Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 2, no. 8 (April 30, 1943).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
April 30, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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VOL. 2, NO.8 Drew Pilot Shot Down 8 Planesi Blew Up 2 Trains Published Exlusively in the Interest of :the Personnel of Drew Field rr' r';pr, Apr: l 30, 1943 Enlisted Men Now Can Get Airlines Priorities Dive B'nnber Decorated For AnfimSub Action Eight German pla nes s h o t down Drew sol d ie1 s can get a Class {officially), t w o trains blown up,J4 priority on commercial airlines, and three lorries des:royed-such, under certain circumstances, in-i s the e n viable battl e record [ c:luding the following: amassed by MaJ Carroll vV. MeI 1. Whe n you are a lerted for n former Eagle Squadron' duty outside the conti.n ental L er pilot now on duty with the United States and are getting III ""Fighter Command at Drew Field. what is probably your last leave. The major left this country in 2. When you have returned January, 1941, with 300 hours o f from foreign duty, and are getting light plane f l ying experience and a leave to home, with the went through an additional six >Jt'obability that you will immeweeks of training in Eng l and. B y March h e was involved i-n air bat-diately return to duty outside the ties over Europe By last Novem-Unite d States when your leave ber he had accumulated 253 hours has expire d of opera' ional flying in 1 84 -sorties. 3. When you have been granted He tied fo'r the top record of the emergency leave, due to serious Eagle Squadron with .his eight illness or death of an immediat e (officially) destroyed planes. r c 'o:tive or some o ther situation Shoots Down Messerschmitt of comparabl e urgency. Major McColpin .was transferred fro m the RAF to the first Eagl e Squadron during August, 1941 -flying Spitfires and engaging in dose escort work w ith bombers. While escorting a flight of s i x Hampden bombers on S ept. 21, 1 94 1 h e s hot down h is first enem y plane. a Messers::hmitt 109E. A red-letter day for him was Priorities for airline travel will be issued by the Base Command e r L!pon rece ipt of a request for miorities. following the instructions outlined in Section III, Cirular N o. 39 War Department, 1943 Attention i s dizected to the heavy d emands fo r air transportation, and tbe fact that d e lays may occur en route for any of manv different reasons. Personnel intending to travel by air must allow for such d elays, in order that they may be back a t that proper station in good time. Drew Dive Bombe;:s SUBMARINE PATROL MEN DECORATEDBrig. Gen. Stephen H. SherrilL commanding general of the Aircraft Warning unix Traininq Ccmmand a t Drew F ield, pins the American The:ater Ribbon on 11 flyers for alert and commendable action in anti-submarine patrol du:! in the Caribbean area. T B 81 d I 1f Eleven dive bomber men were 0 e esse n de:::ora ed here rec ently for actio n Solemn Ceremonies Bowles J 0 fight Pwotedurc submarine s in the s ""' s I a ''I was in Trinidad when the Dlew s drve b _omber Willi ftH ft 1!1 \Var began said Sgt. T. L Tring-be given a Special Blessmg Sun-.J IIJ'IJ-!1 r1 J UQ Ill wall of N Y. "We day morning by Ass-istant Base B s '" f 1 L hadn't observed much e nemy ac-Chaplain Francis L Aue r. head I .4\VU'iift Lnw ur I tivity until then. All at once the t 1 \Y'J "" J i-tl w_ater seemed full of them. Our Ca ho!Ic chaplam. The entne offr1 _____ _____ fltghts were no longer routine cer enhsted personne l of the J The m.onthly Army boxing In connection with emergency I on.Efs, but very serious missions. 84th Dtve Bomber Group, unde r 1 h b t D. M D'll furloughs, the work of the R e d If \Ve came upon unobserved the leadership of L t. Col. Paul A. is O\\ e re\\' 1;: Cross field office at Drew could we had a fzrst rate chance_ of Zartman, will be resent to wit-21st BOJ:1 b Gzoup and Thnd A.z 'be made eas-ier :mid iers famithem. !-f the'( saw us first, n e s s the impressivt R Force w zll be held Monday, Mav han zed themselves w1th the propj they would C I ash dzve. gardless of creed 3 at the Municipal er procedure in such cases and "kWe hfave been credited with 'll followed it sm mer our enemy subs all of W I concur With Chaplam Auer's begmmng at S:b_ A L k tl t' which "'we crept up on" bles-sing : t b th M D'll F' ld l: d 1 e a n y o 1 e r orgamza 10n Th 'II t t 8 c oncei Y e ac 1 z e an connected with milita, y person-Along wzt h 10 other men who e PI ogram W I s art a am b h d d h c b b Sunday morninc:r v.r'th tl D : Will egm at 7 :4;,_ n e l the Red Cross must abide by 1 a sei ve _m t e az 1 ean 1!-rea Field band u d.' Je_ Tle boxing show will consist set regulations. It is not possibl e on submarmc patrol, Sgt: Tnngof Warrant' of 10 bouts between the to change thos-e rules_ to suit inw_ell "svas de:orated by G enplaying music fittinr.r to the -d!vzduals not covered m the setup i eial tephe .. H Sherull, com-sl.on H'gh d' t "' th 1 I I fighters of c!.e three fields. All n c:intained b y the orga;1ization I mnaclmg general of t h e AWUTC. 1 1gm anes m e oca -. 1 T At th G Sh 11 church world ha\e been invite d lzg 1ts are conducted under arna.Ll1 many mstances I l IS neces-. ,, e cr;-1 en. ern to at! end, as well as all of the teur rules. sary for men to be granted eme r accompamed b);' CoL A leadin ff. tl 1 All ge!12Y furloughs. In such cases, I Zartman, commanding office r of Oct. 18, 19 41, when h e not only g 0 rcezs m 11 S vzczmty. l money de11ved from the show t h R. ::l. c. 1 1-d h me dive bomber group to which h d h th' d f' h All soldiers at Drew Fz eld and 1 ,._ b ... e E'L ros s WI e n enoug s ot o w n IS Ir enemy zg ter, their fr d g d l f 1 IS ai,'!(,ed eh' <>Pn tne d z ferent muney to the soldier to meet h is I the men are now.attatched. but also blew up his first train. zen s ze ai ess 0 reIf' ld ., f'' f I f 1 -" TheD rated Eleven days later h e knocke d gious affiliation, are cordially inIf'_ s .or Liie oene 1L o L1e ath-n case o regu ar -'ur-m eco .. vtted to be pres-ent l etz c fund. t o L '-'" ran L e ay 1 .1 hcse were. Ca!Jtdown two enemy fighters and A retL:rn mateh betwee Pvt. the Red Cross emergency f und. oh!1 r Tutte. 1 O.a"':land Ca_ltf; up his second train. On Nov. Bob Bowles of Drew and Joey If anything happens to f'Ome Capt. Btll E. Ha.e, Richards Ctty, 8, "Maj. McColpin was award-Honesty Is Its Own I SmJthe z s ot lVIacDill wid be one membE-r of the soldier's f amily Jl'en; Lt. H Van D eusen, Britis h Distinguished Fly-R d M b of th_e outstanding bouts o f the and the soldier receives a wire Battle Creek,. l\IILch_ ; Lt. George H I ewar ---oy e I evenmg. In a match during i h e aonrisin g him of that fac' h e Ha:v: Oshkosh. y.rts; Lt. FranCIS A s squadron commande r of the ------past week at the MacDill, Field must get the R e d Cross to mves-; J Fztzpatnck Pzttsburg, Pa; Sgt. Third Eagle.Squadron, a post he There it was-smilin g up at gym, the two boys stood toe to t i,ate ;:he case for him._ This-rou-i James C. Marshall, Casper, Wyo; assumed July, 1942, the flyer par-him from the l atrine f loor or the toe and it out fer three line consumes considerable time Sgt. Dona l d G Shor\ Howe; S;;t ticipated in escorting American Service Club-a wallet containing z oundr_: with a close decision going and the soldier is on edge wmle A. P Massei Philadelph' a Pa; Flying Fortresse s on bombing 87 bucks! to Sm1 hers. Both of these toys 'sweating it out. I P v t. C E H e nry, Newell. Pa; and missions over Abbeville, Rotter"Pocket me, bud, it murmured. can g ive and take. Mr. Hnr ley, Field Director of, Pvt. T J Ventsza& Brookl,yn NY. dam, Rouen Maux, and Caen, fly"No one will ever know." Another old favor:te on the card the American Red Cross here, sug1 ing the new Spitfire 9 s. Enemy Slightly shuddering, the sol -will b_e "Popeye" Holland with gests that each man wnle r.l:r.,e Fist \'Voteroroofed p-lan e s were not fond of tangling dier's better s e l f repli e d, No! I'm hrs sailor cap. corncob pipe am! and inform his fami l y t hat, in with-the potency of t h e tremen-not that kind of a g u y. Besides, I a ll. Hol-land an old-time r former case of e m ergency, they should fhh !e s Pres-e nted dous fire power of the Flying remember reading somewhere lightweight champion of the P a contact the attending physi c ia!1 D A" Fortr-esses and the additional that honesty is the best policv." cil'ic Fleet and one of the ficzhtingand ask him t o inform the local I 0 re w trmen power of the nc.w Spitfires of the He decided to take i t to the est pieces of machinery tha ever chap'er of the Red Cress who C aptain Donald Assistant Eagl e Squadi:on, according to hostess. hit Drew sa_ys he will l:e ready w i : l in turn, wir e the Red Cross Operations Offic e r was the rccipMaj. McColpin. With a muttered "Damn." the to go. here. In this way, only o n e .vire i ent yest erday of :he first water-Transferred to u. s. Army soldie r marched into the Service Other fi ghters appearing on the is required and the verification r:rooied to l:e pre'sented lo Club office and deposited his progz am are Rafael Baez, a little comes \l iith the message. The the Army Ait Forces. These BiOn S ept. 15, 1942, Maj. McCol-findings. 122 pounder Puerto Rican who time saved b y this m ethod w i ll bles wil( be stand a1d emergency p in, with many ,other E agle Leave your name," the hostformerly fought pro in New York enable the soldie r to be on hi s equipment with the rubber li fe Squadron pilots, transferred to 1 cs.:; sai d. "The loser will certainly and P ennsylvani a The little felwa:>;. b.v_ the time ::t R e d C; o ss: rafts caniecl by cur airplane s the U. S Army Air Force s He want t o reward you." low can h1t so hard h e o n ce ,-eri:lcatLOn can come l :rot r,.: tl Sr : c -13ih l e ':i c!1 h a3 alr::Jdy H e lives with his wife at Clear-! open. One buck! era! admission, 1.10 reserved q L :' r ecl fer National Scrvic:l: L if e gi1en -!.OOJ,OQO Bi\\ra!er Beach I V l e ll. $1..65 ri...'1gside. Act. I l.::lcs sin(.:( the star t e d


THE E C H 0 E S Close -Up Photos Dive Bomber Pilots I Ibsen < Plby G:oming To Be Featured in May 14th -YANK Put in 15-Hour Day The Tampa Little will In Trajning Schedule 'present Ibsen's., immortal drama, GHOSTS next Tues. qg.y, W ednE!s" ---day ;:tnd Thr4sday May '!, 5 ari d Dn" r1 so1d .iers might be Da y and mght the blast of the 6 ; under. the directio n of, Staff_., -est.e c in a colleciion of clos e-up army s famous the. fastest Sgt. Maurice Geoffrey of 3 -AF photograph!'.. of captured and mos-t deadly d_lVe bombers H ea,dq uarters, at the Federated guns which will be featured m used by. any .natwn, 1s heard over Clubs Building, 809 Horatio, as the l.Vl::ty 14 issue of YANK, Tl:e Drew F1eld as they take off .and pwduction the sea Army Weekly, on sale May 7 m land, son. The Thursday performance A rm_y Exchanges and Ships' Serv-Near the a contmual i s sporiscired by the combined USO ice S::0 reS'. round of achvlty surrounds the Clubs for enlisted men and their The pictutes, one of the mos t of thunder-wlves and dates only Admission. reveal.ing collections ever made, mg Douglas dlvebombers, the is free and tickets may be obtain will include captured German, same type plane whlch h elped. to ed .at any of. the dovvntown USO Jap and Italian. artillery pieces, ?estray ;;t Jap convoy of 22 shlps Clubs. The firs t two performances :rifles mortars and small arms, Bismarck se.a are for the membership with 'ins-tructions fortheir use i n This hum of actl":lty IS qS lie and tickets are on sale at the {:ase of: a battlefield emE-rgency. at. 3 111 the Federated Club Dldg., 809 Horatio :Ne-.e r before has such a com-mormng as I t lS at noon. Street. The curtain rises at 8:3 0 pre:he .. 'lsive study of enemy equip-Mechanics Grab Incoming p m. ment been ,published.: The PJane. : Sgt. Geoffrey also directed, the will up fo u r or: five .full pag-e:; The, roar of, a_, migl]:ty incoming. very successful ;showing: of "Clau.; in YANK sJant' -wing,ed,i snub nosed' plane dia'.' last month, which. was the Copies of: the May-l4-issue w-ill : dtviildled as a pjlot brought; his first: full length, p1a,y. ever to be be asaUable to servicemen at thei!. craft: to a stop on the broad.i expresented at Drew Field. For the. I PX ftOr! tary training, ; and its. ttu;ee. -bladed prope}ler. l practice.. 1 into a a)> 3. Be. .perfonmng.; classif1ca.tlc; m surged, m t o .. .. It, was. duties qow O!J. be cla;;sifi ed,' eitherj tlie sta: r.t of_anotl:re r !ffiSStOil' ;'. main. or. second .:best : civilian: oe-[ A'nc;i\SO: thts SCene: lSreena9tec:l_ :ar -312, 380, 406 : 428. I T : h,ey ., 4. E:xce ilent The. p i lots have: to ? _Has not an_ ap, I !hey,a:eall y.ery ;plication for Qff1cer! sCandJdate. m the1.r eru ly ... for, rt_ .1 SchooL I ta_kes a, con.stJtutJon to. I '6. Either general" serv-Ice 01. Fre!)h .outtoffly.jng.;schoc,yl,' the.it :WIthstand ithe dr v es a:n d.:. p ull-:outs limitechservice. on a-t Drew 7.c Peesent rating-not above I under battle-hardened, for-: gra.o.e of Sergeant. leather pilots who. have ... proved _Onl y ap!Jli<;a tions reaching. 3rd 1! mett_le in battle : This con A u: Fot-ce pnor to May 5, 1943,. tmues unt1l. they are .. good enough will b e co nsidered fo r the May to g:o out orn the fighti_ng fronts. .15th Clas:;. All applications will The1r long schedules, ngorous as be hcld on fil e for filling quotas those of c acie tdays, leave little anticipated in the future. Submi t time for anything but sleep. They .applicat ions through Unit coinare on duty seven days a week, rnandecs. but if their work permits they are ..,-----l' given a day off. The rest of the Ovemeard In a are on a 15-hour-a-day Crowded P..X. Th1 ee GI's were munching: on delicacies at one of the I local PXs and killin g time. One, a "Five-striper," turned to a 'One-stF iper" and asked, ."Say;. what a::e you doing these days?" I "Vh, I'm starting to work for the Sgt. M ajor tomorrow." The "No-stripeF" overhearing this tHrn ed. to our heroes and .s.tated "Say who is this guy Sgt. J';'l:aj(K'! When I was iri Fort Mc Clella:t;_ he was there, when I was in Fod Bragg.-he was there, when I went to M iarr..i h e was there tc:O a.ud now he's here at Drew F'ield. Boy-that guy certainly gets a r ound. (P.S. The had been i n the An:ny only f01: 11 months). STAR KOSHER. ,DELICATESSEN All k;nds of Herring. Smoked Fish. Kosher Wines. We Carry a Complete Line of. PASSOVER PRODUCTS Open Till ll 805 Gr. Central. Ph. H 29-842 MONEY LOANED ON ANYTHING OF VALUE TAMPA LOAN CO: Perfect Fitt ing o 2 :O o CHI. N os :: '; .. ,._ .. : : ':_ SHjRTs : Sl.ACKS-* CAPS i They've Bro. ke n Harness : Running. Wild-Two wags. and a ncig in the tiggest horse laughs youv'e ever had! 9c --28c SUNDAY AND. MONDAY lin Which We Serve/ Noel Coward ; BEER April 30, 1943 TUESDAY WEDNESDAY SATURDAY" A:ND SUNDAY. 2:30 "to5 E v e r y N i g h t R""till n-, EX C : E P T MONDAY Sc F a r e On Davis Island Buses: LEAVING GRANT'S -CORNER FRANKLIN. AND CASS STREE' 7:15 --7:45 --8:15 We-Are NOT Qu of Bounds -:WINES -:SOFT DRINKS AT THE' [ 1:, 8 : E R I' Y Tony Italiano, Proprieto r 717 Grand Cenral Phone H 3109 210 .E. Good. Food ReQsnnable p : fices:: .Try Our. Sunday .R(lasi, T.urkey, Di:tmer' Served Frd:r:n 11" k ,M.; fa;, ; 9 ; P.Mo ALA CARTE SERVICE A 'IJ; .A'LL HOURS; OPEN DAY AND N-IGHT ; MEATS:: WE USE ST_RICTLY W HSTERN "'. ----if ; If You Already --D(J)':./7: NOW t t! M E E T y. 0 U R F R IE N-!D S -k T. T H E : ... :.. :.. .. :-! ,'/ \\, = \ ',f S -ARATOGA BAR '-- t ( .. .! '-. .. .Corner Fortune and Franklin D ancing Ever y Night in the Blue., Room fo I -"South's Best: Negro BE-ER WINES atinee Dancing Chicken and Steaks Real Italian Spaghetti SANDWICHES DRINKS LiQUORS Abba Dabba And Band Nightly 707 S. HOWARD A VENUE PHONE H 3757 LIQUORS Phone 7988 ..r, I W e specialize in fitting military clothes for officers and enlisted men .Visit OUT compl ete department for your needs. 1-., For All Your Printing and Stationery Needs. OPEN TUESDAY AND THURSDAY EVENINGS. CLOTHES FOR 9L6 FRANKLIN STREET Saturday and Sunday 'Mountain Rhythm/ Weaver Bros. -FEATURE :N'b. 2 -. 'Mummy's Tomb/ Dick Foran John Hubbard CALL IH. E CO:MM-ERCIAL P R -INTERS GLENN R. ROSS, Owner Publishers of Tampa Army Newspapers 1113-15 FLORIDA AVE RHONES: 2126-and 2 177


April 30. 1943 The LOGI CAL a n d BEST Place To Buy Yo .ur Military Need s 917 Franklin St. (2 Sfol:"es In Tampa) 1401 7th Ave. THE ECHOES Featuring JEANNE Ri-CHARD Open Friday Nigh t BoHler: PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF T 11.'5/::JJ A H ee'W'C V Fi*MW1'MW" Et Palace. Skating Rink SULPHUR SPRINGS NEW flOOR NEW MUSIC NEW SKAJES Admission: Nigh:ts 3&: "SKATE ON THE .SMOOTHEST FLOOR IN THE SOUT.if.i' Sc -Street Car and Bus Service to Door -& Welcome Service Me n SWIM at the Sulphur Springs Pool Natural S prings T empera ture 72 degrees. B u s and Street Car o P ool. L__Qpen 9 .M. Seryice Men Always Welcom e Sulphur Springs Cafe We Spccia.l!ze i n Hom e Cooked Food Chicken. Steak and Chop Dinners Sulphur Springs. Arcade Bldg. Come on Down! Service Men Delicious Food Reasonably Priced. Open Day and Night.: CHILD CAFE 501 FRANKLIN STREET BUY WAR BONDS! :PAD D 0 ( K 8 A-R "Not a Jook a p f a.:() like the one back c a n bring your wife or ,..,... .. .,w -.1 for a drink. a c -!tat and fine m::1.iC .. 'I'o7 JACKSON fiT 'TAMPA S;"ll". Open From 8 .A.M. fo l :i J.l'.ll4r. TAMP A'S OLDEST N ITE CLUB Featuring 3 Floor Shows Nitely -8 10 Midnight DANNY & DON'S JE WEL B O X N I T E CLUB 911 TAMPA STREET uance to the Swe e t of MANNY GATES ORCHESHU --Servk:? Men Officers Families FOR B.t:ALLY GOOD FOOD AT M ODERATE PRICES PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE-FOLLOW THE CROWD T E ( 0 l 0 N N AD E BA YSHO R E A N D JULIA Steak, Sea Food, Chicken Dinner s Tt: ::. P?.IC>:.S D e licious Sandwiches BUY MORE W A R BONDS EVERY PAYDAY!


Page 4 THE ECHOES April 30, 1943 Era1btoidery" I -----G-LE-N--N-R-. R-0--::-SS:--. tRnbbitu: n : f THE ECHOES Army Nurses Have Easte' r Too P ; 0. Box 522 TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS Dlv \6 Business Office: 1113 FLORIDA AVENUE TAMPA,_,FLORIDA Phone 2177 A Drew Soldier B y Pic. Alvin M Amster All adv!?rtisernents contained in this newspaper are also Tatting and embroidery work is in the Fly Leaf. published in the interest of the personnel of MacDill an unusual hobby for a .man but Field. M_init; 'lUm joint circulation, 10,000 copies. E has proven fascinating for Pvt. ------------------Raymond R. Castner of Hq. & Hq. ADVERTIS'ING RATE.S FURNISHED ON R-EQUEsr Sq., III Fighter Command. Tatting, Castner explained,. i s A newspaper for the person'!el ofT Drew 1 lace making, such as the edging Freid and devote d to m1htar y mte1 ests and the Umte d N atwm: 1 of covers or cushions. Embroidery I work is the fancy threaded de<;>pmions m this newspaper are those of the mdivrduali signs found on pillow cases and writers under no Circumstances _are they be. tnose sundry covei.s. Both are classed of the States Army. Advertisements m this pubhca!lfln do as needlework. not constitute a n by the War Department or 1ts oerCastner just returned from fursonnel of the products advertised. loafing id. Mononge h ela, Pa., his ----home and birthplace 33 years ago, was inducte d at Donora, Pa., on March 23, 1942. He was processed ,r.rough the New cumberland (Pa.) Reception Center and re ceived his basic training at Kees ler Field, Miss. Sent to Drew After three months at Keesler, where h e attended A. M. 'School; he was shipped to Drew June 25, 11942, and was assigned to the III _Figh er. Because of his civilian trade as a meatcutter and butcher and his cooking ability, he was I made a cook in Consolidated Mess Hall 2 I Ray played t rumpe t in the school ban:t(, and. the dFum and bugle in the local American L e -gion Band. After completing his schooling, h e kept right on work ing for th. e chain grocery organ ization with whom he had been since he was 11. Althogether h e worked there 20 years, eventually becoming a department Castner alwa.;: outtered around \ his home, painting, paperhanging, keeping a oacKyard garden and flower bed. H e built ornate trel lises _for hisroses. Cooking and baking were Ray's specialties and his fancy dishes put the women of h is family to shame. Ari:ny nurses at Drew Field sporte d their new beige tropical. uniforms as, they accompanied officer to Easter services on the Base. the foreground, left to right, Lt. Lucille Anglin, o f Independence, Miss.. with Lt. Edward Maxey, Atlanta, Ga.; and Lt. Virginia Jones, of Louden, Tenn .. with Capt. Hollis C. Ingram; of Orlanao. "Gosh, I can't get used to saluting a MAN." Drew Acts on the Transportation Problem Develops Interest in Needlework Ray became interested in tat ting about three years ago. A sh:.ter and were directly re for his interest and teaching. He learned quickly and now surpasses the m in agility and (A statement of wh;;tt has been done to alleviate the transp' ortation production. His job as cook, with one day on and two off, gives situation.) him ampl e time to indulge in h is hobby. Production Rate In previous editorials, we have pcinted out ihai the t ransportaLacemaking is a tedious process. Ther e'll Be Palm Trees n New Film, But Not From Florida There'll be palm trees in the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer' film, A Guy Named Joe," part of which will be filme d at Drew Field soon. The palm trees will lend a hopi cal atmosphere to the landscape, but the won't be those of the vation shortage during rush hours at Drew Field is the resuli of iwo Watching his flying fingers, you factors: (1) The incx:ease in soldier and civili_an populaiion at catch a glimpse and t hen see a i he base, (2)_ Dtff1cul:hes encountered by the Air_ Base Bus Line finished piece. Castner explaine d riety raised in Florida. The some Co!T'u?ny m oethng enough buses to handle the the secret as "properly turning the 25 Hollywood technicians, who've Th1s problem has been under study for a long hme by Ccl. Melvm 1 thread so it won't break." About beg\ln work at Drew, are sitting 1 B. Asp, Commanding Officer of Drew Field. In December of last a yard and a quarter ample lace / year the bus company moved the terminal to its present city locai'ion, for one woman's hanky in the shade of Florida pal m trees relieving some of the pressure on the equipment, speeding up the t?ly. a home! The Hollywood palms con-If was proposed that the following additional servic e be operated: i< tructed of cypress logs cut at 1. Operate a line from both Hillsborough Avenue gates directly Photo Studio in 1 Drew Field, are wrapped around to Seminole H-::ights. .. with strips of jute felt, which in 2. Operate a line from the East gates to Palma Ceia a.nd Davis Off1cers' Club turn is plastered and painted a Island. I 1 brilliant .green to look like p alm 3. Operate a line to Clea.rwa:ter. Officers who wish to have good trunks. They'r e fastened to frames This p 'rc:posal would relieve the congeste, d traffic on the pres :!n t photographs made, n1ay do so at one end of the cypress log and bus l ines, and Jelimina.te the traffic botileneck downtown. I -would 1 without leaving the field, at the the foreman sai d they'd look real also give both soldier and civilian personnel quick transportation to Drew Field Officer's Club. W V. istic when they wete finished. sections of the city and countryside which are not now easily avail-(Red) Robertson, and Miss Rose Technicians are working from able, except by automobile. Rutigliano, of 'the Tampa firm of a big circus tent set up on Drew At th_ e present mc:-ment_. Drew Field is awaiting :the final approval Robertson and Fresh, located at Field. One end already has been of the Office of Defense Transportation in Atlanta. With this ap504 E. Lafayette Street, are on constructed into a wardrobe with proval. the buses which have alrea'dy been approved by the War De-hand at the Club every Monday, racks for clothe s. Actual shoot partment will be released by the War Production Board and put into Wednesday and Friday night, ing should get under way in about immediate oper,._tion. I from six to nine p.m. two weeks. Russian armament plants SUG cessfully filled their March pro' duction quotas, which were 35 per cent higher than February goals, t h e Soviet Khabarovsk radio said in a domestic broad-' c ast recorded here by U. S. Government monitors. (NY Mirror) I Three young students of Munich University were sentenced to death and h..anged last week af ter the Gestapo had discovered an anti-Nazi group with in the school whic h wrote and uted seditious tracts among the students. It is pres-umed that the Gestapo may designate still more victims for the hangman from among those now held ofl suspicion of being implicated i1;1 the plot. As a result of tbe Munich incident, universities all over Germany now are being combed for slackers. (NY Times) "' AS CHIN A nears the end of her sixth year of war, marty Chinese look beyond her military needs and declare that shoes, clothing, machinery and food from the United Nations are more vital. (NY Times) "' REPORTS HAVE REACHED here that 76 Japanese nationals, now living in the Balkans, have been ordered home by their gov ernment. They were expected to reach Turkey in a group ..::ec-'" g the next two weeks and, ed home across Russia. (NY .. -e aidTribune)


April 30, 1943 THE ECHOES Pc,ge 5 ----------------------THE FOUR-OH-FIFTH sbow our appreci;:rtion b.)' H e d t B b G usiog them. a qua r ers om p. S/Sgt. Hall i s looking !orward WING TIP.S All is well here at Headquar-to becoming a f l ying cadet. He ters and we are awaiting the reeven has a patch of hail' under 22nd WING section, Lt. Norris has gone to the victim and Sgt. Christian as !urn

Page 6 THE ECHOES (Continued from Page 5) dances possible-hurry and start I latrines. N.ow a ll "j."e need are c:oming ou t again. W e m iss all of soap contamers 111 the s hower mg the constructwn of a cnb for ycu. To aH you new EM in the rooms. S;;:;gt. o neard; tna(_ J a.Ke 101.8th we extend a hearty wel-Cohn and S1skmd g1v m g Sane JUS( can .t Scaud strpnng T/4 Leue L Carter i s at it Dl SH1N DI .RT altenwon Cpl.. Al l.l1sd!er ae-ain That guy can sno1e the snooung back the ngllt answers "Wood-cutters Ball," in three-By Pfc. William A. Norris to tne 111C1 S ive questwnmg or, querter-time, withou t missing a Whv i s Cpl. Johnson looking Capt'cr nvalhng I.e-.._, sought refuge? Cpl. Witsell under the direction ot. L:apt ;:,.et-furoy as the Sq. Crooner. The (The Mad CQ) cries to the boys fert and Cpl. Fletsher, 1 s concern-/ Butcher promises Blad;:ie a shoe that he's broke, but w h e n on ed W i t h teachmg t11e _men how to in the head soon ... A n y truth C entral Avenue whete the girl s sviim, w1t11 and wltnout neld I -to the rumor. Sgt. Clayton now a r e money jumps from every on.e __ :..;,;.:,;_:. ______________________ equipn1ent. The Judo classes are' doing his own laundry? of his pockets as t hough a magi :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:..:-:-:-:-:-:-:.-.: .. :-:-:-:-:-:-: ... :-: .. :-:-:-:-:-: .. :-:e:.:-:-:-;.:.:-: .. taugnt by Pvt. Porte, n1a n Joffrion used to be a snake cian was pulling bill s from out :( penenced along those lmes. It IS charmer. Vivona and his ac-of thin air. :i: so B 'S' OPEN EVENINGS ? a splendid condi_tioner, and a:l;,ter eordion keep the B-1 boys enter! : l f l t it&*! &5*4ftA 4 t c ass, we ee ; 1L's gomg : o tained daily ... CPL. Horace Gas. :t: be the enemy that's gomg to.dle pard is stiil at Greenwood.Miss. Mother1sDay Flowers jt A c-f.A.:... } foof:s sure swings a I ORDER _EARLy rr......,.,.y ,..,.llf;ny.;.p :i: mean bow in the 11th F1gl1t e r I ettes,. even though each guy had I Wued Anywhere m ihe U. S. A. :i: .1.. A :r Wing, for another of our a cart\.N S-lUUN It>LIES Service Men Welcome GILBERT HOTEL 811 Tampa Si. Phone M 1094 0. E BOGART, Manager j WELCOME SOLDIER! A Home Away From Home j "Where Your Fun Is Our Fun" l ALBERTUS HOTEL I f The M. Sa BAR i Formerly __ "The Wonder Bar" Lr t .. .... 956 Twiggs M 1339 SERVICE MEN AM!if4AAA4&4M>JIh'N'RW4444k BM't fi'91#14*!friiM#Wil$fi#M l 0 N .E-DAY SERVICE EXPERT WATCH REPAIRING Watches -Dianwnds -Jewelry -Novelties Our Mo:tio: "Service Men .Firs!" 214 E. LAFAYETTE, NEXT TO MANHATTAN CAFE OPEN EVERY NIGHT 'TIL 10 P. M. UNITED OPTICAL Manufacturing and Dispensing Opticians 205 ZACK STREET --PHONE M 5783 COURTESY DISCOUNT 20 PERCENT Prescriptions Filled-I,.enses Duplicated La f a y e t't e H o te I E. A. CLAY, Manager 120 Wes:t Lafayeiie Street Eas:t Side of Bride Phone M 5588 Tampa, Fla. CENTRAL C 0 M PAN Y, 0 t .. I :.: Tampa, Florida Hotel Hillsboro Florida A venue at Twiggs St. MARTIN C. McNIEL, Manager GASPARILLA TAVERN coLONIAL GRILL Service Men Welcome Rex Billiard Parl or Daniel S. Bagley i< ELITE CIGAR STORES 'The S port Headqu a rters of T a mpa' WINE -BEER CIGARS 400 Zaf'k :!07 Pllone : \1 (i2-072 PhonP. .\tt zao 1012 FRANKLIN FLORIDA I ____________________ KNIGHT PAPER. B R 0 S. c 0. 612 Bell Phones 4205 4204 A Paper for Every Purpose" We Serve he Fines! of Spanis h Foods and Special Spanish D ishes i I A rRI\1 o ARcNAEF E 1 203 !E. Cass Street Tampa, Flordia .. _..__. T. \V. R A M S E Y LUMBER COMPANY VIe Specializ'> In Mill Work & Cabinets We c an furnloh material for Repalra and F. H. A Loans Phone Y 1219 17th St. & S:h 1\ve Learn io Dance Correctly BY ONE WHO KNOWS MAKES ONE GRACEFUL PRIVATE LESSO N S Selma Brooks I n T ampa J7 Years TEL. H 32-654 207 PARKER ST.


April 30, 1943 THE ECHOES Page 7 Army Air Forces Wedding Bells Ring Outl Reorganization At a small 'eddin.g for the im-1 Realignment of the fcmctions of mediate families, on April 13 I headquarters components of the 1943 at Sumter, S.C., Miss Onnie Army Air F_o['ces, designed to deE;lizabeth l!Jcks of Hartsville, centralize control to the field and S C., b ecame the bride of Cpl. \ gear the organization to current 1 war necessities, was announced Paden S Epps of Hq. & Hq. Sq., last week by the War Department. III Fighter Command. f From the organizational stand, Mrs. Epps is th.e daughter of 1 point, components in the field are Mr. & Mrs. P .. S Hicks. Cpl. Epps; By Cpl. Will. Krewson not affected, although it is inter-whose home is at Manning, S. c.; esting to note that the Third Air is the son of Mr. & Mrs. J. H Force-to which Selfridge Field, Epps. The bride will join her is assigned.,-is now under the su" husband in Tampa early in June. per:vision of a newly organized -+c Warrant Officer Lester G: Baker and all th. elads have been looking a bit dreamy eyed since playing for all those gorgeous damsels at Third Air Force last week. They say. ;ve are going to entertain there on. ce every month. .. T/Sgt. Eli Eaton was having trouble keeping two eyes on the music and two eyes on the gals. wait a minute, that's four eyes. Say, Sarge, tell us bow you office-the Assistant Chief of. BOOTY did it. Air Staff, Training, This office has. primary interest in and. supervision. of the Flying Training Command, Technical Training. Command, and the Sec. and and Third Air Forces. It also provides technical supervision of the operational training of the First and Fourth Air Forces Reorganization of Headquarters, Army Air Forces, as of March 29, reduces the Offices of Headquar-It was a real Eas-ter for the ters from 25 to 1 3 in number. 69er's, for each member received There are now only six major a snappy new blue "root toot zoot components of the Air Staff. in suit" (fatigues to you). When Pfc. stead of 19 as formerly. The SpeDKque Woodke put his new out-cial Staff offices are increased f : 1 and picked up his bass from four to five. h'u, h e looked like "Little Boy The Headquarters staff of the Blue" who just blew. Of course, Commanding General, Army Air Two German women were boas:ting of their gains from various Nazi conquests. Said one: "From Norway, I got the most beautiful pair of gloves; from Czechoslovakia, s u c h stunning shoes; and my gown from Paris. "And what," interrupted her friend, "did you get from Russia?" "From Russia-my widow's veil." -+c I ADD SOLDIER LETTERS "Dear Mom-! am in Palestine where our Savior was born. I wish I was in Brooklyn where I was born.-Joe. we had the two conventional Forces, now consists of the Chief """vorlt<' Entin=-Phi., .... Army s izes too big or too small, of Air Staff, three Deputy Chiefs STEA.Ji:S ANn CHOPS but that didn' t stoo Supply Serand six Assistant Chiefs of Air SPECIA ury geant Harwick. He gave us all Staff, namely: (1) Material, Main-E L J T E drape morlels; Cpl. Costello's even ten a nee and Distribution; (2) Op drags a little. eration, Commitments and Re-It isn' t safe to walk in the quirements; (3) Plans; (4) Train-. latrine a tnymOI1e the way the I ing; (5) Personnel, arid (6) Intelli-Nailor --Lamb Corp. has been gence. drummina up laundry business Newly orgamzed offices of the 1 Only th; other day Cpl. six Chiefs of Air Staff Owings was telling me that be-are n.ot designates:! by the abovefore he knew it he heard a splash, mentiOned numbers. They d.o. and there he was in the wash tub however, replace and. absorb, m fatigues and all. In five the new the he was washed, rinsed and hango! the classic military staff diVJ. ing on the line outside. Only then swns of A-1, A-2, A-3, A-4, and did Norn1 Nailor realize what had of the Assistant Chiefs of Opera happened ... he said that he was tiona! Plans and for Program going so fast. he just. grabbed the Train. '1'.41\JPA AND T'U'IGG"' !ii'J'S Welcome Soldiers) MUSICAL BAR" Hear Your Favorite Songs nearest fatigue suit and Joe hap-Complete details of the AAF pened to be in it. I'll bet they reorganization were announced I ( H -E(J:ERfl!i. : LD BAR made you pay double too, Joe. publicly on March 29 in a 2 ,50 0i Iii We can give Cpl. Mike Galdino released to all I all the credit for those solid hair-newspapers .Lack of space in The cuts; in fact, that's all he says Echoes precludes re-publication in CASS & TAMPA STREETS. he gets-"credit." entirety. '---------------I "I'VE GOT THE NEWS fROM AFRICA; "You probably read that in. your newspaper a while ago. That war correspcindent found how our fighting men everywhere want Coca-Cola. It must have something special to be the favorite of the fighting forces; Th.ere's taste you don't find anywhere this side of Coca-Cola, itself. And there's that welcome feel of refreshment that goes into energy. Take it from me, Coke is good." BOTILED UNDER AUTHORITY Of THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BV / TAMPA BOTTLING COMPANY_ Wh One of the changes is the addiW:iJ .enever there is music sup-tion of a new command. the Army plied by the 69th AAF Band, whether it be J .. iv'e or longhair Air Forces Control Commimd. It absorbs the functions of stuff, you will always find Pfc. th eformer Directorate of Air Hal Richman there. Hal has the misfortune of being the only Traffic and Safety, the Army Air strihg bass man in the outfit. Forces Communications Services, Why some nights he puts his and the Army Air Forces Weather bass in bed and stands in the Services. corner all night. So, if any of you A complete list of the fellows .can help Pfc. Richman out nate commands under Headquar-by playing a string bass, stop ters, AAF, follows: ('0\JPI.l':TII: DINNERS llcrrin:.::, 'J..u.'\: und call J 'ifldto of fish, frt..,la. 1\ I\ 1:, ,;,\" 1>\\'I('H FINMAN'S KOSHER MARKET around to. the Band Barracks some Second Air Force, Third Aiil day: After all. he'll get tired Force, Flying Training Command, only K"h"r In "'"""';' -litanding there all night. Technical Training Con1n1and, Troop Carrier Command (under th eAssistant Chief of Air Staff, "'I've tried to be Red, White and Training). B1ue Army Air Forces Flight. Con-To the boys. at. :MacDill and Drew. trol Command. when the money is lax. I charge Materiel Command, Air Transno: tax. port Command, Air Service Com-mand (under the Assistant Chief / This. is. surely the place for you!'' of Air Staff, Materiel, Main ten-. ance and Distribution). I Proving Ground Command, An ti-S. ubmarine Command, School of I Applied Tactics (under the As llU FLORIDA AVE. Ph. M 72H sistant Chief of Air Staff, Operations ,Commitments and Requirements). MILLER'S BAR BEERS --WINES I ii$Ah II All Service Men Are Welcome First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth, Thirteenth, Foi.trteenth Air Forces (under technical supervision of the Command-DINE AND DANCE AT LICATA'S on Hillsborough Bay Tty the Best in Food FINEST LIQUORS DANCING EVERY NITE 22nd Street Causeway Phone Y 1715 PRIVATEDINING ROOMS Barcelona Cafe -J?ANISH RESTAURANT ing General, AAF, and under the 1 .. administrative and tactical A I R BAs E B u s .. twiNES AND LIQUORS p S 2}42 Open All Night 4714 Nebraska and Oborne AI:.WAYS SAY H : : Q LS U M BREAD EXTRA FRESH Special Invitations to All Service Men GLEN'S BILLIARDS dictiory. of the theater task force; to which they. are assIgned) Promoted ... to Major L I N E s r I n Friends of Earle R. Thomas will be pleased to learn that he has been promoted to the rank of major. ; When the promotion was r e ceived, the major was with his unit going through a phase of training in northern Florida with which he is being familiarized, and checked out in twinengined bombers. Lt Colonel Marvin S Zipp, commanding the group and responsible for the major's promotion, was the first to congratulate BUS ST-ATION Corner Tampa & Cass Streets 3D-Minute Service to Both Fields at All Hours 15-Minute Service Now In. Its New .Location. I him. Major Fred Hook, executive BY WIRE ANYWHERE PHONES 3022 -M 5561 i i I I I I i I BAY VIEW FIREPROOF CONSTRUCTION-EVERY ROOM WITH BATH COFFEE SHOP IN CONNECTION W. B SHULER, Manager 208 JACKSON S.T .. Between FRANKLIN & TAMPA. TAMP A, FLORIDA -PHONE M 5537 FRANK RUTTA, CHEF-Formerly chef at Montrose Restaurant, __.,_ Broadway and 4Bih,' New York, came to Flor ,.... ida. got sand in his shoes and now, has opened his own place at I 418 W. Lafayette Street Specializing in Spaghetti and Ravioli WE ALSO SERVE BEER AND WINES 1 () \ I Complete Luncheonette 805 TAMPA ST., 11 officer of ,the group proceeded to During Rush Hours --. strip the bars from the surprised A R -:. .. y ? y qmp II V I:C I O : R CAFE Thomas' many a5sociates -jf..: h' g d f h. For Further Infor. r".l"Ion "Defense Rental Hom es" BEER __ WINES m IS roup are prou o 1s g 3 achievements brought about b y 407 Tampa Street 1 24 Franklin Ph. ,\1-72-!0 his ability to foster and perpe -( A l L 4 2 4 \ 3'. BILL. BAILEY, Prop. tuate a spirit of cooperatio .. :'om : V F : .W. & Am. Le!!ion top. to bottom, as w e ll as n,_ capabilities as a very able leader. I ____________ BUY MORE WAR BONDS EVERY PAYDAY!


THE ECHOES Page E --------------------------------------Tamulis Scores Third Win As Drew Wins, 5-0 Dre,,Field Signal baseball team d efeated an AU-Star nine from the Inter-Social Sat urday a t Cuscaden Park, 5 to 0. The victory was the third\ straight of the season for the and also for Vito Tamulis, who increased his strikeouts trJ 40 fo r three games. D re\\ scored foLu of their runs in the third. Lt. Che t Thomas hit! for the circui t with one aboard in I this inning with two more coming ac; : oss Jn errors. V i t o T a m ulis, pitching w i t h p e r f ecc control, did not issue a I pass struck out a d oze n m e n I fo.r h1s thnd \\"lll of the seas-o n. U s ng a n assortment o f curves mixed 'Nith hi s f amous s lo\v ball' 1 Tc; muli s limited the All-Stars n i ne> sc-'l.t tered hits. Signaleers scored their last r u n in the eighth, when McAiee .SC(::ttc h c d a single down the third base line after being out. 1his play occurecl whet1, as the pitcher threw the strikeout ball, a spec tator_ threw a foul ball back on the field, the umpire ruling that the batter was still entitled to another strike. Hogan walked. Libby singled to fill the bases and Tamulis sent a line drive that the first baseme n couldn't The box sco re: Inter-Social All-Stars Ab R Ortega, 2b ________ 3 0 G Granell. 2b _____ 1 0 Beasley cf _____ ___ 4 0 Rodriguez, 3b ___ _4 0 B Fernandez, 1b _4 0 Lev ine, lf __________ 2 0 R. Fernandez, lL ___ 2 0 Schiro. rf 0 Granell, ss 0 R. Lo .ngval, c _____ 4 o C Longval, p _____ l 0 C Fernandez, x ____ 2 0 TOTAL ____ 35 0 Drew Signal Ab R P e t i t e ss ___ ____ ____ 4 1 Toomin, cf _______ 5 1 Brovvn, 3b __ 4 0 Ready, 1 b _________ 3 1 Thomas, c --_______ .4 1 McAtte, rf ____ 3 1 Hogan, 1f ________ 3 0 Libby, 2b _______ 4 0 Tamulis, p ______ 4 0 TOTAL. _______ 3 4 5 I Drew Boxing Team weight match with James Hood, l Drubs MacDill Field 141, of MacDill, received a .,!_( cut the eye Ho'"4 but1 0 Scrappers Mondal_i ted him in the s econd with the 1 3 __ ;.r t,eferee stopping. the fig'tlt. I o Drew fighters pounded: S9me of these fio y s wilt appear 1 3 to 2 wm over the MacD11lFJld on ...l;l1e big the o scrappers on Mol!da y mght m the Municipal Auditorium in Tampa, 1 MacD1ll gym before an overflow Monday night. 2 crowd of soldiers. 1<-------0 In winning the matc)-1, Drew VITO T AMULIS 0 was awarded two decJ sJOns and 0 one knockout, while MacDill 1 scored a t echnical knockout and 9 H 1 1 0 0 1 1 0 1 1 6 a decision. The feature match of the ni ght was betwee n two welterweights, Bob Bowles of Drew and Joey Smithe r s of MacDill with Smith ers receiving a close d ecisio n tha t was b o oed by the MacDill c ro w d Both boys stood to e to to e and slugged it ou t with both h ands thro ugh thre e torrid rounds Bowles grew stronger as the fi ght I progressed and finis hed :.-trong in the last round. The tvvo boys w ill I meet in a return match in Muni c ipal Audito1ium. Monday night. In t h e fourth b out of the eveAll Stars ___ 000 ooo 000 0 ning, a little 122-pound Puerto Drew Signal 004 OOO Olx -5 R.ican, Rafael B aez, of Drew, beat Runs batted in_ Thomas, 2 his man to the ca nvas in 1:05 of Tamulis. Home run_ Thomas. the second round in u sing a t w oDouble play-Bl"Own (unassisted). f isted attack o n his opponent. 0Struckout...:._By Tamulis 12 ; by R. ficials and old time ring fans Longval 3; by F ernandez, 1. pra i se d him as being one of the l:ardes t hiiting little fellows they i' _,,_,., _,,_.,_,.,_,,._.,_,., _.,_ ,+ h a d ever seen. I W E L C 0 M E i Drew' s othe r wins were turned i TO THE j in by Henry Mendoza 1451;2, over : I the sharp punching Pat Panga llo 1 A 1 R BAS E G R 1 l l! 134, in a three-round and I 1 Earl Whoqley. 140. sJeclswn e d Bob _I Where The Busses Siop -1 Ge1st 134 o f MacDlll for the fmal handle and McAtee scored. + _,,._ _,.,_.,_,.,_,.,._,,,_,., _,,_,.,_ + win of the night. I 1-----------------------------Andy Santorelli. a sweet punching 126 pounder .fought an overI Drew's star pitcher holds enviable record of 40 strikeouts I in ihree local games. i I i April 30, 1943 r===::=:,..MAAS BROTl-IERS OFFICIAL ARMV: .EXCHANGE SERVICE EVERYTHING FOR THE MILITARY Recent Lorge Shipments of I I JUST INSIDE OUR FRANKLIN ST. BesT "HYPO-JABBFW. IN 556 BN. MEDICAL DET. ONE OF Tf-1 HIGH ScoRERS ON 81'1SII:<"T6'ALL TEA" GASKILL Sport-o_ Graph 1 t _,,_,.., _,_, _.,_ ,:,._,., _,,_,,._,,_,,_ + 1 S/Sgt G eorge Gask1ll of Upper I l Darb y, one .of 1 1 !i : the mos-t pohshed h 1gh school I basketball players to e ver come J j from the Quaker State was one j of the outstanding and leading e=-; score1s on the championship team I j from Drew. Playing a steady game from his 11 ; forward position, George was the I W E L C Q M E f i second highest scorer on the team 1 j developed by Lt. Arthur Colley < that won 27 of their 31 games. Serv1ce Men and j Besides an F y Fa.mt'ltes 1 player, Gasklll lS also a fme de-l our fensive man and displayed this f i the\ ( pafm (afeteria 1 301f ts m the I rl't!'s a -a' sport 1 j j (a! ttJ. hobby an 1 s a member 1 {of::the UAJ1.8tJl>ai;,bY 1gl).School aDS 'f.A:tv,IPA ST. I 'a1 \d Amel'f.eJH/l ., 1 : j tE t.Jqll. i -.. Tampa s and Most SUNTAN UNiFORMS FOR ARMY MEN Complete Sizes Now Available SUN TAN OFFICERS' UNIFORMS Tropical Worsted C. & P. s .f1 SA 100 % all wool-top tailoring ----------'I U Palm Beach Army----------Palm Beach Pants -----------------------$5.95 S 10.95 each ____ $ 10 a 95 8.2 Chino Khaki Trousers. Sanforized-Mercerized .. 8.2 Chino Khaki Shirts, Sanforized-Mercerized ---,.------------"--6.2 Chino Khaki Shirts, Each -------------------------___ --------Airplane Cloth Khald Shir .ts, Each-----------------------------_ each $4z50 S4b50 $3a50 Large Shipment of 6 t,, ro Trench Coats ______ _______ -. .;p 8 G7 !0 I N S I G N I A -In acid iesi. and gold Solid Brass Buckles sn Each ------------------_______ __ __ __ ___ 7C Duffle Bags ,Dopp KHs Shoe Shine Kis Pocket Poker Sets Toilet Sets Sgt. the 1 I '!\ "6 -'! f (' [ n ;:E_,,.,. ... : Ttii :t"'11tS i -a; I It J [ K B l [ M T : e AVAILABLE NEXT TO AIR BASE BUS TERMINAL. MONEY LOANED ON ANYTHING OF VALUE We Feature a Complete Line of Distinctive Jevrelry and Gifts 914 Tampa Street -:Open Until Midnight -I. :, ,....,--ME_:--..T' S DEPT. / FLOOR -I ENTRANCE WELCOME TO H 0 TEL KNOX TOM BRYSON, Manager Lafayette & Jefferson Streef1 CULP LUMBER CO. to Build Anything' Millwork Made io Order SOD PACKWOOD Phone H 1862 -:TAMPA "Flowers Telegraphed Back Home Under Bonded Service" NELSON "THE FLORIST" Open 9 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Closed Sundays 514 TAMPA STREET f'-"""":""-u-u---------+ I -i White W' a)-1 i LAUNDRY w 2806 ARMENIA AVE. I P -hone H-3898 I i Groceries Tobacco Candy. Notions Adams -Kennedy Whiting. and Jefferson Streets TAMPA. FLORIDA The Tavern Bar & Grill i HOT AND COLD LUNCHES Spaghetti a Specialty 311 F!anklin St. Phone 3940 LIQUORS-BEER-WINES VALENCIA GARDEN Restaurant WE SERVE THE FINEST OF SPANISH FOODS flll Grand Central Ph. H 3773


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