Drew Field echoes

Drew Field echoes

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Drew Field echoes
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Drew Field echoes.
n Vol. 2, no. 46 (January 20, 1944).
Tampa, Fla. :
b Post Exchange
January 20, 1944
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tampa.
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t Drew Field echoes.
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WANT FRESH ORANGE JUICE? GO TO JUICE BAR AT MAIN PX Drew Field Echoes ALLEY OOP'S CREATOR HERE TONIGHT, 8 P M. VOL. 2, NO. 46 OFFICIAL PUBLICATION DREW FIELD, TAMPA, FLORIDA THURSDAY, JANUARY 20, 1944 Alley Oop Here Tonight BAER BROTHERS BOX HERE MONDAY NIGHT The Baer Brothers' Circus comes to Drew Field Monday night and presents a ring of surprise features of entertainment along with the seven bouts between Avon Park Bomb pugilists and Drew Field battlers. Max and -Buddie Baer will r-eferee these bouts at the Bandshell. The bouts scheduled in addition to the Baer Circus will be threeround bouts from the light heavyweight class through the heavyweight division. The A von Park boxing team is coached by Sgt. Weber and is a strong fight stable. The Baer brothers, both sergeants, will visit the Base on their tour of Army installations. Their program stresses the value o f Special Service Work and Physical Fitness programs. ALLEY OOP WALKS through Drew Field tonight and g1ves a lecture on his adventures. That is, V .. T. Ham! in, creator of the Oop, comes to talk to soldiers. The popular cartoonist whose comic strip is seen in about 700 newspapers will speak at Service Club No. 1 today at 8 p.m. A perpetual clown in the ring, Max Baer mugged his way through a couple of motion pictures and was in a position to make a fortune in Hollywood and on the radio if he could have retained his crown. The Baer that knocked out Max Schmeling in 10 rounds was a killer. The Baer who won the title from Carnera in 11 rounds was a murderer, but the Baer who lost the crown to aging Jimmy Braddock and froze before the punches of Joe Louis SGT. MAX BAER, former world's champ, hugs a WAC corporal and promises a bang-up show at Drew Field Monday night when he brings his gang of sluggers for a show to be New 'Secret Weapons' Surpass Nazis' Arms was strictly an also ran. Brother Buddy, one of the larg. e s t men to challenge for the \;! heavy diadem gave Louis a busy { evening in Washington in May, ::;::: 1941. Given no chance aganist !:? Louis, young Baer put Bomber !) J o e on the canvas and was carry :) ing the fight until Louis caught up rei'Y)embered. -COMIC STRIP AUTHOR TALKS HERE TONIGHT By..Camp Newspaper Service The United States Army and Navy have developed a series of deadly new "se cret weapons" that equal and even far surpass anything the Nazis are known to have. One of them is the 75mm. plane cannon now carried by Mitchell bombers. It already has destroyed a Jap destroyer with a single mighty volley, according to reports. Another is a new anti-aircraft gun which will shoot higher than any plane can fly. A third is the new 57-ton tank, a huge monster built at a locomotive plant which is big enough and tough enough to knock out any known tank the enemy can put on the field. The Navy ha:t augmented its great warship building program with the development of some ordnance sen-. sations so amazing that they have astounded the world of science. "There are hundreds of new developments, some refinements and others revolutionary in nature, ac, cording to Rear Adm. W. H P. Blandy, during whose tenure in office as chief of Phillips Field Has Half Price Night Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! It's a 15-way bargain for Drew field soldiers tonight when the Phillips Field amusement park, offers speCial prices to Gls during Drew Night. Fifteen spine-tingling rides, featured by the triple-looped sl

PAGE TWO DREW FIELD ECHOES, THURSDAY, JANUARY 20, 1944 MacDill Quintet to Play Drew Brown Named srH Aw UNIT SEES All-Star 5 FAMILY USO FEATURE_ Meanest Man By Out at West SAW Company Prepares To N h 0 1 of the 5th Training Battalion turned its filter room into a H ld R d QM I g t w 5 theater settled down for a solid evening of en_tertain0 ecor ment, provided by a usa show. The show, by the way,-consisted of an entirefamily_ By CPL. A. ALLAN HARLAN father, mother, two daughters and a son. An all-star Drew Field bas-The New Year in the QM Section has begun with a ketball team will take on the bang. Congratulations and all that to those who were reHolt Hits family-both vocal and instrugreat MacDill Fliers at Mac-cently promoted: Captain Robert S. Noonan executive offimental, were amazed' hr George, Dill Field tomorrow_ (Friday) D J k t the with his unendMitchell T Ed. Phillips, S/Sgt. ogg1e aC p0 ing store of and on :bight. Although beaten once Bill Simpson, SjSgt. John Hiltenbeitel, S/Sgt. James Sharevery conceivable subJect, and by the flashy Orlando sol-ver Sgt Raymond Hatchet Sgt Clarence Johnson Sgt Bob Cpl. Russell W. Holt (A-3, 1st got a tremendous kick out of Mr. diers, the MacDil. I fi've Is con' R gt AWUTC)f'nall ecov-Lovitt Pappa and MC. Lowder, Sgt. Louis Ratliff, Sgt. Robert Sheldon and Sgt. er1ng' frpm the he We 'got a story on that 564th sidered to. be one of. the best Paul -Brant. New _Year's Day when "his"_ party at the Tampa but in this area. S I u t Washington Huskies took a 29'-0 the we mterview:ed Besides promotions, several new faces have made their in QM. They are:' Pvt. Charles A. Nelson, Pvt. John P. Smetana, Cpl. James R. Quigly, Pvt. Nicholas Calagias, Pvt. Ralph Wiley, Pvt. Francis Minnicucci, Pvt Clarence Bradford; Pvt. Marvin Godfrey and Pvi. Robert Rosenthan. Welcome to the QM, men. The meanest man of the week is Sgt. Wilburn Brown. Why? He borrowed 10 dollars to go out and enjoy life. (No, not in the sense the "Green Light" speaks of). Cpl. Sam Perry accompanied him, too. They visited a fine Tampa restau rant(?); The steak dinner and liquid nourishment a c c u m u l;d e d to around 'nine bucks. We pause here to inention that, somehow, a beautiful and mysterious girl ate with them. While the waiter stood near the table giving the fish eye, honest Sam could Iiot stand the pressure, so he laid a ten dollar bill on the proper plate. Of course, the others at the table didn't notice this, only when 15 cents worth of clinking change returned. Then two people muttered something unintelligible about helping out on the expense. But the worst rub -of the deal .came when Wilburn flatly told Sam to cle:ar the deck, suggesting the cinema. Soft Sam obeyed. Wilburn had a _lovely time holding with the sweet young thing somewhere in a USO, and came home with 10 dollars he never used. J Pvt. Miozza continues to beautify the barracks of Platoon Two. It looks better than ever, Miozza. Sgt. Lowder twi;rls on the inside like an electric washer when he gets enough suds, and we don't mean Rinso. gn a n1. lacing from the USC Trojans in was pnncipally concerned .with But they will be up against the the Rose Bowl. the splendid features_ of bar. greatest array of basketball play Aidin_g in his recovery was his He toldus he haq a srmpiy ers ever assembled by D:ew. 3d Fe LlkeS ticket on a $100 daily double and wonderful time-anyway, thats varsity a $57 quinielas, all in. one night what he. was told. with 1_1 wi_ns t_Inder its Ia t eek at Sui hu Springs Over m Company A of the 5th -belt, WI11 contribute Its first team. s w P r SAW BN., T/4 Walters sustained :!!'rom the 396th Bombardment h a seven-day quarantine upon his group will come two stars and Capt O'Laug lin return from furlough. However, the Base Detachment. Third Calisthenics this inconvenience worked its Fighter Command and the Medics By PFC. GILBERT JOHNSON Upp. ed to Ma_ lo. r way into a profitable enterprise. will each 'furnish one man. Th s l H During the nightly secessions in Th AWUTC varsity J'irst e men In Igna q. the Barracks he has accumulated e t Ch I J o'L hi' h f th 1 t tak stringers ar_ e Coach Lt.'Vincent Company .Third FC look for-Cap am ar es aug n'l enoug o e ong green o e deputy _commander of the Drew another furlough. All members 'Lusardi, Lt. _John Fowler, Pvt. ward to the four o clock Field Base Detachment, has been of Co. A lament the departure .John Toomasian, Cpl. So.I h 1 d h promoted to major. of Cpl. Murray and S/Sgt. MeS t ld M P ysiCa trammg periO eac Major O'Laughlin was CO of Clurg whom the best chechter and L ; A 0 o-day. Corporal Bogue is in the 314th BH .and AB Sq. until of luck at their new posts. Iinari. These fellows have its assimilation into the Base De, taken all opposition in stride charge and his pohcy lS to In. his present <;a-Informal &hcipel so far and probably will start put the emphasis on competipacity. he Is m charge of. white the gameintact. troops. He has 22 years m the W d d N ht tive games such as volleyball, Army. e nes ay 19 basketball, softball and touch Ch 1 W R I Colley and Lt. Lucardi, are toy-football rather than on calls. Ina s ar 0 e Informal midweek Chapel serv-ing with-the idea of using a ices were j,naugurated last eve-unique combination sometine thenics. The volleyball games are probably the most popular and hotly contested because everyone has an equal chance to figure in the play and scoring regardless of size or .ability. Any of those big boys will tell yoti that when "Little" Willie goes up and mows 'em own. It' s not unusual to see the fellows get up a game in their spare time, either. W e also have .a sharpshooting basketball team that should begin To Be olscusse d ning at Chapel No.4, J Ave. and during the evening. They would 2d St., arid wjll continue to be put six foot six Pvt. Andy Dun-held each Wednesday evening at can, Base Detachment, at center Service men .and civilians will 7:30 p.m. and Lt. IrwiJ;t Witty, sensational exchange opinions-on the topic Did you like that midweek 396th forward and center at for "China:'s Role in The PostWar church serviGe back home? If ward. They would team up with World" next Sunday evening-at liked the so_ng Fowler, AWUTC high point man, 7:30 o'clock in the regular weekly Ice, the d_Iscussion and Lusardi and Schechter. Lli forum sponsored by the Ameri-and JOin the hour sardi and Schechter probably will can Association of University of Chnstlan_ f e 110 w shIP each play most of the game as they Women at the USO club, 607 Wednesdaym Chapel No. 4 are undoubtedly the best pair of Twiggs St. The discussion will Everyone IS welcome. guards hereabouts. be' led by a member of the AAUW. Coffee and cake will be served. S H t I In Duncan and Witty the to click soon; S H M p They. say George Schaffer re, ee ere r 19 tat10n 0Sp1 a Drew team will have height, STORK CLUB something the AWUTC has lacked all season. Duncan has been good for 20 to 30 points in cently took in his first GI movie since entering the service. Guess Union Hours Only the Twin Palms must have :.closed Girl, 7 pounds, 15 ounces,-to for the winter. Harry Kinnaman tells us he left A pet pig gets the bottle every lst. Lt. (Hqs. & Plotting .Co, 568th. his heart up in Tennessee on his day at the 553d SAW Battalion, SAW Bn), and Mrs Claude .D. last furlOugh. now on operational training. Harding, January 13. -Some of the lads in the Radio Master of the bottle is Pvt. Mich-Boy, no weight given, to CpL Section will bet even money that ael J. Hartney. Hartney is seek-(Co. B, AWUTC), and Mrs. LenGorporal Minnick spends his next ing an assistant M of the B. ard K Warren, January 14. furlough in Iowa. And he's not Squeals ruri on 24-hour schedules. Girl, 7 pounds, 15% ounces, to going there to raise corn, either. "I'm sleepy-and don't like bacon Lt. Col. (Hqs AAF, Washington, Kropie denies that from now on anyway," Hartney complains. D C.), and Mrs. Harry Burke, the will address alf' cooks January 15. every game this seaso0n and Witty, former NYU and pro. fessional star, has been called by basketball e x p e r t s the best floor man to ever hit Drew. There is an old saying: Every tub stands on its own bottom. We can't say this of "Suds" Lowder. And what is all this noise about Isaac Ratliff? Said Sgt. Sheldon concerning New Year's resolutions: "Why make them when YOU can't do anything to break them? Silly, isn't it?" as Sir, but don't address him as J d R f T k Girl; 5 'pounds, 43/4 ounces, to Pfc. or he may reach for a meat U ge e USeS tO a e Lt. (Medical Detachment, Mac-cleaver. Away Soldier's 'ln centive' Dill), and.Mrs. William N. Cham-Lt. Colley will have as his representative from the Third Fighter Command a flashy forward, Ed Stitarz, who has been raising cane with all opposition since the start of the -season. The Medics will come up with John Lowes to roul'id out a ten-Irian squad. Lt. John Wilson will be the other representative from the 396th. Frank Kutchie never misses a hers, January 15. Sunday evening radio program CHICAGO__:_(CNS)-A'circuit Boy, 8 pounds, 8 ounces, to T/5 The Officers' volleyball teams, called "Predictions of Things to judge refused to annul the mar-(Signal Hqs Co, Third Fighter the Reds and the Blues, declared Come." What do you see in the riage of a 17-year-old girl to a Command), and Mrs. Charles H. a truce long enough to have a crystal ball, Fr.ank? 20-year-old soldier after the serv-Thurston, January 15, :lelicious dinner at the club last Tall, blond, handsome AI Oeltice man, Pvt. James Bruce Godar Girl, 6 pounds, 9 ounces, to Cpl. ruesday evening. Here's why. jen is being"racked plenty" these who is stationed _in New Guinea, (Hqs Co, AWUTC), and Mrs. rhe losing team was to treat the days. The other night he rushed cabled the court pleading that it Allen E Hosafros, January 16. winning team. But in .the num-to the. aid of a buddy who had would "destroy the only thing that Boy, 7 pounds, 15 ounces, to i>er of gaznes played,. the score one beer too m 'any, only to find keeps me going." The annulment S/Sgt. (2rid Tng Regt, Hqs & was even, so everyone treated the buddy as sober ,as ."The suit was brought by the girl's Hqs Co.), andMrs._Robert L. GarJudge." father. rison, January 16. View Unhindereda Thought Censored .The beautiful Army hostess, newly arrived in camp, thought she would take a nude dip in the clear blue lake while the -men were out on drill and no one was nearby. It so happened that a rookie KP was sent down to the lake for a bucket of water, and seeing her pink clothes on the bank, sat down to watch. The beautiful Army hostess remained submerged up to her neck until she could no longer stand the chilling water, whereupon she scampered up the bank and found an old dishpan half buried in the mud. Hurriedly digging the pan out, she held it in front of her like a shield and came ashore. "You wouldn't have such a smirk on your face if you knew what I'm thinking," she said. "Oh, I know what you're thinking, all right," said the KP. "You're thinking that pan's got a bottom in it."-Arizona Contact, Phoenix, Ariz.


DREW FIELD ECHOES, THURSDAY, JANUARY 20, 1944 PAGE THREE DeSoto Man Labels NY As Top City By A. A. KAALUND Hi there, GI Gang! It's ye o'J.e De Soto Scribe back again with the ultra modern antiques and more idle, gold. brigging chatter. We sho missed y'all chillen while on that fine furlough to the Big City. We maintain that New York city is still the most tasty dish on the dainty menu, to satisfy anyone' s furlough appetite. How ever, we do wish you. and you, and especially you did have one vety, very Merry Xmas. FINDS BUDDY We ran into Pfc. Theodore (Steve) Robinson and we in turn ran into our old "sob sister" Frau Brudder on 86th street on the East side. She is an ace war correspondent at present. She informed us that she had just returned from Hungary and after sam pling several outstanding Hungaria n Dishes she is still hungry. The old Goulash doesn't live there any more. A few things new: Major Alfred B Strickler, former CO of the59th and of our De Soto Area, now CO of Drew Field Base De-. tachment. Lt. Kenneth E. Harrison, former adjutant of the 59th and personnel officer of the Area's Unit Personnel, now Asst. Base Adjutant, .and promoted to First Lieutenant; and Lt. Harold W. Dykstra, supply officer of the same echeloi\ also promoted .to. first lieutenant; Capt. Lee R. Leffler, back off leave and command ::J Take Me Back To--5530 'OUT IN WOODS' FINDS TRAINING OKEH By PFC. L S. KASTELY Reporting for the 55 3d SAW from somewhere in Florida: We sure have this packing and moving business down pat. The convoy wasall packed and ready to shove off before the time;! allotted. Things went smoothly on the 'trip, and we arrived at our designated spot in good time and immediately upon arrival dug fox holes, pitched tents and started operation.al training. CONGRATS TO: B tt F d M / Sgt. Joseph A. Reilly, of the e er 00 N Y. police fbrce Reillys has again hit the limelight. Miss Lor.etta Clarke of New York city became Mrs. Reilly at the marriage ceremony performed at Chapel No. 4 on January 4 Mrs James J. Hickey and S iSgt., Hickey were the witnesses. Mrs. Reilly is staying temporarily with Mrs. Hickey in Tampa. We expect Reilly to come out of his daze any day now. Our thanks to lVIarine Cpl. Paul R. Lee for the fine talk he gave us on his ex}Jeriences in the islands. He gave us an excellent picture of what A W is doing in the war. He has seen service at Pearl Haibor, Guadalcanal and Tulagi. The other day when alert was sounded, T / 5 Buffe almost didn't make it to his fox hole, It seems that a couple of vines tangled around his neck somewhat slow ing UP his progress. Hehas the scars to prove it, too. BUSINESS AS USUAL Stressed In Mess Talks -Captain Joseph 0. Schreck, Air Inspector, agrees with Napoleon that an army travels on its stomach. Because of this corroboration hf is determined that Drew F ield messhalls serve the best chow in the Army. As the first step in this direction he called a two .md a halfhour conference 'of all mess of ficers and sergeants last Saturday. and serving of all foo. d items was the main topic of the meeting. Stressed particularly was serving hot :::oods while it's hot cold foods before they sag into palate-repelling masses of warm, wilted lettuce, beat-up tomatoes and tepid mayonnaise. "The serving of high quality and adequate food to the soldier is a primary facto_r contributing Pvt. Red Sager, the battalion switchboard operator, has set up shop and is again operating a miniature PX in his .off duty hours The clerks in Hq. Co. orderly room have been burning the midnight oil these last few nights bringing the records to date. H'umor, ho\vever, is im in the. work by our good. natured, pre-mature greyhaired 'Philosopher Pvt. Joe Ascherl. He is also known as Holy Joe, Chaplain, or what to his morale and physical fit ness. These preferences must not be a.{>used. SHERRILL; AIDS DRIVE ing De Soto Section. NEW CHAPLAIN ENTWINED IN A NET is an up and coming_ N ew York have you. He is one of the best model now working at the Veterans Administr-ation Station liked men in the compay. Aiding in the opening of the Fourth War Loan drive in Tampa,. Brig. Gen. Stephen H. Sherrill, Commandip.g General 'of A WUTC, spoke briefly Tuesday. morning at the steps of the Tampa post of' fice. The coming of Chaplain E Snyder, who already .has gained the reputation and nickname. of "Guardian Angel'\ while pinchhitting in the absence .of Chaplain Gibson; the coming ofJoe Louis and Ray Robinson; and last but surely not least the return of Pfc. J Jimmy Brown of Finance Sec tion Inc. from furlough to duty. in New York. Miss Florence Veatch is also entwined in Lt. Joseph B Vurpillat recently th h f p 0 "R M f h had a pleasant, or 'Sad; experi. e earts q vt. reste usty encino o t e 3d FC ence. firing from standing posi-Sig Hq. Co and his barracks mates (not excluding the tion, tHrough no intention on his ECHOES pinup editor!) part,.he ended up in sitting posi-__ --: __ .:_ _:_ ___________ _,... __________ tion in one of the neatest and quickest changes we will ever have the pleasure of observing. A large crowd had assembled to see and hear the start of the 1 latest drive to "back the attack with bonds." Martial music was furnished in the downtown area throughout the week, with the Drew Field band participating. He was deep in the heart of Texas. The gang certainly misses Chaplain Ford Gibson. One yardbird said "Gee Whiz, he was just in the middle of his fine wo0rlc" It would be a good thing to have him around again. On New Year's Eve at the Great Hour of changing years, an AirWAC looked up at the stars, the shining in her pre.tty, pleasant but grim face and that this time next year we, all of her fellow human beings will be free to come and go, and enjoy the pursuit of happiness. We wish this American Soldier all of the wonderful little things she so thoughtfully and graciously wished her fellow human beings. We wish you all a very happy New Year, and we pray that in the future, we will concentrate all human effort to the perfection of our human environment, so that we might enjoy to the fullest extent, this precious substance, called life. Bull Stops Lamb, Lamb Eats Beef A bull can't stop a lamb if it's chow time. I 16 18 2/ ACROSS At least the soldiers of the 553d SAW Battalion, now on operaL Chief of CWS. tional training, will swear to 3. Branch of Service. that. 5. Lewisite (old Symbol). Pte. Lamb was washing his 6 No good. duds in a creek when the chow bell sounded. 10. Replacement training unit. He turned from his work to (abbr.) make a hasty dash for the chow 12 One in every unit. line. 16 Important group of organic He stopped dashing. chemicals. A bull gave him the eye. The 17 With (Latin). bull was large and unpleasant 18. Army man' s middle name. and looked "somewhat like Sin18 First aid always --. atra between two million. ration 21. Acid good for burns. points of beef." 24 New mounting of power de-Lamb circled the critter by con apparatus. digging his way through heavy 25 Seaport of Algeria. underbrush for a "quarter of a 26 Right. mile. 27. A well known training gas. He made chow. 28 Four-fifth of the earth. Beef was on. the menu. 29. Chlorpicrin. DOWN 1. Odor of chlorpicril1. 2. Ethyldichlorarsine. 3. WD publication. 4. Acidtaste. 7. Protective device. 8 Enemy. 9. By. 11. Measure of heat (abbr.) 13 Most gases ---. 14 French (abbr. ) 15. Melts at 32 degrees F. 19 Smoke mixture. 20 Phosgene also affects the--. 22. Time for blackouts. (Coloq.) 23. A thought. 25 Metal bearing. 26. Observation point. (Answer on Page 5) Hq Co welcomes Lt. Ollie B Schlueder as its new company commander along with First Sgt. John J --------Air Forces Play Sold for Million NEW YORK (CNS)-"Winged Victory," the Army Air For. c _es show, has been sold to 20th Cen tury-Fox for $1,000,000-highest price ever paid for screen rights to a Broadway show. Moss Hart, author and director of the show, will leave soon for Hollywood where he will supervise production of the movie. Officers' Wives Meet Wednesday The monthly card party of the Drew Field Officers' Wives Club. will take place Wednesday, Jan. 26, at 1 : 30 p m Mrs. F R Delaney, seqetary of the club, announced. Hostesses will be Mrs. Alfred Lewis and Mrs. T A Crocker.' Nursery facilities will be available for ladies with small children. Family Joins Navy All wives of st.ationed Ut. N y (CNS) A 1 at Drew F1eld are mv1ted to .lCa,. n enhre attend. fam1ly )Omed the Navy here re-___ .,__ ____ cently when Jacob Schremph, 37, w c w "I a tugboat captain, signed on; his A S 1n Dr1 I Contest wife, Mary, 28, joined the BLYTHE FIELD, Calif.-(CNS) WAVES; and his son William, -WACs stationed here recently 17 became an apprentice sea-trimmed the male soldiers in a man. close order drill contest. 5 LANGUAGES TAUGHT IN BASE NIGHT CLASS The foreign language school conducted evenings at the Base Schools Building, locateq at C Ave. and 6th St., has five language classes taught by proficient _enlisted personnel. Classroom hours are from 7 to 9 p m. Monday through Thursday. The Germa n course is taught of the Old World in her French by Pvt. Weil who has studied at classes. Italian classes are taught by the University of Heide.lberg. Air WAC Sgt. Baker and Rus -Weil is an instructor in the A W sian i s taught by Pvt. Boherer. administration.schools during the Spanis h classes taught by Cpl. day hours. Frias are popular and the need for another instructor has bee n French is taught by Air Sgt. expressed. Personnel of the Madeleine Alexander who has Base qualified to teach Spanish taught French in civilian life. classes are urged to contact Cpl. Sergeant Alexander is well I. Gottleib of the 2d Training versed on the European travel Regiment Special Service Detopics and uses her experiences partment, Ext. 2295


PAGE FOUR DREW FIELD ECHOES, THURSDAY, 20, 1944-------------------------------------------------------DREW FlEW ECHOES Official Pub11cation Drew Field P 0. Address: Drew Field. Tampa, Fla. Thursday, January 20, 1944 COLONEL MELVIN B. ASP Air Base Commander DREW FIELD ECHOES 1S a Post Exchange A ctivity, publiz h e d each Thursday in the interes t of the officers and enlisted men of Drew Field. Authority S e c II, W D. Circular 5 5 1943, under the supervision of Special Service Officer in accordance with W. D Memo. No W210-6-42 dated September 7. 1942, Subject: Publication of Post, Camp and Unit Newspapers. Major Chester K. De4ano. Base Special Service Officer Lt. Joseph H. McGinty, Editor The office of DREW FIELD ECHOES Is located In Special Service Building on 8th St. between Aves. A and B. Building No. 14B-03. Telephone. extension 2287. DREW FIELD ECHOES receives material supplied by Camp Newspaper Serv ice, War D e p artment. 205 E. 42 St., N e w York City. Credited material may not be republished withot.t permission from Camp Newspaper Service. They're always in the enemies' hair, parlez vous; Here and there and everywhere, The Ground Observers are always there, Hinky, Dinky, parlez vous! Come on, you Ground Hogs! And thanks, ECHOES editor! PVT. JOHN P ACICCA, CPL. SY FRIED. We are proud to print this letter. We like the song, the esprit de corps, and would like to have other soldiers compose songs about their work. We' ll print 'em and sing 'em too.-Ed. Patterson's Absolutely Right Dear Editor: My idea of a really sad sack is the class of soldier (and I've seen quite a few) who runs like hell to the nearest barracks or covered shelter when he realizes the 5:30 p m retreat about to blow. I believe that any soldier who willfully hustles out of his way NOT to salute the flag of our country is a pretty low class individual and should be disciplined. I believe all officers should be instructed to get the names and ASNs of any men thus caught and that they should be properly punished. Maybe I'm all wet, fellows. What do you think? 1 PVT. H F PATTERSON Hqs., Base Detachment Ring Changes Finger Dear Sir: I sold my ring through the ECHOES Want Ads. Thank you for your help. PVT. DAVID DICKSON, 1st Rept. Co. 569th SAW Bn.


DREW FIELD ECHO _ES, iHURSDAY, JANUARY 20, 1944 PAGE FIVE UNIFORMS 'SCRAPPED' 2,000 Items At Cleaners Pack Place WELL, LOOKA HERE, someone finally got the ax!. We mean the legal ax, that instrument' of destruction designed (and seldom used) for the benefit and protection of mister average than 2 000 uncalled citizen. 'l'oda.y 's mister average citizen. is the soldier you see for garments at 'Drew's clean-on the streets, the Sailor and the Marine, the WAC, WAVE, ers have created a bottle-SPAR, vVAAF, and all the others >vho are making this country neck thatis affecting every seenl'e for all of the other "average" citizens in the world. man on the Field, according BEFORE""THE STORM, or what it looks like 30 seconds after folding money changes hands. But just wait a minute. The Air Corps can fix that up easily enough. Imagine wearing a hat like one of the two above. AH HA! Getting warm but not hot. Still looks like a hat. Must be given the old one-two. More Arabic poetry master. Get that coffee warm because it's going to be dunked in something solid to take out the starch. \ \ ""''' -----= \ I ---AND IN THIS CORNER we have the masterpiece easily recognized at an Air Corps de luxe. This hat marks him as a man from the wide blue yonder. It is also known as the wash-board model; the galloping crud, or the palpitating skull. BROKEN-HEARTED HAT POPULAR AF FEATURE to Mr. Nathan Hale, manager of Drew Field Cleaners. The dry cleaning establishment, located at. 2d St. and Ave. G right next to the Main PX-is the GI's junction for clothing to be sent out for cleaning and pressing. Because men fail to pick up uniforms that have been ready for delivery for weeks, it has become necessary for the Drew cleaning concern to send many uniforms back forwant of a place to store them. Stating, that officers and enlisted men are cutting service from four to possibly six days by not calling for their garments, Mr. Hale urged everyone who has a u nifo:m at the cleaners to call for it as soon as possible. "Through lack of storage space in which to place cleaned. and pressed garments that have been brought from St. Petersburg," Mr. Hale said, "the truck must carry them back to that city. Ordi narily, the truck would take a load of soiled clothing. As you can see, this is bound to hurt the fellow who wants four-day serv-ice on his uniform." Furlough Rationers Get More Furlough ration money h;i's been upped from 61 cents to 67 cents per day, according to Sgt. Joseph Falconer, ECHOES Base Finance Office correspondent. Soldiers returning from furlough can now receive their ration money within 24 hours. After furlough papers have been duly signed by his commanding officer, the GI has only to present them at the Casual Pay Sec tion of the Base Finance Office for payment in full. In the event that shipment makes it impossible for the soldier to r eceive monetary adjustment at one post, he has only to present his credentials at his next post for immediate payment. Inspects 553d Brig. Gen. Stephen H. Sherrill; Commaning General of A WUTC, inspected the 553d SAW Bat-. talion, now on operational training. With General Sherrill was Major Smithson. The officers There's something about a soldier that is definitely stayed for noon chow. missing unless he's under the influence of the Air Corps. F h S ld" tt hat. The rakish men who dip through the blue, sweep rene 0 ere es about the niteries, and break the heart out of their top-Lack SkirtS pieces are easily recognized. lot of Th h t th th" b t THE 1 f l eyes w1ll pop when femmme aux-. _e a s e mg, u not t 1ng un ess a care u iliaries of the French Army go ntual IS performed upon purchase. on parade dressed in their new Common practice is to immedi-American -made uniforms. The ately borrow a dictionary (Win-skirts have not arrived. ston preferred), or a heavy board Return Spanish Books covered with beer caps. The Air-All persons who have disconman then places the hat on a ta-tinned or completed evening ble and swings lustily while re-courses in Spanish are requested citing secret bits of Arabic poetry. to return text books to Spanish When the hat is firmly pressed instructor at Base School any somewhat like a wallet before evening from Monday to Thurspay day, the brim is then turned day, from 7 to 9 p.m. to a vertical position and the operation repeated. We now have the hat square as a new shoe box. Next the Air Corps fashionplate returns to the mess hall and places the hat in boiling water (or coffee) and leaves the topper submerged for three minutes while sipping with a large spoon the boiling water (or coffee). Final operation is to sit on the hat while chalking up another 30 hours. We then have the Air Corps hat, replete with marcel, finger wave, coffee stain (or water) and c o m p I e t e I y broken-hearted. (Drawings courtesy of The Wingspread, Colorado Springs). Crossword Answer MORE ABOUT-ALLEY OOP (Continued from Page 1) job He must have the correct outfit for an ancient warrior of Sicily down to the number of straps on his sandal. "If I don' t have it correct you'd be surprised how many hundreds of letters come pouring in," Hamlin said. Young artists who have aspirations of some time drawing a big-time comic strip will get the inside facts from Hamlin tonight. Hamlin is a veteran of the first world war. He now lives in Sar asota where "plenty of hard work" is spent concocting his Oop adventures. The show's at 8 p .m. in Service Club No. 1. IT IS UNFORTUNATE that the "ax" has to be used at all, but when it does fall, I for one am darned glad that it falls hard on the neck of people who today are breaking the morale, and yes, even the heart of the soldier. A certain "hi hat" place in town recently received the official "spanking" to the tune of $2,500, which ain't hay, but which could have bought War Bonds if the individual had complied with such a simple thing as a price rule. It' s not hard to obey the law. The Army proves that LET'S CONTINUE with the situation in town. I called a certain address in Tampa. M:;1tter of fact it was on River Cove Avenue in Tampa, and the person who answered the phone (this was in quest of living quarters for a soldier) started eating the Army out for having soldiers who needed to live in town. It IS unfortunate that we have human beings in the Army I suppose, people who have lived normal lives all their time on earth. It is just a little too bad that we have families in America. It would be so much simpler for the apartment owner to rent only to "individuals." You see, in this way, they would not be "bothered" by "soldiers" moving every so often. They wouldn't have the "worry" of changing the linens, and the other things that they do when tenants change. This particular individual, I am referring to, by the way, is an employe of one of the larger Air Bases ... in Tampa. The Army is the reason she is working today. The Army is affording her a living. She likes the Army to afford her a living BUT SHE DOESN'T WANT TO CO-OPERATE TO THE EXTENT OF HOUSING SOME OF THE ARMY BECAUSE THEY "UPSET" HER ROUTINE I ask ya ... whataya gonna do? HEY, HOW ABOUT you Gls taking your laundry and your cleaning out of the shop here on the Base? Gee whiz, the place is the best you have found, and why do you have to spoil the service by using the place as a closet? Look, it's simple. You bring your stuff in they tell you when it will be ready. Okeh; let's assurrie that it is a day late (Lord knows that ain't bad these days) and so you figure "well I don' t really need it for a few days ... I'll leave it there." What happens? All the other stuff that comes in while yours waits there for you, has to be taken back all the way to St. Pete just because you have the space all taken with storage. Here's what's gonna happen, and you can blame only yourselves. The _place is gonna keep your stuff for week (maybe) then if you don't claim it, it goes back to the plant, and you'll just have to take your chances on getting it back when they can get it to you. Gollies, we try to make things easier for you guys, so that you won't get robbed in town, and so that you get decent service, and you take advantage of it to the extent that you try to walk all over the very people who are attempting to give you a break. It's up to you. IF THE COMIC BOOKS have invaded your home, these statistics may be revealing: Me'mbers of three of every four American families read comic books, a nation-wide survey states. And 95 per cent of boys and girls under 18 go for them. Half of all me, n and women between 18 and 30 are comic magazine readers. An average of 57 per cent of our armed forces read seven comic books a month. Sig nificantly, 82 per .cent of adults surveyed believed comics provide good, clean fun for everybody. S\xty-one per cent found them edu cational. Eighty-nine per cenf of our service men pass their books along. X PUBLISHING-CO. EDITOR'S OlfiCE ....,. ._...... : f]ll1 : WE CAN'T,.USE;.YOUR DRIVE 2-'


PAGE SIX DREW Fl ELD ECHOES, TH U RSDA Y,,J..:_A_N __ _____ ____;_ ______ By PFC. "BUNNIE" CASSELL Last time we left our bar-Heroic Acts: Commended In Citations racks, there was that man F h' h k' fl again. Yup, Henry Ford (no :our Ig ran mg ymg 1 t' h t') d t g officers and four sergeants of re a IOn, ones Is a m the heavy bombardment Betty Berggren once more. W t b't d gro.up statwned at Drew e re no a I surpnse F' d d h' k 11 1 th t th Ield were ecorate t IS we new a a ong a ey f ld 't rt f d' mornmg at an Impressive or_wou n sp I up or goo mal review parade for their Ingenuity runs rampant among the Air-WACs, anyways, but the outstandmg aenal flights and best we've heard i s the tale of heroic .action while in com Hi_lda Yeutter. After she re-bat duty with and over enemy ce1ved a package of nuts for Christmas she looked high and terntory. low for to crack 'erh Receiving the awards,, presentwith. Filigers wouldn't do She ed by Brig. General James E hated to step on 'em. Parker, commanding general of Finally she hit upon a bright the Third Bomber Command, plan; she'd use her shower clogs! were: So, if you, too; are having trouble Lieutenant Colonel Fred T with those Christmas pecans, just Crimmins .Jr. cmnmanding officer bring out the clogs. (Incidentally of the heavy bombardment group, those are nice wings Hilda wears who won the Distinguished Serv on her slip!) ice Cross for having displayed There's a postcard' tacked to the extraordinary heroism and devobulletin board in lower Number tion to duty while on the Philip-15. It says "Just wanted to be pine Islands. sure those two beds are still reSINCE BEGINNING served for us," and it's signed "Sgts. Burch and Clark." Maybe they think they'll be those beds after their busy fur-lough. Speaking of furloughs, Sgt. Jesse Zimmerman, the Ba.se Headquarters. Casanova, has been wearing a long, s ad face. since he teturned from his. Lieutenant Colonel John w Nervell, Springfield, Missouri, commanding officer of the bomb crew section, the Distinguished Flying Cro'ss and Air Medal for meritorious achievement while participating in aerial flights in the Southwest Pacific Area from December 8 1841 to November 2, 1942 Rosemarp O'Laughlin, who had Major Donald 0. Tower, Vernever learned to sit 'n' knit, nonia, Ore., the Distinguished Flying Cross for extraordinary found a brand new boyfriend achievement while engaging in while he was away. We dunno, aerial flights in the Southwest though, Zimmie-Looks to us as Pacific area from December 8, though you could rmi the First 1941, to November 6, 1942 Captain Ervin J. Tetiva, Sergeant some pretty stiff com-Omaha, Nebraska, who won the petition, if you tried. Air Medal and the Oak-Leaf Have you noticed the new of-Cluster for his actions while WARRIORS ALL are those Fortress men who fought War during early stages of battle. General James E Porker is on the left. ORIENT AT ION SPEEDED UNDER 5TH REG'T PLAN ficer at the Base School's Office? participating in both day and maintained to facilitate bomber Yup, it's none other than that patrol flig}lts and fighter missions. under difpeppy, popular WAC, Lt. Barnes. m e an ean area. ficult livihg conditions, and with Though we're sorta sad about Master Sergeant Edward B facilities extremely limited or ensharing her, we're proud that she Malinay of Chestnut Ridge, Penn-tirely lacking the servicing of will be putting -her brains and sylvania, S /Sgt. Charles E Holt airplanes was handled by crews personality into action-in such an and S / S g t. John H. Harrod of that were undermanned. Shelter important job. Bet she'll like it, Chewelah, Wash., received the for the night was furnished "only Col. James F McGraw, Commanding .Officer, 5th Train-and we, know her. Distinguished Flying Cross for by the airplanes, and the food was They re tncks agam, their aerial flights in the areas of necessarily very poOr. With no ing Regiment, has recently approved a new war orientation round _the A1r-WAC Pvt. the Southwest Pacific. S/Sgt. bomb service trucks, and but one plan. for his organization. The plan, which was set up by Pat Reltz _was thnlled when Holt also received the Air MedaL small fuel truck, an excessive Lt. Damon E. Eckles, 5th Training orientation 'officer, a some sold1er fnends sent down a amount of work was required. By great big box, all wrapped for TASK initiative and energetic action,and graduate of Washington and Lee University Orientation Christmas, Late, but better, tha n Technical Sergeant Joseph B by working often late .into the School, is in addition to the regular A WUTC orientation never, they figured. P au 1 h a m us of Williamsport, night to have the airplanes ready PRETTY TOO Perin., received the award of the for the next day' s operations, the Degree of Legionnaire of the Le-effectiveness of the base was "Oooh, isn't this she gion of Merit. His was the tedious maintained, and the fullest use of queried, untying the gorgeous job of supplying, repairing and .available aircraft against enemy bow. As she pulled off the cover, sheltering the war birds for the forces on Guadalcanal a.nd Tulagi a hairy face, teeth bared, greet-allied pilots during the occupa-was made possible." ed her. The "lovely gift" was a t f G d 1 1 10n o ua a cana Rev1'ewing party for the cere-live 'possum, not the least bit Th DSC domes tic! e was awarded Lt. CoL mony, in addition to Brig. Gen. Crimmins for his action while at James E Parker, commanding Pat shrieked, and jumped away. Cl k F' p A helpful bystander, certain of ar ampanga, P. L, general of the Third Bombe r his 'possum technique, exwhere he tried to rescue his Command, included CoL Allen claimed: plane from a burning hangar Reed, supervisor of Training, "Pshaw! There's nothing to while the field was being at-Third Bomber Command; Lt. CoL :taming a possum. You pick him tacked. Once outside the hangar, Jack W Hughes, deputy comup by the tail, thus." As he intense and accurate dive-bomb-mancier of the bomb group, talked, he lifted the snarling ani-er machine gun fire wounded him Major Claude N Burcky, opera-mal from the box by his taiL and destroyed the plane-.. tions officer of the group, and Nimbly the little creature The citation accompanying Captain E. E Shouse, grou p ad-curled himself around and plant-the award has this to add: "The jutant. ed a full set of teeth in the wrist example set in this-instance of of his "tamer." calmness and service under The bystander jum.ped, and such extreme hazards and odds dropped Pat's pet, which ran did much to steady the person-from the building. Two lieu-nel during the attack, which tenants chased it wildly toward lasted one hour and a half." the annex bUilding, as Pat Colonel Nervell, then Cap-screamed, "Let him go! What tain, received his awards for would I do with him!" participating in more. than 200. Private Mary Lois Haight, hours of operational flight mis-who is still scratching wildly, sions during which hostile con-tho' it's nearly a week since tact was probable and expected. five of her b arracks mates cut He had 25 missions to his ct:eclit their hair 'n' left their shorn which consisted of long range tresses in her bed, decided to bombing attacks against enemy -get even with one of the trick-airdromes and installations and sters. attacks enemy naval vessels Melting a good-sized chunk of and shipping. limburger cheese, she poured the Sergeant Paulhamus received fragrant mass over Rosemary his Legion of Merit award "for Laughlin's. cold cream jar. exceptionally meritorious conduct For days, Rosie searched for in the performance of services a the source of the odor, while considerable degree of merit from Haight snickered. Finally Rosie .August 1 to August 7 1942 in the :found it, and removed the ofSouth Pacific area." fensive cover. Not so lucky was The award read: Haight, who is still trying to get "To aid in the occupatiGn of the smell out of her clothing! Gl}adalcanal, an air base :was CrackinCJ Joints Bother Brill Men of Headquarters Co., A WUTC, gave Cpl. Al Brill a few anxious moments the other afternoon while he was conducting calisthenics. H e called for a series of threecount deep-knee bends, and when his aspiring athletes went down for the first time the cracking of bones could be heard in one of the Forts overhead. When the cracking got louder the second time they went down Cpl. Brill really got worried, but only for a moment: 'twasn't knees cracking at all-the boys were snapning their fingers in unison! program. The ptogram covers three phases, all of which are now in operation. One part o f the program is a daily news broadcast over two public address systems. Lt. Eckles broadcasts from 12 : 15 to 12 : 30 p.m. to the entire regimental area and Cpl. Albert Finklestein broadcasts from 12 to 12 : 15 p .m. from Mess Hall No. 29. This news is taken directly from morning r .adio newscasts. In a second p hase, Sgt. George Wells, former newspaper editor, gives a daily analysis of the news and then explains its signif icance daily from 11 to 11:30 a : m For the third phase, Lt. Eckles conducts a weekly program called "Why We Fight" which is an explanation of the background of the war. In addition each Wednesday evening an open forum is held in the dayroom. The program called "Bat the Breeze". is conducted by Lt. Eckles and Sgt. Wells, and was organized to allow Enlisted Men to express themselves on the foreign and political questions of the day. ---------------Soft Seats Put In Theaters 5, 6 War Department Theaters Nos. 5 and 6 now have individual seats. Lt. George J. May Jr. Base Theater officer. announced yes-terday. With the installation of the seats in these theaters six of the eight theaters on Drew Field now have individual seats for the comfort of so l di e rs. Gay '90s Party Thrills Officers Featuring the tempo of the "Gay Nineties," a beer party, strictly a stag affair, was held Monday evening at the A WUTC Officers' Club, with several hundred officers in attendanc e. Two generals and almost a score of colonels were present, with Brig. Gen. Stephen H Sher rill, Commanding General of A WUTC, introducing Maj. Gen. W. T Larson, Commanding General of the Third Air Force, members of their respective staffs, and Col. Melvin B Asp, Drew Field base area commander. A floor show from the Jewell Box augmented a comedy program which featured such humorous characters as T/4 Harry Johnson, Sgt. William Glickman, Cpl. "Rajah" Bergman and Pfc. Jules Getlin. These and other Gls attired in the manner of the "Keystone Cops," kept the audience in an uproar of l aughter, while the "Golden Gate Quartet" and the A W. Dance Band led a pared of musica l talent. Beer, potato chips, pretzel s popcorn, cigars and cigarettes were on the house. The program was arranged by M aj. S amuel San sweet, chairman of th. e entertainment committee for the Office rs' Club, a s s isted by Lt. William Steele who secured the show talent, and Lt. Fred Babbin, who promote d the swell decorations


DREW FIELD THURSDAY, JANUARY 20, 1944 PAGE SEVEN IRA T I E JD Fe s cRIBE CHALLENGES ECHOES ___ Chevrons Sprout Anger Cools Ookfng On 3d FC Shirts As Editors 584TH UNIT DRUBS 4th "How can I get out of pulling KP?"-Pvt O'Spit. Volunteer-for latrine duty. S'ng H In a hard-fought, free-passY m n ing game of touch football on ':There is a fellow in our who constantly yells As in his sleep. thusly: 'Take my gold! Take my chariot! Take 31 Are Upped By sGT. ALVIN M. AMsTER the 584th Battalion field, the Success: Guess we all 4th dropped a close decision Retroactive to January 1 had one swellegant time at as was the list of the Det. party last Saturday roug a o waitmg my palace! Take my d-amsel! But do not fail to punch me in the nose every _two hours and twice on Sundays!' What can we do with a fellow like that to stop him?"-Pvt. Roolrat Runkpoong. Follow. his advice. Only make it four times on Sundays. "I have been reading your column and I have never once met any of these fel'lows you mention, such as Rodney von Cackle, Bullface Scragsnapple, John Fut de Boomstaff or Col. Smilp. Are there such people and if so, where can I meet them?" Pvt. Yarp Toeface. You haven't got a bad name yourself. But see me at Silly Solly's, b _ring my fee, and I will introduce you to the boys if the:v: are there. If they shouldn't be ar-ound (I get my fee anywayunderstand?) you can find them by going down that road over there which used to go around. Then when you come to this MP who has just gone -off duty turn straight up. Follow straight up until you hear a blue canary cough. Be polite to canary and then run first to the left and then to the right, ll>ll the while hollering: "I lost my collar bone!" This should arouse R-oger, the Green Baboon, from his hiding place and if it does you had better dig a foxhole and pull it in over y-ou. Does this answer your question? If it doesn't .the hell with it. The very idea of youdoubting my veracity. "Where can I get some blue tacks?" Pvt. Rumpnap MacButt. You will have to tell me what you want them for first. If y-ou are going to make blue-tack soup I will have to withhold this information. Every ounce of blue-tack soup must _be sent to the armed forces. \ night A d ft th k arms and dragged down a swned officer promotiOns ren a er e smo e 1 d 1 t k b H D t cleared the place somewhat pass from Daugunti to score ease as wee y q. e ., early in th d h If Th" d F ht c d A resembled the location where e secon a Ir Ig er omman it w h ld? The touchd-own pass was all but total of 31 names were on the A as. : 1 h intercepted by Ray Glor of the list. re of happemngs 4th, but in the struggle Rygiel Your Lt. Joe Bo-was able to gain control after the Top promotions went to "zebra hannon, "Sgts. !;'h1l B_urke, Ben pellet was batted back and forth stripers; Master Sergeants Harold Myers, Rastus Wllhams, Don for a few seconds T. Brown, Ben L'. Myers and Olin Daugherty, and Al Amster Later in th D W. Prather. Techpical sergeant Hats off to our cooks who pitched f e game auguntl promotions from staff were-Bill in so admirably Ed Oke Sam umbled,' recovered, and atC. Miller and :E'hilip A. Holz. Oxner, Wilbert Woods, La Count, tempted to run from the end zone Bob Smith. and Ben Kroplowski. but was stopped _by Schultz for a The list of men changing their They did well in preparing and thus scormg the t'Yo stripes from sergeant to staff ser-servin pomts for the losers. Lmeups geant included Joseph M. Corry, g. follow: Edward L Curley, Donald H SWELL JOB 584th Bn. 4th Tng. Begt. Roben W. Fallon, The Committee offers Lt. CoL Oblak Gior W:Ilham T. Gephart, Florenz G. Roscoe Conklin the permanent job G1el, John J. Harte, Jack A of MC. He did an excellent job Moore Haze n Hovey, Henry L. lnterdonati, of entertaining the crowd and Myzenko Pandolphi on the ivories James R. Robin. and with the drums. Ra,puano do-The next game between these Upped from corporal to ser-ing that fancy jitterbugging. An two teams wi11 be played Tuesgeant were Albert C. Badin, Paul unbeatable team! day evening at 6 p.m. on the 4th D. Buckner, Roy E. Castetter, Our thanks (personal arid Regiment's field at 5th and L. John F. Causier, Stanley Dubow-collective) to the WACs and the Any touch football teams interski, Leonard E. Farrell, Fred E. wives of the boys for making ested in scheduling games call Mitchell, Edward A. Oke and this such a successful affair. Ext. 638. Henry L. Quinn. Musn't forget Mrs. Bohannon Enterine: the exalted world of and Sgt. "Dutch" Reifsnyder in "I would like to keep a horse in my barracks for a pet. Do th k tt noncoms by promotion from Pfc. e ca e cu mg. LIBRARY ADDS 28 NEW BOOKS you think this is pos_sible?: Pvt. Blapsney Blinksoap Certainly. But you must keep him in your foot locker at night. I .imagine the rest of the soldiers in your barracks would just love to have this horse around. to corporal were Anthony E First dancers on the floor-Aquilini, AI J. Bahan, Ernest A. Pete Washe and Bob (Cpl.) Smith Rose and Norman W. Tucker. with those two nice WACs Per-: sonal thanks to WACs Bunny Twenty-eight of. the very Fun Unratloned Cassell and Pauline King for latest bo_oks on. both fiction And now to direct Mustygoolp Vitfit el Pazzbelch along helping round out that dandy the road to Shangn-La. We; last. left you watching a game of WAC gang for the shindig. and fact have been added to 52-handed poker. As I explamed, each player gets one card face At Party for MAYBE ANOTHER? of Library No. 1, down. and the ace of spades wins. But in this game Lady Epple-6th St d A C M bomb; wearing her new robe made out of orange peelings had H C AWUTC Let your committee know how an ve. ajor thrown in a deck of 52 of spades. The betting got q. O. we can improve the party. Maj. Che.!?ter K. Delano, Base Spe-and after three weeks Bullface and the Singing Monster were Coughlan gave the Committee the 1 Se Off" green light for more Det. parties. Cia rv!Ce leer, an-getting ready to tear the joint to pieces. More than 19 million S ld' f H C H d dollars were on the table and Silly Solly was sweating thumbtacks. o Iers rom q. o., q. 'Nuf said. nounce yesterday. Just then in came ViolentVera, a female Mongarian wrestler Det., A WUTC are still talking "Where's Your Column, Am-Following a policy of making who always spent her spare time eating mops. Violent Vera always b t th b"g d t ster?" was the constant ques-available as many current books a ou e1r 1 ayroom par Y as possible, books have been se-po_ured gravy over the mops first and called it chope suey_ 1 t M d ht Th tion this writer was asked last as on ay n1g ere Thursday when the weekly lected to satisfy every type of Well, Violent Vera came running crazily down this road made were dancing, entertainment, 3FC column was "inadverdentreader. From who dunits to love out of the stretching laid end to end. These stretching AND l f ly" omitted from last week's and from war stories to autobipeople were .,born while reaching for free seven dollar bills. So refreshment P enty o ECHOES. It's gratifying to leani ographies may be found among Violent Vera burst upon the scene and hollered!: "The Iobsided beautiful girls from Tampa. how well read our work is. We the following list of books just people are coming!" h received: Heading the entertainment were ave received sincerest Lin Yutang, "Between Tears At this the whole mob of poker players ran as if they had Jean Duket, cute tap dancer, and ogies from the ECHOES staff d L ht R Ottl "N f k th b t h 'th R th G Angi e Fulgaris, lusci"ous blues for this "oversight" an aug er; 01 ey, ew 1recrac ers 1n e1r rear r1 c es, WI oger, e reen Baboon, World a Coming;" Pierson, growling and bringing up the rear. Thus gone, Violent Vera calmly smger la Shore: GI s Off to "another" furlough and "Roughly Speaking;" Carlson, picked up the 19 million dollars and went in search of a snatchblong w:ho Pitched m to ald m t?e Cleveland yesterday went Sgt. "Undercover;" Santayana, "Per sandwich. This sandwich is made of one part snores, three Alan Conklm, Amster. At this reading we sons and Places;" Robertson, "The parts extra duty and nine parts of slush. This snatchblong sandwich smgmg gUitanst who acted as should be riding the B&O ratSignpost;" Asch, "The Apostle;" is always Violent_ Vera's favorite dish when she eats her mops aJ?-d Cpl. _Paul Wolfe, ven-tler somewhere between Wash-Ludwig, "Beethoven;" Wier, covered with gravy. tnloqUist and Impersonator. ington D c and our "fair city." "Thesauraus of the Arts;" Llwel-Incidentally, the lobsided people were born while getting a bat A stage with a clever lighting Next 'issue 'A-2's Sgt. Eugene lyn, "None but the Lonely on the head from Horrible Horax, the most terrible Flomdat this arrangement was set up by Pvts. Marchesi Pfc. John Shelton Short,_ "Ramrod;" Wason, "Mir side of the underside of three and a quarter miles from the east side Lattimer and Golda. In addition take over. After that Sgt. Joe acles m Hell.as;" "Battle of the lake with a hole in it near Mongaria. But the catch is that to the girls from Tampa many of "Not In Stock" Rarus pinch hits. Hymn of Chma;" "Ex these lobsided people got up, after getting the bat on the head from the soldiers brought their wives Let them have the dirt hot from cuse Y pust;"_ "Mosco:n Horrible Horax, and promptly proceeded to beat the living barracks and sweethearts. Several yv ACs the stove. Datelme_:, Wh1te, Quee,ns Dte bags out of Horrible Horax also attended and the Peps1 Cola s th N t Proudly, Forbes, Mamas Bank company furnished free soft eems t .e t _oncor 1mgs Account;" Beurling, "Malta SpitNow do you wonder why poker players, including Meekface drinks throughout the evening. cnaummebeoruofJUtshe lbnoyismeenJ'ooy fthire;'T' Gree,l,llaHw,Milknose, ran in all directions at the mention of the lobsided M f h d b th e Igers ellon ey al people? By the by, it is rumored that Horrible B-orax and Violent usJc was urms e Y e selves better at the party. Nice N t H 'M Ch t "Th Vera might get married, especially if Violent Vera will share some snappy 69th AAF dance band. goin', boys. I;;;" of h.- mops covered with gravy. This gravy is made out of sour Guest of honor was Lt. C:ol. NEW "OLD" NEWS Lawful Authority;" Phillips, "Alltar, flying cucumbers, wet sand and three or four guys.. Norma n Evans, 503d commandmg out Arlene" Seagrave "Burma / I I i I "Oh fudge, these shortages ore disheartening. officer. Lt Maurice Boles is the CongratulatiOns for T /Sgt. Surgeon" Wallace of commanding pfficer of Hq. and Mrs. "Sparky" _Myers for the the Com'mon Man;' / Ickes, "Auto Co., Hq. Det. :r?e affair was new' boy that on New biography of a Curmudgeon." under the superVISIOn of the com-Years Day ... MaJ and Mrs. pany's special service section of Howard West, baby girl .. Pvt. M T S lt which Lt. Ernest Berger is the and Mrs. Bernard Grossman, lmeo eam p I director. married two years, Jah. 10. Rad ford For Beating Dogs Pfc. Alex Radford, Headquarters Co. 1st Training Regt., A,WUTC offers the latest "system" for beating the dogs at the Tampa track: Take the square root of your serial number, divide it by the

PAGE EIGHT AMUSEMENTS "FLEURAGE" is what it's called. It's a funny name for this muscle-stroking treatment Claire Carleton is geVing from a masseuse at RKO-Radio "Fieurage" is intended to pre serve the fine contours of a person's back. Miss Carleton is currently in "Rookies In Burma," which opens here at Theaters 1 and 5 next Tuesday. ROOKIE ZANIESWally Brown and Alan Carney, are starred in "Rookies In BuriJla," Carney tr:ies to give a convincing imitation of a Jap. Brown thinks he looks even worse than one. However; they enter Jap lines, where they raise hell. ANN MILLER, Columbia actress, chooses Pvt. Howard Jarrard of Fort MacArthur as the most likely to succeed in pictures. Jarrard will receive a screen test at the end of his Army career. He is one of the soldiers from Fort Mac ArthL:Jr appearing with Miss Miller in her new movie, "Hey, Rookte." REE BEDS "' FREE SHA V.ES DREW FIELD ECHOES, THURS What To Do In Tovvn uso TODAY 7 p.m.-Mr. and Mrs. Club, supper, 607 Twiggs St. 8 p.m.-Parish Night, Bingo, 506 Madison St. Dancing party, 710 Harrison St. (Negro). dance, 214 North Blvd. TOMORROW 110:30 a.m.-Expectant Mothers Class, 607 Twiggs Sj; 7:30 p.m.-Art for Fun, 607 Twiggs St. 9:30 p.m.-New Year' s Eve Watch party. SATURDAY, JAN. 22 8 : 30 p.m.-Hi 11 b iII y band, 607 Twiggs St. Open House, 506 Madison St. Party Night, dancing, 214 North Formal dance, 214 No:th Blvd. SUNDAY, JAN. 23. 9:30 a.m.-Coffee Hour, 506 Madison St. Coffee Hour. 706 Twiggs St. 3 p.m.-Philharmonic Symphony broadcast, 607 'Jwiggs St. 4 p.m .:._Fireside Party Hour, 214 North Blvd. 5 p.m.-Supper, 821 S. Rome Ave. 7 p.m.Club Sing, 214 North Blvd: 7:15 p .m.-"Let's Disc u s s," 607 Twiggs St. 8 p.m.-Forum, 214 North Blvd. MONDAY, JAN. 24 2 p .m.-Sewing Class, 607 Twiggs St. 7 p .m.-C 1 a s s i c a 1 Music, 607 Twiggs St. 8 p .m.-Games, ping-pong tournament, YMHA, Ross and Nebraska Sts. Debating Club (1st and 3d weeks). 710 Harrison St. (Negro). Spanish Class (2d and 4th weeks), 710 Harrison St. (Negro). 8:30 p.m.-S in g c o p at ion, 607 Twiggs St. SpeciaL Program, 214 North Blvd. Movie. 506 Madison St. TUESDAY, 'JAN. 25 Noon-Wives' on, 607 Twiggs St. 2 p m .-Wives' H andicraft Club, 607 Twiggs St. 7:30 p.m.-Art for Fun ,607 Twiggs St. 8 p.m.-Party, Service Center, North Blvd. Photo Club (lsi and 3d weeks), 214 North Blvd. Dramatic Club (2d 1d 4th) weeks). 2.14 North Blvd. 8:30 p.m.-Community Sing; 506 Madison St. -::'yping Class, 710 Harrison st. (Negro). Couples Party Night, 607 T wiggs 9 p.in.-Chess Club, 214 North Blvd. 9:30 p .m.-Educational Movie and Ty;ping Class. 710 Harrison St. WEDNESDAY, JAN. 26 7 p.m.-Dance instruction, 214 North Blvd. 7 :3 0 p .m.-Glee Club practice, 507 Twiggs St. 8 p.m.-Dance, 506 Madison St. Bridge, 214 North Blvd. Spanish Class. 710 Harrison St. (Negro). Hit Parade, Sing & Square dancing, 607 Twiggs St. 8:30 p .m.-Feature Movie and Camera Club, 214 North Blvd. Coffe Hour, 706 Twiggs St. Tough Guy Bogart tBiitzed in Algiers ALGIERS. -(CNS) -Shortly after. screen toug h g u y Humphrey Bogart arrived h ere to entertain troops an Arab stree t urchin called him a "blankety-blank gangster," a native woman mowed him down with an imaginary machine gun and the U. S Army lost all his luggage. "I better get my .mob," said Bogart, "to straighte n this out." Masonic Meeting John Darling Lodge, F. and A. M., 610 Madison St. Tampa, extends fraternal greetings and welcome to all Mason brothers. An invitations is extended to at tend the weekly Wednesday night meetings. SERVICE CLUBS TODAY 7 : 30 p m -Bridge Tournament, 1008 Kay St. 8 p .m.-Chess and Che<;ker Tour naments, YMHA, Ross and Nebraska Aves. 8 :3 0 p.m.-Formal dance for officers, Elks club, Florida and Madison; Party, Christian Service Cen ter, Tampa and Tyler Sts. TOMORROW 7:30 p .m.-Dance for Drew Field men, 1008 Kay St. (Negro); also Christian Service Center, Tampa and Tyler Sts. 8 p.m.-Watch Night Service. Christmas party at American Legion Service Men' s Club, 602 Tampa St. SATURDAY, JAN. 22 United Seamen's Service Cen ter, Eagle and Parker Sts.---call day celebration and merrymaking. 7 p.m.-Special

THURSf?.A.Y, JANUARY 20, 1944 etc., at Defense A-ve: N 'H-10 I. 6994, service Beach from 9 lancing. auridry, 'cilities. leis for r g and al Pier. I rooms, bunges. :. Writnailing ;ionery, Pier sten to -> Club. 22 Club. uso )rches-3 Home ) Club. rdings, Home b. Party, 4 :Night, 1 Case, ancing, 5 .. Air3, Pier !_: !'-i and let the Yankees cop Pittsburgh. Husband writes these wo:rds .tation with "real good Plant City I uso TODAY Skating Crystal Springs. Bus '--leaves .USO 7 :30 p .m. :-TOMORROW Ping'p ong t ournament, w it h piizes. '<. "_-SATURDAY, JAN. 22 Open house. Victory B elles are : hostesses. -f SUNDAY, JAN. 23 house all day. Coffee and -O,oughnuts, vespers, Friendly Hour. > :.: MONDAY, JAN. 24 'A(: F(oq1e Night; reading, writing, ; c 'ooking in kitchen. } : TUESDAY, JAN. 25 :Dahce at armory. Meet at USO, iLp. m : ._iWEDNESDA Y, JAN. 26 Bowling at American Legion ,; Alley, opposite USO. I I ; ;:. /. .. to Light Here 1 : ''Monkey Shines," rollicking new USO Camp Show, will bounce into the Bandshell next Wednesday, it was announced by the< Base Special Service Office yesterday. v'irgi]J.ia Lee, petite _and charmaero-dancer, 'heads a cast of brilliant entertainers. Walter Ciirlson, singing anddancing co1pedian, will be well rememby lads from the east coast, as will that talented juggler, Paul Nolan, who is by Mrs. Nolan. The Hope sisters, Claire, Therese and Anne. promise a treat to lovers of swing. This is -their first tour outside New Eng lai:ld and the girls are really mak ing.good with their soldie r aud ierlces. > Shines, a musicomedy you won't want to miss. will play twice in order to accommodate all who wish to see it. The first showing will be at 7 .'p,m: the second at 9 l .. ';" Lear Q tQ J ... Luucr ...... -t/ At wO rdings, 2.7 .formal encer's l j (opOpen e con-:. 1 'Sat. 0 a.m. lYS by Je ob-nights 1., and p.m.--. 'Do you want to learn to dance? 'NQsense in saying I don't know how./' when "Club Night," each Wednesday evening at the uso, 21f.!, North Boulevard: features a in dancing for beginners, as well as a class for more ad b allroom artists .. -SC.Uor Wife : But Just So ?::: 'LOS ANGELES (CNS) -Wlien Sailor Henry B Fournier w r:ote to his wife explaining that lie: wouldn' t be home for Christmas, he suggested that she invite .some other Navy man to dinner-: a _gob that looked like him. "He's ndt to kiss you, however," he or: j. ---------$i on Sinatra MIAMI BEACH.-(CNS)-Pvt. R0bert Brochu won a free dinner. when Frank Sinatra, the :; sibger, was 'rejected for Army Brochu bet a fellow -soldier that the balladeer would not'be accepted. : WhatToDoOnDrew-POST THEATERS To conserve paper, mimeographed theater schedules no longer are distributed Jj:o your organization. This listing of theater programs, radio broadcasts, and Drew Field entertainment may be snipped from the ECHOES and kept handy for ready reference. THEATER 'l'll\IE'.rABLE Nos. l, 2 and 4--G arul 8 p.m. Nos. 3 5 and G--7 and 9 p.m. No. 7-7 t>. m No. 8-8 p.m. SUNDAY l\IATINEES N<>s. 1, 3 und .7-2 p.m. Nos. 2, 4 and G--3 p.m. D .AILY AND SUNDAY !IIATINEES No. 5--l, 3 and 5 p.m. (Theaters 7 and 8 are for oolored troops.) TODAY Theaters 1 and 5 THE SONG OF RUSSIA: Robert Taylor, Susan Peters, Robert Benchley; RKO News. Theaters 2 and 7 WOMAN OF THE TOWN: Claire _Trevor, Albert Dekker, Barry Sullavan; Sports Parade; Color Cartoon. Theaters 3 and 4 DOUBLE FEATURE: KLONDIKE KATE: Ann Savage, Tom Neal, Glenda Farrell; RKO News. CALLING DOCTOR DEATH: Lon Chaney Jr., Pat Morrison. Theaters 6 and 8 ALI BABA AND THE FORTY THIEVES: Maria Montez, Jon Hall, Andy Devine: Terry Toon; RKO News. TOMORROW Theaters 1 and 5 THE MIRACLE OF MORGAN' S CREEK: Betty Hutton. Eddie Bracken, Brian Dunlevy, Akim Tamiroff; This Is Amarica No. 3. Theate" rs 2 and 7 THE LODGER: Merle Oberon, Laird Cregar, George Sanders; The Magic Carpet; The World of Sports. Theaters 3 and 4 THE SONG OF RUSSIA: -(See cast above); RKO News. Theaters 6 and 8 ALI BABA AND THE FOR'FY THlEVES: (See cast above); RKO News. SATURDAY, JAN. 22 Theaters 1 and 5 THE MIRACLE OF MORGAN' S CREEK: (See cast above); This I s America No. ?Theaters 2 and 7 ALI BABA AND THE FORTY THIEVES: (See cast above); Terry Toon; RKO News. Theaters 3 and 4 THE SONG OF RUSSIA: (See cast above); RKO News. Theaters 6 and 8 DOUBLE FEATURE: KLONDIKE KATE: (See cast above); CALLING DOCTOR (See oast above). SUNDAY, JAN. 23 Theaters 1 and 5 THE FIGHTING SEABEES: John wayne, Susan Hayward:' RKO News:.. Prooram Bw Drew Field (All broadcasts now made from bandshell on Drew Field. Any one' may observe broadcasts.) MONDAY THROUGH FRYDAY 12:15 Noon Latest United Press News. Treasury Star Parade. featuring poular r adio stars. 12:30 P.M Drew Field Presents. Featuri n g Drew's own soldier talent. THURSDAY 10:35 A.M. Drew Fie l d Band Broadcas t 8:30P.M. The Week in Review. Your chance to catch up on historymaking events. SATURDAY _7:30P.M. Wings and Flashes. Popula r Drew Field talent. Free Lodging .. The Scottish Rite building, 502 E L area._ No. 8--West area. Theaters 2 and 7 ALI BABA AND THE FORTY THmVES: (See cast above); Terry Toon; RKO News. Theaters 3 and 4 THE MIRACLE OF MORGAN'S OREEK: (See cast above); This Is America No. 3. Theaters 6 and 8 THE SONG OF RUSSIA: (See cast above); RKO News. MONDAY, JAN. 24 Theaters 1 and 5 THE FIGHTING SEABEES: (See cast above); RKO News Theaters 2 and 7 DOUBLE FEATURE: CAREER GIRL: Frances Langford, Edward Norris; 'ROOKms IN BURMA: Alan Carney, Wally Brown. Theqters 3 and 4 THE MIRACLE OF MORGAN'S CREEK: (See cast above); This Is America No. 3. Theaters 6 and 8 THE SONG OF RUSSIA: (See cast above); RKO News. TUESDAY, JAN. 25 Theaters 1 and 5 DOUBLE FEATURE: CAR.EER GIRL: (See cast above); ROOKIES IN BURMA: (See cast above). Theate' rs 2 and 7 THE SONG OF RUSSIA: (See cast ab6ve); RKO Pathe News. Theaters 3 and 4 THE FIGHTING SEABEES: (See cast above); RKO News. Theaters 6 and 8 THE MIRACLE OF MORGAN'S CREEK: (See cast above); 'This Is America No. 3. WEDNESDAY, JAN. 26 Theaters 1 and 5 DOUBLE FEATURE: CA>REER GIRL: (See cast above); ROOKIES IN BURMA: (See cast above). Theaters 2 and 7 THE SONG OF RUSSIA: (See :_ cas_!; above); RKO News. Theaters 3 and 4 THE' F IGHTING SEABEES: (See cast above): RKO News. Theaters 6 and 8 THE MIRACLE OF MORGAN' S CREEK: (See cast above); This I s America No. 3. Service Club 1 l i TODAY Concert by 69th Air Force Band: 8 :15 p.m. TOMORROW Dance 8:15 p.m. SATURDAY Bingo. 8 :15 p.m. MONDAY Dance, 8:15 p.m. TUESDAY Recorded S yn1.pho nic Music Program, 8 p.m Service Club 2 TODAY Music on R ecords, 8 p.m. TOMORROW Dance, 8 :15 p.m. SATURDAY Band ConGert, 8 p m TUESDAY Dance, 8:15 p .m. WEDNESDAY Informal Sing, 8 p m JOE E. BROWN, film and USO comedian, pictured in China with a war correspondent, resounds in the news with a loud squawk against being routed through rear areas of combat. He'd pass up the generals, _he says, a'nd make with the laughs for plain Gl Joes on the fighting front. (International). DREyY FIELD SOLDIERS find many photogenic aquabelles at Cypress Gardens, near Tampa.' Here the aquabelles .take time out from the filming of 20th Century Fox s technicolor picture at the gardens to sw im by in formation for soldier visitors to shoot. CAMERA GIRL -Margie St ewart, of RKO-Radio's roster of ravishing love lies giv es an example (left) of grace in the pose of a camera girl, festooned with flashlight bulbs. She makes a better subject than she does a lens expert Her latest role is in the forthcommg "Show Business," Eddie Canto r's musical. At the right, Eve Whitney, statues que screen player, shows what t o e xpect on the beach this summer in the way of sun outfits.


,AGE TEN DRIEW FIELD ECHOES, JANUARY 20, 1944 568TH RIFLES RIP TARGETS WHEN WACS' ARMY WORK IS DONE J. ..._ .__, '--L-I f F p 'F' IFI lp F! Come In Superwolf, Good Rumor's Novak By SGT. GEORGE A. WELLS It isn't Rogers' Rangers, nor it it the lo.ng rifles of Kentucky. That crew of determin"ed-looking characters who are learning the intricacies of the carbine are the Personnel Section of Battalion Headquarters of the 568th SAW. Under the guiding hand of Lt. Tom Velasaris, the paragraph troops who serve under Adjutant Silverman are preparing for their range firing. And they are all determined to come back eligible fOT any and all medals available to crack riflemen. SEVENTH WONDER \\1 J --. .. r .... ... J .. J Pfc. Rocco Nicoletti, demon switchboard operator, had himself a time the first time .he took a carbine apart. And T/6 Daniel Packenham is walking around with a proud look because he took one apart, reassembled it and found that it still worked. 570th Unit Cook Curtails Coffee For Lovebirds WAC AREA, home of Drew's air-happy feminine soldiers. Seen 'way, 'way in the background is the Air-WACs' (they never win a game, but do they have fun) baseball team, practicing, for onc-e, without the aid of the Physical Training Dept's pin-up boy. Cos-Pfc. Arthur Alvarez, alias "The Whip, took one look at Pfc. Irving "Pookey" Joseph as. the. latter appeared ready for the range. "Migawd!" cried Alvarez, "We've lost the war!" Pfc. William "Red" Lynch wants them to change the name of that flag from "Maggie's Drawers" to the "Red Flag." Says it is much more dignified and the other name is a bit too personal. Add remarks: T /5 Stanley Sinkler: "If those guys had held that dang target still, a guy might make a decent score!" T / 5 Leslie Zeiger happy because at last he's found a weapon his size. DISA & DATA Congrats to Sgt. Leonard Riave and his lovely bride .... T-5 Isadore Novak is now known as the "Good Rumor Man." ... Speaking of nicknames, Pfc. Leonard Hines is now known as "Superwolf." Why? Sgt. Alfred H. Laprade is back from furlough and is ready once again to present his advice to the lovelorn. Drop in any night except Sunday. Pfc. George Woolsey remains the biggest hometown booster in the outfit. Woolsey hails from San Jose, Cal., which, he insists is the prune center of the World. S/Sgt. Roger Britts always has that satisfied look that you find on a person who bas just finished a hearty meal. Cpl. Earl Brandt most. unhappy b -ecause the laundry sent back the wrong fatigue hat. The original was a Lily Dache model and. Brandt hated to lose it. These two gold-bricking t .umes worn by those lassies deep in clothesline conversqtion are strictly Gl, functional if not glamorous. Eyes and tongues no doubt are directed at the charming Pfc. who reporters of Company C, obviously. has the T / 5 believing he's "sooowonderful. 570th SAW, are out on a ____ :__ ___ _::: _______________________ limb again. Sgt. Billehus picked himself a blond and Sgt. Lapinsky picked a .redhead. Lapinsky's red-head turned out to be the very BONDI, PETE; GOLDIE OF 594TH ON Gl LIST 593d Scrib. e Wants Stein same morsel that T / 5 Parente By TECH SGT. THOMAS J. MINNICK y R b has been so ardently wooing The latest report is that Joe Zogby of the 594th Bomb 0 e OUnCe for the past month or so. Squadron has a certain young lady from Kansas City com-B S/SGT ROBERT G. LOVELL Cook Parente has allowed his ing to see him. Why is Bill Werner longing to get back to YD b th Latin passion to be aroused. Say s L 'ttl F ll N y ? o you remem er a mon Parente, "No more hot coffee for 1 e a s, or so ago when Sgt. Stein be-you, Lapinsky. So there." When N t t 1 g g N d (Th p he ) E b h ped a last seen, Lapinsky was out look-. 0 00 on a e. e reac r m ry s p moaned the fact that someing for a percolator and a new rmg on someom;' s th1rd fmger, hand. Good luck. to you body ran up to him in a big girl. Ned .. we do wish that M /Sgt. W1lk would please giVe the hurry and told him to get out poor httle WAC at the are honorable this 59 3d Bomber column in down the position of Company ;;.. Wilk, we are certain of that. It 15 minutes flat? Stooge. You should h,ear the 569th B d "Bonus Notches" and "Hasty Ma-an would be greatly appreciated if Jack, at present, is enjoying a nanas" going back and forth when S /Sgt. Street would make up his more than well deserved furlough Julio and M /Sgt. Anderson get min d-if it is the young lady from way up north in Pennsylvania. together. (For the informatio n of Plays Jazz, Tennessee or the Service Club. We aren' t asking him to cut it lcbe u n in i t i ate d the Company The great mystery of the Squad-short, but if he can possibly ar-Stooge is the CQ, although the ron i s : Who broke the wash bowl range to get back in time for next KPs and guards insist that the F Rfl in the Clerk' s barracks? The night week' s column, he will have the. abbreviation for Company Stooge I res I es. that it happened S /Sgt. Bondi, gratitude of yours truly. is CS. ) Sgt. Peterson and Sgt. Goldie were in fine condition. Welcome to our 'Squadron, 1st Sgt. 'McGowan, known as B S/SGT JOHN F SUSZYNSYrJ C t K 0 t Frank Sinatra (Why? We don' t Y !.o&" The1e must be something in ap enneth H. lson. Cap know), is still waiting for a let-The display. of versatility. Tampa because T/Sgts. Doyle Olson has taken over the execter from Bette of Phillie, Pa. Mac by the 569th Army Band, and Fresia are' always in there. utive officer's chair left vacant is heartbroken. Will someone by Captain Shouse whim he was Please help? Misery loves com-continues unabated. Previous There is an old saying that goes called as group executive., The pany and Mac is one of the most exhibitions of scholarly, ar-something like this: "A Word to miserable guys we have seen for hstic, menial and unclassi-the Wise Is Sufficient." McCol-captain was formerly with a. a long time. troop carrier outfit in Alaska. fied endea.vors have now been lum had better watch his com-If any of you are interested in ft 1 1 th Sgt. Glen c Robertson down in a picture collection that's really supplemented by mer1"tor1ous pany. A er all a Pain c 0 es-h the Ordnance Department is mak-hump'n, see Pfc. Billy Smith, achievement in "soldiering. man is no one to fool wit ing a valiant effort to organize a company clerk and art "conaTh b d h d The Squadron basketball team Squadron orchestra. Sgt. Robertsewer delooxe." e an smen ave prove adde d another. victory to its list son reports that to date he has Billy has surrounded himself themselves likely candidates last Thursday when, under the three musicians and would like to with as impressive a picture col-for careers in the Army by able le.adership of 1st Lt. v increase that figure to seven or lection of home-grown "tomatoes" Fonts, It defeated the 853d Signal eight. Pfc. Tom Toland one of the as we have seen in a month of quahfy1ng on the rifle range D etachment, 31-20. Congratulations to CaPtain. veterans of the 568th, has re-week-end passes, which is approx-during the past week. Another one of our famous men, Joseph P Carr. For the benefit of joined the outfit after a long ab31 We don' t be-Warrant Officer Lester G. BakSgt. Sherman Dailey, is engaged. those who aren't familiar with our sence during which he was in heve It but Smitty swears on a Th d f 1 h s several other units. "Glad to be stack of ARs that they are all his er was also a member of the rifle e pres1 ent o the te ep one quadron Operations staff, Cap-back with the old mob, says to have and to hold. class and set a fast p ace for the company is .about to take Gibby tain Carr is a navigator-instructor Tom. Company C has two new offi-rest of the 569'ers. Ninety-six Watts in as a partner. After all, anC.'we have heard a lot of Per cent of the bandsmen regis-he is always calling Dallas. Love to the effect that he is a RETRmUTION cers, Lt. Marvin Feinstien and Lt. d f 1 th J tered in the first two classes in I S a won er u mg. oe. Barrente. Glad to have you. (We w 11 P h' t ri'fle marksmanship passed the e op IS on IS w a y o To Pfc. John (Brooklyn) Mee-think. ) Lt. Tomaino and Lt. th t t f N y k h s h t course: e grea C I y o ew or an came an opportunity which po n are a t end In g officers' W e would like to know what is comes to few men. As referee in school. We thought lieutenants There was more than a gener-so interesting to "Roger" Germain a basketball game, John had knew everything, or at least ous sprinkling of sharpshooters in st. Pete. plenty of chances to blow a everything one needs to know. and experts within our ranks ... whistle and make the first ser-We are sadly disillusioned. and there was also one "Bolo"The 594th Basketball team geant jump. The first sergeant, that' s a guy who fails to qualify. seems to be progressing rapidly. Richard Bowman, was playing Lt B dl co In the two games they have center fon the 568th five. ra ey The remarkable part about th'e played and won, the main factor b and's firing rec01'a is that the seemed to be points from the We told you last week of how Of C D l t B men managed to survive the con-foul line. This alone won the adept T / 5 Ray Matlock is at pro0. 1 S n., ditioning program with which las t game over the 853d Signal ducing music from guitars, saws T /Sgt. Ellie "Wantsawife" Eaton Detachment. and whatnot. Well, the versatile Training Reg't. augmented the regular cours e in Matlock has another talent. He marksmanship. The sarge got the Sgt. Coats, team captaip, does can do tricks with a l!lsso in the notion that "GI'ing" the barracks a capable job of approved cowboy manner. The Commanding Officer of was. a good way to put the fellows !earn o n the besides providCompany D 1st Bn., 1st Trng. in physical trim for the event. m g toug h oppositio n on the .deRegt., Lt. Marion Bradley, has Fiddling Del Purga and Bassist f e ns.e. LaC_oste Columbo. McMmn, every right to be proud of the Jock Giacomucci were high scorHmkle, H aney a n d Jones and CJldre of his organi-ers when the tallies came in on cornp u s e the of the zatwn because of a tecent com-the 30 caliber shooting-congrat-and now that thmgs are pilation showing ,that 92 per cent ulations, you lugs. s m oother, all c a n work m o f the men receiving instruction The "Bolo" is still raving about each p osition. weakemng Drew Man Gets Citizen Papers Final citizenship papers were in Company D have qualified. th ''f' h t T' d th th the team All m all I t appears that Welcome to Lt. Dwain R. Cox e IS ai wm e ram, e this team should have a better granted to Cpl. Paul Lowenstein who is an able weapons instructor. coach,. and. everythmg than average season. of the 5th Training Regiment's Also to Sgt. Jim Ingle, the long cept his miserable shootmg-that Orientation Section during the Texan who has joined the cadre. the ?ay of. the record SILVER FOR TURNER past week. He came to this coun-We are all wondering why Lt. His feelmgs might b: hurt ., try in 1939, leaving behind Leip-Bradley insists that one look over if his name were A silver, in place of gold bar zig, Germany. his office. A recent addition has however, by a cunous comcinow graces the shoulders of Lt. The happy recipient of the citi-been made a handsome-new desk. dence, his initials are the same as William H. Turner of the 553d papers has put tireless Lt. Postel is now back on the job those of the by-line-"J. F. S ." SAW Battalion. effort mto his work with the 5th after a leave of absence from the wonder if he could be the were on the officer when he re-Training orientation staff. state of .the "Cornhuskers." same guy? Could be! ceived the news. Seems we have heard somebody softly whistle "Just a Gigolo" when Pvt. Carle T. Athey walked into the orderly room the other day. Could it be that his being chosen one of the better dressed men on the' Field had something to do with it? Wha t h appens to "YANK, ECHOES. and the rest of the camp and servic e publications now? Seems to me that I read something in the paper t'other day .that s ays no more cheesecake. Skilled Worker Sought By PX Experience in frigidair e work i s a green light for some Drew S oldieJ.: t o boos t his bas e pay onehalf, it was announced yesterday by PX official C M. Young Mr. Young, exchange personnel director, said an enlisted man was being sought for work on frigida ires. Soda fountain mechanics are also needed, he said. Qualified persons are asked to call at the PX Personnel Office, 1st St. and Ave. B.


-DREW FI I ELD ECHOES, T._,.,URSDAY, JANUARY 20, 1944 PAGE ELEVEN Commissary Cuts Chow C ost NAMEs MAKE 1ST AW NEWS ; Better BuyS For Couples Save Money Col. Van lngren Heads Revamped Regiment By PVT. W. W. TRARAG <. I] The past week has bee? an extremely busy one, offi:es ,.remg moved, personnel shifted about, and new compames being formed. Col. Van Ingen has assumed command of the 1 s t Training Regiment. His staff consists of Major Heaney, executive officer; Lt. Hiltner, inspector; Major McLean, in charge of officers' section; Lt. Shiff and Lt. Hellmuth, adjutant and assistant adjutant; Lt." H H. Woodling, S-1 ; Lt. Holub, S-2 ; Capt. Krommelbein, S-3, and Major W eggenman, S-4. :-::::::;:;: .... ...-........-..:::::::::::::::::::::;:::;}:;:,:.-,,,.,,,.,.,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, CHIEF HOLLAND In Regimental Headquarters (formerly the Surgeon' s Bldg. ) we find: M/Sgt. Holland, Sgt. Major; S/Sgt. Campbell, message MARRIAGE LICENSES Taken by Drew Gls center chief; Pfcs. Stallworth and Wilbur Guy Hart, 24, and Jane Payne, and Pvt. Dunn, the dialec-Hope Davi s, 21, Covington, Tenn. tician. Sgt. Kimmel heads the John H. Gibson, 29, and Blanche file section, but how he rates Miss L ouise Simpson, 27 Springfield, Mable Cole and Miss Doris Pearson is more than we know. P fc. Mo. Edward Amon, of the same sec-Albert R. Hunt, 22 and Hilda tion, is learning a lot from the .P. Myers, 20, Philadelphia. f ) James Wantland, 19, and Anna girls (about filing, 0 course Mary' Dean, 19, New Albany, Ind. Sgt. Felix Noble returned Floyd William Ray, 27, and from to take over Frances A. Merlino, 34 Tampa. the correspondence. With. the Anthony Hector Podlaskowski, 23 ,and.Dorothy Lucille LeMieux, handsome sergeant are Sgt. G.o-19, Tampa. million and Mrs. Rebecca SilEarle R. Thomas, 24, and Mary verman. Cpl. Bernard Levine Jane Price, 22, Drew Field. is the non-com in charge of Raphael Steven Farrell, 30, and the officers' section. His able Mary Elizabeth H allihan, 26, B righton, Mass. aicles are Pfcs. Albert Hayden Herbert 1. Bayer,' 27 and Edna and Rola1id Valliere. Levine Bayer, 21, Laporte, Ind. formerly wrote this column ancl did a bang-up job, but his Come On Over duties prevented him from tackling it this week: W Sgt. Hopper sits in the inspecAracs Say tor:s section and has a swell boss too. With Major McLean is Cpl. John W Siemens and Mrs. Ruby Livingston. Hq. and Hq. Co. 1st Trng. Reg't: has now been born. Lt. Philip G Prosser is commanding officer, and his staff consists of 1st Sgt. Harold D Miller (moving over from Co. D); S/Sgt. Lester M Roscher, supply; Cpl. Harold D Harris, company clerk; Pfc. Edgie Rossi, clerk-typist; Pfc. Clarence E Uller.y, mailman, and Pfc. Kryn Drew Field' s Air-Wacs: after having been honored by AWUTC personnel January 15, sent the following confidential note to A WUTC Gee-eyes: "After reviewing your troops, eating in your mess halls and dancing and partying with some of your personnel, A Ws "own" Air-Wacs comment: "You. must all come over and see us some time!" COMMISSARY SHELVES ore quickly replenished when depleted by GJ wives. PRIVATE BENJAMIN ESKENAZI AND MRS R !

PAGE TWELVE DREW FIELD ECHOES, THURSDAY, JANUARY 20, 1944 A 'IR-W ACS REVIEW AWUT c T ROOPS PHOTOQUIZ Prepared by the Editors of LOOK Magazine I D\Jck int o o foxhole when you see a : 2 High ranking man on the high seas is: (o)Me,orschmilt (c}Zero (b}Geronimo (c/)Boslon (o)Holser (c}Mounlbollen (b)King (c/}Lonc/ 4 Toughen up for Uncle Sam with these, (o)c/umbbolls (c) rolling pins (b) boseboll bolo (d)lnc/ion clubs 6 Their lips seem beautiful to mole : (o) Ubongio (c) luzzywuzzies (b)Shownoe (c/)Poworsmoc/ ols 7 In disguise and about to yodel is, (o)ChorlioChoplin (c)Fr ec/ Allen (b)Horoldlloyc/ (cf}AcloiiHiller Thi< stately 1eHing i home for the : Here in a pensive mood is vivacious: (o)Sonole (c)Presidenl (b)Troowry (cf)SupremeCourl (o}BellvGroble (c)TheresoWrighl (b)Jennilerfones (cf) Barbaro Slonwyi:k PHOTOQUIZ ANSWERS OJO'lJ"il (p)-Ot iJnO::> ewadns (Pl-6 u!q>ow 6u!"'ow (o}-s p. (>}-s sqnp UO!PUJ (p)-t. 'OIJ!IUDW (>}-t '6U!)( IDJ !WP'If (q)-z; (o)-1 Gold Mantel Gift, To Be Presented II M /SGT. REILLY WEDS Wedding bells were rung for M/Sgt. Joseph A. Reilly of the 553d SAW Battalion this week. The popular zebra was married to Miss Loretta Clarke of New York in Chapel No. 4. Soldiers Pay Tribute To 21 Warriors Highlighted by a parade and review, a rousing tribute to the 21 WACs who are.now a part of A WUTC was given Saturd

DREW FIELD ECHOES, TH.!JRSDAY, JANUARY 20, 1944 PAGE THIRTEEN ----------------------------------------------------' EARN OFF-DUTY CASH THROUGH ECHOES HELP WANTED ADS LOST AND FOUND FOUND-Lt. Thomas William Cummings, you shouidn't be so but w e ll let it go iliis time if you will call 4223 and ask for Mr. Edwards. H e has your billfold. LOST-Eversr.arp penciL Brown with gold clip. L ost at hospital. Call Lt. I S. L e inbach, Ext. 733 LOST-Blue barracks bag full of laun dry. L eft in c a r I hitched a ride with fro m Tampa to Drew. Please contact Cpl. Bob Bacon, ex. 481. My buddies are tired of loanin_ g me socks. LOST -In Officers latrine B-C03, Thursday. Dec. 9 between 10 a.m. and ll a.m., engraved watch. bearing name Robert B. Langan, Finder please notifY Headquarters "and Plot ting Co., 569th SAW Bn. FOUND-Mackinaw coat Will the sol dier who lo= t it please shiver down to 714ili SAW Co. orderly room and see Pfc. Benjamin Johnson. He is holding it for YOlL J -Green. Lifetime Parker pen. Cpl. G. I. Edge, Base Schools \. ,c::;e::.---------'------FOUND-Silver identification bracelet b earing ilie name Ralph Tardiff. Drop in at the Base Special Service Office and present your dog tags to anyone on the ECHOES staff if you want iL LOST AND FOUND FOUND: ROSARY. It's a very lovely rosary, and someone must be wishing the y d find it. Call at the ECHOES office. and describe it, if it' s yours. RALPH TORDIFF, "Margie" isn' t gonna like it if you don't pick up that silver identification bracelet. Bring .your dog tags over to ilie ECHOES office, and you can have it. OSCAR WILLIS AND GEORGE SULLIVAN, don't you want your bill folds? They've been waiting for you for weeks, at the ECHOES office, Nine-Pins LIEUTENANT DEAN B. ADAMS. your driver's permit, officers' club card, etc .. await you at the ECHOES offi ce. LOST: One more silver identification bracelet. Bears the Air Corps in signia. my name. serial number. and home address. Reasons for wanting it are purely sentimental, and worth a big REWARD to Pfc Harold Bos worth, Co. G 2nd Bn. 1st Tng Regt. I WENT to the Chemical Warfare demonstration Jan. 12, 'n' came back without my Ronson cigarette lighter case. It's .silver with brown trim, is initialed. 'R.F.S.''. and is w ell worth a REWARD to Pvt. Pay Sochor. Ph. 344, Sig. Hqs. Co.. Thil d Fighter Command. WERE YOU going around, seeing the world through green-colored glasses? Kenneth Williams found some greenlen!?:ed, prescription-ground spec's, and they're at the ECHOES office, waiting to be claimed. CASIMER P SKORUPSKI, your well worn, w ell-packe d billfold awaits you MISCELLANEOUS !FOR SALE WANTED-Soldi-e -rs--t -o-ca-re--for fw -COLTS AUTO:I>IATIC PISTOL. 32 cal. naces at S e r vi'ce Club in off duty time. 8 shot blued finish. comple t e with Easy way to earn that extra cash. shoulder holster and cartridges. Ex A pfly Base Spe c i a l S ervice Office or cellent condition. according t o N.R.A. cal 2258. Major D elano. standards. First $30 takes it. Pvt. SAX AND CLARINET m e n h e re's a Co. A. 6th Platoon, chance to join the f amous 5th Training Regim ent orchestr a It' s spons-:>red by OFFICER'S trench coat with detach t h e 5th's s p ecia l service dept., you able wool lining and officer's short kno w We'r e expanding a little. and overcoat, size 38 My husband. who is the re's an opening for you. Call Cpl. overseas, wishes me to dispose of Gould. ext. 598. them for him. Will sell reasonably. AM INTERESTED in book s aboui the Call H44014 after 6 p.m. proportions of the head. Am studying CAMERA-Foth-Flex. 3 .5 lens. Is a drawing and sculpture and find it 1/500th to 2"second timer. It takes hard to secure such literature here. twelve pictures 2.. b y Will sell Pfc. Dorothy Nordeen. ph. 2287. would th1s super camera in fair condition like to rent. buy, o r borrow said for $55. Sgt. G. L Agardi, 1st Rept. books. Co., 576th SAW Bn. C01\iEDIANS. VOCALISTS OR ACSTOP SHIVERING. size 37 officer TORS-Bring out that l atent talent by without an overc;gat. Have a full contacting Sgt. 0 Z Whlle head Base length job not worn over a dozen Special S ervice Office. New talent. times which I'll h elp you into for n e w faces wanted for soldier shows just $3 0 Lt. Hancock. Co. G. 2nd and radio broadcasts. If you can' t Bn., 1st TLt;. Regt. (Building 10Al8, m anage to come in person. call Ext. corner lOti: & K. --.,-------119 38 DODGE coupe in excellent condi W ANTED; Officers and enlisted men tion. Two new tires and two other with previous radio broadcasting exwiili lots of life left in 'em. lt's perience. Put that aptitude to work your own little buggy for $52 5 See monitoring or engineering at Drew Lt. Hebe l, 584th SAW Bn. 5th St. and Field broadcasts. Free -time work. L Ave., or call Tampa H-46251. Call. or see, :):.t. Kluge, Base Special Service Office. THE CUTEST little '39 Ford coupe you ever saw. Is in ilie pink of con-LOST-Wallet, containing Drew and MacDill Officer's family passes, issued to Mrs. Ruby R. Bond. Commis..."8.TY Card. currency, and valuable papers. Dropped from car at 8 a.m .. Dec.. 20. near 9tb entrance to Base Hqs. Finder please call Drew Ext. 2:274 or return to Mrs. Bond at Base Hqs. Liberal reward. office. Won't you stop WHILE IT'S OPEN SEASON OFFICERS. dont forget iliat swank d1t10n and has four ties which are officers' lounge at the Elks' club, healiliy, too. Well-playing radio and Florida & Madison Sts. Lounge, toasty beater. Call Lt. E. J. Honen showers, and dressing rooms, open 9 berger, ph. 865. and dicke r with him. a .m. to 11:30 p.m. T ICKET ON A TRAIN going to SOLDIERS' WIVES, you'll make Jots Wichita. Kansas. via New Orleans and LOST-One each -John A. Yabroud. 746tb SAW Co. please contact m e Also lost. with him-my watch. If these two are found please notify A Lincoln S-3, Communication Dept. _2d Tng. Bn. FOUND -Identification bracelet with name Bernard Penn engraved. Owner p lease call Grace Keene. M5591. THE soldier who left an e>..'ira pair of OD trousers in Capt. Roseman's car may have same by calling for them at Dispatch No. 7 and establishing CARROL SLOVACEK. those are nice photos of yoursel f and family. You may ha\e the billfold which contains the m if you'll give the brunette's ad dress to the boys in the ECHOES office. CAMOUFLAGE NET, 36 by H feet two-inc h mes h remo,ed from 5th Tng Regt can1ou(Iage area around J a n 12. Anyon e having knowledge of its whereabouts please call ext. 625 REWARD OFFERED for U1e r eturn of my sorority pin. It's an Alpha D elta Pi pin. set with opals. rubies. and a g-uard of r u bies. Is inscribed "Dois Mae Cassell. Alpha Rho." C a ll 2287. and no questions will b e asked. on submitting pinup girls to the ECHOES, Sgt. George A. Wells of the 568th wonts to submit his own pinup girl, his 9-yeor-old daughter, Judy. As the sergeant says, "This is worth fighting for." Adds Wells: "I remember when she was, in fact, a pinup of nice n e w fJiendships and have a Houston. It's good until March 1st. barre l of fun, if y o u ll visit the USO and iliat's a good trip. Will sell it a t 607 Twiggs St .. T ampa. There's a cheap. Lt Staton, ext. 423. co-operative luncheon a t 11 :3 0 Tues-days, and handicraft club at 2 p.m. C. 0. left a 1939 Mercury for Won't you join u s ? qmck sale. Has five beautiful tires. and runs like a clock. What' s your WEARY SOLDIERS, the D efense Rec-offer? Lt. Gladstein or Lt. Macirynski. reation office, 312 Madison St., is Ph. 862. 756th SAW Co. there to. help you. H o u sing service, SLIDE RULE, l-log-log-trig-duplex c hecking service. l ette -w riting facili-K. & E. It is accurate. and in ties, information, and trip-planning lent shape. If you're having trouble are just a f e w of the m any things r th its s taff will do for you. Come on in. Igurmg ings out. $10 will bring you WANTED TO BUY TYPEWRITER of. any breed prefer abl y portable. Will p a y anything an after-Christma.; billfold can indulge in. Cpl. C anning, Ph. 2287 a shde rule. Cpl. Paul F. Har t Co. C, 1st Tng Regt. TWO ROLLS of Verichrome film for kodak. V-127. Call immediately, 'cuz I may be shipped at any time. Pfc. W. R. Whitaker. Base Det. LOST -Good Bulova wrist watch (man's) in vicinity of BOQ No. 2. Yellow gold with gold expansiontype band and Hexagonal case. RE WARD. L t W Triest. 746tb SAW Co. LOST-Ray-Ba n sun glasses. I mis laid 'em at the USO n ext to the bus station. around Dec. 14. The y have a bac k,"T ound to b e remembered only by the owner-and it's worth $5 RE WARD to m e. S /Sgt. George !lie D o w e ll 2 n d Reporting Co.. 591st SAW En. CLASS RING fo r OCS. Miami Beach. class 1943-A. has. been turned in at the office of t h e Assistant Adjutant G e n e ral. Third Fighter Command Headquarters. WANTED TO RENT GOOD second-hand 16mm sound pro jector. if priced right. Will pay CASH. Machine must be in good shape. Write or call Sgt. McCown. Ph. H-32074. T ampa. 569th Hqs & Plotting Co. BASE MOVIE HOUNDS. sa,-e yours elves some pretty pennie s Purchase coupon books, $1.20 each. for use at your favorite War D epartment thea terf. .Good all ove r the Base. M a y be bought at any Base theater. THOSE TEETH whic h hoppe d away in ------front of Dispensar y No. 7 at 9 p .m. CASH w aiting for car in good con. J a n. 13th have been f ound. (It's a d itio n \Vrite Cpl. A. H Travat. 509 lowe r partial d enture.) You may seNort h W. Han:son .. Clearwater. cure them from C apt. DeNoia .. at the DOES ANYBODY know of a furnished office of the A WUTC D ental Surgeon. apartment. or even a room. for a s olbuilding 8D03. on 21\d St. near Ave. L die r and his wife? We'll appreciate SMALL table radio. If your price is mc.d e rate and your mode l a jivin' hep cat special, l ate edition. call Sgt. William Gold. Ext. 294 LOST-My GI overcoat. Am expecting HELP WANTED a transfer soon, so nee d it back IIII-. IA,,TELY. Brrr! Pvt._ J._ MEN. with experience in engraving. Murph_ Co A. 3rd Plottmg Bn, ol1st Good chance to m a k e some extra SAW Bn. dough. Apply Echoes office. Special FOUND--Another set of choppers. n s Service Bldg., 8th St. & Ave. B. or too cold for ice cream and soup gets telephone 2 287. so you'd bette r claim those ARMY NURSE A N D AIR wAC vocal false .eeth at the ECHOES office. ists for soldier and radio shows. Don' t BROWN LEATHER WALLET lost be bashful. W e' ll tell you the truth. last week. Has my name on outside Apply Base Special Service Officer. and inside. too. If you find it, p!iz 8th St. b etwee n Aves. A and B. or to tbe ECHOES office ...!:.P.::hc::o.::nc::ec_::E:.:x:.:t:.:._::2:::25.::8o:: _________ A GOOD h ome for thoroughbred. black LOST-Book "The Giant Dwarf," b y and white Angora cat. Call Lt. Me-Wood Kahler. It's a little book with L hi' E big value to me. If you have it, please aug II), xt. 6 69. r<:turn to Pfc. Szymanowicz, 4th Tng. SOLDIERS' WIVES. wanted for short Regt., for REWARD. hour shifts at AWUTC Officers' mess. PFC. RODEN JONES, your nice brown Call Lt. D ekker, Ph. 8'74. billfold (probably a Christmas presENLISTED man with watch repair ex ent at that) is at Company H. 2nd Bn., 1st Tng. Regt., in the orderly Ave. and 1st. room. Y o u can have it by reciting some of tbe "poetry" we found inside. EXPERIENCED FRIGIDAIRE repair-. LOST-officer's short overcoat. at the man. Call :Mr. Young, PX Personnel corner of K & East 1st St., last Fri-Office. day morn. I'm gonna frrrrrreeze, if PROJECTIONISTS wanted. Lots of you dc;n't bring it back to MY back. extra c,a-sh for off-duty work. See Lt. H. V.'. Eaton, Service Company, Sgt. 11-Iannheimer Theater No. 3, 1st Training Regt. / 2nd & K, if you've had experience WILL THE E M. who rode -fr:...o_m_c=Ie_a_ r along these li.n.es. wate r t o Dre w on Sunday afternoon. USHERS, Jan. 9, witb Capt. Pleasants call at are badly needed at the Base Tltea.tbe headquarters of the 26ili Subters. Good pa-y for off-duty hours. Depot, identify himself. and claim his Too good an opportunity to miss. which he left in the car. Stop in at T.heater No. 3, 2nd & K. capt. PleasantS. Ph. 501 LOST-Green-striped -lifetime Parke r FOR RENT pencil, at either Tampa Terrace or Hillsboro Hotel public telephones. (My D_E_S_IR __ .AB_L_E __ m_a_s-te_r __ b_e_d_r_o_o_m __ w_i_th memory of particular place is kinda completely private modern bath. in attractive residence. on Clearwater .,. Beach. Residence faces beach. Officer 1st Bn., 1st Tng. R egt.'-'7:';---: preferred. Call Capt Fellhauer, H-8711, FOUND-An overseas -cap with Air Ext. 232, or e':enings, Clearwater Corps brald. Letter "J" on band. 29-254 Near Theater No. 3 Owner please pick of 729th SAW from fountain pen with gray .stripe on it. Must be from a Scheaffer, so you better come 'n' get i t if you' r e the loser. Orderly room of 729'th SAW Co .. N and E. 1st. WONDERING where-iliat strange OD officer's s ervice cap came from. the morning after that big New Year's Eve? It's mine! Lost it at the Braden ton Country Club. It's size 7 % The MPs who keep following me say you' d better call Lt. Ciral, Ext. 819. right away, if you have it. LOST-ll1y wonderful Parker "51" pen and penc il set. with black body and OFFICER WANTED to share room in desirable neighborhood. Separate en trance, private bath: steam heat. re frigerator, twin beds. inner-spring mattress. MacDill bus. Phone H3015. Captain Bradford. LARGE master bedroom complet, e with private bath. porch, and entrance. 161 Bosporus St.. Davis Island. Call Lt. T edford, Ph. 2202. or stop in to see it. LARGE, AIRY room for couple. Pri vate entrance, semi-private bath. It' s a good location for transportation, and it's only $6 per week. See S/Sgt. Balin. Hqs Co: 5th Tng Regt, or Apt. No. 3, 105 So. Melville Ave., off Grand Central. PERSONALS the guy who brings i t back. Lt. Ciral. Ph. 819. 0 :a. OWEN,-1606 North -are YOU stilt batting about Drew? barn .Alabama. you can get into your If so. see me a t B arracks 10 A-22, Co. hoUFh now. Your bey ring is in the Bn., 1st Tng. Regt., Cpl. A'_'Gibby," PX No. 1 PVT. JOSEPH McCORMICK, your old -school chum. Sgt. Florian Temskie-LOST-My gold identification bracelet. wicz. is in the 595th Bomb Sq., 396th on .Tanu.ary 1st. llfy s erial numbe r and B b G L t th L k na m e S/SJrt. William H. Miller. is on om roup. et's get oge er. oo it." bar:k. Call me at ext. 2239. if you m e up soon. found it. THROUGH THE AD in ilie ECHOES L()$T-ParkP.r "51" pen with blue botaf -tum. 1'i h.cr;r too. ThP. nn;nt i s Jerome L. Cira l. but the main point is. you'll get a REWARD i f I get mv precious p e n TO BASE HQs and Wac section, Base Cflavlal n Lawrence. 5fi9th. Detachment personnel: My most LOS T N ,-w Christmas silver identi!i heartfelt thanks for the wonderful c.ation inscribed "Georgf.: assistance you gave me. I'll never Oechman, Jr.'' Don' t know if I lost it forget it. Pvt. Voss Wac Section. in 1.own or on the Base. but I do THANKS for the wonderful response kJWW I 'won't dare to go on furlough I had on my radio ad. I could have without it! Call me at ilie ECHOE"' sold fifty more if I'd had 'em. Pvt. ottl.,;. nh. ?2R7. Bob Eld. any intormation leadin g tq the cap tme of living quarters. MJSgt. Yunger Hqs. 396th Bomb Grcup DO YOU KNOW of a little nest. just waiting for a pair of newlyweds ? It must b e wiU1in walking distance of town, 'n' suitable for the combine d pay of a sergeant and a privat e. If you do. call 2 231 and leave a message for Pvt. Junod. Room o r small apartment with a kitche n .. I crave those meals: Pvt Lester Lewitt. 749th SAW Co GIVE AWAY ANY old radior around you're not using? Leaving the field. and don't went to drag them along ? The 2nd Trng. Battalion will accept' loud speakers. chassis. and any other parts you can spare. Radio classes learn by reassembling. Contact Lt. Adams. Ph 326. WOULD LIKE a "beat up" radio. to keep my barracks boys in good humor these cool nights. Cpl. A. A Harlan. ph. 563. CARTOONISTS, won't you give a little of your time and talent to your ECI:jOES? It's a swell way to bring fame to yourself and your outfit. S end 'em in, won't you? WANTED TO BUY PORTABLE typewriter in good con dition. Will scribble out a check with pleasure if you'll s e ll me a model to p ound out m y letters. Lt. Royse. ext. 373. SOLDIER and wife would like fur nishe d house or apartment. three rooms pre f e r red; kitchen necessary. Near Drew. if possible Phone H-22383. S /Sgt. Frank Tribuzio. 595th Sq.. 396th B Gp. RONSON CIGARETTE LIGHTER. sli?: h tly used. I know this_ sounds foolish. but will buy o n e in a n y con dition. Dave Scribne r 568th SAW Bn. GOOD ALARM CLOCK. Doesn't have t o b e n ew. just so l o n g as it's noisey. My bos s recomm ends I !

PAGE FOURTEEN DREW FIELD ECHOES, THURSDAY, JANUARY 20, 1944 AWS, Signal Men Card 3 Tilts for Week-End MARINES TO PLAY SpotSIJols By PVT. PETE PETERSON Rolling still undefeated with eleven straight wins, the great AWUTC varsity basketball team will tackle the tough Marine team from Dunedin at eight o'clock in Rec. Hall No. 3 tonight. Little is known of the Leathernecks' record but their backers contend that it would not surprise them if the Dunedin five should turn out to SANDS GET KICK out of ECHOES Forum which last week presented-big-league professionals in a "Battle Of The Diamond." Above a few soldiers are seen watching the dugout stars perform at the Bandshell. DUGOUT WHO DUN ITS AIRED IN PRO SHOW ECHOES Cage Team Witty Sensational Fowler; Duncan Good A W Guards Start Mullens. Sitarz Sub By PVT G. A. OSCHMAN Basketball enthusiasts of Drew F.._ield have begun to .rip the teams apart in quest of the most outstanding individual basketeer on the Base. The 'ECHOES in covering all cage games of teams of this ; comes out boldly and unpr. dicely to state that Lt. Witty is the most outstandn'i g basketeer on Drew Field. Lieutenant Witty of the '396th Bomb Group Officers' team, has been tagged with all sorts of descriptions and nothing short of sensational can be written about his play. He captained the '37-'38 NYU cage team. There were quite a few re(l faces when Witty dribbled through the A W man for man defense to cut straight down the middle and zip a layup shot off the backboard, a feat duplicated several times in the second game between the two teams. Loose wristed on passes and flips at the basket, Witty can be likened to a tiger awaiting its prey .. when he cuts loose By PVT. G. A. OSCHMAN he's dynamite! How can five strike s be called on a battet in one official time at bat?. Who claimed While Witty is acclaimed the most outstanding eager, the run"Northern Spring training would ruin ball players?" What four men played together ner ups are evenly matched. with the Baltimore Orioles in 1923 and later with the Philadelphia Athletics? When Lt, John F-owler of the AWUTC h quintet is second to none 1n was t e infield fly rule adopted? scoring. An offensive ball player Nine major league baseball in games seen to date, Fowler. personalities had baseball ques-beside himself, Derringer pop-shotgun at the time he'd have tosses his shots from all spots of tions tossed at them Thuisday ped up with, "Every time I shot 'Rip' through the eyes." the court. evf on Drew Field a 1 t a speed pitch it seems the -opposing Asked about how many times a A third place slot for Pvt. Andy o de Ivery never equa ed even pitcher is always a 20-game Duncan of the Base Detachment by "Big Train" Johnson in his winner." game he'll throw the ball, Sewell t d"l b a sec 1 d "A t L earn can rea I y ecome -day of fast balling opposition to rep Ie s many Imes as opez a frazzle. Derrmger, the tallest man m calls for it." ond place spot. A big crowd of Drew Field the National League, fol"BLOOPER" CHALLENGED Towering 6 feet, 6 inches, personnel was in the Bandshell lowed by the smallest man m the Duncan is a mighty big man on bleachers when "Rip" Sewell toed loop! P.aul Derringer was asked what the court. Playing on the Uilihe thought of the pitch. Stating versity of Kentucky freshman be the first team to off the Drew Signal outfit. the rubber at the start of the 'BIG POISON' "'R1'p' never used I t aga1 nst me," +-Kl.lU\:1\.1 L t d th b quintet before commg muu qmz game. e m e ox He may be small, but he's brought Sewell to guarantee that service, Duncan has also had Aithough not over-confident. Coach Lt. Vincent Lusardi believes these Marines (specifically called the U. S. Marine Corps Amphibian TraCtor Detachment) do not pack enough power to take his men. BUSY WEEK-END The A WUTC five is in for a busy week-end, playing three nights in a row. On Friday they will contribute their entire first team to the Drew Field all-stars which play at MacDill against the MacDill Fliers. And on Saturday they will journey to St. Petersburg to tackle the U. S. Maritime Service team in a re' turn game. In their last meeting the A WUTC gang had to come from far behind to finally win by 58 to 48 In tonight' s game, Coach Lusardi hopes to get his men out of the habit of trailing in the first half, with the result that they have had to go all-out in the second to overtake the opposition and go ahead. In three games this season the boys have been behind from 10 to 16 points, only to put on steam in the final period to win by a comfortable margin. BEHfND THREE TIMES These three were once against this same sailor team they play Saturday and twice against the flashy 396th Bombardment Group. Lt Lusardi has pointed out that the boys might meet a team one of these days who will stay ahead once they get such a lead as run up by the sailors and bombers. It is hoped that the first team of Lt. John (The Cat) Fowler, Lt. Aldo (Tiger) Molinari, Pvt. John (Leaning Tower of Pisa) Toomasian, Cpl. Sol (The Fox) Schechter and Lt. "Blockbuster" Lusardi can roll up a big enough lead tonight in order to sit out most of the game and gef some rest for the game with MacDill tomorrow. BEAT CADETS EASILY In chalking up their eleventh straight win last Saturday _against the Army Transportation Cadets score of qmz :vere mighty "big poison" to pitchers. "I'll use it the first time ;YOU com e "Garden" experience, playing Paul Waner, Paul Derrmger, Al p 1 W f th t t to bat against me this year." Lopez and Drew Field's Sgt. Vito au aner, one. 0 e _grea es (The crowd yelped they'll be in a recent AAU tourney. Tamulis with the National League If not_ the_ greatest hitter 111 base-. waiting for that day.) PICKING AN ECHOES Umpires' chief of staff, Bill Klem, ball, med. the cro_wd that he VARSITY behind the plate calling the de-leaves his_battmg :;tverages t_o the KNOWS RULES cisions on the close answers and to decipher._ Estnnat-. Using Lt. Witty -and Lt. Fowler Butch Henline umpiring the base mg his last season battmg to be Bill the chief of staff of at the forward slots and Pvt. paths around .311, Waner was corrected tJ;e Natwnal baseball urn-And. y Duncan at center, the guard by a Brooklynite in the front row prres, stated, I defy anyone to positions are open to three men. NEWHALL MC'S who yelped, "Naw, yer w 'rong, stump me on the rule book, but Two from -the A W quintet and "Colonel" Bob Newhall, sports Paul. It was tree-eighteen!" do not concentrate th_e play-one from the 3d Fighter Comwriter and commentator, fired AI Lopez the Tampa catcher, mg end of the game. Wlth that mand. Lt. Vince Lasardi and Cpl. the questions at the experts after who's been on the receivin!! end evaded the quesSol Schechter could start the ball hon pertammg to the best all first introducing each of the quiz of Sewell's "blooper" ball with around ball player that Klem has game. However, the warmup masters. Cracking some tall base-the Pirates, started out his pro-witnessed play. pants should be taken Cpl. ball yarns, "Colqnel" Newhall ball in 1925 in the Florida State Moon Mullens of the 3d F1ghter gave the crowd behind the game League. Lopez' mention of catch-Never playing major league Command. Mullens' scoring and_ baseball. ing Walter Johnson in a_ game ball, Klem has the reputation his ability to climb backboards Inttoducing Sgt. Vito Tainulis played at Tampa brought about of being a Landis on the dia-makes him an outstanding guard. of Drew br-ought an echo of the question of speed pitchers. mond. Drawing the line has Lasardi is the aggressive ball Ebbets Field to the former Newhall asked who had the fast-been Klem's most discussed ac-ployer. On the hustle, he's in the Brooklyn twirler. When asked est ball that Lopez has caught. tivity behind the plate. His thick of the game at all times; .about his post-war baseball AI answered the question by saydescripti-on of seeing a charg-Mullens is a steady floor leader. plans, -Vito answered, "When ing, "when I caught Johnson I ing ball player run in to the Schechter can also be used in a, it's all over I want to get back was 16 years of age and the 'Big plate and thinking a beef forth-forward slot. home and sleep." Train' was pitching an exhibition coming, Bill drew the line. Surgame so he didn't bear down. prised, the second baseman Dazzy Vance and Mungo had asked, "What time is it?" plenty of speed on the pitch. I'd Baseball antics such as the say they had the fastest ball I umpire scene were topics Paul Derringer in his re marls about his baseball playing, evaded Newhall's questi-oning a.bout the number of times he hit the elite 20-game winning bracket. When asked how many 20-game winners of four and five seasons there were of St. Pete, the A WUTC first team played! but briefly insofar as the Cadets were no match for them. They expected they would face the unbeaten Naval Cadets, also frdm St. Pete, but due to a schedule mixup it was not until the Army Transportation five reached the gym that the mistalke was discovered. This was somewhat of a di'sappointment to the. crowd which showed up, as they expected to see the brilliant Ed Danowski, former Fordham allAmerican and captain of the Naval Cadets. in action. However, A WUTC special service officers have promised that such a game .is in the making and the two teams will meet in the very near future. Against the Army Transportation outfit the Signal Corps men had an easy time, winning 48 to 30 while using substitutes most of the time. Lt. Fowler again was high point man with 14 points and Stahl followed him with nine. caught!" discussed all evening. Paul Derringer was the quiz kid of the evening, hitting 1.000 with four answers co1-rect in four trips to the plate. SEWELL SAW COUNTRY "Rip" Sewell saw the country and lived in a railroad ticket office according to the number of teams he played with. Cross country and ball playing in Canada were parts of Sewell's prep training. "BLOOPER" BALL Tossing an orange to his wife and getting it lobbed back at him, as you'd Jlicture a girl tossing an orange, Sewell got his "blooper" ball idea._ Using it first against Detroit in a spring training game, Detroit's-Wake. field tried to murder the ball. Fooli!ig around with it against his own team in batting practice, he found that his team mates cussed him and told him to "go to the bull pen and wa1in up" If they didn't like it, maybe the other league teams wouldn't crave a second serv ing, and out came the soaring "blooper" ball. IT'S MURDER "Rip" tossed his blooper at Dom De!Iessandro with a three and .two count and Dom later told Sewell that "if he'd had a Answering the five strikes in one trip to the plate, with a runner on first and two out and two strikes on batter, the baserunner was caught off the bag and the side retired. The batter, up in the next inning, drew three strikes totaling five strikes in one official trip to the plate. Babe Ruth claimed the northern training would ruin baseball. Lefty Grove, George Earnshaw, Max Bishop and Joe Boley were the four ball players moving together to the Athletics. Private W. J. Magdalenski of the 576th SAW Bn. fired the most questions at Newhall. Hubbell's New Job S/Sgt. Winfield Hubbell Jr., one of the "old-timers" of the recently inactivated 50 1st SA WR, is currently holding down the responsible job of sergeant-major at A WUTC Officers' School headquarters, 4th St. near Ave. J 756th Hoopsters Top 2d A W The 756th SAW Company won the first half championship of the 2d Training Regiment Basketball League with a first half league standing of five victories and one defeat. The one defeat came at the hands of the Headquarters Company quintet. Pacing the league individual players scoring for the second consecutive week with 84 points, S!Sgt. Joe Hamburger moved in front of the runner-up by 16 points. Headquarters men moved high in the league sco'ring last week,.' over four of the first five positions. With 756th men winning by a 572d def a u lt. Cpl. Sol Schechter held second place scoring by a slim point over Pvt. Bill O 'Brien who moved up to 67 points. Stenson shipped out of Headquarters leaving his record. stand at 65 points. Bob For.grave moved into the fifth slot with 51 points.


DREW FIELD ECHOES, THURSDAY, JANUARY 20, 1944 PAGE FIFTEEN Duncan Scores 19 In Base Det Win Drop That Waistline YOU'RE THE-SIXTH MAN we need for the volleyball game. Pvt. Moses Black Owl drafted the photographer to com plete the six-man team for the 3d FC Signal Company. Getting in shape for the opening of the Base Volleyball League are Cpl. John McGee, Pvt Hazen Mitchell, Pvt C. E. Brown, vt. Moses Black Owl and T / 5 Charles Thurston. S MITH, JOHNSON LEAD AS 593D DRUBS DOCS By PVT. B. J. BAJBUS flashy fiVe Whips 593d; 3d Gets 3d Paced by Andy Duncan, former University of Kentucky eager who collected 19 points, the Headquarters Base Detachment quintet scored a 41-28 victory over the 593d Bomb Squadron team in an Air Corps Basketball League played in the Base Gymnasium. Base Detachment is undefeated in League No. 1 play. The Headquarters quintet trailed through the first half with the 593d holding a 7-4 first quarter lead and a half time 18-14 margin. The Detachment back in the second half with Chihutski, Kissinger, Reed, Howell and Thomas hitting the scoring range. Headquarters took over the third quarter lead 27-22. The 593d Bomb Squadron led by the sparking attack continuing to pull away from the of sharpshooters Morton Smith and John Johnson won their Bombers, Duncan and Company second Base League game in two starts by trouncing the outscored the Squadron 14-6 in H 't 1 N 4 t 38 t 20 the final quarter to win 41-28. ospi a 0 earn, 0 Smith and Rasmuson, with 10 The 593d went ahead m the first mmute of play, and and nine points respectively, held their lead until the final whistle. The half score paced the 593d scoring. t d 16 t 5 Hq. Base betachment (41) Points S 00 0 scored: Duncan 18. Chihutski 6, Howell Smith took scoring honors for A C B 5 Reed 4, Thomas 4, Kissinger 4. the 593d by tossing in 12 points If orps ase 593d Bor_nb Squadron (28) Poh1ts from the court and 4 from the scored: Sm1th 10, Rasmuson 9, Marnno foul line for a total of 16. JohnStandinftS 7 George 1. son was second with 14 points, ':J ':J THIRD FOR THIRD while Senecal led the Hospital with 9 points. Scoring points is nothing new for Pfc. Smith of the 593d In his senior year at ;watkinsville High School in Watkinsville, Ga., Smith averaged 26 points per game, with a season total of 623 points for 24 games. Sgt. Billy Murray who plays center for the 593d, hails from Billings, Okla. He played on the Billings High Varsity team for two years, and was chosen on the Oklahoma All-State team both seasons. He later attended Baylor University where he played on the freshman basketball team and completed his freshman semester before being inducted into the Armed Forces. League No, 1 Won Lost Hq. Base Detachment 3 0 593d Bomb Squadron 2 1 Admin, Hosiptal 1 1 396 Bomb Group Hq, 0 2 Dental Clinic 0 2 League No. 2 Won Lost 3d' Fighter Command 3 0 592d Bomb Squadron 2 0 595th Bomb Squadron 1 2 Cadets 0 2 Med. Service 0 2 League No. 3 Pet. 1.000 .667 .500 .000 .000 Pet. 1.000 1.000 .33 3 .000 .000 Won Lost Pet. 594th Bomb Squadron 3 0 1.000 828th Guard Detachment 2 1 .667 3d Fighter Signal Co. 1 1 .500 Labs. and Orderly Room 0 2 000 853d Signal Detachment 0 2 .000 Base Basketball League schedule: THURSDAY, JAN. 20 6:30 p.m. Admin. Hosp. vs. D ental Clinic. 7:30 p.m. Med. Service vs. 592d 593D G. 2 1 0 6 0 6 0 0 F. 0 0 0 4 0 2 1 1 T. Bomb Sq. ,7 4 8:30 p.m. Labs and O.R. vs. 853d Kelley, forward Marrino forward Murray, center Smith. guard George, guard .T.,.Y-son ( lr 1'"-.fi Total HOSPITAL No. 4 Brasse l, forward Scott. forward Wagner, center Austin. guard Senecal, guard Derkus Total 15 G. 1 0 1 1 4 0 7 8 F. 2 3 0 0 1 0 6 2 Sig .. Co. 0 FRIDAY, JAN. 21 16 6:30 p.m. 593d Bomb Sq. vs. 396th 0 Bomb Gr. 14 7:30p.m. 595th Bomb Sq. vs. Cadets. 1 8:30 p.m 591th Bomb Sq. vs. 3d 1 Fighter Sig. Co. 38 T. 4 3 2 2 9 0 20 End of first half schedule. TUESDAY, JAN. 25 Playoffs. Elongated Dunca n Scores 39 in 2 Third Fighter Command cagers won their third consecutive Air Corps Basketball League No. 2 game with a 43-29 trimming administered to the 595th Bomb Squadron when lanky Ed Sitarz, ex-Connecticut eager tossed 17 points tb pace the Fighter Command scoring. Belieing the 43-29 convincing victory was the ball played during the first three periods of the game. Third Fighter Comqland held a 13-7 first quarter lead and a 16-11 margin at half time. The 595th opened the second. half by knotting the count and forced the 3d FC cagers to put the pressure on to win. Opening the second half Bustin pushed a rebound and Bradley a lay-up shot on a sleeper to cut the score 16-15. Antonnuci of the FC stole a pass and passed to Mullens who scored on a fast break putting 3d FC in front 18-15. Bustin snuck in under on a lay-up and followed with a foul toss to knot the game 18-18. Sitarz and Page scored baskets for the 3d FC with Keleher keeping 595th up with a hook shot setting the score 24-20. Pulling steadily ahead, 3d FC tucked the game in their pockets with a stream of double deckers. 3d Fighte r Command (13) Points score d : Sitarz 17. Mullens 10, Antonnuci 8 J effre y 2 ; Page 2. Staigen 2, Wight 1 l. 595th Bomb Squadron (29) Points scored: Bustin 10. Bradley 6, Charne y 4, W ells 4, Nave 2, Keleher 2. Kreissl ei 1. Hq. Quint Leads 4th Individual scoring honors of the Air Corps Basketball League, as of Jan. 16, list the towering 6-foot, 6-inch Private Andy Duncan head and shoulders above the league with 39 points in two games. Duncan in his pivot slot for the WALK AWAY Base Detachment quintet scored T:r:ampled beneath a 52-point Headquarters and Headquarters 18 points in the first Detachment scormg splurge by the 594th Company of the 4th Training game and 21 points in tlhe latest Bomb Squadron, the 828th Guard Regiment continues to lead the game. Detachment saw the basket for a ... Basketball League of that Regi-Ed Sitarz of the 3d Fighter total of four points in the third ; ment with an undefeated record Command cagers and Smith of game of the play Monday evening. to date. Winning .fi':'e games the the 593d each have 22 points in Colombo tossed 15 points. for outfit Is closely f.ol-the runner-up slot. the 594th in their 52-4 victory low:ed by the 569th BattaliOn AIR _CORPS BASKETBALL and was closely followed by La which has won four and lost one Leadmg Scorers (as of J.a.n 16> Coste with 14 points Gay sank in league play. :JisaemDet. Pt:i9 the lone field goal the 828th 4th Training Regiment Basketball Sitarz, 3d FC 22 with DeLors making good two League Standings Smith. 593d Bomb Sq. 22 foul tosses. Hq. & Hq. Co (4th Tng.) 5 0 1.000 Johnson. 593d Bomb Sq. 20 559th En. 4 1 .8 00 Mocek, Medical Service 19 576th,Bn. 2 2 .500 *Shriner, 3d Fighter Sig. Co. 16 5S4th En. 1 2 333 Mullins, 3d FC 1 5 575th En. 1 3 .250 Bustan. 595th Bomb Sq. 15 Kitchen No. 24 0 3 000 Pompolinos, Cadets 15 '765th Co. 0 2 .000 *One game-others playe d two. 594th Bomb Squadron (52) Points scored: Colombo 15, LaCoste 14. Fonts 8, Levine 4, Kinkle 4 Minnick 3, Coats .2, McMinn 2 828th Guard Detachment (4) Points scored : Gay 2. D eLors 2. MOON MULLINS ,CLIMBS THE BA for 3d in its 34-21 victory over the Cadets in an Air Corps Basket ball League game. F/Sgt. John Gosselin (44), 3d FC, is anticipating the flip pass from Mullins. Mazzoco (8), Cadet guard, is outleaped by "Jumping Jack" Mullins. Big League l568th Five Hockey News1Leading 5th Bill Cowley, Boston Bruins ace playmaker was injured recently in a Toronto game and is not expected to play for three weeks because of a shoulder separation. Art Ross, Bruins manager claims that C-owley was intentionally "ganged" in back of the Toronto net. In a recent swap Pat Egan of Detroit was sent to Boston in exchange for "Flash" Hollet and so far the deal has worked to the benefit of Dettoit. Eddie Shore the "Babe Ruth" -of Hockey showed Egan all the fine P Oints of the game when Pat broke in at Springfield a few years back. During the playoffs Egan and Shore played for both Springfield and New York Amerks. The Chicago Blackhawks purchased Mike Karakas from the Pr-ovidence Reds for the reported price of $10,000 and two players in order to bolster their defense. Montreal Canadians have a good lead on the rest of the league and the New York Rangers are stiJI in last place. With other teams in the Fifth Training Regiment's league apparently afraid of their strength, the hoopsters of the 568th are seeking outside games. They have already toppled the Headquarters team of the Fourth Training Regiment and last Tuesday night defeated a team from the 751st, 23 to 19. Cpl. Joe Fanning was high scorer for the 568th in this game, taking six points. Safely 'leading the league in the Fifth Training Regiment, the 568th would now like to take on the Headquarters, A WUTC team or any other basketball aggregation on Drew Field. The 568th Commandos have a wealth of basketball stars. The first team is made up of Cpl. Joseph Fanning, Cpl. Joseph De Marco, Cpl. Stephen J. Guman, Pfc. Leonard Hines and Pfc. Paul Reyn.olds. Other topnotch players include 1st Sgt. Richard Bowman, Pvt. Simon Gimbel, Pfc. Norman Herrman, Cpl. Henry Germain and Cpl. John Bateman.


CLOUDS NO LONGER PRQTECT NAZIS FROM AIR BLITZ UNTIL RECENTLY the formations of clouds over enemy objectives the cancellation of bombing missions by British and American planes. But no longer. A group of U. S Eighth Air Force bombers are shown dropping their "eggs" during a raid on the German port of Emden despite a curtain of clouds. This is made through development of a new secret device. U. S. Air Force photo. (International) WITH KNIVES in their belts and guns handy, hard-hitting U.S. Marines and Coastguardsmen join in a prayer service aboard an LST (Landing Ship-Truck) as it moves toward the beach assault that took Cape Gloucester from the Japs on New Britain Island in the southwest Pacific. The radiator of a truck forms a back for the altar. Outside the group, other men watch seaward. Coast Guard photo, (International.} HIGHLIGHTS OF THE GERMAN DEBACLE ELISTA FROM STALINGRAD in January 1943 to a German debacle in January, 1944, Is the story this map tells four chapters. The Russian began with the encirclement (1) of 350,00.0 of the Stalingrad. Next eame the Donets Basin encirclement (2) and this led to the Melitopol Dnve (3) !' c tied up the Crimea. The final chapter ( 4) finds a vast army facing a _trap in Dnieper bend; railroad 1own of Vinnitsa and the Odessa-Warsaw railroad in peril; the Russians smashmg toward and, indicated by star rep01"ts that Russians have attempted to land at a point near Odessa and Nazi forces on the Blaclt Sea in a move to open a new front in that re(:ion. (Internatwnal) 'SATURDAY NIGHT' IN ITALY WITH NO WORRY of a waiting line or "next," Sgt. W. Jordan of the British Eighth Army relaxes in a tub behind the front lines in Italy, With no manicurist around, Jordan also manages to find time to trim his toenails. He hails from Dulwich, London. (International) GRANDMOTHER, 105, FACES EV ICTION CONFLICTING RULINGS between two Federal Agencies the H.O L.C. and the O.P.A., may result in the eviction of Mrs. Cathetine Tsavalas, 105, Mineola, L. I., N. Y., who is shown looking at photos of three of her grandsons in the service. She lives in a house rented from the H.O.L.C. by a friend who was given 30 days notice to vacate it. Under O.P.A. rentcontrol law, if a house is sold, the tenant can't be evicted for 90 days. The H.O.L. C. contends the rule does not apply to it. (International) NEXT STOP NEW GUINEA A SHOVEL hanging from his side, a paratrooper's "umbrella" is about to open as another soldier follow s closely behind h im. The scene is New Guinea when air-borne troops, in a surprise move cut off retreating .Taps in the Salamaua-Lae area. U.S. Signal Corps (In te rnational)


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