Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field Echoes

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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 2, no. 34 (October 28, 1943).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
October 28, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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BOOST A GUY'S MORALE WITH A SHARE RIDE Drew Field Echoes GO TO. HALLOWEEN PARTIES AT CLUB. DURING WEEK-END yoL 2, NO. 34 OFFICIAL PUBLICATION DREW FIELD, TAMPA,. FLORIDA OCTOBER 28, 1943 Five Sports Centers Okehed HEFTY NEWCOMER Night. League In 6 Sports Contemplated GIVE A SOLDIER A RIDE PX Recreation Fund To Provide Money r Five huge athletic fields, each designed for siinultaneous participation in six sports and lighted for night play, were approved yesterday by Col. Melvin B. Asp, Air Base Area Commander, who said const:r;uction would begin next week. MORALE AND NEWEST WAR INNOVATION for Drew is this 31,000 pound armored car. The car mounts 37 millimeter cannon The sports plazas will be provided from a $20,000 Post Exchange Recreation Fund. TAKE YOUR CHOICE PAVts TilE ROAD To VICToRy and a machine gun and has stee_ l hide thick enough to stop a good sized bullet. Left to right on the monster are 2nd Lt. Robert L. Henkel, assistant Ordnance officer; Sgt. R. J. Hodge, first Drew soldier to a driving permit fo r the car, and Lt. J. E. Jennings, base automotive officer. The car, one of three, goes to Plant Park with the Third Air Force Military Police Detachment. Plans call for a: touch football field, softball diamond, volleyball courts, boxing arena, tennis courts, and a basketball court. Chinning bars, rope climbs, and other gymnastic facilities are also to be included. CLEARWATER 'BUS ROUTE STARTS DREW SCHEDULE Direct bus service between Clearwater and the east gate of Drew Field will go into effect November 15. Three Parties Planned At Service Club Immediately upon completion of the fields, leagues willcbe formed from Drew Field units with a six -sports program scheduled to run over a 12-. Ex;:1ct schedules have not been worked out, but it was certain there will be two round trips a day, one in the morning, the other in the late afternoon, at the end of the working day. m on t h s' peri.od, Lieutenant The fare will be 55 cents one Payday IS Sunday Charles Lyons, Base physical way, or 99 cents a round trip._ training officer, announced. Also available will be a. comIndividual m e d a 1 s will be muter's ticket for 10 round trips awarded league winners-in for $8.10. sports fr<;>m the PX recreahon The new 5 vice will be op-fund, MaJOr Chester K. Delano, er Base special service officer, said. erated by the Gulf Coast Motor i Equipment will be furnished Line, Inc., which plans to put a Sunday is payday for soldiers of Drew Field despite rumors that either Saturday or Monday would be the tiine to get the bankroll, Lt. Col. W. F. Nye, finance officer, announced yesterday. soldiers for the various sports 30-passenger carrier on the. -----------Soldiers who have been wondering how to spend their fro'!l SUJ?PlY rooms on the field run. Details of the run are Otttcers' w,ves. wh1ch wlll be open both day and b f 1 t b c t E B time over the Halloween week-end might do well to drop emg ormu a ed Y ap. evemng. D "I B I ff into the enlisted men's Service Club for three solid eveai ey, ase persona a airs AMPLE ROOI\-1 officer; A. D. Hartsell, owner nmgs of sohd entertamment.. The fields will be 350 feet in f th 1 d A D H t n Ad s I The first of three evenings' TR s ro length and 400 feet in width. The 0 e me, an ar se I urgJ.ca AY volleyball, basketball, and tennis Jr., manager. entertainment will be Friday courts will be hard surfaced, The service has the support of wheri a big masquerade ball will while the football field will be the Clearwater Ration Board be held. Miss Narcissa Leland, SUPPLANT stabilized and the softball courts Chairman Louden of the senior Service Club hostess, and of clay bottom. panel, announced. Miss Mabel Nicks, senior hostess Location of the five sp.orts "Of the 800 tires allotted to at Service Club No 2, which will MESSKITS center will be at K Ave. and this area in seven months," he Officers' wives, already aiding open soon, have announced that 1st St.; East 1st St. and M Ave.; the war effort in many ways, are Dressing Work about 100 Vi-ettes -will be on hand 5th St. and M Ave.; 1st St. and said, "officers were given 400, now giving their time each The clanging messkit and the A Ave.; and 5th St. and D Ave. war worker s 182, and the re-Th d t th k f d for the masquerade dance Friday. urs ay o e rna mg o Re unpleasant chore of processing The athletic program will offer !llamder went. to other CIVIlCross surgical dressings. GIRLS .IN COSTUME them through the three-bucket Drew Field soldiers ample facilitans. Sometlung had to be Mrs. William H. Fillmore These Vi-ettes are daughters of production line is on the way ties for all forms of sports and done _for civilians, and this chairman of the Red Cross members of the American Legion out at Drew Field. provide the type of intramural bus Ime 1s the answer. ties of the Drew Field Ofiicers' Auxiliary and of the Defense program recommended b y the Wives club, announced that surth Cl b f T All f Within approximately ten PX D d d I d 'II o erf? u o ampa. o War Department, it was pointed g1ca ressmgs WI be prepared e gir!s will be in costume. There days every GI on the. base will out. I vI en s each Thursday between 9 a .m. will be a 15-piece orchestra and be eating from aluminum {rays, Recent War Department bulle-and 3:30 p .m. at the Palma Cia they-will play from 8:15p.m. until Lieut. William H. Gibbs, Base tins have urged group participaHlt M Golf club, where a special Drew 11 p .m. mess supervisor, announced yes-tion in athletic events OXI mum Field table is reserved for that Miss Leland urges soldiers to terday. In addition, china bowls "The fields, when completed, purpose. apply for tickets at the club after also will be supplied messhalls, will accommodate thousands of All officers' wives are urged to 6 p .m. on Thursday. thus. affording the opportunity soldiers and will give them rec-A. 50-cent for every attend this activity. On Saturday night, there will to serve soup. with meals. reation both day and night," soldier Drew Field was de-be the regular bingo party and Major Delano said. clared th1s from Post Ex-then on Sunday will be the big change profits, and checks have -Halloween celebration. been mailed to company units, it It will be on the country fair 0 -rownlng Deaths Take was announced yesterday by motif and there will be 22 booths Major Edwin P. Jones, PX offi--with each booth presided over cer. The money will go into th by a beautiful girl. These girls Half of W -ar Vlctms company fund for soldier recre-are those cute shemales known as ation. the Bomb-a-DEARS. One thousand dollars also was During the evening there will granted the Drew Field Hospital be games of .skill played in the Fifty percent of U. S. military deaths smce Pearl Har-for improvement of the obstetri-booths, such as darts, and at the bor have been caused by drowning and proper training in cal ward. finish of festivities there will be --------a grand prize for the winner. functional swimming could. have prevented many of these M d AI PRiZES GIVEN tragedies, Red Cross Field Director Howard Moran told en ng, teratlons First prize is a scrumptiously fitted toilet case, second prize is a wallet and third prize is a stationery kit. Other prizes will be cigarettes and candy. As further attractions there will be an apple bobbing booth and a fortune teller. Master of ceremonies for the entertainment will be Cpl. Jules Getlin, former radio actor. Plant Park soldiers this week. Free for Soldiers Befo!j,e an audience of over 700 $ All enlisted men who have officers and enlisted men of the clothing in need of mending or Plant Park Replacement Depot, system, to the men seated in the minor alterations, or who need Mr. Moran explained the import-stadium at Plant Park. chevrons or insignia sewed on, ance of swimming instruction to The program, in which Mr. Mo-may avail themselves of free men going overseas. While the au-ran, Lt. Edward G. Kluge, Drew sewing service rendered by the d 1 t d t tl th Field radio director, and several Off' w s Cl b 1ence IS ene m en y, e pro-1cers 1ves ewmg u gram, "Women at War," shot out other popular radio personalities Clothes should be left at Chapel over stations WFLA and WDAE, took part, dramatized the startling No. 1 before 10 o'clock each Tues-and through the public address (Continued on Page 12) day morning. AWQUIZ PROGRAM UNDERWAY The first "Sergeant Quiz" program, a new feature of the War Orientation program established recently by Brig. Gen. Stephen H. Sherrill of A WUTC, was held Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. in Rec. Hall No. 2, with 1,300 men from various organizations of the 1st Training Bn. attending and participating. This was the first heat in the series of programs which will determine who is the best informed soldier on Drew Fielci. Questions on geographical and historical aspects of the war were asked.


PAGE TWO DREW FIELD ECHOES, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 28, 1943 DREW FICTION 519 Sq. Airman TIME THE GR-EAT GHOST FILES ouR FOOTPRINTS WACs Tips By PVT. c. FRANKLYN -On Complex10n A cup of coffee, some little spot ,up the street. A row : of tired soldiers hunched over the counter, smoking, talk.:. By SGT. SCRmE ing. And it's almost curfew time. New men from that "coun-"How long you been here?" try club of the Third Air "Coupla months." Force, MacDill Field, now "Pass the sugar." with the 519th Fighter BombStir the sugar into the coffee reflecbvely-remember, S f" d 1 t S t p 11 er q., m s g e e remember, remember : PT k I want a big fat momma, shouts the juke box. The tiers wor out morning rugged-but feet tap unconsciously in time. ficial. "How long you been up here?" Private First Class Poy"Just came." "Wh f th b ?" dock, armorer, and lad-with-. ere are you rom In e egmmng th t h 1 1 1 N k D 1 h A d 1 a -sc oo grr -comp exwn, Is Brooklyn, ew Yor on t aug goo pace. tt" 1 t f t It' s the guys from Jersey give.yo'u Southerners the wrong 1PUt lmgTin at toh 0 overtrmh e f B kl t h a e y. rus ere s ano er Idea Some smart guys come rom roo yn-oug t t Jak (Th t guys. I was born there, in a flat I fought my way all s 1 e. el se:re the up Columbus Avenue, starting from the bottom. Jo ad sWupAeCr c_omp elxwtn 1 f I h 1 d 1 oes an s IS ear y o got plenty o pa s out t ere ... no 1e a goo p ace, bed ) Brooklyn I used to walk down the hell. I knew everybody, see? Everybody ... Why damn A MAN t I kn d t 1 h 11 t I "I'm gomg to be late this morn-! every oors ep, every poo a every JOin ing" remarked Sgt. Martin, Sq. knew every God damn every garbage pail my Hq. "Shave, eh?" queries a pal. home see that's wJiy ... that's-what a guy remembers, "No, it's under my th t h 't k h" f" ht I d 11 d nose," replies Martm. And sure a s w a es rm Ig can see an sme an enough, ten red bristles are found, feel and hear It all now good place, Brooklyn-rough on minute scrutiny-:-<>r was it bunch of guys nine? LEGION OF MERIT AWA-RDED BOONE Scene typicai of snappy mornings: Holding the seats of Lieut. Adrian Boone, of the 584th of Drew Field, and They have life, because the city dies when they leave metal <:hairs to the stove. heat, be-Lt. Gen. Geor-ge S Patton, Jr., commander of the' Seventh it, the streets are empty. They, have spirit too, though fore usmg. Ersatz luxury! Army, have at one thing in common. A recent War they laugh spirit. All the overseas rumo_rs, pro Department general order cited both for exceptionally meriThe girls go home after curfew because the place is and con, make one anxiOus to torious cond_uct and announced that.they would. -receive the f go get it over with, to ease the dead. Besides, CIVilian I can neyer learn Art 0 ; tension, among other things. Legion of Merit. Standing on Street Corners like a soldier knows It ; Then the neXt buga))oo in EngGen.Patton's medal is for his 1942, he went to Iceland, and, ac. land would be: "When are we training of the fine combat. troops cording to the W\).r Department, gomg across the Channel?" which performed so ably on the with great vision and foresight, After that, "When are,we going battlefields of Sicily; Lieut. laid out the base command tactical back home?"-and 50 it goes, Boone' s Is for his leadership of a: radio station to operate direct man's perennial yearning for r ad i o detachment during 13 with Washington, D : C., as either Nazi Fetish Comes From ._, Nietzsche Theory Opi..,es greener pastures. months of continuous service in a mobile or vehicular unit; deIcehind. vised antenna arrangements to Third FC Signal Scribe ,, Sergeant Cunjak, the Sq. Rob'At a mass review of 2nd Train-work successfully in a normally ert Taylor-Errol Flynn, has the ing Bn. troops held on the air-hard radio area; and made Joes ;wondering how he car.r:ies field here last' Saturday, the by power arrangements whiCh out his many keepmg gion of Merit was presented to worked well when commercial all concerned m apparent har-. -Lieut. Boone by Brig. Gen. w. T. power failed. By CPL. ALBERT R. KAZARY mony. Salud! Larson, commanding general of He was a staff sergeant at the The most important occupant of otir mind today is war .JA, WE'RE LOSING Third Air F?rce. Also at the time he did work for which M d fin. h Th J 1 t th program was Bng. Gen. Stephen he later was cited, and was pro-any of us have e 1te, unvarying t eones of war; Its eG aim a _e H Sherrill commanding general rooted to technical seregant be-origin; its results. Some of us shrug off theories, principles b" egrmany Allies the oi AWUTc: fore returning to the states to en-d f This d t d bl' b 1 om In s we es are givrng Lieut. Boone, whose home is at ter OCS at Fort Monmouth, N .J. an acts. IS_ un _ers an a e, tit her. She must have. gone Sheboygan, Wis. enlisted in the He received his commission in h1stoncal epochs, n:en m _the ago With fartones, Army in being a ssigned to. 1943 and that hgentsia brackets have offered their vanous op1n1ons on WACs looking for a Tarzan-tan, the 50th Signal Bn. In S eptember,1hme has been at Drew Field. this topic. Perhaps if we ventured into a "book-wormish" and Pepsodent-smile would 1o a d d d ,; ;, t t d" t ld well to. throw their "gladeyes' moo an onne specs o appear s u Ious, 1 wou pro-upon S /Sgt. Ken Ault Ordnance vide a diversion from daily routine. So, transforming ourNCO selves into this role by means of a secret metamorphosis, we divulge master-mind theories. A W Bicycles MA JOR CROCKETT, WAR VET, NOW, AT AWUTC Fnednch was bor_ n .. m _Rpcken, Prussia m 1844 man's" development. Nietzsche Dehver MessafteS The knowledge gained by Maj. Charles B. Crockett durof man, war and re-was the believer in an aristo-:11 ing the nine months,he was stationed in the North_African llgwn have become the back-cratic government This type of for' Hitler' s rule led t o the complete. de-Nineteen GI bicycles may and-Mediterranean theaters of war, which he .returned Basically, !he velopment of the superman. seen roamrng around Drew at the conclusion of the Sicilian campaign, is being used in of the Nazi regrme hes m NietDemocracy was a mania which Field. They are message center th t t AWUTC zsche principles. Therefore, in had to be eradicated before it equipment, and are being used e ra1nmg a I order to have a clearer concept t 1 t 0 "b dd' in the A WUTC and training bat-Major Crockett" was active m Force and, at the request of Bng. was oo a e ur u Ies m f G St h H Sh u and u_nderstanding; of our enemy, the battle areas are proving to tabon message centers. Warnmg of one. o toen.Aw.Jtcen t ern we Will explore Nietzsche's realm Mr Nietzsche and Mr Hitler that The change was necessitated the air forces operatmg agamst on emporary Y, of philosophical war. we believe in democracy-and by. a shor_tage of, chauffe_urs-no ti;e Germans Italians. On he been Nietzsche; was the originator they are too late dnver's license IS reqmred to his return to this country, he with staff officers and unQ t co!ll. of the Superman.. Contrary to pedal a bike, you know. was assigped to the Third Air concerning A yv tramPX Number 1 Now 46TH BOMBING G ROUP mg, personnel and equipment. a super human being capable of Lt. M claufthl1n uhlimited feats. of agility and Opens at 9 a.m. strength. Nietzsche said, "Not mankind, FEATURES WAR MOVIES Commended By but superman is the goal." There Post Exchange Branch now 1 t f th d opens at 9 a m. in place of 9 :30 are severa reqUISI es or e e-. d t d t th General Larson veloprrient of this superman-be-m or er o a e e :"precedent set at man anq his contribution to the sides pen, paint and a capable of soldiers :;eekmg Will Rogers Field, the 46th Bol_llprogram was rq-qndly applauded. artist. Good birth and eugenic mg coffee, R. B. Gibson, assiStant b ardment Group (L) Specia l The 46th Special Service officers breeding are the basic necessities. announced Ser:vice once again on intend to have Mr. Gaddis appear A letter of commendation from Secondly, a severe school where We h?d so many soldiers a fme sho wmg of GI mov.1es at again when his latest film is Gen. W. T Larson, Commanding perfection is mandatory and reoutside the PX, we decided the group mess hall. completed. General of the Third Air Force, sponsibilities are many. No comIt. would save a ,rush also The evening's entertainment For the last part of the pro. forts would be tolerated. Such give service, he srud. was under the direction of Lt. gram a two-reel epic called has been by Lt. Paul breedin' g would be b eyond evil. Closmg hours of 9 p.m. on Robert P. Keirn and Lt. James "Desert Victory" was shown. It E. McLaughlm, AWUTC mess "How about the good? we ven-weekdays and and 7 c. Bynum and under the super-is the pictorial story officer and mess supervisor, for ture to ask Mr. Nietzsche. He p.m. on Sunday remam the same. vision of Pvt. Allen I. Korn. of the British Eighth. Army and the work he has done since Au-. replies, (via print) "To be brave M .The program was divided into its victorious battle agains t Rom-gust, 1942 in operatin. g mess halls is good." "But what is good? a,or Todd Goe s mel. Filmed in actual battle, the t three par. ts. The first was a reg-B t h d for units on Drew Field and in we shout: (Via pnnt he answer ular GI film which contained a n IS camera crews eserve a echoes back): "All that increases To Barksdale very interesting talk by ex-Am-great deal of credit for a job well outlying sub-bases. the feeling of power, the will to bassador Grew on the strength done under the most trying con-Lieutenant McL aughlin is now power, power itSelf-. that is d f J .. il' t ditions. m charge of ten mess halls on an rums o apanese m I ary Th af good." Hence, from Nietzsche's Major Daniel 0. Todd, Base e opinion of the men ter reports we are open only to one Public Relations Officer. at Drew might. Pvt. SNAFU was also on the show was over was that they the field, in addition to scores conciliatory conclusion: Through Field until -last week' has re-hand in a rather amusing saga had spent a fine and enjoyable of others located at sub-bases. war we gain power. Therefore, turned to his post at about "gold-bricking." evening of free entertainment. Prior to receiving his commission war is' good. In other words, as Barksdale Field, Louis.iana. As a treat to the members of The 46th Special Service office he was base mess sergeant here, Hitler believes: To be bad ls Major Tpdd _served as Base 46th _the Group Special Serwill connitue to put on movies operating under the garrison sysgood. Public Relatiions Officer at BarksVIce offic_ers sec!lred through and will do its best to secure tern He was also in charge of "Democracy is a leniency dale Field from .the time of his Base. Special. Service. Mr. R V. outside entertainment also. Keep the Boomtown consolidated mess gzlliting permission to each in-induction into the Army from'the !Us C?llection ?f hunt-your eyes peeled for the next GI hall at MacDill Field. dividual to do as he pleases. It Enlisted Reserve Corps in July, and fishmg films, all m tech-movie announcement. You're in Before that, he was base mess is the catering to the mediocrity; 1941, until he came to. Drew Field mcolor. for a good evening' s entertain-sergeant at Morrison Field, West This is detrimental to 'Superlast May. 'Mr. Gaddis is an ardent spprtsment and :fun. Palm Beach.


DREW FIELD ECHOES, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 28, 1943 PAGE THREE 519TH TURTLE SOUP 26th Sub-Depot Lights 2 Candles On Anniversary The 26th sub:depot, of Drew Field, which services and supplies every type of war bird and training plane flying for Uncle Sam and his Allies, has celebrated the second anniversary of the Air Service Command, Army Air Forces, of which it is a part. In two years, since the Air Ser vice Command was formed on Oct. 17, 1941, it has grown from a provisional air corps maintenance command, headed by Maj. Gen. Henry J P. Miller, consisting of six major depots that serviced the nation' s military aircraft, into an organization that has spread its installations over the entire face of the globe as it carries on its task of servicing military aircraft. supply, repair, overhaul or rebuild airplanes. of the Army Air Forces; prepare for shipment overseas American and LendLease planes; and handle air freight in this country flown by the Air Transport Command. Nurses Voted Members Of EXPANSION TASK c. 1873 d Officers' Club Sold1ers Proud PFC. GOLDBRICK is the nome and this bottle-scarred war rior now is assuming the mascot post of the 5 19th Fighter Bomber Squadron. The soldier holding the prospective gallon of turtle soup is no goldbrick and the chevrons prove that. He's SjSgt. James Moncorr, keeper of the hardshell. The mascot was found at Drew Field in Swamp 13 and got his point job from the squadron artist. NURSES GET DEGREES The second group of nurses to complete the Army basic training program at Drew Field will pass in review before With this' country's entry into World War II, the Air service Of Volley Team Command grew tremendously, both in this country and in combat areas overseas. New depots sprang up all over the cootinental area of the United States, and service units were trained quickly and sent into theaters of operation in all parts of the world. Day by day the overall efficiency of the command increased and made itself felt, growing into a worltl-wide organization which employs nearly 500,000 The men bf Co. C, 1873rd have really been on the ball since the campany has been formed. Of course the Engineers is new to most of the men who are members of this outfit. With the exception of a few men who came here with the cadre of 1873rd, our company is comprised mostly of men from the various Air Base Security units, which was inactivated last month. It has only taken the men a few days to adjust .themselves to their new In November, 1942, Major training and work. General Miller was succeeded But I am quite sure the of coSmm:tndiCng general of the ficers of our company are very Ir erviCe ommand by Maj. much pleased at the interest the Gen. Walter H. Franlt, a former men shown in the classes commanding general of the Third Air Force. Recognizing we have had, and the progress the status of the Air Service they are making in the regular Command as an industrial or-training schedule. ganization rather than a mili-Company C is very proud of its tary one, General Frank com-volley ball team, and is willing to pletely reorganized the com-accept a challenge from Headmaud by decentralizing the quarters Service Supply, Co. A or old-type general staff with B of our battalion. three operating divisions: SupLet's give three cheers for Pfc. ply, Maintenance, and Person-Calvin Warrick who is waiting nel and Training. for the word to go to a Cadet the Base Hospital staff at 10 A. M. Saturday. In fu the a f th' Traiqing Center somewhere ir;t r r nee o Is new pro-th' t. G t 't w k These women fresh .from civilian life have been taking gram th t d d d Is coun 1Y 0 0 I arne e coun ry was I V l e The boys are pullmg for you and drill and calisthenics, learning Army ward routine, and into 11 are?s, each. designated as wish you the very best' of t t' A R 1 t' Th 196 h an area Air Service Command ms rue 10n m _rmy egu a wns. e1r -our The 26th sub-depot is one of ui The men in the T?irm first graduatmg class General Larson took command Tenn. is assisted by eight Army steizUL were assigned. of the Third Air Force last officers and has under his com-The man who has to carry that The girls conduct themselves month, succeeding Major General mand many hundreds of civilia1. one around through life is half St. Clair Streett. employes, men and women, who Siamese and half Irish. in a very military manner. They have begun calisthenics classes in many of the hospitals. This speaks extremely well for the Third Air Force training program. Capt. Paul V. Rei1;1ertz, Base Hospital Plans and Training Of ficer, proudly states that the second group of nurses will produce just as favorable results as did the first group to receive their assignments. Lieut. Edna P Herbert, Chief Nurse, is to be commended on the splendid classes which the Base Hospital has produced: CALL RUMOR CLINIC To check on that rumor or to verify that unusual story grab a telephone and call Extension 497. This is the num ber of the War Orientation rumor clinic. They know what's going on, and they'll give you the correct information. Uniformed women with eagles on their hats are a familiar sight at the Off.Icers' club, now. Very recently, WAC officers and all members of the Army Nurse Corps have been voted as members of the Officers' club. Before this time, feminine officers were honorary members, free to go and! come as they wished, at the club. Now, they will pay dues, just as the male officers do. They are ;H-ee to entertain their friends, civilian. or military, Lieutenant Ethel Chance, ANC, and Lieutenant Vera Mankinen, WAC, have been chosen to represent their organizati6ns on the entertainment committee at the Officers' Club. Graduate nurses who come to Drew right from civilian life will be admitted into the officers' club while are taking their Army training here at Drew, even though they are not yet in uniform. All of the WAC officers stationed at Drew Field are joining the club. Company A, 1873d Learns Art Of Demolition Fire By PFC. R. ISHMON Setting off demolition charges seemed very interesting to the boys of Company A, 1873d. First, they had classes in priming, then they saw how electrical charges are set off. They also studied the way to blow up stum!Bs. The battalion and the company commanders are very well pleased with the fine scores made on the range last week. The highest scores will be published next week. Welcome back Sgt. Lewis Holmes. We know you had a grand time on your 10-day fur lough, and we give you our congratulation. s. We know how you feel leaving your bride in Pennsylvania. Tell us how did it feel to play in two football games? Take it from one who knows: It is plenty cold in Pennsylvania so if you go on a furlough be sure to take your heavy equipment.


PAGE .FOUR DREW FIELD ECHOES Official Publication Drew Field P. o. Drew Field. T,ampa; Fla. Thursday, October 28, 1943 COLONELMELVIN B. Air 'Base Area Commander DREW FIELD ECHOES 1s a Post Exchange ,Activity; published each Friday in the interest. of the offteers and enlisted men of Drew Field. Authority Sec. II, W D Circuiar 1943 under supervision of Spec.tal Serv1ce Offteer m accordance w1th W. D. Memo. No W210-6-42, dated 7, 1942, Subject: Publication of Post; Camp and Umt Major Chester K. Delano, Base Special .Service Officer Lt. Joseph R. McGinty, Editor The office of DREW FIELD ECHOES is located In Special Services Building on 8th. Street between "A" and "B" Avenues. Building No. Telephone, extension 287.' DREW FIELD ECHOES receives material supplied by Camp Newspaper Service, War Department, 205 E. 42 St., N e w York City. Credited material m a y not be re .publislfed withor.t permission from. Camp Newspaper Service. \ V (Phiito,s by Base J;'hoto Lab.) [Printed by The St. Petersburg Times} VOLUME 2-NUMBER 34 "I take it our new First Sergeant has _arrived." STRAIGHT WAC FACTS :J-rom The start of the campaign to recruit 46,.000 WACs for the Army Air Forces has begun. It is the DUTY of every man and woman ndw in the AAF to assist in this campaign.. By CHAPLAIN LEONARD E. To assist, -one does not mean anyone is exanyop.e js ever able to do exactly what he pected to go out and ring doorbells or h.and wants to do. Hardly any or civil_ian-has out recruiting pamphlets on the street corners. all the things in which he really -desires. All of us, in It DOES mean that everyone should learn the. facts about the Women's Army Corps and pass some way or another, must do and experience things..--we the information onto his family and his friends, don't like. By force of circumstances it is necessary for both male and female. e':"ery human being to a life which, to greater or less Lack of knO'Yledge of ihe WACs cliJ.d what degree, has unde1>irable .aspects. they are doing has critically hampered the "An apple a day keeps the doctor away: an onion a United States in prosecution of the war. It is day keeps everybody away/' "Gripe-osis" is a disease no secret that WAC enlistments have 'been dis-which cannot be cured by such material aids as Colgate's appointing thus _far, meaning that thousands toothpaste or Lifebuoy soap. When we "offend" by letand thousands of needed_ at the front must tihg situations get us down, and by continually griping,. we stay behind doing non-combat work. It is no d th ff t' 1 secret that the attitude of public,. and too nve away o ers as e ec IVe y as th.e offenders in the adoften of Army people, toward the wAC has been vertisements. But no manufacturer has any product which uncomplimentary-if not worse. And it is no affords a cure. Not. only constant com-. secret that this attitude has been a principal plaint annoy others but it also cause for the poor results of recruiting. wears us down. Piling .up of But as soon as the FACTS are known, the grievances soon makes us most attitude al:ways changes. During the early miserable. Since there are situamonths of thi_ s existence the WACs were greetl'ed tions no one can change, the with doubt when -they arrived on a ,new post. man who wants to avoid misery It has never taken longfor the doubt' to turn must do something to strengthen to admiration. himself. Tl].e W f'>.Cs are doing men' s work and doing Men in combat cannot do away Weekly Religious Services Listed PROTESTANT. Sui1day, Oct. 31, 1943 Episcopalian Communion at 0700 in Chapel .I, (Eighth and C), and a.t 0800 in Chapel 4, (Second and L), Chaplain Communications to this column must bear, for publication, the correct name and organization of the writer. Short letters are most interesting, and the right is reserved to cut letters when space limitations require. 9uartermcister, Attention! Dear Sir: The diagram below is supposed to revolutionize our ice cold water supply here in the kitchens of Drew Field.' The ice boxes we have in our kitchens are ta.king space, just keeping ice. If this idea is taken to tHe right source,. and put through, the soldiers will benefit greatly in aU the mess halls. They would have ice-cold water 24 hours a day. As it is now, the. cooks have to make the _ice water to. be served for s .... / lunch and. supper, just as carefully as they do the punch or lemonade. It wo).lld save time, labor, and containers, which have to be kept clean by the KPs. I am sending this to you, hoping that ypu can get into contact with the right source on Drew Field. l think the idea might be .appreCiated very much. Would you be so kind as to run this diagram in the Echoes? (See cut. _:_Ed.) 1 If coils to be put in, the boxes should be filled partly with crushed ice, and over the crushed ice, large chunks of ice. Thank you much. Pvt. Steven W. Anthony Thank you, Private Anthony, for what sounds like a go-od suggestion. Any other soldiers with good, constructive Gideas send them in. It's a fine way to give brain-child wide circulation-Ed. Likes Squealing Gentlemen: it well. Commanding officers who have been with hardships, but through dubious about their value are now demanding physical training_ they can build more and more WACs. themselves up so that they can meet them: God !ioes not offer In his recent biennial report to the Secretary us any easy life--:but He makes of War, General Marshall declared the WACs it possible for us to do some "have fulfilled their duties in an efficient and thing about the hardships. Our business-like manner and have been a definite Lord offers us rio means of dodgasset to the Army." He did not dignify the ing suffering, but there is some WAC whispering campaign tiy referring to thing we can do about it. Our rt drrectly, but he emphasized the high character Lord offers us divine power to of the corps and noted the. growing demand for sustain us in any _adversity, great The Echoes requests nominations for the out standing feature in the p aper. We go on record as hailing Pete Peterson's weekly masterpiece of screwball journalism and hoi-polloi as the best stuff in this or any other post weekly. His column is truly out of this world and strictly from hunger. For escapist reading at its best .Lutheran services at 0915, in we urge the public to grab a look at Pete's atChape't 4, .Chaplain Gruhn. tempts to direct, Pvt. Pazzbelch along the road & their throughout the c,ountr:y:. or small, which may beset us. Refute the gossips by quoting the chief of The person who lives a steady, Let the folks back home know the splen. -honest, -manly, day .cby_:.. day. drd JOb that WACs are doing. Christian life will find that his Anygne who keeps a woman from the WAC-. God will not let hbn. down. We_. keeps :'a soldier :from the firing line. If that is 'may not get. what we want; we not sabotage, it's close enough to suit Hitler. -always get whatwe need. It _..;......;:,___;_ ....:;.._ is possible for every one to learn ..-. Christ's Way ofLife. The ac-. 9Uic I, PLEASE quiring of His Way involves study and real effort. Your chaplain We should -like to see Mayo' r LaGuardia in has been trained .. to direct your the Army and in charge of an anti-noise camefforts and guide your studies. p aign. The time to build ourselve. s Services at 10:30, all chap_ els. to Shangri-La. We hope Pazzbelch never makes Christi an Service Me n' s it, the dialogue is too good to end. League, 7:00 P.M., T u e s d a y, We defy anyone, no matter how many troubles Chapel No. 5. Prayer meeting, 7:00 are heaped on their shoulders, to stifle a manP.M., Wednesday, Chapel No. 8 sized chuckle at the goings on of John Fut de/ The Forum, 7 : 30 P.M., Thursday, Boomstaff and Rodney Van Gackle. Or never to Chapel No. 4. Bible Study_ class, secretly yearn to sample a squeelnang sandwich 7.;00 P.M.; Thursday, Chapel 5. made of halitosis, one glove and brown sugar. Services at 1900, in Chapel 3, Nor to forget the immortal framsnatch sandwich, Chaplain Price. the.Mongarian national dish. So the next. time the telephone rings down in Services at 1900, in Chapel-4 Swamp No: 7 it'll be us on the other end sugChaplain Link. gesting "Keep up the good work, the paper is Services at 1900., in Chapel 5, improving with every week, the pictUJ:es are Chaplain Perkins. swell and above all, keep Pazzbelch out of Services at 1900, in 7, Shangri-La." T/5 George Lajeunesse. Chaplaip CATHO\-IC Sunday, Oct. 31, 1943 Holy Mass at 0730, Red Cross Building Hospital. Praises Gl Laundry Dear Sir: The Little Flower did wonders with'bis no-physically is before combat. The noise drive in turbulent New .York and there is time to avail ourselves 'of God's no reason why he couldn't .make a go of it as a divine power is. now: barracks chief. To? many Joes don't .know (or .overlook) Chap el Ho ur what hghts out means. It not only means that Holy Mass at 0900, in Theater 3, (Second and K); and at 1130, in Chapel 4. In your tssue of Oct. 21 you published a letter from "Sgt. Scribe" which did not cover the laundry situation at Drew Field. I suggest. that "Sgt. Scribe" pay less attention to 1--e rumors and more attention to obtaining facts before he writes another letter on a sub ject of which he apparently knows nothing. barracks-room shouting is supposed Presents Cream We'd like fo see the Little Flower Of. E t through a barracks after lights out and tell off. ntertalnmen those Gis who, in .complete disregard for the comfort and rights of others, carry ,on loud _conversations or games in the latrine until all hours of the night, What a lot of fail to 'realize is that certain. of their fellow soldiers work until late at or that others have to get up much before the barking voice of the CQ wakes,evel'y-body. So how about. it, fellows, let's show some consideration for the other guy? GLOBAL PRIORITY Recently forthcoming from our own General George C. Marshall was a resume of the war brought up to date. The .article shows hours of careful study in writing the facts, free of biased opinion and every soldier should be interested In it Some of us base our opinions on current issues and neglect to see the over-all picture. This war is a global affair and we cannot sit smugly on our seats and loolk at the war as a local enterprise. Priorities will.win this' war. We are faced with the problem of _sending so many ships, tp.en and supplies to one of several countries. We cannot possible equip with men and weapons every battle frori t. Geneyal Marshall points out this fact in a brilliant article we should all enjoy. Next Sunday's Chapel Hour at Chapel No. 3 will again present, the cream of the entertainers on Drew Field. The time is at 8:30 p.m. On Saturday night the Chapel Hour will resume over the air on radio station WFLA. Then start ing next Tuesday the program will be aired on the same station from 1 p.m. to 1:30. S-2 SAYS ---Gossiping Wives Cost Lives S-2 AWUTC Weekly Services Holy Mass at 0700 every day All Saint's Day-Holy Day of Obligation, Monday, Nov. 1. 0630, Chapel 4 0730, Red Cross Bldg. Hospital. 1130, Theater No. 3 and Chapel No. 2. Confessions SatJirday, from 1630 to 1800 ,and 1930 to 2100 in Chapel 4. JEWISH Services for all Jewish person nel in CP,apel 3 ori Wednesda-y at 1915, Friday at 2000, and Satur-,day at 0830. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE Services at 0915 in Chapel 1, Sunpay. Conferences Monday and Thursday at Chapel 1, from 1600 to 1900. Batteries need recharging; .'-clocks need .-rewinding; Fires need refueling; Cars need gasoline; The !iOUl needs strengthening; COME TO CHAPEL ON SUN DAY! -(Reprinted fro171 the Camp Murphy Message) Contract laundry service through the :Sase Quartermaster has been available to enliste_d men since March 1, 1943. The Base Laundry bfficer and his assistants have interviewed approximately 300 organization commanders, supply sergeants, and laundry clerks in .the past four weeks, explaining the operation, advantages and low cost of the government laundry located at MacDill Field. To date more than 80 organizations have been assigned laundry symbol numbers and furnished blank forms with compiete directions as to filling them out when sending bundles through the Base laundry. The Base. Laundry does very good work, the system to be followed is simple, the cost is almost nothing and the forms are very easy to fill out. I'll bet even "Sgt. Scribe," with some help, could fill them out. Better leave them rumors alone, Scribe, old chap. Yours truly, SGT. PINMARK. Likes YogiDear Sir: Hope it is okeh to enclose a note with my "Pigskin Pick" entry for the week I am recuperating in the station hospital from an operation. I was certainly surprised to see my name listed as one of the winners in last week' s contest. The Echoes has certainly made a vast improvement in the past few weeks. A soldier's favorite pastime is to gripe about something or other. However, I doubt that there are many who gripe about the new Echoes! PFC. TOM J. WARDINGLE


DREW FIELD ECHOES, THURSDAY, 28; 1943 PAGE FIVE CAMIJ 16"\ 756th Live Spot With Exercises Now in Order WHERE DOES the time go? Here it is already time for another load of this stblff. Well, they want it ... here 'tis! By PFC. ALAN H. CARTRELL Fall was here. That was the shortest Autumn I have ever .1 J I The orderly room of the experienced. Four days of the coldest stuff we have had 756 SAW Company has been in seven months ... we get used to wearin: g blankets at a lively place during the past night ... then the. Chamber of Commerce gets all het up week as transfers in and out and here we go again .... I have a case of Su!llmer have been prevalent. With burn tha't is a rival to anything that Florida has ever dished drills for the Saturday pa-out. Well, that's the way it goes ... if yoq don't like the rade occupying much of the weather, wait a minute. time, the orderly room force HEY, the old holler is. around again! There was a football and supply men of the com-game in town the other .day. There also was a fight. There pany have been busier than were and sailors in the fight (it wasn't pretty, but the Florid a mosquitoes. it was a good fight) and the band played the national anMany of the old timers have them (not once-but three times) and the men stopped left and new faces are now (some of them} and stood (some of them) at attention. Out seen in the company area. of the several hundred men in the brawl, three-THREEWhen the calisthenics period is men saluted. The crowd was not c .overed. They .were out resumed -during the coming week in the open! I don't know, but it sure looked. like hell. A lot many new and strenuous exercises are promised by'2nd Lt. Walter A. of co:n;tment (and not goo<;!) has been going the rounds. of Hartung who has been attending the town (not the Base, .unfortunately) as to this affair. the school for Athletic Instructors. Lt. Hartung has. picked a few If it happens too many times a lot of the boys who behave pointers for the .boys and i s ex-themselves and really enjoy a football game are going to be pected to pourit on in an effort to excluded along w1th the pugilistic individuals who are going really put us in shape. The transfer of 2nd Lt. John to queer the games f<;>r all military attendance. Miklosik to Will Rogers Field in For crying out loud; get on the doggoned ball, and try Oklahoma was announced' during a little harder 'to act like a soldier the week, and another popular of-ficer departed. Lt. Miklosik had e been of great aid in the handling SEE WHERE-''S. B." Wilkinson is back again: By the looks of of Detachment Z of the 756 when the gentleman, while on his leave from the Base Motor Pool, he must it was in its infant stages. have taken something, for his waistline i s definitely on the increase. There was a lot of ftin. in the He' s quite a guy, and a hard worker. Funny, he put more weight barracks a few night back when on in his week away than I could do in a monthon milk. three of the 756 stalwarts decided e to answer ads inthe lonely hearts column of a popular magazine. By S / SGT. DONALD E. UT,T Base S-. 3 (This i s the sixth in a series of seven articles on camouflage.) It seems that some lonely young ladies were desirous of carrying on correspondence with some equally lonely soldiers or even civilians .especially those who were fond. of hillbilly music. A hillbilly from New York eagerly awaits an answer to de termine whether his lov'e for liill billy music is great" enough to win Supply dumps and depots help make true the saying, the admiration of the. of "A h h the ad. n army marches on Its stomac ." By this we mean t at If lovers of mountain music will I' t t' l 'fl f h l d contact Pfc. Charles Kurkowski supples mus con Inuous y ow rom rear ec e ons, an he will expiain too the finer any disruption of this may spell disaster for a unit. points of the pan T h f b Odom and Pvt. Ohs M Wilhams o prevent t IS ai ure certam precautions must e were not too able on the hillbilly taken to protect from observation these dumps and subje<:ts but did some com mon mterests to disctiss and re-depots. lieve the great yearning in their F. hearts. Answers are eagerly Irst, let us make clear the difference. A depot IS us-awaited and the boys are hoping ually a .large supply installation located in the rear areas, for pictures. a dump may be composed of several boxes of A W Laff Parade mtwn or food located at the front, where they are avail. able for instant use. Stars Singer The' problem is to conceal effectively our supplies. Our old friend, and don't fol.'get it, is "natural cover This is especially true in forward positions where time is the important factor, and. does not permit elaborate camouflage. If time. doe!s permit, however, use for your supplies by the use of dispersion, concealment .and deception. For depots in. rear areas, scatter buildings in woods or near trees so as to make poor bombing targets. At the front, lay out the dumps so the bo:lfes are scattered. It is easy to see that if your supplies scattered, one bomb cannot wipe out all your supplies with one direct hit. Good methods of concealing are: Use of draped fish net, properly garnished; stacking boxes between tree trunks where the foliage will protect them from overhead obser-TI d t' 1 A w t th h d d 'd f 1 e new an sensa 10na va wn;. m e s a e SI e o bomb craters; o r even agamst Laff Parade, which got its start the shaded wall of a bombed building. Keep in mind the as the A. W. Hour, boast s shade. Shadow is black Look at a photo taken from about a new feature whicJ;t should prove to be a real audience-grabbe r 5,000 feet and you Will notice that'the shadows of trees and This feature is Miss Gloria Wood, buildings all look black. torch-singer, whose picture appears hereabouts. Deceptwn IS obtamed by confusmg the enemy and Each Sunday evening, Miss making him believe he sees something that really isn't Wood vocalizes against a back-there ground of 15 top-notch musicians from the 465th AAF Band, the Build your boxes in the shape of a wall around a buildA W Dance Band, directed b;v . S g t Jack Sarty. The show IS mg. The building Itself may be a stack of boxes With a emceed by Pfc. Jules Getlin, and ulated roof made from a wood brace and covered with can-the bulk of the Iat1ghs are fur, d d 1 hi h nished by those clowning comics, ma e to resemb e a c cken coop or ot er farm T / 4 Harry Johnson and T / 5 Joe buildmg. Kenealy. The remainder of the moving program consists of The Amencan soldier, and this has been repeated many various guest stars -dancers, tiines since 7 1941 has a natural adaptability to any singers and novelty acts. Th' h The A. W. Laff Parade IS held sttuabon. IS as saved. the hves of thousands when ap-in Rec Hall No. 1 at s o'clock plied with the simple principles of camouflage. each Sund.ay In1 charge Next week: Pointers on airplanes and the use of dearrangmg programs are Lieut. C. K. Dietsch and Sgt. 0. coys. z. Whitehead. EVER HAD YOUR WIFE, or your mother, or: your lady fair stay at Drew? If you have, you have used the Guest House which is most adequate. It is a swell little place for anyone to stay. But ... Have you ever awakened on a Sunday morning with the pangs ofhunger just .. tearing yoqr insides apart?. I did once. i went out and got sop:tething to eat and. then everyth.ing was fine again. At Drew however, you can' t do that, .. they don't seem to have a facility for the guests of soldiers until round about n o'clock. I knew a fella.that died once at 9:30 on a .Sunday morning ... from hmi.ger. (He was in a lifeboat trying to fish in Gulf> but it happen here. ) What a black spot!. People perish from lack of food OJ!. Sunday morning! (Stay in bed 'til eleven?) I'd like to. WHILE ON THE FOOD and 'stuffs theme, let' s go over to the wax museum at No. 1 PX. I had a paper cup of coffee the other morning and I now have an exact replica of my right hand forever for posterity preserved in wax. Cheap too! Cardboard is cheaper. I STILL THINK THAT the Chamber of Commerce is waging a private war against me. Every time I mention the return to glorious summer weather, they turn around and give me the cold shoulder. (And I mean cold!) WALKIN' IN TOWN the other day '(you know, that place Tampa I think they call it) and saw a group of men and women formed in a dou91e line on Franklin street. Thought that it was a chow line at one of the local beaneries (don' t they kill ya? You spend all week waiting in lines of all sorts to get to town on a day off ... You stand in line to eat.) "This is the Army" but it turned out. to be a group of readers starting out on the road to "Shangi:'iLa. What is this thing called "Shangri-La?" Everyone is talking about it, and actually planning to get the r e (They won't like it .. Even I dream of the Singing Monster in my sleep.) GETTING AROUND to be wonderful horse weather. Would like to just ride out into the plain (plain palms here) and let the world go by. (In Tampa it's spelled "BU'l".") Oh, well, one day it will happen again. FOOTBALL SATURDAY. The North and the S outh vie to see who gets the .most bruises. For weeks now, 60 odd (we don't mean strange) men have been gruntin' and groanin' to get into shape for this first game. It should be good, and it will be at the AWUTC football field at Fifth and "0" Turn out and see a good one. JUST CAME in from the woods (some of you guys are gonna say, "How does this guy jump from one paragraph to another in a split second and 20 miles?") but I pop in and out, and when the editor catches me he makes me sit d own and write. (Well, he makes me sit down, there is some deep dark something within me that makes rrie do the things I do to a piece of paper. ) I'm gonna take a course pretty soon in editor dodging. He is by far one of the oddest characters I have ever met. The things he does. Can you imagine any clear thinking normal person playing golf at nine in the evenin g while the stars are trying hard to let the earth know that all is not dark? There he is, club in hand, glassy stare on his face, and then the MPs close in on h i m and just as he is about to recite they nab him. (All of whic h makes no sens e at all, but it does fill space. ) Besides I h ave been looking for the opportunity to put the bee on the bird for a month. "Coming Colonel." LOTS OF NEW WACs. Every time the paper goes to press, there arc new girls to 'write about. They are a smart bunch too. In the crew that has recently arrived we have found some darned good softball players. They have been sandlot artists, profes-. sionals, and just players, but they ar. e all good, and now look out for the GAL Detachment. BY THE WAY, one of the fines t woman swimmers in the area is right in the orderly room of the WAC. Lieutenant Dorothy Por ter really makes the Coast G1.1ard look twice when she swims by. An excellent officer, :well liked by everyone, she gets this week' "salute.


PAGE SIX DREW FIELD ECHOES, 28, 1943 SOld Finds 521 Who Can Work Stove, Brandt a Pa By CP L. WILLIAM SCHWARTZ Everybody in the 2d Reporting Co., 50 3d SAW, was so het up about the weather this week that the one great activity indulged in b y the personnel was keeping in the proximity of 98.6. We finally found a 521 who knew how to start a fire in our barracks stove, bless him, and we sat around exchanging tall tales most of the week. (Author's note: Due to the fact that Pvt. Mustygoolp We're sure the Chamber of Commerce has a natty' explanation for this unusual Vitfit el Pazzbelch has disregarded all my advice and gone weather, but there's nothing in its illustrated brochures on how to stand reveille in back to Homely Harry's Bullberger stand to have two or Florida and be happy. It. took Sgt. Shoninger 12 minutes to. say "here" this morning, three of his Stump Lifter Cocktails, the while having his and they say the sergeant is hot-blooded too. right leg half sawed: off by Homely Harry, we must per-. Several <;>f the. officers were a force (some word) omit the customary question and answer chagrmed smce the last e d1 SWELL TIME FOR 828TH department in this week's customary serious thought depart-twn because they've been makmg ,, news themselves and no mention ment of this newspaper and direct Pazzbelch further along was made of it. the road to Shangri-La.) BRANDT'S A PAPA And now, my fine bootgooch friend, Pazzbelch, I ha:ve Lieutenant Brandt, S-3, is the warned you repeatedly that as you approach the hind road bouncing papa of a bouncing boy to Shangri-La you will have to deal with these fur.ious -now three editions old. The lieutenant-made with the cus-people who will try to foil you in reaching your destination. tomary stogies, and since cigars In the first place you will meet next the mop man. This are my favorite Florida f ruit, I hope the lieutenant will continue fellow mops walls. He will have his pail and mop and Jle to increase his Table of Organiza-will be standing beside this road constructed by the tion. What-Goes-On-Here?"-People (those people who were born Major Helton, S-3 executive, wJ:lile checking into a hotel under a fictitious name and is on leave, and by the ti,me we having the house detective. break in on them at 4 A. M .) go to press, there is scheduled d h an t is mop and pail mah (who refuses to mop floors) will to be a Mrs. Helton. Since Florida is the last place rou would find orange blossoms, all members of the S-3 Section wish to give a bouquet of goodluck and happiness to the bride and groom Wethinks Lieutenant Crowle, S-1, is top man on the girls' list. He outranks Victor Mature too. Corporal B 1 o o d (Analysis) finall)' paid us the 43 cents he owed since he found out we w rite a gossip column. He' s the one who sings in his sleep. He has switched from hot licks to h ymns since the KP list took effect. BARRY STUDIES ITALIAN Corporal Barry, S-3, our cham-, pion high jumper, not only is studying Italian at the 2d Train ing Batallion, but also is weighing the possibility of whether a bottle of olive oil will give him that Latin look. Have you seen Pfc. Baykowski's (S-1) etchings? They're in his foot locker. The boy is a runner-up for Petty, but he ought to dress his masterpieces for the winter-if he can get clothes to stretch the width of his imagination. He certainly gives his voluptuous ladies the benefit of any doubt. Scallions to those few and far between soldiers who don' t know when they've had enough It's a lot of fun starting, but the beauty of it is knowing when to stop. Happily enough, this little lecture doesn' t apply to any A W Headquarters personnel, but we're hoping that a few other readers will take note. Tampactivities: T h e t h r e e glamor boys from Central Files sipping spaghetti, and filing generous portions of it oii their shirt. How rugged! Sergeant Tobin (Adjutant's Section) at the USO as always trying to bring happi ness into the lives. of as many girls as possible-or is he kidding? Lieutenant Buck (Communications Section) Sundaying on Franklin Street and catching the eye of the feminine population with his six feet and then some. Captain Crosby_ (S-3) wearing a beautiful Army nurse on his pulse. Us spending our day off with a Tampastunner in the book department of Maas Brothers. One of us is intellectual. Major Duggar (Flight Officer) with the family and a big box of popcorn, trying to execute a column right thr:ough the crowd in front of Liggett's. Lt. L. M. Blitz Announces Birth Of 6-Pound Child There'll be another secretary in A WUTC' s S-4, if the war lasts long enough. For, on October 20, a six-pound, five-ounce daughter was born at Clearwater to Lt. and Mrs. L. M. Blitz. She has been named Mary Anne. Lieutenant Blitz is .in the motor section of S-4. He and his family reside at Dunedin. MMMMMM! What a spread the 828th Guard Squadron will have when they turn out for a squadron party tonight. Invitations say, "A light buffet supper will be served." With the 828th's unrivaled reputation for pleasant repasts, we can bet there'll be a busy chow line there. COME, COME, Lieutenant Lane, don't tell us the boys have you on KP? .. In preparation for the big blowout, even the mess officer wields a mean potato-peeling knife. That's First Sergeant Hutson assisting. What a sack of potatoes! They'll be done to a turn, by partytime tonight. YANKWIZ By BOB HAWK 1. Give within two the number of keys that a standard piano has. 2 There only one point in the United States where four states touch. Three of these states are Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. What is the fourth state? 3. Is a sand hog an animal or a human? 4. Do .the stripes on the legs of a zebra go up and down or around? 5. Was Winston Churchill the only child of Lord and Lady Randolph Churchill? 6 Is it true that lobsters can swim backwards? ASTP. Now Under Base Schools The Army Specialize d Training Program, formerly handled by the Base Classification Office, .. is now under the jurisdiction of the Base Schools Capt. William Hensch announced recently. Men interested in applying for training in. highly specialized technical fields will be advised by T / 5 Gladys Edge. The understanding WAC, thoroughly versed in the necessary procedures for ASTP application, will aid you in securing the proper forms and information. demand that you lead him to a wall. He will then mop it. Then you mus t run very fast to get t o the clock farm. Thi s farmer, b y the n ame of Gank, has several alarm clock tree s grown through his process of. planting alarm clock springs. He als o thinks he can cultivate some orange-colored bull fiddle vines But you must not .have tilo much truck with Acting-Moron Gank because you must swim in the glue and soup river until you come to this hissing person. All his life this hissing person has run around hissing at people. He believes he is the reincarnation of a sleet storm. You are now getting closer to Shangri-La. Pay no attention to a fellow who will be coming aloqg with a beet for a head and trying to sing "Old Man Mose Is Alive." This fellow' s he.ad is really a beet and the OP A i s trying to convict him. Then you will come to Roderick G oosenang who will tell you qf a grand scheme whereby he has taken a lease on a volcano in Mexic o and he intends to run a pipe line i n t o these Unite d States and pipe this hot lava so we can heat the entire United States for free. Roderick will try to make an appointment with you to meet him a t Silly S olly's, have you bring MY fee and then p alm you off to the S i n ging Monster, who will hole you up in a flop house and tie you down and make you listen to his singing of his new number which i s his Mongarian translation. of "Old Man M ose Is in a Cistern." Circumvent these varlets. Then you must d ouble-time up the r oad until you come to Ool SmilP's father-in-law, who will be co aching an earball team. This earball t eam will have just defeated Slimey Sangvatch's great foolball team. The earball team made this win possible because they continuously eat Professor Lardsoup' s m a n fratch .These sandwiches are m ade out of Spanish Moss, two hangover and the symptoms of heat 1ash But you still are not in the clear. You will then come close to a grapefruit storm (these grapefruits are hurled indiscriminately by the Laughing People). These LauglJ.ing People were born in a prematurely bursted feater bed. Now you have eluded these uncanny characters you must prepare to out-fox this fellow with ingrown fingers who will be carrying eight pounds of sand salad for Henry Blootsnang's horse. But, while out-foxing this sand-salad fellow, the mop and pail man will descend on you again and demand that you produce a wall, at once, for him to mop. But you can rid yourself of him by simply telling him that you ha:ve an appointment which must be filled at once yesterday whereby you must immediately sharpen a large amount of water tower s. This will elude him. Incidentally I just got a call from Swamp No. 7 saying that I am needed at once to referee a strangling match between one frog and a large number of o a k trees. Read nex t week's directions and if you need a night' s sleep you might call on John Fut de Boomstaff' s uncle, who shares a cabin with Roger, the Green Baboon. Your fee for your night' s lodging with the Green Baboon and John Fut de Boomstaff's uncle will be for the small sum of one beef stew i sland entirely surrounded by water. If you don' t have this island handy come to Silly S olly' s tonight, bring my fee, and I will transfer such an island to you. By the w a y hav e you met Prof. The-Human-Coffe e -Pot? He is a graduate of the University-Which-Tells-You-How-to-Dive-HeadFirst-Into-a -Drained-Swimming -Pool-and-Guarantee-to-KnockYour-Brains-Out. Prof. The-Human-Coffee-Pot got tha t way by getting boiling angry and then quick-like t aking advantage of his boiling proclivities and putting a pot of coffee on his h ead. H e will be at Silly Solly's tonight, sitting in booth minus X-3, with Tilda. 584th Softball three free trips for four runs. Never again were they threatened Team Defeated a s Lt. Phillips held the visitors to f our scatte r e d hits in the remaining six innings. The 484 s strug-7. If you hated women, would you be called a misogynist? 8. If you hated men, would you be called an amanuensis? By 4th Officers g l e d v aliantly trying M cCarthy, Submarine 'Bites' Line Eckerle and Shea as hurlers but Playing the_ir usual fine brand it was to no avail, and the vic9. What time was it when the mouse ran up the clock? 10 Under -the same col}ditions, which balloon would break first on a hot sunny day-a black one or a white one? (Answers on page 11) From Fishing Boat of ball, the Fourth Training Bat-tors were able to collect 11 hits MONTAUK, N Y.-(CNS)-talion' s T errific T e n overc ame a o f which four were garnered by Capt. Carl Creaser of .East Hamp-three-run splurg e by the 484th the heavy b a t of H a l sted. Lt. ton and the crew of his fishing E astman h a d the only double smack Adelaide T were taken for Officers in the firs t inning and for the winners, and Lt. Kurpiewa wild ride the other afternoon went on to win a hard-fo u ght con-ski h a d two hit s to take second when their fishing net became test in Swamp Thirteen Saturday honors Hitting f o r the mournentangled in the submerged morning by the score of 10-6. ers was led by Burke with a dou-Sergeant Joe Louis and Cpl. structure of a U. S. Navy sub-The Fighting Fourth' s officers ble and single, and Riedmari with Ray Robinson will conclude the marine. The Adelaide T was let the ball roll around in the two singles. first phase of this schedule of towed at a mad rate through the first inning to l e t the losers take A return game has been schedboxing exhibitions early in No-water for 40 minute s before the a three-run jump, but coming uled by these two teams for the vember after reaching the Pacific sub broke surface and the nets back i n the last half of the same amphitheater o f Swamp Thirtee n coast. were untangled. frame, collected four blows and Saturday at 11 a m


.. DREW FIELD ECHOES, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 28, 1943 PAGE SEVEN Ohio Leads 588thAWards 5 70th Soldiers Attend Studies On Leisure Time Once again, we come to promotions in the 58 8th SAW; their new. grades precede their names. This time, Ohio leads the Parade with four favorite sons. They are T /Sgt. Robert R Ritter of Youngstown; S/Sgt. RobertC. Berresford of East Palestine; S/Sgt. Kenneth F. Hansen of Toledo and SjSgt. Herman J Schneider of Cleveland. New York is; a close. second with three successful candidates. you S /Sgt. Orville W. Yingling They are T /Sgt. William Kono-of Kaukauna. witz of Corona, Long Island, Our congratulations and best Th f B tt 1 h d t d Pl tt C which is part of New York city; wishes to Sgt. John W. McKinney e men O a. a IOn ea quar ers an mg. om-S /Sgt. Victor Goldberg of Brook-Jr., Sgt. Edward J. Monahan and pany of 570SA W bid welcome to 1st Lt. Howard C. Agne, lyn, which is the largest Borough 1st Sgt. Joseph E Green. These who has assumed command of the company. of New York __ City_ and one of three became husbands recently. A 1 1 t Lt L t S M the largest cihes m the world Also, we extend a sincere weiLieutenant gne rep aces s es er organ, in its own right (NOTE: The come to their wives to join the who had assumed command of Company C. writer does not come from Brook-large circle of Army wives in The company has been in for lyn); and Sgt. Robert A. Gibeault the Tampa Area. Band men Dub DeRidder 'Miracle Man' some extensive training, what of Stillwater. There seems to be a matriwith drills, lectures on every sub-Arizona has one representative. monial wave engulfing this batject that a good soldier should He is S /Sgt. James L. McCabe of talion because in addition to the know. Some of the boys have Phoenix. marriages listed above, we have been giving up their .evenings to California presents T /Sgt. any number of soldiers who are gain a little knowledge. Michael P Hayes of Oakland and ready and willing and tb,.e girl This reporter hears mention of Tennessee is proud of Cpl. James has been selected-or vice versaa new extra-curricular night L. McTyier of Memphis. S/Sgt. included in this group are Cpl. school, with .class sessions every Helmer A Wenaas of Maryville Curtis W. Clinton, Cpl. J. Joseph night on a variety of subjects. puts North Dakota on the pro-Brogger and T / 5 John F. Carey-. In the springtime a young motion list while .. Morris T/5 Rollie Henderson of S-4 at man's fancy turns to love. Gontarsky New Bntam ?oes Headquarters returned from a J5 Springtime or not, furlough the s?me th_mg Coll?echcut. day furlough. He says that he time is always a good time to And m closmg, Wisconsm gives had a good time and looks pleased. We are gh1d to have him back. The Officers and Enlisted Men of this battalion have been very busy on the Range. All of them have been doing well and are really enjoying it. Everybody realizes the importance of being a good shot and welcomes an opportunity for additional experience. This battalion is proud' of the fact that if has sent many of its men to various Officer Candidate Schools. This week we are pleased to announce that T I 4 William J. Keating has left for the Air Force Administration School. We wish him success and will be happy to hear of his progress. In the next issue of Echoes the reader will be introduced to more of our EM through the meaium of "Portraits." I renew old friendships. Sgt. Pecquet left for his old home in By S/SGT. JOHN F. SUSZYNSKI New Orleans to renew some of f" those good old civilian friendIf the Army had a speci Iships while S/Sgt. Silvestri is 503 Day Room 'Wonderful' cation serial number. for furloughing in the "Larid of the Lakes." We hope they are havSGT. JOSEPH L. ALDINI decided to come out to the field "miracle men," Pfc. Gus ing a good time. and stay ld t 1 Buttons are poppmg all over the area and with good DeRidder wou cer ain Y Company A would hke to 'an-W ll d h Speaking of wearing pants qualify for it. A last minute its of per-reason. e are a prou ere m the 503rd to have a T/Sgt. Walk came in the f th 69th AAF sonahbes drscovered m the past wonderful day room. A matter of a couple of weeks ago; morning and when. asked what revampmg 0 e week. Corporal Bell, a former all we h d b "th f 11 happened to his seat, he re-Band's touch-football team cowpuncher and. rodeo winner. a was a are room WI our wa s plied, he didn't know. The Put Gus in charge of the the man _with the Today, we have a beautiful story came out later that the biggest tootsres on the field. room with soft, red leather cush-possible and for their ceaSeless little mite next door to his bands athletic destiny, and Private Lyons, Co. A's new mail ions, a ping pong table (and efforts to further other types of home in town had painted a seemingly f 0 red 0 0 me d clerk, is, t? be on balls), writing desks, a pool table, entertainment. happy birthday on his trousers l l"f the great JOb he IS domg. Lyons a tremendous assortment of readwh'il th h d b h squad sudden Y came to Ihe. doesn't say much about it, but if ingk material and all that goes to on :he :foth!s Captain Gus sparked t e you ask him I'll bet yoli that he.'ll rna e that fraternal atmosphere or so, a dance is to be given in wasn't he? team with a "do-or-die" spirit confirm the fact that he became which is so notably sensed as one our day Room. We all. disJike the thought of which put the; 903d Quartermaster a proud poppa not so long ago. enters the building. Everyone is wondering what having to be away from our team on the short end of the 7-6 Company A challenges the Lt. L. E. Schwab, of the Com-happened at the home of T/Sgt. homes for Xmas and apparently score following our initial league battalion to a volley ball game. munica.tions Company, and Lt. "Red" Williams one night last Sgt. Walters is no exception. He game. The company takes occasion to E. G. Berger, Special Services week? Who wears the pants in hung a pair of socks out last LINEUP GIVEN back Cpl. Trail after your house Sgt? What? Oh, you night and woke up' this morning :Fiddli E G" I" t his thuty-day convalescent fur-Officer, are to be congratUlated lost the key and you didn't want to find two birds, one in each I ng r_ny m rano, cen er Iough. for making so homey a retreat to awaken the household, so you sock. man on the l111e, was on Third FC .Mixes Corn With Gossip the right by Little Bob Budnik and Big Bob Ludwig; the le;ft side of the line was "prettied up" by Chubby Saxist Costello and T /Sgt. Ellie Eaton. The band's "dreamy" backfield was made up of half-backs Sgt. Mosquito Ferris and By SGT. ALVIN M. AMSTER And Tom Willoughby marking (he. saw one World Series game Pfc. Jerry Becker, with Sgt. Jerry Wanta hear the best radio procrra'ms and the solid off the days until his furlough.. too) just in time to install the Sedlak calling the signals from 0 More boys left last week wrth stove at the Flight Section. the quarterback position-"Mirtunes? Tune m StatiOn W-0-L-F, you can alway's get a their eyes turned aloft and anxiKibitzers,, Sgts. Milliken and acle Man" Gus DeRidder did his howl. ously looking for pilot wings. This Nixon, and Pfc. Tom Milieto chores as fullback. Pfc. Adelbert It d A t h k I k' time it's goodby and good flying all watched but wouldn't 'raise Woodke and Pvt. Frank Zecchino was a surpnse ms er W 0 pic ea up ast wee s to S/Sgt. Earl Duncan Sgts. Rod-a finger 'to assist. were the "bench-warmers" who ECHOES and saw Sgt. Frank Guercio of the Third FC in erick Munroe and George Em-A faithful correspondent in forgot to bring a bench along. connection with being named a neat G I. by a "mysterious rick, and Cpl. Paden Epps; the dayroom is Pfc. Rembert Although the game was not WAC." (Personal comment, thanks, gal, for hunting him up.) Looks like CpL Bob O'Rourke will have to share that and is now partners with Sgt. the mail. wig's kicking and Sergeant distinction now. Francis Long. Bob's namesake, Report from Station Hosiptal. Ferris' pass snatching \)Vere out-Will the free maternity service guidance of Capt. Erickson and Mrs. Dorothy Parsons, soon leaves Lt. Edward Bartl was confined standing features of the game. at several of the local hospitals Lt. Wicks. Growing pains at the us to join her sailor husband who there for several days last week. The "Mosquito" scored for the and the increased dependency alSquadron: We've expanded to was transferred to a Virginia Sgt. Sam Duke is still over in 69 'nterc pted pass 1 1 d t t 1 6 ( t ) b k naval station. Ward B-15. How's about a few ers on an 1 e owances ea o an even ua m-coun em arrac s. and Erny. Giuliano added the crease in the distribution 6f con-The new Base edict on wearing Sgt. Abe Sancton returned of the boys dropping over to see point after touchdown. Hats and_ cigars? for the ties caught S/Sgt. Mal Holden the from furlough in the "Big City" him? off to Cpl. Joe Owings and Pfc. squadrons marned men. first day. Holden, leaving the campaign fIGHT J N G f 0 U RT H WINS section for the 69'ers. is no news to Cpl. Jim Langston But the East Gate M.P. said "nix" All bruises incurred during the or Cpl. Johnson. They _aland took Holden's pass from him. SOFTBALL, GAME "J2 J course of the game were purely ways g1ve lifts to those gomg Sgt. Walter Dorwart (ask him and thoroughly "simulated"their way on the Base. what' his weight losing formula 1 even to the point of a couple of Growing pains at headquar-is) still cuts quite a dashing figour hadies going on sick call (ask ters: Statistical Section comes ure on the dance floor. Visiting "C. D. D." Costello and Captain into being as an offshoot of A-1 a Lakeland USO dance, Walt "Gus" about their operations). and is under the 'competent showed ,up the local dandies by _:_ ________________ ______ .:._.....:_____________________________ nabbing second in a big waltz "He trcu:ks da flight 250 miies away, gives ya height and number, all on one damn ear trumpet." ,_; contest. Lucky Fred Huber returned from furlough just in time to win the four bucks football pool for last week at Headquarters. Back from furlough last week came B..!rnard Grossman, his wife and baby with him, but he left his mustache in NYC as a remembrance. Art Riddick still holds the title of "Champ Shoe Shiner." Have you seen his super glossed shoes recently? Castagna is the latest to show the boys how NOT to drive a truck Lt. Colley moved from the Annex to Hq. with a ban<"-literally. That firecracker that exploded under Lt. Roth's chair had something to do with it. Yep, our bones are creaking and groaning under those P. T. exercises. And too, the good lieutenant is also coaching the squadron basketball stalwarts. Meanwhile down to the Annex and the Signal Office from A-1 went Sgt. Joe Sintic and Cpl. Clayton Spinning. Oh boy, only four days to Eagle Day. By PVT. EDWARD J. CARLIN Jr. Ripley said the word for the iricident of the Saturday afternoon softball game in Swamp Thirteen when the Fourth Training Cadre met the Fourth Headquarters Complement in the regular enlisted men'S game. Several years ago Petey Dype, hurler for the Fighting Fourths EM club was a chum and schoolmafe of Joe Pinkcava, hurler for the opponent of the day. OLD PALS This happened back in Detroit, .and when they met here at Drew, chums and mate business took a back seat as Petey' s boys slammed out a 12-1 win over the radar boys. The score is no indication of the type of game as the losers hit safely five times, topped by the. victors by one lone hit. Freepasses due to the wildness of the lilsing tosser gave the Fourth boys their edge in the third and fifth inni.ngs as they scored 3 and 7 runs on 1 and 2 hits respectively. In the strikeout department Pin kava was supreme with eight fanouts to one for Dype. This was the first meeting between the two teams, and a retum game is scheduled this coming Bathday afternoon. The Cooks from Kitchen No. 24 and the Pillrollers from Dispen-sary No. 7 are tied up with one win apiece in their bloody tussle to see which is the "goodest'.' in softball in Swamp 'Thirteen. This series is being conducted by the Physical Training Department of the Fourth Signal A W Training Battalion, and a spirited rivalry now exists between the two outfits. The first game resulted in a runaway for the Medics by an 18-4 score, while the second game went to the Hash-dispensers by a 7-3 tally. The third game is scheduled for Wednesday. Both teams will be watching the results of the other in its game with the Training Cadre Team as the Cooks will face the Cadre club Monday, and the Medics will take the Cadre on the following day on the Swamp Thirteen diamond


PAGE EIGHT DREW FIELD ECHOES, TH WAC Warriors After Strenuous WOrk f WACs, too, despite their arduous duties of war work, take time off for needed recreation. The photographer along with this pair of Drew Field women warriors and his results are pictured below. Soldiers of Drew have found the WACs efficient, capable, and determined, to do their best in winning the war; Clearwater, popular to all soldiers, is the locale of these pictures. Featured are Sgt. Mary Pedron and Pfc. Blanche McPeek, both cooks at the Drew Field WAC messhall. Sgt. Pedron believes in taking advantage of a Cook's tour while Pfc. McPeek agrees with the pleasures of sight-seeing. "That's one of the reasons we like the Army," they said. "It gives one an opportunity to see new and unique places." Recently the WACs of Drew have expanded and many jobs now handled by these efficient workers have relieved soldiers. WACs are accepted now, after the initial indoctrination from soldiers, as a vital part of the war The work they do is as important as that of an old timer, and they know the harder they work the sooner the war will end victoriously. "WHOA THERE!" BeHer carry a rear view mirror on that tandem from now on. Two WACs on a bicycle was the shot the photographer wanted, but the Gls descended like Orson Welles' Men-From-Mars and the photographer says they were 12 feet tall. TWO TOWELS and two suits-feminine kind. Mr. Samuel G. Dunseath (left) is the official greeter and director of recreation at the Servicemen's Center in Clearw.ater. With all the other good people of that magic town, he's a modern Aladdin with a lamp when it comes to taking care of the boys and girls in uniform. BESIDES TAKING back a lot of memories of a wonderful time, the sergeant and the private borrowed some books from the library. Here, Mrs. Margaret Zimmerman,. libra _rian and princess charming of the service center talks over the latest in good reading, all contributed by the citizenry of Clearwater WAR DEPARTMENT THEATERS, Nos. 1 and 4 Thursday, Oct. 28-"Hya, Sailor!" Elyse Knox,Donald Woods; "Texas Kid, Johnny Mack Brown. Friday and Saturday, Oct. 29 and 30-"Girl Crazy, Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland, Tommy Dorsey and Orchestra. Sunday, Oct. 31-"Tornado," Chester Morris, Nancy Kelly. Monday, Nov. 1-"Young Ideas," Mary Astor, Herbert Marshall Tuesday and Wednesday, Nov. 2 and 3-"Flesh and Fantasy," Charles Boyer, Barbara Stanwyck, Edward G. Robinson. WAR DEPARTMENT THEATERS Nos. 2 and 3 Thursday and Friday, Oct. 28 and 29-"Tornado," Chester Morris, Nancy Kelly. Saturday, Oct. 30-"Young Ideas," Mary Astor, Herbert Marshall. Sunday and Monday, Oct. 31 and Nov. 1-"Flesh and Fantasy," Charles Boyer, Barbara Stanwyck, Edward G. Robinson. Tuesday, Nov. 2-"You're a Lucky Fellow, Mr. Smith"-Alan Jones, Evelyn Ankers. Wednesday, N ov. 3-"Princess O'Rourke," Olivia De Haviland, Robert Cummings, Jack Ca'rson. WAR DEPARTMENT THEATER, No. "' (Colored) Saturday, Oct. 30-"We've Never Been Licked," Anne Gwynne. Noah Beery Jr. Sunday and Monday, Oct. 31 and Nov. !-"Destroyer," brilliant star cas t Tuesday, Nov. 2-"-Fallen Sparrow," brilliant cast. Wednesday, Nov. 3-"Larceny With Music, Alan Jones, Kitty Carlisle. St. Petersburg Information for Service Men and Women, guest cards, etc. at the Recreation Office, Defense Building, Fifth street and Second avenue north. Phone 4755. HOME CENTER; 256 Beach Drive North, open d aily from 9 a .m. to 11 p .m. Informal d ,ancing every night. Coffee and cookies every day. Laundry ironing and sewing facilities. Bathhouse, suits and towels for bathers. Showers, shaving and naps. Dance instruction every night. PIER CENTER, Municipal Pier. Informal dancing every night. Game rooms, pool table, writing rooms, lounges. Dance instruction Wednesday. US 0 CLUB, 433 Third street south. Writing room, pool, games, mailing service, sewing service, stationery, shaving service, etc. THURSDAY, October 28 7:00 p m .-10: 30 p m Games and Informal Dancing. PIER CENTER. 8:00 p.m.-10:30 p.m Dance, Mississippi Night. Dick Spencer's orchestra. (Long distance telephone call to Lucky Man.) FRIDAY. October 29 7 : 30 p.m.-10: 30 p.m. Special PartyDance-Orchestra, PIER CENTER. 7:30 p.m. 9:00 The Music Hour. Listen to your favorite recording. USO CLUB. SATURDAY, October 30 1 : 00 p.m.6:00 p.m. _Listen to your favorite football game. USO CLUB. 7 : 00 p m .-10: 30 p .m. Games, pool, ping-pong, checkers. USO CLUB. 8:00 p .m.-11:00 Dance at Pier. 9 : 00 a.m.-12: 00 p .m. 10 : 00 a.m.1:00 p.m. 2:30 p.m. 5:00 p .m. 5:0 0 p.m. 7 : 00 p .m. 5 : 00 p.m. 7 : 00 p m 7:00p.m. SUNDAY, October 31 Coffee Hour, Sunday papers. HOME CENTER. Sunday morning leisure hour. USO CLUB. Tea Dance. Orchestra. USO CLUB. Canteen Supper. HOME CENTER. Snack Supper. USO CLUB. Informal Party-Sing-Refreshments. PIER CENTER. 7 : 00 p.m.9 : 00 p m Informal Dancing. USO CLUB. MONDAY, November 1 7:00 p m 9 : 00 p m Game night. PIER CENTER. ping-pong, Lucky Star, ring toss, quoits, etc. PIER CENTER. 7 : 30 p m 8:30 p.m. Dance i]lstruction, Ralph Case, instructor. Learn the latest dance steps and dances. USO CLUB. 8 : 30 p m 9 : 30 p .m. Informal Dancing. USO CLUB. TUESDAY, November 2 7:30 p .m.-10: 30 p .m. Informal Dancing. Games. PIER CENTER. Dancing class. USO CLTJB WEDNESDAY, November 3 12 o'clock noon WIVES CLUB-Luncheon. Detroit hotel. Wives of all enlisted men cordially invited. 7 : 30 p m 9 :3() p m Bingo-Prizes-Lots of fun. Service Men' s wives invited. USO CLUB. 7 : 30 p.m. -10:30 p.m. Dance-Orchestra. PIER CENTER. THURSDAY, November 4 8:00 p.m.-10: 30 p m Dick S pencer's Orchestra. USO CLUB. 7 : 30 p.m. -10:30 p .m. Games and Informal Dancing. PIER CENTER. Clearwater LOUNGE, 601 Cleveland (across from the Capital Theater). Open from 9 a m to 11 p.m., for the c onvenience of Service Men. BEACH CENTER. Open Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. until 6 p .m. Open week days by request. Directions may be ob-tained at the Lounge. Dances Wednesday nights from 8 p m until 10 : 30 p.m., and Saturday nights from 8 p .m. until 11 p .m.-Municipal auditorium. Women's Residence Club The Women' s Residence club, 820 South Rome avenue, operate d by the National Catholic Community Service, USO, is operated for the wives, mothers, relatives and friends of the Service Men. Mrs. Sarah Schaefer, Director, extends a welcome to all wives, mothers, sweethearts and friends of Service Men as well as girls in defense work. Rooms upstairs 50c a night, downstairs 75c a night. Coo,king privileges a}iil!l laundry privileges. Accommodations for women with babies-50c a night for the mother and 25c for the child. Service available for from one night to three weeks. Visit Your PX! BRANCH,. *Main and < Clothmg ... .. 2nd & Ave. Main Mdse, and Spec. :, Order Dept. .. .. 2nd & Ave No. 1 . 8th & A:ve.i' No. 2 ....... Area F on Ave :.\';) No.3 .......... 8th & Ave." No. 4 .......... E-1st & Ave.: No. 5 ........... Camp DeSot No. 6 ......... Plant Fie( No. 8 ........... 4th & Ave.: "'No. 9 ......... Hosp. Area-B-:I No. 10 ........ : .. 1st & No. 11 ......... 2nd & No. 12 ........ .. Flig No. 15 ............. WA e 3rd F. C .... : 3 F. C. H Filling Sta Ave. J at E. Fenc *-Branches with Soda Fountaf or Beer Gardens. What's Doing At Drew RECREATION BUILDING NO., l Friday, October 29 8 : 15 p.m: Lucy Sinclair Presents Saturday, October 30 8 : 15 Gale Armour Presents 8 : 15 Monday, November 1, 8 : 30 p.m.: Norman Kirkonnell Presents': Tuesday, November 2, 9 :00p.m: Marion Lohrig Presents J Wednesday, November 3, 8:15 Dress Rehearsal .. Thursday, November 4, 8:30p.m.,.::.. Music, Mirth anq_ Madness -El\TLISTED MEN' S SERVICE : CLUB ,, Thursday, October 28, 8 : 15 p.m.+ Concert; Arlington Rollman air. Mabe) E. Nicks FridaY:, October 29 8:15 p.m. ; Masquerade =' Saturday, october 30, 8 : 30 p.m ..:!l; Bingo ,. Sunday, October 31, 8 : 30 p.m. -' County. Fair Monday, November 1 8:15 p m : Dance Tuesday, November 2, 8:15 p.m. ,'_ Concert of recorded music Wednesday, November 3, 8:151 p .m.-Dance l Clearwater Halloween Party:. J1 Clearwater is opening its dood to Drew soldiers with a gigimtiel Halloween party. this Saturday, i1ll was announced yesterday. party begins at 8 p .m. and at 11 p.m. at the city All soldiers are invited, with door) prizes, refreshments and favorsj to be part of the evening's tainment. Automatic Chisels Cut Balloon Cables for LONDON. -(CNS) -BritisH bombers now can shoot their Wii,; through barrage balloon cable);; with a device that operates like) a Rube Goldberg invention. gadgets are short plugs along the front wing edge agains which the balloon with great impact due plane' s speed. The impact Ki! a trigger which sets off an plosive. in the wing. The sion drives forward a tiny steElE chisel which cuts the cable. !i ; ] li MASONIC MEETING t::: John Darling Lodge, F anq A M 610 Madison street, Tampaj extends f raterna l greetings welcome to all M ason brotherS: An invitation is extended to a t 1 tend the weekly Wednesday nigHt meetings_

OCTOBER 28, 1943 lays Enjoy "Cooks lN TAMPA SPONSORED BY THE DEFENSE RECREATION DIVISION Information for Service Men and Women at Defense Recreation office, 312 Madison street; Tourist Information Center, 429 West Lafayette street; USO clubs and USO traveler's aid, 502 Florida avenue; Air Base bus station and Union bus station. Shaving, shower, and shoe shine equipment at USO, 607 Twiggs street; 506 Madison street; 214 North Boulevard and Christian Serv ice Center, Tampa and Tyler streets. Kitchen, laundry, ironing and sewing facilities for all service men, women and families at 607 Twiggs street. Private kitchenette and dining room for any service men or women and their families who would like a home-cooked mealChristian Service Center, Tampa and Tyler streets. Phone M-53-694 by noon. Fifty-bed free dormitory for servlce men at Masonic Service Center, 502 East Lafayette. Make reservations between 1 and 9:30p.m. 7 p .m. each evening-Letters and forms typed by the Red Cross at USO, 607 Twiggs street: Shopping service and package wrapping at all USO clubs and Christian Service Center. New officers' lounge open daily at the Elks' club. USO ACTIVITIES Thursday, Oct. 2812:00 noon-Wives' luncheon, 607 Twiggs street. 7:00 p.m.-Mr. and Mrs. club supper, 607 Twiggs street. 8 : 00 p .m.-Party, Christian Service Center, Tampa and Tyler; recreation social hour, First Baptist church, Lafayette and Plant avenue; Spanish class, 607 Twiggs street. Parish night, 506 Madison. Officers' dance, Elks' club. 8:30 p m .-Dance on Patio, 214 North Boulevard. Friday, Oct. 29-:-10:30 a.m.-Expectant mothers' class. 607 Twiggs street. 12 : 00 noon-Wives' luncheon, 607 Twiggs street. 6:00 p .m.-Fish fry, 821 So. Rome. 7 : 30 p m .-Art for fun, 607 Twiggs street. 8 :00 p.m.-Music and Sing-copation, 607 Twiggs street; dance on patio, orchestra, 506 Madison street; party, Christian .Service Center, Taru.pa and Tyler; bingo, refreshments, Navy Mothers' club, 305% Water street. 8:30 p m .-Weekly musicale, 214 North Boulevard. Saturday, Oct. 30-12 :00 noon-Wives' luncheon, 607 Twiggs street. 7:00 p.m.-Dance at Elks' club, Florida and Madison. Glee club practice. 8:30 p.m.-Musical numbers, 506 Madison street; dance-orchestra, 214 North boulevard; quiz contest, 607 TVI!iggs street. Sunday, Oct. 31--' 9 : 30 a .m.-Coffee hour, 607 Twiggs street. 9 : 30 to 11 a m .-Coffee and doughnuts, 506 2 : 00 p.m.-Inter-social club; games. 3:00 p .m.-Symphony broadcast, 607 Twiggs street: ping pong, Christian Service Center, Tampa and Tyler. 4:30 p.m.-Music study social hour, 607 Twiggs street. 5:00 p .m.-Get-together, Navy Mothers' club, 3051/z Water street. 5:30 p.m.-Songfest and refreshments, First Methodist church, Florida and Tyler. 6 : 00 p m .-Victory Vespers, Christian Service Center; broad-cast over WTSP. 7 : 00 p.m.-Vesper Service, 214 North Boulevard. 7:15 p.m.-"Let's discuss," 607 Twiggs street. ,. 8:00 p.m.-Forum, 214 North Boulevard; Fellowship hour and refreshments, Hyde Park Methodist church and Riverside Baptist church; YMHA Community Center dance, Ross and Nebraska. 8:115 p.m.-Singaree and Fellowship hour, First Presbyterian Service Center, Polk and Marion. 8:30 p.m.-Dance on Patio, MacDill Field, Orchestra 506 Madison. 8:45 p.m.-Feature movie, 214 North Boulevard. 9:00 p.m.-Informal hour, Christian Service Center, Tampa and Tyler. Monday, Nov. 112 : 00 noon-Wives' luncheon, 607 Twiggs street. 7:00 p .m.-Classical music, 607 Twiggs street. 7:30 p.m.-Symphouic orchestra practice for all service men interested, Christian Service Center, Tampa and Tyler. Drama club, 607 Twiggs street. 8 : 00 p.m.-Games, 607 Twiggs street. 8 : 30 p.m.-Sing-copation, 607 Twiggs street. 8:30 p .m.-Special program, 214 North Boulevard. Tuesday, Nov. 212:00 noon-Wives' luncheon, 607 Twiggs street. 7:00 p.m.-Tampa Chess club, DeSoto hotel, Zack and Marion. 7 : 30 p.m.-Art for fun, 607 Twiggs street. 8 : 00 p.m.-Party, Christian Service Center, Tampa and Tyler; French conversational instruction, 607 Twiggs street; bingo, 214 North Boulevard. 8 : 15 p .m.-Dance, Municipal ,Auditorium. 8 : 30 p .m.-Community sing, 506 Madison street; sketching instruction, 214 North boulevard; dance, Municipal auditorium. 9:00 p .m.-Chess club, 214 North Boulevard. 9 : 30 p m .-Educational movie. 214 North Boulevard. Wednesday, Nov. 312 : 00 noon-Wives' luncJ::leon. 607 Twiggs street. 7 : 30 p.m.-Glee club practice for all service men interested, Christian Service Center, Tampa and Tyler; swimming party, meet at any USO; art :l'or fun, 607 Twiggs street. 8:00 p.m.-All-USO dance, 506 MadisOI:t street. 8:30 p.m.-Feature movie, 214 North Boulevard; Camera club, 214 North Boulevard. 9:15 p.m.-Square dancing, 607 Twiggs. PAGE NINE Tour'' at CleatwaterAboard the good ship "EI Dodo" for a cruise around the boy. Her skipper, Mr. D. M. Hasbro-uck of Clearwater, has invited the go !-soldiers to try their luck at sailoring. Fair ship, fair weather, and fair ladies made it a II seem like something out of Hollywood. coffee and doughnut time now at the Clearwater Servicemen's Center. Some of the Gls look hungry like wolves. Could it be the doughnuts they're after? Look at the gu) on the extreme left. Why grandma, what big eyes you have! This picture began as QUOTE two WACs alone on the beach UNQUOTE. So the photographer sat them down, looked through his finder, and found the girls looking lonesome. So he set his camera at 1-lOOth of a second, clicked it, and then quick like a bunny made himself at home next to Sergeant Mary Pedron before the thing went off. The other guy? He's a signalman from The Great Homestead who sent himself in by Morse code.-Who's kidding?


PAGE TEN DREW FIELD THURSDA1 OCTOBER 281 1943_ Smoke w h e n conversing with a superior officer-be fore he invites you to? GoofoH, Droop, Drip Suggested In Contest We're speechless (or, as nearly so as ever we've been), now that Pfc. Leta Dean is scooping us with her ever-so-popular "WAC Sea Sick Sammy Of Info Center Stars 1n History By SGT. WALTER H. GROSSFELD Rag. It' s strictly for WAC W h h f f F scrutiny, it claims, but we note it t e trans er o irst Sergeant Jack Goodman. to that even Colonel Asp has passed other pastures ,the .East Information Center is lett without very favorable judgment. Good the benefits of a top-kick. Chief Draftsman Tony luck, Leta-(heh heh-we can see she hardly needs our sweetchian is acting top-man of the outfit until the vacancy is talking; already, she has stolen officially filled. Tony.continues to direct the Drafting Deall printable news, before we partment in addition to the. new duties. could get it into type!) In line with -the refresher ------,----------Gosh, how these Army sergeants seem to rate with the cours e in basic soldiering being Headquarters girls! We like Jean carried on at the East LC. the enJ dd t t ff tire gang hiked to Egypt Lake e e s as e in Sergeants, S aturday afternoon. Not in line and Pat O 'Connor seems to be d 1 h h with the program,. however, were omg a I ng t Wit that Tech. the two rattlesnakes killed by the Most popular Headquarters fearless 50 which brought the sergeant is affable Sgt. Joe Byrne. With that winning Irish total up to three rattlers and one grin and New York accent, he six foot water snake (breed unmanaged to wangle luncheon at identified) in the last two weeks. Taken away on furlough busithe WAC mess hall twice in one ness are Sergeant Austin Land, week. The first time, he was Cpl. Pete Zippo and Pvt. Joe escorted to mess by T/5 Dorothy Roerhich, Pete on an emergency. Myers, after which Rimini and That trio's been gone almost two Rooney stole him away for a weeks and yesterday Corporals nice, long stroll. Yet, we note, Robert' Swenson, Henry Hansen, Joe still found it necessary to and Pfc. Gerald Fincham took off advertise for a wife, via the Rag. with the same thing in mind. Sounds like a put-up job to us! Private Perc Langley has moved Noted in the mess hall: Arlene his barracks bags to. the city. Huss has been 'drumming -up Wife's here. Private First Class business" for the WAC mess hall Paul Schmidt bas that gleam in again. (As if they needed it!) his eye and walks around mut Of all its press agents, none does tering about apartments, hotel .a more perfect job than Arlene rooms, ration books and tele(unless it is Lt. Metcalf!) Just grams. What could it mean? the other day, she was 'seen leav-Working hard anything, ing the hall with a cigar-we Sergeant Allred Cobb, cpl. Rosmean, a soldier with a huge coe Buchanan and Pvt. Dale admit it or not. Born in Russia or Poland (they've neve r been_ able to decide which country tlle town was in) 32 years ago, Sam made the trip to America when only two years old. "Rough trip," says Sam. He is still sea-sick. By the way he appraises GI show, you can tell what Snyder' s civilian profession was. He managed a chain-restaurant. Sam's special besides his wife, his child, his work, his looks and a half-dozen other things, is history-strictly a highclass character, you see. Sam has one of those new-fangled things as a "global mind," which so far as we can figure out meansthat he can tell you anything about any place anywhere in the world-oops, sorry, we mean "globe." -The ECHOES uncovered about 1 000 "sad sacks" at Tampa roll--and Mildred Keiser are out at Egypt Lake Preston, JUSt back from furlough. helping the 566th SAW through A mighty handy gent to have around, these days. Take your self. Let's say you were to pick up _your buddy's newspaper and read about what's happening to the war. You run into some story that says the Yanks have landed in Ratachatmick. You open your mouth and_ yells, "Sam, where is this. here Ratachatmick the paper CIVIlian football game_ at Phillips Field last Thursday. Speaking of inspections, as we Operational Training. They were doing just what the "sad sack" contest has so ot;en do, Sgt. Jeannie been preaching against t as clever at cookmg up h1dmg places, as she thought, last Of the approximately 1,000 soldiers at the game a vast Saturday. "Tinker," that actor majority failed to salute when 'the Star Spangled Banner able bit of fluff roaming l d Th h l about a certam cadre room, pre-was p aye e ot ers mere y stood at attentiOn. sented a very un-GI problem You salute when the national when it came time for formal-anthem is played as :Part of a 46th Bomb Group inspection. Jeannie slyly slipped him into Harriet Picketts' locker, ceremony or when it is played knowing that Harriet, on KP, at a public gathering. A football Soft_ ball League would not have to-exhibit its crowd is a public gathering. So contents. In strode that modern Diana remember that and keep .on the Even though the softball season (come to think about it, she ball. has past, the various squadrons would make a dashing Diana!) Only 10 scant days remain in f th 4 6 h B b G h Lt. Dorothy Ann Porter. Jeannie says about?" "Ratachatmick," yells Sam from the other end of the barracks, "is a small island of the Mitnick group and lies off the tip of Plot kin Island. Inhabited by a small number of friendly natives, the Island has tropical vegetation, good fishing waters, and a number of small iron mines. First claimed by the French, the island has changed allegiance several times, is now independent. Strictly a brain, this character Snyder, strictly a brain. h o e t om roup ave stood bravely at attenti'on. D1'd t e "sad sack" contest, originated by AWUTC s-3 and sponsored by been organizing teams for further Lieutenant Porter pause to ad-Lieutenant Ben Johnson, Col-the ECHOES. Many men have competition. Last Wednesday mire open foot lockers? Did she u m b i a university's greatest suggested a name for the goon in evening, Oct. 20, the 53rd and the search for stray dust on the Big-Time-Operator of the week sprinter, recently graduated from the accompanying cartoon, but 87 t floor? Oh, :QO. In one swift is Pvt. Samuel Victor Snyder, officer candidate school and now the race 'still is wide open. h squadrons held a practice movement', she planted herself insists that Cleveland, Ohio, is studying target recognition at game. The 87th won the game, before a blushi'ng Jean. "CotIs his .home town whether they Camp Davis N C Many others also have sug_____ _: gested ideas for additional car-7 to 0, but that did not darken trill,". she demanded, "Where's toons. the hopes .of the 53rd, who con-the kitty?" Another gig for Remember, the man who sug-t' d t' h Jean, and orchids to Lieutenant mue prac temg eac evemng. Porter, who, we hope, is the only gests the winning name for the More men made themselves psychic WAC officer we have! "sad sack" will be awarded a $2 available for practice, and now book of War Department Theater the 53rd is ready to take any Best Kttchen tickets. A book of tickets also team on the base. Coach Bob will be given free to _men whose Grey's eyes are open for a stellar_ ideas for cartoons are used. pitcher. A ward Goes To So far, these names are well A group league is being formed and the 53rd Squadron will be N 29 up in the race for first place: in there fighting to retain the 0. Aga1n Pvt. Goofoff, Drip and championship they won while at Drew Droop. Will Rogers Field, Okla. C h ? In another practice game be-?an you, top t ose. not fore the league contests begin, try There s no work mvolved. the 87th Bomb Squadron and the Just. c;lream up a nal?e for the 50th Bomb Squadron played a unmilitary_ In the 3 to 3 tie before some 300-odd toon and m the accompanymg spectators. The game was played blank. Mall the. blank to Lt. last Monday night, Oct. 25, and Samuel .cooper, m c:;rre of was called because of darkness. Base Special Servtee Outstanding star of the game was Office, 8th. St. near B. Hardy, who played with the 50th. be m by No_v. Hardy earned the title by smash-7. Wmners _will be announced m ing a line drive in the last inning the 1-fov 11 Issue of ECHOES. to score the tying run. You might be the wmner of $2 worth of movie _tickets if you will only devote a couple of minutes Ph1z Ed Officer to filling out the blank. There's nothing to it. And if you suggest a cartoon idea that is used you get apother book of movie tickets. And there are plenty first-class pictures booked at the War Department Theaters. Announces Birth Of 1'963 Gridder_ So let's go. Think up that Lieutenant Charles Collins, 2d !lame. Fill in the blank .and mail Training Bn. physical training 1t. officer, has proudly announced SOLDIER CONTEST EDITOR that he has a candidate for the Amherst gnd squad of I think the soldier should be 1963. His wife, Hope, gave birth -Sunday to a husky boy, which called ........................ weighed eight and one-half pounds .. Lt. Collins was a star .. ................... end -at Amherst not so many years before he answered the colors. My name is.;.-. Lieutenant Collins' has said that 4e can see by the gleam in the youngster' s eyes that he will My __ address is ..... . make a dynamite end. Massachusetts papers please ............................ copy. For the first time since the Best Kitchen Flag contests started in A WUTC mess halls on Drew Field, the same kitchen has won the flag two weeks in a row. This honpr goes to No. 29, which copped the award last week and repeated this week. Mess officer is Lt. Richard E. -Gribble and mess sergeant is .S/Sgt. M D. McLaughlin. Other winners duririg the past month were No. 24 and No. 28. Lieutenant Robert A. Wallis an:d S /Sgt. Pinchllk direct the activities at No. 24, while Richard W Chlupra and S /Sgt. Joseph Hicks are in charge at No. 28 Auto Couldn't Enlist But Could Buy Bonds KNOXVILLE-(CNS) -Two years ago, when Rex Hankins went .into the Army he said to his brother Joe: "You can have my car. I guess I won't be needing it." Nine months ago when Joe was called to the colors, he gave the car to his brother Al, who drove it around for a couple of months, then enlisted in the Navy. "You take the car," he said to his father. "Do what you want with it." Dad wanted to sell it. He didfor $325, which he invested in war bonds. WORSHIP, SHOWS, GIRLS OCCUPY DESOTO M EN S/SGT. ALVIN J'. DOWNlNG The soldiers in Camp DeSoto's area have been the recipients -of some "mighty fine" entertainment recently. With the-opening of War Department Theater number 7 (one of the, best on Drew Fleld), the soldiers' morale has been boosted to a new high. To date two orchestras have appeared on the stage, namely, George Cooper from St. Petersburg, and Eddie Robinson from New York-also the best of pictures have\ been shown. There is not a better place on the area for the soldiers to spend their leisure time. There are matinees every day at 1:30 p.m., and night performances at 7:00p. m Sundays are now becoming, than da?'s of appre-get in Tampa on pay days. The Ciated worshiP: With new stuff evidently kills all reasoning chapel along WI_th tl!e stinng ser-power and causes each victim to of Gibson, _solthink he is what he is not, giving d1ers a1e gettmg the religious him a Joe Louis fighting spirit food to a _man a mixed with a little alley fighting real man In these trY:mg bmes. for good measure. Such a conSalutes to the officers of the coction would be good on the Camp _DeSoto. battlefield, however the stuff is are domg a_ J _ob m no good to drink in Tampa. out" the difficultie s that anse. Don' t forget men that the Chaplain is the "dumping b o x for all our problems and gripe s Sergeant TutS()n has finally added another pretty "do dad" to his sleeve which should keep him quiet for another month or so. Sergeant Ford keeps some dreamy eyes lately, I wonder? Army life is a really fine thing for one of the sergeants in this area-he controls a fine lady with all the necessities of llfe. Many of us are contemplating "biting him in the back." I've ofte n wondered what that mixture is called that our soldier_ s Remember men to buy your theater coupon books pay day. There are some very good pictures coming and you don't want to miss any of them. I hear that we are going to get a Hammond orga n for our chapel. The Quartermaster units are getting well trained in the manual of arms. Besides becoming qualified in the use of firearms they also use their arms to fire the lovelight within their girl friends-what about it, Private Bell? Something to remember A man is never what he is supposed to be but he is what he is.


DREW FIELD ECHOES.""' THURSDAY, OCTOBER 28, 194.3 PAGE ELEVEN Linguists Like Learning "NOW SAY 'Bon jour, Mademoiselle,' instructs WAC Sgt. Madelaine E. Alexander, former resident of France. She is instructing French classes at the Base schools office, where fo .reign language classes are a popufar evening feature. "QUIEN SABE?" questions Pfc. Louise Bracken, enthusiastic Spanish student. Classes in Spanish are held on Monday and Wednesday and Tuesday and Thursday, from 7 to 8 p.m. French classes are also held on these evenings. OFFICERS and enlisted men "start from scratch" in this happy, informal evening class. Rank doesn't mean a thing, when you're trying to get just the right roll to an "R." You can check on the hours of your favorite vocabulary by call ing 295. J...IEUTENANT Carl Porges and Cpl. Gottlieb, Joint supervisors of the popular language courses, are getting used to a blackboard background. Classes in French, German, Spanish, Russian, and ltdlian keep the lieutenant and his "aide-de-camp" busily switchil'g from one dialect to another. Lt. E. F. Metcalf Appo!nted Aide Lieutenant Elliott F. Metcalf, former commanding officer of Co. C of the 5th Training Bn. has been named aide-de-camp to Brig. Gen. Stephen H. Sherrill, Commanding General of A WUTC. Former aide was Lt. Rowland G. Hazard, now commanding a company in, the 553d. Damsels Working 'On the Ball' As In Base Signal Promotions Come Create Traffic By SGT: GEO. O 'MEALLY 1873d Engineers The 1873rd Engineers in By PFCED .lLLERHAND Area are whipping The Base Signal Office is certainly becoming a popular themselves into a real ready-place these days. Even the fellows who rarely ever showed to-go outfit under the able their faces there previol,lsly are beginning to pop in there. command of Major Geo. V. every so often. Egge and a staff of fine offiWe wonder if the fact that there has been an influx S t f EM of beautiful damsels into the ranks of Base Signal Office cers. orne wns. 0 employes recently has anything to do with it? of the orgamzahon mclude Could be. Anyway the office -=---'----------the well earned ones of ha.s become a beehive of Rice who were formerly with the activity m the .past fe:V weeks detachment on special duty are S /Sgt. H. T. Carstarphen to and pr.obably Will remam so for now back with us again, and feeh Construction Supervisor of some time to come. pretty happy about the whole LOVE IN SWING t:t:ung They are now regular asS-3; Sgt. Edward Brown, 1st This week the detachment welmembers. of the detachSgt. of Co C. comed back Cpl. Sammie Boles, Brown is better known as who has J .1st returned from an "On the Ball Brown". Sgt. Halloween Party Elsworth Lee was made Supon the string now tha t he doesn't PI d b AW l S t f c A know what to do with an of them. anne J P Y ergean o o. .. He says he will probably marry The boys are wondermg JUSt one of them. soo n and let the rest Off cers Cl b what sort of a furlough Sgt. Lake fend for themselves. Pretty cruel I U is having in New Jersey. Will we call it. there be a Mrs. Lake? M /Sgt. Charles "Want to see my Girl" Joh!lny and Jennings, better known as JunCharlie Parlier .have. s1gned up ior is due back this week-end to take the mo-tion Picture pro a well earned leave to jectionist That reall.Y W ashington, D c. calls for ambition on the1r The recent volley of shots parts. After all, boys heard on the range was the '73rd so on the1r regular boys firing for record. JObs that 1t s really a:n effort Japs beware! Sergeant McKin-for to take on ley shot 16 bulls out of 16 shots. curricular work. Don t stram As a whole, the gang made good yourselves, fellows. use of every round of ammuni$ /Sgt. Bill Dreyer has become tion. It seems a s i f Puller is in so jealous of those boys in this line for another stripe. We m a y detachment who are married and find ourselves hitting the dirt at liv e with their wives in town that 3 a.m. That boy r eally knows how he has threatened to marry the to blow on a GI whistle. first girl who "yesses." Bill must The men of the '73rd regret be pretty desperate. Seriously, very deeply the transfer of a fine though, Bill haS" a girl friend back o fficer and chaplain, namely, Lt. in Chicago, and she will probBradford. H e has. ; been a real ably be Mrs. Dreyer before the friend to each of u s Construction new year rolls around. on the new open air theater for pAGE WINCHELL West Area is well under way. Soon the boys will have a camp Corporal !feberer of the of which all can be proud. A cer-telegraph sectwn IS _due to betain group of our personnel staf f come a proud m nc::ar future. Both Charhe and h1s wife to have found much-a-do hail from Missouri, but are makm Ole St. Pete these days. ing their home in T ampa right pa_s t few w eeks passes thiS now. I hope he has enough cigars farr City has been much m de-prepared to hand out when that mand. certain day comes. Tampa g1rls please note. Luc1o "The Kid" Lima. is trying very We can't wait fe-r the next hard to time a furlough with the detachment party to come ro-und arrival of the stork in Jamaica again. We're that anxious to N Y. where Mrs. L. lives. see how T/S Gordie. Gremlin Saunders had a birth-acts. At our last shmd1g Gor-day on the 20th. The cake that die. surprised everyone by r.eally his folks sent him was fit for a actmg the part of the great king. Grem is one of the best !ov.er. Never thought he had liked soldiers in this outfit, home-It m him. liness and alL Pfcs. Jack M artin and "Red" A real old-fashioned Halloween party and dance will be held Saturday evening; beginning at 8:30 o'clock, at the A. W Offi cers' club. All officers and guests are invited to attend. In an effort to inject the masquerade motif into the occasion, officers' wives and other lady guests are urged to be attired in Hallowe'en costumes and masks. Appropriate decorations and program features are being arranged, and dance music will be furnished by the 'A. W. Dance Band. Free transportation to and from town will be provided for the officers and guests. The bus will leave the air base bus ter.., minal .at 8 : 3 0, and will return to town at 11 : 30. Answers to BOB HAWK'S YANKWiz' 1. Eighty-eight. 2 Utah. A human -a laborer who works under compressed air. 4. Around. 5. No. He had one younger brothe r -Major John Strange ChurchilL 6 True. 7. Yes. 8. No-an amanuensis is a stenographer. 9. One o'clock. 10. A black one. Black absorbs the sun faster than white. Learn Judo Is .Advice Of 314-They Should Know By SG'J'. H. B. BURLESON the teachers that all students are Sgt. W. C. Herbert and S /Sgt. Leon Schweiger of the 314th BH and AB Sq., have left on an extended tour of the thing that is a cross betweeen HitWest since they have gone to California They'll be back ler. a. proclamation a?d TOJO assurmg h1s followers of VICsoon. tory, it will probably be just an-Lt. Carson is now enjoying a visit to the Station Hos-other student p r act icing for pital. He was admitted as a result of a recent sickness classes. h h d 1 d t f C "d h "G W 11 Glad to see Pete Gallager w IC eve ope In o ever. ons1 er t IS as a et e back with the boys drinking Quick" card, lieutenant. beer in the Headquarters PX. Pfe: Samuel Freidman, recently who have dates with enlisted We sure missed him while his returned from furlough in N e w women (WACs to most of us) wife came down for a visit, bpt York city, is wearing a Service should first of all see a physical now it is "Welcome back, Pete!" Bracelet and a guarder on his Can't anderstand why Sersleeve The bracele t is for one instructor and practice up on geant Nicholson is w a I k i n g who ain't no more, and the Judo. It is a known fact that around these days with the guarder is for another addition. quite a few of the WAC per-moon in his eyes, paying no at' sonnel are now undergoing tention to anyone but just walkHOSPITAL. RECRUITS training in this art. We men ing in a dream. Maybe tha t lass Cpl. Emil Paez, Cpl. Kieth should at least be able to do in the Special Order Section has Plank and Pfc. Victor Giacometti the throwing. at last captured c-ur little dream are in the Station Hospital with Cadet M. S Kennemer was man. various complaints. "Business must tl f th d Why is it tha t Lee Marlowe, be conducted a s usual,. fellows, seen recen Y m one o e own-so we will be expecting you back town hote l s with a very nice look-Message Center, is exuberant on the 1 ob soon. ing blond. I s this the first re-thes e d ays? Could it be that he Warrant Officer Clyde W. Abel is now at the 3rd Air Force Replacement Depot, Plant Park. Mr. Abel was a former member of this organization. and it is hoped that he will again brighten our faces with his presence. WARNING: All enlisted men suits of your "Wing Growing," has heard rumors to the e ffect Mac? that h e will soon be bidding adie u PARLEZ VOUS? Since language classes in French, Germ.an, Italian, R u s s i a n and Spanish are now being conducted on the post, do not be surprised if someone runs up to you with that funny look and shouts foolish words. It is instructions from to Drew, and smug in his thoughts tha t he will be the one saying good-by instead of waving to the other fellows? Anothe r of our ranks h a s joined the "air-minded" group. Name: Sgt. William P. Rivers. Best luck tb you and may your new career. be a successful one.



DREW FIELD ECHOESk> THURSDAY,.OCTOBER 28, 1943 PAGE THIRTEEN 4th Training the members of the Finance Detachment are now being formulated by a committee consisting of Chairman (Sgt.) Joseph Falconer, Staff Sgt. Heriry A. Hevia and Sgt. David B. Frye. Details of the affair now are being whipped into shape, and the outing has been approved by Lieut. Col. Nye and his staff. With the introduction of affairs of this nature, it is hoped a closer relationship will result among the Has Fun entire personnel of the office. Long awaited promotions for enlisted personnel were finally released by Col. Nye on October 19. Appointments follow: to T j4th, John F. Scanlon, William Q. Rhodes; to T /5th, Frederick C. Ault, Joseph J. Madej, William R. Pollen, Willis B. Sloan, Ben E. Rubrecht; to Pfc. Howard L Graham, Joseph H Kuebel, Sumner M Smitlh, John J Urann. Deciding to make her residence in Tampa is Mrs. W F. Nye, F ife of Col. Nye, .'Commanding officer. Both Col. and Mrs. Nye are natives of Vermont, where Col. Nye was engaged in auditing and accounting work. At present they are residing at 701 .Swann Avenue. NEW PQSITIONS Numerous changes in the Qffice have been made recently. The changes find M I S Albert 0. Meyer in charge of enlisted pay section, Sgt. William Rhodes in charge of accounting and check section branches. Congratulations to the men on Ds from the 50 1st SAW Co. Hqs., Cpl. Warren Hubbard, Pfc. Albert Mixon, Pvts. Louis Weisman and Edwin Harris. These men are working in the. enlisted pay section, becoming schooled in the computation of payrolls. Many thanks are in order to the 87th Bomb Sq (L) for supplying the men who did such an excellent job of policing around the area of the Finance barracks. Work was done without our knowledge and we hope our mention of it expresses our appreciation. Now that the Detachment is with the 87th Bomb Sq., a part of the. 84th Bomb Group, it. is easy to see why all the men are wearing happy smiles. Seems that th' e Sgt. in charge of "messing," T/Sgt. Richard Kiuper has put on the finest chow that has been our good fortune to get. Good cooking in the Army is the surest way to a service man's heart, and Sgt. Kiuper is doing all possible to hold to this idea. Leaving on furlough for the cold zone up Niagara Falls wa:v is our little big man of the detachment, Cpl: Joe Madej. Joe, despite his size, has an unusually capacity for work and i s one grand little fellow. Here's hoping that he runs into some snowy weather. KNOWLES IS TOP KICK The responsibilities and woes of a first sergeant ;were turned over to S /Sgt. Eugene Kn"Owles replacing S /Sgt. Frank Hilbert, who has held the position since last January. That "Man About Tampa," S /Sgt Leonard Kessinger, has stopped, for the present, those nightly excursions to town, where he has been a regular commuter. These trips have a habit of terminating at the Madison St. entrance of the local Post Office. Transfer of M/Sgt. Weldon R. Devoe to the Veterans' Hospital 1t West Hartford, Conn., for ..:urther convalescing was effected last Thursday, when orders came through releasing him from duty with the Finance Office. Ser geant Devoe started as a corporal in the old base Finance Office in 1941. His departure is regretted by many of his fellow workers and throughout the base where he made numerous friends. Returning from furlough: Sgt. Murray Slater, locally known as "Porky," just down from good old Boston. Slater, down to a mere shadow, looks like he will go to town. on the workings of the new mess sergeant we were fortunate to get. Private John Urann, also from Boston and who spent many a cool night up North, expected to find some of the well-known Florida sunshine, but instead arrived just in time to see the weather man and the Chamber of Commerce get their signals crossed. Private First Class Frank Gantz, lower bay Romeo, made the most of a good situation at his stay in the city by the Potomac. Seems to be a shortage of men up there, and you can bet that Gantz offered little resistance to the fair sex that all but smothered him from his ar rival to departure. Latest to join the happy souls living with their better halves off the post are: -sgt. Dan Kelty, Cpls. Pete Reviglio, Bob Aldrich, William Pollen, Pfc. Joe Kuebel. We welcome WO (j.g.) James Chamberlin to the executive staff of the Finance Office. Mr. Cham berlin recently was transferred from A von Park, and has assumed duties as chief clerk. Don't be surprised to hear wedding bells for S/Sgt. Henry Hevia, the local Frank Sinatra. Yes, it seems that he has at last consented to be taken by the weaker sex,. and acl.;nits all resistance is gone to retain the title: "Tampa' s Most Eligible Bachelor." COLONEL PETER SHUNK, C. 0. of the 4th Training Bn., full of the good fellowship spirit that pervades the organization's party, flashes a big smile. FOOD AND ENTERTAINMENT are always good at a 4th Training Bn. shindig. Witness the mouthsful and the smiles. Entertainment is supplied by soldiers and Tampa nightclubs. Can it be that Sgt. Irvin Peckett, Romeo of the upper bay, is all worked up over that certain miss coming down from Rochester? Seems that "Irv" spends most of his time off with his buddy, S /Sgt. Hevia: Could be a double march' down the aisle TIRED BUT HAPPY, Pvt. Edward J. Carlin CARDS, America's most popular game, also according to the news we have Jr. (left), Maude Fowler, and Pvt. Edward high favor at a Gl party. These sol-at hand. W. Westlake, help stage the party, are diers anxiously await their friend's next For an all-'round good man, our own supply sergeant, John able to laugh at the end of the night's fun. play. D. Clancey, is really a hard man to beat. Clancey, who bore the Brain Surnery Saves 903D TOUCH r.ooTBALL brunt of the shortages at the 1 rer I cent surprise showdown of equip-M J 1 ment last week by Lieuts. Ma-an tn ung e guire .and Vogt, nevertheless NEW GUINEA.--(CNS)-Capt. ll.MQRE LIKE 'PRO HOCKEY' takes all the remarks and other Joseph R. Strauss, a Bridgeport, ffl complaints in his slow but steady stride. No mea n hand at get-Conn., doctor, saved the life of Th t h f tb 11 t il d 1 t Th d an Austlal1a n 1nfantryman here e ouc oo a earn was unve e as urs ay ting around, Clancey is right in there pitching when it comes to by performing a delicate brain evening when 903rd opened with the 69th AAF Band in going to town. operatiOn on an Army cot in the 314th Football Stadium. We lost the but shortly -----------middle of the jungle. Captain fifter receiving the ball opened up an attack that carried 40 Volleyball Courts S trauss found the man lying un-us to the 69th 15-yard line where our offense was slowed Grace 2d SAW Unit conscious with brain tissue exdown. F .orty new volleyball courts-uding from his right temple after 69TH SCORES these are the latest addition to an air raid here. After setting In the latter part of the first the 2nd Training Battalion's ath-up a primitive operating table ha", after the 69th had gone out le.tic facilities. The new volley-the medical officer cleaned the in front by the score of 7 to 0, ball courts have been constructed wound, packed it and sewed it the locals opened up using a in a huge athletic area in Block up. Three days later the man "sleeper" play with Kissinger on 4 B d t f d the end of a long pass from Simp_-___ --,--------------------------w __ as___..:p:....r_o_n_o:....u:::n::.c.:...e=._O:....u::..:....:....o.::..c.=anger. son which resulted in a score. The try for the extra point was BASE FOOTBALL LEAGUE the second .. half see-. back and forth with LED BY. ; 3 J 4TH, 6 9TH neither team able to penetrate the secondaries with any de-gree of success. Tpe ga.me was The Base touch football during the four downs is deleague was a Jumble of ties clared the wi.rmer by 1-0. LINEUPS clean and hard fought, the "boys throwing their bodies around in reckless abandon :whi c h was reminiscent of a professional hockey game. Kissinger, Pierce, Buddy and Simpson starred for the 903rd. (This item contrib; uted by Pvt. Paul Hennessy). as the second week's competiPos. 40Sth 314th A LE-Compa li eto Pacz tion came to an end Tuesday. LT-Marranty Pesr.Q n C-Palmer Grieco Two outfits were tied for RT.Tenkin s S a u chic k REF aucett Sta t z first place two were stale-QB-McAndre w s S c hiav o n e Pfc. Elwood Sawyer has re-' RH-Rockhill .Johnson mated for second position, LH-Hende rsQn H aman turned from furlough in Maine. 1 f h FB-Dis t enfano H ennessy While we were chilled by the whi e a pair were tied or t e -----cold wave in Florida, El ,vood said cellar. that the weather at home was PLENTY OF KNOTS In the first place tie were the 314th BH and AB Sq. B team and the 69th Air Force Band with one victory against n o whippings. Tied for second place were the 314th BH and AB Sq. A team and the 408th Fighter Bomber Group, with one win and one loss. Stalemated for the basement position were the 903d QM and the 3d Fighter Command, with one defeat and no victories. The 408th hopped into the second place tie by running up the league's highest score_:..a 19-0 victory over the 3 14th's A contingent. Previous to the win, the 408th los t a heartbreaker to the 314th' s B team by a 1-0 score in an overtime contest witnessed by about 300 soldiers NO SCORE The teams battled to a scoreless tie in the regulation 40-minute game, then under local rules, engaged in a four-down playoff. this system each team i s given the ball on the 40-yard line for four downs. The outfit scoring the biggest advantage .LT-Hattefl M onk C-Phil Huc h a d y RT-Gross Stisack RE-Rockhill Filip i a t QB-Rybic k Dlubac LH-Mille r Loeschleft RH-Dister L enzz i FB-Y o n ott Sira c Tampa Football Schedule Given For the convenience of Drew Field soldiers who are interested in high school football t)1e ECHOES lists games scheduled at Phillips Field. In another tight league contest the 69th Air Force B and defeated the 903rd QM footballers, 7-6. The victors t allied their winning extra point on a pass. The Quartermasters attempted the s ame thing but flopped. Service men are admitte d to the 00 3rd Ql\1 games for 30 cents. LINEUPS Pos. 69th Ban

PAGE FOURTEEN DREW FIELD ECHOES, OC_T_O.:...B_E_R_2_8....:...,_1_9_43_ ______ ....;;_ __ ___,.. __ Ties Add To Solc.Jiers Good Looks, WAC Says Inspection Tour Of Mystery Girl lists five Men mYSTERY .WAC SPOTS THS With the addition of ties, men around the Base look neater than ever, the Mystery WAC af:lserted when h.er tour of inspection ended this @ GARLAOO PORTRFILD RAY LDnGSDORF OSCAR SHRR PvY. L.D. HARRI S BILL H. BRADY ,. .. I -week. "Cooler. weather" (or so AS acsr. .1!. D.the calendar says) seems to wc;c;n \;:7 bring out the best in GI pearance. But Staff Sgt. Garland Porter field, 314th Base Headquarters DREW FIELD ECHOES CLASSIFIED ADS GET RESULTS and Air Base Squadron, manages to "look like a million" in any FOR SALE WANTED TO BUY LOST AND FOUND LOST AND FOUND weather, though he works 'round IOUTPUT _.::t::.:r:..a_n-sf=-o-I-me-I __ _.:..._-=p=-.-=p=-,"'"""2:-::5:-:.ooo= LOST-0 'I 'd t'f' t b th 1 k WILL share house or -room in nicely WILL the .lieutenant who. found a GI ne SIver I en I Ica 10n race-e C oc OHMS; plate to plate to 3.5 OHMSfurnished house, off Columbus Drive. raincoat in.his car after. _giving lift to let inscribed John Hadley Shelton. If The genteel .little sergeant, who, Stancore. $1.00 new 1E7G tube; new Close to Drew. Field, transportation five soldiers Friday evening, Sept. 17. recently added that rocker below $2:e<_l. See J. V. Harlan, Sgt., 765th inexpensive. Call Cpl. L. Maltz, please phone T/5 Lawrence Santillo, .III FTR Command. "It' t t 1 SJ>i..W Co. :.._ Ph. 43.6, Vault Section. AWUTC Hq_s. his stnpes, says s no easy 0 A GOOD set of wedding rings almost Coat can be identified by serial No. IF THE soldier from Oakland, Cali-keep a crease in my trousers' lWY brand new. Price $40 cash. Call after A WELL-FURNISHED master bed0824 in. collar. fornia,. who left his swim trunks in work on the ration board keeps 7 p.m. Pfc. Chuck Messies, Med. Det. room in officer's house in Clearthe automobile of the woman wh,o Dept Bks D 2 water. Good neighborhood. 'Centrally WILL person who lost pistol .belt and gave him a lift from Clearwater to me .at my desk both .night and located. Call Lt. C. A. Lundy; phone .canteen cover with name starting with Tampa October 11th, will call Mrs. day. Somehow, I always find Clearwater 6313. M -. lost on bus stop at 1st and Alice Virella, 2713 Morgan St., he'll time for a shave and a shine mechanical condition. Call 259 until FOUR or five half-way decent tires. N. please see T / 5 Friedman, 766th get them back. Makes me feel. good knowing I 1700 EWT. After that, give a buzz to attached to a half-way decent car, in SAW Co. Ph. 596. LOST-.,-Three flat keys .in brown ziplo.ok good H-33004. half-way decent running order. HQPe it FOUND A silver cigarette lighter. per case. Am tired of sleeping on 1937 DODGE coupe. New paint job arid isn't a gas 'n' erl eater. Might even ( Tampa park bench. If YOU find 'em, Pay $100 to $150 fo r a good deal bearing an engraved name. But we phone Lt. Mashamkin, Ext. 436. FORMER TARHEEL tires O K. Super-special running conain't a -gonna tell what name it is!) Sergeant Porterfield hails from Durham, N C., where he was a druggist. He carries through with the 314th's "man a week" tradition, which has been broken only once since the beginning of the "best dressed" contest. dition. See Lt. Richardson, Building Corpora l Caesar Purini. Ward B. sta-If you've lost it, and can't go on LOST-Barracks bag in area between 5 A 24, at East 1st and N Ave .. or calll....;;t...:i0:...11:._h:..:o:..:s.::p.:..it:.:a:.:I.:..___________ without:'it, tell .your troubles to Chap2nd & 3rd on "N'' Ave. T/5 Carl Tampa H-24144. CANDID camera, preferably 35 mil.. lain Trenery, Chapel No. 8, and he'll Weise, Hqs. & Pl. (;o .. 564th SAW Bn. 1941 STUDEBAKER, two-door sedan. but will pay cash for anything suit-produce the lighter. .WILL person who foun!] yellow leather Pre-war tires ... brings back more able-for photographing Florida scenery portfolio. in Service Club Monday pleasant memories! Good condition. plus Florida girls. Call Lt. Robert F. A WALLET lost in the vicinity of the night please return to Hostess Office. Phone M /Sgt. Raga, 53rd Bomb Squad-Tennant, Ph. 601. Afr Corps Officers' Club. Not conPvt. Rbt. J Minchew. 571st Sig: A.W. ron, Tel. 450. cerned with money contained, but ========== COMPLETJ!l matched set of Hagen SMALL suitcase or traveling bag, suit-please ret tail, clean-shaven sergeant, decided he qualified easily. A clerk in civilian life, Sgt. Longsdorf is still a clerk under Uncle Sam's employ That 'steady girl friend in Lancaster thinks he really does justice to his uniform. The WAC agrees. 501ST WINS and has never been whisked at a ball. Pfc. Richard Adams, Ward B-19, Sta-LOST-A brown envelope containing Naturally, I have a good personal _t::i.::.on=-:::H:.:o:::S:.:P:::it::a:::L:___________ kodak snapshots taken in St. Pete reason for parting with 'em. Pvt. 1 t s d L t th s L\)uis Marvin, A WUTC Hqs., Provost DOES anyone have, or know where I as un ay. os ei er m ervJCe Marshal section. can pick up. a Model "T" Ford. or a Club or on way to East Gate. RE1939 CHRYSLER sedan. Good tires, cheap Model "A" Ford? Four tires Orland Shefveland, 737.th excellent mechanical condition. Call essential, good or bad! Pfc. Henry M Sergeant Gatten. Phone 807. Meersman, Co. "C.'' 584th Sig. AW LOST-Brown leather billfold, some;,Bo;ni;."'' --=----7-=,.,--=---:-:-:-:where near Company "B" of the '1st SMALL sailboat. complete. A bargain! THERE are dozens or WACs still Signal A W Training Battalion. Con MaY be seen. by appointment. Maj. sitting here weeping. for a sewing tains money and papers of great value. Lynch, Station Hospital, Ext. 703. machine. We're not fussy, if it runs Name engraved inside. Pvt. Lester W. 1937 PONTIAC four-door sedan. Perat all. we'll give it a good home and a Fix, Company B 1st SAW Tng. En. feet motor, good tires, new paint job. busy life. Please. oh please drag that all added accessories. Swell car for 9ld Singer from the attic. and quote FOUND-Wheel, tire and tube at First price to the gals in khaki. Phone Pfc. A A. DeFelice (or inquire 408th OFFICER'S dress overcoat, size about -'8'-'t=h_a=n=d=-...cE=-=S-=ts=---------''--motor pool garage). 37. Will pay reasonable price. Contact LOST-Wallet containing valuable pa-TRAIN ticket from Boston to Tampa Lt. Bradlin, Hq. Co. 503d SAWR. pers and .identification. William M on Silver Meteor. Good rate. Dicker Chambers, 1st Lt., M. C 501st SAW. with Pfc. A. A. 'DeFelice, 408th Mo-WOULD LIKE to buy small automo-tor Pool garage, hile in good condition. Call or write LOST -Two barracks bags and a 1932 CHEVROLET coach. Good tires, Lt. Arthur Sette!, Base Intelligence wooden foot locker. Must find at mechanically perfect, gets more than Section, Sarasota Army Air Base, once, for obvious reasons. Am tire<) 20 miles to gallon of gasoline, uses a!Sarasota, Fla. Telephone 2531. Ext. 202. of wearing barrel. Finder (I hope!) most no oil. Call Private Bonsib. MUST have cadet size radio. Can live please contact Pfc. Frederick H. Clearwater 6856. no longer without Harry James. Will Lorah, Detachment 7. 50lst SAW Co. CUSHMAN HUSKEY 2-h.p. scooter pay any price within a private's LOST-Prescriptlon sun glasses. lost on bike. Needs about $20 worth of re-pocketbook range. Pfc. "Bunnie" Drew Field. Address on case, E. 59th pairs. Reconditioned it is worth $125, Street, New York City. If found. please the first $65 cash takes it. See it at wANT to buy baby ;stroller in good return to Pvt. J. Harmon, Army Quartermaster War.ehouse 16-C-10. condition. Contact Lt. Hershel Mar-Emergency Relief, Hos. Annex Bldg .. 1936 PONTIAC four-door sedan. Motor cum, Phone S-5447. ,.:8:;;t::;h:=a=n:;::d--=:B:. "". PUT YOUR parents or your sweetie on the guest libuse list. when they come to visit you. It's reasonable. it' s comfortable, it's pleasant as can be. ,Call Miss Leland or Miss Nicks. ph. 897. to make your reservation. HELP WANTED-Projectionists, cashiers. ticket-takers and janitors needed for off-duty work. Good pay, niee setup. See Lt. May, Theatre No. 3. YOU COULD swing a mean club on the Rocky Point golf course if it -were finished. Meanwhile. get your fresh. air arid relaxation helping to complete it. The course is yours-won't you help to get it in shape? Volun teers ca:ll Lt. E. G Metcalf. phone 287. CALLING all radio hams. Would like a call from all hams at Drew for qst. mag. Will also act as information for suggestions relative to forming a Drew Ham club. or holding a Hamfest. W9 D PU. T/Sgt. William--J. Kiewel. Org 314th Base Hqs. & AB Sq. Bks. 211. MENDING to be done? Insignia to be sewed on? Bring your mending to Chapel No. 1 before 10 o'clock each Tuesday morning The Officers' Wives Sewing Club will do your mending and sewin!' for you free of. charge. GIFTS wrapped free of charge for Service Men. YMCA USO. 214 N. Boulevard: YWCA USO. 607 Twiggs; Christian Service Center. corner of Tampa and Tyler. Private Harris, determined to keep the record of the 501st right out in front, beamed at the WAC reporter. "Naturally I keep myself right' on the ball," he boasted "I'm proud of my outfit, and want in good condition. Car needs tires WILL pay $40 to $50 for a used piano LOST in Theater No. 3: Wallet contherefore willing to sacrifice for $125. accordion in good condition. Describe taining money and valuable papers. Apply or phone orderly room. Pvt. size and make. Write to Pvt. Ed Finder please return to Pfc. Frank Leon Freea 3rd Reporting Co. 501st Gerard, 720th S.A. w Co .. Drew Field. Ortiz;-Company. D. 563d Sig. AW S.A.W.R. BABY Battalion. REWARD. GIVE AWAY WAR BONDS: Best buy in world: Can Lt H cfrriagi3o b:g>y Telephone LOST Set of expensive all-white it to look good. be bought at Base Finance office, or u ner, rew Ie drums (Swingerlimd make). Were last THE 503d Regimental Dayroom is tryany post office. Seller is now engaged USED "Taylor" "tot" or '"baby seen in Company area 'of the 569th ing tc promote a dayroom library. in most important .task ever under-stroller." Call Clearwater 6630 or see SAW Bn., 2nd Reporting Company Any and all books. old or new, will be gone. Any denomiriatfon. Good return Lt. Dively, Co. B 553rd S.A.W. Bn.. supply room, corner of "J" and East greatly appreciated. Please leave on money and safe return of loved n-==-=---=.:.,__ -,-:._-:-.,.1st St. Are no longer there. since volumes either at Base Special Service ones. ARGUS C-3 camera, or a comparable 569th has moved. Pvt. John Driscoll. Office or AWUTC Special Service Of-"The reputation of a unit isn't any better than the appearance of. its personnel, -YOU know." A REAL miniature. Camera. fits the camera. for a sensible price. If you Det. 27. SAW. fice. Lt. Ernest G Berger, 503d Regiof your hand. Gwirette 'h 127. need cash and not a camera. call 287 ment; Special Service Officer. Harris is still sorry that he left his "land Army" job on his Section, Alabama farm, but is determined to be among Uncle Sam's best sOldiers. He is a .clerk 16 PICS I : oll. Schnieder Xenon F.2 in' and let's dicker. clothing is stamped "B-1282." He left THE 2nd Training Battalion is in great Com 'Pur. Rapid 1 sec. to 1!500. Cost $85 UP TO $100 cash for good "Martin" or bundle of clothing in my auto whe n need of old radios. Loud speakers and second hand. will sell for $60 with "Gibson" guitar. Call "Mack.'' Ext. given a lift from Drew Field to Me-chassis most gratefully accepted. but E R. case. Lt. A. T. Beauchamp. Co. 459 or S/Sgt McLaughlin. Hq. Co.. moria!. Thursday, October 7th. Mrs. we'll be happy with all contributions. A. 571 S.A. W ._Bn. 5th SAW Trn. Bn. Kitchen No. 29. A. D. Mountain, .489 11th Ave .. St. Contact Lt. Adams. Ph. 326. S-3 SecTRANSPORTATION GOING on furlough to New York City CLIP AND SEND TO DREW FIELD ECHOES OFFICE JohnsonCity, Tenn., can point soon? Have very nice proposition. dl t Pvt d Would be ideal for married man & prou Y o Bill Bra Y, says wife going to New York City on furthe WAC. His belt buckle glis-Iough, who'd like to drive back, gettening, his tie perfect, Privat. e ting a gander at the coastal scenery. B d 'I lk d 'th Reply to 2nd SAW Tng. Bn., Special ra Y eas1 Y wa e away WI Service Dept.. in own handwriting. another victory for the Detach-ment Medical Departm. ent. WOULD like to contact anyone going to Bradenton daily. Would prefer "Me?" he questioned. "I've transportation both ways. Leave camp around 5 p.m. and must return never missed a morning shave by 7:00 or 7:30 a .m. Will pay nominal Isn't hard to keep things shined sum to anyone desiring an extra pas-. up once you get the habit." He senger; Please contact at once. Sgt. worked for a chemical corporaJr.. Det. 5. 501 tion before the Army claimed him WILL DRIVE car to or from Los Anin their dental lab. geles for transportation or help drive Jn"t imported. from Washing-and share expenses. Leave Tampa t .-D C T/5 Sh about Nov. 1 Due to return about on, ., erer says it Nov. 16 Have made the same trip won't be easy .to maintain his previously by automobile. Phone Sgt. spotless appearance out at the Henry Marcus. at 384 Signal Hq. Co .. 563rd. "Th k ht b DESIRE RIDE to and from Drew ey eep us m1g Y usy, F:ie.ld, office hours eight to five. Vidoing detail," he grinned, "but cimty of Genessee and Florida Ave. that's no reason to neglect my nues. Gall Nancy Ramsey, Drew early morning shave. I always Field extension 814!. keep my fatigues as clean as I WANTED-To pool cars. St. Pete to can. My wife 1s so pro .. ud of me Drew. Hours: 7 :30 to 5 : Call 862 or 56-014 in St. Pete. Lt. V. C. Willitt. 'I'd hate to go home looking like a droop."-"' Formerly an advertising and "F"'O"'R'""'R,.--,E.,;;N-;-T=. =,..--.=.-:-----=:-:: newspaper man at. Chicago; Ill. HOUSE WANTED-Will any officer Sh h t t b vacating a house in Clearwater or erer as no as ye een as-Clearwater Beach. with at least two signed a permanent job at the bedrooms, advis" Major Strickler, Ph. 563rd. .. 435. The Mystery. WAC Qas her eye TWO rooms. completely private. one-. on YOU H d'd t k half block. from Clearwater beach. ow 1 you s ac up, Large, comfortable home. Inquire Lt. beside these soldiers? .. Hutner. Ph. 430 (Drew Field). FREE WANT AD FOR DREW FIELD MILITARY PERSONNEL IN DREW FIELD ECHO_ES / l BASE SPECIAL SERVICE OFFICE, 8th & "B" Ad Classification ............ Name ....................... Org .... .. Classifications FOR SALE WANTED TO BUY SWAPS e TRANSPORTATION GIVE-AWAYS LOST AND FOUND M ISCLLAN EOUS ( FOR RENT 0


DREW FIELD ECHOES, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 28, 1943 PAGE FIFTEEN Golfers ReC.dy for Tournament Y ogo Ousts Yogi : As Pigskin Chief Of Drew Contest Yogi the Echoes mystic master of pigskin prognostications, is now in the woods. of Min1;1esota hunting eleven huskies who dropped to Michigan last week 49-6. The football moron who sold the sports staff down the river predicted Minnesota to win by three touchdowns. After the brawl he took : off his fatigues and waded through Swamp Number 7 headed for the Minnes_9ta forests. TEN WINNERS Although Yogi flunked his grid exam, ten Drew soldiers came through again with top selections and received cartons of cigarets. Games for this week-end are rough and experts are given a group of tussles highlighted by Notre Dame playing Navy; Pennsylvania against Army and Duke ready to rub Georgia Tech. A new football' expert comes to bat for the Echoes. His name is Yogo, cousin of Yogi, who declared strongly his ability to .name all games within two points. GOODMEmOD SUNSHINE, HAY AND GOLF are _part of these soldiers' afternoon as they help clear freshly cut grass from the Drew Field Golf Course. The work is voluntary and is climaxed each afternoon by a round of golf. Watching is Staff Sgt. Paul W. Trivett who supervises the work. Other willing rakes are, left to right, Pvt. Henry Gang, Brooklyn, N. Y.; T/5 Cecil Craig, Plainview, Tex.; Pvt. Waltemeyer,. Baltimore, Md.; Pvt. Destadio, Jackson Heights, N. Y.; Pvt. Russell Thompson, Chester, Ill.; Pfc. Lee England,. Stillwell, Okla.; T/S George Schultz, Chicago, Ill.; T/5 Macy Evans, Oxford, N.C.; Pvt. Frank Surawash, Tourney P lay Opens Monday For Soldiers Soldier entrants in the first Drew Field golf championship were _straightening out their drives, polishing their iron shots and getting the right touch on the4" putters in preparation for play which starts Monday. Competition will be divided into four flights: Air Corps officers. Signal Corps officers. Air Cprps enlisted men _Signal Corps enlisted men. During the week of Nov. 1 each entrant wil play an 18-hole qualifying round. In the second week golfers will compete for the best score in their division. The winner in each flight then will be matched in a foursome .to determine the champion. The championship will be decided during the week of Nov. 15 All play will be medal. New Britain, Conn., and T /5 Isidore Blatt, B rookfyn. Soldiers who like golf and also are There is still plenty of time to willing to work a few houi'S for improvement of the course are urged to volunteer During enter. Air Corps officers and enthe past few weeks the course has been cleo red of much in preparation for tourna-listed men should register with ment play planned soon. Lt. Metcalf, Ext. 258 will tell you about v .oluntee r work (and Lt. Charles Lyons, Base physical THERE IS STILL TIME training officer, locatec in the Yogo uses .the rocking chair play) on the course. Base special, service office, Eighth method of selection which conSt. between Aves. A and B Sigsists of remaining in a chair read-N th s th F tball pound guard who has starred nal Co!-'ps personnel ing upside down while pouring or I OU 00 with the University of Alabama. up With V3.? Sis!me, i:ocking chair pop. Lt. Rooney, former Miami u. AWUT<;:! special se:t;VICe officer. His selections for this week-quarterback, and Pett1tti, who Golfers may. enter m person or end-are: Dartmouth Yale 6 ; Team s Meet S .at. urday halfbacked in pro ball at Boston, Duke 13, Georgia Tech 7; Notre are the big shotS of' the Rebel or Captam Van Sistme at 810 Dame 28, Navy 0; Pennsylvania 7, backfield. If you .can't enter in advance, Army 20; Iowa State 20, OklaThe Civil War will be fought .all over again Saturday The Yankees hold the entries will be accepted up to homa O; Minnesota 7 ; Northwest.:. tee-off time. All golfers who eni 13; Southern Methodist 0, afternoon. when the A WUTC squad divides Into two parts bption on Lowe, who played a compete in the tourney must Texas6; Ohio State 14, Indiana 7; for a game between the Yankees and the This slam-flashy bit of end for the Uni-play in. the of another, Green Bay 7, New york 21; De-versity of Hawaii, and have one competitor. Lieutenant Lyons troit 14, Chicago Bears 28. bang battle, which will be played on the athletic field at 5th of the speediest backs in l!:sadvised entrants to get in touch Winners last week were Pvt. posito, Connecticut lad who can with him to make arrangements M. Newman, 23d Anti Sub.; Pvt. and 0 startmg at 4:15 !;>. M., Will officially mark the open-also hurl a solid rorward pass. for playing with others. Tom Clarke, 1st Rept. Co.; Pfc. ing of the grid season on Drew Field. Their punter, Brogger, will The golfer who is crowned Jack Kelly, 87th Bomb Sq.; Cpl. match his talents against Born, Earl Malcolm, 314th; T/S Orvid A number of units on the field the Rebels' No. 1 booter, champion will be awarded a cup, Adl R t C J h C Plenty of beef is to be seen, while flight winners will be given er, 1st ep o ; o n will end their trammg program S b k f 't t g lf t R s B pf F d and many of the men have o, ac your avon e earn m o eqmpmen osen, 1st Ig. n.; c re at 4 p.m. for those soldiers who past experience which indicates Saturday's gam_ e, and m .ay the .EVERYTHING FREE Kimbel 766th SAW; Sgt. Thomas Add' Wright, 314th; Cpl. G Bertag-desire to attend the game. 1-they will show plenty of grid best eleyen wm. In the mterest It d 't t t tional stands are being erected at. talent of competitive athletics in AWU-oesn cost a penny_ 0 en e r noli,. 501st; Pvt. John Radzinski, TC, Brig. Gen Stephen H. Sher-the tour11ament. There IS no en-Rept. Co. A, 571st. the f1eld, the 465th AAF Ban. d Cpl. Buster M ott, who rill is giving his utmost support trr fee, and <;lubs bags and b;llls The coupon's below. Contest will play, and a huge turnout IS the Umversity o f to this and other games sched":ill be by the B<3;se spe-r ,ules are Just one cou-expected to see the game. Georgia m 32 and later .played uled here this season, and these cial service. office. A charge of pon per soldier. More coupons pro ball as halfback on the Green games will give soldiers about 50 f cents Will be for each will disqualify entrant. Letters MORE GAMES Bay Packers and at Pittsburgh, their only opportunity to see collos. ball. course Is opep from must be postmarked on or before. With each succeeding day, the and then managed pro team at lege-style football this season. 8 a m >to twilight 2 p m Saturday. 1943 season at. Drew Charlotte, N c.1 IS the c::oash, The starting lineups for Satur-Lt. Edward G. Metcalf, Base PIGSKIN PICK looms bnghter. Games Witl}. the for Saturdays battle wlll oe day' s game: assistant special service officer, Coast Guard of Tampa and the m charge of the Rebels. Coach Pos. South and a group .of enlisted men E To: CBaontest Edi0 1f0 ': The 6th Training Bn. of Camp Weath-of the Yankees will be Lt LE-Krepps Raudish have been working at break-choes, se S. S. fiCe, Sth erford have tentatively been "Chuck" Collins former Amherst Sliwinski k d -b' th 18-h 1 and B Avenue LG--Ge ustlanru Mitc h ell nee spee .., w 1P e o e H f th scheduled, and other strong star. C-Ga.mb l e Morgan or Hanken course into tournament shape. ere are my or e team are to be booked. MANY STARS RG-Hudson Kazmare k 10 games. If I wm one of the RT-Sanders M cWhorter The Drew Field layout IS the 10 cartons of cigarets please But more about this week's Each side in the Yankee-Rebel RE-Lowe D emattie former Rocky Point golf course, make 'lllY brand . game. The squad has been prac-game has several top-notch stars. one-time for golfers from Duk G T tieing for three weeks and is For the South, one of the standp:[iWti all over the country. Many cham-e a. ech rounding. into fine shape. outs is "Barna" Mitchell, 195-FE-McEwe n Horn pionships have been played there. Notre Dame ... Navy ........ Penn .......... Army ....... Iowa State .... Oklahoma Minnesota .... N'western ... So. Meth; .... Texas ....... Obi!) State .. .. Indiana ..... Green Bay ... New York Detroit ....... Chi. Bears Dartmouth .... Yale ......... Name, Rauk, :P. 0. .......... Swimming Classes Continue at Lake Classes in beginning and functional swimming are continuing daily at Egypt lake under the direction of S/Sgt. Peter Rossi, CpL E. Maddox and Cpl. Sol Schecter. From 150 to 200 men are enrolled in the present threeday program. An estimated 3 000 non-swimmers haye been taught to swim since the p!'ogram began, and an equal number have been instructed in functional swimming. DUKE -WILL SMEAR GEORGIA TECH. ro Z? .... INDIANS Wli.L SCALP YALE 113 .ro ... --< ..,_, .. -


I PAGE SIXTEEN DREW FIELD ECHOES, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 28, 1943 ECHOES PICTURES OF WORLD EVENTS OIL-SMEARED HELENA SURVIVORS JUST RELEASED BY THE NAVY, these pictures show oil-smeared crewmen (top) of the cruiser Helena, sunk by the Japs in the decisive battle of Kula Gulf, after their rescue. Another crewman (bottom) is having his eyes treated. The Helena, damaged in the Pearl Harbor attack, was credited with sinking nine Jap ships. U. S. Navy photo. (International) TIMOSHENKO, 18, cousin famous Russian military leader, works as a -riveter at a Johnsville, Pa., airplane factory. After Dad's Record CADET Keehn Landis, 21, of Goodfellow Field, Tex., son of Col. Reed G. Landis and grand son of the baseball czar, looks a little serious over the goal he's set for himself. He's out to beat the flying record of his dad, Ace No. 6 of World War I. (International) AS BADOGLIO CONFERRED WITH ALLIED CHIEFS AFTER DISCUSSIONS WITH MARSHAL PIETRO BADOGLIO, Allied military leaders take a stroll on the deck of the British battleship Nelson, anchored off the island of Malta. L. tor.: Air Marshal Sit William T\!dder, chief of Mediterranean Air Command; Marshal Bp.doglio; Lt. Gen. Frank Noel Mason-Macfarlane, Gover 'llor of Malta; Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Gen. Sir Harold Alexander. (International Radiophoto) A YANK DOWNS A NAZI BOMBER WHILE FLYING anti-sub patrol in a Liberator bomber, Capt. Gerald L. Mosier, of Waverly, N. Y., encountered a Nazi Focke-Wulf Kurier bmnber. The German plane is :;hown (top) as it banked sharply to bring its guns into play. Shortly after, the Liberator made a number of vital hits on the Nazi craft and it plunged into the sea. Smoke rises fromthe downed plane (bottom), Air Forces photos. (International). B-24 PLANE DOWN BUT NOT OUT ON COMPLETION OF ITS 36th successful bombing mission, this B-2t plane ran out of fuel and was forced to make a crash landing in northeast New Guinea. Salvage crews say that 85 per cent of the plane will be used again. A crewman examines the symbols showing raids completed and number of enemy craft downed. (International) NAZI SOLDIERS ROW TO PRISON TWO GERMANS captured by the Allies on the north bank of the Volturno River row themselves to a prison camp. The Fifth Army has widened its bridgehead there to 30 miles and has gained three to five miles north of the river. U.S. Army Signal Cor.ps Radiophoto. (International)


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