Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 2, no. 25 (August 27, 1943).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
August 27, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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' :RATION CALENDAR ON PAGE U Brew Field Echoes BEAD ECHOES CLASSIFIED AD SECTION ON PAGE 13 PUBLICATION DREW FIELD VOL. 2, NO. 25 D REW FIELD, f=RIDAY, AUGUST. 27, PUBLISHED WEEKLY Rumors of Signing Col. Asp Gives Diplomas CadetTraining, 3 to 5 Years for Congratulates V. D. c. Grads Aerial Gunnery ASTP Are false For Ill FTR Men The flow of men to The Citadel Eor Army Specialized Training continues. However,a few are being sent to John B : Stetson University at DeLand, Fla., which is near Ta'mpa. Individual applications can still be made by obtaining the forms at the Base Classification Office. A new type of form is now required. Section I of the said form is filled out by the enlisted mah. Section II should be executed by the Unit Personnel Officer of the enlisted man's organization. This \ 'should be done when the application is sent in through channels in order to save time. Those who have applied with the old forms will be required to fill out new ones when they appear for inter view. New regi.Ilations require all organizations to determine whether their men are basically qualified for ASTP, and if qualified, application forms fm: them to fill out should be furmshed. QUALIFICATIONS CLARIFIED Courses and qualifications have changed somewhat. The Psychology course opened briefly late in July and then closed in early August with a final sound. The Engineering course is still open but the advanced, che;mical engineering is n o w closed. Civil electncal ami me chani!till engineering .. -are -still available .. .. Candidates for the first basi

PAG TWO DREW FIELD ECHOES, FRIO.AY, AllJGUJST 27, 1943 Tasco Review a Hit; Capt. Monahan Is 2500 Jam Auditorium New Adjutant at Playing to a record audience of 2 500 which literally 5th SAw T ng Bn j amm e d R ecreation building No. 1 to the doors last Saturday night, the Tasco Revue, brought to Drew Field by W. L: By PVT. JOSEPH F COVIELLO Quinlan Tas c o Morale director, was acclaimed an unqua li fied "I have messed all over Drew success by the audience Field, and the best ldtchen in N S which I ate was Kitchen 24 .. With a cast of 125 shipyard t t That tender compliment was paid workers, including 40 Russian and ew ars. a to the officer in charge of the 35 American sailors, the revue EM who work there, by an EM ran smoo "1ly its three-hour whom I engaged in conversati9n. length. The Russian seamen sang 302 d p p t t t k th" as a chorus in their native lan-t errol me 0 a e Is occasiOn guage, as only O?e of them could entire personnel of _Kitchen 24 n ar Y to offer my compliments to the understand English. He acted as whose efforts are noticed by EM spokesman for the group. The t American sailors also furnished a The 302nd has seen plenty of and make possible such pleasan t th t k M t f compliments. choral background. ac 10n IS pas wee os o the real action was exhibited at The "cat that ate the canary" The cast included Mariquita the Squadron Party, which was expression has been noticed on Moll, South American prima M th k the faces of Sgt. Grahain and the th th st L a terrific success. any an s donna,_ forlmoerly WI e to First Sgt. Irving. for handling members of his department, Sgts. Md t pera cotmpany. ap all of the arrangements so well. Murphy and Running, Pfc. Wil-anclng, da alf After hearing about the party, it kins, and Pvts. Wilson and Sus tions, a sptecla Yd m w ; is reported that Mike Jacobs is low. The reason for the expresmando m, gui ar an concer m ready to sign up a couple mem-sion of gustatorial satiety is the took part were features of the bers from the 302nd! new mimeograph machine. that program. A skating act was also h has been added to the depart-d In. Intelligence, Corporal Sm1t feature returns from his furlough spent ment. No more will Sgt. Graham Each member of the cast was at Columbus, 0., while Cpl. Tom be forced to retort to request for an actual worker on some part Livingston leaves for Hastings, work qrders with "I'm sorry but of a ship, and much credit is due Neb., for a 15-day vacation. you'll have to wait, for we have the directors and performers for S /Sgt. Norbert Wadley of En-only one machine." the success of the revue. Another admirable factor was the close gineering has been promoted James-Owen Burgun, Sound co-operation between the civilian from Flight Chief to Inspector. Off!!! "Wah!" "'1\'ah!" "Wah!" and military forces. Many of the The entile Squadron weiis the response. James Owen particigants who work. on the comes two new Engineering ofBurgun born, August, 1943, to midnight shift, went directly ficers, Lt. J. B. Oaldey and Lt. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Burgun. from the footlights to work at the E. E. Smith. Both officeas "Mr. Burgun" is known about shipyards.-graduated from the AAF Tech-this headquarters as Corporal nical school at Yale university. Burgun of Publications. ConHighly complimented by every-Th S d f th k ..-rats to youboth! one was the A WUTC dance band, e qua ron man o e wee .., which with only one rehearsal, is Staff Sergeant Wade of the turned out a beautiful job. The Engineering section (:who (it is dancing was unde1; the direction r e P o r ted) will meet the of Danny Sheehan; music, Frank :Preacher with a little belle M d Ed fr.()m Sulphur Springs in the Grasso; costumes, ary ee -near future. Congratulations wards; business manager, Margaret Cal<;! well. The American to you, Sergeant! sailors "Nere furnished by the Cor-poral Van Dusen of GorNavy Receiving Station. ham, Corporal Hemm, New York city; Sergeant Cox, Muscatine, Ia.; Corporal DeBroux, Port Run-Cuttinl'l Cook, Washington, Wis. ; Corporal Me.,. ':II ':II Afee, Newburg, N. Y.; and Cor-poral Jones, Harrisburg, Pa., all Horse Opera Star I of Engineering, are due to spend some time at home, with rations F t f C D paid by Uncle Whiskers. ea UfeS G 0. Ordnance is running in high By CPL. JOHN FULCO gear again, with all men back fron1 the ordnance school at MacDill Field. Lieutenant Kimmel Sighs o relief were uttered when Pvt. "Al" Goldner r-eturned to duty after a short stay in the Station Hospital with a stomach ailment. The most. jol"ly atmosphere of the 5th Signal AW Bn prevails, by far, in the Message Center, where Sgt. Boyajian and his cohorts, Cpl. Perstle, Pfc. Hunt and Pvts. Benak, Biblewski and Jurgiss brandish the "corniest" sense of humor. Th, e saddest "dogfaces" are those who have had cause to miss Sgt "Barney" Ree'(es, who left for Atlanta, Ga., on a muchneeded 15-day furlough. Welcome to Capt. Monahan, assigned to this bn, last week, to assume the duties of Adjutant. COMPANY "D" has promoted to first lieu-563RD SIGNAL AW BATTALION tenant, while Lieutenant Long Welcome, also, to the many new Company "D" has lost one of has won himself the of dogfaces seen about this headits charter members, namely wearing gunner's wings. Private quarters, who were recently trans-1st/ Sgt. E. I. Coppel, who is ac-Kalfoyle of St. Louis and Cor-erred in from the 55 2nd SA WB. tivating a new company, the poral Fargo of New York are Whatever is that tiny gadget 746th. Congratulations to the going home on _furlough to their one often sees Lt. Needham (S-4) men of this organization, our loss respective towns. busy himself with? Back from is their gain. S /Sgt. Richard Furlough seems to be the main furlough and returned to the deFaulkner has taken over the du-news from Armament also, as lightful labors, the travails of ties -relinquished by Coppel and Pfc. AI Baccigalupo, Jersey City, Army life came this week, Pvts. is doing a fine job of filling his N J .; P fc. Spark, Chicago, Ill. ; Abbott and Niemeyer ... shoes. Pfc. Gregerson; Harmony, Minn. ; "Couldn't wait to get back'' spoke What Cassanova of the com-Pfc. Welden, Long Island, N. Y.; the former. pany is getting a workout down Pfc. Meyers, Cincinnati, 0.; Pfc. Personalities: 1\'lost formid-at the base dental clinic? We Rhodes, Augusta, Ga., and Pfc. tl h Harry Nobl_ e of the green hil_ls ... able: Capt. Rettger, frequen y feel for him but can't reach im. seen about this headquarters (Attention Kalister) What attracof Maryland, .are all home for an. with various sort of firearm. tion holds T / 4 Brundage over at all-too-short G : I. .vacation. Sulphur Springs? Is it the gal Operations welcomes Pfc. Irvt Cwhlen plrMessor her car? ing Lerner back on the job after mg orne a pom : 0 one ca short stay in the hospital, while Graw.. Skille<} tec1mician: Lt. Cpl. Lippy seems to be more at the same section takes pleasure in Col. Richards. Snipper of red ease now that his better half ac-announcing that Cpl. Stanley Wil-tape: Major Bradford. Most incompanied him to Tampa. son is now connected with them. dustrious and energetic: Sgts. Company D 's" a opted Mess/Sgt. Pfc. George Lepofsky is journey smith and Farash. Most dili Herman "Hi" Messinger is en-ing to Connecticut to spend his gent courier on field contacts: joying the scenery up in New furlough. Sgt. Bragg. Most diligent workYork at the Roseland ballroom, All the teletype men in Com-er: Cpl. Grubiak. Disciple and the old rug-cutter. Oh! Oh! What munications except Sgt. Carter exponent of "follow through:" : duty Sgt. is slightly disturbed have been reclassified. Pvt. G Capt. Joyce. due to the presence _of a former Weaver-is home spending.his fur-: -------movie actor in the company, S d namely Roy L. Harris, the two-lough in Bloomfield; N. J. qua rOnGifeS Along wtih the party and men gunned hero of the west? on furlough, the 302nd staged a f Cpl. "Gummy" Myers, and Sgt. mass exodus by moving to its Winning avor Jay Cusick are manhunting up in new stone buildings at the north Virginia, true to the company end of the field Everything is _AS KinCJS tradition of bringing 'em back far from settled as yet. ':II .alive (we hope). The company softball team is awaiting the day 111 fTR G f THE SQUADRONAIRES, on when they can once more shel-e S the air every Wednesday evening lack the "crack" teams of the from 6 :30 to 6:45 over radio sta-field. During the lull the team More Ribbons tion WFLA, bring you songs of is getting much practice with Lt. the Southland. Composed of 12 Orf, Lt. Hersom, Lt. Johnson and talented soldiers from Camp De Lt. Minton, all fine players. The Amending the recently issued Soto, a portion of Drew Field, The teams slugger, S /Sgt. Jack Kiser list of 97 men of Hq.and Hq. Sq Squadronaires under the direction is in fine form and wielding a III Fighter Command, authorized of First Sgt. James C Gray, have wicked war-club. (Attention, op-to wear the red and white Good met with wide approval. posing left-fielders.) is the Conduct Ribbon, are 15 additional Old-time spirituals, interspersed attraction on Oak St., Cpl. enlisted personnel. at times with special arrangeKnapp? (Answer by mail.) Among the sergeants are Tech. ments of the latest pop tunes, We are getting our mail promptSgts. I:Ierman R Bartels, Jr. Olin tend to make this quarter hour, ly these days, thanks to Cpl. W. Prather, and Peter V Washe, one of the most pleasant you Mazur and his assistant, Cpl. S /Sgt. Edward C. Knippers, and have yet heard. Reiman. Keep up the good work Sgts. George C. Emrick, Joseph So when your clock strikes 6 : 30 boys. Cpl. Aluise, Pfc. Phelps, A. Rarus, Joseph A. Senick, Bryce on a Wednesday evening, hop Pfc. Pick, Pfc. Benton are leaving M. Wilmot and Norman H Zinser. over to your day room, or lean on us for a month to attend the Completing-.the list are Cpls, that bunk and relax as the Squad G 0. school at Orlando, Fla. Paul D. Buckner, George W. ronaires bring you their versions T/4 Brumley is a busy man these Chase,. James F. Clarke, Walter of the songs you like so much. days. We hope he makes the G. Dorwart, Alfred R. Shaw, Jr., Next. week: Mirth, Melody and grade! and Pvt. Willie Jones. Madness. DREW FIELD WACs THROW A PARTY "You've 'squired us, now we'll 'squire you, said sol dier-gals to soldier-guys. Date-limit of two men per WAC pLaced on invitations. A WAC AND HER DATE swing it to the music of the A WUTC Band at the all G. I. party at Rec. Hall No. 2. The members of the 756th WAC Post Headquarters Company entertained individual .d -ates at the first dance given in return for the many parties given in -their honor since coming to Drew Field. know, Bob, I've been running around all night lilie a chlcken with its head cut off!"


DREW FIELD ECHOES, FRIDAY, AUGUST 27, 1943 PAGE THREE Drew A-20 Pilot Showed 'Em How At Bismarck Sea By S/SGT. ANDREW J. SERAPHIN Put Captain E. J. Chudoba b ehind the wheel of an A-20 and you've got one of l he swellest and most d evastating combinations of man and airplane this war has produce d. And whe n you've got him piloting a hopped-up A-20-one that has extra fire power in its glassy nose-you've got au Ameri ca n fighting man who can bring hell out of the heavens It' s then that you've got the real Chudoba-the former enlisted man from Akron, 0., who gave the Japs in the Southwest Pacific theater plenty to remember him by. There are also many Nipponese who have nothing to remember him by ... they got too much lead and too many bombs from his strafing and skipbombing plane. Weal's Five Ribbons A quick look at his achievements and you can easily under' stand why his left chest is bedecked with the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Silver Star, in addition to the American Defense Service Ribbon and the Atlantic and Pacific Ribbons. Sunk an 8,000-ton Jap cargo vessel in the great Bismarck sea battle, bringing his A-20 home despite a damaged wing that had clipped the mast of the ship. Helped beat back 1he encroaching Japs through count less bombing and strafing missions when the Nips were only eight minutes travel time from the Allies' New Guinea base of Port Moresby. Flew innumerable hit and run raids in A-20s and A-24s during his 18-mortth stay in the New Guinea-Australia area. Was considered,. like other A-20 pilot!;, a one-man army, because he flew the plane, fired the guns, and unloosed the bombs. Only Survivor When hoe returned to the United States in June he was the only member of his squadron to come back alive. The ruddy-cheeked, soft-spoken captain looks younger than .his 27 years. He enlisted in the Air Corps in 1939, spending 18 months at Hickam Field, Hawaii, before becoming an aviation .cadet. Following his training at Kelley a):ld Randolph Fields, he was on the eastern seaboard, from whereo he flew antisubmarine missions. About a month ago he married a hometown girl. Now commanding officer of the 302nd Bomber Squadron (D), Captain Chudoba saw and lived .through hell_:_the green hell of the. damp, dark jungle and the ifire-red hell of warfare with a ruthless enemy. tFour-Day Wait quiet. They just hung around, smoking or playing an Australian coin-flipping game. "At 8 a.m. we got our orders. We were told we were to take part in a giant co-ordinated attack on the convoy, with 40 Lightnings as top cover. At 9:30 a .m; we were to meet the other planes in a rendezvous over a certain spot. "Off We Go ." "The meeting bl;ol

PAGE FOUR DREW FIELD ECHOES, FRIDAY, AUGUST 27, 1943 DREW FIELD ECHOES Official Publicati o n Drew Field P 0. Address:/ Dre w Field, Tampa, Fla. Friday, August 27, 1943 COLONEL MELVIN B. ASP Air Base Area Commander DREW FIELD ECHOES is a Post Exchange Activity, published each Friday in the interest of the officers and enlisted men ofDrew Field. Authority Sec. II. W. D. Circula r 55, 1943, under the supervision of Special S ervice Officer. in accordance with W D Memo. No W210-6-42. dated September 7, 1942, Subject: Publication of Post, Camp and Unit-Newspapers. Major Chester K Delano, Base Special Service Officer Lt .Joseph H McGinty, Editor The office of DREW FIELD ECHOES is located in Special S ervices Building on 8th Street between "A" and "B" Avenues. Building No. 14B-03. Telephone, exten sion 287. (Photos by Base Photo Lab.) [Printe(l by The St. Petersburg Times l VOLUME 2--'-NUMBER 25 Communications to this column must bear, for publication, the correct name and organization of the writer. Short letters are most interesting, and the right is reserved to cut .letters when space limitations require. To the Editor: I'd like to express my appreciation to Special for the excellent recorded classics pre-sented each -evening at the but I PLAY BALL. SOLDIER! Oh. : where art thou? wonder how many music lovers are aware of the accessibility of these recordings at the Serv ice club. One merely chooses the desired selections, popular or classical, frorri the m usic li brary in the office and signs for them as for a book. The next step is to mount the stairs to the music room where several radio-phono-graphs are at one's i A RE you one of those guys who gripe having to fall out for thenics or who plays baseball by proxy from the sidelines? If you are, you'd better get in there and start pitching. You'll probably find. that _you have muscles YC!ll didn't know existed and they'll all ache ilke fury when you get out of yoU:r bunk the morning after the_ first game, but you'll It was not so long ago when, find that you ar e being given something walking down the sidewalk of a that will benefit you _long after you've busy .city we noticed a man carwon the war and returned to your civilian rying a "black box" suspended from his neck by two straps. As job._ we approached him we heard a The man who held down a de_ sk J' ob, faint "click," and then he waved a small, brown envelope toward previous to his ,i:!ntry into the army, often us as we passed by. We realized then that the "black box" which prided himself on his physical fitness and he carried wasa camera and that b t d h h I d d f 1f he had snapped our picture. oas e W en e P aye a roun .0 go11 This incident sets us to think-or a few sets of tennis after "a hard day ing. Our. picture is being "snapped" with a camera, neverat the_ office". If. pe was over thirty, hethose we meet do have felt he had _really accomplished something some sort of picture of us impressed upon their minds. If we to brag about. pause to .reflect a moment, we, The fellow who played baseball for his too, have such pictures in our minds-faces, images, people we organiza_tion on a Sunday afternoon, or have met and associated with appear before us. Some we remem in the evening, felt that he deserved a ber very clearly, others not. But d I f h k look at those you remember: here me a or IS energy after <;lriv!ng a true is one you cannot fotget because or working at a machine all day. Actually, he was adept in the art (?) of cursing; what a profound array both men were kiddmg themselves. Neither of words in hi:s'vocabulary! How had done a-nything remarkable Both men "toutfh" he t _hought he was! What an Impresswn he thought he will benefit by the army physical fitness made! And he did; you i:emem. ber him; you have his picture. and SJ;>Orts program. Or there is another you remem-Medical men have long recognized the ber who looked furtively about lest' there be a lady in the group value of phy-sical exercise and competitive who might-hear the joke' he was -sports to the and moral well-being tell. You have his-picof the individual man or woman. Eventhe. On the other hand we possess layman knows that one cannot pos_ sess other pictures: here: is one of the man who could look you mental alertne_ ss without fitness. squarely hi the eye, honest and Col. Roy D. Ho_ llo ran, chief of the Army unashamed, a fine, clea-n-cut fellow. There is one of the Medical Corps neuro-psychiatric branch soldier kneeling alone in the quiet of the chapel in prayer, says: reverent and devout. There is "Th b f h A t another of the fellow who e JO o t e rmy IS no so tested against the telling -of much to detect and eliminate the men-such jokes which were meant tally unfit as to keep the mentally fit in for the select few. Another shape:" who said "no" to what he be-lieved was questionable enter Not .only wig the Drew Field physical tainment,, and yet another of fitness and sports program fl;llfill that function, but the individual soldier will have to hav.e the opportunity to developed permanent fitness that will aid worship God even though away 'from their home church. These,. him fu establishing a physical and mental too, we remember; we have .endurance that will prove invaluable in their picture. And somehow, as th d f d t t ft th we see men in uniform,-the e per10 o rea JUS men a er e war> highest-type. of soldier is not-The sports program serves many pur-the one who can curse the best, Poses. Participation in athletics. not only or who has many jokes of filth to tell, or who lets down the gives the individual additiomil physical bars of moral decency for his benefits but builds a spirit of entertainment; the highest .type of soldiers seems to be who -has among the troops that is one of the largest the greatest respect for the f .actors in morale for both individual and faculties God has given him M h h t' t d t and an equal respect for others. group. en w o ave par ICipa e In spor s That character is reflected in side by side, will be better prepared to his living, his attitude, his mili fight side by side. The man who took part tary dress and bearing. He in sports in the army program will be photographs well! b tt bl t d t h' If 'th What kind of a picture do e er a e o co-or Ina e Imse Wl others have of us? How well do others when he returns to civil life. we photograph? Men and women Under the Drew Field program, every in the service are marked indivi-h h h' If duals; they wear a uniform and man as t e opportunity to avai Imse are a part of an organization set of the benefits of physical fitness and apart from civilians. They are sports training>Where, heretofore, only a very much in the eye of the pub. lie, and the public has a tendency few men, the so-called stars of the outfit, to judge the organization by what took part in athletic events, now each man_ they see :in the individuals who has an equal opportunity to develop a It; _or no_t that JUdgment IS farr or nght, 1s an-new physical and mental sense of well other matter Yet, only too qften being that cannot be estimated in dollars the Army is gi-ven a "black-eye" d t 1 bo h .:J th because some of its soldiers have an cen s va ue, t now auu In e presented a poor picture to them. years to come. Don't let it be said of you that you photograph badly! Let the picture others get of you be one that is a credit to the uniform you wear, of the Army of which you are a part, of. the Stars a _nd Stripes which fly over you! Above all, let God see in you that which is pleasing and acceptable unto Him! The Psalmist declares: "Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the ''way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful. But his delight is in. the law. of the Lord." And it was the Master who said: "Blessed are they that hear the word of God and keep it," and "by their fruits ye shall know them." C H. ELLER, CHAPLAIN, 84th Bomb Group Religious Services At Drew Field PROTESTANT SERVICES: 10:30 day, 7:30 p.m., Chapels Nos 3, 4. a.m. at all. chapels on Sun. ; Sun CATHOLIC MASSES: Sunday, 8 : 00 a.m., chapel No. 2; 9:00 a.m. Chapel No. 2 and Theater No. 3; 11:30 a.m., Chapel No.4; 6:30p.m., Chapel No. 2. Weekdays, 7 a.m., Chapel No. 4. Every day but Tues and Sat.; 6 : 30 p.m., Chapel No. 2 eve:r;y day but JEWISH SERVICES: Friday 8:30 p.m.; Saturday 8:00 a .m. It's a splendid, way to spend an enjoyable hour of relaxation. A. F. C. SCHMIDT, _756th WAC Post Headquarters Co. Dear Editor: Why doesn' t Drew Field have a G. I. laundry? I've been stationed at many posts, and many p _osts smaller than Drew Field have G. I. laundries.. MacDill Field has a brand new G. I. laundry thatdoes a .. soldier's laundry, (and well) for a flat $1.50 _per month. A man can send as m1'\n:V as 30 pieces a week to-the G. I. laundry there. At 'Drew Field we have to have _our laundry done by civilian laundries. As we all know, their prices are not the lowest and it is not an overstatement to say the work isn' t so hot either. (Example: twouniforms, or four pieces, costs me 80 cents in town, or. over half the cost of a month's laundry at MacDill. ) Would appreciate any information you can give on this subject. Hopefully, T / 5 E B L. (QM Lieut. Kiernan advises Reader E. B. L. and all other G. I.'s to take advantage of laundry service through squadron_ supply rooms. Since Drew Field is not authorized a laundry, the QM contract service with civilian concerns is the best .obtainable in view of the labor shortage. The cost, too, is within a soldier' s budl!t. Each man gets a 10 per cent reduction on his bill. Price example: 35 cents for a khaki uniform. Less 10 per cent brings the cost to less than 32 cEmts,-Ed.) Dear Editor: I noticed that the American Legion is pro moting plans for membership of service men after this war is over. My Dad, and many of his buddies of World War I belong to. the Legion today. Wouldn't it be a good idea if we could formulate an American Legion of all Allied Nations after this war? As last time, we will probably be overseas some time following the actual cessation of combat. Our buddies, those we took our basic with, those who crossed the drink with us, will be scattered all over the worldc Monday through Saturday, 7:05 An Allied League of Veterans would keep up_ a.m. WFLA-Drcw Field Rein contact with each other until "it' s all over veille. over there" and we are back in our own coun-Monday, 8:30 p.m., WDAE-try and for years after -when we could gather The Right Answer or Else. and talk over old times. We'll have Tuesday, 6:30 p.m., WFLA-a great deal more to talk over after this scrap. The Squadronaires. How's about the idea? Thursday, 8:30 p .m.-WDAE-PVT. JOHN SMALL. 69th Air Force Band. (Reader Small has a big idea. An interna-Thursday, 8:30 to 10 : 00 p.m. -tiona! Legion would do much to make all the WDAE -Music, Mirth, and world know each other better, would also mean Madness. Ed ) S t bigger and better_ conv,enbons.. a urday, 8:30 p.m.-WFLA-Wings and Flashes. The Editor, Drew Field Echoes ., YANKWIZ -. --By BOB HAWK ,., "THANKS r9 rHe v ANKsH ,.. frlde)'t C I I 1. Does _dew from the sky, or does It form on the object where you see it? 2. You know what a Major General is, but what is a Major Domo? 3 What is the smallest of Senators that can transact _business? 4. Are there male and female plants and flowers? 5 Arrange in order of bumpiness: shantung, chenille and seersucker. 6. If your door doesn' t have a spring lodk and you lock it from the inside by turning the key to the right-do you turn it to the right or to the left when you lock it from the outside? 7. When you order that tasty cheese dish, is it correct to ask for Welsh Rabbit? 8. Can the average person see more or Jess than 500 miles? 9. The average woman is 10, 15 or 35 per cent muscle? 10. Are more men knock-kneed than women, or more women than men? (Anawus on Page 8} Dear Sir: I keep hearing rumors about this wonderful new golf course which is to be open to Drew' men in a little while. It sounds swell, and I, for one can't wait to get my hands on a good set of c'lubs again.' But if this club is 'to be dpen to both enlisted men and officers, how .can a poor private like me ever expect to get a chance at the Why shquld I look forward to spending my day off out there, when, with my luck, there is sure to be a General and six Majors who will pop into the line just as I think my chance has finally come to get out on the course? Phooey-I'll go in town, and skip my golf for the duration, rather than wait all day out there giving way to one officer after another. PVT. MITCHELL. Editor's Note: (Don't worry about the General and the Majors-if you get there first, you're the guy who gets the clubs. The course will be there for your use in your spare time, and officers and enlisted men will be treated alike. There isn't any preference-you get there early-yoUJ chance at the course will be determined bv YOUJ position in line.) ------------------'T'he Editor Drew Field Echoes Dear Sir: The locations of organizations on Drew Field change so rapidly that it is almost impossible to keep track of their phone numbers. Although the several information centers on the base are constantly on the lookout, it is very difficult for them to keep up with the daily .changes. Why wouldn't lt be possible for each organization's phone to be the same number as that of the organization itself? In that way, the ber of the 501st would be 501, the 903rd Q. M 903, and so on.. It would save so much time and so many headaches. AUXILIARY JOSEPHINE STIVERS


DAEW FIELD AUGUST 271 1943 PAGE FIVE Lt. Turner's S on Is On Speciai Orders; Trouble Dogs 84th's Old Timers A special order dated 11 August was issued to the 84th Bombard Group over the :ignature of Lt. Gorman Turner, executive officer, which read in part: 1. The following named enlisted ma,n having reported this station per J?ar 1, SO No. 0711 Hq Angel Air Base, Heaven, is hereby attached to Morton Plant Hospital, for quarters and rations: Pvt. (521-Basic) Michael John Turner, ASN 1234567 A:C, 6% pounds. 2. Pvt. (521) Michael John Turner is relieved from hospital duty and is further assig-ned lo First Mother Command, and will report to the Commanding Officer, Winifred Turner for the purpose of pursuing a course in a normal and happy life. EM will report to co. for necessary changes in records and diapers. 3. Under prevailing provisions EM is further notice. authorized to wear the Good Conduct Medal until By command of GENERAL LIFE: -Incidentally, there are a few !)ld hands at HQ who are also flllowed to wear the Good Conduct Medal. They are T /Sgt. J:,.loyd C. Fulcher, S/Sgt. Joseph P. Braswell, Sgt. Boyd L. Berry and Cpl. Otto W. Schultz. So Long. LeRoy Pfc. LeRoy J. Mueller returned from his furlough dirty and wan Like everyone else riding the trains through the glorious south Land, but for a guy returning to the salt mines, he appeared to be radiant. Reason: He became engaged to that girl whose photo he was always showing us. Got Arthur at Last! (Signed) Lt. Turner. 4th SAW Operatives on Qui Vive: Swamp.13 Seethes With Activity--And Mud Team Leads League; Frogs Change Beds To Corporals Embarrassment By CPL. EUGENE G. HORTON 4th S.A.W. Tng Co. Tng. Co. A Wiping the mud out of his eyes this correspondent calls his spys in for a conference to see what has been going on 'round and about Sir Arthur of Edmonston, the while he. has been gold-bricking in the wilds of _Swamp Thirteen. minute lad who heads the offi-Now it has happened!Our supply experts have developed cer's section, was forced by the concentrated rations after much research, but T /5 "Mail Marshal" new edict to attend-physical Butler comes up with the latest. The concentrated day off. "I can training. He hasn't done anything have as much fun in town in three hours as the other guys can more strenuous '.han tie his shoe have in a whole day," he says, says he. laces since he vacationed in a hotel in Atlantic City at Uncle Secret Operative WDAGO-Sam's behest. He discovered all 0013's latest report from the Pro-Bn's gain, so good luck at your those ligaments and tendons that cessing area. "We oughta bein new job Lieutenant. he presumed were to be found the Engineers Corps. We build Just too late for last weeks only in anatomy books. the bridge. We dig the ditch. We column came the news that work in the mud. And do we MACBETH? have the blisters. Ouch!" froni now on it will be Major and not Captain Byrne. Con-And Cpl. Harlan F. Scharff left SEEMS THAT LONG MAYBE gratulations. P. T. field bat-Problem in mathematics-tered; no_ one touched him bnt;t T/5 Okuska trying to figure out So Pfc. Stallins looked very he had a neck .so -.stiff he could t how he could have spent twenty tired Tuesday morning. When have It .if Lana Turner months on Drew Field (as per questioned as to the possibilities walked behmd hi!D He got well a certain report) when he has of his having been on a party and a brew the witches concocted been in the army only eleven now carrying a hangover, he re m Macbeth. months_ "The government owes vealed a startling story. He had been lured in to what he thought me plenty," he sfl.ys as he was a two-hour trip to Lake counts up those extra nine Thonatassa with the Record Inmonths. spectors and did not get back unTheyve Tumed on Willie The new pestilence loosed on rthe Headquarters barracks is that virus known as Williams. [n fairness, it must be said that the Tech. Sgt. drags us out of our bunks in the morning with all :the tenderness of a Stormovik

. DREW FIELD ECHOES, FRIDA "f, AUGUST 27, 1943 746 Is Off to Bad Start With Only4 Bare Walls And L one Coke Machine Correspondent Kindly Offers Ride to Our 'Mysterious WAC!' 330th Baseball_ Player Warbles In His Sleep By PVT. I. L. ESKENAZI A number of the boys from t})e 330th have returned from fur lough this week, and the old bee hive is beginning. to hum as usual. They had' some varied ex-By CPL. CHARLES MARGOLIS which should give us an idea of what happens when With four bare walls, a coke machine and Pvt. Baum-men go home on furlough. woll, 746 is off to a bad start. The lack of a stapling rna-The most outstanding event chine will prove no obstacle whatsoever. was the marriage of S /Sgt. Mol ---------------llendorf, who got a one day. ex-With quarters spread out on .tension to lengthen his state of both ends of the field it takes a LQwly H ousehold bliss. Congratulations to him an.d maneuver to bring the company his bride. together. It's possible these pre-liminary maneuvers are part of Bleach Becomes Expert Marksman S /Sgt. Stack-our 0. T. house found time to go on a These last few busy days makes W t A t hunting trip (the type in which ar lme gen animals are involved) and shoot T / 5 Carrington feel as if he can himself a ten point Buck. Nice take advantage of section 8 or shooting, "Smokey"! A one-star general reviews his troops. The General, some such thing. If the American housewife's mascot of the 756th WAC Post Headquarters Company, T/5 Coppel's trip to New Mex-linens no longer appear so white Pvt. Hasenjagger, our Irish ico must have been more than a on Monday' s wash line, it may be Thrush, is so enthra.lled by the Drew Field, doesn't appear too greatly impressed with his long journey. We have yet to due to the fact that one of the melodic strains of "Coming Jn feline ranks, Rogers and Susie-Que. The troops don't hear about some of the more in-most commonly used household on a Wing and a Prayer," that d 'th th G 1 "th Th teresting details. bleaches and disinfectants has he has taken to singing it in appear too unpr_ esse w1 e enera e1 er. e 1n-h 1 t 1 1 1 Congratulations are due T/5 been enlisted as a war-time is seep qm e regu ar y. n-spections are held at irregular interva]s. Reyes. We understand father and agent. cidentally,. Hassey is the first baby are doing well. It was tough Clorox, one of the foremost Sloan and Young. 304th : I but he has taken it the Tampa City Loop T/5 Barkley returned from his fective agent for neutralizing It wasn't enough to insure a S N s B furlough. Judging from his apliquid mustard and Lewisite war win in our first contest, and port -eW 1 ver ars pearance, he looks none the worse-gases. we dropped a heart-breaker to for his experience. Extensive tests, including many Tampa Shipyards. Result: 4 to 3. -Lt. Mazzolla, our most By SGT. T. B MacPHEE ing the first two weeks of August. Pvt. Kleinberg may yet reach on human subjects, have been ardent fan, was terribly disapfame as a book reviewer once made by Clorox technicians, by The 304th Bomb Squadron was H WeldarSehindeed to thearttPfcd. recognition is received from the university scientists and by re-pointed in our first loss in a 1 1 t d h th foll aro earer 1s g01ng o a en "E h h t 1 1 long time. We'll make up for we represen e w en e ow-ASTP School. He was in charge choes. searc c em1s s, cone usive y it, "Tim"! ing named enlistea men received T / 5 Sh d t f proving the value of the bleach Good Conduct Medals: F /Sgt. of the Personnei Department in rum no ? care or for this purpose. .Congratulations are in order the Orderly Room and really did cheap cigars-who does. But he Stinnette, S/Sgt. Morlock, S /Sgt. a grand joib. Sgt. "Wild Bill" le!lrn to smokE'; the. low-The tests show that it is es-for the much deserved promoShort, S/Sgt. Woods, Sgt. Neider, Gr'eenberg will take over the pnced ones bef?re goi!!g m for sential to render immediate tions of Pfc. Kraft and Pfc. Mac-Cpl. Beczak, Pfc. Prasen, M/Sgt. h d h f Pf Sh the more expensive vanety. treatment in case of iiquid gas Clamroch. Pvt. Puhalo who just Nealon, S/Sgt. Morrison, S/Sgt. mal?y ea ac es c earer. contamination. There must be returned from furlough maintains Steinmetz, Sgt. Datorre, Sgt. Srp, While on the subJect of Orderly T/4 Clark :walk neces-no delay as every second counts. that Pittsburgh beer is superior Cpl. Rezney and Pfc. Schattner. Room Personnel, we happy does prefer to ude any The importance of the time ele-to Tampa's. To support his claim, Congratulations on your good to that en.Isted man time any where. ment is vividly illustrated in he proudly points to the five work men! quahfted on the Rlfle Range. S /Sgt. Anderson disclaims all tests made at intervals of minutes pounds he ac:lded to his "beer .' The Armament boys. extend a journalistic ambitions-but we after exposure. muscle." Lieutenant Sloan and warm welcome to Lt. Cilley, who are still hoping. We think the Next in importance is theYoung, _of has just returned from a sergeant is just newspaper shy. speed of the' detoxifying agent Why does Miss Connie Howard t!ons and Engmeermg respec-enjoyable leave with his family Sgt Lebold may yet turn up in neutralizing liquid gas. Clorox ?f in I tively, recently prqmoted in New Hampshire. S /Sgt. Gil-a puncher despite the handi-proves most effective due to the mg er eau, P ur e to 1st Lieutenants. Congratula-lespie will no doubt discontinue of WD rcular 62 fact that it is free from caustic with the stamps on upsi e down. tions from your boys, they are his trips to St. Pete after this cap CI proud to be working under you. month. We're wondering why? One M /Sgt. Reilly s b_est which permits' a much faster C I Gh b f 11 t th Could it be a visitor from the sports IS basketball, havmg action than when caustic is Pvt. Leisenring, Pfc. Wallace, Pfc. Cozza, and Cpl. Marsden have indulged in their favorite game of "G. 1. Golf" after duty hours, for the past three days. P ee ld arewe o e ? heaved a mean ball for Man-present. In addition to its gang in communications in order home state. h tt speedy action, the purity, stabil-to join the Star Unit at Stetson For the benefit of youse in-a an. ity and high strength of Clorox University Their best wishes fol-quisitive. guys, here are the lat-We are still trying to figure are important factors in its use low him. Sgt. Mardany is back est reports on the men who out what sport S /Sgt. Poole as a wartime agent in combating at his old post in charge of trans-qualified as expert or sharp-likes best. liquid gas. SMITHS GO TO WAR portation for communications. shooter in the 491st: Pfc. PuOUR WAC IS A LONE _WOLF -------SHARON, Pa.-Smiths lead the t lick 185, Cpl. Worden 176, Pvt. L t k t th If you have a gripe, why not name parade at the Shenango Pvt. Snyder woul,d hke. It 0 Thatcher 171, Pvt. Siens 168, as wee s s ory m e get t ff h t b 't' g Personnel Replacement depot be known that he_ s av.ailable Pvt. Mace 168, Pfc Hetrick 170, Echoes under the headline. "Mysa near Sharon. There are 512 sol for any and all Sgt. Darby 169, Cpl. Thomas terious WAC will begin daily inECHOES? Or maybe you have diers by the name of Smith listed progr_am_s. As _Rosy_ said, Sm 168 S/Sgt. Short 171 Pvt. spection," gives us no cause for t C lif d S t w d t d th' some good, constructive sugges-in the post directory. Millers a ra _Is_ m a. 0f,!ua, an ny-Phillips 174, Pfc. Parker 171, anxie y. e un ers an lS tions to offer that would be hold second place with 274, while der Is m Flonda. Pfc. W. T. Martin 178, Pfc. C. certain Wl AkC wtilfl roamh the btaste adopted to everyone's advantage. there are 215 listed with the The boys on "the line ar.e now A. Martin 168, Cpl. Kirkpatrick on the. 00 ou or t e nea es Let's have 'em. names of Davis. referring to the Operations Of168, Cpl. .Joseph 171, Pfc. most soldierly soldiers. What --------,.--------------------fice as "Gestapo Headquarters." Bertsch 172, Pvt. Carter 168, bothers us is that should this Reason for this is that an interCpl. Hommel' 176, Cpl. James WAC approach. this area, it's Lt Hancock to 588th office communication system has 168, Cpl. Iaciofanio 168, Pfc. doubtful whether she will be able been installed, with the master Lowery 173, Sgt. Iverson 171, to find her way out without a control box in Operations. This Cpl. M. Levy 175, Pfc Buck compass. A W Battalion control box permits them to listen 178, Cpl. Dta.lke 174, Cpl. Krantz We might instead offer to in on everything that transpires 173, Pvt. Fisher 168, Pvt. Lary transport her to and fro in one in all departments. Rumor has it 170, Pvt. Yocco 169, S/Sgt. Kopp of our jeeps so that it will not that television may be installed 168, Cpl. Kok.onin 168, Cpl. be necessary for her to just roam. alongside the communications Kopplin 175, Cpl. Lesner 168 On second thought, this might Lt. Francis B. Hancock, whose received enthusiastically hv the services were engaged by the S-1 battalions' personnel, and' they Section of this headquarters, will all agree that it feels great to do assist Captain Boardman, who some real "soldiering." We didn't heads this ever-gr()wing section. see any "hot dogs" relaxing in Recent acquisitions in the way of the water pails after the Jast enlisted personnel include Pvt. march, although an occasional Jacob Weidenbaum, now assum-blister popped up to spoil the ing a goodly portion of S-l's bur-evening's date. And speaking of den, and Pfc. Leon A. Dougherty, the evening date, the lucky lads assisting Cpl. D'Oria in Message of the battalion who traipsed Center. Pvt. Weidenbaum is a over to the dance at St. Pete the native New Yorker, and was other night are still talking &bout actively engaged in the practice the swell time they had. Transof law for 12 years prior to his portation was supplied both ways entry into the service. Pfc. by our own Motor Transport Dougherty hails from Los An-men, to whom our thanx are ex geles, and was in the banking tenaed. For the first time in business, as senior teller, for 14 many moons, the soldiers' com years. Despite their diversified plaint was that there too backgrounds, 'professionally and many girls !! The usual 12-men geographically, they have melted to-a-girl setup was cut d.:>wn to easily into their respective jobs, just about one to _one. L ike the system. Now they have hopes. of and Cpl. Conat 169. set a precedent for all WACS to having a connection with the Flash! This correspondent has roam around as unofficial in-WAC barracks soon! just been informed that spectors. Cpl. Spizzirri is faithful to his Machuszek will attend a weddmg To add to the confusion some fiancee, very much..Jlo. A mem-today. Too bad its not your own, G I might also think it a good ber of the WAC hit been cast-Charles. He -has been to idea to roam the base on the ing that "come hither" look at be best man when one of his best lookout for the neatest wAC. him with no results whatsoever! friends "middle aisle's it" today. There is no telling where we We wonder if the Cpl. is actually would end up. keeping his fiancee in mind or SOLDmR GETS IDS SMOKES whether the WAC has him fright-ABILENE, Tex. -When em ened? ployes of-the local Coca-Cola From all reports and appear-company bought cigarettes for ances, StSgt. Machuszek had a men overseas, they said they great time visiting his relatives hoped the smokes went to some in Paterson, N. J. We would like body they knew. Shortly after to know how to gain 15 lbs. while ward they received a letter from on furlough, Sgt.? S /Sgt. Wil-one of their former fellow liams is planning to take a three-ers; he had been given the cigar day furlough soon. It seems he ettes on a ship bound for North has been working too hard, dur-Africa. oops Brakes! .. WACs to Have Movies Weekly The first of a series of enter-which they are performing com-idea? Watch your bulletin board taining, as well as educational mendably. Another newcomer is and sign up for the next shindig. movies were shown at the Rocky E. <;xromet, in of Miscellany: Congrats to Cap Point mess hall Thursday evening the fllmg sechon. Gromet IS hkc-tains Boardman and Evans re through the courtesy of the Specan attorney from New _York, cently promoted to that rank ... ial Service Office.-with many years of practice to Ditto to David Gatten Col. The pictures, The Battle of his credit. The filing section. is Stiehl' s chauffeur, who wa; upped Midway, a color film, and Target a tough assignment, but under Its to sergeant last week Tech. for Tonight, depicting the actual new chief, the happy dreams of Sgt. Leon Siegel just returned planning and carrying out of an finding a paper in a flash may from a convalescent furlough ... air raid over enemy territory by well _become a By the feeling much b etter .... Staff the RAF, ran for more than an way, If the clouds of cigar _smok_e Sgt. Judd Shapiro discharged hour. knocked you for a l?op !11 th1s from the hospital, says it's easier Fifty or more WACs perched on area Wednesday mormng, look to to break out of j a il. Maybe lJ.e mess hall tables and benches to Fred <;romet for the cause. He knows!! ... Tech. Sgt. Rigler is enjoy cigarettes, ice cream and became the proud father of a on furlough ... well-deserved ... cokes during the performance. b?Y the J;;>efore, and and by the way whaddaya The Special Service Office plans s shU nursrng. hiS crushed say we make Iotsa effort to ob to p.-:esent movies weekly at the fu:gers after the best serve the rules on Safeguarding WAC base. It was suggested that WIShes of the multitude. Military Information? ... Okay? the shows be given on Monday child and father are all domg Okay!! evenings, WAC Night, in order nicely. that more members of the com-The bi-weekly parades 'lnd forSGT. MARTIN L. WOLF, pany will be free tO attend. mal retreat formations are being Sergeant Major


DREW FI"El.D ECHO -S, FRIDAY, AUGUST 27, 1943 YOU'LL HAVE TO SHOW US THOSE 'GRANDMAS' Headquarters and plotting is soon going to lose one of the outstanding t;:haracters in the company. I ref-er, of course, to none other than sharp-shooting, rootin', tootin' "Already Mirochnik." Tech. Sgt. Dwyer is busy as a bee in his new job of provost sergeant. This company is now known as the PX Lovers, Incorporated, and what' s more they're all crazy about the same part of the PX! Sgt. Russo, the famous daddy of headquarters and plotting, has just returned from a three-day pass. First S g t. Crosseti, even after introduced to St. Pete by Sgt. Kaye, still seems to prefer WACs Curtsy To 405th Gp. At Softball Winterhaven. But he' s not averse The 405th Bomb Group softball to the Px o r St. Pete, either. team (the big brutes) tackled the Corporal P equet misses his WACs in a game Tuesday night Lt. Kenneth W. Church and Staff T ransfer to 756th SAW Co.; Activated 746th Officers and EM Play Volley Ball In the Rain; Muddy, But Fun! By CPL. MAURICE H. NICHTER After successfully activating the 746th SAW Compan-y four weeks ago, Lt. Kenneth W. Church and a nucleus organization of officers and enlisted men formerly with the 746th were transferred to the 756th SAW Company. The new outfit is located on "N" Street between 5th and lOth. Guard Gargantuas Going Great Guns grandma-poor guy! First Lt. Hersh, acting C.O., is destined to and tossed the G. I. gals for a 22 By CPL. LEONARD RASK.IN attend officers school shortly. 11 loss in a rousing six-inning we take -time out, this week, The offi cers who accompanied Lt. Church were 2nd Lts. Edwards, Lirid, Vance, Wingfield and Williams. The enlisted men who were transferred from the 746th include T/Sgt. LoCi.;. cero; Sgt. Carnazza; Cpls. Ingmire, Nichter, Rodi, Wissing;. Pfcs. Cantrell, Fields and Gray; and Pvts. Johnson, Stewart and Walker. Ttk, tsk, he' s such a nice fellow, game on the losers' home grounds. to pay tribute to the. men tern-too. There were several rough plays porarily assigned to the 828th, The wolves are roaring for an-and a couple of the female solh T / O f th other party this payday, and who are doing a swell job. Lt. T e or e new company plans a e r already under way for diers won't be comfortable for Janus, new commander of the is relativf!lY small, but great one. A lovely Px redhead whose several days. Corporal Bro<>klyn things are expected from the or-guard, on D.S. is doing a crack t have a swell first initial is Virginia has been Jacobs (a WAC) was hit on the gamza IOn as we 1 up job as far as everyone her e is bunch of men, and we can sure asking f o r Corpora DemonJa. dome by a pitched ball, and didn' t Y d "P" k t t d concerned. give it to them. as, an 111 Y seems In eres e even get a free base on it. First too. Oh, you Tyrone! It' s hi'gh ti'me somebody gave A good example of the coopera-Corporal Rountree is out run-baseman Sak (another WAC) was Sgts. Hanley and Keenan some tion between the officers and men ning the balls of his feet off. Yup, hit in the mouth by the ball as credit for the excellent work was shown last Friday when Lt. he' s out for track. Is he good? she attempted to steal second. they have been doing as the non-Edwards and officers challenged Ask a certain WAC staff sergeant., The gals are positive they can com commanders of the guard. the enlisted men to a Volley ball We're all glad to see Sgt. Keenan game. We had just enough time It was gratifying to see the do better and to prove it, have back to work after being laid up to change to shorts and get a way all the men pitched in to asked for a return match date d t hot game started when the down-clean. up the barrack vacated by in the hospital, ue o m)unes Th t d.d t ff t th Company x. The men in this to be announced. sustained in the line of duty. He pour came. a I n a ec e O t h WAC th t prefers, howeve the. nurses at the game in the least, other than outfit were on the whole found e r 8 on e ear_n w e r e slowin g down the offi"cers. No h t t Sahsbury, Kus1c. T e xas Nail. Beck-Base Hospital to the men of the to have good teet a a recen n e r In e g e z Falanga and Brown. score keeper was around (no one dental inspection. This is odd, M einbe rs of the 405th team w ei"e guard section. wanted to get wet just to keep indeed, considering the fact that G!imm. Kais er, Hest e r Grenner, We are proud and yet sad to score), and the game ended with 11 b b t' g r gums H1te, Frmqms, Manmng, Kruger, N o lt e learn that Cpl. Cy' Horwitz; act-we ve a een ea m ou and Shufelt. ing Sgt. of the Guard, after being the enlisted men way out in the recently! ggg li=ii technically accepted to attend lead (so we say). Anyone going Sgt. Porter and Sgt. Croseth West PointMilitary academy, lost down N Street between 4 and have both taken off on a three 303 d 5 F. he D U h S l"d his appointment because he was 5 o'clock wondered what was day pass. We have a hunch tha. t r q. IS nnen are 9 0 I wrong-all they could see be-, lacking two teeth. Cy, is defi-Sgt. Crosetti is going to Winter y t B t 70 Lb T --------------lnitely Officer material, and his tween the barracks and the down-Haven, and we know that Sgt. OU 0 ea arpon pour was a mass. of drenched and WANTED SOLDIER worth is bound to be realized. Porter is going ,;? see The 303rd felt like a black : Acting Cpl. of the Sy beraggled brawn, splattering and at Bradenton, JUSt sheep during the past week, for it TO REPAIR WATCHES Appelbaum, is all hepped up, and wading in clay, hitting a muddy .how Lt. Bald?wm Is en had to remain in the old shack raring to go ... he received word covered object across a net. JOymg area while other squadrons moved Lieutenant Emanuel Abram-that his kid brother is "Over it or not, we did have Poker IS. !lung m into new buildings.. However, son, assistant PX officer, is There. fun. Of course, we all had trou-and company. Dice when the word was given, it did looking for an enlisted msn George Mavromatis who. is ble later "scraping" clay off, but seems defimtely to have taken a not take the squadron long to who has had experience at re"Gate Keeper" at the Base Stockit was an excellent time. to GI back seat; This is, indeed, a sign move. Some departments even pairing watches. ade, is the dramatist of the 828th, shoes for Saturday' s inspection. of the h1gh cultural atmosphere elbowed the carpenters G. I.'s who think they are George can mimic anybody, inThe only lucky one so far as prevailing in this company! Sidelights: Th'e night crew qualified to take timepieces eluding himself ... Cpl. Caruso shoes were. concerned was Lt. Company "D" qf the 570th Aw. men spent their day in their apart and put them together still counting the winnings ac-Wingfield-'--he played in his bare Bn. is once again at full strength. bunks avoid'ing the work, sweat are advised to see the PX per-cumulated last payday ... Mrs. feet, and did a good job too!! First Sgt. Votto has been busy and labor of moving. Communi-sonnel officer at 1st St. and B Caruso will undoubtedly be WOULDN'T YOU LIKE TO? the last week welcoming men cations set. up its equipment to Ave., ortelephone 877. sporting Mink this winter. We don't want the personnel baclk from both the hospital and teach Morse code in a big way. the different schools. Energetic Cpl. Hall of Tech Supw h f d of Drew Field to think we are t t S t I p t a part of the 756th WAAC Post Lt. Wilmuth was laid up with a ply, who can compe e Wl h ears ea er or s ro vos Hq. Co. It Is a }I"ttle confus1n!!, bad ankle. while M /Sgt. Antolack Roebuck in the number of items was the victim of an infected carried in stock or obtainable on but we can assure all we have nothing to d-o with the WAAC finger To make matters worse, short notice, wonders what to do M h I I Afh I f our happy warrior T / 5 Cong Jue with all the space given his de-ars a $ e -e, area. had a tooth pulled, with the re-partment. The past week, Lts. Vance and sult that he was disabled for a Before the move, Hall had ac-A h J d E Wingfield with Sgt. Carnazza fortnight. We all missed that quired ability-to keep all his ut or. u o xpert spent several days on a recon-ever-present smile. equipment in two buildings naissance selecting a site for the The men returning from school scarcely tha. n Operational Training of the 756th include Cpl. Karstens who is now and he now fmds difficult to B. S/SGT. FRANCIS E. NOW'ICKI SAw Company. They reporte d a an .expert at hiding, bless his little get out of the Back from a tour of duty in the European theatet' of good time and an interesting spot ."Hart." Cpl. O 'Donnell and T / 5 The tarpon fishmg p1ctures F' L V L B ,. J d for the boys while on OT. We Rue returned while there they shown by Gadabout Gadd a few operations, Irst t. ernon rown, an e _xpert. ln u o are all interested in this site as dabbled at radio's new toy F. M. ag?, have produced re-and Commando tactics, assume

PAGE EIGHT DREW FIELD ECHOES, FRIDAY, AUGUST 27, 1943 IN TAMPA SPONSORED BY THE DEFENSE' RECREATION DIVISION August 27-Sept. 2, 1943 Legion Opens Service Club Announcement of the openin g of the American Legion Service men' s club was m ade this week, It is locate d at 602 Tampa street at Twiggs. In this central, downtown location, convenient to service men, may be found eve):"y facility for the soldier' s enjoyment and entertainment. S o l d i ers are invited to attend and enjoy themselves with the same freedom as if they were home. The club h a s a comfortable lounge; pool table s statione r y and snack bar. All enlisted men and WAR DEPARTMENT THEATERS Nos. 1 and 4 Friday and Saturday, Aug. 27 and 28-"Salute to the Marines;" Wallace Beery, Fay Bainter; "Sing, Helen, Sing," Paramount Headliner; RKO Pathe News No. 104. Information for Service Men and Women at Defense Recreation office 312 Madison street; Tourist Information Center, 429 West Lafay'ette. street; USO ciubs and us.o aid,_ 502 Florida officers are welcome. avenue; Air Base bus station and Umon bus stabon. Sunday, Aug. 29-"The Forest Rangers," Fred MacMurray, Paulette Goddard, Susan Hayward; Screen Snapshots No. 9; "Suffez:in' Cats," Color Cadoon. Shaving, shower and shoe shine equipment at USO, 607 Twiggs street; USO, 506 :\1adison street; USO, 214 North boulevard, and Christian Service. Center, Tampa and Tyler streets. Kitchen, laundry, ironing and sewing facilities for all service men and women, and families at 607 Twiggs street, USO Private kitchenette and dining room for any servrce men or women and their families who would like a home-cooked meal-at Christian Service Center, Tampa and Tyler streets. Phone M-53-694. Make reservations by noon Fifty-bed free dormitory for s ervice men at Masonic Service Movies G 'et. New Chairs Monday, .Aug. 30-"Henry Aldrich Swings It," Jimmy Lydon, John Litel; "Danger, Women at Work," Mary Brian, Patsy Kelly, Hymer. Tuesday and Wednesday, Aug. 31 and Sept. 1-"Hi Diddle Diddle," Martha Scott, Adolph Menjou; "One Ham's F amily," Color Cartoon; RKO Pathe News No. 1; March of Time No. 13; "-and then Japan." C:enter, 50 2 East Lafayette. Make reservations between 1 p .m. and The wooden b enches in the 9 30 p.m. B ; f t t tl Sept. 2-:"Chatterbox," Judy Canova, Joe E Brown, Lane; "Little Isles of Freedom," Broadway Brevity; "Super-Wabbit," Bugs Bunny, 7 p .m. each evening-Letters and forms typed by the Red Cros s a s e s. our mo. r o n pr c ur e lea-at USO, 607 Twiggs street. Als o shopping guide s ervice and package ters a.re on therr way out. Friday and Saturday, Sept. 3 and 4-"So Proudly W e Hail," Claudette Colbert, Paulette Goddard, Veronica Lake, Walter Abel; RKO Pathe News No. 2. wrapping at all USO clubs and Christian S ervice center. (male and f e m ale) and 0 soldrers (male and fema le), s oo n Friday, Aug. 27--.-USO ACTIVITIES will findf orm-f i tting individua l chairs in all theaters, Lt. G. J Sunday, Sept. 5-"Arabian Nights," J:on Hall, Maria Montez, S abu; "Ski Trail-s, "Pluto and the Armadili o/' Walt Disne y Cartoon. 10:30 a m .-Expectant mothers' class, 607 T wiggs street. 7:30 p.m.-Art for fun, 607 Twiggs str e e t 8: oo p.m.-Music and sing-copation, 607 Twiggs street. 8:00 p.m.-Dance on the patio.:_orchestra, 506 Madison street. 8:30 p.m.-Weekly 214 North Boulevard. Saturday, Aug. 288 : 30 p .m.-Games at 506 Madison street. 8:30 p m .-Dance with orchestra, 214 North Boulevard. 8 : 30 p.m.-Party night, 607 Twiggs street. Sunday, Aug. 299:30 a m .-Coffee hour, 607 Twiggs street. 3 : 00 p.m.-Symphony broadcast, 607 Twiggs street. 4 : 30 p.m.-Music study and social hour, 607 Twiggs street. 6 : 30 p.m.-Vespers services.\ Fellowship hour, 214 N. Boulevard. 6 : 30 p.m.-Vespers, 607 Twiggs street. 7:00 p .m.-Round table discussion conducted by AAUW, 607 Twiggs street. 8:00 p.m.-Forum, 214 North Boulevard. 8:30 p.m.-Feature movie, 214 North Boulevard. 8:30 p m ,-Dance on patio. Orchestra, 506 Madison street. Monday, Aug. 30-7 : 00 p.m.-Classical music, 607 Twiggs street. 7 : 00 p .m.-Games, 607 Twiggs street. 8 : 00 p.m.-Ping pong tournament, North Boulevard. Tuesday, Aug. 317:30 p.m.-Art for fun, 607 Twiggs street. 8:00 p.m.-Sewing.class, 607 Twiggs street. 8:00 p.m.-Music appreciation, 214 North Boulevard. 8:15 pm.-Bingo, 214 North Boulevard. 8:30 p.m.-Community sing, 506 Madison street. 8:30 p.m.-Sketching instruction, 214 North Boulevard. 8:30 p.m.-Dance at Municipal auditorium. 9:00 p.m.-Chess cJub, 214 North Boulevard, 9 : 30 p.m.-Educational movie, 214 North Boulevard. Wednesday, Sept. 17:30 p.m.-Swimming party, meet at any USO club. 7:30 p.m.-Art for fun, 607 Twiggs street. 8:00 p .m.-Dance instruction with instructors from Arthur Mur. ray, 607 Twiggs. street. 8:30 p.m.-Feature movie, 214 North Boulevard. 8:30 p.m.-Camera club, 214 North Boulevard. 9:00 p .m.-Dancing at 607 Twiggs street. Thursday, Sept 27:00 D.m.-Mr. and Mrs. club supper, 607 Twigg street. 8:00 p.m.-Spanibh class, 607 Twiggs street. 8 : 00 p.m.-Parish night at 506 Madison street. 8:30 p.m.-Dance on patio, 214 North Boulevard. ACTIVITIES CLEARED THROUGH THE DEFENSE. RECREATION OFFICE Friaay, Aug. 27; 8:00 p.m.-Party at Christian Service center, Tampa and Tyler streets. 0 8:00 p .m.'-Dance. at Drew Service club. 8:00 p.m.-Bingo party and refreshments at Navy Mothers' club, 305% Water street. Saturday, Aug. 287:00-11:00 p m .-Dance at Elks' club, avenue and Madison street. Sunday, Aug. 29, 2 : 00 p.m.-Inter..Social club games at Cuscaden park, F!fteenth street and Columbus drive, free to service men. 3:00 p.m.-Ping pong tournament at Christian Service center, and Tyler streets. 5:00 p m .-Social get-together at Navy Mothers' club, 305% Water street. 5 : 30 p.m.-'--Songfest and refreshments at First Methodis t church, Florida and Tyler streets. 6 : 00 p.m.-Victory Vespers at Christian Service center and broadcast over WTSP. 6:30 p m .-Young people' s forum at First Presbyterian Service center, Polk and Marion streets. 8:0.0 p .m.-Fellowship hour and refreshments at Hyde Park Methodist church, Platt and Cedar streets, and also at Riverside Baptist church, Tampa and Keys streets. 8:00 p.m.-YMHA community center dance, Ross and Nebraska avenues. 8:15 p .m.-Sing'aree and fellowship hour at First Presbyterian Service center, Polk and Marion streets. 9 : 00 p.m.-Fellowship hour at St. Paul's Lutheran church, 5103 Central avenue. 9:00 p.m.-Informal hour at C:])ristian Service center, Tampa and Tyler streets. (Continued on Page 14) May Jr., Base Theat e r office r announces. One b oxca r loa d of ch airs already has arrived .They h ave bee n installe d in theater No. 3. The other houses will be equippe d as soon as the chairs arr. i v e The supplanted b enche s will b e used at the bandshe ll. Visit Your PX! Monday, Sept. 6-" A Gentle Gangster," Barton MacLane; E agles of the Navy," Technicolor Featurette; U. S. Nav y Band," Melod y Master Bands; "People of Russia," MGM Miniature. .. Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept. 7 al).d8-"The Sky' s the Limit," Fred Astaire, Joan 'Leslie, Robert Benchley; The War-Issue No. 7; RKO Pathe News No. 3 Thursday, Sept. 9-"Alaska Highway," Richard Arlep, Jean Parker; "Honeymoon Lodge Harriet Hilliard, David Bruce, Ozzie N e_lson and Orchestra. WAR DEPARTMENT THEATERS Nos. 2 and 3 Saturday, Aug. 28-"The Forest Rangers," Fred MacMurray, BRANCH LOCATION Paulette Goddard, Susan Hayward; Screen Snapshots No. 9; "Suf*Main Bev. and ferin' Cats," Color Cartoon. Clothing 2nd & Ave. F Sunday and Monday, Aug. 29 and 30-"Hi Diddle Diddle," Main Mdse. and Spec. Martha Scott, Adolph Menjou; "One Ham' s Family," Color Cartoo'n; Order Dept. .2nd & Ave. F RKO Pathe Nevirs No. 1 ; March of Time No. 13, "-and then Japan." *No. 1 .......... 8th & Ave. A T *No.2 ........ Area F on Ave. J uesday, Aug. 31-"Henry Aldrich Swings It," Jimmy Lydon, No.3 ......... .. 8th & Ave. H John "Litel; "Danger, Women at Work," Mary Brian, Patsy Kelly, No. 4 ...... E-1st & Ave. L Warren Hymer. No.5 : ........... Camp DeSoto Wednesday and Thursday, Sept. 1 and 2-"'-"So Proudly -We No. 6 .......... Plant Field Hail," Claudette Colbert, Paulette Goddard; Veronica Lake, Walter No. 8 . 4th & Ave. L Abel; RKO Pathe News No 2. *No. 9 Hosp. Area-B-10 Friday, Sept. 3-"Chatterbox," Judy Canova, Joe E. Brown, *No. 10 1st & Ave. J Rosemary Lane; "Little. Isles of Freedom," Broadway Brevity; *No. 11 .. 2nd & Ave M "Super-Wabbit," Bugs Bunny. No. 12 ............. Flig-ht Line S d h Jl{o. 15 ............. 'VAC. Area atur ay, Sept.

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