Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Post Exchange
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 2, no. 12 (May 28, 1943).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
May 28, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
1 773
t Drew Field echoes.
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Vol. 2 No. 12 Published Exlusively in :the Interest of the Personnel of Drew Field Friday, May 28, 1943 COMMENDS GIVE A GARAND RIFLE DRIVE Gen. Sherrill Attends a Crew Arrives Cooking and Baking At Drew fer fUming {onfesl of A W U T ( Of New M-G=M Movie .-ri:e fourth annual Cooking and 1 A Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer camBabn_g cont_est of the Aircraft: era crew, filming the Spencer Warmng Umt command's 12 kit-I Tracy-Irene Dunne picture, "A chens was held last. Thursday I Guy Named Joe," arrived at afternoon at o'clock. in kit-. Drew Field to begin actual shootchen s1x. the sponmg on the saga of American fight-sorshtp of Its mess officer, Lt. P. ing men. E. McLaughlin, who inaugurated Heading the unit is jay Mar contest, the present one was. chant, business manager, who smd to be the greatest success of has been in films for 25 years allE. 1 and who built the first movie ac 1 kttchen had five rtems to dio in Japan 15 years ago prepare: a pan of beans, apple Senator Bridges Praises Campaign e n-a te F1oor'n 1 pie, lemon pie, two-layer cake At first It that Mrss and a pan of rolls. All ingredients Dunne and Mr. 1 racy not j were of Army issue except the come to Tampa _for the -coloring used in the which Dolph M. were in all cas-es beautifully de-director of the ftlm, sard they .. :corated and iced. One kitchen atwould come here for a_ few days On the floor of the United States Senate, Senator Styles Bridges, of New Hampshire, extended, on May 17, 1943 some remaTks of a statement late r inserted in the Appendix of the Congressional Record. They pertained to the Give a Garand Rifle campaign which has been undertaken as a state-wide project by the Florida Junior Chamber of Commerce at their State War Conference at Miami Beach, May 8. a charming floral effect, at the end of the shootmg sched usmg colored paper flowers. AIule. together, 60 items were submit"It begins to look as if they will ; ted. have to be here in order to get The contest v.ras "Jd I J e -"' three ftre statwns, I y Ntee assOCJacCS .. e rr.ei: a i e J 1 0 ess P i 1'' H.,l L o '"r) \' t'I the wate r and chlorination wtta _the o f the: Ll ? ,_.. c n rL_ e .'-;.,';' .,..,:-'u .1 and the sewera"e diposal system The Ta.m;:Ja C i:tr Tennis our women replacmg tnem. 1 111 n o_ arG ,JJ s d !'l l d Enginecrin" officers and nam en+ '-"1'11 ("'>':' unrler Wa'r All I \ '.'a:'l 1!1 erma:-Jy. :1 '1 am "' 1 stlll a G erman But c.n1 I lt1Und1 ed. s ?f specialists assist 111 Monday, Mai'! -31st, at Davi5 Vlh i le 755t[l Company hag an American t h r 0 u g h ::md he op.er atwn. Island. A!l entries mus he n n t .,.. tr L111 comple th L c;h I t .... b Tb. i\I f d 5 ld 1 <.J. ".!. .. i .IO 1_, am giVI:1g .!'lS e -i "":1 j :r.any l.:ranclF' S o f spec iGi-, cause I t.-ant to help o n d {:: .a; Pedr9. (Cor,tirwe d en Page 2) (Continued en Page 2 )


Page_ 2 to Uve. with :te a i d an .i n \la.ied b:lrn.<::ks b a g he S Nimm<:X c a n aH.o:J:t Th: s ;:; i o w being iau g h" a cless of in-. : '"(lr5 at :r'.eli urd-:: b e -::F1'l < .o o i Mr. l'Jic ran o the Red Cross w it/1 r e ei.d of n;e E e d C r o ss e x p er, Han.y Ke:1Tiini 'T.J:i-:.o d.c 2 s The l:.arracks is open i n leaO Q fi) : "'Hi L h a;r as ::" :e h ;i:s !i:e water. Afe r the j nstrucrors' is fir.ish e d hey will in :turn each he men i n he i r com:m a n>i t o s..,vim,. ------_.....:.:__ _______________ WAACs Settle Down I :;tunts in achieving s pecial ..... .. 11 IS, well kn0\ "l! m the fllm mdus (C.ontn : u e d rom Page .l) tly vVilliam Kaul art i s unit director ,h:ed YTork ha,re bee n plann e d f o r of t h e show 'The r e are about 3 5 vmmen at "Dr.ew Field R e m eri in t h e c rew wor];:in" at: Drew quest s for s p eeialistp will b e f ill e d Field in addition to .as tt.e vV AACs, an:ive Some have m e n w orking o n !:!"I Ound scenes been slate d fo r t h e Quar-i ':: __ er cffices. Othe r s will .be as;;i g:::rd t o a dministrativ e work a t : YOU CAN' T LOSE i f you tuy : h e S tati o n Hospital. T h e major1 buy .mo r e Bonds and Stamps ]tv wi l t a k e over the man y d e s k lever y payoay jobs B ase H eadquar t e r s 'Pub li c I .. .. .. .. a:1_d Service s I l H r:'N R Y HO" w KEr. co I "1'\"Hi f ; e ass1g ned 'Nome n w h o I I : ,!!;; b ackgrounds from I Ghipese Han!l La'llncl.ry .\i !I. l -.t.:. .. th \ V /\.l \.C C i '!T1Y a]so l ) C:'1 it,: s ton; : 1 c h oi" \! Sahsfac:!1on Guarantec ni y rn e s;J. management by i : soa FRAN KLIN STREET prach.eal ll1lpressect p ost p e r;:onne l. .. fq; ( WA.A .Cs Vf..AAC s w e r e un-. TONY tAASON'S p & ckw.g wnnkled summer cloth-\ mg f c orh L aunch1v I ORCHESTRA spac e \Vas at a p remt u m as g 1rls 1 \vai:r'rt t h eir turn a t tubs anti I b oaT d s The main po;;t exchElf!e l: act a "run" o n the in signta o f t l. e A n 1 w Air Force and ovec:0as cap s \ vhich the v.,r AACs rl.:i:e ar!owP rl t o wear on the Dnsr. The WAAC, o wning a sewin g k!t .i,""ld .. knO \\.ing ho\v. to use it, -,;va.s the i n ost popula r g i i l i n t h e outfi t, so e a ge! \Vq e t h e wom e n 'to \.:ear the indica ti n g : they _a p r oud o f t h e p e r : S Ofiil(:! O f .Lt ... ,. ...... c.\.,. u l"" "rS. i N e t All Wcrk i Fea!uring JEANNE RI:-CHARD H aU "VVGr1-: a ,;. :l"r n ol: '.'' thr:'!.-1'-1 t c n'ab:!" the 1:VAt.C a clull J f!;td, the petsonnel e1t Drc,v F iold; 17..as bkf'n nrecaut icns s o I Vlfl ... 1-:. .. C w i ll t;-B to nucr .c 1h,:::-iafol...: 1'f1 ,., -.... i--11 ., ..... .. e = "" I t -::; .. P.1 .. 1 r rrc c '.; r'"1 :-. .. in' CHO? S I 1 t 11 v r 1 ... 1 ) 1 C' / & '!.. Lit\. 1".. ,_. -' 'r)--, 1., V' 1 < C 1' M" II .A. ttf/1 gnt s J s \ ,'ON< I ;1"rl '"(-j r;l l J 'f' 2003 f'O' J',rr'l"t"" P { J O fficn-a ii ':,Gc!a l I E. LAFAYETTE I eriug::; f.lft" noup M C A Tve tried to be Red, White and I rew rnves Blue 1 ( C tmtiaued f rom Pag e 1) 'o t h e bo7s ai MacDill and Drew. made t'il 'o-;o1.: r k e "When yc:u work i s done, and you for .laid in England. want scme fun 1 P:-r r...-nt I n ... s:.> iC( t b :; f u :1, v ()') !1"1" TIJIS i s :the place for you. ('en.t the f i l m will be r raco2 in T a t;-r._ n r e::: at oCher U lAJLU:Rrr BAn ana 1 n Hol l y w opd.. iv2. l"b: LA: J II\ o f the Cl"C'\\" i s cTa::;k 'l, 'l ;\ J"VE., Ph. M721" Sn1 i th. o n e of t h e t o omo! t Hr>l ],-- ....._ ,., "' ... \ v hose af>i1it y l.o .:m g fl'Om ul ati 2 ,,jn,;:s p ec[crt!1-1 : .:J..:..:::n ... BEERS --WfNES May 2 8. 1943 Give-o-Garond Drive -(Continue d from. PAge 1 ) and r i d the world of Hitle r .' An-othe r man M r : Roy J. Holmes, a : clerk in St. Petersburg ; w :rote that 'I am. 55 years old tof day. I a m sending: this c h e ck. for the purchase of one Garand rifle 11 as a b irthday pre s ent f r o m m e to. ... the Government. I do this in gratefui thanks for 55 h appy years I iri this co u n tr y o f our>:.' ". F'rom every p art o f Florida has 1 come this spirit o f self-sacrifice t his w ish t o take a more p e r soi 1 a l part in thi s war. T h e Give a G ar-. apd idea. p e rmit s people t o cjo t h is, and b 0'1:ef it s t h e cqunt r y a t t h e same time to the v alue of the c a i :h donatio n I want t o t a k e this opportunit y to commend Col. M elvin B L t. A G. Thompson, and Pv.t". (1st c l. ) Harc:ld R Bracj]ey of Dre w Fie l d for their part. ih d e-, \ZE'loping the Giv.e a Ga!' and pro 1 g i,am and g ivin g i t an appreciable s t art. I '"l am sure tbal t L e n:! a r e mill i ons 0 f American cilizeris who I would like ,to t a k e p e !'son a l l?art m war erfort b y g n : w g a Garand. I 'l< YOU C AN'T LOSl<: i f v o u c,, v: more every 1Jayda:y --. ____ : .. ; A Tropical Trip Tha(s Really a Pip! In Tech n icol o r with M:1ry Martin, Dic k Po\ Vell Hutton. Eddie Bi-ac k e n R udy Vallee nH PY GO v e r y N i 9 .. h t 8 tillll t L \ EXCEPT M O I'i D A Y..-I 1 I F r e On Davis: Island LEAVING GRANT'S CORNER. FRANKLIN AND CASS STREE'I-.anhattan l' ." 210 E. Lafayette S!. Ta,mpa Good, Food Reas_onoble Prices .... Try Our Roast Turkey Dinner Served From lt A.M. to 9 ,P;M ALA CARTE SERVICE AT ALL HOURS MEATS THE Corner Fortune and Franklin Dancing Every N ight in the Biue Room to C t l .. I.l E R B O ,X .. ... '. : and Steak;s Real ItaJian. SANDWICHES. -DRIN.KS LIQUORS Abba Dobbo And Band Nigh-tly 707 S. HOWARD A VENUE j PHOli!E H 3757 Ph. 3290 9c 2Sc Sunday and Monday 'Hello, Frisco, Hello' a n d Zack Pho n<> 3303--9c, 22c Saturday and Sunday 'Spy Ship' Cra i g Steven s, Ire n e iv,[anlllin g II w as Framed' Julie BishOlJ Regi!> T oomey 'CHEVRONS T. 5 P a t cher T Shirts -Flashlights and EaUe ric-"" r .... ;1lso VJ\1bbing and Buckles AT S HOP IN THE Air Base B'Us Terminal 906 TAMPA STREET All Service Men Are Welcome 1 Barcelona

May 28, 1943 A !i0ni0r. ALBERTUS HOTEL I 956 Twiggs M 1339 AWI!IJ17h 'YOU'D BE. SURPRISED HO\t'l MUCH EQU 1 PME.NT WE. LOSE THIS WAY SlR..P THE ECHOES Rocky Point Golf Course j N 0 t E .. I I ow pei1 .o .. 1v.. s 1 And V/ AAC Personnel i Effective immediately, the Roc1 ky P0int Golf course that is oper atecl by the Of:fi2 et's Club will be I opened t o enli.:;ted men and per1 sonnel of the WAACs o n Monday, I \V ednesday and Friday. I The ccurs:: \vill b e available for! officers on Tuesday, Thlllsday,: Saturday and Sunday. S c heduled : mixed match play between missioned and enlisted personnel will be h eld on Sundays. A green fee of twenty five c ents for nine holes and fifty cent s for eighteeri holes wi!I be charged. -----------1 Guaranteed' Walch Repairing Authorized Bottler: BOTTLING CO. OF T A..V.? A I Over 40 Years in Tampa Service Men's Watches Repaired in Less Than One Week Tampa Loan Co. 1 Palace Skating Rink 908 FRANKLIN STREET "TAMPA'S OLDEST AND MOST LIBERAL LOAN COMPANY" 2803 S. MACDILL AVENUE .'I' WAR BONDS! 5M!MiB? OFFICERS' TROPICAL \NORSTED S H l R T S i S LAC K S .}H9.7.J GABARDINE All woo.!, smaiUy t:xtra well tailored Cool, nrcss-:wldinz_ Form fit, :egula t i o n shires. -Slacks have z ir:per fly. Monday. Tuesday, C:ay. ':'hursdu-:_" :::venings. I ; ; i SULPHUR SPRINGS NEW FLOOR NEW MUSIC SKATES Admission: Nights 31h "SKATE .ON THE SMOOTHEST FLOOR IN THE SOUTH' Sc -Street Car and Bus Service to Door Welcome Service Men S vV I M a t t he Sulphu_ r Springs Pool I Naunl S?rings. Tempera1 ture, 72 degrees. Bus and Sl:reet Car to Pool. o !\_ M !>P.M. Come on Down! Service Men Delicious Food -Reasonably Priced. Open Day and Night. { H llD CAFE 501 FRANKLIN STREET BUY WAR BONDS! PADD-OCK B A R "Not a .Took .Jolnt-But a place juat like the one bac:lc home-where you can bring your wife or aweelhear: for a drink. a c:hat and fine :nuolc: JACKSON AT TAMPA ST. Open From 8 A.M; to 12 P.M. ... TAMPA'S OLDES'T Nl1 E CLUB Featuring 3 Floor Shows Nite!y -8 10 Midnighl DANNY & DON'S EWEL. ox N i T E c"LlJ8 911 TAMPA STREET to the Sweft r1lusic of MANNY GATES' ORfHESTRA i I I"' om;;;;_-;:ilie: '"'" i fOR BJ::_Z;.LL Y GOOD _FOOD AT TE ; PLEASANT ATlViOSPHE.RE-FOL.LOI.' 1 1-i.t. CRO\\'D I ; Steak, Sea Food, D_inners Dehc1ous Sandw1che I r H E I .. ._91111-F11ral!lln111di!lli 111n8St: pflie:11l 111111141110l-711tl'ilh Ave 1 wBU=Y M 0 RE WAR B 0 N D S EV '( PAYDAY! ,.\


Faqe4 .,,, TH E ECH .. GLENN R. ROSS, Publisher.' TAMPA ARMY NEWSP APF;RS .;: -,. lll3its 9f "At l .east the WAACs a re not as {;peaking. Many men fall into. the car eless handling. of temperamental a s -musicians;'' she 1:>9th in grammatical as well as in polite social usage. Rotig.\-1. talk is s:;\il e :;,_. ,: definitely out of place now. Lt' Small, who. : fp'r .merly shared Courtesy is of prime importance. The simpler amenities of daily a s .tildio wit!l IVf3.Y,be1le Wagner J..iving will mean. much to these new of Drew's personnel Shank, one of ol'igirial Ji;lora .. 3.ild will mean much, too, to the men who. practice them We must Dora taught -piano --and .all to civil life some time in the future, 11nd practicing some arrand, Earl' Lt,tlubelle and. Sc'otty were se1:ved cafetena style from G. Small, a resident student at BAD. :OAY the mess and the evenip g the Still College .0f Osteopathy_ Harold Peary, Jane Darwell was off properly wrth Des Moines, Iowa Mr. Small, who. "ruesday. il,nd Wednesday, dancing in .the pavilion. w ill gradua_te this year, feels that June 1 .. 2 : The WAACs wet e presented-; upus.ual v.rith a six-v\reek-old puppy. fo,r ali oppt:n:tumties :. _to" : women masc6t .,(cd;lr blp.ck, par1 eiltl:j.0od ; ; .'vanhng to By S.Sgt. (Tech) Eve S1m111ons doubtfLil): The pup was' promptly' and_ who would be left a1one CRASH DIVE ost Headquarters Com-is undecided whether or pot to leges thrs year. SOUA:PRON I.,EA,DE R X PROTJ:;STANT 10:30 AM-General services in. a .ll chapels. 7:30 PM-'-General evening_service in Chapel 4 : .. jEWISH 8:30 PM -Friday evening in Chapel 3. 8:00 AM-Saturday. in Chapel 3 7:15 PlVI-Wednesday in Chapel 3.. T)J.e was lectl,lring a of incipient officers. "A 40foot. flagpole fallen down," he said "You have a sergeant a_nd a squad of ten men. How do you erect the flagpole again?" The thought, then, offered suggestions block and-ta<;kle, derricks, etc. "You're all wrong," replied the colonel. "You'd say: 'Sergeant; i get that flagpole up.' pany were very much at honie as I detail 6rie member of the co.H-1Lt. Small, accompanied by Lt. PoJ;"tJ;l1an, Beatrice Varley ihey down WAAC' s De-l panY to training G.L i:('l proper Neva H. Barnes, exeeutive J:lrivate a,pq .Monday MCJ,y 30,31: ..... ht B 1 -d 42 d d B .. d parlor etiquette. So far there are for the 756th Company, arnved m Walt Disney Cartoon CRASH DIVE J.1g ou n a!l roa no volunteers, so G.l, is a); home Tampa May 14! ;omd way, and Trmes Square, wrth. the in the boiler room. began preparatiOn for the arnval To;m Thumb in Person Tyrone Po.wer; Anne. Baxter members of Company "C", 551st of the company. Penon-Oddities RK-0 Path, e News No. 7!l .. Don't Signal Battalion, at Egypt Lake The "Wack Hack," a tra.Her-type Th1ee barracks a re no.w in use J _upe 1: .Saturday evening, bus used .for transportation of the apd. the W AAf? mess hall,_ the NO. 2 AND 3 T' WAAC th t f th 756tl 1 WAAC Post Headq' uarters Post Exchange, beauty parlor are F ._, M 28 SWI!'{G YO,l.fR PARTNER s, e gues s 0 e ch d le .. d t o .h tl n.,. _ay, ay : L.. 1 b 11 d S tt Company used to transport the s "'e P .. s }Jf Y. u u e e a.n. co Y officers and of the I wAAC's 'to and. fiom the base, The _company officers expect A,SSIQNMENT IN. ANY. GILDERSLEEVE'S BAD DAY :aattahon, were delighted. b.egan an in-egular schedule lYiorithe arnva_l of .the balance. of the Pierre Aumont, Susan Peters B:arold. PearY:, Jane i:>arwell with their first view of a field / day evening. of this week. The compaJ!Y n:r !he near ShE!Pl'lei'ld about in lif:hed for daytime and evening wrthm the next two E .acl;l, l\4ay Z9: Fridar. Jul1e 4 : b:;u;>ic training. The peatly ar_b,ours as so.ori. a$ ... the WAAC: s member of. a Headqu_arter:s Com-. Jranged streets, covered with saw-have been assigned to positions rany sent IrttQ ,the freld rs F.Il.Q.NTli;;..:ij._, SQUADRON-: LEADER X dust ?,nd lined with wh,itewashed on the base Tentative. plans selected f .rom the most prom-Richa;rg_::Qi2<; Jane wyatt Eric Portman, Beatrice Varlev .stones, indicated the amount of. cli.lde a schedule for the evenihg: rsmg graduates. of-each: class. 'Bing Crqsby, Hope Short Private Plufo done for benefit of the,1. hot.irs .toeoincide "::'ith the. thea(ei Lt. formerly reside?at Sttt;>je,ct Walt Disney Cartoon VISitors. Street srgns, neatly let" .and other ente.r.tamment offered 72 Sixth Des Momes, The :a..s;< y a:mi The Wolf Tom T'humb-in.Person iiered, were hung on trees and I the WAAC:s at tl)e base. Iowa. Cartooz: Pen: :0n-Oddities_ N 1EXT N t'" ,, I SPEC .oN ..


THE ECHOES May 28. 1943 _--=.:.._ ___________________ ------Page!:. F R 0 M THE .. Monday-Saturday, 705 7:30 a.m. -WFLA---'Drew Field Reveillie. Thi.Ir sday, 10: 30 ll :00 p.m. WFLA---'Drew Fie-ld Siar Parade. Monday, 8:30-8:53 p.m.-WDAE -The Righi Answer or El-se. Tuesday, 6:30 6:45 p.m.Squad ronaires. Thursday, 9:30-10:00 p.m. -WDAE -Rookie Roy's Scrapbook. The Drew Field Star Parade ... that's the familiai introduc n we all hear when tuning in 1 WFLA every Thursday evening at 10:30. It's a full half-hour I program designed for your enter tamment, fellows, and you owe it 1 t o yourselves to listen in. Each I week thirty minutes of dramatic and comedy entertainment are of foted in what is Dre\r Field's most popular radio presentation. Radio versions of successfu Broadway stage plays as well as dramatic of Army life are anYong its many features. Scheduled, for instance, are radio' presentations of John Stembeck's THE MOON_ IS DOWN and Clifford Odets' pTize-winnirig play that was later made into a motion picture, GOLDEN BOY, and George Bernard Shaw' s clas-sic; CANDIDA. I S P E C I A L S E R V I C E s 0 F F I C E A Sce11e Fro m rro f and "Of Mi<::e and Men" is a down-ioec>!:l':l realistic siory o f he hiendship of i'w o m0n-iwo ranch--hands who.have wandered frcim one job to another J.:;ecause of n e cessity rather i':lan shiftlessness; the shiftlessness stemming from L(?ll >lie; a powerful n'laa with a child-like simplicity. Lei io righi', Pvi. John Mader as Gecrge and Pvt. GE>:nge Blackwood as Lennie. The pl<'.y will be performed again ihis "Saturday aiid sunday nights at 8:30 in the Enlisted Men's Service Club. I I. Shows of the WeekI' men -at the Service Club, in the': PX's and W -hite-Co. n ept. 23 Adams Kenned y i ''mlr (On the Spot Recreatio n Building No. 1 Friday, May 28, 8 p.m. Ella May's Dancing School. Saturday, May 29, 8 p.m.-USOcamp Show. S}.lnda y May 30, 8 p.m.----'Old Time Film. .. Monday, May 31, 8 p.m.-The Right Answer or Else. 8:30 p.m. Broadcast of "The Right' Answer or Else." Tuesday, June !-Danny Shee 'han. Wednesday, June 2 8 Soldier Show. head, of the Special Services ofI A:tlan1ic Ci:ty, N. J. fic e; to produce some scenes from -plays and some readings from well known It was decid ed to sandwich a few numbe r::: of that kind into one of the Soldier Variety Shows at R.B. No. 1. It's pleasant to report that reT.-OWNSEND Sash Poor &lumber to. _sponse was most encouraging and t.UMBER & MILLWORK, ROOFiNc the men came back for !'nore. AND PAINTFHA LOANS It was this response which led to the production of "Of ;Mice and N. R

Paqe 6 THE ECHOES May 28, 1943 WING TIPS Th E hty F t\h' ., iflg: .off half-cocke d with the gave thanks. The food and beer e tg our_,_ -_"""-_,..'._ h tl:lat t cy don't do enough work?" i were extra fine, without the use GROUP HEADQUARTERS M/Sgt. Robert A. Traylor, group sergeant major, Headquarters, has been doing a very efficient job. M/Sgt. Will Young, sergeant major in training with the Group, i s d oing his job very well while our own sergeant major is on fur lough. T /Sgt. Edward R. Williams, p ersonne l sergeant major, in his own quiet little way gets a lot of work done. His assistant, S/Sgt. Joseph P Braswell, if he would do some of his own work instead of trying to hav e the other fellows do it, WELL??? S /Sgt. Bernard G Brinker is a very efficient worker who joined us a short time ago and will go a long way--up, we hope. --------i'--------301 st Bomb. Sq. Radio hasn't been playing much of franks. ball this. week._ Ray came back! To get back to the gossip here, 1 from Indiana with all sorts of tall we live a pleasant life and we. tale_ s. It everyone hom know of soldiers who J{ave tried Indiana 1s gomg. home on fur-to smuggle in a wife. W e do our Iough. ?'he state IS gettmg daily tasks with pride, and when of turnmg out the town banos. the nights appear, we all adjourn I wond:r how Pfc. to P X No. 2, fo r juke tunes and htat gt.rgeous sunbmn on KP... for beei'. No matter where we I Still on the subject of furloughs, travel to, wherever we may roam, I Cpl. Jones came' back to Ore!we find the soldiers who in this, nance, 'lnd DeVries i s still out. have really found a home. We' 1 Abie Schwaizbarth repm: t s from speak Sgt. Rosenb_erg, New York that the .hernngs are up to h1s old tncks, m sp1te of, still good, and not ratione d Plans i rationing, we see, h e eats enough I aTe being m ade to build a hote l for six. The mes-s attendants pull for the 49 men in this d e partment. their hair, in servin g him his We must mention the influx of course, for they can plainly see, V! AACs that have arrived at the ,1 that h e eats like a h o r se. 1 f1eld. They ?-ttend the Se1:v1ce Our Sgt. Reid i s on the beam, I Club m force,_ It IS. he really clears the_ deck s, he now I confusmg t? see two khaki Lllli-1 now g1ves lectures on Hygiene,, forms sway m g to the rhythms of and the subject Sex. And Sgt. our very excellent dance band. Dingess now is our Grand Pisca i ---------i' t a rian ; his weekl y haul of fish 303rd Bomb. Sq. now thrills the taste of many men. We have bus service to the The 303rd was right "on the Base and that is what we like beam" during the radio program, from' now on we won't have from Drew Field on Ma:y 17th. I hitch, or back to our Group hike. Will Treat You Right" W S 5 B A D ( 0 C K ( O R P FURNITURE And .21,11 Household HOUSEHOLD FURNISHINGS WHOLESALE AND RET AIL BADCOCK'S FURNITURE Sold By Independent Dealers in Arcadia, Avon Park, Bartow, Brooksville, Canal Point, Ft. Meade, Ft. Myers, Orlando, Lakeland, Ocala Plant Cily, Sarasota, Wauchula Branch Sore: Bradenton Executive Office: ":Mulberry, Florida. Tampa Branch: t.,4ADDEN FU RN ITU RE CO. 1201 Frank! in Street -A swell time was had b y all at the recent beer party and song fest h eld in the mess hall. An es timated 500 men attended, and a more jovial and well-behave d group you've never seen. The best group singing we've heard in a long time reverberated in the hall. The squadron walked off with: We' r e safety first and on the 1 the team contest, and Cpl. E arle. beam, your records we defy for: M Ford made a long distance all our. planes are s erviced. right I phone call home after commg out and in the sky. That's ani!----....... ------------,-------------..! with the highest numbe r of p oints. I t h e we have this w!"ek; o f all) Lt. Hire, Sq. S-2, is on a much-Cpl. Ford's knowledge of the the thmgs we do. WeTe really i deserved three-day pass. Our B d f ll h F I guess is he is Savannah bound. music of enny Leonard supplied 1 o a we ave, our our-1 S H the margin of victory, but he E1ghyt-Tw o W ere. loyal to our ,1 gt. ortor, IS one of the lucky boasted that he could have done leaders here, we a1m to do our ones who is spending a much-de7 h b Gl M"ll b t It ll 1 h G I' served furlough back in old Ken-muc etter with enn 1 er. 1 a expams w y om roup Since Ford' s forte is swing the here and everywhere's a hit. tucky. S/Sgt. Bacon has take n GI's who gathered around' him That's why we write our news in I over as acting first sergeant, and wistfully conceded that he might. rhymne, as we go right along. I is doing a fine job. Cpl. Beniamin Cizek slammed It' s just to prove that our life "Right Answer or Else" is the the w AAC's on the same pro-here is happy as a song. name of a v'ery popular quiz pro-gram, expecting a flood of letters. i'--------gram, in which the four: squadSo far, no letters rons of the 84th Group are com-Pvt. Abe Rubenfeld in the or-. peting for honors. Each squadron derly room has just returned from picks five of their best quiz kids a 12-day furlough; he seems to b e to represent them, with the adju-a little less acid than before. We tant of each s-quadron as one of suggest similar vacations for Cpl. contestants. We've been wonder-Randall and Pfc. John B. Gauing w h y Lt. Enes has become a thier. bookworm of late. Could it be he The beer party in the Mess Hall intend s to win the long distance seemed to .be a noisy success, but telephone call home. The first -everyone got to work the next COntfS t was between the 302nd morning. and seemed to feel fine. and 304th, with much interest We wonder if there was enough _shown by each one. The 301st will beer. meet the 303rd very shortly, and When is Pvt. Stanley Sachs go we expect a large turnout of the ing to the rifle range? He's sent squadron to support their team. everyone else. Watch the bulletin board for par------i'--------ticular s. 304th Bomb. Sq. 302nd Bomb. Sq. Our squadron i s certainly get ting tough these days, especially" If anyone knows the ins and on calisthenics. Those restrictions outs of the life and death of a ate being handed out right and gunner it' s Sgt. Roy, who recent-left lately. Since this started, at ly returned from Africa. The ser-tendance has picked up treme n : geant expressed some opinions in dously and this is the way it a recent interview. I quote, "Some should be always. Why, among fellows get the impression that the "Charles Atlases" was M Sgt. becoming a gunner will he1p them Mullens. You must admit that ex get out of work a:nd get them an ercises are compulsory if we are easy rating. Anyone with that to get anywhere during these idea in his head should check up times. on the gunners and see if they A certain figure carl be seen in don' t deserve those ratings fully. the Engineering office. Why, of After a stiff course at a technical course, it's "Mickey Rooney." I school, they are assigned to a don't mean Mickey Rooney, the squadron, and thef'e they go to movie star, but M/Sgt. Lajeun school s-ix days a week to perfect esse is the man. If anybody ever that tr:aining. In addition to this, the great star, Lajeun they pull KP, guard duty, charge nesse is that fellow. That milky of. quarters, and qualify on the white complexion, soft blond hair, range with .a rifle. All this is done and especially thos-e great big in hours when they are not flying. blue eyes. Don't take it too hard, Why not give the gunners the Sergeant. credit they deserve%stead of go-Congratulations are extended to 483rd Bomb. Sq. S/Sgt. Boehm is contemplating going home on furlough. The boys in the squadron are sure going to miss his hillbilly music and we all wonder just how Pfc. La Sart will manage the nightly concerts without his partner. Cpl. Farley returned from his furlough looking as though he would need another one to rest up .... Who had T/Sgt. Stump worried about his -motor vehicle? In this hot w eather, the excite ment and worry really bro_ught the color in Sgt. Stump's nose to a brilliant red. Sgt. Comarnisky has finally l 'eceived his furlough and this cor n:.spondent will bet. that he still doesn' t b e lieve it. ''By golley! !" The outing held by this Group last Saturday was a great suc cess and there can't be too many of them to suit this outfit. How-ever, we did notice a few of the fellows were battered and bruised from the water football Other than that, there were no casualties. T/Sgt. Oehke quietly slipped out and is now blissfully married. Congratulations, Sergeant. Pvt. Shults is back from school, and is all s e t to attend another one to further his military educa tion. Welcome back, Pvt. Shults. Pfc. Karon and Sgt. Lar-sen are getting a nice tan out of the life saving. course that they are tak ing. Wonder if the y have found any mermaids yet. --------.i'---------405th Bomb. Group SOUTHERN PHOSPHATE ,-CORPORATION BARTOW FLORIDA SEMINOLE SOUVENIR & JEWELRY CO. Kopp, Hickox Walker, Hoeflich, Hinzman, Heiman on their rise to staff sergeants. Good luck, boys, and remember not to linge r but t o keep 'em flying, always. HEADQUARTERS ( 0 R 0 NET pH 0 s pH ATE The 405th Bomb Group has LIVE ALLIGATORS C U R I 0 S --G I F T S WRAPPED. FOR MAILING 107 E. LafayeUe Street THE THREE THIRTY-NINTH 482nd Bomb. Sq. "Rhyming News of he Fcur-EighyTwos" nioved out where the \Vinds blow ( o M p A N y free and fresh a i r is in abundance. Also we are here where we can keep an eye on the M.-G.-M. pro-8 G D b M duction. Q ney I g f We have rumors to the effect .that several "eager beavers" have PlANT CITY, FLORIDA I I ELITE CIGAR STORES 'The Sport Hea!lquarterli of T _ampa' WINE -BEER .:.._ CIGARS By Pfc. Samuel A. Weinberg. We've had a very peaceful week. No one incurred the wrath of the C O or the Adjutant, or walked Saroli Path. W e had a barbecue again, enjoyed it and been getting the "limelight fever" and plan to run competition for a -----------------"stand-in" job for Spencer Tracy. 400 ZacJ; 207 .\1 Pbone l\1-1236 see Sears new Spring and Summer Catalbg in our Catalog Order Dept. 100,000 items io choose from. 8101 How about that, boys? Let's give that job to Lt. L epski, since he doesn't have much to do. What say, .Lieute n ant? We may be co-Welcome Soldiers( "TAMp A I s 0 N L y MUSICAL BAR" Hear Your Favorite Songs CHESTERFIELD BAR I I CASS & TAMPA STREETS I' :.....__ _____ THE BANK OF PASCO COUNTY DADE CITY, FLORIDA --........ .. Member F. D. I. C. ._ ____________________


May 29. 1943 T H E E C H C> E S Page 7 starring in this production before it is over. There's one 'thing about it: these mess sergeants have really shown their mettle since the Group has moved. These tasty meals have proven almost too much for the boys. "Seconds" is getting to be a very popular per formance around here. Too bad a siesta can't be provided also. No, that isn' t a part of the Special Services' job. Anything r e s em bling a siesta around here is purely coincidental-except may be "Hefty" Oringer, quite d eftly amusing himself with his files section. No hard feelings, Cor poral, we just haven't acquired the art y et; give us time Who said that? 624th Bomb. Sq. The comments the 22nd Wing had in las t week' s edition o f The Echoes caused quite a bit o f laughte r in the squadron. W e a r e wondering on w h a t the y are bas ing their claims of having a soft ball tea m W e would like t o play them anothe r game, but there i s nothing so engaging in a sport where the opposition is unable to even a little competition. :(S 'le would suggest that the Wing up their club, get a r eputa-tion, and the n contact us a gain. Keeping Fit In the' .. War Zone: The 624th and Sgt. Duff are really a good volleyball club. They won a clos e s erie s from. Headquarters this past week and appreciate the k een competition offered b y a club with such a lim ited number of available men. W e look forward. not too confidently, i l to the day when Sgts. Burke and VITAMINS-To keep American doughboys in the Southwest Pa-'!,I Fream will be in the opposing cific healthy with vitamins, the American Red Cross has made li.ne up special arrangements for the bottling and shipping of pure fruit Kid ;,Blondie" McCoy is on his juices into the war zone. Examining one of the shipments are !.1 way to Tex as. The "buxom" armaAugust Riette, American Red Cross warehouse manager in Ausment sergeant was on pins and tralia, and Albert A. Scott, Red Cross supply and purchasing officer. 1 : l i j needles until the furlough Pf!.Pef was I:andedl_to him. We wonde r i t -------------------------------he will see any of Savannah on. I this trip .. /;' haven't been around, much Amerkan L earns Eng li s h. A 2 3. Th: entne.squadron bows to You have n t been v1s-year-old Americ a n who learne d supe1 b of. our mess Itmg the 1r barracks, have you? sonnel. Smce movmg to the Shoup would like to go with you to s peal; .Enghs h only three y e a r s area and havin15 a separate the next time. Don't forge t now. ago i s now serving w i t h the antiihe. b?ys are gomg around wrth -:, : i< aircraft intelligence a t C amp Florida favorite Brands Main Office and Factory lAKELAND, FlORIDA GREETINGS TO OUR BOYS l\ Winler Haven Clearing House Association WINTER HAVEN, FLORIDA 627th Bomb. Sq. Stewart, G a. He i s Cpl. P aul and our new cooks, Pfcs, .. HeD!l.Og,,. By SGT c PAP.PALARDO Jan1es lVIartin who, as a n "Aspi-+_,_ __ ,_,_,_,_M_,._.,_.,_,_,_ .. .. _,. ____ + King, and Fussell, for the chow. rant Officer" in fhe F r ench Army, j i

Page 8 YANKWIZ By BOB HAWK Quizmaster "THANKS TO THE YANKS" Saturdays, C 8 S THE ECHOES Russian Ger.crrd Gets Army Awardr Legion of' Merit The \VAACs in Rank Now that the WAACs a;"e lt e r e what would you call o fiicia:ly ;_op;.;:iek'' N o., not first s'l".{e

May. 2S. r Know the Enemy's JAPANESE MITSUBISHI 95 PATROL BOMBER:J I' The Japanese lffitmbishi Mitm 95 bomuer is !he twenty-first in the enemy plane senes by the pf Commerce of America. Powered by three aircooled et11pnes, th;s brplaue has a maximum speed of less tfzan 160 miles an hour and a range of under 1500 miles. Its lower wing has much shorter span tlzan _the upp_ er m:d has wirzg-tip floats. The wing tips are and the hCJ_riz;ont_al elen.'enls its tail are nearly rect" BUY WAR BONDS!


Page 10 THE ECHOES May 28, 1943 9llth 0. M. Ar1swers to 59i:h AVIATION I +- ... .. -n,,_.,._,.. _.m_ I (fi)t BOB HAWK'S DISH'N DlRT l .. '. J ON THE BALl by i YA111 Ku'IZ I : 1 1 1'1 n ll Ey PFC. \VILLIAM. A. NORRIS l 0 _i Sgt. Raymond R. Simmons. i' l....:_All cf them. O t1r C. actor (,S:;:t. 'lin. : J. Tutson), the brain d ynamo, 1 i Dredw Fth1eltd' tshAll-;:,tar _ball 1 2.-(l!_ndetd fiv e --abb uut t the "main cog i 1t1. D tispensaryt i j i f prove a ey a ce JI< rea 1 y t on. o;; an a ou n.o. o :YOli! ll1 a:1d !oyalty has {.tamed much ad_.., ponents, the 8th Av1at10n Squad-. except <.t home or a t oohip. Say, ff:llows w e'll pull with mound in the first game. He 7 .-Just go '0 slee p. Grav 100 'J e r cent t o make cur I tossed that ball. fer a shut-out. .?--:-A sail; Jt IS the aftermos t in every resp ect. With men on the mound like. sail 011 a ;r_awl. Warning: T o all soldiers of the and Cole, how can we 9 .-Doffmg, to take of.f; d en-, 59tll Aviation :Squadron, sta y on [ lose? Besides being of the mng, to put. on. I the beam." 1 d S 'th t 1 0 t face to face I !f10UD., m1 a _sJZz er u "' I Pvts. Lonnie Barnes and Hilton : mto z:tgh_t center fie)d m the P ruitt are dC'ing a splendi d piece l enth mmng of th_ e f1rst game .ar;d 1 ,, 1 ; I of work training the new recruits brought home B_raynon, _the htLe D -"'ota e, n.e \\,Sh )O U the in our midst. From t h e l oo ks o f hunk of dynamite f1rst base, I of P. these t \ v o pri vateo: they are headfrom second base for the_ score. 1 VteL, .uenn1 :);.. the cd for the oi sergeant. I'm Dallas, left connec_ted I JOckey ,, !s om I keepir..g my fingers crosse d bo:ys; m the seventh mnmg of the first 1 not. m., J .at he "alked fr 01'1 1-:eep on the beam. I knoW JUStice ly somethmoto see this All-Starude a tJam and come bacK ta ESTABLISHED 1914 ROBT. ROGERS, Gen. Mgr. Produces and Markets Members' Citrus Fruits HIGHLAND CITY, FLORIDA game for ;;t It's real-! _her e, but whe!; l you will prevail. t k "' t t tl b 11 F. k camp with t\.vo. pairs of GI s!'!oes Congratulatwns to Pfc. James 1 I fl e b cu -b .1 l!n I worn out. I darn sure am suspic (Week-end Plummer) Austm a _nd [ j f s, lie OJ be I cious. I think i:he government is Pvt. Albert G Harns for attam. P fye d 't1II aseh len d slipping when it fails to utilize the of corpor al. +.,_,,_,._,,_,,_.,-:"'-:-",._,,_.,_,_ _,._,,_,, _.,_.,_.,_,._,, _,,_,._+ th: .,.meaJ1t e i the mosquitoes in this. section fo{ Cially Harns,. because. of I InJa:Inthup. o dm., wen cuf'. bomber purooses. I've n ever splendid physical trammg proI e secon game, w IC o e 1-. 1 f gram pitched aJ!ld Lord caught, the, -.a W<;?oe o m_:r: so Am.er.ican All-Stars got two runs: to m Cup1d has cast _anotn e 1 : I in the first inning. From there on, 1 men. _outfit afte r a1 mto a t. everyone who got a .hit died on a m,J:t of fr"'htm, msects and f01 mer F. Sgt. Calv I :::;. Spmne1 base. The teams scheduled to play m?.sqtutoes. took on a better h a l_f I Drews All-Stars in the future I rs start_mg a club -of. last tD;e will rejoice in the knowledge a wh1st, pmochle club. t0mg_ that ..'Nill mold h1s d1s pos1 1 little John B raynon our first: Everyone 1_s m:1ted to attend the tJon mto a perfect ... baseman is no w ith us. fust meetmg m the Rec hall The "Burma Road" has reiOl 'med We are ;eally going "'to Il_'liss you,; Wednesday evenmg. J'ohn and for everyone m Camp I ----"" .. _no, walk1.1g A C hke P fc. Phrlhp (Fiddler) Fourttenhon, ..,omera lough .... Jesse Owens, Ralph CON VERSAT/ONAL Owners Glenn Cuf!ningham, 'and I h Archie S a n Romam nee d to t a k e t as come to the attentiun of lessons in speed from Pvt. G eneral 6 S AN/S Base Headauarters that cameras G s 1 H 1 d th !VIP' .'I p H are being 1:etained and used on Ip es. e e e 5 a men) W chase through _the bush-path !! the bas e by p e r sonne l Faint, fi ckle fate came along J _to them. some barbed wire in P v t:.l EXPERIENCED TEACHE R Atte.ntron IS_ directe<;l to J?ase Siples'. path. Since it night T. ; Memor:'lndum !J5-1, the wire wasn't detected. Sure m REASONABLE RATES 'ographmg s k etchmg on Imh-they c aught h i m then. if I tary r eservations, dated March 8, 1 1 1943. I I i R Q B f R T L A D Q I Violators of this mem.orandurn I Fastest Miler. Cpl. Dir:k L Sac-!= ,will be subjected to disciplinary chi of Camp Steward, Ga., claims 1 : 1 2742 Main H 28 802! and their photographic to be the only man who ever ran : St. Ph. 1 equipment confiscated for thE a mile in 4 min. and 35 s ec. while ;.. _,_,._,_,_,,_,_, ,.f. uun1 cion. \veanng !atigue clothes. L_., ... rt;' ...... .. ......... .. ..... .. .. .. H .. .. .. ..................... .. -... .................. ....... .:.1 ;:: B E S I W I S H E S :i: 1 .:.! Phone 28-681 P. 0. Box 320 JOHN TEMPLIN COMPANY BUILDING M ':ATERIALS 919 East Rose Street LAKELANDI FLORIDA And the Very Best of Luck .:. i J. .. am-..-aa .. .... mB._ma .. To AI! You Fine }lien .,f.. In the Service of .:. 1 e A Our Country I y t f, :f H I S B 0 R 0 U G H P A ( K I 6 ( 0 M P A N V ::: T T ------------------ALLEN BROTHERS FRUIT HAULERS Winter Haven, Fl0rida PHONE 28-292 P. 0. BOX 772 T FlORIDA fRUUS B A Y V I E W H 0 T E L i FIREPROOF CONSTRUCTION-EVERY ROOM WITH BATH + I COFFEE SiiOP IN CONNECTION RAN J+ W. B. SHULER, Manager % [51 ... ] 208 JACKSON ST., Between FRANKLIN & TAMPA ++ 1 TAMPA. FLORIDA--PHONE M 5537 r:-. --------.. ---------.. Voii(:]nt Covaicade Smmysta te Gulf King .:. Y T. U. T. Old Sourh .zv y y & J. W. Mclean, Manager .. T P. 0. Box 1287 Phona 3215 T T :,. T A M P A F l 0 R i D A ,..t,._ y A y .................................. 9 ..... ................................... ... ... .. ... ... ... #. .. .... ... .. ... ,., .............. :_.__ + + + + + + + + + + PHO"'E H ."3712 .. P o R T R .ATT S Special, Four 4x6-in. Folders $5.00 STANFORD STUDIO, 100 E. Lafayette Street DEVELOPING-PRINTING-ENLARGING"j.,


Sigqplm-en 1 Teq,m/. 4-1 And1 l2:..Jnndng 'Pie The p\)werful Signal. baseball team continued its win ning ways. by_ stq}:lpi n g an. nine from the Inter-Social l ea:< u e iri the fil's f game" of 'dot t b ] e header, and the n battled another star outfit of the loop t0 a 1 2-in ning tie last Sunday before a ra-_. pacity crowd at Cuscaden. Par,k.V,:ito Tamulis, ex-Dodger fr,qm, the big show, won his game of the season in. giving up fout hits for a 4-1 w.in over an all-star team from the Cuban Club"Loyal Knights, w h i l e in the second game the Signalmen. took. on the Ita lian Club-Centro Asturi -ano otars for a 1 to 1 tle. The second game of the double"'-headn -turned in a beautiful "'tching duel between A I Bentz 0 }ew and M. Hernandez of the Stars Both pitchers mowed the hitters dow n through 12 torrid in nings before the 6 o 'clock Sunaay laV\' halted the game. Tamulis gave up but four hit:; ancJ d i d not al!ow a !'-s them a t first and, J2J;Pv.ed this by balls all oV.er the lot, led off with a triple .. in the second inning of the first game and scored on Thomas' in out. Drevv scor'"d twice in the fifth on hits by McAtee; Rushing and' Genovese, with the aid of outs from Tamulis and Johnson The Sign a lmen s other ti:llly came 1n the fourth on hits b v Harriman and Thomas, along with a stolen base and error by the catcher. In the s econd game the led the Drew team, 1 to 0. until the ninth inning when Benkowski I walked, N as sacrificed to second and scored on Bentz' lcin g i;loui::JTe to left-center to send the -game into extra innings. Bentz has now worked 26 and .one-third innings without receiving credit fQr a lof :'> or win. H e workerl 14 1-3 innings against -Food Machinery of Lakeland sev_eral wc>ek s a g o and toda;y's game 'puts hrn 011 the list with the tough lnck hovs. J The fieldini of Shortstop vese was outstanding in going f::>r J to his right and left to fiel d bqlls. and get man. He handle d J 6! chances flawlessly:. His pay-off I play came in the 11th inning of 'I the second e-ame when h e went deep If! beh'ind the to scoo n ,, _up a ball on the dead run with his g lov.ed ha11d and throw the ball to get his man at first b v a step. A gre;l1; plav and a great little guy petfbrmea it. :: :The win was Drew' s ninth o f the season one loss. First Game Knights 000 10Cf 000-1 Drew Si

Page 1'2 THE ECHOES __ ___;,._, __:__ May 28, 1943 Some of Drew Field's Crack Basebal l Team ERR ACE q; tt a ad 1lowe" BY WIRE ANYWHERE: DISTRIBUTED BY Ell WITT CIGAR [0. TAMPA. FLORIDA. Drw Fie!d players from ihe crack Signal Corps. baseball team that has nine games ) and lo:;:t Also a 12-inning 1 to l tie with an All-Star team from the Inh!r-Social. league. The ptaycrs, lef to right, are Doc Harden, former minor league pii'cher; "Binky" Binkowski,_ in1 fielder.who played in the Florida State league; and Sgt. McAtee, infielder. HI, FELLOWSL Meet: Your Buddies at:PARLOR Golde 111 Gloves _Boxing to Be Held At Drew ,3 4, 5 314 th Softball League Art Sections, issue to posts, camps and statwns. SNOOKER AND POCKET BlLLIARDS We Also Carry a Complete 'Line of Billiard Supplies 2222 E. Broadway Ybor City To Open On Tuesday Further inquiries from posts, camps and stations may be di The 314th Base Hqs. & Air rected to the office of the director, Base Sq. will probably open their Special Service Division, S.O.S., The fj,st Golden Gloves boxing .softball league on Tuesday of this' Washington, D C on ,Tun e 3 4 and 5 in the new in the league. S1! boxing arena opposite Block 6B. Through the earnest efforts of Anycr.e wishing to enter the the commanding officer of the big I!Stlc carniial will do so by 314th, C apt. Jonn A. SGhn eidt l submitLng their name to the md other staff members of th _Physica: Training Office, A.W.U 114th, -the league beccro:e : It's Fun! It's Easy! It's Your Chance to a $50 War Bond T.C. He;;dquarters, before June 1. reality. All C!mtestants must be amaw'th no previous professionTwo games a day will be p'ayec a1 boxi1:g experience. according to present schedule. The \\ -tnners of the tournament Support your team by b;::in I will be matched with the cham-_present at each game. pions o the 1\!IacDill Golden *-------Gloves tournament on the big Army flght program, June 9 ir:. \Nar Dept. D.esires the Municipal Auditorium. E Individual belts vvill be gi ve1: Stat j 0 n S n C 0 Ll rag the cha!:1pions of the Drew tour-Use of Soldier Art .nament and a trophy to the com-1 pany \ ';mning the most points 1 based o : 1 the number of fighfero The of the Spe and victories they turn in. I cwl Ser'{!Ce D1:nswn! de_s1res t c The bllxing tournament is open to all personnel of Drew Field. both Signal and Air Corps. Rush your e,\try or team list to the boxing mach, Physical Training Office, A.W.U.'l'.C. Headquarters. Drew Plays Sarasota Here onc:e -beaten Signal -Corps baseball team will tackle :the Sarasot a Air Base nine on fhe Drew diamond Sunday afternoon at 3:30. Doc Harden will foe the rubher fo:c 'Orew in trying for his seconli win of the season. He 11'elieved Bentz in the 14th at Lakelazr.d several weeks ago to ehalk up his only vici'ory of the season against no defeats, Sarasota was defeated by Drew, G to 3. early season game. Lend your support by being present at tha game Sunday aft ernoon. New Type Overseas Duffle Bag A new type of duffle bag for the use of troops going overseas has been developed by the Army to replace the two barracks bags now issued to soldiers as stand ard item


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