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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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n Vol. 1, no. 6 (February 22, 1942).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
February 22, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
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'l r Vol. I No. 6 Air Corps Gunnery School, T yndall Field, F l orida, February 22, 1942 6LENN M/LLEN TO SALUT E TY!VDALL NOBLE APPOINTED PROI/OST MARSHAL Captain Melville E. Noble, a member of the New York City police for 29 years, was yesterday appointed Post Provost Marshal, relieving Capt. J. Strobel, who is now Commanding Officer of the 350th School Squadron. When call ed to active duty on February 12 1942, Captain Noble was serving as captain of a police squadron. His precinct embraced the area in which the recent World's Fair was A First Lieutenant in World War I, he is exceptionally well qualified for his new duties. VAR/ t:TY SH OVV ON THE AIR MONDAY "Tyndall Field in Review," the first of a series of half-hour radio shows, goes on the air Monday night at 7:30 o'clock over Panama City's Station 1JI;'DLP. The new program, to be broadcast weekly, is under general supervision of the Morale Office a nd is being produced by Pfc. Charles Talley of the 447th School Squadron. Monday's show will be packed with variety---impersonators, a hill-billy singer, a pianist, a black-face skit, and a guitar player. Participating in the program are Pfc. Charles Calloway, John Youngblood, Pvt. Gene Cullan, Pvt. Harry Haylock, Pfc. Albert Rubin an d Cleveland Geick. Rec en tly voted the nation' s leading dance band f o r the third straight year, G l enn Miller and his gang will dedicate a tun e to t h e men of Tyndall Field over t h e C B S c oast-to-coast networks next Thursd a y night at 9 o 'clock CWT. M ost p ower ful Columbia outlet in this section is Station WWL, New Orleans. An announce m e n t of the dedication was received by w ire F r iday from Larry Bruff, Miller's advertising manager in N e w York. In the telegram he stated that it would be i m possible to play the request song subm itted, du e t o war-time r adio r egulations which no w ban request programs. H o wever would s elect will like he promised a number that that Miller the fellows Glenn's Moonlight Serenade for Chesterfield' s every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights has been on the air for m ore than two years. He sco r ed another success while on a country-wide t our from which he has just returned. Since one of the favorite pastimes of most of the men at Tynda l l is listening to t h e r ad i o a letter was written to Mil l e r fou r weeks ago, requesting a dedication for the men here. Bruff replied two weeks late r when he got back i n New York f rom Miller's t our, said that they would be more than glad to mak e the dedication and would wire the ex act date when i t w o uld be made. Miller's biggest booster in recent months is his recording of "Chattanooga Chao Choo."


The ole yardbird sho has been mistreeted--off and on this week, but he's still happy but i don kno on account of how cum. i went down to preachin Sunday & aftur the Survises sum mity nice folks axed me home to dinner. They had fryd chiken & sweet pertaters & peas & everything Ma use to cook at home when the preecher com. i wuz cutin a peece of that ole chicken & a wing dun slipt off onto the floore fore i could think strait. they never seen it an i wuz sho grateful. then i swalle'red a corner crust of corn pone an it met up wit a cough an went sa:yling acrost the taybul an hit grandpa Osgoolby rite smack in the i. Eveybody sociable like and kongrachulated me on mah arne, but grandpa never kongrachulated me near as much as the rest of the folks, till sumbodie axed me how i lacked the army an i tole em they wuz too many Yankees aroun, then grandpa let ot a Rebel yell an tole me as how if they'd had a listened to him thay wud of sho took Bunker Hill and vally Forge an all them sivil war battles. Theys mity nice folks an they axed me bak to see em an excoosed mah bad manners an hoped i'd be gettin along all rite. Toosday i went in to see mah suply sgt. to sine a statmint of charges fur a shurt and he sayd they wuz 2.00 a peece, an i tole him i didn't want no peece, i wanted a whole one. he tole me we wuz both gointer do to the horsepitall, me to git a g. i. shue took outer mah pants, and he wuz goin after his shue. he wuz purty mad. Wensdy i axed the man to putt me on speshul dooty, an he sayd he put me on the line. so i had to report to the croo chief on the horizon line. i had to look all day an i aint found it yet, an he laffed at me for lookin for sich a place. i aint tole em yet but i knowed ther wuzent no such thing, but all the time i wuz walkifi arount lookin fur it an askin folks, i wux sho gittin outer them theere fatigue details. Better be er goin --The Yardbird. --""'-.... BY DJREC1' WJRE FROM WESTERN I2.ZJ .... ._,.,.,....._ U N .,!;;..-::::.-NEW YORK, N. Y. FEBRUARY 20, 1942 1ST LT JOSEPH I MATHIS PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICE SVM80LI \. Pl. .. DGoll l.ffw NLT" "U"'Il ..a "'\ HEADQUARTERS AIR CORPS GUNNERY SCHOOL TYNDALL FIELD PANAMA CITY GLENN MILLER WILL SALUTE BOYS AT TYNDALL FIELD ON HIS THURSDAY FEBRUARY 26 CHESTERFIELD MOONLIGHT SERENADE ACCORDING TO WAR REGULATIONS WITH WHICH YOU ARE PROBABLY FAMILIAR, WE CANNOT PLAY REQUEST TUNES. HOWEVER, WE'LL TRY AND GIVE YOUR BOYS ONE THEY'LL LIKE. BEST WISHES FROM GLENN AND THE GANG. LARRY BRUFF NEWELL EMMETT COMPANY. TVNE /N 9:00 C'WT 01/E/? CBS -.. ... ,.




l JU9T PUL NEW RANK 0-N P.F.C. e;JUTf!., H MA Gt LLA (l UTT Vol. I No. 6 .. February 21, 1942 Published every Saturday by the Public Relations Office, ACGS, Tyndall Field, Florida. EDITOR Sgt. J. w. Timberlake ASSOCIATE EDITOR Pvt. Arnold Milgaten SPORTS EDITOR Pvt. Daniel Levinson TYPIST Miss Roberta Gammon SQUADRON REPORTERS Sgt. Lloyd H. Taylor Tech. Carl G. Brandt Pvt. Ray Gross Pvt. William M. Hines Cpl. R. L. Mathews PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER lst Lt. Joseph I. Mathis ASST. TO P. R. OFFICER Cplw Jack H. P arks ART WORK Cpl. Oral Ledbetter Pvt. Ernest Kenton COLUMNIST S/Sgt. Dewey H. Gossett OPERATOR Cpl. Harold Speck COMMANDING Col. w. A. Maxwell SQUADRON REPORTERS S/Sgt. Arthur R. Edwards Pfc. James F. Barran Sgt. Ralph s. Boyes e Pvt. A. J. Corbin Pvt. Hugh Maloney Pfc. H. H. Bergstrom s/sgt. J. T. T'Vritchell Pfc. John T. Lampros Cpl. M. M Kendall


.. .. Headquarters appreciates the box of candy sent to Lt. Tannen on St. Valentine's Day Lt. Carr "She is a heck of a good cook" rt 1 s the officers' turn to sweat Someone said Mrs. Rush had to come to Panama City to join her husband, and Lt. Rush replied, "Most definitelyl" .. The ro mance of Lt. Slater has become but a memory do Captain Strobel's friends call him "Chick"? Although Maj. Clarvoe has no further use for a comb, he keeps a box of Kleenex handy for shining purposes Captain Howell will soon be requesting an interview with our new dietitian in order to secure a "waistline11 menu A s&leslady wants to know who the Major is that buys his shoes in the children's department of a local store Lt. Adkins knows something that's a riot, but won't let it be "gossiped". You find out what it is we welcome the new Police Officer who has quite a record behind him. Tyndall gets the best of everything, Captain N oble Lt. Vernocy can't understand why it doesn't happen Lt. Lynn has the most difficult time making plans o n what to do over the weekend nominate Major Flemming as reporter .to send this column some gossip on his troops. I haven't been able to get on the darker side of Army life. Again we are indebted to Colonel Jenkins Will Colonel Maxwell express our appreciation to his wife we understand that Lt. Clayton, Engineers, received a record-breaking supply of Valentines Remember the old proverb, Captain Medof, and "Don't give up the ship. n Try, try, again I wonder if the song, "Out In The Cold Againrr will soon be applied to Lt. Dangler Lt. Silva has the habit of talking to himself Lt. Rummel of the Post Exchange is definitely disappointed. He figured on Florida "sunshine" for the duration plus six months Lt. Nimocks must be planning for the future--why else does he "sweat out" the mail orderly for his cop y of "Better Homes and Garden"? Shoot the gossip to Gossett. are the two soldiers who recently got a permanent wave, using as their excuse that they didn't smoke or drink and had to spend their money some way Louise at the THEN THE CURLS CAME Vanity Box can tell you their names r hear Special Order No. 27 has been released Tyndall won't be the same without Pfc. Vance E dwards has left for Ft. Logan If you see: a familiar face around the Field, run; he isn't trying to sell you Penny's special--it's PRIVATE Jimmy Crowell, a $21.00 per month man. I wonder just what Sgt. Wood was begging Sue to tell him on the phone the other day Cpl. Sisso m says there will be "Sizzlets" Sgt. Underwood is the Beau Brummel of the Finance Department. Is it serious, Sergeant? Pvt. Turner, 66th Materiel, says, ''Married life is ideal" he visits Mrs. Turner in Panama City once each week A reward is offered for the dictionary containing the two-word vocabulary of Sgt. Hodges Sgt. Shaw of Group Sup ply says, ''Hit me" Sgt. Lee, QMC, shines with all his brass. Do you use that whistle often, Sergeant? .. hear that Sergeant-Major Bennett, DT, will say, 11I do,tt when he makes Tech. (Whether the "Tech" is for technician or Technical Sgt., I don't kncrw) Cpl. Payne says he gets lonesome for his Armory pals, but can't go visit them at night for fear of he won't be able to find his way back to the barracks. You will find Brandt, FD, in Church every Sunday from the 15th through the 30th of each month. Wonder where he stays from the 1st to the 15th? Sgt. Edwards is quite unhappy. His wife is away on a visit I won't even mention Sgt. Dan Howell's name this week Sgt. Houston, can you remember to say "Bertha'' when it is "Betty"? They tell me Cpl. Frank High possesses that magnetic attraction. But isn't he too old to play with "Toys"?


l AT HEADQUARTERS AND VV ith all due respects to Don "Ask ''I' me anything" Schultz, Fred "Great Day" Foster has taken over the Information desk at Post 'Headquarters and, along with Cecil "You name it, I've got it" Barr, you can bet that information is now being dispensed as it has been dispensed before. Tuesday, February 17, will not be forgotten too soon in this squadron. For on that day at about 1:30 P.M., with unprecedented suddenness, the announcement came from the orderly room that the entire squadron would be restricted for a period of three days! Even after the two match sticks were picked up off the floor, the only comment lst Sgt. Howell make was "You boys forced me to do it." The other sgts. in Sgt. Frank T. High's room wishes he'd stop talking to them in THEIR sleepi Don't worry Frank, Eddie Cantor wants to have a boy, tooi we never did get around to giving proper credit to all of the folks who made our recent squadron party the success it was orchids to Mrs. Thelma Martin, Chairman of the Panama City Social Recreation Committee, who rounded up all of those pert young ladies a bow to McClelland for his hand in the liquid refreshment and for the use of his record player and last but not least a generous vote of thanks to 1st Sgt. Howell and his arrangement committee which included S/Sgt.Boone, Cpl. Bar rios, and Pvt. Cecil Barr. The entire squadron, from Capt. Fox down, ,agree that it was a grand bit of work. 66TH MATERIEL Almost all of the men are now non-commissioned officers. And Gossett is almost married Sgt. Hodges had one of his sgts. on K. P How about it, Goldberger? It was purely unintentional though. Pvt. Earl M oye just .' :" t"" .66T1f: MA'J:ERIEL (Con 1 d) ._ '.. r:' tl l!;; : ... :.. .... Can It seem to::eep OUt Of the newS Now he 1 s goip;g;.;,.i:;o chanute Field as a Link corp. (Temporary) Moye is one of the best Link and we expect him to sucoeed ,;: 'yardbird, oh! excuse me, 1 mean i ,'walton why he has started dog tags around his toes ot: around his neck. You'll mis : s: sbinething if you don't ask him. ., '.1. Lt. Lynn even stays in the orderly room at night.nbw, so as not to give any aiways will if _you really need one. Sgt. Brewer is now ready for .. of his to come down ; ilew title is Sgt. Sgt. Flowers: h :is ball and chain back, too : .. <: S/Sgt. Steger' flies but not in a plane his office and 30 3 Is. Today he ,,is even in a spin. The Sqn. Bowling lost again. Oh yes, all you fell,dv,rs : .of, the first grades, Sgt. Hodges tells me that you will not have j;q,:'oe on C. Q any more What wili B (hur -have to g o into the orderly room for now? We welcome the new men to the Squad ron hope yol.:l it!! 1 .-A.R.E. 69r'H J\IR BASE Staff O'Neil says the boys in the :are a little too free with their At noon, when he takes daily: nap he usually lays his cigar ,. his. bunk. When he awakes, it is 'gone! He wants those butts returned: and no questions asked, or else 1 ;_:: ;,. Promotions the month fell thick and fast :-among the Hays. Enlisted men of the out:fit who made S/Sgts. are Naval L. Tom A. Niolon; and Harold D. M en promoted to the grade of sergeants were: Lawrence w. Coffee, G Cartwright, Paul L. Caballero, G. Ryan, Juel T. ..


Byrd and Frank H. Erwin. Enlisted men making Corporal: Elmer Morris, Paul Sanderson, Clarence T. Dodd, Paul J. Weber, Howard J. Hardin, Harry w. Beidel, Harold T. Speck, Claude W.Rogers, Archie B. Kelly, Adrian I. Autry and William P. Crawshaw. Good luck to you ''Fighting 69th" boys. Keep up the good work! --J.F.B. 343RD SCHOOL SQUADRON Something new in the squadron a sewing circle! The boys are sewing on their newly acquired chevrons Congratulations fellows, including a certain s/sgt. and T/Sgt. who are still "sweating." Guess Vfho? JBY CVH. Our newlywed sergeant, Don L. Murphy, has just acquired the name of Seabiscuit there's nothing slow about .the way Don gets off with that four o'clo.ck whistle! Remember Bay Harbor, Murphy? Can anyone guess whose Valentine the girl that works beside the Ritz Theatre is? The 343rd went down for the first time last M onday night could it be because the "little woman" kept our basketball coach at home? All the men in the organization appreciate the cooperation of its com manding officer and Lt. Corr for their aid in getting the day room off to its flying start. Now we can look forward to dances and other forms of entertainment, what about it, Day Roo m Committee? --R.J.B. 344TH SCHOOL it happened at lastt an explosion in our outfit in the form of ratings t There are now a lot of 11 stl' ipe happy" boys running around looking for some poor private to pick on, poor guys! You fellows that didn't make it this time, don't give up, but get in there and fight! You know good, so get busy and convince the first sergeant. Six of our men left for specialist's schools, good luck fellows! We also have several fellows that went out to the clerical school in Colorado. That country out there is mighty cold for some of these "rebels." How about it, Blackie? But g ood going Joe and Roy. Warning to all new men in the out fit! There are some very nice girls here in Panama City, BUT several of our men have middle aisled down here in the last few months, in fact, five, so watch out! The BUG might get you. There's a certain Corporal L. who seems to have fallen for a Greyhound Bus rider, (female). What's she like, Leggett? Say, Sgt. R.W. Austin, what's this I hear about a certain Lorraine, in South Bend, Ind. How do you stand, anyhow? and Sgt. Jackson, why so happy after that letter last Tuesday? She must have been nice, how about it, talk more? -A.J.C. 348TH SCHOOL SQUADRON ;BANG, BANG, that funny man, details everything in the 348th. He said, quote 110ne of you privates take eight corporals over to M/Sgt. Postlewaite for a detail" .. Welcome back to Sgt. Field--and we notice no reduction in "quantity" has resulted in his change of diet The "take off11 boy of last week's column took us seriously. He's really going out for it with all he's got! Don't we guard-happy rooks wish that it would quit raining? .. Wno's sweating out payday besides you, you and you--well, all right, all of ust? what guy has that gal at the Dixie Sherman walking around with nickelodian lights in her eyes? Who borrowed Ledbetter's new pair of shoes forK. P. duty, Terry? What gang made a mad dash for the supply room? OBJECT: Stripes. RESULT: A Shortage!


Don't you think that our dirt walks are the cutest things? Vifho put that green thumbtack on the bulletin board? Calloway is back runnin' instead of gunnin' ... casey passed out the cigars ... And, who is out looking for a pair of rimless glasses on a certain young lady? watch out, one of you might be married! --H.M. 349TH SCHOOL SQUADRON Jlwenty of the boys in the 349th were entertained at a Valentine party by the girls of the Methodist Church in St. Andrews Torn hearts were mended, and, as a result, there was at least one reconciliation .. ask Catozza. Our basketball team won its first game of the tournament by defeating the 343rd School Squadron The new time schedule will no doubt give us more time for recreation in the evening something we all enjoy And now that the gunnery school is open, many of the boys are hitting their stride, including Corporai Owings and Private Stubbs. A vote of thanks to Private Gershman, to whose ingenuity we owe the attractive sign that designates the number of our squadron Private Dufrane has decided to challenge Pvt. Barnes for the title of being Glamour Boy No. l He's just purchased a brand new brass whistle. Pfc. Paulin has left for school to become an Instrument Specialist. And here's wishing luck to Pfc. MacLaren in his efforts to pass the Cadet Exam. --H.H.B. 350TH SCHOOL SQUADRON two fellows of this outfit had the Log Cabin's radio advertisement Here's hoping that the manager won't lose more than twQ customers by the change Ragland's,folks visited him this week-end came down from North Birmingham walker 1 s new theme song is, "Wish I Was Single Again!" And Pharo sings, "It Wont Be Long Now" Dropped in at Headquarters Monday night and what do you know the personnel section was working overtime, wonder why? Saw Galloway with three up and one down, Sunday a previous, weren't you, Galloway? Murray is still singing about "This Love of Mine." What is H.c. Anderson going to do with a cedar chest, especially without a card? W elcome to our new c.o., Captain Strobel. Mrs Joe Wright has two nites of freedom per month whenever the hubby is. on C. Q Hello, T/Sgts. Van Slyck and Barker, you'll be a big help to us out there on the line. Some of the "go getters" of the squadron have contracted for a fixed price for sewing on stripes seems that they've started a union just look at the prices! Glad to hear that we've got a g ood basketball terun, this outfit beat the 446th the other night. Well, how do you "yam danckies11 like this beautiful Florida sunshine? --J.D.T. L 446TH SCHOOL SQUADRON ife in the raw: Pvt. Van Weelden, late of New York, is now a member of this squadron. Before his enlistment in the Air Corps, he spent some of the most enjoyable years of his life in the very interesting profession of Funeral Director and Embalmer. Corporal Joseph H. Lassiter, the N. Carolina Playboy is now plying his old trade here in the squadron. He's a roug h man and really a cut up at heart. He proved it last Friday night by some of the haircuts he gave to a few of the boys. Life is all quiet on the western front now for Cor uoral Meehan. His one and only joined him last week The Man Who Came to Tyndall Field is


at last free to visit town once again. What say, Private Levy, let's it last. LOST: A toupee. If found, please return to Corp. J. H. Lassiter, the owner. A liberal reward is promised. FOUND: One pair of false teeth. Owner must present positive means of identification. 447TH SCHOOL SQUADRON (Jongratulations to our Commanding Officer, Samuel E. Williams, on his promotion from First Lieutenant to Captain. The squadron chalked up another win on the courts by defeating the 348th in a hotly-contested basketball 21-16. Nice going, fellows. We wish to welcome M/Sgt. Brown and T/Sgts. iVhittier and Davis, who were transferred to our outfit a few days ago. Lots of luck to Sgt. Wright, Cpl. Rabick and Pvts. Khachigan, Goodheart, Salak and Reynolds, who left for Chanute. Live and learn Pvt. R. Harrison has been trying to take out the trans-. mission from his 133 Chevvie for over a month without success. Perhaps if he would drop the rear end, it would be much easier. Orchids to Private Williard Jordan, who recently got up enough nerve to trek down the middle aisle and utter the sacred vow, "I do." And we're all only too those messy mess kits in our footlockers. Hurray happy to put the bottom of for a trayl 448TH SCHOOL SQUADRON 1lhe total height of our Commanding Officer and the Adjutant is only a bit more than ten feet, but they couldn't rate higher with the men of this outfit. All the boys in the squadron join in offering sympathy to Pvt. Gillespie whose father died last week. T/Sgts. Steve T. Umnisk i and Billy s. Powers have joined this outfit. Welcome, men, and we feel sure you are going to be an a-sset to the squadron. Pfc. Oliver, the dashing red-head, enjoyed a evening with his lady love in dreamland last week. From Taps until the c. Q.'s whistle, he talked in his sleep of his darling Betty and the pretty blond hair. The boys in his room lost a full night's sleep but thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It is rumored that Easter Tide will bring wedding bells for a bunch of the fellows, if Captain Hunter gives the 0. K T/Sgt. Peterson and his bowling team took another three games Tuesday night to keep a clean slate. Cpl. Weis and his girl were seen standing on a street corner last Saturday night presumably waitQng for a street The supply sergeant swears that he will hang the next man who stops him on the street and asks him when the laundry will be in Pvt. Whaley wields a wicked razor in his latrine barber shop. Pfc. Graham splurged Saturday night with a nut sundae and a coke. --L.H.T.


SIGNAL SERVICE COMPANY heavy rain of last Sunday was very popular with the wire lineman in this outfit. "Hank" Brozanski looked like a survivor from a ship wreck when he checked in Sunday night after spen ding all day in the rain "shooting" trouble. However, he hails from New Jersey and from what I've seen of the weather up there, he should be plenty familiar with rain and fog. Newton, Asaro and Corporal Stansberry have been patching up telephone lines all week. They've been taping, splicing, cursing and stringing wires from morning til night and deserve a lot of credit for the work they are doing on the temporary system now in W e are operating a Western Union Of fice in the Signal Building. (This is not intended as a commercial announcement, but we will take no offense if you pay us a visit and wire that girl or the folks back home. We're located on the north side of Post Headquarters building.) W e did a land office business onSt. Valentine's Day. "Slim" Foster and I were feeling so sentimental after watching all those touching wires come in on the tape, that we were going to send our First Sergeant Boylston a card asking him to be our Valentine, and t o spare us from detail for all time. --W.M.H. FINANCE T o start with, we're proud to announce that to date we are still holding our own at the top of the Tyndall Field bowling league. We're in there pitching for strikes every match, so competition look out. (Editor's we'll look out). Our "boss," Sgt. Underwood, seems to have an interest in the Bell Telephone Company in Panama City. Does one of the operators have his "number"? It seems that one of the most popular men in the Detachment is Private Frank Clooney. Perhaps it's because he is the only man in the outfit who can be fairly conservative and is always ready to help out a buddy who needs money. Costigan and Anderson are his shadows. --c.G.B. MEDICAL DETACHMENT announcement of ratings last week got confused; apparently we were not as "in the know" as we thought. So late but hearty con grats to Sgt. Cherney and Pfc. Dawson And welcome to our newest Officer, Lt. Fogel, who came here from Camp Blanding, Florida. Well, Groover finally made the grade with "52211 and now we have lost another source for news Lots of luck to the Mr. and Mrs Is it true that Sgt. Cherney has given up smoking because of the fear that he will put the wrong end in his mouth and run up his temperature? To the men who came in from Eglin last week--we're all glad to see you. It was certainly a long wait--fact is, we'd about decided you'd forgotten your proper station And remember, fellows, those yellow fever shots hurt us just as much as they do you. -R.L.M CHEMICAL WARFARE scribe doesn't have any rumors this week. It seems that Lt. Lynn, proprietor of our local rooming and boarding house, the 66th Materiel Sq uadron, has.been putting on his glasses while inspecting our room and consequently, has seen a bit too much dirt scattered here and there. The net result is that things have been rather "confined" this week. Panama City is fast becoming a pleasant memory in our minds. We've heard from some of the fellows that Lt. Corr's Sunday afternoon date is in the market for some "No-Doze'' pills to slip the g ood Lieutenant to keep him from cat-napping. --J.H.L.


QUARTERMASTER I>vt. Welche's jalopy can be put to music uopus in All Fla.t" Best of luck to the fellows from our Detachment who were sent to Holla.bird, Md., to take a. specialist course in the whys and wherefores of our Army trucks and jeeps Say, did you see that bomb shell that Sgt. McCoy was convoying down the main drag the other day? It was the real McCoy Our vote for the original Good Humor man---none other than (Boss) Lt. John H. Yates Then we overheard a couple of 1'1 girls in our office chirping about how much Captain Alcott resembles Ronald Coleman Hurricane Henderson, the local lover, sure is in demand in town--and we do mean in demand What ever became of our turtle, Myrtle Did you Hitler and the hear of the young 'un that Pvt. Ten Eyck dates nightly? Two girls of the same age would equal twenty-one. Ehrhardt can sleep for 30 hours with out waking, so help me What say we get up a softball team? And is it true that Johnny Sopher runs around with a woman wrestler? And that Tom Baldridge's brother has just arrived in the States after a crash in the Brazilian jungles while ferrying planes? rt seems that our bowling team is out for blood and any games available! So lookout, Keglers A few of the cooks have gone off to school to learn how to cook Harold Thompson, our postoffice, "carrying on" and holding hands with none other than a minister's daughter And did you see that pair of yellow drawers on one of the boys? Devil Hitler called the Devil on the telephone one day. The girl at Central listened to all they had to say. "Hello," she hears Hitler say, "Is old man Satan home? Just tell him it's Hitler the Dictator who wants him on the phone. The Devil said, "Howdy," and Hitler said, "How are you? I'm running a Hell here on earth, so tell me what to do. "What can I do?" the Devil said, "Dear old pal of mine, It seems you don't need any help, you are doing mighty fine." "Yes, I was doing mighty fine until a little while ago, When a man named Uncle Sam wired me to go slow.u ''He said to me, 'Dear Hitler, we don't want t o be unkind, But you have raised enough so you had better change your ml.nd. I thought the Lend Lease Bill was bluff, and they would never get it through, But he soon put me on the spot when he showed me what he'd do. Now that is what I called you about, Satan, I need your advice. For I know that you will tell me just what I ought to do." dear Hitler, there is not much left to tell, For Uncle Sam will make it hotter than I can I have been a mean old Devil, but' not half So the minute that you get here, this job I'll be ready for your coming, and I'll have For I see your days are numbered, and there to 'bell, in Hell, as mean as you, is yours to do. the fires bright is nothing more So hang up your phone, get on your hat, and meet me here in hell!"


. Under the capable guidance of Major Shipman and Lt. L. R Thompson athletic activities are shaping up in grand style. Basketball and volleyball c ourts and baseball diamonds have set up at various spots around the Post. A.ll squadrons have been issued equipment to take care of almost any sport in which the boys wish to participate. And to make sure that every soldier takes advantage of the facilities offered, a half day during the training week has been set aside for athletics. As the sporting spotligh t swings around the field, basketball seems to be flashing out in front. Plenty of top-notch forwards and guards have been discovered in all the squadrons. Due to such enthusiastic response from the boys, a round robin tournament has been organized among the outfits. Games are played in the Panama City gym on Monday and Wednesday nights and Saturday afternoons. Spectators are more than welcome. With the approach of warmer weather, softball and volleyball will soon have their share of the enthusiasts. Each squadron should be able to field an expert aggregation of pat-ball artists as well as a slugging ''tensome" in softball. Bowling, the fastest-growing sport in America, is finding no trouble in being represented by the boys at Tyndall Field. A league was formed several weeks ago and each Tuesday and 'fhursday night you' 11 find the competition growing hotter and hotter. As soon as most of the day rooms have been equipped with ping-pong tables, intra-squadron contests will be run off to decide squadron champs, who will in turn compete with the padd,le aces of the other outfits for the Tyndall Field title. BOWLING IN HIGH LEAGUE GEAR Despite the fact that the Finance boys lost their first game Thursday n i ght, they're still setting the pace in Tynd all's red-hot bowling competition. At the half-way mark, we find the fellows who were a little rusty at the start, getting into stride and from now on in to the finish, you can expect bowling of a professional caliber. Here are the league standings up through Thursday's games: Won Lost Finance .. .. -a -1-344 t h ...... 7 2 343rd .......... 6 3 ........ 4 6 3 448th .. 4 5 Hq & IIq .... 2 7 66th ........ .. 0 6 Signal .. 0 6 High Team Score: Hq & Hq--811 High Single Game: V v ood y Mueller, 343rd--245 H i g h 5-man 3 games: Q.MC--2389 High 3 games single total: r.Iueller, 343rd--556 Tuesday-344th vs. 343rd QMC vs. 66th Thursday -Hq & Hq vs. Finance 448th vs. Signal Basketball: Monday -349th vs. 350th 343rd v s 447th Wednesday -446th vs. 348th 448th vs. 344th Saturday -Hq & Hq vs. 69th 66th vs. QMC ..


. :;r. .4 ffst "See that girl? That 1 s my girl.'' "Yeah, Good-looking scarf she has on.'' "Yeah, I gave her that." rr Say, she's okay. Pretty hat." "Yep, I gave her that.11 :'In fact, the whole outfit she 1 s wearing is elegant." '11Shore is. I gave it to her.11 "And say, that's a cute little boy with her.'' "Yeah, that's her brother."--T &: F, UNC They say brunettes have sweeter dispos-itions than blondes. Well, my girl's been both and I don't see any difference. --T &: F, UNC JUST PLAYIN' TOKYO ,JOE ... ..A -1-hapffl_ There'll be no Non-Coms in Heaven, It's made for the pure and free, No buckin' for ratin's in Heaven How beautiful Heaven must be. There's no Sgts. or Corps. in Heaven, Not even a PFC. Nothing but yardbirds in Heaven, How beautiful Heaven must be. A sailor, after placing a wreath of flowers on a grave in a cemetary noticed an old Chinese placing a bowl of rice on a nearby grave, and asked: "What time do you expect your friend to come up and eat that bowl of rice?" The old Chinaman smiled and answered: rrsame time your friend come up and smell flowers."--T &: F, UNC Ann: I'd like to see the capt-ain of this ship. Sailor: He's forward, Miss. Ann: That's all right. This is a pleasure trip. "I wonder why women don't grow mustaches?'' "Did you ever see grass growing on a race track'f SHE SAID CALl 6ACI'C ,SIR, IN THE MIDDLE OF A MANICUREThere'll be no details in Heaven, No pullin' guard or K. p, Nothing but rest for the Yardbirds, How beautiful Heaven must be. We won't get up in the mornin', No such thing as reveille, The Yardbird'll be boss in Heaven, How beautiful Heaven must be. --Composed by The Yardbird.


/iiiJf tJF Til IAif't'sf fut /"MtLGATE N -f "Blues in the Night" didn't quite make the No. one position of the Hit Parade last Saturday as we predicted, but its failure to do so serves as a stirring tribute to the song that still rates tops in the hearts of all of America-"The White Cliffs of Dover." While passing out the posies, it's about time we mentioned that popular reveille program that each A M brightens those darkest hours before dawn. You know which one we're talking about: Henry Duprez and his gang of "Dawn Bus ters" over WWL, New Orleans. Many a chill caused by that whistle-tooting c. Q. has been thawed out by the warm notes of Sally O'Dare's songs. Freddy Martin takes over the CBS network at 9:00 PM on Mondays in place of Orson Welles, who leaves for a "Good Neighqor" tour of the other Americas. For a few extra chuckles and some tips of "wolf" technique, we suggest you tune in on Charley McCarthy tomorrow night. Two irresistable forces will meet when Hedy Lamarr's charm parries with Charley's amorous advances. We're not the Old Professor, Kay Kyser, and we know you're not the Quiz Kids, but how about frowning the forehead on these "$64 questions": 1. Who is known as the 11Star Spang led Banner Girl"? 2. \ Vhat Jimmy Dorsey recording has broken all modern sales records? 3. What big-time band leader rode to fame on "Tuxedo Junction"? 4. What Tommy Tucker arrangement hit the jackpot and warmed your heart last fall? 5. Name the band leaders who use the following theme songs: "Thinking of You" "Getting Sentimental Over You" "Sugar Blues" "The Very Thought of You" "Hot Lips11 Still stumped? Well, we'll help you out a little. In fact, here're the an swerst (1) Lucy Monroe. (2) Green Eyes with Marie Elena. (3) Glenn Miller. (4) I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire. (5) Kay Kyser, T. Dorsey, Clyde McCoy, Ray Noble, Henry Busse. MOVIES FOR R I T Z SUNDAY, MONDAY, February 22-23 "They Died With Their Boots On" Errol Flyim Olivia DeHavilland TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, February 24-25 "Dangerously They Live" John Garfield Nancy Coleman Raymond Massey THURSDAY, FRIDAY, February 26-27 "One Foot In Heaven" Fredric March Martha Scott SATURDAY, F'o bruary 28 "Red River Valley" Roy Rogers "Sons of the Sea" Michael Redgrave Valerie Hobson PANAMA SUNDAY, MONDAY, February 22-23 "Married Bachelor" Robert Young Ruth Hussey TUESDAY, February 24 "Texas Man Hunt" Bill Boyd Art Davis WEDUESDAY, THURS DAY, February 25-26 "Ziegfeld G irl" James Stewart Judy Garland Hedy Lamar Lana Turner FRIDAY, SATURDAY, February 27-28 "Cowboy Serenade" Gene Autry "Steel Against The Sky" Lloyd Nolan Alexis Smith e


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