Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Post Exchange
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 2, no. 15 (June 18, 1943).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
June 18, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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VOL. 2, NO. 15 Published Exclusively in :the In:teres:t of :the Personnel of Drew Field Friday, June 18, 1943'NEW BUS SYSTEM ST RTS NEXT MONDAY t------------------------------------------New Executive Officers Assume nuties at A WUTC and Base Beginn.jng Monday, June 21, \ tttf fiii\.t\\H 'Drew Field personnel will have 1 {}({j}}:{{}}:?I?!iK greatly expanded transportation / facilities, it was announced to::mrt:r:r :: :.:rttttn day by Col. Melvin B. Asp, Air I }} ::%}{{{{:{}{{}] Base Area Commanding Officer. I (}{{j!{{{,{{{}{i}i{\ On that date the Air Base Bus .: Lines, which has increased their fleet by n 1ine additional busses, will operate busses in a shuttle run from Nebraska Avenue, in Tampa, over Hillsborough Avenue to the North gate. I In the morning, starting at 6 O'rJock. Will run every 20 minutes until 7:40 o'clock on that I route and then again in the afternoon beginning at 5 o'clock, will run every 20 minutes until I 7:20. I The Air Base Bus Line will build two bus stations, one on the outside of the East gate and one fronting the North gate on Hi llf:bnrougn A venue. Beginning July 1 ; the Post will have its own busses operating Withm the l-'ost Three \ractor and two busses will run every 10 mmutes from 7 A.M. / until 12 P.M. daily throughout the week. In addition, there wilJ be a shuttle !'Un around "B' COL: Wm. H. FILLMORE to 1j1e East gate every C t fl 1 t f1ve mmutes. COL. ROLAND W. McNAMEE on muous ymg tor amos a The problem Colo;J:el Roland W. McNamee, quarter of a century, and more' during rush hours at Drew Field than 12,000 miles in the air, is 1 has been the result of two facExecutive Office!:, A W U T C, the record of Lt. Col. William; tors: (1) the rapid increase in proudly admits being what is Haydock Fillmore new Air soldier and civilian at called an "Army brat." Reveille, the Base, and (2) difficulties en-. retreat and taps, the last call at Area Executive Officer, Drew countered by the Air Base Field l Lines in getting enough busses to I night, were all a part of his life A command pilot on an active handle the traffic. I as a child. He has lived all his status and a licensed plane en-This problem been under I life on one Army post or another gmee r. Col. Fillmore likes to re-study for a long time by Col. Asp. i in the States and spent some call the days when lie flew with In December of last year, the bus I Gen. Billy Mitchell, Col. Eric company moved the terminal to time, as a :child, in .Cuba. His Nelson, famed roundtheworld its present city .location, relieving father was an Army man and his flyer, and Lt. Col. Pierpont M. some of the pressure of the son, one of four, is now at West Hamilton. He recalls, particularly, I equipment, speeding up the servPoint. \ when General Mitchell predicted: ice and giving quicker rtanspor-Comm,issioned Nov. 1 1918 at "One day planes will have wings j tation. But Drew Field kept on West Point, Col. McNamee, strong enough that men can walk growing--a situation that was ennally an infantryman, has seen on them." 1 tirely beyond control. service with many units. During Col. Fillmore has seen the pre-: So, on January 6, 1943, Col. the summer of 1918 he was a diction come true and flying grow Asp Capt. Antt:ony member of the West Point class from a questionable infant into a Base Rail TransportatiOn Off1cer, I which France, Belgium, giant power that makes this nam!lde a thorough survey. of the 1 and Italy. The trip was planned tion the most powerful air force Air. Base Bus Lme serv1ce and by the War Department. They in the world. I efl':llPn:ent. It, was found that anI t1c1patmg future needs and estiI visited the battlefields of World Col. Flllmo1 e s .flymg career 1 mating bus line potentialities on I War I, and the szrvices of supply really bef01e the World 1 equipment more busses were ab \\ i h a view to orientation for War. Back m 1916, the. Colonel, 1 scilutely Col. Asp. or-, needs of future wars, an oppor-while on a .Pleasure cruise along dered Capt. May totake the nectunity that stands the officers of the coast a Japa-essary steps to secure additional that class in good stead now, acnese then, the Colpassenger busses through the :::.ording to the colonel. one! "I dec1ded that Army. Followmg graduatiOn, Col. Me-Amenca to war I gomg I A complete survey of Drew Namee made two tours of foreign be m It from the .air. transportation needs,. and an apservice: the Philippihes from ... tmg from Kelly Texac,, I plicatiOn for large passenger 192 3 to 1925, and 1 a tour in Panm 1917 as a s.econd l_lel:'tenant, I busses was submitted and finally ama from 1930 to 1932 Co'!rses he" has been flymr, eve1 I approved after two surveys fro1n at the Jnfantry, Tank and days, Col. F1llmore Atlanta and Washington, respect-Corps Schools were followed by contmue, there no. such ively. I Shown above is a soldier, one of :the many who line the road sides after :the day's work is done, as he is passed up by. -a motorist heading in the general direc:tion of Tampa. The new bus system is expected :to eliminate much of the necessity for gelling a "lift." Passenger jam. Drew Field personnel to board an al ready overcrowded bus. Practically every day soldiers wait in long queues for hours a:t a s:tre:tch before boarding a bus lin :town. c:ou

Pase Two Ann4versory Issue 'Melodrama, "Nig ht Must Fol.l;11 to '!Ptay Of Army Weekly In Recreation Hall 1 on July '18 and 20 Out J un e 25th The Lit!Ie Theatre of Tampa is bringing its proct'1.tction of Though the June 25th issue of j "Night Must Fall" to Rec. Hall No. 1 on June 18 and 20. the A1'my \Veekl y is being adver-When this same group brought Rose -F1'anken's "Claudia" to this t.ised a s a 'bonus issue with Field several weeks ago the _audience received it v.:ith great enthu e:ight c .' our doctor. I thmk beautiful babes includes Jane otherwise would never have had several of the boys made the RusselL Vii'ginia Patton and seva chance to see one. The Little acquaintance of Dr. Cros Fri<;J.ay I other heavenly honeys too Theatre of Tampa deserves the mornmg: Cheer up, boys-, the first glamorous to mentiOn. wholehearted support of all mili-ll.Jike IS ,always the worst (I hope). l That's just a rough idea of what tary personnel. S/Sf:' Stone returned; :(rom: ycm'H get for a nickel in the June :+: camouflage school Sunday, the 25th Anniversary Issue of YANK, X y t h F h t c .. .. d mam top1c 1r: the tales he tells j' The Army Weekly. It goes on sale 19 er .. om man us seem to Involve in P.X.'s and Ships' Service By Sgt Bob McCarty South and 1ts pretty, I St-ores ,Tune 18th so get your or-CongratulatiOns are due to Sgt. girls. N1ce gomg. W1sh several! der in now. Foust for his new baby girl born \more of us boys could have been ____ -)( last We wonder if the two along, 04\t'IL B. G. s oftbol l main debators of the company, .(!) Ill Pvt. Bay and Pvt. Mertalla, will Softball g:ot under way. again' de_cide who won the last week, 111 spite of ram and C1v!l '(A'ar. T/;J Leo has personnel changes in all squad-! from the hospital and/ li'OllS. Squadrons 301-2-3-4 have IS now on a furlough. Who IS the two teo.ms e ach, making up a to-little .girl at Sears, Roebuck that ;tal of ein:ht club::: Wednesday Cpl. Carrano visits now and then. night 304:'A defeated 302-A 'on Crisp tell. rliamo:nd two, by the score of 11 'Highlight of the Week: Our W -9. After yielding five runs in Company hike with our native the first inning, the 304th got Floridian, Pvt. Motes, pointing dicldng and scored three in. the out the beautiful spots of the 1ou.rth inning, two in .the sixth .and fou.t in the seveilth. ''Wally" ----------------. W-aldorf, Jefferscm, Gee, Gibbs1 2 4 lJ b U : n ;scored_ winn.ings r _uns on hits b" .J .Domar, Whipple and Wentz. In 1 the .pitching department, 1 dorf of 304th chalked up an: -uther w in, allowing seven hits.1. /! WATCH REPAIRlNG GUARANTEED and fow bases on balls. Sharpe :of the 302nd gave up 12 hits arid 1 12 bases on balls. 1 T 1 Many teams in this league are I 1 e rrn Ill a looking for new players.: W h R 1:nost e very team has been affect-, AIR 'BASE 'BUS 'I'ERMINAL Air-Conditioned Ph. M 1878 39c Matinee 44c Night TODAY WEDNESDA,Y The Great Motion TUESDAY WEDNESDAY SATURD:A Y AND SUN'DAY 2:30 .to 5 E v e r y N i g h t 8 till 11 EXCEPT MONDAY Sc Fa r i e On Davis Island Buses LEAVING GRANT'S CORNER FRANKLIN AND CASS STREET 7:15 -7.:45 -,J:15 anhattan Cafe 210 E. Sf. Tampa Good 'Food Reasonable Prices Try Our Sunday Roast Turkey : DiJUlei: Served :From 11 A.M. fo 9 P;M \ : A ; L A CAR.:TE SERVICE AT ALL :#"1(11JIRS OPEN D A Y AND NIGHT WE USE STRlCTLY WESTERN .MEATS Groceries .Tobacco Candy Notions Special Invitations tO"AUService Men ,AdamS-.Kennedy' GLEN'S BILLIARDS Because of personnel chan-ges, 1 8tC. -epatnng therefore a call is now out for : playecs. There is a chance for i 906 'Tampa S. Whiting 'and .Jefferson Streets'-. Nciw In I:ts New 'Location A great human sfory FLORIDA 8'1:15 TAMPA ST. deeply into ihe heaits ari' d souls to get into the Post ___ 12 P. o,vorld and it v\ i ll be worth-while -making the g1'ade. I:'"--. .......................... Star: dings remain practically the saii: i e :as last -tlie: i.'act tfjl, the gaires u : & 1u t! R 1 [ a ::ft -n u < : .. [ : : out. 304-A teari1 i's r I N. R i.mdefeated, having won. 6 in G 'mpd S .Jfe etreat row. "\Vally" Waldorf is still the league's leading pitcher, winning 1212 Grand Central Avenue "Six games in as many' starts. Steaks ---Spare ribs lVIany of the dyed-in-thecwool fans in the other _squadrons are: iaying. l-?ets that the 304th is iug --for a 'fall and rumor has it lhat t h e 302nd is now going to served 6 P )M. to 2 A i M. put in their .first teams instead of using their scrubs: .. We'll see. Notice E L. Diimer, -Admin-. Inspector cif. he S4fh : Boon.b Croup_. living in S. Peie;;-sburg, is interested in ofher drivers cif fhat rity. w-ifh a view to arranging t.ravei schedules o Drew Field The can!ain feels thai, bv a use cif -ts.utomobrles. f\M:o.l. ac'ld rubber may be conserved, As manv of he Base persc:nnef are driving o Drew Field daily, usually alone. several. cars may be spared he Car.:t Dittmer's telephone uam.i;Gl.' is 41-2. Rex Billiard Parlor Daniel S. Bagley i< lfil2 FRANKLIN FLORIDA MONEY LOANED Or-J OF V TAMPA LOAN CO. "1'11.!'/iPA'S OLDEST AND I'i!\JST L I:BE::li\.L" SC..S FRANKLIN STREET ... -; t CAili' j N u. Car I j o v '!a-Iilng-We Pay Now i J -G E 0 D I L L f I 3!l!G Florida Ave. Ph. 2{)52 r --.-----. I "Jennie wan'!s ::to see you" TONY MASON'S ORCHESTRA Feafuring RI-CHARD Soldiers Always Welcome El BOULEVARIJ FINEST SPANISH F<>ODS-BES, OF LIQUORS 2001 Nebraslct of all Americans! f If You Haven't Already DO IT 'NOW f(-t. Sa.Mifa.H.J. : '..' BOOKOfTHE NiONTH LUIJ CHOIC< ELECTfON! with FRANK MORGAN JAMES CRAIG MARSHA. HUNT F A.Y BAINTER VAN J6:H:Nst>. N Ph. 3290 9c 28c Sunday and 11 Andy Hardy's Double Life'' Mkke.v Rouney Stone Tampa and Zack Phone 3003-Sc, 22c Saturday and. Sunday 'One of Oui' Aircraft Is Missing' Godfrey Tearle ---FEATURE NO 2 --"The Major and T h M. II e fnor Ray Milland M E E T Y 0 tJ R F R I E N D S A 'l' T H E SARATO,GA BAa. Corner Fortune and Franklin Dancing Every }Eght in the Blue Room to ''South's Best Negro Rhythm" j BEER -WINES LIQUORS "' Sunday Matinee Dancing Phone 7988 THE (H ,ATTERBOX Chicken and Steaks Real lalian Spaghetti SANDWICHES -DRINKS LIQUORS Abba Dobbo And Bond Nightly 707 s. HOWARD A VENUE I PHONE H 3757 ::..------ELITE CIGAR STORES 'The Sport Headquarters of Tampa' WINE -BEER -CIGARS tno Zack Phone M 62-072 :!07 Twiggs Phone M-12:36 All Service Are Barcelona Cafe SPANISH RESTAURANT WINES AND LIQUORS Phone S 2}42 -Open All Night 4714 Nebraeka &.Jld Oaborne T H E S T A R 2nd Floor Knight & Wall Bldg. Cor. Lafayee & Tampa Sirees; COOL, CLEAN, ABLE BED, and Shower Bath, $1.00 You Are Invited fo Use Our Reading, Smoking and Wash Rooms All Day Wihoui Charge.


June 18, 1 943 Aerial Now Stationed at New Ba.s& E .xecOft Dr')ew, Was With Caribbean Palroli From P,age 1 .Praeger, 2nd Assistant Postmaster Whe n Frank J. Buldra of Corning, N. Y., now a staff sergeant, General. enlisted in the Army Ai r Forces, August 15, 1939 the profession of The department owned th-eir soldier was unglamorized. But Buldra doggedly undertook his basic own planes, Jennys, and later training at Mitchel Field, N Y. ancr traveled halfway across the "Flaming Crawfords,'' so called continent fo r courses in airplane mechanics at Scott and Chanute because they invariably burned Fields in Illinois. He finally shoved off for a spot in Central America v.,;hen they crashed. The colonel called Rio Hato, 80 miles north of Panama City. flew routes from Washington to Two months after enlisting he* : l\kw. York, and between Belle-had persuaded hi s brother Joseph, fonte, Pennsylvania, and Cleve-t t k tJ t t Th b Bust of' ( I Asp land, Ohio. He alEO acted as test 0 a e 1e 5 ep, 00 ey .edcame : 0 1 : r pil ot, checking equipment and aerial gunners and COlnCI ence p laced them in the same squad-M d B p pilots for test runs. ron and they sailed for Panama a e y rt"vale Called back into the service together in November, 1940 r from a reserve status on Nov. 24; "Our job," S/Sgt. said, "was to p d H" 1940, Col. Fillmore served at the patrol the Caribbean ; and patrol resenle to 1m Presidio, San Francisco, and at it we did. Sometimes we were in Salt Lake City, Utah. He came the air as much as 14 hour. s a to Drew Fiel d fro"m Orlando, day, and when 'YOU see nothing (Continued from Page l) where h e was commanding o f but rolling ocean it gets pretty f icer of the Orlando Air Base for tiresome. W e used to machine-the Army Air Forces, had his the past nine months. gun fish just to break. the mono-studio in Westwood Hill, home of Colonel Fillmore becomes a tony. the University of California of "grounde d flyer during h i s brief "On week-ends, however, we L os Angeles. At the time of his leaves when he loves to hike went down to Panama City and induction his work had attracted abou t his 600-acre tabaccocandthat seemed like a real metro-much favorabl e comment in cotton farm at Pine T ops, North p olis after the jungle we were Southern California art circles. Carolina .accustomed to. All kinds of peo-His last work, before closing his e frequented the place, all cos-tudio, was a bust of the first rs and races. It exactly American saint, the Indian girl. iike walking down Corning's Kateri Tekakow ita, canonize d by Main Street but it was very ex-the Jesuits after the 18th miracle citing for us. a t her shrine in Lower St. T ekaAfte r the "destroyer deal':' with kowita was born in Albany, New Great Britain, which gave the York, of an Iroquois father and Unite d States certain bases in the an Algonquin n1other. R vj;. :De Caribbean to protect our vital Fleurs plans to do a full-length link across the' isthmus, Buldra statue of the Indian girl in marble went to Trinidad. H e described it w hen the war is over. as a veritable paradise, with the At the present. time, in off duty most p leasant climate he has ever hours, h e is working on a bust encountered. typifying the American W AAC. "After the fireworks at Pearl Of 120 Auxiliaries stationed at Harbor, we had a chance to .lay Drew Field, A fc. Patricia Ulrich some eggs with our medium was selected as a model. bombers. Our outfit got seven ---,---+<---subs while I was there, bi.1t I w .as never on a lucky plane," Buldra said l aughingly. I was, however, in Aruba, a Dutch I sland off the northern coast of Venezuela, w h e n a U boat shelled the oil refineries. W e had just landed and wanted to take-off to get a crack at them, but the planes on the qase were ordered to do the job. It. was quite a thrill being. on spot with shells flymg_ around. Flying is so much in the Buldra blood the brothers bought an o l d cub to learn something. of the problems of the pilot. It wasn't' much of a plane, Buldra confess ed, because it. had been m the tropics about five years .and w ready to fall apart. But 1t served their busman's hollday very mcely .. ., ; : i3uldra' has a 1ooo hours' in the Invest 10 cents of every dollar you earn in W a r Bonds and Stamps. G u ara : n f e e d Watch _Repairing_. Over 40 Years in Tampa Service Watches Repaired i n Less Th.an One Week SOB FRANKI,.IN STREET "TAMPA'S OLDEST AND MOST LIBERAL LOAN CO;MPANY" a 'ir, partl y piled t \ p as a meml;>er A:T T E N T I 0 N oL the submanne patrol and WAACs-ARMY MEN partly on the m::ul run. to the : Learn to. D .ance-Correctly Guianas from Tnmdad. BY ONE WHO KNOWS 'I' R d Wh" d L t F b tJary he returned .. veB. io be e lie an to as a staff. Selma Brooks l'o the boys at Ma,r:::Oill and Drew, sergeant and was stationed TEL. H 32-654 207 Ji>AR-KER ST. : When y .our work .is done, and you Daniels Field A\-lgusta,, G a., bewant some fun .fore .. his present. assignment at Drew Field with a dive bombard. ...... .. T.f;HS, the plar;:e for you ment Sq\-ladron. HOWKEE The 22 year old soldier. IS .straining. t9. get into the f1ght again. This time he wants to go across the Atlantic and see a httle Chines.& : iC llll FI,.ORIDA AVE .. Ph. M7215 bit of. Eur.ope. -+<-----Columbus Dr.iv, e I Opened Again Columbus Drive thrpugh Drew Field has beenreopened to public travel, Col. Melvin B Asp, Air Base Area Commander, said Tuesday. T}1e drive has been n]osed for severa l days due to onstruc.tion activities within the field. Construction activities wilf continue the drive may b.e closed te1hporarily for shortperi o ds; but. every. effort will be made keep .it open for. public trave l, Col. Asp smd. H e urged user. s of the drive to proceed with caution through t h e Drew Field section, and watch for traffic signs and the opera tion of heavy equipment. COMPLETE D INN ER.S: Meats, Poultry, Groceries, and veuC n.tessen. Herrin"g-, LOx and n,lJ lrindFO o.f WINE, BEER, SANDWICHES FINMAN'S KOSHER MARKET Only. Kosher Market In T a.mpa. 928 E. Broadway Ph l\15G-153 'n.B!oc. k of. Guaranteed Tampa Fla. 504 Tyler St. """------...------B :EERS' -W : INES UNIFORM FIELD BAGS 50 two uniforms in the JJ-length imHorm 'compart1Tient without wrinkling. Two roomy accordionpockets will pack as many things as you can. get into two suitcases. hang on a hook. Khaki dude, Saddle l eather tl'im..; mings. $ .11 Stu rely lightweight cone strucUon, Has separate compartinen t on outside. Zipper Bags ______ $1.69 to $2.98 OPEN Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Thursday Evenings 9l7 St-. (2 Stores In Tampa) 1401. 7th Ave. :;1 I Autho_rized P:EP.SI"COI,. A BOTTLING CO. QF T A :lii!.P. Palace Skating Rift SULPHUR SPRINGS -NEW. FLQO. R NEW MUS.I( NEW SKATES Admission: Nights OOe "SKATE ON THE SMOOTHES. r Il'j T.l:il;:_ SOU::l-lr I : Sc -Sf.re1:1i: Car and Bqs Se;rvice fp DoQr Welcome Service M en SWIM at the Sulphur S :pdngJ, Pool Natural Springs. Tempera, ture, 72 degrees. Bus and Street Car :to PooL 9 A.M. 1.0: 3 _l!_ se'rvfce Men ways : W elc0m'1' Sulphu, r Spring, s Cafe We S pecialize In HomeCooked' Chicken, Steak and Chop Sulphur Springs, Arcade. Bldg. ..:; ... Come on Down! Service Men Delicious Reasonably Pric!'!d, Day apd :Njghi. 501 FRANKLIN STRJ;:.ET BUY WAR BONDS! P A D o o : ( K a A R "Not a Jook Joint-But a phwe like the one. ba,ck ho.me-;-wb>>:111 'fVI!' can. bring. your wife .. or for a a c,hal and fizie ro"'dc. AT TAMPA S'J: Open Fr9m. B A.M. io 12 P.M. .. TAMPA'S. Q LDEST NITE CLUB Featuring 3 Floor Shows Nitely -8 10 Midnight DANNY &t. :OO.N'S 9:1,1: TAM.I?A STRgET vance to the Sweet Music of. MANNY GAJES' ORCHESllt% Me:n Officers Families FOR REALI:.Y GOOD FOOD AT MQDERATF,:: PRICES PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE-FOLLOW THE CROWD '1'0 I H E C 0 L. 0 N N A 0 E BAYSHORE AND JULIA Steak, Sea Food-, Chicken Dinner-s MGDERATir PIJICES


Page Four THE ECHOES P. 0. Box sn GLENN R. ROSS. Publisher TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS Business Office: 1113 FLORIDA AVENUE TAMP A. FLORIDA ----------------------Phone 2177 THE ECHOES All advertisements contained in newspaper are also contained in the Fly Leaf. published in the interest of the personnel of MacDill Field. Minimum joint circulation, 10.000 copies. ---ADVERTISING RATES FURNISHED ON. REQUEST A newspaper published exclusively for the personnel .of Drew Field and devoted to military interests and the United Victory. ; ... Opinions expressed in this newspaper are those of the individuai writers and under no circumstances are they to be considered those of the United States .Army. Advertisements in this publication do not constitute an endorsement by the War Department or its per. sonnel of the products advertised. By S/Sgi'. Eve Simmons. The members of the WAAC Post Headquarters Company were guests of the 303rd Bomb. Group a t a suppe r dance at Rec. Hall No. 2 on Monday evening. Special d ecorations, in-June 18. 1943 A New System Of Flight Control cluding the group's it?s i gnia, were', W e are very i_)roud of t h e way in which the officers and men are f ber of the company followed by -,. hood of 30 chaplains on the Base dancing. The post orchestra proand a r e "vvell able to take care Provides Safeguard For Army Flyers D of the spiritual needs of every rew Field pilots vvill soon benefit by a new syst e m of fligh t vided the mus i c -individual. It is our hope to live contro l on all point-to-point flights of military aircraft in the United + 1 {;J 'l up to the high calling fo r which States which was launched r ecently with the inauguration of the The House has passed the each one of us was calle d into Army Air Forces Pilots Advisory S ervice in two regions where the WAAC Army bill w hi c h now goes =the armed servic e volume of air traffic is particularly d e l)se. tG the Senate for adju stment of j :: It is w ith pride that we lo .. Prov.iding an additional safe-'*' differences in the first bill preback to yesterday, when the en-guard for Army flyers, this new sen ted. Under the present bill, I r tire chaplain' s work of the Base Y A N K W I Z was carried on in a t ent under service was instigate d by the I there will be no d e p endency althe shadow of the water tower AAF Flight Control Command, lowances; the strength of the I near the Base Headquarters. At headed by Colonel Sam R. Harr, is 8 I B S/S t J h F s k' I w 11 L Y corps will be r estricted women Y g o n uszyns 1 that time Chaplain I I am .. and will be in operation through-Ch 1 H' out the continental limits of the 808 HAWK officers will have no jurisdiction i Pfc Gus DeRidder returned w

June 18, 1943 THE. E C H 0 E S FROM SPECIAL SERVICES OFFICE Show of The Wfek: 'Abe Lincoln in Illinois' It was a hot, sultry night and, as usual, Rec. Bldg. No. > l was cro'ded to the rafters. ciz{:y WO!]dered what the evening's ac tivities would consist of, and so the writer tappe d a n earby T/5 on the shoulder and asked him. "Have n t you heard? h e said/ glaringly "They're showing a scene from 'Abe Lincoln in Illi nois.' And the n, from behii1d the -curtain and into the spotlight, stepped a thinnish r ed-toppe d, -eyed soldier, bearing -the of three stripes .. -:-'-:'' Tl1 t I : e went wild at his efforts-.fo quzet the m. And as he spoke;.-. a I hushed silence came o ver the ea ger audience. -----Pvt. George Blackwood as ".2\.be Lincoln" and Pvt. John Mader as "Mentor Graham" in a scene from "Abe Lincoln in Illinois." "Tonight," h e ventured, "to night we are going to.-:pi'ks 'efi't a part of a great play written by Robert Emmet Sherwood. -"'Its What's Cookin' at Drew name is 'Abe Lincoln in U)jnois.' Dance, uursday, June 24, 8:00 p. m.-s u ch a variety of singe rs, dancers and specialty artists. The preparation of s uch shows is no easy job-getting numbe r s time d, arranging for co stuming, ancl se l ec t io n of acts that m e n will enjoy most Adde d to their regu lar daily duties, it i s a big orde r The performances conipare fa vorably with the USO shows, I thanks to Mrs Lucy Sinclair, Dannie Sheehan, Miss Ella M ay, Normc;n Kirkconnell, Mi ss Betty Fe.gen,-Mrs. Carl Eva ns and the Little Theatre Group of Tampa. The Soeciai Services O ffi c e and the personne l of Drew' Field are grateful for the hours of relaxa tion m a d e possible by the groups and look forward to new p er formances witn keen anticipation. "A GOOD PLACE TO EAT" POST OFFICE CAFE C. D. Kavakos, Prop. Dinners, Plate Lunches, Beer, Wines & Cold Drinks, Pies and Pastries. 406 Zack Street Tampa, Fla. Best Wishes tp SQ E. OUVER DISTRIBUTOR Gulf Oil Corporation PALMETTO, FLORIDA Page AIR BASE BUS LINES, lncm BUS STATION Corner Tampa &: Cass Sf:r:eefs: 30-Minute Service to &fh Fields at All Hou:r: s 15-Minufe Serv'Fce During Rush Hou:r:a For Further Informaiiion CALL 4243 A Home Away From H'cro:l SERVICE-MEN ALBERTUS HOTEl 956 Twiggs Pvt. George Blackwood wiJ1' pl?Y RECREATION BUILDING _the part of Abe Lincoln, and PV,t. NUMBER ONE John Mader will appear-as MenF 'd J 18 8' To be VARIETY SHOWS V 1 -!_ I "Flowers :Telegraphed--&cls: Home Under Bonded NELSON tor, his schoolteacher. Thank rl ay, ". P; n: And with that he was gqrte Lzttle of Tampa m Nzg t amzd the fluttermgs of the cUJt Must Fall. "Variety Shows,'.' brought to Drew Field from Tampa, are awaited eagerly by the men at tain. The houselights were dii:i')," Saturday: June 19. 8.30 p.m.-ming now and the audience All Soldier Show. the Base. The people responsible 1324 Franklin Ph. M-7240 for the talent on these shows are BILL BAILEY, Prop. "THE FLORIST"' Open 9 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Closed Sundays 514 TAMPA }axed as the curtains parted. .. 8:30a -.. -. ---z e 1ea 1e o amp 1 The scene was a s choolroom _of Must Fall." doing a fine job in presenting Member V.F. W. & Am. Legion almost a century ago? a-mr a s-"1Jt Monday, June 21. 8:00 p.m.developed the v.;as; "The Right Answer or Else" 8:30 awa;e for the f1rst hmEf"''f p.m._ Broadcast of "The Right coins early years and,._t4e obsta", Answer or Else" 9:110 p.m.-Abe cles that fate had placed in Lincoln. and of the coura.ge he .r:e \ Tuesday, June 22, 8:15 p.m.ceived from one of Llambi and Norma Turtulli. teachers. Wednesday. JuiJ.e 23, 8:00 p. m.l Pvt. George :1.-fu' -Evan's School of the Dance. captu,red .the full and ex-Thursday. June 24, 8:90 p.m.presmo!l m Concert by 69th AAF Band ,8:30 Emancipator even as p.m.-Broadcast of Concert, 9:30 I youth. He_ succeeded p. m. _Broadcast "Rookie Roy's m conveymg the deep thoughts Scrap Book" of the character that mj@!i,.baye been so confusing td'--'an'3ffier SERVICE CLUB actor who lacked the A-.J;aining of Friday, June 18, 8:00 p.m.-his particular_ SU!Jt-. Dance. Pvt. Blackwood dev'eloped and Saturday, June 19, 8:30 p.m., the earthy quality that Bingo. () to. fhe proper Sunday, June 20 -To be an.:cna1 :as:tenzaton of ,nounced. moodiness of the J Mcnday, June 21. 8:00 p. ni.-. well sustained and .Best Wishes From J. F. BISPHAM South Tamiami Trail Sarasota, Florida CRENSHAW'S (Wholesale) FRUITS :-: VEGETABLES desires were more than expected/ t Tuesday, June_ 22: 8:00 p. m.-Blackwood exuded the rich :.concert of Recorded Symphonic Phone 2623 ty and spirit of his : <':'::Music. I:-------------_; Pvt. John Mader, as M entG>f { i : Wednesday. June 23, 8:00 p.m. r;-.,.,,.,,,,.,,..,,,,.,,.,,,,.,.,.,,..,.,.,, .. succeeded magnificently in 2 :----------:-:-----; characterization of -the,,, .. Courtesy and Consideration scho-olteacher. His voice --had the Extended to Men and Women crackle of age and -his.. aetrons_ in Service. the-touch of proficiency. He suc" THE NEW FLORI bA 'HOTEL ;the charaCter who;'fhrough U1e and learning of -books, molded a man: LAKELAND, FLORIPA of whom the world has become_:' proud. _____ John E. Ballenger : Sgt. 0. Z. and Associates, Owners dicated again his ability A. Baumberger, Mgr. di:uector Basing his directin.g principles on the '--------------; technique, he treats hl; a simple, forthright --ID?.IAJ:ler;: stamping the motivatioQ_ : .:.:: ihe. characterization clearly-oyc the: minds of the audience. Sg.t.: Whitehead-conceived Linea-In -and: _ljlntor as two men of---entirelyWHITE ROSE BAR Paul Webber, Prop LIQUORS, WINES, BEER AND CIGARS .Cor. Cass and Marion Sts. Phone 4502 ,: h-.:eiated and--ha!;i \Jrough the medmm of cha-r-acter ization drawn them close'i' :.....-----.,------gether because of one 'common :---------------; love and understanding-that of knowledge. Lincoln, who tl;l4 _:sted. for it, and Mentor, who has: had his fill. Grand Central RESTAURANT His direction was one of fi-Best SPAGHETTI in Town nesEe and he has lished himself in the eyes -q-_f marty of Drew Field as one of the the ater's "white hopes." Service Men Always La Gloria Restaurqnt Fine Spanish Food irid Sandwiches 3103 Armenia Ave. Phone H 33-521 ALWAYS SAY R. 714 Grand Central BEST WISHES C. MART IN CONCRETE PRODUCTS SARASQT A, FLORIDA COMPLIMENTS FLORIDIAN CAFETERIA EXTRA J:....._B_R_A_D_E_N_T_o_N __ .F_L_o_R_ID_A_"""' Service Men Always Welcome 'AT THE FRIENDLY Bradenton Bowling Center 500 13th ST. BRADENTON, FLORIDA $25 REWARD For return of my dog or in formation leading to its re. turn. Lost on June 1 near Flo-rida and Floribraska Aves.; small female Fox Terrier, white with black spoi's, small brown spot over each eye, short tail. wearing red harness. PHONE MR. WElL, H 3658 Or call at 105 E. Lafayette St. VALENCIA GARDEN Restaurant WE SERVE THE .FINEST OF SPANISH FOODS 811 Grand Central Ph. H 3773 The Tavern Bar & Grill HOT AND COLD LUNCHES SpiigheUi a Specially 311 Franklin St. Phone 3940 LIQUORS-BEER-WINES r--------------, "Where Your Fun Is Our Fun"'' Eatlnl{ Place" sTEAKs AND cHoPs Th S M S B "n 1 E LPiiAT E t e AK : .RESTAURANT j Formerly "The Wonder Ben" TAMPA AND TWIGGS ST!I. 1210 FRANF:LIN ST. I _,, ___ ,_.._ .. y OWNSEND C E N T R A L 0 I L .&Saslh-bDoocr urn er o. c 0 M p A N Y, I N .c. LUMBER a. MILLWORK, f.JOCl'BQ "' AND PAINT-FHA LOJ.H\!0 Tampa, Florida P H o N H c 1 !n L ci'f; a-y'etfe H ; b te I E. A. CLAY. Manager 120 West Lafayette Street East Side of Bride Phone M 5588 Tampa. Fla WELCOME TO H 0 TEL KNOX toM BRYSON Manager Lafayette Br: Jefferson Streeia PATCHES All five new sleeve patches: weather -communication, e:ti: .. T.5 Chevrons, T Shirts AT SHOP INSIDE AIR BASE BUS TERMINAL 906 Tampa Street McAskill Music Stores Radios and Repairing Sound and Inter-CommunicaiingSystems Authorized Capehart and Sco1l Radio Service 1116 Grand Central Phone H 3787 100 BELTS, $1:50 EACH 100 Officer Type Gold Plated Belt Buckles and with good webbing ____ ___ $1.50 each Pan-American Gift Shop-110 E. Cass St. MacDill Load ing Zone. AIR BASE BUS TERMINAL SEMINOLE SOUVENIR & JEWELRY CO. LIVE ALLIGATORS C U R I 0 S _-;. G I F T S WRAPPED FOR MAILING 107 E. Street R Rome ancl Fuller S:t\'Cid T. W. R A M s:rt Y LUMBER COMPANY We ID Mill Work & We c:BD fumlah material Rpalra and. J!_'. H. A. Lom-' PhoDe Y 1219 17tb St. a. ll:lll ..!1.'11"3 EAT HENDERSON B A -KING cc:f.'s' BREAD 2 7 0 2 T L 0 RID A ... A VI;:. Max's Liquor Bar WINES I::.IOl:JORS CJ.G-ARS FREE DELIVERY SERVICE 1601 E. CO....UMBUS DBIV'E PHON Y-1281 --KEEP 'EM FLYING -LOANS MONEY TO l EN:O Diamonds -Watches Jewelly Silverware Diamonds a! a Big Sav;_ :og .A. L. E C K A R 1" 409 Tampa Street + ---.. -.,_.,_,_.,_., __ ..;:.. i W E L C 0 M E l I I TO THE i fAIR BASE l .. .. j Hospital ORDER EARLY Wired Anywhere in the '!J. S. A.


v w--_-_ N c-__ y--, -P S: ... .) .. : : : : -. -. ----_ -... -v The Eighty-Fou rth his life-long ambition. He was missions to Dunedin and'Clear .recently made-crew chief on the water. HEADQUARTERS SQUADRON By Cpl. Eugene. Saffern line. Pop Dion has been doing an W e ar_ e gJad to welcome S/Sg.t. excellent job keeping the coke Cliff Kunselman back from a few machine in good repair. Keep up weary weeks in AFSAT in Or the good work, Pop! lando. He is now occupying oqe Operations informs us that 19 of the royal suites in Barracks g .),.lnne,rs left theSquadron __ this week. The_ 3 .04th has. also_ g<_me HollY wood Quite a few of the officers d O. b S and-.enlisted, men could be-S:e:en: uom q. Ollic.e.r.s, SQl( putting)n a tought d;;ty -011 loe.a-. ByCpl. J9seph V.. I>err i tion,_ -Two li_eutena _nts recei:ved ; ln. "the army .-05. T)le squadron welcomes Capt. moy1e promot10t1s one .. day, lst_'Lt: .. ; : John.J. Tuite, Jr., our new CO: a_ndCapt. Jpe Wilson. l!)_ ,c_ty,l.;. So many. changes haye taken g1rl at the I ern kf'e,: n eat .. cers'-Club recently initiated. Lt. ; place w1thm the past few days_ Kellyinto the exlusive order-of IS a_. 9Jept that most of us believe we're goI Feather Merchants???) T/Sgt. a :ss-e N T'J-;. qf' is:. in g to have the finest s-quadron J Nealon and S/Sgt:. Lal)gnese why ... Jfl-iUiOl15-c of; a hard day-cr_ankmg a P"38m m the Army. Good luck, _Captam, I frontof the camera and arming me_ n in we are 10_0 per_ cent_behmd you. I' the planes.with ammunition b -elts. a -re,. w e cH -inn. We we1 e v er y ry to le.arn we are sincerely sorry to learn "" nts. :_ C .oi/Q.r ; SP, IF FY. COt.lAR STAYS give, y,oi),: f r e s h c r i .y .... snappy sma_rto.f.;$ u.p your p ,r.:_r-" : ; EA,SY ON EAS OFF ;' 0\Jick as_ a There is a New Order" in Hq. barracks patterned stinkingly after the totalitai;ian concept. It is suspected b y -informed sources that the. satanic Fuehrer is one S/Sgt. William Harris and his vocal Dr. Goe.bbels stooge is Sgt. Ber:nie :P.ogal. We ate led. to these unkind remarks by the1r collective acts of barbarism just after the whistles tears us ingly from the s -oft white_ arms of 'Ann Sheridan at 5:15 a.m. These individuals seem unaware that the soldier must be urged to attend reveille with all the gentle .. ness. of : a. parent forcing cod liver oil on a b eloved child; the voice should never. be raised in angry threat ,the blankets should never be ripped off; the force of heavy body contact should be outlawed. T /Sgt. Robert Bretland, recently returned from has_ requisitioned a cat-o-mnetarls from Supp.Jy because he_ is_ anxious to get his house back m order. A-mong his victims will I?e Pvt. Don Porter and a certam corporal whose ri:.:une we should not like to because no rrian can be made to incl'iminate himself. Lt. August F S1emon of. In-. that Lt. Horace w. Harding is SP1f.p.( CQltAR was to .a';-I going_ to the 3 _39th Bomb Gp. and Sf_AY:_ -.$. pther base. Besrdes. knowmg hrs we extendto him our best wishes I! JOb thorougi:-ly, he rs one .of the for the future.. p ut on and, : off. and stays Among the new additions. in Hq: _meet M/Sgt. Mark D Fass bender; S/Sgt. Alva J. Greenup, message. center; Pvt. Eugene IY,[c Gowan file. section; Pvt. Stanley Kozma; personnel; and Pvt. -George L. Dubin, personnel. v:ry few possess the I The men who received art of mrxmg. humor busr-tio'ns are: T/Sgt. Glen Edlm, ness: Good Lt. S1emon, on S/Sgts. Tatar, Ib-isp, Lari_ m01'e, yom new assrgnment. Finnegan, Ingraffia; Sgts. RetorLt. Marco J_. Pettor;'to away to, Ha.rris,Arp, Brodell; Bryant; on leave. We JUSt cant wart u:1tJll Mardany, :K-ra.use, J e .nsen, Zimhe returns .. Most of us have, reamer, Neider, Campbell, Widener,. son to that he wont be Woods Beauchemin.-Block back alone We _can alm_ost tle;Cpls. ivrintin, M:itcheil Weshear those weddmg brlls rmgmg terhoff, Yeich, O'Brien,_ Ne.b,la ,u;, from here. Manning, _Krim, Thompson, Ster We were awake_ned. the ling, Kottler, Krebs, Ha.tveldt, J n1ght by a m om bar-Thompson-Althoff Weilenga and J In-vest!gatmg, we were Iaciofano, 1 amused to notice the boys J ing themselves out batting off : those hungry mosquitoes. (We -..;.......f I wonder how much long.er we will URE FORGETS REMEMBER :1 -.. 1.., '_._ I Looking. into the. fvture, -the poor guy was 1 en so M Dick Martin, of Glendlae, Cal., rs many times he looked like he had ,_,_,, __ "' I learning the barber trade. H;e a severe case of measles. Some of ffAf>Pf A(W/1/tfl bought a pair of clippers and rs us felt relieved to know that we _ip){pftYe using his. spare time to practice 1 don't' have to worry about thos-e on the boys .in the barracks. pests any more, thanks to _citron., not too strong! beautiful new watch Pvt. ella (say, that stuff's. \/nottoo ani141. La Bati-wears is a present from Acting 1st Sgt. Bnn'ker 1s kmd 1t' 5 J"U_St righ t!_ his wife. Now he won't have any of hot and bothered over the v -excuse for missing-roll call. coming affair at Recreation Hall Pvt. Bernie Schumann of BrookNo. 2. Could it be that WAAC lyn claims he got his crazy? Waituntil he sees-some sique from weight-liftmg m _c1-What's cooking; .-'-------------...... vili'an life. He says that he Inherits his good looks. 304th Bomb Sq P:vt. Ale-x Failer. of Indianapo. The familiar iittle brown' brief : to A-n-ything' CULP LUMBER CO. lis spent a -most enjoyable week-cas e .. formerly seen be1ng wafted Mlllwork. Made to Order j' endwith his wife who came down to see him for a few. days. about the. 3 0:4th is now gra'cing S!IP .. We found out why Pfc. Vincent 303rd Commu?ica ions sec_ H 1862 -:-TAMPA i Southkeeps. that-high-shine on twn. And to Lt. Pfe1fer h;ls s_h<;>e!;> l'jext week;. !q the 407fh, may you have 911 a furlo!J.g.h to see me:: ohe 1 and --.. only. Up in Alab:ama, Pvt Huey Skipper droy.e a truck for h1s d-ad. Now h;e. drives jeeps and trucks down here. The peppy new man see h.ustling around Supply rs Ff<;. Frank.. Mori.eli from California. Pvf. Da,na Knight from a polis really has a problem on mind. Both Ba:r,b:;i.-Fa and_ Evelyn write him every d.ay and h e can't make up_ h,is mind is the. beat. of his heart. afternoon the_ Dept. w made while Pfc. A. H. Gor man was aw-arded corporal stripes. All told; there are over 40 men-now eligib-le to-wear two or-three-stripes. In Engineering Sgts. J E. Stoves, C. L. Hedi_n, L. E. Jackso n W Hebert, J. Wrllis; C. H. Harper,P R Mann were promoted to staff. Sgt. Ray, Sgts. Fraz.ier aq(i Slightam, all of Communications, made sta..ff And. inthe Armament shop Sgt. C. N. Mahoneymay now be-addressed as staff sergeant while Cpl. N Deue l may add another str-ipe to. his other well'-earned two. In the. Ordnance :Oepartrpent, Pvt. Thomas N. Murphy finally (after a half-dozen tries) qualified on the rifle range. For a while everybody that knew him thought he-would: bec.ome a permanent party out. at. the range: We .still think he had a good. w.,Of.king. in-pHs for him. Abraham Schwarzbarth, also from Ordnance, has achieved GENERAL C0NTRACTO'RS 1221 Central Soras oto Flor i d-o A'ir-C.tmc:litio_ned-Winter. and Summer Spanish-American, WinesandLiquors eAFE--REST AU RANT --PAT/0 Formerly, GARCIA'S In Tampa, I88&-19;39 MANUEL F, LOPEZ, Proprietor T .elephone 22-221 12th Sfreef and 4th A venue BRA, OENTON FLORIDA-. I Best. Wishes From : Saroso _tQ Florida B-est and : Best: of: TO. A ;l:..L MEN. IN THE S :ERVICE OF OUR COUNTRY. E Turner __ onslru.ctioi n Compan:y,-* General Contracting Rrofessiona CS.Jdg. Lime Rock Minina.., B--raden-ton I *.:.. --...,..,..,,...-,,...,.-,..---.--....,.,._,""'_,_ ..,.., : ,:-, __ Complimen-ts a:f M 1,-'D.-.W A l Citrus Fruits Sarasota Florida DOWNING-STEWART COMPANY, INC. Manufacturers LONG LEAF YELLOW PINE LIME AVE. AND


J'une 18, 1943 T H. E E C H 0 E S Off lieutenant migrated here fro in T /Sgt. Harty's plans for the im-r The 339th Sounds the 84th Bomb Gp. mediate future; Sgt. Hendrick son's clays off-and others whom By Pvt. Vince Parker Now we know why one of our we have been too busy to note. I M/Sgls. goes to the Tampa TerThere's a around the Under the direction of Lubin, race periodical!". W onde r if Sgt.. barracks to the effect that Ran-, our P. T. classe s are nciw in full J 1 tl k. f 11 h. k Murray can't arrange for another on 1 11n mg o pu mg 1s ran swing, and it really is all for the day off a wee k for at leas t the on the Marine Corps, or at least best. An inch off the waistline top grade non-com on the lin e. a goodly part of it-at Pfc., too! might b e the distance betwee n Frankly we are quite surpi ised (Information from the latest life or d eath when you-run out that any M/Sgt., particularly one of ammunition and 'depend on with as much on the ball as the Hurry back, Corley, before we your fe e t to carry you out o the line chief of the 485th, hasn't I murder your job. zone. married yet. -1< : 625th Bomb. Sq Several well-known 339th men It is appare nt, from all the are on Detached Service attend-commotion around the 482nd I S/Sgt. Jesse Howey and Cpl. ing Teletype schooL Pvt. Joe E. Squadron, that a bunch of the George Bruens retnrned. from Pearce, the truculent Texan, all-boys have just come back from 1 furloughs. They were v1s1hng round office expert and Ace Softfurlough. Among those returning Connecticut. ball pitche r will be missed. Come is Pfc. Goldberg, well known as S/Sgt. D Agost1_no has a back and see us, Joe. an or-ator by the members of this starhn$ the Squadron who have the! of June. He Will be VISltmg In A certain sergeant of the 84th cheerful atmosphere wh1ch h 1 s New York by the tJme thrs b1t Bomb Gp Hq is getting entirely beaming presence invokes around of news h1ts the Echoes. too much attention from the so-, camp. When approached with Pfc. Edward M. called weaker sex. This young how he enjoyed his furlough, he has returned from_ a very enJOYman who, -incidentally, hails from remarked: "Oh, it was Okay and, able furlough at h1s home. Saddle River, a town cif undeter-although t could have had an exOt_tr F1rst George E. mined qualities, has now com-tension and stayed longer, I was 1 Hollis 1s a twelve-day pleted his third birthday cele-in a hurry to get back and see 1 furlough m Louisiana. bration in as many weeks. Any the boys:" Amazing, i .sn't it? I S/Sgt. Lynn E. Trank has turn' f J oe" who has to "stoop to the -1< ed out to be a second Johnny heights of birthdayisms" in the 4 0 5 h B b i':: Appleseed. But instead of planteternal conquest of feminine .. t om ing apple seeds he plants floy.rer Fes-We ll !!! The is slovv l y but surel y 'I s e:ds. Perhaps 'he is \ ---mcreasmg m strength. We extend fo1 some. of the flowers that we M/Sgt Johnson, headquarters a hearty greeting to the new Ofsee growmg m secluded spots. major-domo, has been in the hos-ficers and enlisted men. We are happy to extend a wei pita! suffering from a broken Just in passing Lt. Palmer, our come to three -new flymg officers: collarbone. The -boys at Hq., very able Intel.l'igemce Officer, 1st Lt. Bowers, 2nd Lt. Marchetti, among others, all wish him a says it takes time and practice and Flight Off. Knox. Speedy recovery. to qualify on the pistol range. -+c---How about that, Liel;lt enant? 627th Bomb. Sq. The old gang is sure moving around these past weeks. Pvt. Fred Burnham, ex-339th man, forme r l y 'from the 84th "Stat Section," is now doing business at ihe 22nd Bomb Training Wing. Good luck, Fteddie. We have an outside shower in A-1 condition. The By Cpl. James E. Hannon only thing is that the pump Cpl. 1Demetrios Farganis, our handle will be made longer, so flying cook, gives li e to the phy all that's needed is to get out the sica! law that weight displaces elbow-grease and pump, pump, its own volume. It is simply mi.pump. raculous ho;v he kis _tpour11ed I The 405th is doing a practice the gunner s coc p1 ree 1 Two additions to the Intellig-bolnbing job unexcelled by any hundred pounds of h_11n._ The ence roster of Officers are noted. organization of its kind and size. foreman of the "strappm'-m op-2nd Lts Morton and Sabbagh L t. The bombing missions are going I erations" is Cpi. Eddre I Mm'ton is assigned to the 483rd off smoothly. As one officer Godlewski, assisted by s1x st?LJt an d Lt. Sabbagh to 484th. it "We're laying them right m men and true. It 1s really a PIOJ. --theFe where it hurts I ect. -Firs_t Sgt. Brundag<: of the Someday Capt's Thackara and I Lost and Found Dept: Cpl. 483rd 1s now _ado,1;ned wrth a new James and Lt. Bocks are going "Wild Bill" Derkacz, after an "GI asked to stick their optimistic "schnozevening junket in town, headed BEST OF LUCK TO ALL MEN JN THE 'SERVICE SPlDAiiO t.ONfiA(:fiN' G 'CO.:, :Jnc. Phone 2120 SARASOTA, FLORIDA Good Luck, Service Men Everywhere AQUATITE TILE fOMPANY-Concre te Prod ucts or.-d Suppl :ies c. 'I. NEEDHAM. Mgr .. -705 SECOND STRE-ET -about It he. stated: I ve been. so I zolas" into one of these pat_ches I for home, promising his fnends busy packmg and unpackmg of "blue sky" which are offt1mes to bring his wife back But the I cases I had to take seen between thunderheads about Mrs., bag and baggage, had moved A!lllllill1lillllllllllllllllllliWIJII ... IIIIillli .... IM.IIIIIIIIfl'llll .. lll .... llll_'lf measures to safeguard locks four or five o'clock for a face out. T o understate the case, he from gettmg bolted mto the full of and end up wit.h was surprised. But all's well that 1 ; al1 folks. moved to new quarters. Cpl. D. cases a lap full of airplane. Well, that s ends welL Mrs. D had merely I Joseph_ Lane has -----'-1< with the help of' Radar, located WELCOME SERVICE MEN an eff1c1ent JOb as actmg 62 4 t h B b 5 her in a day. .. AdJutant of the 483rd Sq. ;All ... ?m q. InkScratches-Sgt. Labriola I : c men_ who Still pmch-mttmg for the able reported back from furlough with. he 1s a me o Jeer an :who Is too .busy fur-a big smile. Josephine evidently I a ;swell gent. __ loughmg. m New York to worry did some listening_ to the ardent J Off' about th1s column. lover All is moonlight and roses. Lt. :cer' I I should back Pfc Coriale has. been -doing some d a fginea ,with a cutt_mg remark m teply to/1 hea'vy mail-receiving of I Florida .... mec 1amc:::; ai e oml (tl the sarcastiC attempts_ 111 the last it's not all from Mother.... : 484th) m the a1r. edly what is expected. However, .. b of keepmg. om P anes 1e wing notes for that IS undoubt-/ I .. --. words have never broken bones "THE HOME OF GALLONS Sgt. Laslofy, Pfc. Rrsser, and we still have sufficient profit I Berg er & Rochelson +_,._,_,._,,_,._"_,._.,_,_,._,,_,._,_,_,._,_,._j,.;;...,_, __ ,_,._"t Pfc. Dre1lmg, all of Commumca in both the number of wms and I I = I tions, have returned from fur-the scores to ride out any verbal 1 INC. S : 1oughs. Lt. E. J. Carroll, Corum. attacks directed our way. Also, I WHOLESALE GROCER i I Rest Wishes From l Of:\icer, has from schooL no man in our outfit hides his I HOTEL 'RESTAURANT AND 1 1 The Comm. should really identity when it' s really worth-, BAKERS.SUPPLIES j. look at Sgt. Willey SCHMID ;BROS. --GtiERNSEY :DAIRY i other. fellows who have been that three-day pa5ses can be a I Service Men Welcome j .domg a fme JOb. real succes_s and a morale 1 .lilil!l g builder. W1sh I knew Just what : GI.LBE'RJ H o -JE L 'IW -Anyone doubting the existence was in those three days to be so/: j of Gremlins should talk to Lt. good. I ToHovost Rood : Luper. On his first flight .in a New things accompanying the 811 Tampa Sl:. Phone M 109 certain plane, a number of the squadron to its new home are o. E. BOGART. Manage'!' Sora soto Florida j pesky li l buggers unfastened the T /Sgt. Duff's sudden interest m gl canopy and the whole thmg flutBase Hospital; F/Sgt. Gelband's tered down to earth. The GremE maller waistline. (preparation for : + _.,_,.__,,_"_"_'_"_"_"--:"-"-"-""--"--"-'_'_"_, __ ,_+ iins scampered away before Lt. the coming furlough); S/Sgt. SERVICE MEN _. .. ,_,_, _______ ,. -Luper had a chance to see them. Tankersly's desire to do big ALWAYS _WELCOME i'_,,._.,_,._,_,_,_,_,_,._,._,._,_.,._,_,,_,_ -j things; Cpl. Snead's discharge; liB.fRJY BA. : R !, B est Wishes From ._i tore practicallly a ll fabnc O' ff. After bringing the sh1p safely K N 1 G H T B R o S I I Tony Italiano, Prop. =. he E-aid: "They had green C 0 f R f S f h J}ed and a forked taiL" P A P E R A L : E V f U p 11 j 1st Lt. Kaplan, 485th CommuniSl2. Bell Phones 4205 4204 717 Grand Cenl:ra1 j "A Paper 10 Evecy P=poe" Ph. H 3109 fLORID A DOL OMJTE ( OMPANY I I 111!!11 1301 Grand GeniTal Ave. OPEN DAY AND NIGHT CURB SERVICE FINEST IN FOODS WINES & LIQUORS FERNANDEZ ; R "ESTAURANl Cuban SandwlchetJ A Specialty 1216 Franklin 81. WELCOME S .ERVICE MEN Rates: Single Daily. $2. Double Daily, $3 Weekly, Single, $12 Weekly. Double, $16 Special Summer Rates to Service Men "All service me n. whether guests of the hotel or nol: are co-rdially welcome to use the writing desks on the Mezzanine and also the piano and billiard table FREE of all cost." H 0 T E l D I X I E 6 R A N D E Open All Year-Every Room with Private Bath A. F. CAUSEY, Manager BRADENTON. FLORIDA Fireoroof-Si'aam Heat-Soft Water-"Spring Air" Mattresses 'lijiY I I i SARASOTA. FLORIDA I I I RAYL LUMBER COMPANY Air or Kiln Dried Lumber I Phone 79-352 South Tamiami Trail P. 0. Box 451 SARASOTA, FLORIDA BUY MORE WAR BONDS EVERY PAYDAY!


! 'l'HE ECHOES June 18; 1943Page Eight --------------,,------,---------french War Bride Now In WAAC Outfit at Drew Answers to \ rt BOB HAWK'S i Standing of Air Bose I Softbell League Fo r Everything a Militart Try Our rTeam W L Pet. Y A N K WI Z Base Adjutant __ _:__1 0 1.000 1 6 000 000 Base .Personnel _:.. __ 1 0 1.000 Ordnance Section. __ 1 1 .500 2. A bow tie. 903rd QM ____ ___ :.._0 1 .000 h 1 d h' l t Photo Lab &. P T __ O 1 .000 3. T e a Y on Is ng 1 Orderly Room ___ 0 0 _000 4. They have 10 more (42 per-i Mess Hall ________ o 0 .000 teeth in all. They have 321 Alet: t Ct:ew (B) _____ O 0 000 mtlk teeth_) Alert Crew (A) ______ O 0 .000 5 No They -vary in size and Flight Section ____ o 0 .000 shape The Air Base Softball League 1 move d into the second week of 6_ ( a) To form metal by heat-play, with all games being rained ing and hammermg. out l ast night. These games will (b) To sh.ape out, produce or b e played at the end of the sched fashion as to f01ge a life-long ule. Leadmg the are teams trouble' for ourselves. from the Base Ad]utant:S Sectwn and Base Personnel. w1th 1 wm (c) To move ahead steadily. and no lo ss. These games are (d) In reference to horses-to being played 3 nites a vveek on make a clicking noise by over-2 diamonds in the 314th Athletic reaching so that a hind shoe hits Area_ a foie shoe ----i'---(e) To falsify or counterfeit a I BROADCASTS signature. Mon.cSat. 7:05 WFLA-Drew 7. Number 2 .can. 8 Preserves 1:etain the shape of the fruit: Jams do not. 9. In Mexico. 10 The former wife. The husl:>and may deduct it ----i'---. DIW FllD -Field Reveille. lO Febru1 j ( l lHt Cl ary 23 at. Cleveland. Speaking' : j ,:, f Army Store Complete Line Military Supplies For The. Needs Of :f: SERVICE MEN EXPERT TAILORING_. :i: 207 E. Lafayette Street .Tampa .! .. .. : .. : .. :-: .. .. .. :-:-:..:-:-:-:-: .. :-: .. .. .. : .. . ... ..... .: ) PAUL'S' : ; ONE-DAY. SERVICE EXPERT WATCH REPAIR.ING W utches Diamonds -Jewelry. IVovelties Our MoHo: "Service Men First'' 214 E. LAFAYETTE. NEXT TO MANHATTAN CAFE OPEN EVERY NIGHT 'TIL 10 P. M. j.. ., UNI1'ED OPTICAL Manufacturing and Dispensing. Opiiciana 205 ZACK STREET PHONE M 5783 COURTESY. DISCOUNT 20 PERCENT Prescriptions Filled-Lenses Duplicated Hotel :'.,.:! [ j GASPARILLA TAVERN I coLONIAL GRILL Men Welcome 1 l:ioth French .and Spanis h Auxi-! j I 1l 0 we it 0 h i r .FIREPROOFB .CAO--N -YS_ T R __ uvc T1-IoE-NWE. VEHRY -OROTOME -WLITH .BATH I requiring linguistic ability_ She f 1 is a m ember of the Ohio Poetry j ,.. : COfFEE SHOP IN CONNECTION I r Society and has se-i-eral manu-r BY WIRE ANYWHERE PHONES I w. B. SHULER, Manager J scripts in the Cleveland Public 3022 M 5 561 j 208 JACKSON ST .. Between FRANKLIN &: TAMPA Library. I T a m p a T e r r a c e H o t e I i _____ ____ M 5537 __ d_,_-1


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