Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 2, no. 18 (July 9, 1943).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
July 9, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
1 773
t Drew Field echoes.
4 856
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VOL. 2 NO. 18 Published Exclusively in the Interest of the Personnel qf Drew Field Friday, July 9, 1943 Drew Intra-Base Bus Former Opera Star Now Sings Hymns And Lea-ds choir War Is a Very Lonely Business, Says System Now In Operation \ T Sgt:P..eddie, Relur.ning From Aleutians From singing leading roles in Italian Opera and the Opera 1 Comique, to singing hymns and 1 leading a choir in an American Army chapel, is the history of I Signor Llambi Turtulli, Albanian born operatic tenor, A WUTC Chapel, A WUTC Headquarters, I Drew Field. 1 Pvt. Turtulli who has on sev eral oc:casions replaced the fa}{i} tit mous Martinelli in Pagliacci, was singing in Italy in w:n when he was offere d a contract for an American tour by an agent of the San Carlos Opera Coming to Boston, Turtulli sucC<'"<:fully completed en-gagements with the company in_ New York, C t' d C'. Oth T/SGT. EDGAR PEDDIE AND HIS MOTHER rncrnna r, an illcago. er engagements. included r?les w_ith J War is not only hell but a very cautions to be used in case they the Metropohtan group mcludmg lonely business, says T/Sgt. Edgar were taken prisoner by the Japs." La and lesser 1 C p dd' 1 Speaking of living conditions roles r_n other Al?encan cities .. He e re, lome 29 at the base, the sergeant said the was mducte d mto the Umte d at one of_ the bases m first months were pretty bad. The States Army Jan. 16, 1943 at New I the Aleutians. He rs m Tampa to I men slept in tents and sleeping T 1 visit his mother, Mrs Mary E. bags until the six-man, rea_dy-cut, v urt':' h many stones. p dd" 101 W Id -' I hutments could be built. A day to t ell of hrs native Albanra b e I e r e, est a s,r eet, who I d t b t d room 1a JUS een comp_e e war. He w_as in Italy for rs employed at the Base Tele-1 when he left the base. a vrsrt "':'hen Abyssmra was take n 1 phone Exchange, Drew Fie ld. I There was little recreation with a Relating some of his experi-the exception of sports, soft ball villa e f K e n orne ences overseas, the sergeant sard:, and volley balL The men were GerJa orced "Hard work wasn't the worst too tired after the gruelling day's tulli thrn ory. u:of those months over there It work to care for games. There oc r em on rare was very lonely. For the first was no place to go. Reading ma the mtervend-year there were no women at the terial was plentiful through the Postal Card W.uth f a cendsor:e base. Nine American nurses were American Red Cross and other r a ew wor s mt 1 h t The Base is now operating its< dicating that they are still alive sen m ear Y m t e second year. organrza rons. own. bus.>es within Drew F reld, 1 and well nothing more. 1 Boy, were we glad to see Furloughs. were nearly imposcomplete intra-base. J DreW Signal :NI"ne -Educated by private tutors who could possrbly s1ble to obtam. Many of the men J Turtulli cannot 'remember wher{ eave err work went down to have been at the. base for a long Three tractor and two 29-pass-l 1 he (i_id n _ot. tq sing. __ He later ige t3 ,,welcome them when time without leave of en-ID0XIn9 OW to e this school that Turtulli learned Japs lost _more. One man was shot lery Schofield Barracks Honogcr busses was submitted and fiHeld on Wednesday his native speech and the native down m two days. Oddly lulu: T H., before being transferDally approved afte r seVFTa l folk songs that made up h!s conI ve never a man red to his present outfit At the ,,e;c-s from and Washmg-At 84th Bomb. Gp. cert_s for _a tour of fol1 barl_ out._ I heard of, one end of his delay he vill ton, respectively. After plans lowmg hts graduatron from the chutmg m but I drdn t see hrm. repoit to Officers' Cancidate wce held up by the O .D.T. the 1 The frrst of a senes of boxmg school. H e also speaks French, !hose men have plenty ot what School Fort Belvoir Virgin a J:sses were finall y delivered on I v;rtll be held by the 84th Italian and Greek. rt takes 1 +: MonC:ay. Bomb. (Troup tn the 3J4th area on Pvt. Turbulli has toured Europe 'We had a concentratwn camp ----+= /Wednesday, July 14th. This pro-three times. Germany and Engon the base for Japa1ese priWee Bon me Baker FP, E"' MENDINGFOR g ram w tll go on every other week land are the only countries he soner s W e a l so had a G erman I s f M _,_, I and is creating a lot .of interest has never visited. prisoner, a six-footer wilo weighmgs or Drew en. ENLISTED' MEN along raul1flowe r row already. Pvt. Turtulli is married to the ed something over 200 pounds He All c::1lised men who have !he Golden Gloves fC!rm_er Norma Na_sy, appointed himself t o herd the I Bonnie Eat.:;er, c'i rr.Inuti,e clol:L.

. W A = ::::;-x:us: : .. Ioumey: _. Soon at Davis l :sJe An. Army chan{pionship t ennis for .players stationed at Tampa bases will b e held at Davis Isle T e n .nis Club within tke very near future, according 'W a ceport issued today by the p;hy.sical training office Tentative plaiAs .have been flrwn tip at m eetings attended all physical _training o fficers d the cespecti ve T<1mpa posts. Final details :wilt be worked at .. a meeting being. held today by the tournament committee. The meet is open to all .Army personnel of rank and 1b.o.5e interested should turn their into t):Ie Base physical txaiuing 'officeas s0on as possible. si,ngle and double s oompeti tiw:l will be contested. : J:udg.ing from the calibe r of Ai:Jmj' to show in tl) e r ecent cij;y, tm:lJ;ney a top flight meet be ,.tUJ F. C .. H.Q. & .HO. sp. SEA BREfZfS .By Cpl. A:lv-in M. Amsler : .The officers' p r omotio n s came just i n time and Lts MB"-kol1am, Bohennan, P o r g e s The mri behind the guns aL :Ban.li:t, and Nestlei c h a nged their GeRer a l Mlilkrs have entered irom gold t o silver. Congra -int o compel:ition w i 1' h the 'iulatMrul "Yanks" on t h e bait!efron:ts in New l'Gmances. T h i s t ime i t nE'.:nin g heir f owor ;e "pin-up" ]ooks like-Medic Sgt. John Wilson ff1 r)!!;, F.ra nces Rafferty o-f .and Paufim J. o f tl:Je P X Say, t>te curr> ;:t PO>JUI"!.rity queen, .Fa->. iline, li.ave ycH.I faund opt that __________________ .J\1Jlm'!1 rni detail last Friday 'at the new b11ilding Esposito :nms t have gotten h1s head ca.ugbt in a mea t grinder wit h that new =: F..AIR RAID of his Faithful Le1 o y N olan pens a nightly hilll't rloux to fue one and only back iri Chicago. Shiel& a tid0 D z i e lnick Saficton riding on the M erry-GoRourui. at that Carnival .in town S aturd a y n ight and a H three bcebs g o t s:a::.ick ... JVIarv Hcmck {lisco v e r e d one o f his o l d Okiahoma 'flamc=s r rqw working in llie lt&"'lgar. Z0ltan Cook" Lucas "i'las transkrred to a MacDill 'bomber outfit ... docs i.his hny Lefurgy rat-= chicken di!lU'r5 :fi .(ltn :rv1artha }3 .. hi-;:i old p;{ .... Pederson: c u1 .::.;ign=il. Sc:cti.on .-rr. .--; ; .:.. ,; -. mNE DANCE :. u. ;.:ll-(:'" n -tA H\1 u :1'g1ti'pds .. G:::ind Ay.en1 1e } _..:_ c <' .. ,.... p ... ... : 5pcreribs s P.M. 1-o 2 A M I ._ 1o,. B J 6 0 H G E' l'"ei Gran d Ceni'lraUA;:,.e. .. .. _;;,, :. .. I I ClP:S?'f D A Y AN:J NIGHT .,. I <':UR,B-' SZ'El.VICE .QJ ,_ flbJ E S T /:!::1-FOODS & 'LIQUORS- J TONY MASON'S ORCH Es:rRA Featuring JEA_ 1Nf R!-Ct!.ARD : OV'h : I I : <<;... f-or 84 tbd:lomb. 5 rou The call's ciut f6r :bOxers 'in <84th .Bom b -ci:0 0,p and there is plenty for the boys to do if they are L:t. Chester K Friedlan<;i Physical Training Of-ficer. has had men buHding a {! ring. in the 304th area-rhere ar.e also stands f o r light a n'd h eavy punching b a g s Now. all thP men who enjoy .the manly a _rt .of "mo dified mur d e r can slug away every evening. Lt. Friedl a :I:l.d state. s that there are many mE:n in squa d rons, w h ethe r p .rofessonal or amate u x, who w ill now b e in a position t o g e t much e xperience i n the art of s elf-defense and O;FFENSE. : and he i s a n x i ous to have the m I answer his call. 1 A _p_ rog1 :am will b e f ,: ::sCO'l'l' -9c --...,.-30 c _Suuda J { a.uJ i .. lu.Llda. Y'' 'l!::ij -r;... .J I i uJ:: Fred. M cMmray Tampa and Zsck Pho:r-N lGHll' ; ... wi; liSE $TRi t C ; F Y M EA:FS. J eif:erson.: .. : Streejts.-1 TAMP A. FLORI:E>A .... CorneT Fort -une a n d Franklin Dancin. g Every Ntght t.l)e -!nue Roo'm t!l '( Sou t l r/s B est Negro BEER -WINES' LIQUORS ,. .. S undoy Matinee DtmC.ing i Pltone 7988 -THE !? ... -t n IN! rr YlJ .. a:-rr.vvt Chickenand Ste, k s .Real Italian Sp1aghH i DRINKS u ... 1'\ ) Abba Dab'bo CH'ld 'l a o 12 '<-'very n-'':i: c i '"'s u N D""A. y n 7U7 s. Al!l::J. TUE PI-IONE H 3 757 ELITE CIGAR STORES 'Tl><> S port Headquarters of Tampa' WINE CIGARS I f,nfk Jhnllt't \1 T 1 Plwne M-1236 All Service Men.A?e Welcome Barcelbna Cafe SPANISH RE_S'l'AURANT WINES AND LIQUORS .. Plione S 2142 -'-Open All Night 4714 Nebraska and Oaborne .. .. : 1 EXPERT \VT( I P t G -j. QUICK SERVICE FOI:t SERVICE MEN t 'jj' H SECQND FLOOR A OLEAN. COMFOR'I,'ABLE BED AND BATH


.July !J, :[;943 ... .. By S/Sg. Eve Simmons The WACs at Rocky P o int are mighty proud. of the in spection of the mess hall made this week by the Area Administration In spector. The r eport made mus ic for the ears of the 756th Said the inspector: 302-'.As Lead 84th !l1oving, getting excellent. mg from Hammer and strong -Soft&aU. batting support from the i'est 6 B PVT WALTER p K" E the club, t)1ey,-will be hard to' Y ,.: : -stop. '304-A started out strong, I True t.o manciger. S/Sgt. Pola-but rumor has it that Wally Wal cek's predictions, tne 302-A : witdorf, their s '.ar hurlEl', seems to ball aggregation took thP lead; in have forsaken the game tempo their loop by winning the only rarily for more pressing business game played last w eek. Others a t hand. were rained out. In the victory It i s too early to place any bets 1 over the 302-B team, the winners on the new l eade r s, Polacek's I demonstrated Jots of power in statements notwithstanding. 304crushing theiT oppon.ents by the A still has lots of powe r and with score of 11 to 4. Hamme r was a return to form o[ IVIC !j'llia. can bring your wife or for a a chat and fin JACKSON AT TAMPA ST Open From 8 A.M. io 12 .P.IL TAMPA'S OLDEST NITE CLUi B : Fea:turmg 3 Floor Shows Nitely -8 10 MidJiigbt DANNY &: DON'S .. EWELB ox J N I T E CLUB AND NEW MARINE PAT I 0 911 TAMPA STREET Dance to the Sweet Music of MANNY GATES' ORCHESTRA Men Officers Families FOR R:E:ALL Y GOOD FOOD AT MODERATE PRICES PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE-FOLLOW THE CROWD 'I'l) T H E C 0 L 0 N N A D E


?ag1! 1 our THE ECHOES July 9, 1943 ------Ill Fighter Command Moves to New THE ECHOES P. 0. Elox 522 GLENr:. : R. ROSS. Publisher TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS !lusiness Office: 1113 FLORIDA AVENUE TAMPA. FLORIDA Phone 2177 -All E vertisements contained in this newspaper are also contained In the Fly Leaf, published in the interest of the personnel of MacDill Field. Minimum joint _circulation, 10,000 copies. ADVERTISING RATES FURNISHED ON REQUEST A newspaper published exclusively for the personnel of Drew Field and deveted: to military interests and the United Nation!' Victory Opinions expr.esSed: 'in this newspaper are those of the individual writers and under. no circumstances are they to be considered those .of :the UI:ited States Army. Advertisements in thls publication do not constitute an endorsement -by the War Department or its per I!Onl1el 6f the products advertise<\. -By S/Sgt. John F. Suszynski He WAS such a nice guy -everybody loved him; theydubc bed hi m (affectionately; of course) "HECTOR" from the firsf day he joined our happy group. W.A.A.C. Never Talk When You Should Be Listening In no time at all, Hector's pianthe planes in the sky and even isms won him a host of friends wave at the fliers who tip their at the Officers' and the Service wings in salute over the area, Men's Club Dances. His success but do not talk of the type m with the 69er's was complete; he number at which you wave in careless gesture. even had to buy himself a pair Because of the frequency with Do not discuss reports of how of sun glasses to dodge the auto-which the members of the WAAC good the planes are, or any ru-graph hounds ... but, at the peak overhear or are told things that mors of _faulty p o of his success, he decided to inshould be military secrets, and not the !ocatwn_ of vade newer and loftier fields. because we are of the service, tary aircr;;tft or of arr Having already mastered the inmilitary authorities feel there is Never tell 1 tricacies of the glockenspiel, the a need of warning the girls in take off 01 tJ:re_ duectwn I matter o __ f ... -_qu_alifying for the .. new khaki against loose talking. We m which they are gomg. Should course wh(ch he had mapped out should, even more than the civilyo!l ever see or hear of for hims_elf was a relativelysimian guard our tongues lest we be bemg moved b y plane k ep t t guilty of conveying information to e I 0 pie matter;,tdor HeCtor. He passed h yourself. aU the (mental, as well as t e enemy that will mean the In a total war words are now Hector is an lives of our own people. The ons. As well place a guz:r m an Aviatio-n Cadet Candidate words we must not speak are the enef!ly's hands to use agamst our Through he has-moved from on e s the newspapers may not soldiers as to throy: out barracks, you'll still hear hi m It Is Not Safe to that may result m a soldier s with the Society Dance Combo It Is Not Safe to Say trite old phrase;, "FamilBy CPL. _AL AMSTER h!gh. ranking officers from this A remark about an individual rant:y breeds c_ontempt, can be -Best ,of -luc:K Hector. Oh yes I F .d J 1 2 d and Washmgton, D-:C. soldier may seem harmless, but applied to usmg one's tongue H n i;iY, u Y was m_oving ay visrted us. when the enemy spy puts it. tov; has_ a definame .was Pfc.l' for. the. III Fighter Command: I .The ne:v b ,uilding provides amgether with other remarks picked mte place m fightmg thrs war. That was the_ day we to 1 workmg space for each sec-. up, he may discover where and She -must replace men wlio carry Pfc._ Del and _Pv. t. Frank j our new Headquarters tion .. all consolidated u .nder one how troops are being moved. An the fight to the enemy .. She must fe_atured_ a from the Statwn ro?f Each_ seCtion head has J:ris attack on a boat or the wreck -of learn to guard her tongue that vwlm, d _u?, Prof. -of Hosprtal, on the -South sde of B pnvate offrce a train may be the result. she does not destroy the very the Umversrty of Tampa, over! Street near t _he East Gate. .. -----iL---Therefore, never tell where purpose for-which she enrolled WD;AE Iast_Mopday ... Cpl. S!im That mormng we reported for y A N K w -1-z any soldier is located-unless he in the Corps. Schravone rs enhancmg the hrgh work. as usual and the is at a training camp or on police Don't bilk when you should be standard of accomplishment set quarters buzzed with nervous ef-duty in the United States. Do not listening! by some of our illustrious breth-ficiency as it has always. Then tell when a soldier is leaving a \ turned COMPOSER; the fun began. After lunch, we place. where he is going, or how Church Call the song's title fs-"My SWeet" ... began packing and moving out he will travel. Never mention the You've heard of people with the furniture into the waiting name. designation, or number of "pink tooth brush," but who is trucks. men in any company, division, JEWISH I the Band sergeant with pink lt was an all-afternoon affair. corps or regiment, or of any other 8 p F' I TEETH? Each se!!tio n took care of its own b d f t h h :.:oO M- nday in Chapel 3 Pf B bb K tt d T h s o y o roops w IC you may 1 c. o u ner_ rs omg. movmg. ec_ ergeants ran have seen or heard about. 8:30 Aiv.r-Saturday m Chape l mcely; hobbhng along on crut-I around carrymg loads jus-t as By BOB HAWK. Quizmaster "THANKS TO THE YANKS" Fridays C B S Never mention the clothing, No. 3. ches, since the operation on his busy as Pfcs. No bosses: Some of guns, or any other equipment of 7 :15 PM-Wednesday in Chapel knee ... That was Cowboy 'Elmo' our officers pitched in also. It 1. When talking, do m -en's or an:v particular soldier, as it may No. 3. Logsdon, the Band's newest mem-was a good workout for all con-women's vocal cords vibrate more _indicate where he is being sent PROTESTANT (Sundays) ber, drum-majoring as we sere-cerned. rapidly? -ann. for what purpose. Do not be 10:30 AM-General services in ana the rest of After disposing of all the f m > 2 Ho w mimy of the following guilty of m entioning any gatherall chapels. cust?mers .-at the Base Statwn niture, files, desks, chairs, and are real flowers: cauliflower, inq of troops at a specific point 7:30 PM General evening Hosprtal last Mol1;day. Dave miscellaneous equipment at the wallflower, cockscomb? which may suggest they are pre-services in Chapel 4. KL!ttner our .ole irreparable harm when reaching Base located near by. Attention ... If that doesn't work, we may placed m mder._ But we drd rt the ears of the enemy. has been brought to the Chap-have to challenge the WACs to And of all the trme s fo: the PXs The enemy is .eager to know lain's Office that, on a percentage a ball game-just to break the to. run of cold beer was how many planes we are build-basis, this particular Base has. monotony. Fnday mght-after a full day s ing and where,1 all he can dismore Chapel attendance. work. cover about the new models and This situation can be eliminated The soldier was a new arrival So there no hosa!lnas and changes in design, where -our by the individual man accepting in the Solomons. "Gee," he said, No r:rbbon cuttm? b:( a planes are. going arid what they his spiritual responsibility and "I thought I'd see some -monkeys cute little chrcken. No breakmg are used for. To find out, he as_ attending the Chapel Services of around here." of a bottle of champagne. But we sembles the. chance remarks re-this field. Said the second soldier: "They all for work Saturday ported by his spies. What will you do about it, are in the jungle making love." mormng. To the WAke at Rocky Point, men? It is up to you. Let's set a "I wonder," said the new ar--The old Headquarters Of the the dawn patrols that waken us goal for at least 4000 to attend rival, "if they'd come out for III Fighter, located at 8th and B, in the early hours might mean I Chapel between now and the end peanuts." across from Headquarters, nothing. To the enemy it could of the month. Yours in service, The second soldier's look was was c?mpl_eted m May, 1941 and mean plenty! may admire 1 THE CHAPLAINS scornful: "Would you?" occupred m June, 1941. Many DROOPY, 4. If you overheard a bon between two people who were talking about a sports event and they mentioned rockers, counters, loops .and brackets, what would the y be talking about? 5. What's the difference between a golliwogg and a pollywog? 6 You see-fish in an aquarium. What do you see in a terrarium? 7. If you mixed the color which is suggestive of melancholy with the color which is suggestive of cowardice, what color would you come out with? 8. What is it that you normally eat every day in its pure form that is neither animal nor vegetable? 9 Is Cape Hatteras a cape in North America, South America, or Africa? 10. Which of these would magnet attract: a copper penr a wire hairpin, or a dime? (Answers on Page 8) ---


July 9. 1943 THE ECHOES F R 0 M THE SPECIAL s E R VICES OFFICE Drew Field Opens New Band Shell About 2500 men attend-ed the USO r oad show. "Just for Laughs:! presented at tht:: openin. g of Drew Field's new band shell aiid hteater. The terrazza dance floor befc.re. the shell Will accommo date apprc-ximately 4.000. The shell has a broad -:asting bocth and dressmg ro oms. On the Spot RECREATION _BUILDING NUMBER ONE orew 'Star Parade' To Be Broadcast On Saturdays Friday, July 9. 8:15 p.m. 'Lucy Sinclair Presents. --, .. : Saturday, iuly 10. 8:15 p.m.-The Drew Field Soldier Show. main attraction of the twehre: weekly shows put on by the Sunday, July I L 8:15 p.m.Radio Divis-ion of the' Special A. W M elody Hour. Services Office, will now be heard over station WFLA on Saturdays I: _Monday, July 12. 8:00 P m.at 8:00 to 8:30 PM, instea' d .,of oh 'thght Answer or Else. Thursdays at 10:30 to :oo-PM. Tuesday. July 13. 8:15 p.m.In the n_ear future, the Pa-Marion Lohrig Presents. rade" wlll be broadcas-t 'fl'om :lhe new Band Shell. Wednesday, July 14. 8:15 p.m. The Drew Field "Star Par;a:de ," -All-Girl Revue. heard over a radius of 800 .lniles, is designed to acquaint the '{Mblic Thursday, July 15, 8:00 p. m:with Army life both and Concert by 69th AAF Band. 8.30 at Drew Field. The writers, p. m.-Broadcast of Rookie Roy's and technicians are all sdldiers: Scrap Book.

-.......... ... "-'-.. ... ........... ........ ""--'"--: .... :H"". E,;s __ .. "'-' .. ..... ..,_; .. :...;.. _,_ ....... .....,.-..... ...... ............ .__ ............... _.........__ .. .., ......... ..., ._ .....__ ...... __ .... .;;...;, ,..,_.......,._ ................................ -.................... of bachelors to marry. a w N -G T p S a AlR :BASE -B'llS' 111 with such an angelic expression I o n his kisser, we halfexpected L -t N E S n c to see a halo above his head. r .. T : h e EIg_ } l ty-fourth raised by. Chaplam J .h.ccording to Sgt. Duncan, GardI Landolt as he searched nei: has found his true love. Mark I the mfested no?ks and up it1:1other victim for Dan Cupid. 301 B b S a contente d look on his face. I of tent offices What is the shadow under Sgt. Corner Tampa & Call Streets BUS STATION St o m q. understand that he nearly got his shorts. LIJ<;e Frean/s. no se. H e has the squad By CPL. RALPH H. JANSEN "hitche d ," but better luck next Caeser s wife, the Chap lam I s ron wondering. Could it be that Some fellows have all the luck. time, Spizz. Pfc. Black is out look-above Witha l h e did our mediC:.1l man i s trying to Pfc. Claude Ferguson, of Avella, ing for a spare WAC to console. look rather clisappomted when grow a moustache? Pennsylvania, sat next to Hedy Pvt. Paul who has been heard th:y were found beFurloughs seem to do some Lamarr at the Ohio State -Michisinging that very sad number, fme the exercise penod was over. thing to a fellow. S/Sgt. Manning gan football game last fall. "No L etter Today," referring, we presented his gid with a sparkler Claude covered many of the Big imagne, to the "girl friend." 624th Bomb. Sq. whil e he was home Ten games as a spotter for Ted To those interested in the art of Sgt. Beall longs for the days Husing and Bill Stern. self defense, there will be opp01:_ W ell, we moved again. This. when he was Sanitary Engineer. S/Sgt. Art Camper, of Intelli-tunity for instruction every time, howeve r, we made the best Our elongated radio man spent a gence, has gone on a furlough to Wednesday night in the ring that of Outside of the mos-1 great deal of ,his t_ime" Chicago to spend a week witl) a has been constructe d in the area. qwtos, 1t s a swell place The be_.9t sellers. He s trymg to f1gure lifetime buddy who recently The Intelligence Department winged creatures reallJ: gave t h e out just how he can go_ about get-graduated from OCS. has been joined by Lt. J acobs, b _oys a work-out. l':lst mght, espe-tmg h is JOb back agam. We welcome back Sgt. Walter who has bee n appointed S-2. He Cially Sgt.s .. Wilhe Smith. and *-.-Baggett and Pfc. Melvin Bailey, is on_his way_ to becoming a pil?t Queen. Wilh_e, who has qUlt e a News That Clicks of The both of Alabama. They have reand lS awaitmg orders to begm vocabulary, really. tol d the skeet-. T s cently returned from well-spent training. ers off. SIX WO IX furloughs. The orderly room has one man W e were sorry to see the very By Pfc. Samuel A.. Weinberg Cpl. Michael Johnson, of Brooko n 24-hour duty. How about it, personable Sgt. Beasley leave the Our news this week is front Service to Both Fields at Ail Houri 15-Minule Service During Rush Houri For Further Information l y n N. Y.: thinks all soldiers "Mac"? When do you. sleep, or Squadron. Sgt. Beasley intends b t, h ld b d s h "f page stu ff, we -really have a ea_ s ou e marne mce IS WI e don't you? to follow in his brother's foot-h t T t 'tl and we assure you that our news CAll 42.43 as come o ampa o s,ay WI 1 The Communications Section steps as a pilot. Good luck, Ser0 h .. h h d 2 0 d will __ give yo_ u all a treat ..... ur Im, e as game poun 'S. lost four 6f itsbest men when the geari.t. Cpl. Bob Battin, of Salem, 407th took Cpl. Krim, Cpl. Darby, W e "dood' it again. Our softball Ohio, and P vt. Al Deloid, of New Pvt. Washburn and Sgt. Beauche-team went out and beat the 627th Bedfor d, Mass. have been aecept0 1 th mrn. ur oss Is eir gam. I n a we .. ll played softball game, ed as Air Cadets and expect to A f 11 p:;u-r o covei'a s co,,..ammg a 2 -1. : ll'he fielding and pitchirtg on 1 leave soon for training. 'h f k d $17 50 h vunc o ceys an m cas both:.sides was superb. While on S eeing a baseball game mus{ ha v e been reported l os t by M /Sg1! t the suhJ'ect of athletics, we expec ,cp. 0 J ;(ASH For Your I J Car No Waiting-We Pay 'Now G ; E O. D f : -Lt A Home Away From Home. sEitVICE MEN ALBERTUS HOTEL bring. back-many pleasa_nt rnemoc M ull H 1 b t f d f h" en. e W l e sa lS re I e to g._et 1in. to the swing of things as :_ 'l_ ern ,_. "'loihn Sievenkropp and tions. ... We Spec::tiilli:., Ill .. Richard Schaefer. -Our intelligence department 'UM c"o f 'Min Work & Cabin-: s 1'bo as-ts a very d.es"'rving promoCUL. P L :BER 3 0 3 ... d B b S HOME OF GALLONS" We c:aD: fui'Jitm materlill for r om q. tion of its department head, C;ipt. & R h I 'Eveiything .to Build Anything": 'Aeae,Jr. .... d'P H : A:. J ;,;q"n' A number of lucky boys are Palmer, who was in World War Berger oc e son Millwork Made to Order y 1219 17th Sf. & 6th A -ve. leaving. for school under the I serving with the famous RainINC. ASTP proeram. Among 'the first bow division. Captain Palmer is WHOLESALE GROCERS to go was Pvt. Rubenfeld. A num-doing a fine job. ber of men who were in the 3(}3rd We are glad to have Captain t and then left for the 339th are Lof.tus( Gk-oup Adjutant, back [ .. now back to await ASTP with us. The Captain has been HOTEL. RESTAURANT AND BAKERS Su'PPJ,.IES inent. Among them are Sachs (he Washington attending a conferstill hasn't gone to the rifle range, ence. W elcome back, Captain. : (j'RA-;ND c f NTR A'" L boys), Shuster, Spillum and Gold, Group officers have been busy i ,; \vho worked in 84th Headquar-on the pistol range for some R-ESTA.UR.ANT ters. Cpl. Cizek, who was accept-weeks, and the general concensus Best Spa,ghettii in Town 714 Grand : Central ed for the advanced course, i s a lso s eems to favor Maj. F. G Hook, awaiting a call by ASTP Pvt. Executive Officer of the 405th, Reilly and Pfc. have had whose ability as a sharpshooter OCS papers approved by Third i s the envy of all contestants. __ ......_ ____________ _..., Air Force, but in view of the ab-"Anybody seen the Chaplain's -_ *' sence of a quota allotment to pants?" 1 I W ititJ 'Third Air Force, the boys will This surprising query was have to cool their heels. [ Has anyone noticed Cpl. Perri' Sol'diers Favorite Eating Place. going around with a lot 6'f papers : STEAKS AND CHOPS trying to look busy but maintainA SPECIALTY ing that same pot belly? E L J T E There have been some changes in officers personnel which b"Fing. R < E s 'TAu R A .NT some really sweH fellows ir ito;ttte ; : !wiggs Streets positions they now ho Id. Lt. :Ez--- :. -.... -...... .:.... ...................... ....:::.::._ __ zell becomes the Squadron's new photo interpreter, while Lt. Ut-Cou.:rtesy and Consideration tenweiler succeeds C apt. Tuite as Exterrde'd to Men and Women Squadron Comma!)der. in The shift of the flying circus to THE NEW the 407th has taken some of the fLORIDA HOTEL best fellows out of the 303rd. From Beerworth and Bretla ild to Weinstein, they'll all be missed 'Lakeland's Largest and Finest' w hen the circus fnally moves off. LAKELAND. FLORIDA -----1':-----John E. Ballenger :Mr e ats; Ponltry, Groc' eitte'!t, and < 1fei

.. -, : .>"'"" : :.. ? t .home, a George'1 in their power 'to look zopt sui:ty.,.' ond Best of t .ui:k t.he -mte, v.at;nly bu1lt Mann looked a!r sh;arP as TO ALL MEN: IN:: THE SERVICE;.: oF,' OUll lrves._m t?,wn .with something like rain, .she. does best attention. 'l'he follow-the 1VJ:rs. As lme IS, one of it regardless of its interference home rightnow:.-Calhoun, _the ''biggies" in,the sq!ll,idron Be with .military plans. Well, the General Contracting.; Professional Lime Rock Mining Bradenton, FloridCJ .... s S l,ld(ls up to $e km:d of a guy you'd longformation.of men in columns .like tp know a heluva lot better. of two marched proudly down the partner. Elias, street. toward the par.a.de grounds a"''"'""' Miller, too, and Ber-. Sig H q -& Hq c0 All of a sudden, to _...,...._,_,. _________ --.. ,.,..__. ., fi:pm supply, folks, we wish down came one of those I E R R : A c E many carefree days, for 9th F C Florida rains. Pretty soon the f.,:. : 1 k f lk boy s were soaked to. the skin. : ':_ .. .. : IS:_a uc Y guy, 0 s. "YOU N .EVE:61iAD IT _Gone. were tpe. sharp_ s The sum it' 1,1p, we're really .,. r our group is hale and By. S/SG'l'. Mll{E P.ODD ;zoot suit effect was all wet. So We: have so many .Boston Sound a blast of fanfare? Roll they had to do an and f q t t '\ like .. the Boston party. the drums! Toot .. the whiStles!. return to the company, wit-..out f ( .all is this. here news, Ring the ,bells! Lt.. 'Ralph.L. the glory they might have won ,.._.nnm,., of :sunny weather, yei: no loriger wears gold b .ars. had it .not rained. ._ f: us that our cou_ntry-After sweatin'. it out for man y .-... .. -1.-f 1 { f) I all together. Our months, they. turned. to silver the I f lne .. -_=1'. !_ ; : o h .. __ .. .. n.-tiHiJIH weeks ago, from Qther day. First Lt. Hillyer the f: to his Drew .station; and-on outfWs.-supply officer. We're glaO. f "1 f ) "plane he wrote" some-, cards, as all',gat-out new first I w h R BY w IRE ANYWH:ERE; PHONES a:ci.oss riation. A gust lietitenarit, and offer congra:tula! a c : e p -airing ; i I ". .. 'Wmd t.Jlru the plane, tioiis. ._ ,_: i J ; T a m p a.. T e r r a c e H 0 t e 1 { ;one: !lew ihn;mgh F/Sgt. gave the. T 2 5 Y ears in Tamn a : .... : fo.-:.---u-.. --.... a .. ,.....,.. ........... ...... ... {. 1 n -picJ:ed_ :ut u __ p,_ c6m_pany sp_ e _cif_ ic .instr_ uct_ i _ons t' j It au ma1l to Its plac I ... .. .. .. : ...... .. .. .. ; .. : .. ; ... : .. : .. .. : .. e. last Thursd<;ty _afternoon to .fall = SPECIAL .ATTENTION" adll fMor out for the parade review in im. Td MILITA, RY PERSONNEL B o B 'S OPEN EVENINGS a _sa e?n swn. maculate uniforms :razor-1 t ... ,_ t f Im1 .thhe1r shai:p creases, zcioty shirts and ; RUFUS. W C ARD. E N ',"', -. ._ 01 1 uswn. ope shoes with a blinding shine: All I ,__ -o hke :Lyle, anQ. because he wanted the Fightin' : 1 Member of Auxilii!ry Police .:. A '' s t .. never thmk \IS hammy. Th1S 9th to be acclaimed the best coin-' 205 TWIGGS i" rmy l' pany in appearance in the. parade, i: l Ordnance .and Armament If 1 t are. s :rictly on the 11 fl D f 1 ( Complete Line Military Supplies For The Needs Of. f morning Lt. Hodge, a 6rot omn.a_nv 'i' SERVICE MEN .... Armament Officer, 'I '{ ,_ -! find he had eight planes :!!43 FIFTH i\N:=:NUE. :i: E){PIERT_ TAILQ_RING :l: and two tnen to work Needless to say, .there FLO.RIDA 2()7 E Lafayette Street T am pa r al hair pulling scene ;J '' :i: ; :r arou.nd the Arlnan1nt .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : .. :..: .. :+lw!+.: ... .. : .. .. : .. ).:+: .. : .. .. : .. :-.: .. :..: .. : .. : .. : .. : .. : ... : .. : .. :!++:...: .. Clay, the clerk of thei;--" ,._,_,_,_ ... ,_,,_,,_ ... ic FRANK RUTTA, CHEF-. Ordnance Department, is II Formerly chef at Montrose Restaurai:U. a hombre, having j A CoMdial Wecome to All Broadwayand48:th.NewYork.came:toFlor. ""', _the d,1v. e past' Saturday. o w i --,... ida. go:t sand in his shoes andnow has ...,.. t (ifv -Fuel O _Jl Coat. Companv_.. 1 opened his own place at wonder .what caused h1s J J f ..,... 418 W lafayette Street ss Congrats; Sgt. Cl a y. Dependability Since 1913 : Specializing in Spaghetti and Ravioli Sch:(Tietter,. of the paraj Q'l B E GE A' C d" I ..), I visited pre_acher .' I urmng qupment Jr on lhonmg i WE ALSO SERVE BEER. AND w NES Saturday. It 15' advisable I H. D. RODD, President-Treasurer J C. PRESSLY, Secretary g pilots .check their chutes 1 F. M : SCROGGS, A .uditor ... 0 N E -D A Y SERVICE .PA U .L' s ly un.t1l the dazed _expres'1 TELEPHONE 8188 P. 0. BOX 551 i 1 EXPERT WATCH REPAIR_ lNG s seen o leave the VIsage of 1 = Best of l.uck, bo_Y l St Flondq ,, :_ Jewelry aon' t k_now : how long Wlll I r Our Motto: "Service Men w.e, -are over the1 e, but + Novelties are waiting on this out.. -.. -.. .. .. -214 E. LAFAYETTE. NEXT!TO MANHATTAN CAFE are -.wasting time. OPEN EVERY NIGHT 'TIL 10 P. M. way, boys, what was let about which T/Sgt. ge HE_ .;ste d mi. having at four copies of? B omb. "--Manufacturing and Dispensiil.g Opticiar.1 205 ZACK STREET PHONE M 5'783 COURTESY DISCOUNT 20 PERCENT Best \Nishe s io All Men and Vv'omen in the Service end o C ordial \A/elcome t-0 Visit Us in I St. Petersburg. D A I R V I 2Hl9 54h A VENUE. N O. ST.PETERSBURG,FLA. PHONE 7966


Page Eight T H E E C H 0 E S July 9. 1943 ---------------'--'----------:---------;--------------------'-----.,-Original WAA( PHOTOQUIZ 9llih O.M. ON THE BALL Guaranteed Walch Repairin g By Sgt. Raymond R. Simmons The changes instituted in the Also Did Her Pari 1 In World War I! Prepared by the Editors of LOOK. Magazine various organizations in the Camp DeSota area are to be highly commended. The most praiseworthy is the laying of the foundation of the combination theater and chapei. Perhaps some of us are a little mentally hazy regard ing the assets to be derived from these acts, so I am passing my opinion to you,. with the hope that they will be accepted for what they are worth. Over 40: Years in-Tampa Servic. e Men's Watches Repaired in Less Than One Week If the present-day WAAC is inclined to excuse her shortcomings or those of her outfit "because we are so new an or ganization," she'd better pin her ears back for a rebuke. T .he original W AAC did her part in World War I and the cos-I tume she wore appeared no more I strange to the civilian seeing her for the first time, than the ones worn by the W AACs on the stre:;t:; of Tampa today. The hat the first WAAC wore was similar to the! "campaign" hats worn by the Americansoldiers until a few ye-01rs ago and for which the wellI dre-ss-ed paid p!enty out of his own pocket v ;hen he "bucked" for inspection. lt'or :;ome reason the Amcric:om Army. ir. the first vVorlcl War, failed tu enlist femmine aid for clerical and other assi.srilncc i i:1t women give in this wal'. How ever. a crved as operaturs witu the A .E.F. Even before the fir:= t World 'Vat, WJmen active: in units very si.mifar. tci the militai-y organizations in which they serve today. A school, much like our basic trpining ;:;chools, was es ;,s tlie National Service School, Chevy. Chase. Maryland, At the end of May, 1916 more than. 1000 women had been trained to do their bit should their. country neerl them. Time was limited. and the women were given settitig up ex ercises, squad and company drill, first aid. of all types, ;md sighal work. The Red Cross had charge of one section of the camp and the women were taJ.tght to make band:ages, sew, and administer first aid. Because women wore so many "gadgets" in those days, physical training called for many adjust ments. They suffered from the same blistered feet at sick call, probably griped about the chow as much as the present day WAAC. Competition \vas as keen among the companies as it is todayThey learned all the tricks of the! trade from the. r-egular soldier9 with whom they came in co. n.tact ... they even A.W. O.L. and suffered courts\.martial for certain offenses. Many r efused to use the shower s (un-heat-. ed) that were an innovation in those days. The first WAAC organization rat-ed an-inspection by President Wilson and other dignitaries. WeU, .tQ.e present WAAC. knows what that meant !?tanding fcir hours ar parade rest, waiting for the presidential party to show up. ', Much of the unrest and con flicts. that exist in this area are ": ., ,the dire.ct results of the limited social and recreatienal facilities available to the men, and.the arrant neglect of the personnel as a whol e, which may be partly due to the numerical weaknesses of the several organizations. On numerous occasions the men as a group commented on these factors and expressed a wish that .some interested party would in tei:cede in their behalf. Prior to .the activation of new companies in this area, it was financially impractical to build a theater. Now with enlisted personnel swelling the rosters, not only is it finan-' cially practical, but a gesture which will .give a greater incenc tive to. enlisted men fcir staying in camp .. during the evenings without fear of boredom. With parts of Tampa restricted 'to military personnel, this new : I area actiyity cqmes at an .oppor-tune moment: Inother areas on I the field -where .the personnel i s large enough to warrant provi sions for large-scale recreational facilities, delinquent reports are virtually at a minimum. Hence, with similar facilities being in, troduced in this area, the hope for less emotional outbursts and minimized delinquencies are looked forward to with no little anticipation. A.few lines from the poem "Ex. celsior'' can be used as an ade quate warning to men of Camp DeSota: Beware the M.P.s' awful branch; Beware terrible avalanche; And watch the off-limit zones, Or else you'll return with broken bones. GIRL G.I.-"Is this candy good?" Clerk-"As pure as the girl of your dreams, my lad." G.I.-"I'll have a package of gum:" 24 HOUR SERVICE. WATCH REPAIRING GUARANTEED I Franklin St. Restaurant. HOME OF .FINE FOODS Ai SPANISH DINNERS 1406 Franklin St-reet ALWAYS.SAY .. .HOLSUM BRfAn EXTRA FRESii I SEMINOLE SOUVENIR & JEWELRl .. SGUVE:rtiRS. ... C iFT$;: WRAPPED. FOR MAILING 101 E street CLEANERS & LAUNDRY'. s. M.Ac:bn.i PHONE H-lt8l D UK E.T--' l _._. BAY.-TO-BAY PHARMACY' Bay-to-Bay and MacDill Ave. The Tavern Bar & Grill HOT AND COLD LUNCHES Spaghetti a SpeCialty 311 Franklin St. 3940. LIQUORS-BEER-WINES KNIGHT PAPER BROS. c 0. 612 Bell Phones 4205 4204 '"A Paper for Every Purpose". Many of the first W AACs mothers of the men a nd women now in our uniform. They ended / they "training Memorial Day, 1916. 9 rhis is all you need to identify: 10 Here in formation ore some plucky: Term .inal Watch C E N T R A L 0 I L CO.MPANY, INC." Overseas they were stationed at Milldam Barracks, : England; in ]!}18: They, just as the 1943 W AACs are. doing, replaced men for. active duty. They took over(a) Jimmy Ouranta. (c) Bob Hope _(g) (c) Zeros (b) 8in9 CJ_:L. AIR BASE BUS TERMINAL 90S Tampa St. __Q_pen Until 12 P. M. Tampa, Fiorida : as-.,one of the principal jobs,_ the food stippiy sergeant's job and issued food to thousands of men. 'UOjAd {d a6Joao uao 'li !uouojj (cl).::.l i.t. Knep is ably assisted .by 1 1 The 1943 W AAC does many more types of than did the WAAC of her mother's' era, but SAW T rcunmg Stage they are alike in that they were I D G d J b vol,unteers in th: service of the.ir omg 00 0 country._ th.e modern By Sgt. Francis E. Nowicki Garner, a Ge.orgia Tech gradu407 T s T ate,. who h elps to give thos.= stiff I ampa lreet .. elepbone 3222 and get-tough calisthenics exer-WAAC IS servmg m England and For th t f th h Africa :..her mother in e pa:; ew mol! s, t e Puerto Rico Guam the Trarnmg Co., Th1r<;t SAW Canal 'zone and Ten Bn., has bivouacyean fi-om now, many of them m& m the V{Ith tl:e mas will dand .side by. side as mem_canymg on their hers of the Veterans of Foreicrn lou _me m Radar work. WorkmgWars "' behmd the scenes they have accomplished their missions with plenty of spirit, determination and confidence. Lt. Kimble is the C.O. and Sgt. Gillooly is first sergeant. Under tl:!e leadership of 1st L t. Auerbach, former teacher at the City College of New York, they 1. Vlomen's--because their vo-have shown remarkable progress cal cords are shorter. I in wit_h the "command_o BOB HAWK'S. YANKWIZ 2. All three are flowers. radar set. This small but effi3. Largest to sm'allest: maca-cient organization wPh roni, spaghetti, vermicelli. -. I pnde to the fact that dunng the 4. Figure skating. past _few,.months they have been 5 Golliw0gg: a grotesque black I tra_mmg 11. S and other doll; pollywog: -tadpole (wiggle.umts for overseas du,y. tail). Many 1\l'Iarines have been in-6. Animals that live on land structed, and upon concluding rather than in the water; or, their training period the Marines plants-. It is a sma u indoor gave splendid praise for the orenclosed garden. ganization and its personnel. 7. Green. (mixing yellow and Special praise was given Lt. blue). Knop, former star football player 8. Salt. It is a mineral. at RippG'n College, who is in 9. North America -in North charge of the calisthenics pro-. Carolina. g.ram. -' 10. A would attract "He's truly a Leatherneck" poly a wire hail1Jin. many of the Marines remarked. ciges. In the the men gather 1 around and hsten to Lt. McMillen j recall his' experiences during the incident at Pearl Harbor, where he was stationed at the outbreak of the war. Inseparable? Apparently Pfc. James C Cochran and Dorsey L Loyd, Bradenton. SubBase, cannot be separated. Before entering the Army in August, 1942 both men worked at Longville, Texas. Registering together, the two underwent their physical examinations and were f.=nt to the Induction Center at Camp Walters, Texas. Transferred to the 402nd Sig nal Battalion, Ben]amin Field, Tampa, they'found th&nselves:as signed to the same hospital ward and wei; e opnated on the same surgeon. TrarrsferrEfd to MacDill Field, the two made private first-class on the day. Cochran and Loyd were transferred to 853rd, A WUTC, Drew Field, and. later to the 57lst. A WUTC, and are now members of the same company at the Bradenton Sub Bas-e, Weatherford. The two were friends before en tering the Army. Attention WAACS and Wives of Army VISIT v A L p E l H A I Ry : L I s T OF 5th A VENUE. NEW YORK Grand Prize Winner for Hair in Florida 807 TAMPA STREET -:PHONE M 1215 ALSO FOR-YOUR CONVENIENCE AT MACDILL Station 447, Post Exchange AIR CONDITIONED Hotel FLORIDAN BARBER SHOP Complete Barber Service Expert Barbers Manicurists H. 0. LEWIS, Mgr. AIR CONDITIONED


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