Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 2, no. 21 (July 30, 1943).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
July 30, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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"ll\ VOL. 2 NO. 21 .Published Exclusively in the Ihterest of the Personnel of Drew Field Friday. July 30, 1943 Son of Drew Field Officer Wins Presidential Citation for Exceptional Service in Marines Sgt. Eugene P. Simsic, youthful hero of the U. S. Marine Corps, heme from 10 months in Guadalcanal. greets his father, W.O. (s.g.) Phillip Simsic, Assistant Adjutant, Base Headquarters, Drew Field, while Mrs. Simsic looks on approvingly. Sgt. Eugene P. Simsic, Aerial gunner in the U. S. Marine Corps, is visiting his home in Tampa after 10 months in Guadacanal where he was twice cited for exceptional service. The Presidential citatron is awarded with the recommendation that the coveted Medal of Honor be given the service man at a later daie. The tall, shy youngster, is very modest about the as well as the other three medals on his breast. They are the Manne Corps Expeditionary Medal, given for all expeditons not by specially awarded medals, the American Theatre of War medal, and the three starred meda l for participation in three major engagements in the Southwest Pacific. On his s houlder the 17 year old youth wears the huge figure 1 surrounded by white stars of the Southern Cross, representative of the 1st Division, Guadacanal. Born February 4, 1926, at Columbia, South Carolina, Sgt. S.imsic was educated at Baton Rouge, La. He enlisted at New Orleans April 23, 1942 Questioned about his entermg the se:rvice so young, the ser gec:.nt said: I knew Dad wouldn't get me in under age, so I had to get myself in. I had to go! I hung around the Marines so long they had to take me to get rid of me. Besides, Dad got in the army under age so I didn't think he'd mind very much." Sgt. s.rmsic received his boot training at San Diego, Calif., and was sent from there to North Island from whe1e he sailed for Hawaii in September 1942. He was stationed at Eva Field, Hawaii, until October 29. On November 11, 1942 he was ordered to Guadacanal. Sgt. Simsic had little to say of the actual fighting which never ceased after his arrival in Guadacanal. "There's really nothing very unusual a _bou t my experiences there. As a tail gunner, one day was just like another-excitment, as the folks back home think of it, was as common as chow. "The only incident that I can think of off-hand, and that wasn't 1,musual, took place on December 3. We took off and saw four heavy Jap cruisers. They had no fighter protection. It looked like a cinch! Suddenly we saw planes in the sky, but they were our own P-39s. The gang of us ran into about 45 Jap Zeroes. Three of them were o n our tail. We chased two away smoking and a .P39 got the other. the zeroes out of the way, we started dropping "fish .orpedoes) when we were no more than a hundted feet above the water. We hit amidship and went back to the base where we learned that we'd made our target for sure." Sgt. Simsic is the son of WO (sg) and Mrs. Phillip Simsic, 2825 Morgan Street, Tampa. WO Simsic is Assistant Adjutant, Base Headquarters, Drew Field. Drew Officers Entertained At Promotion Party Shown abeve are the newly promoted Drew Field o.fficers 'who were entertained at a buffet supper at the Base Officers' Club this week. Included are: Majors E. P. Jones and C. K. Delano; Captains Wm. King. W. S. Beckett. H. C Coward, D. J. Dole, F G. Favorite, E. B. Dailev. Rudolph Bosileman; First Lieutenants G. E. McCar thy, L. R. Rohr, T. A. Crocker, Charles Andr-ews. Oscar Chase and R. T. Gayley. Drew WAC Model New Drew C.O. Has 22Year Service Record To Take Part In Musical Comedy "Being a commanding officer of an air base squadron is a good Patricia K. Ulrich, South Bend, I d b f th 756th WAC deal different from that of being n ., mem er o e C 0 f f t Headquarters Company o an m an ry company, has found her civilian 1 said Capt. Charles J. O'Laughlin, of value for spare time service. who recently succeeded Capt. John A. Schneider as commandPatncta, who works at a clen: ing officer of the 314th Base cal job is to become a part of the I Headquarters and Air Base Special Services Musical Comedy i Squadron. More Flying Time Than His Pilots/ Is Record of New 405th C. 0. show being planned for the perj "The C.O: of a!l tram-. mg umt trams wtth.his men e tght Dt ew Field. hours or more daily," the _Pat told Specia l Services dd d "and takes care of the ad-: officers a e At I took part in dra-min,istrative aetails the ( matic work and loved it. I in-days work IS d pne. _'[hats p _artly tended to become an instructor due to the of in physical training but the war On the other ha!ii;l., m an au; base 1 came along and ended that. squadron ?-C.O.fis able; to 1 Everyone at home was gone.: regulate htshours, confr_nmg him.'M y brothers were in the service. 1 self_ to admmistratlve It wasn't home any Ion,ger. I duties. went to work in a defense plant, I Capt. 0 Laughlm }S m a post but it didn't seem that I was doto draw such a contrast. ('>.n ing enough. I had to do some-mfantry. offtcer of long standmg thing that was actually a part of before h1s assignment to the Atr the fight my brothers were carryI Corps_ on December 13? the ing td the enemy. captam has brought with him Enrolling in the WAC, I felt Drew Freid a wealth of expenthat I was really going in there, ence. to pitch-that I was needed, and, The new C.O. of the 314th, who that sooner or later my civilian _born August 16, 1895, at training would be of s-erv ic e. Now 1 Vtrgmia, Mmnesota, has been I'm certain of it. Frankly, I had decided not to From the Mi ssissippi River Bluffs of J'enilessee comes an individual as rugged as the state he calls home. He is none other than Maj. Fred G. Hook, of Memphis, who early developed a yen to fly, and did. that I was not doing enough. Starting earl y in life with a re-enlist in the WAC. I still felt 11 Friday morning I read an add worn out plane, bailing wire and on the front page of the Drew other hillsman'srepair accessories, Echoes. It slapped me right in' h e piled up many hours of flYing the face. There was something I I I time for fun as well as a means could do in addition to the rou-of livelihood, before he entered tine job. I went after it. the armed forces to put his abili-As a part of the morale building ties and knowledge to work where program in Special Services, I where it would do the most good. feel that I've found an added inWith his group at Drew Field centive for remaining in the ser-since its activation early last vice. Surely, there can be no March, which he served in the greater part for one with my capacity of executive officer, the ale for troops to whom recrea-major is thoroughly conversant training than the building of mor-with each stage of its develope-tiona! relaxation is as important ment and well suited to command. as good chow and proper rest to Moreover, h e has more fl ying time make them fighters. than any of his pilots-, is the Now that I've found this ad-crack-shot of the group officers ditional service in the WAC, I on the pistol range and an in-hope to be among the firs t to re-defatiguable athelete in physical enlist for the duration plus-as training periods. long as I can be useful to the the armed services for 22 years. Maj. Hook has a wealth of anec-service and to h e l p those lads Eighteen years have been spent as dotes garnered from days when who are going out to fight a long-a commissioned officer. During h e belonged to that fraternity of side my brothers. All my spare these years he has trained with fliers who followed closel y on the time is their time. machine guns and was command-heels of the barnstormers. Auxiliary Ulrich was recently ing officer of a heavy weapons "I'd fly my crate anywhere, chose n as the "Typical WAC" to company in the Colorado Nationa l anytime," the major said, "and be sculptured by Philip D eFluers, Guard when the 45th Division, to darned glad of the opportunity. former New York and Hollywood which he was assigned, was called All that I needed was gas, oil and sculptor who made the bust of to active duty September 16, 1940. of course the bailing wire. The CoL Melvin B. Asp. His military history includes remarkable thing is, that with -----i'C attendance at the Fort Benning I had never had a crack-up!" Third fighter Com (Ga.) Infantry School, where time running into four pursued a cou_rse for figures when I entered the service, Off1cers Promoted 1 company officers, gra?uatmg on/ Maj. Hook is the 405th Bomb May 28 1937. In addttlon he con-group's third commander. It was The officers promotions for I eluded the three-month course for originally by Lt. Col. Headquarters III_ Fighter CombattaliOn and staff/ Marvin S. Zipp, who was recently mand last week mcluded that of offtcers whtch was completed placed on another assignment. Major Gordon T Gould, Jr., and September 9, 1940 Maj. Hook replaces Lt Col. Mark 1st Lt. Edward F. Barth. R elieved of h is assignment with E. Hubbard, who served a short Major Gould, Assistant Signal the infantry because of th.e age time before his assignment to Officer, has been with the III l imit, he was assigned to the ex-Command and Staff schooL Fighter since May, 1942 Prior panding Air Corps, -reporting to M a j. Hook' s chief h obbies are flyto then he was a departmer\ head the Savannah Air Base on Decem-ing. hunting and fishing, all of at Drew Field's Rader Scho' o l for ber 13, 1941. H e remained at that which h e may indulge in F lorida, five months. station until February 7, 1943, that is. in rare moments of A West Point Cadet and grad-when he was transferred to Wayfreedom al lote d to a group comuate of the United States Mili-cross, Georgia, a sub. -base of I mander. tary Academy in June, 1941, Ma-Drew Field, where he served as Maj. Hook is the son of Mr. and. jor Gould was commissioned as a Base executive officer. On June Mrs. Freel G. Hook, Sr. of 1211 Signal Corps officer. He received 28 of this year he was ordered Jackson ave., M emphis. He atadvanced communications to Drew Field to assume co m -tended Humes High School there ing at Harvard College. mand of the 314th Base Head-and is a men1ber of the Memphis Lt. Edward F Bartl received quarters and Air Base Squadron. Aero Club and the National Aero-his silver bars. H e has been Capt. O'Laughlin was a road nautical Association. A_ss1stant Ordance Offtcer, III supervisor for the state of Coloi"-----Ftghter Command, smce Decem-rado in civilian life. H e make s Fair Exchang e I s No Robbery ber. 29, 1942. Lt. Bartl was an his home at Wellington, Colorado, A id ea. m exchanging enlisted man for one al}d one with his wife and two children. dances Will begm on W ednesday half years prior to attendmg OrHis 19-yearold son i s a corporal evenings w h e n trucks carrying dnance. OCS from where h e grad-in th'e 157th Infantry, stationed 125 Drevv Field soldiers w ill_g o to uate d m of la_s t year. at Camp Barkley, Texas. In his 1St. Petersburg .. The men w tll atLt. Bartl IS a native of Wtsconsm. spare time, the captain hunts and tend a dance given especially for -----i" fis hes and likes to get in a bit them. More Stnpes? of swimming. The same trucks w tll m ake the 1 -1< return tnp to Drew Ftelcl carry-Get Em Sewed On Here Lost in g 100 young women from St. Enlisted men who have st_ripes to h e sewed on uniforms, minor alterations, or mending done, may avail themselves of the sewing service rendered by the Officers' I Wives' Sewing Circle. Clothing s hould be left at Cha-1 pel No. 1 before 10 oclock Tuesday morning. A WAC u t i lily coat with hood was lef:t in WAC area bus Sat urday. Will finder turn it in to bus driver or call Orderly room of 756th WAC Post -Head quarters Company. Leiss o:f the coat will mean a month's pay to the owner if not re covered.' Petersburg to attend the Service Club Dance at this base. The ve-l hicles taking the voung women home after the dan"ce wi ll return the Drew men to the i r base. Tickets for the dance will go on sale Tuesday at e:OO p. m. The trucks for the men will leave the base promptly al G:OO f.l. m., Wednesdays.


TilE A lonely G. I. Learns Is Not Gold ..... I the world from w hich he had games on pay day, and the pinch I come and to which he was return-ing pennies at the !i;11d of the 11 ing. But it seemed like a wall of r:1onth. Even a postage stamp felt stone. Its gates had closed on hke a ten-dollar bilL him for the last time. He wasn't I And he remembered dnll and By T/5 Richard Odlin coming back that night-or any policing, an<;l, calisthenics1 S?ftA man in a uniform other night. ball horseshoes, an. d the time ; 'St.ood at the gates of Drew Field On the bus, as' it rumbled and I at reverlle when Cpl. Zip got flus-groaned into Tampa, he felt even ter:ed reported1 men -.the other evening. H e was at the more alone. He was dresse<:l. the pnvate mstead of absent. Crossroads as h e stood there in same way .the other boys were He thought of the times he'd twilight looking out over the 'dressed, but h e didn't feel "one cussed the non-coms and what a :field for tbe last time. His hand. of them." good guy "Mugs" was (he was the Oh, he Laughed and talked with top pick), and how damned much, -tightened on the envelope he them. After all, they didin't know he really liked the so-and-so's r h eld.. he was going "out," b .ut _inand how terribl .. y l.1e missed t h em ... : :u was his "honorable dissrde. hrs heart was heavy .. A quick, The bus j9lted to an abrupt, :barge." The last glow of crimsharp pam caught at rt h_e stop ... Tampa. The last passen ;:sou in the sunse t sky was swrftly thought of Al, the ger was gone and he stepped off :fading; melting. into : the derly, runmng after lum m a P.arr the bus. He took one last look at .:and blue of oncoming night. of shorts and fatigue hat, waVll1g it his last link with Drew Field 'As ile stood the re, gazing at the a sock and yellir:g, ,;'Hey, Ray, Army life. Yes, he was going 3.nag roads and rows of barracks, you forgot. sometlung. honl.e. j li ht fl 1 d one by And h e thought of "Brass and 1 "the g s rc pmr three tinYes a day. He'd the' whole darned place wri: one1:;ide and t]:Je d, l ;miit up an Image of hfe m mi.vc :v.orld, till it. resem -I, an paradrse m tech :'[S_j!:.o\o,r, hut that, l ;emember, was 'W>d? iie b e 'was still waiting. J:v .en an hour before they' d lrzqed him in to get his final re he'd felt that way. -.nut now it was over. WelL had happened to him ldc-ep down inside. lAMPA TERWKGE E;{pR;GE II.MA. sOf\I.Mg : = .;,J:-"' 1 .... ...,. ..... .. --_. .. & TONY MASON'S ORCHESTRA fe. ';ltur:ing jEANNE RI-CHARD Hold Tight Going Around the Cu,rves! What a figtue she was be hind a soda' But the satins brought out the be:;;t in her!! 'lUg:hll:y Dang.ero. u _s' Lana Ro.JJN'i Young Air-Conditioned Ph. 3290 : .. 9c--30c Sunday and MoJ:J..day Reap th. e Wild Wind In Technicolor Paulette Goddard E v e r y N. i g b t .. 8 tillll E X C E P T M 0 D y;. Sc. Far e On Da,vi. s ls.land Bu!sel LEAVING CO:EJ,NER FRANKLIN AND. CASS STREETS; '. 7':15 7:45 -8:15, '7. SOU.TH'S FINEST SKATI'NG.RINK-210 ; E. Lafa1:e.Ue Gpp;d. foQ: d.' -... "I:r:y. Served From 11 A.M. to 9 P.M. ALA CARTE SERVICE AT ALL HO.URS : .. ,; : .. --. > 1 .- .... DA., Y A.,li{D. :fi:lGH .'r WE US. E STRICTLY WESTERN Groceries Tobacco Canc.ly; N .otions Adams Whiting and .Jefferson Streets. FLORIDA .---= Special Invitations io All Service Men GLEN'S BJ LLIARDS Now In Its New Location 805 TAM.PA ST. If You Already DO IT NOW Tt! M E E T Y O U R F R I E N D S A T T H E SARATOGA B ,AR @2. V Corner Foriune and Fr.anklin Dancing. Every Night in the to "S outh's B est Negr(), Rhythm" B .EER WINES :__ LIQ,.UOR S Matinee Danc ing 'i'H: E C H :ATTERBOX ., ,\ ,. I .Hea1 na,liaii SANDWICHES DRINKS LIQUORS Abba D abba and Band 7:30 io 12 Every Nigpt CLOSED SUNDAYS 707 S. HOWARD A VENUE PHONE H 3757 ELITE CIGAR STORES Ph,on, e 7-988 -'Ife had thought he'd be light l;,carted and gay, fuH of pep! ili;i .ter all. he was getting out. But .'!:;i 'd,idri't feel light-hearted. He 'fitS full of odd emotions, and he :idt a deep loneliness. Only a wire fence separated :iiurr.i''from the life cf th" fl,mv. illw world he'd known for those month8, and the outside, Ray Milland. II 'The Sport Headquarter. of Tampa' wiNE' B .EERCIGARS All Service Men Are Welc:ome Barcelona Cafe SPANISH RESTAURANT WINES AND LIQUORS Phone S 2142 Open All Night t714 Nebraaka and Oaborne i LOANED Cl!\i ANYTHING OF V ALTJE TAMPA LOAN CO. .. TAMPA'S OLDEST AND MOST -LIBERAL" STREET i 'KNIGHT PAP. E R B .ROS. co r na Bell Phones 4205 4204 ; "A for Every Tampa and Zack Phone 3003-9c, 25c Saturday and Sunday "Reveille With Beverly" An Miller John Carroll 'After Midnight with Boston Blackie' Chester Moriis, Aim Savage n.,. I I lOI) 7-ar lr 2Q7 TWiggs Phone !\1 (12-H:;".: P4one JU-1236 EXPERT WATCH REPAIRING QUICK SERVICE FOR SERVICE MEN KENNETH T. JONES SECOND FLOOR 211 Y2 CASS STREET Service Men Welcome The Tavern Bar & Grill GILBERT HOTEL HOT AND COLD LUNCHES Spaghetti a Specially 811 Tampa St. Phone M 1094 311 Franklin St. Phone 3940 George. T. Brightwell. Mgr. LIQUORS-BEER-WINES (


July 30. 194-3 THE E:cHOES Army Specialized y ,I ; N V W 1 Z of _$IO,doo in with a ft R wa1ver on the exammatron. Of-: Training Pro' gram ficers urged to keep their. rhe Base Classification Officer, By .personnel alert to the deadline which handles ASTP, has moved BOB HAWK date. .. I .to the corner of 8th and "B" .. i':---Stree ts, into what was formerly To Bf: Dta.fted? 'Quife .. the III Fighter Command Buil't>urse at Tampa Umversity was 8. Has the srze of Amencan atinounced in this P!lPer for tii6se wrrien's f e .et 1ilcreaMd. (hiring the who need such .courses in order past 10 years? F .() qualify Jor AS,TP ,.9. In a card game, wha't IS a ested should leave their names at I wrdow? Ba$e Cl3:ssif _iatiol'\ 'offi: ce. The ... JO. Vlhich '

Pa,gtll our T -HE ECHOES July 30, 1S43 -------------c----.. THE ECHOES P. 0. Box 522 GLENE R. ROSS. Publisher TAMPA ARMY NEWSPAPERS Ilusiness Office: 1113 FLORIDA AVENUE TAMPA, FLORIDA Phone 2177 All ad .vertisemenfs contained in fhis newspaper are also contained Ia the l_.ly Leaf, published in fhe interesf of the personnel of MacDill Field. Minimum joint circulation, 10,000 copies. ADVERTISING RATES FURNISHED ON REQUEST A newspaper pul>iished exclusively fer the personnel of Drew Field and devoted to military interests and the United Nation!' Victory. 0pinions expressed in this newspaper are those of the individual writers and under no circumstances are they to be considered those ot the United States Army. Advertisements in this publication do not constitute an endorsement by the War Department or its perlonnel of the products advertised. Home Town Nostalgia Entire Family All Out For Victory WAC. BACK TAbK BY Aux. Molly A. Adams So you can't take it, huh? "The wome n will n e v e r be able to stand it! "Phooey, women don't belong in uniform. Leave e m in the kitchens, at home, away from all the excitment-"out of the know." ',Why, they'll never be able to make the snap judgement required of officers. They'll never get anywhere. They'll never be able to move troops, to march, to drill, or anything. They just werln't made that way. They're too dumb-too dependent. This is a man's war. They"ll just be in the way. "It can't be done, I tell you! Imagine women living together, eating together, working together, .for any length of time. Why, they'll probably claw each other's eyes out before it's over, or if the.y don't they'll go nuts, as ,sure as shootin'. They"re too catty to do it and too weak. "Who wants a lot of skirted soldiers around anyway? The officers won't have lem, you"ll see. "Petticoat army, bah. What on oith will we do wid 'em? "The government is just wasting money. It's foolish, stupid, idiotic! Why, women can never be soldiers! They can't bear the hardships of it-they"ll fold up, wait and see. They can't give up the conveniences they've been. used to-their sheer stockings, their clotheshorse ideas, their fat, jucy defense job salaries, their leisure time, their entertainment. It'll last a month or two-'then poof!" Sounds familiar, doesn't it. We defied them. We fought tooth and nail for the opportunity The town is any village or small city in these United States. Mrs. R. C. McNeal, shown to show the world in general-and our families and frLends in It's the suppers in the church basement, where the Catholic pro-above, was fc::> lonely fo. sfay particular-that they were .wrong. prietor of the Corner Drug sits next to the Baptist. owner of the home and keep house affer her Now,one short year later, we have the opportunity to get out of Handy-Andy Grocery, the Congregational minister talks corn five sons wenf fo war. She is it all, to return to the civilian life we kne. w then. prices with the Methodist farme r, and the gent who owns the now emploved as a cashier af What's the matter girls? Don't. you think you're inclined t r .. Cosmopolitan Haberdashery on Main Street (Gents' Furnishings) Posf Exchange No. 10, Drew rationalize a bit? Isn't that fervent and angry declaration of you. discusses (with a pronounced accent) Little Abie's operation with Field. that you "can do a damne d sight more for .the war effort in my olif""'i' Mrs. Black who is a Christian Sci.entist-it' s Mrs. Joe Dokes', wife 1c job" just another way of saying, I couldn't take it! Maybe they of the garage man, Brown bread and baked beans-Mrs. White's T Sgt Harty Ma 'es w e r e right. I'll just go home and-start in at the defense plant again, angel food that wins prizes at. the county fair-it's Grandma Hol. rn nobody will be the wiser: I imagine my boss had a terrible time leran' s patchwork quilts that are made with veined and rheumatic Home Town Sweetheart r eplacing m e anywa y I r eally owe it to" hirri to g o back. It just isn't hands during winter days when she can' t g e t outside b ecause of a fair for anyone of my. capability to throw it all .away on the IN A G. the ic y streets-it' s the neighborly gossip evenings when .A Techimca l Serbeant of Drew If I can t be the w hol e machine I r efuse t o b e a c og n0 m atter how the farmers come in to do their tradin,g"---'-it s Mrs McGonigle's Tampa, lfl a D?nald important a cog. Why, I wouldn' t think o f subordinating m yself to bay window on Niain street, full of blooming plants because she has H arty, the little he the war e ff o r t After a ll, I'm important. M y desire s should come a "green the small town frindliness tha t accounts for b ehmd hm_l, up home 111. Illmors first I'm .not reall y b eing selfish-well not v e r y I don' t feel un.. house in town having a flowering plant from the "slips" gi,;en w ere reumte d m _arne d here p atriotic, d efinite l y not"! tf"'-!11 by Mrs. McGonigle--'-it s the corne r drug store w h e r e the last Wednesda) mormng m a Why, I'm capable of contributing something worthy of m y educa-. gather evenings to play the juke box while t hey sip colorful c e r emor-:1 a t _Sacre d tion and background, my training--'-and w h a t am I doin.g ? Filing! sodas sheep' s at _the set-:-it' s the awe d feelrs f9_sl fi.l_e.:. _9f it can b e found in,g one chalice rs rarsed alte r ... ':L again, but that'S b eMITe the pomt. Srttmg answermg a telephone! c;oming through makmg_ It the The perPhooe y! Any eighth grade_ g_radu ate can a phone Holy Grail-the hush that prayer m the formed b y Dr b ase B eing a mess enge r! Rrdrculous! Imagme m e w heelmg my village church and< the rustling sound as the congregation s ettles Chaplam, Fr a ncrs L. Auer. college degre e down the street on a brc y cl e JUSt to carry messages. back to h ear the sermon-it' s the s ound of youngesters Best man was Staff Sergeant Why m y talents are b eing wasted! I'm ce rtainly going to get out!" "Praise God" in the Sunday School room in the. basem ent:_ it's the H _arry, F Schott, at_tached the who stays is absolutely crazy picnic the last day of school-it' s the poignant.thrill at hearing Taps _grooms a Come on, WACs, admit it! You know darned w ell you're not too blown at the cemetary on Memorial Day when the villabae arose of long Lady 111 wartmg bia for any job provide d you do that well. You can make a measly to the bnde was Mrs. Henry P. b k d t d y 'll f d early to decorate the graves of therr loved ones wrth peome s and M t h 1 t t JOb mterestmg rf you ma e up your own mm. o o so ou m iris, a few plutocrats having "boughten" wreaths from the city oor e, ec mea mspec -it's only a person who can a small JOb n:rake th; most greenhouse-it's speeches in the park on July 4 and the fireworks in to the ZZnd Bomb trammg of i. You're brg enough to do the JOb, no matter wh?t rt rs, aren t you? the evening-it's the weekly band concert in the park with the old 1#gil th. h h Susie, it takes a lot of courage a lot of _bram _matter. lot. of folks sifting quietly in parked cars while the young .folks stroll magnananimity to make yourself a tm:y: cog m a brg like hand in hand through the less well lighted park -the kindt'. d t th T T :D this one-to forget those wonderful you accomph_shed as liness shown when Death 'lays its hand on a home-the pref)ared re ne 0 e ampa errace or a civilian-to forget what you fondl?' believe your mdespenfood brought in to fee' d relatives gathered for the last rites-it's ths 11 sability-to forget yourself-and get m there anfi prtch. That's what the broths and eg;gs fresh from the nest and the home grown k g y orrer Y.t 'fr you swore you'd do, isn't it, for the duration and six months. You flowers brought to invalid-it's the running in to VPIFu ir f1 c !=1 were once big enough to want to do it. Are you now? borrow a cup of flour or to sit up a night or two with an ailing. e a deyM ea E'tn1s. Ve Or, shall we take the easy way, and prove to the wrllmg, yea, eager child-it's the country doctor who you into and of Prl.'or to listeners and onlookers that we just couldn't take it? you through me1;J-Sles, you for your prehmrhnarky ing the Army Air Forces, he. was Aux. Molly -Ada" ll'S the author of WAC. BAC_ K T _ALK, hails from physrcal so y _ou could_get.mto the Army_or the WAC, who s oo employed in the bonus depart hand wrth tears m hrs he wrshed you <;iodspeed, who ment of Libby-Owens-Ford of Nampa Idaho. She is a graduate of the Umversrty of Idaho and wrll m _ake your dea.th certrf.rcate when your time comes, -Ottawa. has he/B. A. She taught school for five years_ bef_ore enrolling in the who wrll certamly be one of the mourners at your funeral rf Entering the service in March, WAC. Auxiliary Adams is now a clerk-typrst 111 the Base Publlc marks yc;m away from home-rt s the aunts and. uncles_ and 1942 Sgt. Harty's advancement Relation_:.:s:....:o:=f::fi:=c..::.e.:.... cousins wh

July 30. 1943 THE ECHOES FROM THE SPECIAL SERVICES OFFICE FuU-Length Shows Are I a Band Shell Feature Special Service announces an enlarged and varie. d program will be presented every Thursday at 8:30 p. m., in the Band Shell weather permitting. The program will last an hour and a half featur-ing the 69th Air Force Band, the Deep Sleep Seven, Comedy skits, entertainment by performers from Tampa and neighboring cities. The first and last half hours will be broadcast over the facili-ties of WDAE. Drew Field itself By SGT. WILL KREWSON has many fine artists and enterCpl. Harry Evans, the Society will not doubt long retlknown comedian, Cpl. Sam-member the "coming out" party ue1 Gurzin the violinist, Sgt. Ro-of the 69'ers on the week-end of bert Hilg_artner swing pianist and July 24th and 25th at the Clear-others Will perform. Tampa talent will be diligently 1 water_ Bea_ch Jerry sought as in the past by those I verY _au ang;d generous entrepreneurs Danny affair, and T/_S;,t .. Eaton Sheelan, Ella May, Mrs: Carl the by bungm, Eva ns, Betty Fagan, Lucy his. ha1:=m alon,._ .. ,. them The scrubs (Bob's team) came through with three games to none ... oh you Sedlak! We'd like to say so long and best of luck to one swell feilow, / Ira Spector. Ira finally got his J 1 orders to report for "cadet train ing,'' and there is no doubt he I will be missed at the Of!icers' Club and Service Clu_b where he entertamed wrth his plaiiO renditions. ---------+c-------WINGS and _FLASHES-That's the title of our new Saturday i evening show. It takes the air waves every Satmday at 8:00 p. m.; over station WFLA. Each w eek another phase o the Wa1, or Army life is inter spersed with dramatic continuity and occasional mus ic, supplied by soldier musicians. Marion Lohrig and Norman KrrkIt looke d bad for J,e .. y on Sat canneL Their successful efforts urday evenmg when 1 p .m. rolled to b1ing entertaining shows to and no dmnef had been Drew Field are appreciated by all. served. Everyone was begmnmg Angie Fulgaris, the deep voiced to writ, but at the last moment, crooner and Alma Fernandez, the I when secr:;_::ct Formerly known as THE DREW l yric soprano Willl feature next ble, Jeuy th'"" famrllar FIELD STAR PARADE; Wings Thursday's presentation. "come. and get rt" call and we and Flashes still comes to you The 69th Air Force Band under' "':ere t o a very fme for a half-hour period. Tune in th di t. of Warrant Officer There IS JUSt one queson WFLA Saturdays for a well will offer several" tJOn: Was that salad a mistake rounded informative radio pro selections and the Deep Sleep a light -7ou up gram. Seven will play popular numbers hl,e an electuc h"'ht bulb. ,.----------------: -+c The party turned out to be very I ---s informal, everyon e seemed quite 0 the Pol. happy as the evening progressed n ... -(if "happy" is !he proper expres swn), and With Tex (Spook) RECREATION BUILDING NO. 1 \Logsden, Ira (Hector) Spector, '):.,ittle Eddie Munk, and Dee Fnday, Jl!-lY 30, 8:15 P. M. ;(Pops) Clements supplying the Lucy Smclarr Presents '' : .jazz, Jerry's social event really Saturday, July 31, ;\'jumped." Guest Stars. ; : The dawn of Sunday morning Sunday, August 1, 8:15 P. 'revealed some very strange char-A W. Melody Hour. assembled on the beach _Monday, August 2, 8:30 P. M ( : :yes, it was the survivors of R1ght A.nswer or Else. : : get-together. In time it was Tl!-esoay, A;ugust 3, 8:15 P. 1'4:7 lfound that everyone was present Marwn Lohng Presents. all basked in the sun and enWednes-day, August 4, 8 P the refreshing Gulf tide Gilbert System Hotel BeUy C. Mitchell, Mgr. 746 Central Ave. St. Petersburg Phone 7864 "Your Home. Away From Home" You Are Always Welcome A Phone in Every Room Hot and Cold Water at All Times CELESTE'S GIFTS SOUVENIRS Greeting Cards. Rental Library 440 W. LAFAYETTE ST Dress Rehearsal. -!.. : you see a couple of the outfit August 5, 8:;3_ 0 _:.uzzing and talking in weeks to F E R N A N D E z -Mus1c, Mrrth and Madfi_ess :. .. \orne, you bet your last sock ENLISTED MEN'S SEid!ICE ':_ ey,are recounting the "good old R E s A u R A N J CLUB --.. days at Clearwater -"-' Looks like Sedlak's vm,sity valFriday, July 30, 8:15 P. M: _,: .:JkY ball team just don't have what Caban San4wlcht. A Dance. ._.. ; i when Crow's fasti:aur FrankDD st. Saturday,July 31, 8:15 P. orgamzatwn opposes .. August 1, 3:00 P. 1 : 1 Musicale. ''; =A CAUTION .TO Tuesday, August 3, 8 : 15 P Conc;:ert of Recorded SymphonJcjl, S f R VI( f _MfN I MUSIC. ... :c.:j Wednesday, August 4, 8:15 P : M : ; li _:_Dance. (Girls from St. burg.) August 5; 8:1!5' I_>. M, Whether it's a gift for Aunt Minnie or a complete outfit for yollrself, you'll find nt at ) Page.Fm-1r! .s._. ull:. l MAAS BROTJ-IERS THE flORIDA ;,; UWEST COASTrS LARGEST DEPARTMENT STORE .. 1 ALL-STAR WRESTLING. City Auditorium, Monday, Aug. 2, 8:30 P. M. WALTER (The Gang) COWBOY U N D E R H I L L vs. L U T T -R E L L 220 Pounds-Tampa CHIEF 325 lbs. SAUNOOKE 290 Pounds -Tampa SGT. SAMMIE vs. FEE 8 A C K 320 Pounds-N. Y. 200 Pounds-K. C .. Mo. ---BY POPULAR REQUEST--ADMISSION; Ringside $1.65 -Res., $1.10 Gen., 55c Ticke:ts on sale Eli:te Cigar S:tores: Down:town Cigar Sfore, 1 George's Billiard Parlor. SERVICE MEN AND WACS. ilillll-----..-----------ir Attention W AACS and Wives of Army Men VffiiT v A L D E z H A I Ry : L Is T OF 5:th A VENUE. NEW YORK Grand 'Prize Winner for Hair Styling in Florida 807 TAMPA STREET -:PHONE M >l2JS A..LSO FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE AT MACDILl FIELD; Station 447; Post -Group Smg. .. : Monday-Saturday, 7:05, W,F1bA .C:.Drew FieJd Reveille. :., Cash is a traveling companion. It tempts or it may be .... ........ ....... _________________ I!"-___ lost. It is wise to turn this cash into safe and spendable American Express. otJo- ----Monday, 8:30 P M., The Right Answer or Else. Tuesday, 6:30 P. M., WFLA :"; Travelers Cheques. If lost or stolen, their value is promptly refunded to j you. You spend them as you do cash and they remain good until spent. ERR ACE The Squadronaires.. .. Thursday, 8 : 30 P M. to 10 P.M;Yusic, Mirth and Madness, .. A )aturday, 7:30 P. M., WSUN ough and On Time. S; Saturday, 8:00 P M., WFLA---:+: Drew Field Star Parade. .. { "A GOOD PLACE TO EAT" They are Cost 75 for each $100. Minimum cost 40 for $10 to $50. Issued in denominations of $10, $20, $50 and $100. For sale at Banks, Railway Express offices, at principal railroad ticket offices and atmany camps and bases. 1111 AMERICAN E XPRESS 00 CHEQUES POST OFFICE CAFE ; =-----A-IR,....._CO_N_D_I __ TI-0-N-ED""'"---...... C. D. Kavakos, Prop. Dinners,'' Plate Lunches, Beer, Wines & Cold Drinks, Pies and 4os-zack Street Tampa. Fla. HORNE'S PHARMACY D Complete D_rU'g Store D Service Phones H 1925 H 3141 S O D A S S U N D R I E S 2709 MacDill Ave .. Ta!llpa. (Who-lesale) Hotel FLORIDAN BARBER SHOP H. 0. LEWIS, Mgr. Complete Barber Service Expert Barbers Manicurists AIR CONDITIONED SERVICE MEN ARE INVITED ALMO CAFE CRENSHAW'S I 203 E. Cass Street Tampa, Flordia --------------We Serve : :the Finest of Spanish Foods and Special Spanish Dishes q; It I 1fow l BY WIRE ANYWHERE 3022 PHONE!5561 Tampa Terrace Hotel -----------------------. .. ic FRANK RUTTA, CHEF-Formerly chef at Montrose Restaurant. Broadway and 48:th, New York, came to Flor ida. got sand in his shoes and now has opened his own place at ic 418 W. Lafayette Street Specializing in Spagheiii and Ravioli WE ALSO SERVE BEER AND WINES A. s. BECK SHOES FOR MEN SHOES MILITAR"lr GUARDS:MA N 508 FRANKLIN STREET TAMPA. FLORIDA BUY MORE WAR BONDS EVERV: PAYDA):!


T'H E Jttly 3o. 1943 ---. -: -------: ---...,.....-. I W N ... G T ..... J P S ... ,,, .. i i ? R.. l \ : s ,.E ..... B' : U : 3 . "' ;; .ca. n guess the rest,. for / : { ; ] : { : ; .: : ;;; i J "' I particulars rEad next week's .... 1 "Echo' s". Unknown to us 'we:i: t : :. :' -------''------------------_______________________ .have a poet i.n. our midst&Ptc. : l; l l i N l f r : 1 n''. ? C .. Th 84 h H d : <""; ;\, like a pro Ne'y:for'.r. A Wright,of .. Jr e h eo q uarfers claimtJ h e like s the stuff. Vve warn a tonsilectbiny Now tltat they IS_ the the followmg is. I ; T echnical Sergeant Williams the 1st Sgt. about legal eagle, Cpl. ha\re taken. his tons1ls 'alit he'll his. contnbu_twn-. 1 ; :i3tJS STATION b ette r known as ."Little \Villie" ,Frank Casey of Worces el. >"-'"s lpi'cibably return the favor and Here _I am I_n Army 'CciriiEiT TB:Hipa & Cilii Stre'i!'ts Has b een with the 84th as Per-l -.:.a f m 'rrie r 'lawyer, he'll probably d. e W e "Lovelies" out. He's do' A which IS nt gay .., rf find that K. P and gard duty 'ar ing nicely, thank you. Four of Ol,tt m y furlough Serbeant Ma .. or before That firebrand cur Operations clerk8 B ernard I IS 23 days i "' c:!'. the boys-neard_ of the orUaktar'ld, Cahf., Albert Black, Peter M. ,Spizzirri, Louis My and neighbors were. : g;:t.J?Izatwn. He IS a _and Anaya, discovere_d h e was a two-I C{(lldbl,at, t ;:t.ild NH:il 'R._ ..Paul are 1 kmd to me I ; diligent worker. BecaL s e or ms stnpe r on r etunung from 11IS fur-, now sport,mg the stppe s o{ a A_nd they sent me here to stay 1 3o-'MGu1ie 'senice to 'Both good service he has bee n ; Californl_. rriig l1tily ,:, ,, ) ':Senator who !;as the pr. o!?er /of Comumcatwns-a man vnll him dunng_ his_ absence. :. Y '-'.::. deme_anor for makmg IJ?-Onthly m-always on the beam-He added From the Commumcatwns Sec-. ,, .> e ,: sp. .. hTe/Sggi't. esF u'.elcm .. ka, elro,ci'lk:nedr. _Ctho.Il. slintism. oef, .OanrddnSa. "'n,:itc.,es Ba"'.edc_-...... ". .. ___ ............. _,. ... .. ... ... .. .... .... WATGH rhymes .. 91 ;eQ, growing dtl: -r[),)r4j E .AN' D : a, certam bird, Sgts. Stem, Berry, 'lection r r down l A : .N u \ R -i L I ... ; ,,9.UARANTEEP A.stler are the other members .f:wention passing, T>e Y r .' m. l 1'n 1 of the crew. .. .. that. Livi Smith of fnI ... :, ;Nne !k:etrea1: i W .afch is looking for a ?ag payoff. .: i z\'2 drarld : tor his furlough. It looks like we celebrated the ,o #lr;>re fortunate expecting tq o'f July just a .little late. :: Steaks __ .:. it e n .. are Pogal, ;:,gt year. Any passer-by would K :i_ '.', Pfc. Morrison, and tb.o}Jgnt from the flashes Seafood -:'Sp' a re'rt'ns ,.;,rudy. :, I explbsiol)'s we witnessed l4St : are m order erid. The 'sei'tea 'il 'J?.M, 'to '2 'A:M. Jtt. Ferran on that brand new s!l-Service us qmte a demonwarfts to s/;e ?;}oti" yer. l:JaF_. It very becomrng stration but why in the world Ldid'nt they furnish us with hip --..,.-------.----.,.....:..,-,---.,.,.,-,-301 st:'Bomb. Sq. bodts. Why, there was so much : c .1 {By S/Sg. Arthur camper) ; Clean Gtt.i:l1'ea someplace and expected t T R (> rf ftft 1 was 1!1 The J 1 A the squadron assume duhes. a .fine dem. < ;mstration and w ell .J 3a4 Tamp a St., Cor. Lafayette With the .22nd Wmg. Lt. McGee 1 worth the time. After all, the : was. \ yha. t we'd like to term a ; more we can learn now, the bet-! a gl,ly ter we "' iill' b e able to ta ke. care 1 gnpe to m a man-to-man of ourselves when such things I and an offi!'!er -who constantly had come up._ Soldiers favorite Eatjng. Place :his squadron's interests at heart. AND C;HO 'PS We wisl: thim success in his new JA, '") ra f3'o m :D. S F. P11. tp,e <;>thers the :the ,. ,P:ro.gr?l(l:. is SPANISH ..... Jjh)ng classes It's because he's gqt showm g tangible 1resu:lts for the .. B .ll c'efitra1 H ;J173 stuff--,Lillick was seen j'G .. I. party full' fifteen --.---------practiCmg a few strokes at a mmutes less t!_m-e than f;qrmerly. pool. tpe ,other night. I ,in future those wJ.ilo ; ....... -----. -.. -.. -:-. -:--:-::--""""='. Pvt. Lewis E. Roberts of Texas hve off the post, yet use the "THE o F 'G'A:LLONS" :had his wife and child dow;n for, barracks 1?-S a place to clean their Be'rg'er &. .. a few day s and wangled a 3-day I shoes, may receive invitations to .INC. pass out ofthe orderly room. Ball' I the G. I. play_ers have nothing on Cpl. Joe Pfc_. Dinn,norelation Gur:rga, WHOLESALE GROCERS Danre1y of Houston, T exas-he has JUSt returned to the Field HOTEL, AND "' -. --. .. ----.. -.. for a well earned rest. H e had .BAKERS suPPLIEs: Cocktail Ba. r "WHERE GOOD FELLOWS GET TOGETHER" -.. 0 Air-Cotjditioried Cozy Moderafe Prices been to Boston on furlough and bad to spend most of' his time fighting off the wome:p.. Finally h e admits, h e had to u s e evasive t8.ctic:S to get ot1t of town but he doe s not make it quite clear just w hat. he was evading. Many have wondered how one of our high ranking s ergeants can be 'so wide CENTRAL Best 'Spa : gheHi r in Town 714 .Grand .. !a wake so early in the morning. perhaps he has to get up, early to [ find time to .solve the af:fair s of the h eart now in a state of chaos' \Wit. rill Th''O nias Jeffe r so'n as-\vell as the_ states Ohio, .. .. ,,, ... ... Texas and Florida. It h V.. l.llock East of NebrttRka Ave. B v S/Sgt. Worklock The 104th Operations a Specialty welc"me the r eturn of Lt. Johri ; SANDWICHES, CAKES, DRINKS M. (Eager B e v er) Hallrn(lrk, our : Co'urteo'us and Prompt Service APPETIZING HOME COO.KiNG Operations Off ic e r. Incidentally' : h e was back a t his d esk a few / fa y s b efore the termination of i soi Sec,;nd Ave., M. Russo, Prop. his Ifl day leave-Just shows how attache d one c a n to the Army A numbe r of familiar faces <;' o a oy w ill b e m i ssinp; now that LLts. GO Q 10 Y S wift. Flint. Dowd. Misner ancl. Mever have transferred. W e wish the m luck in their new a s sie-nments, In Case there ilre q1,lerie's an'ent the sh{hs of satis'fa ctir'Jn and 'conte n'tmeJ'!t Hoin the 'LoveliTHE PLACE T : O :EA' T 11i!J ;noiriDA :AvENUE :Est. -1 DINE AND DANCE AT LICATA'S o I-Iillsborough :Bay Ti: r the 'Best in Food FINEST LIQUORS DANCING EVERY NITE 22nd street 'iV!eiilctav. :Sciih oa.v--a:nd. Night. Due to Labor Shortage ROOMS. ; :,. rie'<:s" Of the Ni.trsin g Taros, the ...--------------*-solution could. be the arrival of SEMINOLE SaUVENIR. & JEWELR Y :co. SOU v E .. N I : R sp:Of 'CAS' H ybur Car No WS:iting-We_'Pay Now G E 0. D I L L '1;' n Ave Ph. 20S2 Rex : Billiard P arlor Daniel S. Bagley iC TAMPA 'FLORIDA ,cUL:P \LUMBER CO. 'Every'u1in9io BuiiCi Anythhi9 Millwork Made to Order SOD PACKWOOD Phone H 1862 -:-TAMPA La fayette H o t e I E. A. CLAY, 120 West Lafayette Street East Side of Bride Phone M 5588 'Tampa. Fla. ''I've tried to be Red, White and Blu e 'ro :the boys at Mac Dill and 'Drew, When worjf: is done. and you wan some fun THIS is the place for you. M. 'MitlER'S BAR 1111 FLORIDA AVE., Ph. M72l5 : '8'EfR5 -W \ 1 :N:e5 ; t ; l A I \ : i_Ni> 'i?iiNT LOANS ':P1it: o 1d: ii 4 \ a 1 T. R A s : E LUMBER c'o:t:1PANY We Specializog In tvfm Worlk & W. c;BD furnllh,.materiBl for 'R'Ilam F a A. J.oaiu Y; l219 17th St. & 6th EAT H : E N D E R S 0 N BAKING BREAD 2702 FLORID' A AVE. llquor Bar ; j WINES -LIQUORS -CIGAR FREE DELIVEHY SERVIq 1601 E. COLUMBUS ORIVE. .. PHO-N Y-IZSl I .-KEEP 'EM FL yJNG LOANS MONEY TO L'END Diamonds WatChes Silverware Diamonds at a Big Saving A. L. ECKAR 409 Tampa Street + -,.-u-n-ft-B-d----1 I_ W E L c 0 M E f TO THE i A (R 3 A S E G R I L t 1 i Where The Busses .-;, .. .,, Hospital Bouquets ORDER EARLY Wired Anywhere in the U. S. JL fii?ln) T"::-/::: .. :.( ,... lfiff''+=o'l!SC**i?ilt -ttwi''K ,_ _____ .,


July 30, 19:43 Symphonic Conc;:e.rts In Drew Bandshell Week of August 2nd Increasing interest in Drew Field's recorded concert programs lias now made it possible for lov ers of good music to have their fill. The program, as outlined for vsky; Marek. jer and his Orchsetra, re.cord eq 'in Europe; Song of Paradise, 'Hey kens, same; Concerto in E THE ECHOES WA(s Mass Songfest at Auditorium Party Officers say 'NEATNESS .,. .. : ln the army as w ell as in civiJ life; .. ness is a great why men iD servke, a r e {e. a r i n g S?IFFY COLLAR : STAYS. P-revents COLLAit STAYS give yq: u e s h, 'tr i s p .y,.. snappy Peps up your sonal EASY ON .. EA.SY OFF : l Quick as a wink tp Of) < ; md off. SeH-adjustinlJ and stays. put. Mi_nor; M endelssohn, played by 1 Fntz Krersler and the London Tampa s WACs from Drew and Philharmonic Orchestra conduct-ek Weber and his Orchestra The 1 MacDill Fields got together to I I ; ed by Sir Landc.m Ronald (three' Swallow, S erradell, Victor ising songs of their home states at l Sapphrc Ode, Brahms, Orchestra; ?ance, I the USO party given for them .:violmcello solo by Pablo Casals; bach,. same, to Mar rr ag.e I July 20 at' the City Auditorium 37, No. 10), of Frgaro., The program was under the same, Theme and Orchestra, Berlm Ir:tror e r.tion of Miss Ruth Robbins ";,. "... from Emperor and Rond f;>1le. Tscharkowsky,. same, Song con.d .uctmg,. SumWACs were phone calls to the :. ;. qf the Volga Boatmen, Platoff mer a Rrver, P""l.J.l.l!" .!3-'?' P ._ ... : --b :-c k ..--th ....... n -.... t ... ... .. ,-.l... ... ... .. D C ] Ch M t B h ct

Pag.e Eighl --=------=--------------THE ECHOES July 30, 1943 I pening .. ,. ,.. .-. :. / -1 Saturday \ 'f.: ; ) \ ( \ ewe ry an ove ty op Cass at Tampa Sts. Watches L'!l Gaines DiaiDonds L'!l Souvenirs L'!l Novelities f) Picture F raiDes Across the Street from Air Base Bus T er111inal .>'::: .:.;.-:::;::-:-,,< -->. :->/:-.> ::. ..;, :. .. : I


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