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Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 2, no. 40 (December 9, 1943).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
December 9, 1943
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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SHOP AT PX, SAVE MONEY, TIME, POSTAGE Drew Field Echoes REMEMBER SICK ON HQME FRONT, BUY XMAS SEALS VOL. 2, NO. 40 Three 396th Members To Be Decorated A flight officer, sergeant and corporal ap members of the 396th Bomb Groupwill be decorated at ceremonies here at 8 : 30 a.m. tomorrow. By command of Major General Harmon, Commanding General of USAFISP A, Flight Officer Francis A. Halloran will be presented both the Air Medal and Oak Leaf Cluster for meritorious achievement in the South Pacific Theater. Halloran will get the a)Vards for service rendered while a master sergeant and participating in an air striking mis:.. sion against enemy objectives on November 18, 1942 "Reaching its target area in the Buin-Tonolei area, Solomon Islands, his flight succeeded in bombing a number of enemy surface vessels in the face of intensive attack by a large force of enemy fighter airplanes, several of which were destroyed in the ensuing air battle. As a result of this boml>htg, one large enemy transport was blown up and other sltips damaged." The citation accompanying the award of the Oak Leaf Cluster to Halloran reads: The O a k Leaf Cluster is being awarded to Halloran for "meri torious achievement in the Solo mon Islands while participating during the period December 29, 1941 and December 4 1942 in 25 operational. air flights totaling over 200 hours during whicn exposure to enemy fire was probable and ex-pected." Halloran's home is at Union City, N. J On orders of Lieutenant General George C. Kenney, com. (Continued on Page 10) OFFICJAL PUBLICATION DREW FIELD, TAMPA, FLORIDA DECEMBER 9, 1943 Civilians Awarded Free Movies Will any Gls who danced to the music of Fletcher Henderson, ace sepia orchestra leader and arranger. The most important immediate outcome of the Teheran declaration, and the one affording the sharpest current speculation, concerns the reaction of Turkey. German sources immediately claimed that Turkish president Inonu was in Cairo for consultation with President Roosevelt .and Prime Minister Churchill. (And 1hey were correct.) The inference is, of that Turkey has finally been assured of Allied solidarity and may possibly (Continued on Page 11) Xmas Card Cost Cut By All PXs Prices on Christmas cards have been d rastically reduced at all PXs Cards that sold for $1 have been slashed to 70 cents. Fiftycent items have been cut to 30 cents; 35 -cent cards now sell for 20 cents; 25-cent card s have been reduced to 15 cents, and 15-cent cards have been repriced to 12 cents. It was pointed out that the PX will bear the cost of mailing the $1 cards, which are boxe d Officers' Wives Offer Free Mending to Gl's All enlisted men who h a v e clothing in need o f mending or minor alterations, or who need chevrons or insignia sewed on, may avail themselves of free sewing service rendered by the Officers. Wives' Sewing club. Clothes should be left at Chapel No. 1 before 10 o'clock each Tuesday morning. .. X J ,.-----l 'M'Av<"' .. 'k' AFENt/C .. s "l .... t "' .,il ;1/vE' X 8V.J STOP .SOVTH A.u-1 -1!( liVS STOP JIIORTI/ //RE4 '-:i t -"" .... ._, AYENUE 0 .. LGEN[), !VORT/1 A Rf:A --.SOUTH ARC-4 Above is map showing new bus routes Drew F-ield's transportation system was rejuvenated this week with the opening of a new Bus Depot at 2d St. and Ave. J which is considered by officia ls to be a definite improvement over past methods o f carrying soldiers to Tampa. The Depot was opened Tuesday morning with Col. M elvin B, Asp, Base commander, okehing the first trip ticket of Bus Driver Pvt. Maynard Cray. Yesterday, thousands of soldiers familiarized themselves with the changed camp bus schedule and the methods of filing through the depot to waiting busses. Lieutenant Edwin Fisher, Base (Continued on Page 10)


PAGE TWO DREW FIELD ECHOES, THURSDA'(, DECEMBER 9, 1943 Soldiers Return Motor Transport From Cold Alaska Group of 588th First DeSofo Wedding T W F l d Receives Awards 0 arm or1 a By T/4 HUBERT McGRATH Sometime ago 'we promised that when space permitted we would print the names of the men in the Motor Transport Department who earned medals for their particular type of work. This week we ask the remainder of the 588th Battalion to forgive us if we devote most of this column to them. SPLENDID RECORD Pfc. Cassell, Miss Margaret Fronk, Pvt. Willie Harris, Cpl. A A Lollund, and Chaplain Ford Gibson. COUPLE IS MARRIED BY : CHAPLAIN GI-BSON DREAMING OF A WHITE CHRISTMAS? Courtesy of Drew ECHOES we toke you to Alaska! Alaskan weather as photographed by T /Sgt. W. A Linehan, and passed by censors. Pictured are the new that have the orig inal quonset huts first used by the soldiers. The 621 st, bringing back the first Drew Field AW soldiers to return from foreign service, is unanimous in its approval of Drew The drivers, mechanics, and clerks in the Motor Pool deserve all the praise we can. give them. We are_prpud. to be able to state that they have one of the best rec-By CPL A. A. KAALUND ords on the field. They are always willing and The men of the Camp DeSoto Area: witnessed many courteous and we are grateful to joyful happenings this week. Anyone passing by in the them for their outstapding work. vicinity of this Dec. 2, couldn't have missed hearing The Motor Vehicle Badge the glorious sound of wedding bells (imaginary type). with Driver-W bar was awarded The principals: Pvt. Willie to the following: Sgt. David y AN. KWIZ Harris of the 59th-groom, Miss Field with: "We like it here!" Gatten, Cpl. Clarence Delaney, By Tj5 :J. K. STEWART Margaret Frank-bride. Chaplain T/4 Dominick Santamango, Alaska is the land of golden opportunity, according to TIS's Arnold Messenger, Rich-Ford Gibson, the area chaplain, By BOB HAWK performed the ceremqny. 62lst SAW Co. soldiers returning from the "last frontier" ard Baker, Per Edholm, John Pfc. Bunnie Cassell, of the last wee){. And, to prove it, some of the soldiers have gold Keoaian, Emmet Mozingo, Pfc.'s 1. Why do stars never actually Drew Field Echoes staff, on hand nuggets k d f t' t Hugh Lynch, Clarence Freeze, p1c e up as souvenirs rom prospec 1ng nps appear in the Crescent of the to obtain the photograph, was around Anchorage, Alaska. William Jorgensen, Ga.rfa Pit-moon? nominated to give the bride away, The AW soldiers returned from man, Stanley Nosek, George 2 Are four feet. square and and yours truly was likewise asAlaska after almost 18 months Griffin, Milton Reim, Leo Root, four squf!re feet the same quan-signed to give the groom away. Potter, Henry Pahnke, tity? The groom, 21, hai'ls from Ala-spent in the sub-arctic; where 'Donald Jacobsen Ot1's Ogburn 3 If you gave a newsdealer a bama. He 1's ass1'gned to the 59th their favorite recreation was ski' dollar bill for a newspaper, you Aviation Squadron. The bride ing and skating. Upon their arThe follow.ing named men re-would be handling two different 18, is a native of. Tampa. rival at Drew last Friday, a spe-ceived the Motor Vehicle Badge 0 t t d t cial Thanksgiving turkey dinner with the Mechanics Bar: T /Sgt. kinds papefr. ned s are ou Good luck to 'the bride and was prepared for them at Kitch-Richard Amsih, S/Sgt. Leonard as a piece 0 woo one as a groom. We also wish to congratil-en 23, .as the .soldiers missed the .Duke, S/Sgt Lawrence Hersh, bundle of rags. Which started as late them on being the first couple holiday feast en route here.. Sgts. Wilberp Rose, Wayne Mar-which? to be married in this area. Wl'th the 62 .1st. came two de-cus, Edwin Morris, Harold Pet4 There is a tree that groW's in Pfc Will' a (D w d) N I C J h Call.fornla whi'ch regularly bears I r. Izar or-tachments of Drew soldiers back zo d, alvin o nson, Leon Smith, ns of our Dispensary Staff was to their "home base" as the first ANK!LE-DEEP IN SNOW George McCullough,. T/4' s Joseph fruit twice a year. What is it? instrumental in seeing that every-A w troops trained at Drew to pendence Mine, one of the oldest Brown, Flrancis Kane, Marcus 5 Which bubbles more violent-thing was satisfactory. return from overseas Hitt, Cpl. Weber White. ly when it or water? .T/5 Mart Brooks also helped SAW Detachment 16, and part of in Alaska, was a favorite spot FORMAL CEREMONY 6 If the word "telegraph" is w1th arrangements. He is as-Detachment 20A,l returnintg after with .the .. When weather The medals were awarded by broken up, "tele" means after; signed to the 91lth QM Platoon; six months of aska du y. ambitious Gis went Lt. Col. Ralph P. Stiehl at a what does "graph" mean? and I want to take time out to Also with the 621st were a prospectmg. Some even staked formal ceremony in the Head-7. If "Swing Shift Mazie" in-say that he is a swell guy from number of AW officers who out claims. Bu,t many a truck-quarters Company area, at which vi ted "Johnny Come to reveille to retreat played a large part in the Alasload went along to ski. Skis were the whole company was present her home for dinner, who would 'While on a long awaited 15-:kan communications and Signal t t 'b t t th b d b th h t d h th t? d I t S f' Service. drawn by the company supply moepnay n 1:1 e o e a ove name e e os ess an w o e 9ues ay eave o pnng Ield.and Bos-t f t t 8 Which one of the Five Great ton, Mass., our Area Mess Officer, The 621 s t was organi'zed as sergean rom quar ermas. er as Lt St 1 F t f th thl t' 0 t 1 t' t s t Lake' cannot be approached di-. an ey Kaczmarc. zyk found Plotting Company of the 557th par. o e company ;;; a e IC ur congra u a 1ons o g h If t th S W B t L t W h equipment. One ski run near In-James T. Flannery of Personnel rectly from Canada? Imse a e altar of a beautiful A n. at For aw on, as ., d d 1 d t b th h t t .. f f k d f (New England Church and at his in .the spring of 1942. The com. e:nce IS <; a1;ne o e e w o JUS re urne... rom ur-9. If you pic e rom your pany was then commanded by Lt. best m !he terntory, but most.of Iough with a new wife. He was Victory garden a vegetable or Side was a lovely bnde. L. H. Glassenberg. After reach-.the sol

DREW FIELD THURSDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1943. PAGE THREE WASHINGTON MILITARY INTELLIGENCE "-' Allies May Ask Stalin for Siberia n /Bases BY THE OBSERVER Three of the most powerful m .en in the world have sketched a battle plan to crush a militari stic nation which has attempted to subjugate the eastern world by force of arms. It will be a good plan and we have their pledge that it will be car,ried througl) to bitter completion. All the strength of the U.S. A., Great Britain and China will go into .the fight. There is a chance that Russia may add her might. The m ethods of bringing Japan to her knees are limited by the difficult geography and terrain of a battlefield which is bigger than several continents. There are only a few logical strategic approaches to the actual military problem. The Burma Gateway At 'present, Allied forces in the Southwest Pacific are engaged in the fantastically difficult task of climbing up the Pacific island by island. General Macarthur and Adm Chester Nimitz are running this end of it. Apparently they are not attending the Iran conference, nor any of their representatives. But members of the staff of Lord Lou.is Mountbatten -in command of the Burmese campaign when it is launchedare. That argues that the first steps in the operation will see Allied troops smashing at the doors of southern China through Burma. Presumably, the islandhop will continue as the other the pincers aimed at home 0 U T ( H That Stalin may meet Chiang 1 N D 1 A .sN Kai-shek could be indication that long, arduous campaigns in the Pacific islands and through China may not be necessary. There is S ld I p every reason to believe. that 0 1er S 1nup Churchill and Roosevelt will make a plea to Stalin for bases in Siberia from which to bomb Japan proper. His very presence in the same part of the world. with Chiang is hopeful. If the Allies are forced to do it the hard way, that is, fight every inch of the distance between New Guinea and Japan by the island route and through Burma and China to the shores of the east China and the Yell ow Sea, it can be gone. But it will takea long time, an ocean of .blood and sweat. Full-dress invasion of Java or Sumatra in the Dutch East Indies will some day be necessary and few campaigns in the history of man's war will be more, difficult. Aleutians Unlikely Route Most military analysts refuse to consider seriously the dubious Aleutian Island route into the enemy's home empire. Weather is. a terrible obstacle to organized military operations throughout the whole area and as a means 'of entrance, the Jap Kurile string of subArctic islands are unsatis-factory. They do not proyide a solid land mass from which to launch full-scale assaults; air bases are few and far between and it would be difficult to build more; naval bases, such as they are, have little protection from_ air attack from Japan's Hokkaido Island. Lt. Edwin Fisher Assumes New Post Lieutenant Edwin J. Fisher, commanding officer of the 903d Quartermasters, has been assigned Base. Motor Pool officer, it was announced. Lieutenant Wayman E. May had charge of "keeping them rolling" previous to the switch. The newly -appointed Motor Pool officer has been in the Army 10 years. He was an enlisted man iJ:\ t]:;).e Philippines for many years and later held a warrant officer' s commission while in Iceland. He returned to the United States, attended Officer Candidate School, and upon graduation was ordered to the 903d. Lieutenant Fisher is active in sports and was formerly an outfielder with the Cincinnati Reds. "I'll endeavor to keep the same efficiency maintained by Lt. May," he said. Dear Editor: In Nov. 18th, ECHOES I read Pfc. Mario Bodillo's Jetter and I think he is right. We don' t need "Hedy Lama1r, "Rita Hayworth,',' or '''Lana Turner" to pin up beside our bunks. Those girls out there are al ways getting their picture in the paper. Let's give our girl friends back home a chance. Here is a pictme of my future wife. Name: Miss Leanore Alaks, from up Chicago way. She is coming here to Drew Field-or wherever I am, after I'm out of the hospital. What's Betty Grable got that my girl hasn't? I'll be happy to sec he1 picture in our ECHOES. So will she. Pvt. Norris A. Lokey (Seein' is believin', Lol

PAGE FOUR DREW FIELD ECHOES, THURSDAY h DECEMBER 9, 1943 ,DREW FIELD ECHOES Official Publication Dre w Field P 0. Address: Dre w Field. Tampa Fla. Thursday, D ecember 9, 194 3 COLONEL MEL YIN B. ASP Air Base Commander DREW FIELD ECHOES IS a Post Exch a n g e A divlty, publis h e d each Thurs d a y in t h e inte rest ot the officers and enliste d m e n of Drew Field. Authority Sec. IT W. D. C ircula r 5 5 1943 under supervision of SpeCial S ervice Officer m accordance Wtth W. D. M emo. No W210-64 2 d a t e d 7, 1942, Subject: Publication of Post, Camp and Umt N ewspapers M ajor Chester K_ Delano, Bas. e Special S ervice Officer ;f Is located in Speci a l S ervice Building on 8th St. between Aves. A and B Building No. 14B-03 T e l epho n e, exten sion 2287 DREW FIELD ECHOES rece ives m a terial supplie d by Camp N e wspape r S ervice, W a r Department, 20 5 E. 42 St., N e w York City. Credited m a t eria l m a y not be republ!she d withot.t permission fro m C amp S e r vice. ::ou can't get in without a pass." folks. We've had the WACs at Drew for several moriths now. During that time all of us have seen them settle down in fine Army style to their jobs and help. make this Base a more efficient place to He Is Coming Soon By CHAPLAIN KARL L. MUMFORD work in. We a.r;e now in the midst of a strenuous campaign to recruit more of these women warriors and in our opinion the best way is for soldiers to write home and tell the l!nd the relatives just what the Nowadays ask any li,ttle boy or girl who is coming soon; and you'll get the eager reply: "Santa Claus!" Every day brings us nearer to Christmas. .WACs are doing. Posters and parades and speeches are fine when i:t comes to publicizing the WACs, but the best approach to ariy cam pa"ign is with intimate letters to personal Christmas should be happy because of children's joy in Santa Claus, and the kindness which even a war-torn world can not ignore at Christmas time. Yet the really. correct answer to the question, "Who is coming soon?" is n:ot :r:nerely Santa Claus. Rather it is: the .Christ Child. He is coming soon. friends. In this Advent season we look k forward to the coming of the That's why we urge you to ta e a pen Christ Child. Once he was born and become a recruiting sergeant via the in the manger, more mails. than 1,900 years ago. When each There must be a for this recruit returning Christmas reminds us program. The government wants more of the first Christmas it should women to fill the approximately 150 non-also assure us that the Holy Child combative duties. of Bethlehem is coming to us. The government needs more women There is no substitute for the because the thousands they now hav& in simple, trusting faith in God that khaki are doing a swell job. They'_re work-assures us of the coming into the world of Christmas, 1943 of our ing the same hours we are; doing the Saviour. In spirit each of us can jobs many of us were doing before their welcome him and now we prearrival. pare to welcome him, for he is coming soon! They're part of Army and this Recently In our chapel one Army is going places throughout the comco';lld ?bserve a scene of great ammahon. Floors were being bat fields of the world, thanks in part to scrubbed, windows washed, altar-the WACs on the non-comqative fields of ware polished, everything put the world. into perfect order. Why? Not simply to get ready for a serv-. ice, though such preparations are usual to a lesser degree each The major -reason was to prepare the chapel for/ a distinguished guest. The Genera l would be coming soon. Is this not a parable of the chapel in the center of your life and mine? We look forward expectantly toward Christmas. We ought-to be making thorough preparations in our own lives to receive the most distinguished Guest, and to make the Christ Child at home "in our lives. More than that, have we maintained and strengthened our faith that in the brave, new world we fight to make posSible, the spirit of Christ will be at home? Let -this Christmas make us happy and brave, because he is coming soon! So let's write "free" on that envelope --------------------------and mail a message toward world freedom to friends. Remember that girl friend, that school chum, that young lady who lives next door? They've all considered the WACs. They often feel kinda guilty not joining and putting their wholehearted effort towarq victory. Maybe your letter will Weekly Religious Services cinch the deal. So take a letter, Amigo. Tell them the WACs have the situation well in hand but need hundreds. of other hands to build our American bridge pointed toward the heart ot Berlin and Tokio. Drew's "Radio City" Many of you, no d<'H:J.bt, have wanted -to attend radio broadcasts. You've got your chance right here at Drew Field, where regularly scheduled broadcasts are made every. day except Sunday. All Drew Field broadcasts originate from the new bandshell, and all soldieFs are cordially invited to watch the Gl actors, engineers and sound men in action. The bandshell is equipped with the latest in radio transmission, and every broadcast is carried off in typically big time style. So drop around for a broadcast. We'll wager you'll have good time and learn how things started on their wa;/ to the loudspeaker. For a sched,ule of Drew Field broadcasts see. page 9. Sunday, December 12 PROTESTANT General Protestant Services, 10:30 a m.", Chapels, 1, 2, 3 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9 Episcopalian, 7 a m., Chapel 1, and 8 a m., Chapel 4 Luth,eran, 9 : 15 a.m., Chapel 4. Evening Services, 7 p.m., Chapels 3 4 5 and 9 CATHOLIC Sunday Masses, 7:30 a m. Ward B9, Base Hospital;. 8 and 9 a m ., Chapel 2 and Theater 3; 11:30 a m Chapel 4; 6 p m. ; Chapel 2 Weekday Masses 5 :45p. m ., Chapel 4 (except Sunday): 6 p m., Chapel 2 (except Wednesday.) Confessions, Saturday, 4:30 to 6 p.m: and 7 :30 to 9 p.m., Chapels 2 and 4 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE Sunday ser vices at 9:15 a.m., Chapel 1 ; Monday and Thursday con ferences, 4 to 7 p.m., Chapel 1. Travelers Aid Moves Offices The USO Travelers Aid has recently moved to Florida,. Ave. and Jackson St., where it is open daily from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Sunday from 1 to 10 p.m. Strangers in town will be able to find an answer to most of their p roblems here. MONTHLY COMMUNION (First Sunday) Episcopalian, 7 a m., Chapel 1, and 8 a m., Chapel 4 Presbyterian, 8 a.m., Chapel 3. Methodist, 9:15 a.m. Chapel 3 Lutheran, 9 :15 a m ., Chapel 4 Baptist, 9:15 a m., Chapel. 5 JEWISH W ednesday, 7:15 p m.; Friday, 8 p m ; Saturday, 8:30 a m., all in Chapel 3. WEEKDAY Christian Service Men' s League, 7 p m Tuesday, Chapel 5 CHAPEL LOCATIONS Chapel I-A ve. C and 8th St. Chapel 2-A ve. E and 6th St. Chapel 3-Ave. J and 2d St. Chapel 4-Ave. L and 2d St. Chapel 5-Ave. N and 2d St. Chapel 6-Closed. Chapel 7-Ave. M and E 1 s t S t. Chapel 8-Ave. N and 5th St. Chapel 9-Ave. K and 5 t h S t Theater 3-Ave. K and 2d St. Knights of Columbus Invites Soldiers Knights of meetings are held on the second and fourt h Tuesdays of each month. Father Toomey, pastor of Sa cred Heart Church, stated, "We are always very happy to h ave any of the boys attend!" The meetings are held at the corner of Cass and Tampa streets, above the military bus station. Communications to this eolumn must bear, for publication, the correct name and organization of the writer. Short letters are most interesting, and the right is reserved to cut letters when space limitations require. ECHOES Gets His Gloves Dear Sir: It is a pleasure for me to be able to thank you "for publishing information concerning my lost gloves, which I. lost -while returning from my furlough. I have received my gloves, thanks to the co:..operation of the Adjutant' s Section of Base Headquarters and the kind lady who gave me the lift Thank you, ECHOES editor, for the many ways "in which you aid the men _of Drew Field. SGT. HAROLD ROMBERGER A W Sergeant Lists Gripes To the ,Editor: As an instructor in one of the A W schools here I have a better chance of hearing Drew s .oldiers' gripes than most COs and topkicks. Here's a list of them (I'll try: not to make it too long): 1. Why can' t we wear Class B or Class A uniforms in "town, like other camps allow? 2. Why not excuse platoons, by turns, in a company, from standing retreat after Saturday inspection? 3. Why don' t we have the Tuesday review (parade) in the battalion area across from Kitchen 20 rather than have to hunt every few weeks for a new parade ground? 4. Why is the main entrance to the Field such an eyesore and a nuisance to the shoeshined soldier? 5. Last, why doesn' t the ECHOES echo more of these, apparently, yet ''nc:>t petty complaints? After all, it is letters like the one I write that help to improve the little things that count in a vast field such as Drew. And it is your paper that is doing such a good job 1in keeping the higher-ups,interested in finding out what the men (civilian soldiers, after all )want I agree with the men on all the gripes I have listed-not to have it printed but something done to to improve the morale. A W Sergeant. Like Us iii Texas Dear Sir: Since you had expressed. a desire to be informed of the condition of "Susie," the mascot of the 518th Fighter Bomber Squadron, formerly stationed at Drew, we thought we would write to you concerning her. "Susie" (the squirrel) traveled "first class with the squadron, having a spacious compart ment all to herself. She received the best of medical" care from our physician, and arrived safe and sound in Texas. The splints have as. yet not been removed from her leg, but it is expected that she will be in good enough shape in a week or two, so that they may be removed. As to "Susie's" increase in family, they have as yet not arrived. We are expecting the baby squirrels at any tirrie, and will notify you whe n the "blessed event' occurs. If the "Mysterious WAC, who took our photographs at Drew, still wishes to have one of the babies, we will send one back to her. The air base here is very small, compact, and nice. As yet, we have no WAC detachment on the base, but the buildings are ready for them, and they will arrive shortly. (Oh, happy day! ) We would like to have a copy o f the:ECHOES forwarded to us, if it is possible. We all .feel it is a grand paper, and one to be justly proud of. c. M/SGT. LLOYD E BARBER and CPL. R P. ROBINSON Wanted: More Unity Dear Editor: Stories have been going around lately that Tampans were starting to treat soldiers with a little more respect. We have yet to s e e any indication of such a change and the incident that h appened the other day certainly doesn' t help our morale any. We were on the r o a d to town, hoping to get a ride and about 40 yards in front of us there was a civilian, doing the same thing. After five cars went by w ithout stopping a sixth one finally slowed d own as if to pick us up but instead kept going till he came to the civilian; stopped to pick him up and speeded away. I understand that Tampans used ot be pretty nice to the soldiers, when there were only a few h ere and they really went out o f their way to h e'# them. Now, h owever, that there are perhaps hundreds o f sold iers in town almost every night the people seem to have tired of them. Ma y be the people h a v e a right to b e-'tired but will someone please t ell us how any good American can become tired of seeing soldiers whether there are a few or there are hundreds. After all, these same boys will someday be on one of our far-flung battlefields fighting for their lives to protect these same Americans. Please understand that we are not criticizing all of the Tampans because we have met some real fine people here. As for the others we sincerely hope they will understand our side of the battle and change their attitude. Yours for a bigger and better AIR FORCE. Sincerely, FOUR GI's FROM THE 552d.


DREW FIELD THURSDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1943 PAGE FIVE Why Leave Tampa? SOLDIER SELECTS A PINUP GAL! This young loss is Miss Elaine Leek of Tompo1 whose photo was turned in by Pvt. C. F Cui ick of Plant Pork. We think Pvt Gulick/s selection is e xcellent. PEARL HARBOR SNEAK VIVID TO AW OFFICER Promotions Get 569th Soldiers 'Congrat' .Cigars By CPL. BANK GOODMAN Battalion Headquarters at the 569th is busily smoking three different brands of cigars as three officers beam from under newly-acquired bars. Chaplain KyleR. Lawrence, recently promoted to captain, instituted candy bars as an alternative for those who are not inclined to cigarsmoking. In Battalion S-4, Captain Daniel F. Bost, having just donned the double bar, is currently passing out the stogies without the eternal By PVT. WILLIAM E. KEITH M-R to be signed. b k h" And Lt. Philip F Farrell, start-Just two years ago this week-a long way ac In ISing at the home grounds in 1st tory for most of us-a persistent slamming and bangi:q.g R:eporting company, Il!ade the noise slowly awakened an American family living in Hacigar-rou_nds after fr_om .. gold to silver on becommg a first wan. They were sleepmg late on a Sunday mormng -It lieutenant. The battalion extends was later than they thought, than most of us thought. heartiest congratulations to the "L 1 STOP b th t newly promoted. arry. angmg a door," Maurice C Boles drowsily range firing. His friends think The war was brought startcalled to his early-rising, 5-year-he was inspired by the sight of ingly close to Sgt. Harold W. old son. that obsolete equipment. Newbry when he learned that "I'm not banging the door, I'm WORK FEVERISHLY his cousin, Richard S. Newbry, fighting Japs, father," Larry When the Japs were through U. S. Navy Air Corps; was the called back through the home in that morning, there wasn't much sole survivor of a crew of the pleasant residential section. left. Our people did what had seven that crashed into the Pa NOW COMMANDS to be done-what could be done. cific off the Hawaiian Islands Boles, now Lt. Boles, CO of the The fires were put out, the rui).-recently. 1st Reporting Company, 503d ways were cleared, the bomb Nothing is quite as sobering as SAW, but then an executive in a ctaters were filled in, the debris a narrow escape, Harold agreed, Honolulu accounting firm, said, piled in barricades, parts of as he related this incident which "Well, stop it and get back to smashed air:raft, guns, tanks, gives him his initial though re bed!" He rolled over. "Japs ... were fitted to other smashed air-mote claim to fame in the war he thought. craft, guns, tanks to improvise thus far. The banging persisted; Sud. weapons. Even the unsu_bmerged Technical Sergeant Peter "Do denly like a shot, he jumped turrets of sunken warships were do" Masciale, God's gift to conclear of the bed and rushed manned. The Japs would be back temporary dance,. says the furto the window.. eyerybody thought; they wouldn' t Iough blues have vanished since Two miles away flight after fmd a pushover everybody knew. Brooklyn's beautiful Stella sent flight of the war planes of Twenty-four hours later the him the photograph of herself. Japan were screaming down on defenses were .ready. Lt. Boles, Pete met Stella on furlough, partthe roaring, snarling Ame:rican with about a company of the ing was such sweet sorrow, but naval base at Pearl Harbor. makeshift army, was standing blue skies are back to stay, and Lieutenant Boles remembers guard on. a in Pete"-can dance once more. Up Pearl Harbor! He is not enthud_own which the natives shd .on in Jersey City he' s known as siastic about talking for publicah-leaves. "Dodo Jackson," the Jersey State tion-his. friends tell most of this Just before dawn unidentified Jitterbug and holder of many trostory-but he does say he wishes airplanes were reported heading phies won in jitterbug contests all Drew soldiers could have had in from the sea. Then the watch up there "Ask me if I can waltz, the eye-witnessed picture he had. heard the droning of engines from and I can't!" says the Kid from A member of the Hawaiian Ter-the distance. This was it they Journal Square for the benefit ritorial Guards, Boles made a thought. The droning grew. Sudof the press. dash from his s _hrapnel hit home denly in the first light of morn-A uote of gratitude to Pvt. to the guard's headquarters ing, .around Old Diamond Head, Yates Padgett, Message Center There mailmen, clerks, cops, the' airplanes came wheeling in, driver, who collaborates with dentists, truck drivers were be-breaking out as they did with this writer in getting this copy ing given arms by the Army: lights on their tail assembly up to the editor a few minSpringfields, Enfields, shotguns; markings of the American ,b.ir utes before deadline. Thanks, anything that would shoot was Force. They were the vanguard Yates, old man. being passed out to anyone who of the reinforcements from the ---'------------was an :American. Lt. Boles is mainland, that have been rolling now an' ex.pert on rifles and higher ever _since 503d Party Highlights Fun By PFC. GRANT HOFF Delovely and talented ladies, side splitting-comedians, toe tinkling dance rhythms, exotic lighting effects and deli cious n;freshments these were highlights of the 503d Signal Aircraft Warning Regimental party, held on the eve of Thanksgiving, in Rec. Hyas in! subject yourself to strict disciplinary action as well. Here J are three actual cases: t1 A major, while serving on a staff in an a ctive theater of t operations, wrote letters to friends in the United States which \1 disclosed order of battle a n d casualties, and contained violent : .. .. criticism of superior officers, including the General in com;:' :): mand of the entire operation. He was s e v erely reprimanded .,, by the chief of staff o f tha t command, transferred to a home station, and reduced to his p ermanent grade of first lieutenant. A sergeant, in conversation with two Allied noncoms and ::t in the presence of civilians, disclosed exact details of a ne\\' :::=== and secret type of combat airplane. This information might :,,,, have impaired the effectiveness of the plane and resulted ... in serious loss of lives among Allied forces, besides enabling the ene1ny to adjust their defenses to meet the new weapon .. :::=:: The sergeant was sentenced to five years' imprisonment; )f with total f.orfeiture of pay and allowances, and dishonorif: able discharge from the Army. ::::;, A major, while on temporary duty with the War Depart.. ment, sent a cable in the clear to the Commanding General fj of the U. S Army forces in an overseas theater advising him that he was being replaced by another officer. For disclosing ,,. this secret information, the major was reduced to his per manent grade of second lieutenant.


PAGE Cage Quintet Of903dQM Bends Joints General Sherrill Lauds 5th AW Camouflage Unit The 5th Training Battalion, commanded by Col. James F. McGraw, has received a letter of commendation from Brig. Gen. F. Sherrill, <:;ommahding General of A WUTC, for the excellent camouflage display put oh by the 5th Training Battalion camouflage school as a part of downtown Tampa's publicity for ., the premiere of "This Is the Army." In the letter, Gen. Sherrill said that he was impressed with the effectiveness and orig.inality of the display and that he heard many -favorable comments from staff officers of the Third Air Force. In: conclusion, the letter said: "I am sure that the units which are trained by the 5th Training Battalion must receive superior instruction in this important phase of preparation for service in combat areas." Bombsight Bertha Killed LONDON-(CNS)Dorothy '(Bombsight Bertha) Robson, 23-year-old flier and bombsight expert, was killed on a test flight here. Miss Robson was said to have been as accurate in placing bombs on a target as any flier in England. DREW FIELD ECHOES, 9, 1943 Sm:o.ofhies Win 55 J d Challenges 1 760 Basketeers Company "C" and Company "D" are living in tends, but tha,t doesn't phase these hardy men. A few of the boys have even been using their barracks bags as extra covering, but all are in good spirits. It was surprising to observe bath tubs. The WACs sure had the conveniences of home when living here. Furlough Moods Of 2d Reporting 50 3d Man Listed .By CPL. WILLIAM SCHWARTZ Hevia Says Key Man in Venereal Fight Is NCO The key man in the Army's offensive against venereal disease is the non commissioned officer, said S /Sgt. Henry A. Hevia, Finance Detachment, in his lecture to the large group of NCOs. Under the direction of Capt. A E. Abraham, Base venereal' control officer, the class meets weekly at the Red Cross Building in the Base Hospital. After completing thecourse, the men will be qualified to return to their company and teach the subject. Sergeant Hevia brought out ihat in defense against a chemical attack, the key man was the gas NCO and that his role in charge of prevention of veneral disease was, in its field, just as important and just as vital. He told a group that as early as 1900, the Army gave a brief course of instructions to noncommissioned officers. The intention was to impart a common sense knowledge among the most intelligent of the enlisted mep. in their companies. Through the influence, alertness and leadership of the NCOs on Drew Field, coupled with the knowledge acquired :,tt the weekly lectures, the venereal diseases can be stymied, the sergeant said. Giving definite and detailed methods to use, Sergeant Hevia explained to the class how to help th e en-listed man. 1 He a,dvocated use of: laxis, substitute activities to build individual and organizational morale, educating, and mbst! important, emphasizing 'the neces sity of bringing infected persons before someone who .c;m ,aid: 'JlP,e first sergeant, the C


P>AGE AMitJISEM,Et+TS FREE DREW FIELD ECHOES, USOs Provide Quality Entertainment for Sol WIVES OF DREW MEN find fun and friendship at the Wives' Luncheons featured daily at the USO, 607 Twiggs St. Here "Josie," wife of Pvt. Frank Saccenti, "Lillian/' wife of Lt. Gordon Preller, "Helen," wife of Cpl. Alex M. Rakocy, and "Kay," wife ofT /Sgt. John Carle IIi, complete their Food is bought with USO ration points, E:ooked by the wives, who divide the cost by the number of girls present. LUNCHEON'S REA'?._Y, and the cooks are joined by several working wives, who come in on their lunch hour. The color ful dining room is usep for joint suppers, cooked by wives whose soldier husbands join in table setting and dish washing. Hungry service men who visit the USO often induce the girls to turn out a quick batch of fudge or French fries here. KP IS FUN when many hands make light work of preparing luncheon. Miss Martha Trumbull, USO hostess, rations cherries, "Tillie," wife of T /Sgt. Charles McBride, explores a sack. "Rose," whose husband is Pfc. Albert C. DeCarlis, tends the stove. "Lill ian" discovers a leftover in the icebox. Food not eaten by the wives is distributed to soldiers who drop into the USO. DISHES ARE DONE, so "Helen," "Rose," "Kay," "Lillian" and "Josie" relax on the pleasant upstairs sleeping porch. Lonely wives make the Twiggs St. USO their headquarters, do their washing and ironing here, write their letters, and do their sewing together. New members are very welcome, soon fit into the happy little group. uso TODAY Noon-Wives' Luncheon, 607 Twiggs St. 7 p.m.-Mr. and Mrs. Club, sup per, 607 Twiggs St. 8 p.m.-Spanish class, 607 Twiggs St. Parish Night, Bingo, 506 Madison St. Dancing party, 710 Harrison St. (Negro). P<>tio dance, 214 North Blvd. TOMORROW 10 : 30 a.m.-Expectant Mothers Class, 607 Twiggs St. Noon-Wives' Luncheon, 607 Twiggs St. 6 p.m.-Fish Fry, 821 S. Rome Ave. 7 : 30 p.m.-Art for Fun, 607 Twiggs St. 8 p.m.-Music and 607 Twiggs St. 506 Madison St. 8:30 p.m :-Musical North Blvd. Singcopation, Patio Dance, feature, 214 SATURDAY, DEC. 11 Noon-Wives' L u n c he on, 607 Twiggs St. 8 : 30 p.m.-Hi 11 bill ":i band, 607 Twiggs St. Musicale, 506 Madison St, Party Night, dancing, 214 North Blvd. SUNDAY, DEC. 12 9:30 a .m.-Coffee Hour, 506 Madi-' son St. Coffee Hour, 706 Twiggs St. 3 p.m.-Philharmonic Symphony broadcast, 607 Twiggs St. 4 p .m.-Fireside Party Hour, 214 North Blvd. 4:30 p.m.-Music Study Social Hour, 607 Twiggs St. Supper, 821 S. Rome Ave. 7 p.m.-Club Sing, 214 North Blvd. 7:15 p.m.-"Let' s Discuss, 607 Twiggs St. 8 p.m.-Forum, 214 North Blvd. MONDAY, 13 Noon-;Wives' Luncheon, 607 Twiggs St. 2 p.m.-Sewing Class, 607 Twiggs St. 7 p.m.-C 1 ass i cal Music, 697 Twiggs St. 8 p.m.-Games, ping-pong tournament, YMHA, Ross and N e braskaDebating Club (1st and 3d weeks), 710 Harrison St. (Ne gro). Spanish Class (2d and 4th weeks), 710 Harrison St. (Negro). 8:30 p.m.-Sing cop at ion, 607 Twiggs St. Special Program, 214 North Blvd. Movie, 506 Madison St. TUESDAY, DEC. 14 Noon-Wives' on, 607 Twiggs St. 7:30 p.m.-Art for Fun ,607 Twiggs St. 8 p.m.-Party, Service Center, 214 North Blvd. Photo Club (1st and 3d weeks), 214 North Blvd. Dramatic Club (2d 1d 4th) weeks), 214 North Blvd. 8 : 30 p .m.-Community Sing, 506 Madison St. ':'yping Class, 710 Harrison St. (Negro). p m .-Chess Club, 214 North Blvd. 9:30 p .m.-Educational Movie and Typing Class, 710 Harrison St. WEDNESDAY, DEC. 15 Noon-Wives' L u n c he on, 607 Twiggs St. 7 p .m.-Dance instruction, 214 North Blvd. 7:30 p.m.-Glee Club practice, 507 Twiggs St. 8 p .m.-Dance, 506 Madison St. Bridge, 214 North Blvd. Spanish Class, 710 Harrison St. (Negro). 8:30 p m F eature M ovie and Camera Club, 214 North Blvd. Coffe Hour, 706 Twiggs St. Pfc. Bryan (Bitsy) Grant, former Davis Cup t ennis star, has b een seeing a lot of the USA since his induction in 1942. He' s now stationed at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., his seventh Army camp. SERVICE CLUBS TODAY 7 : 30 p .m.-Bridge Tournament, 1008 Kay St. 8 p.m.-Chess and Checker Tournaments, YMHA, Ross and Nebraska Aves. Party, Christian Service Center, Tampa and Tyler Sts. TOMORROW 7 : 30 p.m.-Dance for Drew Field men, 1008 Kay St. (Negro). SATURDAY, DEC. 11 7 p.m.-Dance, Elks Club, Florida Ave. and Madison St. 7 : 30 p m .-Soldiers chorus, Chris tian Service Center, Tampa and Florida Sts. 8 p.m.-Open House, YMHA, Ross and Nebraska Aves. SUNDAY, 12 1 p m .-Open House, Tampa and Tyler Sts. 2 p.m.-Special guest hour, 710 Harrison St. Intersocial Club, game 506 Madison St. 5 p m ...:....Navy Mothers Club, 305% 'Nater St. 5:30 p .m.-Songfest and refreshments, Florida Ave. and Tyler St. First Methodist Church. 6 p m .-Victory Vespers, Christian Service Center, broadcast over WTSP. 7 p m .-Vespers Service, Men's Center, 1008 Kay St. (Negro). 8 p m .-Dance, Drew Field orchestra, YMHA, 'Ross and Ne-baska Aves. 8:15 p.m.-Singaree and Fellowship Hour, Polk and Marion Sts. 9 p m .-Informal hour, Tampa and Tyler Sts. MONDAY, DEC. 13 7 : 30 p.m.-Symphony Orchestra practice, Tamp< and Tyler Sts. 8 p m -Ping-pong tournament, YMHA, Ross and Nebraska Aves. Dance, 1008 Kay St. TUESDAY, DEC. 14 6:30 p .m.-Victory Girls chorus, 1008 Kay St. 7 p.m.-Tampa Chess Club, DeSoto Hotel. 8 p .m.-Bowling tourney, YMHA, Ross and Nebraska Aves. 8 : 15 p .m.-Dance, Municipal Auditorium. WEDNESDAY, DEC. 15 7:30 p.m.-Ping-pong tournament, 1008 Kay St. 8 p.m.-Community sing, YMHA, Ross and Nebraska Aves. 9 : 15 p m .-Camera Club and Bridge instruction, 214 North Blvd. Baptist Church Extends Welcome The First Baptist Church, Lafayette and Plant avenues, extends a hearty invitation to all Drew Field service men, t'o take advantage of extensive program of service activities. Under the direction o f the Rev. Leavell, a six-invitation program has been arranged as follows: Sunday, 9:45 a .m.-Service Men's Bible Class. Sunday, 11 a.m. and 8 p.m.Prayer Service and Sermon. Sunday, 6 : 45 p .m.-Baptist Training Union. Sunday, 9 p m -Socia l Get-together. 1 Thursday, 8 p .m.-Recreation Hour. All hours-Welcome to our Homes. New Drew Radio Show Featured A new Dre w Field radio show entitle d ";Regar d s, P rivate Lobby." made i t s debut on Statio n WDAE last Thursday night and will continue a s a regula r weekly f eature Lt. G e orge W Kluge, Base assi s t a n t s pecial service offic e r anno unced. The s c ript is the work of Pvt. C. Frank l y n Gulick, while the leading r ole is p layed b y C p l. Alfred P anetz The show deals with the Army life o f Pvt. Lobby A 25-minute program, i t i s aired at 8:30 p m every Thursday. The broadcast i s made f r o m the stage o f the b ands h ell and may be attended by anyone. PIN-UP PICTURES, greatly in last received due recognition. sey Ames won first prize at show by the Academy of at Hollywood (International St. Petersburg Information, guest cards, etc., at the Recreati

Cliers, WACs and .Wives ThroughoutWeek by soldiers, have at s photo of brunette Ram I sti II photographers Picture Arts and Sciences Plant City uso TODAY Crystal Springs. Bus USO 7 : 30 p.m. TOMORROW You Please Night." for everyone to do. RDA Y, DEC. 11 Victory Belles are MONDAY, DEC. 13 a Letter Home." Send a record for Christmas. TUESDAY, DEC. 14 at armory. Meet at USO, p.m. WEDNESDAY, DEC. 15 at American Legion OPP._OSite USO. 601 Cleveland (op Capital Open to 11 p.m., for tli e con-of service men. CENTER. Open SatSunday from 10 a.m. Open w _eek days by Directions may be ob-t the Lounge S: Wednesday nights .m. to 10:30 p.m., and 8 p .m. to 11 p.m.-Auditorium. isit Your PX! LOCATION in beverage, 1oth in g, an d e r c h a n d i s e 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 10 11 12 15 c. Sta. .2d St. & Ave. F PX Office, 1st. St. & Ave. B. 8th & Ave. A Area F on Ave. J 8th & Ave. H E-lst & Ave. L Camp DeSoto Plant Field 4th & Ave. L Hosp. Area-B-10 1st & Ave. "J 2d' & Ave. N Flight Line ;West Area 3 F. C. Hq. Ave. J at E. Fence Lodging Scottish Rite building, 502 ast Lafayette street; Tampa, ouses a free 50-bed dormitory, for service men. WhatToDoOnDre-w POST THEATERS To conserve paper, mimeographed theater schedules no longer will be distributed to your This listing of theater programs, radio broadcasts, and Drew Field entertainment may be, snipped from the ECHOES and kept handy for ready reference. TIJIIETABLI<: Nos. 1, 2 and 4-6 aml 8 l''" Nos. 3, 5 and 6--7 un(l 9 p.m. No. 7-7 p.m. No. 8-8 p.m. SUNDAY llfATINEES NtOs. 1, 3 and 7-2 tLm. Nos. 2, 4 and 6--3 p.m. DAILY AND SUNDAY JIJATINEgS No. 5--l, 3 and 5 p.Jn. (Theaters 7 and 8 are for oolo red troops.) 'l'HEATE R LOCA'.riONS No. l-Ave. F betwee n 6th & 8th Sts. No. 2-Ave. B nnd 6th St. J!'l"o. 3-2nd St. & Ave. K. No. 4-lst St. between N & 0 Aves. No. 5--4th St. between F & G Aves. No. 6--N Ave. between 9th a.nd lOth Sh. N DeSoto areot. No. &-'Ves t aren.. TODAY Theaters 1 .and 5 .-THE HEAT' S ON: Mae West, William Gaxton, Victor Moore, Xavier Cugat and Orch.; RKO Pathe News;. March of Time. Theaters 2 and 7 THIS IS THE ARMY: All star cast. Theaters 3 and 4 HANDS ACROSS THE BORDER: Roy Rogers; Sports short; Terry Toon. Theaters 6 and 8 THE NORTH STAR: Walter Huston, Walter-Brennan; Ann Baxter, Ann Harding; RKO News. TOMORROW Theaters 1 and 5 WOMEN IN BONDAGE:. Patrick, Nancy Kelly, Henry; Magic Carpet; Vodvil; Color cartoon. Theaters 2 and 7 Gail Bill Film THIS IS THE ARMY: All. star cast. Theaters 3 and 4 THE HEAT'S ON: (See cast above.) RKO -Pathe News; March of Time. Th-eaters 6 and 8 THE NORTH STAR: (See cast above.) RKO-Pathe News. SA TU RDA Y, DEC. 11 Theaters 1 and 5 CONEY ISLAND: Betty Grable, George Montgomery; Cesar Romero, Char 1 e s W inninger.; Sportscope; Merrie Melodies. Theaters 2 and 7 THE NORTH STAR: (See cast above.) RKO-Pathe News. Theaters 3 and 4 THE HEAT' S ON: (See cast above.) RKO_ Pathe News; March of Time. Theaters 6 and 8 HANDS ACROSS THE BORDER: (See c .ast above. ) Sports short; Terry Toon. Radio Programs By Drew Field (All broadcasts now made fro m bandshell on Drew Field. Anyone may observe broadcasts. ) MONDAY through SATUR DAY, 7 : 05 a.m.-WFLA-"Drew Field Reveille." THURSDAY, 10:35 a .m.WDAE-69th Army Air Force Band. THURSDAY, ._1!:30 p .m.-WDAE -Regards, Private Lobby. SATURDAY, 7:30 p.m.-WFLA -"Wings and Flashes..?' SUNDAY, 12:45 p m .-WFLA "Drew Field Echoes." Stars Face Draft New est Army -bound big leaguers are Ken Trinkle and Hugh East, Giant pitcfiers; Char lie Keller, slugging Yankee o.utfie1der; Chubby Dean, Mike Cen ter, Henry Edwards and G en e Woodling of the Cleveland Indians; Sherrod Robertson of Washington; Dee. Moore of the Phillies; and Dick West, Cincin nati catcher. SUNDAY, DEC. 12 Theaters 1 and 5 HAPPY LAND: Don Frances Dee, Harry Ann Rutherford; Radio dies; Corpmunity Sing. Theaters 2 and 7 THE NORTH STAR: (See cast above. ) RKO -Patl1e News; Theaters 3 and 4 WOMEN IN BONDAGE; (See cast .above.) Magic Carpet; Film Vodvil; Color Cartoon. Theaters 6 and 8 THE ON: (See cast above.) RKO -Pa:the News; March of Time. MONDAY, DEC. 13 Theaters 1 and 5 HAPPY LAND: (See cast above.) Radio Melodies; RKO-Pathe News; Community Sing. Theaters 2 and 7 IN OLD OKLAHOMA: John Wayne, Martha Scott, Albert Dekker; Fox and Crow cartoon. Theaters 3 and 4 CONEY ISLAND: (See cast above.) Sportscope; Merrie Melodies. Theaters 6 and 8 THE HEAT'S ON: (See cast above.) RKO Pathe. News; March of Time. TUESDAY, DEC. 14 Theaters 1 .and 5 IN OLD OKLAHOMA: (See cas t above.) Fox and Crow cartoon. Theaters 2 and 7 THE HEAT'S ON: (See cast above.) RKO Pathe News; March of Time. Theaters 3 and 4 HAPPY LAND: (See C

PAGE TEN By PFC. "BUNNIE" CASSELL We humbly thank that guy who wrote the nize compliments to "Wactivities" in this week's copy of the WAC RAG. His sentiments about WACs in general were most sweet, and said precisely what we said last week about the soldier girls' gift to camp morale. DR: EW FIELD ECHOES,-THURSDA?, DECEMBER 9, 1943 Presents Conduct Awards To 174 Soldiers By CPL, JIM KILLINGSWORTH One hundred and seventy-four more "on-the-ball" lads from the 50lst Regiment are proudly displaying their redan_d-white Good Conduct ribbons this week, havirig re ceived them during inspection last Saturday. Men were se. lected "because of their outstanding, exact and faithful performance of their duties. The justly proud lads are listed at the end of this column. HQ. AND HQ. CO. MORE ABOUT-The RAG, by the by, seems to gai n more fans each week, and COLONEL MELVIN B. ASP, Drew Field commonder, okays S /Sgt. Russell L Geary and is well worth its popularity, trip ticket of Bus Driver Maynard Cray, who took the Louis Ya r e; T / 3 Vilas Miller; THREE 396th though it keeps us hopping for f t Gl b t f th d news items which have not al-. Irs us ou ? e new epot. Sgts. Alvin Aungst, James Fehrready been copped by la Dean. To NEW 1nan, Arthur Kean' and Richard guys and gals who hail from BUS DEPOT OPE_ NS Mueller; T/4' s Guy Bradley, Minnesota, it's amusing to note James Crivelli, Joh_ n Early, Nels that Leta Dean hails from St. Paul, while we who compete with (Continued from P>O&-e 1) Downtownbusses will not stop Hansen and John Holt; Cpls. h _er hail from Minneapolis ... motor pool officer, that camp after leaving the Depot until they Glenn Borders, Frank Barr Jr. and so the feud betweenthe Twin scheduled to meet reach Tampa. Drivers of the huge and Clifford Taylor; T /5's Park Cities continues, even between all mcom1qg Tampa_ busses. A d sisters in the service! "We will operate on a 10 ,-commerc1al veh1cles were pleased n erson, Geglio. Carello, Everett t h d 1 th over Tuesday's tal Centner, August Buchert, Car-E. B. Howat has been enter-mmu e sc e u e e same as m1 1 runs, downtown busses during the peak claiming the movement of soldiers mello Messina, Nicola "Poilucci, taining her sister again. .This hours," he said, "And during the was considerably shorter than the Nicola Garone, Clifford Cockroft, time, that cute member of the slack periods we'll drop to a 15-.old method. Harold Hout, Frank Natrowicz, Howat team br-ought her friend minute run. Soldiers commented on the sta-Th B D t 1 t d t d Lawrence Stevenson, William "Mac," a beauteous blond pin-e us epo Is oca e cen-Ion an pomted out that they uppable gal, with her. The_ trally on the Post, thereby givnew could go to town during in-Hayes, Charles Manning, Pete ing a majority of soldiers a well-clement weather without injuring Sorce and Dave Van Belt; Pfcs. three of-them, E. B., Butch, and located station. their clean uniforms w 1 11 1am F aude, Richard Lewis, Mac, make a trio which is The camp busses are rerouted Northbound camp busses can Hines Morris, James Warsing, threatening the Andrews sis-to cover all areas of the Base. make the circle about their areas Willie Franklin, Charles Bare, ters-or almost, anyways. Right "We're watching our route, Lt. in approximately 40 minutes. Louis Lualdi and Ewell. Reaves; cute they'd be, on most any Fisher said, "And if we can better 1 Southbound busses take about 30 Pvts. James Barton, Richard stage. Us, we spent the entire the conditions in any we'll minutes. Southbound busses re-Lake, Donald McLaren, Paul time in trying to recruit Mac do it. verse their route after 5 p.m. Schadowald, Raymond Storer, a nd Butch, with the enthusiastic George Ward, Marvin Expervier, approval of Lt. Ward All for DREW AIR WAC SW-ING Albert Letourneau, John Majew.,tlte morale of the boys, of $ ski, Clarence Snyder, Raymond course, who really showed the :Thornburg and Clyde White. gals a time, at the Service r 0 cADEN cE IN PARADE 1ST RPTG co. Club hop pn Monday last. Most fun we've had in a long Sgts. John. Canning and James Schneiderhan; T / 4 s Raymond hme was last Tuesday evenmg. Fifty Air-WACs from the Drew Fl'eld Detachment Orr and Martin Stoss; Cpls. John Tw.enty-four -members of the Women's Volunteer Ambulance headed by Lt. Doris Ward commanding officer h d An?-erson, David Cain, Edward marc e 1n Hmdy, John Bown, George Corps of St. Petersburg, re-Tampa Fnday mght, chmaxmg the current WAC recruit-Doubek, Lester Metz, Charles splendent in their smart blue uni-forms, came to visit the girls in irig drive in this area. O'Donnell, George White and khaki. The dinner, help for the Following the parade, Major from' the Tampa MP detachment John Sell; T / 5 s Pete Barth, Nelpurpose of inducing some of the Winthrop Stevens, commander of and a 50-piece military band from son Easton, FranL _Humpola, St. Petersburg misses to exchange the Air-WAC caravan from Max-Maxwell Field, the WACs pre-Lalley James Mmr, John Qmg blue-for OD, produced many well Field, spoke t o an audience sented a spirited showing to leY:, Harold Rogers, staunch admirers of the "Air of Tampa citizens assembled in civilians, lined along the sideShippee, R obert Thomas, WACs" at Drew. the city auditorium. walks for more than a mile who Blackledge, J ames A _corn, Wilham .After a merry song-fest at The march began at Franklin applauded as the women-soidiers Herberger, Paul Kmg, mess, the gals adjourned to Bar-and Tyler streets and paraded passed by. Lott, W a1lace Pay n e Millard racks 16, which had been manitl;\_rough Franklin street to La-WAC units of jeeps armored Reeves. cured, once over lightly, for the fayette, then west to Plant Park cars, antiaircraft cars,' antitank H omer S anders J r., Oscar oqslaughl. While ti;J.ey exclaimed where the rally was held. Led and other mobile gun units which Thomas and Edgar Wyant; Pfcs. over our handsome quarters, by a jeep and three staff cars were a part of the WAC Frank Blackmere, George Down-models for a GI style show hur-caravan completed the parade ey, Raymond F oster, Fr

DREW FIELD ECHOESi THURSDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1943 PAGE ELEVEN Blow It Out 501st Poet Tells Bugler American Ingenuity Turkeys, Guests, Soldier S Shine At 588th Feed Poetry rears its ugly head again this week in the 501st, from the pen of Pfc. Malcolm Gressman, who suggests the following is ideal for late-atnight harmonizing in the latrine, sung to the tune of By S/SGT. LESTER SHEAR The big news of the week at 588th SAW concerned the get together of enlisted men, officers, wives, parents and guests for Thanksgiving dinner served at Mess Hall 20. 'Trees":R.ECOLLECTIONS OF In fact, the news was" so big it hit the news section of the Tampa Tribune, pictures and all. The hall was decked out with table cloths, andgrinning waiters. Entering the hall, everyone was agreeably surprised with the beauty of the decorations and the mixed aroma ef. pine and ro.ast turkey. I know that I no more shall hear A voice so softly to my ear. A voice that whispers to arise AIRCRAFT WARNING TROOPS carry a variety of weapons And tells of dawn and sunlight skies. and the problem of too many armams=nt racks has plagued A voice come from a mother's the cannon packin' boys of the 4th SAW. So, Lt. -Andrew breast R. McCoy, armory officer, and S/Sgt. Alfred Norwat, chief To rouse me gently from my armo_rer, used a hammer, saw and a few ideas to construct rest. new tamper-proof -multiple racks. They are shown here Beasts are up betimes, but then-with thr.ee types of the racks, which have been approved by They are beasts and we are Third Air Force. One type holds 15 of the '03-A 1 or A-3 -men. Springfields, 1917 Enfields or BARs. A shorter rack can I'd rather lie in bed you know hold 20 carbines or tommy guns, and another type, though Than hear some damned -old bugler blow. it looks like previous models, cannot be Jimmy Valentined Hundreds of pretty wives and girl friends did much to add to the be.auty and color of the stzy roundings. Present also were the motor pool's. six WACs. It was discovered that the female GI is just as much chow hound as the male. Another spot of color was added by five Marines, one of whose comments was "No thanks, I haven' t room for two dishes of ice cream!" After that we knew the meal was a success. SMOKE RINGS A new round of cigars popped up a few days ago with three officers rating those. new and shiny silver bars. New 1st are Lts. Gilbert H. Bertie, "Welcome home" to one of our by anyone, even its inventors. Designs for the racks were newest corporals, Frank Barr Jr., by T/5 Robert E Krajci and T/5 Frank C. Murta. Old who reports that Birmingham is racks will be kept in use, but in the future the armory will a GI paradise for furloughing; feature the real "McCoy. says the girls there do the whistling ... 'tis said a certain------------___:____ ________________ CO of Company A ; William F. Burke, Jr., CO of Headquarters Company, and Llewellyn Helsley, Assistant Adjutant. Congratulations and lots of luck with the new rank. First Sergeant in Headquarters and Headquarters Company takes his daily calisthenics doing roadwork around the day-room pool table. 8 S 3 Detachment Ready for Party ODDS AND ENDS: Congratulations to newly appointed 1st Sgt. Jim Smith of Headquarters Company. Looks natural to see Jim's secretarial spread in the driver's seat ... The battalion ... Another Birmingham booster, Pfc. Al Mixon, is just back from furlough, arid with his lovely wife .... Pfc. Jacob Cook came back fro'm "Deep in the Heart of-" just in time to pick up the lettuce he won on a football' pool Another of the new Corporals, Robert McRose, spent his furlough in Ohio and Cpls. Bertagnoli and Jenner just got back in time for pay day. finds itself momentarily without Once agam the 853d Signal Service Detachment Is pre-an Executive Officer; Capt. paring for a party and this time the arrangements are in Foss, noted for his former th 1 a d 'bl h d f p t L 1' R 1 as qirector of the battalion e ar0e an capa e an s o nva e es Ie ugg es, our motor school and pool, having Nebraska cornhusker. Just to be different, this time our been transferred to the 721st ... regular monthly shindig will be held at another location. 1st Dick of If Pfc. Alex Radford, who must belong to the Duke University Chamber of Commerce, is still wondering what dastardly GI tied down his bunk t'other eve, he A havmg a d1ff1Cult time hal-We don t thmk the change m locatwn should make any ancing his duties between the difference to our boys, and a good time should be had by all. company and that better company Who do you think made the at the Tan:pa _. : T/5 -need look no further than across the aisle in Headquarters. headlines this week, but the quiet Meet 'th' e Frlend Frank A. FlmOWlCZ s Wife JUSt ar-and retiring Pfc. "Red" Rice. from Maryland. "Red" did it the harai way, too, Nicest advances of the month Sgt. Bill Tilley of First Reporting Company objects to such names being tacked onto his outfit as "Happy Valley" and "Sick, Lame and Lazy"-says Tilley: by becoming the pappy of a six go to the Smiths-Edward and and pound bouncing Sidney, both T/5s and both of baby girl. At last reports, mother Company c. They were accepted and child were doing well. Pine-as Warrant Officers (jg) on the "We're a bunch of. tough GI's" Good news came in a double dose at Headquarters last weekLt. Charley Walker back at his desk after a siege with the medi cos, and Sgt. Major N.eil (Cornelius J ) O'Shea needed only one day to throw off the effects of what could have been a serious illness. ville, Ky., papers please copy. same day. DEADLOCK Not a tip for everyone named Smith to apply, just a correlation in ability ... All of the battalion's best wishes go to Staff Sgt. Dick Rihm of Company A, the man who held down the Sergeant Could it be Sgt. Al Aung has joined the Echoes' staff?-he answered the phone that way, much to the consternation of a certain corporal. Officers' Wives Club to Give Gifts Our volleyball tournament finished in a blaze of glory, with the Warehouse and Office teams finishing in a tie. Until the last day it seemed as though the Office te.am would be the winner, but on the final day of the tournament, the lowly Telephone which had failed to win a single game up to that time, pulled a stunning upset by defeating the Office team in a thrilling overtime game. Just as soon as conditions permit, the Warehouse and Office teams will meet in a playoff game to determine the -champion team of the detachment. For the first time in his more than two years in the Army, Warrant Officer Charlie Boyle has taken a "furlough. It's about time. Charlie is about the hard-Officers' -Offspring aren't born est worker in the outfit, and with silver spoons in their has been since the days when mouths, but a silver spoon, or he was an enlisted -man. some -other appropriate small token is among the first presents Pretty th?se lucky fellows who have Chnstmas furloughs g1ven the_ bab1es and the1r mama:;; will be taking off. They are _A specl_al of the D_rew namely: T / 4 S. S. Kennon to Ox F_1eld Off1cers WIVes Club, httle ford, Miss (by motorcycle of all gifts have been presented to new things); "Chaplain Charlie" Parmothers throu,ghout _the two years lier, or should we call him "Nasty of the s Mrs. Newt, to Parlier, Cal.; Lloyd charrl?an of the Scarbrough to Concord, Tenn. cheer comm1ttee, sa1?today. (plus _Mrs. Scarbrough, of course); Mrs. and the Pfc. Winnell Shores to Mancheslad!es who work w1th J:ler try to ter, Tenn.; Pvt. Dino Canosio contact each _new arnval,_ they (Dennis O 'Leary) to little old would _appreciate a1d. If N. Y and finally Murr.ay Putyour w1fe, or the wife of some man plus wife to Ohio City 0 officer you know, is going to ha-ye Hope you all of you have a baby, please call Mrs. Lewis, swellest times possible. H-47143, so that the Wives' Club DEADEYES HREE may contact her. T Service in. the Canadian Army hasn't harmed the track form of Sgt. Gerard Cote, the cinder star. Cote recently covered the 26-mile course of the ninth annual Yonkers (N. Y.) marathon in two -hours, 38 minutes and 25.3 seconds to repeat a victory he first won in 1940. Our first batch of marksmen have finally finished their course and three of them emerged with creditable scores. T /5 "Butter" Bissette had a fine score of 159 Dino J. Canosio had one point less, 158, and Pfc. Jack Martin, the clam-digger, qualifiied with a score of 144. Our next group is now undergoing the same course BELIEVING HONEY to be the ieeal Drew Field pinup girl, Pvt. T. S Fluegel of the 314th submits the above photo of the de-lovely Miss Jeanne Rensel toback up his belief. and they should be able to. do at least as well. Those taking the course include, T / 3 Joe Basnight, Pfc. "Senator" Wheeler and Pvt. Jim Skelly. Ooops, we almost Mrgot Major Swanson. He's taking it, too, just like the rest of the fellows. Phone Facilities Get _Expansion desk for those many long, of_ the school's early Dick has been transferred to the 5th Training Battalion again go to that hard crew of the T. & T. Dewho slaved away both day to change over the telephone net. They are T /Sgt. Ira Lowman, S /Sgt. Eric Gaich, S/Sgt. Ivan Dibugo, S /Sgt. John "Sack" Loth and Sgt. Jim Russell Sgt. Richard 'Nova" Novakofski, Co. A Supply sergeant, hit the jack pot by winning the ECHOES football contest five weeks out of seven. Nova now has smoker's cough and a pocketful of change Pfc. Harold Bosworth h a s been hanging around Walgreen' s lately. The .answer is the cute little redheaded number who works there After working together for over a year, Sgt. Frank Robert D 'Oria, message center, and Captain Frank Robert Delaney discovered the similarity of their given names and initials. MARRIAGES AND STUFF ... Public phone booths for serv-T /Sgt. Pete L Lamanna was marice personnel have been increased ried in Philly while on furlough at the _Peninsular Telephone com-and r eturned with the wife, forpany, It was announced yesterday. merly Rose M. Calabratti, just in The five. additional booths w e r e time to enjoy Thanksgiving dininstall e d for soldiers who found it ner. Company C has two more near-impossible to obtain such men on furlough heading for that accommodatio_ns The office is marriage noose ... T / 4 James T. located one block.. behind the Flannery and Pvt. Ernes t Gadsby Tampa Post Office. Hours are ... P fc. Voyde Stafford of Comfrom 6 p.m. to midnight daily and pany B is now collecting separate Sundays from 1 p.m. to midnight. rations. A sked to comment on About 6 000 tons of steel and 300 million board feet of lumber will be saved in a year by the reduction o f types and the reuse of old wooden containe r s for shipping fresh fruits and vegetables married life, he and the wife both chorused, quote "Oh boy," unquote ... Congratulations and allotments to Sgt Homer C. "Snuffy" Henderson and 7 / 5 Frank W Burris, proud papas of two healthy new tax exemptions. MORE ABOUT-WORLD NEWS (Continued from Page 1) enter the war, providing Russia will offer certain territorial guarantees. In view of recent events, the latter provision appears well' within the realm of possibility. ITALIAN THEATER Meanwhile, as armchair strategists dreamed, battle reports served notice that the war is far fr_om won. Montgomery' s valiant E1ghth Army, having breached the German defense line along the Sangro river, continued to advance behind the usual terrific artillery_ and air bombardments. The Sangro line on the east was d_efinitely smashed, but gains contmued to be measured in a few miles or yards as the Tommies fought their way northward taking Castel Frentano and ciano and forever pushing toward the vital port of Pescara. The Nazis outflanked and forced to retreat, began demolishing Cassino, on the central front Clark' s British and 1cans opened another offensive which by the middle of the week had _taken Mt. Carminic and Mt. Magwre, overlooking the ancient -Appian way to Rome. RUSSIAN THEATER In Russia, the Red Army continued to hammer away at the key rail junction of Zhlobin on the road to Minsk, and at cherkassy, a hundred miles southeast of Kiev, where the Germans reported a major break-through Tuesday. Fighting in the central Korosten sector remains an unknown quantity, but the Soviets were assumed to have stalled that German counter offensive. The whole picture remains encouraging, but Allied military experts are still waiting anxiously for the famed Russian winter. WESTERN EUROPE The great Allied air offensive, after leveling a third of Berlin, continued on a moderate scale. Sohlingen, steel-plating center in the Ruhr, was bombed again, and Berlin received another blasting which left half of the city in ruins. -American and RAF bombers rounded out the week by raiding industrial targets in France. Allied air activity, however, was relatively light, and although derman f i g h t e r strength is being thinned, losses are high enough to warrant sober reflection. PACIFIC TiiEATER In like vein, news from the P a c if i c suggests possibilities rather than definite victories Kenney's bombers have established a degree of superiority in the area off New Ireland and B o uganville I sland as evidenced by a smashing raid on Rabaul and the sinking of a Jap transport and tanker in those waters on December 1. The New Guinea l and offensive moved methodically forw ard as the Austr alians took Bonga and Wareo a few miles northeast of Finschaffen Elsewhere, American bomb ers were active over Rangoon in Burma; from the new bases in the Gilberts they hit Jap airfields and ins t allations jn the Marshall I slands. The whole Pacific Thea ter is the c .onstant scene of l and, sea and air action, but the tremendous distances involved so far have defied decisive engagements.


PAGE TWELVE DREW FIELD ECHOES, THURSDAT, DECEMBER 9, 1943 Where Does That Dough Go? 5 Give Answers Pfc. Schwarz Cpl. Janowski Cpl. Donkin Pfc. Kirk Finance Soldiers G_as M ask Doesn't Hinder Jsf AW Scribe Favorite Melody Sung Each Month By Drew Soldiers By PVT. "PAT" REITZ "How about loaning me a five 'till pay day?" is heard so often at Drew, especially on the Eclioes staff, that we set out to find on what the GI's spent their money. Three men and two WACs were By CPL. BERNARD LEVINE picked at random and questioned R e .lax Followlng I feel like a cross between a man from. Mars and a goon, writing this wear-on the subj.ect. Invariably, after ing a gas mask. We're all required to wear our maks continuously for four hours, and a slight pause, they asked, "Shall believe me it's no picnic. I'm sweating bullets. We don't know who we're talking to I tell the truth?" Ch P d half the time, and it may lead to complications if we're not carefuL E R tt 576th rlstmas ay ay W;!'re all going to !ire the I I a ,;;he':io I ehave c.arbme, a few at a time of <;ourse reta.ry, Cpl. Hoffart. Cronin is 69 h B d w 1k pass, but we don't get passes the work has to keep as always engrossed in a book of t an a s .often enough, Usually I take a WI'th usual, and the boys are enJoymg 1 tl h I h the pride that goes the change from the office rou:.. some kind, and doesn't w1sh to 1t e w e11: do aye an op-11 d th t f b il d" t b d w d "f II portumty. I like a drmk occa-with a job we one, e tme. In sp1, e o emg penc be 1s ur e on er 1 a sionally, and I get rid of quite men of this Finance Detachpushers, the_ y r e pretty good _all that is doing any go.od? F p d A a lot of cash on cigarettes. I 11 around SOldiers,, and a r e S;!iltm_g rom ara e s smoke one and one-half packs a rnent were pleased to see a a good mark with the carbme.. We're on the right road to .hav. day-but don't tell the Medics." the happy faces around the Pfc. Tony Gonsalves, Pfc. W1I-ing a crack basketball team. We sher and Sgt. Frank C apozzi are h b h f t d th Corporal Dale Donkm, 588th f-Ield on this, the pre-Christall back from furlough none the ave a unc o ex-s ars, an e J k T k Off S_AW, sa_id: "I'm from. Shady:mas payday. Congratulations worse for the trip, but much only setback is getting the Rec oc a es Side, OhiO. I got marned and t th ff' f better. Their morale got a great Hall to play in. Sgt. Stone of. made a down payment_o? a home o e paying 0 ICers or lift when they were home. Spec. Serv. is still working on up there before I JOmed the making every effort to pay the necessary arrangements, and J F SUSZYNSKI Army. Most of my money, as you W ld h FROM HEAVEN? when he does get the Rec. Hall By S/SGT. .. can see, is used in paying for that e_very man. wou a:re Sergeant. Felix Noble hooked we should see some great things, Pfc. Gus DeRidder of the home. liked to put a httle extra m his mess cup oi_Jto his b elt waiting because the boys talk a good 69th AAF. Band, found his Private First Class Gilbert R. each man's envelope but then on the chow lmes, and suddenly game. d t T Schwarz 314th "Well I loan it felt very neavy. He looked Greater love hath no man. way to ,own own ampa on about half to my buddy because there are regulations and war down, and saw his cup full of Private Dunn of Message Center three successive days during he' s a wolf and I'm not:' I'm the is without sentiment. pennies. Felix looked so helpless, writes book reports for his girl the ast ek and for awhile very generous type, dontcha Our lovely Miss Mary Delzangle, that. everybody _thought he was back home. who needs them for P we think? I go skating three or four in charge of the War Bond Sec-makmg a and donated. Pnvate Du?n,_ o1:1r ad,It seemed as though Gus had times a week and see a football tion, reports the usual additional Private Perry' s girl wrote VIce rs to let your grrl wnte taken an example from game, now and then, with the re-purchase of war Bonds by the own b?ok reports, so doesn t T / S t Ell' "C E mainder." officers and enlisted men of this him she has a new beau, an have hme to go out With 4Fs. g Ie asanova_ a-We were interested to find that field. If are. in doubt as t,o accountant. Perry wrote back LOVE ON PHONE ton and life of the w ACs spend their money on the proper gift for .anyone, don t that she should watch her fig-The reason why Pfc. Bland is a hermit almost the same things as the hesitate-buy Bonds. and ure. Those accountants are walking around in a daze these Howevei the trip s to town fellowsr sprnt of Chnstmas wizards with figures. days is because he' s got a chick were strictiy in line of duty. The Jean a Anybody wishing to speak to in Chicago that' s burning up the "LD" was the promotion and stock. c on t e me. at In the absence of our scriber, wires c alling him and getting premiere of the movie, "This Is questiOn. 1s easy t? I Joe Falconer, more familiarly Cpl. Cronin will please make writer' s cramp. It' s really a beau-the Army," for the b enefit of the spend on I?Ovres, known to the boys of the de-an appointment with his sectiful romance. Army Emergency Relief Fund. an occ_aswnal drmk, roller skatmg tachment as "Crumpy," this col- and g1fts for the folks at home, umn is being edited by con-The Air-WACs recruiting Private First Class 'Thelma sensus. Joe "Crumpy" FalcoFlor da Sun Pleases parade took Gus, and the rest Kirk, nurses aid at Base Hospital, ner, the Finance Walter Win-of 'the band, into town on states: chell, is at present on furlough "What do I spend my money in California. 592d F f another evening of the same on? Well, partly on entertainThere is quite a lot to say about 0 r res s IYI en week. The Maxwell Field Band ment. I go to. town, and to the "the lad, l).owever, our "commiswas featured on this occasi-on, b eaches as often as possible. I sioned censorship" would never B T/SGT FRANK J HAND along with the 465th AAF Band attdenid 1 t?ke mtovies qutitef regdll:larly consent to it being printed. It is Y ZAL an 1 e o go ou or mner rumored that Sgt. Falconer cor-Th d f th 396th B b d G f (Drew Field' s "Signal" Band), sometimes. I spend some on hose r-esponds with a very nice exe exo us 0 .e om ar ment roup rom the MacDill Field Band, and and cosmetics. Above all, I buy civilian employe of this office Moses Lake, Wash. brought to Drew Field one of the finest our own 69th AAF Ba.nd. war bonds. who is attending Florida State organizations of its kind. We feel that the standards fol--------college for Women at Tallah.as 1 Pvt. HenP' "Mitch" Miceli re-AW I t -owed at Moses Lake will shine as much as the Florida sun, J ftQ 1'1 Q eS see. Those who frequent the turned from his Lodi, N J., furU'!:JUf -Terrace probably saw them to-and that's saying very much, because we are very well Iough in time t o twirl the baton gether quite often. Every mem-pleased with our hew home and know that the southern during this impressive 'show. P vt. Colorful Formal ber of this detachment anxiously Jock Giacomucci acte d as "naviawaits S g t. Falconer' s wedding hospitality extended US is ours as gentlemen. gator" for the trucks transporting day. (Eve;n "Doc" Hevia and Florida we are glad to be here,,----=------------the 69'ers to the scene of the Berinstein). may our parting expression be as is the reason why he is criticized parade-when the parade dis-Guard Mount Many officers have wondered kind and warm as our welcome. by none and liked by all. b anded; the trucks were nowhere who the "Blon'ie" working in OfW e now have to get down to in sight and the gang almost had A WUTC inaugurated the color-ficers' P.ay Section IS! Well, the our organizatio n news and what If you have anything more to to w alk back to Drew Field. ful formal guard mount with the young lady has requested that have you, so here we go: add, go to it! We would run out Meanwhile, Miss N Leland, 5th SAW Training Battalion ac-h e r identity be kept secret and What is now the nucleus of our o f adjectives trying. Yes, of hoste s s at S ervice Club N o. 1 w a s corded the honor of drawing the it shall be done. Satisfied Jeanne? 592d Bomb Squadron we feel course I might notify the public chewing her nails to the a ccom-first guard mount Monday. Each We all would like to know you should know. tha t the bronzed southern coun-p animent of the juke box rhythms Aircraft Warning Training B at-.who the young lady from Base Capt. George L. Simmons has tenance of which I spea k is none -the 69 'ers D ance Orches t r a was t alio n will furnish the guard for Intelligence is, that was seen returned as Squadron Commandother than First Lt. Willia m L. a "bit" late o f its regula r Service the traditional ceremony. at Thanksgiving dinner. with er. We know that he will be Ray, a product of Florida. He Club date tha t evenin g J ock In a d dition t o the 5th Training Sgt. "Dusty" Rhodes. Don't given your full co-operation as is at present enjoying a well would rather play guita r or bas s men of the guard Monda y eve-worry, "Dusty," we won't tell has been given in the past. W e deserved leave. tha n be a naviga t or. ning, Lieutenant William P. Trol-Juanita. Sgt. Irvin Peckett has are operating under a different Master John also shows his While S g t .. ordon B ooth i s en-inger, Jr. Battalio n Adjutant; T / 4 acquired the well-known "Far "set up," but our past record will face around the grapefruit : ioying his furloug h up in Warre n John Reedy, Sgt. M ajor, and the Away Look" in his eyes. meet with all requirements of trees, with his eyes as colorful Pa., Cpl. Russ Hoier h a s bee n Officer o f the D a y Lieutenant They t ell us that her name is any Air F orce ; so boys l et's stick as the Florida -oranges-"color l eading the d ance orchestra. David Birenbaum took part in the Ann Bakrow, from Rochester, together as in the past, and give added. He went into a swoon There have been m a n y requests ceremony. Colone l J a mes F MeN Y Sgt. Murry "Porky" Slater him an orga n ization h e will be when he left his Spokane gal, for Russ' original c ompositio n Graw, C ommanding Officer and finds it "such a pleasure" to ride proud to command but just wait until he gets and classy arrangement of "Ross Lieutenant Colonel Laurence E in Cpl. Boland's convertible. Sgt. Capt. Worle y s. Lyon, the around to falling for one of Crosstown" at recent dance s Smith, Executive Officer were Robert "Pretty Boy" Ault would "Gent With the Genial Smile," these "Southern Belles." Wonde r if "Trudy," the rea l r ea-witnesses to the first A WUTC like to be taught how to dance. has done a commendable job "Mass a John" is, of course our son for Russ riding the Ross formal guard mount. Any nice young lady interested ruUJing the absence of Captain genial First Sergeant, John Y en-street trolley car, will share in 1----=----------can apply b y calling Extension Simmons. He is still with us sko. He is always glad to assist the royalties-after all, the f actor 242 They tell us that Sgt. Gene d ht t th' s t the Chaplain, so if you have any o f inspilation is an i mportant one A Knowles is pretty much inter-an we mig say a 1 lme that we hope to keep him. He troubles, please feel that you are in c reative g enius. "' ested in a civilian employe at the 1s always glad to see you pro-free, welcome and invite d to "' t M Off' St t H Pvt. Jimmy ileffner of the ..,g aJOrs Ice, a wn os-vided you can match his smile. pour out your sorrows He will pital ... We won't tell D B., comfort y o u 588th Signa l AW Battalion has Gene. Sergeant Mykytiuk is still Last, but not least, we come to Boys' you might a s well under-been playing piano with Pfc. the man about town on Saturday our Squadron Adjutant. You evening. His secret is the well-boys need no introductio n to him, stand once and forever that you Jerry Becker's dance combo known perfume a Ia "Evening in because many of you have faced cannot go to Base Classification while Pvt. Art C archedi has Ybor City." him before. As Squadron Ad-under the pretext of being re-For Finance Service after office jutant, you get to know him bet-classified. We know that there hours see our most eligible bach-ter than any other officer. Yes, is a charming little WAC T / 5 elors at the Rainbow Tavern. we know just what y ou are going working there, but she other Everyone is wondering what lias to say before. the following is work to do-

I)REW FIELD ECHOES., THURSDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1943 PAGE THIRTEEN DREW FIELD ECHOES CLASSIFIED ADS GET RESULTS LOST AND FOUND WANTED TO BUY TRANSPORTATION LOST-A Gerard Perraugaux w a tch. Lost in the vicinity of the Hq. Co. 2nd Training Bn. Contact P ,vt. John R. N e lson 756th SAW Co. R e w ard offered. Begin n ing next wee k, ads submitted f a r p u bli -cation i n the D REW FIELD ECHOES will run for just two weeks. If you wi s h to have ad .canceled befo ,re that time, or run after that time, you may notify the ECHOES. '36 OR '37 Ford. Plymouth or Chevy ARE YOU leavin g ---:ctlc-1e sedan. Will pay CASH (before 19th of December for east Tennessee? Xmas, yet!) If you call on me before Will share wheel and expenees, if 3 p.m. any day at Route 5, -Box 37, you have room for my wife and my off Hillsborough Ave. and _Armenia. .self. Call 258, and talk it o\er with S/Sgt. R. P. Fox. 595th Bomb Sq. ________ THE GUY who lost his glasses at Theater No. 6 or thereabouts, may have same by calling at the theater, -or calling P vt. Moscowitz, Ph. 258. LOST in the vicinity of the Tampa Bus Line station, a small, blond-We like to hear from many satisfied customers. When your ad brings you results, let us know. INTERESTED in buying car. ARE YOU driving to North Carolma Quick cash sal e whe r e value shown. on or about D ec. 21? Am much m G oldfarb. Ph. need of a round-trip ride. Will s hare expenses. Contact S/Sgt. Vemon MI ET or portable radio. n e w or =P==:-='a:O:u::l:-o:.J=-r'-' haired puppy who answers to the used. Have been missing those daily seri a l s. Lt. S R. Chaykin, Ph. 455, WOULD like a ride f o r my beautiful 748th SAW Co. wife and myself, with someon e dr-i v name 'of Judy. She is my mascot, ; and rm lost without her. Finder LOST AND FO UND FOR SALE return to Pvt. Murray Moskowitz, 1st Reporting Co., 503d. LOST-Top of lifetime S c haeffer l adies SUPER Sport Dolly camera. !2.8 G er-WILL the sergeant over at Warehouse pen. Blac k and gold.Please return man-make l e ns, delayed action one F who put my pen in his pocke t by staacmhemetontp. fc. Betty Tumey,tt;WAC De_-1 -4 00 sec. shutter, built-in couple d mistake please return same to Charles range finder, direct-view subject findGREEN and blac k Parker fountain Warehouse F. or give me an address p en. lost by Cpl. Ronald Luth. S-4 roll 120 film. Small, compact, strong where I can pick it up. PLEASE. Ph. 659 C a n t even build. Will sell for $60. Need cash SUNBEAM electric Late model prefe ned by my whiskers. Will pay cash, e Yen though it's almos t Christ mas. Sgt. Bruce W Smith, 594th Bomb Sq., 396th Group. (Officers' Section.) LATE mode l crowd. girls ) Cpl. Blakmore con\ertible. (Don't Terms CASH. Call Ph. 1/SGT. EARL K. JONES, 564th SAW badly. Cpl. Kimble Ext. 520 Bn, your billfold is waiting for you TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: It 17-JEWEL Benrus watch. y ellow gold TYPEWRITER of auv breed, prefer at the operating. room, Station Hos-you should find the wallet belonging case and band. very good condition. ably portable Will pay anything a pita!. C aptain Fitch. to Pte George Hand. the owner may Will sell for $27 50. Pte. Robe t : t T. b efore-Christmas' billfold can indulge LOST about two weeks ago, a water b e reached at ext 800 Jones, Hqs. Co. Plotting Bn.. 50 3 d in. Cpl. Canniug Ph c2:::2::.:8:..:7.:... -,---and s hock-proof watch. REWARD: D. H. LALK. ASN 3749798, you needn't SAW R egt. SUNBEAM e lectric rawr. My beard and Call WAC detachment Ext. w ear your bunk-mate's suntans any SIX rolls of 8 mm film, very c heap. I will b e waiting for you to Ph. 575, FOUND-Two overseas caps on corner more. Your b arracks bag has bee n Here's your chance to photograph -Lt. Husting. 553d SAW R egt, com of Plant Ave. & Lafayette in Tampa. found by the Drew Field MP's, who those Florida g l-amor girls. p,t. Har-munications Co. in front of the laundry. Stop in at will furnish sam e ou request. old Wemberly, Co A, 553d SAW Bn. GOOD second-hand 16mm sound ptothe laundry. identify 'em properly, and they're yours. __ __ I:.OST-One buff-colored suitcase, conOFFICER'S field equipment, gas mask. jector. if priced right. Will pay taining most of one poor Gl's ward-t d ff' d 1 11 b d CASH. Machine must b e in good ATTENTION, 396th Bomb Squadron! robe. Lost the v ery day h e departed e c. an Jeers ress lat. a ran shape. Write or call Sgt. McCown, Oxygen face piece found. Apply at for Aviation Cadet. Clothing is marked n e w Hat is size 6% Pte. E. Stas-Ph. H-32074, Tampa. 569th Hqs & ECHOES office. with T / 5 chevrons and serial num-zewski, Ph. S-2883 588th SAW Bn, Plotting Co. LIBERAL reward offered for infor-ber S-6842. Contact Sgt. Holliday, ..:::C:.::oc_._A=-,----------------c==="--=::_ _________ mation leading recovery of Shep, Ph. 603, or come to 314th Orderly 1937 BUICK sedan, complete with COMMUNICATIONS receiver; Echo large brown dog, half collie and h alf Room. 6th and A. heat er. In p erfect condition, and -I'll phone, Skybuddy, N ationa l or Ham police. Disappeared from Chape l No. 8, part with it for $395 cash. Lt. Yates, marlund. In fact. any model. so Novembe r 30, at 12 noon. Phone ChapGOLD identification bracelet, brand Ph. 461. as it does the tric k. Lt. Husting, lain Lawrence, Ext. 672, Chapel No. 8. new. No name on it as y et. Must Ph. 575. LOST-One Air Corps ring, in latrin_ e have it, because it mean s a very great GOOD engagement rmg, brand n ew. MORE t h H h d 1 7A_05 It found, return to William deal to me. Finde please contact (Booboo!) Size 5 : Will sell for $25 if a coat angersd 'b"et a D Mull, Barracks 7A_06 576th SAw Sgt. Jeanne Cottrell, Base Photo you want it for a pretty enough gal. Bn. who will give you a REWARD :CL':'a'::-b'::''-:::'P'-h'-'-'::. Pvt. David Dickson, Co. D, 1 s t SAW rowing them from m e Pfc. Zika, WAC for_ your Christmas fund. FOUND-Good fountain pen with n ame Training Battalion. detachment. PARKER fountain pen bearing signa-engrave d. Lose r may have same by MODEL '39 Harle y Davidson m 'otor-D-=-O=y:.::"-o= u:::w:.:.ao:n _t_t_o_s e _ll_y_o_u _r_r_a_d-io ?_W_e tm:e of Melvin Stern. REWARD OFpresenting his dog tags and t elling cycle. Peppiest thing on whee ls. Call haven't any in our ward at the hos FERED to finder. Write Melvin Stern. .. 2 d Reporting Co., pita!, but one of the patients can 7F130,t.h SAW Co. Drew Field, Tampa. porting Co .. 576th SAW. afford a s m a ll set. Call Pfc. Polly. SEWING machine; electric, portable, Ward B-14. Base Hospital. PFC. ALFRED LEWIS, Asn. 3254448 3 LOST Service gas mask plainly plus all accessories. It's in excellent flMALL table r adio. If your price is 760th SAW Co., your pass is at 312 marked "Alverson, 34339458." If found condition, though an old model. $110 mode rate and your model a .iivin' hep Madison St. Don't you need it? C all please phone Sgt. Alverson, Ext. 337. it yours. Call 619, Capt. cat special. late edition, call Sgt. or write Mrs. Willski, who is holdLOST Gruen watch with initials William Gold, Ext. ing it for you, ______ _______ 1 "W.H.Z. engraved on back. It you 1939 MOTORCYCLE which has neve r PORTABLE typewrite r in good conLOST-Red calfskin coin purse. was find my wonderful little gold job, been wrecked. Sport Scout, 60 'miles dition. Will scribbl e out a c heck with misplaced at the cadet party last Satyou'll get a pretty penny by way of p e r gallon. Motor and tfres are p er-1 r .11 1 d 1 urday eve. Change in the purse doesn t reward. William H. Zimmer. 714th feet. Has shield and leg guards: Pfc. P easure 1 you 1 me a mo e to SAW M. D Streaker, Base Weather Statt.Oil. pound out my letters. Lt. Royse, ext. matter, but the sorority pin and the c ==..:.-------------373. purse itself mean a great deal to me. ADDRESS BOOK los t in are a of 3rd AMERICAN Kenne l Club registered S-OLDIER and mr'fe would lt'ke futCould also use the aspirin which was R eporting Co.. 501st, E. 1st and J, Cocker Spa 'el S t t in the purse. Finder please call Bun-about October 25th. REWARD to the mascots you111 wi;a'itsd nished house or apartment, three nie, at Ph. 2287 lucky guy who finds it. Contact Pfc. g-ift for that little wife who sits rooms prefe n ed: kitc h e n necessary. Jergess watch, black Francis L. Geddes. 3rd Reporting Co.. home waiting for you. Call-Warrant t. band military type. Lost at Co. A, -------------Officer J W. Lien, 1219 South How-588th area. FIVE DOLLAR REWARD ard, Tampa, Ph. H-3668. Sq., 396th B Gp. FOR FINDER. Pvt. Robert Wage r LOST-One hub-cap !from 1939 Stude-Call ECHOES office, Ph. 287. baker automobile. Priorities and m etal 1936 BUICK coupe. excellent condition, --shortages make this item hard to re-five excellent tires with safety tubes, WILL pay reasonable price for radio power transforme r with 5-volt and 6.3-volt windings and center-tapped h.v. winding about 350 volts each side of center tap. T / 5 B. Wolff, 748th SAW Co. or call 372 SOLDIERS individual pay records be-place. Will finder please notify Lt. 34,000 original .mileage. Price $800. longing to SOULIER. WINTERMAN, W. E. Smith at 746th Sig. A, W Co.? Can he seen at 5704 Miami Ave. Ph. and LAMPRECHT may be picked up 5 2747 p D at the ECHOES office. BARRACKS bag lost. Serial No. vt. onald Craver, 5th Tngb. LOST While returning from town 32886147, name Benjamin Negrin. If _::C.::0:... ..:D::.:.. ------------around midnight, Saturday last week, found.please contact Base Dental 1937 BUICK 4-door sedan, good con three modeling tools. Since I h&d just ----------dition, tires fair, radio. Just the car spent the last of my last pay enLOST in 740th SAW Co., Bradenton, fo; a big operator, only $425. Call Sgt. velope for them, and good modeling Camp Weatherford, black billfold with Meekins, Ext. 336 or see after 1700 at tools are scarce,. I'll appreciate their pictures (ahh!) and papers. Finder 5210., Suwannee Ave. return. Leave at the ECHOES office (my fingers are crossed) please reMOTOROLA car radio, practically new. for Pvt. DeFleurs. turn to Pvt. Erwin Molthen, 566th Custom built for CHRYSLER product. IF you have a membership card for the 3t. Petersburg Civic Music Association which you :would be wanting to sell, contact Vita G. Seres. Hospital Dental Clinic. CAR WANTED-Will pay CASH for a good used model. Call Lt. Linder. Ph. 530, Base Ordnance Office. 'LOST-Yellow gold ring, wide hand. SAW. 4th an Trng. Battalion will accept laucl and E. 1st and M. All papers in it speakers, chassis. and any other parts FOR RENT OFFICER WANTED to share room in FOUR or five naif-way decent tires, desirable neighborhood. Separate en-attached to a h alt-way decent car, in trance, private bath, steam heat. re-halt-way decent running orde r Hope it frigerator, twin b eds, inner-spring isn't a gas n erl eater. Might even -mattress. MacDill bus. Phone H3015. pay $100 to $150 for a good deal. Captain Bradford. Corporal Caesar Purini. Ward B. sta-LARGE master bedroom complete with. tion. hospital. private bath. porch, and entrance. 161C .. Bosporus St., Davis Island. Call Lt. but will pay cash for anything suit Tedford, Ph. 202, or stop in to see it. able for photographing Florida scenery ATTENTION, Bachelor officer with plus Florida girls. Call Lt. Robert F car: If you' d like a single room with Tennant, Ph. 601. showers, next to Tampa Yacht Club. SMALL suitcase or traveling bag, suit ideal surroundings, call Lt. Dunsmore able for furlough. S end card or call on Ext. 275. Car is essential; .opportunity Pte Richard Adams.' ward B-19. Sta tor joining motor pool exists. how-tion Hospital. ever. WILL share house or room in nicely "'S"'W=A=P=S---:c:--:----.---..--:-.---..-----, furnished house, off Columbus Drive. ALMOST n e w Underwood double-head Close to Drew Field, transportation electric shave r for sal e, or trade for inexpensive. Call Cpl. L Malz. Ph. 116 or 616 Eastman folding camera. 495 T / 5 Bemard Slach, Co. B. 588th. 1102 WON'T some kind soul come to my Cleveland St.. Tampa. r escue, and tell me where I can find a l\IAR'l:IN FLASH s emi-auto. t e legraph home near Drew? Find m e a bedroom "bug," good as n e w Vl'ill swap for and a kitchenette. and you're a friend camera with 4 5 l e ns. or b etter. Sgt. I'll ne,,er forget. Sgt. John D. Natale. L. M Ric hards. Co. C. 588th SAW 592d Bomb Sq, 396th Bomb Group. Battalion. 5th and J. -cLIP AND SEND TO DREW FIELD ECHOES OFFICEFREE WANT AD FO R DREW FIEL D MILITARY PERSONNEL IN Drew Field Echoes Base1 Special Service Office 8th & "B" Ad C l assificat ion CLASSIFICATIONS FOR SALE WANTED TO BUY SWAPS TRANSPORTATION GIVE-AWAYS LOST AND FOUND MISCELLANEOUS FOR RENT PERSONALS HELP WANTED WANTED TO RENT .... ..... ..... made out to ,Walte r Rodak. Hqs. and you can spare. Radio classes learn by N 0 Plotting Co.. 571st SAW Battalion. reassembling, Contact Lt. Adams, Ph. ame rg. If you find it, you'll get a REWARD. ing to New York on o r about Decem ber 20th. Will h elp with the driving while my wife helps with morale. Pvt. Kathra n e, Ph. 2219. Area Administrative Ins pector's Office. FOR SALE-Return halt of round trip ticket. Newark to Tampa on the Stiver Meteor. Good until February 17, 1944 Lt. E. G. Stone, Co. B. 553d. ride from St. Pete to Drt>w darly, Must be at Drew Field by 7 a.m. and can leave after 5 p.m. Call Cpl. Badin, Ext. 318 WILL share expense s and r elieve driver on any car going within the vicinity of Omaha, Nebraska, on o r about Jan. 4 Please contact me right away, as I must make anangements to leave when you do. Ha, e drive n across country many times. and my fnends say my driving i s teni fie Thanks. Richard J. CUJ-ray, Message & Records Section, Hqs & Hqs Sq, Plant Park. DO you go to Bradentone _v_e_ry-o-.a-y'-? Would like a two-way ride. Leave camp at 5 p.m. and return at 7 or 7:30 a.m. in the morning. Will pay gladly for transportation. Sgt. Yau man, Det. 5, 501 s t SAW Regt. WANTED-Ride r s from Sf. Pete to Drew. Leave St. P e t e at 6:15 a .m. and leave Drew at 6 p.m. Also would like to pool my car, perhaps. Call Pfc. C J. Passapa, Ext. 807 INTERESTED in a car pool or a ride from Oldsmar every day? Arrive a t Drew at 8 a m and leave at 5 p.m. Contact Pte. Edward L. Aman, % Per sonnel section. 1st SAW Training Bn. RAILROAD ticket for sale. Tampa to Albuquerque via Memphis and Amarillo. Reasonable rate offered by Lt. M George, Base Weather Station. FOR SALE-Two one-way bus tickets from Tampa to St. Pete. Lucky purchaser may get them both for 50c Call 287, or stop at the ECHOES of fice 8th & B WANTED'--Oftice r to drive 1941 Mer' cury sedan from Tampa to San An. tonio, Texas or vicinity. For detail s contact Lt. Alexander at H-47452 in Tampa, or H-4871, extension 22. WOULD you like to drive car back to Tampa from Dallas or Fort Worth. Texas? Will leave Texas January 1 st. It you need a ride, call Pvt. H M. Slaughter, Special Service section Hqs & Hqs Sq, Third Air Force. Tampa. RAILROAD ticket from Tampa to Sa vannah, Ga., for sale half price. Price $4. Atlantic Coast Line. Pvt. I. Sukoenig, Hqs & Hqs Sq, Third Fighter Command. GOING TO S T PETE? Sergeant would like ride to St. Pete every Saturday at or soon after 5 p.m. It you're pa triotic, or just a helluva swell per son, call 287 and it'll h e appreciated. ARE you l eaving for Texas around the sixteenth of December? My wife and I will share expenses and relieve at the wheel, if you'd like driving companions. 1st Sgt. Wilie Dunken, 503rd SAW Regt. WANT to join car pool. From "Lynwood" section of Tampa to Base daily. Ph. 730, Capt. Abraham. WANTED-To pool cars St. Pete to Drew, hours seven a .m. to six p.m. Call St. P ete 58-754. Pfc. R. A. Young. 766th SAW Co. WANTED-Four more officers, living in the vicinity of Ballast Point Section, near the Yacht Club. Tampa. who would like to share in a car pool. Please call Lt. James D. Dunsmore. Ph 275 WOULD like t o contact anyone gofng to Bradenton daily. Would prefer transportation both ways. L eave camp around 5 p .m. and must return by 7 : 00 or 7 :30a.m. Will pay-nominal sum to anyone desiring an extra pas senger. Please contact at once. Sgt. R alph W. Yauman Jr.. Det. 5. 501 SA WR. Drew Field. HELP WANTE D SOLDIERS' WIVES wante d for short hour shifts at A WUTC Officers' mess. Call Lt. Dekker, Ph. 874. MAN experienced in typewriter wanted for extra-special job. Lt. Courtman, DC, Detachment cal Dept. repair Write M edi-BROADCASTING operators. Air Corps soldiers. who are itching to g e t radio equipment into their hands. contac t Lt. Kluge, Ph. 258. M onitor and en gineer Dre w Field radio broadcasts in your fre e time. ENLISTED man with watch r epair ex perience to work during off-duty Apply PX P e rsonne l Office. B Ave. and 1st MISCE L LANEOU S WANTED-A n a m e for'my baby. whie h will b e born in January. Ha,e the name for a boy, but a m stumpe d on the name for a girL Write Cpl. E. D. F erguson, Hqs Co .. 588th. Ti-IE Dre w Field golf course i s k epl in s hape by the m e n who play on it. Cut a row. the n swing a club. Bes t way we've found yet t o s p e n d a day off. BRING your m ending worries t o the office rs' wives. each Tuesday morn ing before 10 a.m. They g l adly s e w on insignias. m end those rips, se w o n that butto n and don' t e\en charge a smile. RADIOS REPAIRED Capable m P n would like experie n ce. Only charge is price o f parts. Phone Sgt. Hnrrist, Ph. 364. WANTED TO RENT WILL some kind soul lca,in g an apartment in Tampa l e t me know so my wife and I can move in from our park bench? Pvt. Westla k e. Ext. 649. SOLDIER -and wife wou-ld like fur nished apartment, preferably in vicinity of S eminole Heights. Phone CJ>L Jerry Kowalski, ext. 645


PAGE FOURTEEN DREW FIELD ECHOES, THURSDAX, DECEMBER 9, 1943 Monthly Pay 'Spruces Up' Soldiers' Dress T/Sgt. John Gallagher "Wha t goes on 1 Pvt. Alfred Bump. This is an involved question. Sgt. Beres Pfc. Palazz,otto Pvt. Eddy Chinse Pvt. Flanery 396thBombGroupODs Plus Payday Opens Gl Column Improves Men's Says WAC _of 396 ODs and payday make a well dressed combinatibn, anour Openmg Co nounced the Mysterious WAC at the end of her inspection by our tour this week. Their ODs crisply creased, their faces WI ermen m verse. glowing with barber shop shaves and their shoes twinkling, Pvt. Alice Once upon a morning dreary many new candidates were in. evidence as she slithered be-In Moses Lake, not so cheery "Why do I have to get up m the n1orni'ng? Grabsnapple (WAC.) In the heart of the sagebrush hind palm trees, to track. down this week's best dressed 'Where can I find some elephants who can plc ) y the ela.Pinet 1 Pvt. Goongface Oolp. and the sand, winners. As we pottdered, nearly frozen all around Peopl I"ck yo out Yet, this week's Glamor Boy e P u In the desert formed by erosion ht ff th b t Nu.mber One, M /Sgt. John Galla-as a success, ng o e a We were told we had been h 1 k d" chosen gher of the 314th, presented the w en you oo goo Same tidy picture on OD day Beres used to be an auto To travel to the promised land. h b t u 1 s h 'Tis a falsehood we muttered which he has presented through-mec amc, u nc e am as As we could not understand. out the suntan season, the WAC made him an aerial engineer on said. The unassuming Sergeant one of those beautiful B-. 17s. The AFTERTHOUGHT Major of Base Headquarters gave tall sergeant loves his work so Now it all seems ve.ry clear good grooming as his formula for well that he almost forgets to Sorry, there is no answer to this. 'Who struck Pvt. Angus Feelp. Us. Yes, Drew Field, we are liere, success, in or out of the Service. write to that little SPAR he met On the underside of the somewhere plains. This one ele-But .we wonder why Laraine REGULAR DUTY in Seattle .,hant who plays the E-flat clarinet owes Silly Solly one fram-Day got a better recepti. on! The best dressed man contest l:' "Shaving is as much a part of has been running for :many s-natch sandwich and must pay him before Silly blows a trom-Emerging from our bedlam and m:y daily living as my weeks now. Its fame has spread 'bone at him. confusion we haye down said Sgt. Gallagher. Back m Ard-to the STARS AND STRIPES, ,.. for a long sunshmy wmter. Set-more, :r;>a.! where I in the1 official newspaper of the AEF. tled, did I' say? Well-we. have general msurance busmess, It ha been taken up by Camp "Where am I1" Pvt. Billdock Something. no wolves, just persistent woman learne_d that people put more Ser-vice in this 'hunters, such as Sgts: Key, Schanz trust a man who looks up-to-country and several other camp FoolgToopenstam on the short side. and Adams of S-1 who have been the-mmute. Only a man who ., in every lair in Petersburg. takes pride in his own appearance papers have adopt":d the can instill faith in his clients." ECHOES contest at. their fields. And now to direct Pvt. Mustygloop Vitfit El Pazzbelch PURSUIT JOB How has your outfit shown up, L l 1 More Observations: Cpl. Ste-Mrs. who recently in thi.o contest people throughout fnl"ther along the road to Shangri La. et us rna stq\ es. vens, s-3 sailing off Gulfport visited her husband at Drew, the country are watching? Watch S h f h 1 1 1 "th k t T / S t says John is even better look-that shave and shine this week; tnve now unti you. come to t ese our c ur s w 10 i:eep WI an un nown par ner; g ing in his uniform. than he :was perhaps YOU will give your h "I h 11 h t k" 1 M" h 1 th t d :Adams, S-2, at every Base dance c antmg: s a ave o IC l: lC ae m e pan s, an cutting in on M/Sgt. Webster our in civies. the boost it needs to put it behind them will come a varlet by the name of Ropeface who Sgt. M_ajor, and S/Sgt. C. olello, Already on h1s toes from the right up where it belongs. S 4 1 bl k h spic and span standpoint of fu-wails: "Where is David?" ac on Is musture cadet training is Pfc. Fred Just who the hell Michael and David is no one seems to Yes, we got ll)."illions of 'em, but Flanery, also of the 314th. The 584th Officers Lose Softban Tilt to AW. k not wolves! Heard throughout future cadet, who hails from -now. Headquarters is the Song of the Irvine, Kentucky,. explained: Then as you walk on you will meet John and Mary. These Week, which_ goes "We're glad "Keeping up to a certain stand-t h 1 d 11 th 1 o h because we're here, because we're ard of is the first wo are very muc In ove an are wa nng on e 11o here because we're here etc.'' in cadet tr.ammg. By watchmg leading toward the sun on their way to get manie (l. Mary, hoping you. other' guys that shave and shine now, while her teeth brushed by the wind and her cheeks kissed by sun aren't singing "V(e don' t know we're waiting, .we fellows in the where you're gomg but you're cadet barracks figure we're one and moon beams (JUSt a mmute-what do yon expec t for f r e e going.' up on the gun, when we actually Revenge was sweet around By T/5 CLYDE LEWIS in this newspaper?) And then John and Mary will keep on SPOTLIGHT leave for school." headquarters of the 4th SAW Flanery was a student at radio last Saturday afternoon, for the waJking on the highway leading toward the sun and the y will The old beacon flashes directly school in Irvine when the Army Terrific Ten, which has found have their dreams chuckling in their bosoms whe n the y run on our Medical Section this week. claimed him. He has no steady the title a bit humiliating on a h s M t h "ll d d 1 h d Not only have they tirelessly been girl friend, he said, now that his f e w occasions _recently came mto t e mgmg ons er W O WI eman t wt t e y pro uce examining us for defects, but of former love has jilted him for a through, swampmg 584th Of-some mashed potatoes. all things, Major Fillmore and 4-F. But he'd like to meet a ficers to the tune of, 15-5. b d .11 h ld" Captain Nieder, our Surgeons, WAC. I The contest was somewhat of ThiS Will not e one, but John and Mary, stl O mg were Commander of Troops and Right on the well-known ball a grudge affair since the 584 hands and walking on the highway leading toward the sun, Adjutant respectively for the was Pfc. Anthony J. Palazzotto been getting most of the grav had a song in their heart and some sunbeams in their eyes as Weekly Reyiew. when the Mystery WAC caught lately on the ball field at the eJ< After gomg through all that him leaving the Third Fighter pense of 4th SAW. they told the Smgmg Monster: "We must h ave a football military drill, they calm1y de-Command Headquarters the other The game started slowly, degame at once." five boxes of their' own day. veloping into the usual pitcher's aspirm! "Gosh, these ODs make me b attle between Lts. Ryan -6nd Just then Lady Epplebomb Will have bee n lurlnng m a This large b.ase and the short-feel swell," observed Shea, and at the end of the third ditc h hurling booby traps .at John and Mary. She will have ag_e of transportation Lts. "Of course, it does get a little inning it was still close with the laire and Lutsch, Special Service fo them one days but 584th 1 d" b g several.Flomdats who adopted a :plow With the co-operatiOn of Off1cers, si"ngi ng "On a BI'cycle warm r s 1 ea Jng Y one mea er man, you feel well dressed when tally. Boofle, the talking Palm Tree, who used to sell grass wine and Built for Two." When this humble you strut out in a garb like this." Then the fireworks broke headaches person was designated to Adding another monicker to loos e. Before the dust had mate all the news for submissiOn the best dressed list of the MPs cleared in the first half of the This fellow Boofle, by the way, the talking Palm 'l're e, to the his body quiv-is Pvt. Eddy Chinse, young fourth, the Terrific Ten had l 'll th, ld f l N ered and his heart stumbled. "No h' 1 d f th 828th b tt d 1 d d a so WI row a co pal o water on you wit lOUt notic e. o more trash now, he was told C mese a rom e a e comp etely aroun an Notice is also the name of a Mone:arian town. Don't g e t there. "you are writing' for a first Guard Squadron. Says Eddy: scored eight runs. "My countrymen have always Five solid bingles mixed in nTh t th t t" h r newspaper." Soooo-this first and d d 11 Alth h tl1 com 'th 1 f d n a IS e exac Ime, owe"\ er final column was fun anyway. resse we oug e -WI a coupe o passes an a ,, mon man of China is not long four-base drive to the right wealthy, he b elieves in neatness center by Lt. characterized at all times. Here in America, the carnage. And we do mean I feel I am aiding my race when blood. After you come to this paste pot which you will come to Veekul, the talking door. way, says "Come in" when you rap on him. is sticking to his job The WACS This Veekul, by the Then you will have to intercept Selma, a F-lomdat with blue hair, who sits on a stump and chants: "Let me sit by the side of the road and trap a man." Russia Will Repay S. Loans, Says Nelson NEW YORK. -(CNS)-Soviet Russia intends to repay every cent of the $2,500,000,000 she has received in lend-lease shipments from the United States, Donald M. Nelson, chairman of the war production board, announced on his return from a series of conferences in Russia. Nelson said that Premier Joseph Stalin told him "any obligation undertaken by this government will be repaid in full and not by token payments." The WACs Have beautiful backs .. If you could see 'em! Their hair Is bey.ond compare ... If you could see it! But thei.r coverall Really covers all! And from all that meets the eye, If you steal a kiss, It might be a miss Or just another "G.I.!" Pvt. L. W. Bonsib. I look well." The rest of the game was a Eddy is from Los J\ngeles, walkaway as the Ten piled up California, and isn' t marned. 8 more runs and a final total of The 396th Bomb Group, which 16 hits. has had a best dressed soldier on The 584th made a g allant lastthe list in the person of Sgt. John minute effort in the last of the P. Beres Jt., of the 594th Squad-seventh inning whe n they scored ron. three times as Lt. Ryan tired, "Guess I learne d to watch the but Lt. Muir came in and aplooks when I was in high school plied the firehose quickly .and efback in Norwalk, Conn.," ob-ficiently. Outc' ;mding stickman served Beres. "Seems to me it' s fo r the losers Lt. Aron who always the guy who looks the c ollected two of his team's six neatest who gets the best breaks, hits.


DREW FIELD THURSDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1943 PAGE FtFTf:fH Soon to Bite Dust A 'Briton' Calls Drew Grid Game A 'Brutal' Tussle By PVT. PETER PETERSON (La9t week the ECHOES went British and featured its classified ads on the front page. The scribe_. above, bec-ame slightly enthralled over the British way and wrote .the following story as seen through the monocles of a British re Cheerio deah toppies.-Ed.) Last Saturday evening several members of the Uni.ted States Armed Forces, representing Drew Field A WUTC football aggregation, which has yet to meet with disaster, and the Coast Guards from Davis Island, engaged in a foot ball contest at Phillips Field. Many of the gentlemen from both organizations were hurled to the earth with great force. The members of the Army tri-umphed over the Navy by a final and Mr Ogden compiled their tabulation of 15 to 6 only after tabulations in the first quarter) much struggling. all members. of the Armed It seems that these young men Forces constantly leaped and were seriously perturbed. with sprang at ea>eh other. To no each other because they crouched avail. and sprang at each other con-stantly. Shortly after the outset Then came an unusual interof the contest an Army gentle-lude, but. rather embarrassing man by the name of "Big Mike" Mr. Hornick, a gentleman who IS Baran, who hadn' t (as far as we emJ?loyed by Coast Guards. know) been formally introduced While endeavormg to elude some to the gentlemen from the Navy, opponents from the Army Armed made an uncouth gesture. Forces he had the unusual luck RAWHLY BRUTAL to have a pass his own c:n THESE ARE TWO gentlemen of the Armed Forces, representing the AWUTC and the Davis He gathered the ball in his arms, the while almost being Islands Coast Guard who met in a football contest last Saturday evening at Phillips Field. brutally flung to the earth, and ter proceed over his own head mto the end zone. FOILED AGAIN One of these gentlemen, and possibly twci, were hurled to the ground shortly after this ran very fast for a touchdown. Bravely did Mr; Hornick a-t remarkable photograph was taken. (Story on right.) This made the score for a total tempt to circumvent his way ______ _:_ __ _________ :__ __ _;;_ _____ -:______________ of six points on the credit side through a multitude of traffic, 756TH, 746TH QUINTETS WIN IN 20 AW LEAGUE 3d FC Officers Volleyball Team Sends Challengt= Mid Season basketball featured the opening round of the 2d SAW intra-unit basketball league Wednesday eve-The volleyball team of the Thrrd Fighter Command nmg, Dec. 1, when 756th company registered a 51-39 VIClays claim to the Base champion-tory over Headquarters company. ship and hereby any Play opened fast and continued sextet that IS Willmg to at a fast pace all evening. The SAW T h meet m a first half was nip and tuck with 5th OUC The team 1'? first place 756th taking a 17-16 margin at If! Officers half time. The slim margin added Teams Score Hgh which recently fimshed plenty of spirit in the second Its !eague season. .half with the 756th driving in Smce. the of the league, for lay-up shots to pull in front B T/S LOUIS M KOZMA JR the Third have added 39 30 t th d f th th" d Y several formidable players to the :--. a e en e Ir The highest scoring games to r d f I th t th penod 1neup, an now ee a ey date were recorded m the 5th can take on the best of teams on The pace of the SAW touch football league as the the Base and come out on the tmued nght up to. the f;msh wi_th Adjutants strengthened their right side after each skirmish. the addmg to .Its hold on first place by trouncing Listed on the playing roster of margm_ of VI(!!ory by. outscox;mg a favored S-3 team, 16 to 0, and this polished team are: Lt. Arthe. office outfit m the fiJ?-al the Processors moved into a fourth'ur Colley, Maj. Jordahn, Lt. penod to set the scoreboard fig-way tie for second in outscoring Ott, Capt. Lane, Lt. Lawson, Maj. ures at the gun. the Headquarters team, 26 to 13. Grimes, Capt. Erickson, Capt. The play. of AI Cantrell in After a dull first half in which Wallace, Col. Williams, Maj. the pivot position for 756th neither side threatened, the Ad-Mitchell, Capt. Westbrook and gave the basketball fans in at-jutants "came to life" with Lt. Capt. D C. Smith, Jr. tendance something to talk Mardian passing to Sgt. Boyigan Lieutenant Colley, athletic diabout. The lanky Stamford, for their first score three min-rector of the squadron, is handling Conn., boy tallied 10 goals from utes after the second half opened. the bookings for the team, and the court and one free throw The try for the extra point was any outfit wanting a series of for a 21-point total. good. Shortly i!fter the first score games is asked to get in touch Cantrell's service record will Lt. Mardian passed again, this with him at Extension 331. inform you that be's a Univer-time to Benak for the second sity of Connecticut athlete six-pointer. Again the conversion the game he played Wednesday was successful. With the score 14 evening proves he was quite an to 0 against them and 90 seconds athlete at the school. remaining, Cannallon, S-3 back, in a desperate attempt to score, tried to pass from his end zone. However he was trapped by Ramsey, and the Adjutants were awarded a safety. The final score; adjutants, 16; S-3, 0 Scorpion Sting Can't Stop WAC Aiding Cantrell in pacing the _756th scoring was the basket toss A:ng of Cpl. Sol Schechter with five field goals and two free throws. Hamberger in the back court for Headquarters paced the floor play and scored for the defeated quintet. Tossing 10 points, Hamberger was followed by Ed Reed with 7 points. Points scored: 756th SAW Co. (51): Cantrell 21; Schechter 12; Oschman 9; Lt. Macirynski 7; Wolnofsky 2 Headquarters Co. (39): Hamberger 10; Reed 7; Fitch 6; Barasch 4; Greenberg 4; Anthrup 4; Stenson 2; Miller 2; Wiley 1. In the second game of the evening, 746th had little trouble in disposing of 760th, score: 54-17. Pacing the heavy 746th scoring were Toomasian with 23, O'Brien with 17 and Alexander with 10 points. O'Brien, former Manhattan frosh athlete, kept the 746th floor play rolling along with .John Kravetz turning in a bang up game in the back court. Points scored: 746th SAW Co. (54): Toomasian 23; O'Brien. 17; Alexander 10; Kravetz 4. 760th SAW Co. (17): Lewis 6; Burch 5; Pornovets 4; Karveck 2. A "rejuvenated" Processing team led by Tobin and Herrin scored two touchdowns in each half and limited the Headquarters team to one touchdown in each half to emerge victorious, 26 to 13 The League Standings: TeamAdjutants Processing S-3 H eadquarters M edics Message Center Playe d Won Losl P et. 4 3 1 750 4 2 2 500 4 2 2 .500 4 2 2 500 2 1 1 .500 2 0 2 000 Oh. Chaplain. Listen To This Tale of Woe! FT. BLISS, Tex.-(CNS)-Private Lewis Vik of Henning, Mich. left here on a week's furlough. On his way home his train was snow-bound five days at San born, Minn. When the drifts were cleared his train collided with another. Then he lost his ticket. Finally he reached home, wired Air-WACs can take it and a scorpion now in the animal kingdom will vouch for that. Private first-class "Bunnie" Cassell, ECHOES reporter, was busily typing away when a sharp pain caused her to jump and shriek. An ugly looking brute with stinger and all that goes with a small scorpion was on her left hand. Quickly she knocked it off and an alert comrade sent it to kingdom of dead vipers. Cassell, not knowing the identity of the minute monster, continued her typing. Shortly aftrewards, it was identified as the McCoy. Hospital attendants doctored the sting. Cassell returned whistling "White Xmas." She was promoted to Insect Editor. Cage Sport Opens for an extension of his furlough. Basketball has been started in When none came he started back. all sections of the A WUTC, with Five hours after he began his some 48 teams in action. journey a telegram arrived grant-In addition to the inter-squading him the extension. Vik's com-ron league there will be an ment is unprintable. A WUTC "varsity" team. of the soldiers. but the Army gentlemen were Then a swarthy gentleman by rude and the tabulation now bethe name of Oliver "Big" Ogden comes 15 to zero, via what is made a remarkable maneuver, called a safety. thereby adding a cipher. for Then with but a few minutes the Army boys. This Mr. Ogden to go, the members of the did this very cleverly. While Armed Forces of the Coast the Armed Forces lurked in an Guards became exceedingly attacking position against each perturbed with the way events other, a cohort of Mr. Ogden had come to pass and they beheld the ball in an expert po-gan to pass. They hurled the sition. At the call of a signal, ball into the air, with the exwhich sounds like "hike," both press purpose of having a memmembers of the Armed Forces ber of their organization catchleaped at each other but Mr. ing it, thereby taking the gam Ogden prodded his right foot ble of eluding members of the against the ball a-nd propelled Armed Forces of Drew Field it over two posts with a cross and six points. bar between them. Well, as several beautiful fe-This maneuver gave the soldiers male members of the Coast an extra Cipher, as heretofore Guard, sitting in the stands and mentioned, making the tabulation commonly known as SPARS, rose at this point 7 to 0. This pro-in unison and shouted quite cedure is properly called a point loudly. Mr. DeCamp, a member after touchdown. of the Armed Forces of the Coast Then, immediately following Guard, plucked a triple-fumbled thereafter the organization which pass and darted some 60 yards for accomplishes this feat turns its a touchdown. This made the back to these two posts with the final tabulations 15 to 6, because cross bar over them; claps its the Armed Forces of the Drew hands, and, while running up the Field organizations were slightly field, chants in unison: "Let us angry and bodily stopped a Coast get them!" Guard. gentleman who attempted TOUCHY SUB.JECT to thrust his way bodily to cross Just who they mean by "them" into the end zone for the extra has not yet been clarified. cipher the touchdown. S -hortly after this occasion, Here IS bow the gentle.men when Mr. Baran and Mr. Ogden lmed. up as they leaped at each had mutually contrived to humili-other. ate the sailors by seven points, AWUCT-;-MacKenzie, le; Parthis same Mr. Baran was pre-rish, It; Mitchell, lg; Hencken, c; sented to the ball by a deterrg; Sanders, rt; J?emat mined individual by the name of te1,. n;; Brown, qb; Esposito, lh; Mr. "Bulldog" Brown. Seeing Petitti, rh; Ogden, fb. large numbers of foes before him, Coast GuardsVan Meter, le; Mr. Baran began to run very Healy, lt; Smith, lg; Fergus, c; speedily, and while members of Garfinkle, rg; Langhime, rt; the Armed Forces of the Coast Lynch, re; Gardner, qb; Trela, lh; Guard tried desparately to stop Lauman, rh; King, fb. him, Mr. Baran did not stop. He Score by periods: invaded what is known as the end AWUTC ... .13 0 0 2-15 zone and multiplied the score for Coast Guard. 0 0 0 6-6 the Armed Forces of the soldiers by six more points. Thus the Deserter Charned score now becomes 13 to zero. -::11 Again Mr. Ogden tried to dupw h M 9 w licate his trick of propelling the It arry1n9 IVeS ball in a for:ward flight over the AKRON, 0.-(CNS)-Kenneth t\vo posts With a cross bar over Jordan, 22, an Army deserter, them. But the Armed Forces of was arrested here on a charge of the Coast _Guard m?st have now marrying nine women in the last become WISe to _this subterfuge, two years. He will be turned for many o f their members as-over to Army authorities. saulted their way through de-Jordan said that three of his termined representatives of the wives were from Cleveland two Armed Forces from Drew Field, from Rochester, N Y ; two 'from and by the simple expedient of Akron 0 and one each from thrusting themselves forward, Detroit aU:d. Midland Pa. "They their padded out, they did were all going to me for a then, perforce, deflect the passage sucker," he announced. "But I of the ball into the nether zone. beat 'em to the punch. Thus was Mr. Odgen foiled. The tabulation at this time will accordingly remain at 13 to zero. These contests, as is well known in the best circles, are divided into what is known as quarters. Four of them. (Not a dollar.) Well, all during the second and third quarters (Mr. Baran Gl Gets $310 Family Allowance DES MOINES-(CNS)-A total of $310 a month will go to the family of Cpl. Cyril G. Wolfe under the new dependency bill. Cpl. Wolfe, 42, has 12 dependents, .. a wife, 10 children and his mother.


Tarawa Valhalla For Marines These graphic, death-laden pictures, hot from the Pacific at'Oll of Tarawa, show what our valiant, Jap-hating Ma r-ines went through to cap t-wr-e that Gilbert isle. They also d epict what the Nip-ponese got. In addition to the 1,026 Marines killed in the grueling, hellis h 72-hour battle, 2 557 Leatherneck--s were wounded. Three times as many men were killed at Tarawa as were slain il'l the North Afr-ica landings. To illustrate more vividly ferociousness of the Ta r,awa battle, the Marines lost there almost as many men a s the y did in six months on bloody Guadalcanal. Tarawa: symbol of courage and guts. The Marines land ed, fought, dropped by the hundreds-aa.d WON! DREW FtE LD ECHOES, THURSD.I\Y, DECEMBER 9, 1943 BROKEN BODIES, SHATTERED PALM TREES, wrecked fortifications' were common sights at the end of the battle of Tarawa. Dozens of forts of this type were so well hidden by the Japs that aerial reconnaissance failed to reveal more than a small number. Consequently the fight for the isle cost the Marines, for the number of troops involved, the highest number of casualties in _their history (International Soundphoto)._. STEELREINFORCED CONCRETE WALLS made this Nippon fort on Tarawa a formidable defense. Note shattered palms, ruined tank, debris of desperate fighting. (International). DOWN COMES THE RISING SUN after the Marines cleaned, up 6,000 Japs in 72-hour battle SUKIYAKI, TARAWA STYLE: This hash of what was a Jop field kitchen is e xamined by a Morine shortly after the fightil'lg had ceased. Pots and pans ore mixed up with the bodies of two Hirohi!o pr:obobly the late <::ooks. (lnternotional Soundphoto). UP GOES OtD GLORY o ve r the blo ody battleground. It cost the Marines 1 ,026 dead and 2,557 wounded to hoist the Stars and Stripes and it's a sure bet that each of the m would say it was worth it.


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