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Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 2, no. 27 (September 10, 1943).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
September 10, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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3D WAR LOAN IS UNDERWAY GET ON THE .BONDWAGON Drew Field Echoes ENLISTED MEN who havo olothiRI in need of naendint or minor alterations, or who nOfld chevrons or insignia sewed on! Free sewina service by Officers Wives' Sewing Club. Leavo clothes at Chapel I before 10 a.m., Tues. VOL. 2, NO. 27 OFFICIAL PUBLICATION DREW FIELD, TAMPA, FL(>RIDA SEPTEMBER 10, 1943 Gun Packs Punch War Vet Is Saved From Drowning at St. Pete By Two Drew FieiCI Soldiers Two Drew soldiersone an Air Corps man, the other a Signal Corps maneo-operated to save a World War I veteran from drowning in Tampa Bay off St. Pe tersburg's Million Dollar Pier. They are Cpl. Andrew Pre slopski, 511 th Fighter Bon(b er Squadron, and T/5 Louis Cohen, 853rd Signal Service Company. .Just as dangerous and effective a weapon as a machine gun is this drill press being inspected by a Drew Field solclier. More than 200 visited the monstrous.shipbuilding The veteran, Arthur Reed, plant Labor Day. who lives at Bay Pines Hos;:_ ____ pi tal, near St. Petersburg, Soldiers View Shipyards On Labor Day Tasco Tour; Return Pleased With Work was unconscious when he was hauled to the. pier. Preslopski, a recent graduate of the Red Cross Life Saving and Water Safety course, applied artificial respiration, reviving T/5 LOUIS COHEN CPL. PRESLOPSKI Reed before he was taken to a __________________ -=.=-::::_:::c.:==:.=-::.::.::::_ __ hospitaL By T/5 RICHARD FORBES Chilean Fliers Honored Here Following Training Civilians all over the country, and especially the Tampa Shipbuilding company employes, are working their hardest to back up our fighting men with the necessary equipment of war. Accompanied by Chaplain Carl W. Hewlitt, four bus loads of Signal Corp. s and Air Corps men from Drew had the build the transport and fightpleasure Labor Day of an "ining vessels to get our armed vestigating trip" through Tampa' s forces overseas so that they huge shipyards and drydock. may get into the scrap and get Cohen, a Brooklynite, cut. his hands and scalp on barnacles clinging to the pier's pilings and also ruined his wristwatch. He was treated at Don Ce-Sar Hospital, a sub-hospital of McDill Field at Pass-a-Grille. Sympathetic A J. Wernig of St. Petersburg, who witnessed the rescue, started a fund with which to purchase a new watch for Cohen. Other persons have sent contributions to the St. Petersburg Times. After more than three months of advanced flight training with the 84th Fighter Bombardment Group under Lieut. Col. Paul A. Zartman, nine Chilean Air Force officers are leaying Drew Field. What they saw convinced this war over 'with that much A farewell was given in their honor last Friday mght at Columbia Restaurant, Ybor City, prior to their departure for Washing, ton, where they will be the guests of the them thai: faster, ACTS QUICKLY 1. The United States is turn-Don't think for a minute, sol-Reed fell into the water while Chilean embassy. ing out more and finer ships dier, that the home front is let-fishing, shortly after 8 p.m., Aug. The dinner was attended by in faster time than ever ting you down. As Chaplain Hew-25. Wernig ran to the pier's edge Col. Melvin B. Asp, Area Comthought possible, and-litt explained it, "We want the and saw .the veteran floating face d C 1 R F C V d down. Other persons looked man er, 0 ance, an I side frantically for life preservers. Lieut. Col. Paul A. Zartman. __ __:::__;,:...:__..::...::. _.:._ __ Cohen finally found one on the FAREWELL GIFT This AC Spe.Us Style; Named Best Groomed wa.ll ... of the wharf's recreation_ Captain Alferdo Lavin, on be !>Uildmg. He tossed the pr.eseryer half of the departing fliers, acmto water, ::emo':'ed h1s shoes cepted an elaborately prepared and shirt and d1ved m. album compiled by Sgt. Joseph Cohen placed the dr?wnmg man v. Perri, chronicling their activ on}he preserver, b,lft 1t apart. ities while at Drew. The preserver, said { E. They here at the invita-? Froats, w1tn ess, com-tion of the War bepartment, Brother, can you spell. pletely m the. wa-whose policy of exchange pilots If you can WAC is spelled STYLE-at least for T/5 ter. It simply came all to Pieces. between the United States and The preserver was thoroughly f h t Mary E Pedron who won first chmce from the 746th SAW rotted". Ch1le o!-It o t e m e1-c ... change of university students be-ompany as .he best dressed WAC on Drew Field. Meanwhile, Preslopski ar-tween the two nations in peace Take a look at Corporal Pedron. Tantalizing brown rived and threw a rope into time. There at a eyes (ask Sgt. Jim Matthews) silky brown hair 23-inch the water. Cohen tied the rope of Amer:1can serv-. around the man's arms and Pre-mg with the Chilean A1r Forces. Waist. Add all this to a clean, neatly Ironed umform and a (Continued on Page 16) This interchange is an implemen-tation of the Good Neighbor Pol icy between this country and Latin America. From close association with each other, the North American and South American fliers have learned to understand and to appreciate the lives and the interests of each other. Upon leaving Drew Field, Captain Lavin and the other officers expressed their gratitude to Col. Melvin B. Asp, the area air base commander, for the privilege and accommodations of the post; and to Lt. Col. Paul A. Zartman and his officers of the 84th Bombardment Group, for the fine training they have received at Drew. "We especially wish to commend the enlisted men of the 301st Bombardment Squadron," they said, "for tlteir readiness to assist us in our training activities at all hours of the day. or night." soldierly appearance and you can see why the 746th chose 'lis Texas-born WAC. _; Wanna know mo:-? Well, Corporal Pedron can cook-in fact, she's a GI baker. Her home is in the Lone Star State ("the best doggone state in the union"). She' s a graduate of Hull-Daisetta High, the best alma mater in Kiska Combat Gp Returns Texas. Mary is a good sport, and athleti.cally inclined like all soldiers should be. She likes to ride horseback, and hunt. Can draw a pretty good bead with a rifle, too. Her favorite movie star is Gene Autry because he portrays western cowboys, and Tyrone Power ranks second-only because he lacks that Texas atmosphere. Her pet gripe is getting up in the morning, like a lot of other soldiers we know, and she also has no taste for washing and ironing. An ideal GI girl? Maybe you think we're kidding you. To prove we're not, her age is 24 and her weight 110 pounds. And she wears her khakis like a soldier should -ne;1tly pressed, clean and fresh. Mary doesn't drink, but she does smoke-and prefers Old Golds. On dates she likes her men, privates, corporals or ser-Flyers who helped ring down the curtain on Kiska arrived at Drew Field this week, approximately two months after their Group Commander, Lieut. Col. Marvin S Zipp, led a formation of 30 Douglas Dauntless dive bombers to .A:laska with orders to 'reduce Kiska." The Group moved down the Aleutian chain as quickly as possible. Arriving at Kiska July 29, they immediately T/5 MARY PEDRON started carrying bombs to the Nipponese. Instead of the heavy ack-ack which usually goes hand -in-hand with a raid on a heavily fortified position, t h e y encountered only a little machinefun fire from the EXPECTED EVACUATION geants, to be gentlemen, -and brother soldiers, She respects Either they her WAC respects what were short of they have taught Jier, and tries ammunition or they were evacuto follow their example. ating the island," Colonel Zipp says, "so that when the news fi.Watch for her, then check to nally came that the Saps were see if you're half the soldier gone, it was no surprise. We had she is. been expecting it. ._ Before American ground forces pushed onto the tiny island of Kiska, Colonel Zipp's men knoctced out a large coast artillery gun, smashed a 90-mm antiaircraft gun, and hit a fire control center. These were positive hits. They also did a lot of damage to gun emplacements. "But it was mostly routine stuff," the colonel insists. "A few of our people found holes in their planes as the result of enemy fire. Our own eagerness, however, got us into a little trouble. Some of the men so low they had to fly th1 'ough bomb fragments thrown up by the explosive dropped from the preceding plane. Fortunately, we suffered no fatalities due, in large part, to the work of the ground crews maintaining the planes. After each flight, the boys did not rest until every, plane was ready to fly again. They took pride in their work and did a superb job." TERRffiLE WEATHER The only real difficulty connected with the expedition was the unpredictable weather. Meteorologists were limited in ob triining accurate information from surrounding territory, with resultant "by-guess and by-gosh" forecasting. Sometimes, banks of fogs would move in with less than 10 minutes warning. Temperatures varied between 35 and 60 degrees-uncomfortable, the men say, by reaso n of the penetrating quality of the' atmosphere. A rope led them through the fog from their tents to the mess hall and they were constantly slipping on the muskeg. The peculiar consistency of the earth necessitated the use of steel matted runways.


PAGE TWO DREW FIELD ECHOES, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1943 746th Maneuver Homeless Pigeon Rationing Cal.endar All military personnel who have ration books 1 and 2 may pick up application blank for ration book No. 3 from their organization. Applications must be mailed to address on card before midnight, September 11, 1943. T N C t Drew Field Rationing Board hours are from 9 a .m. to 0 ew ampS I e 5 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The Board is closed Monday and Thursday of each week. It is It didn't take us long to open Sundays from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. maneuver out ,of our former MEATS CHEESE BUTTER OILS AND CANNED MILK area last. week. One at 16 points a in Red Stamps X, Y and thmg that did' have us Z now valid through Oct. 2nd. Brown stamp A in ration was a lone book 3 becomes September 12th for meats; fats, oils, p1geon ; that had made ts butter ari'd cheese. It expires October 2nd. home m the orderly room. No doubt the pigeon was on detached service with. our message center. a spec;ial order the pigeon was shipped back to the headquarters by truck where it rejoined its little brothers. FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Rationed on Blue Coupons R, S a:nd T valid through September 20th. Coupons U, V and W valid .through her 20th. SUGAR Coupon No. 14 good for five pounds through October. Coupons 15 and 16 good for 5 pounds for canning. SHOES No sooner had we set foot Stamp No. 18 iri War Ration Book No. 1 good through m our new orderly we October 31. Personnel without Ration Books will found the coke machme al-submit application based on Base Memo. 70-16 Dated May ready installed andready for 25 through Message Center. action. Pvt. Baumwall was immediately placed in complete GASOLINE charge of coke operations. For Good now, No. 6 stamp; in A book. the benefit of all new comers to "' CANIQ \ 746 who may not as yet have be-come acquainted with this highspeed coke operator, you will find a pic,. ture of him g ra c i n g this column When this p i c t u r e w a s first submitted, OLD AND NEW TYPES OF 118" .AND 11011 GASOLINE COUPONS Car "c" rations must.havt, coupons on which the words "Mir... ooe Flot10!1 ore P"!'ttd. to purc:ha$8 gaso11ne. The new stamP. ossue will tiollltn the ljOSohne rot10flin9 prQQrom, by rendtrtrlll ueeleas stolen, lllevally-hald ol14 counterftit of the old type now c:irculoti"ll ill thi block market.' Knowledge of Concealment Is Often the Difference Between Life and Death we were unnize any. larity bet.ween it and the ori-. ginaL However, Coupon in thi column ort fttw t.jpe (ThiS is the first of seven articles on an art of modern warfare with which every soldier should be thoroughly familiar.) By S/SGT. DONALD E. UTT Base S/3 Office able to nicogL f th!autmhwallh inh chec1king .tiht ur e. roug c anne s w1 You can learn a lot about concealment in 15 A WUTC we were informed that THtS this EM was a member of our Sept t Must be Volid under fire -if you live that long. organization-and up to the presExchanged Camouflage efficiency. is as important as learning to ent time 'his record was clear. for THESE Pay day enabled Corporal fire a gun or use a gas mask, and it is the principal pur-.Fros. t to call his girl friend, Jerry, l pose of this article to impress Drew F.:ield soldiers with the Gary. Asking the operator for $12 also known as Chubby, in. _East importance of "being there without being there." worth, the opCamouflage may be defined as "work dorte and maintained erator allowed to pr.ov.ide protective concealment for men, materia.Is, and the corporal 50 lnvglid Seill 1 Votitl military instailations from enemy. observation." If it would minutes of make it easier t.o understand, the word concealment may well restrained be substituted for camouflage. versationthe trivial sum FUEL OIL In general, camouflage can be 'divided into two parts: of 20' smackers. camouflage discipline and camouflage techniques. chubby, we Period No. 1 Fuel Oil coupons of new season now valid Training iit camouflage discipline is hard t.o "put over," learn, is losing until Jan. 3, worth 10 gallons per unit. because. it involves the development of will power. and good weight! habits. Lectures are apt to go in one ear and out. the other, If .the supply TIRES because a breach of this type of discipline is never punished room were Ioall personnel who possess Gasoline Books A, B or C except through bitter experience when the soldier is actually cated closer to under fire. Then it is too late. th d 1 MUST _have their tires inspected in,. the following order. "A" B k H ld h There are many ways to define .camouflage discipline. It all learn what Cpl. 00 0 ave tries within ever.y mounts up to using your head, your will power, and intelligence. Gnat and Pfc. Frost six k As a 'nation, we are very .Proud of o1:1r advance in aviation, Halloran do these day for exciteHolders have tires inspected within every and' by instinct we look up in the air when we hear the 'sound ment. four of an airplane engine. But camouflage discipline teaches us not S/Sgt. Cohen, Pvt. Phi, llips, Pvt. "C B"'ok H ld h t t d h" to lQok up whenever we hear an airplane. Looking up when Boruck, T/5 Wind,sor, Pfc. Folz 0 ers ave lFes J>Iispec e Wlt 1n every we are on a battlefield may cause our .death. If only one man and Pvt. Bridgeman make the three months. looks up, the pilot of the enemy plane may not see the little most of their after five. The above ins, tructions must be. compiled with, tire white spot made by the soldier's face. But if 20 Gis look up, the Modest Pfc. Blackstone, recent:.. 20 white dots can be discerned by the pilot; and at once the group ly transfer:red into our organiza-inspection record and registration card must accompany all becomes. strafing bait. tion, has tried, without much sue-applications for gasoline. Tire applications must be indorsed Another breach of camouflage discipline is making new tra.cks cells, to hide his claim to fame as by this board before being submitted to the. OP A. and taking short cuts through fields. A third is hanging one of the orignal best dressed in the open. -( i GI winners in WAC contest. P R d C U When you shortcuts qver open areas or step outside coveJ-r the e r .oss ps Cpl Bookwalter you attract 48 square' inches of enemy attention. Always extend hopes The Echoes will print his d M a road past your installations. A road or several trails leading to interesting contribution which Howar oran o f 3rd FC Leaves an installation are sign posts to enemy bombers which say, "Folstarts off with a flash as follows: low the arrow, we're Tight here. You can't miss us." "Last week-three who Howard F. Mor;ili, assistant Red For Me' dtc Scho ol All innocent acts in themselves are fatal if the enemy is near are always seen together, wer:e Cross field director for Drew --and in this war the enemy is always near. seen walking the Buvma Road. Fie}d, has been appointed field Corporal Sylve. ster Bookwalter, Camouflage techniq.ues are much simpler to teach the solThe Burina Road is a saying when director at the Third Air Force dier, because he has something to work witt:r. He can be shown you have company punishment Replacement Depot, l'lant Field. formerly of the Medica Section by actual demonstration how to make various items of camou-and you walk a post with a: full Moran, a native of Rochester, at III Fighter Command Head-flage. pack and rifle. The sun was beatN. Y., served four years in .the quarters, left recently for the The three main divisions of camouflage are: ing down and there they were, Marine Corps, and received his School of Aviation Medicine 1. Hiding; which means completely concealing an object marching like soldiers. should. At Red Cross training at Washing-R d 1 h F ld U th, by constructing. overhead cover or lateral screening. the end of the day they were seen ton. He was stationed at Fort' an_ o P pon e com-2. Blending; which .means making an object indist.inguishin town. The soldiers' names are: Jackson, S: c., before coming to plehon of h1s e1ght week course, p t A s h able from its surroundings by breaking up its form and shadow. v c urnan who is still go-Drew Field. he will graduate as a flight sur-This method. is particularly valuable where the terrain pattern ing. out with a girl mimed Mary. Moran' s office at Plarit Field geon's assistant. is intricate. She told Pvt. Schuman that the fellow who she is going with.now will be in the Headquarters Prior to his entry in the Army, 3. Deceiving; the enemy can be deceived by. making an has plenty of competition. Building, and his staff will give "Book" operated his own. apiary object appear to be something else, or by building dummies of Number: ..two is Pvt. L. T. Tera-service to enlisted men on a 24-and fur ranch. Later. he worked personnel and equipment. hour basis. for the Veterans' Administration mma who has been going with a D M H tl f" ld d Be authentic. Don't cover a foxhole with dried leaves when girl from Sulphur Sp.rings and 1s an ar ey IS Ie lrec-Hospital at Chillicothe, Ohio, as a tor Of the Red Cross at DIew h t 1 tt d t d 1 b t the surround.ing terrain is green. Don't build a haystack to hl"de talking about getting married. 1 QSpl a a en an an a ora ory t t H t f a plane or truck when you are in the tropics. You must study Teramina does make up his mind ass1s an e 1s a na lVe o M M + Cl k b oh your surroundings and make full use of natural cover. Utilize to marry, we want her to know ee tng ar s urg, w. -ditches, hedges, edges of woods and folds in the ground. she is getting something good After induction in the Army .when she gets him. .John Darling Lodge, F. and last October, Bookwalter spent Future stories will cover in detail principles and methods of Number three is Pvt. Eddie A.M., 610 Madison Street, his three months basic tJ,"aining at individual concealment, vehicle concealment, heavy and light Massarella, who hails from a weli-Tampa, extends rraternal greet-the Medical Replacement Training weapons, bivouac areas, dumps and depots, aircraft and the use known city called Beverly. He ind' and welcome to all Mason Center, Camp Barkeley, coming to of decoys. keeps telling his buddies that brothers. AD Invitation is ex-Drew in January, 1943. He is -Any individual problems you might have will be answered when he goes home on furlough tended to attend the weekly married and has an 18 months.old gladly if you will drop us a line. Next week, we wm take up he is going to marry. Wednesday night meetings. daughter. "Individual Concealment.".


DREW FIELD ECHOES, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER lO, 1943 PAGE THREE In the Best AAF Traditions--In August, 1941, he arrived at. the official notice received by Drew Field, Tampa, where he was Major Higginson. associated with Aircraft Warning. At present he is the command Once again, he went out on man-ing officer of one of the most euvers and was transferred to March Field, California. He was important Aircraft Warning bat-. talions in the United States Army. promoted to Captam m May, 1942 He married Miss Barbara Hickok While at Drew Major of Summit, New Jersey anti both Higginson was commaqaing of-reside in Bradenton. Lt. Charles R. Bocks Lt. Charles R. Bocks of San Jose, Cal., is the group's assistant o p e r a tions officer. Lieutenant Bocks has also had .:onsiderable experience. His ::::::: )\::) .--:. his wings was with the 85th Bomb Group .: where his early ) := :::,: assistant f I i g h t leader. He later served as instructor pilot before his present LT. BOCKS when the group was activated. He served continuously_ f r om 1923 to 1943 in various adminis trative and spe ICL

PAG FOUR DREW FIElD ECHOES Official Publication Dre w Field P. 0. Address: Drew Field, Tampa, Fla. Friday, Septembtr 10, 1943 COLONEL MELVIN B. ASP Air Base Area Commander. DREW FIELD ECHOES is a Post Exc h a nge Activity, published each Friday in the "interest of the officers and enlisted men of Drew Field. Authority S ec. II, W D Circular 55, 1943. unde r the supervision of Special Service Officer in accordance with W D M emo. No W210-6-42. dated Septembe r 7 1942 Subject: Publication of Post, Camp and Unit N e w spapers. Major Chester K. Delano Base Special S ervice O[Jicer Lt. Joseph H. M cGinty, Editor The office of DREW FIELD ECHOES is located in Specia l S ervices Building on 8th Street b etween "A" and "B" Avenues. Building No, 14;13-0 3 T e lephone, ext en-sion 287. (Photos by Base Photo L a b ) [Printed by The St. P e t e rsburg T i mes] VOLUME 2-NlT MBER 27 ITALY BITES THE DUST Italy is out of the war, and the onceproud Nazi goosestep has become a limp. General Eisenhower's surgical knife per formed a marvelous operation in removing the leg from the shrinking body of Nazism. Allied troops landed on the stubby toe of Italy just five days preceding the sur render. Previous .to that, cities throughout the once haughty Roman nation had been with'bombs. Even as word of surrender came, earlier editions carried headlines forecasting another-invasion above the toe of that war-weary nation. Wise old Samuel Johnson once remarked that a nation's personality-like that of an individual-changes according to Circum stances. This aphorism fits Italy to the shoelaces of her boot. It is the people who will win or lose a war irregardless of irrational rul ers. Humanity will not sacrifice whole heartedly its sons unless it is convinced of the righteousness of its cause. The treacherous stab in the back of France 'in 1940 will never be erased from history's annals. Mussolini 's attack was comparable to that of a jackal who slinks in the background until the lion has eaten hls share, then sneaks in to gorge himself. We are convinced that the numerous mi nority parties in Italy were banded along with the democratic nations against this act. We are convinced that Italian soldiers would not fight-preferred cause they felt their battle was on our side against tl:te German slave legions. With the surrender of Italy, numerous questions automatically swim like vapor before our eyes. Of course, this news means that thousands of Allied soldiers will be spared a of Italian under-soil. It means that millions of tons of war equip ment will be diverted toward the Ger mans or Japs. If also means _that the day of ultimate victory rounds-another corner. Jmmediate questions pertain to Yugoslavia and Rumania, or trampled countries as France, Norway, Poland. Whether there will be equally sensational news within the next few for speculation. Of this we know: Wlien part of a gr:an diose dream of world conquest disinte grates, the dream itself is doomed for evaporation. Surely the peoples and lead ers of Germany and Japan itself realize this. It is impossible to have a major opera tion performed without the patient being well aware. It is natural for soldiers of Field, as military and civilian throngs every where, to speculate on the war's duration. Excitable opinions that the battle is won, and the war over but for the shouting are audible on every downtown corner. A soldier cannot become overly optimis tic. Optimism is another word for death. The optimistic soldier does not live long. For' us of Drew, optimism could mean re laxation while learning nomenclature of a. rifle; negligence when studying technical problepts. This war is not w on. Germany is still intact. Japan still dom inates possibly the richest territory in the world. Battles will still_ be fought and soldiers of Drew will continue to leave for destinations APO until these two nations are crumpled. We of Drew would be stab bing in the back our fellow comrades, now overseas, should we grow ,complacent. DAEW FIE LD ECHOES, FRI DAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1943 That Funny Feeling 11Raincheck" DESTINY By Chaplain Carl W. Hewle Not for success alone: Not to fair-sail unintermitted always; The storm shall dash thy face-the murk of war, and worse than war, shall cover thee all over But thou shalt face thy fortunes, thy diseases, and surmount them all They each and all shall lift, and pass away, and cease thee; While thou, Time's spirals rounding Shalt soar toward the fulfillment of the future. Walt Whitman's Hymn to America,.,,872. An age is dying, a thousand years of history are 'ending, a world that seemed eternal to its children is swiftly crumbltng away. Meanwhile, a new age is emerging, not with a sudden, brilliant sunburst, but in blood and agony and tears. We stand and wonder at it; this is what was prophe sied, this is what we thought we .looked for; yet, now it comes, we are astonished at it; we had not understood that it would come like this. What is there left to mortal hope; we ask ourselves, but silence-and the grimness of the moment' s to be." From no other faith, no need? lesser faith,, .will modern men and CHALLENGE IS IMMEDIATE women give what they need to B t t t' f -1 ., Th give to win the victory in the u I_s I a Jme or SI ence e titanic struggle in which we are world Is not a to. stand engaged. It is. from this faith, and apart and at, It IS this alone, that liberty can live .world m, a world which and grow. Where did it ever grow human life Will_ break. in its absence? We have to believe '!he IS unmedJate and that there is sometl}ing in the na we begun to ture .of reality-and of human I!, we must defme the new reality....:.which makes liberty postions,_ our pur.l?ose;s, umte sible and natural; which' makes our hvmg with our thmkmg, look it, in fact, an indispensable re ahead and see the path before us. quirement of the fully huma. n than the d3:wp level, and, therefore, an "inalieno! history, It Is time. for defm1-able right." we have to believe bon and for reckomng. What, that human life is not worth livthen, may such reckomng be? ing unless this level can be And what does. It mean for the reached-and held. people of Amenca? There is only one comprehen sive answer, within which the an swers to related questions naturally fit: human life itself has reached a crisis; the total life of man throughout the planet and the life of every individual human being within that larger life. Any one who cannot grasp this truth will find himself without the means to understand the situation which surrounds him, and there fore, as its encroachments grow, he will be powerless to form ef fective purposes and helpless to influence his individual fate. It is a simple truth, but like all sim ple truths, extremely large. For many people, accustomed to truth in retail sizes, it is too wholesale to be credible. But then, these are the same people who refused to believe in anything that has recently happened until it actually dlid happen. They refused to be lieve that the present world strug gle is a world struggle until the moment when unbelief was no longer possible. The thing that is happening in the world today is of such magnitude that only those minds which have been stretched enough to receive it will find it real. TRUE FAITH REQUISITE The underlying, fundamental need of the inner l ife of modern man, a worldwide, universal need, must be met by a universal faith. The purpose of a new and united world must and will have a new uniting faith. This remains the case no matter how divergent its regional expressions may chance Religious Services At Drew Field JEWISH SERVICES: Friday 8 : 30 p.m.; Saturday 8:00 a .m. PROTESTANT SERVICE S: 10:30 a m at all chapels on Sun.; Sunday, 7:30 p m., Chapels Nos. 3 and 4. CATHOLIC MASSES: Sunday, 8 : 00 a.m., chapel No. 2; 9 : 00 a m., Chapel No. 2 and Thea ter No. 3; 11:30 a.m., Chapel No. 4 ; 6:30 p m., Chapel No. 2. Weekdays, 7 a m., ChapelNo. 4 Every day but Tues. and Sat.; 6:30 p m Chapel No. 2 every day but Wed. Monday thrc l!gh Saturday, 7:05 a.m.-WFLA-Drew Field Rev eille. Monday, 8 : 30 p .m.-WDAEThe Right Answer or Else Tuesday, 6 : 30 p.m.-WFLAThe Squadronaires. Thursday, 8 : 30 p m .-WDAE-69th Air Force Band. Thursday, 8 : 30 to 10:00 p .m.WDAE-Music, Mirth and Mad-ness. Saturday, 8:30 p m.-WFLAWings and Flashes. Communications to this colpmn must bear, for publication, the, correct name and organization of the writer. Short letters are most interesting, -and the right is reserved to cut letters when space limitations require. Adios, Amigos We are now leaving Drew Field after a very pleasant and profitable tour of duty. Since it is impossible to say farewell in person to every one, we wish to take this means of expressing our great appreciation for the co-operation given us in. our work, and the genuine friendliness shown by everyone. To Col. Melvin B. Asp, the Base Commander we owe our many thanks for the privileges an1 accommodations of the post. To Lieut. Col. Paul A. Zartman, and his .of ficers of the 84th Bomb Group we are deeply indebted for the fine training we have received here. We especially wish to commend the enlisted nien of the 30lst Squadron for their readiness to assist us in our training activities at all hours of the day or night. We are son:y to leave Drew Field and Tampa. Frequent invitations to Tampa homes have helped compensate for absence from our homes. We expect to return to our Chilean homeland in the near future To all our friends herehwe now. say goodbye, and we invite you to C ile. CAPT. ALFREDO R. LAVIN AND CHILEAN OFFICERS e Drew Fielders and. Tampans bid you Godspeed and good luck. 'It was good know ing you, having you here, and working for you.-Ed. Editor, Drew Field Echoes: Dear Sir: I come from a family in which it has long been a tradition to rise from the ranks to the commissioned officer status. During the year -in which I have been in the Army, I have tried to prepare myself with a thorough foundation in the Army background I felt I needed for ocs. Just a month ago, I came to Drew Field. I understand that the quota of Officer Candidates allotted to Third Air Force is exceedingly small, and that the size of all OCS classes has been re duced considerably. I have the idea that Drew Field men have very little chance to go to OCS. Is this so? S/SGT. JOHN L DIETRICH Drew Field men, just as men at any other field, still have a Ghance at OCS. Every so often, Drew field is given a special quota. : A good man who is definitely "officer material" stands every chance of going to OCS, regardless of re duced quotas and classes. Put in your application, .John. It may be a long wait, but you'll get there.-Ed. DEAR .EDITOR: Last week, your paper carried a short article concerning the speed with which inventory is now taken at Drew Field PX's. The previous week, The Echoes printed a cartoon in which a harried GI was battering the door of the PX, closed for inventory. All I want t

DREW FIELD ECHOES, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1943 PAGE FIVE Officers 'Put Out' During School FILTER BOARD INFORMATION is analyzed by Lieutenants Van de Voort, Regens burg and Pardue, and Technical Sergeant Birenbaun, shown, left to right, arou:q.d the plotting table. In the second picture Lieutenant Emerson Burns of the Signal Corps goes "trouble shooting" up a telephone pole. It's business a little bit more serious than Lt. Burns' sunny smile would-leave you to believe. SAW Officers' School set to-Frontline Trends Both soldier and technician -this is the goal of A WUTC's Officers' School, as it gears its student officers the of to the fast-moving ever-changing role which Aircraft school, lt ls m the schoel s pollcy 1 to assist other units in need of Ing IS P aymg. instruction when the teaching Each graduate of the school must be equally at home personnel and equipl_llent can be with the battlefield problems of a chattering machine-;gun spaFreldl. th d t k d th t h 1 t f 1' d l t o ow1ng e ec1s1on o rna e an e ec mea m ncacies o specia Ize e ec ron1c equipits officers soldiers first, the ment. school's tactical department keeps step with the weapons depart-The carefully constructed mosaic of the schools schedment by giving additional,battle-ule is designed to make the officer familiar with the dis-field instruction. The latest tricks comfort of life in a fox-hole the mysteries of an informa-in camouflage, the hidden ?an. gers of a booby trap, the penlous twn center, and the secrets of radio pulsations Ill far-off duties of a scout in enemy terri-space. The school does not intend to produce specialists in and many other prac its Orientation Course but each student is mtroduced to heal help make the stu. dent offlcer ready for the com-every Important feature In the A W set-up. bat zone. Instruction in hasty The emphasis pla-ced on fight fie:ld fortifications, roads ing ability in the field is vividly self. So well-grounded and effibndges, de.fense illustrated by the school's wea. cient are its instructors that more attack, antl-mechamzed and antl-pons course. Fully two weeks than a score of organizations on aircraft measures, and demoli are ctevoted to the small arms and near Drew Field have come tions are amo_ng topics which are the fundamental to the Officers' Schoof' for assistround out th1s v1tal f1eld of mcombat tools of every soldier. ance in weapons instruction Per-formation. After the rigorous, concentrat sonnel from the department have Officers and technical train ed course, every graduate can traveled as much as. 150 miles a ing is imperative. The school's a "stopJ?age" on a _Brown day to help individual units. This information center (IC) and 1ng .50 cahber machme-gun, week, organizations from MacDill Communications Departments field strip carbine, Field are receiving the beneare co-ordinated to giye the t!'-e Brownmg automatic rifle fit of the department's specialized student an understanding of the hke a toy, and send a good knowledge. special techniques which the centage of the shells from h1s OFFICERS :BUSY A W system utilizes Springfield rifle crashing into the bullseye on the range. All this outside work by the Do you have a brain-storm The weapons department has school is "in addition to its other which would aid other G-I's at duties" of instructing its own stuDrew? You can shout about it, by proved indispensable not only to dent officers. Whi l e the producsending it in to the "G-Ideas" the school, but to Drew Field it-tion of well-trained officers is column in your Echoes. Captain Declares ,Iceland 'Not Too Rough' When Capt. Edgar M. Matthews went to Iceland with the first American Army unit, his conception of the Icelanders was the Hollywood one; namely, that he would meet Eskimos and polar bears; and no end of hardships. When he arrived there, after an uneventful voyage on a calm Atlantic, he found that the marines had landed and as usual, had the situation well in hand. Another week-end, and this mess is due again. I'd really my job if I didn't have to do anything. This editor of ours over here is a hard man. You write him a column, and he wants it on time. Well, they say that this is the age of speed. Speed ... I hate the word. I don't know why you guys write in to express your liking of this awful mess, but thanks anyway. I'd like to catch the guy that has been adding little -quips to my stuff. I really don't mind (not much), but the jerk is getting more fan mail than I am. (He got one 1ast week.) No kiddin', fellas, if there is some little thing that I can do for you thru this column, don't hesitate to write in. Anything at all (wh:;:tt am 1 saying?) I'll try to do you favors, but no date bureau The last one I ran became rather out of hand,-and the fellas didn't call for the dates, and I make only Army pay, consequently I Don't Get Around Much Anymore. (So you're a songplugger now?-Ed.) Understand that the golf course is still. comin'. along. They have opened it, but the fairways are still being pampered into completion. It should be a pretty "Zoot" spot in: the near future. Facts about the Base: An officer, a very surprised offi. cer, the other day hollered at a group of men_ near the old club house at Rocky Point, ''Hey, if .you guys want to see me, come over here:" The officer was on his shirt as he spoke. Soon (very soon) a guard came running over to the officer. ''Lieutenant, the 'guys' are wearin' and silver oak leaves all over their collars." P. S. They revived him, and he is now doing well. (We don't get it, but we guess it's okeh.-Ed.) You know, a short while ago we ran a paragraph about giving a man a lift. You don't have to be going to town, but if a man is going in the same direction you are stop and offer him a hike. Gee whiz, it doesn't cost' a cent. Have you ever walked the whole length of Avenue B? T'aint just a step. Following closely on the same theme. The majority of "rides" offered soldiers on Columbus Drive a:r:e by civilians, one-fifth of the JllOtor traffic OU that particular thoroughfare. A kind word this week for the gentlemen at the Base Motor Pool who hav. e been doing such a beautiful job try. ing to please all the traffic they handle in the course of a day. Wonder what the formula of the shot is that some oi: the MPs must take to make them immune to gas attacks. Went into a PX Monday, and was promptly told ... no beer, buddy ... You ain't got no mask. Funny thing was, the MP didn't have one either. Maybe his is in the laundry. More rain today. Once wasn't enough ( 4 inches of water in the streets) so we had us an encore 'round about 5:30 or so. Right now there is so much water in Florida that the Navy is contemplating using Florida A venut;.ffi Tampa for a loading dock. Well, what is this strange noise that wakes me from the depths of slumber? Ah, me, and I was well on the way to ... and that's what bothers me. Darn these dreams that start out so wonderfully, only to be interrupted by some fool coming in at three in the morning. I wonder what hap' pens to the tale end of those dreams? I'd like to have a dollar for every time I have nearly kissed Hedy Lamarr. I wonder if I ever really' stood a chance with her, or whether There were no Eskimos, no -----------------------------she was just being nice to because I was asleep. Things polar bears and no hardships un-35 cents. This co..,_ dition was around a tree and not go until like that bother me. less you would like to count demore than compensated for the world quit jitter-bugging. It hydrated food as a low. They later, when our PX's moved in was a terrible disappointment to had to pitch tents at the beginning, and a carton of Chesterfields find, on landing, that there were but it wasn't in the snow and ice sold for 50 cents, or 5 cents a no trees! as the continental name of Icepackage, the Federal and State PRIVATE SUMS UP land suggests but in a very green taxes being non-existent. and verdant country, with an Pressing the Captain further on Forestry on Iceland is nil, with equable climate, IrishNorwegians the matter of dehydrated chow, the exception of one national instead of Eskimos for populait was interesting to learn that the forest, but there are signs of fos tion and peaceable sheep instead consensus was that it wasn't a silize.d trees, proving that in anof polar bears. Of course, this bad deal at all, the processed other age the island was heavily was in the southern part of Icesoups being his favorite. There wooded. Captain Matthews over land where the climate is more were potatoes, carrots, peas-but heard an interview between a or less even the year around. It mashed potatoes, even with news correspondent and a private is only the northern part that lumps-were a delicacy, said the that 'i.'l'ent something like this: becomes snowed under in the long captain. The meals were balCorrespondent: "What are Icelandic winter. anced down to the last vitamin your impressions of Iceland?" and you got everything in the Private: After considerable CIGARETTES NOWCHEAP way of calories you could get at According to the captain, home thought: "Well, it's most ver-Iceland was a very good place There was a boy on the ship tical." to work, despite the fact that coming over who got terribly There are tales of the long when they arrived prices were seasick the captain said. The solsummer dusk that never quite extremely high on everything dier remarked between trips to merges into day or night, that in the villages, a package of tbe rail, that when he got on good would shatter the nerves of a ordinary cigarettes selling for old dirt he would wrap his arms walking delegate. "' Oh, oh, just hit a snag. Mind went blank again. (Ha-ha!)' What '11 I do now? The editor wants me to get something in, but I just don't feel like writing today. I'm gonna get a machine that will write this mess for me. All I'd have to do is think (?) what -I want and then let the gimmick do the rest. Brain strain that's what I've got. Oh, me, oh, joy, oh, nuts! The little things in life are the ones that count (it says here). The way you smile, the way you look when you sit down to the table (the last table I sat down to, I couldn't look), the way you sign your letters. (I heard all this stuff issue from a booth in a local e .atery a short while back. ) Whoever said it, meant it, and the more you think about it the better it seems. You make the little things count, and the big things don't have to be so big. Saves time, and trouble. Gets results ,too.


" PA>G SI'X DREW FIELD ECHOES, FRIDAY, S -EPTEMBER 10, 1943 Dion of 497th JOHNNY GETS HIS GUN Cadet, Parachute Training Sef for Three 903d Men; Named Soldier Hennessy Has Bad Break Of th,eWeek Sergeant Hanlon Gives Commands First Time By PVT. ELLIOTT M. OGDEN Another week has rolled by, so again. your reporter sits down at his desk to re cord the news of the 4 79th. Starting with this week's dis patch, CHIT CHAT offers to it's readers a "Sold1er of the Week." The soldier who has the honor of being the first ''Soldier of the Week" is Joseph Lucien Dion. TEN GARAND RIFLES, bought with $800 raised by members of the Tampa Sheet Metal Workers Union, are presented soldiers by Norman Carl, union's local presi dent, as Col. Melvin B. Asp, Air Base Area Commander, and A. L. Whatley, union business agent, look on. Cere mony took pla-ce in front of Headquarters last Thursday. Dets 22, 23 Bow To Athletic Feats Of Scharnhorst It was in Woonsocket, R. I., on March 11, 1906, that Pop wore his first pair of three-cornered. pants. By T/5 .T. P. 'ALLEN His first six years were spent in. Well, we mep. of Detachment 22 Woonsocket, but in 1912 Pop'swill tell you that, when it comes father decided to move his fam-to playing volleyball, T/5 G. D. ily to Edmonton, Alberta. Since BY AFC "BUN,NIE" CORSU,L is quite a wheel horse at servmg the orb. In a game Edmonton was then a boom town, Such a week of changes for last week, he garnered 14 straight By CPL. ALBERT A. H:ARLAN Pfc. Charles A. Strickland Jr. at last made it to aviation cadet training and is now honie on furlough in Gainesville. He will return. to the awful suspense of sweating it out till. called. Pvts. Robert J. Schmid a:nd Arthur E. Flor:es, are leaving the 7th for parachute school, Ft. Benning. We know these 15oldiers are going to make good--happy landing to all 'of you. Pvt. Forrest F. Fox is back in the rariks after his recent tonsil operation. What, no adenoids! Handsome. T/5 Cleveland E Barnes has made quite a haul He you could have it!" The dr-eam returned from a swell fu,rlough in er raised up on a weak elbow Wilson, Nort)'l Carolina, bringing .feeling ashamed for. having de with him his wife and also a prived so many who love milk, snappy '40 red Chevy coach. and muttered, "Give it to me." FURLOUGH BLUES He took the box, lifted it to his Speaking of furloughs, Pvt. lips and. drank without tasting. Paul Hennessy ( 4 Star) has had He was fully. awakened after a the worst breaks. He had to can-gill and a half had slid down. It eel train reservations twice be-wasn't Georgia dew. It wasn't cause of a nervous appendix and milk. He was .fightin' mad and was in the hospital a couple of plenty burned up. He swore and Th h threw the container at Bruns, days for observation. .en e spattering him. But it was worlds went home to Brookline, Mass., where he became very ill with a fun to the onlookers--Donald cold, remaining .in bed for 10 and days. The only good part to his outside the door, lookmg furlough was spending time at m. yes, I almost to home With. the best nurse in .the mentwn, Cpl. James R. Pierce was world, his mother. Perhaps Flor.,. the goa! ida sunshine will help you, Paul. .:...._ ______ it was natural that Pop's the GI gals. One day we points for Detachment 23 before a building contvactgr, made the find our-selves out in the his was broken. Sol!le journey. b of his have dubbed him brush, accompanied y huge "Seven Horse" because of his Lt. Edwin J. Fisher is on sick leave in Indianapolis, Indiana. Question: Why is it that al ways after every pay day, the wealth of many in the QM is soon concentrated into the. Corry of Third FC To Attend School Of Classification CANADIAN INTERLUDE squadrons of mosquitoes, and abundant hands of the few? Four of the nine years Pop the neKt we find ourselves we _Just a spent in Edmont-on were devoted .' envious of. his ability to chm to his education. With a sly smile, s1ttmg nght m the center of himself a dozen times; when we Joseph Lucien relates how the the base, surrounded by can hardly do a half-dozen chin-Pvt .. Domenick Evangelista has kids .had to walk six miles to h dr d f ed d g ups. always wanted to visit Florida. school in formation, armed with un e 0 surprls P -Detachments 22 and 23 ar.e He made known his desires thru knives and axes so as to keep the faces. (Of course, though, proud of Privates William A. proper channels and evimtually coyo-tes and wolves at bay. we'll have to admit that the Sherf:y and Joseph A. Snook. They transferred into the 903rd from d have JUst come through a camou-the Army Air. Base, Greensville, In 1920, one could find Pop WACs alwa:Ys id get flage school with flying colors. s. c. Welcome to Florida, soldier! back in Woonsocket, working around!) TheY: are now in shape to outline Epilogue: He was asieep in the in the Nyanza Mills and latet M t tl' f to the rest of the men a system depths of Georgian dreams. snorfor his father. However, seven os star mg appearance 0 of camouflage t hat will be tops in th h ing as only Georgians know how, .years later the glamor and glit-e 756t WAC company occurs deception. his mouth open, tongue out, body ter of New York night life drew each morn at preciselyo 6:30 a.in., Come on, you Allltis, tak-e a sprawling, toes heavenward. -His Pop to the "big city." There he when the entire company "huts" look jester, T/5 Bruns, came into his worked as checker in one of the At camouflage by Sherfy and kingdom carrying a quart mi)k Sherwin Williams Company over to the 314th mess hall a!ter .. Snook. container,paper, that wa. s parwarehouses, and on week-ends a frantic rush into "A" uniform, tially filled with an insipid liquid, was employed as a chauffeur still sleepily fumbling with bobby Furloughing: Pfc. Chas. F. ingredients as follows: 98% for a D'Hunt family of Valley pins and even -all occasional Wirtz and Pvt. John R. Behan. water, warm, and 2% milk, sour. S&>rings, L. 1 curler. Edith Howatt reports that They took off northward for a In the dark it looked like s'kim On Oct. 1, 1932, a date that Pop one fellow observed: "If that's 15-day inspection of conditions on inilk. could never forget even if he had how the WACs look in the morn-the home, sweet home front. We The jester shook, then kicked amnesia, he and the D'Hunts 18-ing, I guess I won't marry. my trust that neither rationing nor the Georgia Rip Van Winkle. year-old daughter, Clarise, eloped soldier girl friend!" the ceilings will prevent their doing the things they had planned to Elkton, 'Md. It seems that Pop's It was delightful to see Laura in their billetdoux-ings. marriage was sort of touch and Taylor, that smooth blond cor-Also, T/5 Charles Serline and go affair for about seven years, poral fromSpecial Services, T/5 Clifford W. Ault are fur until in '39 his wife went com-back on the job again, after a loughing again. We let them go, pletely AWOL. All during this most exciting furlough. Laura, when they assured us that furtime Pop h_eld down his job at ,after days of partying, dropped loughing was not getting to be a the paint company. into her returni'ng train, ex-habit with them. "What in the hell do you want?" drawled the King, half mad over the arousal. "Wake up!" came the enthusiastic Ohio response, "Pve brought you something good. Six guys downstairs wanted this milk and I kept 'em away just so Off to Air Corps Classification School at the University of South D._akota last week, went Sgt. Joseph M. Corry, of Hq: and Hq. Sq. III Fighter Command. Joe enlisted at Marietta, Ohio, 14 months ago, and was processed through Ft. Thomas, Ky., and Jefferson Bar-racks, Mo. After graduation .from the Air' Corps Clerical_:.Sc;:hool at Ft. Logan; Corry was assigned to Daniel Field, Ga. He was transferred to Drew and the III Fighter in October; 1942. Formerly working in the Squadron Orderly Room as -Classification NCO, Corry helped install the present record-ing system. In civilian life, he was active as an officer in his local lodge of the Knights of Columbus. Before entering the Army, Sgt. Corry managed a downtown Marietta, Ohio, department,_ for several years. He had charge of all buy Not content with this alone, he also operated his own enter tainment booking agency. On July 15, 1942, Pop was hausted. She feli asleep with greeted by the president of the her purse beside her, and awoke United States, and soon after that to find it still at her side-but went to Camp Dix, N. J. After quite altered. Laura's frenzied basic training irl Miami Beach search revealed no furlough and months permanent par-papers, no identification, and ty at Seymour Johnson Field, Pop not a smitch of green folding 496th Hits Rank Jackpot arrived at Drew Field on April stuff! By S/SGT. ARTHUR CAMPER 20 of this year. The inevitable doom of the Axis is forecast by the fol-a real trooper, went without GOOD COKES; GOOD EGG WAC SPORTS RiNGS lowing story. Pfc. Rudy Cleveland, Ohio and his three Her.e at Drew, Pop's motto is ,Thanks to a few understanding brothers, Fred, William and Sol were once German citizens band a pile of mouth-watering "keep 'em cold," and with these MPs (Note to the 828th: This is ld G grub. Kelly and his buddies b a plug, kids!) our poor little cor-before Hitler's rise to power. They loved the o ermany. IIad a banquet at the PX beer hot Septem er days everyone m the squadron really appreciates poral made her way back to Drew,. But today, the old Germany is only a .1\nd today, garden. Kelly's spirits are high the. good job he .does in handling tired, hungry, and a bit discour-Rudy and his brothers are all serving with the American at the moment since his wife is the coke machines. So for doing aged. However, the old Taylor on her way to Tampa to join his job well, along with being a sporting spirit soon was back in armed forces. Of the four, only Rudy remains on these her husband. Blame him? good egg and the proud father of trim, and Laura is none the worse shores. His brothers are serving overseas in different GUNNER ON THE JOB A T for her harrowing experience. an 11-year-old boy, CHIT CH It isn't spring, but you'd think theaters of operations. elects Joseph Lucien Dion as "Solso. Half of the feminine Gls are "Everybody a .non-com" seems dier of the Week." A t are running 'round the base with .to be the slogan m rmamen Since Lt. Graham of Intelli-heads way up close to the clouds. after the recent flurry of promo gence has been attending Ab Oh, those lovelorn looks. In the tions which hit that department. ram's Height Finder School at midst of such a setup, nothing Lieutenant Haessig really looks MacDill Field, Cpl. Charlie Rosurpl'ised us less than those two after his men. As soon as the per has been put in charge of shining new rings worn third fin-new T/0 for Armament was an that section. Sgt. Ed Hanson, ger, left hand, by Cpl. Natalie nounced, Haessig was Johnny-on the Renshaw man, has gone Rappaport. The lucky guy is none the-spot with his recommenda-. home to Galveston, Texas, on other than the WAC's favorite tions to the orderly room. furlough, topic of conversation, Sgt. LeonPROMOTIONS LISTED ard Wood. (Urn hm, he's that serious-faced GI you've seen parked at the PX, night after In operations, it is discovered that Sgt. Hiemke's wife and son have come all the way from Wau kesha, Wis. to live in Tampa, so as to be near the Sgt. That's the kind of wife to have! Strange sights can be seen around Drew Field, but the strangest of them all was to see T /Sgt. Hanlon drilling his ord nance men out on the ltne. It seems that the Sgt. never drilled men before, but since it was the first time, he had his men under pretty good control. Need a wrist watch? A fountain pen? Some soldier may have one to sell. Use an ECHOES Classi fied ad. They are FREE! night.) From Natalie's rollicking de scriptions, it must have beeri quite a furlough. The happy couple will reside in town, on quarters and rations, which is a new privilege for married WACs, due to their Army status. This is the, second all-Drew, WAC-soldier wedding in as many months. Wonder who will be next? Boys who sat in the front seats of Theater No. 2 last week could swim free while watching the picture. Watet' was that deep! Promoted to M/Sgt. was T I Sgt. Carl H. Davis, Little Rock, Ark. Promoted to T/Sgt. was S/Sgt. Barnard P. Robertson, Woodstock, Ga., and upped to S/Sgt. was Sgt. Adrian R. Beerhorst, Grand Rapids, Mich. Boosted to sergeant were Cpls. Robert W. Daniel, Humble, Tex.; George R. Jensen, Ar cadia, Tex.; B 'enjamin Cortez, Alamora, Colo.; Albert J. Baker, Olean, N. Y.; Carl T. Garrett, Sumner, Mo.; Lawrence W. Matthews, Marshfield, Ore.; Casimer J. Klemen, Erie, Pa., and Marcel S. Rutkowski, Erie,_ Pa. Promoted to corp<>NW. wer-e Lu-ther J Reitmeyer, Williamsport, Pa.; Robert J. Donavan, Roches ter, Minn.; Frederick R Rousseau, Grand Island, Vt.; Joseph T. Sei ler, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Rudolph E. LaBash, New York city; Donald H. Straus, Flat River, Mo.; Robert Taglialatela, Brooklyn, N. Y., and John D. Kasper, Milwaukee, Wis. Credit for making the line quarters of the 496th the classiest of the 84th belongs largely to that hard-working duo of squadron carpenters, Sgt. Frank Salov, Pittsburgh, Pa., and Cpl. Leo Czaplinski, Duryea, Pa. They de serve a vote of thanks from the men working on the line. "Say it with cigars," asks Salov, who claims to smoke 20 stogies per day. The wife of Cpl. Joseph J. Kelly, New Rochelle, N. Y., rates tops with Cpl. William A. Hayes, Boston, Mass.; Cpl. Jo seph T. Seiler, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Sgt. Frank De Palma, Staten Island, N. Y.; Cpl. Kwong Y. Chung, Boston, Mass., and Cpl. Alexander Ferguson, Green wich, Conn. Why? Kelly's wife, Likeable S /Sgt. John G Bardo, Brooklyn, N. Y., is an aerial gun ner with a purpose. He turned his sights on a pretty waitress in the PX and scored a direct hit. Consequently, Bardo' s no longer on the loose. His bride is the former Miss Jesse May Potts, West Tampa, and the marriage ceremonies were performed Aug. 21 in Bartow. Congratulations, John (can she cook?). Awarded Good Conduct medals upon recommendation of the CO were S/Sgt. Adrian R. Beerhorst, Grand Rapids, Mich.; S /Sgt. Ar thur Camper, Chicago, Ill.; Sgt. Cecil G Hancock, Paris, Ilt; Cpl. Kwong Y. Chung, Boston, Mass., and Cpt James W. Lunceford, Bairdstown, Ga. In the Engineering section your correspondent finds that M /Sgt. Adair is spending his furlough in Tampa, while T/Sgt. Guthrie is traveling all the way to Pampa, Tex., for his vacation. Chit Chat must now stop for another week. But before closing, does anyone know how Sgt. Webb of Engineering got his four new tires?


DREW FIELD ECHOES, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1943 PAGE SEVEN -3rd FC Men 'Sweat Out' Promotions; ASTP Beckons Glassen; Mellott to Leave legion of Merit Plotting Company of 573d Awarded Former Fire Carbines at St. Pete: Davisi Nicolella Top Shots 3rd fC Colonel By T/5 E. E. "KAY" KAYSER It wasn' t the hot Florida weather alone that caused all It was a great day for the boys from Headquarters the sweating at the new Headquarters Building of the III Colonel Benjamin Stern and Plotting Company, 573rd SAW Battalion on the range By SGT. ALVIN M. AMSTER Fighter Command. The first of September rolled around, former Sianal Officer for last week at St. Petersburg. and with it, more noncom promotions. All told 35 men 111 Fight:r Command, has by Pvt. _L. Davis took top firing a neat of Hq Hq. Sq. add7d additional direction of the President 188 out of a 20?,. _T (5, Ralph NICole_lla !ook secJommg the exclusive "Zebra stnpers" were new Mas-been awarded the Legion of ond honors with y.'Ilhe Braun after road. ter Sergeants Robert E. Brown and Phillip B Burke. Merit for his services to his duty all mornm? fire? a 11 and his Up tc Staff Serg.eant from, Sgt. country while with this comArtie guardmg 'Wlth him, a very fhmsy 9 were John L Horngan Robert s. 503d SA" W unltS mand (they only fired 5 and 4 rounds respectively). They felt The .citation commends him for the rifle anyway. i Wilmot. exceptionally meritorious conduct EARLY TO RISE Boys who never thought much in the performance o f outstanding of shooting before, were .having MORE CHEVRON MEN Plan SerleS of service. It. say s "As Signal Of-_The part of _the whole the times of their lives later at-Promoted from Corporal to ficet of the III Fighter C9mtnp was gettmg up at ftve o 'clock_ Sergeant were Alvin M Amster, mand he organized and super-in the morning, not having done tested by the fac t that eight of Herman Cohn, Raymond DeLo-v ised, in addition to all other as-such since leaving Atlantic City the boys qualified as experts and renzo, Walter G Dorwart, Henry signed tasks, the Air Warning when the snow was still on the nearly 50 as sharpshooters. L Interdonati,. Gene R. Morse, Soclal Eve" n ts Service ofthis unit, and through ground. With leggings, field pack We f ired a familiarization Harold L Palumbo, Edwin H his ceaseless, unt,iring efforts and (to carryour mess equipment course in tlie morning, taking Perkins Jr. Wallace R. Reeves, and raincoat). canteen and mu-time out for lunch. Abraham Sancton, Alfred N. Sarnition belt, we were ready to While firing fo record Lt tain, Alphonse J Schwab, RobBy. EDWARD A. DORAN after chow, right from the Montenelli almost\owled ert B. Shoff, Douglas L. Wienke, Another successful week b the way have 0 iii; in hearing the range Thomas Willoughly and James E has been accompli"shed by the Y Y u officer say "This is an easy boys see11 the flag waving in the Wlght. officers and men of the 503rd breeze this past course, we should see a lot Concluding the p 'romotion list e-e-e! Our boys from our kitchen of experts. T.here be a wer the new corporals which Signal Arrcraft Warning Reg-won the flag for having the best reason for the s laugh .included Edward P Breneman, im-ent. kitchen of the wee)l: ... Give he only ftred 10 rounds Louis E Chappell, Robert C. your buddies the cooks and their or himself. Lt Schurke spent Jeffrey, Frank E Krajacic, Al-A smooth party on Wednes-helpers-the' unsung heroes of a g?od day keepmg boys on bert E Ledbetter, Kenneth F. day evening was enjoyed by every kitchen, the K.P.'s-a big the1r toes .and .Lindbloom, Norman W. Monroe, pat on the back ... Nice going, -kePt the 1 r nfle Edwin D Moncrief, Merlin, L the members of Headquarters fellas, let's !keep the flag where pomted rangeward. Muir, Henry L Quinn, Robert Company, Reporting Battal-it is. ) ANXIOUS FOR PAY B Smith and Loyd E. Wright. ion and their guests. All the S /Sgt. Alvin Glassen, former The trip before "daylight" T / 5 lngellis company "B," in Sergeant Major of the Ordnance requisites for a COL. BENJAMIN STERN was really something ... those charge o f the pit detail from all Section, Headquarters III. Fight-evening were provided, in-trucks could really roll and no reports had very good co-opera-c d 1 ft 1 t S t da 11 1 rough spots on the road over-tion from his b o ys. We all had er omman e as a ur Y eluding dancing partners exce .ent examp e h a s been re-k d /S p for "the ASTP unit at The Cita-s pons1ble m a large degree for loo e T gt. at Oglesby fun and after enjoying a good del. He will eventually pursue from the WAC Detachment, this efficient organization. led the parade with his old cold "coke" we were ready to call Gl en B F" ld d f h faithful, the jeep, and "Pop" it a day well spent, one of the an engmeermg course. ass enJamin Ie an re res FORESIGHT PRAISED Lane took off beh1.11d ht'm ... served with the III Figbter for most interesting yet experienced approximately 17 months. ments appropriate to the wea"He also organized and su-so much so that Lt. Montenelli in the army. th A t d tl t bl" h t f had to sLow him dowri a little The b d d d k Inducted in the Army in Jan-er. rrangemen s were perv1se 1e es a 1s men o oys t a goo qmc d b T 4 A l the Air Warning Training later so that the jeep could thorough job of policing "the uary, 1942 while attending col-rna e Y / Cp school. His foresight in estab-have a chance to stay in front. area" (they wanted to get home lege, Sgt. Glassen was processed Godlove, T/5 George and Pfc. lishing this trajning center enEvery .truck had a kitten and ... it was pay day ) Finally after at Camp Upton, N Y., sent to B t abled the signal units at his Pvt. Witzer was the "kitten" Tex and Caesar collected the Orlando Army Air B ase, and enning on. t 1"n ours. Very .playful, he kept 1 1942 h sta Jon to cany out their com-range reports we were ready. We MacDill Field. In Apn e Not to be outdone, several of mitments of officer and enlisted the boys on edge the whole way had two convoys on the way back. was sent to Drew. the other companies are plan-personnel for newly activated especially Leland Elliott. We "landed" at Drew about After completing two years ning bigger and better social units." "Willie" Braun was on hand as seven thirty in the evening and at Bucknell University, Le)Visactivities, of which more will C olonel Stern, who left the III was "Artie." Engleman, still not the boys at the kitchen were bu1g, Pa., Glassen finished part be told in the near future. Fighter Command for an unan-fully recovered faom the Pre-wa_iting for us. of his junior year at N. Y. U. NEW CO TAKES OVER nounced assignment in the spring vious week-end, however. When chow was finished a well-prior to being inducted. Under_ of this year, entered the United KECK SHOULD KNOW beaten path was quickly ;made to-the Navy' s V -7 proDuring the week, 2nd Lt. FranStates Military Academy from ward the orderly room with only gram he served a three-month cis E.. McCormick, the new Com-Nebraska, and upon his gradua-Well, there we were, on. hand, one thought i n mind-pay ... in .special "hitch" on the USS New manding Officer of Headquarters tion in 1923 was commissioned a ready for ,action but no action. the bargain, I never saw anyone York in the faU of 1940. The Co. Plotting Bn., assumed his second lieutenant in the Air Those little carbines were neat change clothes as fast as Pfc. itinerary inc 1 u de d duties. Taking over a new job Cor ps. Later, at Kelly Field, he and all of us .were anxious to get Lotzer (the first stripe was new stops at various Caribbean ports at this time may be a little tough was ti'ansferred to the Signal going we could really see that day, congrats Fran) and Cpl. of call and actual "simulated on Lt. McCormick, since he also Corps. In 1928 he was trans-records in the making. It was Willard Chambers (now a Sgt., battle" firings. assumed the responsibilities of fened frorri Kelly Field-to Ha-tough when they took the men on by the way) ... they having speOLD,Til\IER_ T,.,. LEAVE matrimony just recently. Must waii. the first five targets and assigned cial attractions in town waiting v be difficult trying to work at them to the pits (I worked the for them. Anothe r aerial gblnnery trainee Drew Field whHe one' s thoughts CAREER VARIED pits once .. it was only fun All's well that ended well for soon to leave for training is Cpl. are out at Safety Harbor. Our Upon his return to the United the first hour). Ask Corporal the gang, the most serious set-Woodrow W. Mellott of Hq. & Hq to you, Sir. States in 19 3 1 Colonel S tern was Keck, he being one of the back of the day being several Sq.,. III Fighter Command. He It would appear that our daily assigned to the Signal School at fortunate ones sorry I can't exceeding red faces and sunis schedule d to "leave for Tyndall calisthenics are beginning to take Fort Monmouth. remember more. burned nose s Field, Panama City, Florida, on effect. At least, our officers are 15 anx-ious to try out their newly Enlisting in the Army. about limbered up muscles agains t the two and one-half years ago from First Serge;mts in a fast game his home town. Pittsburgh, Pa., of softball. The date hasn' t been Cpl. Mellott first was stationed at announced as yet, but it certainCamp Lee, Va. Then he was ly will be something to look for-. transferre d to MacDill. In June, ward to. Arrangements are being 1941, he came to Drew as one of made by Lt. Erickson of the 3rd the "elite" who helped inaugur-Reporting Company and his staff. ate the abandoned municipal air-port named "Drew Field." It is rumored that F /Sgt. Mellott works in the squadron Smith of the 3rd Reporting orderly room as file clerk. His Company is expecting an imhobbies include. pistol collecting portant visitor from New York and drafting designs and l ayouts City shortly. When she arrives for cities and living districts. Mel-the orderly room will miss the lott wears the Sharpshooter' s presence of the sergeant during medal for rifle and the Marks-the evening hours. man' s medal for pistol record firMEDALS PRESENTED ings. 5 10th Squadron Promotes Doughty Captain Glenn R. Doughty, Commanding Officer-of the 510th Fighter Bomber Squadron, announced-yesterday the recent promotion of Marko Paul Matesick to the rank of 1st Li_eutenant. Lieutenant Matesick has ably served a s communications officer since the squadron was activated. Startjn" g his military career in 1939 with the Army Air Forces, Lieutenant Matesick has proven his apility and leadership in that branch. Lieutenant Matesick recently returned from Canada where he completed a two months' course in communications. He has the sincere good wishes '-

PAGE EIGHT DREW FIELD ECHOES, FR.IpAY, Straw Skirts, Rated l f: Ships, Sponges, Salads, TARPON SPRINGS, ''the Venice of the S()uth," and long an attraction for tourists from all over the U. S., now is luring many soldiers from Drew Field. The world's largest sponge market nearby, Tarpon Springs is full of atmosphere of old Greece. Th e de eply religious, generous Greek residents make Uncle Sam's soldiers feel at home. SPONGES LIKE THESE, which bring about $1,000 000 a year to Tarpon Springs, are examined by Mrs. Betty Trushel (left) and Miss Pearl Foster, of the Post Engineers Office, and .TjSgt. Eugene The sergeant and his friends, following the example of many Drew Fielders, are spending a day sightseeing in the exotic town. CURIO SHOi'S abound in the sponge c_apmu, ana a so1m\!r and his date can find almost anything to send to the folks back home. Miss Trushel i s seeing how she'd look in a grass skirt. From the sergeant's smile, we'd say everything was "Roger." FISHING, BOATING and swimming are only two miles from town, at. Lake Butler. Many soldi ers wind up here after a pleasant day at Tarpon Sp.rings Private First Class Glenn D. Adams rows while Miss Foster tries luck. JN TAMPA SPONSORED BY THE DEFENSE RECREATION DIVISION Information for Service Men and Women at Defense Recreation office, 312 Madison street; Tourist Information Center, 429 West Lafayette street; USO clubs and USO traveler's aid, 502' Florida avenue; Air Base bus station and Union bus station. Shaving, shower, and shoe shine equipment at USO, 607 Twiggs street; 506 Madison street; 214 North Boulevard and Christian Serv vice Center, Tampa and Tyler streets. Kitchen, laundry, ironing and sewing facilities for all service men, women and-families at 607 Twiggs street. Private kitchenette and dining room for any service men or women and their families who would like a home-cooked mealChristian Service Center, Tampa and Tyler streets. Phone M-53-694 by noon. Fifty-bed free dormitory for -service men at Masonic Service Center, 502 East Lafayette. Make reservations 1 between 1 and 9:30p.m. 7 p m each evening-Letters and forms typed by the Red Cross at USO, 607 Twiggs street. Shopping service and package wrapping at all USO clubs and Christian Service Center. USO ACTIVITmS Friday, Sept. 10-10:30 a : m .-Expectant mothers' class, 607 Twiggs street. 7:30 p m .-Art for fun, 607 Twiggs street. 8:00. p .m.-Music and Sing-copation, 607 Twiggs street; dance on patio, orchestra, 506 Madison street; party, Christian Service Center, Tampa and Tyler; bingo; refreshments, Navy Mothers' club, 305% Water street. 8:30 p .m.-Weekly musicale, 214 North Boulevard. Saturday, sept. 11. 7 : 00 p .m.-Dance at Elks' club, Florida and Madison. 8:30 p .m.-Games, 506 Madison street; dance-orchestra, 214 North boulevard; quiz contest,607 Twiggs street. Sunday, Sept. 129 :30 a.m.-Coffee hour, 607 Twiggs street. 2:00 p .m.-Inter-social club games, Cuscaden park, Fifteenth street and Columbus drive, free to service men. 3:00 p m .--:Symphony broadcast, 607 Twiggs street; ping pong,. Christian Service Center, Tampa and Tyler. 4:30 p.m.-Music study social hour, 607 Twiggs street. 5:00 p.m.-Get-together, Navy Mothers' club, 305% Water street. 5:30 p m .-Songfest and refreshments, First Methodist church, Florida and Tyler. 6:00 p .m.-Victory Vespers, Christian Service Center; broadcast WTSP. 6:30 p .m.-Young People's Forum, First Presbyterian Service Center, Polk and Marion; Vespers services, Fellow. ship hour, 214 North Boulevard; Vespers, tl07 Twiggs street. 7:00 p.m.-Round table discussion by AAUW,607 Twiggs street. 8:00 p.m.-Forum, 214 North Boulevard; Fellowship hour and refreshments, Hyde Park Methodist church and Riverside Baptist church; YMHA Community Center dance, Ross and Nebraska. 8:15 p.m.-Singaree and Fellowship hour, First Presbyterian Service Center, Polk and Marion. 8:30 p .m.-Feature movie; 214 North Boulevard; dance on patio, 506 Madison street. 9 : 00 p m .-Informal hour, Christian Service Center, Tampa and Tyler. Monday, Sept. 13-:-7:00 p.m.-Classical music, 607 Twiggs street. 7:30 p.m.-Symphouic orchestra practice for all service men interested, Christian Service Center, Tampa and Tyler. Drama club, 607 Twiggs street. 8:00 p .m.-Games, 607 Twiggs street. 8 :3 0 p m.-Sing-copation, 607 Twiggs street. Tuesday, Sept. 147:00 p.m.-Tampa Chess club, DeSoto hotel, Zack and Marion. 7:30 p.'m.-Art for fun, 607 Twiggs street. 8 : 00 p.m.-Party, Christian Service Center, Tampa and Tyler; French conversational instruction, 607 Twiggs street; music appreciation, 214 Boulevard. 8:15 p .m.-Bingo, 214 North Boulevard. 8:30 p m.-Community sing, 506 Madison street; sketching instruction, 214 North boulevard; dance, Municipal auditorium. 9:00 p.m.-Ch"ess club, 214 North Boulevard. 9:30 p.m.-Educational movie, 214 North Boulevard. Wednesday, Sept. 157 :30 p.m.-Glee club practice for all service men interested, Christian Service Center, Tampa and Tyler; swim ming party, meet at any USO; art :tor fun, 607 Twiggs street. 8:00 p.m.-Arthur Murray dance instruction, 607 Twiggs street; open house, YMHA Community Center, Ross and Nebraska-pool; bowling, ping pong; Family night, Christian Service Center, Tampa and Tyler streets. 8:30 p.m._:_F _eattire movie, 214 North Boulevard; Camera club, 214 North Boulevard. 9 :00 p m .-Dancing, 607 Twiggs street. Thuri!\day, Sept. 167:00 p.m.-Mr. and Mrs: clup supper, 607 Twiggs street. 8:00 p.m.-Party, Christian Service Center, Tampa and Tyler; recreation social hour, First Baptist church, Lafayette and Plant avenue; Spanish class, 607 Twiggs street. 8:30 p.m.-Dance_ on patio, 214 North Boulevard. Service Club Cafeteria Soon To Open Doors .i:i 'i{ .'t .-.. ?i j .. '1!" .. :. Your .Service .Club Cafeteliil:l," .which has been closed for a shi>ft session .of repairs, will-be irl :filii':. swing very soon. Right now, you may .. fresh, tasty sandwich, o Coca-Cola during the da y Service Club. When you walk iJ;J.to the teria, he prepared 'for a That room which used to with column after column of gry;waiting soldiers, has to twice its former size. -:}1!'. In the future, upon you will be greeted by wafts of coffee, instead of filling smoke. The sandwich where your order may be ccicted before your eyes, is a day-long feature of the improved cafeteria. Mrs. MacBeth, manager cafeteria, hinted at hambur the star item on the the cafeteria has been opened. There is a large corner ed to fountain service sale of ice cream, and other GI snack When the remodeling is plete, there will be ice three times a day, with a variety of dishes for hung-ry diers. .. Extra Money Offered by PX Drew Field soldiers pick up. some extra find the opportunity by as clerks at the various branches. Charles M. Young, manager for the PX, today that he cari use. 12 hind the counters. Men will be paid half of their base pay. Interested Gls can contact Young at the PX office, Street and B A venue every until 5 p .m. -YANK WI Z By BOB HAWK Qulamu\er ;'THANKS TO THE YANKS" \ Prlday. C I I 1. Do clothes in the summer or are alJ-year-'round pest? i' 2 Is the accuracy o servatory clocks (i.e. the Observatory clock in W ton) checked by the sun, the or the moon? 3. The-girls' names, Patty, and Sally, are also common ih tile English language. they mean? 4. Name the original a la dish, served without ice and commonly found on today. 5 When talking state of your health, how of these st'atements are ically conect: I feel well. I feel, bad. I feel 6. What is the d tween a person' s profile person's silhouette? 7. If I were 'giving an pedicure, would I find or four toes on each of 8. Are either, neither of these acts legally vote by proxy, to be proxy? 9 Which has a greater age of tin in it-a tin can pewter pitcher? 10. How many of the can you take on a road ticket without -a three year old child, a dog, a 150 pound trunk? (Answer!' page 12)


AY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1943 PAGE Tops by Soldiers at TARPON SPRINGS WAR DEPARTMENT THEATERS, Nos. 1 and 4 Friday, Sept. 10-"I Dood It," Red Skelton, Eleanor Powell. Saturday, Sept. 11-RKO Pathe News No. 4; Jimmy Dorsey and Orchestra. Sunday, Sept. 12-"Swing Shift Maisie," Ann Sothern, James Craig; "Snow Sports," Sports Parade; "Woodpeckin'," Popeye Cartoon. ----Monday, Sept. 13-"Headin' for God' s Country," William Lundigan, Virginia Dale; "Mountain Fighters," Technicolor Featurette; "In the Garden," Speaking of Animals. Tuesday, Sept. 14-"We've Never Been Licked," Richard Quine, Ann Gwynne, Noah Beery Jr. Wednesday, Sept. 15-RKO Pathe News No. 5. Thursday, Sept. 16-"Keeper of the. Flame," Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn; "Three Bears in a Boat," Paramount Headliner. WAR DEPARTMENT THEATERS Nos. 2 and 3 Saturday, Sept. 11-"Headin' for God's Country," William Lundigan, Virginia Dale; "Mountain Fighters," Technicolor Featurette; "In the Garden," Speaking of Animals. Sunday, Sept. 12-"We've Never Been Licked," Richard Quine, Ann Gwynne, Noah Beery Jr. Monday, Sept. 13-RKO Pathe News No. 5 Tuesday, Sept. 14-"Keeper of the Flame," Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn; "Three Bears in a Boat," Paramount Headliner. Wednesday, Sept. 15-"Let's Face It," Bob Hope, Betty Hutton. Thursday, Sept. 16-"This Is America," Arctic Passage; RKO Pathe News No. 6. g' . RECREATION BUILDING NO. 1 Friday, Sept. 10, 8:15 p .m.-Lucy Sinclair Presents. Saturday, Sept. 11, 8:15 p.m.-USO Camp Show. Sunday, Sept. 12, 8:15 p m .-A. W. Melody Hour. Monday, Sept. 13, 8:30 p .m.-Right Answer or Else; 9 p.m., Soldier Show Tuesday, Sept. 14, 9:00 p.m.-USO Camp Show. Wednesday, Sept. 15, 8:15 p.m.-Dress Rehearsal. Thursday, Sept. 16, 8 : 30 p.m.-Music, Mirth and Madness. ENLISTED MEN'S SERVICE CLUB Friday, Sept. 10, 8:15 p.m.-Dance. Saturday, Sept. 11, 8:15 p.m.-Band Concert. Monday, Sept. 13, 8:15 p.m.-Dance. Tuesday, Sept. 14, 8:15 p.m.-Concert of Recorded Music. Wednesday, Sept. 15, 8:15 p .m.-Dance. St. Petersburg Information for service men and women, guest cards, etc., at Defense Recreation Office, Fifth street and Second avenue north. Phone 4755. HOME CENTER, 256 Beach drive north. Open daily from 9 a .m. to 11 p.m. Informal dancing every night. Coffee and cookies every day. Laundry, ironing and sewing facilities. Bathhouse, suits and towels for bathers. Showers, shaving and naps. Dance instruction: PIER CENTER, municipal pier. Informal dancing every night. Game rooms, pool table, writing rooms, lounges. Dance instruction Monday and Thursday. Clearwater LOUNGE, 601 Cleveland (across from the Capitol Theater). Open from 9 a .m. to 11 p.m. for the convenience of Service Men. BEACH CENTER. Open Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. Open week days by request. Directions may be ob ,...-t .ained at the Lounge. : Dances. Wednesday nights from 8 p.m. until 10:30 p .m., and turday nights from 8 p.m. until 11 p.m.-Municipal Auditorium. Women's Residence Club The Women's Residence club, 820 South Rome avenue, operated by the National Catholic Community Service, usa, is operated for the wives, mothers, relatives, and friends of the Service men. Mrs. Sarah Schaefer, Director, extends a welcome to all. wives, mothers, sweethearts and friends of service men as well as girls in defense work. Rooms upstairs 50c a night, downstairs 75c a night. Cooking privileges and laundry privileges. Accommodations for women with babies-50c a night for the mother and 25c for the child. Service available for from one night to three weeks. Visit Your PX! BRANCH LOCATION *Main Bev. and Clothing .2nd & Ave. F Main Mdse. and Spec. Order Dept ... .. 2nd & Ave. F *No. 1 ............ 8th & Ave. A *No. 2 ....... Area F on Ave. J No. 3 ............ 8th & Ave. H No. 4 ........ E-lst & Ave. L No. 5 ......... Camp DeSoto v No. 6 . Plant Field No. 8 .... .... .... 4th & Ave. L *No. 9 ........ Hosp. Area-B-10 *No. 10 ........... 1st & Ave. J *No. 11 ........... 2nd & Ave. M No. 12 ............. Flight Line No. 15 .............. WAC Area 3rd F. C ............ 3 F. C. Hq. Filling Sta. Ave. J at E. Fence *-Branches with Soda Foulltains or Beer Gardens. PAINTED VESSELS are a never-ending attraction for Tarpon Springs Yisitors. 'The picturesqueness of the man y -hued ships and their masts and rigging is a photogl.'apher's de light. Most of the ships bear melodious Greek names, while some are named for U. S. President. GREEK SALADS are a gourmet's delight. Louis Pappas' Riverside Cafe is famed throughout the U. S. Mrs. Flota Pappas serves a .salad to our visitois. She loves all soldiers, affectionately calls them "Baby." HANDMADE BASKETS from Tarpon are in homes in the 48 states. Our sightseers watch Moses Pinder wotk on bas kets, of which he has made thousands of all sizes and colors. OUR SERGEANT and friends wind up a perfect day with an old-fashioned picnic on the edge of Spring Bayou, whic h i s in the center of town. The bayou is site of annual Epiphany ceremony, during whil'h Gr eeks d-ive in the w ater t o recover a golden cross. -Pictures by Lieut. Robert E. Price, Base Photographic


PAGE TEN DREW FIELD ECHOES, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1943 Whether Work or Worship. 4th SAW Men Dawn 569th SAw Prepared Qualify on Furloughs, Fish, Rifle Range On 491st Menu S / SGT. E. WORLOCK The 491st Armament shop extends a warm welcome to the new Asst. Armament Officer, Lt. Harry N. Hughes. Pvt. E. Perry and Pvt. A. Theisen returned to their By CPL. EUGENE G. HORTON duties full of pep, vim and vigor, as tl;le result of a 15-day The last shot is fired, and .furlough. Pfc. G Ward, Pvt. E. Beck and Pvt. S. Goldthis correspondent picks him-stein are principally engaged at the present time in sweat, self up from the dust six feet ing out a furlough which should begin the 8th of Sept. The behind the original position to boys of Armament and Ordnance all report for duty oJVC look around and see how the time as the result of dawn calisthenics which are done in :: rest of the Fighting SAW a very strenuous manner. Brady, Westlake 'Best' With Top Scores Fourth is doing. F /Sgt. James L. Stinnette is on waiting to be caught. The group In the pits there is the one an emergency furlough to_ Misincluded: Lt. Stout, Lt. Hall-. d souri, and we trust that he found k Lt y g M/Sgt F T target Jerke:r group para Ing everyone okeh. Pfc. Morgan is mar oun by with a .lare:e white TS back from a furlough to Maine Mullen, M /Sgt. T. Elliot, T/Sgt. h t Cooper, S /Sgt. Machuszek, S/Sgt. printed on the red flag. Conand the only trouble was t a Hickox; Sgt. Krause and Pvt. solation for the man behind he had to come back too soon. Phillips. A barrel with a ca-the gun? Westlake and TRANSFERS LISTED pacity of 55 gallons was brought s t' back containing approximately Brady don' t seem to need any The ec 10n 140 fish weighing from 5 to 15 .. regrets the loss th1s past week sympathy though as they through transfer of two of its pounds. M /Sgt. M1,1llen caught a 1 baby shark but we do not know pull down scores -of 175 and best known members, name Y Just what he did with it. Beer 171 1 T M/Sgt. William Sommers and respective y rue revSgt. Campbell and they are and sandw i ches were taken along erance for "Maggie's .followed b y th' e best wishes of and it seems safe to say that they th 1 h th were enjoyed by all. ers" is shone by S/Sgt. Van e men w t t 1 w om ey l l 0 worked. Cpl. Nisenbaum is a S/Sgt. Machuszek has been Fossen, Sgt. El lS and Cp r-changed man these days since moved to Ward A-4 in the hos., tega, who are seen holding returning from his furlough. pital so that the Doctor can their hats solemnly over Could it be tha t the little study his strange malady. blonde tha t h e met and talks Knowing "Charley" as we do their hearts as the red 'flag about so much brought about we can imagine that he is hop-waves. this change. ing it will take quite some tfme Pfc. Wright just arrived from giving him an opportunity to Apparently Pfc. Szymanowicz Detroit whete he spent his fmenjoy the gorgeous white seen-doesn' t trust the flag, for, as it Iough and it is reported that ery. Cpl. Spizziri, the acting crosses the target for the Nth he is a little poorer brit a great Chief Clerk, has been spending time he rriumQles, "They can' t deal wiser as a result of this so much time at meetings in fool me. That was a bulls eye trip. Cpl. Hemmer is very blue Group Operations that we are these days, now that his honey wondering whether he is as-! just fired!' Brady seem s to has returned to New York. signed to 491st Operations or to prefer the white disc himself, as What is the reason for that Group. he pumps 10 out of 10 slugs into very sad look that S /Sgt Irish is The Corporal complains that he the black circle during rapid fire. carrying around with him these spends so much of his time going Pfc. Paradise also )oms that days? C ould it be the absence back and forth that he does not school with 14 bulls out of 20 of a certain girl from the staff have time to read all of his fan rapid fire rounds. HOME FROM RANGE Highlight of the pleasant day h on the 1>pen range is the task Recently returned from operational training, the 569t Sig-of cleaning rifles. "Run anoth-of one of the PX' s? Is the pic-mail. Cpl. "Frank Buck" Goldture of a cute little WAC that blatt has returned to his post at hangs so very prominently on Operations after a brief sojourn the wall n ear Pvt. P Snyder' s in the hinterlands of St. Louis bed the reason that Drew Field' s with Corporal Smith. Both corp "Frank Sinatra" is doing his orals were greatly impressed by crooning in that are a lately. the very beauteous gals whom nal A W Battalion found time during the field work for er dry patch thr:ough that barAb d Pf D ld M I t h rei, soldier-I can see a Sunday. services. ove Is picture c. ona c n os smudge." "Tighten up the assistant to the chaplain. But it wasn't all relaxation. T / 5 slingbefore you give me that Alfred Cataldo typlifies this as he bends over his draftso the 4 .th comes back to man's board. camp, tired, dusty, ears ring Pvt. J. F. Carey, the Com:they viewed on Peachtree street munication orator is walking in Atlanta, during a 10-hour layaround with a big smile these over in the Coca-Cola City. Now Back at Drew, Soldiers New Bne Adjutant ing, shoulders sore-but satisfied. For many it was their first trial with an Army rifle, and several of them qualified. Third finger left hand: Wilma McMullen. (So that's what the Marine had that we 'didn't)-Sgt. days and w e are wondering if Jus t as this was going the reason could be that his long to press your scribe learned that awaited furlough is near at hand. ;Flight Officer R. A Woodward All the boy s hop e that he makes was married on Wednesday, Sept. that train and doe s not. get de-1, in Chapel No. 1. His bride, railed at the "Hub." tbe former Miss Hazel June Hewitt of .Tampa, and he plan FISH STORY TOLD to leave for his home in Kansas On Sunday, August 29 a fish.on the 7th of this month to visit ing party l eft Clearwater to go his parents while ori a 13-day out to sea and seek those elusive furlough. Congratulations to the fish that rumor rep()rts are just happy bride and groom. By CPL. HANK. GOODMAN Tubbs, may be and I may not," A f utes before the Echoes deadline as we are was his comment when questioned M I B k s t ew min 1 as to his matrimonial state and USICIGn S arrac por S beating the old oram agamst a bnck wall m ,the orde: y the gold band ring. When fur--room. trying to a lead on news, s BattaliOn ther pressed for the lowdown, "I Headquarters through With the followmg: Lt. Ar-just woke up one morning and Pastel Sketches of Group thur V. Busch leaves his position as Battalion Adjutant there it was!" to take over the command of 1st Rept. Co. and is to be New adds to the zebra brigade: By S/SGT. JO:U:N F. SUSZYNSKI succeeded by Lt. Vernon T. Bruggemqn, personnel officer. Drew Field has an Art Museum that "rivals" even thi The special order says very little else, but we From Pfc. toT/5th came Rustt;tm, Ringling Gallery in Sarasota. between the abbreviations to recall their unexcelled gemalFrankho_user, Fogl_e Hawkms, The masterpieces are housed in Barracks 11-C-4, on h' b b th ff' Yuratov1ch and Ell1s. To T /5th 1ty and the splendid records ac 1evedl Y o o Icers m from Pvt. came Parks. Congrats Fourth Street near_ Avenue F (the Band Barracks, by some their former posts. The special order likewise mak:es no boys. strange coincidence), and. are mostly pastel sketches of band predictions, but we here extent our best wishes for their SiDELINE NOTES personneL The image of Pfc. "Pops" Nailor is so exact in continued success in the new posts. Barracks Pbotos: T/5 Butler its likeness that no one dares to read the comics withiri fifty Furloughs at HQ & Plot. Co. are still uppermost in everyone's out an job paces (Pops' main vice is swiping the comics from the daily thoughts although the initial excitement has subsided to a quiet m fototlocketr-hPfc Ihtnger pr_e-1 papers). parmg o mee a orne-own g1r anticipation. The group that left at the f1rst of the month was at the Service Club-T/5 Yurato-Cpl. Mike Gladino n ever sus-logically in a dither; for many of them it was the first furlough i n vich praising Cpl. Ehrmantraut' s pected that he bore a remarkable a long time for others simply the first furlough. T / 5 George tailor work-Pfc. "Crooner" Me-resemblance to Gen. MacArthur 'd lk d b t th tt g Callion calling the boys around until this feature was brought out Ple1nes, overcome With the I ea, wa e a ou e area mu en_ n f 'th Sgt T 11 doing in one of the sketches ; still, Mike 1 B t 'th d b or a song, w1 u y "I can' t believe it, I cant beheve 1t. u Wl papers an ag 1 _11 an outstanding job as baritone.-remains 3:nd the pnce hand and a ticket to Baltimore in his pocket the reason for h1s A "Home state" debate raging of a Galdmo Sp_ e c .Ia1 Hair-Cut skepticism was not immediately apparent. until the wee hours, with Pvt. Ras hasn't e1th esr. t _Ye_s: holding the stand for Minnesota, the Arbs t 1s our own g OJlmu Number one on the "All H_It Parade for ?';vt. Don and T / 5 Huber hotly defending J S edlak, alias who and Pfc. Miles Walker was "Cahforma Here I Come ancJ Pvt. Russ Pennsylvania. doubles on flute durmg band Compton sang something about "open yDur Golden Gate, don' t let Sports World The Processing sessi o n s and l o uses up o u r volley no stranger wait" as Frisco waited at the_ end of a plane ride. team was finally hammered from bal_ l during the physica l Returning in a. few days, Compton will fmd he has earned a the undefeated ranks this week trammg p e n o d s. four dollar raise in Jiay. New England ,welcomed home her by a revenge hungry Orderly Sgt. Wood:v Harwic k and Pfc. among T/4 James T/5 s Fred .Parot, Ed Buckle, Room team, who routed them by Woolkie Woodke would make Domm1c and Pfc. Beard. Pm: Bluffs, Wromthe decisive score of 15 to 2 Ho'Yinteresting subjects for our mg, was expectmg Sgt. Jay Robmson and Sparush Fork, Utah, ever, the Processing team w1li artist Wonder how the aura was ready to greet T/5 Christen Dalton. lead the pack by the virtue of 12 of after-furlough-itis would be In the meantime the middle-of-the-month group are busying wins to one loss, while the Orreflected in one of Jerry's pas-' d ll derly Room could only scrape up tels? on behalf of the1r furloughs. ReservatiOns rna e we 10 wins against three losses. in advance and gifts for the folks back home are part of the pre-Friday noon the Enlisted AllFURLOUGH FROWNS parations. And weighty decisions are being made concerning what Stars again ousted 'the Officers Too bad about Sgt. Luke Luukuniform to pack, 0 D. or khaki. Weather reports from the boys "terrific ten" by the count of 12 konen and Pyt. Jerome :returning soon will be greatly appreciated. runs to 5 they are b emg exposed to the ravages o f furloughs right now. We shall see, when they return, whether Luke' s Quincy, Mass. or B ecke r s Cleveland and Pittsburgh are most devastating to the indoctrinatio n and stuff that goes to m ake a soldier. Our drum-major, Pvt. Tex Logsdon, made his first downtown Tampa appearance when. the 69 ers played for the __ parade, sponsored by the Red Cross, for recruiting Army and Navy nurses. If the report of enlistments isn' t toil favorable, we may have a new drum Pvt. Art Carchedi of the Deep Sleep Seven has been labeled the Casanova of the Steinway (Service Club); the latest entries in his address book are from North Carolina and Georgia--don't forget Washington, D C., Art!


DREW FILD ECHOES, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1943 PAGE ELEVEN Men at Work Receive Best Dressed Awards PVT. CESARE RENZI PVT. 1\'IERTON RIEM PFC JOSEPH SIDOTI A neat soldier looks the part, even when his job calls after all, it would be quite 1mfor plenty of action and di;rt. Greasy coveralls are a neces-possible to craw? in and out from sary part of many a Drew soldier's garb but even the grim-under the of .tJ:le huge "WAC hack" without s01llng one's 1est JOb wont keep a conscientious man from that daily fatigues. Rolled sleeves are a shave and frequent haircut according to the Mystery WAC. requisite of almost any mechanic. Wh.l t' h 1' h B WAC His general appearance denoted 1 e cas Ing er eag e eyes over t e ase, our constant attention to the finer hasn't been searching for gleaming suntans alone. She points of good grooming; that was hasn't even limited her choice to the important point. men in spotless fatigues. The man ron; Pfc. Joseph Ames, 91lth Renzi, who came to Drew Field Quartermaster Platoon, and 10 months from East Buffalo, wtih the soldierly bearing, the S/Sgt. John Suszynski, 69th N. Y., worked at a wide variety clean-shaven chin, the polished AAF Band. of jobs before entering the serv-footwear, is the lucky fellow who ice. He has been a tinsmith and walked off with two theater AT EASE BENZI a carpenter, but considers his most passes. Private Renzi, craek mechanic interesting background that of This week's "best-dressed/' from the Base .}.iiiotor Pool, was aircraft worker. photographed right on the job, quite surprised to be chosen as a Quiet-mannered Pfc. Joseph are: Pvt. Cesare Renzi; 503rd well-dressed Drew soldier. He Sidoti spends his days adminis SAW Regt.; Pfc. Joseph Sidoti, protestingly pointed to his rolled tering first aid to Signal Corps 553rd SAW Battalion; Pvt. Mer-sleeves and grease-laden cover-men over at Dispensary No. 3. ton Riem/ 828th Guard Squad-ails. Our WAC reminded him that, This is. quite different from his General Sherrill Commends 551st On Fine Training Classified Ads. FOR SALE MISCELLANEOUS WANTED -Projectionists, cashiers, ticket takers, ushers, and janitors for off-duty time. Good pay. See Lt. May WOODEN FOOT-LOCKER with com-at Theater No. 3 1 partment similar to GI issue artd lock. CALLING all radto hams. Would hke Price $2.50. Call J'oe, Extension 385 a call from all hams at Drew f_or qst. between 7:00 A M to 5:00 P M. mag. W:tll also as mformahon for B CPL SAMU COC ANE suggest10ns relative to formmg a Y EL HR FORD roadster, 1934 model. Good Drew Ham club, or holding a Ham-Yes, that's us, that outfit with tires. A-1 motor and new top. $325. fest. W9 D PU. T/Sgt. William J' See Lt Ste e s Det Med Ph Kiewel. Org. 314th Base Hqs. & AB S/SGT. JOHN SUSZYNSKI civilian occupation, soda jerking. He is married to a cute little girl from New York city, who thinks he was even handsomer in his civilian zoot-suits. MP ON THE SPOT That tall, dark, always-spotless M. P. who greets you every day at the East Gate is Pvt. Joseph Riem. He's no former policeman, but a former shipping and pack ing man who somehow miss.ed being spotted by the Quartermaster Corps. He and his wife both hail from Ware, Mass. He has spent his year in the Army at Augusta, Ga., and at Drew. Private First Cl&ss Ames is only one of many spotless members of the 911th Quartermaster Platoon spied by the G. I. huntress. His civilian job of chauffeur is not too different from his Army job PFC. JOSEPH AJ."\-IES of dnvmg and mail at the Base Quartermaster. He has been at this field for the last eight months. When asked if there was a steady girl waiting for him back in Norfolk, Va., he rolled his eyes and said, "Wellmaybe!" A popular regular contributor to the Echoes, S/Sgt. John Suszynski ("Band Notes") was captured for photographic purposes when he walked into the Echoes office with .his weekly .copy. He is from McKees Rocks. Pa., and was a cashier in the famous Orphans' Court at Pittsburgh. When asked if he were married, he replied, "No. Know anyone?" (Any girl interested in meeting the dapper sergeant may apply at the Band Barracks!) Sgt. Hevia Back at Work SGT. JOSEPH FALCONER After being confined to the Base Hospital for more than a month, S /Sgt. Henry Hevia returned to work last Thursday none the worse for his well needed rest. Ser.geant Hevia expects to be back in the running again now that a certa.in party has departed for Des Moines. puffed-up chests that' s just 749. n one _s_q.;;.._B_k_s_. _2_1_1_. ---------moved back from Egypt Lake is none other than the 551st. The reason for the expanded che.sts, of course, is that letter of comFriends of SjSgt. Robert Puffer really gave the old boy a bang up time at the Spanish Park Restaurant last Saturday night. Incidentally this was his last dinner as a free NOTICE to all officers and enlisted man. "Bobby" is one grand old FOR SALE-Hubbaret electric meat slicer and mixer. For complete details, contaet Sgt. Quinn, Hqs 84th Bomb Gp. Phone 433. mendation from Headquarters, FOR SALE-Emeroon oscillating. elec-A WUTC. tric fan, $20. Phone 4141. WILL RENT ROOM with private bath, in modern residence, to singl e officer. Located on Gulf at Clearwater Beach. Inquire Capt. F ellhauer Ext. 232. H-8711. men: The Base Special Services Offellow and we all are going to Pvt. Ralph Denault. Denault, the fice would like very much to receive 'II General Sherrill's commenFOR SALE-One-way railroad ticket the phone No. and address of any miss his antics and fun in our GI Detachment jive artist, WI be dation made mention of our o!f;: are vacating. Call apartment across from the office. missed by ali as. he was one of training, using the terms, "ex$15. Call Sgt. Harry Rauchma n at Down to wish his old buddy all those fellows fitting in wherever cellent" and "very good" in that Ext. 477. VISITING parents, s weethearts and he was placed. S /Sgt. Jean L. connection. ::-W:-:-A:-:-N=:-T::-E-D--T-0--B-U_Y______ success was Second Lt. Fred C. King is the latest member of the tractive rooms for 7 5c per day. Contact Jacoby, formerly of the Agent office to join M/Sgt. Devoe and Although this first reporting WILL pay any price within reason for Miss L eland or Miss Nicks. Ph. 897 Audit Branch of the Detach-T/5th Landers in the Base Hosof trifles and events of the 55lst good, sturdy ironing board for use in at the Enliste d Men's Service Club. ment. Lieutenant Jacoby is at pital. may turn out to be rather sketchy, WAC barracks. Will save present SPEND your off-duty h o u l s enjoying t tt h d t 0 1 d A Odd't' Aft d' don' t let that fool you into think-wear and tear on G I foot loc kers and the fresh air and green grass of Drew presen a ac e o r an o rmy I Ies: er spen. mg SIX mg that we don't have plenty of Call Cpl. Lora Taylor. Field's beauty-spot, the new golf Air Base in the Quartermaster months together at the Enlisted course .... And do your part to help Corps. Both 'men recalled the Men's Finance School at Fort doings going on in .our ranks and ARGUS C-3 camera; or a comparable keep It beautiful at the same time many good times that were had Benjamin Harrison ,then learngrades. For instance, we were camera. for a sensible price. If you It's your course Won't you help prior to his entrance to OCS. ing that they were fraternity back on the field less than a week nee d cash and not a camera. call 287 with the work of it? All when we gave that big battalion and let's dicker. Lt. E. G. Metcalf Birthday greetings to that roue' brothers were: Pvts. Willis Sloan, dance at the Hellenic Center in DESPERATE sucker will purchase from New Orleans, none other University of North Carolina, and Tampa. foot locke r for some d electable cold MENDING to be done? Insignia to be than our own Dick Toribio. Dick Ben Rubrecht, of West Virginia curre n c y See W. B. Hummer. 588th sewed on? Bring your mending to was transferred from MacDill University. Needless to say both But this reporting is new to me SAW Bn. B arracks 10 A-04, o n J' just Chapel No. 1 before 10 o'clock each Fi.nance Office and seems to have boys hi't It off from the start. and in order to meet this first West of AWUTC Hqs. done well with the fair sex T/5th Edwin dtates got thrown deadline, I didn't have time to WANT TO BUY-Portable phonograph s ewing for you free of charge. though from all appearances he for a loss recently and was ably make the rounds of the orderly ta'!'>le model radio-phonograph comGIFTS wrapped free of charge for is as shy as he looks! Still' water assisted by Chief T /5th Leo rooms to enjoy unprintable items bti?atlon, good shape, reasonably Servrce Men. YMCA USO, 211 N. and write down printable ones. PornceTd. Lt. HRa2v5 E.l. ,c;umrine. TP 346 Bou.lev.ard; YW.CA USO, 607 Twiggs runs deep! Brown. Some of us could say, own = 743d Signal Ch t s Transferred to Westover, Mass., "I told you so," but, we like ijBut, next _time, we'll have more -'A::'W7-:-:::C:::o:.:m::-=-p=an::;y:.:_________ ns r a n ervtce Center, corner of t h Tampa and T y ler. the early part of the month was peace at any price. a a on and concerning mar-WANT TO BUY-Typewriter. perferriages, furloughs, promotions, best ably portabl e. will pav cash. Sgt. carI CLIP AND SEND TO DREW FIELD ECHOES OFFICE baby in the outfit and the like. p enter. Ph. Drew Field Extension 287. Well no, I guess it won't be nee-WANT TO BUY-Camera. any size essary to go huntin_g far to find film. What have you? Sgt. Ed. w the 551st father with the best in-Hoy, Hq. Plotting Co .. 56-t SAW Bn. fant. Not while company "A's" TRANSPORTATION FREE WANT AD Classifications armorer is around. For his baby is definitely the biggest, healthPERSON interested in pooling car to Drew Field fr om St. Petersburg. iest, cutest that there is. Just ask Works 8 to 5 on field. Contac t T / 5 Hodson about that. Or supply __ him with a bottle or two of PX INTERESTED in becoming m ember of brew and he'll the in-car pool f o r purpose of going b ack formation without any prompting. and forth daily between Drew Field and St. P etersburg. Have own car There's no disputing it, the but insufficient o ouno n s to run cal 551st certainly has a leading edge every day. Lt. L. R. Skelton. Org. when it comes to twirling the 301th Bomb. Sq., 84th Bomb. Group. femmes around the dance floor. WANTED-To pool cars, St. P e t e to Dr e w. Hours : 7 :3() to 5. Call or Anyone who was ever lucky 56-014 in st. Pete. L t v. c Willitt. enough to attend any of our many 756 SAW Co. Egypt Lake Bea'ch House affairs LOST AND FOUND can vouch for that. And so it was with thi. last Hellenic Cente r 'hustle." It was a loosadoosa, with pretty mamselles galore. If the 55lst fellows weren't spellbinding the ladies with their fancy stepping, they were accomplishing same by other means. Like Hq's T / 4 Kubacki who kept that dental dazzle of his working overtime. Lose your gas mask? Dog tags? LOST in Theater No. 3: Wallet containing money and valuable papers. Finder p l ease r e turn to Pfc. Frank Ortiz. Company D. 563d Sig. A W Battalion. REWARD. FOUND-Silver religious medallion and chain on Second street. Owner may .have same by identifying it. Call at Bldg. 11-C-40. 588th Signal AW Tng. Bn., 1st Lt. C. E Hum___:,p,:.:h.:..re:.:Y:...: ___ FOUND-Wheel. tire and tube at First St. and B Ave. Owner may recover same by identifying at MP Hqs. 8th and E Sts. FOR DREW FIELD MILITARY PERSONNEL IN DREW FIELD ECHOES BASE SPECIAL SERVICE OFFICE, 8th & "B" Ad Classification ........................ ......................................... ..... ... ................................... e FOR SALE e WANTED TO BUY e SWAPS e TRANSPORTATION e e LOST AND FOUND e MISCELLANEOUS .. ... 41 ........ .. . .. . t .................. .......................... ....................................... Run a classified ad in the ECHOES and tell the finder where to locate you. It's FREE! Name FOUND-College ring in trousers left at tailor s hop 3. Bldg. 11 A-124 Owner .. Org. ... .... may receive by calling fOT' it at tailor 1-.,:;iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-.;iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiOiiiiiiiiiiliiiMJJ v


PA.fil TWiLVt: DttEW FILD ECHO$, FRIDAY, SEPTEMB-ER 10. 1943 Look, Act as Soldier MP Captain Advises New 7l4fh SAW Officers 498th Has Party; Basic Recruiting Lessons Arrive; T-5 Banks Gives. Brinker Awards Is All That's Required / 'Know Your Bible' Sermon Sfafes Provost Marshal By PVT. ROBE.RT MACKENROTH Passes to lucky Look and act like a soldier and the MP's will give you This past week has brought the 714th SAW an ad-a nod, was the advice given yesterday by Captain William dition in staff officers as well as the enlisted men. By JOHN McCORMACK A. King of the Drew Field Provost Marshal's office. We are to welcome into our Lieu Squadron We. can Captain King deciared if soldi ers would practice this where ls.t Sgt. Brmker IS prachc-tenants Braun, Carakatsane and McCorkle from a U. S. ing for that new job in the pub-one simple rule learned in basic training, they would have Army Detachment Radio School of our northern Ally Can-licity of some Holly-nothing to worry about. wood studiO. At least he has "Our main troubles," Capt. s b D t w k ada. thrown another successful party. King said, "are with men with U ep0 Or er, However, it is really welcoming th HaS Cigar O_ne of the big of the eve-dirty, sloppy uniforms-men who back Lt. Carakatsane, who has 1 nmg was the awardmg of three-just do_n't have idea how to To S wap CIVIeS f S k f t G.ft. day passes to the men dancing look like a soldier-and those once before been a part o our mo e es 1 1 S with the girl whose number was oompany. These enlisted men the lucky one. who just don't care." For WAVE Attire gained chevrons: Cpi: Brown, Of 3 Proud Papas Each girl given a PICKUPS SLOVENLY Tech ii i c i a n s Fifth Grad e and every 15 mmutes or so a dif-. These men are being picked up, This week the Subs' writers Adair, Boyd, Bukowski, Coughlin, By SGT. ED HOY and T/5 ferent number was called. The and will continue to picked up, were tempted to fall back on HANLEY DAWSON JR. man dancing with the girl hold-when they could. easily keep out Cathcart, De Mart, Goulding, ing this number was the lucky of trouble with .just a little effort, that. ol phrase, No News Is Mohl, McKenna, Neibert, Petrick, More babies to announce this man and got a three-day pass. Good News." Smith and Snell. week. We are really. doing all A., tap dance by It is our profound opinion right Lieutenant Madden's wife Cpl._ Jake Fakoun s nephew and Everyone seems to be reluctant about saying very much; probably afraid of spreading false rumors; 'but apyhow here's what goes with Hdqs. & Engr. this week: Evidently Betty Casey has' definitely decided to get away from it all..:_meaning S. D., of Casey submitted her papers for entrance into the WAVES. a bicycle act by Pfc. Morgan of that Canada's loss is our gain. presented hrm With an the 496th. But we regret to lose a swell pound baby boy; Pfc. Williams' a Congratulations: To Pfc. Rielly, fellow, Sgt. Riave. Sarg was nine-pound girl, and Pvt. Spots-, one of our orderly. room clerks, really the prodigy in current wood's a seven pound four ounce who will be leaving us soon. His history. Even when he was girl. application for OCS has been actelling us our time stories, Numerous promotions to be an-cepted and tm sure he will make he insisted that it wasn't "Little nou:nced: T/5 Daniel Demeo to a swell .officer. To Capen, Red Riding Hood and the Big T/4 ; T/5 Frank Gardner to T/4; o_ur PT mstructor, on his promoBad Wolf" but "Eleanor and Pvt. Carl Gunn to T/5 ; S/Sgt. twn to present gradt;. T? Sgt. Adolf Schiklegruber;" e v e n Daniel MacDonald to T /Sgt.; Gordon _of squadron mtelligence "Wilhelmina ar.d the Three S/Sgt. William 1 Knott to T /Sgt.; who,_ '1,\rhile home on furlough, was RED Bears." I tell you, we arS/Sgt. ,<::alvin Glenn to T)Sgt.; admitted to the bar of tht; state gued everything....::but he. was a T/4 Dwayne Sprout to S/Sgt.; of New York. Sgt. Gordon IS now true sergeant and stood firm. I Pvt. Leonard Snow to T 15. a lawyer. To. Cpl. hoPe Company "D" of the 5th Cizek, who IS now away takmg a Training Battalion appreciates Ben Squires and Bob Helmey course in foreign area and lan-Miss Rachel Rivers, Col. Rogers' secretary, transferred to: Sarg's talent. unintentionally kept all of the guage study in the Army. Special-William (Know Yoar Bible boys -away from the mail desk ized Training Program. To Cpl. CAPTAIN WILLIAM A. KING Goldsboro, N. C. What is headquarters gonna do without those two? Engineer was compelled to sacrifice the services of Marion Ward for a few days-she got vacation itch and absolutely had to "scratch." Better) Banks (T/5 on the side) the other day-as a 11natter of Gauthier who passed the aviation fact not a soul dared to venture cadet board last week. delivered his initial sermon in within 50 feet. The two of them Squadron Operations has noth-the captain _pointed out. The captain gave several tips in regard to dress. The uniform must be clean and neat. the Supply Room pulpit. His t devoted disciples are S/Sgt. (Senhad been out on an onion eatm,;. o report except that Gispippi ing binge the night before. We still blows his top and lets off a ior Deacon) Van Loon, Sgt. (Head all kl!OW that those Bermudas lot of steam once in a 'while and. Usher) Bukowski, Sgt (Choir stay with you all right. .. they also. have another brown-Watch those ties. Keep them tight, straight and clean. Leader) Gioquinto; those who noser working with them. light the candles are T/5s Brehm, Everyone wonders what It IS Pin-up girl: Anyone who saw Tiberi and Marquez, and Pfcs. that attracts former ,of the picture of Connie, pin-up girl Brown arid Lisanti. More of us, the .564th back to therr orgamza-of the week in the St. Petersin the future, will be seen joy-tions. They be found day Sunday, August 29, fully trekking 'to the Company and mght hauntmg barracks, mail will readily agree with me that Supply Room, candle in hand. room and ordetly rooms. No Ford certainly knows how to White belts are out, as are trop-It is said that, it pays to ad-ical worsted shirts. vertise, which must be very true. Signal Section's Roselind Keep sleeves rolled down. Palmer and Betty Hamilton T /5 "Tex of the Virginia Hills" doubt most of us do not realize pick 'em and photograph 'em. Snyder, as the company laundry-what a marvelous organization it Connie is his girl friend and he All of this is the same old have been listening to the St. story that a good soldier should 'Pete radio announcers; they have learned in his basic days. moved to one of the Gulf If he forgets it-that's no ex-Beaches-said they'd stay for cuse. two weeks arid maybe longer if man, is a marvel! "How does be really is that we have here, at was the photographer. do it?" we all ask. But as every least until transferred. Men who are absent without it met their fancJ:. leave any time short of 48 hours Marguerite Padgett's woeful great .man must have, he pos-. Lt. Fred Gochenaur must sesses one sad flaw. His memory. have really done some high Yes, "Tex" merely forgets to stepping on his recent stay in -whom he owes laundry. But, Sarasota. Be received seven never fear, he has the answer Pasquale Scares Men of Medical Detachment Unit h mood was somewhat relieved are subject to company pums -when she received four letters ment, according to Capt. King. Beyond that time it's the stock-from a certain first lieutenant .ade, with no excuses accepted. who had mailed them to the Come December and it will be wrong address. to such an insignificant problem. cards (not birthday) from one d h young lady in one day-each "olive drab" time again at Drew Miss Ann Fuller is leaving S. D .. Field. will be posted shortly to attend the FSCW. She conspicuously on company bulle-was entertained at a .Party at the He simply holds a raffle an e, had the lime "from the chapel at least, gets them off his hands. to the Church" written on the Clever, isn't he! By the way, I verse-looks as though the lass hear after a month of trading is hinting without being subtle. By FRANK FOCHT tin boards. St. Pete Beach home of Mrs. around, everybody is always happy. RADIO VETERAN The an unidenti_ fled soldier, evidently from another organization, asking for "a Cpl. Filippi or Fenkel or something like that," to use his exact words, me; hn mediately I attempted to straighten out this uninformed boy. First of all he couldn't have more confused. Cpl. Fenkel is one of the company giants while '1' s Filippi is only about two feet shorter. The soldier soon realized his gross error and soon left to obtain more definite information. Cpl. Fenkel is a swell guy who is now attending radio school. In fact, all he does is go to radio school! Some day I hope to meet Fimltel when he is not going to radio school. T/5 Filippi is shorter, but JUSt as swell a guy. Be is the company's carpenter de luxe. In fact, all he does is carpenter! Some day-.I hope to meet Filippi when he's not carpentering. Quigley, who is one of the 714th's jeep -drivers and another one of the giants, is quite a nq!e worthy spectacle tweeking down the street in his little jeep. He's so big for that midget tnachine, his knees are shoved up so high that they nearly hook over his ears, and, from the front, his legs form a perfect V fot Victory. Pa triotic, believe me! lee Cream Draws Crowd The Detachment Medical DeBut remember: Helen P McBride, What could partment's personnel officer 1st .. No field jackets in town ... be better than one Smalley in T/Sgt. "Dracula" Gableman, Lieut. Saul Gruner was promoted, kh k h' t 1 OD our medical technician, is sweat-so his employes decided to have no a. ) s rr s un an .26th Sub-pegot? Why two, _of blouse IS worn over It no course.. Sig. Sec. welcomed Miss ing out a furlough. a par!y-at Grll:ner s house. khaki cap and wool uniform. Kathryn Smalley into its folds We will soon learn a great Loatdmt. g upthm thehavdalldablfe tratnhsThose. things are taboo. last week she transferred froni many interesting things about the por a wn ey ea e or e c St G 564th. Lt. Troy Tullis and his manse in. St. Petersburg. SALUTE OFFICERS amp uart, a. Ann Marotta Th h returned the other day from aid Cpl. "Brushhead" Brownell, e s mdig went along fme. Captam Kmg pomted_ out a few Clearwater Beach wr"'''e she spent are combing the archives for Sgt. .Frank even forgot more rules for the men. a seven-day vacation-'-said she pertinent data for the outfit's hisJosephme enough to Don't fail to officers-the had a wonderful time but doesn't tory. Since the 564th was ac-cook abo_ut yards of MP's are lookmg for men regret coming biwk to rk tivated 16 months ago, the job spaghetti. Said delicacy wasn't fail to show respect for commis, wo will not be an easy one. quite ready sc Sgt. Frank Passioned officers. And if you're s Interestmg People: Sgt. John Chaga is resting up q_uale, an expert swim_mer, d_egoing to drink. hold it! This week we have an ..., after his furlough. He fooled us cided to go for a five-mmute dip. "Our liquor problem has deC. M. Supply U;u;t;-. for we sure that he was An hour passed and creased considerably in the last D Supervisor .. And he IS. going to get "hitched," but he Tarzan" didn't return. So the year" the captain noted with ?eed the executive type, beheve held _out. There are not many whole tribe went out hunting for It or no!. For 17 long years Stew of the boys coming back without hini.. They combed the beach :was office manager for the B.F.B. the bridle these days. thoroughly. Screams of merrv you live off the post, and Cigar Manuf.acturing Co., ,one of BOB HAWK'S YANKWIZ 1. They -are an all-year-round pest. They live indoors or anywhere. that the tempearture is above 70 degrees. 2. The stars. 3. Patty means a little meat pie; dolly means a platform mounted on wheels; sally means a trip or jaunt. 4. Beef. 5. Three. The first three are correct. 6. A ; silhouette is not necessarily a side view A person's profile is. A silhouette is solid, giving the appearance of a shadow. A profile is not necessarily solid. 7. Two. 8 : Both. 1aughter. "Maybe the Corral dnve from PC?St to town you the largest factories in the U. S. Princess snatched him away." can go I?-ome JUSt the 'Yay you He opened branch offices all over But the complexions of the are. or anythmg else the country, and always found s .earchers were as blue as the are leg1hmate. But be sure you time to prop his feet upon the evening when another hour go home: Don't at a grocery !OP of a desk in each S!ew's passed and no "Muscleman This store Without a be or hat, or Ill-health prompted his resigna ceased to be funny. In in If you oo, you're out tion from work and docs tion they enli,sted the services of of umform. encouraged h1m to come to Flor-the Coast Guard. A salty veteran This r!lle was inaugurate_d on ida. He settled in St. Petersburg marked the blotter. Drew the of and took things easy for three "An open and shut case" be mechamcs. s a pnvdegeyears before coming to S D Now said "The lad went out' and don't abuse It. he's right back on the ol' office couidn't make it baclt. We'd Whether you are on or off the grind__:_it must be patriotism, for better go out and find his body post be sure your hair is short Stew maintains his enormous before the tide carries him be-and that your face is cleanly sense of humor and is a swell egg yond the sand bar." Twenty shaven. in spite of it alL Adams apples bobbed Just remember what you were Supply's losses are rising-Edna taneously. Lieutenant Gruner's taught in basic .training holds Linn regretably submitted her bobbed a little faster. good more than ever here. When resignation the other day in reThe human chain started out to you're in town look and act like sponse to doctor's orders. Joyce sea each link fearful. No Pas-a soldier, Captain King concluded. Briant left supply to join the It was a tearful gi;oup that of the Budget and Fiscal headed back to the house. War Prisoner Wants Beer office, Base headquarters. Flat on his big fat rusty-dusty When pay day rolls was the ghost He had NEWARK, N. J.(CNS)A again and you're in a spendin' ENGLAND (CNS) -There 9. A pewter pitcher. Pewter is was a record attendance at a largely tin, ,while the tin reading of the articles of war and can is only llh per cent tin. fallen into the clutches of an old local brewery received a V-Mail mood, sea captain who dragged him letter recently from a U. S. lieu-When you've acquired the ne-home and forced him to the most tenant now reposing in a German cessities of life, clothing, delicious dinner. To say nothing prison camp. The letter said, shelter and food, a sex morality lecture here the 10. Two. The child and the ether day. Reason: ice-cream and trunk. You would have to pay cake weN served. extra for the dog. of the rip-snorting checker "Send me 25 cans of beer each Bow about giving a thought to games. Lt. Gruner is still eating month and send the bill to my the fella that's way over spaghetti. father." there;


DREW FtLD ECHOES, FRIDAY, SEPTEM.S.E'R 10, 1943 PAGE THIRT!EH The 627th Bomb Good Bunch, Lake Ellen Trek Made 3rd Time By Det Eleven Poses at Drew shortly pefore they departed for various outfits, each taking memories of fraternality with him What Makes an Outfit Click? I can't imagine what the attractions are at Lake Ellen. Swimming, boating, free cukes, and females? At any rate boys decided to march out there for the third time. We hiked with full' packs, and incidentally got soaked by of those strictly Florida showers. We must raise our hands in praise, no_ t only to Sgt. Roher and -., Pvt. John Wall, but to the whole outfit for the. brilliant trek they; made Wednesday: Nine miles in two hours and five minutes. A The 627th Bomb Squadron is no more. top cadence of 138 was main-. Th t t ld f d T ll b t th We're going to miss him. And. Then there was Big George tained-for clos, e to two hours. Un ere 1 IS, o 1n JUSt a ew wor s. o a U e there was Lieutenant Radtke, the Hammond, smiling and affable; der the smiling countenance of personnel of that squadron we don't suppose it means a adjutant; lean and hawkish and and little Elmer Taylor who used Lieut. McCabe, we caine in on thing quick; you could always walk in to string along with huge Bill bloody hands and knees; but we on him, anytime, and tell him Ody on some high-flying rna-dood it. I believ e if is a record. So let us hurry on and tell you about that squadron. It what was on your mind. He al-ne.uver. s. And Jim Dunkleberg or some sort of. a challenge! wasn't -just another squadron like those most of us ways listened and he always. came who' d drive us crazy in the SOMETHING TO SEE h 27 h through for you. We're gomg to morning with his "Let's go." And Cpl. Ed Taylor shaving with-been Wlth at different times In .the Army. No, t e 6 t miss him, too. Georgie Dinsmore who always out a razor. Dago putting on the was a rather special job-the kind that doe5n't come off Then there was Lieutenant went out of his way to do a f;wor gloves with the Missouri kid. John assembly lines. And now it is no more. Reiff; he'd always .stop and bat for a _guy. Pa!richs sleeping inside a mat-_____________ ..;.._, the fat with the boys. And Lieu-And smooth-talking "Hutch" tress cover. Walter Highborn You know, every once in a tenant Rockwell was ready to Hutchins and his side-kick; Joe sweeping under his bed at the while. you'll-run into a lot of undress a!1d put to bed the Joes trad_ e J"okes anytime of the day. FisJ:l, always looking for the ungodly hour ofeieven p.m. The Who d come 1"n from town late at humorous And "Golden Boy" guys named Mike and Joe and k Lieutenant Klauber always gave consternation of the barracks Bill and .Jim-who are walking night carrying a heavy pac age. a warm "Hello" and a quick smile Carl Johnson and Billy DeCecca, when the iron broke. Cpl. Char. h An outfit where we had no rollt o all the lads. And pepper-pot the little gunner, who. used to ley Chase trying his darndest not down the same 'road w1t you. calls or bed-checks and a m1"n1b e o nd I"k h as on a L1"eutenant Wescott, short and ounc ar u 1 e e w to wake up Sergeants at 10:30 And you fall in with them and mum of format1"ons. An outfit pogo st1"ck And Labr1"ola and stocky, who'd ride the A-24s right p.m. Cpl. Mills taking apart his walk along. a bit, and then you where those th1"ngs weren't nee-Kretchmer and Fargan1"s and into the ground, and Lieutenant cigarette lighte. r, gun, watch, mess make the sudden discovery that cessary. Where rank was never many many more We all kno w Smith, reticent an_ d thought,ful, h kit, and_ what not. Sgt. Crawyou are travelling with a pretty en_forced in a stupid or arrogant t em we don' t have to ment1on fine crowd. Maybe you bum a way. who gave us our first plane ride. ford using vitalis, brush and comb. cigarette, or have a couple of We won't forget him. Or Lieu-theWir nahmdes. f 11 d Pvt. John Sanatra expressing his drinks together, or b()rrow a fin, And there were n.o shirkers in tenant Orr, whose first thought e a a arewe squa ron desire to go ,snipe huntfng in pr talk about the girl back home the 627th; the men realized that was always of his "boys." They .party-and we had a swell Times Square. A certain Noa -not very important things, we they were in a very special made up a pretty fine bunch of And maybe we got sentimental, Com. attempting to sneak out a guess, but the kind of things squadron, and they put out-all officers. It's tough to wave so but that' s no feminine preroga-pint of ice cream in his pocket that make .for friendship. And the way. For that is the waylong to them. tive, either. We all sat up that from the P .X. I wonder who that th h l "k d respect night; talking over all the old J. erk is that tried to mail a letter that's very important; not only in w men w 0 1 e an Among the fellows 1 n the t" th d h th lmes 10 e squa ron. with a defense stamp? the Army where each guy is go-eac 0 er. squadron, there was the effer.ves-Well, there it is. That was the ing to need and depend on the Let us tell you about our men cent first sergeant, Jim Volpi-627th. Perhaps we weren't more It is. quite amazing to hear G.I. next to him, but it's also -..:.both officers and enlisted. First celli. Whenever a G .I. entered than a bunch of ordinary guys some of the discussions floating important anywhere in this busi-there was Captain Alfred, the the orderly room, Jim always who just happened to click to-around the barracks. Cpls. Mills ness of living. C. 0. and a crackerjack pilot; saw to 'it that he was taken care gether. Perhaps we weren't such and Denst wondering ho\v much That's the kind of outfit the quiet 1and unassuming, who sel-of in short order. AI Disdier was a special squadron, but .we think cod liver oil there is in a minnow, 627th was. An outfit where we' d dom had to exercise his authority. on deck to help out, too. we were. and Pvt. Lynch asking for carbon ___________ -paper with which to write his seven letters a night! WAC Area Sentimental Imaginary Hirohito Target Senko, Milkhuskins; Taylor, Peps t f y h d FC M Of Sth T B Rfl Cl per, Petrich and Reddman to T/5. Po or lr an. nft. n. I e a ss Janosick, Jones and Haskins, all T/5s upped to T/4, and T/4s Jen-.31 h ,..h L p I By PVT. JOSEPH COVIELLO son and Roehrer to sergeant. 4t ow' l _ne opu a r "Cowards die many times before their death; the brave now out ah allotment for the By SGT. ALVIN M. AMSTER.. _never taste of death but once!" Mrs.. w ACs make column this week. Now that the WACs 0 This flashed th_rough my mind several times withc t f c t t are temporarily eating at the 314th .Chow House, the 3FC m the few _days students of the SAWB Rifle en er 0 On GC boys are about 100 per cent chowhounds, inclu'ding even c lass received the .30 cal. nfle. No With Field Units "Junior" Nolan. But the crowning item is that our old area these rifle m hand, t_hey_were is now the new _WAC area. Those barracks to which we beads on Imagmary targets of ToJo Hirohito, therr Opens at A WUTCwere so sentimentally attached-for the gals. Ilk. i Much has been said about the and water, to scrub the barrack The profuse promotiOn sweatmg was temporarily stop-soldl"er on th ba'ttlefronts much floor in of the weekly T/SGT. RALPH KAEBL d h h d F s e s t d t" "W Outlying unitu connected with pe w en t ose or ers came out last riday. Elsewhere in has been said about the "civilian A. w. u. T. c. here at Drew Field this paper is a separate story on soldiers" on the home front. Few, plaque' this week," was their gen-have now reached a point where the non-com promotions. Congrat. joiri our Transportation Section. 1 they are under direct contact at nlations to alt though, have paid scant heed toera opmiOn. all. times with their headquarters. Ray Rapuano is praCticing UP It may have been sore feet, a soldier who has done an elegant A round of applause for Pvt. Newest addition is the establish-but Sgt. AI Mangum might be. Biblewski, message center clerk, t f t" t dancing by teaching Murray JOb on the contmental battlefront. who has agreed to work the eve-men o a communJca 10n cen er nd Krajacic fancy jitterbugging startmg somethmg, standing under the leadership of Captain t" t" f h" S t daily in bedroom For long hours, on many eve-ning trick. Weinstein. Contact wi"th outlyJ"ng 1n an lCJpa 10n o IS ep slippers nings,. one finds 1st Sgt. Mayers 1 21 furlough. Can you wait, Ray? A sa ute to Lt. Dee and Lt. units is now possible with radio Bill, Kingsbury must be the in the 1>rderly room of Headquar-Turenshine for their excellent and teletype 24 hours a day. New SquadrGn additions include Lt. Dashiell's baby girl and Cpl. Wright's baby boy. M?re congratulations. "lone" 'u teer W"th Lt No ters Company busily engaged, vo., n 1 r-physical training program now in Lt. Col. Monthan is now on rls and Sgt .Bob Kane gone the while his buddies are en] oying ff t e ec ; Captain Foard, former Hq. temporary duty iri Aircraft Warn-job of putting. out the contem-themselves: and Hq. Commander, for his ex-ing Unit Training Center as as-porary 3FC volunteer, falls upHISTORY STUDENT cellent leadership; Lt. Blair, new sistant S-1. theH!'vaiblabdlde shosultders of Don't think ability ends with CO for Hq. and Hq. Co. of 5th Promotions among both com-ANY PEANUTS TODAY? n was a huge bag of peanuts AI Ledbetter received from home. With Hovey, Bulger, Mellott, Perkins and Nolan pitch-. I IS u y, g Don Tog. Bn.; Sgt. Smith for attaining missioned and enlisted men have Daugherty, leaves shortly for problems supply and problems the rank of Master Sergeant; for-been occurring of late. Among Washington, D. C., for assign-of an allied nature, for Cpl. Jen-mer Cp_L Mazzoco _for his recent them are MaJor Klar from cap-ment th R co d kins 1 s also a student of history. m e "" e r s prom_otiOn to PX No. 11 tain, S-1;. and Captain Van Sis. ing in, the peanuts went fast. Section of the War Department. For two hours, one day last week, fo_ r 1ts_ super-deliciOus, doubletine, from first lieutenan. t phy-this correspondent was engrossed 1 h k in discussion of historical prob-nch ml k s a es. sical training officer. But who was the wise guy who put peanut shells in a few of the upper beds? Even the MP was surprised to see Clayton Spinning violently refuse that free beer that Gillen set before him at the PX. It didn't Have you seen that fancy mail-take long for the cold beer to find box in the Transportation Section a thirsty and appreciative custo-in tl:)eOrderly Room? Some w ag mer. wrote on the four corners, Cpl. Hed, a newcomer in B-1, "Sugar reports," "No shackpap-punches out his personal corre pies," "Bills" and "Love Letters." spondence on his portable typeIt' s frank enough, but does it writer nightly. He's an ex-newswork? hound from Glendale, Calif. Incidentally, Sgt. Gosselin, what GAS! GAS! .. about 'nother squadron party? Campilii took care of killing the Our last blowout was way back skunk that dared walk across our in May, remember? Two success-new area. The burial detail added ful ones they were, too. Howsare and Barlow, plus gas1 Transportation bosses, Watson, masks. Geyer thought a gas at:.. Mann and Hartes; are awaiting, tack was underway and ran from with opened arms, that new bunch the barracks with his gasmask of trucks and jeeps scheduled to' donned, yel1ing "Gas." ..:.. Iems with "Jenks." Don't try to Poem of the week A. W. U T. C. is proud of Colo-stump hiin on history, my brethnel Benjamin Stern, its former My insurance was for combat d" ff" h tl ren, 'tis impossible. comman mg o Jeer, w o recen y Off to New York 00 furlough I had always thunk was awarded the legiori of merit But now 1 know 1 need it award for exceptionally meritor-went 'Pvts. Applebaum and Gold-ious conduct in the performance ner. For my upper-double bunk! of outstanding service Ah! 'Tis a real lad who will LITTLE KNOWN FACTS ABOUT bring his tools "home" with him WELL-KNOWN CHARACTERS Gl's Headwork at the end of a day and. work Master Sergeant Farash of S-4 far into the night. My cap. is fame is a former New York state Simplifies KP off to Pfc. Rudolph Allen.Each night ont! may see him with champion.-Lt. AngleENGLAND-(CNS)_..:.Most in-scythe in hand, applying vicious myer, also of S-4, is rapidly gain-genious GI at one Flying Fortresa strokes to the weeds and wild ing recognition as one of the lead-base here is Cpl. Archie L Margrass that grows about battalion ing sign painters in 5th Training ris of St. Charles, Mo. Told to headquat:ters. Battalion.-Lt. Turenshine was alflatten 100 tin cans by dropping star athlete at CCNY.-Sgt. Gib-a 20-pound weight on each one. The boys of Barracks 5A-13 had son once did the 100-yard dash he completed the job in one min a jolly time one evening this in 9.9 seconds.-M/Sgt. Smith is ute by getting the operator of a week as they set abo;tt. with soap an accomplished violinist. steamroller to run over them


PAGt FOU.TESH DREW FIELD ECHOES, FRIDAY, SEPTEMB-R 10, 1943 CHO MEAT FOR SOLDIERS arrives at Drew Field in refrigerated cal's from the country's largest markets at Chicago, Sioux City, and Omaha. Uncle Sam keeps an experienced eye on the red point rationed s4aple, detailing veterinar.ians to inspect tile quality and freshness. Drew Field Commissary Imports Food From All Over U.S. fo Make Up Menus CABBAGES AND APPLES rome here by the car load. Officer and enlisted men check part of a day's shipment, above. The quality of the cabbages and apples, like that of all other foodstuffs, is the highest obtainable. Commissary men continuously inspect every shipment to make certain U S. soldiers get the finest. THE EGGS you have for breakfast taste good because they are fresh. To guarantee that only good ones reach the various kitchens commissary men put the eggs through the regulation li

DREW FIELD FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1943 PAGE FIFTEEN Golfing Cycling Partying Jrd Fighter Ball Team Wins Over Signal Hqtrs Third Fighter Comman. d Head' Off 11. quarters Squadron baseballers New Go, Course ICJG y drew first' blood in the city Twi-light League championship series, defeating the-Signal Headquarters 0 PI E th t Company, Third Fighter Com-pen ayers n USIGS JC mand, 5-2, in a seven-inning g_ame I at Cuscaden Park Monday mght. The clean swish of clubs swung through the air ... the sharp click of a hit ball ... and the pleasant plunk as the pellet drops in the cup. These were the sounds last Sat urday as the new Drew Field golf course, operated on profits from the War department theaters, was thrown open to officers, enlisted men and enlisted women: WAC TRffiS GAl\fE Yes, an attractive WAC, Cpl. Laura Taylor, turned up on the first tee to try her strokes, appropriately clad in golfing shorts. Lt. Edward G Metcalf Jr., who is in charge of the course, was gratified by the turnout A total of 17 go).fers u sed the course the first day, while 47 went around Sunday. Metcalf commented that the GI club wielders were either exceptionally accurate or patient ball hunters, because only three pellets were lost on the two days. OPFER TO WORK Golfers were enthusiastic about the course, once the pride of Florida's west coast. Some were so enthusiastic :that they have volunteered to assist in whipping the links into its one-time championship shape. used on some holes until new bent grows in. The course should be in excellent playing condition :within a month, according to Metcalf. Meanwhile golfers are content to get out in the open and brush up on their swings. Metcalf is anxious to have many more volunteers to assist in restoring the course. The work is refreshing and healthful, he pointed out. The lieutenant can be reached at 258. Two OuHits Have Fine P. T. Records Hurling for the winners, Peyton Epps held the flagwavers at his mercy throughout the contest. The losers could muster only two hits. Six of their batters fanned. Righthander Epps contributed to his own cause by s lamming two hits, one of them a long triple that drove in a marker. Norm Tucker and "Blackie" Staiger were the big guns for the victors, each driving in two runs. Getting off.to an early lead, the winners scored a run in the first canto, when Staiger walked, stole second and was sent home on Tucker's long single. In their half of the second, the pigeon .chasers scored a pair of tallies to enjoy a short-lived lead, it being the only time pitcher Epps was in hot water. Coach Gosselin' s men The 903d Quartermaster Combounced right back in the lead. pany and the 59 t h Aviation however, and scored twice in their S_quadron in the best phy-half of the second to forge ahead s1ca! trammg atten_dance rec?rds and to remain on top for the relast week, accordmg to mainder Of the game. Law1ence Both teams tangle tonight at Base physical trammg offiCer. Cuscaden Park at 6 : 15 o 'clock in These outfits had almost perfect the third game of the series. records. Mound choices for this tilt probThe following units had sa tis-ably will find the same chuckers factory attendance: 314th Base facing each other: Epps for the Headquarters and Air Base Air Corps nine, and Landry for Squadron, 1018th Quarterrp.aster, the Signal tossers. 91lth Quarterrp.aster, Finance, All games are scheduled to be 440th Aviation, 69th AAK Band, played at Cuscaden Park and will FIRST GOLFER on new Drew Field Course, Cpl. William Temporary greens are being and 853d .Signal. be twilight affairs. Three games are to be played this week, with the windup to take place next week, if more games are necessary. A good deal of friendly rivalry exists between both clubs, the Signal squad copping the first round. honors, with the Air Corps team mowing down all opposition in the second. In six meetings Morris, is handed scorecard by Lieut. Edward G. Metcalf, Jr., of Base Special Service Office. Looking on is shorts-clad Laura Taylor; 4th Tng. Bn. "Terrible Ten" Drops One; Deflate Egos The Fourth Training Battalion' s and six runs were scored supermen, also known as "the the _side was before during the regular season the Terrific. Ten," turned out to be Lieutenants Miller, Moore and mere human beings and heatable, HoHenstein played flawless ball teams have split with three victories each. Box: after all, as the Fifth Training for the Fifth, nabbing hot blOWS AIR CORPS I SIGNAL CORPS Battalion sluggers so_ decisively which might have been hits ab. r. h. o a./ o. o ... proved Saturday when they de-and runs. Staigcr,c 3 1 1 6 1 !Rush.Ir flated their feeling of superiority by batting out an 8 to 6 victory W t t F ht'7 Mullins ,,. 4 o o I IZada,2b o in a seven-inning softball thriller. an 0 19 Go.sclin.Ib 2 1 1 0 IPHlmn.c 0 In the last inning, with the 1 l 1 4 2 Fourth at bat, the sco're 8 to 6 Then See Lt Dee Antonurei,cf 3 0 1 1 0 /1\'is r r 0 and the shadow of defeat growing Cedrone.3b _: _!: _: more menacing, the prayers in A WUTC men interested in Total s 26 s 7 21 s 1 ToiI 2{ 2 2 1 8 1 the hearts of their rooting section learning how to handle their fists Score by 'innings: were audible; and, whe n are urged to contact Lieut. E P. 1-::=:-:-:--::--::::==-=-----.,.::-::--:-:-:-:the first three men up filled the Dee, Fifth Training Battalion bases, it looked asthough Heaven athletic officer. 1--:E::-r-r-o,-s_:_L::-'-an--:-d-,.l- -=w:::o-j,...e y __ ::-K::-a-'p'-e..:.I.=..R::.u--'ns had answered their prayers The lieutenant puts boxers batted in: Tucker 2. Staiger 2. Epps, So there they were, sitting through the paces -from the Rush. Two-base hits: Staiger. Pretty, with three men on and d t f th t t la e Palumbo. Three-base hil: Epps. Stolen ru 1men S 0 e ar 0 a P c bases: Palumbo. Gosselin. Staigf'r. Sac no outs. The next man hit a hot on a biweekly ring show. Sturifice: Cedrone Left on bases: Air one to Lieutenant Mardian, short-dents under Lieut. Dee are taught Corps s: Signa l Corps 7. Bases on balls: L andry 4. Umpire: Garcia_ tone, for the first out. Lieutenant they know what it' s all about Musumeci, pitching for the Fifth, they are put into a ring for was still in a tough spot. He bore sparring work. down and struck out the next man Men anxious to use their for out No. 2 dukes can reach Lieut. Dee at 84th GP Wallops 405th in Net Ball The sweat was pouring and the Recreation Hall Number 3, Ave-For the second time in a week, tears we1e flowing in the grand-nue N near Second Street, at 4 the sharpshootin.;;; officer volleystands as Lieutenant Ryan came P .M. daily except. Sunday. Lieu-bailers of the 84th Fighter other to 'bat. He hit a terrific drive to tenant Dee supplies sneakers, but Bomber Group defeated the 405th can outLieutenant Bates at third \who students must supply their own shoulder-patchers. QUENCHING THE THIRST is always a great sport, provided your elbow muscles are in good condition. Entertained by a _floor show from a Tampa night spot, the 501st SAW Hqs. and Plot. Bn. then did their best with the refreshments That's 3 2 the pudgy corporal is ,dealing out. stepped up for it and tossed It to shorts. The 84th won in straight sets, Lieutenant McDavid at first for The next boxing showing will 15-12 and 15-8. The games were the last out, leaving the bases be held wednesday, September played last Wednesday. The vic-loaded and opportunity still 15 tors were paced b y the brilliant around the corner. work of Chaplain Eller and Lieu-For the winners, Lieutenant If you 're puzzling over some tenant Egan. McDavid came through with a point, breeze off a few lines to The 405th officers still are unhome run with bases lo.aded in the Echoes editor. "G-Ideas," a convinced that the 84th men are the second inning. Following him, column of questions, answers and their superiors on the court, and Lieutenants Williams and Clark suggestions, belongs to you. have asked for a return series. each got a single, and were brought home by Lieutenant was really New volleyball League sweet revenge for the "Sluggers," 1 .-as_ev_ery_m_al-1 h_ad-hi_s tu_rn_at-ba t. 1 Of Officers Is Sfarfed Volleyball Schedule Here is the schedule of officers' volleyball games from Septembe r 14 to September 21: September 14: 314th BH & AB Sq. vs. 405th FighterBomber; Signal Corps Hqs. vs. 84th Fighter-Bomber; Med. Det. vs. 3d Fighter Command. September 16: 314th BH & AB Sq. vs. 84th FighterBomber; 405th Fighter-Bomber vs. 3d Fighter Command; Sig nal Corps Hqs vs. Med. Det. September 21: 314th BH & AB Sq. vs. 3d Fighter Command; 84th Fighter-Bomber vs. Med. Det.; 405th FighterBomber vs. Signal Corps Hqs. The 314th Base Headquarters and Air Base Squadron, the 84th Fighter-Bomber Group and the Third Fighter Command got off to winning starts in the Officers' Volleyball league opening last Tuesday. The 314th won three of four games from the Medics; the 84th took two of three contests from the 405th, while the Third Fighter copped two of three from Signal Headquarters Company. The 314th won by scores of 16-14, 15-0 and 15-13. The game they dropped was by a count of 15-10. The 84th officers were winners by 15-10 and 15-1. The 405th's lone victory was by a U----------------------------- score of 15-12. Members of the '314th learn were Gray, Beckett, McKee, Bosterlman, Dailey Hinkel and GabrieL On the Medics were Stuber. Allenback, Freber, Mcintire, Edgington, Hunter and Kennedy. The 314th-Medics game was supervised by Cpl. C. 0. Fognano. Members of the 405th team were Jones, Eikenberg, Garrett, Baker, Fleming, Plebanek and Rice. On the 84th squad were Kapleitz,. Turner, Ferrar, Booten, Weed, Eller and Eagen. Standings: Team-W. L. 314th 1 84th 1 (f 3d FC 1 & Sig. C. HQ e 1 405th 0 1 Medic s 0 1


PAGE SIXTEEN DREW FIELD ECHOES, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBat 10, 1943 'To B .e; Nof fo Be' Sol .ved By Drew Soldier Stu. dying For Future on Spare Time Private John M. Fair won't be caught short in educa tion. The Drew Field signalman believes....:._along with Army Institute-that every camp can become a campus during spare hours. On Aug. 4 he signed for an Army Institute course which will make him a railroad rate clerk when he finishes his 20 lessons. There is no hurry-Private Fair may finish his course in his own time. After he has found sufficient c d s h off-duty hours in which to comUPI to nate plete his lessons, is I?lanni!J-g to take a course m traffic man agement. With this much knowl-edge to his credit. he shall return Pa.1r of Men r n to a job which is several steps higher than that which he left. A few years of work for Uncle PV'l'. JOHN M. FAIR Detachment 853 By PFC. EDWARD ALLERHAND A heavy pall of gloom hangs over the Property Sec tion of the 853rd since the wholesale cancellation of furloughs was announced. Cheer up, fellows, it won't be for long. That business will prob ably be straightened up in short order and the regular issuing of furloughs will be resumed. The only member of the Prop erty Section who escaped having his furlough canceled was Pfc. Carson, who is going home to Providence, Ky. to marry his h ome-town sweetheart and bring her back with him to live here Sam won' t have stopped Fair's civilian promotions at all. in Tampa. By the time this reaches print he will have been Fair's course, which comes to him from the International Cora benedict for several days. The same holds true for Pfc. respondence School at Scranton, Ray Solhe'im of the Telephone Pa., costs him only $2. The reSection who leaves on his fur mainder of the expense of the study program is paid for by Iough on the same day as Car the government. son. Ray hails from Lyndhurst, N J and will also marry a homeEX-RAILROAD MAN town girl and bring her back to Before he became a member of Tampa with him. The whole the Signal Headquarters Com-outfit wishes both boys the best pany, Third Fighter Command, of luck and future happiness. Pvt. Fair was employed by a railThe latest promotions to take road. Although he could return place in the detachment are: to his old job after the war, he Jimmy Griffin, of White Plains, realizes that during his term in N. Y., Pfc. to Corporal, and the Service his coworkers will "Chaplain Charlie" Parlier, of have made advancement to better Parlier, Cal., Private to Pfc. positions with the same organiza tion. Private Fair is not going to Right now, efforts are being let his friends get ahead of him. made to organize a touch foot-ball team and as soon as we sue' You, too, can open the door to ceed in doing so, we will accept promotions in your old job, or. a all challenges. However, our vol chance at a new position, by leyball team is ready and willing utilizing your off duty hours as to accept any challenges hurled Fair is doing. Thousands of uni-at it. we think we've got. : a formed men and women are now pretty good team and are anxi using this study plan, to complete ous to prove ,u to any doubters. their, interrupted college courses, Any organizations wishing to or to receive specialized training. arrange a game should contact Upon successful completion of Lieut. Roffwarg at the Base Sig each course, a Q;!rtificate of Pro-nal Office, telephone No. 210. ficiency is and a tran-That's about all for now. Be script of the student's grades is seeing you next week. sent to any school which he desig-1,_----,...---------,...-l nates to be evaluated for credit. MORE ABOUT-SHIPYARDS (Continued from Pa.g-e 1) of the war, and to understand just what they are doing to help us win it:" SHIPS, SHIPS, SHIPS What the GI's saw at Tasco was enough. There, in various stages of construction, were keels and hulls of many shipsjust how many we are not al lowed to say. Laboring men and women swarm all over these half-fin ished vessels. Riveting machines and hammering, make the noise terrific. Welders, with acety lene torches, are everywhere, wearing grotesque masks and dark glasses. But the men and women who labor day and night to build our vessels ,know what they are do ing-and they are doing a real job. From the Tasco yards will come destroyer tenders, ammuni tion ships and minesweepers which some day may accompany y-oa to Europe. MORE ABO,UT-. WAR VET (Continued from Page 1) slopski pulled him to the pier. Cohen suffered tlhe barnacle cuts while climbing out of the water. Preslopski, an airplane me chanic with a year's service in the Army, is an ex-Marine who served in Nicaragua, Santo Do mingo and Haiti. FUND STARTED Starting the fund to replace Cohen's timepiece, Wernig said, I b elieve the public will con tribute to a fund to at least repay the heroic soldier for the l o ss of his watch.'' The other day Cohe n received a letter of congratulation from Mrs. J. M. Adams Sr., of St. Pe tersburg. The letter said in part: "Just been to The 'Fimes to leave a dollar toward a fund to buy you a new watch. I sincerely hope they will get enough to buy a good one, which you really de serve. My heart goes out to all the boys in the Service-coura geous heroes all, and you certain ly proved yourself one." Girl of the Week GOOD SUNGLASSES are always handy to have on the beach. This St. Petersburg pretty carries the colored cheaters to protect her lovely eyes against the bright sun and brilliant white sand. She has taken them off for only a minute to satisfy our pho..: tographer who, we think, knows a thing or two about bathing beauties-.


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