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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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United States -- Florida -- Tyndall Field

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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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n Vol. 1, no. 4 (February 6, 1942).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
February 6, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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, I Vol. I No. 4 Air Corps Gunnery School, Tyndall Field, Florida. February 6, 1942 NEW flRADE ALLOTMENTS Al/TH0./1/ZED The new grading and promotion system recently announced by the War Department will be put into effect immediately at Tyndall Field, it was announced here Thursd9 y The main feature of the new system is the elimination of all specialist ratings and the substitution of noncommissioned officer and technician ratings. Also, the number of grades allotted to each squadron has been considerably increased. None of the squadrons will be allotted technician ratings, for these have been restricted to the various arms of the Service on duty with the Air Corps, which include the Signal Corps, Quart ermaster Corps, Ordnance, Chemical Warfare, Medical Corps and Finance. All promotions in the school, materiel, air base and headquarters squ[ ,drons will be in the non-commissioned officer grades. Another angle of the new system is that a soldier may now be reduced any number of grades that may be thought desirable, without reducing him to private. Heretofore, : r a man we,s reduced at all, he had to be reduced to the grade of private. Too, a man skip any number of grades if his work and qualifications are thought to merit such. Efficiency, regardless of length of service, will be the main consideration in all future promotions. In the past, seniority carried more weight than actual qualifications. This policy has now been completely reversed under the system. The fact tha.t a man now holds a specialist rating does no t necessarily mean that he VJill r eceive a non-commissioned officer rating. However, no V{ell qualified and competent specialist need have any fear of suffering a reduction in pay. Those organizations on duty here with the Air Corps have had their number of NCO grades reduced approximately one third, but the new technician grades allotted them compensate for the loss. In order for a man to receive the rating of technician, he must pass an examination comparable to the A. M. examination. TrNDALL !VOW HAS FIILL TIME DIETITION Miss Lavonne Lindquiste arrived here Wednesday to take over her new job as permanent dietitian for Tyndall's mess halls. The dietetic expert comes from Ionia, Michigan, where until recently she was a nutritionist for the Farm Security Administration. A graduate of Iowa State College at Ames, Iowa, she took her degree in home economics and did extensive work in nutrition. After graduation, she served her dietetic interneship at the University of Min nes<; i Hospitals. A t Tyndall Field, Miss Lindquiste will that the soldiers are served well balanced meals and that the food properly prepared and Well seasoned.


birds today. Got stuck last night on bedcheck--got restricted. Reckon it wuz woth it; a civilian twisted my arm and made me drink his whisky for him; the bartender kept giving me_ dirty looks, too, and I didn't figger it ud be neyborly to runn off and leave them. This morning the ole man reamed me ot for not getting up for the c. q.; shoes wuznt shined neether. Went on down to chow. Got reccommended for K. P. by the mess sgt. i tried to hook a extry botle of milk. He's eying the same little hash slinger down to the oystre bar as me. that's how come. Went on down the chow line and got me some s. 0. s. (they calls it creamed beef on toast on the menu). they made me go down on the runaways and aprons for a gasmast drill. Ever time the looey got out of step he blamed meinsurt at bottom. Made me police the area this Had a of a b o adache frum last nite, & tole the sgt. I wouldnt be much good for the job, we had a hart to hart talk and I grabbed onto that ole rake like it wuz a fore piece. ever time i lent. over, the horizon line on my right raised up a cuple of notches--unaccounted for like. Saw my good buddy at chow. He's happy. Restricted to. Started out liquidizing with him yesterday; left him at the shamrock with a gorjus blonde. Good body but a bad paint job. Went on back ot the barracks and locked up with the supply sgt. on account of the statement of charges i signed for my it wuz found at the Bloody Bucket, 'which is off limits. He done made a for me with the man in the morning. But i'm still happy on account of i'll get off a cuple hours K. P. ***insurt) i left home to get away frum them fast walking plow mules, but iffen the recrutin man had a tole me about some of these here dril sgts. i reckon i'd of stayed and been content. When they axed me iffen i knew the manuel of arms i tole em sure i knowed how to salute, and i got another.reaming. they got maddern that when i wanted to them my cross body draw ![ on the six shooting gun. i saw a sign on the bulleting bord said remember Pearl Harbor. Must be a sister to Minnie. i never met the whole family so i just sent Minnie a Valemtime. i'd better close now cause i reckon i'd beterr be going.--a yardbird. Sl KES' It would surely be a big help t o the soldiers' pocketbooks, if and when the law is passed allowing soldiers free postage on out-going mail. There is nothing definite about it yet, so we don't know whether or not it's just another rumor The states receiving the most outgoing mail from Tyndall Field are North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, and Tennessee, in that order. Your correspondent would like to start a rumor column, so if anyone has heard any worthwhile rumors, shoot 'em to us by your mail orderly. ALLOTMENTS OF GRADES AND RATINGS AT TYNDALL ''-' Organization M/Sgt. T/Sgt. lst Sgt. S/Sgt. St;t. Corp. Pfc. Pvt. School Sqdns. 2 5 1 20 52 46 37 37 Hq. & Hq. Sqdn. 1 1 1 10 23 22 36 37 69th AB Sqdn. l 3 l 12 21 22 42 43 66th Mat. Sqdn. 3 5 1 21 33 25 57 58


Lts. Tannen pecting for Capt. Fowler asked him if and Hatcher are prosan apartment What did say when Major Shipman he had rather have chick-en on his shoulder or chicken on his knee? r think Capt. Howell really enjoyed the President's Ball They tell me that Lt. Slater refuses to v.alk on the sidewalk near Child's Drug Store when he has a companion I hear he prefers to walk in the middle of the street February 26th will bring to a climax the life of 2nd Lt. Marion A. Bane after that his primary asset will be Mrs. Bane Wonder what happened to Chaplain McClelland the other morning he couldn't make up his mind whether he was a first or second lieutenant he was wearing one gold and one silver bar, and I'm sure it isn't the result of the morning after the night before Lt. Bell is the first to come to us from Officer Candidate School it must be a fad, this mustache business see Lt. Kevan sprouting one Lt. Dee will soon be moving into his private hospital For a partner, I nominate Major Clarvoe Lt. Rush did some good hauling while at Eglin Field the other day Lt. Bry-an was doing some fancy dancing with yj the Mrs. at the Ball Saturday night Lt. 1 Mathis would make a good "snooper" for TYNDALL TARGET Someone has been handing out diamon s in the Public Relations Office Could it be Lt. Corr? Lt. Lynn, from what I hear, used to be the man about town. Lt. Snatcher (beg pardon, it's Hatch er), have you noticed that Lt. Hester is keeping his fingers crossed? Lt. Gundlach, could you give me some inside dope on Lt. Blomquist? cdh't come upon some of these officers when they're out of hiding Who swims in waterless ditches? Who wanted to fight the Germans but couldn't find his gun? Ask D. c. With the moon going down and the sun rising on an early Florida morning, the roll was being called for the 348th School Sqdn The booming voice of Bing-Bang Skelton thundered out, "Thompson1" A weak voice squeaked, "Here," so Sgt. Skelton thundered, "Sound off, Thompson1", whereupon, Shorty passed right out and into a heap of the boys carried him off What a man, Skel r hear Pfc. Hicks says that if they teach him the difference between a nut, a bolt, and a right or left thread at Mechanics School, Biloxi, he may be quoted as saying, "I think I'll make the grade." O n e of these da.ys Nixon will learn how l to open a filing cabinet Corp. 1\ three years to go Pfc. Brandt, FD, spends too much of his time in James Laundry Are you that dirty, Brandt? Pvt. Grout, our Officer's secretary is in need of a job Pvt. Brewer of the 66th should spend more of his time on his correspondence it's rumored he got a special delivery and a telegram in one afternoon from his new Mrs Sgt. Steger can't seem to get his stories straight when he goes home late in the evening Pvt. V {al ton is on the verge of taking Pfc. Payne's place in the cageof the Ritz Every man with a specialist rating is really sweating this ruonth Pvt. Moye is looking forward to his venture into the Parachute Battalion Pfc. Sissom is minus one diamond ring Sgt. Dan Howell had to walk a few miles to work the other morning can't you hear the bugle blow early enough, Sergeant? Corp. May is about to take that step I think all the soldiers will recall the President's Ball as an "eventful ni ght" fie welcome Pvt. Bill Cook How does that "Pvt." sound,, Bill?


l ... Vol. I 4 Feb. 6, 1942 Published every Friday by the Public Relations Office, ACGS, Tyndall Field, Florida. COJv'!.MANDING C ol. W A. Maxwell SQUADRON REPOHTERS Pvt. Hugh c. Mal one y Pvt. Hay Gross Pvt. John F. Banks Pfc. H oward II. Bergstrom Pfc. M M Kendall Pvt. John 'l'. Lampros Pvt. J. F'. Barron Pfc. Wilfred L. Barrios PUBLIC I\8LATIONS OFlt'ICER 1st Lt. Joseph I. Mathis ASST. TO P. H. Pfc. Jack B. Parks ART 7/0HK Pvt. Oral Ledbetter COLUUNISTS S et. Dewey H. Gossett Pvt. Arnold H. Milgaten EDITOR Corp. J. w Timberln.kc SPOHTS EDITOH. Pvt. Daniel Levinson SQUADRON REPORTERS Pvt. A. J. Corbin S/Sgt. Arthur R Edwards TYPIST Miss Roberta Gammon OR\61NAL. IN Fi.ORlt>A T\N\I:S UN\ON


66TH MATERIEL of the month: Pvts. Moye and Barrett trying to learn their new tra de--ditch digging If anyone hears of a judge, tell the 66th about it Pfc. Edge used to go to the mailbox for his mother--and take his lunch Edge says he's not slow, just tired Oh, yes: something we didn't know--Lt. Lynn is commonly known as "Casanova" Five (5) proposals in one month S/Sgt. Steger calls his wife "Rocky" Did you know that Ted Williams was called Sarge in the Infantry? Brewer can't find a shack that will suit his private's pocketbook Everybody should go to the bowling alley to root for the squ adron team Pvt. McClellan has a new job Slade, you must live a good life or maybe you shoot your own dice Re member when: Sgt. Hodges took a 30day furlough and planted in his gar den? Corp. Jordy was the squadron yardbird? Everyone looked forward to the pleasure trip to Panama City, and then had to go back to Maxwell Field? Sgt. Gossett was in high spirits at the President's Birthday Ball Go easy on the recruits, Corp. Winkler One of them may be a millionaire. An other one of the boys joined hands in holy matrimony--Pvt. Turner What was your occupation in civilian life, Sgt. Hafely? Pvt. Lott just can't remem ber which "Georgia Peach" he has to write to Sgt. Bilozur, is your nick name "Stinky?" Sgt. Postlewaite's theme song is "I 1 ve Got Bonds Today.'' More "news" next week.--A. R. E. 69TH AIR BASE New NCO's of the squadron are: Pfc. Weber, Pfc. Sanderson, Pfc. Dodd and Pvt. Morris. They all seem mighty happy to be sporting their new corpor al stripes. The basketball team is shaping into a swell quintet; S/Sgt. O'Neil is the coach and is doing a good job, since he's only a "playboy" himself. New squadron adjutant is 2nd Lt. An drew J. Russo. We're all glad to have you with us, Lieutenant. We're known as the "Fighting 69th" and we've assumed our new duties as a combat squadron with a lot of enthusi asm.--J. F. B. 343RD SCHOOL SQUADRON the squadron is gaining all the time. We are right at the back of the mess hall now and are expecting to push right in before long (on K. P.). We like our new "home" a lot and hope to improve the grounds in front soon. This early-morning rising is surely getting most of our men, especially our mailman, Copenhauer. He sleeps even while standing roll call. And we wonder why he's so sleepy. What's this about Sgt. Carder and a certain girl from Blountstown, Fla.? We're sorry to have lost some of our men, but our loss is the 446th's gain. Goodluck, fellows, in the new squad-ron. Pvt. Dearing will have someone to spar with now since Pvt. Baaba is back. Look out, Baaba, Dearing has a mighty hard right. And what's this about Misaney, Bro ton and Tkachik coming in during the wee hours of. the night, singing at the top of their voices?--J. F. B. 344TH SCHOOL SQUADRON Jlhe boys are certainly glad to get settled in their permanent barracks. Moving so often got to be a boresome pastime. T/Sgt. Burton and a number of the other fellows have started working on the line. T/Sgt. Dawson, a new member of the squadron, has taken over duties as line chief. .We bid you welcome, Sgt.


It wa well proved the other day that Lt. trom hasn't been spend ing the greater part of his time with the boys for nil when he, with the capable assistance of Sgt. Austin and Corp. 11Red" Hamilton, outmaneuvered and took by surprise the boys of the 349th in miniature "war games" down on the beach. Twenty men were transferred to the 447th. Sorry to see you leave us, fellows. Why does Hitler sleep with his boots on? Because he smells 11defeat"--AJC. 349TH SCHOOL SQUADRON Pvt. Raydine Smith left on gency furlough this week. an emer-Who is it that Pvt. Chope terested in? Not everyone is so inis so forCorp. Allen is one of the first to work on the line from this outfit as a radio operator. Pvt. Chope is in supply again after having done similar work at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri. We want to welcome the recruits. It seems that Pvt. J. W. Barnes now enjoys th1lpopularity of being Glamour Boy No. One. Pvt. Walthall really has something on the rest of us, and that is beating the c. Q.to his job by being up before the first whistle. Corp. Propes and PVt. Leimer are now waiting on the rest of the boys in the outfit--in the Post Exchange.--HHB. A -. 350TH SCHOOL SQUADRON y Here's a good one for you. Corp. Talley bought Sgt. Farley's ner Wednesday. Talley, that's good of you to put your money into circulation like that. It will help to "Keep 'Em Flying For a 220-man, and by that we mean pounds, to be light on his feet, Mouton really takes the cake. he goes tip-toeing through the tulips with a song on his lips, he'd better be careful what he promises young ladies. They say that an elephant never forgets suratt has recently added his name to the list of men drawing separate rations. It is wondered just what the "shack" privates will do without their specialist pay from now on The 350th now has some airplanes, so, Corp. Geboy, show us just how hard you can work and just how much you know about the great flying machine Some of the boys have been going down town and practicing up on their bowling. It would be a great thing if the squadron had a bowling team, don't you think? In all the trftding of personnel this week this outfit lost M/Sgt. Hathaway and took on T/Sgt. Rhodes. Welcome to the outfit, Sergeant The Squadron Com mander stood reveille Saturday morn ing In coming to the field lately, we've noticed a few cars running on the rims. Wonder why? Maybe we all had better start "sweating it out"-JDT 348TH SCHOOL SQUADRON Everyone who went to Blountstown last week for the President's Birthday Ball had a swell time, and one fellow really made a hit. He has gotten a couple of letters already and she tells him that "Golly, Daddy, I'm nearly 16." Who is the fellow who Corporal last week, after girl friend talk to the First Sergeant in the Cafeteria? "Larry," First Sergeant has sured me that he is ing to be sweet 'cause the girl told him to. Corp. more days L., in you're


.. to get your bicycle from the QM. Thpy told me this morning that they have a new shipment of seats, built especially for the ''expansion." Sgt. Houston, I hear you have found an exceptional girl in Panama City. How many does that make? Sam "Caught In The Draft" Landes, lacked only Dorothy Lamour to emulate Bob Hope the other morning at reveille. The air raid precaution training has had telling effect on at least one man in the outfit. He must have mistaken the Sergeant's voice for an air raid siren and "hit the dirt" at reveille the other day. Nice work, Thompson. What are the First Sergeant and the Lieutenant doing to make their voices change while they're counting cadence during the daily drills?--H. c. M. 446TH SCHOOL SQUADRON What sergeant is keeping the boys in his room awake at night by talking in his sleep? Barbara, whoever you are, please do something, so the boys in the room can get some rest. Sgt. Smith claims it to be the real thing this time. He was blessed with the arrival of his little heartbeat this past week-end. We wonder if they have set the date? It appears to be a race against time between Pvts. Meehan and Lassiter. Pvt. Meehan says it's a pleasure to go out with Pvt. Lassiter, as the members of the fairer sex don't notice his lack of hair when he and Lassiter are together. We don't want to mention names now, but we think that any person'who has been combing his hair with a towel should think twice before he passes any remarks. Sgt. Stewart is going great with the squadron basketball team. The boys have been practicing in the high sch-ool gym and are improv ing rapidly. Keep up the good work, Sergeant. Congratulations are in order for S/Sgt. Pope and Corp. Altheide for their good work in taking the raw recruits and making soldiers of them. Lost and Found Dept: Found--one holey pair of socks in the latrine. Will the pious soul who either lost or just misplaced same please claim his property in the squadron supply room.-MMK. 447TH SCHOOL SQUADRON The men of this organization join wholeheartedly welcoming the fel lovi; recently traQirerred to the outfit. We hope your stay with the 447th will be a pleasant and happy one. Congratulations to Sgt. Mills in his promotion to First Sergeant. The 447th accepts the of the 448th to a basketball game at its earliest convenience. It has been sort of quiet around the barracks lately, so an investigation was ordered immediately. Result: It was discovered that Sgt. Savko had been sent over to take care of the re-cruits. Extral It Pvt. O'Neil practicing your hornl has been reported that bought a clarinet and is daily. "Gabriel," blow Wanted: A violinist to play "Hearts and Flowers" for a certain Pfc. Flashl Pvt. Laffer was seen in the woods, plucking the petals off a daisy. Incidentally, fellows, he hasn't received any mail from Brooklyn By the way, Pvts. Kamp and L aff'er, what happened to those Coca-Colas? "Remember Kings Highway"--J. T. L. CHEMICAL WARFARE Introducing the Chemical Warfare Service: For the information of all


we are not stationed here as an investigating committee for the odprs forth from the local per mi],l. However, those gas masks do come i:p. J::landy. We wish there would be more cooperation among the CWS boys. Hammonds, the elder, has Bay Harbor tied up, Hammonds, the younger, having been on MP duty for some time, has Panama City in hand. This leaves out the rest of boys. Judging by the movipg we've been do ipg we should be wearing QM insignia. It's not that our beloved recruits are homesick or are to crying jags; it's just a bit of tear gas they encountered Wednesday afternoon. HEADQUARTERS AND HEADQUARTERS ]t was learned the other day that Pvt... Charles H. Vickers is going to resign his member-ship in the V-8 Club. We are inclined to believe this is Ask Vickers about it. We'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate Corp. Ben Northrop on his recent marriage. Best of luck and to you and the "Missus," Ben. When are we coming out for a duck dinnE;Jr? We' 1 1 bring the ducks. pvt. Donald F. Schultz has just returned from New Orleans where he had the usual tough time _of explaining to the_home folks that he wasn't flying airplanes just because he's in the Air Pfc. Arlick Young was the "perfect host" to several of the fellows at dinner Wednesday night. Those there had a most enjoyabie time and, to top things off, "Frenchie" disclosed several of his best card Pass In Review: The expectant rooks that come into the eyes of the boys the opening of the new USO is mentioned is something terrific. You should see our four beavers, oopst I meant ,seamen, working frantically to complete the mooring for their new boat Ah, yes, and the beer that comes to the eyes of Tom Baldridge when a certain young tomato's name is mentioned. It seems that once upon a time "Tommie" was her mantt Don't look now but Clifford J. Crador, who was once a very good commercial artist is now a motor pool artist Oceans of respect to S/Sgt. Elmer c. Suter, who has been doing such a swell job for the QM Commissary for 15 years. Did you see the expression of sheer joy on the faces of the boys when they were told that finally they'll get the jobs they were trained to ... do? THEY DRIVE BY NIGHT--the Boys the motor transport who do all,!,,'tLW-2:m"' Let's tell "em that we've got down in our little red book. stinkapat ions: The gentle wafted smellow breeze from the paper mill. Things I Never Knew Before: That whiskey is good for snakebite--if it is poured-into the wound, instead of the mouth That the word 11dump" means stocks of supplies, low irits, to let fall, deposit, a thud, a whoozy beer joint. That Pvt. Gene Hayden used to be a seaman on ships to all points on the globe That a manufacturer of some of our "G. I." winter undies also makes scanties, undikins, frillikins, sissikins, and yoohookins. Ohhl My Goodness!! Seein' Scenes: Soon with the warm weather will come new stripes on the bulging arms of newly-appointed NCO's. Yep, the new recreation center is taking shape rapidly of guys talc,;. ing sun baths on our peachy beach The Private in the 93rd-Bat. who is reluctant and just wants to sit under a tree and smell flowers the rise in the amount of fan mail this guy Rorick is getting? AND--who's the man who put sand in ye olde reporter's tooth powder? 1Fess upl--R. G.


' .. My name's Baby Corey. I've rea d a story that the govt. is after my If I've got to lose 'em, t hey're welcome to use 'em. I'm g l ad they g a v e me the chance. I'm proud my britches can be of help to Uncle Sam in shortening the conflict's duration. So now that Uncle's got 'em, I'll uncover my bottom in defending the na.tion.--Associa.ted Press. OLD MAID: SERVANT : Has the canary had its bath yet? Yes, Ma'm. You can come in new. Unto the hat the girdle said, "Proceed, my darling; dear, 1'Vh il e you sweet hat, go on ahead, I shall bring up the rear." If a. drunk is Souse of the Border in Mexico, what is he in France Plaster of Paris? "What would you do if I kissed you?" "I'd yell." Silence Silence More Silence "Well?" "I'm still hoarse from last night." Don t forget the Scotsman who called up his sweetheart to find out what night she was free. ROOKIE: May I have my uniform, Sir? SUPPLY SGT t How do you want it, bud--too large or too small?" Most men like to fiddle around for awhile before making overtures to a girl. "Boy, oh boyt That was some Blond with you last night. Where did you get her?" "Dunne, I just opened my billfold and there she was."


FOR THE WE R IT Z SATURDAY, February 7 "Cowboy Serenade" Gene Smiley Burnette SUNDAY, MONDAY, February 8 and 9 "The Man Who.Came To Dinner" Monty Wooley Bette Davis TUESDAY, February 10 "The Chocolate Nelson Eddy Rise Ste. vens iYEDNESDAY, February 11 "Tanks A Million" William Tracy THURSDAY, FRIDAY, February 12 and 13 "All Through The Night" Humphrey Bogart Lor Day SATURDAY, February 7 "Prairie Law" George O'Brian SUNDAY, MONDAY, February 8 and 9 "Unholy Partners" Edward G. R.obinson TUESDAY, February 10 "Forbidden Trail" Buck Jones Tim McCoy VVEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, February 11 & 12 "Belle Starrtt Randolph Scott Gene Tierney FRIDAY, February 13 "In Old Colorado" "Down In San Diego" --..., Although this column has listed quite a few of the better radio programs, there are still a number of the notchers that have eluded our mention, programs such as: "The Cavalcade of America" (NBC-Red 9:30 Mon.) Tune in and we 1 11 guarantee you a four-star performance by Raymond Massey as he portrays Abraham Lincoln in Carl Sandburg's latest masterpiece, "The War Years. 11 Despite the numerous stories of eccentricity published about him, all America respects the genius of Orson Welles. He ranks among the artists in the entertainment world and if you want to hear one of the finest sp eaking voices in the country, twist your wrist to Mr. Welles' "Mercury The atre" presentations on Monday evenings (9:00 CBS). For some reason or other, this column has always omitted one of your favorite programs. But not intentionally, for Bing Crosby's Music Hall variety show certainly deserves the popularity it enjoys. Bing, Mary Martin and a versatile group give you an hour of music and fun each Thursday (8:00 NBC-Red). And for the benefit of those bathroom baritones who never seem to sing our favorite melodies exactly right, we're going to pass on to them from week to week the words of the Hit Parade's No. One song. So, the next time your shower buddy is warbling the wrong words, put him wise and then join in with him. THE WHITE CLIFFS OF DOVER There'll be bluebirds over The Vfuite Cliffs of Dover tomorrow, Just you wait and see. There'll be love and laughter And peace ever after tomorrow When the world is free. The shepherd will tend his sheep The valley will bloom again And Jimmy will go to sleep In his own little room again. There'll be bluebirds over The IVhite Cliffs of Dover tomorr01 Just you wait and see.


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