Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 2, no. 16 (June 25, 1943).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
June 25, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
1 773
t Drew Field echoes.
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THE VOL 2, NO. 1 6 Published Exclusively in the Interes t of the Personnel of Drew Field Friday, June 25, 194 3 ARMY RULES PART OF CITY 'OFF LIMITS' RESTRICTED AREAS OFF LIMITS TAMPA, FLORIDA JUNE 25,1943 Genera l Complies With Mayor's Request At the request o f Mayor Chan cey, in his effort to curb v ice conditions, Maj. Gen. S t C lair Streett, commanding Third Air Force, has designated certain areas in Tampa "off limits" for all military personnel, effective at noon today-Friday. These areas are: No. 1 -5th Street area. All that area lying wi'hin the following boundaries-12th Street on the west; 6th Avenue an the north; 16th Street on the east and 1st Avenue on the south; including all the buildings f ronting on said I streets adjacent thereto. No. 2-CentralNebraska area. All that area bounded by Hen-derson Avenu e on the north; Ne braska on the east; Case' Street on the south; and Central Avenue on the west; including all buildings fronting on Henderson A venue I and Cass Street adjacent thereto.,__ and excluding all buildings front1 ing on Nebraska Avenue, and Central Avenue adjacent thereto. No. 3-Jefferson-Central area. All that area within the following described boundaries: Estelle S h a d e d a .rea has b e e n decli:rz d "off limits for Army, .effective today noon, in order i ss u e d Wednesda y by M a j. G e n St. Clair St. reett. Street on the north; Central Ave-nue on the Constant Street Base OM Officer D r e w F i eld S taff S gt Was I n Veteran of Two on the South; and Jefferson Street on the west; including all buildings fronting on Estelle Street, Constant Street and JeffU 'h p R. D B l k d Wa. rs Is Base erson Street, except the. Elks ange uerto lCO Ufing O C a e In foo d R a t ion ing By Cpl. Eugene L. Saffern fortunate enough to meet one -of F inance Officer! design,ated as "off limits" the island's industrialists and I Mayor' s Letter to General j If you 2re one of the Gis who officeholders-a niche correspond. In his request that these areas 1 lias been complaining about the ing to a Senator in the States. be placed out of bounds, Mayor ; super-abimd'ance of weiners that Through him I got an insight into Chancey wrote General Streett: 'have found i ts way into the chow native social l i fe. I "We want to assure of our menu, to the tale of S/Sgt. "In San Juan all you had to do desire to cooperate with the A. J Greenup, just .. back from the wassignify that you fl y and sign I Army personnel in controlling Caribbean. d ld h h. t t. f "bl your name an you co u ave I t IS s1 ua IOn mso ar as pos.s1 e, H e was in Puedo Rico when anything you wanted. Some of and to thank you and the miliNazi subs were p laying ring-the boys took advantage, howJ tary personnel for the splendid around -the-rosie, clamping a ever. Certain proprietors present-cooperation which you have given blockade on the island that kept ed the colonel with several I.O.U.<;; t o me as mayor, and to the police fcoci-bearing ships away for two signed "Johnnie Footlocker," "GI i department and to the health de-: months c.l a stretch. Pants," and "Jimmie Barrack's 1 partment of the city ... I "We ate weiners," Greenup deBag." I "Through the police depart, clarecl. "ate the. m morning, noon "All in all, it was a wonderful ment the health department and ar.d nigh'; them until we were experience and I'd certainly like other' available soutces of infor-b!ue in the face ; and as I recall, to go back, even if I didn't have I mation I am of the opinion that :we werP rather happy that we a bath in hot water for two-and-the ,territory inside t h e city of were eating at all. a -half years." Tampa which t h e danger of venereal disease is greatest is Greenup, now a clerk in the WAAC C Q l that indicated on the enclosed 84th Bon1bardment Group Head. eaves nuartc rs. enli sted in the Air .for New StotJ"on at Lt. Col. Wm. F Nye, Base areas should be esF o l ces N O" 8 1940 'In Tul

MESS OFFICER HAS BIG JOB AND l.IK Bright Sp.ot Of Tampa N igh: t t.ife FLO RIDAN TRIO f>LA)'ING NIGHTLY NO MINIMUM NO .COUVERT Soldiers Always El BOULEY ARD .RESTAURANT Fm;::fi... A NISH 01" L IQUORS 2001 Nebra1lu ------------------------1 Pta c e to Meet and Eat" I Corner a n d .Luncheonette 'I' Wnes -B eer WP. DeE vl:'r J & Tam.,a. Ph. M Ste aks --Chicken Spareribs 6 P.M. to 2 A.M "Jennie wants see you" TONY MASONlS ORCHESTRA Featuring JEANNE RI-CHARD THE ECHOES I Devereau x .School for Girls Philad e l p hia. .. :1<:. .Finpnce Twent y Girl s T rapped by t h e l?.apacious J aps! For every g i r l trappe d Alan La del kills ten J aps! ''CHINA'' A lan Ladd, Loretta ):'oung William Bendix A ir-Conditioned -'-Ph. 3290 9c -28c 3unday and Monday nit Ain1t Hay/1 Lou Costello Tampa and Zack PhC:.ne 3003_.:.9c, 22c Saturday and Sunday 11Tarzan T ri. umphs11 Joh rlt' Weismulle r Frances Gifford 1/Ladiesl Day/1 Eddie Alber t Luoe Velez .June 25. 19(3 TUESDAY WEDNESDAY SATURDAY AND SUND.AY 2:30 to 5 Every Night 8 till 11 EXCEPT MONDAY Sc :f a : r I :on Dav1is lsla.nd

-1'" Jime 25 1943 -, ... THE E C H O E S F R 0 M T H E S P E C 1 A L S E R V I C E S 0 F F I C E 1)1. w ri __ lD_ -:1 Talent Quest B R .. It of having all_ talent m thea or/ e .::-rK(, I rings esu s ganizations. up, ':f::lf\ ........ ----The talent quest which has and ready at alltunes to. goon. b'een goittg on for the past two' These entertamments must be BROADCASTS '\"-'eeks, has uncovered additional of such nature that they can be Monday to Saturday-7;05 a m. so ldiers entertai.riment. This is J giveri aln16st any placea W FLA-Drew F1eld Reveille. certainly a worthwhile job, and: ing in the woods, the rear end of Tuesday:-6:30 P m., WFLA-the men of Drew appreciate it. I a trttck, a tent, a dugout or even Squadronatres. Their attenaance, 1,00 0 to 1 ,500 a foxhol e! Musical acts, singing 9 :30 men at each performanc e i n R.B.1-including gr<;JUP singing-come-Rookie Roy s Scvr apbook. 1, 1s proof of that. dy acts and skttE,m tnst-rel shows, 10:3 0 p. WFL A The these entertainers! stmils, s l e!gh.t han'd, Drew Fre i d Patade. i get, by in the soldier m fact, any type of spec1ahty JS E n o ugh and ?n .ltme. -shows here al camp, is i nvaluable welcomed and en]6yed by the Monday, 8.30 p m. -WDAE-f t l G t' t l men: The Right A nswer or E lse 01 1em. et !ng 1em accus. Sat d 7 0 111 -WSUN tomed to workmg w1th sold1er SpeCial Servrces welcomes any s l J ay, 1. 30 p WFLA-audiences, getting to know the man from any orgamzat1on who A ay, f ; type of entertainment the men w 1 s hes to talk and make plans foT nmversary 0 an n.eed, going on at short notice 1 such entertainment, and wants You all listen to o u r e leven when conditions are not _ideal,/ men to realize the value of weekly radio programs. Arid and giving the men a ]Jft, a their _contnbutJOn to the welfare many men of the fiel d attend t h e change, a few hours of relaxation I of o u r nien in service. :actual broadcasts of these pro--th is is a valuabl e contribution,/ grams as they are played before indeed. I F E R N A N D E z .:)RourB v1edry 0eyes from(R thh e t s Atage of All_ thist hbere inb' _. '.. : : ecg ne. 1g nswer camp 19 a rani'1rig or 1e 1g JO o r E lse; The 6 -9tp Arniy Air Force ahead, for these entertainers are R E s J A U R j ; N'. J 'Band; Ro'okie Roy and his Musi-valuable members of their vari_ g--: : JI cal Sctapbcok; LOOK Below for o u s o u tfits. When these outfits Cuban Sandwichs A spec5ity dates). B ut_ with it all, it is not I across to the comb_at m_-ea:s,* 1216' FraD.klin--at; reall y as s imple as 1t seems far from towns and c J tles, 1 t 1 s ....... .., .._ .. -......... --"-........ "'" .... ""' ____ "" ... ___............._7""'...._.."""'"'"""""'--''"" One doesn't jt:tst get before a: 'l!lliilliiliiliiiliiiliiiiiillllilliliilliilillll!lllliliililliili! m icrophone with a scri -pt in one : _nand and a stop watch in the other ... We're fortunate indeed _with the talent we ha-ve but as .thes e men do this work o n thei r off-duty hours, invariabl y thing comes lip (Dat ole debbi l K P and his brother Guard Dt:tty) Well when that .does come up, prepal"il:hons are m ad'e and we do the. best we can with tl:ie availabl e talen t. But it au doesn't sto'p t here. Because ,;,re rieve r k now when the enli-sted :men who operafe our controls iri _ay too be sonieda'y c6nfl' 'onted: : _wit h the sariie problem details.! That's w h y we're seek1n g men .. ,>.ri'th radio talents, no matter what your talent may be. Whether. y oi.i were a si nger, actor or even a rad i o techn :ician in civilian li fe, we'd 'like to q:r:9P into fhe 'r!1i l see L t. Kluge wl'io'-ls-partJctil ar1y a n x ious to see men w h o have had previous experience with com: _inercial radio. U N --J .. F .""' o M .. s > V a: : (B lou'se and Siiii:'ks) $45 Their of wcirk-nianshi : p arid materia)s 'used make' the best valaes of an. Most practical fOr. -;-<--.:warm' weiithe-r.:.-c:;ool ; ; Pl'eSS"h\:ddtng ; .. --slacks have I n stock for inimedia'te -wear: --. 1 .. 1 : c5PEN Wednesday. Thurs d 'ay Friday Evenings; .... --. ...... Authotize'd Beitler: PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF 'LIU\f.{PJl. : Palace Skating Ri1k S ULPHUR "" NEW FlOOR NEW MUS.Jf N ,EW SKATES, A d m 'issioru NightS : :!:k ) "SKATE: ON THE SMO'OTHEST FLOOR IN: THE SOUT-H'* : Sc ---Str-e-et: Ca r and B u s Seiv1ce :to Door -Sc: We-lc6me Service: Me n S W I M a t t he Sulphur P ;1of B u s a ricf :Po-oi. 6 :30' P.M _. servi c e M en A l ways we r c om e Sulp tfur Springs Cafe -'We S p ecf'a:llze I n Hom e Co6 ked Food, C hicken Steak and' G n o p Dlii\ie r s On the 5pot1 RECREA.-'flQN_ BUJLDING I For S(ftvic'e Men-"too....-Your Dollars Buy More c t t Sulphur Springs, Arcade. Bldg. NUMBR ONE F riday. June 25. 8:15 p.m.--'-' Lucy Sinclair presents Betty Fagan's Dancers. I Saturday. June 26 8 :15--p. rri,...;.._ L t Robert Eai:le -and Maureen Jones in E>::enes .from "Golden.Boy.'' Also variety qcts. Sunda : y.-June-27 8:15 m D a nny Sheehan's Dancing Girls; also Lt. Robert EaTle and Mau-917 Franld rn: S-treet r:eet; Jories in sceries from 'Golden 1 Bol. Monday. June 28. 8 :00 "Right Answer or Else"; 8 :30 p.m.-Broadcast of "Right An-swer or Else" ; 9:00 p m.-Lt. [tfb1;.rt Ea1:le and Maureen Jones from "Golden Boy ." Tuesday. June 29, 8:15 p.m. -Marion Lohrig presents. WEidn' e sday. J u:pe 30. 8:15 p.m. -USO Camp Show I Thursday. July 1 8:00 p rri. Concert by "G9th AAF Band; 8:3D p. m.-Broaclcas t by 69th AAF r Band; 9:30 p.m.-Broadc_ a s t of. "Rookie Roy' s Scrapbook." I ENLISTED MEN'S SERVICE CLUB Friday. 25. 8:00 1 Dance. Saturday. June 26. 8 :30 p ri1.Bingo. I Sunday, June 27-To b e an-; nounced. I Monday. June 28. 8:00 p ni. Dance. Tuesday, June 2 9 8:00 p. rtf.c o ncert of Recorded Symphonic I Music. Wednesday. June 30. 8:00 p m I Thursday. July I. 8:00 p .m. -"--j Variety Show. CELESTE'S ] GIFTS SOUVENIRS 1 Greeting Cards. Rental Library I 440 W. LAFAYETTE ST. r BEST WIS HES FROM I I CONTRAC TOR ZEPHYRHILLS, FlOR IDA on Down! Service ..a. Men_ Delicious Food --Reasonabiy P riced. Open D'ay and Night. C-HIL D C A f E 501 FRANKLIN STREET BUY WAR B ONDS! PADD : O(K SAR "No f a Jo'ok Joint-But a like the one back hom&-wh -n._ :flml! can bring your' wife or a we<>fh.u-1 fo 'i: a drink, a chat and fine muril:..-JACKSON AT TAMPA Open From 8 A M. to U P.M.. T A MPA'S OLDES T NIT E CLU'JB Featuring 3 Floor Show s Nitely -8 10 Midnight DANNY & DON'S JE WE L BOX N I T E CLUB AND NEW MARINE P ATIO 9'11 TAMPA STREET Dance to the Sweet Music of MANNY GATES' ORCHESTRA Service Men Families FOR REALLY GOOD FOOD AT MODERATE PRICES PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE-FOLL O W THE CROWL '.li'O T H E C 0 L 0 N N A D E :BA YSHORE A N D JULIA .. Ste ak, Sea Food, Chicken D i nners Delicious Sandwiches MOPE'R,J.l"'l PRICES -:.....-.---...


Page Four THE ECHOES GLENN R. ROSS. Publisher TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS Business Office: THE ECHOES June 25. 1943 Don't Talk P. 0. Box 522 1113 FLORIDA AVENUE TAMPA. FLORIDA Safeguarding military information, long the theme of War De p&rtment posters displayed in all Army and wherever solPhone 2177 diers gather in large groups, can---------------------------=-----:-.--:: riot be stressed too strongly beAli advertisements contained in this newspaper are also contamed. fore men in the service accord in the Fly puJ:>li_shed t_he _of the personn':l of MacDilll ing to Gen. George c. J\1arshall, Field. M1mmum JOint cuculahon. 10.000 cop1es. Chief of Staff, who 1 'ecently out.. ADVERTISING RATES FURNISHED ON REQUEST I lined fom basic, cames of "infor-matiOn leakage.' By S/Sgt. John F. Suszynski A newspaper published exclusively for the personnel of Drew Field and devoted to military interests and the United Natiom: Victory. Opinions expressed in this newspaper are those of the individual writers and under no circumstances are they to be considered those of the United States Army. Advertisements in this publication do not constitute an endorsement by the War Department or its personnel of the products advertised. Impressions of A WUT( After A Week On Drew Field By T/5 BONSIB W e cannot expect that posters By S/Sgt. Eve Simmons STUFF AND THINGS ABOUT will continue to b e drawn forSOME OF OUR GANG: It was a ever," the general pointed out; Who's the WAAC who threatens tired, weary Cpl. Sam Schiavone "to remind us again and again to wear a bell around her neck who "reluctantly" stayed on in that we must not reveal military to warn her co-workers when :;::"le Sarasota for the week-end, after information." arrives in the morning. Finding the 69er's had done their guest Genet'al Marshall, in "A Guide her comrades en deshabille once chore at the Army and Navy for Conversation," said the causes in a day should be enough ... Club last Friday, just to build up of information reaching unau-but no! She has to make it twice. some Gocid Will for the BAND thorized persons were conceit, Could it be purely coincidental? (Oh, YlCah??). From now on, Sam faith, enthusiasm, and ignorance. is qur self-appointed "Ambassa With the rnilitary personnel on dor" ... Can there be some tie-up Drew Field increasing rapidly The WAAC coming from Fort between Pfc. Woolkie Woodke's from day to day, it is necessary D es Moines has probably heard sudden departure on a three-day to impress the newcomers re-this one but it's still good,. At pas.:;, and 3gt. Willie Krewson's porting for duty with the need Pella, Iowa, home of the famous ,gruesome pianistic rendition of for secrecy. Tulip Festival, there hangs a >,;gn "The Weddipg March" for Wool-That wail you heard last night Chai'n le.tters 0l)t [viarsllaH's "Guide f undet the American flag outside 'kie's. exit ... Pvt. Erny Guiliano vvasn't an air raid \Varning siren. 01 one of the village stores. It reads: reports that civilian cooking put F h D Conversation" follows: It came from the new recruits in Or t e UrOtiOn "These colors don't run!" his stomach on the blink clu_ring the AWUTC whci curse the fate Efforts are being made to disD 0 N 'T TALK! .his recent furlough, and he is that tore. fr_?m thetr last courage the practice of commu-I. About Troc:ps: .very happy to partake, once camp whtch 111vanably had an., nt'catt'ng wt'th soldr"ers through A non-commissioned of.ficer on again, of G.I. victuals. Location, except for troops 111 t th abundance of weekend passes, 1 "Round Robins, or news letters training and on Police duty. an infantry. post wro e IS essay: Why doesn't someone ask Sgt. ten-day furloJ.!ghs, chow, I it was revealed this week by Lt: "It is commonly supposed that Gor ; dcin Booth what it is that wil_l more bunk fatrgu d t 1 a d l Where, when, or how troop the first duty of a soldier is to cause a guy to brave a heavy -,e e at n ess :1 Col. Hartley B: Dean, Chief of t b d police the area. 1 p 0 s t a l Section, Headquarters movemen s WI e ma e ; die for his country. It' s a mistake. 'rainfaJi (Tampa Chamber of Com-But by the dy, most: Fourth Service Command; Atlan-Characteristics and limitations The first duty of a soldier is to I nierce, please excuse) for a ten-come a_round to th111kmg that: ta, Georgia. of equjpment or weapons. make his enemies' die for theirs." minute seance with a downtown Drew Fteld and the A are I Under the "Round Robin" sys-Concentration or speciaL train-bundle of enchantment (it hap-not. so bad afte. r all. For It rs not tern, a letter is sent to a soldier ing of units. pened just before last Thursday's until" then that they all of. who .is a former employee of a 2 About 'Harbors. Ships and Da.tes will be later on Tl:;mrsday Band Concert and broadcast) the hut-hoop-heep-four of the particular company, or is a mem-. Cargoes: nights' hereafter. for the WAACs. Pfc. waldo. "Schmeckel'' Bettman BTC two or three .hours ber of a social organization. The The reason? A session Comparable is all confused; he can"t make up of that they endured I soldier is asked to pass the letter Location, destination, or cargo to the "bull session" so dear to his mind whether he wants to along With dust the 1 along to other members of the of United States, allied or other the .hearts of the old The be an "ickie" or one of the the double time, the. cr_oss-country 'same comp

:: June 25. 194a THE ECHOES Drew Field Soldiers Compete In 'Olympics' Dead-heat finish in the 100-yard dash. Kerwin .Bartow. left, and Ed Becnel hit the tape at the same time. in 11 seconds. A coin was flipped and Becnel won the toss. Mo:re than 1 000 D.rew ___ __;_ __________ : soldiers p_m:t1cipated in a .:.mam-0 Off that I scarcely thou!:!ht abo. ut it r moth all-day track arid field meet peraflons t"cer at all." t that was held by the signal corps ; The bulk of the work consisted ':-'-last Saturday. or 84th' B b 6 of bombing missions over New f The "Army Olympics," as the : om PI; Guinea, New Britain, and the has been called, s-tarted with Solomons. ,. a championship team .race over s d s p "f" The Operations Officer became the Drew Field obstacle course. erve In acl IC a first lieutenant in May, 1942, '-. It resulted in one .of the major I and a few months later was eleupsets of the meet, with the 737th Capt. Thomas P. Talley, 23-year vated to a captaincy. The striking to hang on to their obs-old veteran of the Pacific war, is thing about him is his un-warlike \ tacle course crown. The winner I 't f the six-man team from the the 84th Bombardment Group's appearance. n spr e o a mus0 t' ff' H tache, he appears youthful. ,. new pera IOns o rcer. e was "My present job in Operations InCluded on the day's program' a member of the 27th Bombard-is detailed and not quite as much B were track and field events, soft-ment Group that left San Fran-fun as the Pacific," Capt. Talley ball finals, a doubleheader basecisco for the Philippines on Nov. confided, "but it''s a nice change." feature, obstacle course And, it might be added, that and boxing bouts at night 1 1 94 1 the illfated his fledgling pilots are grateful f>.:_on the new Drew athletic. field President Coolidge. They pulled for having a n old hand at the t cwhich was opened formally with into Manila harbor on Nov. 20. i helm to steer them through their "Olympics." After the treacherous attacks: period of transition flying. '.In the mi-ddle of the meet Capt. Talley graduated from SEA BREEZES III F. C .. HQ. C HO. SQ. By. CPL. ALVIN Jvl. AMSTER Greetings once again. Taking up from \Vhere we left off two weeks ago before we left on fmlougl). Through a misunderstand ing this writer had with the manPage Five AIR .BASE BUS LINES, BUS STATION agement of the paper no columns Corner Tampa & Cass Sfreef& were forthcoming our ab-sence, although, our good friend. Sgt. Bob Kane, was elected pine!-! hitter. And what a bunch of rats at the Union Station in Washincr ton. The gang of goldbricks included Dobowski. Esposito. Cedrone, Campilii, Hartes and Hoff meister, just laughed when they saw this writer dashing down the platform for the Silver Meteor. They didn't know this kid had two bags with him. But everybody acted like per fect gentlemen both ways, which. of course, included Penhale anci I Dorwart with Mrs. D. Boy, you can' t beat those air-conditioned trainE ... ancl that one blonde, eh, Esposito? Hot Dots News which transpired during our absence ... A bunch of guys added new stripes. Where are those cokes? Classen is still 30-Minufe Service to :B,ofh Fields at AU Hcu:rs 15-Minufe Service During Rush For Further Inform11fion CALL 4 143 looking for that file of Verbal Or-ders ... Schmittke has a nice sisA Home Away From Home ter back in Cleveland (where we furloughed) Lefurgy is now the operator of the officers' shower room. Welcome to the new civilian SERVICE MEN ALBERTUS HOTEL clerk, Miss Eloise Parr in A-3 956 Twiggs M 1339 and Mrs. Maxine Ball in A-4. Sgt. Gosselin is rough on the boys who move at those inspection formations, isn't he, Sgts. Mc Guire and Emerick? Castner, we understand, is seeing a certai'n Gladys. Grossman is also "sweating out" Papa. Clark and Davis are back from their schools. Watch. out for that Spanish lingo from Daugherty, Parsons, Dobie, Page and Nosker ... And whois "Flowers Telegraphed Back Home Under Bonded .. NELSON FLORIST'" Open 9 to 5:30 P.M. Closed Sundays 514 TAMPA STRI:E:T that "Flying Cook" from Upper i------B-2? WELCOME SOLDi:ER! What else happened? You. give I Your Fun Is Ou F .. "' the dope fo' next week'' '""' ., The s. M. s. oAR K N I G H T B R Q S j Formerly "The Wonder Bar .. j P A P E R co 1210 FRANKLIN sT. 1 + II I 11 ......... tc-111--M:l .....,_. 612 Bell Phones 4205 4204 T OWNSEND 1 ... A Paper for Every Purpose" Sash. Door & lumber Co. .._,._. "Soldiers J'l'aTorlte Eatln&' STEA.I\:S AND CHOPS .-. & SPECIALTY .. E L., ... J : T E -: : ... ,, .. LUMBEB: It MJLLWORJC, ROOFDnl AND PAIN'l'-FHA .LOARS .PHQRE H4&81 .'!' .1' .Gen Stephen Sherrill, Dec. 7 they hurned to Georgia Tech in 1940 and immer;,cmandmg general of the AWUTC Freid and found too many prlotp diatel trad,e.d his cap. and ,gow n Field, awarded trophies and. too. fe:v planes to engage tl;l:e f 0 r:.: a Mae West a'i;ld1a parachute:-rU,ahd'war savings stamps to several en,7wmy achvtelyc f h H e married the former.'. Miss' .;. __ -.. ... _!_R_.E_S_T_A._U_R_A._N_T_. .. _,,_ __:, r T. WBom. &DRdAFullMu lls:I% ... E y .,,,of the athletes. He pointed out e spen. most 0 t ose early Sherley Benedict of Atlanta, Ga., TAMPA AND TWIGGs ST8. that the soldiers who are physi.. bombs on ... the and they are making their home cally fit are the soldiers who Capt. Talley sard, rtch-1 in Indian Rocks. best in combat mg to crack the Zer:os, but we After returning to the States, LUMBER COMPANY The Operational Training Stage didn't have any planes to he was stationed at Meridian, C E N T R A l 0 I l We Special!:& m team scored an upset D 20 Miss. and Avon Park, Fla. beC Q M p A N y N Mill Work & Cabinets in baseball, defeating the to Bnrr'sbeacn.e otrdered fore his present assignment at 1 I C. We caD fu:nllab :tor i.''Drew Signal team 1 t 0 b h' d us ra ra, 0 as-Drew Field. Bepalft &Dd F H.A. Loa \:the five-hit e Pet. I sem?le_ and a +: PhoDe Y 1219 17th st. "' lltll Jt.-t'Fr_an_ ces Staub. It_ was the first heartbreakmg Chustmas trymg He: Thanks for the dance. Tampa, Florida _.;:game of the newly organized put frfty-two planes She: Oh, the pressure was all ,Operational nine. The Drew time to h elp save mine. E A T Signal team won the th g pmes. We used the facrhtres of H E N D E R S 0 N <:of the double-headero a;g: the RAAF and they_ hard, ,--v -___ I_C_T_O __ R __ c_A--F-E-: 1 La faye t t e H 0 t e I ('569th Signal, 2 to 1. but. were unfa_mrhar wrth the Capt. Steve O'Connell Third equipment and rt proved to be a E. A. CLAY. Manager ":: .Air Force physical training, ditediOus. JOb. planes were BEER __ WINES I 120 -West Lafayette Street :J: r.ector, was field judge. The pro-ready m February, but by that 1324 Franklin Ph. East Si"de of Bride _gram was under the supervision tune wE7 had Borneo and the A WUTC physical training vrtal steppmg stones to BILL BAILEY, Prop. Phone M 5588 Tampa. Fla. ] director department, headed. by th Ph'l' Member V.F.W. & Am. Legion -.Lt. Sistine. 1 pay e 1 IPP!nes a :, :The "Army Olympics" was the ; bon:.bu:g vrsrt around. the frrst of l frrst meet of its kind ever held Apul, returned to merge wrth the ALWAYS SAY any of the Army Bases.r 3:d Bombar:dm_ent Group fresh .-. Tra .. d freld results follow: I from Freid. They_ had a I{ 'ash: (ended in dead. ground fore:, complete wrth _meH Q l S U M 8 R E AD coin was flipped) Ed chamcs, clerks! cooks, armorers, .Be( first; Kerwin Bartow, and by trme '!"e had some WELCOME TO H 0 TEL KNOX TOM BRYSON. Manager Lafayette &: Jefferson Streets )ie Time. 11 flat. S'easoned pilots, so rt worked out EXTRA FRESH ,<';; -'220-yard dash: Lou Semineaux. to .. be a good combat. team.. _. ____ ....;,. _________ : :,John Patrick, Eugene Gonzalez We flew a conglomeratiOn of ,.. p A T C H E S 25.9. I A-24s, B-25s, and some : ,:_ 4407yard dash: Alvin Clark. A-20s ngged so _that prlot wa_ s SEABOARD RESTAURANT All five new sleeve. patches; J ,oe Lacks. Stancy Jones, 59.4. not onl:y navigator, but also Spaghetti a Specialty weather communication. etc .. run: Alvin Clark; Tom bombardrer, and we dropped a lot T.5 Chevrons. T Shirts _Haynes, Ralph Hill. Time, 2 :23. of TNT on the SANDWICHES, CAKES. DBINKS SBO"yard relay: Won by 552nd. range, Lae, and the Bun a mrss!on. Courteous and Prompt Service Mile run: Tom Haynes, Lee strafmg tr.oops at lo_w altitudes. 1901 Second Ave., M. Russo, Prop. AT SHOP INSIDE AIR .BASE BUS TERMINAL 906 Tampa Street BAKING c 0 s BREAD 2702 FLOBIDA AVE. Max's Liquor Bar WINES LIQUORS -CIGARS FREE DELIVERY SERVICE 1601 E. COLUMBUS DRIVE' PHON Y-1281 -KEEP 'EM FLYIIITG -LOANS MONEY TO LEND Diamonds -Watches --' .1ewehy Silverware Diamonds at a Big Saving A. L. ECKART 409 Tampa Streei !Time, 57.5. Group spent muc0 time APPETIZING HOME COOKING P,ickle, Allan Mero. Time. 5:38. Though thrck vegetatiOn screened --_High jump: Frank Johnson. R. the resulto:, the ground troops ::-------,-------. Moli, H. Stalder. 5 ft. 7 in. i u s we were pretty effective. Broad jump: Tom Morris, It was dunng one of rards VALENCIA GARDEN !WELCOMEI I TO THE I McAskill Music Stores 1 A R A G Radios and Repairing j I 8 S E R I l l I Rehals. 18 ff. 3 in. 30 _Zeros filled the Res tau rant Shot put: Ivan Cross, Tom skres. E1ght Amencan planes op-orris, Conrad Kuehner. 38 ft. posed them and four of WE SERVE THE FINEST OF in were knocked out m the 40-mm-SPANISH FO DS ute fight. In this particular en0 i 100 BELTS. $1:50 EACH dOG Officer Type Gold Plated Belt Buckles and with good 1 .. webbing _______ $1.50 each f Pan-American Gift Shop ... gagement, Capt. T alley received 8ll Grand Central Ph. H 3773 a wound for which he was award ed the Purple Heart. He insists that it was only a superficial, graze, but we've heard where the War Department does not distribute this Order indiscriminately. His reaction to the first dog fight in which he participated is the customary one: "There was so much to do in such a little time, The Tavern Bar &Grill HOT AND COLD LUNCHES Spaghefti a Specialty 311 Franklin St. Phone 3940 LIQUORS-BEER-WINES .. Siop.J Radio Service 1116 Grand Central Phone H-3787 SEMINOLE SOUVENIR & JEWELRY CO. LIVE ALLIGATORS C U R I 0 S --G I F T S WRAPPED FOR MAILING 107 E. Lafayette Street Hospital Bouquets ORDER EARLY Wired Anywhere in the U. S. A. lf4:t.i!I:OI:f"f5CIIJ18f.ii-jij1fik


THE ECHOES W ING TIPS 22nd Wing : to waste his girl f r i end's home Talasek, becapse his pretty wife cooking, but he would do it all was draped on his arm. Headquarters Det. over agai!J. jus t to s e.e his hone y Most E x h auste d man: Pfc. M By S/Sgt. Charlie Crews W e are goin g to mis s Pfc. Joe Lupo, d!shing out f Denver; .. from Denver. After that they his beautiful b1ide down to 'stay Colo:rada: iose contact with each other. w'ith him. Keep an e y e on those The--wi'ifet,. wondeting where Years pas s by, the war come s l lo'tl'esotne soldiers; AL CpL :Krim of the. comn'luriicatioris

.June 25. 1943 THE ECHOES : T'Le 33. 9tL Off 4 .05th might wel.l envy. E _spe" Sgt. Phillips. M;/Sgt. Jones fl fl ;>V ::1 cially on the beam was the Offi.his bald spot sunburned. Next By Pfc. Vince Parker cer's platoon under the capable time wear a hat, Sgt. t T/Sgts. Parker and Wehrhan direction of the Communications How is i!j most .of .the wheels! had a very enjoyable time at St. officer, Lt. Wilson. H e said: don't know how to swim? Petersburg and Pass -a -Grille "What .. makes commanding a Cpl. Peters showed us some I beach last week. Due to splitI platoon especially interesting is Police tricks which all:nost broke : second connections, the boys had to find out you're commanding Sgt. Schmetter's back. That's only difficulty in seeing the it about two seconds before time because the Cpl. double-crossed sights, participating in some exI to start!" At any rate, it looked him. hilarating surf-bathing and a bit! great, and perhaps it was partly To sum it 9-ll up, a great time of down-townmg. However, the due to having the 69th AAF was hed by all and the boys trans-portation problem was _a. Band, under -the direction of proved that they can be real trifle it,ksome. But with-the atd i Warrant Officer Lester G. Baker. of taxis, buses, and street-cars, j one. decide:d advantage ie----<;111 turne d out well. I m bemg out here m the great 627t h B.. : b S ---open spaces by ourselves, on gas. om q. v:'1:h so:ne really _top-notc::h day. A smoke sc1::en By Cpl. J. E. Hannon pla.j.els .out, mterest m I tammg gas may bt: spread along Chit an d some chat: One of .the the newly formed soft-ball league I a half-mile sector and need not I t f 11 th S h d 'dl t' Cl 1 N dl t n1ces e ows m e q. s Ippe 1s 1ap1 y moun mg. ose affect anyone e se. ee ess o out this week c 1 "Robbie. Rocoupled wtth some good p1-tchmg say those not on the alert do a b' It h ,b. p d t ft.. : th f t th b 'ld t f 'ffl' mson. as een sa1 oo o en, re e mam ac OI_ s m e Ul -,tremendous. amoun o Sl}l mg. 'bltt "Robbie" is one guy we'U : ;w.g _up of a .keen nvalty. and snufflmg, .not to m e nt10 n C 1 C 1 J h E -t, --i those tear-dimmed eyes! vVe are mtss ,; P ai ; q nson _rs_ Keep on good terms with 1he t b g g when we say that yvhlle G olden Boy of outftt no rag m 1s a thoroughly domest.tcated lad fellows. With the ex I we really gwe tb.ose gas masks th d N' 1 tl h d t f 11 <:esstv e heat we are havmg lately k t ese a;ys. 1g 1 Y e u J u Y we can't afford to be without a wor ou iC wenqs his way tov:nward_ whe:re stuff that keeps us cool. "All : the_ lucky C. J. fmds. h1s that glitters is not aoJd" a sage 625th Bomb. Sq. .. 1st Sgt. Jim ,Volpi, 1 s b 't b" t f th celh, workmg a little harder thanonce smc o e 1 u we 0 e The Ordnance Section can' 1 tt' ll t h double three nine range will set-boast of new men this ustlttal dge mSg t aAl De men tie for a passe l of ICE se e g IS lei seemg _;;;....,.week. So far we are well pleased "Maggie" 'as often as h e can get ,' '-ot. Jacques Pieere Theriot, with_ them nope they I away from the Orderly Room 11:. .J'Personnel, returned from to_ dtsplay thetr mterest I which, isn't often. in the heart of .the In the sectw.n. S.gt. Cunner .Btll de Cecca,. the Louisiima Bayou country, bringS/Sgt. Georgs Gnffm was off little bullet, seen mailing his pieing with him a charming, blush-on a three-day P<;ISS last week. It ture to Sally-and all the other ing bride The Sgt. had somewhat is repor.ted that J:t took him an-gals. .t Best of-. Luck to A./I Me n in the :Ser.vice ',: LEESBURG, FLOR-IDA of a blushing countenance, too. other four days to gam hts Profile: M/Sgt. Thomas W. 1 strength back. H' k ft? k t T 1 '!'he happy coupl e is at home m Sgt. McDonald must be feeling -1 1 c spo __ :n, gme om Tampa. The street address is of ok now since his mis'imderstand-' calls Lame], MlSSlS"lppl, home. A no matter. They want to be alone. ing in Ybor City. Mac stops and I regular. army man, Tom spent says, "What did you say?" Some.sJx of h1s 24 _years wearmg Pfc. Lawson, fresh from furlough, seems to be sticking pretty close to camp lately. It is rumored that his "one and only" pr.omised stay a t home, too. Sgt. Oden \vill miss the beaming counten a rice of his former buddy when trekking to Tampa on his pleas forays. But we know the good Sgt. will carry on, doubling his share of the burden, while Lawson lingers ,in memo r:ies. thing f e ll off of a building and khak1, started .off m the famous hit him right on the head. old cavahy whose was T/Sgt Albert Yelverton acted ge neral Blood and Guts Patton. as First. Sergeant for the 625th Once s1: arte_d, Tom has a Bomb Squadron during the R e collect10n of to _tel_! of th?se view last Saturday morning. days. The dl.ffJctdty ,IS m gettmg I It is reported that S./Sgt. Bert h1m L1kes to Beria, one of our chie f gunners, Chesterfields when_ al!y of is no.w a married man. w e wish men m the sect10n him the best of luck. Perhaps we ?as !'1thy m __ T : W. can run the full particulars of 1s a r emat kable come1_ of th wedding in the Echoes the descnptlve, and e t 1 Cpl. Hannon haunts hnn wattmg gettir.Jg up a soft ball for him to_ talk, and then jottin!f Topping off a big week the team. In the near fl,ltur e we/ down the I esul_ts. One of mosc 483 .rd managed to squeeze in the :should be ready to challenge most! popular lads m the .o.utftt-and time .to whip up a fair-,to-middlin. any ball team. 1 deservedly so-Tom 1s of the. soft-ball club. The team includes There is. an adva_ntage to the i, 'easons ':' h Y the 627th lS the best I S:uch notables as First Sgt. Brun-rainy weather here m Flonda. In 111 the gi oup. .. at third base, Bllckford the first place ;YOU .can't gQ any I tiolding down the ho.t spot at place in the rain. In the second R I and.S/Sgt.Waldon and Pfc. pl ace you wouldn't have any. Franklin St. esta urant I sharing the pitching due S k f p l't h place to go any\vay. Since you HOME OF FINE FOOD.S Ries. pea mg 0 0 1 Jcs----: pw stay in the barracks you save ahout the 483rd B team trouncmg money unless you can get some A:t. Reasonable Prices I .No. 1 team by a 16 to 5 d N 1 ANISH DINNERS wi.mt S>eems like .the B teatn one to play car s. o one 1as SP inoney to play cards a few days mould have an equal rating wii h afte r pay day so this is one time 1406 Franklin Street .. 1 tlie A boys at least. After all, they that we can write l etters and won by 11 runs! sleep. .. lh;. From the Shangri-la of the comes the news that S/Sgt. ck is back in th .. e : Jrorr lough. Alsv -returned is that private, The Hunter. J?.his lad's experience with the B:ollywood gals are worth listen :hg, too. :::. :::1st Lt. Coker, CHARGE d'tffaires of the Intelligence P.I. lector, when asked for a quota Jon on current curricular acti ri.t1es gave vent .wi .th his usual i h .eerful chirp: "I'm still plea timtly pleased." OH, Y;EAH! 1c "THE l:iOME < ; I ; : -Bomb. Sq. ,.r .. Berger & .Ro. c ibel$00! ... ,,.,,.By .. Nai:"'schmeuer t > '. 'riNC. :: .. l:t,,T .r The 626th had their picnic Sun-WHOLESALE GROCEES day and i,t went over with a bang. HOTEL, RESJ'AU.RAliJT AND A gr'eat time was had by all the BAJC>ERS SUPPLIES enlisted men and officers. The _____________ __,! lake wac' swell and' so was the Service Men Welcome so regular. {;118-ERI HOJ.EL food .and drinks. We don't know who the people were that let us use t heir home and also -the lake but we sure thank them for being 1 The enlisted men handed ti).e 811 Tampa St. Phpne M 1094 officers two trimmings in Volley o. :E. BOGART. Ball. S/Sgt. Murphy beat a Signal Corps,soldier in tennis Our little cook gave us an exhibition in fancy diving. First Sgt. Sibley had his hands full trying to duck SERVICE MEN ALWAYS WELCOME >" S/Sgt. Pollack, Group Dis .<;Ltchei., made it a two-some while !P. his furlough recently. The v,Iotor Pool personnel notice no change in the Sarge, with beexception of walking .. al9ng vltH that. "they got me" e:iq:iresc --.. ion on his pan. Rex l$rilliQrd Parlor : -+c S. Bagley 405th B o .mb. Group' l ... Tony Itali. a,n9. Prop. WINES-BEER SOFT DRINKS 'l. .. ld.ea_d.quade:rS i 1012 -FRANKLIN 1 By: B. S_TITH : "' .FLOaTD 1t. 717 Gra:qd Central Ph. H 3109 E!":: :. tet:lal Service Ofhcer --. -9 0--:-. J now the 405th is in the .. M&srof getting its personnel "in ic FRANK RUTTA, :CHEF-lt he : _groove," insofar as personal ffal n : are concerned. There's F:.ormerly chef at Mpit_trose 'othin: g so e -asing to a soldier' s came :to Flpr,_ :..,..._ jind as .the know ledge that those ....,... __ da, go sand m h1s shoes. and now has: "f wl:iom he cares wijl be taken opened his O\Vn _place at of. .in' case i{_ ': .. Group Review,' Saturday went with Jthe e1;,m, and de .tf!at ltler, seasoned -groups than .418 W. Street in Spaghetti and R.avioli W.E ALSO .SERVE BEER Wil<{El? E E j:; Best Wishes From lake County :Cilrus ,Sales, lncor:porled CURB SERVICE ... ; BRUC;E: .F:lo.OYD. Sales Man_ager; D. SMIT.H. LEESBURG, FLORI,DA Best Wishes to All M en :in th.e Ser.yice Palm Harbor Citrus firowers Associa.lion ... Growers and Shipp. ers of t-he Famous SUTHERLAND : B rond Will Availabl. ,Next $easpn.. ( i'i ;: i/ : _., :. ;_-; F. W. Mood.y, M g .r. PALM HARBOR, FLORIDA ... Compliments and W ,ish,es From A.-S. HERLONG & CO. Packers and Shippers FRUITS AND VEGETABLES LEESBURG, FLORIDA l._.'oPEN DAY AND NIGHT ,;-FINEST IN FOODS & LIQUORS : ri. BUY MORE WAR BONDS f.VERY PAY.DAY! 1:;. ..


Page Eight THE ECHOES 314th soFTBALL LEAGUE /339th Softball League ST.l\.NDINGS I N H' s "d Won Lost. S OW Jttmg tn e Base Adjt. _____________ 0 With four teams engaging in 903rd 9M --; --7 __ ___ 0 1 some really close games, the 339th t Photo l.ab & PT _____ o 0 soft-ball <:clLtogets ate r eady fo1 Request for tenms players o Od S t o o c_ -"' join the D tew net team met with 8r.13 ec ------0 0 1 some good opposition, not exclud-. a I et' Ice -------1mg the hi<>b-ndmg 84th outfits qu1ck response. Th 1 1 cr d b.. d : >: The tea1:1 crosse d racquets w1th _e eagu!:! ,Pay; a Ian : The lughltght of the week was Drew Net Team Has Star Players June 25, Best Wishes and Best of Luck TO ALL MEN IN THE SERVICE OF OUR COUNTRY HM f3 I urner Construction Company General Contracting Professional Bldg. Lime Rock Mining Bradenton, Florida squad at the Davi s I of ball. t_he openmg game the j provide d by the 485th team, led Island T ennis Club yesterday Base sectwn defeated b y T/Sgt. Park er, who with Pvt. afternoon. the 9031 d,_ 16-3. The game Pickett doing some extra nifty *----------------------------.11 The Dn':w team consists of Lt. uled betv,een the Photo Lab PT twi-rling, battened down the Roland Lubin. former Pacific and the_ 903rd was-__ unI hatches of the 484th gang by a Coast Coderence champion; Lt. til Thmsday on account" of 2 to 1 verdict. This 485th outfit Fisher, fccmer member of the tlus ate has pl enty on the ball as shown Fort Monmouth, N J., team; Lt. played 6.45 P.l\ Mon-. by their win streak of 12 straight Weller, fonnerly No. 2 player at :n games up_ to the of league ERR ACE Williams College, and Pvt. John IS 11 ase_ qs. n ase pla:;r. With Chat:Jlam Opperman Quinby. ouc1c I on 31 ea. calling the dtssenswn Although response to the call -1< as. to who's on and who's out for player,, has been excellent, it 330th Signal Wing is k ept to a minimum. is that _many fine tem:is 2nd Lt. Lubin, league organizer pla_Yets ot; the ft eld have notreSoftbollers Challenge and P T. instructor, is getting the qitt lHtd 1lowe'L ported yec All Drew FJ"eld Teams teams whipped up to physical fit-----+' ness and with the cooperation of 84th Bomb. Group So J h all concerned will have a league ,t. o n W. Do_tmg, of :he t h a t challenges the batting Softbo n 330th Signal C?. Wmg, has ar:prowess and pitching skill of the By Pv.l. Walter P. Kane hissoftball club IS 1 best performers of Drew Field. What with usual army turnnow piepared to all The 483rd Officers' team went overs, furtoughs and necessary c<:>tners .f rom any outfit on Dre\V down to defeat at the hands of :-:-:-:-:-:-:!..1!.( ... :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: .. .. : .. line duties. the 84th Bomb Group Fteld., the enlisted men last Tuesday by ,r. Softball L eague encountered dif-_The 330th has; _an a score of 13 to 10. It was a slug.;. BOB'S OPEN EVENINGS ficulties in fulfilling theit: sched01 d. In ten shov. mgs 1 t has diOpfest all the way. The officers ule last \Yeek. However, the ulti-ped o_nly one and. tied another. maintain the ".-core would have :!: mate wim:ng of the base world's, The nme als? tlo_mped been more in their favor if they : series is the goal of the softball! c ,oast ?UaidS T at POll had their full strength masseq. ::.: Arll:_l._ y Store' moguls loop and plans "'.ho me the ch:mpwns It seems their mainstays or reg.. were for a fresh renewal ot the. S t Pete!"' lea,ue and ular players w e r e absent due t o : of compet-ition for the coming of Pmellas County. certain missions. Capt. Tucker :i: weeks. Ho,:evei' h e local team OL\k and Lt. Finneran were standout ,::. C 1 t L" M'l"t S 1" F Th N ds Of Lynch and Waldorf 1 sc01 ed b:y the Coast Gum ds m the players for the losers-. ::: omp e e me 1 1 ary upp 1es or e ee of the 30,J,r.b Nelson and Polacek second tilt. 1e ,.:. SERVICE MEN f the 31)':::nd Cizek of the 303 Any_ ?Utftt on Drew Fte ld .;. l 'and Stanley of 'I 't"hhlc h Jfsbmltlertested Ill chda!lengtbng I :i EXPERT T AILQRJNG :! 30lst, are :he nucleus of the new IS sot a eam _can so Y Heard 111 an au rmd shelt-er: Is ,:: set-up. P :or to the reorganizaSgt. Dotmg on there a macintosh in here that's i i 2 _07 E. Lafayette Street Tampa 3 t th 3 i '4tl1 A tea111 'as leadI numbei 5t9, at least twent) -foUl 1 Ion,th el i. d to hours in advance of the desire d large enough to keep tvvo young I .. :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: .. :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: .. : .. :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-)11 1ng e ec;gue ue p11n I 1 .. ,. 1 d' ?" the stand,I,)Ut pitching of Wally P aymg ttme. a Ies wa1m. : .. ,_ ''110 hurle<;J. four victb. 1C 'No. but there' s a McPherson 0 N E DAy S E R VI C E PAUL's nes mall the games 1 Drew S1gnol Nme who' s willing to try," was there-EXPERT WATCH REPAIRING Fortunar.ely for most of the j C M ply from a dark corner." teams i n league, new players Ploys amp ortm Tf/atcltes DiamOTids ]ewelr) have arri,.-ed from other posts and 1 S t Our Motto: "Service Men First" 1\ ovelties -are filling in the gaps in. big n oraso 0 1 G -214 E. LAFAYETTE, NEXT TO MANHATTAN CAFE league style. Notably among these I n a r n t e e d is DeRosa of the 304th The hard-hitting Drew Field 1.1 g OPEN EVERY NIGHT 'TIL 10 P. M. A who was a stand-out shortstop Signa l team will mee t the nine I in s emi-pt'


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