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Tyndall target
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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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Tyndall Field, Fla
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Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
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United States -- Florida -- Tyndall Field

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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 1, no. 16 (May 9, 1942).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
May 9, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
4 856


I Vol. I No. 16 Army Air Forces Gunnery May 9, POeTRY COO TES T WOn BY P.F.C. WILLIS Captain Ammon McClellan, Tyndall's new Public Relations Officer, former Florida Housing Co-ordinator, and Area Manager of the Bureau of Cen sus for North Carolina in 1940. He has been an outstanding figure in Florida public housing. A eA. 90CISTY QeGrnS ACTIVITI The Army Emergency R elief Society in this vicinity has already started its first great m oney raising project. The local chapter, headed by a committee of prominent citizens of Panama City, has held its initial rehearsal for those men who volunteered their talent for the gala Minstrel Show to be presented in the Ritz Theatre on Wednesday evening, May 27th. Tickets for the blackface musical show are priced at $1, with all receipts going to the A E R Fund. Meanwhile, contributions by the men on the Field have begun to reach Col. Hyndman's office. There is at least one very proud mother in Pensacola, Florida, today, for last evening, Mrs. J.S. Willis received the following telegram from Colonel Warren A Maxwell: WISH TO ADVISE YOU THAT YOUR SON, PRIVATE FIRST CLASS JA.i.\fES WILLIS, HAS BEEN AWARDED FIRST P L ACE IN TYNDALL F'IELD Is f:lOTHER Is DAY POE'l'RY CONTEST. IN RECOGNITION O F THIS HONOR HE IS BEING GIVEN A FREE CALL TO YOU AT 10:15 A.M. SUNDAY, MAY lOTH. M Y S TO YOU, AN A M ERI C A N MOTHER, 7'EIOSE SON FOUND TIM E BETIYEEN DUTY HOURS TO EXPRESS SUCH WOHTH Y THOUGHTS OF DEVOTION A N D R EV Pfc. Willis, Tyndall's newly crowned Poet Laureate", left no doubt in the minds of the Contest officials as to whether or not he merited t he First Prize, a free telephone call home. This Hq. & Hq. Squadron soldier, who is a clerk in the Post File Room, submitted not one, but six, meritable Mother's Day verses. Three of these verses appear on the following page. Director Thomas Oliver of the local lJSO Club has already completed arrangements for the telephone call and also the recorded rnessaiGes that will be made by the two Tyndall men that tied for second place in the contest. The Second Place winners were Pfc. .Abraham Kinberg of the Quartermaster Detachmen t and Pfc. Michael Kurec of Lt. Eugene Englebrecht's Squadron. Oddly enough, all three winners are priva tes first class.


No word could do you justice, tell what you'v e been t h rough, I know no words of reverence that are worthy eno ug h for G od grant this prayer and I'll need not make Help me to be what I want to be-"A glowing to you. a nother: tribute M OTHER." With a kind and gentle touch she smoothed my tousled hair And brushed away the teardrops that childish woe left there. She taught us to laugh and forsake the tea -rs --to be kind to one another. So let me pause today and reverently p ray "Thank God ___________ r_o_r _my_ dear MOTHER. The fust time I remember Maw, was 'way, 'way back there when-I used to keep my trousers up with one big safety pin. Fum then on we been buddies, through t .hick and through the thin, I guess that Maws are the beft thing tM.t could happen to us men. (The above are three of six poem s submi t ted by the FIRST PRIZE WINNER, Pfc. JAMES WILLIS.) There's no other than my M other, She s quite beyond compare, She's simple, sweet, and loving She's someone I wouldn't share, She's my and no other could ever take her place. How I long to once again be near her, --to kiss her lovely .fuce. (The above poem was submitted by Pfc. A. Kinberg of the Quartermaster Det. Award: Second Place Tie.) k on this Mother's Day, I'll send my Ma a card, a nd this is what I'll say: "We'll win ou r fight--for our cause is true, And when my job i s done, I'll come b'ck to you. (The above po e m was submitted by Pfa. Michael M. Kurec of Lt. Engelbrechtts outfit. Award: Second Place Tie.)


TECHNICAL LEE With Technical Sergeant Georg e Lee, n o w acting first sergeant of Det. 907 Q M Co., the Army is very decidedly a family institution since six members o f his immediate family are now in the s ervice, leaving only one brother who is expected to be inducted soon. T h e Sergeant grew up at Ft. Sill, Oklah o ma, where his father is stationed. He has three sisters who are married to Army men, and has a brother in the Q. I!. C. at Abilene, Texas. At o n e time all members o f the fami l y except one brother-in-law in the Coast Artillery were stationed at Ft. S i ll. Now they are scattered out the states of Texas, Illinois, F l orida, C alifornia, and Oklah oma. Se r geant Lee enlisted in 19 35 at Ft. Sill, where he remained during his first enlistment. He then left the Ar:ny for one year but reenlisted at Barksdale Field in 1939. He was stationed there until transferred to Tyn dall Field as one of the first group o f approximately fifty m en sent here last September. He was promoted to staff sergeant on Feb. 8, 1942,and to technica l sergeant on April 1, 1942 Sgt. Lee has served in many phases of Quartermaster work; a nd the efficiency and personal qualities he dem on strated in these activities earned for him his rapid promotion and his responsible position as one of the most valuable men in his organization CAPTAI N HOWELL Commonly known as the "Goodwill Ambassador o f the Army", Captain Thomas A. ,Howell, Post Adjutant here, is a very h i ghly regarded a nd widely liked figure on the Field. Knovm to his intimates simply a s "Tom" Howell, the Adjutant has a large number of friends, not only among Army personnel but also among the civilian population of this community. It is the mission of the Adjutant to see that the orders and wishes of the Commanding Officer are carried out, and that a&ninistrative details are properly handled. This is a big assignment; but thr o u ghout all the perplexities of his position the Captain will rarely be f o un d without his characteristically go od disposition. Although naturally a jovial and funloving personality, the Adjutant can get tough w hen the interests of the Army demand it. Captain H owell is a native of Marion, Ala., and was educated at Marion Institute and at Presbyterian College, Clinton, S. C. He was called to active duty with the Air Corps on August 15, 1940, at Maxwell Field, Ala., and was immediately placed on special duty at Eglin Field Fla., where he was at first Acting Quartermaster and Supply Officer and later Post Adjutant. H e came to Tyndall Field on May 15, 1941. The Captain's favorite pastimes are fishing and golfing.


Published every Saturday by the Public Relations Office, ACGS, Tyndall Field, Fla. PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER Captain Anunon McClellan ASST. TO P. R. OFFICER Sgt. Jack H Parks ART WORK Sgt. Oral L ed better Pvt. Ernest Kenton Pvt. Carl B. Lengerich SQUADRON REPORTERS SEt Kenneth Stitt Sgt. Ralph 0. Boyes Pfc. James F Ba.rran l'fc. Stephen G Cullen COfAM..ANDING Col. w A. Maxwell COLlJMNISTS S/Sgt. Dewey H. Gossett and The Yardbird TYPIST Miss SQUADRON REPORTERS Cpl. M M K endall S/SgL T e d R V'iilliams Pvt. Samuel Schun Pvt. Dave P Alvarez --rHE DOWNS II OF AERIAL EDITOR Pfc. Arnold Milgaten ASSOCIATE EDITOR Pfc. Saul Samiof HEPRODUCTION STAFF T/Sgt. W oodrow 'iV. Busby Pfc. John A Webster P fc. Francis Churchill Pvt. Price Terry SQUADRON Pvt. William Hines Pvt. William Walker Pvt. Robert L. Scott Pvt. James s. Willis


We suggest that a medal be Lt\\awarded Captain Howell, w h o kept Major Cla.rvoe from "fall-i ng n into our local while on a --recent fishing trip. If it's a bit of o u w a n "!feve'r y da y j us t look up Hest e r He a lways has a new one Do y o u k no w where Lt. Will iams s pends his lunch hour? Strol l ove r t o Mess Hall l f l and I shouldn t b e at all s urpris e d if you didn' t find the Lt. there ke e p i ng h i s usual d ate. w o nder h o w Lt. Dee is progressing with his h o g f arm? .. Did yo u know tha t Lt. Class i s q u ite a n accomplishe d pianist Lt. Dickerman i s now the Post's Photographic Officer . The mai n attraction o n t h e F i eld the other nite was Lt. Slater r unning around o n his bike and speakin g of b ikes, I hearLt. P owers tried to resume dip lomatic relations with a two-wh eeled veloci pede recently and found that the years of arduou s legal practice had taken their toll 'Tis a g ood exc use, Lt. Lynn's having one o f his men in t h e hosp i tal s o he can g o calling Lt. Corr, I hear, is looking forwar d to the next off icers' party so that h e can come decked in his newly-acquired "whites .... For an interesting study o f on e o f Tyndall's o fficers, look through Captain McClell_an' s Scrap Book Captain W i l l iams says h e could tell me some dop e on Major Carnahan, but he's afraid it woul d corne under the heading of "RESTRI CTED Maj o r Shipman seems t o be having all sorts of trouble with his 'Sugar Reports 11 H ope Lt. Shofner gets rid of his sunburn before time f o r pay day arrives Lt. Burkhart is g o i n g to m a k e the Baccalaureate Address to a local school. Could it possibl y be a "political" speech in view of the f o r t hc omin g elect_ i on ? .. TYPICAL TYND A L L SCE N E; One officer p ursuing another t o e xchang e his hat. Sgt. McGee, of the Air Base, is always happy to pay a to Personnel in Post Headquarters . S gt. Ralph Edwards is surely the efficient house-keeper. . Glad to see Davy Savino back from Furlough. How did you leave the New York beauties, Davy? corporal Edge, Post Office, is away for a few days. From what they tell me, he has g one horne to make i t a twosome FLASH FLASH Hear ye, h ear ye, that pride of the Quartermaster, Tyndall's o n e and only ED POSDEN, w a s restricted f o r three days. A nd why was he restricted ? It all came about a s the result of a cak e h e received from Ularian .. !fmy can't John Christiana find his chai r when h e starts to sit dovm? Those late hours aren't g ood for anyone, John .. ?ete Catala no says while he was home on furlough, h e automatically walked guard I'll betcha'one thing t h ou gh, h e wasn' t walking alone S/Sgt. Wilson, A .B. S q u adron, will take on a wife sometime in June we are .at a loss to understan d w hich is more important to T/S gt. U n derwood, Finance, whether he'd rather spend his time fishing or carl T h omas, Quartermaster, says it's wonderful for one's father to have a secretary Pvt. Wal ler, Ordnance Dept., bought a diamo n d while in Knoxville recently can't imag;ine what it's for . Is Sgt. Jack Parks doing his duty by Nell? . W h y wont Sgt Steger talk about his recen t trip to Miami? Pfc. Mitchell, of the Photo Section handled his assigrunent of the Pencil Pushers like a professional, w hich he was before the Army Sgt. Ben Alford is reputedly the Post's "Pool Shark" And judging from the reports from his detachment, First Sergeant Allen is definitely not a horticulturist Red Brewer and Fred Foster are conspicuous by their absence, even the s/cars are lonely.


T MEDICAL he hospital staff welcomed the arrival of 2nd Lt. Corrine Curry last week, and with the new landscaping job, it's getting to be pleasure to get "sick" these days. (Not tq mention the female civilian who are responsible for the unusually large number of neatly combed heads of hair and sparkling eyes.) Our softball team is as yet undefeat ed and we extend a challeng e to any outfit that thinks they can do the trick. A vote o f thanks to Max Senkinc on his swell job of the infield. --AK 1rAir LT. KEATING f \'elcome to our f our Flying Sergeants, Armstrong, Benson, Boro and Bozzi. And greetings to Cpls. Cain, Callahan and Hill, and Pvts. Marrana and Pad gett, who have returned from school. Our new pool table is getting quite a workout and some of the boys are learning "the hard way." ._-JAC 0 ORDNANCE ur Day Room opened without any of the traditional fanfare, but its facilities are certainly appreciated, including the new p oo l table. Sgt. Ridulph, along with some of the other men, is heading north on furlough w onder if Sgt. Barr can handle his social obligation s while he's gone? S gt. Ratley is training our boxing hopefuls for the tournament. Since our basketball and s oftball teams are "tops," we're hoping that the boxing squad will rate the same. --MLY 1(!1r L T. ENGELBRECHT lVelcome to Borghese, Hemila, Knoll, Worely, Nunnally, and Kitzmiller, who have returned t o the out-fit after a period o f D .S. at vario u s mechanical schools. Sgt. Burke is back after having been confined t o the hospital since last February and congratulations to the new "stripers." --DPA K LT. WATSON eesler Field gave us back som e o f our veterans last weekend, and the men also welcomed the return of o n e o f the roost able word-phrasers i n t h e South, Pvt. Tim anus, who, along with Vickers, has taught the "Yankees" a completely new language Sgts. McKaig and H ir,h, the Tennessee TVnns, are back and are sprouting "rockers." Sgt. Sauls has been doing a capable job, but there's no do u b t that we all miss 1st Sg t. Asbury's dawning 11pep" talks and Pvt. Living ston just dotes on ''seeing red 11 --JW C L T. WHITEH1JRST ongratulations t o Sgt. Blas i n game who has taken u:gto himself a lovel y wife and Sgt. Boudreaux is plannin g to follow suit this weekend. Boud reaux will tie the knot with t h e 11girl back horae11 when she arrives he r e the ceremony will be held in P. c It's too bad that Churchill c an't have his bunk moved into the repr oduction room, then we could bring him his meals and mai l and he would n ever have to leave the building at all! --RSB r w. LT. TAYLOR e fir1ally got our pool table assem bled, and even the passersby c a n near the thud of the balls as they dro p into the leather pockets. A hearty wel come to the b oys who j ust r e t urned from Keesler Field. Did y o u have a "big time," fellows? Cpl. Olson's "Seymour Island seem s to have faded beyo n d the horizon Greetings to the new flying non-cans, an addition of which we are v e r y proud. T MATERIEL o Lt. Adkins, who has lef t t h e ou t f i t on a new assignment, we sincerely wish the best of luck, and t o ou r n e w Commanding Officer, Captain Wilkins, we extend a hearty welcome. From reliable sources w e hear t hat Sgt. Hurst acquires that sleepy look


from Port St. and those cigars represent blessed events _in the form of additional stripes Pvt. Phil Da vis gets that droopy look whenever Louise neglects the u S. Mails. We're planning a big s hindig on May 15th dmvn at the Recreation Center, complete with music by the Tyndall Field Band and girls through the courtesy of Panama City. F.. AIR BASE GROUP irst Sergeant Hodges is off on a furlouEh again he has to plant a ga _rden. s/Sgt. Couch is "topkicking11 meanwhile, and is doing a commendable job of it. Morale was decidedly not static last week .. what with all the promotions that were announced! . sgt. Vl/alton, who was the S/Sgt. you were going to invite out on the green when you rna. de sergeant? Earl Moye passed out ci gars in celebration of his 13th promotion in 15 months. --TRW (Aside to TRW please don't get excited during your first enlistment and stop f aking and get back to work.) w. LT. MARCH ESI elcome to our Flying Sergeants, Smith a nd Stone, glad to have you, men. Farewell, and good luck to Lt. Shields on his new duties. S /Sgt. Kester marches down the sacred aisle next week, 'way up thar in tiew York . We're proud that so many of our outfit answered Col. Hyndman's req uest for theatrical talent .. Pvt. Bowman is both Post Librarian and Chapel Organist . S/Sgt. Bender was welcomed back by his many friends after a stay at the hospital, but now Renfro, the squadron clown, is ailing Our bunch is completely furloughpunchy-they're either co ming or going. 0 QUARTERMAST E R ur con gratulations to Pfc. Herpin who was married in the Post. Chapel on Saturday afternoon. And to S/Sgt Gossett--good luck on your new job. One of the boys waiting to go before the O.T.S. examining board tried to advance his cause by claiming a score of 119311 in last week's "Target" quiz. W elcome back to Pvts. Savino, Cata lano, and O'Brien, who have returned from furlough . Pfc. Henderson and Pvts. Gross and Mitchell, merit thanks for their part in making last Thursday's dance the success it was. No more Friday evening passes until Saturday inspections show signs of improvement . sorry, girls. --BHR T 846th .he men are having quite a bit of fu.n nights at the USO d ances held at the Pearl Barbor Club. Everybody tries to win a permanent partner for the evening . gracious, soldiers, share your partners with your buddies. The jitterbugs ha d a grand time last Thursday evening, until it came time for the contest, then there wasn't a "jit" to be seen . were they afraid that Pvt. Bernard Smith would walk away with the prize? Smitty really put on an exhibition, but isn't it strange that when i t comes to morning exercises, his muscles seem to tighten up? Pvt. Parrish, if you want some info o n the local debs, call by and have a talk with Pfc. Grace. He has all the dope and you can carry on from there. You fellows who w ere surprised at Pvt. Mingo's trips to P.c., must re menilier that a rolling stone gathers no moss. --WH The 80th Air Base GroupHeadqua.rters reports that total salvage collections to date are: Tinfoil-50 l bs.; Tubes-42 lbs.; and razor bla.des-36 lbs. The USO will continue its Tea Dances on Saturday afternoons from 4:30 to 7:30 P.M. The Bay County Free Public Library is open from 9:30A.M. to 5:30P.M.


BOWLING RESULTS Won Lost Morton 3 l Vernocy 3 l THE TARGE PRESENTING INSIDE VIEWS Bane 2 2 Nimocks 0 4 Highest Score of the Week: Mrs. Max:Well 149 BOWLING BRIEFS ,,. The bowl1ng tournament got off to a good start,)we hear. Ye editors were all A. vV. the first day, but we were t rooting for our / ')' ; I ., .:;>' Repc.rts1 indiyate that a lot of vigor. and ty have been added to (I{\ \ I the the transfusion of (\..._ ..., ") ') new blood.\) r Remember the more the ( \ < ? /1 ( ) ) :_)lv Is OF THE WOMEN'S NEWS RED+ CROSS 2c More knitters than sewers turned up Monday afternoon for Cross' bu t they still haven't gotten around t o the Army-Navy yarn came in not \I I long a.go. We're wondering who 111 cast on the first yarn. ,, {I Those who were sewing(wer e accomplish-ing wonders, but ware all too few. Mrs. Hyndman ) i s \!putting in r J another call for seamstresses /? ) ( 2)) \1\ COOKING and Vegetable 2 .cups canned shrimp cups cups scalded milk l cup soft bread crumbs cup melted butter or margarine 2 cans pimientos, chopped l tbsp. chopped parsley 1 tbsp. chopped onion 3/8 tsp. salt 1/8 tsp. pepper Dash paprika 3 eggs l cup drained cooked or ctnned vegetables Pour the scalded milk over the bread crumbs. Add butter, pirr.ientos, parsley, onions, gre.ted cheese and seasonings. Then add the wellbeaten eggs. Put vegetable and drained canned shrimp in a greas.ed quart cass e r ole t>ll d pour milk and cheese mixture over that. Set in a pan of warn1 water and bak e about 75 minutes in a moderate oven (325<'.) or until the loaf is firm. Serve s 6. STRICTLY COtl'"FIDENTIAL: Was there any significance in the fact that Mrs. Morga n wrapped Lt. Morgan1s lunch in a road map the other day'? ***Mrs. Plue nneke's idea of knitting for the Red Cross is "Knit one row. Purl one row, Smoke one row .11 *** Thorpe is s o delighted that her slight operation is behind her r ather than before. *** Six lessons from Mesdames Howell and Samuel will teach y ou all you need to know about "Trucking down to Mattie 1 s11 *** Mrs. Nimocks i s said to be compiling a volume on her travels. *** Be sure to truce the paper bag off the pom pano this time, Hut h *** },lrs. Maxwell says she has to go to Pensacola or get a Seeing Eye Dog. It would be a scurvy trick to t ell what we kno w o n Mrs. Alcott. *** Mrs. Morton's k nee closely resembles a nutmeg ;;rater after her bicycle ride. **"' H o w did Mrs. Medof acquire sueh a smooth tan? We thought she'd been North.


e e Jt (J(1) !Jeylfou SOMETHING TO SHOOT AT: Lt. Tannen's score for this quiz was "81". GENERAL: (4 points each) 1. Name the 5 most impor tant possessions of the United States? 2. Is Egypt a Kingdom or a Republic? 3. Who was America named aft er!' 4. Which travels faster light or sound? 5. What country was Florida purc..hes ed f rom? ARMY: (5 points each) 1. How many Corps const itute u Army? 2 VVhs. t is the largest tactical unit of command? 3. What does a Brigade i n the Infantry correspond to in the Air Corps and what re.nk does the CO possess? OF THE WEEK: Who is the most wonderfu l person in the world? YARDBIRD'S BUCK PRIVATE'S N O N-COM'S OFFIGT<:R'S SPOHTS: ( 4 points each) 0 30 3 0 60 60 90 9.0 -99 What are the rules that boxing is e;ove r ne d by? 2. What European country was golf in? 3. Who were the originators of La c u p i s presented to the In Tennis Champion? GE(JGRAPHY: ( 4 point s each) In what state s are the following located--Carlsbad C averns, Pikes. Peak, Mojave Desert, Sequoia? In what ocean is t he island of Made gas ca.r ( 3. What is the capital of' Washingto ? 4. Name the stat e that is bordered by 1.:ontana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa. riorth Dakota. and D. Name 8 states that begin with Uw letter ttM11? YOUR ( '* points eacb l. Caraway is a 2. Carbona d o is a 3. Chianti is a a. garage a. country a wine b. dried fruit b. ch rr;ed b. chees e c. vehicle c. variety (";f ., naon.d o. Mexican bean 4. Chi mere is a 5. Cascade is a 6 Carib is a a bell ringer a. small waterfal) a. seaport b. long black robe b. cave b. tribe of indians c. lizard c small valley c. reindeer


Arnold tests General Henry H. of Tyndall's Lt. hp on one his marksmans 1 t visit here. while on a recen ranges Maj. General G. E. Stratemeyer and Lt. General Arnold inspect jeep target t'or res u 1 ta or their mark a """hi p .BELOWs Havin g received their instructions from Lt. BELOW: ryndalls glamourous civil service lassies participate in a gas mask drill in order to become fandliar with the mask in case of attack. Colonel w. A. ;Maxwell introduces General Arnold to Tyndall's Officers. J. Corr, Chemical Vfarfare Officer, A the girls awaitW the signal to begin donning their masks.


ru-dlnrc( 3 : is sho feelin purty good now on is dun made anuth ur qwik trip hom i dun talket the man ot uv a 3 day,past, an i tuk off a day earlier by mootc al konsint. i had a rnity gud time. I dun spint m st uv the time a remakin akwaintence with all thim purty French gurls. they wuz sho glad ter see me, not ter menchun ma own feelins aboot the sitchyashun. one uv thim in partikler wuz eckseedinglie happy whin i give hur that big chain with propillers an areplains all over it. i nevur tole hur i had ter buy it with p x checks tho. she dun axed rne how high i had got sinse i bin in the Army an i tole h:lr rite bak that i nevur teched the stuff. an fur the next 5 minutes i wuz plum obliviyus ter everthing. Thursdy the supply sgt. had me on the karpit fur sum stuff i nevur had heerd tell uv, an w e v.ruz sh6 e:;oin round an round. we even got ter us in a 1 i ttel strong langwage, an he sayed that i Wl.

W!MLL Tyndall 1 s pressing problem of provid-ing a playing field for its baseball enthusiasts will soon be solved. Lt. Thompson of the A & R Office states that the softball field near the Air Base Group Headquarters is being coated with a s urfcce of clay w hich wil 1 make it sui table for baseball also. Meanwhile softball hostilities are continuing and last week's results include a 25-15 shellacking of Lt. Weis' men by Lt. Fo gel's team. d11f/ Lt. H. T. Vfuitehurst Lt. Cletus K e ating Jr. Lt. John A. Des Partes Lt. Raymond E. Taylor Lt. William Marchesi Lt. E. R. Englebrecht Lt. David E. Fogel Lt. Peter E. Weis Lt. Raymond F. Watson Capt. Roy E. Gardner Lt. Bruce A. Campbell Lt. Milton B. Samuels Monda y 6:15 P M Tuesday 6:15 P.M. Wednesday 6:15 Thursday 6:15 P.M. Friday 6:15 P.M. Sa turday 6:15 P M Lt. Adkins's team draws a BYE. w L Lt. David H. Fogel 2 0 Lt. Raymond F. Watson l 0 Lt. C1etus Keating Jr. 1 0 Lt. William Marchesi 1 0 Lt. Joseph E. Adkins l l Capt. Roy E. Gardner l l Lt. Mil ton B. Samuels l 1 Lt. Bruce A. Campbell 2 l Lt. E. R. Eng1ebrecht l 2 Lt. H. T. 'Nhi tehurst 0 1 Lt. John A. Des Partes 0 l Lt. Peter E. We is 0 l Lt. Raymond E. Taylor 0 0 Although planned for last Wednesde.y, the boxing tournament will begin this Wednesday evening at 7:45. The b oxing ring, which is located in the rear of mess hall #1, is equipped with lighting facilities for evenin g bouts. So far, twenty-three men are entered in the tourney, ranging in weight divisions from 118 lbs. to 200 lbs. Each bout will consist of three 2-minute rounds. Major Harold Clan.Toe, Pos t Exe c utive Officer, has volunteered to act as one of the judges. Major Clarvoe, while never having actually boxed, has long been an ardent fan of professional pugilism and is well qualified to sit in the judges' box. h\1\JOR.-. LEAGUE NATIONAL w L AMERICAN w L Brooklyn ... 15 7 New York . T5 ., Pitts ...... 13 9 Cleveland ... 14 ? Boston .... 12 10 Boston . 14 7 st. Louis . 10 9 Detroit .. 15 10 New York . 11 11 WS:shtngton ll 12 Chicago ... 9 12 st. Louis . lO 14 Cinn ....... 8 11 Ph i la. ... 8 16 Phila .... 6 16 Chicago ... 4 18 ANSWERS ??7 TO GE1'JERAL: Territory of Hawaii, Alaska, Canal Zone, Philippine Islt'l.nds, Puer to Rico; Kingdom; Amerigo Ves puc c i; Light; Spain. SPORTS: Marquis of Quee n s bury Rules; Scotland; North American Indians; Davis Cup. ARMY: Two or more; The Army; A IVing; The CO is a Brigadier General. GEOGRAPHY: New Mexico Colorado, Cal ifornia, California; The Indian Ocean; O lympia; South Dakota; Mississippi, Maine, Missouri, M assachus etts, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, Minnesota.. YOUR VOCABULARY: Dried fruit; Variety of diamond; Wine; Lon g black robe; Small waterfall; Tribe of indians. QUESTION OF THE w -EEK: "Your Mother". ,


. j I PARACHUTE SONG: "It Don't Mean A Thing If You Don't Pull That String.11 LAMENT OF A TYNDALL POET bzy brain has gone plumb dizzy And my eyes are seeing double I know I .love my Mother But this rhyming gives me trouble -James Willi s 11?.1y wife ran away with my best friend.rr "VVas he good-looking?" 111 don't know. Never met the fellow!'' Mrs. Jones: "T'wasn't more than a minute after I got in bed last night before I was asleep in the arms of Morphine." Mrs. Smith: 11Y011 mean Morpheus, don't you? Morphine is a d ope." Mrs. Jones: "Well? Do you know of a \)igger one than my husband'?" ttWaiter,11 said the fussy diner, "I want some oysters. But they mustn't be too large or too s m all, too old or too tough, and they mustn't be salty. I want them cold and I want them at once." 1Yes, sir,'' bowed the waiter, 11with or without pearls?" BUCK SERGEANT ,, NfCESSHY IS THE MOTHER OF INVE.N TION'" Don't go out with any apartment hous e janitcr and expect a n exci tine; evening. They a lway s turn off the h eat at 10 o'clock. THHEE TYPES OF WOMEN: l. T h e beautiful 2. The intellectual 3. The majority ODE TO LILLY HAT DESIGNER Ladies in the of fashion Have a never ending passion F o r hats that oft-times look peculiar And whose appearance somet imes fool ya' Some would look much more in place Were they not put above the face But in a case--at so:me museum Where everyone could g o and see 'em! Some are high and some are wide, And some have feathers on the side, And some have been so cruelly bentY o u won d e r if m ilady's coming--or went! There's just one thing I'd like to do, Before I leave, for parts anew, Find out just what Dacha is fed-Each n i gh t before she's put to bed!


movtes Honesty is the best policy. Take i t R I T Z FOR. THIS WEl!K from Private John Vetter, of F o r t Bragg, North Carolina. Recently he received a letter addressed to J ohn Vetter at the reception center at Fort Dix, New Jersey. In the envelope wa s a crisp new bill. A glance at the letter, however, s h o wed Vetter it certainly was not meant for him. So he returned the whole works, banknote and all, to the sender, a young lady in Evansville, I n diana. Impressed with his honesty, the girl told her friends at the office about. it. They promptly started writ i n g-thirty girls--and in the first batch of mail he received cash gifts totaling ten dollarst A cadet, after transfer to another field for advanced instruction, wrote to his former tactical officer i n this vein: 11At last, after weeks of silent suffering, I am now far from the range of your jurisdiction, and as far as I am concerned, you and the whole o f your staff can go jump in the lak e." A few days later he received a completely official reply, running like this: "All information as to t r oop movements must be submitted on F o r m 345 B.n It's a smaller world than Private Henry Cooper can tolerate. Before he enlisted in the Army, Cooper 1 s lif e w a s miserable. Every morning he was blasted out of bed by an early-risi n g trumpeter who practiced--in the apartment above his. Private Morton Appleton, who bunks next to Coo per at Camp Wolters, Texas, happens t o play a mean trumpet. One night when he wa s tooting away, Private Cooper interrup ted tell him about the fellow on the floor above back in Venice, California. "He woke me up with the darned thing every day,'' Cooper complained. App leton asked him where he lived in Veni c e 111432 Hili Road," Cooper answered. The trumpeter grinned slyly as he raised the trumpet to his lips a gain: "That's where I lived.'' SUNDAY, MONDAY, M a y 10-11 "Kings Row'' Ann Sheridan Robert Currmiings TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, May 12-13 "Larceny Inc.11 Edward G Robinson Ja.'1e W yman THURSDAY, FRIDAY May 14-15 "Jungle Book11 Sabu SATURDAY, May 16 "Castle in the Desert" Sidney Toler A rlene Whelan LATE SHOW SATURDAY NIGHT ''The Invaders'' Leslie Howard Raymond Massey L aurence O livier SU:tiJDAY $ MONDAY, May 10-11 Sullivan 1 s Travels'' Joel McCrea Ver onica Lake TUE SDAY. M a y 12 Texas Rang e r s Hide Again" All Western Cast \llffiDUESDAY, THU RSDAY, May 13-14 ''I Wake U p Screaming Betty Grable Victor Mature FRIDAY, SATURDAY, May 15-16 "T he Night Before the Divorce" Lynn Bari Joseph Allen, Jr. "West o f C i marron'' Tom Tyler L Bob Steele Car t o on and Serial -------------------------------f . -

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