every game, Ed sparkCOI\IIPLETE LINE OF plugged the team to many of its CUR 1 Q S __ G If TS Pitc hing his second gari1e of the tl!-is year is sponso_red by the seas01: for the Signaleers. Vito Signal Corps and will be under Tamuli s increased his strikeout1the directio11. of that command total to 28 in two. games: In his The team IS coached and manfirst appearance of the season at aged by Lt. Chet Thomas former Lakeland he g0t 14 by the strike-Class B player of the Piedmont out route and added 14 more in league. victories. AlthoUgh basketball is his first WRAPPED FOR MAILING love, Ed played first base on his 107 E. Lafayette Street the MacDiU game. Tamulis Vito Tamulis, former Brooklyn pitched fo r the-Brooklyn Dodgers Dodger and St.. Louis Brow n and the St. Lquis-Bl' OWns before hurler, is the leadmg moundsmen entering the Army. for the Sig:naleers af!-d co!ne Sunday's game was the second through With ;me pitchmg straig}:t win of the season for the performances m h1s f _Irst two Drew nine, as it defeated the FooCL .starts. of the Agamst Food Machinery nine of Lakeland g_:f of a semi last v;eek in Lakeland. pro outfit, Tamu}Is sent 1 back to the bench VIa the stnkeout The Signaleer team will meet the b tei-Social league All-Stars at Cuscaden p--ark Saturday. Scot'e by innings: Drev;/ __________ l{)Q 000 020 1-4 l'v!acnm ______ ooo 030 ooo 0-3 Open Calendar The Tasco softball teams would like to arrange games with any team at Drew that to play The Shipyard has -. route. In his other start against MacDill, he collected the same amount for a total of 28 in two games. Othei outstanding ball players making up this year's team are Homer Johnson and Morris, both professional players inthe min'!rs. players are Petite, Petite, Reedy, Savino, Brown, Staiger and Hogan. With this fine material on hand, Drew should have one of the outstanding service nines in this section. high school and college teams and was also a member of the football team. Shooting in the 80's. Ed plays a gobd game of golf and likes the links as a hobby. A slim 6 feet, 3 inches, the weBbuilt athlete has the character and heart characteristic of our American soldiers. Ed is stationed with & Hq. Sq., Third Fighter Command, where he is a clerk. We salute a fine athlete! --------*-------JANGLE Two veterans were boasting about their old outfits. "Why, our company was so well drilled,'' said one, "that when we presented arms, all you could hear was a slap, click. "Pretty fair," said the other. "But when our company presented arms, you could hear. only slap, slap, jingle. "Jingle?" said the other. "What Another big Army B oxing Show did that?" will be put on about May 3rd "Oh, just our medals. quite a number of teams ready to go anct would like any team wish-ing to play them to contact the with the leading fighters from Public Relations Office at the Tas-Drew, MacDill and Third Air 1NO COMMENT co Shipyard. participati?g in the all-Marriage is Ji>Opular because it sc ld1er card. It be one of the combines the maximum of tempregular fi_ght_ shows at tation with the maximum of opthe under. portunity.-Bernard Shaw. --. "Soldiers Always Welcome EL BOULEVARD RESTAURANT FiNEST SPANISH FOODS liEBT OF UQUORS 2001 Nebruka the duechen of Thud Au Force, I:-------------___;; with all proceeds going to the athletic funds of the three fields. i F E R N A N D E z RES lAURA NT Cuban Sandwiches A Specialty 1216 Franklin St. A:U Service Men Are Welcome Softball and Volleyball are now being played by a large number of men as a recreation sport. Soc cer and basketball also holds a big following for a large number of men. In the near future soft ball and volleybaJl leagues 'ijill be organized to create competition and more interest in intra mural sport!'!. IBarceiona Cafe SP.ANISH RE.STAVRANT WINES .AND Phone 8 2142 Open AU. Night 41X4 0Ql9rile UU.NS-MONilJYTO LEND Watcbea ., .Tewelr7 Sllverwiire --lJJhunond11 at filRTin A L. ECKART 409 Tampa .Street Drew Signal baseball team will meet the Inter-Social All-Stars at Cuscaden Park on April 24 'at 5 p.m. An. d Ta1npa U a.t Macfarlane Park, on April 29th at. 4 o'clock. Portrait of An Athlete Cp.l Ed Sitarz, a member of the Drew Field bas ketball team during 1942, was a fminer varsity FELLOWS! Mee! Your Bud.dies at' -GEORG'E'S BILLIARD PARLOR SNOOKER AND POCKET BILLIARDS We Also Carry a Complete LineofBilliard Supplies 2222 E. Broadway Ybor City urn er o. .LUMBER &: MILLWORK, AND PAINT-FHA LOANS PHONE H _4891 N. Rpme .a!Jd Fuller Street HENRY HOWKEE CO. Chinese Hand Laundry .. Satisfaction Guaranteed 504 Tyler St. KNIGHT PAPER Tampa Fla. BROS. c 0. 612 Bell Phones 4205 4204 "A Paper for Every Purpose" EAT HENDERSON BAKING 00 '!i1 BREAD "THE HOME OF GALLONS" Berger & Rachelson INC. WHOLESALE GROCERS HOTEL, RESTAURANT AND BAKERS SUPPLIES 1 WELCOME SOLDIER! rwhere Your Fun Is Our Fun"! : I I The SaM. S. BAR I j Formerly "The Wonder Bar" l 1210 FRANKLIN ST. EASTER FLOWERS ORDER EARLY Wire.d Anywhere in the U. S A "SLIP -EEZ" CANVAS LOCKER-59 SANDALS C To Wear Underthe Shower To. Prevent Athlete's Foot For Use in Barracks-They Store Easily in a Knaps13-ck. A. S. BECK Shl!les For Men SOB FRANKLIN STREET ---------------------- STAR KOSHER DELICATESSEN rAll kinds of Herring. Smoked Fis h Kos her Wines. We Cnny a Complete Line of PASSOVER PRODUCTS Open Till 11 P.M. 805 Gr. CentraL Ph. H 29-842 1 9 eam JUST INSIDE OUR FRANKLIN ST. ENTRANCE WELCOME TO H 0 TEL KNOX TOM BRYSON, Manager Lafayette &: Jefferson Streets, CULP LUMBER CO.' 'Everything Build Anything" Millwork Made to Order 500 PACKWOOD PhPne H 1862 --:TAMPA "Flowers Telegraphed Back Home Under Bonded Service" NELSON "THE FLORIST" -Open 9 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Closed Sundays 514 TAMPA STREET I i" i Wh1te 'W i' i:. l : LA L j 2S06 ARMENIA AVE. F j" Phone +------:-.. Adams ;. Kennedy>. Wbiling and J!!fferson Streets: TAMPA. FLORIDA The & GrmJ HOT AND COLD LUNCHES Spaghetti a Specialty 311 Franklin St. Phone 3940 LIQUORS-BEER-WINES .-VALENCIA GARDEN Restaurant WE SERVE THE FINEST OF ; SPANISH FOODS .. 8J.l Grand Central Ph. H 3773


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