Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Tampa, Fla
Post Exchange
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 2, no. 17 (July 2, 1943).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
July 2, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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VOL 2, NO. 17 'Just for Laughsp' USO"-Camp Show i Here on July 9 USO-Camp Shows will present their rollicking revue, "Just for Laughs," at Rec. Hall No. 1 on July 9th at 8 p. JI/I. Peopled by a group of young ut veteran supper club and vaudeville stars, it is a counterpart 1 of the screamingly fur.ny zapoppin," which broke all records during its exceptional run I on Broadway and the road. The versatile comedian, Bobby Pincus, is the featured player. Bobby has been a headliner at Leon & Eddie's and the Hurricane in New York, the Palladium; London, and has also played at: the Montmartre Cafe in Paris. Master of ceremonies and straight man of the show is Jack JI/Iunnwho has played similar roles opposite Phil Silvers, Joey 1 Fave and Ben Blue. There are pretty girls with the fast-tapping dancer, Ruth Foster; attractive June Lloyd, acrobatic dancer. and Ginger Dulo, charming chanteuse, who also work in the comedy sketches. Nelson & Marsh, dance team, offer a series of modern dance routines done with grace and style. Rounding out the show is Jed Dooley, assisted by Audree Ev' ans. Dooley's ''Remarks Befitting the Occasion," a patter of raoid-fire comment on things in general, are delivered while he is performing astounding feats of balance and skill with ropes while riding a unicycle. Jed Dooley and his partner have just concluded a tour of the chief vaudeville theaters in-+c the northeast. I Drew Net Team Defeats Tampa Shipbuilders, 3-2 Exceptional play on the part I of the Drew net tGam Wednesday 1 afternoon resulted in the nosing i out of the Tampa Shipbuilders I in a match preliminary to the opening of the city tennis league at the Davis Islands Tennis Club. Lt. Fisher and Sgt. Dunn played i Alvarez and D oll. w1nning one set each, the score 2-,all. [ Singles resulted in Lt. Roland i Lubin, Drew, defeating Russell[ Tarr, 6-0, 6-2 Lt. Bob Weller, 1 Dreyv, lost to Sandy Paniello, 0-6, 1 4-6 Lt. Irving Fisher was defeat-! ed by Bobby Doll, 3-6, 2-6, whil e 1 Lt. Roland Segal defeated Jack I Alvarez, 6-2, 6-3. In the doubles match completed, -Lubin and Weller won from I Paniello and Tarr, 7-5, 4-6, 6-1; Bonu: Bill I i A prop0sal to create a fund for' ,.paying ever.r man and woman 'in the armed forces or merchant Published Exclusively in the Interest of the Personnel of Drew Field "Retreat" Ceremony :ctl Drn, Great Opportumty te Make More 1 tl t t 11 h To the WAAC in ;)ac train c..Jdiiio.ns and previous trial M 1 Work at Exchan-= mou 1, JUS e er you are go1 or:ey. Q lj ing to the "Staging Area." Once ing, THE FIELD far reshew:; that have teen b:,!c. Durmg Your Off-Duty Hours. d d k. moved The first four weeks are here, the men will s.:e an ex-A note ommciates because it the _command IS nght flamk, days The will Will entJtle you to an applicatiOn 1 means that you are going out to aci1lng backs, le1t tlanks when c a.sh p;:izes. The official msirn;aof the amd interview: at the Exchange 1 that magical place called "THE and are_ With WAAC is the h e r.d of P allas Personnel Office on 1st at FIELD" I ders to fall 111 or fall out. Athene the Greek geddes<;. Pai-"B" Avenue. I I Days are crammed full of classes' onto the parade_ sround b cmnd I las Athe n e was t-he daue-hte r of ---------------,. The F1eld IS an _honest-to--military court-esy, map reading, the company guidon. Suddenlr. 1 Zeus the Old M a n of all Gree k OF SOLDIERS -f"rmy post, air base, ?r! orientatiOn motion P i c t u res for no: r eason, the W AAC r e :::ru;t I!Ods,' and 11/I e l i s, me.:ming pt u Aitention is directed to misconduct of soldiers in the Ta-mpa area. Enlisted men's passes that give privileges extsnding into the day following ihe date pass is issued. must s;,ow on line five "To Visit" that the enlisied man is marritd and that his home of t:b..e place t-o visit is a place other than Tampa. _;m.:;_ stabc;>-1 where the W AAC ":'Ill thro1:1gh which one from IS thnlled beyond words. H eaas d e nce:.egm domg. the work which! sheer exhaustion, chemical warhigh, feet. fall rhythmtcally When a couple o f le ]Omed. In the field she fare lecture s and "smff sets" mto the cadence You are 011 the d z q t h. wJll replace from the whi.ch tl'e averacre WAAC hanline and the sound; off. In!!f go s ld''-"b arneah_ e u s hiS d k t h h h h b t. d Wi e wou ear m ; a cn1 v-1 o .eo; o \ li IC e as een I e dies gin c:rerly \Your officers are ordere d front ld h. t. th while hi::; buddies shoulder guns "' and center" and you are quite wou sut pa'sI m m ; 1 and go out to take part in the To compensat-e for the certain that the r e crn.ild he no and. knowledge, ,he alJo,, e d fight for freedom. In "The Field,"' 1 weariness, the surl?nse mspec-smarter. no more soldie rl y apMetts whole. V\she will be the girl behmd the: tJons, the gig<; for failure to C01Tlpea ring officers than those com-banged Z el'-3 on the h ead "1..!. man behind the gun! ply with basic rules, there i$ the manding your company You axe, Athene sprang out. fu, Y To many girls, "The Field." I tirst formal review. The WAAC, steal a quick look at your O\Vn armed and ready f o r tmuhle Sne lmav even mean that they are on after days <;Jf practice at uniform and shoes. It doesn' t was to be known as the goddess I their way by deyious routes, the nether limbs play_ foul tr_tcks 1 of counsel and the brmger of v;c-,:.... _____________ __; where luckier classmate s on one, the (C on,t!

THE ECHOES ------------GJ. Weekly to Carry II Y A N K W I Z New Film Feq tu r e/ Story of Vv ;\A C s In By T he V.far// To N orth African Z o n e I BOB HAWK Shown Semi\Ve ekl y I :ittJ'Il the July !)th J SSll1[-i with all thl IJL-.. ure ... _a'1;:" '" dccs l nc:o:L of thE' sin <>in o-the our lg w l )e rep or er o corn.pany of_lD::J 0!1 over -l,maie birds or the the men upon whom the fight seas di.t l y w ttht h e Arm): 1,n North r 3_-You can thin], largely depends. decrnbl'"" thor JOOS tbeu "''l d f tl T 1 "'b JJU[ IS 1t COlTect to say VOU Ull-.t' l .111 :TCI11 1e apanese m a,n old. conthink somethino? and Nazis provide a co ntinuou s venL. and theu soc1al lue. fh1s IS 0> reminder of the nature of t h e 1.he sel:WJ.d in a s>Cries of three '.-Suppose you brought home Tl 1 .,,"' 1 1 b t' d b 1 do--en e --a .. t o tl t d eneL1). 1e ac 1. co a 01 a 10n WP:I-..C arttcles bemg feature Y L 1 111 1 e >:m e a n of tJ U t d N t "Yank. \\c .:re go1.n g to put them 111 the 1 l e 111 e., a ;ons .., .. J 1 Q"' r e1n2era or. \Votild thev keep I documented b,, mo.10n ptGtUles .tcl::n 1n the u .Y "l11 ISsu e, I ... j made o n the spot I "Yank';," Alaskan conesp ym1 and yoLU sidize the American Red Cross? Enarnored P fc: I n 1he vvords o f y<9u'll IT:Jcl the 8.-You kl'lOIV n ursery. Roos-eve l t and G hurchill-unconcomplcl:e i n "Yank_.'' Prese1tod: E1 r h;.-m e, "Baa, b a a s:1e ep.'' 1 ditional surrender! s i m p i e terms. you'll Are there really any black w hat a.n d how ll1L1G r 1 9.-ls. a cakevialk S>O Cotl!ed of y()(.'J' pay is 'c2:Ll:'!e the orig. i,.,_l eal<:e\valkers For ?,'tl-L9 ?!" :n!k.ed with cn their h eads, page 16 o{ s Jul} 9d1 ,,_ \\!on cake a s pnzes for fa;1cy .sue. ;ynu'll s2e t'Cio. e walking or they moved ltJ:'d.rr conJ. s lll;: Iolande fre'-' : 1 !ike a slab of d o tgh'l -:out. C t'ci<:e lVH> I 1 0.-T'm going to gi\'C you a for the home-town '..'.T-.rd :md you a1e t-o make t l nee _-"xu. !!"' -f stor ., mdino to itFor exam-d IJ'""''wac 011 'Rea-e r Dan1 W!!S '=' an .0 -' .ple. car: carrot, carol. T he, S_gt. D avid:o 0 n 011 word is "bat." warr.:.Llic changes 111 th1s U S :&Vs Ute JuJy o ""t_ank,." (ABswers on l"agc 4 ) ___ h'fly Vf.ee-_ _o_ n sale 11." Ju4' 2ndl e; :e r:n l. it18J.r uctor t ol d him. to take 1 1hc dtilii. ren off the bnclge, .1emoved from the bndge \ were seate d on. 1'1\ er I a :--> b&:n!:::. O n the th:rcl mspectwn. -_ e aftr_r 'tho. had .. ::11dsome 21 :un!;;m d Mungs. tne chlldre,n had p>PPl0 \ i O d .nne away w1 h as <1e m co\o"t stnr ctc. S -r B. .,..r.si x-ts -'. ':>'. fp.a\ -rtnl ne cl'J.S C .. st >J... p1 TONY MASON/S ORCHESTRA Featuring JEANNE RI-CHARD He's Dangerous! Shes Devastating! A gay. tough, smoo t h g a m bler o u t for big game i'n M anhatta n clashBS :with a Park Avenue Del:{! 'M. R a L U ( K Y' Cary Grant, Larain e Day J:>h. 9c -28c Sunday and Monday '/The More the Merrier'' :-.c. Jean Arth u r IS ISlANDS Afternoons: TUESDAY Y SATURDAY AND SUNDA1f 2:30 t o 5 Every N ight 8 till 11 EXCEPT MONDAY Sc F a r e O n Davi$ bland Buses L E AVING GRANT'S CORNER FRANKLIN AND CASS STREETS 7 : 1 5 a 7:4 5 8:15 anl1att a n Cafe 210 E. Lafa7'ei1e St. Tampa Good Food Reasonable P rices Try Our Sunday Roast TlM'key Dinner Se:rved Frq m 11 A.M. to 9 P.M. ALA CARTE S ERV.ICE AT ALL HOURS OPEN DAY A N D NIGliJT W E USE STRiC TLY V.v'ESTER N MEATS Tobacco Candy, Noiions Adan1s mJ. Kennedy and Jefferson SIeets TAMPA, F LORIDA ---speClaFfnvl.iaBC.ns :to Servic:e M e n GLEN"S BILLIARDS N o w r x It.s New Looation 805 TAMPA ST. lf You Hqven't IT NOVV MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT T H E SARATOGA B A R Corner Fortuue and Frai1l.j:lin Dancing Eve i y Night in the Blue Room to Best Negro aEER WINES LIQUORS T H E CHATTERBOX Chicken anci Real Ialian SANDWICHES DRINKS .. LIQUORS Abba Dabba and Band 7:30 o 12 Every :N-ight CLOSED SUNDAYS 707 S. HOWA:L D AVENUE PHONE H 3757 ELITE CIGAR STORES T h e Sperl: Headquarl:ers of Tampa' WINE -BEER CIGARS :1-00 Z:Rel\ ;!H7 Twiggs Ph< .Hie : \ 1 H2-07!.l Phone 1\1-12 8 0 Phone 7988 All Service Men Welcome Barcelona Cafe SPANISH RESTAURANT WINES AND L IQUORS Phone S 2 142 Opan All NlgbJ 47a Nebraska and OSborne OPEN CUHB Tampa and Zaclc Phone 3003-9c. 22c I 1 t E X PERT VI A Y(H REPAIRING fiNEST I N FOODS MilNES & L!QUOI

July 2 1943 TF!E ECHOES WAACs Presen_t .,. Bar:'acks Bag Rev1:aw' Membe r s of t h e 756 t h W 1 \ f\c i Pos t H eadq u:ovledge -of modern. military life and G-I. customs would have astounded his compatriots. The WAAC Chorus presented several sorigs including, "The WAAC Is in Back of You," writ ten. by 2nd Officer Ruby Jane Douglass, 2nd W AAC Training Center, Daytona Beach; "Air Corps Song"; "We're The Best Girls in the Army"; and "Wel come to Tampa," written by members of the 756th Company. The program was conCluded a monologue, "Dear Mom," by Aux. Florence Lowenstein. The entire cast included more than 20 members of the. girls from Rocky Point. BUY WAR BONDS AND STAMPS EVERY PAY DAY. G u a r a n ,e;;d j Walch Repairing Over 40 Years in Tampa Service Men's Watches Repaired in Less Than One Weel< 'Tampa loan Cos 908 FRANKLIN STREET 1 "TAMPA'S OLDEST AND MOST 1 LIBERAL LOAN COMPANY" 1 servation was a big problem and food wasted b ecause of lack of h elp in the planting and harvesti ing gave the young women an: opportunity to serve. OfHcers' Page Thrae Authorized BoUler: PEPSI.-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF TAMPA Palace Skating Rink .... SULPHUR SPRlNGS NEW FLOOR NEW-MUSIC NEW SKATES Admission: Nighb 3ik. "SKATE ON THE SMOOTHEST FLOOR IN THE SOUTH"' Sc -Street Car and Bus Serv.ice to Door Welcome : Service lv1en S /I M at the '' From early mcrnin!! unt.i l the; farmer was ready to quit at night,,. we hoed and weeded. we drove t:-uck s anrl tractors. We were no I glamor f[irls in the outfits \:Ve 1 wore, but they were suitable to the .L-ind nf work we did iust as the WAACs' outfit is today. CRUSHER Type Caps Sialphur Springs 1::::. Natural TP.mperature. 72 degrees. Bus and Street Car to PooL Ooen 9 A.M. o 10:30 ?.M. ----. "The Farme--rettes. as the Wl:...AC had little social life. Our I only free time was evenings and 1 Sundays. Then we held dances to which. the soldiers r::une from F c r t DevPnS Three of the school tc!!::JF-':S Jived with ns and chaperor.ec f ,:.1ch entertainment. The organ_ i7a ti o n wets n.ridnr the suof t.he srhool principal! and the board of directors." -Lt. \Varrl. w.bo .oe home town is! Reading, Pa., attend e d the fourth I _____________ lion cotnma!1r1r>r before be; .n1:{, transferred ot Colorado Springs,! Colorado. :_, A worker > :pecializing childre n and :voung adults, Lt.j Ward h opes to remain in the: : \ VA.AC th<--She be! lieves the WAAC wlll be an im-:: I 24 -----, no 1 r 11 SEll\: ICE WATC H REPAIRING GUARANTEED I I nesr of Luck to All Service M2n and a Very Col'diol \Velcomc to the WAAC ( I T I E S lR A N S I I ( 0 M P A H Y T ALLAH_l\.SSEE L_'\KELAND BRADENTON SARASOTA ServicE' Men Always Welcome Sulphur Springs Cafe ::;;:.e(:!,_llze In Horne Cook6d Por,d ChI!' ken, Steal< and r:hop Sulphur Springs, Arcade Bldg. BUY WAR BONDS! I PADDOCK 11 BAR "No! a Jook Joint-But e place j ,o;: like !he ""Pback horoe---..-he:o :-;: can bring your wife or for a drink. a chat and JACKSON AT TAMPA. S7. Open From 8 A.M. tc 12 ? .:..'-'featuring 3 Floor Shows Niiely -9 10 Midrughl DANNY & DON'S J E\VELB OX I .. N t T E CLUB I AND NEW MARINE PATIO I I 911 TAMPA STREET Dance to the Sweet Music of MANNY GATES' ORCHESTRA Wa.!:ch Repairing P. 0. Box 1553 LAKELAND, FLA. ; ... .=-m_iiai .. : ... s::m: : :::s:::n:z:=:--: 1 ArR BAsE Bus TE'RMINAL II'"' M Offcers Families Terminal O 906 Tampa St. _,._, ____ .. .. .. -,-. )e yFOO; !>. T MODERATE PRiCES :M:.::::=' : B'est Wishes to the Men in Service and a r PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE-FOLLOW THE CROW'D TQ f Cordial Welcome to the WAAC I I r HE ( 0 L 0 N N A 0 E 'i H A R K A LA & H I 0 1 T 11 Steak, Seo G:raeiing .. Carc!s, Rental Library I i PcckeiS ond Shippers of Fruits and Vegetables i Sandwich'C"1 440 W. LAFAYETTE ST. I j PLANT CITY, flORiDA j Closed Every Meatless Tuesday Until Further Noiice + ------+ CELESTE'S GIFTS SOUVENIRS


__ E ___ __ C __ H __ __ THE. ECHOES JP 0 Box 522 GLENN R. ROSS, Publisher TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS Business Office: 1113 FLORIDA AVENUE TAMP A, FLORIDA Phone 2177 rut arlvertisements contained in J:his .newspaper are also .contained fa Fly Leaf. published in the interest of he personn:l of MacDill Field. Minimum joint circulation, 10,000 cop1es. ADVERTISING RATES FURNISHED ON REQUEST A )newspaper published exclusively for the personnel of Drew .lYreld and devoted to military interests and the United Nation1= Victory. Opinions expressed in this newspaper are those of the individual .. writers and under no circumstances are they to be considered those I{}{ the United States Army. Advertisements in this publication do not constitute an endorsement by the War Department or its per. :wu;.t:l.el of the products \ I I LT. VIRGINIA JONES ,The nmse (in the above pic. there, although she admitted she .. ture) with the inviting smile and wasn' t quite a Helen Wills. ip;;i-kJing bfowri eyes is They lunched at L _as Novida0es, Spamo h restaurant m Ybor C!tv, ?ees l....t. V!rgnua Jones, nO\" stCJ Tampa's Latin qu11.rter the n Poned a t the Drew Field S! ation hopped the bus for Cypre'ss Gar-Hospital. dens .. J ... t Jones receive d con side rabl e After a spee d-J:loat ride, they took a sun b ath m order to get pu.bltcJty last week when the pic-better acquainted Jones told tori.ow sn.e wants to serve !l1 .t<;ng-Lvml, fresh out of the Fort l_and w1t h the U. S. Army. Lt. jV[o.nmouth OCS toucrh Arm Lynn t oo, was more eager tc. talk Signal Corps, sent to Dre,;. about the Army than Hollywcod. recently. The nurse met him Lt. Jones sees the ex-movie at ao ();'iicen:' Club dance when star regularly he was pilm: eri over to her !.:r,r a!l ot.hec Signal Corps lieutenant o knew Virginia when s h e We1re In the Army Now! wo. n o pigtails back in Tennessee. The w AAC has b ecome wAC, Lyn n asked her to dance. He enjoyed her cumpany so well that with the passing of an Army bill he ask:ed her to share her clav o ( f by the S enate June 20. Legislawitb. him. (An Army nurse gets tion dropped the "A" out of the hut one day off a month. ) WAACs and placed its members She accepted his invitation, in the United States Army until wher.. granted permission b y the six months after the war. The chief .r.urse. Lt. .Edna Herber t bill has already been sent to the who :.pprovcs o her of White House for the president's mercy getting

.July 2, 1943 Why Did You Join the AAC! JUAN!TA V,.ILKINSON. ELGIN, ILLINOIS "I was a secretary for 17 years. 1 bought war bonds and stamps. but it didn't seem to be enough. I was also in _air-raid warning serv ice and it still didn't make me feel that I v.ras doing all I could for the war effort. My brother was given a medical discharge the day I was enrolled, so I feel now that l am taking his place. As understudy to the sergeant major, I feel for the first time that I'm doing what I came into the WAAC fo1." !< -it: -l< NORA KING, WILLIAMSBURG, KENTUCKY "There was no one in my family in the service. I was teachin[f school and it seemed our f;,mily ought to be represented in the service, so I joined up. As file : erk in the sergeant major's office, I feel closer to the war ... if I'm really doing something. I wouldn't get out if I could!" -lc -lc -lc FRIEDA SCHURCH, BARNEVELD, WISCONSIN "My was in the service, and my sister worked with the Red Cross. I stayed home and kept house for the famiLy after Mother's death I wanted to do something, so here I am. Since the Women's Army also moves on its stomach, I feel that I'm doing a real job in supervising and inspecting the mess halls to see that the soldiersare well and scientifically fed." -1: -lc -lc ALFREDA HOAGLAND, OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA "Going to school at the University of Oklahom.a didn't seem to be of much value to the service. After all, there is a war on! My boy friend, my brother and all my cousins were in there fighting. The least I could do was to relieve some soldier, so I joined the W AAC. As mail clerk in the records section, I feel I'm really helping out. The daily mail is as important to the morale of the W AAC as it is to the soldier. I'm helping the .men and women in the service to get it over." -It: 1c -lc THE ECHOES ---------------------... MA Y GEORGE, HASTINGS, WEST V[RGINIA "One of my brothers is in Englanq with the American An11y. An other brother failed to pass the physical examination. He was heartbroken. I felt that I could replace him by enrolling in the WAAC. Working in a drug store as clerk and bookkeeper couldn't satisfy me when I know there was a more important job to be done. I'm happy now with my work in the Publications Office. I'm really doing n'1y job." Best of luck to all men in the service of our country, and a very cordial welcome to the VI AACs froriJ the / -lc -lc -lc LOIS PHILLIPS, RYAN OKLAHOMA ';it".:,-. -. }la v Lakeland, Florida and "I was a deputy in the county clerk's office. My husband had been in the Army for more than two years. I felt I had to do something that would make me feel I was helping to get the war over so my husband could come home and we could live a nonnal life again. I'm very happy with my viork. Typing and filing doesn't sound so ex. citing, but I will replace a man who can carry a gun beside my hus band. That's why I joined the WAAC." Geo1:1B ia Canniiig CoG -lc -1: MATILDA CELIK, PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA VV ayside, Georgia "I wanted to get this war over as fast as possible Working as a clerk in a general :store was too far removed from the war work I felt I could do. I have a brother in the service. I feel nearer to him as I work over military files in the records section. I wouldn't get out if I could not until the war is over and my brother is home again safe and well." + + .. .. i'Buifders Over the Southeast" y y v -lc -lc -lc PATRICIA ULRICH, SOUTH BEND, INDIANA :_+ "Everyone at home was gone. With my two brothers in the Navy : Best of Luck to All Men in.the Service and a Very Air Corps, it wasn't like home. I worked .in a defense plant, but I felt that wasn't enough. Now, in charge of the Base Message Cen-""' ter, I feel that I'm in there pitching with my brothers. I like it." t Very Cordial Wecoihe to the vv AAC. 1< -lc -It: HELEN RIMINI, VIRDEN, ILLINOIS .:. "Working as receiving and mail clerk in a hospital was too peace-1.:.. 4"t. ful in times like theEe. I wanted to be in this thing wholeheartedly. 1 :' % T I:ere was n o one in my immediate family _in .th. e so my girl I+.,+ ._,..._. fnend and I signed up together. Now she 1s m Cahforma and I am here, but neither of would out. I'm distribution clerk in the ; If --cl %; message center and It's a real JOb." :. : ADELAIDE B. -lcBROCKTON, MASS. II: "I wanted a share in this war beyond buying war bonds and :_ II' stamps that some seemed to feel was enough. My work as a libra-1+ + L I :,c. in civil life has helJ?ed me here in classification an0 file sec-.-t+ ,.,,, ...,. .. ,, +':-t> twn In my own way I m helpmg to get 1t over and estabhsh peace. :, l 't \ t I'm going to stay in for the 1c :. L .\< :.oluJ BESSIE SIEGEL, INDIANA HARBOR. INDIANA :_ "My brother is in the Air Corps and my sister is a WAVE. I felt :_ like a slacker in a nice-paying cashier-bookkeeper job. I joined the !., W AAC to maintain my own E:elf-respect and to help get this over +. so the family can be together again. I'm working in the classified :_+ files in the Base Adjutant's office. It's great!" -lc -lc -It:. .... KATHRYN J.P.CK, LAKE CHA.R.LE$ LOUISIANA t "I worked for a defense plant that was vital to the effort. .. I'Z. w ft:t..ftt tJ _110_ ,n,... They displayed the Navy E, but that wasn't enough. As file super,.. n 1:. u i:; q,.tHlJH'i. ... \l..U. visor here in tb,e Adjutant's office, I'm going to be able to release a ,. man for active duty. That's more valuable to me than remaining in a well-paid job that someone else can fill. I'm going to see it through +._'(>_ to the end." ., St. Augustine, Florida -+< -lc -lc :. SYLVIA STONE, BR.OOKL YN, NEW YORK "I was a dressmaker. I couldn't see that the "vork I was elaine: ..... +. ..... ..'(>,was of any value to the vvar effort. With two brothers and a nephew + really in the center of things, I wAnted to do my part as well. Here, ., :<>. in the MeS joined for-releasing a man who can carry a gun." +. +. y y t We are proud to have had a hqnd in the building of Welcome to Tampa, WAACs, I :, y i r HE BE s T 0 F wIsHEs II i MacDi/1 Field. I Yours for VICTORY 11 :1: :1: y P R A & n sw II" I u f!' "ii' 11 i U ,. t + + <> + + + + + +,. + <> + + + ,.+ + "' -t-+ + + + + + +. "' d r;, i? it! \, 'B s ..... .. ........... ............. t-: S'-. b u IW "''i! i 12 r:: I FREDERICK KNAUST, Director g II lnstmctors Certified by Civil Aeronautics E Administration. : SPECIJI.L RJI_ TES 208 WEST LJ:..FAYE'::TE ST5.E::CT PHONE H l5T7 I: s 1G2 E. LAF_i\ YETTE ST. r:\::.t) ... SERVICE MEN'S HOME SAN JUAN


Page Six By S/Sgt. Eve Simmons The WAACs favorite soldier is Ed Kolikof, driver of the WAAC Hack. Pvt. Kolikof expects to be discharged from the army very soon. H e has a son serving over. seas. Pvt. Kolikof is, perhaps, the only soldier at Drew Field who can call each W AAC by name .. and does. Every W AAC in the 756t.h w ill miss Pvt. Kolikof when h e leaves for his home at Brighton, Mass. THE ECHOES Over The Obstacle Course z p z A WUTC soldiers toughening up, climbing over lo:g barriers Speaking of driver s, wonde r what one of the W AACs will do with h e r spare time now that her particular driver is homeward bound for a furlough. How about it. Mabel? On the -Spot ALL-SOLDIER TENl:HS I z All Drew Field personnel (enlisted, wm:ra.nt officers. and officers) inerest.ad in entering Vve're told that male readers of The Echoes read this column RECREATION BUILDING first ... at least one soldier read NUMBER ONE it last week before frantically phoning one brunette WAAC to 1 Fnday, Ju,y 2nd, 9.00 P m.-learn if she \Vas embarrassed b v 1 USO Camp Show. on e of the squibs. She wasn't. He .saturday, July 8:15 P rn.!he All-Soldier Tampa Tennis Tournament may do so by >'-< sicpping at the Physical Tre.in was! She is still in the market Fmals of Talent Quest. for a bell to wear about her neck! S"Qnday, July 4th, 8:30 p.m.-Up to the minute film News. From Curacao, Dutch Nether-Monday, July 5th, 8:00 p.m.lands, comes a suggestion that we Right Answer or Else; 8:30 p.m. all read a very good article about _Broadcast, Right Answer or the W AAC in the May issue of Else; 9:00 p.m.-Soldier show. Readers Digest. Everything we incr Office, corner of 5th and "E'', or call 429. The deadline for entries will be Saturday, July 3. The :tour nament will be played at the Davis Island Tennis Courts the we-ek of July 5. do is apparently. of keen interest Tuesday, July 6th, 8:15 p.m.-to the soldiers who have seen but Mrs. Sehrig Presents. I--------------: a few WAAC officers assigned at Wednesday, Ju1Y.7th, p.m./ I HORNE'S PHARMACY that base. From Honolulu came -Ella May's Dancmg G1rls. two pages of a magazine telling Thursday, July 8:th, 8:00 p. m-D Complete Drug S:tore D the story of the WAAC at Day-69th AAF Band Concert; 8:30 p.m. ..l): Service tona Beach. Some of the faces. -Broadcast by 69th AAF Band; Phones H 1925. H 3141 are familiar. The article, written 9:30 p.m.-Rookie Roy's Scrap s o D A s s u N D R I E s by O ctacus Roy Cohen. is accom-Book. parri e d by beautiful color nhotog rapl:v by Collier's Bob Leavitt. Sorry, the date is missing. Rock;y Point was broken out with a musical rash as the WAACs preoared for Thursday's enter-. tainment. Shower curtains vibrated as the songsters practise d their numbers. The less musically inclined are drawing deep breaths of relief that that's over for a while It's lucky you're an American WAAC if place Xs on your letters to the BF (meaning you know what). British censors cut them out for fear Nazis may use the kiss code for their own purposes. Shy Grs will have to say it in so many letter words now if your letters come from England Shows To Be Presented in BOJ1dshell During Summer Months The shows in Rec. Hall No. 1 become increasingly popular. This is evidenced by the large attendance at them, and also by the bitter disappointment of the men when a show is cancelled occasionally. As some know, i:he intention of the Spec. Service Office i s to preENLISTED MEN'S SERVICE CLUB Friday, July 2nd, 8:,15 p.m.I:)ance. Saturday. July 3rd, 8:30 p. m.Bingo. Sunday, July 4th, 8:00 p. m. Signal Corps Band. Monday, July. Sih, 8:15 p.m.Dance. Tuesday, July 6th, 8:15 p.m. Concert of Symphonic Recorde d Music. In person: The Army Laugh Quiz, The Right Answer or Else. Wednesday, July 7th, 8:15 p.m. Group singing. VALENCIA GARDEN Restaurant WE SERVE THE FINEST OF SPANISH FOODS 811 Grand Central Ph. H 3773 The Tavern Bar & Grill HOT AND COLD LUNCHES Spaghetti a Specialty 311 Franklin St. Phone 3940 LIQl.]ORS-BEER-WINES 2709 MacDiil Ave., Tampa, Fla. CENTRAl OIL C 0 M P A N Y, I N C. I Tamp! Florida ..-.Lafayette Hotel E. A. CLAY. Manager 120 West Lafayette Street East Side of Bride Phone M 5588 Tampa, Fla. WELCOME TO KNOX TOM BRYSON, Manager Lafayeiie &: Jefferson Streets McAskill Music Stores Radios and Repairing Sound and Inter-Communicating Systems Authorized Capehart and Scott Radio Service 1116 Grand Central Phone H-3787 SEMINOLE SOUVENIR & JEWELRY CO. I July 2, 1941 ELCOME ... AACS to TAMPA and Bryn-Alan Studio Photographers p I I I g I 502 Tampa St. Phone RENT a CAR DRIVE IT YOURSELF IIHERTZ SERV/C11 TO THE ARMED FORCES 0. P. A .. has announced that service men on leave can use cars to visit relatives or make social calis. By leave 0. P A. states may include "liberty cards"; "leave papers"; "furlough papers" or letter signed by Commanding Officer. R E N T A C A R R VI C E 403 LAFAYETTE STREET PHONE 3433 OPPOSITE TAMP A TERRACE HOTEL sent a show every nig]t of the wee k in this building. The few dark nights have been the-result of las t minute concellations that came too late for adequate substitutes KNIGHT PAPER B R 0 S. c 0. Phones 4205 ." 4204 SOUVENIRS 7 &iWAAA HW AN This office, of course, does all that is possible to entertain the soldiers. Drew soldier audiences have proved themselves to b e the most appreciative that any The last time that a show was presented it was on wooden, dimly lit oliage. Shows '\.Ifill be given out-of-doors again 612 Bell .. A Paper for Every Purpose" 9 U R I 0 S --G I F T S WRAPP)::O FOR MAILING 107 E. Lafayetie Street SERVICE MEN ARE INVITED ALMO CAFE We Se.rve the Finest of Spanish Foods and Special Spanish Dishes WELCOME, W 4ACS PURITY SPRINGS WATER CO., INC. z i i performer can have I in July, in the bandshell. Recrea203 E. Cass Street Tampa, Flordia tion Buildng No. 1 will open all summer, however, be-ii cause whenever it rains, the shows will be moved from the Bandshell to this g 4823 Florida Avenue TAMPA, FLORIDA I ______ "Honey, I'm going to kiss you to death." "Go no further. I'm in Seventh Heaven no\v." ALWAYS SAY H 0 LS U M BREAD EXTRA FRESH MNI PUut .. L::. Cool Restful Atmosphere Superb Food Excellent Service JAMES B PICKARD, Mgr. UTILITY CONTRACTOR I i Birmingham, Ala., and Tampa, Fla. g


July 2, 1943 THE ECHOES III F. C .. HQ. & HQ. SQ. SEA BREEZES By Cpl. Alvin 1-1 Amster Unofficially, the Squadron's new Dayroom is the refre5hment I section of PX No. 1. Outsidets are tolerated there, say Part tit!1e Manager s \ Vashe, Reugge r Jones, Antonucci, Sweeney, and Kehr. Nightly and entertainment Jed by Butler (in s leeveless bee r Jacket) and his famous Bar Room Quintet. O ehme suggests nightly roll call there instead of in the morning. Wonde r which PX gals Snia tecki, Whitley, and Minnick are sweating out" now? Hresko and Lucas doin' so bad, either. .. You can spot it eYery time Congratulations due Pvt. & Mrs. John Calitri, who became parents of a baby daughter on June 27, the first anniversary of their marriage. And June 26 was the first wedding annive rsary of Audrey and Roy H a rgraves" Castetter. Recently we publicized Tito' s transfer to OCS. With hushed tones and mourning we are sorr y to report cur p e t monkey's death. One day last week he was found .having accidentally ,....-c<'t>lng himself from a tree. Evi -J:tntly OCS was. toqgher than he thought. CplTom .. Carlton is handling-the f10wer fund. Off to scho6I :went Lt. George Merrifield of .Sig nn.l Office. He is -AAF:Inte lligence School Pa. Sgt. George E met;ick; ;i:hd Sgt. Howard J ohnsonJeave:-sgon for Camouflage SchcjQi': .: : ... Memo to Ftrst'.$gt. Gosselin. y.rhy not put a m the 9rderly a1Jpropnate ,fromr S :t hec boys for the imP.:to #kffi'Squadron? starter. watl:i11 frt&J:: those soap ... more the wash bow Is ''riafls

Page Eight THE ECHOES 59th AVIATION SQUADRON Lt. Whalen and Firs-t-Sgt. Bullard., boys have too much to offer to be R .emarks afterwards: Pvt. Pang1 caught by the rest of the strag-. By .Pk William A .. Norris bourn: I never drank so much I glers" water in. my Ji:fe : Pvt: ).VIertella: In the other league game, the "Why sonie kind ?entl e -I 301st-B club is .still'.? in need of Cpl. S.poon''Speight ha s man help me set tiP.. my tent?". oxygen tanks as they. dropped a retur n e d from a strenuous course Sgt. Wilson: "Terh/Sgt. T yson: game to the 3Q3rd-B by the score of at" Tuskegee; Alabama. ahd Sgt. Page r ea1ly .struck a 1 of 5 to 3. The average grade made by Cpl. home when they c ame into,',the i _Battle !mes are now. b emg: "Spoon'' was 90. On completion army, the way t l1ey eat army. d rawn between the 304th and of. his course h e r eturned with chow." Cpl. Ell1son: I hope IY]Y! 302nd, the competrtwn and g e_n information beneficial to every is, eating as well a s I am I eral _around the re-enlisted m a n in Camp D eSoto i tomght. I bc:racks IS tense. area. With the aid of his co-l Pvt. McGatha returne d from. 3g4th A workers, this information will be the hospital this week and every-I (1). 302 n v s ( ). imbedde d i n the minds of all the 1 one was very. g lad to s ee this I Standing of the League_ as of I men of this area. good irishman back to duty. we-,1 June 26. The lovely Mrs. Jame s E. Nedd, since r ely hope tha t the rest of Pet. I spent a n enjoyabl e week-end; our boys up the r e can be back W. L. wrth her devoted husband, Pfc. I shortly and carrv on as u sual. 302nd B -----------6 1 .85 0 James E Nedd. They had a s -well +: ::i04th A __ ______ 5 1 850 time touring' the city of Tampa, 304 h A S f b II 302nd A ----------5 1 -850 visiting all of interest, such t 0 t a ers 301st A ___ _____ ____ 3 3 .500 as the USO, _pictur:e show, Are Finally Halted 303rd B ___________ 3 3 .5001 some clos e fnends m Ybor Crty. 304th B ______ 3 5 .300 Of course they stayed at Tampa's I By PFC. WALTER P. KANE 303rd. A ----.,------1 4 200 best. hote l for colored people, the The 84th Bomb. Group soft301st B ____ :_ ____ Q 8 .OOO' Rogers. After the week-end_. Mrs ballers continue d on its way last -+<---returned t<_> Jacksonvrlle to week with three games played. Drew_ Ties Moe Dill con1:mue h e r a1d towards i S/Sgt. Polacek masterminded his ?trenous war effort that's affhct-ltwo 302 teams and humbled both In Tennis Meet mg every human under the sun. 1 the 304th-A and 304th-B squads. I Nedd' s, only regret wa_s that she I Wally Waldorf of the 304th-A Lt. Bob W eller, Drew Field couldn t stay by h1s s1de longer. : team who has been on a five-tennis star, d e feated MacDill's 1 On second he real_ized : pitching streak, was hit Lt. Gerald Ehrlich in the feature,. what country rs up agamst, 1 with eveyrthing but the bomb match of the dual meet held last and he msrsted that she return, i racks in being shellacked 17 to 7 Thursday at the Davis Islands: and he her he'll join: by the 302 B sluggers. There was courts. The match ended 6-4, 7-511 her _later w1th Iu s three-day pass no sing]e slugging star in the anin the Drew man's favor. commg up. 1 nihilation as everyone got their Lt. Roland Lubin, former S/Sgt D ennis D Green and share of blows. Mikuli hurled a versity of Southern California S/Sgt: Err:test c Henderso!l are. fine game for the winner, allow-ace and national parks champion, the frrst m the hst of ing but six hits, errors accounteasily defeated MacDill' s Sgt. !VIc three-day restnctwn, bet t. e r ing for rriost of the losers' runs. Clung, 6-1, 6-1. I known as the "grass cutting de-Lt. Fisher accounted for DreW's. I tail." Take it from ine the next To complete the rout. the 302nd third win by beating Sgt. Mulca-! time we have an inspection in A team swept the 304th B soft-hy of MacDill in the longest and j Camp DeSoto area, the "g-rass' 10 to 6. Sgt. Hammer, hurl-toughest match of the day. The 1 ctitting detail" will be the best,. m_g, gave up on three b lows an_d score was 6-4, 6-8, 9-7. I ih every respect. wrth any kmd of support by hrs MacDill's singles were won by 1 There have been .two promo-. teammates have scored a Lt. Stanton and Pvt. W e iss. Ehrtions made in the past week.! shutout, fn;e mrscues were lich and Stanton combined to 1 S/Sgt. James C. Gray to the rank i made behmd hrm. win the lone doubles match from of F/Sgt., and S/Sgt. Lester j As a result of these v ictories, W e ll e r and LtRobert S e ga1 of Adams t_o the rank of Con-: S/Sgt. Polacek has both of his Drew, 6-1, 8-3. gratulatwns, boys; keep up the 302nd squads in an unbeatable Lt. Stanton scored over Lt. Se good work---:-"the sky i s limit. frame of mind and they are open-gal in singles play by a score of : Pfc .. Lonme Sweet Bonds .ly declaring that the loop lead-6-1, while Pvt. W eiss IS t:rymg hard to m<;>ve m on new :.ership is theirs to stay. "Class feated Pvt. John Quinby of Drew, tern tory. The tern tory of non-! will tell" says Polacek "and our 6-3 6-3 I commissioned officers. may I add. Cpl J. B. Whitsell, "The 20th Ceil*--* tury Lover.'' mad play-boy of the I I Tropics, has slowed his speed fURLO"GH 4'ANY. IS SAFE 1 with the beautiful "chicks" in U IV V Tampa. He' s suffering from. a IF CA l Y. severe cold. .: U ft. R I XVth Fighter Command j' By Sgt. Bob McCarty Well, some of the new things in our Company are as follows: "Father" Sgt. Lerback's new set of teeth; T/5 Gamble asking Pfc. Chadwell for a truck to hunt up the KPs. Two of our boys have had a "faraway look on their faces for about two weeks now, and when you talk to them their conversation drifts immediately to home. I really b elieve they can hardly wait until a furlough comes along. CplMcWilliams and Pfc. Davi son are the gentlemen we refer to. Pvt. Siuta was very emphatic abo_uL casting his vote. to j ladres present at our first com-. pany party to be held in the near future. A 10-mile hike with full field pack Thursday nite was enjoyed by all. The expedition was led by WE HAVE ENJOYED serving the ar>ned forces in J the Tai:npa area and now "welcome the W AACs" aiJ.d will be glad t o render .. ; service possible. .JAY HEARINv Inc. REALTORS Moos Office Bldg. PHONE M 1861 I I I I I I AMERICAN EXPRESS TRAVELERS CHEQlJES j Travel in crowded trains and jammed hotti ls has greatly increased risk of lost or stolen travel funds.' Bef?re you start, it is a wise precaution to cha,nge your money Amencan Express Tra_velers Cheques They are. spendable anywhere like cash. ca_sh, !f los t or stolen, your money is refurided in ful.l. tn denomtnauons of $10, $20, $50 and $100. Cost 75 per $100. .Mtmmum cost 40 for $10 to $50. Fo sale at Banks, Railway Express offic e s, at principal railroad ticket offices and at many camps and bases. 1111 AMERICAN .EXPRESS TRAVELERS CHEQUES Attention WAACS mid Wives of Army Men -VISIT VALDEZ YOUR HAIR STYLIST OF 5th A VENUE; NEW YORK Grand Prize Winner for Hair Styling in Florida 807 TAMPA STREET -:PHONE M 1215 j ALSO FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE AT I MACDILL FIELD, Station 447, Post Exchange i 1 .: '. I,;...,,. '" WELCOME WAACS APTE BROTHERS CANNING COMPANY General Offices --W estern Union Building .. COMPLIMENTS OF I JAMPA, FLORIDA I I I -1!11111l15H!illl!llli5ifti&i'l' SAFFOlD BROS. PRODUCE COg and Quality Our Mottou 901 Washington Street FLORIDA TAMPA '' W@$4 & 4 SMMM Compliments of REAllY CO. REALTORS Established 1887 112 East lafayette Street Juiy 2, 1943 t ..f ot Lufl:k \I i o All Service Men and a Royal Welcome to the VI AACM Florida Road Materials Company P. 0. Box 79 LAKELAND; FLORIDA 8-es. t of Luck to All Men in the Servic e and a Cordial We/tome to the WAACS. (. BOOKER & SONS CONTRACTORS 1800 lakeland Hills Blvd. LAKELAND, FLORIDA GROVE CARETAKERS LAKE WALES FLORIDA


J'uly 2, 1943 THE ECHOES .. I Sta ging Area 11Qpen Sesame" For WAAC (Continue d from Page 1) matter that yesterday you griped because they didn' t fit. Now the THE FIELD is all one socia'l li'fe .. "the sala:ty she used dreamed of ... a place where we to receive : the glamor bobs can feel we are actually doing and pretty clothes that are a our part. They asked fot the girls \voman's birthright; because she in khaki because the soldiers are is an American trying to do her to go to actual combat units ai)d duty in time of need. The WAACs the WAAC has been trained to at Drew Field are indeed fortutake his place. nate that they are wanted and dreases are in the proper places -. you worked late last night in-the)aundry, waiting your turn on the ironing boards to make sure. Your shoes gleam like a new dollar. Your shoulders go back, eyes front, and you are proud at "parade rest. She .subjects he1;self to military welcomed To the 756th Post discipline beoai.lse it helps her to Headquarters Company, Drew understand the Army work she Field is THE FIELD in capital is there to do. She sacrifices her letters. As the first platoon swings .into the line of march, you watch the ripple of skirts and you are I determined you will oblique on turns at the right moment. I It IS a matter o f extre m e import-, ance that you cover dow n exactly 1 and that your head snaps simultaneous l y w i t h those of the girls next t o you w h e n "eyes right" i s given. Once past the reviewin g I' stand, you draw a deep breath o f satisfact w n b e c a use it is almos t over and your c ompa n y has ac qu,itted itself b eautifully T ears your eyes whe n your C O. c;wnends you befo r e dismis sal. akes no diffe r ence if you were good-looking out there or li{)t; if .. she says so, you must 1 !laye been. Right then you dec1de I next time you'll break a leg 1f you .have to, but you'll look .even bettei'. It your first reali. of company coordination .'It :is .. wcinderfu1! Looking ahead during your basic training, it seems a long time. The tl:ays are endless until you can fall into your bunk, taking care nb't to mess the blankets too much SO you can't make the bLlnk ip. jig time .in the motning. Then su'ddenly,. it is over and you are marching -in your last 'formation "as a basic. You are w a 'iting patiently for the assi'gnmenJ Best o'f Luck to All Sevice Men and a .... 't. Very Cprdial. Welcome to the W AACs ... R [ LA R S 0 N I n t .... GENERAL .CONTRACtOR :.:-F:St : fh>tida : .. ; ,.: me'm01 'andum 'that y_,m tell you ..................... illl!l ........................ ....... ,.. .where and what 'kihd. of work .yo-(.i will do. Now yo u are a part .. of the Army and ready the "' 'job you joined up to do. You are >,. read:y !or a place i1;1 the training H. :B. cente_ r or for that magical place, c. W. Zimi:net-man: .'the Staging Area," and THE "FIELD. In the beginning, the majority of W AACs were assigned to tnifning ceriters. They learned to replace the male cadre who had trained the first W AACS. Lessons taught in basic days, half-learned because of the constant physical fatigue, become clarifed with ac-tual contact. Service records, requisitions, pay rolls, reports of 1 change mean something instead of a hazy impression gathered through a mental daze. The WAAC marvels that the hun ;:d reds of papers she must handle : 'Sudd e nly make s e n::::2 and she Best of Luck to AJJ Men in the Servite and a Cordial Welcome to the W AACS. :has p ride in herself that she does trecognize the m and k n ows what rto do vvith them now they. a r e her responsibility. She is a WAAC, a 1 member of the arme d force s, and is doing her part. CEMENT PRODUCTS & SUPPLY 516 W. MAIN STREET PHONE 23-541 With actual experience in the training center, she is ready for THE FIELD. Overnight she i s saying goodbye to envious friends She is in the Staging Area to be processed, to be examined physically, to have her s ervice record and allied papers completed Then she is piling into a truck, on .her way to the new station I and the new job. Her trip may be ,.repeated several times, but there is always the thrill of that first adventure into the field ... the. first actual replacement of a fighting man instead of merely filling in to train other W AACs l! r:t.Jt7 : 'raining center. It. is then !1" c j 1e "Staging Area" becomes Se_same" t_o of I part m the fight for victory. SERVICE MEN ALWAYS WELCOME LIBERTY BAR Tony I:taliano, Prop. WINESBEER SOFT DRINKS I I I i 1 G,ilbert Svstem Hotel 717 Grand Central Ph. H 3109 I Ilet!y C !'IIi!che!I. Mgr. 7 46 Central .'\. ve. St. :,oe1ersburg -Phone 7864 "'Your ll.\ vay :-:1"om :;-lome" 11 2 9== You Ara Alwavs Welcome A J?hone i n Everv Room Hot and Cold \Vater ai: All Times I E f Eeer, Wine Sandwiches LAKELAND, FLORIDA BUILDING MATERIALS WATERPI;i.OOF STUCCO AND MASONRY PAINT Manufacturers of Concrete Masonry Units '!!!!II :! Best of. Luck to All Men m the Service and a Cordial Welcome to the WAACS. OF COMMISSIONERS DON WALDEN, Mayor-Commissioner E. S. GAINEY, Mayor Pro-Tem J A. MAYS FRED W. NULTER ALVIN H. HINSON --0--T. J. McCALL, City M anager J B. PEEPLES, Clerk and Auditor J. E. KNIGHT, Collector and Treasure r DR. EDGAR A. AUSTIN, H ealth Office r J. E. CASSELS, City Attorney JAS. D. BRUTON, Jr., Municipal Judge ( 0 F P L A N T C I T Y .,,,o, F L 0 R I D A "THE STRAWBERRY CITY" I I I : POP AND MOM'S 5 \ I i:! i:!" Officers say 'NEATNESS co UNTS' In the army as well as in civil ian life, neat is a great asset. That is why millions of men in service c1 r e we a r i n g SPiFFY COLLAR STAYS. Prravetlts Co:Uar CurJ SPIFFY COLLAR STAYS give yoti f res h, c r i spy, snappy smartness. P eps up your pt:rsonal appearanc e. EASY 0 : 1 EASV OF!! Quick as a wink to put on and take off. Self-crcliusling and put Best of Luck to All You Men in the Service and a Very Cordial Welcome to the W AACs. FLORIDA TELEPHONE C 0 R P 0 R All 0 N LEESBURG, FLORIDA ... WELCOME, WAACS M 0 T 0 R F U E L S T R A N S P o 'R T Inc. 200 South Tampa Street TAMPA FLORIDA WW4l..: C QPW14PQ4JirtZfMV.J X _UiWff & 4iU4iWUJZE1Ybi 1 Best Wishes to All .. SOUTHERN PAINT & GLASS Post Office Box 72 LAKELAND, FLORIDA


Page Ten THE ECHOES July 2, 1943 '# ferred to tlie th BombGp. at I ;""""""-!"""' ... --............ ----"""' Sl Q WI G TIP I _______________________________ _J. ________ __ \Vaycross, Ga., and our loss is to he their gain. Good luck to you, Lieutenant." On Tuesday, June 22nd, the 304th had its lurn to enjoy the The Eighty-Fourth I 302nd Bo b S you do at home that cannot be "Wahoo,". the 32-foot cabin m q. done on the base? If you t,ry to cruiser that has been given to the HEADQUARTERS CHIT CH. AT look up your old friends, what 84th by Mr. W. L. Waring of the T/Sgt. Edward n Williams as-By Al German. happens? You soon find 0ut -that Lyons Fertilizer Co., Tampa. Pvt. sures us that Sgt. Bernie Pogal is Several "contractors" from nine out of ten are now serving George Rubin was "skipper" with responsible for the latest purge: Armament, led by the able Cpl. our country, and the tenth guy is Pvt. Jean Kinsella (304th) as the sustained by the i Raper, built a duck \valk out from 1 usually the one you didn't like swimming and life-saving inremoval of an msigmficant cor-i thor shack ac1oss .the raging anyhow. structor fm' the day. Men of the poral to the ranks of the 407th. 1 waters of the Airfield Sea that Here we have: 304th on the cruise were: Pfc. The T/Sgt. contends that the has risen since the daily rains set Beer parties given by the Ri_cherson, Cpl. Sg;t oustei came after some unkind in. Raper went to work with a squadron. )nsh and _Cpl. The !riP remark s in this column about the board tripod. a bullet plumb line Boat rides around Tampa Bay mcluded llfe-savmg mstructwn, estimable Pogal and is shouting and a coke bottle transit. Clark where the men have fun fishing 1.use preservers, and of "Mae loudlv about freedom of the press, hammered thousands of nails; and sw1mmmg all day long and West ve:;ts.-Sandwiches and diplor1 1atic immunity, and poli-, Schlesinger \Vas self-appointed. the smiling way Skipper Rubin soda constituted the lunch. tics. Of course the transfer was timekeeper on the job, and Maus-t describes the beautiful M/_Sgt. of. the commu s t r)ctly routine, but accusations and Volpe were busy witl'l saws. Very interesting! (If his wife mcatwn sectwn IS away on and counter-thrusts are amusing. 1 Working vvith the speed of a rae-reads this, we were only fooling.) I the boys are vYe were standing in the PX ing turtl e, they erected a rickety Th, e extra 24-hour passes to the If his h?P was to see a sweetheart not long ago next to a full colonel duck walk with a toll gate at men who are always 011 the ball, a Wife_. Sgt-Charles Campbe_lL who was sipping milk and eating each end. and to those having the best inIS now _with the 407th Bomb. 0P: a snadwich. He crumpled the vvax i At the same time, Withers (a spection record. as sectwn head of Commumca AIR BASE BUS liNES, BUS STATION Cornel" Tampa & Cass Streets 3D-Minute Service to Both Fields at Ail Houn, 15-Minufe Service ",t --.,. -During Rush Houn ... : :.: For Further Information pl:l.per into the bottle and walkec!. fellow journalist from good old The fun the men in communi-tions. We wish you a lot of luck, away. But a boy behind the coun-NYU) took a little plane ride It cations have with their new boss; "C_hai :lie." If Cpl. Krim ir:_sists on tel: called to him in the tone you sure brought out the best in him. Lt. Tom' asino. brmgmg hiS Wife to the field we. might address a private. junior Well, it may not have been the The quick results from com-feel it our du_ty to tell _him that' grade: "Colonel! Please put the best, but it sme brought it out. plaints, like the mosquito netting he v _ery l!ttle attention when CALL 4243 bottle in the box on the floor!" It's all right, Withers; MacAr-coming through in double-quick she 1s w1th him. The colonel walked back sheep-thur was seasick 111 a PT boat. time. Three cheers for Sq. Supply ishl y and put the bottle into the Mahoney, of the same depart-for rushing through the order. bo1:. ment, is said to have remedied The way Medical Sgt. Joe Ul------ie that prevalent Army sickness, mer convulses the men on sick 30 1 B b S LACKOFWAAC. call at the dispensary with his St Om q. Sgt. Davis has gone from the witty chatter. The best medicine By CPL. RALPH H. JANSEN radio shack, leaving the I'eliable for any sick man. The fellows are still remember-Sgt. Slightham in charge. Lt. The pleasant way "Gen." Gor-ing our bivouac at Indian Rock. Rothschind is the new officer. On don now speaks to Cpl. Perri. We Cpl. Joe of North Caro-Friday, the 25th, Phillips wonder why? lina, is still talking about the fish brated his birthday. Strangely The way the Bay-Chief of 181 hEl caught thereAccol"ding to enough, Musser celebrated the pitches in on those G.I-parties, J o e it was the biggest one ever same year on the same day. Nes-lending the boys a hand at all caught in the bay. bit managed to drag himself dow n times. Yes, we mean Sgt. Short. I\-ir. Churchill and Sgt. Frank to the shack once this week, and Solov, of Pittsburgh, have one poor Carlisle tore himself away 304th Bomb. Sq. thing in common. They are never from New Jersey to come back to seen without their usual cigar. work. By S/SGT. WORLOCK Now that he has grown a mus-Takach,_ of Tech Supply, is on Congratulations are in order tache, Pfc. Gene McCrea of Baltiemergency !urlough. Log!'ln for three of our officers who have bears striking resemgot backWith usual I b_een promoted to the rank of to Wilham Powell of the IS JUSt hopi_ng. first lieutenant durmg the past movws. H_ooyer IS_ over m the hospital week. Lts. David Graham, A. M. That new pair of bathing -w1th the nurses_. Kno_Jls.lswift and B T Smith. 1 trunks that Pvt. Bill Rutland of on I:ught duty, makes mtens1v e I We are glad to welcome First New York City bought the other studies of planes. Could he Sgt. Stinnette back into the fold day just didn't fit. We wonder be a mechamc at after his return from furlough. why h e blushed whe n the pretty A wor_d Cpl. Hem1ke, com-Cpl. Mitchell was heard to say, clerk at the PX made the exma_nder-m-chief ,our operatwns before he left for home and his change. off1ce. The word 1s "Phooey." wife, that he did not want to be It is good to see Pfc. Jim Urqu--iiC---held up b y any train and hart of J?uffalo, N Y., on 303rd Bomb. Sq. fore he flew by commercial air-duty agam. He spent qmte a ways to Detroit, Mich. How the while in the hospital with the By JOSEPH V. PERRI "Mitchells" do fly. measle9. For the past few weeks, all one Everyone who knew him hated Our PT il!structor, Hayes could read in our neighboring tb have Lt. Harding leave the of Boston, _Is m many squadron colm:nns \Vas about 304th, but we are all pleased to ways. Bes1des playmg a mean loughs-who Is on furlough or learn that he has been sent to tune on gui_tar, he knows who is back or who is waiting for Paterson Field, Colorado Springs, Insh songs. one to come through-It seems to 1 Colorado. It is om belief that he. _Cpl. L_OUIS Manus of xork us that many of the other will not mind a bit being just 70 Gity claimsthe champwnsh1p of squadrons are dymg to get away miles from home. the After subduing ap from Al'lny life. Lt. Montoya has been trans--the boys m our barracks, he IS What seems to be wrong with willing to meet all newcomers-an organization, when most every Sgt. Copeland, who teaches at man you talk to. has nothing but GR AU D the O.T.U. Engineering School, "furloughitis" on the brain? CENTRAl expects to be married on the 4th Not that we like to brag, but vve o_f July The are planning a have reason to b elieve our squad-,1 REST AU RANT little celebratwn f o r the sergeant ron ranks very hig;hly in Best Spog hett. ; r in Town and t h e future bnde. bmldmg. For the first time smce We ,rn f ,SS that big sm.ile .of Pvt. The Echoes has yublished our I 714 Grand: Central Bob of Mas s-ao{lUsetts : He columq, we have cteCided to omit ._ __ _....__....., ___ ..__ ___ --l did a fme job in Operations and mentioning those men who al'e is now transferred to another now on furlough ( w e are _quite field. sure they won't mind-) and missAfte r spending a pleasant furing all the fun these past few Iough with his wife and friends, w e eks (and we're not kidding Pfc. McElroy of Texas has re-when we make such a statement). turned -looking fit and ready to of going home to see return to the Supply Dept. your loved one, what else can = I& Courtesy aiid Consideration Extended o iVieri and Women ; in Sarv:ice. THE NEW FLORIDA HOTEL .'Lakeland's Largest and Fines' LAKELAND, FLORIDA John E. Ballenger and Associates, Owners A. Baumberger, Mgr. COiiJPI,ETF. DINNERS SPOT CASH For : Home Away From Home No Waiting-We Pay Now GEO. DILL 3910 Florida Ave. Ph. 2052 SERVICE MEN 'ALBERTUSHOTEL "956 Twiggs M 13St R F : ;j'Flowers Bac:lr:. I liAII1e Under Bonded Cuban SandwlchN A Specfalti' l .. N E L S 0 : N : 1216 Franklin ":': ., "THE FLORIST' V 1 R c 1.!:r. 1324 Franklin Ph. M-72-to BILL BAILEY p SOLdER! .,.. b V F W & A' roLp. j"Where Your Fun 'Is -Our Fun" ..-,em er -. m. egwn .:II The Su M. S. BAR. H [ Satisfac:Hon iC Guarante.d I+ T-.. 504 Tyler Si. Tampa Fla. Sash Doer I & Lumber Co Rex Billiard Parlor Daniel S. Bagley -ltC 1012 FRANKLIN TAMPA FLORIDA ww..., CULP LUMBER CO. 'Everything to Build Anything' Millwork Made to Order 500 PACKWOOD Phono H 1852 -:-TAMPA Tve tried to be Red. Whiie and Blue fhe boys at MacDill and Drew. When your work is done, and you want some fun THIS is the place for you. M. MILLER'S BAR illi FLORIDA AVE .. Ph. M7215 BEERS--WINES LUMBER & MILLWORK. ?.OOFilfQ AND PAINT-FHA LOANS PHONE H489i N. Rome _ancl Fuller Street T. w. RAMSEY LUMBER COMPANY We SpecinliM l.:! I Mill Work & Cabinets I Wo can furnlh mar .. rlal R"paira and F. H. A. Loa::11 j Phone Y 1219 -17th St. at ltl:l .il." E i\ T HENDERSON BAKING c 0 s 2 7 0 2 FLORIDA AVE. Max's Liquor WINES LIQUORS CIGAI l''' FREE DELIVERY SERVIC _41, 1601 E COLUMBUS DRIVE i!_ PHON Y-IZSl r --KEEP 'EM FLYING. -Pultry, Grot-orie...,, a.nd Herring, Lox a.nd ttU Jrind,. ol' fl"th, stri,t1 .. -l'. rf''"-h. WJN'E,-BEER. SANDWlCHES FINMAN'S KOSHER MARKET I The LO_l\.NS -MONEY TO LEND Diamonds Watche Jawelry Silverware Diamonds at a 'Big Savl:lg Best ollu,ck to aJJmen in the service and a very cordia! welcome to the W AACs. W A R D S P R I T f H E T T Til L I S Peekers and Shippers of 11Golden Hon:ey11 and '/Golden Topperl/ Brands LAKElAND/ FLORIDA Only Ko.shuc Jlo.brket In Tampa E. Broadway Ph. ])156-153 'f.! Block of Nebras_ka Ave. DINE AND DANCE AT LICATA'S SEABREEZE on Hillsborough Bay Try the Best in Food FINEST LIQUORS DANCING EVERY NITE 2 _2nd Sfi:eet Closed Every Monday. Both Day and Night, Due to Labor Shortage PRIVATE DINING ROOMS I Commercial Printers Complete Printing Service Phone 2126 1113 Florida Avenue A. L. ECKART i 409 'Tampa Stree! + 11i wE L c 0 ME I TO THE -fAIR BASE G R f L L i Where The Busses Stop +----------Hospital BouquetS ORDER EARLY Wired Anywhere in the U. S. A.


July 2, 1943 PROVOS1 MARSHAl PROMOTED It's a t ough job tha t Capt. Wili iam L. K i n g has. The Dre w Fiel d lUarshal and m and>ing O lfi cl"r o f the MPs was b h i s presen t ran k from f ir:;t l i e u t e n a n t o n June 19 43. I A t ough job i s the only way one can desc ribe adequately the dutius e[ M P s For "riding h erd on a g r ot : p of soldiers hunting' for e x c iting ly a a s l arge as lna t a t Dre v v Fie ld-is a job that r equire s exading w ork from every : be1 ; o f the streamlined Military i Polic-e unit, of which Captai11 -King i > the commanding oftite r. i And it was the Army that: ;traine d the Provost' :l\;Iarshal to handle the "tough : job. Prior to being called to ac: :tive duty at Camp' Blanding, I .Flpridaon March 22, 1942, Ca!'Jt l King did rwt have any experience' CAPT. WILLIAM KING 'in police work. I dd t 1 In Ju. n e, 1932, he was graduated easy a s,?mew 1ere .from the University of Georgia, 011,. Drew FlE;ld or 111 Company whe1e h e rltajored" in agricultural. B. He was then I Capta_ m Kmg s MPs are also si6' \ : a second lieutenant in the reS]!>OnBib_le f6lr errands of meJ:cy ReL k Corps. 1 telegra:ns and F'1:om Dt)cember, Hl3J, until. or sold1e.ts ealled to actiYe clouty; he wmce coming to Drew Field, Captain King (tl>len lie-ettemint) had his hand!': full liUpervi s ing policing of a eontinuously expanding fi-eld. Not only do the MPs appre{1.end breaker s oJ military Eegulations. but it is Iio w thG'ir job to -seek e.ut the source o! the offense and t.o use prev:ention. ServicE' Mer1 Always Welcome La Gloria Restoorant Fine Spanish Food a.nd Sandwiches :n-oa A -rmenia A -ve. H 33-521 f-------------------ook Guarding the post, patroliing iYhe streets of Tampa and G 0 0 D Y GOODY bobng cities, tal;;,ing care of the trafiic prDbiem, ar.d, THE PLACE T 0 EAT 1119 FLORIDA A VENUE Est. 1925 .guarding the t e n gates t o the p ose -all are large jobs for the M1Js. 'Wherever soldiers go MPs als o go to pre s erve military order and, .most important of all, to protect ------------soldiers 1 c R E N s H 1 w .The Provost Marshal orders N \, dividual passes made for eacil I '-n. 0 soldier as he appears on Drew Field. with his picture attached 1 (Wholesale) to it. This. in itseif, is one of the !=RU ITS :-: 6ost important steps in identifiPhone 2623 cation, \vhich is directly the work I THE ECHOES Page Eleven Administrative llmZRmi!illi!iii!NM-iliii!B!lllllillllllllll1llillll! _______ l!!!! lnspeC'ibr1S Office 1 By M/Sg. Rober Ross I The office i s sure feeling the I effects of "Global War." The lowing officers and enlisted m e n have departed to "Where do w e go from here places. Lieuterfants: James M. Crofwell who came here from Sunny California, but did not stay h e1e long enough to get" acquainted. I Arthur F. E vans, who had the di!-'tinction of working in the same I office firs-t as an enlisted man 'anrl later as an officer. Enlisted men: Cpls. \VELCOME, WAACS RlifN(llf CAfETERIA RIT AND CLIF CHAMBERS. OWNERS 310-312 Zack Street -Y. M. C. A. Building Samue l J. Burrow, Jr., who was better known to his many friends as "Sam." His good nature as weF as that North Carolina "drawl" will be hard to match. William A. Reed, who also came from California. Though he seemed serious in speech and I action, he was a very nice fellow. Pfc. Nicholas RDuffy was no I neVjTcomer to Drew Field, having bcoo stationed here tel'! mnoths. He was neve r seen without a I smile on his face. Lot!3 of luck, boys. Meanwhile, introducing two new faces in office: Pvt. L. ."C Zuiker, from U1e First Sig. A W Training Battalion. Best Wishes and Best of Luck TO ALL MEN IN THE SERVICE OF OUR COUNTRY E. Turner Construction Company Pfc. W. L. Heilman, who i s a graduate of the Army Air Fane I Administratiwo School, Arkansas I State College. Contracti-ng Professimwl Bldg. Lime Rock Mining Bradenton, Florida We are glad to havG you. boys. Phu.t" .\ND CHOPS \ ELITE TARP.4. 'FWJG,G_!;O f l i I :! ERR ACE !..---------i ,...----------;I! qilt 1lowe'L Franklin St. Restcuro.nt 1 j HOME OF l'"INE FOODS At Reasonable Prices SPANISH DINNERS i I 1406 Franklin Stree:l i j BY W J R ANYWH E R 3022 555 1 !.... ......... ... .. ;-;-;-;-;....:.ll ... .. .. A T T E N T I o 1 1 .. :-: ..... :. ... .. z .. : ... ... WAACs-ARMY i Learn to Dance Correctly 1 .:: B OB't''S OPEN EVENINGS X BY ONE \VHO KNOWS I } } Selma Brooks 11 :;: :i: __ TEL. __ A s t Or. e" ww-'1:: :t:s: ,.--:; 1t1 1! .a ? t Service Men Welcome ':' C 1 L M"l'" 5 1 F Th N d Of ); ::: omp ete me 1 1tary upp Ies .or e ee s :i: SERVICE MEN :i: ,:. "' 811 Tampa St. Phone M 1094 ;i: EXPERT TAILORING :i: o. E. BO.GART. Manager 207 E. Lafayette St-reet Tampa v GILBERT HOTEl bf the MPs. '---------------; .Hui1dreds call RUTTA, CH-EFat the gate, asking if they can ,.. SERVICE PAUL'S ee "Johnny" or "Bill" or "Jinr" Formedy ohef at Monoose Restaurant. 1 arid this is when. the "mo1.mted" B:roadway and 48th, New York. to FlorPs take over to deliver. the """ ida," got sand in his shoes and now has nessage to the soldier, with a:n opened his place at li< "THE OF GALLONS" Berger & Rachelson INC. GROCERS RESTAURANT AND BAKERS SUPPLIES w .. H A U E R j) (HAUER CAN) & Heating 8Q7 W. PLATT STREET CAMPBELL .BARBER anC. BEAUTY SHOP 308 Twiggs Ph. M 54-5721 .. MARIAN DRUM Beauty Operator ."A GOOD PLACE TO EAT" PQST OFFICE CAFE C. D. Kavakos, Prop. Dinners Plate Lunches, Beer, Vlines & Cold Drinks, Pies and Pastries. 406 Zack Street Tampa, Fla. TELEPHOI'l"E H 25-692 T H E C R I C K E T 0 0 M 241 HYDE PARK AVE. 418. W. Lafayette Street Specializing in Spaghetti and Ravioli WE A.LS6 'SERVE BEEJ:l AND WINES Our Kind Regards. and the Very Best of Lucie to All Service A-ten and a Royal . .. Welcome to the WAACs! (IT Y Of LAKELAND LAKELAND, FLORIDA ; WATCH REP.}UR.JNG j W utches Diamonds. Jewelry Novelties Our Motto: "Sen:ice Men F -irst" 214 E. LAFAYETTE. NEXT TO MANHATTAN CAFE OPEN EVERY NIGHT 'TIL 10 P. M. UNI1'ED .. Manufacturing a:qd Qpticians 205 ZACK STREET P.HO!tlE M 5783 COURTESY 20 PERCENT Prescriptions DuJ>licated Hotel HillsbQt:g Florida A venue Twiggs sc W. L. BAKER. Manager GASPARILLA TAVERN coLONIAL GRI.LL Service Men W elc9,me BAY VIEW HOTEL FIREPROOF ROOM WITH BATH COFFEE SHOP IN CONI'JECTION W. B SHULER, Manager 208 JACKSON ST., Between FRANKLIN & TAMPA I TAMP A, FLORIDA -PHONE M 5537 i I SHOES FOR MEN SHOES MILITARY GUARDSMAN 508 F:".ANKLIN STREET TAMP A, FLORIDA


T H E E C H 0 E S July 2. 1943 Women to Receive Special Training WAAC Trainees and most allied papers of the Women':;; Army with gay-colored borders while the familiar white forms, by the male soldier, have been dyed pink S/Sgt. Eugenia Jurgens, supply setgeant for the 756th WAAC Headquarters Company, says that only one form has undergone a complete change from the ones Uncle Sam is interested in! used by men-the clothing recenough girls getting into uniform: ord! for the duration. H e needs them,' The .vomen s classtftcatwn card and in great numbets, in the d if. has also changed a bit; it omits feret b; ;mches of the service. I "Qualification in Firearms," and Lt. Gen. Behron 'Somervell,: a space for "Maiden Name" has head o the Army Service Forces, been added. Until recently the says s.;ldiers can h elp to sell the 1 WAAC had no individt:al pay idea tr.:.;t it is the duty of women data card such as the soldier h ad. to serve their country in time of Howeve r the 756th now has idenwar. d d tical cards and watches the pay "Mon! WAACs are nee e data as carefully as the soldier. said G .,n. Somervell in a recent -+c------press release. "The Ar_my has a 314h SOFTBA'j:...L LEAGUE real and serious need for all elt/ The 314th Softball League is gible women who are not otherunderway. Two teams have been wise en.gaged m work. essential added. The league is now com-to the winning of _war. posed of the following teams: The Army and .Civil Service Photo-Lab and Physical TrainCommission have sent out an ur-ing; 903rd QM, Ordnance Section, gent call for J20 local 828th Guard Squadron:, 69th between the ages 21 and. 44_ m-Band, and the 853rd Service Comclusi \ e, to rece1 ve spectahzed pany. training as W J:\ACs, Tampa Games will be played on the Army recnutmg statwn an-314th Athletic field. The teams recently. will play two evenings a week, App!lcants must be Monaay through Friday. The play graduates, meet WA.fl:.C. is scheduled to start at 6:30 p.m. ments, and pass_ a Ctvtl The addition of two teams will J\ccepted applicants make it necessary to start league wtll be placed m the Enhsted play over. The opening game was serve of the s Wednesday. Interest in the league Army Aux1hary _Corps and Wlll has been keen to date be sent to the Stgnal Corps Radio School at Livingstlees are no-v serving in the armeJ l o r :e s G-E emplot.:.:es at itome are b :iybg more than worth of War DonJs a week. THINGS TO RM(MSER: If it's an American-built high-altitude bomber or fi!lhter, it's turbo-supercharged. The turbo-supercharger is an outstanding example of the co-operation of American industry and the armed forces, each working in its own sphere. GENERAL fj LISTN f O "HOUR Or CHARM "-10 P.M. EWf, SUNDAYS-NBC ; \ :


PART 2 PART2 Pictorial Section WAAC Activities VOL. 2, NO. 17 Published Exclusively in he of he Personnel of Drew Field Friday, July 2, 1943 Tampa Welcomes Drew WAACS These G. I. Gals Are Releasing Soldiers for Combat Duty About to go to work a he base, he girls in khaki climb into he Wack Hack. The Hack will pick them up again in he evening and haul them back to barracks for chow and he evening's entertainment later. Teaching a W AAC specialist the ropes so she may relieve a soldier for active field duty is a serious job for Cpl. Robert H. Reed, Casper, Wyoming, S-3, at Base Headquarters. At tracti.ve Cpl. Eleanor I. Mason, Long Island, N. Y., an interior decorator befcre enrolling in the WAAC, was assigned to S-3. Shown above is Lt. Frank G. Favorite. Classification Of ficer, interviewing Aux. Clara C. Carbone, Ruhedord, New Jersey, and Aux Esther Christopherson, Jackson Heights, New York. The two are working now at Base Headquarters. W AACs wear Wings liter ally in company insignia painted on he walls of he PX, Rocky Point, Drew Field. Painting done by Pvt. Edward Solomon, artist for Drew Field Echoes. "This is he way we hang our clothes.'' sings Aux. Jo sephine Sak, Detroit. Michi gan. Aux. Sak received her basic raining a Camp Monticello, Arkansas, b e f or e coming to Drew Field. 3rd Officer Dorothy Ann Porter, athletic officer, stands by while Aux. Aina Wright extracts her shot from target on Rocky Point archery range. "This won't hurt-much,'' says Aux. Faye Woodson, Dallas, Texas, as she blood types a tech. sergeant in he Station HospitaL Drew Field. The following firms and individuals who contributed to the expense of this edition, welcome the WAACs to Tampa. Dr. E Bryant Woods Citizens Bldg. The Rainbow Men's Shop 151 4 E Broadway Serra's El Boulevard Restaurant 2001 Nebraska Ave. The Sta r Light Club Nebraska Ave. & Anthony Spicola H ardware Co. 1907 E Broadway Strickland F ertilizer Co. 8th Ave. & 25th St. Ubiko Milling Co. 1800 N. Rome Allessi Bros. B akery 1820 N. Howard Ave. Edmund B. Quinby York & 13th Brant's Bakery 2707 E. Broadway Americ a n R a g Co. 2912 22nd S t S tricldand Gro;ery 2 0 3 W P iaU Fernandez & Garcia 15th & Broadway Fulghum's Office Supply 314 Twigg s Joe & Son Grocery Nebrask a & H enderson T ampa Leather Co. 1211 Tamoa St. Murphy-McDonald Lumber Co. Mississippi & Carolina Seminole MaUress F actory 5206 Florida Ave. Whitehead Drug Store 8120 Nebraska Ave. A A. Adams Machinery & Supply, 2312 E Broadway Barker & Tully 1110 Franklin Hillsboro Investment Co. Citizens Bldg. Frank J Falsone !80IV 2 21st St. Lafayette Insurance Agency 06 E La!aye!te St. Hvde Par!t Hotel 401 w Lafayelte Sl. Dr. Jua n Silvero 212 E. Ross The Liberty B a r 717 Grand C entral Ave. Mike Rosenblatt, Produce 28th & Hillsboro Ave. Florida Furniture Co. 1316 E Broadway Little Katz 1724 E. B roadway Bovd's S ervice Station Nebraska Ave. & Hillsboro Vogue Cleaners & L aundry Howard & Morrison Model Cash Grocery Hyde P ark & Grand Central Hotel D e Soto Marion at Zack St. Dr. M T. Diaz 17171 / 2 N Howard Ave. B. P Scruggs, "Hyd e Park Plumber," 140 4 Swann Ave. Latin-American L aundry 1505 E. Columbus Drive 'Ernes!., Alvarez Re5!aurant 190!. !?.lh Ave, T ampa lron & Metal 4th Ave. & 26th S!. A FRIEND" Hillsboro Feed & Milling Co. 3021 E Broadway Farmers Sundries 50th & Broadway The P alace Jewel ers 1 1520 E. Broadway La Norma Coffee Mills 1807 15th Typewriter & R e pair Co. 1436 E. Broadway Mauriz & Reina Co. 1619 8th Ave. Phillips Cash Grocery 3717 C entra l Ave. Davis Drug Store 50th & Broadway Ramsey Lumber Co. 1702 17th St. Pete's Auto Service 1207 19th Los Helados Cafe 1814 14th Tampa Auto Painting & Trim Co., 1 3 0 3 G!ay Rroadway I c e C o Inc 1319 E. Sroadway Howard Grain Co. 711 W Cass America n Leather Co. 1312 Franklin St. Peninsula r Net & Twine Co. 306 W Fortune Creighton Bros Awning Co. 105 S Franldin Florida Sporting Goods 711 Tampa St. Corner Drug Store Tampa & Fortune Tod's Cash R egister Mart 1807 Jetton Ave. Tartler's Bakery 716 Grand Central Humphrey Sales Stables 602 Cumberland Judge Paul Kickliter 705 Madison Polar Ice Cream Co. 939 5th Ave. Al' s Market 2711 Nebraska Ave. Hunt T:ruck Sales & Service 2 15 S TamPa Knull Floral co. 306 W Lafayelte St. Dr. Edward F Grillo 422 W. Lafayette St.


Aux Marie L. Tatum is one of ihe many W AACs who are learning photography :i1ere. She is shown here operating one of :the enlargers a:t :the Base Photo Laborao:try. Here's one :task :the W AACs mastered when :they heard about :the o.vercrowded laundry cond.i:tic.ns in Tampa. Shown here are, left :to .right, Cpl. Ella Pane, Cpl. Marie Lebel and Helen FitzGerald. Keeping he barracks clean is a daily routine with :the W AACs here. Left :to right are Aux. Lucille RFanchi, Cpl. Ella C. Panne and Helen L. FitzGerald. WELCOME, WAACS AND BEST WISHES FROM UN I 0 N BAKERY 1506 9th AVENUE TAMPA, FLA. One of :the busies offices on :the field is Base Operations. Since :the arrival of :the W AACs, many of :the important jobs in :this office have been :taken over by them. Shown here are Sgt. Bernice M. Bolstad, Cpl (now Third Officer) Hattie lene Reynolds and Cpl. Anne R. Lupino. BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! Neumann Oil Co. G. Ferlita & Sons 1908 W. PLATT 1102 N. ROME AVE. WELCOME WAACS! BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! Eli Witt Cigar Co. AI & F. Grocery EUNICE & JEFFERSON 1603 E. COLUMBUS DRIVE BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! Beckwith-Holmes Co. Grand Central & Magnolia WELCOME WAACS! Pietro Roccaforte Grocery 303 N. OREGON AVE. BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! American Bureau of Shipping 305 MORGAN BEST WISHES, WAACS! 40th St. Liquor Store 4014 E. BROADWAY WELCOME, WAACS BEST OF WISHES T AMI AMI TRAIL INC. 1010 E. Lafayette Sl:reel: Phone 3486 WELCOME TO TAMP A, W AACS, AND OUR BEST WISHESTAMPA TERRACE HOTEL Florida A.venue al: E. Lafayette Street BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! CITY ICE DELIVERY CO. 2911 BAY TO BAY BLVD. WELCOME WAACS! Bellamy Service Station COLUMBUS DRIVE AND TAMPA BEST WISHES, W AACS! Herbert S. Phillips U. S. District Attorney WELCOME TO TAMP A WAACS FLORIDA CAB CO. Florida a:t Broad, Phone S 5911 Tampa Stock Farms Dairy 1001 WASHINGTON Phone 4983 BEST WISHES, WAACS! Consolidated Box Co. 3302 N ARMENIA AVE. BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! RUBIN'S Spanish Restaurant 1400 TAMPA BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! Horne's Nursing Home 851 S. DAKOTA WELCOME WAACS! Lo Rosa Grocery 2507 16th BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! Florida Grower Press Inc. 1306 GRAND CENTRAL AVE. BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! Berger & Rachelson WHOLESALE GROCERS 12th & WHITING BEST OF LUCK, WAACSI J. W. Conner & Sons 40th & BROADWAY BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! Marlboro Hotel 707 TAMPA ST. BEST WISHES, WAACS! Charles M. Price "Stanley Tools and Strapping" 132 13th BEST WISHES, WAACS! Greenman Home 106 CRESCENT PLACE BEST WISHES, W AACS! Markey Harmon Co. 327 S. FRANKLIN ST. WELCOME WAACS! Electric Co., Inc. 106 S. FRANKLIN ST. BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! Fellows Motor Co., Inc. 813 GRAND CENTRAL AVE. BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! THE POLK COMPANY WELCOME WAACS! FRUIT PACKERS "A FRIEND!( Tampa, Fla. Haines City, Fla.


lUc. Shirley Schmidt, New York City, spends her days handing out athletic equip men for Special Services at Drew Field ... and loves it. Open Day and Night TAMPA BAY MARKET B.EER AND WINE SPECIAL SANDWICHES Groceries. Fruits, Magazines Ice Cream 204 W Lafayette St., H 3143 A. G Cleo'elis & Son CONGRATULATIONS WAACS! Ebe 1 Walter Co. FRUIT PACKERS Goldstein Station & Armenia A venue WELCOME WAACS! CIGAR MAKERS LOCAL NO: 500 LABOR TEMPLE 1614 8th AVENUE WELCOME TO TAMPA WAACS! Flo rida Dairy Co. 2301 40th STREET BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! Stop & Shop Grocery FLORIDA & BUFFALO WELCOME WAACS! L. B. CHAPMAN GROCERIES 2 114 E BROADWAY WELCOME WAACS! Tampa Marine Supply Co. 203 TAMPA ST. BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! Humphrey & McGregor, Brokers WESTERN UNION BLDG. BEST WISHES, WAACS! Allis-Chalmers Mfg. Company 405 S. MORGAN BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! Bert Auto Parts 6707 NEBRASKA AVE. W AACs A rriving in Tampa BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! Florida Auto & Gas Engine Co. Nancy Moses, who, since this picture was taken, has ccmpleted her training at W AAC Officer Candidate School, was one of the first girls here to try out the new modern beauty parlor at W AAC headquarters. TWIGGS AND DREW WELCOME WAACS! TO TAMP A AND THE S. H. KRESS & CO. 811 FRANKLIN ST. WELCOME WAACS! James D. A. Holley 709 FRANKLIN ST. BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! Standard Supply Co. 101 N. FRANKLIN ST. WELCOME WAACS! Guaranty Title Co. 407 TWIGGS WELCOME WAACS! Dr. J. C. Vinson First National Bank Bldg. BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! Sparks & Jordan Hardware & Lumber Co. 5511 NEBRASKA AVE. BEST WISHES, WAACS! Dental Supply Co. Most popular spot at any party for W AACs and soldiers is chow line, as seen in the picture taken at a recent affair at which the members a f the 756th W AAC Post Hqs. Co. 416 TAMPA ST. were guests. --*"Open wide," says the Dental Officer ai the S tation Hospii'al to A u x Arline Houge. The line formed for the regular dental examination that is par o f health program fo r member s o f 756th W AAC Pos Head quarier!i Company, D rew Field. WELCOME And Best Wishes, WAACS! LAFAYETTE H 0 TEL E A. CLAY. Manager 120 W. Lafayette Street Phone M 5588 BEST OF LUCK, WAACSI E. 0. CLIFTON Auto Sales 4116 FLORIDA AVE. WELCOME WAACS! Florida Citrus Juice Company 1611 FRANKLIN ST. BEST WISHES TO YOU ALL, W AACS! Crescent Apar tment-Hotel 102 CRESCENT PLACE W ELCOME AND BEST WISHES. W AACS! HOTEL HILLSBORO W L BAKER, Manager FLORIDA A VENU E & TWIGGS STREET WELCOME WAACSI To The Princess Boot Shop 814 FRANKLIN ST. BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! Tampa Soap Corp. SOUTH 50th BEST WISHES, WAACS! Jackson Grain Co. CASS & ASHLEY STS. BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! CRENSHAW BROS. PRODUCE 901 TWIGGS BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! Regan Lumber Co. (Successors to PHILS LUMBER CO. 41st & Broadway BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! Sunny Brook Dairy 1006 E. OSBORNE BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! Lopez & Llano Restaurant 1402 19th YBOR CITY BEST WISHES, W AACS! S. M. Regar Machine & Mill Supply 2nd AVE. & 15th ST. BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! V. P. SPOTO & CO. 1501 9th BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! Los Amigos Grocery & Meat Market 2202 STUART ST. BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! PRATT FEED CO. BROADWAY & 48th BEST WISHES, WAACS! Garcia's Instant Service 24th & BROADD' A Y BEST WISHES, WAACS! DIXIE RAG CO. 2901 12th ST. BEST WISHES, WAACS! Adams Prescription Shop 208 ZACK ST. BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! Spanish Park Restaurant 3519 E. BROADWAY WELCOME WAACS! DR. G. T. MAYO CHIROPRACTOR 1808 FLORIDA AVE. BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! J. A Suarez & Co. 2S02 12th


Mess Sgt. Mabel Hutchison Ena, N C .. finds clothes must be laundered "the hard way" if she is to look the well-dressed WAAC. The sergeant is shown above in the barracks laun dry at RockyPoint Guaranteed to revive memories of shot series is this painting hy Pvt. Edward Solomon, Drew Field Echoes artist, on the walls of PX at Rocky Point. Whoops, you missed! Batter is Aux. Aina Wright, Brown, West Virginia. Catcher is Aux. Mildred Preston, Richmond, Virgina, and umpire is Aux. Gertrude (Fearless) Fraser, Pori'land, Maine. All are memhres of 756th WAAC Post Headquarters Company, Drew Field. "' CONGRATULATIONS, W AACS! CENTRAL OIL CO. 616 TWIGGS STREET WELCOME, WAACS, AND BEST WISHES! FRED HOWLAND CONSTRUCTION TAMPA AND MIAMI. FLORIDA BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! Lazzara & Valenti Who l e sal e Produce Co. 1801 23rd PHONE 2694 Rober t Brown Dredging Foot of Harrison Street Aux. Estella Alfaro, Antonita, Colorado (at right), takes turn at K.P. in company mess ai' Drew. lsi Cook Beryl Toole, Cross Fork, Pa .. is working al: coal range. Auxiliary kneeling beside table refused to pose "because my hair is a sight!" Aux. Amelia Barone, Mt. Vernon, N Y .. smooths out her G.I. blanket just before inspecti.on, while T/5 Helen Haskell, Monterey Park, Calif .. adjusts her pillow. Aux. Barone a graduate of Cooks and Bakers SchooL is classified as a butcher Cpl. Haskell i s a graduate of the Midland Radio and Television School at Kansas City, Missouri. BEST WISHES, WAACS! BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! Florida Motor Lines Union Bus Station TWIGGS AT MARION B. & B. Super Market MORGAN & ZACK ST. BEST WISHES, W AACS! BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! Seminole Ice Co. Seminole Furniture Co. 2701 LOUISIANA AVE. W Lafayette & Hyde P'k Ave. I t. BEST WISHES, WAACS! Gulf Brokerage Co. FORTUNE & LOZANO WELCOME WAACS! Max Gonzalez Restaurant 1601 E. COLUMBUS DRIVE c ...... WELCOME TO TAMPA AND THE BEST OF WISHES, WAACS! AIR BASE BUS LINES, INC Corner Tampa and Cass Streets "' BEST WISHES, WAACs ... CHARLES VANDERHORST "'"' ..,,., "' CONGRATULATIONS, WAACS Eddie's Florida Avea Liquor Store 2715 FLORIDA A VENUE WELCOME. WAACS! MAC' S AUTO PARTS 918 L A SALLE t BEST OF LtfCK, WAACS! Andersen's Watch & Diamond Shop 708 FLORIDA AVE. Automobile, Bodily Injury & Property Damage Insurance Nation-Wide Service Carl B Smith & Sons Phones 3014 & M 1241 717 First Nail. Bank Bldg. BEST WISHES, WAACS! W. C. Nicodemus JEWELER 708 FRANKLIN ST. BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! H. W. Hilghemann CONTRACTOR 4205 Florida Ave. s 6572 WELCOME WAACS! Birdsey Four Mills 2703 BROADWAY BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! All States Lumber Co. 13th ST. & 2nd AVE. BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! THE RED MILL 1715 W PLATT ST. WELCOME WAACS! Gl LB ERT HOTEL 0 E. Bogart, Manager 8ll Tampa St. Phone M 1094 BEST WISHES, W AACS! J. R. Chambliss Co. 2601 WATROUS BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! Sulp hur Springs Hotel SULPHUR SPRINGS WELCOME WAACS! Wilkens & Harvey MAAS OFFICE BLDG. BEST WISHES, WAACS! Tropical lee Cream Co. 22nd & 6th A VENUE BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! Ed. M. Scott CONTRACTOR 816 CONOVER BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! Dr. Joseph J. Ruskin 1901 FLORIDA A VE. BEST OF LUCK, WAACS! GEORGE DILL USED CARS 3910 FLORIDA AVE. BEST WISHES, WAACS! VALENCIA FLORAL GARDENS 808 N HOWARD AVE. WELCOME WAACS! Gle n,s Billiards 80 5 TAM P A ST. BEST O F LUCK, WAACS! j GOFF JEWELRY CO. !Xl--IX<-!Xl--WWWWWW-ti -ll-ll-lln-i:l'-812 FRANKL IN S T,


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