Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Post Exchange
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 2, no. 14 (June 11, 1943).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
June 11, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
1 773
t Drew Field echoes.
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"-VOL. 2. NO. 14 Two Drew Boxers I Win In Lcal. I l ..,.,Ji i D r C\\' and Mac.Dill Fields' Gold-' e n Glo ves champio n s, on W ednes-1 day e v ening a t the Mumctpa l j Auditorium T ampa fought b e fore one o f the largest crowds of 1 Pxcited f a n s e v e r to gathe r for 'l all-Army show D espite the n j!l't before the sho w began, 4 was estimated that more than ... ,500 and civilians were in their seats for the opening bout. Pvt. .Tee Bleta, Drew Field, after plenty of trouble with southpaw Pvt. Dick McDon.ald. MacDill, scored a third-round knockout in the feature bout. McDonald, out on his feet for seconds, \\as caught by. the referee bc!'Pre he fell to the canvas to n:ma'in uncons;::ious while the went wild. Featho w :eights Pvt. _Kid Dilli_nger, :!VIacDill, and Bill Hormg, Dre\v F ield, came out with mitts' loaded. from the start. Both fighters looked: pood, but swift punching sho\vecl up in the second 1'ouni:l. The decision went to Dillinger, Pvt. Biil Miller, MacD1ll, gave evidence of having dynamite in either hand as he went a gainst 1 the Drew man, Pvt. Pete Peterson. the : :econd bout. J accordmg to fight fans m the pre:.'> seats, sh.owed plenty cf 1 clas s and was called the best l?oking prospect in Army novice. fight ranks. Peterson went to his knees in the first round, but quickly recovered, only to .go out fer good in the first minute of the 10und. It was "even Steven" in the filst round for Pvt. Louis FuentE's and P v t Louis Ribel, in the w elterweight clivi:en Page 8 Pubiished Exclt{:rvely in the Interest of the Persomiel of Drew Field Friday, June 11, 1943 'tTbeJJ.. conquer w e must, whell Olfr cause it is just, And this be our motto'In God is our trust'; And the star-spangled banner in frinmph shall wave O'er the land of the free and the honze of the brave.>' iC The Continental Congress, on H E L : p June 14, 1777, adopted a resolution offered by John Adams, WANTED-Thre:e-day laun"That the flag of the thirteen dry service fer he W AAC Post Headquarers Co. United States be thirteen stripes, alternate red ana white, that the union be thirteen states white If the <>. '='ove can :C: supplied, in a blue field, a ca .ll the Drew Field Public Re-new constellation." That constellation, so new then in the skies ldic:r;.s O :fice, Extension 218-ofthe world, now glorifies with former Finnish Flyer Is Now a Private In Us S. Army Air Corps B e f o r e the smoke of battle I flew a Fokkn D -21 for a few clear s fro m this global war, 25weeks," he s.eid, "from Swe d e n year-old Pvt. Aatos E Kauppinen t o Finland with the Finnish Ferry will have p erforme d a strange C ommand. I was in western Finrole in this of w a r s land w ith a squadron that was h e will have fought on both side s. Drotecting T ampe r e After that, H e i s now Pvt. K auppine n of I was on the Karelian isthmus the U. S Army Air Corps, but and on Viipuri Bay, where we it wasn't so long ago that he was tried to harass the Russian ground Firs t Lt. Kauppinen of the Fintroops." nish Army Air Corps, fighting He was in the Finnish Air against our Russian 1 Corps until March, 1941, when allies m that little nortJ:ern he became fed up with Nazi in try of the fabulous white mghts, terference in Finnish internal afthousands of lakes, and snow-. fairs. On June 8 1941, he came covered forests. As a matter_ of to this country, landing in New f Russan York S.B. bomgers over the Karelian I Th. t h t M ine isthmus a'r;Id over Viipuri Bay ?summer e spen m a when an effort was made to stem and :n the fall he came back to the advance of Russian ground New. York. Shor_tly afterwards, t:e t 0 I went to a children's camp 1n was back in 1939 After P?-rk, where he taught pursuing a pre-medical COUrSe at. Children. SIX to twelve :;:ears Of the University of Helsinki for such as SWimmmg, two yean:, he was taken into the skung and enms. Finnish Army Air Corps and sent I He the army

WAAC EXECUTIVE OFFICER THE ECHOES Volleyball It has been reported that a "bay chie f of a trainir.g squadron .at the Ad\lci'nc e d Flying I School, Altus, Okiahoma, placed a notice on his .bulletin board I thar all m e n must g e t up at 5:30 a. m. to clean the b arracks. He added a pencile d postscript: "If {! you play ball with me, I will play ball with y ou. A khaki-clad wag_ pinned a [ note beneath the not1c e: "Deat it react;, [...._. "Sorry, 5:30 a.m. i s too early to play ball. W e w ill be g lad to play I w1th you at e1ght. StncereJ.y, The Opposition. (P. S.The game a s originally scheduled). TUESDAY WEDNESDAY SATURDAY AND SUNDA''!" F:com wife to Cheyenne Hospital, c heyenne, -h. !flY off1 cc t \lias _natul a tt anW yommg. After her marriage to srtmn for Th1rd Ofhcer Neva H Capt. Ba1 nes. the r e were sevetal "Barnes, r executive t officer th_e moves to army po,:ts where the 756th V1 AAC Pas. Headquattets Lteutenant _became active in Company mot:mg recreatwnal actn11t1 e s tor L't. had lived at. army the CCC enl'Ollees and the enlisted posts years untll the p E r sonne l at Ft. Sheridan, Illinois, -death OL t u husband. Captam and Ft. Robmson N ebraska. Both I .J\lber t Barnes. ,,ho was noted lor Lt. Bame. s and l{er husband took his ,.PerforPJances. at the army part in the riding exhibitions I .horse shows dunng hiS. n ,1any presente d reoularly by the Cay.ears H'. the_ s2 rv1ce. The Lteutenvalry at stati'on s.' Jillt,_ who feels s11e 1 s carry1ng r; M STRICTLy G.I.," said Lt. on m the service for herself BarneE : when interviewed. "My her husband, IS very proud_ of father was a contract surgeon for the fact: tlta t of them_ the United State s Army during 'to comu usswns flom 1anks. the Spanish-American War. .Captam Barnes served lll World H e r fathet is Dr. James E War I ,.as a sergeant and Hartwe ll 92, Cheyenne, Wyoming, CQmrnls :,wne d and \Vas the oldest practising the war at Ft. :I! tances E_. Wa.tten, physician in the state of Nebraska 1 by competttlve examlt j unti1 his retirement four years nahon_ offered enltsted m e n a aoo when he n1oved to the western trul.t Lt. Barnes recalls u!. li.a1lwell was offered a her husband, hke many others m 'tim of war advanced his aoe commtSSlOn 111 the arm;Y res-ev!ral years' to enlist. fused 111 favor o_f returnmg to Lt B arnes received her basic pnvate practtce after the -v\lar. .and administrative schooling in. Another membe_r of Lt. Barnes' th WAAC a Ft Des 1\IIoin.es fam1ly m sen'tCe IS 1st Lt. Norns lo!a, and aftet, E Ha_rtwell\ Jr., 22nd Photo .graduati.on, January 3 1943 .to I Squa?ton_ noow statwne d at the 89th WAAC T1:aining Center\ C?l01 ado m,s, Colo. Ft. Oglethorpe, Ga., ;B, m1;es cr ststet _pmned Lt.. Hat work with the Processmg J?Ivtj "'ell s "?ld baL. on _t_l1 e .sian. Promoted to Techmctan of the V., AAC off! eel at her 01 ad :fourthc lass, Lt. Barnes was uatwn. cllosei1 for Officer' s Candidate commg to Tampa and School and was graduated as Drew Field May .. l4, Barnes acted third off:icer April 17 of this year. as Executive_ Offlcer m the Motor Before entet: il(g the WAAC, .. DIVhSIOn at t!1e Barnes was librarian for the Me-l W AA,C Tr C ente r Daytona .Weal .Records Lrbrary m the Beacl. Flo!!da. WOJrron.t Officers to.. I cwo and WOJG); : .. and a clanftcatwn of status by New tM which pro-. v1d c d that warrant ofitcers a Fe : Army warrant offtcers mstgma t tl d t tl 1 t d t th ", fl h 1 e n 1 e o 1e sa u e, an o e w HL now re ect t e1r asstgnment t at1d t 11 :and d!J.lties as a result of a change COLll' estes Tespec s norma Y _in Aamy Regulations. and these g ranted commissioned officers. ufficer::: i.n the 35th Division have been quick to coi1form to the n e \ V .:: _( H A tll G R I -.L A niles. They are now weari-ng the J A 01 A .i;nsigniD of the arm 0r serv.ice .'to which they are d.ssigned Those T 1 N R not on duty with an arm or serv-. a 'mpa s 'l.t.e e ;treat ke will w ear the coat of arms uf the Unite d States, 9-16 inch 1212 G:rc>nd Gen.tr.al Avenue in height within a. ring 3-4 inch : m .diameter. Formerly all warrant officers wore the vvreath on collar .and lapel. '!'-his change is the latest in a series to "gll'lmorize" the \',;arrant -efic er. Successively came the creation o f the grade of Chief Warrant Officer; 20epercent Steaks --Chicken Spareribs Served 6 P.M. to 2 A.M. "Jonni: wants to see you" .<;rease in base -pay for foreign --aa. (as compared with 10 i ... percent :fo1 commissioned oifi! .cers); a g e n e ral pay increase with a possible top limit, includ:ing quarters and subsistence allow. .--onces, of $453 33 per month; insignia of .grade (a ba. r \Vith roundends, brown enamel top and .gal.d c ente c -longitudinal for DIN E AND Dll.NCE AT LICATJI.'S SEABREEZE OH Hillsborough Bay Try the Best in Food FINEST LIQUORS DA.NCING EVERY NITE zz, d Street Causeway Mon.day. Both .Day and l'fiwht, -Due :to Labor Shor:tage P.RHTATE DINING R .OOMS TONY MASON'S ORCHESTRA Featuring JEANNE RI-CHARD MONEY LOAN ED ON ANYTHING OF VALUE TAMPA LOAN CO. "TAMPA' S OLDEST AND MOST LIBERAL" 908 FRANKLIN STREET The story that was a military secret until Pearl Ha rbor! Now you:-ca:n kt1'ow w 'h.Y this famous girl flye r deliberately disappeared among the guarded Jap islands! "Flight for F d ree om Rosa.lind Russell Fred MacMurray o I .., >-,' ; Air-Conditioned Ph. 3290 9c --28c Sunday and Monday 'Powers Girl' Anne Shidey George MLirph y Tampa and Zack Phone 3003 -9c, 22c Saturday and Sunday 'Desperate Journey' Errol Flynn. R<9n ald Regan --Feature No. 2 ---When Johnny Comes Marching Home Allan Jones Gloria Jean HENRY HOWKEE CO. Chinese Haad Laundry i< Satisfaction Guaranteed 504 Tyler S!; Ta!DJ)B Fla. 2:30 to 5 Every Night 8 till 11 \! I 1 EXCEPT MONDAY 5c Fa r e On Davis Island Buses LEAVING GRANT'S CORNER I FRANKLIN AND CASS STREETS. 7:15 --7:45 --8:15 anhattan 210 E. Lafayette St. -Tampa .. Good Food Reasonable Prices Try Our Sunday Roas:t Turkey Dinner Served From 11 A;M. to 9 P.M. ALA CARTE SERVICE AT ALL HOURS OPEN DAY AND NIGHT WE USE STRICTLY WESTERN M EATS Groceries Tobacco Candy, Notions Adams -Kennedy Whiting and Jefferson Stree:ts TAMPA. FLORIDA -Special Invitations :to All Service Men GLEN'S BILLIARDS. Now In Its New Loc;:a:tion 805 TAMPA ST. ""'"-' If You Haven't Already--DO IT NOW!!! MEET Y 0 U R FRIENDS AT THE SARAtoc A BAR -. 0. Corner Fortune and Franklin Dancing Every Night in the Blue Room to 11South's B est Negro Rhythm" BEER -'--WINES LIQUORS Sunday Matinee Dancing Phone 7988 THE CHAlTERBOX Chicken and Steaks Real Italian Spaghetti SANDWICHES DRINKS LIQUORS Abba Dabba And B and Nightly 707 S. HOWARD A VENUE PHONE H 3757 ELITE CIGAR STORES 'The Sport Headquarters of Tampa' WINE -BEER -CIGARS 4-00 Phone M 62-072 207 Phone M-1236 All Service Men Are Welcome Barcelona Cafe SPANISH RESTAURANT WINES AND LIQUORS Phone S 2142 Open All Night 4714 Nebraska and Osborne EXPERT WATCH REPAIRING QUICK SERVICE FOR SERVICE MEN KENNETH T. JONES ,p SECOND FLOOR 211112 CASS STREET T H E S T A R 2nd Floor Knight & Wall Bldg. Cor. Lafayette & Tampa Streets. COOL, CLEAN. COMFORT ABLE BED, and Shower Bath, $1.00 You Are Invited to Use Our Reading, Smoking and Wash Rooms All Day Without Charge.


clune IL 1943 Third Figqter Artist Creator of 'Superman' By SGT. BOB KANE Ever since he sold a drawing to a grammar school classmate for a nickl e back in creveland artist Bernard S c hmittke has made a comfortable living with pencil and brush. Now Sgt. Schmittke of the HI }''ighter at Drew Field, h e i s one of the Army's .,. THE E .<1:: H 0 E S Close Race In 84th Bomb. Softball Loop Standing of feai11s, June 5th', 1 943. '!l Won Lost .Percent 301-A 3 1 .750 302-A 3 1 .75 0 302-B 3 1 .750 304-A 3 1 .75 0 303-B 2 2 .50 0 304-B 2 2 .500 301B 0 4 .00 0 303-A 0 4 .000 24 HOUR SERVICE GUARANTEED WATCH REPAIRING Terminal Watch Repairing Air Base. Bus Terminal 906 Tampa St. Open Until 12 M. Guaranteed Wa:fch R 'epairing Over 40 Years in Tampa Service Men's Watches Repaired in Less Than One Week Tampa Loan (om 908 FRANKLIN STREET "TAMPA' S OLDEST AND MOST LIBERAL LOAN COMPANY" artists and cancatunsts. One of S chmitjj hke Ihe one back home---wh""" can bring your wife or awoe :!l!i>ad for a drink, a chat and fino D.l'*'- JACKSON AT TAMPA Open Fro,jl 8 A.M. fo Ia P.P&. t TAMP A'S OLDEST NIT. E CLU B -Featurins 3 Floor Shows Nitely -8 1 0 Midnigbt DANNY & DON'S JEWEL BOX N I T E CLUJB 911 TAMPA.STREET Uance to the Sweet' Music of MANNY GATES' ORCHESl'RA Service Men -Officers Families FOR REALLY GOOD FOOD AT MODERATE PRICES PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE-FOLLOW THE CROWD ro T H EC 0 L 0 N N A D E MOD!: RATE PR!CI.'S BUY MORE WAR BONDS EVEilY PAYDAY!


Page Four THE ECHOES GLENN R. ROSS, Publisher TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS Business Office: THE ECHOES Pvt. Saves Neck, But Loses officen; mer0 of Hq. & ,_. .. Hq Sq.,. III Fighter Command, [ June II. 194:! P. 0. Box 522 1113 FLORIDA AVENUE TAMPA. FLORIDA have : :recently c'O.mpleted firing for reC:.ord with 'the .30 Spring! Phone 2177 field. Th1 :ee enlisted m e n qua lie fied for Sharpshooter and .49 en.............. _A_l_l_a_d_v_e_r_t-is_e_m-en-:ts_c_o_n_:t_ai-.n-e-d--i-n-:th_i_s_n_e_w_s_p_a_p_e_r_a-re_a_l_s_o_c_o_n_:t_a_i_n_ed listed men q tialified for Marks-: in the Fly Leaf. published in the interest of :the personnel of MacDill man. Officer scores were not Field. Minimum joint circulation, 10.000 copies. available. i Funniest story;. but not to the ADVERTISING RATES FURNISHED ON REQUEST individual involved, was the case 1-' <> < >)/ .:}:{:?O of Pvt. Aaron Southard of the A newspaper publisl;lec;I for the of D:ew Third Fighter Squadron. Aaron and devoted to military mterests and the Umted Natwnf' was in the pit detail last week when the officers fired, and be:, 3:00 to 4 :00 P.M. ground. Is there any other dif-Newly appointed Intelligence ference between a fog and a Officer of the 84th Bomb. Group, cloud? Drew Field' s largest parent 8. Did a polecat get its name training organization, is 1st Lt. because it is harnessed to a pole, Wes ley E. Patton, Jr., unrtil reArrangements for admission will be made at Base School Office, 6th Street and Avenue C. Enlisted men must submit written of their iJll.mediate commanding officers in order to enroll. Applications for the initial classes should be in the Base School -office by June 15 Ill F. C. Has Mascot because it originated in Poland, cently Intelligence Officer of one "Nutsy," the squirrel, is the. or because it preys on poultry? of its squadrons. He succeeds mascot of the men in the car9. A boy and a girl were rid-Capt. Hamilton A. who, penter shop of Hq. & Hq. Sq., ing .on a train dos a dos. Does along with his assistant, 1st Lt. III Fighter Command, located bethat mean that he was. sitting Thurlow B Weed, been trans-hind PX No. 1. Found several besides her, across the aisle from ferred to the lately activated months ago while an abandoned her, were. they sitting back to 407th.:.. foundling by S/Sgt. Cecit E back or was he dozing on her Lt. : Field ("Sparky") Myers, shop. fo.reman, shoulders? from: tHe Army Ai1' Base at' Way-it has lived at the carpenter shop 10. What is the hardest sub-cross, Ga., where he served as in its specially built cage. In his stance in the human head? intelligence chief in one of its younger. days,. he had the run (Answers on Page 8) Noie to :the Signal Corps of Drew Field: "Listen, fellers, the 756th WAAC Post Headquarters Company is most grateful for the perfectly grand manner in which we have been entertained since coming to Drew Field. We can't complain that we don' t get around any more." Tommy and the gang. bombardment groups. Since his of the shop. arrival here last February, he has Firs-t fed milk with an eye gained a reputation for the ex-dropper, Nutsy now eats almost cellent and efficient conduct of everything given him. He usually his f:quadron department. gets some leftovers from the Born in Memphis, T enn" 31 lunches and the Mess Hall. Peayears ago, the lieute nant made nuts are a favorite and h e is achis home there up until 'the time complished at cracking them. of his engagement by the Ten-The squirrel is not too friendlv nessee Valley Authority, for and bares his teeth at the which h e acted as civil engineer provocation. Only Cpl. Pall making his headquarters in Flor-Buckner can play with Nuts. encc, Ala. without fear of being bitten.


June 1L 1943 THE ECHOES F R 0 M T H E \ S P E C I A L SERVICES OFFICE Whafs Cookin1 a f -Dre\ i A (all to Drew RECREATION BUILDING < NUMBER ONE I Friday. June 11. 8:15 p.m .:,.,. F leld Talent Variety Show, Lucy Sinclai r _. < ; : ._ Sat.urday. June 12, 8:3()-''p. m.-+: "Fishing for Fun," All The turnout for the Soldie r color Action Film. Shows at R.B. 1 has been most Sunday June 13 8 .30 encouragmg and now that the Films of YesterdaY. p.m. '!" AACs are at Drew and attenc;JMonday. June 14. 8 :00 p. m. -" mg the performances, a certar, n "The Right Answer or Else. 8 : 30 zest has been added mens p.m.-Broadcast of "The Right en]oyment of the programs. Answer or Else" 9 -Ab On freld we have a fme Lincoln. p .m. e C?llectwn of talent, who. Tuesday. June 15. 8 : 15 p. free l y and wrl_lmg l y ?f By. S/Sgt. John F. Suszynski Danny Sheehan's Musi 1 R theH talent-Sgt. Robert Hrlgar t-To PJ;ivate Edgar L. Munk: Wednesday June 16 evue. ner, Sgt. Robert Jones, Pvt. Rob --.USO Show. P m. ert B ehrendt, Pvt. Wadley KimThrough t11e courtesy of Local June 17 8:00 : kowrtz, Pfc. Charles Cvrtak, Pvt. 60, AF. of M. (Pittsburg, C., TIJ!rt by 69th AAF J?hn Mader, Pvt. George via Ft. Meade, Md. you and your p. lii';-Broadcast of y.ood, Sgt. 0 .z. Whrtehead, our "two-beat" jazz cornet have been p; m.-Broadcast "Ro k' R -master of ceremomes, and Corp. d Sera Book 0 re 0Y .Harry Evans, the ever farthful a ded. to the 69-er's pay roll. The P ; comedian. These men are always e levatwn of Wally Bettman, F SERVICE C:L,UB .. : standing by, always ready to "go 1, Lightnin' Boldt, Bobby Kuttner, nda'?. June n. 8:00 p. to help make the-off duty 1 p N -1 d Dance ,,,. h 1 t f tl ops ar or, an Del Purga to .. .... ,. ours p easan 01 1e men. I _Saturday, June 12 13:30,-; -_ : _; But we of Special. ,'the ranks_ of Pfc's was B111go. know that there is a great amount .phshed solely to impress you with Sun?-ay. June 13. of additiona_l talent on the field the high calibre of Society in ._Abe L111coln. ___ ..... ,.,, .. who are hesrtant and shy 111 h' 1 Monday. June 14. 8:00<-p lm,....::;.; : ing forward. These men, whether w. rc 1 you now privileged to Dance. they are singers, musicians, ac-mmgle this ought to put D e l Tuesday. June 15. 8:00 p. .tors or have specialities of any Purga's mind at ease-he's been of Recorded Sympho_nic kind, can be of service in help-wondering what he may have Musrc. build the morale on the post. done to des rv th Wednesday, June lS 8:00 P At the same Nme they can gain e e e promotion. ,_:.Dance. : ,the personal satisfaction and re-Dee Clements, Sam Schiavone, Thursd.ay. June 17, 8:00 p.m.-laxation of doing that which they .and Joe Wright lost no time sew-Group S111cr b t b ....... .. ,,,,,. enJOY es rng on the corporal's stripes inBROADCASTS ___ Sgt. 0. Z. Whitehead, who is dicative of th d Mon.-Sat., 7:05, WFLA-Drew ''ih charge of all entertainment at en 111 uctron 111to Field Reveille. ... : .:.-- -, hlR:B 1, on duty there the Order of Non-Coms ( "non Thurs. 10:30 WFLADrew( l1lght, wrllbe happy to talk wrth compos mentis," maybe?) ... Do Field Star Parade. :' _.:'ahyone who has talent, give them they frighten you? Sgts. Will Mon. 8:30. WDAE,' .the audition and arrange for a n Krewson and Jerry Sedlak seem Answer or Else. 'appearance in one of the shows.. Tues. 6:30, WFLA, .c:.Squaal'o.n. A talen_t will be held t? be their recent promoaires. {iarly beg111nmg Monday, June twns 111 stnde except that Thurs. 9:30, W'r)AE ---Rooki.e .,..,. -<".n.,.'orl tif Entlna; Place' STEAKS AND CHOPS l SPECIA LTV. ELlT E RESTAl.'RANT AND TWlGG .M.. Closed Sundays 514 TAMPA STREET V I c T 0 R cAFE I' BEER WINES The r M s s\n :1 1324 Franklin Ph. M-72411 j .Ja BILL BAILEY, Prop. j Formerly "The Wonder Bar" j M ember V F W. & Am. Legion .. ) I CENTRAL COM PAN Y1 OIL IN C. Tampa. Florida l a faye t t e H o t e I E. A. CLAY. Manager 120 West Lafayette Street East Side of Bride TOWNSEND. Sash -Door & lumber Co. l.UMEER lk MILLWORK, R O O!."I>1G AND PAINTFHA. LOAl.'iiB PHONE H4891 N Rom. e ancl Fulla:r T. W. R A M S fE Y LUMBER. COMPAlll'l!' We In Mill Work & Tampa. Fla. l We can furnf8h material Repa!nl and F. H. A Lomm : Phone Y 1219 17th St. a.: 6::ill WELCOME TO Phone M 5588 H 0 TEL KNOX TOM BRYSON. Manager Lafayette & Jefferson Sireela PATCHES All five new sleeve patches: wea1her communication, etc .. T.5 Chevrons. T Shirts AT SHOP INSIDE AIR BASE BUS TERMINAL 906 Tampa Street EAT H E N D E R S 0 BAKING c 0 ':3 Max's Licr.Jor I WINES -LIQUORS FREE DELIVERY SERV I C:-8 1601 E. COLUMBUS DR1 i i'E PHON Y-1281 -KEEP 'EM FLYING i -+c iil.to a moving picture, starring will be of historical significance bl N THE ... B .. A _____ L obert Montgomery in the lead-GOOD LUCK. If you are won-------ip.g role of T1'!-e play de ring how Pvt. Jerry Becker I:-----------------: The general concensus -mong has been presented by vrrtually manages to be so popular with I McAskill Music Stores LOANS MONEY TO the Quartermasters in .thi every Theater and Stock the gals, it' s because he .buys is _that Lt. Curley will :Company 111 the C?untry. ther;n candy and soda-pop Radios and Repairing :missed and respected for the fine } Dave Chamber lam and Wanda don t let me catch YOU doing Sound _and work which h e ...1.--t:a Tynan, both veteran Lrttle Thea-that-unless you want me to tell Authorized Capehart and Scott .accomp !SHe 1 tl 1 d. E d b t 't ._ among the men in th. t c.. ;.ter p ayers, appear rn 1e ea mg a r e a ou 1 Radio Service ? izatio n s here in br 1-antales as "Danny" and "Mrs. By the way, Eddy, how would 1116 Grand Central departing this station The balance of the ?;'ou like to. our old boss, Phone H-3787 :. other duties. EavesdJ. opplrig' On -.. cast w rll .be Srmon Legree F arr, down here (one of the many convet rr ; ; week. Specral_ stage and llghtmg ... maybe we_ wouldn' t give him :, I've heard regarding his are bemg, planned for the the worksJUSt for old times' p overheard the following: .. f showm g here. sake. __ ,have never gone to Lt c .1 ___ We hope you llke it here .. :. 'th tg ey BAND NOTER. JWI a whwh--he-eeuld .as many chops and .steaks as ;;help me_ wrth and h e refused or ;Carter, and can hold as much r::.,.,.,.,._.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,,,,,.,., _,.,.,.,,.,. ;'.passed rt off to someone 'liquor as Nero Wolfe The dentist ;,_I heard another fellow say, "L'C ulled a dirty trick on Shorty by ;\ urley :vould never_. all his teeth hrs wr_ti]._OI.lt some I've often wondered why Mo r solutwn -to the parti-ris Pinkett has never been given he went to see him a rating in this man's' army. Is rt any_ wonderthat When I came to this field last DIAMONDS and ALL JEWELRY 605 Franklin St. respected -artd__ad_ m __ mm November he was iJ?charge

THE ECHOES .Tune 11. 19"43 WING TJ p Complime nts and Best of Luck to All Men m the Service 22nd Bomb Wing By S/Sgt. Charlie Crews Out with it, Finkie, what's the I supplies from the 304th without secret? any red tape. Sgt. Baldridge, of Mississippi, Ralph 9ibson is another lucky returning from hi-s furlough, boy on furlough; same for one looks fit and ready for work. of the B r o w n boys_ .who Flying for the first time S/Sgt. nyssed KP by getttng out m Countryman of Operations plans tune. to do more in the future. ------1<----PLANT CITY STATE MARKET R.E.JOHNSON,MANAGER PLANT CITY, FLORIDA S/Sgt. Graham of Peoria, Illi-1 304th Bomb. Sq. nois, has our idea of doing the right thing on a furlough. H e is 1 : The new Army slogan of going to get married. Lucky "Every Soldier a Swimmer" sure. guy. to.ok hold on one of the senior 1 CUlP LUMBER CO. S 0 l D I E R S Several men in our squadroN, gi:ihners during this past week. 1 GET GOOD SERVICE .AT have been selected to attend col-. 'Everything to Build Anything' lege under the new ASTP .. Not bemg content wtth JUSt I Millwork Made fo Order P A L M A ( E I A Pvt. Edward Doyle, of Penny!swtmmmg, the. S e rg_eant to vania, was one of the fmtunates. try a. btt of htgh dtvmg 111 the SGO PACKWOOD We will all long remember the bargam _and we do mean high. CLEANERS & LAUNDRY 2803 S M'ACDILL A VENUE Memorial Day eSJpeThe spnng _board was the rear cially the fine compliment Lt. _of an atrplane and the desMcGee gave the squadron after tmatwn was Tampa Bay. Need-the parade. less to says the tnp was a success In t h e past few weeks many and we _S/Sgt.l fellows have joine d our sqt1adron. Crookhamon hts quahftcatwn_ for Your reporter wants an introduc-m embershtp m the Caterptllar tion. This is your column, so let's club. hear from you. Now wtth havmg two, Cater-----1< pillars in the Squadron (S/Sgt. 302 d B b S Melton being m ember Number n 0 m q. One), the Parachute Department ''Cfi'IT C:HA.T" By G.K. is beginning to feel pretty goo<'i. As an interesting sidelight immediate l y after hearmg or S/Sgt. Crookham's' jump, Pvt. Morton in charge of parachutes took his first airplane ride. We quote the Private, I know they work now so I can afford to take a ride." Phone H t862 -:-TAMPA BEST OF lUCK, S -ERVICE MEN, 'EVERYWHERE K R U S E S I N ( Packers of Cold Process fruits PLANT CITY, FLORIDA I I I' Kee p up the good Morton. Here' s a n interesting item for all you chronic Kaypees and Guards. P f c Robert Sears is the man responsi-ble for all that hap pens iri your d epartment, but don' t deal harshly with him for we fee l quite sure that you will i 1 i W E 1 C 0 M E S E R V I C E M E N i I ..... 1 I I find him to be swell guy. 1 f 1 STANDARD SERVt(E STATION l Communications has bee n on the plus and minus list this week too. On the plus side it's Lt. Pfeiffer back from AFSAT and Lt. Sloan due in from DS in New Yorfk City. At heart Lt. Sloan is a Dodger fan by virtue of residence and that DS in the Big Town must have been har d to take. On the minus side of the ledger is Lt. Thomasina whom we lost to the 303rd. Also back from a leave is Lt. David Graham, i 0. L. Lunsford, Manager l i l S. ORANGE AND SOUTH ST. TEL. 23-255 I Adjutant. The contest is over and at last we can announce the r esults. Barracks 164 had the b est inspection record and won the Beer party. But, alas. and alack, there was no :seer ,and consequently the party was postponed., Late News Flashes state that the loca-1 brewers are up once agai-n on their production schedules and the party wiH come off this week : without fail. PHONE H-1881 DUKET'S :BAY-TO-BAY PHARMACY Bay-to-Bay and Mac-Dill Ave. BEST OF LUCK FROM Plant' (ily Packing. Company, Inc. Citrus Fruits m Boxes. Bags or B ,uJk PACKING HOUSE LOCATED ON STATE. FARMERS MA,RKET PLANT CITY, FLORIDA B. P. SIMMONS CLINTON BOLICH


THE ECHOES The 339th So"'nds Off I ferring to F/Sgt. Brundage. He '-' lookslike the Nazi spy who con fessed. practically all g1e l could only have the WAACs ing back to the orderly room. On of home and we ARE gettmg there. It would make this party Saturdays he is usually leading the job .. 1 something to look f'day Headquarters office has n ow 484th Bomb. Sq. 624th B .orrlb. Sq: !n for real class. His new flam e counting that money like anexBy Pvt. Vince Parker -,Is supposed to be Lana Turner's pert bank-teller. Lt. Radt-ke is acquire d several new face s in the t d D d b 't? forum. All are a4th Bomb Gp By Sgt. Durret and Pfc. Spiess: With our able s an -m. oes ai?-Y one ou t I -sure his pa,rt the men, including such well known laughing in New York State, it T/Sgt. Garnch. ISeatmg_ ho_me62'7th rollmg. Lets, give him a characte r s a s S/Sgt. GOLBERG S/Sgt. Shery has JUSt returned calls for a substitute to provide co _oked rneais agam. H1s httle hand, boys. classifi e r d eluxe, Cpl. from an xtensive tour of the I the weekly !'lews, and certainly wife COJ?e down to JOin Sgt._ J. Galeckas, 627th medical. VIAK' g elle l a l handy man, and Eastern stat t 1 1 N any man who rates a promotion Congra ulatwns to the followmg 1 man IS the tall curlyhaired ro es, par JCU ar Y ew men for adding another t C 1 CURL t t t d y k, and a furlough on the same day s npe. mantic type. From the way he _and he reports that I doesn't deserve to be let down: Sgt: A:shbury, 7'gt. McNult;yand talks, he should have .. been a rww swelle d roEter will be ably thmg Is wonderful, no mosqmtos, I Congratulations, Sgt. Corley, on Corporal Flynz:. Clay IS fii'!.doctor. His ass t ; Pfc. R-odenbec:k handled by Sgt.-Major Johnson good food and the weather is j both. Cogratulations, too, to T/ ally mfkmg his '{ful happy. He s is the quiet type; you know the and abl y abetted by Personnel just ri.gnt to make a fello\v feel.,. Sgts. Rite and Elizondo; Sgt. gomg 0 marry+:. er. Dracula type always waiting for Sgt.--IVIajor Jacobson and T/Sgt. frisky. Mather; and Cpl. Carnes who a casualty so he can d<;! some Parker. Used to be we would see and have moved up one grade 627th Bo-mb. Sq. patchmg_ up_. To mlments -In a more serious vein, we wish hear quit a bit of Sgt. Gaby, but I along With Sgt. Corley. a_re"domg their but It -to invite among others, all 339th now, alas, he is a different man. The squadron again has a new By Sgt. Isn t hke those dark ha1red _an,d m-en to attend church services Wonder if it is because his wife! home, having mov.ed into the bar-blue eyed nurses at the hospital. regularly every Sunday. Chap-is visiting here? Coul d be. I racks area at 2nd & F Sts. this The 627th wiH soon have what bo:ys, they doing a lain H W. OPPERMAN wishes A cretain corporal who works past Sunday morning. The move you may call the shower room magmf1cent JOb at the chspensary. to emphas i z e that "attire is not in the Supply Room s-eems to be .was neatly accomplis-hed and no quartette, from the way Cpl. Under the supervision of our important, attendance is what bitten with the movie bug. He The new lo-Henry W Sanders, our dashing Commanding Officer, Lt. Alfred, counts." Protestant services. are only sa''l{ three different shows on catwn IS_ qmte conveniently Io.dispatcher, bellows away. S/Sgt. who is second to none, the 627th held in the. Day Room at 0900 his last _cay off, We hope he gets cated bus. service, PX, and Cole, one oif our gunners and able has awell rounded staff of pilots, and again at 1000. Transportation an earht:>r start next time and other thmgs 111 the immediate communication man, seems to among whom are Lt. Kerns, Lt. to the B ase for Catholic services tltcaks this puny record. neighborhood. chime in with his deep mellow Hill, Lt. Wescott, Lt. Reiff, Lt. is also provided. Trucks leave Sgt. ... &one Latin on To the person who was res-voice, while Sgt. Hammand Klauber, and Lt. Smith. Witb. from the 339th Garage at 0730 us. He IS 111 at the Cu-ponsible for acquiring_ our mosdiowns the thundering roar. Yes, suc:h capable pilots, we keep them .and-later at 0830. ban qmte frequently. _Wonquito-bars, thanks from all. The boys, including myself. We sure flymg: Our yery efficient ground "'1S. question now arise s about der 1f 1t s pleasure or busmes-;;' ; barsare doing the job and are sound like a bunch of warbling crew IS puttmg forth eyery effort a J.lfdquarters soft-ball team. Probably business, with a "skirt" really appreciated. by all. canaries under the cool stream of to its flying officers ever'; Tr ....;E1 is an abundance of good mvolved. Back from furlouo h is 'Blondie' our showers. available support. material scattered through the Gue,:!" who's in our Squadron. McCoy. Ambitions"' as ever and The--,''Wizard" of the 627th is -=-------------offices for a top-flight Philo Vance h_imself. He slips in glad to be back (he says). From our adjutant, 1st Lt. L H. Radtke. club. How about Sgt. DEBUC the ba_rracks_ 111 the early morn the smile it's easy to see that At present he is Suppply officer, s-ervjp,g in that capacity? He has and !?PJes_on mnocent young men, the furlough was a success-espeOI'dnance, Armament and, last that d e _bonair "go-getter type" and Imagme, makes them get t tp! cially that part in Savannah of all, he now is acting gas o"ffi-:r;nanner about hiin that should Awfu! rough. cer. make him an excellent organize1 Anyone interested in the beau-625th B .&.b S If you wa_ nt to see the Lt. you Our "cover-man" reports a gala tiful :::ub)ect of snow may feel Ou q. .have to be mighty fast. For one 'celebratio. n in connection with free at any time to consult Mike t h t tJ d Sgt. Edmonston's birthday fiasco. Permenter, who is an authority Some of the boys would iike momez: e Is a 1e squa ron -Ye scribe missed the performance 011 "sn,Jwmg." to know just where Sgt. Frank area aidmg_ the men to beautify Soldiers Always Welcome fl --BOULEVARD RESTAURANT FINEST SPANISH FOODS-BEST OF LIQUORS 2001 Nebraka .dtle to inclement weather. Our mascot, a brown Cocker McDonald went on a two-d;1y the kitchen, the next he lS rushSpaniel who answer.s to-the pass last week. It take s a good =---------.,.--.......: ___________ ...;, ____ ..._.;, name of "Waccy," seeins to nave man to understand a "gunner. disappeared,. Any.:one knowing M/Sgt. Robert Fricks has a soher-whereabouts, please get in lution for the shortage of shaving -By Pfc. Samuel A. Weinberg touch with the 484th Orderly cream. The other evening he ran -; .\ week has bit the dust, Rootn. Thanks. a little experiment. Results were .:s and gone into the past; and found -JC good. In .case any of you fellows fast. Our group has t om q. TC!oth Paste. The Sergeant 482nd Bomb. Sq. Cool Restful Atmosphere Superb Food Excellent Serufc and left our personnel in spints 485 h B b S run out of shav :.[noving picture shows, right in Communications S/Sgt Ray It appears that we have some really gone to town, in. doing :>ays rt gives your face that tingl-\ our Group each night. 1 H 11 th. h soft ball and volley ball teams in 0 s t C. b k I u er IS recovenng m e os-the makings What b _.. } ur g raiger came ac pita! from his mild case of bron-you say, oys J ( home, gnd now .. we in full chitis. The boys in the Shack say of the 625th, lets bmld a couple steam. The Squadron's better I th t b k t' 1 1 of good teams and take on sume );ij.an the" best, we are i:eally on et) wan /J,. .P:r of the other ""AIR the beam. m_ 1e capac! y o ssa s an ap The open air movie between -..--'-----------------'-----_;_ __ ,:_ __:: A 1 t f b i 1 h g lam. the 625th and 626th barrack I ? o. oys are ur oug In For your information: W e the .s t---.. n H-IHI-n-n u n -1111-111!-11-lltl u v -u-u--u-n--n--f-, We thmk It rather neat. We envy 485 U 1 1 T t i seemed quite a success. Last FnI I one of them; for beating yes day, Abbott and Costello in the BEST WISHES s I:'RVICE MEN = all th1s heat. th G T k b Navy was the mam feature after I I We have a brand-new line B e .; a ow, of course, the trainmg film had j j chief now, McFadden is the tag. g an n e. er aps we been shown. This is strictly an I : = It !oa-ks as though that boy is to tlh our advantage to the 625th because A A R 0 N F R A N l B l A u ( 0 I and we are sure not to Ie ast s e, no ou as one the picture. may be seen from the j j Iag. But then again, we never er barracks wmdows. jdid; .01?-, .the balL Engmeermg. S/Sgt. Sch_un We_ stood the Saturday morni PACKERS AND or:. i !.We've gJvEM. everytfirng -we've of_ ou: rece.nt.l:Y 1 ecogmzed mspection a::; usual Every, j 1= jgot, we're glad to give our all. sw_Immmg mstructm s, has left. us thmg was cik with 'tnii;'exception: Q tlO_ I it y C 1' t>ru_ s n Fru_J._ t S .'.a n:d' ,_ y ege tab. l es ,\Now, our Sgt. Rosenberg this another Sg.uadron-lo.oks hke of a few disCtepancies sUch as a r 1;; : r. .: .. ; .,, Week, some grand news he did, ...,. gt. Taylor might have his hands few J:andkerchiefs showing from i "WE CATER TO TRUCKS" Phone 39-541 j pring. He sperlds his. evenings' full_ whez: the Squadron the h1p pocket' s, etc. Let us strive swaying with his "Eirdie" on a more _senous about learnmg how. to correct these faults. j LAKELAND, FLORIDA : __ II : ;swing. He says she's got just 1 to SWim The sink in the latrine at the l it takes, of her he often. t .tSg.th. I:>doutglathss h 4 a 8 s 5 rthecesntlydbeen -625th barracks is now un-clogged +--.. -_"_,_,._,_, ,_,_.,_,._,._,._,._,._, _______ + .Speaks. He hates, however, her a _ac e 0 e qua pm. A rubber stopper had been caus.Porch swing, because the darned l With his of Bnhs? ing all of the trouble. A hint to t h,ing squeaks. I photographic. -per-. the fellows; try to keep junk and f This is our last reporting job, I haps we can figure out a few other objects out of the drain .and at this thought we grieve. more for the .Sgt. One careless fellow can cause the It seems the Squadron that we I Clendenm fmally I w,.hole squadron a lot of trouble. 'love, the A R sayE: w:e leave I I aw11y frOlJl Office .. WAAC, brown um this gtoup with loads of' for a He says he wants form, blond; blue eyes,' weight I'_n:1 sad my stay was to see ,110 lbs. height 5" 2". If she is Wliom now on Weinberg's new ad-to :;ay anft;lhng else.Maybe Tn.,. found please turn her .over to dress will be the Eighty-Fourth. had better make an Pfc. George A. _Carpenter. It is ; I want to thank all of the men, mqmry. rumored that he is collecting and officers as well, For treating blonds. me just simply grand, believe me, 405th Bomb. G-roup S.Sgt. Don Gunn had a three-they've been swell. Lts. Hemphill, day pass 1?-st week. W e don't McKinley, Smith and others in The Officers of the 405th Bomb where he went or what he our band, have been like fathers I Group enjoyed a very entertain-d1d bu1!twe have ideas. We wo_nt!'> this boy; they've treated me! ing dinner and dance at the der what the Sergeant knows grand. Clear:water Yacht. Club Saturday about Savannah, Gem:gia. : Now 'W I leave them, I say, evenmg. The affair was well atT/Sgt. Albert J Wilson IS the .. Tha>""'--1;,' and each one I now tended and a gala time was had engineer on our new vyash-P-_les.. ,IX: they have made it pasall. We honored by l'av-mg He he will I make O.C.S. I meet mg our Wmg Commander, Colhave It m good workmg order the board next Monday morz:, onel and his wife, attend by the'first of July. It's' a swell and this I now confess I owe this our party. 1dea. If the W AACs do their own quite a lot; they made Group headquarters have tied :wa::;hing and ironing, why can' t p1e a success. I hope that soon with the 625th and 627th Squadthe GI boys? ._ the day Will come, as good d_ays TOns in their Offir. PrS qualified In case of :you fellows are ;:tlways do when I am back w 1th-rifle. ran!{e scores. The 624th and mterested m learnmg how to play inthe. ranks of "Grand Four the 627th can make it 100% now. poker, see instructors, Cpl. Cletis any time. Let's get on the beam B. Shoup and Sgt. Emmett B ----+:. officers. The percentage of offi-Gallops. will teach you the cers and enlisted men of the en-art of losmg tw1ce the specified tire Group who have qualified on amou_nt of dough half the time the range is a very good showing: that 1t would take m an ordmary 483rd Bomb. Sq. By SGT. WALDON The physical training program game. W ell, rt h a s been qUite lone-is going along fine under the di-The game of d1ce seems to be some these _day s around the r e ct-ion of our physical training unpopular among the GI's S/ Squadron without the b eaming officer, ,Lt. Engedahl. All squadSgt. FI:az:k 0. D'Agostino claims face of S/S_gt. Braswell around Irons have been equipped with a this 1_s the only form of gamto cheEr thmgs up, and also relatively sufficient amount of blmg he hkes. H e clauns. that you :;3/Sgt : Waldon. equipment and everyone niay lose your money fast or e_ls e, by .' I wonder who that school I look forwe1rd to having sore mus-the of God, you wm fast was I saw w1th a cles for awhile. We might add One thmg sure, someone has to T/Sgt. m the Squadwn. that moving out to ours-elves has lose. [ _happed to catch them at the not quelled our initiative nor re Hotel gently cajoling _a duced our efficiency. That fact, glass or two. I wonder If !us we proudly ad.d, can be exem 626th Bomb. Sq. BEST OF L -ucK To Service Men Everywhere .. C A R E Y ( 0 PLANT CITY, Cash & (arry Lumber Co .. Inc. MANUFACTURERS AND WHOLESALERS OF Yellow Pine Cypress Lumber NEW AUBURNDALE ROAD LAKELAND, FLORIDA I I Fine Missionary Strawberries 1 AND CHOICE VEGETABLES COME F:ROM GALLAGHER & WALDEN DOVER, FLORIDA i i i J: I I Phone PLANT CITY, FLA., EXCHANGE J I JOHN w. GALLAGHER AND P. D. WALDEN = Jrnowledge of Napoleon was inplified in. our new outside shower The officers of the 626th must to aruy great e_xtent room, which has water supplied have had a grand time last Sunr First Lt. E. Fmeran, the from a "hand dug" well. day, jud,ging from the happy S q_uadron .AdJutant, le_ft on leave ville,'.' as it has been. "deviously" faces. We hear Lt. Marr had the for a rest and recreatwn. dubbed"( to use the words of pl,'i:ze of the evenin g. The ;,_ "I wake screami!lg" our Intelligence Officer). almen are having their pt .tile occaswn very mceiyif rethough being jt.a;i a teFit gity,-l_las party next Stiilday. Boy, if we i I I .. --_, _____ _______________


Page 'Eigh THE ECHOES JU:ne n 1943 -------PROTECTY WAAC DOTS Drew Boxers DASHES AND .... Continued Fron:' Page 1 sion. Ribel threw his punches away in the second, only t o re cover just the bell. The third round went unquestionably to the Drew manw hen Fuentes was out on his feet. The decision, .:.;! a technical knocko.ut. Spectato"rs really came to life when middleweights Pvt. Cabell Woody, MacDill, and Pfc. Fred Gross, Drew Field, began the On a short or long furloughchan:l!'e'vnur: lively bout that ended in Woody' s into safe American Express Tra drawing blood in the second Spendable everywhere. Prompt :refu' ...,_0 _., .-r -.,.,.,round that ende d in a 3-0 victory for the MacDi lJ contestant. Issued in denominations of $10, Pfc. John Marc hese and Pvt. each $100. Minimum cost 40 'for I t or stolen cash' you leave.' : Paul Rowe, light h eavyweights, Railway Express offices, at princip ... JL : slugged it out to a decision for. many camps and bases. \, .. Cost 75 for' sale at offices and at 1\lfacDill. after Marchese wasted time winding up whil e Rowe, 1 :111 AMERICAN,. 1111 II Drew man, got in the punches in the first round. The seconu was _._ TRAVflER\i.S a draw according to the judges. K I A barrage of right hands and .... F t W"AAC d' l' t t f t I belly punches that could b e heo..ld 1rn group o _..,. 1a I O s pec1a ts s o arr1 ve or assi g n men 1 pas t the ringside seat s ended the : 1 to the '/56th WAAC Post Headqu: : nte r s Company. Drew Field. Shov,: n 'scrap for Rowe. I ERR AcE abov e tt1ey inclu_de (back row, left to rl$nt) E lizabeth NileE.-, Depostt, The heavywei ght scrap \vent to : ... j N. Y. and Mtnnie Kloos, Cleveland, OhiO. (Front row) Lon-Drew Field from the opening ex ning. Thor, Iowa; H e l e n Has ke:ll. Monte rey Park. Caltf.; El-e lyn change of blows. Pfc. Jim Smith, i .iLabash, Garfteld, N J and Mane Sm1eno, Campbell. Oluo. MacDill swuno wildly while 19_ a j All ale corporal technicians. year-old Joe "'ceryal:C appeared q 't J. "\ Graduates of the Midland Ra-mmded correspondent r epmts, calm. and collecte d. Ceryak apC l U.l1 O i dio Sch ooL Kansas <:;ity, Kansas, I "he ac::::Js 1_5 poundE.of m etal to peared to-lose his calm but once, J. j' they completed a thnteen-weeks the scrap p1le. At the rate when the MacDill man spoke to : course in radio mechanics and that adds up to somethmg over him and countered with a light We .L (?1_'.:. : 0 : -r.-._ _. I eration which is a duplicate of poun ds a yeat." reprimand on .. the nose The 4.1 "" k f:' the cov rse taught enllsted men iC judges gave a unammous dectswn ; =1:of the Army. B ckl"ng h am A" 'to Cevak. I < .of }he :AtCs loldsth a U If The .spectators thoroughly en-1 BY WIRE ANYWHERE.. PHONE!ss&i, _., f : laladllopnlomroamt.ndt' e B N" D joyed the comedy bout put on by T a m p a T e r r c e H o t e I "' a se 1ne owns Mike (Popeye) H0lland, Drew, ; eating the grade of each student and Cpl. DiOfrio, Headquarters _, __ ,_,_,._,_,_,._,._,._,. __ ,:..:.. .. __ ,; +' necessary fo1 to the Squadron. They clowned through : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. :w;..: .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. :.. : .. .. .. : .. :w-: .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. .. : .. : u s. Army Signal Corps. Drew 5 1 .three rounds with Popeye a cross The group has classified 1 between a counterpart of his :i: BOB'S OPEN EVENINGS as radio operator>: and mechanics namesake a-nd a whi-rling dervish. by the Stati_ o n Classification SecBuckingham Army Air Base nine d f t d th D F ld s I The decision went to .Cpl. Buddy : tion and assigned to various Drew e ea e e rew 1e 1gna .. Field .units. -j( the recent Golden I A 'St. '-. -. : third sewed up the .game for Gloves at MacDill were ::: r m_ y .o _re. nsw Two lefthanders, Vito Tamulis T S. Vos, and the 398th Bomb ::: C 1 Li M 1 S 1 F Th f ;,.,--mto" Buckingham. presented their awards b y Col. .!_. h BOB HAWK'S, of Drew, and Ray Whitaker of Group of the field received a .:. omp ete ne I Itary upp tes or e Needs Of t ...-Buckingham, pitched steady ball handsome trophy for scoring the :' SERVICE MEN _.. r lA N K W I : Z I under a boiling sun. most points in the tournan1ents. I::: t .. __ __;.) Lt. Chet Thomas, ma_nager ?f Drew Field's awards will be j .;., EXPERT T AILQRJNG :( 1. T hey become larger to let the Drew team, hurt Ius leg m I made at the Fteld. Y ;\; in as niuch light as possible. the third and left the game. Irv-::: 207 E. Lafayette Street .. __ Tampa ."t (They d-ilate in the dark). ing Messing came in to catch for .!. 2 Yes. Valentine: to greet him. L ev Riggs, former Brook., W .:!l .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. :._: .. :-+: .. : .. : .. : .. :_.: .. :<4 .with o r as \\.-ith a valentine: to lyn Dodger, and his mates col-ONE-DAY SERVICE sing a love song. lected 10 hits off the offerings of 3 Nearer 100 pounds. Tamulis. It was the fifth win of 4. BecaLtse people usually exthe season against one defeat. tend their right )1and and the The game today was the third dog r .aturally puts out the paw lo-ss of the season for Drew, who that is nearest. hatl \ vo n 12 games. 5. There are more men with The two clubs will mee t next blue eves than women. ... Sunday on the Drew diamond. 6. The mink would be the + -->+-'.. .. -111 -ltlt-DII-1"'-"-! least expensive. The chinchilla I i the most expensive. .1 /fine j 8. Because it preys on poul' j try. 1 Watch "_-epal"rinn 9 T hey would be sitting back I( I !:II to back. 1 j 10 The of the teeth. j 25 Y _ears in Tampa j !Finnish Fly?r I sPECIAL ATTENTION I (Co:ntinm'd from Pa::e l) j TO MILITARY PERSONNEL j South Carolina and there he rel RUFUS Y./. CARDEN j c eived .. is -Jasi c ttaining. H e arj Member of Auxiliary Police j dved P1ant Field, a sub-base of ?os TWrac-s : Drew, on April 30 of this year, I Next to Elite Cafe joining t h e Second Detachment ,.,_,._,_,,_ .,_.,,_,.,_.,,_.,,_.,,_,.-'--+ of the Third Air Force Replace .ment Depot. classified as a f erry command oilot. Since he has had over 500 hours in the a ir, he will probably be come a pilot in the Army Air Corps. I to fly,'' he, says with only a trace of a foreign accent. ''I don' t care what I b e come just so I can start flying." H e is no longer a F innish cit izen. h:e-ving become naturalized on May 21, 1943 in Tampa. "I will a.l:ays remember Tan1pa," the blonde s l ender youth said. smiling pleasantly. "If for no other n;ason, because I becam e an A meiican c itizen there." Rotion Book No. 3 1301 Grand Cen1T ,al Ave. OPEN DAY AND NIGHT CURBO SERVICE QJ FINEST IN FOODS WINES & *** Courtesy and Consideration E :icJ'enae u 1o i.V!en and women in THE NEW FLORIDA HOTEL Milicary p e rsonnel of Drevv .Field \\ ill receive their Nun1ber 3 Books from the Base Ration Officer near the end of Jul)/ o r the first of August. Their familie s will receive their books 'Lakeland's and Finest' through the mait LAKELAND. FLORIDA Civilian personnel of the Field John E. Ballenger will obtain their Number 3 book>: and Associates. Owners from l ocal Ration Board in A. Baumberger, Mgr. Tamp?.. 1 Gas t ::1tion cards will b e han. dled Mr. Ashton, Civilian P er---=-------------; BEilding No. T-627. SCRAP Fror.: San Angelo (Texas) Army Jl.i r Base comes the obser vation that the bombardier cadet of the AAF Flying Training Corn mand among the top contribu tors in the Nation"s scrap drive. "Everytime a cadet at San Ange l o drops a 100-pound pracl.tce bomb," this statistically SERVICE MEN ALWAYS WELCOME uBERTY BAR Tony Italiano, Prop. WINESBEER SOFT DRINKS 717 Grand Cen:tral Ph. H 3109 (.'0)1PLETF. DINNERS lleats. Poultr.v, G ro('erielt, uud Uftlicatesseu H erring Lox and. 1lll of fish, stri<"tly frt .. \\'I:'>E, BEER, SANDWICHES FINMAN'S KOSHER .MARKET Onl,v Roos-lle r In Tumpll 92':1 E. Brundway Ph. Blof'k nf -\ vt> "THE HOME OF GALLONS" Berger & Rachelson INC. WHOLESALE GROCERS HOTEL. RESTAURANT AND BAKEr.tS SUPPLIES EXPERT WATCH REPAIRING PAUL'S t W lfches Diamonds ]euelry Novelties Our Motto: "Service Men First" 214 E. LAFAYETTE. NEXT TO MAJ:'{HATTAN CAFE OPEN EVERY NIGHT 'TIL 10 P. M. UNITED Manufacturing and Dispensing Opticians 205 ZACK STREET PHONE M 5783 "COURTESY DISCOUNT 20 PERCENT Prescriptions Filled-Lenses Duplicated Hotel Hillsboro Florida Avenue at Twiggs St. MARTIN C. McNIEL. Manager .-. GASPARILLA TAVERN coLONIAL GRILL Service Men Welcome \ FRANK RUTTA, CHEF. ief Service Men welcome GILBERT HOTEL 8ll Tampa St. Phone M 1094 0. E. BOGART. Manager FERNANDEZ RESTAURANT: Cuban Sa.udwiche A 1216 FrallklL'1 St 1 Rex Billiard Parlor Daniel S. Bagley 1012 FR:NKLIN I TAMPA -FLORIDA KNIGHT B R 0 S. PAPER C 0. 612 Bell Phones 4205 4204 .. A Paper for Every Purpose" ATTENTIONWAACs -ARMY MEN Learn to Dance Correctly BY ONE WF"' KNOWS selma Brooks In Tampa 17 Years --r H 3?-SS4 207 PAR-KER ST. Formerly chef Cit Montrose Restaurant. : .' B _roaQ.way and 48th. New York, came to Flor> ,111t_,, ida. got sand in his 'shoes and now has opened .his own _place at 418 W. Lafayette Street lf : Specializing in Spaghetti. and Ravioli WE ALSO SERVE BEER AND WINES 1 B A v v E wHo T E L ... -,: FIREPROOF CONSTRUCTION-EVERY ROOM WITH ). COFFEE SHOP IN CONNECTION W B. SHULER. Manager 208 JACKSON ST Be:tween FRANKLIN & TAMPA TAMPA. FLORIDA -PHONE M 5537 i 1 j ;:::::::::::: :::::=::::::::::::::::::::::::::: = ... --= 1 I I i ,I ,\ -B _S_T_O_R_E --.1; Complete Luncheonette Liquor Annex In Connection 1 f 407 Tampa Street Telephone 322211 ...............................


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