Tyndall target

Tyndall target

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Tyndall target
Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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Newspapers -- Florida ( lcsh )
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United States -- Florida -- Tyndall Field

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Tyndall Target

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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 1, no. 1 (January 16, 1942).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
January 16, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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l 2oo vOL. I No. l Air Corps Gunnery School, Tynd all Field, Florida Jan. 16, 1942. c4l4'ff'b/'t;iff!J@ fb/ ffafU/cfJ/1,,, In .this first issue of TYNDA;LL TARGET, I wish to extend: my best wishc.s .its success and to express my confidence tho.t it will achieve its objectiVe of provid ing information and recreation for the .;oldiers of Tyndall Field r.nd, at the 3ame time give them an opportunity to 1se any abilitie s n a ture tha t they might possess. I urge you, the soldiers of this Com nand, to support the po.per .in 0 v ery way oossible and to submit mntorinl to it for ;ublication. A project of this nntur o is A coop e r 0.ti v e undertaking r equiring con ,...,ibutions from m any p e o ple, a nd I b e lieve that your full cooperation will b e forthcoming. /II/ 41Jd !f!JI!J Jbf!J/.'.116) /i//)/J/il As Mayor, I wish to tc.ke this oppor tunity to w e lcom e to Po.nr.m::c City e v ery soldier who hc..s alron.dy corn<;, or will come to our community; o.nd I f eo l sure that I speak for its every citize n whe n I se.y that w e vrish you to m n : k o this your home. 'ilje aro proud of the soldiers the air b e,se r::.nd w:Lsh tb .assist c nd coop erate in 0 v 6ry way ?.Ossible tow ard making life mor e :;:>leets8.nt ::md ptofit< .blc for service men while the y in our midst. It is tho desire of us who do not hc:vo the privilG g o of b eing in uniform to s e r vo t hos e who arG in uniform r..nd w e urge you to enjoy e.ny rmd every S c;rvice our city has to offe-r. The soldivrs of Tyndc.ll Field will soon t ho use of one of finest USO buildings in tho country when the n e w 000 struch1rc rtcc r tho 'Po.nc..mc, City dock on HD.rrison J.ve. is.officio.lly ope n ed within the next t on Officinls in che.rge of construction an nounced the work is being rushed o..nd thct some of tho furnish ings for tho building h :ivc c,lrec .. dy e.rri v :,d, while others c .ro ccrriving d r .ily. Th e building will h iivo n. lounge, 45 feet by 50' ioo t in size v!hich will be furnis}}c d vri th comfortc.blo .. chairs, card tc.blcs, ping pong tc.blGs, .smr.ll gmnes, :--.rid : .. t ono end of the loungo will '!:>o 2. hu ge open fireplc.co. thci lounge will be e. sodo.. fountc.in n.nd kitchenette for tho of short orders. Qp:cning off the lounge on the south sido 'will b e o... roomy torrcc( ov crlookic1g the B::cy The now structure will .:.lso hr-,ve o.n o..uditoriumwith florescent lighting and u lo.rgc stn ge This set-up provide c mplo tic s for r.lmost c .ny type of ontortn irim ont mc.y b e prosented.f6r tho s ervice men. Opening off tho torium on tho west sid6 is in sun porch which r.lso ov crloo::s the i3c. y c.ddi tiond r ccrcdiono.l building for tho soldiors is riow unc}c,r coni::truction c, f q w hundre d yr.rds off the Gulf l Coc.s t r.t the Be.sc. Housed .in .. this structure built r.t Gove rnm ent expense, will b e bovrling pooi tnbles and othc i r ecreational fo.cilitics.


!RUMORS RUMORS Have you got one? We' ci/nke to hear it. In fact, we're going to run lit tle contest from week tq vveek and award a prize to the soldier who sends in the best one of the week. H ere's how: Just scribble on a piece of paper the best rumor, the mor e fantastic the better, you ve heard recently. Send same in a sealed envelope with your name and organization to the Public Relations. Officer at Post Headquert:ers, not l 'ater than lj,-ednesday noon of each week. You don 1 t have to buy a _thing--_ you don't even have to send in,box-tops And to the winner, _as picked by the Public Relations Officer, will gc:i two tickats, good an:y time, to either the Ritz or the Panama Theatres. So sc ratch that head for a rumor and then scratch it on pe.per Contest win ners will be announced in TYNDALL TAR GET e v ery Friday and the prize-winning rumor wi.ll be published. Sergeant and t;rs. Fanny, the famous canine couple, now residi:::1g in the green roof cottage behind consolidated mess, announce tho birth of six sons and four daughters on J r.nuary 5th. Hrs. FD.nny, the former Hester Hound, is resting well and the family reports proudly that he has done a job that e v 6 n Dr. Alan Dafo e of quintuplet fame, wouldn't dare dream of. Both parents viewed their brood of offsprings with a look of dismay and stated, "From now on it's going to be a dog's life.'' Alrer:,ciy Fanny has been contacte d by tho makers of .Palmolive soap for an endorsement of their pro duct. For P almolive she has this to say; "I have used Palmolive f o r my bea uty bath for more than three years and I will risk no othe r brand on the bab--ies' tender skin." lfBOMrHECH'RPLRin I Tho Chaplain stands ready to be of sGrvico to ovary membe r of this Post. The Chaplain's Office is open, at_all times, to every m e mber of this Command. Come up and visit us. If you have a problem, will be more than to be of assistance to you. If you do not have anyproblcm, we will be happy to visit with you. What w e want is for you to como to see us, and l o t us get ,acquainted. ---Chaplain Wilson. _.. LGL R SS I Fl EO RDS_I iVP.NTED--Wri tor$, illustrators. car toonists, dirty old j6tos short stories, feature stories. Previous experience desired but not necessary. App.ly the Public R elations .Office Post I-Ieadquar. t ers, Monday afternoon, Janue.ry 18th, at 5:30 P H (But, kidding aside we'll need your hcl? in putting .out.futura edition$ of TYNDALL TARGET. For ... c. r;wnt2'l or two the pap e r will bc mimoographad ... We havp high, hO!.JC$ that it will be printed in newspe;po r form after thr:.t. Our staff e.t pre: -sdnt is 0e need a large ono to hoz1dlc tlv ; r1cws and feature s for c. paper vrl-iich wo hope will strike up a little "r.cad0r interest" in every man now sta-. at Tyndall Field Wl1othc r you : cC:re to c'ontribut(:; o r riot, how ab01.lt a few sue;g ostions and criticisms? The num b e r of pages will be increased for next issue So send your contributions via me.il ordurly or drop by tho office n ext Monday afternoon dt 5:30 o'clock.) FOR SALE--A sturdy, slightly usod pic.no by a l a dy with wooden legs, :r..EWJIJW--Libcral reward vrill bo pc..id to soldie r v1ho app r e h ends p:::rson who p ersists in using electric ro.zor whilo favorite ra dio proe:n:,ms r.r e on the air.


Capt. Howell; Post Adjutant, has found his second childhood; he's chasing Sire trucks a1:;ain I hear Ma,j or Jenkins is n o t far behind Lt. Boley likes to cLonf;e jobs e ver so often so he 1 s been nado Post Exchange Officer .. Captain Strobel has no trouble locating the en l isted personnel barmaids offer in formation voluntarily ; .Lt. Dickerman and Lt. Guggino should feel to the Air Corps Supply & ------== e c_>i vil ServJ,.ce _Com.-CAL;IO oe 1!"--oat.: -t.?t. E.,. hedr there t "'1> \ J H .ra ... 11aybe Sgt. Ralph EdNards has somethicg to say about th:::. t Did you knowthat Rob ert L rnkford, Post Sct-r.1ajor, compiled n. bool: r e lative to Army Pvt 1st Clcu;s Vc.Ylcc Ecwards is torn be t,_ reen t'rv-o Peggys ..... I know why Cpl. J,; J. Muy has dismisssd tho thought of be cominc n. Fl;.ring Sr:,rgeant ..... S o r gf;[: .nt IJ:arvey Liddon is leaning t.owards IIarlern .... Lis.stcr SerE;eant Postelwai te must be a ::-:1ighty good fellov: .. Welcome to the Colored Troops that was mighty good sinrirrc one Sunday not so long ago Corporal Couch has a krs. Corporal ... I nominate P v t lst Class Edv e for our ture Postmaster General Cornorc.l and Chile:' s Rec;tuarant have made up as the, rpsult of a "G et-Hell 11 card s/Sgt. -1.. -....----Chc..rlie Groen ( ____ brought his .newly acquire d wife to P anama 'I .Jk.'-.. City. ) >..-.... Private Lonnie l.. -<:...._; /(' ( \\ C. i3rewc::r has ideas of doing KJJ \ .J \ trw sar:te thing. f\ \ t ) .at:l0G.St thc.t':: it+g his fingGrs I V crossed in hop3s of Special Or/ f dors-so are o. lot more folks I know Sgt. Tom Niolon looks nice with all those chcvrons.Hollywood could find quite c. bit of talent for r.cting c.t T;ynd2ll ,l'Jho is the Pfc in me of thG Sc. Sqs. who was formerly in Op3ra?


Publi.shed every Fridc.y by the Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School, Tyndall Field, Floridc,. VOL. I No. l Jan. 16, 1942 Lt. Col. H, A. Hn.x\vell C Ol.'IT lANDING 1st Lt. Joseph I. Mrcthis PUBLIC RELli.TIONS OFFICER Corp. J. W. Timberlake, Jr. EDITOR H. Perks ASST. TO P. R. OFFICER Pvt. Ornl Ledbetter C.AR.TOONIST Sgt. Dewey H. Gossett COLUMNIST Miss Roberto. Gwnmon TYPIST ARMY WEil1fiE FOl?ECAS'TER .-: .. ':: ': =::: ; :::.: .. ----.. ----.';. "::::: .. ":. ':. ":. ':::: -.. -r --/ ----:? -/ -r' ,....;/ Jt45i A ,&EW frfORE N()W I


344TH SCHOOL SQUADRON We wish to. extend our welcome to our new Commanding Officer, Capt. John M. Wilkins, and Lt. Barkstrom, our Adjutant. We'll do our best to keep our squadron on top. To Lt. Canzoneri we bid our fire well. You were a fine Commanding Officer, Sir. We wish you success. We are proud of Pvt. Leon Harer -who left our squadron to do his in the Flying Cadets. :.A 'best of luck to you, Harer. "Keep ..._ 'Em Flying.n II .B 0 M B s tr Private Dowell has beE3n having trouble in his affairs with a 'girl named !!Frances". I believe he needs help. Might it be suggested that he find help right here in our ovm squad Have you tried nsgt. Gainey's Showing Company" yet? Most effective -we hear. The boys in the 344th have been noticing a certain Corporal doing a ,lot of blushing lately. !'Jell, who ,wouldn't? It isn't 'every day that a g;uy says, ''I DO take this woman". Isn't that right, H.D.H.? Corporal Barker, you have taken Wald' s girl while he was away, Watch out or you will lose her. A couple of our boys are trying tq cut in. A certain telephone has Pvt. Shakes number For future in-. formation call "Information" and ask for Myrt. 349TH SCBOOL SQUADRON The boys from the north know this is supposed to be Florida but they just can't believe it is Florida weather. The fine; white sand 'beach should provide a place to spend many hours in the summer. ( \'ife The NCO's in charge of the rooms have a enthusiasm in regnrd to being "tops11 in the daily inspection. How did you say it felt being up to your neck in a snow drift? Our, Corp. Owings (should I say Vagabond Corps?) is going to do his utmost. it seems, to produce a fast winning basketball team with all the enthusiastic men behind him. Keep that hot water coming A. J.l That's the way we like it, With our newly equipped Day Room we have a nice place to spend a "quiet'' evening. Whe.t special "Cross-Country" training has this Ce.t'ozza boy had? 446TH SCHOOL SQUADRON Basketball prc.ctice V Tednes- day eveni:qg at the High School Gym in PLnama City. Next morning there were moans and groans produced by stiff hut with a little brushing up the boys should be good. } S?ro.ined ankle by Bill Macey was the only "casualty". The boys of the 446th seem to have it in for all Stump Orators anyway, they are busy removing the stumps. S/Sgt. George T. Stewart says that if the fish won't bite, the t;ull$ will. According to his re for which he seems to have witnesses, a gull dove to the water rmd snatched the bait right off his line. Some inquiry is being made as i{ci an open on sea gulls. The fellows thinx they'd make a tasty tid-bit nec.tly roasted over a camp fire,


ORDNANCE It has been very noticeable that T/Sgt. Harry P Burnottha.s taken pre ca.utions to hide n.ll heavy hammers from Corp. Toby Lamar Wonder happe n e d to the cut? llttle table Corp. Cindric built for If tl:10 men in don'-t quit get-ting so much foqd rom thoit homos,. the entire de tachment will hn.ve to or be transferred to some pencil-pushing 'outfit b clongirig to Lumar .is back'in running condition,.but he isn't driving Wonder why? It seems that our detachment comttwnd o r is fal-ling b',ck on his previous routine, During off-duty hours he race s the city fire deiH',rtment to thel.r objec tive when tho is s ounded, Guess it's a gooP, thing we hr,v e a fir oman in the outfit, though, considering tho ws.y our n o w typist, who has t h e touchme-not sys.te.m,-exor'cis.:;s his mo.chinc. 1JVhen will Pvt. Stanley 'in troduce his nt:w-found girl to' Corp. Cindric? Will Pvt. B 0ll' s 11cigarotte supply'' last thq compu..ny until 'pay-do.y? We're hoping How long will Corp. Cindric's 11p e.t11 _ri:,d< hold up? HIGHLIGHTS The Q H Detachment unit has re..ch ed its full complement and hr, s completed tho process of settling down. The n .ew and modern br,rracks are em unexpected treat. A more unusuo.l .group of sol"diers than the Q M 's would be hard to find anywhere. With such a VE:criod, collection of backgrounds unlimited possibilities present themselves. Tho dialects range from the clipped tone' of thonorth, through th. e twapg of the mid-westernor to the smooth drawl of the south. 'Ask PetrO.cclli about the story of .his grandrrui penCils, cir the one he tolls' Of hoid:l.ng the lc.htcrn while 11,gro.nny11 chops wood l! Now c.bout Acting Corporal "boss" J. M. DE\WS on, who, by the way, was one of Washington.' s up coming young attorneys before, combg the Arrny. He .from the Uni-ver sity law school-and ,is now assi.sting in. Q. Ivi. procurorQ.e<1t contrac"t work. Another of our scholars ia "Bottles" Bill McNeil who, of course re'.cei vod his corporui's stripes. Ole Bill's homo is in Mad"ison, Wis., where he grad-: uo.tod fro::1 the Univ0rsity of wi'sconsin. We also have a drchestra ductor who. soYerd times as guest conductor for N.B.C. More about him next Cornoro.l Dave w "Dixie" Howell-L from Now a high position in one of New York City' .s. c,dv crtising o.goncics. In case anyone big ide's about how strong he is, jus"t ho.ve .him drop over. to sol? Q. M.'s Georg? O. HP:ll,_ who hails .t:rqm wr y back in th6 deep woods of. Wisconsin, wh ere he spent mr.ny yeO:rs felling hugo trees. with his 11liJ." .e,xe. Spco.kiJJ.g of physiques, has anyone e v er:stoppcd the proper: tions of Pvt Joe Fridlcvick? Soldier, A. I'm toliing you, he's c.n _r:.d for Cho.rlas Atlas. T!1e girls at hea.dqur,rtors say thc.t Fr:ank 2k .. r .tin _is go'od Hollyy.,r:ood mc.teri'..1. 'HGll, .what's tho story? Is .it the. r-:rto r shavi:qg lotion you use?. Things I d loy(; to see--:--:----Corp. .rhumbc or congii .. a. corset rnanufactm:orfs delight. Pri vc _to Lc.naous is a former high school ;nn.th t.:;achor. The other night he went into tovm to get a httir cut, only to find the barber's bid for tho job p. little too high. So Johnny put two and two. togethe r c.nd had it all clippc9. off, and mo..themati c aiiy spec.k ing, his. r o s emblc s a cue bElli in cc.mouf.lng o S.0nd T:YlTDALL TARGET' back f+ome to the folks. I "'


66TH MATERIEL SQUADRON Pvt. Cleo Falgout recently returned frbm Fort Bragg N. C., after graduating from the Me.ss Sergeants 1 Course at the Cooks and Bakers School there. Pvt. Roy Satterfield rejoined the squadron after successfully completing the Power Operated Turret and Gun.Sight Maintenance Course. at the Sperry plant in New York. He enjoyed everythi:ng there except the weather. Pvt. Robert Riddle realized his long sought ambition when he was ordered to to Maxwell Field, Alabama, prior to starting a course as an enlisted pi loL Sgt. P. Steger, the efficient administrator of the Report of Chan ge Dept. at the Armory, w a s promoted to the grade of Staff Sergeant, January 12th. M/Sgt. Harvey Liddon was recently transferred from this.squadron to Hq. & Hq. M/Sgt. Andrew Postlewait is now eligible to receive flying pay (ri.ow the sergeant can get plenty of bacon and eggs.) The following men performed their duties in a superior manner during the past m6nth and re6eived congratulations from the Commanding Offi cer of the Post: M/Sgt,. Postlewait, Sgt. Simnons and Pvt. Lonnie c. Brewer, Pfc L. c Roberts of Kanapolis, N C., received an honorable medical dis charge, December 6th. 69TH AIR BASE SQUADRON A number of the men of this organization are wearfng additional stripes since the New Year c ame in. Corporal Harold M Dozier, Curtis Bull, and Corporal Frederick w Gilmore are now sporting sergeants .chevrons and Pfc. Herman L. Hurst, Pfc. Gart man, Pf6. Frank Erwin and Pvt. Prentiss Ryan are now NCO 1 s of the fifth grade ,(Corporals to you) Pvts, Herman D. Vollbrecht and Glenn joined the squadron after finishing courses at the Air Corps Technical School. Glad to have you, boys. Private First Howard J. H ardin joined the ranks of Benedicts,. January 5, 1942, by marrJ4ng a little Panama City Miss by the name of Mary S elf.. Good luck, Mr. & Mrs. Hardin. It looks like the boys of this fit will have to postpone any athletic c!'a!fipionships Twice they were on the ver ge of gaining a .title only to be riwved. Maxwell Field being t h e scene of the first disappointrnent, and E glin Field the next. The boys went to the semi-finals in touchfootball there b efore being transferred 350TH SCHOOL SQUADRON The following .men received promo tions, January lst_: Corp Aubrey W Dean to Ssq;eant, Pfc. Linwood F. D a y went to Corporal. The squadron was assigned anothe r Office r this week,. C yril T. Hollen b ack, He came to the 350th from the 446th Schoo l Sqvadron and has been assigned to duty as Squadron Engineering Officer. The men got togeth e r with about 40 of the local girls Thursday night and had a little "shindig the recreation room Music was furnished. by the Squadr.ori "Jock-Box" and. refreshments w ere provided by the Squadron Fund Good ole News was receive d this week that S/Sgt. Benton Pu.ul is now Flying C.adet Benton Pr..ul. Paul i,s under going his primary training at mary Training School, Ocala, Fla. Goo d workJ Paul, the 350th sends. word to "Ke e p 1Ein Flying." Commendation Letters for .outstand ing work in Dec. w ore received by Pvt. C,E. Starett, Pharo, o.nd Pvt, M W. Yancey.


i ATWIST : . : .'. .... : : .' '. I .. . ,.: VV:ith Pay day-two .v:eeks and t}le > .. R IT Z sound Of coins 'jingling in G. Lpock.:.. .. ets scarcely audible, the favorite pas-. : : ,, : .. ti:ne for the majority of the fe_llows will be to prop up in grab a diae western and up the radio full bla-. st. Thi's column will, from week to week, recommend a few programs, rated A-1, which you can tune in with "a twist of the wrist 1 providing that d?? f ellow a couple of rooms down isn't serenading with his electric razor No. One recommendation is a new show, just three weeks old, sponsored by Coca-Cola each week day night at 9:15 over Mutual. Monday throug h Fri day one of the na.tion' s top-flight bands swing out for 15 minutes.' There'S a band each night. And to top it off, on Saturday "Spot light Bands" presents for a he.lf hon r the "band of the week," selected. by record sales. Last Saturday Tommy Dorsey was forth for the.fourth straight ti.r.1.e .with Frar:k Sinatr a is own "This of Mine." Glenn Mille r stili ho lds forth for Chesterfield's 9 P:M). We've written Brothe r Glenn, a.s::Cinr; him to dedicate a number two to .'fO\l .fel lows at Tyndall Field, So cross your fingers. Glenn's sai sections.and _hon eyed words sung by Eberle and Mar ion Hutto.n still rate way up there on the 11listener1s list". SATURDAY, January 17th ''Stagecoach Buckaroo" -Johnny Mack Brown ;'Pittsburgh Kidd" -Billy Conn SUlJD-H, MOHDAY,. January 18th & Bth "Louisiana Purchase" -Bob Hope, Vera Zorina TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, January 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd "Sergeant York" -Gary Cooper SATURDAY, Jon 17th Rustlers" -Ray Corrigan_ Hurricane Smithu .... Ray Middleton, Jane 1;1fyatt ST.mDAY, l\iONDAY, Jm uary & 19th "Cade t Girl'' Carol Landis; George Montgomery TUESDt'I.Y, January 20th uDeath Valley Outlaw" Don Red barry, Lynn Merrick 1.VEDNESDi .Y, January 21st "It With Eve" Deanna And, say, .we aren't pluggin' for Coca Cola when we recommend another "Coke-Sponsored" progra.i'Il.. You :won 1 t be sorry if_ you twist the wrist to a Co lumbia station any Sunday afternoon at 3:30 for the "Pause That Refreshes" half-hour with Andre Kostelanetz (don't let the name fool you) and a new featured vocalist each week. For "slumber music," tha backgro1,1nd for that Sunday afternoon snooze; try the Philharmonic orchestra vla CBS at .. 2:00 PH. Durbin, Charles Laughton . THURSD:..Y, Janui?.ry 22nd "Appointment .For Love'' Mirgaret Sullivan, Ch2.rles Boyer "Sierra Suew Gene ;'The .Devil Pays Off" \FJilliani Wright, : Mar TallichE!t


Three student nurses were very late in getting back to the hospital on G night. As they were slipping in they met three internes coming out. 11Sh, 11 they said, "We've been out after hours." 11Sh ;' r eplied the three internes, 11We 're going out after hours. 'I Bertha: "I'm through with Dan." Minnie: "How como?" Bertha: "I heard him t ell Bob he tried out Ethyl in his Chevie last night." * "There's only ono thing wrong with me, Blondie, I'm color blind." 11Youe.ll sho must be 1 suh." Customer: (in a drug on Sunday morning) "Please give me chRnge for a dime." "Here you are, and I hope you enjoy the sermon." * The girl who does every thing undor the sun h[tS shadows under her eyf?s. No wonder bees buzz--you'd buzz too if somebody took your honey and nectar. * Protect the birds. The dove brings peace and the stork brings tax exomptions. * "Your girl is spoiled, isn't she? '1 "Nop e 1 that's just the perfume she' s wearing. 11


t:. c., l:.,"' F .. o c:,o I _.-I -


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