Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 2, no. 11 (May 21, 1943).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
May 21, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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.: Published Exclusively in :the Interests of ihe Personnel of Drew Field Col. Wl.JIIams Was Openings in Physical Training NCO School 0 f P t We have received a wire from 0 n r suI the Third Air Force, requesting \. 111 I more applicants for the Physical U Training Non-Coms School at Mi t I I ) d ami. Briefly, here are the requireD I n c e! an II score of 100 or over. 2 Graduation from an approved Lt. Colonel Ernest F college or university with a major Tech InSpector. of th. e III Fighter 1 or minor in physical education, or Command, enlisted m the Army. their respective equivalents. when was 18 years old. and Equivalents to mean: Minimum of \ spent nme years as an two (2) or more years as a .college man before he became Flymg 8thle.te with successful physical Cadet. has ha?-1 education experience;. or out !en years of pursmt fly-. standing athletic ability and demmg, 14 It. as commander' onstrated exceptional leadership of Pursmt m .Iceland. qualities. Six vears of his enlisted service I were spent as 'Sergeant Williams,' 3 instructor in ROTC at Virginia be for service, Polytechnic Institute, where, in I limited service men can addition to his Army duties, he 1 get m on the deal. completed a four-year course in I In S?me cases, th;rough either civil engineering. I exceptional or It was in June, 1934 that Col. e.nce the quahfrca. Williams who is now a rated I trons can be warved. In other .senio r piiot, was appointed a Fly-words, if you are a high school ing Cadet and began his training 1 graduate (or even less) and ha,::e at Randolph and Kelly fields. j a go?d backgr?und athleLIC His first tactical assignment 1 coachmg or physical tr;:unmg, you was at Langley Field, Va., where may be he served for six and one-half The course will continue for y ears. He moved to Mitchel Field' about eight weeks, and the prewith the Headquarters Squadron, I s(:ribed studies will include mili-8th Pursuit Group, of which he I tary training, physical training 1 was commander, in Novembe r, 1 and nutritional training. 1 1940 On February 15, 1941, he 1 Enlisted men who ate interested 1 became Commanding Officer of 1 will contact Captain Hnch, the 33rd Pursuit Squadron. 113chool Officer, immediately. I n the summer of 1941 before the United States was at war with 'Germany, Colonel Williams took I NOTICE a Pursuit unit to Iceland. He was a captain at that time and was 1 Defense stamps are on sale promoted to the rank of Major 1 at flll branches of :the Post jn June, 1942. He preceded his unit to Iceland, crossing from the E)!:change. United States to Great Britain in a bomber, and from the British .Isles to Iceland via flying boat, It didn't fake long for Aux. Virginia Beebe, of Philadelphia, Pa., to ge:t down to work after arriving with a cantingeon.t of WAACs ai Drew Field. Here sha is shown pressing a necktie for Sgt. Millard Zydrcm, chauffeur for the staff CO.!I' of :the Base Com mander, Col. Melvin B. Asp. t"s Make Everybody Sea enough air in the pack to help 1 worthy.' holci up the swimming soldie r for At the present time, instruc-some time \ion is b eing carried 8n for Soldiers are going to learn how to make li fe-preservers out of their trouse r s, tieing knots in the legv and inflating them with air as they jump into the \vater-or doing the same thir.g with an empty barracks bag. They are going to learn how to swim in rough water-either fresh or salt -and they are going to learn how to stay aflcat indefinitely with a minimum of exertion. They are going to be taught how to remove clothing il) rough wate r Instructor's' Course, at Cuscaden Pcoi m Ybcv: C1t y, under the di n :ction of H arry A. K enning, 1st f\1d and Life Saving Field Representative of the American Reel Cross in the Eastern Area. He is the director of the National Aqua tics School at Brevard, North Carolina, which i s held every year. These instructors, learning the functional swimming program from the bottom right on up, wiU (Continued Page 3) Friday, May 21, 1943 Women Soldiers Are Trickling I 1 from Many Posts The WAACs are here .... No longer do Drew soldiers ask the question, "When are the WAACs coming to Drew Field?" Now the question is, "When are the rest of the W AACs coming? And what are they going to do?" For months the Base prepared for their arrival. Four b'lrracks, similar to those quartermg soldiers (and, in addition, bathtubs), a headquarters building, and a PX with a .beauty parlbr were built. I At long last, after months replete with rumors that the vVAACs were coming he:e, they began to trickle in on May 14, when two dfficers and five enlisted personnel regi:tered at Drew. The fol Jowing day 14 more vvomen soldiers arrivE'd and s-et tled down in the restricted areas reserved fo r them on Hocky Point. Under the direction of the contingent's commanding officer, j Second Officer Barbam H Small, 'of Beverly, Massachusetts, and her j officer, Third Officer Neva H. Barnes, of Cheyenne, \Wyoming, they got their orderly i room in shape and s tarted to funcltion as a unit. First Sergeant Marion Junod, of Detrc it, Mich1gan, heads the enlisted personne l of 19 WAACs, most of vvhom are classified as cooks and quartermasters. One other non-commissioned officer is included among them, Snpply Sgt. Eugeni a Jurgens, of New York City. Dov.rn io Business The administrative machinery has already been set in action, with the orderly room personnel handling the diverse memoranda, forms, circulars, bulletins and requisitions of a headquarters unit. Tall, charming F/Sgt. Junod and her pretty company clerk, Auxiliary First Class Ch!istina Conner, of Denver, Colorado, are handling the office details at present. When asked how soon the remainder of the expected 250 WAACs would join them, ht. Small said with a charming sm\le, "I'm not sure. I understand tha t 26 more are due h ere Friday from one of the schools. They are not going to come here all in one group. Rathe they are going t o trickle in. They are going to come here from different schools." For the time being they are eating at the mess hall of the 314th Air Base Hq. and Air Base Sq. pending the opening of their own mess hall. Their PX and beauty parlor are being decorated with murals painted by Pvt. Edward H. Solomon, art editor o f The Echoes. Their physical training program will include an arc hery team and a softball team that w ill play the MacDill W AACs. What jobs are they going to perform? They don't know yet. All they know is that they have been trained to relie.ve officers and men of desk and other for overseas and combat duty. The WAACs have been trair.e:J. ror 2 5 highlv techmcal jobs with the Army Air F01:ces. The enthusiasm of the women for their ser vice is infectio u s and they have proved so satisfa.:tNy elsewhere that the Army Air Forces has been talking' P.l:out needing more than 3 00.\:0:J WAACs. Impressions of Drew How do they like Drew F iel d "Swell," said one. "Th 'ew Field. it's wo11der'.!1!'' ejaculated another. And it seems to be the co ::sen (Continued on Page 3 )


Page2 Starts All O -ver In Army as Private 59th .AVIATION SOVADRON DISH'N DlRT By P fc William A. Norris The 59th Aviation Squadron's Four month:: ago John C P ers annel Section were invited t o Wyllie, 34, of Palatka, F l a., was a The Federation Ball held in St. lieutenant with the British Eighth Pete on May 14 1943. Abie to at army in Africa. Today h e:s stat t tend were S/Sgt. Lester Adams 1ng all over agam as. a pnvate 111 and James C -Gray; Cpl s Clare nc e the U. S. Army at Drew F;e ld. I Brown and John .Pfcs. Here's how It happened: Levy L B yt'd and Saunders Vvylli e was director of Welch. Thi s aance vvas tops i n enhooks and manuscnpt s at the Unt1 tertainment. The girls' only was not having more of the Dre. w ... c.' I Field so ldiers on hand. i ODDS ANP ENDS j Flash! "Trut h i s stran .!C.er than 'l'H E,C'HOES beauti ful Mae to co1ne out to the I camp siJ1ce -S/Sgt. f'l Dennis D had t o go t o sc h ool. ':!:'he note she received from him was never answered. will h e put it in plainer words? Vle \,.onder. P vt. Eddie Hicks (The Burma Road King) is falling in love with the two girls that work in PX number 5. H e is planning a party fer pay-day. .All Men Barcelona Cafe SPANISH RESTAURANT WINES 1\ND LIQUORS Phone S 2 J 42 Open All Night .,714 Nebraska and Osborne I fiction": f!.vt: Dennis Anderson is afraid of hant's,. b u t h e was ;;een .. ::;:;:;:;;;;::;:::;.;;:::;::;::::::g=:: I in t!l e graveyard the other night HENRY HQ\VKf.E CO. talkmg to a very, very strange person ... E. (Cosmo) H en-Chinese Hand Launciry derso n \ ve n t to Bradenton last ..,. week and, just made it back to Camp. '\Vhat's so attractive in Bradenton that S/Sgt. Henderson is going back every chance h e gets? W e had in our midst some fine lookin g soldiers until a few started Jlving off th.e base on separate rations. M y, w hat a change that made in t h e i r ap-1 nearances: waist line smaller face nanow, and eyes deeper in head ... PEe. Edward C W i lson was seen at the bus stop with Misses Four by_ Four. If yo u CC)re to "ln)ow who she was, then come I up to t h e eleven o'clock bus s t op. I That's her regular hangout ... C pl. -Andrew T arve1: has. bee n wat ching as well praying for U .tzit4 i ? t. John C I MONEY LOANED versity of Virginia when !1e b e ON ANYTHING OF VALUE ccame r.estive because the U S. TAMPA LOAN CO. hadn't entere<;l the war. He enlisted in the British army at Ne,, York in 0(:tober, 1942 : -While aboard a troop tratisport on his way to E g;ypt, word came Japan had attacked the United States. .The coovoy was 1 -ldi-verted to It<-dia. -. -. TONY MASON'S O,RCHESTRA Feait:.ring 'lf'tyllie wanted to. get the\ Amer'ican Army then, but vvas 'I too late. H e had already signed up for a year, so he wen t ahead I -working fo r promotion. H e was I J EA N,N E R 1-C HARD in the Syrian desert when he be-' came a ,corporal. Then h e went to Damascus as a se:rgeant. At Tobntk he became a platoon sergeant in an aml;lulance corps, and helped in the remg uard actwn as 'I'-)brnk f ell. At Alamein, when was stopped,. wa& a sergec.nt major. .At the. secorid battle ... whe'li--R 6imDei4>'-iines the .B..rttil;l_ h ;sfarted c." ,,, .. = acruss Egypt that cl this week in the Aliiecl captur o f Afric::<, Wyllie became a seconcl lieutetLant. Finally his e nlis-tment of a yea! Lie,Lttenant vVy lli e .for transfer t o .the. Amencan Army. He was told that the U. S Arm;, wouid take hirn but he would. have to start all over again as a "I hated t o think of doing grind again," h.:e so.id "But I wanted to te v:ith my OW!l people. The British are 'swdl, don't m:sunderstand m e, and. I felt liJ.:e I was helping fight for both of .. ... .. < _. .... in the British Army, but yotrd just r:at P,er bi" with yom. 0\yn f've-triea t.o be .Had, White. anc countlvmen in a war: Alivway. BJu e,,', ; j decided .to: cori'ie. on back." ; ; H e .retwne d on a long voyage o t .he .. boys at Jl,i3c;Dill andDrew aboard .a troop transport, and promptly fer Whan Y ur is r.'one, and you ..Wate inductio n through h18 drart want some iun 'board at Charlottesville, Va. is the pl;;1.ce for you. Although he already had ex-perienced the rigors of M UU l .tnrr B "AR he wen .t through the same basi c ; JVIlLLI:'K J A trainiu.g that every other ; undergoes. That was 111 1111 FLORlDA A _VE .. Ph. M721S lVliami. .. No.v the fji:mer. li r>nt"'1'an+ in 1:he British arm y is sq. luting lieutenants" in the Amer i cai r Army: OPEN MONDAY. TUESDAY, .BEERS \VEDNESDA Y, THURSDAY EVENINGS! For Ser vice Men roo-Your D 0 L l A.R S B U Y at 917 Franklin St. WINES SN Tyler St. Tampa fill. CHEVRONS T Patcher T Shirts Flashlights and BaUeries-Belts, also W ebbing and 3)lcltles AT SHOP IN 'fHE Air Base Bus Terminal I \\riG TAMPA STREET \:Vhen a ai fl w i th a ,J future meets a mcm past ... that makes ROi\t1ANC! ... Ray M,fLLAND Paulette -GODDARD 9c --28c Sunday and .. :Monday 'The Moon Is Down' Cedric Hardwicke Henry Travers Tampa and Zaclc Phone 3003-Sc, 22c Saturday and Sunday 'The Avengers' .Ralph: D eborah Ken ---HIT NO. 2 --No Time for C0inedy James Stuart Ro:oalind Russell {1 May 21. 1943 TUESD.l\ Y WEDNESDAY SATURDAY AND f?UNDA Y 2:30 to 5 Every Night 8 till 11 EXCEPT M 0 N D A Y Sc Fa r e On Davis Island Bus. LEAVING GRANT'S CORNER FRANKLIN AND CASS STREETS 7:15 --7:45 --8:15 a:nha ttan Cafe 210 E. Lafayete St. -Tampa Good Food Reasonable Prices Try Sunday Roast Turkey Dinne. r Served From 11 A.M. to 9 P.M. ALA CARTE SERVICE AT ALL HOURS-oPEN DAY AND NIGHT WE USE S TRICTLY WESTERN MEATS .......... If You Haven't Already DO IT NOW!! I MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE SARATOGA BAR Corner Foriune and Franklin Dancing Every Night ip BluE;! Room to ... ,:,; BEERWINES LIQUORS i Sunday Matinee Dancing Phone 7988 THE ( li A TlE R B 0 X Chicken and Steaks Real. Italian SANDWICHES -DRINKS LIQU.ORS. Abba Dobba And Bond Nightly 707 S. HOWARD A VENUE PHONE H 3757 tUi PUutM L: Cool Restful Atmosplter' ALL ONE )2RICE$4 Superb Food Excellent Service J.AMES B PICKARD, Mgr. A$ So BECK SHOES FOR MEN SHOES MILITARY GUARDSMAN 508 FRANKLIN STREET TAMP A. FLORIDA T H E r T A R 2nd Floor Knight & Wall Bldg. J Cor. LafayeU:e & Tampa Streets. COOL, CLEAN, COMFORT ABLE BED, and Shower Bath, $1.00 You Are Invited to Use Our Reading, Smoking and Wash Rooms All Day Without Charge


May 21, 1943 city. Wl' e n MacDill Field was established. their pla nes ;,vere o1'iginally based here, prior to t}1e "j" 1 [} ::of 1 completi o n of their own airbase. t\; l\Iost of the present airfield, "'c .. _,_ 6 o ?.iJ -d "" nmning along Columbus Drive, 1vas then pasture l a nd. Most of l\1F Je1orr.e H. Dre,w, son of the the wooded area north of B Street, late Joh n H Drew, Tampa Real v:as w:: e d as orange groves and E st&te Pioneer who originally p;.tstlrre land. The Drew Famil y had s e v eral hundre d cows, and developed what i s now know n as operat e d a joint farm and ranch Drew Fie ld, visited the Base this here. .week. :!.\-Ir. Drew, who is a Ground Mr. Drew, a young man of 2 8 Test Specialist for the Glenn L. graduated from Plant High School in Tampa, and lived here till Martin-Nebraska Company, in 1940 His mother, Mrs. Sylvia D. Omaha, builders of the_ famous Drew, resides at 213 % Grand Martin Marauder, was amazed at Central Avenue, in Tampa. the changes in the old homestead 1 -+< since he was last here four years! Lt. Col. E. F. Williams THE ECHOES Swimming Program from Page 1 ) pass the instruction o n t o every man in Drew Field, working throug h the Physical .Training Officers of the Base, of A Vv'UTC, and of the various organizations I on the base. All of the d etails of this program have not _yet been reveale d but it will cover comprehens;vely all the problems involved in teaching swimming, lifesaving, and functional swimming. ------1<--Drew Welcomes WAACs (Continue d from Page 1) sus or opinion among them that ago. (Continue d from Page 1) they are going to like it here. 1 The old Drev1 homestead i s They rnean business, these \\ 'ome n Page 3 still locate d on Tampa Bay Bou-skimming the waves to avoid d o, and no matter w h a t obstacles levard across from the Walter long-range German fighter planes. beset them tlrey grit their teeth Tison home. The Drew h o m e, a Iceland at that time was subar'Iarine flyers from Quantico POST OFFICE C FE Base Virginia, who had partici' pated in the suppression of the Nicaragua revolt, arrived here for the Air Meet shOTtly after their return. Air races, stunt fly ing for prizes, and other aerial pageantry took place. C. b. Kavakos, Prop. Dinners. Plate Lunches, Beer, Wines & Cold Drinks, Pies and Pastries. 406 Zack Street Tampa, Fla. Mr. Jerome Drew, with Ma: ior HQRtdf'S PHARMACY Alexis B. McMullen, made the 'C first landing on the new Airport, I in November, 1927, flying a OX5, $wallow Biplane. Major ulle n, now on the General Staff 1 W ashington, conducted a Fly -D Complete D.rli'g Store R .L_,k Serv1ce Phones H 1925 H 3141 SODAS-SUNDRIES lg School at Drew Field for an-2709 MacDill Ave, Tamp_a, Fla. proximately 6 years afterwards, 1 urnin_g out manv o f the landing Airplanes and Military Pilots of I today Soldiers Always Welcomr Mr. Drew leased the Airport Tract to the City of Tampa, in El DOULEVAno 1828, for a term of 5 yf'ars, with D K the tha t the City could purchase the Airport at any time Jl.ESTAURANT =-_ for a pri ce set bv the Tamp a Real I FINEST SPANISH FOODS-BES1 Estate Board. Tl;e City acquired OF LIQUORS 2001 Nebracln n==the Auport at tne end of t h e 5 1 -=----= + years tenn, and when the Army 1 + ,_,,_,,_,, ,,_,,_ _,,_ ,._.,_,_,_,_,,_.,_,_,. _,._,,_ ,. _,,_,,,_,,_,._+ took over in 1941, they leased the 1 I SULPHUR SPRINGS ... NEW flOOR NE\Y NEW SKATES Admission: Nights 3iit "SKATE ON THE SMOOTHEST FLOOR IN THE SOUTH' Sc S.tree:t Car and Bus Service to Door Welcome Seivice Men S W l M at the Springs Pool Natural Springs. Tempera tu1 e, 72 degrees. Bus and Street Car to Pool. Open 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. Rervlce Men Always Weleome Sulphur Springs Ne Specialize In Home Coolco1d Food, Chicken, Steak and Chop Sulphur Springs, Arcade Bldg. Come on Down! Service Men Delicious Food Reasonably Priced. Open Day and Night. ( H ll D CAFE 501 FRANKLIN STREET BUY WAR BONDS! PADDOCK BAR "Not a Jook Joint-But a place )uat like the one back you can bring your wife sweeL'lee.rt for a dr;n!<, a chat and fina mulc." JACKSON AT TAMPA ST Open FrameS. A.M. to 12 P.M. TAl\llPA'S OLDEST NI'l E CLUB Featuring 3 Floor Shows Nitely 8 10 Midnight DANNY & DON'S 911 TAMPA STREET !n the Sweet Music of MANNY GATES' ORCHESTRA original airport propert y from the ; ERR f!. "' E : city and acouirecl the r2maining I f\. :\,.,. I ___ = prop2 rty of the old homestead. l j Men Officers Families Flying from her e during the .) -early thirtie::' was quite prosperI FOR 'Rt: A.LL y GOOD FOOD AT MODEnATE .PRICES ous. JI!Iany Tampans had their o w n J G j ( 5 f r. 1_. '\ PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE-FOLLOW THE CRO'\\-'TI T'J .private p l a nes, and -contributed u n () much to the aerial growth of the l T ii E ( 0 L 0 N N AD E A Home Away From Home ( J 1l 0 W e oi SERVICE MEN I j ALBERTUS HOTEL f f BY WIRE ANYWHERE 3022 PHONE;;15561 I 955 Twiggs M 1339 i T a m p a T e r r a c e H o t e I j .................. +--n--------n-------,--n------+ BA YSHORE AND JULIA Steak; Sea Food, Chicken Dinners Delicious Sandwiche1 ...OW Cl &:::!1 ll !!lSilSIIJ& U9111 1-0 SC__,.Jioi..._ BUY MORE WAR BONDS EVERY MODER.'\.Tl: I ;;>RIC!:::; = ... ..._ PAYDA '(!


THE ECHOES May 2L 194:t THE ECHOES GLENN R. ROSS, Publisher TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS Business Office: 1113 FLORIDA AVENUE p, G. Box 522 TAMPA. FLORIDA Phone 2177 8! ad-(rertisements contained in this newspaper are also [;"Q V:Ar..-Fly Leaf. published in the interest of the personnel of MacD1ll Field. Minimum joint circulation, 10,000 copies. ADVERTISING RATES FURNISHED ON REQUEST. A newspaper published exclusively for the personnel of Drew Pield and devoted to military interests and the United Nation;: V:lc'co:cy Opinions expressed in this newspaper are those of the individual 'l:'niie:m and under no circumstances are they to be considered those (J.1 the United States Army. Advertisements in this publication do uot constitute an endorsement by the War Department or its per crumeJ. of the products advertised. Quixniaster, "THANKS. -'ro THE YANKS" ,. '>, Saturdays, C 8 S 1. I am going to make three statements about Iceland and you are to tell me which of them is true : a. It is about 400 miles from Scotland. b: Its Atlantic harborr; rarely freeze to the exclusion of ship. c, The interior tableland IS la,rgely a barren gi;assless desert. 2 What is meant by the exI'm Proud of Drew Field How About You? pressions-Dutch Treat-French We are thankful that we have Leave-To get one's Irish up? had in the past fine attendance rrri proud of Drew Field and I don't mind telling the world about 3. What language is spoken by in: the Chapel Services, but wish PROTEST ANT (Sundays) i.t, either. Whenever anybody asks me how I like it h ere, I always the larcrest number of people? (It to state that there are a great say, "I like it fine. It' s a grand place, and we're really doing some-isn't which i s second). number of men on the field that 10:30 AM-General services in CHURCH CALL hing big to help the wa!' effort. I'm proud of Dl'ew Field." 4. What is the diffel'ence be-are not keeping up their religious aU. chapels. Every once in a \\ hile I hear a soldier grumble about some minor tween a taro and a torso? obligations. grievance-about things that are not particularly important. Per5 Which is thicker, a new During the present conflict, 7 :30PM-General evening se ,!';'Ollally, I think there are things here which are far more important nickel or a new fifty-cent piece? more than ever before, we should ice in Chapel 4. than petty troubles. We al'e living in luxury, compared to the diffi6. What is the difference be-be constantly reminded that God culties 'being experienced 24 hours a day .by oqr buddies in the tween reverie and reveille? is ever present and will be the JEWISH South Pacific, in Iceland, in North Africa, .and on other fronts not Yet 7. Is the speed of a highly deciding factor in any quarrel 8:30 PM_ Friday evening in opened up. Some of those same men, now overseas, .were once at trained boxer's punch nearer 10 whether it .be among individuals Chapel 3. Drew Field, and like the rest of us, complained occasionally about 20 or 40 miles an hour? or nations, and with the present irritations which don't amount to a row of beans. I can hear a Let's sa y that you were born conflict bringing about such atro8:00 AM-Saturday in Chapel 3. them saying now, "How swell things t Drew .Field." in l900 and celebrated your Cl.OliS acts as the sinking of has"' d H birth 7:15 PM-Wednesday in Chapel l pr.efel' to emphasize the s-plendid we are doing here at day yester aY-ow many pital ships, pilots, etc., Drew Field. I prefer to think of the mighty airplanes roaring through days have you had? it should be that this so called 3. the sbes-and of the training these men are getting to help blast 9. Every time there is a birth Ch1 istian nation should practice CATHOLIC (Sundays) Hitler to hell. I prefer to think of the thousands of Sign. a l Corps men in the U.S., are the nearer always the faithful attendance at who ar.e being trained to give warning of the appl'oach of enemy air-1 in 100 1 in 500 or 1 m 1000 that, church services. 6 :15 AM-Mass in Chapel 4. craft, in order that our air bases on the battle fronts may be relatively twins will be born? Looking forward to your parti safe. I prefer to think of the .training our men are being given 10. Why can women swimmers cipation in your services and the on the range, to teach them to be completely self-sufficient as far withstand exposure to cold water help that you may mean. in mak9:00 AM-Mass in Chapel 2, RB as defense against enemy ground troops is concerned. I prefer to better than men? ing your chapels more like your 2, and Theater 3. 8:00 AM-Mass in Chapel 2. think o f the fine organizations of combat men being welded together 11 Here is a description of a I home church, we are your ser-here, which will lend their united might against a common enemy. movie a_ctress. Can you name her? vants in any way w e can help. 6:30 PM-Mass in Chapel 2. I wonder how many of us realize the true magnitude of the oper-, With flowmg locks .:..:.. ::::::...::.:..::::.:::..____:_::.__:. _:_-.:-.. -------:----------ations at Drew Field. Its exact population, the specific details of our Her gaze she blocks, Q z w h. t h d1 I known figure in Hollywod and Program, and the ultimate destination of our combat teams, are h If I e ea s I f t And cuts m a \ Broadway directed this ef or MILITARY SECRETS. But it is no secret that Drew Field is huge h h th I H i n size, and that its many square miles of area are filled with the The sight s e a Production of P ay with richness and warmth. Is fighting activities of fighting m e n And it is no secret that soldiers (Answers on Page g) A d perceptiOn of mood and atmos-. :D:om Drew Field are now fighting in almost every American war -+< Warmly pprec10te lphere were accentuated by his .. d f S d p t moulding tl1e characters into acAp. it is no secret that Drew soldiers are doing a ine JOb i' qua rOn ar y, Monday night brought the third cepted individuals. Action was 1 Ill F1ghter Hq Sq and last presentatiOn of a scene11deftly sustained and in trl!e dra-b So -when you write .l1ome, people how proud you are of 1 from John Steinbeck's great play, matic fashion. Sgt. Whitehead a Drew Field soldier.. You ave a right to be. \ In spite of S/S.gt. Radford C. "Of Mice And Men," to the stage made an expert blend, the Williams, Committee Chanman, of Recreation Building Number slowly nsing tempo of tJ:e going ove1 "Carnival of V enice" fallino into a newly tappe0 keg One. Pvts. George Blackwood elements of the drama mto a pic and I think he means bus-iness of be:r, Hq. & Hq. S/., III _Fighter and John Mader carried thro.ugh turesque realization. Grace and By Cpl. Will Krewson We wonder if Trudy knows how Command celebrated the1r sumSgt. 0. Z. Whitehead's magnificent understanding, was an .aim that. Cpl. Russ. grieves, now that she mer party at the Tampa Police direction of a difficu.lt play. had been realized. has that new night job. Russ has Pistol Range. The party was given As the house lights dimmed and -+<--.--taken to reading poetry and love in two parts Tuesday evening, the curtai:n,s parted the audience Wo. unded N az IS stories, and goes around with that May 11 and Thntsday evening, was agreeably impressed and surW A B 1 d hut pamed look m h1s eyes. I May 13. to accommodate half the :prised to see on tlne stage a J :e.ant ryan 00 n't know ihhe'&orea11y in l \Vinging at R T. Watson, Earl Lennie, a powerful man with a The British may become an-. Amid farewells and congratula-each other with axes and baseball anct"' John Vivona as3isted 111 ar-child-like simplicity. noyed enough to let them remain Lion s Sgt. Ralph Sudjian (it used bats, all in fun of course, it got rangements and plannin g Cook Pvt. George Blac)

May 21. 1943 T H E ECHOES FROM THESPECIAL SERVICES OFFICE of Sgt. Wh i tehe ad l i ... f;Ar'[l) 0 h S All f1el l I l l d W n.9 n t e iii pot a n d .. M '1 L'iJ T wntmg about one m particular SPECIAL SERVICE PROGRAM a Sgt. who brings us superb lm<; 1 OF EVENTS entertainmen t. Sgt. 0 Z White" May 21. fa May 27, 194 3 head is the so l d ier in mention, BROADCASTS RECREATION BUiLDING and m the o pmwn of the wnter h e deserves the plaudits of many 1\}onday-Saturclay, AM. I NUMBER ONE for h is tireless and. never endincr VlFLA-Drew Fie l d RevJelle. I Friday. May 21. 8 : 00 p.m.-j ob. b Thurs: 1 0:30-11:00 PM WFLA, Variety Show from Tampa. On December 9 1941 two days Drew Fwld Star Parade. Sc.i"urday, M a y 22. 8 : 00 p.m.-after Pearl Harbor a tall Mondo._y, 8:30-8:53 PM, W DAE, Variety Show from S.t. P e t ers-headed ganglin g yo'Lll1g man en--The or burg. t e red a recruiting offi ce and said, Tuc.cJay, 6 3 06.45 PM-Squad-Sunday. May 23. 8:00 p.m." I wan t t o enlist." Yes it was lronanes. O l d Time Fil m d .uty for Country before 'love for I Thurs., 9:3q-lo:O? PM, : rvDA E Monday. M a y 24. 8:00 p .m.-the theatre and the theatre was 1 -H.ooloe Roy s ScJ ap Book. The R1ght Answer or Else. 8:30 O .Z.'s greatest love. P m.-Broadcast of The Right The Army's gain was the TheaWith last Monday night' s broadI Answer or Else." lo ss. Yes they lost a comin" cast of T : 1e Right Answe r or I Tuesday May 25-To b e an-. b Else," Drew Field's Radio Produc-nouncecl '""J!If e appeared in s u c h Broadway tion brought o to a May 26 8:00 p.m.-w ith Constance Cummings. The weekl y awarc,s of two f.I ee teleThursdc._Y. May 27. 8.00 p .m.-, productio n s as Madam Bovary close, tJme beJ _n,, the I All Show. Sea Gull w ith the Lunts: The I phonecalls to any part of the Concert or 69th AAF Band. 8:30 Lake with Katherine Hepburn; Umtecl s:ates. T he. reason? ... p. Jayhawker with Fred Ston e; New )TV ell, Mr. Jose .. local p. B1o_adcast, Rook,e Roy s I Faces with Henry Fonda; a nd! Tampa mel who co n tlJbutP.d Sc1 ap Book. I mme recently, Life Wii h F :afher I 1 s now bUSil y ENLISTED Jl!!f:N'S SERVICE I with L illia n G is h If you didn' t m d rstnbu t m g t hem t o other near-CLUB patr?ni ze the legitimate theate_r 1 so that they too Friday. May 21, 8:00 p ossible you remember m i lea.hz:. the_ same t .a Dance. The Grapes cJ Wrath ( N o he was oul _wn:ners :; n Rle; h t A11 1 n i Saturday May 22. 8:00 p.m.-not a vine) and Shores of Tripoli swer o r Else p10,ram Lave I Bin<>o. the past "' w1th I to say, these calls were Sunday. May 23-T o b e an-After h 1 s at. For t Mc-j very m u c h appreciated by t hose I nounced. A r t hur, Cahforma, he J OUrneye d w h o were fortunate enou g h to: Monday. May 24. 8.00 p.m. tC! Camp wher e h e receiVed 1 win them. The calls were placed: Dance. I his basJ c trammg and then on to early in the afternoon in order to I Tuesday. May 25. p.,m.-:D_rew F ie ld. T o the boys at Drew 1' completeness vnth i n a rea-' Co n ce r t of Record e d ymp 1omc Fre.ld r eme;m ber the B .ase sonable time. When they came M u s rc. Aren a m T ent C ity 0 z W h rte-th h t l a at the Wednesday. May 26. 8 00 p.m.-' roug 1e wmner w s T b d hea d w ill stand out his t e lephone booth with his face 0 e announce w h e n Drew FJeld. was rn aglow and wreath e d in si11i les, May 27. 8:00 p.m.rts mfan cy: Y es, F1e l d has an:d after h i s five minute 'talkin g Glou p S m b g_rown l!ntli n o w. 1t 1 s of the time' was up, he ldt a bit hap- Hospital Bouquets ORDER EARLY "That's based on a real le tter. Gimme a Coca-Cola' i s the wa-tchw0rd for refreshment with every branch of the service. It' s the soldier's buy-word .wherever they gather and they get together where they. Cli:m get Coca-Cola. Distinctive, deliciou s taste. Quality yoo can count on. Thirst-satis faction plus refreshment. Any way you loo k at it,-'-the only thing fike Coca-Cola is Coca-Cola, itself." BOTILED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCACOLA IZOMPAI''hall be s upplanted with someO Z produces the so l d ier s hows thing equa ll y valuable and just a't Recreatio n Buildi n g numb.erj' a s entert aining No, we'r e n o t Wired Anywhere in :the U. S. A. --B -AY V 1 E W H O f E L -----i One, directs. t h e presentati o n O f going t o tell you w hat it is ... excerpts fro m Broadway p lays, That's for you to d 1scover for also presented in Recreatio.n yourself w h e n you come to ReBui l ding n umber one. plus h1s c reati o n B uilding Number One a ppearance o n Rookie Roy's Scrap next Monday night and the call Beak and the Drew ::;tar goes o u t for for "The Parade over .local radw statwns Rig h t A nswer or E ls. and d i rect from Dtew Field. Eight years i n the theater has ,given 0 Z W h itehead a strong understanding of men and their lik,) s and d islikes, and applying his k n0wledge and experien ce,. the finished production is born. After the war the theat e r will regain a stai agai n because Q.Z has acquired a freo .hness and a more serious 0utlook on life that. 1 -Special Inv_itations to AU Serv1ce GLEN'S BILLIARDS Now r n Its New Location ___ 805. TAMPA ST. 1 1 will add f lavor and freshne-s3.,to any portrayed It is the wishes of all of us that his ambitions will b e realized: T o a legitimate sol dier from t h e s tage, we is at 1212 Grand Central Ave. offer legitimatel y o u r thanks fo r Dine and Dance in he Open a swell j o b t o a swell g u y. "Selected Fcod for Those Who Sash -Door Know Scad Food" OPEN 12 NOON TO 2 A. M. L I F!RE!>ROCt CONSTRUCTION-'"-EVERY ROOM WITH BA1H:'I lfiq i!!i@!:f"f5Cioll$'iUS4JII@![ 1' COFFEE SHOP IN CONNECTION w B SHULER Manager B ar \I zoa JAcKsoN sT Between FRANKLIN.&: TAMPA u TAMPA. F1.0RIDA PHONE M 5537 :WINES-LIQUORS-CIGARS i .. ---------------FRANK RUTTA, CHEF/ i .. PHONE Y-1281 Formerly chef at Montrose Restaurant. -Keep ')l:m FlytnrBroadway and 48th. New York. came to F1or'-:::;;;::::::::=;;;::::;;::=::==;::. ida, got sand in his shoes and now has 1 opened his own place at l)..LWAYSSAY.... 8 w L f s 41 o ayette treet H 0 L S U M B R E A 0 ..k Specializing in Spagheffi and Ravioli WE ALSO SERVE BEER AND WINES EXTRA FRESH I V ICTOR:CAFE BEER WINES 13 2 4 Franklin Ph. M BILL BAILEY, Prop. M embe r V F W. & Am. Legion TJWNSEND & Lumber Co. JMBER !c MILLWORK, ROOFllfC AND PAINT -FHA LOANS PHONE H4891 (SUNDAYS 12 TO 12) A I R BAr E BUr Dinders and Short Orders ; 1 J J ONE-DAY SERV1CE EXPERT WATCH REPAIRING PAUL'S J V atches Diamonds J e welry Noveliks Our MoUe: "Service Men First" N. Rome ancl Fuller Street BIG ORANGE 1301 Grand CeniTal Ave. "' OPEN DAY AND NIGHT CURB SERVICE FINEST IN FOODS WINES & LIQUORS LOA.NSM ONj,"Y TO L l::ND Illamond,. Dluruunth: rst H Bl2: A. L. ECKART .__a_ _Al__.;1 T__.;im-,-es ___...; i L I N E s r n c Courtesy and Consideration \ I BUS STATION Extended to Men and Women in Service CorneT Tampa &: Cass Streets. 'FHE NEW FlORIDA HOTEL 'Lakeland's Largest and Finest' L.JI._KELA ND FLORIDA John E Ball enger and Associates, O wners A Baumberger Mgr. SERVICE MEN l ALW A Y S WELCOME J.l D jJ\ T ony Italiano. Prop. W!NESBEER SOF T D R I NKS 717 Grand C entra l P h. H 3109 30-Minute Service to Bofh Fields at All Hours 1 S-Minufe Service During Rush Hcurs For Further Information C A l t 4143 I 214 E. LAFAYETTE. NEXT TO MANHATTAN CAF.E OPEN EVERY NIGHT 'TIL 10 P. M. U:\'ITEit .. JJISI:NSt\IIV Manufacturing and Dispensing Opfician8 205 ZACK STREET PHONE M 5783 COURTESY DISCOUNT 20 PERCENT Prescriptions Filled-Lenses Duplicated Lafayette H o te I E. A. CLAY. Manager 120 West Lafayette Street Eas Side of Bride CENTRAL COMPANY, 0 l ; IN C Phone M 5588 Tampa. Fla. Tampa. Florida -,-------! Hotel Hillsboro Flor i d a Avenue l!

Page 6 Ba.se 1ltea.teH 1ltis Week THEATRES 1 and 4 Week of May 21st to May 27th Friday and Saturday, May 21-22 MY FRIEND FLICKS Roddy McDowell, Preston Foster RKO Father News No. 76 This is America Merchant Seamen Sunday, May 23 THEY CAME TO BLOW UP AMERICA George Saunders, Anna Steil Duty and the Beast-Phan tasie Cartoon Mirror of Sub-Marine LifeVariety Views The Beach Command-Grant laud Rice Sportlight. Monday, May 24 FOLLOW THE BAND Leon Errol, Mary Beth Hughes LEATHER BURNERS Bill" Boyd, Andy Clyde Tuesday and Wednesday THE HUMAN COMEDY Mickey Rooney, Marsha Hunt RKO Pathe News No. 77 Thursday, May 27 ASSIGNMENT IN BRITT ANY Pierre Aumont, Susan Peters Shepherd of the Roundhouse Pers-on-Oddities Plenty Below Zero-Color Cartoon. THEATRES 2 and 3 Friday and Saturday, May 21-22 THEY CAME TO BLOW UP AMERICA George Saunders, Anna Sten Dutv and the Beast-Phantasie Cartoon Mirror of Sub-Marine Life-Variety Views The Beach Command-Grant laud Rice Sportlight Sunday .and Monday, May 23-24 THE HUMAN COMEDY Mickey Rooney, Marsha Hunt RKO Pathe News No. 77 Tuesday, May 25 FOLLOW THE BAND Leon Errol. Mary Beth Hughes LEATHER BURNERS Bill Boyd, Andy Clyde Wednesday and Thursday THE MORE THE MERRIER Joan Arthur. Joel McCrea RKO Pathe News No. 73 The War Issue No. 1 THE ECHOES and the committee deserves plen-1 chowski, whil e Landry is doing I' ty of congrats. Hope we can have' the receiving. another cine there real SOON. STRICTLY AD LIB New mustache cuitivators: We wish the best of luck to Wahl, Carlin and Lefurgy ... ConClay}on_ Brown :Vho"said "I Do" nolly won eight cigars at the on h recent laugh -r:allest carnival. Faithful Hal Locko-man 1_n the outf1t 1 s Cpl. _lVhchael .witz air mails a certain Hoboken I Kremm, of the radl? who miss a daily billet doux ... a mere 6,5 Y 2 : Free der if Nelson smokes his pipe in plug. _Mark Hanson s ta1lor W?rk his sleep? IS hm d to beat. Most env1ed person of the week: Cecil Taylor, How. co!De Lt. Dash1ell 1s al-for receiving his honorary disways nbbmg Tom about charge Party night is tonight that excuse for Toms late commg -don't forget! to a recent Retreat? .. Al Shaw's OFF THE RECORD haircut! Lt. Wallace replaced Lt. Mortimer as Sq. Surgeon ... Ed Sitarz left for noncom's Physical Training School at Miami Beach Good luck to Herm Bartels who says "I do" June 6. SIGNAL HO. CO. Ill Fighter Command By Pfc. Roy Swartz It looks like a banner season for the III Fighter hardball nine, as they won their third straight game in _as many starts. Topping the batters, with a .500 average, is Pittman while Zevada and Landry are slugging .454 each. The mound duties are being handled by Foust and Wojcie-Did you know our cook, 'Kropie,' carries on a regular correspondence with a certain girl whose address he obtained from an inscription on an egg'? McGuckin I says fight refereeing is not for him, especially when the opposite! sex is involved ... Lange returns from a three-day pass spent in famous Zephyrhills. Swoboda I is seen on his day off in the Tampa Terrace lobby r eading a newspaper and smoking a big cigar. ALUMNI NEWS Lt. "Fefty" Langelie r is back at I work in New Orleans 'after a short l eave in which he visited' some of his buddies h e r e in our company ... Lt. De Simone is in personnel work in Salt Lake City. see S -ears new Spring and Summer Catalog in our Catalog Order Dept. 100 000 items to choose from. GLEN SAINT MARY NURSERIES COa CITRUS DIVISION WINTER HAVEN, FLORIDA I I I I l WISHNATZKI & NATHEL I May 21. 1943 HAINES CITY CITRUS GROWERS ASSOCIATION Hill Top Gold-Hill Top--Thumbs Up Red Cloud-Floroland --Green Turtle Truckin/ Gateway Haines City, Florida J o Bolster Our Boys In The Air Service --We have put on d Buy-a War Bond Drive among our growers. The aggregate will be credited to the Polk County Bomber Drive that will reach approximately $910001000. Our contributions ore made up from 350 grower members of our Association. We are backing you to the limit. HOLLY HILL FRUIT PRODUCTS! DAVENPORT, FLORIDA GROWERS SHIPPERS CANNERS I PLANT CITY. FLORIDA I I l FLORIDA/S FINEST CITRUS FRUITS I !:j I -----! Greetings to All the Boys and Girls f I l m the Service/ and May You All Be Home Soon. I III F. C .. HO. & HO. SO. SEA BREEZES WINTER HAVEN FRUIT SALES CORP. Buyers1 Packers and Distributors By Cpl. Alvin M. Amster Straight from Sarasota comes this SEA BREEZES. S gt. Bartels, Pfc. Eaton. and ye scribe accompanied Maj. Whiserp.nd and Maj. Cassady to the bfg Conference held there. After living in the 337th hutments. sand, outside latrines, and stuff, we'll take Drew. Don't worry, we WORKED not vacationed. Random view at the Squadron parties ... "Rastus" Williams decided. a beer bath would be appropnate and took one ... Maj. Bratton Capt. Sharkey, amused, d1dn t even bother assisting him out ... Whose wife was Jackson Page dancing with most of the time? "Red" Reugger sure wolfed the writer's date (almost) ... Vivona and Proffitt disappointed the crowds by not entertaining at their respective s pecialties: the accordian and tap dancing Didia see Watson, Sancton, and DeLorenzo gallivanting on the dance floor? More Gossip Local PX gal Pauline did all right at the partv ... What 1st Lt., initials "GHM. sort of danced with all the married gals? His buddies. Capt. Gilmore and Lt. Davis, did some nice singing. How come Bets y Wilson was the only t-Iq. girl the_re? What about the others? I I I I .. PEOPLES SAVINGS BANK LAKELAND; FLORIDA Member F. D.l C. i I I ... .. _,_,_,_,_,_,,_.,_,_.,_.,_,,_ .. ,_ .. _,,_ _.,_.,_,,._ .. _.,_+ I I I First Federal Savings & Loan AsBsn. of Lakeland ORGANIZED 1934 i Member: Federal Home Loan Bank System I Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corp. 205 EAST LEMON STREET LAKELAND, FLORIDA But they were two swell parties FLORIDA CITRUS FRUITS WILLIAM G. ROE, President Telephones: Office 22-4811 Residence 27-96 WINTER HAVEN/ FLORIDA On Lake Mirror Telephone 2139 LAKELAND STEAM-LAUNDRY ZORIC Garment Cleaning System Lakeland/ Florida


May 21, 1943 Advice lo Pilots .., Lost in Jungles Pilots force d down in jungle or d esert will no longer find themselves facing disaster because tney lack the "know-how" of survival in these regions. "Jungle and Desert Emergen cies," prepared by the Flight Comtrol Command, is now being placed in the B-2 Emergency kits of all parachutes to be used by pilots operating in desert and jungle areas. A bright red cover 'to make it easily distinguishable in any ter rain, and chemical treatment of cover and inside pages to guard them against effects of water and insects are features of the guide. Compact and pocket-size, it offers sound information on practically any phase of a "Robinson Crusoe" existence. For instance it points out that food is plentiful in most jungles jj you can distinguish between and poisonous plants. In a Lighter Vein An American soldier, attached to one of the American Tank Units fighting in tl)e Libyan campaign, had been taken many miles into the desert with his comrades. This outpost had been quiet for a day and one afternoon he found himself with a few hours leave. His C.O saw him striding across the sands clad in bathing trunks. "Murphy," he shouted, "where are you going?" "Swimming, sir," "Are you crazy? The ocean is 500 miles away." "Beautiful bier beach isn't -it?" replied the soldler. i< i< i< A fellow walked up to a bar and ordered a drink. He poured out the liquor and nibbled the edge. He ordered another and did the same thing. The bartender looked at him and said, "Are you crazy?" "No," was the reply, "I like the rim of the glass." "But," said the bartender, "the stem is the best part." i< iot i< A man walked into a barbe1 shop, handed the ?arbel a coi_n, and then clnnbed mto the chair. "Why, sir, thank yo u ," said the astonished barber, "never before have I been tipped in advance. "That is not a tip," snarled the sustomer, "It's hush money." THE ECHOES First Aid Class for \A/ites Of "' Drew Officers A First Aid C'rass for Drc\Y Field Officers' w iv es was organ-' ized Monday. Those desiring to join can do so at the next meeting which w ill be on Thursday at 8:30 in the morning. The class is b eing held in the Red Cross Room, Base Hospital. Drew Field, in Building B-11. Classes are given in anticipation of organizing a Motor Corps un.it for Drew Fie ld. All officers' wives are urged t o I attend. I DINE AND DANCE AT LICATA'S SEABREEZE on Bay Try the Best in Food FINEST LIQUORS DANCING EV.ERY NITE 22nd Street Causeway Closed Every Monday, Both ?)ay nnd t Night, Due io LaDor S:tor.tage j PRIVATE DINING ROOMS __ iVJree general rules are: (1) Eat nothing that has a bitter taste unless you know what it is. (2) Avoid allplants that have a milky sap. (3) Anything that monkeys eat, you can eat. (And you can eat the monkeys. too) GUARANTEED Watch Repairing As a clue for locating water it is stated that almost all animals travel toward water at dawn and dusk. Purification procedures are also described. Where no natural water source is available, stems of lianas, jungle grapevines and rattans contain good water substitutes, the book adds. Twenty common edible jungle plants are illustrated, and methods for their preparation or cook-. ing discussed. Various animals and insects suitable for sustaining life in an emergency are listed. Among .these are termites, which can _be eaten raw after the wings I have .been removed, and beetle gr!lbs which must be cooked or I dned. A section on jungle health stresses the frequent use of quinine as a malaria preventive I and cautions protection against the mosquitos, most dangerous of jungle insects. Dangers from natives and jungle animals have been much exaggerated according to the guide. Most animals are harmless if left. alone, and only the natives hi: New Guinea and parts of Assar)'r considered actually Advice is given on how to the most of a crashed plane its equipment f?r shelter rescue. In leavmg the plan',:, water should be carried away: .{n: l preference to food if both qiiJ'T not be taken. Warm clothiij_l?;i ( should not be left behind for ,iffr :-; spite of terrific daytime heat tnli;;: ;, temperature at nigh.t. oftt;n dl:oJ?s J ::-.' to 25 degrees. Speclf1c dJrechops: t ..:_, on itsing the parachute as a tent;: : the seat cushion as a helmet and. the_ parachute pack as a knapsq;C::.k' :;,. are included. : : :;:::: 24-HOUR SERVICE WATCHES-Dil\MONDS-JEWELRY TERMINAL WATCH REPAIRING 906 TAMPA ST. OPEN TILL 12 P. M. CHARlES Aa STEWART ,florida Citrus fruU s AUBURNDALE, FLORJDA .! Page 7 MF#Milira &' Member: National Canners Association .. ".' ,' FLORIDA Citrus Canners Cooperative Canners of florida's Finest Grapefruit ... GENERAL OFFICES AND PLANT: lAKE VvALES, FLORIDA : -QAI A A Briefness and simplicity are'the : :..o; 1 keynotes of the book. :. Ph' i +._,> MASTER ;WO ::: Continuing Air Forces T.. I cy, a new plan to train .. i t :.o; 1 tion "bombardier-navigator" Q.#i : k cers is in effect. Officers will :be' j +f+ v skilled in either branch of COJ;).').. .-:j' ._1 J. ....t1 bat. ,. '"'+ ... ,../ While this wm not cut down! : L the number of men in a j f crew, it. will allow tl1, J .1 t Jl fhers to each oth. e .l !.,. + ;case of or J j .:. '9..le on a mlSSlOn. : : : r I .:. The Commercial Printers ; r ESTABLISHED 1909 1 :i: ( 1 v o f w 1 N r E R H A v E N j : .. j fLORENCE i :i: "The City of One Hundred Lakes"' CITRUS GROWEnS ASSOCIATION :I: j :+ :. I I lJf I +'t'+i I i "" Complete I Affilia ted With Florida Citrus Exchange I : Printing Service 1 I : WfNTER HAVEN, Fl.OR!DA I : I : .. phone 212 6 I F I 0 renee v ill i1' Florida \ 1115 Florida Avenue I \ Buy Mo{e War Bonds and Stamps! --------"""""-----1 .. u +


Page 8 THE ECHOES May 21. 1943 Sig. Hq. & Hq. Co. lAM' Btffl' XVih FIGHTER COMMAND By Pfi:. Bob MoniC'na Among the s e v eral Fighte r Command<: on the f ield i s the I 1 Fifteen which has in its setup j the Sig Hq. & Hq. Co (That's US) I and carrying the b all ( which all good Fifteeners a r e on) i s 1st Lt. J e ss e M. Whelan, the C.O. Speaking of the P roverbial b all" Lt. Cohe n s B a ll Club, which w a s born on the diamond of the Fif t eenth a r e a, has whipp e d into a n all Drew threat in o n e s hort week. ANY CHAL-: LENGERS? P S. The Fifteenth I als o furnishes the Umps. I And now for two scoops hom the upper grades. Wha t two tain Sarge s are soon the b e called Sirs instead of Sarge? And what othe r 3 and 2 will1 soon si g n up for li fe and eventu-i ally muster his o w n li ttle army. I Ask Sgt. Crisp and Cpl. C arrano. They'll "supply those answers. And since we a r e s n apping a salute to the Supply d ept. lets run ove i some of the 15th effi-ci ent p e r sonnel: Sgt. Sanders keeps the trucks I off the deadline (we hope), while Sgts. Amsle r and Foust and Cpls. I Page and Southwell drive them like they wer e their o wn?? ? Sgt. Buri is the G.I. s tew spe cialist with much "thumb-ducking" help from Sgts. Wilson and,. Kruk. Cpl. R. B Smith is eating GREAT-SOUTHERN CITRUS .ASSO'CIATION. C. R. Linebaugh, Gen. Mgr. emb,er Florida Citrus Exchange -.;. : ',: WINTER HAVEN FLORIDA .. I "I SHOULD HAVE STUCK TO PAINTING" so good, his )1as 1 slipped ..v-;;. a -1!11-'-"ii down around IS w aist me. "" AM tr J The ball team played the 730 ;.if-----'--'----------------.-------91Uh 0. M. ON THE BALL by Sgt. Raymond R. Simmons G eorge (leave Em' at the altar) Davis had all but three of his teeth pulled by the GI dentist. Now he is going to a civilian den-1 tist to have two replaced. I overheard him telling one of the fellows that he was going to have one silver aiid the other gold., Now the question arises, who's gonna pay for them? The girl he left at the "Dixie Laundry" o;r the one for whom he is borrow -ing money to buy !ruit. Our baseball team won the first game of their series Sunday, by beating the. Pepsi Cola Juniors, 8 to 3 ( Samuf::!l Cole pitched a shutout after the first inning. How about a little J:l)Ore support from. you men in Camp DeSoto? It's. our tearrt, so let's get out the're and let the fellows know. that we are one hundred percent behind them. The boys are now going around singing that once popLlliir dittie "I don't wanna walk the bush path, baby, because if I do my fairy godmother is going to bust me down to a civilian in the I army. Looking out of the window, I see that the Burma Road is still very popular. The reason the boys are out on the road is bE'cause they used the wrong: road to town. You have m y d eepest s ympathies. The grass isn't taU enough to hide you from Lily MP anymore, you know There are so many irons in the fire that I don't know which one to live. So make ararngements to see this game and join the fellows and girls for the picnic that is to follow after the game Sunday. SA W Co and the game was called "On account of Darkness." The final score was 2 to 2 at the end of the ninth inning. to tell you about or put the emplmsis. The most important item that has been brought to my attention is the ball game sched. uled for Sunday, May 23, with the Drew Field All Stars vs. Tam pa Black Socks @t the park in Port Tampa. If you don't want to miss a swell game, see the one mentioned above I understand that a picnic is also sched-uled .for Sunday after the game for the rrien in this area. If we continue the extra activities, I am sure everyone will agree that Drew Field is a better place in which I LOST at Drew Field MAY 12th-LADY'S RING IN ENVELOPE with owner's name and address on same. Ample rew a r d. Phone H 34-651 COMPLIMENTS OF TAYLOR'S i i Tropical Sweets I ttl Davenport, Fla. JOHN S. BARNES & ( 0. Plant (ifyv Fiorida *----------------------------------------------------* PACKING HOUSE AND OFHCE .EAGLE lAKE, FLORIDA Post Office Bo-x 783 \Vinler Haven;_ Fhlrida KEEN FRUil CORPORATION W. E. SAUNDERS, Gen. Mgr. Car Lot Distributors flORIDA CITRUS FRUITS i : Frostproof/ Florida Buy \Var Bond s and Sian1ps! i I I em+


May 21. 1943 Sub-Depof Course for Firsl Aid Instructors I I If an accident happens to any _;___ ___________________ __ of the people working in the 26th Sub-Depot, Drew Field, and emer-Answers to gency treatment is required, the )':>tured party CCjn rest. 808 HAWK'S l i t he or she_ will receive It. i-" ..... _., I Z ssembled m a section of a --"=' Y A N : K W -iiarehouse converted temporarily >; I into a first aid classroom, some of 1. All tht are true the 40 members of the Sub-Deof Iceland. i. : ppt's initial 'first aid class are ly2. a._ A at each mg on their stomacqs upon Armypays hcs ? \\'n f!.?-Y-. ; blankets spread oilt over the spa-! b An mform,al hasty or sepet cious floor. An equal number of departure. .,; _.. officers and civilians, men and c. To _get angry. women-hovered over them in 3. :: kneelin'g position. 4 .. Taro IS a,,_fightmg bull or a "Hands in position," "their New _Ze

Page 10 THE ECHOES --WING 22nd WING the line this past vveek men in engineering were given' 48-hour passes; they were seen with hapP Y faces. Our Squadron mailman, Pvt. _Nelson, i s really o n the b a ll, hand111g out packages to the boys. Keep the good work up, N elson. May 21. 1943 485th B-omb. Sq. This writer hasn't seen the in side of churches much since he arrived at the age of 21 and obtained freedom and independence from his parents. Since then h e has regarded Sunday as a day 1 ir:g /'-unt .. Uncl e who \\'ere i Fla. I undel'stand they are all H..JI'"'fS. CIIt_Icall}-c d man automo b1le J,; u.kmg forv.-urd to another such u,.. Detachment accJd .ent. Sorry 1t had to be th:o1t trip. J.:ind 'l.,11e pi lets Cll'e \Vond:ril1 u VV hyT I 1 you have m1ssed the s;11iling, Lt. Jackson goes around w i t h tha t I T B S/Sg!. Charlie Crews so maybe I talked a little fa_cr: of ?vt. Escab1ok dreamy look. Must b e that love is 1 : too fast. The 624th did give our tne sqdn. pam tel, 1 t s because he 111 full bloom. e softbaU team a wicked trimming, transferred to Hunter Acting First Sergeant Jenning s j but we haven't hollered "Uncle" Field at ;:,avanEah, Georgia. has left on detached service. The i yet. We still think we ca11 whip Sgt. Horton left on furlough boys will sorely miss him a-! the "Commandos," as they so th!s _;vee]:. N_o o!'!e can say he did iunong the other boy s in the ;I ... i modestly call themselves, and we c.ese! \ e l L has bee n domg sq uadron who are enjoving their I ::; are quite anxious to IJI'ove our fme. very hard to furloughs at bot11es are Cpl. \ j 1 statement. What say. Sgt. Rite? keep H.m,s 1 smoothl y. Hadip, P-.'t. held and P1 rt. Le-! I omkeeps grow., !he 84th Serv.tc_E! deJe':!ne. 1 j n:g-New officers, rec-ently arfunctlC!mng, "'-' Jth a Sgt. 1\'fassey says he 1s. shll look:o nved, are Capt. Macomber-Ass't 1 1 epi esentat1ve appomted for each mg for that furlough. I A-1; Lt. Ott-Adiutant; Lt. !\-rnold s_?_t. fo;:, the Stefanich, she ph e l' d THE li! l r.. 0 E f t f ft l;il n : u y i --Ordnance; and Lt. ArmitageI IS ;1 Ol r..ll1o"' \\ 1th L>UCh-\ 1 7 1 anKl e Summe1s, gunners of j ;\ y U i'l{ J &:,; L U y r' A "' A-4 section. I ;cL, t n e Gp. "' S. OI11ce, :ilnd the 3 03rd, are awaiting their ap' l Poss ibly b y the time this colche 12Pi:ltm e : t t o Aviat-iOI? Cadet r 11mn reaches pnnt one of the :!;., 50;'t ba: l e a,.u e oemg .l01.!,1 e d !::ic houL S g t 1::; c1!So wait1 :;, charte r enlisted members of this m vnth eac h sqcln i;1g tel t!; e C ac'e t Sehoot but is R. Det. will have l eft us. He' is conir;tu:t:? t c eai:,s. -1 on a 15 -day furlough--'ucky r T/SgL Balch, who has had a dis1 A ,a ; l ?c sllf:'. 1 "' charge approved unde r the over-L1e Sl!.g Fest PaitJ, ' e\\ Lenors a,K, te1 Vle,v World War I, will S00!1 be returnbai:"ones. "' ing to his home in Detroit, and A talent uhovv Is bemg fom,_ed TEE T!-IREE THIRTY-NINTH j 1 all of us join in wishing him :n t_he _?roup could use FLORIDA STORES: Godspeed and the best of luck. ._-noJe ,ood 1 ta.ent. If you smg, 482nd Bomb. Sq. l Another loss befell us on the dance or p,ay a mstru-I PLANT CITY -BELLE GLADE pj\HOKEE MIAMI ment contact you S 1 s By Pf::. Sa.rnuel A. Weinberg I 18th, when MaJ or Joe Ed-ge A-4, r pecw er_vrce E 1 d GAINESVILLE _HOMESTEAD PAL0-PO"r' !PANO Representat bl .ac 1 ay bl'ings adventures i -,. was transferred to duty else' lVe as soon as poss l e l d SANFORD VERO BEAC. H WAUCHUL_" 1 where. The ma]or with his al-It nove an new to the officers I .., -302 d B b S ao1d m e n in the Four Eighty-Two. WEST PALM BEACH I ways friendly and nature, n om q. a small happy family ,doing i :0 was e : :tremely well-liked around CHIT HA 1ts best, to beat all the others e _parts, will be sorely C _T By Al Gorman and show u tl t vV :l i m1sse0 .. We w1sh you nothing but Moymg men have been at a L ; L,,. best to e b L j the very best, Major. premrum for the last fe\v days, as Cl'r litt' me c aun, is very nice. and a of the line tents were up-like a 'fo.nn. ts PLANT CITY, FLORIDA-f py m1htary march never fa!ls to rooted and moved dovvn to a more sip th<> bt lle g?s 1 st_iffen my spine,. but \ vhat most area. Tech Suppl:y is do_wn I all' yoL( e 0f I c._ r us around_ office w:ould e, b_us1ly stonng wmter flycheEr. e 00 1 like to kn0\'1 IS tlus: Is "Natwnal 1ng In n1oth balls._ Cpl. GruScrt R b o' b ].;: f Ufi hearing it 4 times a day squadror: pe1:sonneL Pvt. Kohl1 11 : .a;11 ":--' cr a sU?e1 HwkP at 11:30 AM ::..nd h, ice at backer IS worki. 1g on lis, a son;:, for he love:; to 4:08PM) 7 davs a week It would Buck Ro<>e ; s. flyin<> belts for s e1v-rl. uh all 111!f1t and day long. J -- 1 "' \ "' 1111 JS w1th L'S nnd be nice to hear something else Jcmg P a nes 1 t 1e a!r. Pvts-. Hoou for a change. Anybody agree'! ver and Slanco hme passed the' r doing quite good. He act-ed in picd t 1 c rc:, c-ut 1n Holly-. vood. I exams anc are awa:tiilg The W AACs are new neighbors, TI-'IE ElGHTY-FOURTH R 1 ,. near our home they l",J k, and ,ac 10 1 s Still cl1ewing the base-c ":)01 B b S tall rag. They clajm they beat many a soldi<. :. can't kee. p his .J St Om q. Armament: Armament '''i"rl on bio-w o rl;: S .e:t. Eimer is Now that our schedule rs back they beat Rad io, and Ordnance thriving and getting his fill, each to nor:mal, the boys are wonder-claims they licbo>d both of them. tilgm "' .itiT tne fair sex, at the llig what will be next on the Pfcs. Steele, H upp, Cekaukas, Pn.-l 'l\ ,lf_dl. Din<'es s i s 'soli_ d program after a 14-day quaran-Bishop, Predki, Phillips, Rosen-and gomg to A .cute gal,. 111 tine o-E one barracks and a 4-day feld, Hefter Steckle r have come a CLIL e t:ar, dnves hlln around. Bivouac of the whole squadron. into the sparks shack r ecently. t_he l::lest news b y far is we're Life may be duH if something Of course they were met with <1 w111mng wars, and_ boy s who new isn't injected i n our program. band the station and I rnrade, are g1vmg It's a cinch that the Bivouac r9yal .302nd welcome. Sgt. Ray Y\ e 1.-ave a few and 1t all was not dulL Frbn1 the time the and Pfc Byrne are on furlough. 1s qmte pleasmg, to see old fellm< 3 began struggling to shoulSgt. Elias, of operations, has go. The:yall are stnpe-teasmg. der t heir field gear to the time gone to Orlando, while P v t Ba-New stnpes are sewed on. and dropped their packs after con, of the same department, came look rather noted. For all who returning, action and excitement back from furlou'5h. Pfc. Shehi have got them deserve to be ran high. The greatest excitement, came into Intelligence, and is promoted. and. action too, took place holding his own with those baggy to our pal, Pete Caml e vening there, just at chow old veterans, J ackson, Roper and :';t1 s home no\v on time_ While everyone was peace-Gorman. Pfc. Shamburg, late o nee an? co!lfeth .We all w1sh fully nibbling on a very .. good this "'allant company is livina mm luck 111 h1s marnage to Jo. meal, suddenly from a peaceful from bhand to mouth at They're both a fine couple believe :sky ca:me a gas attack. It was 339th wilderness outpost. Pvt. Kb-us we know. heartbreaking to look at that good v a .sh deserves a hand for running food through the glass of a gas Engi neering Dept. from early mask. and not be able to eat. and in the mornii'g to Iate at night. wonder if it would be fit to eat He should have that four extra when the attack was over. The bucks to buy vitamin pills. In flay off came when one of the ordnance we have Sgt. Hanlon, J;rnoke bombs started a grass fire \l'ho is_ arixiously a'.vaiting the arright near a group of tents, caus-rival of his wife in Tampa: J0hn :in g everyone to drop everything, Hanno. who is flirting with the :and become a fighter. Fortu-nurses at the hospital: and Cpl. nately the fire was checked in a DeVries, who is on fmlough-his short time and the gas cleared out wife presented him with a baby shortly after, so we all could go gir L back to eating the chow that was 303rd 18omb. Sq. not consumed b y the ants. All in ali, Bivouac was a swell vaca' tion. and a first class morale 'builder and a good time was had 'by a1L Pfc. Janson, of Intelligence, is on an emergency furlough, visit'Pvt. AJI)ert E. Collins has gone on a 15-day furlough The boys are still t alking of their recent encamDment in the bivouac area at Ii1dian R ocks BROTHERS FRUIT HAULERS Winter Haven, Fl0rida PHONE. 28-292 P. 0. BOX 772 ___ 483rd Bomb. Sq. The men in this Squadron ap tlreciate the Mosquito bars that the Army has provided. However, woe to the person who corals two thrPe on the insideof the netting. Such was. the expehence of t/ ugt. <._,.reenberg. He fought bravel y but the Dive Bombers won out :rhe boys miss the fb:1.ing trips w 1th T/Sgt. Shelnutt who is on furloug h. We l:ope his fishing exploitations in other waters will be successful. Wha t member. woke up to find tar dripping on his bunk? Who will deny the fact that the heat is not turned on? lVIay we suggest that the num1'ers of squadron attend services on SLinday at the day room. fhe men will find Chaplain O p c )f'rn'.an an interesting talker and : t i5 a duty thnt we owe to' our sel ves. 484th Bomb. Sq. 'Tis rumored that the WAA.Cs have moved in the 'vVest e n d of -; f i e l cl. lt looks as though bed check vvill now be enforced Our First Sergeant F 1\'::urch iso n now on a n emergency three-day pass due to death in I 'he fam.ilv, once again see s S/Sgt. Pohl takine: over the duties o f the top chair. Our Physical T!ainers have Villa ft Y e uver:::. Lumber and Builders Supplies lt seems as though M/Sgt. E rtggs is trying hardto get a WINTER HAVEN, FLORID }\. furlougr Could it be he is thinking that two can live as cheaply as one'! .. Due to good work on A. M. HESS, President L. D. Mullins Lu.mber Company, Manufacturers of Band Sawn Dense Long Leaf Yellow Pine Lumber Rough and Dressed Mullinsville, Florida HILLSBORO STATE BANK PLANT CITY, FLORIDA Member F. D. I. C. PORTRAITS Special, Four 4x6-in. Folders $5 00 STAN FORD STUDIO, 1 00 E. Lafayette Street DEVELOPINGPRINTING -ENLARGING A. H. STAFFORD, President BABSON PARK CITRUS CO-OP BABSON PARK/ FLORIDA


May 21. 1943 delphia team of old, I guess we will have to break up our team in order to bring it down to a pm with other outfits. ---------+<-------626th Bomb. Sq. off, to rest or it as an opportunity to do things work did not p ermit. However, the new Chaplain, Lt. Opperman, seems to be a swell fellow, deserving of all the support'we can give him, and this s c ribe now intends to be at w h eneve r he has the p ol'tunity. The marrying bug has really One h ears quite a few queries taken over the squadron. This ?S to whe n we are going to have week we want-to extend our conour next outing. It seems the boy s gratulatwns to F/Sgt. Sibley. really enjoye d the Jasl one and 11 The .groans and grunts .were are looking forward to going loud this also the again. The writer was in the life were many few of our insurance game once and got very .ehte members diggmg fed up in the selling end so he Ice Box and Latlme P1ts m the is not att!Cmpting any salesman-new area. To hear them talk, ship now. But Uncle Sam is really they m .ust have. <;iu& clear through giving us more for our dollar than to Chma and started another any outside independent company .will give. And, boy, we should I m afraid that.. we will have get full protection, because to cut_ S/Sgt. D _owney mto sev never get such a deal again unless pieces He !S -so popular, he we're s oldiers. IS wal?-t.ed m most every When the topkicks around this m the Maybe 1t area want to make a roll call or lS ,his dynamic personality. a formation nowadays, they don't We want. to extend our luck go around the different depart-and J;>est WisheS to !3/Sgt. Heldt ments and barracks. Of course, we who leavmg us this week with don't know exactly where they his discharge. do go, but there does seem to be The happy and sad faces are -Jot of soldiers hanging around still showing up in the Banacks the vicinity of the barracks for -the former when the boys are '\VAACs who arrived recently. leaving on their furloughs, and ----i< th0 latter when they return. Fun-405th Bomb Group but you ne':'er the reverse m the above situahon. HEP..DOUARTERS i<----'.):'hese .are busy days fo;.-the 627 h B b S 405th Bomb. Group. Dirty faces, t Om q but pleasing smiles, were seen By Sgl:. C. Pappalardo aroLmd noon today as men wandered in and out of headquarters, Cpl. Hannon, 627th columnist fully content with the results of and journalist, has left on his a beautiful noon meal prepared furlough In_ hi_s haste, no sub by each squadron mess. was left to frll m. The squadron Yes, you guessed it-we are in IS now chancmg on free lancers. the process of moving. At last I Who kn_ows, Hannon may soon the 405th has sat up on its be. a rovmg reporter. haunches and is getting ready to After a little shuffling around, do b i g things. You can't keep a the 627th is finally commencing good organization down!We want to roll along. Four men have : :to give away. all our grand and arrived, Gunner Sgts. Gollozzi, '-thrilling things about 405th and Strutz, Snyd-er, and Wallace. its new area. We"ll let the squad-They ' { : : i' Growers, Packers and Shippers forward to eating in our own I ; squadi'on mess again. Under the I supervision of Sgt. Raines, with Sgts. Hendrickson and Ricka'baugh as his aides, you can bet our kitchen will be the best o the 405th. : Sgt. Fream is seldom seen these 1 "days. Mrs. Fream and Leroy Jr. are in from Long Island, New to spend a little time with I ; :-''Pop." ThP. Squadron extends its con:gratulations to the following men who advanced a grade during the past w eek: T/Sgts. Moulder, Grennon and Friend;. S/Sgts. Helder, Manning, Duncan; Grimm Gardner, Gustafwn and Motley; to Sgts. Beasley,. Fo.uts and Culler; to Cpls. Best Chizek and Fuller. A little bit more and we won't have a private in the outfit. Our softball team is still looking for victims. Like the Phila1-...HITE ROSE BAR Paul Webber, Prop. IQUORS, WINES, BEER AND CIGARS Cor. Cass and Marion Sts. Phone 4502 K.NIGHT PAPER BROS. c 0. 612 Bell Phones 4 205 4204 "'A Paper for Every Purpose" + 1 -111!-IIU-ttll-tllo-tln -n>ln n tttt nA ;111-11+ i W E L C 0 M E I I TO THE l iAI R BASE GRILLI i Where The Busses Stop j "+-RII-IIIt-1111-llt-tltltlll-nP->IU-IIIJ-"11-+ FER.NAND.EZ RESTAUR'ANT Servicemen! THE MEN VIHQ FEED'iHE NATION ARE DOING THEIR PART, TOO! PASCO PACKING ASSOCIATION Packers, Growers, Shippers ORANGES, GRAPEFRUIT, TANGERINES ( '' Dade City, Florida _Cuban Sandwiches A Specialty 1216 Franklin St. J c'i!l .,..,; of FLORIDA'S FINE CITRUS FRUITS LAKE ALFRED/ FLORIDA i WINTER HAVEN LAUNDRY CO., INC. 1 @!. j : ZORIC PRY CLEANING i I I i i i I Service Men Welcome to Winter Hoven PARK CAFE N. D. ROUBOS, Owner I 37 FIFTH ST .. N. w. PHONE 23-372 I i r WINTER HAVEN, FLORIDA Buy More War Bonds and Stamps!


Page 1 2 THE E C H 0 E s l Drew Team Opens New_"D .iamond By Drubbing MacDill DRE W FIELD RIGHTFIEL:PER O U T A T FIRST-AHh o ugh P eltii i Drew fi e ld's riehtfic l de r, fai!ed to first base in.this li ctur e l 1 i s teammat es made the g,aue frequentl y n s the D r ew S ignal t ea m cru s h e d l\I acfie ld s F liers, 15 to 0 in Drew'$ new base ball diamond was dedicat e d, B y i?FC. DELWIN BAGGETT -----------D!ew F ie ld's Signal ball team blasted out a 150 w i n over the MacDill F liers to open a ne\v Drew Golfer In Exhibitio n Match C a li f. diamr,nd last Satmday a t Drew. i Sgt. W ilhelm Smith, outstand It is the f irst baseball diamond in!! amateur g o lfer now s tationed for D ew. Come o u t t o Palma Ceia golf course and see a good match Sun day afternoon. Soft ball Played In The 314th V!tn Tan:ul is scattered six h its a t Drew with the Signal Corps, will team w i t h Sgt. Harry Pezzu l and a single MacD ill p layer l o of Camp B lam-ling against two got pdst second base. leading civilian golfers of Tam-As a result of the fresh ze s t for It: v;as the eighth victory in nine pa in a benefit match for the competitive sports that is rid i n g games for the Signalmen, and the Red Cross. berserk over the 3 14th Base fifth win of the season for T a -The exhibition ,,ill be held at Squadr-on, two softball teams remulis. former major league hurler. the Palma Ceia go l f course on cently organized at Base HeadDiew once in the Sunday afternoon. quarters and at Base Personne l a n d cont m ued t h e onslaught wrth b < J -tbt k, g a 1 t 1 1 th d An outstanding oolfer in college e,an 1 1e -1 ee-s II -S\\ m P -a Sl!g e a y 1n e secon SIX o .., rade T h ursri a v ;jfternoon at 5:3 0 i n the fourth three in the fifth Sgt. Smrth wa.:; a member the 1 one i l the and three i n the undefeated Georgi a Tech team 0 eighth tlat built up quite a It IS hopeG .a r fray turning in. a beautiful :;e v':ral vt;a: s a go. Smce bemg will become the i ncent1ve for a moun d performance, T am u 1 i s statwned 111 the Tamr:a area, Sgt. mass organization of teams -shared. the b a ttin g laur e l s getting I Sm1th has been one ot the _l.eadmg through out the various depart three hits, including a doubl e, and I zolfers at the Palma <;:era club. ments staffed 314t l!-pers<;>nnel, batted in five runs. H e shoots in the low 7 0 s. w h 1ch wrll m an mtraSgt. Vincen t Harriman, pudgy Sg. t. Pezzullo, w h o will team I tournament little shortstop \Vith a powerfull .:vith Smith, holds titles in the to mme" the softJ:>a ll wrist motion, hit for the circuit Mid-Western Open, Arizona Ope n prons ot the f1ghtmg 314th with o n e aboard in the fourt h t o and Eevada Open. I n September Shoul d this program meet w ith pace 'r.ne attack ag:our:st three Mac' Pezzullo won the Rocky Moun-the succe:::.o is deserves, its scope Dill tain Open cl1ampionsl1ip. Pezzullo cculd be enlarge d to include vol-I n the fourth. Drew sent six r uns was former pro at Bing C rosb y s leyball, basketball track, and perncl o San'.a fi'n Cltll), Del lV!ar. 1 : ns pourir'g across the platter. when "_:______ _c. _______ _______________ T o n Devito, startin?: pifcher for the Fliers. grew wild and walked three ::l'l P hone EAT HENDERSON BAiiiNG


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