Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 2, no. 20 (July 23, 1943).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
July 23, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
1 773
t Drew Field echoes.
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t:! VOL. 2. NO. 20 Three Weeks Left On Soldier Insurance, Deadline August 10 Soldiersare reminded that only three weeks remain in which they may obtain government insurance to a maximum of $10,000 without a physical examination. The waiver of an examination will expire at midnight August 10. ...:.-.4 check of casualty lists show percentage of military 1 have no government insurance, or only few dollars worth, Gen. Marshall, Army Chief of Staff, announced recently. "This s -ituation is -extremely embarrassing as it brings about a condition where some dependent in some community receives substantial monthly insurance benefits and others receive nothing or insufficient for their reas'On able requirements." the general said in a statement. "Df;!pendents do not understand and the department cannot satis-_ factorily explain why some commanding -Dfficers have failed to educate their officers and troops to the value and need for maximum coverage." 84th Bomb. Gp. Hol.ds. Its First Field Day The 84th .Bomb 'Group held its first field day Saturday. Events included calisthenics, close order drill, tug of war, and various re-lays. .. The competition was won by the 304th Bomb. Sq., which rolled up a total of 125 points. The 303rd was runner-up with 100 points, followed by the 301st with a total 'of 96. The 302nd scored 94 points. The tug of war event was won by the 303rd due to the fine work .. of S/Sgt. "Muscles" Eisenberg and Cpl. "Tiny" Magan, under the co aching of F/Sgt. Brinker. With S/Sgt. Casper Stevens barking out the commands, the 304th drill walked off with top honors in the close order drill event. Another field day is being planned for the near future. Special Services Officer Is Promoted to Major Major Chester K. Delano, Spe cial Services Officer, was promoted to his pres-ent rank effective July 13. A Jp:aduate of Springfield College, Mass., Major Delano did graduate work in physical education at Harvard-University and at Tufts College, where he spent 13 years coaching, directing-intra Jl}.Ural sports and serving as varsity football s-cout. Major Delano, who served in the Navy during the last war, took the special services course at Fort JVIeade, Md., before coming to 'ew Field more than a year ago. ______ __ ;'"All-WAC Party a Success WACs from Drew Field sang, danced, and ate hot dogs and drank cokes with their khakiclad fellow soldiers from MacDill Field Tuesday evening at the Municipal Auditorium, Tampa. Officers and enrolled members marched arm in arm the length of the dance floor in the opening grand march. Songs from -each home state were sung to the accompaniment of Miss Ruth Robbins, USO hostess. Members of both bases presented a variety s-how with musical selections and comic skits. MacDill Field' s dance band, under the direction of Of ficer Anthony Fredric, j5layed for the dance contests for which telephone calls to the home folks were offered as -Prizes. -------Get Your Ration :Points All enlisted men and WAACs are entitled to ration _points when going on leave-or furlough ovet,; a period. The Base Ration Board will furnish certificates-entitling the :holder to ration points an meals consumed while away from the post. ... : .. Published Exclusively in the Interest of the Personnel of Drew Field Friday. July 23, 1943 w A N T E D A -o t nee. Singers! Dancers! .. i -Comedians! _Sketches! Songs! Stage Hands! Electricians! Girls! For Drew Field's New Musical Comedy! See LT. MAY or Sgt. Whitehead af Base Special Services 8th Sf. Between A anti B. ,Come and Gel II. r a First in line for "Chow Call" is the unidentified soldier shown above. of the firstfield kitchens at Drew Field. the photo was taken in December. 1941. No white uniforms for the co-ok (also un-known) at the rig-ht. rr Or We'll Throw II Out I Reading from left to right are: Gertrude Reynolds. Reddick, Fla.; Mignon Steele, Campton. Ky.; Dottie Wilson, Kingsport. Tenn., and Nava Lou Winn. Atlanta, Ga. The four WACS have replaced men in the Medical Detachment Mess, Station Drew -Field. They are graquaies of :the -Army Cooks and Bakers specialist course which duplicates -that taught male Army cooks. U. to Provide 1 Changes Made 'ln New Mathematics Course Officer Caneidote Senate Committee Told Army Goal Is 8,20Q,OOO Men, WACs Declaring that at the present time there were 6,800,000 men in the service, Lt. Gen. Joseph T. McNarney, deputy chief of staff, told a Senate Appropriations Committee recently that a goal of 7,500,000 enlisted men and. noncommissioned officershad heen set for the end of this year. Adding that -an overall total of 8 200,000 officers and men, in l eluding 150,000 WACs would be sought, Gen. McNarney added, I "In the training and equipment of our we have' made 1 enormous progress in the past year. Our allies are with us and we are united in our efforts to defeat the Axis." The General's statement, which was quoted in Army Times; was accompanied by the testimony of General H. H. Arnold that by next spring the Army Air Forces will be the most powerful ever I assembled by any nation and will have superiority in the air in every war theatre. Trailers for Civilians At Trailer Park Homes A solution is at hand for the housing problems of many of the Drew Field_ civilian employees at present caught up in the housing shortajie. It. has been brought to the attention of Mr. H. F. Ashton Base Civilian Pers-onnel of Drew Field, that the Government has provided housing facilities for civilian war workers at Trailer Park Homes. The project consists of 400 trailers, 300 with two-bedrooms and 80 'with three bedrooms. There-are 18 toilet and bath or buildings, eight laundry trailers and one office trailer. At least two nursery trailers are expected to be delivered at an early date for the care of children, between the ages two and six, of working mothers. Rents for the-two-bedi" ,oom trailers is $28.00 a month and for the three -bedrooms trailers is $32.00 a month. The rent includes lights, hot and cold water 24 hours daily, laundry facilities, garbage collection s'ervice, and general maintenance work. The project is located1 within the Municipal Trailer Park, with the Project Office at Spruce and North Oregon A_venues, where applicant, after filling in an application, should present it to his employer for certification as to his or her employment at Drew Field. For Enlisted Men 1 Selection Memo. Pvt. Geor!e Blackwood Here' s a chance for enlisted men Applications for Officer Candi-Leaves for New station to get college credits in mathedate School will not be accepted matics. Arrangements are being by this headquarters from en-. Pvt. qeorge Blackwooc!-, Spe made with Tampa University to 1 Cia! Services Office, left th1s week provide a concentrated course aclls;ted men who as members of a 1 for a new station. Pvt. Blackwood ceptable as the required college combat crew, an OTU group, or I will b e r e m embere d :for his ex math for some ASTP applicants. other unit have entered the sec-c e llent p:-rfo<<.lL!::c<:s in such The course will be the equivalent ond of training received f'l ;e.v Fi 0 ld rrcd:-t:-:;::-; a s "Abe of six semester hours. Full courses warning orders for moZrement to Lincol;: in Illi::oi : ," ar.c l "Of Mice in college algebra and plane trig-a staging area, or have received and in v>hich b e played ano_metry be _in a short shipment orders, according to a the penod of tlme. A certificate from Third Air Force memorandum is-An adr.n n 1 s .rat1ve ass 1 stant at Tampa University will b e ac-J s u e d this week. Base Spec_ial Services, Pvt .. cepted as the necessary year of' All applications for Office r wood design e d scenery, mded m college math. Candidate School submitted by the selectwn of_ talent, an_d took In. order to quahfy for engim embers of a unit moving to a an a_ct1ve part In the radiO proneermg courses under ASTP, station or base where a unit will ductwns and vane t y s hows promen -over 22 having less than not remain under the control of duced at the field. P v t. Blackthree yearsof college are re-, this air force, will b e recalled by :vood also acted as Special Servquired to have a year of college unit commanders thirty (30) days1ces correspondent fo r the Echoes. mathematics. Quite a few men prior to contemplated movement -f<--------have appeared before the Field date and given to the enliste d Selection. Board and have not man in order that he may renot quahfied -for lack of this submit the application at the new math. They can now remedy that statio n I deficiency. The course in question be I More Stripes for WACs taken dunng the man's own tlme. He will b e required to pay in adSix new promotions w ere anvance. Fees and starting date s nounced by special order Manwill be announced later. Watch I day for membe r s of the 756th the columns of this paper for fur-WAAC Pos-t Headquarters Comther particulars. In the meanpany. time, stop in at the Bas-e Classifi-Madelme R. Alexander and cation Office at 8th and B Streets Betty J. Berggren changed T/5s and notify Lt. Prior, who is in to T/4s. Elizabeth H. C. Thompcharge of the AST Program, that son, Sarah E. Taylor, Margaret L. you would like to take this Creel, and Ruth Anderson moved coursa. up from Pfc. to T /5. Free Mending for Enlisted Men All enlisl:ed men who have clothing in need of mending c:-r minor alterations. or who need insignia sewed on their unif,orms; may avail them selves of the sewing service by.tl:le Officers' Wives Sewing Club. Clothes should be left at Chapel No. 1 befo-re lQ Q'clock Tuesday morning.


THE ECHOES Pa113 .. .... 7. ... ................. ..... ... I teeth." Now she liked to talk to so bad i!fraid to go to tqwn? hear them rattle We : : : Let that be a lesson to the .e..11. you., can get out WAAC. "' your shces for: DON' T TALK JUST TO HEAR Friday, there's a d YOUR. TEETH RATTLE! Jjeifig given : < 1< 1< is:.now for :< bit of GI 110n-t'firs--'be a s-well occasron so : as to -sen se that has iriore tr:ufh than rrigrit .:r:riariy more of that nature poetry to. i't It .comes fiom Pvt. Those who don? t know wish w. c "Dubb" Jetton, Co. "B", to infoim of_Pv.t. ;L. Sig. AW ]3n. It's called: t marnage, better ME!" as an "The Co-lonei calis : the M ajor His ; fr:iends are._piarin 0'ii ; I W.hen he wants something qgpe p;uJy f9r the .. t\hfo The Major calls the C.O arid this month ... : W e are starts him on the run.. ..fine dislws. on. qur : ;I:I'Je C Q .then g et.s J;>usy a!1d becau!ie : strives to 'make suit; :Web&, Henr; y -Cov 'It YOI:l ,hear ,p. .Jll.f,.A._C By shifting. all .on a -ex:clai1n : "Roger!'' if isn second "" .. ..sb.els tl!'!er p._ The sad lieutenant p1.mdets and -honors Show merely c;:tlhn!{ : strokes a beardless jaw, can do to ,the famiLy n ca\ls the .trusty Kick itact\:y Po'int .Ro.ger is a white d ;to .'arid. giye;p to f\als ,;i;n;tH\l:;:tl .:... a...f' y g1 v.en by_ .the: .. A A-F. .a,q.d ;.lio.tv ;lt np,1st y a v:er y t-.:.-':= .. who brol!&ht tne h orne. --:---.. r's i ... s -. n11me i? appropr:rilte. *a,t of/ J:.x .we f>:, .$_gt. L;:tr*in.vC\r'' .Wi tselr' KN I G H T P A P E R BROS. c 0. 11.2 Ben Phonesi:l 4205 42!)4 '\ P3p:e>r for Eve:!'y Purpose" a rrd $.gt.' ;HC!i:iy $ha,k.'' ;Thayet have fo1md a. ,Fountai n \lf YqL,tri/' pi:oqf. : Ther' e .are t\.v9 .more in our "Sliver $p66ri.t E Speight), and Pf!ii l "Porky Pig" Uanies E. Nedd), sergeant and. r espective;, ly. C9ngratulatrons-, fellas, keep up the good W e h;:tv e one, certain soldier w ho goes up town and sits on a certain hotel step every trip .he makes to town. but it seemed as though he became tired and changed sitting pla c es on the o u t skirts of town. That soldie r hap-. o e nsto be P vt. Edward H ellm. \;<,That has S/Sgt. H enderson done TONY MASON'S I ORCHESTRA DINE AND Featurtng s H A N 6 R I !'I JEANNE .RI.,CHARD Nite Retreat "TAMPA's owN soNGBIRD" .-1,.21,2 Grpnd Stooks --Chicken --Spareribs 5-;rved 6 P.M. Jo 2 A.M. wants see _you" -i :lCl Grand Central Ave. 0!-';::N DAY AND NIGHT CUHB SERVICE fiNEST IN FOODS WINES & LIQUORS Be there when the .. Sh,o.w show ,world romance gloiified with melody, rhythin and gals! Judy Garli}nd, Hefiin "P J" .. rese. n tng Lily Mar.s'g. Ph. 3290 9c ----.30c Sunday and .f.-1.onday Jl C H INA II T .CJrlrl Ll"r etta Young William B endix : Tamp!! and Zack Phone 3003-Sc, Saturday and Sunday /'Reveille With Beverlyl/ Ann 'After Midnight With Boston Blackie1 Cheste r Morris .: .... .ANos -... SlSt.-, :, .. anhattan Cafe 210 E. Lafayette St. -Tampa GQod Food Reasonable Prices Try Our Sunday Roast -Turkey Dinner Served Ii A.M. :to 9 P .M, .. ALA CARTE SERVICE AT AL,L HOURS OPEN DAY AND NlGHT WE USE STRlCTLY WESTERN MEATS ;rn,. .... ,., .. Tobacco -Candy, Notions Whiting and Jefferson Streets FLORIDA -to Service GLEN'S BILLIARDS NQw In Its Ne. w 805 TAMPA ST. -: If You Haven't Already --0.0 IT NOW t!! M .E E T Y () U R F R I E N D S A T T H E SARAT:QGA BAR @? Corner and De!pcing Every Nigpt in the Blue to "South's BEER WIIWS LIQt,JQRS ay Matinee Dancing THE CHATTERBOX Chicken and Steaks Re.Cil Ii?:lian SpaglJeifi S .ANDWICHES -DRINKS LIQUORS Abba Dabba and Band 7:30 to IZ Every _Night C L O SED SUNDAYS 707 S. HOWARD A VENUE PHONE H 3757 Phone 7988 I ELITE CIGAR STORES 'The Spor! Headquarters of Tampa' WINE -BEER -CIGARS All Service Men Are Welcome Barcelona Cafe SPANISH RESTAURANT WINES AND LIQUORS -tllO Zark Phone !\1. t12-072 207 Twiggs Phone M-1236 Phone s 2142 Open AU Night 4714 Nebraaka and Oaborne i EXPERT WATCH REPAIRING QUICK SERVICE FOR SERVICE MEN t KENNETH T. JONES ...,.-.,.1\#####1'. ,.,.,., Service Men Welcome GilBERT HOTEL 811 Tampa St. Phone M 1094 0. E. BOGART, Manager The Tavern Bar & Grill HOT AND COLD LUNCHES Spaghetti a Specialty 311 Franklin St. Phone 3940 40UORS-BEER-WINES


F H E S P E C I A L S E R v 1 C E S 0 F F ICE. USO-:Caif!p Shows, 11Bring On the.Gi'rls,11 Here July 27th On the Iiiii Spot Symphonic Concerts To' Be Broadcast Recreation Building No. I From Ban d SheH Friday, July 23,8:15 P.M. l...ucy Sinclair Presents. A ne\'' ar1'-' w e lc om' e Innovati. o n "Bring On' the Girls," e up from theaters of the: world, and q.ma'z. s Glub .. tli.e listeners. The programs Will :ing millions of peopl'e with his FridaY, July :23;. 8:io:.:....na ric e be phinhed' a week in ili.credible feats of rriagl.c, leger-Satui'day, .July ... 24,_. 8:30'-:-Bingo. therefore requests for favorite '4emain and his baffling escape Sunday, ,July 25; 8 :15-Vahety' Eelections must be ma'de earl y fii'cl;ts. Show .. .. The c6n'cert sehes iristi:Working .in and out of Har-. Moncjay, .Iuly 8:f5:.:....banc e gated by' Col'onel Regl.riald Vance, Q.ee11:' s a .ct. is teall1 of I Tuesday, 27, _8 :GO-Record-Bombardment. V[ing .9r6u_il, Faye and Mason; mterpolatmg 1 ed Symphpmc Mus1c and Lt Co1. Paul A. Zartman, hig,hlights of fun ;and frolic. Wect.riesda:y Jl\l:Y .. 28, 8:15 84th Bomb Gtoi.tp. th e of toDance for the' WA.f\C s The program an'd 1'ecm:ds foi : day o f yeste.ry:eai_is Tl)ur's9-ay, July 29'-:-To B e Ari. pn .... Maryett. e Evans and Her Fam1ly. nounced. r--.. --. ---'---;, Maryette's parerhs d e ii1on s t \:a t e Mor)day-Saturday, 7:05 A.M., f ; tqe da:rces were 'P?p1xl,ar in .Fie)cl-ReveiUe.. tne:. i_: the "good old days," wh1le Mary-. Monday, 8:30 P M ,.....,.The Right : ette .and her brothe1 show how Answer or Else, WDAE. w .. L: : -.. -! finisJ:irig whh the Tues.day,_. 6:30 P M The a Cn epantng, I. e11hre tarrul y !'!Xecutmg the latest Squadronanes, WFf:,A. j musical 25 Years _in Ta:mpa j 4Y: and J,"adio comes lovely Alice P .M.-Music, Mirth and Madness. ... = 'ryrre n tq charm with h e 1 sweet 1 Enough and On 'l)me. WSUN. SPEC.:IAL ATTENTION. singio.g. Alice's voice is one of un& :00 P ,M'., WFLA TO MILITARY PERSONNEL 1 usua l I 'ange s he is equally I Drew Field' Star P ar3.de R u F (r.s" w c .. A R o .. E : N i expert. at d e hvenng rhythm and ---. : torch ,s<'n:i.gs as well _ballads. A Watch for the formal an-I Member OO:f Police Washmgton, D. C., gnl,. she has nouncement of the Tmlspm Club 1 b .. 'th f 1 Next to t:lue Cafe een seen 1!1, e mus1ca :dance to be held soon. .. .. __._.;_ .. .. -.,...:_,;_:_,,.;_ .f shows, Meet the People," "Count M e 'In" and "New Faces" arid has sung ori Rudy and' I Mary Astoi ''S: radio promam. I >Appr<;>. pJ,"jatel y calle1 fhe Jleat Waves; the three. waves: i'eally tu'il:l on t)1e heat. witli. their : fast-paced. s! ll' ging; dcdi.'i::h\.ig'-'ancj.'' .. : ... < .. : .,, )'ta. unl;lmg .out thg sfrow ... hilaiio'i.ts comedy .turn of :s6r .. u .J.LU.'"" have .gales of from au'cfiei'ices : alL o ver trY.'. ; .:, .:, .;.;...:;.:...:...:.:... 'w riete: .rKli 11 v Speci.;H Services has done it again! .. The radio department has hit upon a brand new idea that will bring together, a .full hour imd a half, band. music, popular tunes, so n gs, individ' ua,l soloists, and comedy galore. This coming Thursday evening, July 29, at Recreation Building No. 1 the 69th Army Air Force B ani will turn out e n mas .se with a combination of selected talent :for a gala evenin,g. __:_ Drew Field'E: Hit Parade Girl," '" ss Angie Fulgaris, will be on. t. n d to h r golcj.en voic e to a program o.f pop_ 1 1lar songs. Miss Alma F ernandez will present stfmi-classi"cal selecti'ons. Sergeant Donald Jones will play several marimba numbers, and P fc. Alexander Millei will b e an integral part of the show: Drew Fiel d wilL take over the ai'rwaves oil WDAE at 8:30 PM. Immecj. 'ia t e l y following the station si.gn-off, there. will be another full thirty minutes entertainment during which time Pfc: D e ll Purge, violipist, .and Pvt. Ro,ll man, baritone; will: ehtert? ill before .Rookie Ro y and h is Musical Scrapbook, und-er a new arta,nge m ent, again take over the airlines. for the balance 9f the program Sgt. 0 Z. Whitehead arid Pfc. Harry Evans will al$0 take p art in the. program v-ihich w ill be a regular Thursday evening Sbldiers Always Welcol:iie EL BOULEVARD r. ', ":"" ,; RESTAURANT FmfST $. -. ""7 9 .._ ... ... '', : o ... ,.' ... : .. ;; F dl'm Fit 40 % Wool :tvdnNGS Monday -Tuesday Wednesday:_..:_ Thursday A--.N':D ''': PUtt OR-AJtGE. 6 RAP ff R U :ll JUI:tES CONCENTRAT.ED' Are servin g the:: armed forces on many fion:ts. They reproduce the na.Jor.-.nutritive. values an'd Vitamin C c6nte" rit of fresh fruif simply nt adding water an. d mixing. Provide a be:t:ter balan'ced diet for-our meri in :the field and :lho-se of our allies re.ceiving under lend-lease. CITRUS CONCENTRATES, Dunedin, Florida, U. S. A. Palace Skatint Ritk: SUL P \fttJR SPRfNGS NEWFtOoR NEW MUSfC NEW SKATES Admissicilii :Nigilii "sk.Ai:E6:N' THE SMOOTHES'( F'i.ooR IN THE soU'i'!r Sc --. Sireef C'ar and Bus s ervice to Door sc : Wekome Service Me:ri SW J M at the Sulphur SpringsPo of Men .Aiway a : s .atphors-prings. Ccife' We .SpecialtzEi irr Co.

THE ECHOES P. 0. Box 522 GLEN!( R. ROSS, Publisher TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS 23usiness Office: 1113 FLORIDA AVENUE TAMPA. FLORIDA Phone 2177 All advertisements contained in this newspaper are also contained In the rly Leaf. published in the interest of the personn:l of MacDill Field. Minimum joint circulation. 10.000 cop1es. ADVERTISING RATES FURNISHED_ ON REQUEST A newspaper published exclusively for the. personnel of Drew Field and devoted to military interesis and the United Natiom Victory. Opinions expressed in this newspaper are those of the individual writers and under no circumstances are they to be consirlPred those of the United States Army. Advertisements in this publication do not constitute an endorsement by the War Department or its per sonnel of the products advertised. By S/Sgt. Shhh! It's n o t g e nerally known, but ... Sgt. Jerry S edlak's. interest in art has been rekindle d to the point w h e r e h e h a s enrolled in a USO art cl a ss; he has built hi .mself an e as e l and h e 's even being measure d for a smock and beret to match. A beautiful V-ette Are You a "aboleurl. he met at the Service Men's J Dance last week is the cause of Jerry neglecting his flute and Much has been written concerning sabotage. Vivid pictures have piccolo. Cpl. Sam Shiavone isn't A Service Man's Problem been drawn with words and paint to impress upon the minds of the such a hot "seamstress" after all A 1 th d t d d b d The Service Man's problem is, merican peop e e angers encoun ere ai y y unsuspec.e -ask Cpl. Mike Galdino about I States whip venereal disease and keep themselves wholly fit for their duties. .. -+c Church Calf enemies who wait to demolish factories. important utilities troop the raincoat. that turned into a to .some extent, qne of mental at trains. and ocean ccnvoys. Lurid pesters remind us that the enemy Jacket when Sam shortened it titude. It's traditionally a part of PROTESTANT (Sundays) -li t ft h" w th t d the "you're in the Army now" 10 30 AM G 1 ce lS. o o.ur sne w e are I shelved "My Sweet," an original a man, hesitant and worried, JEWISH capable of sethng a hme m a P}lblic bu1ld111g ro br111_g about song-can. it be the lack of in-yields to what amounts to social 8:30 PM-Friday in Chapel 3. the de.ath1 of our fellow Ame,J:lcans. Wed de none of .these. .. spiration, or the development of persuasion. If continence became 8:30 AM-Saturday in Chapel we think. I a NEW interest? a code of the services, as it is in No. 3 Yet. there are '!"omen 111 the WAAC who are gu1lty oi Since Cpl. Dee Clements got athletics, more service men would 7:15PM-Wednesday in Chapel sabotage. An unbridled tongue can be as a as the back from his furlough, they're tend to accept it. No. 3. gun or sword .of .the enemy A tongue that hangs m middle and calling hitn "Fatty"-he gaine There is a widespread opinion CATHOLIC (Sundays) wags at both can beas usefulto the enemy as a bme bomb or all of s-ix ounces during his stay that indulgence is a physical 6:15 AM-Mass in Chapel 2 a hand grenade w1llfully thrown among your fellow men. in Washington, and now tips the necessity. This is false. Back in and 4. The who constantly (and about gethng scales at almost 100 pounds .... 1917 the General Medical Board 8:00 AM-Mass in Chapel 2. service .now that the .opportumty. has. arisen wh0c slyly InPfc. Del Purga and P.vt Frank of the Council .of .National De9:00 AM-Mass .in Chapel 2, timates:that .. those. who _chthers to 111 hme d war ... sh_e may fizzl e s, Chairman Jerry Sedlak level of an alle;y: cat,, must tive T /5 Featherstone and T /5 comm1t sabc.fage by mduc1_ng the weak sisters ... those waver111g on had better pray for a quick AR-reahze that the professwnal s em-Morris are two of them. the .. t o desert w1th her. The enemy loves her for her aid MISTICE. brace is not only a menace to Camp DeSota's members have to the1r cause! -+c health, but a .shameful desecra-had something new to add in ARE YOU A SABOTEUR? LOSE YOUR CHOPPERS? tion of ideal love. It cannot create sports. Everyone interested! in Sounds iike Ripley's column, the structure of mutual affection boxing will have a chance to dis-y N but, b elieve it. or not, a set of upand shared happiness that the play their talents. Incidentally, ou ever Had it Better anyone in the company. If, during per false teeth were l eft in a chaste s e x relationship builds. Pfc. B edney, from .California, is his frequent tours of the s :ignal E f t t t t a th t b t th. t By S/Sgt. Mike Dodd truck used by .the 563 rcl! v e n I pros 1 u es were no 1-very en usias 1c a ou IS spar warehouses, he happens t o spot a d f a 1 I T/5 D f N The bars of three lieutenants AW Battalion. The notice, printed sease ; even I me 1ca science a m sure avis, rom ew piece of radio equipment which ld h l d g h y k 11 h 1 t f in this company turned from croid in the daily bulletin says the cou cure s y p I 1s an onorr ea or WI give Im pen y o ac "' strikes his 'fancy, it's as good as 1 d I ld t'll to silver in as many weeks. The owner may have same by conIn a sing e ay, wou s I say tlon. g ot. He brings home the bacon in t th b f A s t M a ( t th t latest promotion, that of Lt.John tacting Lt. Orf. Bn. Motor Offio e mem ers o menca s g ae wus a e moor Kealy, was annouricedi a trifle great big chunks. cer, 563rd A w Bn: armed force s : "Continence is the pool) is really carrying out his late to hit the deadline for last '.!'he following men were placed. In the meantime, we hope only guarantee of an undefiled duties. The sergeant can tell you week's column. But this week, in the higher brackets this week: they're serving soup daily in one spirit and the best protection the !").orsepower of a jeep-he just with a lusty shout, we're an-S/Sgt. Samuel Levinson sprang of the Base mess halls. against the promiscuity that lifts the hood and counts the nouncing the happy event. First to tech; so did S/Sgt. George cheapens and finally kills the plugs. Lt. Kealy is head of the Plotting Maxwell. T/5 William Cross sub-ham, Norman Krueger, Mallory power to love. The supply sergeant handed section, and 'tis a nateworthy job tracted 1 from 5, making himself Lafoon, John Peckham. Lest his body be contaminated Pvt. DeShield a pair of trousers he's doing with it, too. With the a T/4; Sgt. John Midla is now PFC stripes go to: George and 'his emotions fouled, the tha t fitte d him perfectly, and also able assistance of his T/Sgt. staff. Cpl. Valentino Innocenti Borden: William Brown, George fighting man must bid farewell his blouse and cap. Then we deMann, this company never had it made sergeant; and Peter Ferrari Geist, Charle s H ause r Clair Hut-to the catch-as-catch-can pleascide d to have a short chat to in the way of a Plotting and Gregory Potts are corporals. ton, J ohn. Maiorano, Carmela ures with diseased women. Only gether. I aske d him whether -sectwn. It's T/5 ratings for these f el-Mantello, John McLella n Charles by strict continence,. by ind'ivid like d the Army. He said "Certai Nex t to the supply officer and supply sergeant, Lt. Howard Rupp, of the Radio Section, nas the best acquisition technique of lows: Siegfried Altscher, W alter McGlaken, Darwin Myers. ually r enouncing, as unworthy ly do!" I said, "Have you do Bojsza, Gi1bert Ignelzi, L amberto Congratulations to all receipi-and dangerous, all invitations to much shooting lately?" He replied, Lauro, Edward McGraw, F rancis ents of these promotions, and the hired embra c e, can the sol" C ertainly I have! I won 20 bucks Barry, John Baskette, Carl Bing-many more of them. dier and sailors of the yesterday.


July 23. 1943 I arpon Springs Host To Mally V .isitors ... Thousands of visitors all paris of the world are pictured above on the slopes of beautiful .Tarpon Springs bayou une:;:;J,_ng the impressive and colo .rful rites of the Feast of Epiphany, commemorating the baptism of The natura] amphitheater is a perfect setting f.or the spectacular ceremony ( 3inrpon Springs e uce a es o dle west. R d d R t t I cessful tour of the East and MidWelcomes All E. M. For All-Star "Commando" Bill .Wilterman, W 1 Sh 21st Bomb Group, MacDill Field, Service rest mg ow I will fight Billy ytilliams, champ 1 of the Tampa Sh1pyards. Located in the Paul Butler, Tampa's new fight' The show will begin promptly part of Pinellas County, announced FridaY: that at 8:30 p.m. Springs has a high elevation; ancf\:a special rate 'of 35 cents Will be The w AAC :v ho ralls enroll PageF.ne : _::. :: '. ( -.-t i BEST OF LUCK TO SERVICE MEN-EVERYWHERE CITY OF CLEARWATER GEORGE R. SEA VY Mayor c;ommissioner D. L. STOUTAMIRE HERBERT GRICF; JESSE G. SMITH S. R. LOWE, Commissioners F. L. HENDRIX. City Manager Clearwater, Florida D all soldiers and WACs for m the WAC 1s not ehg1be .for v:ater poundary. m. three h e Monday fight series which WAVES or WAMS. It isn't hard ____ .....;..,....;.,....,..;..._...,2 twns, by gulf, nv.er and lake; --m began Jast week and will continue to understandl why the WAVES, addition to the numerous bayous weekly at the City Auditor-ium. or any other organization, would within its City limits, : ; ;. Mr. Butler a Tamoa business. not want a quitter neither .. Tarpon Springs is since i925 is bringing in such does the WAC. wrestlers as K.O. ''Red" art1sts, a _uthors and ugan, well-known Georgia lad ,.....;. ___ _.:., ______ .........., ness JTien .for beauty, rest :and; \ ho will fight Walter Underhill, Here is locate9:.'Jhef1;Bad BoJ;, of Tampa' s Shipyards. BEST WISHES largest sponge 'industry in:the''lCowboy. Luttrell, Tat:I. H o v E y B R 0 s world. with. an inco'rrie bfl' a fayonte and an, old-timer m '; ; .. .... :i. he f1ght game, '-will take on 1 m1I,hon do}lars. :Th: e fm. estl 'Chief" Saunooke, .better .known Dunedin, Fla. -' f _tshingon the West-Coast :15 s the New York Gtant. Saunooke .. : i ; ; ips scal.es at 325 pounds. !-,.. ____ ....._...,.... __ ...__ A cordial welcome is extended:'!._. utti all ?as JUSt completed a sue-to all service men; and you find ample hotel accommodations B A Y. N A R D D R U G (: 0 pleasant. and enjoyable one :a'nd that after quration you 'ill ; want to .come back for a .. : ,. visit. Bank of Clearwater < MEMBER F. D. I. C. Tarpon Springs, floridQ Best Wishes to All ServiCe Men ... Clearwater, Fla. J S C C I B ttl C .. 4 arpon. .Pnngs oca-o a o 1ng o. 1 ;t '' $ A. B. GIBSON. President ALMA SIKES. Secretary Tarpon Springs Leader Tarpon Springs, Florida Tarpon / Springs, Fla. ; _______ :....__:...._..,..... ___ ....._ __ __,..! ........ ,:., MEMBER F. D. I. C. lA R A P A N I S D E P T S lO: R E ABE. L. TERAP.ANI, Proprietor. Abe When in Tarpon Springs for Any Information'' Walgreen Agency"AIR-CON:DITIONED" Ttlrpon Springs, Fla. :f I Tarpon Springs, Florida y RY t UITS J A L f 0 U S I S r T A V E R N TARPON SPRINGS, FLA. ': :: Drinks-Lunches -DeliCatessen .. White House Cafe AMERICAN AND GREEK FOODS John S:tamatiades, Oy;ner' TARPON SPRINGS,. FLA. WELCOME. TO COR. TARPON AND SAFFOR AVES. PHONE 471 BEST WISHES FROM RIVERSIDE CAFE "Sea Food a Specialty" Tarpon Springs, Florida BEST WISHES TO ALL OUR' MEN IN. THE.SERVICE. ;)titil\:t. ... -. ;'I 'DAVID BILGORE & (0., INC. Growers-Packers --Shippers Clearwater, Florida ""''' P{ .' ;..: ... .. ... .. 'i" Best Wishes to All Service Men From .... FIRST NATIONAL BANK BEST WISHES TO ALL MEN IN THE SERVICE PINELLAS LUMBER CO. Clearwater, Florida .....:.2 'f!t! .... ..: :i'4 ; '. i i I i I i ROYAL THEATRE'... TARPON SPRINGS, FLA. F L-0 RID A p o WE R C 0 R P. FIRST NATIONAL BANK D. B. AIDE, Dist. Mgr. MEMBER F. D. I. C. Tarpon Springs, Florida Tarpon Springs, Florida


oiie is so .. anxious to get. Cpl. :.. Lieberman: did such a fine job that l;le is now handlin:gth_ e mqil fo( the :84th Group: By the' wci_Y. Cpl. Hai-ney -Beilin isalV\7ays gl"ad to have the boys drop in and see him at Ward. Bc:7. 304fh Sq By S/S!}f. WorLbck A's the wiiter was cohta the various d epartments for contri>tufi'611 to "Echoes'' for the. week he Amoh. g otherE' whb are on lot1gh are : Sgt. Tinkey, Sgt. Neider, and Pvt: Levin e. One of. the main of con-tion of the' men, is' the a burrdance of mosqt!itoes. They sl:ty was that there is absolutely no danger of anyone going to sleep' as these .. 'ke,ep then:i.J<\'rto busy. ... draftsman responsible for the nuInfantry Post, mste; : We welcome Lt: : 'Braina,rd and mE)rous status charts scatteied On Field. Tne_ I S that the ni&:hJ:; ap.d all _of the LC :Peters to. the ,.,!2. 'nrrniilicati6ri bt{lletins throughout. the. gr01w 3(J2nd is gomg m for close order comments were ver;;: Section. squadrons Rumors _has it, dri'll in a __ big. way the new. and' .. ,onl_)t __ \Vas w H!=!adqua_rters .w1ll soon C.O. took over (wonder _If he 1 asR;f:\\l .. be takmg cahsthemcs.. could have been a former .. .,,."rr'nt' Pr-t .WSgt. Fogal group we ,are t? tJ:i. e $etion .chi17f and. bay chief s11:ys ed' t_o believe that th17se dnll for-1 couqt the Fpda,.y ,mght. l1.1C!tiOJlS are fpr. t!}e s0 far. tll;ey .J;lQ ir fme' ihs'titution; the of te:rch:Lng the non-coms apl'iut tl:'i:El h'os$itaJ1t:Y 6f me offrsay. that the ;w._ o u _ld_ : W ... @Ve_'_.thEi! _prqper commands.-It cersl.; '(lnd Ifl .li!_ fl pf J _ltJ!. b more enjoyable if W AACs must be that, for we are all JUSt "304tJ1:." 'f:he ch.lps, .. invited. ... about perfect in our drilling, are :,i'nd,. _.; Headquarters has establshed _itnot? Coler were pleAfiflll; as a matte.r at its new addresses with That. was. a mcelandmg you. fact, party :wa_ s -oygr_ ate desks for e<'!'h. :roa'n .night, Cpl. Riden,. .J:ad 1eft there.'""'", ,... S/'Sgt. Greenup and Cpl. _Scharf, .when you sailed out of the G.L )litM (leaL li{ok like: .bank clerks behmd the bus at 2nd and H. Sts. From the ; _and.drmk' remammg. ..... : ... m: -sed gate of. the message center. marks your head\ We'd _say \ ri:.-stouit!. ,olif co, cidently Greenup, who it was a perfect. 3 pmrt lan.dmg. lW;'otdlL teer, and It teeth cause ....... tqes .in Florida pass away their our squadron. So man:y were is reported that he actually. drank j airmen are time in our barrackS. The dozen promoted_ space_ In. colsome, probably so that the rest treatment is bpmps that ... is' umn Cj.Qe. s not. pep1pt l!stmg all 'of the men would not feel called the South afnple proof. Any suggestiOn as the names. However we. want to iupon to drink too much. The 1 Th tO the extermination of these wish all those men wearmg those test of the Orderly Room staff' the will be greatly appi eCiated. shiny new chverons, of ;were present and lending a helpg a Back from an emergency furluck. Berme B_nnker ling hand wl}.en necessary. The 1base "". "d .. 16ugh, Lt. Collins, our Flight Is now a full fledged! 1st Sergeant. :men in charge, t.he arrange-ing, To try ou. t the filling .in Officer, is flying again. TJ:e top of th: week to re!merits are be <:ongrat_ulated and his rr\ola,r, th' e pilot goes up for N i I s I 'Jt & : : BUS STATIOtf' come lit its s6iii sf itfi #om .. ''''''"' tM"iSJUil. .. r! E;, 114 ', :';.' : T.: ;. R A! M ; S',l > .coMPANY ': W.a M ill W ark & CaBinets We caa furnlh. material' foi: .a.patr8. IUld 'P -H. A LoaJlll Y 1219 17th St. &: 6th Av E A T HEN DE R So N c 0 s ..... "' ;" a---RE ... AD 2702 FLORIDA AVE. M :ax's u quo't Sat l ; WINES -: FREE DELIVERY. SERVICE PALMA CEIA E. Hanahan,. our former mail clerk Now personnel clerk, John was one guy we all missed. He ,J:lad t .h.e kQ9.C.k of !;li,*ibl!PHe; ma'il with s smile, in double qmck DINNRS Daniel S. Bagley PHO N Y-1'281' ... 1601 E. COLUMBUS DRIVE I 1 --KEEP 'EM FLYING' .. __ CLEANERS &: LAUNDRY 2803 S. MACDILL AVENUE time, ail.'di a memory fot n a'rli 'eS lirocerles; a'iar'i that can't be beat. Whenever you Q,. .. __ ... did ask him if there was' a,ny mail. "' lcli .,, o n he would answer "Yes" or "No" WTN.E; BEER; SANDWICHES SPOT ( .tU Fofcyar6ut without even looking. That's FINMAN'S KOSHER AJn what we call service. Now it takes 3 men .to do the same job MARKET No Waiting-We. Pay Now d '1' k f ou a'n sti 1, you never now I Y Only Kosher Market In TampB G E Q. D I l l have any mail until you hang 928 E. Broadwalt' .. ,,.rh: M .56-IIi3. around a half hour or so. 'rio Block East of Net;raskB Ave. 3910 Florida : We want. to a;pologize to the .. ----... .. -304fh for CpL Healey, who was 'for that last line in i Soldiers Favorite Ea,iing .flace last week's column. We honestlv : STEAKS AND CHOPS 'f)elieve the 304th is a swell DINE AND DA:NC'i: AT LICATA'S ; A SPECIALTY Squadron. (We. kriow, because E L I T E we've worked with. several men who were assigned to Grouo :R :E s 1A. u :R A. N i Hq_. last week). Tna't rerrrark ---r --......... about sheddingsome of the sweat, Tampa an' d Twiggs that comes with planning a sue.. cess.fui party :w9-s jus: t _the corSEABREEZE bti I!iiist>orough :Bai J'ry the Best in Food iol-2 :F:R.A:N:K:LtN FLORIDA CULP LUMBER CO. '.. 'LOANS -MONEY TO LEND Diamortds w;.:ti:iu>s .TeW'eiry Silverware A Diamonds at a B 'ig' Savln!i' b. ECKART\ 409 Tampa Street I M E B ...._.,_ .. .. .. ;Eieijthinsi :B\lild Anything' Miilvlorii! .Made to Order 500 PACKWOOD Pildiie' H uhl2--:TAMPA rve tried to. be Red, White and __ Blue .. t'B ih'fJ boys' at :MacDill and Drew. When your work is done, and you :Wanf some fun: Hospital '. B ouquets ORDER EARLY A T E N T I O N r poraJ's way of poking fun. When it comes to helping out WAACs -ARMY M:j::N another Squadron, the 303rd is LIO:qm(s THIS is the place tor you. Wired Anywhere in tht! U. S. A.. DANCING EVERY N'I'tE Learn to Dance CorreCtly. f a lwavs on the beam-doing its BY ONE WHO KNOWS .bit. Whatever tl'le 304th (or any i t-.... 1 8 k ffi 'other Sci.) ''Tisfies to learn about rna f00 S 17 .Years_ parties we'll be glad .. to lencL a Baa.IM: 2o7 PAREEB.ST. helping hand. Who said we were a seitish burich of T Night. Due to Llilior Snoriilge .1. .n .. PRIVATE DINING ROOMS c ; .. IJRS ..;;;; Jliii541Q'H 19 Ill,.-. k .. : ... .1:h f lilllilli i?,;:j, I illlillllliillliiiillllilllil-


-J:uiy 23. 194 3 THE ECHOES 4(}5th Group .,.. ": "f'!e I Sgts. '!!, I W!ler_ s m Qur p.nd j,liey disSimply heluva tune a E .. A c E ) turb our slumber. for we intend t.o WAC celebrate her 40th b1rthaay R D change their names. perhaps each I on the oelfch. Pf,c. Cpria;{'e,_ a ; i : A I ..... _._ l :Rq.in,.Rain,. l1,ain tc a number .. Our Adjutant! !iffi00th hero, l1;>aned a )l!!;lpmg ; I i ., Men, Men, Men ,makes our life Of qi:>eratiqns .. S f Sgt.;., .;;-' .. '\ ,growing larger stronger a nd day orders came. and he assumed he patrolled the shore-lm_e m r f __ .. 0 the hvQ the 405.th is beauty, since last week when "Curly" Hellam' duly noti_ced ?S f q t .. '--. ; .by day a little wetter. .. Sgt; L uongc's very ,quest qf :., "' The thing about tqe .we' envv. his qrand feeling,. ;UP soi:De 1 Gr:ovp that makes it so disMrs. hi_m hE!re, ,tf?.O ; 11 aJ ; I 'tmctJve IS that c:,hanges IS appealing "!Y'e: t.l;ie. -, r, w :, U aD :>1 would distu,Pt Wfu1y ,p,n_ ,qr" are really : : t'!l'l .. ,._;,' f : < r ,.: ,gamzatwn repair; ) Q,Ut; 'i :,, ;place ove.t: mght and yet thmgs ers.and.we'll s9on.welcome p.f R.V UIIDJ: .A.AJVWLICDE ual. -. ( !keep runnmg ji? Peters. : : ; J .tqeWAC. ;b,y !!J\ f 1022 11('6 -.. ;1 ,thanks to our Gommandmg T.heoluc1cies! !OOldle:r m our ,Wn).m :ilt ?:t_ )it! i 7" .tl ft'll 1.1 T #! r 'P.,; e H n .. e J 1 : J<:.er::, IVIajor Fre d G. !Jqo k : never. cause .h,! .. l_ nr r. l r ... jJ: 1' "'"' .. The P X ll:nnex m our area IS used :to be a bz:akeman. for *e,, ,SE;!c;!ll .m ; fJ:\e ., .. x ... ;,. ... .. : .. .. ....._, --r-" -" -;en)ar,ging a .bit to accomoc:I11;te our fhey Pensy : lfa::w< ),'\1s .. IG .. : personnel, sort of art outsideVer-Pfc.:Mmoff's gomghome> h1s iuor-iit ,the E!.11.1:'AIJNt.:'!.-C. '\for talent o fJ .. outside of f!fteen at. S,gt. W.It,J:i _._.;.,-. .. .. ianda effect with small stag_e, lc.ugh's :trimmed with lettuce, .:f_of! 'Qi qeads t BOB'S :,talent, II} I191ess v:md -of fare_ lS g. th.?t pnzed, virtue as w.ould ;qur _.no'o/ Is lne :ITl!lW StD. ;think Our IS .bke mann'!: ht,.ls a,t A -. a CJ?. _tt1:e-sf?,pP. ,f!d :9ff pn !t1s way to fl!':C,'[> J ._ : :. :'::"':-<- ...... ,._ ... (has no _on th!s. :-'l:i.a::>e l'heu as they. par.ade s .. .Ao 'I. & -' .. 'i others have shown C!Uite. a ; be qu1:te a d1slL a;!oi.'l;g :All-Y .or ,I1,J, gQt; : ,( .. ., "" ., ._,..., .... ,. _, . .. .fsk .pl\y t9 ,b_. y J:iiEN ,, ; ;f 9,qy hiJ.vin,g -. ci'lll ,ln g_as _ac-'!!. .. < .., ... .. A.l\5.a.L ... B omb S:n l)pakes .Nt : c.Qeps c\dent. :W:e ;u' e gl ........ T .. was staring at the telegram -yOu'll him. own: a rapt look h1s face and mg, he s each evemng, Qall s tled on his ankles without coun-names and WI_thout ex-mopolitan New Yorker he is ter-action. It was his first progceptwn, fi,I;st questwn a onew Easy-going, and _prossessing a eny, and the going had been man IS, when can I "'et a mastery over the picturesq4e : tough. furlough of the new bo_ys I jdiom. nothing better tlian I Reading the t elegram over Cpl. left for -home this wee k Haj)plest' to sit in on .. a yvith the I I II When yo I) have 5 p eopte o ca r it only costs you 5 cents pe.r person for a ride across DAVIS .(AUSE,WAY Bacons shoulde r, was Lt. Robert :;.mongst the lot was Pvt._ GnsantJ j l ads. Has a perfect pa1 in T f$tg. A. Forte, who assumed It had to from upstate. New YOI k. Cpl. Joe Fis h with whom he usually, do with planes and things. When Capone got hllns_elf a thre e day can b e found. Just about ,the;' he analvzed the messa?" e and d e -pass to get marne d. Gooa luck !:;rrioothest operator .in t .he $qua....... .. -.11111! ... -!i cinhered Cnl. Bacon's feeble Corporal: .. dron-plain noison with the gals 1 ....... fR A N.. K .... R .-.U .. A C H ,Ef-bleat. he said a manner charac-Sgt. W!llne IS a busy_ man -impeachable manners, an atten-ic of him: tJ:.ese days. Willi': has j tive ear and _lots of flowing chef at )itest _a,urant, '\W<>ll, why not?" himf.J?.lf dull .Sergeant fm the I talk. One of the best lads Broadway and 48th, New York, Cpl. Bacon anWACS. in the Squadron. A golf proida. got sand in his has sw:ered bri!!htly. Cpl. Thomas Is back after a 1_5 fessio'nal before entrance into the. ope.ne.d his own the Texas li eutenant ?av furlough .. The Corporal IS Anriv, "Hutch" did okay in N Y. I .said. ""t to mal<-e a cross JUSt as d etermmed as ever .to be golfing Circles Can't wait t1ntil ic 418 W. -.lc;d.aye:Ue Stree ; t col.lntry flight up way a 30 year man. he can get back into. grey flan11els I 6:30 tomorrow mormng Go get Sgil. G e lbanr;l Is due back_ th1s and the RairihowRoom. ,Specializing in Spaghetti and Ravioli that furlough an'd permission to week. S&'t. H1te was mighty J *_ __ -iC WE ALSO SERVE BEER WINES go' along. Bring your big umbre_lla busy durmg the past fifteen days 330'th s I c w \ ; .. a nfl be on the J';ne the h. W1th trymg to keep the squadron on tgna Q. tng th b ONE-DAY SERVICE PAUL'S' luck. ""u' ll be able to see what e earn. Bv Sot. John W. Dorinq EXPERT WA--"'CH R -EPAI-RING ..... -.the stork broue-ht bv noon." Sulphur Spnngs was the gatherThe 330th Signal Co. Wing trav. SA .that's how it lies now. The mg spr;>t for the 624th on our last I eied to B enjamin Field to take on 1 .. lieutemi.nt t0ok off with the eager day off. Everyplace you looked the Third Air Force in a softball W ai,ches ]e.welry Novelties corporal at the time "pecified_. and you spot one of the boys. game. The 330th put on a seven-j Our .Motto: "S.ervi!=e _M:en first" DrP''' Fielrl will have to wait spent the afternoon run spree in the third inning to 214 E. LAFAYETTE. NEXT to'. M _ANHAT_TAN CA_FE 1 Cnl. Bar:0!1' s report .OI;l tl;le su:pen-1 takmg Pictures. Cpl. Capone come from behind in a 3 to 1 SCflre 1 the afternoon rl!1d maL-e it 8 t6 3. They won the: !_ ______ o...;.;.P_E_N....;.;E_v_.E_R;__ ._Y_.;..N_I...;G_H..:. ... T_'T_'I_L_l.;..O_._P_ _M_. __ ..;.-. ch,lclrE'n. his Wife-to-be anothei _beaut! contest by a score of_ 16 to _6. The' ... CnL Bacon 1 s m the_ OperatiOns ful gal. Cpl. was nght on gan;e was plaved Ft:I.dav me-ht I JCi,Ip4c:;ated -+< the afternoon still open to any team on the News That Clicks ,():f the tr.v:If1.g_ to teach repor_ter howjfiP.ln that wishes to play a :to Sgt. Gnmm an-of softball. Games r:<>n .be made H t } JJ b Flqrida Stx-Two-Stx' everyone by dashmg here I hv calling Sne nurnl;jer By Pf:. A. CU:(ll..\J!d.,for new worlds to cor is 579 W. L. BAKE.R. The news t ,he.!?e quer. Ail.d last but not least, .. GASPARILLA TAVERN thai brmg C Ur men I Cpl. -B est had a time splashing I I Service Men Welcome w-ater over ever.J'm. e. 1 ASSEERRVVICIE(fMEHN'oS HJOEMLE COLONIAL GliiLL feel_i?g g:r.and. 62-5 th .Bomb Sq .. as m Tampa he does hnger, he : plac;ed preitv dimon_d ring, up-Things have been very quieti. .REASONABLE RATES 'Qn a .'sweet WAAC's.fmger-con<>round the ramp of the 625th. 102 E LAFAYETTE ST. ;gratulations tc. you Sarg, and lois 1 The new ratings came out and :Of 'hlck t:y c:r.ai*" we hope that I many cigars were' passed around 1;: ;,I do", tb.r re's .many as Diggles made M fSgt. Hardman,! little WAACy-two Sgis. m our Rowers & Redington finally made : 'il-Yi, a re'.1ately' seen together, t,hat SfSgts. rating and Belair, IJJLLrBo .. R .. O G .RILL \....) d:dn't know that they, both Bruens /lz; Arroye are now Sgts. i fU .) cared, we don't know what s the Best of ,luck. I Plant City, Fla. Hiigartp'er arid Cpl. B acon als0 out rJDan them gai s for .he received news that 11as reckoned. when he' hit bci.th he was a proud F ather .of a 5lb. with hi s da:J;i<;, and whis-girL Cpl. Bacon was one of that "J!i,s') .. Our_ .sgt. lucky fE:w to catch a ride home. --schmetier s In a whlrL devoid of in a plane. H e should be back' L a f a y e t t e H 0 'te f love and kisses. he sends a tele-and at. work in Operations in a gram eiosh .day, J;ec_al]ing his few days and we are sure S /Sgt. E. A. CLAY. Manager oMissus, sre hurried home up to .Trank will be glad of his return. New. Yorl{ co.nd found it enter Pfc. Cheyene is also home on 120 ,West Lafayette Street East Side of Bride tainini 'and f : hm'.:!iter misses furlough. 11er a lei, can't ,blame him fo r The Squadron has grown. W e Phone M 5588 Fla. A Clecm Bed and Bath The s T A I are gettin g in new m e n in Armament and some few new Mecha nic!'. Most of the new men at M A k"ll M St first wondP r what that loud noise C S I USIC Ores is that thev hear around camp but. Radios and Repairing Sound and Inter-Communicating Systems they ,soon find out it s i onl y R eel" Thomas and after they have eaten 304 Tampa St., Ccr. Lafayette a few meals they a l so learn he i s Capehar:t and Scott Radio Service CLEAN -COOL Furnished Roo.ms Nec. r Drew Field, Bus e n .. Corner. REASONABLE -lSi'S Armer.ia Ayenue '' We6 Tampa one of our best cooks. "Reel' hails from Ken tuckv but mo s t of his frienrl s thinks h e will settl e in GE:orgi a afte r the war i s over. 627th Bomb. Sq. (Bv Se-t. J. E. Hannon) The Jocals down at Clearwate r Beach are shaking their j heads over the way the 627th moved in. And the gals are ver y i illli. ill .. .. llli .. lii11 happy about the who l e thing. lll6 Grand Central Phone H-3787 viCTOR CAFEJ BEER WINES J 1324 Fra11klin Ph. M-72411 I BILL BAILEY, Prop. 1 Member V F W & Am. Legion BAY VIEW HOTEL I I FIREPROOF CONSTRUCTION-EVERY ROOM WITH BATH COFFEE .SHOP IN CONNECTION W. B. SHULER, Manager 208 JACKSON ST Between FRANKLIN & TAMPA TAMPA. FLORIDA -PHONE M 5537 SERVICE MEN ALWAYS WELCOME LIBERTY BAR Tony Italiano, Prop. WINESBEER SOFT DRINKS 717 Grand Central Ph. H 3109 Courtesy and Consideration Ex1 ended to Men and Women. in Service. THE NEW FLORIDA HOTEL 'Lakeland's Largest and Finest!. LAKELAND, FLORIDA John E. Ballenger and Associates, Ow,ners A. Baumberger, Mgr. CENTRAL COMPANY, 0 I L IN C. ALWAY:S SAY.,. H 0 L S U M B R E A o J EXTRA FRESE!I Tampa, Florida


"Want. a Lift, Buddie!" Concerts Broadcast From. Band Shell ; Page 3) G. ts Share GJ. Tru.ck the first 'weEik's concerts have been supplied by Mrs. E. Bryant Woods, one of Tampa's music enthusiasts. The Service Club Musical Library has also been used. Following is the daily program for the concerts: Monday:. The Magic Flute, Mozart; Donkey Serenade (Grand Canyon Suite), Grafe; The Sunshine_ of 1 Your Smile, Ray-Cooke; Minl.1et in "G," Paderewski; Valse Triste, Sibelius; March of the Boyards (Bolero), Ravel; My Old Ken tucky. Home, Foster; In the Hall of the Mountain King (Peer Gynt Suite}, Grieg; Rhapsody in Blue Movement), Gershwin. ':t'ue ;iday: -If you're g .oing to town in a G.I. vehicle, how: about picking up a Operon Overture, Weber; Blue buddie or iwo whcare going the same way? S ,aves gas, fires, time. Danube Waltz, Strauss; Danse :Macabre, Saint-Solus; Moonlight : .. 1a a illf I Sonata, Beethoven; L'Amour tache. gets his daily over Burma and China were anToujo.urs L'Amour; Friml-Cushexerctse chmbmg 111 and out of. nounced Tuesdiay by the War De Ofd Black Joe, Oh Susanna, the Message Center jeep and gab-partment. The awards were given Foster; Concerto in "F" (First bing with the WACs at Base ... to: Movement), Gershwin; Anitl'a Wonder if Markey is still reading Jack G. .Hamilton, Captain, Dance, Grieg; The Faithful Shepso much at the new barracks? .. Jasper, Florida, and to Rae C. herd. Suite, Handel-Beecham. Simmons acquired a new Chevvy. Kelley, 1st Lieutenant, 510 North Wednesday: Tr<),nsfers-Minnick and "Thom Street, West .Palm Beach, Fla. Rofl!eO and Juliet -Overture, went to pale Mabry while Barnes Tschatkowsky; Roumanian Rhap-and Connolly finally got shipped 1--'t sody No. 1 (First Movement), to Keesler Field for technical Euesco; Hungarian Fantasia, schooling Hollis Bunn and ATURE FORGETS REMEMBER Lizst; Unfinshed Symphony "Charlie" Taylor ain't talking WHEN N t A\.x _, Harbach; Morning. (Peer Gynt which resulted in his landing ii1 -rl suite), Grieg; I Dream of Jeanie the hospital red as a herring.. tne With the Light Brown Hair, Fos-You can't keep a good man j_pxtr/tYe ter; Concert iiJ.. "F" (Third Move-down and WO Juel Lien is back :m. en t), Gershwin; Pastorale at work. .. Burke and "Royal ., not toO strong! (Faithful Shepherd Suite), Han-Crown" Williams have informed not toO mild! del Beecham. ye columnist that Earl Duncan v ht' Thursday: MIGHT get married on his AuIt/ it's just rig Faithful Shepherd Suite (In-gust furlough ... "Pee Wee" De As a troduction), -Handel Beecharn 'Boogie Woogie' record. Tales From the Vienna Woods' gets a _mghtly workout 1on Royal S-t r .au s s ; Der .. R-osenkavalier: Stmuss; Minuet-i:n G Major, Padyvonder whiCh Hg_. runner IS Come Whet; e My Love gomg to wear h_ts ftrst Lies Dreaming Foster Sleepy La--Frank Jones, PolltWLJJ Y Palazgoon, Thoughts zotto or "Snow White" Feay? While Strolling, from 0 0 .Me it---'----lnt_Yr e ; ?f Ase (Peer Gynt Floridi ans Receive Sutte No. _), Gne_g; Musette; Bour :ree (Faithful Shepherd Suite), The Flymg Cross Handel-Beecham; Concerto in "F_"' (Second Movement), GershWll1. Awards of the Distinguished it Flying Cross io officers and SEA BREEZES listed men of_ the United States 6Q5 Franklin St. Expert Watch Repairs B'-. Army, lOth Atr Force, for extra1 Y Cpl. Alvin M. Amster I ordinary achievements in flights i as plenty of ex-1!1 penods wtll be spent in the 'Junior Victory Corps' tilling yon soil in the proximity of ye ba.rracks. Maybe it means. dispo.sessing our mosquitoes of their homes? We hope Mr. Owens, in charge o:f the new 'real estate,' can develop this area with athletic facilities which will -include both h _andball and volleyball coutts. Then we could have inter-barALL-STAR WRESTLING City Auditorium, Monday, July 26, 8:30 P. M. WALTER (The Gang) "K.O." ("RED") U N D E R H I L L vs. D U G A N 220 pounds CHIEF 325 lbs. Georgia .Bad Boy. 200 pounds COWBOY racks athletic competition. 'Original Masked Marvel T AMPA.'S OWN 260 lbs. .Just a few changes around Hq. SAUNOOKE vs. L U T T R A L L Col.. is now Acting ExADMISSION: Ringside $1.6-5 Res.; $Lio -Gen., 55c ecutive, batting for Col. Kyster I Ticl<:ets.?n._ sale Elite Cigar .Stores, .Cigar _Store, who was transferred elsewhere. ;,.George's' Billiard Parlor; SERVICE MEN REDUCED TO 35c Even though Capt. Gilmore Lt Colley had to return to the Anne,x to.avail themselves of-suit able space, we note that Capt. Gilmore's mustache is now defi .in the visible stage. Latest went our Squadron Dentist, Capt. Goldhush who was one bar last week. Overheard reactions to the new barracks' location too many mosquitoes but the inosquitoes equipment works fine we understand why Army chow is called 'mess' nciw that we are eating from mess kits ... but the food-and system at the 314 ,Chow House beats anything we had at Consol No. 2. Mush Questions Wonder why they call Bob "Killer" Kane the no\ra Baron Munchhausen? ... What Hq. driver recently blitzed whieh-Lt. Col.'s cigarette case? .. Wbat certain Hq. girl has Joe "Pierre" Lavelle been making IALL ONE PRICE $4.99 Cool Restful Atmosphere Superb Food Excellent JAMES B PICKARD, Mgr, A. -S. BECK SHOES FOR MEN SHOES MILITARY GUARDSMAN eyes -at? Ledbedder hasn't said if he I 508 FRANKLIN STREET TAMP A, FLORIDA plans to use wax on his. new musG u a r a n f e e d Walch Repairing Over 40 Years in Tampa Service Men's Watches 'Repaired l.n Leas Than One Week Tampa Loan Co. 90!1 FRANKLIN STREET "'TAMPA'S OLDEST AND MOST LIBERAL LOAN COMPANY" 1407 3ZZZ I I -----------Whether it's a gi-ft for Aunt Minnie or a complete:outfit for yourself, you'll find it at MAAS BROTHERS THE FLORIDA WEST COAST'S LARGEST DEPARTMENT -STORE ,_ __ lllillillll_ .... _______ .. LARRIE'S 506 Franklin Street, Next to Madison Drucrs HEADQUARTERS FOR THE WELL-DRESSED ARMY MAN Van Heusen Mili-tary Shirts $2.75 Burton's Irish Poplin Shirts 3.75 8 Point 2 Chino Shirts and Pants, 3.50 4.50 Solid Brass Buckles SOc and 1r We Also Carry a Full Line of Campaign Ribbons, Chevrons, and Miliiary Jewelry. NO CHARGE FOR ALTERATIONS Attention WAACS and Wives of Army Men -VISIT v A L D E z H A I Ry L I s T OF 5th A VENUE, NEW YORK Grand Prize Winl\Br for Hair Styling in Florida 807 TAMPA STREET -:PHONE :M 1215 ALSO FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE AT MACDILL FIELD, Station 447, Post Exchange Gilbert System Hotel BeUy C. Mitchell, Mgr. 746 Central Ave. St. Petersburg Phone' 7864 "Tour Home Away From Home" You Are Always Welcome A Phone In Every Room Hot and Cold Water at All Times FERNANDEZ RESTAURANT Caban Sanwtch .& speclaltl 12111 P'I'&Dklin 8L


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