Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Tampa, Fla
Post Exchange
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 2, no. 10 (May 14, 1943).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
May 14, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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h VOL. 2. NO. 10 Plant Park to Be _Scene of Rally On Americanism Published Exlusively in the Interest of the Personnel of Drew Field From Tunisia to Drew With Combat Info Sunday, May 10, is set aside, b y J Presidential proclamation, a s "I/ A.m an American Day." However, I the Fedenl Immigration D epartment in Tampa, and the City ::::nuncil have decided to hold this t on Friday May 14, w hen :.. ;.pa will celebrate I An'\ an A.merican Day," in recognition of the many people who have be citizens of this great nation. The day will end with a program to be held at t h e Tampa Municipal Autiitorium in Plant to which everyon e is in vited. The program will open at 7 : 00 P l\'I with the Drew Field band 1 :)Jaying a concert of patriotic airs, I followed by an Invocation by Dr. Branscomb of the First Method.st Church. After the presenta of colors, little Bunny Harris will lead the audi in the Pledge to the "Flag." Mayor Chancey will extend a welcome to all new citizens, lmong, whom will be over 150 :nen from Drew Field, MacDill l!'ield and St. Petersburg. Miss Eleanor Rosenthal, local ;oprano, will sing "God Bless 1\merica." Mr. D 0 Palermo, president of :lw Italian Club, and Dr. Mooney, :)rseident of the University of rampa, will address the crowd. Dr. Mooney will speak on the Recognition of New Citizens. Entertainment will be f urnished :Jy the various Latin clubs w ith ;ongs and dances of Spanish and :::uban origin. F eatured will be Yiiss Carmencita Alvarez, Span sh dancer, whose father is a poitical refugee from Spain. Sg:t. Joseph S. Roy (facing :the camera). aerial gunner who was on firs plane land!ng in North Africa. explains glcbal flying io men a:t Drew Field. Some time befo1 e coming to 1 Medal with three oak leaf Sgt. Roy, of slight build and Drew, Sgt. Jos2ph S. Roy, aerial 1 ters. stature, as a gunner should gunner, faced a brace of Messer-! 1\ fter seve r < 1 months .on the 1 be, has a laugh_ m h1s _ey_ e,; cmd schm1tts over Afnca and squeezed ."Tunisian battlefront during which a re'!-dY sm1le. H1s home IS m New lead from a gun as calmly as a 1 h e participated in 27 operations,: Bedfor?, Mass .. where h e woman would squeeze perfume Sgt. Roy was sent to a rest camp ated _from h1gh P11o, to out of an atomizer. A bombing in Alcriers the ;;erv1ce he was enFriday, May 14. 19(3 Soldiers Can Now Get furlough Gas Beginning May 14th soldiers o n leave for thre e day!J or more, can get from one to five gallons of [aso line by presenting their fur lough to their HOME ra tioning board, a n d explaining their needs for gasoline. This is a countrywide proposi1 tion, just announce d t y the OPA, I which recognizes that a soldi e r on leave has a lot of things to attend to and very )ittle time to take c are of them. On the 0ther hand, the OPA states that ther e is still 1 a n urgent need for bemg very ;careful about the W.';)y gas is up. The procedure is simJJle-the soldier on leave should appear before his local (his home town) I ration board with his furlough papers, and make a statement of how many miles he expects to I travel on PERSONAL ERRANDS while he i s }lome. At the board's discretion, he will receive fffim I one to five gallons of gasoline for his entire leave. '/ Drew soldier s are not to request furlough gasoline from the Drew Field Ration Board. Get your I gasoline in your own home town while you are there. _______ -{ ycles Daily from Tampa -lo Pictured here i s Cpl. Edwin Williams, aboard his chrommm plated, $125 racer which was made by a Belgian bike manufacturer. Twenty-five WAACs from Mac)ill Field will b e ushers-or i s i t .:tsherettes ? and didn:t disturb him he was shipped back to m war u;dustry_work: unduly, wh1 l e ba!lmg o _ut over the United States, a living handhas vva1ved Jus furlough .en e m y t e rntory m eant JUSt an1 book of valuable combat informa-pnv1lege, and made" other long walk home. 1 tion. First he was sent to Will fo r overseas at the e _ I H t y. If h. ht h t d" th !10 e c c! won wo go trap 1es. c t g '" o was s an mg on e s 1 urg0ntly needed could have bet:n I f t d d 1 d 1 vvat.ching Ung and lmowmg that shJp J e a to our troops 1rs -an secon -p ace m e .as h e was a first-rate swi mmPI". U 1 y .1 1 d and numerous mercha nd1s.e thought that h e was just playing /Amon g the latte: was a pc;:i r of around and tha t Ung was try tng d. .11 1 r 1ce autog1 aphe d b} >:>C n ] a W" tespon 1n, w1 1 1e a-J\es < Hl .1, H<'n e LO have some fun w1th h1111. ..c. 1 friends at Army post ol'Ucc:s and'' J 1 2 ld be sawCUnl gBgodundelr twolordtltul_-eet Navy post ofices oversee'Sec; [>esJdes b tcvcle ndmg .. \ Vti :J:1'11S m;magecl to get a finn bold on I wh1c h pro-.tdcs. fer the ai?pomt-1 i s a weight l i:-te r and of him and bring him to shore. I m cnt and comn:Jsswnm/:5 ol ':om-,1 some note. H e t s m embe1 of tl:e this time a crow d bad gath e r e d en doctors m the Medica l S p n-Bel g 1an Athleilc Club and tne and Ung was given firs t aid res1 i c e s of both Army !=llld Navy. Viking Athletic C lub. piratory treatment which brought I Those accepted w1ll r ece1ve the Marne d to the former Lr-tcne him back to consciousness. After, same pay and have the same!' Barnes, h e ltves \\"lth hEr at 114 a night's rest Ung was on the job rights and privileges as m e n of K e ller Street Tampa. Ever:; day i n the kitchen at breakfast t1m e I correspondmg grade and l ength h e Cj!Cles to and from \\one Oil (Continued on Page 12) of servic-e.-1 h1s b1ke.


..T H_E E C H 9 E_.S ___ .May 14, _1943 Concert by 69t\1 AAF Band. 8:30 WDAE-Rookie Roy's Scrap p. m.-Broadcast of Concert. 9 : 30 Book. p. m.-Rookic Roy's Scrap Book. ii -+<---ENLISTED M E N's sERiicE Sgt Whitehead CLUB Sgt. OZ Whitehead, fo1mer I screen and stage star, will pre I Friday, May 1 4, 8:00 p.m.sent a special scene from Stein Dance I beck's "Of Mice a n d M e n at Re,. ll Saturday, May 15, 8 :00 p.m._ creation Building ;-;ro. 1, Saturday Bingo. I and mgl1ts at 8.30 P M s d M 1 6 8 00 These specwl performances w 1ll F R 0 M T H E S P E C I A L S E R V I C E S 0 F F 1 C E I un ay, a y -' p.m. .be in conjunction with the reg,f To b e announced. ular programs on these evenings Monday, May 17, 8:00 p.m.I_ SOMETHING EXTRA HAS I C lown A b out Tow n I !Dance. !BEEN ADDED. Those who have I I Q Lh lllil'llil S t Tuesday, M a y 18 8 : 00 p m -i yritnessecl_ Sgt. The finest comedians are always n L e Ill p0 Dance. i 1_ng perforn;,ances m Hullabaloo capable of evokmg two responses May 19, 8:00p.m.-:from Drew,_ be only too glad ... laughter and tear s. Their May 1 4 .o May 20 Concert of Recorded Symphomc to see th1 s great show._ Thy audiences often feel like domg RECREATION BUILDING Music. sergeant IS an excellent. d 1rector both at once. Most of you on th1s I NUMBER ONE Thursday, May 20 8:00 p .m.-as well as ac.tor. field have seen 111 person, or' heard Friday "May 14 8 P m I Group sing. Pvt. George Blackwtood, and h t tl d. t l t d 1 1 tf 1 c t'll) 1 antor weu known on s age a n Eve:;: thin k ow many 1111es you on 1e ra JO, 'R e 1g 1 u s 1 USO Camp S how from "Soup to ---. h M d 1 1 1 I Pfc. Harry Evans So far on th1s I BROADCASTS and Pvt. J o n a et, we_ he at t '1at famJ l!aJ p 11 ase f ld l I d t t d I Jf Nuts. known -for his p laymg of C h n s D E.\ FIELD PRESENTS ? 1e. 1a con e n e 11111Se Saturday. May 15 8:00 p m Ch t' R w1th domo monologues songs 'T t Sh E -c 1 1 f Monaav throuoh Saturdav 7:05 Chnstoffe1 son m Anna us 1e, I b ,,aney ow'vansuC1000 -J 0 -_,_ l h r]o Well t numbers eleven. and all. 1rnp ersonatJons and danc:mg num-1 tl D c I to 1:30 AM, WFLA-Drew F1eld will Pay t e nL_.!" ___ 0_ s ----;, H i tl 1 e an e. J R u broadcasts are products of Base c1ers. arry p e r arms. 1ese van-Sunday. May 16, 8:00 p ; _m. ,eve e. Services ... Produced by ous types of acts \NJth Old .Time Film. 1 Thursday 10:30 to 11:00 PM subtlety and r eticence. If h e I S Monda Ma 17, 8:00 m.-' WFLA-D. 'F' ld s p d Lt. Gr::otge W Kluge, With the domg a low comedy-mon olooue y Y P l tew J e tar arc1 e w IN.ES. LIQUORS. CIG .. A .RS "' 'The R1ght AnswerorElse.' 8:30 coopemtion of Special Serv-Hany never offends by. over-. rn.. _Broadcas-t of "The Right I Monday, 8:30 to 8:53PM\ WDAE FREE DELiVE:ftY SERVICE s iiqubr 'Bar ice Captain Chester K H e mcn: ly flays 1t w:th Answet: .or Else." H.1ght Answer or EI_se. 1601 E COLUMBUS DR. Delane All progiams arc for-an am_ usu:,g alness; He takes I T uesday, May 1 8. 8:0 0 p m -Tuesday 6:30 to 6:4::> PM, I PHONE Y-U81 his mate11al J _1 0111 a S.i mpathe tJc 1 Danny Sheehan's Vancty Show. WDAE-Squaclrnnanes. -K_ ee n '"'m "Flyfn f ) mulacc d and developed u.to the cbservatwn of l1fe W d d "'I 1 9 8 \ 1 "' r __ d t th l ,tl Al'h oJ 1 d 1 _e nes .ay, az: m.T l1Lirsday, 9:30 to 10:00 PIVI, -----------...::.. J _m,ncu pt o s ey a1 e '' 1e 1 ,-, 1e ma) 1 1, 1cu e me1 V::!lves. Ever wakP up not know the word d islike. H e in the m i .ddle of the n ight in a m erel y brings a warm sense of cold s:; Jeat'l You sr-<>m to feel l if e to his characte rs. ofs trange and horrib!e .On this fiel d Harry has not: things in yout: barracks'? Well done much seri o u s cci11edy. This """"'_,._ ..,.,.,._,., ... many times. that is the vvav t hat is becai.ise h e not yet had. the a is born. though opportunity.. Until he broadens much c-esearch i s entaile d and a h :is scope here on this field we lot of .r:c a l hard \vork. The bovs will think of him solel y as a down i n t h e scri'pt departniei1t great clown. have-a lot of. woi-k to d 'o, and no ,;,_._, ..... -----:-cc:-.:.,o ;,: .-..-.-;,, __ .,,. _,,_,._, ... ,_ tirne tc clo i t .in _ii Whe:1 t h e i dea calls for a p lane TONY M ASQN1S II d'RCHEST -RA ti<.n fir:s t hand, because the infor -matior:_ has to be authenti c when you m(.! playin g to a soldisr a u 1 dience and a war conscious popu 1 JEAN'_.N A, ,:R :D lace. l\' iany interesting new stories arise f :om. these research trips. i T .AMPA; S OWN-SONGBIRD'' It hti!Tied wor k and it is little: .. thou<:: h:: of work.-I. Whe n the b ovs had to cover the d-stacle COLlrse so that they would know wJoat they were writinc about. they actually ran the cc-;.Tse. Three davs rest and fi''te(--l-t pounds _was the penalty. That's \ d-Jat a scrip \Vriter goes thtou!.: Un in the tower on the line. t!:.e f ellas had a marvellous to gathe r n e w mate rial fz > c futute Up there you c;:;:n see things. ann there i s a lot of story' material a t that .-contn'l point. To fin-t h e r the a uthenticity of -the shows as much as pos.sible, <::u see, The Radio ProducTve tried to be Red, White and ticn D ent. of Bil.oe Soecial ServBlue kes C<_trc do-ing their utinoc_.: to do the bes:. they possirlv can to give r o the boys at MacDill and Drew. you a f:e-w enjoyable hours .. And u.U asked of you is W I!er: ycur 1s done, and you that yc_;c; tu::e m on the programs. want scm e .un aawm I T EIS i s the p l a c e for you. I MONEY LOANED I M.. : M Il l !:n'( B R 01'\'. 1\.N YTHlN.P oF VAr, ; O'E i:K J A TAMPA LOAN CO. !111 FLORIDA AVE .. Ph. M7215 "T. i'I.MPA"S OLDEST A N D B EERS WINES MOST.' LIBERAL' --. -9();J ,,,,_..,c OPEH MONDAY, TUESDAY, WE::J.::i'ESDAY, 'J;'IIUfiSDAY EVENINGS' for S ervice }/len TooYou r D 0 ll A R S B U Y tv1 0 R E at 911Jf 'kJ. St (2S!ores I ran Jn _ln 1401 7 t h Ave. "!.. Seared i n yotlr soul 'Thei r fla m ing lo ve story! He c limbe d the walls of h e r i11ansion to hol d her in his Katharine HEPBURN "Ke.eper of 1he 'Fiame'J Ph. 3 2 90 Sc --28c Sunday and Monday 11The A m a zing Mrs. Holliday" Deanna Durbi n Edmond O'Br i e n Tamp a a n d Zack Phon e 30 0 3-9c 22c S atur day and Sunda y 'In Which We S e rve/ Noel Cowa1d ---HIT NO. 2 --i H e Hired th-e Boss/ Stuart Erwin TuEsDAY. -SATURI:i:AY. AND SUNDA"j' 2:30 to 5 EX C E P T MO-NDAY 1 sc F r e : o n Da,vis Buses LEAVING GRANT'S CORNER. FRANKLIN AND CASS STREETS 7:15 -7:45 --8:15 210 E. Lafayette St. -Tampa Good Food Reasonable Prices Try Our Sunday Roast Turkey Dinner Served From 11 A.M. to 9 P ,M. ALA CARTE SERVICE AT ALL HOURS OPEN DAY _AND NIGHT WE usE STRICTLY WESTERN MEATS q -If Haven't A! ready --'"PO IT NOW MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE ,:s A R ATOGA 'BAR rJl Corner Fortune and Franklin Dancin g Every. Night i n the Blue Room to /JSouth/s Best Negro Rhyfhm1 BEERWINES Sunda y Mati n ee Danc ing THE CHATTERBOX Chicken and Steaks Real Italian Spaghetti SANDWICHES DRINK S LIQUORS Abb a Dabba And Band Nightly 707 S. HOWARD A VENUE PHONE H 3757 LIQUORS Phone 7988


VOL. 2 NO. 10 9llih 0. M. ON THE BALL 59th AVN. SQ. (SEP.) D!SH'N DiRT THE ECHOES "Evil Eye" Finkle Now Hexes Hitler W e ll Elsie ole you might By P fc William A Norris P v t. B e n ('Evil Eye") Finkle have bee n the queen part y now is in the :on1ET of the Army throwe1 but new kings are on Flash! It v.as sensatwnal, g iAir Forces at Scott Field, Ill. the now. S o s tep back a n d gantic ;enfoocl. an.v style Thc r e1n !Jes the s tory of Sgt. Ryan been choosen unanJmous l y as -!c Dehc ? s Sherbets and Cpl X It seem s that a so no 1 f 1 1 Tl ->: lvlocleiate P11ces o"' \\ 'Inne r of a n y as 1 w n s 1ow 1 e I b rautiful e v ening gowns w1th Jovv 1 Los He! ados De Ybor ) c l ai i 1 adLtl a cr 1 1 I 'cu t backs, the last word 111 pe1st. at Bth Ave., Ybor City grr 1a 1 e same son., p.ayec 01 I feet f rma l dress A ll th' 1 1,en i P ---------------Cpl. X. Now the camp 1 5 takmg: w e r e in unl f o rms. l and everyone IS you know. Of comse they wer e H--E y R 0 N 5 wno s bea1mg whose tJme 1 proud of their beca use they ::; m. are the best dressed soldiers in T s :t>atcher T Shi"ts -Flashlight5 1cle Sam is s ued orders that the world. 1 and W ebbing a "'green fatigues be turned in h and Buckles and blue denims issued in their During the intermissJOn refres -' .1\.T SHOP IN THE ments w e r e served, and souvemrs place. Well, that started it. Now g iven to all. The magnetic charms Air Base Bus Terminal the whole camp iswalking around paid individual compliment, sav. looking like something out of Th. 9os TAMPA STREET Street & Smith's weird magazines. ing (quote) IS occasiOn was h k E ld the best of its and we enI don t t m squue wou apjoye d .ourselves immensely." The pr: ove. .. .dance closed at midnight with Soldiers Always Welcomt Those crvihans from Camp Lee the singing of "God Bless Amer haye all. the ,of1j ica. Keep on the ball, fellas, s_o bemg well fed srnce then anl\ e 1 we can ment more affair s of th1s here I. overheard a Pfc.. tellmg t one of the m now that the creases na ur e. a ie out of their stomachs they ODDS AND ENDS ca n make formations for exercise without embarrass-ing anyone by Cpl. Eddie 'Silverspoon 'Speight fainting. Honestly, those fellows' i s no "Adam ," but h e found him faces were so sharp they looked self an "Eve." P fc. J a m e s like they could take in sewing Canady spent au enjoyabl e week and use their noses for needles. end with his love l y wife and EL BOULEVARD RESTAURANT I FINEST SPANISH FOODS-B _ES1 OF LIQUORS 2001 Nebraska SUNDRIES TOBACCO SODAS Wonder what hapP.ened to T/4 daughtd in the beautiful c it y o:f D a llas' boot-leg l aundry? EveryLakeland Florida. They VIs it e d Compounding Prescriptions Is one in the personnel office i s 1 quite a number of fnencls v.rlw The Mosi Important Pari Whitehead Drug Store watching the results of the roextended them a wani1 and Of Our Business mance involving that lovely creahearty welcome Canady's only Phone s 510 5 Prompt Delivery ture working in the PX. Who's regret. was returning to camp so e12 0 Nebraska Ave., Sulphur Springs .. gonnq. win, Cpl. McAbee or the soon. incomparable Sgt. Adams? Two to one says Joadie will win. Aside to the dentist-keep it up, in! anothe r week I will have regained 1 all the weight that I lost and be able to look a scale in the face without it grinning and -saying "Sucker." t --" lln -nuo.-an-nn-nn-n -na-aa-n+ 1 WELCOME SOLDIER! j "Where Your Fun Is Our Fun"! The ttt S2 BAR f I j Formerly "The Wonder Bar" 1210 FRANKLIN ST. l .. 1'11-IIU111!-IIN-UII-11+ Learn to Dance Correctly I BY ONE WHO KNOWS MAKES-ONE GRACEFUL I PRIVATE LESSONS Selma Brooks I TEL. H 32-654 207 PARKER ST. "THE HOl'IE OF GALLONS" Berger & Rachelson INC. WHOLESALE GROCERS HOTEL, RESTAURANT AND BAKERS SUPPLIES l J Service Men Welcome GILBERT HOTEl r 1811 Tampa St. Phone M 1094 0. E. BOGART, Manager A Home Away From Home SERVICE MEN ALBERTUS HOTEL S56 Twiggs M 1339 l DINE AND DANCE AT LICATA'S SEABREEZE on Hillsboro ugh Bay Try he Best in Food FINEST LIQUORS DANCING EVERY NITE 22nd Street Causeway Closed Every Both Day Night. Due to Labor Shortage fine Walch Repairing 25 Years in Tampq Bright Spot Of Tampa Night Life 1!mnitupJLo-urUJe OS: PLAYING NIGHTLY NO MINIMUM NO COUVERT SOLDIERS GET GOOD SERVICE AT PALMA CEJA CLEANERS & Ll1.UNDRY 2803 S. MACDILL AVENUE Pa;;e 3 Authorized Bottler: PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF Mi .. f*MMF'*'NBitwtrl&9RSiMi4ii#'riV& Palace. Si1atin2 Rink SULPHUR SPRINGS NEW FLOOR NEW MUSIC .NEW SKATES Admission: Nights 3ik "SKATE ON THE SMOOTHEST FLOOR IN THE SOUTH' Sc Street Car and Bus Service lo Door Welcome Service Men SWIM at the Su!phur Springs Pool Natural S prings. Tempera iure, 72. degrees. Bus and Street Car io Pool. J__Qpe:1 9 A.M. to 6 P .M. 8ervicf' Welcomt-Sulphur Springs Cafe Wp. Sp., :ialfze In Horne Cook e d F'ood. Chicken Steal< and Chop Dinner Sulphur Springs Arcade Bldg. Come on Down! Service Men Delicious Food Reasonably Priced. Open Dav and Night. ( H ll D CAFE SCJl FRANKLIN STREET BUY WAR BONDS! Hey There SoldiEr! PADDOCK BAR "Not a Jock .Joint-But a place )uu like the one back you can bring your wi1e or BWeet!'tear: for a drink. a chat &nd f ine JACKSON AT .TAMPA ST. Open From 8 A.M. to 12 P M. TAMPA'S OLDEST NITE CLUB Featuring 3 Floor Shows Niely 8 10 Midnight DANNY & DON'S EWEL ox N T E CLUB 911 TAMPA STREET Pane; t0 the Sweet Mrsic of MANNY GATES' ORCHESTRA Servi:a Men Officers Families FOR R.t:ALLY GOOD FOOD AT MODERATE PRICES PLEASl\;\TT ATMO.SPHERE-FOLLOW THE CRO\\'lJ 1'::> THE COLONNADE BA YSHORE AND JULIA Steak, Sea Food, Chicken Dinners Delicious Sandwiches MO:JER. Tl: ?RICES BUY MORE WAR BONDS EVERY PAYDAY!


. T if ,. :E c H o s : 14, 1943 Drew Sbfdier Has PHOTOGRAPHI' C ACCIDENTS GLENN R. ROSS, Publisher TAMPA ARMY Eight Hash M arks : Business Office: Novv serving his 26th year as a member of the forces of United States at Drew Field, is Master Serge.tronize civilian restaurants taUJants. Between the two in and surrounding towns, squeezes, the restaurants are in a only when there is no possible tight pre.dicament. way for them to eat in camp. They hesit,ate very much to re k.ong lines of both soldiers and tuse to sell meals to soldiers. On civilio.ns waiting for meals at all the other hari' d, their regular padowntown eating places, are mute trans,, 'l:.'o work in the defense evidence that an overcrowded inc::l.ustri'es, find it,hard to get ade condtion exists: This can be al-quate food, and. stand in considerably if Drew sola long while. hefore being diers will eat supper on the Field serv.ecl The. Comm;mding Officer before going to town in the eve-of :brew, does' iwt want to :oing. order of Civilian resThese are-hard times, and Tam-taurants,. becaitse h e appreciates pa restaurants are now being the faCt that every soldier appre taxed to the limit of their capaqn occasional outside meal city. Help is hard to get. Food al-as a t1'eat. lowunces for each restaurant are But some soldiers are overdoing based ori food consumption of over a good thing. In order that cona ye&.r ago_:_before the military n'lay be reduced, and that popu[atioh of Tampa rose consi-the restatirants may have ade derably. Civilian po_puiation has quate food to serve all customei' s increased.considerably during that we: ).#9"E:1. ev!lry Drew soldier t9 time, too, due to increased pro-eat in town only when absolutely duction at the Shipyards and necessary. No one is unduly con other industri:E!s. cerned about snacks and sandwiS o we P.a'v.e fwo fa:Ct. Qrs-:re-ches in .th,e late evening-but eat duce

May 14. 1943 F"f!fi_JI'. By S/Sgi. John F. Suszynski Double features are b ecoming quite the vogue a t Drew Field; the trend i s in Bands. and .came about with the appearance of the A WUTC musica l aggre g a tio n at the Signa l Corps Rev iew l a s t Tuesday ... Best of luck fro m the 69th AAF B and. A saxophone quarte t (Cpl. J o e Owings, Pfcs Gus D eRidder and Sam. 'Schiavon e and P v t. Eobby Kuttner) was feature d on the Mothe r s Day S e r v ices a rranged at Third Air Force H eadquarte r s b y Chaplain Clark, forme r Base Chaplain at Drew Field. What promised to b e a deep m ystery turne d o u t to b e T /Sgt. Ellie Eaton g ettin g in the mood" his triumphant r eturn a s the Y l's feature d t e n o r v oc alist. f;:. the concert and broadcast last Thursday, the T /Sarge i s again his u s u a l 'charming" self. W arrant Office r G. T H E. E C H 0 E S ---------------------B aker became a 3-B last week'but it isn't the same kind of "3-B'; tha t used to keep guys out of the Army ... Mr. Baker is now tl'. e regular third baseman on the Band's soft b all t eam. Wonder if Pfc. "Hector" Spector (or i s it "Hectic Spectic") got his/ wing's in time for his passed the mental part of h i s Air Cadet last Monday; on Tuesday, he took his physical Thursday, he started his furlough ... that l eaves Wednesday unaccounted for. The bars and wings could have sprouted ori t hat day (if you know 'Hector' ). Il: was a sad day for Mrs. K:mneih Gibson {above) when she arrived frc.m Logansport, Indiana, to visit her soldier husband here at Drew Field, only to learn thai he was.confined in a 10-day quaranii'ne. Although it was against regulations, Army officers of Gib-son' s signal corps Air warning unit lei down E1.e bars a.1.d permitted her to talk to him over _he signal corps telephc.ne system. Each day, during the entire period, she visited the field and made her call. The long wait finally ended, and Mrs. Gibson Wi'\S happily. united The laundry firm of Pvts. Lamb and Nailor, Inc. has been li quidated. It seems that the boys 'cleaned up' financiall y and other wise (phew!!!), and are r etiring f1;om business. Pvt. Nailor will be wiE1. her husband. ''at home" in Troy, N Y. for the nexf couple of week s. Cpl. J erry ALWAYS SAY Sedlak s hows promise of being the next enterprising genius of "That's what wrote Ask the the ranks h;;,w Coca-Cola rates him. Ask the mcm behind the PX counter. They'll bo.tli tell you,-when it comes tC, refreshment, nothing takes the place of ice-cold Coca-Cola. Energy-giv ing refreshment quality you can count on-. ; deliCious taste,-ali. c9mbine tp p : rove a point that needs no p r(Jving: only thing like Coca-Cola. iS Coca-Cola, itself." :"'\ : .. Page, $ BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA COLA COMPANY i!Y TAMPA COCA-COLA 80-TT-UNG COMPAN Y ,_1 i c our gang_:_Jerry and h is flit gun H O l S U M B READ may go into the exterminating business. If you are downtown tonight. drop into the Tampa Municipal! Auditorium for tho. I Am an EXTRA FRESH WELCOME! SOLDIERS .. G A R C I A S ...:nl ( 1 COFFEE SHOP IN CONNECTION Americ an" ceremonies. The 69th 1 AAF Band, under the direction K N I G H T of. Warran_t Office r Baker, w ill p A p E R BROS. c 0 take part m the progra m begm. ning a t 7:30 Lt. Joseph Regi s Jr., one of the 612 Bell. 4205 4204 original 69'ers, sends his regards. "A Pap_el". f o r Every H e is now stationed at Charleston, S C All Service Men Are Welcome G O I Barcelona Cafe 0 0 y GO 0 D Y / SPANISH RESTAURANT THE PLACE TO EAT WINES AND LIQUORS 1119 FLORIDA AVENUE I Phone s 2142 Open All Night Est. 1925 I

Pas<: 6 THE ECHOES May 14. 1943 I -----------------------business out here yesterday be-w I N G T I p s cause every soldier on the post, it and you know what that means. Get some good scores, boys. seems, bought a paper, just to see for himself about the many enemy The Four-Oh-Fifth THE EIGHTY-FOURTf[ 302nd Bomb. Sq. CHIT CHAT By G.K. and A.G. This week found the 302nd back at its u sual grind of work, sweat, play ahd calisthenics. Last week's vacation at Belleair Beach is now but a memory-one that is sooil not to be forgotten. The physical training program has be.en revised. The men may now take their daily exercises on the line at 10:00 a m or at 4:00 p m at tne squadron area. While we're on the subject of exercises, the Armament shop wants everybody to know that they defeated the Radio shop 12 to 1 Saturday at softball. The Radio department claims Armament used 26 men on its team while the Armorers say the Communication men cheate d by having the umpire on their side. Somebody isn't telling the truth! W e're sorry to hear that Cpl. Lcpema n of Communications has transferred to detached service. We hope he comes back to the 302nd as soon as he' s through with his present work. The privates are now having of thos. e three c hevrons. There were only three corpora l ratings given, to Cpls. Sabo, Curtis, Zane. Our congrats to these men on the i r splendid work. To all new nien who have just entered oun happy Shangri-La we wish to extend them all a 'hearty welcome. Lts. Keane and Gray have been on the latest shipping list. We wish them good luck at their new station. Pvt. Ramirez is a smiling, liapP Y man now. His oath of allegiance and proper papers now make him a naturalized citizen of this country. We all should congratulate him on his making a wise and careful choice of selecting the United States as a present and future home. We all wish him the best of luck and happiness. 1 By the way, he is the lad who turned i-n that swell job on the new bunk tags. Pvt. Saroli,the originator of "Saroli's Path," is really getting on the ball. He was heard to remark tha t h e gets fairly ill just 1 by glancing in the general dire ction of the now well-known "Sa roli Path." 483rd Bomb. Sq the laugh ,on the noncoms. For On a recent fishing trip T/Sgt. we.eks the backbone of the army Warren (ah, ah, ah) Stump. after has been doing more than its having had no succes3 in hooking share of K.P. and guard duty. the finny species, finally stepped Now it does tbeir heart good to off the boat only to find himself see men of two or three stripes in about 10 feet of water_ ; he working side-by-side with them. might have made good bait at No longer do the privates have that. to take all the garbage thrown Who said that Pfc. Kera n thinks at them-the corporals and the wrinkles in his abdomen is a geants are now getting a taste of catcher's mitt? Well, he caught their own medicine. How come? one that way, anyhow. -The A new ruling makes the noncoms great mystery of the squadron Is eligible for all the dirty work I why S/Sgt. Melvin Johnson is re-j once reserved for the buck priv-1 ceiving his mail as S/Sgt. Ybor ates. Johnson. S/Sgt. Topsher still1 Cpls. Davies and Deuel manwho barber is that aged to get a 3-day pass. Nobody gives. h1m the. hmrcuts the knows much of what they did or h?le m the middle. Now, Is that where they went, but it's certain mce?. it wasn't Tampa. Maybe some day Is 1t true that S/Sgt. Sederb<:rg a little bird will let us know what and Sgt. to Ybor <;:1ty they did-that is -if Davies and only to VIsit th, e ci&ar :Oei.tel aren't g!veri the bird first. Pfc. Is still t_rymg to _____ ., catch fhes m the outfield; the THE EIGHt'Y-'FOURTH correspondent suggests that he tries Pfc. Karon's idea : -Cpl. Montgomery worried himself sick about his new airplane. We hope 304fh Bomb. Sq. E he recovers very soon. Sgt d "Pop" Nealon sure was a hapWesterfield and Pfc. Bene are on PY fe .llow upon making T/Sgt. the sick book also, and we wish You should of seen him guzzle h the G.I. beer at the beer ]oint. t em a speedy return to good j health. IMPORTANT! Can Noticeable among the group, Sgt. somebody please tell S/Sgt Mullens and Lajeunnes.se were in Boehm where he can find a 48-some sort of a which volt battery? Thanks!! amused the boys. I don' t know if the shipping 484 th Bomb. Sq. out of those men to another Group is a sign of a slack ,in the personIf the hometown news p aper i_s nel or getting us prepared for on the bal], back in Mississippi more men, but the fact remains it can get a story when S/Sgt' the way they and go" is William T. Evans expends his furreally something in this squadron. lough gabbing with Brother Joe Why, it's pretty hard to make Evans, who is just back from friends b_ecause no sooner you do, Alaska. William T. has barely had and zowie, out they go. time to shake out the North AfriZanchetti, Rees, Cpl. Berlin can sand, himself. They'll stil went to the rifle range with a probably.jak about women. few of the boys. Can you imagine Lt. E. J : Kelley, Group P.T Of the shooting that occurred out ficer, is determined. that we get there? Regular Dav.ey into top physical condition, even I bet cha. All md1catwns pomt if he has to kill us to get the job that will have to go I done. He has a string.of non-.coms to the range m the near future. 1 helping with the muscle program, A Day Room at last! Yep, they and it like_ we're going to fmally consented to having a Day be healthy m spite of ourselves Room for the fellows. They are The 484th io: giving men like Siler partitioning the Orderly Room to ry, Evans, Cabelus and Swinand make room for our new Day to the cause. Room. Speaking o.e. the Orderly If you want to talk baseball, Room it is getting to be quite look up Cpl. Anthony J Panka, fancy on the outside. A new bul-'who would have been a profes l etin board and a mail box can sional this season if Uncle S a m be quite noticeable as one enters hadn't decided he should weal to go into the Orderly Room. By khaki instead of flannel. 1 the way, Cpl. Berlin and Pfc." was on the book for a spot m the Fi:: .her have a place all of their outfield of a New York Giant own. They were moved out of farm, in Class B company. the Orderly Room and occupy a section in the Supply Room. ?"hey 485th Bomb. Sq. are practically runnmg a busmess of their own with the squadron Some of the boys in the squad-mail. ron have been wondering why M/Sgt. Etheridge has going THE THREE THIRT. Y -NINTH around singing "Margie" quite a while. We don' t know 482nd Bomb. Sq. whether he knows a certain somebody by that name or whether he Within thi" squadron now re-just likes the song. ,,. sides the newest of newlyweds. We have a champion checke1 Yes. it's S/Sgt. Koch. Our con-player in the squadron and we grats are extended and we wish would like to see a good game 01 t hem everlasting happiness. By two, so come on, you c h ecke 1 t h e way, no cigars are out yet players, and meet the challenge either. Promotions are out and His name is Cpl. John J Suss with cigars galore, we hope. man. There was one master sergeant Most of the boys are relieved toratmg g 1ven, to Sgt. Weber. In clay without the ties we were the staff sergeant ratings the fol -wearing just yesterday. We want owmg men have received their to thank the persons who had first rocker: S/Sgts. Stupp. D e -anything to do with it. Naples. Fogel. Dingess, Koch: in \Ve just found out recently that the ratine-: Sgts. Elri1er. we have a hot piano player in Saha, Shepard. Whitley, Gurtner, our squadro n. The reason of om Gorman are the proud possessors not kno\\ing this was becau se of troops we killed or captured. Many predictions were made his bashfulness. But, boys, can he about how long the war would beat the ivories His name is Pfc. last after reading of that. Charles Edmiston, alias Ray Rog-I suppose Cpl. Vloodward is the ers, of Ray Rogers and his arches-strongest man-in this organizatra. Now if we just had a piano tion. Yesterday at calisthenics we would be set for entertain-while playing baseball, he s"'iui1g ment. I at a ball so h ard that his bat broke We are very glad to see Pfc. in two. Of course, he p1issed the ball Traylor and Pvt. Griggs out of the hospita l and back with us again We don't know; but are pretty and we are very glad to hear that sure the r e are going to b e so1ne F /0 'Har(y C. Lane is g etting bet-so r e shoulders around her after ter and we hope he will recover soon. a few days. Most of the boys are The newsboys really had good going to the Rifle Range daily HEADQUARTERS The 405th inspection and review, which was held last Saturday morning, was a great success. Our Commanding Officer, Lt. Col. Marvin S. Zipp, was very wel,l pleased with the way: it went. We at Headquarters were wishing that Sgts. Duff and Whitford would bring back some cool weather from the north with them. But sure enough, they didn' t. So we're doing what the (Continued on Next Page) P 0 L K P A C K I N G A S S 0 C I A T I ON Grower --Shippers canners ORANGES GRAPEFRUIT--TANGERINES Phone 2177 WINTER HAVEN FLORIDA .: w Fill BORDO PRODUCTS COMPANY CANNERS OF CITRUS PRODUCTS WINTER HAVEN FlORIDA


May 14, 1943 (Continued from Preceding Page) rest of you are doing, burning up! Well, we dCn't have any trouble keeping warm. Corporal Malley, our mail clerk says that hi s greatest ambition is to r e-vamp tables of organization for the lower echelons, especi a ll y the group. Oh, well, Corporal Malley can take it and we rather imagine h e can "dish it out." Anyway, he is very much on the ball at the P X. ____ ... ___ '624th Bomb. Sq. tained a pair of roller skates. W e won't be Eeeing much of him on his days off, I suppose. H ere we go to the Sulphur Springs Skat ing Rink. Sgt. Jesse Q. Howey has been enjoying his noon hour at the Service Club, over a tasty meal. He says that he likes the atmos phne Everyone seems to be busy on the line this vveek. W e hope to have things a ll set in the near future so that we may do some crood work and also get that well training. before we are sent into a combat zone. THE ECHOES last Sunday. Everyon e had a swell time and it is hoped th.at another outing can be arranged in the nem:._future The Officers, it i s understood. have a good volley ball team. At any rate they took the en listed m c n over last SLmday. I wonder if they would b e interested in a game of mush ball one of these days. Cnl. Hunt i s now the Squadron m ail. c:l erk. If you aren' t getting the mail that. you have been look in g for, just t e ll him. I am sure that he wi ll b e abl e to h elp you. The K.P. (Key Personnel) reThe Officers entertained the turned from AAFSAT at Orlando, f .quadron with a swell outing and Florida, happy but broke. Sgts. picnic at Lake Carol Tea Room Some of our officers and enlisted men spent Monday and (Continued on Nex Page) Queen and W ciland, left to themllliiBIMIDI!Ii!IIO:l!!lllll'ilalllliiPiie;-ll!mi4Willllilli!'PFrs:; selves for 30 days really enjoyed I life. Now, however. with Mrs. I Queen arid Mrs. W eiland back in j Tampa, you can bet that both men w ill b e right on the beam. The "Commando" softba ll team blasted the "cocky" 22nd Wing outfit, 16-2. The last of the 6th the big bats of the 624th went into action scoring 11 times in that frame. Bill Kaiser worked the entire game, scattering 8 hits. Franquiz, Vernon and Best co llected three hits apiece. w hil e accounted for the long .)blow, a triple in the 6th. The Commandc .; he>ive many spare ... dates open if any team cares to meet them. Our busieEt man seems to b e Lt. Koerth, in charge of the men on the firing r ange. H e .and Sgt. Hite are really k ept hopping in an effort to have all the officers and. enlisted men qualify. The happiest man in the 624th at the present moment in Cpl. Savage. Tom's wife is in from Tennessee for a short v isit. Inci -dently while speaking of Cpl. Savage, if anyone has a matheinatic problem facing them, look up Tom. He's a former teacher in that subject and Superintendent of Schools i n a sect ion of T ennessee. Smart guy, this Radio man of ours. S/Sgt. Lafferty had quite a r acket for the past month bossing 4 bunch of privates on a construc= t ;ion job. With the return o f :M/Sgt. T. R. Smith, Laffert y had t o return to work again. trying to. figure out some means qf getting shipped off to sch<)cil somewhere. "Big Don" is a m .a'rr of, many schools. : ) Sgt. Dursh, back in camp aftin;: 15-day furlough in Pennsylya:-: nia and Georgia; one of these dii.Y.s. will be joining that group 'of'. inarried non-coms. _':'.: -----+< .::::-: 625th Bomb. Sq. : '' ; :.< J Once again we have the : Bomb Sq. together. The officei; s al).d enlisted men returned fro1T,r training at Orlando and Gaines!. ville last Sunday, a week ago.>. .. Cpl. Shoup received a paclui.ge today. Low and behold, it co:r'-1': "The Place io Meet and Eaf' ::J Matthewls Corner ...... Fountain and Luncheonette/ ; : Liquors -Wines -Beer We Deliver -: ':"' FLORIDAGOLD: CITRUS (O.RPORATION Canned Citrus Products Canneries: Dundees1 Florida Eagle Lake, Fl?rida Lake Alfred, Florida Citrus Groves: Polk County# Florida Brevard Florida LAKE ALFRED, FLORIDA I t J I I Lafayeffe & Tampa, Ph. M 124 2:' .. ...... _..__._. .... mnME.-.-.a COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES. f) Marion Contracting Company 110 North Magnolia S treet P. 0. Box 842 Phone 263 OCALA, FLORIDA lPf' eswe Page 7 Member: 1\lational Canners Association ... -FLORIDA Citrus Canners Cooperative Canners of Florida's Finest Grapefruit I I i GENER..l!,L OFFICES AND PL.l!,NT: lAKE WALES, FLORIDA = Buy More War Bonds and Stamp$!


l-= ... '".!:-: Page 8 THE ECHOES May 14, 194 .!1-. (Continued from Preceding Page) Tuesday a t the rifle range. The score sheetsshow that we have a number of good m?rksmen. \Vhich all serves to introduce the Zombie" i ... that here in the 627th another GI s date while hiS wife 1 r Congratulations to our Pill Chaser, who is now sporting some new stripes. He is now Sgt. Gal lops to you under dogs. 626th Bomb. Sq. You can u sually tell when the first third of the month is completecL Cpl. Henry Kowalewski always goes back in the Laundry bu;;iness. He advertises one clay service, weather permitting. There were an unusual amount of grunts and groans during the past week. Could i t be that calisthenics are now being strictl y enforced? Even T /Sgt. V. R. Todd i s seen taking them everyday. It has bee n suggested around the squadron that Sgt. Hilgartner g e t a sun tan. He would look more natural when h e sitsin with the orchestras in town. May \Ve extend our congratul a tions to Sgt. Kirschenbaum and his bride. The wedding .bel l s toll ed while he was on furlough. He does look a bit sad though. The little wife is still in New York. Since operations have been re sumed the Service Club Coffee and Donut Counter seems to be vacant around 9:30 AM every morning. Maybe we can get them to open a branch counter nearer the line S/Sgt. Hudson has been saying that his crew and ship are the best in the Squadron. How about some competition, boys? The Pilot Officers and Gunners have that very happy grin on their faces since they started getting their flying on regular schedule. With their spiri t, the end of the war can't be very far distant. 627th Bomb. Sq. By Cpl. James E. Hannon we two Corporal s who could. sat at the tabl e, twiddlin g her 1 : ,. breeze through that Marathon on thumbs? An <;I then Ear,t, Whobrey.++ their hands and still win by a coming over' and dancing a couple 1. f+ very comfortabl e margin. They of numbers with the same gal? :,. have trained down fine and are Hot Dots ++ rarin' to go. Cpls. Johnson and Goodbyes due to Paul Demar, stand by. Buckner who i s "Gone With The t Sad News Dept: Slowly, but Wind" to Base Weather ... to ++ ever so surely, the screws are Ashe, Morrow, Gowin, Pullin, and +f.+ tightening. In s hort, we are on a Ballard who moved to t three hour diet per week of close (La.) AAB ... to Frank Mrock order drill and six hrs. p. w. of owski who checked out with a + calisthenics, with r eal honest-to-CDD. f goodness exercise. The Machiavel-Bill "Oscar Levant" Nosker saw lian supervisor is S/Sgt. "Chris" a n unoccupied piano at a local +++ Christiansen. cafe and before Y

_______________ __; ____ .... ... -.. -... ___ Wins 1 6 -Inning: liU From Food. Nine By Pfc. De!win B!iggtt 1 ;In the second straigh:' extra' D L H f inning game, the Drew signal feW ,ear -Corps baseball team ha'd to go 16 innings before finally winning B k f;> .. ,_.. 1... d out 6-4 over. the Food Machinery rea o .:. Ftan 0 nine of Lakeland there last SL\na pitching battle between In fourteen Innings three big righthanders, Al Ben'tz and Doc Bronson, of Drew, and ---the veteran Foots Norris, of the An error in the .14th inning cost Tankers. Bentz was relieved in the Drew Field .. Signal Corps their i the 14th by B 'ronson with one first lost of the season to the 1 after the Tankers had Army Air Force of Applied s 'cored twice and choked off the Tactics of Orlando th .. ere last Sat-, rally to receive credit for the urday by the scoie_ of 2-1. win. The game s _trictly a .pitchDrew's payoff came in the 16th ing duel between the big leaguer; wh'en leadoff man Pettite was hit Vito Tan1ulis. and Jesse Plum1 by one of Norris' fast ones. He mer, with both pitchers working p roceeded to steal second and with complete control and not s 'cored a moment later on issuing a walk iri .the' entire game. Toomin's sharp single to center-Neither team scored until the field. Harriman walked and Dull seventh when -the AAFS.AT team' let a low pitch get away from pushed one across, only to see the him. with Toomin coming down Drew team come back in the I to third. On the pitch, Toomin eighth and tiP the cpunt. 1 slreaked for home and Thomas In the 14th inning Bingham, : a neat bunt in front of centerfielder for the winners, was ])late, Toomin scoring the sec-.afe at first on McAtee's error.! 4 run of the inning. Mor.eskenich ,sacrifice. d him to The Signalmen opened the second, and f1'tim there he scored game by shoving across, a on Mobley's line .drive into in the first frame on a h1t field. by :Pettite and errors. by Catcher Tamulis bore dciwn all the Dull and Brown. The Tankers way il) the heart I came back in their half of. the by stnkmg out 11 men for hls. fourth to count one and put the first loss of the season. Up to this ga\ne on even terms. game he had won four and. losf Pettite d'Oubled in the seventh none. He increased his strl.keout t6 score McAtee from second a:f'total to 59' fo\.: five games. te1 : he had singled and moved to The box: second on Brown's sacrifice, to DrPW Signal Ab R p\lt Drew. out in front, 2-1. F69d Petitte; ________ 6 0 IVJ:achinery tied the game up for Tooinin, lf -------6 0 tb' e second time by pushing a Harriman, 3b ___ _: 6 0 si'ngle tally across on one hit. J ohm.:>n, 1 b 0 Both teams setl'ed down to .play Thomas, 'c __ 6 0 ball fo r five in:nings beRirsning, cf _______ 5 o fore the Signaleers broke out with McAtee, 2b ___ _:.:::..._5 0 a two run rally in the 14th that Mullins ss 5 1 1boked like sure victoty -But the o "l Tamuhs, p :..::.:::._:.. __ :H 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 1 rankel:s woulfl not be denied. and -:(n the1r half of the 14th drove TOTALS _____ 50 1 6*. Bentz-from the mound with four ... 6it barrage that was good for two AAFSAT Ab R runs and tied the ball game for Ca1'riero, 2b ______ 6 0 H 1 the third time. Bingham, cf 1 AI Bentz gave up 12 hits in the Moresk'ich, 0 1 0 :1'3 1-3 innings he worked, while R.u>;he, .rf 0 :B/onson allowed nonE! in the two Mobley, c ________ ...:6 0 1 and two thirds he pitched. Bonnet, lb _______ 5 1. The pox_: Coulter, 3b ________ 5 0 1 2 T.oomin, rf. 2 1 _,'50. 0 1 0 Harriman ,3b ______ 5 1 0 2 Johnson, 1b _______ 8 o 7 Thomas, c _________ 6 0 *Two outs Wheri. winning run Mullins, ss ________ 6 0 1 scored. McAtee, 2b ________ 6 1 3 Summary: Errors-Mullins, Me-Rushing, cf __ __ __ 2 0 0 Atee. Walsh -2, Carriero. Two Brown, cf __ :._ ___ _: __ 4 0 0 base hits-Mullins., Struck out-Bentz; P _________ 6 0 0 by Tamulis 11 by Plummer 7. Harden, p _________ 1 0 0 -+c----TOTALS _____ 56 6 g Drew Nine to Meet FC:od Machinery Ab R Brown, cf _________ 6 0 Dull, c ____________ 6 1 Toy, rf ____________ 0 0 Jenkins. rf _____ :.._7 0 White, 2b ________ 7 2 Pone, 1 b __________ 6 1 l:;elph, ss ____ ______ 7 o Whitten, 3b _______ 4 o Plemmons, lf __ ____ 6 0 Norris, p _________ 6 0 Harper. lf ______ 1 :0 Gartrell, rf ________ 2 0 H 2 2 0 2 2 2 i 0. 2 0 o1 All-Star Teom,s.From Inter-Social League Drt;!w Field $ignc\l Corps base-ball team will meet twO. All-Star teams from the Inter-Social le.ague of Tampa Park on May 23, .wlih. the f1rst game starting at 1:30 p. :in. All money .dei:ived from the 1 games will go to buy uniforms and equipment for the team h'as made a splendid record m games to date and are in dire TOTALS ______ 58 4 12 need of this .equipment. --Tickets will bE! on sale at the Drew 100 000 100 000 020 2...-:.6 field to soldiers for 25c apiece. Fooci M 000 100 010 000 020 0-4 The Drew team -has won seven Runs batted in-Pettite, out of eight games this season. sbn, 2, Thomas, Pope, Selph. Two Their only loss came: at the hands qase hits-Pettite, Br.ovyn, Johnc of the Orlando A.ir Force in a 14 bas'e hit-White. Douinning game that was lost, on an ( nrplay-McAtee to Mullins to error, by the-score of 2-1. Left on bases-'-Dl;ew 14 Vito Tamulis, former ma]or ffo. bd Machinery 9. Bases on balls eague hurler, will pitcl?-the first .:::..:off Bentz ,2, off Harden 1, off gam e and Al Bentz w1ll do the Norris 6 Srtuck out-By Bentz 6 tossin'g in the. second! game. Harden 4, by Norris 14 HitsGames will be played on th1s O .ff Bentz, 12 in 13 1-3 innings: field as soon as the diamond [?ff Harden, 0 in 2 2-3 innings. urirler construction is' jcomoleted. Hit by pitcher-By Norris (John-Come out and stipport your twice). Winning pitcher-club. Harden. -----iC----. To Third Fighter Lt. Arthur Colley forrrier Base physical Training Officer. has been assigned as PhySical Train-. ing Officer of the. III Fighfer Command. Succeeding him as Phys ical Training Officer is fst Lt. Charles W. Lyons, who was recently transferred here E.r.o m the 21St Bomb Groi.lp of MacDill Field. H e has been boxing coach of l h e 21st Borhb. Group teams that have run up an impressive series of victories. He is a native of rv.[ontpeli e r, Vermont, and graduated from Ohio Universitv, where he was active in football. track, and boxing. EXPERT Walch Repairing QUICK FOR -I Kenneth l a -Jones Second Floor, 211% E. Cass St. I Dr. c7 W Adams, President L. J. Kirkland, Vice-Pres. J. M. Mo rrow, Sec.-Treas, ADAMS PACKIN::G C(lMPANY (INCORPORATED) Growers and Distributors ORANGES -GRAP.EFRUIT -TANGERINES FLOIUD' A >:,.r, ... ... : .. .. ,. i ... :-) \ .. ._,. ... :_;_._: "'I. ; ; :: :. E. S. Horton, Manager R. D. Scige, Sec'y-Treos; WINTER H :AVEN CITRUS GROWERS ASSOCIATION P. 0. Box31Z WINTER HAVEN, FLORIDA LAKE ALFRED PACKING COMPANY Packer and Shipper FLORIDA CITRUS FRUIT Brands: LAKE ALFRED LA-GOOD FLORIDA PEARLS GOOD SKY BLEST -L. A. P. Phone Winter Hoven 23-641 LAKE ALFRED, FLORIDA


Pa:ge 10 THE ECHOES .. ....... i, Sunday was really Mother's. from downtown Tampa in buses, program at the enlisted men's. Day :rvices at 1 a soldier whose own mother was f ive chapels, a tea, and a musical unable to be present at tb.e serv ices. were taken to Drew Field i M. H. t I DRY CLEANING-LAUNDRY l AGENCY-ALTERATION SERVICE 4 i 33(1 Beach Drive Phone 6574 i 1 t ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. j Mc(RORV'S 5 & lOc S T 0 R E 425 CENTRAL AVE. ST. PETRSBURG, FLA. The BLUE RlBBON I, Beer Pocket Billiards Service Men Welcome 729 Centra! Ave. ST.. PETERSBURG, FLA. J 0 ( K E Y B A R 470 CENTRAL AVE. PHONE 45 65 ST. PETERSBURG. FLA. BURDiCK'S DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT (Formerly Corson's) NEW SERVING HOURS ONLY FOUNTAIN OPEN 7 A .M. io 5 P.M. Serving Food From 5 P.M. to 2 A.M. 80D 4th St., So. Phone 98-166 ; ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. l -----------Taylor 's Restnurant I -Open All Nite HOiofi:-COOKED FOOD AND STRICTLY FRESH VEG:O:TABLES ..:'Heme: o f the :!)onuls" 143 Central .'\ve. ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. "' BUY WAR BONDS! SEAFOOD 1015 3rd ST. SO. ST. PETERSBURG PHONE 7549 For a Plenilful Stlpply of I Pure Crystal Clear Ice Call ICE SERVICE 8455 123 lOth St., ST. PETERSBURG A REAL TREAT ... So. A

:May 14. 1943 i H E E C H 0 E S Page ll '' ,, .\(:. --"".,. I I F I R s T F E D E R A l I i SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION i OF ST, PETERSBURG i First Federal Building St. Petersburg, Florida j I Member Federal Home Loan Bank System !1 Federa.l Saving s and Loan Insurance corporation j = I DREW GOLFERS-Here are he mEtmbers of he crack Drew I Today' I Am an American 'gel earn iha are looking forward o matches with other servica i T d 'andcivi1ian teams. Reading :e:l to right: Cpl. Paul-Boyajian, Pvt. o ay I am an Amenca. n. To. . I day I belong. l w h o kissed t he, Al Bnll. Cpl. Tom Temple, Sgt. C. W. Tllhson. Sgt. George Gaskill G R E '(T IN G S ravished earth beneath the scur'and Sgt. E.w. Smith. jr, 1 -=_!l rilous boot of a fiend. I who .,_ "' HAULING-CONCRETE bathed the tormented wounds -of I i m y flesh in the tea1's of my bioth-; l 601 24th. Sl:i-eet South -Phone 4397 7320 i ers and s isters. I whose soul "cried -. -.i -KEEP ''EM F LYI. NG REM-E .. MBER. p. EA R L H A R BOR I out even as 'in' the midst of my : prayers His Hoiy Institutions were ; J ,,_,._,._, .. ;,_,,_,,_,,_,._,,_,,_,,_,,_,,_,,_.,_;,_.,_,,_;_;;.:.:: .. ravaged and desti-oyed. I who watched the lifeblood my mbth-, flow out--o'er fieids of rice : while a grinning fanatic oub'aged my sister. I who scrt:tbbed the gutters vvh ere of blood had j flown, impelled by the poisoned 1 sahva. of a san15umal'y Satan. Yes. today I belong. And today I the m etamorphosis of my ven" gearice is near completion. Today l I am an Empire i. who have been 1 ble d in Germanv. Poland China Hungm:y Italy slovaki a,' nia Fra_nce and in a 11 the far flttng corm-rs of the earth where tyranny k1' destroyed reason, have now the power of a Hercu l es. The hati-ed in my brai n is fomented into action ; my being i s J intent upoi1 destruction and my heroic acts and deeds will be 1 gr_eat. 'fccia .i, .nave b e e n doubly plessed. Alr<"ady bestowed with that ;;:-eat privilege of mankindthat of fighting for R ight-tod<>y, a s a :::::>ldier in thi s great Army o f the United States, I have been honored with the conferral of American citizenship. Today, I am filled with new courage, n ( :V.' hopes, new ideals. Today, I ha\e been given the opportunity to share the tolerance, the freedom, th!';!.-b eauty, the sirength, th

.. : Soldier Instructors Hit Water With Full Equipment saved From Drowning (Continued from Page 1) little the worse for hisexperiencebut-filled with undying gratitude toward Cpl. Broderick for savirig his life. Pvt. Ung, who came to the 'United States frorri his native China in.-1926, was inducted jnto the Army in San Francisco, Calif., in August of 1942. He was stationed at Camp Crowder, Mo., for five months before coming to his present location at Drew Field. Broderick, who comes I from-Fulton; N. Y., was inducted I into the Army on S eptember 4th, 1941 and sent to the Reception Center at Fort Niagara, N. Y. He received his basic training in-the Field Artillery at Fort Bragg, N. C. Whe n war .broke out Cpl. Broderick was transferred to Fort Dix, N J., where h e was in the Signal Corps. After servmg for four months at Fort h e was transferred to his present post at Drew Field. -... + -IIU I IIl__:IIII-11111111__:.1\U -ntl-flll-1111-1111-+ I W E L C 0 M E I I TO THE = I fAiR BASE GRILL! 1 Where .The Bu_sses Stop I +n-aU-IIU-IIU-1111-1111-Ilii-;-UU-1111-1111-1111+ Hospital Bouquets ORDER EA:RL Y Wired Anywhere in the U. S. A. -Mr. Hany A. Kenning, I::;t Aid soldiers and o:f.ficers at Drew how tors the feasibility and possibility and Lif e Saving representative of to handle themselves in the water. of_ rem:"mmg atop the water m I the A merican Red Cross, Eastern The Army's is "Swim to sp1te of the supposed hand1cap (jfi:ll:ii:iJ1r >-J .. -:; Area. will d1rect a special-teachLive, w)1ich ties in with the Red Mr. Howard -F. Moran, Ass1stant -. -ers t raining program in water' Cross slogan, "Let's Make Every -Field Director of the R e d Cross .. .,., safety, lifesaving, and functional one Seaworthy." h e re, will handle the Drew Field ., kilt swimming at Drew F ield. Mr. I This course in Red Cross Life application of this water safety I .' KenhiE g, di1 :ector of the National, Saving and Water Safe ty, given program. He has been asociated Acquat ics Schoo-l at Brevard our soldiers, will disprove the with the Red Cross in physical North Carolina, has been with the old idea that a soldier can not training and life-saving training R e d Cross for 15 years, and is a swim with safety while burdened work since 1935 ann was fonY>erlv nation;;l e-:cpert on t h e subject. 1 with clothing and equipmen_L It physical training director of the The Dav1s Islands Pool has been :shows _that the buoyancy of the State Agricultural & lndustnal rented for this training program, I pack and clothing aids the soldier School, at Industry, Ne\v York. effecti1i'e May 17th. The Red Cross in remaining afloat and r eaching The details of this program have will t < ain instructors here for the, his objective. Here s in the picture not yet been revealed, but it will Army swimming above, a group of meb demons-oover comprehensively all the instructors will ,in tu!'n, teach the trate to a clas.> of future 1nstruc-problems involved in teaching NIGHT PLANE FROM CHUNKING swimming, lifes-aving, and functional swimming-that is swimming under possibly unpleasant COMPLETE DINNERS Ments, Poultry, Groceries, and DeJicutessen. Herring, Lox and "inds of fiil, strict-ly fresh._ WE'IE, BEER, FINMAN'S KOSHER MARKET Only -Kosher lo Tnmpu 928 E. Broadway Ph. l\156-1.;:; Block of Nebruslu1 Ave. Bu.se 1ltede'tS 1ltis Week Robert Preston, Ellen Drew Swing Your Partner Mi ssion Accomplished Inca Gold SCliurday, May 15 TONIGHT WE RAID CALAIS John Sutton, Annabella Willoughby's Magic Hat adverse circumstances. 11407 32221 TH\ZATRES No. 1 and 4 Frida_:y and Saturday, l:v!ay l'!-15 VI[HITE SAVAGE Mar i a Montez, John Hall, S::tbu Swing that Band RKO Pathe News No. 74 Sunday, May 16 TONIGHT WE RAID CALAIS John Sutton, Anmibella Willoughby's Magic Hat U. S Army Band Falla Monday. May 17 GOOD MORNiNG JUDGE Dennis UKeefe REDHEAD FROM MANHATTAN Lupe Velez Tues. and Wed., .May 18-19 THIS-LAND IS MINE Charles Laughton RKO Pathe News No. 75 Thursday, May 20 I ESCAPED FROM THE GESTAPO Preston Foster, John Can-adine Three Cheers for the Girls Aqua Aces THEATRES No.2 and 3 Friday, May 14 Rex Billiard Parlor Daniel S. Bagley ... lD12 FRANKLIN TAMPA FLORIDA T. W. RAMSEY lLUMBER COMPANY We. Speclallz-. In Min Work & Cabinets W CIID furiltsb material for B'IJII!n-and F. R. A. Loans P.bm Y 1211 1711l St. It lth Ave U S. Army Band THIS LAND IS MINE Charles Laughton RKO Pathe News No. 75 BENNETT'S DRUG STORE 1004 Franklin St. Complete Luncheonette Liquor Annex In Connection I Falla I Sunday and Monday,May 16-17 I 1!!-,----Tuesday, May 18 GOOD-MORNING JUDGE Dennis O'Keefe 1 J H E C> T A R 2nd Floor Knight & Wall Bldg. I J Cor. Lafayefl:e & Tampa Streets. REDHEAD FROM MANHATTAN I COOL, CLEAN, COMFORTABLE BED, and Shower Bath, $1.00 Lupe Velez Wed. and Tburs .. May 19-20 MY. FRIEND FLICKA Roddy McDowell, Preston Foste r RKO Father News No. 76 This is America ELITE CIGAR STORES 'The Sport HeadquarJers of Tampa' WINE -BEER CIGARS WO Zack :!07 1 ,\ 'l' Phone ill PhonP "1-1 :!:11-HENDERSO.N -RAiiiN(; CO .. 2702 FLORIDA AVE. N'lcAskill Music Stores Sound and Inter Co -mmunlcatlno Systema .=..uthorlzec .:... t P c nart and Scott Radio Service 1116 Gnwd CeotM>-1 SEMINOLE SOUVENIR & JEWHI1 I You Are Invited to Use Our. Reading, Smoking and Wash Rooms All Day Without Charge. MADISON DRUG COMPANY FRANKLIN AND MADISON STREET Where :the Men of :the Armed Service Shop and Eat We Are Anxious to Be of Service S E R V I ( E M E N L 0 A N S AVAIL ABLE NEXT TO AIR BASE BUS TERMINAL MONEY LOANED ON ANYTHING OF VALUE We Feature a Complete Line of Distinctive Jewelry and Gifts 914 Tampa Street -:Open Until Midnight OPEN EVENINGS : : .: Complete Line Military Supplies For The Needs Of : SERVICE MEN EXPERT TAILORING 207 E. Lafayette Street : Tampa :; .May,l4, 1941 __ MAA: s -- : .OFFICiAL. ARMY EXCHANGE SERVICE -1 .... .)' .. EVERYTHING FOR THE MILITARY JUST INSIDE -OUR FRANKLIN ST. ENTRANCE WELCOME TO HOTEL KNOX TOM BRYSON, Manager Lafayette & Jefferson Streets CULP LUMBER CO. 'Everything fo Build. Anything Millwork Made to Order 500 PACKWOOD Phone H 1862 -:-TAMPA "Flowers Telegraphed Back Home Under Bonded NELSON' "THE FLORIST" Open 9 A.M. fo 5:30 P.M. Closed Sundays 514 TAMPA STREET "Sohllt>r" ..,nvorlte Eating Plaee" S'J'EAKS AND CHOPS i. SPECIALT\' ELITF----\ RESTAURANT -.,.TAMP.<\. AND 1'\\'IGGS STS. Groceries -Tobacco Candy, Notions Adams -Kennedy Whiting and Jefferson Streets TAMPA, FLORIDA The Tavern Bar & Grill HOT AND COLD LUNCHES Spaghetti a Specialty 311 Franklin St. Phone 3940 LIQUORS-BEER-WINES VALENCIA GARDEN Restaurant WE SERVE THE FINEST OF SPANISH FOODS Sll Grand Central Ph. H 3773


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