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Tyndall target
Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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United States -- Florida -- Tyndall Field

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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 1, no. 19 (June 6, 1942).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
June 6, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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I } f I I -------------------------Vol. I No. 19 Army Air Forces Gunnery School, Tyndall Fieid, Fla., June 6, 1942 MOONE PROMOTED T O Fl(LL COLONEL -------. BliY BONDS Colonel Maxwell signs the first Pay R eservation Application for War Bonds at Tyndall Field as Post War Bond s Of ficer Lt. Garrett c. Rush looks ono Lt. Rush has carefully planned his War Bonds Campaign and has set 100% participation in the Pay Reservation Plan as his goal. Consult with your squadron Bond Agent or Lt. Rush on all questions concerning the Bonds. The promotion of Lieutenant Colone l Clifford J. Moore, Tyndall Field Quar termaster, to the rank of ful l colonel was announced by the Adjutant Gener al, Washington D.C., on Thursday. Colonel Moore has held his present position at Tyndall since June 20, 1941, and came here from Ft. Jay, N.Y. The Quartermaster enlisted in the Army as a private in 1914 and has been in the servic e continuously since that date. H e has held responsible positions a t numerous posts throughout the country, and as construction quartermaster at Maxwell Field, h e built the first hanger o n that Field. I The Colonel served in the Philippine Islands from 1914 to 1917 and again from 1929 to 1932, and was in France from 1918 to 1919. He was on temporary duty i n Sh a n ghai, C hina, when that I city was by the LEGAL CliNIC E STABLISHED A Legal Clinic, for the purpose of aiding Tyndall Field personnel iri the solution of their legal problems, has been established under the supervision I of the Post Courts and Boards Officer o There will be no charges for ser-lvices rendered by this group and all military personnel are urged to take advantage of its facilities. As p re-viously stated, the primary purpose of the clinic is to advise and aid the soldier on any legal problem. Appointments can be made by reporting to the Courts and Boards orficer, Lto Gabriel Powers, at Post Head lquarters.


/1 Cltat 11u Cltct;2/ain: THOUGHTS FROM HERE AND THERE From an interview of General William Booth, by Dr. J. Wilbur Chapman: "General Booth," said the American visitor, "tell me what has beenthesecret of your success?" The General hesitated a second. Then tears came into his eyes, as he replied: "I will tell you the l!lecret. G od has had all there was of me. There have been men with greater brains than I, men with greater opportunities. But from the day I got the poor of L ondon on my heart and caught the vision of what Jesus Christ could do with them, on that day I made up my mind that God should have all of William Booth there was. And if there is anything of power in the Salvation Army today, it is because God hatl had all the adoration of my heart, all the pov1er of my will, and all the influence of my life." "I learned from William Booth that the greatness of a man 1 s power is his e measure of surrender." Dr. J. Wilbur Chapman. Chaplain Herbert Wilson CORPORAL JAMES L. ELLIS June 2, 1942 Tyndall Field, Florida PVT. Z NOSY CAME l TYNDAlL. Private Roger R. Zenoby arrived at Tyndall Field last Saturday af.ternoon at 4:30 P .M. He had just besn transferred from Keesler Field Miss., unassigned. Twenty-eight hours after his arrival at Tyndall Field, Pvt. Zenoby found himself at the opposite end of the country,_ ready to report for Glider Pilot Training o n Monday morning l Pvt. Zenoby arrived at Tyndall unassigned but within 2 hours and 7 minutes he had been processed through the classification department, had undergone a thorough physical exemin ation, was designated and assigned for training as a Glider Pilot, watched his name being printed on a S pecial Order form$ was issued a transfer and departed from the Fieldl The speed with which the hundreds of details were taken care of is proof of the ability of Tyndall's departmental heads to cope with any emergency QUlZ SHOW VJCTORS CHALLENGED The seventh edi ti.on o f s "Thirst for Knowledge" radio quiz-bee promises to exceed the previous sessions in both entertainment and comW petition as last week s winners from the Weather Detachment take on the Challengers, a sharp-witted duo from Captain R oy Gardner's Squadron. Lt. Colonel Daniel W. Jenkins of the Depa rtment of Training, has been invited to be the guest speaker for the evening. Warrant Officer Robert Lankford, by popular demand, will continue as quiz-master for the show The Weather Detachment will be rep resented by Pvt. Morris La&kerandPvt. Chris Taylor. (Cpl. Vaughn Ausman, a regular m ember of the Weather team, : s off on f urlough). Corporal Olivor Burkhart and Pvt. Jack Retherington will do battle for the challengers. The program will be broadcast from the.USO Building over Station on Monday night at 7:30 P M


TECHNICAL SERGEANT THOMPSON The chief of Tyndall Field's Photo graphic section, Technical Sergeant Robert E. Thompson, has served more than seven years in the Army, most of which time has been sp en t i n photographic work. The sergeant has had t he unusual ex perience of spending more than half of his enlistment time on war maneuvers, working under simulated war conditions. Despite the fact that he enlisted on "Friday the thirteenth" (September 13, 1934) the sergeant has found his experience in the Army to have been both profitable an.d pleasant. After spending one year in the Infantry at Ft. Meade, Md., Sgt. Thompson transferred to the Air Corps and was stationed at Lan gley Field, va for five years. At Craig Field, Ala., he served as cownander of the guard and also as first sergeant of a school squadron. In 193 1, he completed courses at both Lowry and Chanute Fields. NEW BAND AR lVES Good news for 'I'yndall 1 s marching men comes with the an nouncement that a 28 piece band has arrived from Maxwell Field to become a permanent unit here Tyndall's new musical organization is under the direction of TjSgt. Wil iam J. Coul trap and S/Sr;t. Wilfred H. Stoner. These two men, Army veterans of 14 years6 have been stationed at Maxwell Field since October for the purpose of forming and training a band for Tyndall Field. PAilftS I CAPTAIN BRYAN The conunanding officer of the vitally important Tyndall Field Sub-Depot is Captain Loren A. Bryan, who is responsible for the sup ply, maintenance and repair of all things, -either directly or indirectly pertaining to the Field's aircraft. The Sub-Depot cownander has had wide civilian experience in the type of work he is now doing. F0 r two and a half years before he was called to active duty in the Anny, Captain Bryan was chief a gent for the Vul tee Aircraft Corp., now the largest producers of aircraft in the country. Captain Bryan is a native of Iowa, and attended Iowa State College at Ames, Iowa, where he specialized in architectural en gineering. The Captain was called into active duty from the Field Artillery Reserve on April 1, 1941, and was stationed in the Materiel Div ision, Wright Field, until he came to Tyndall on Sept. 16th. FlAG WEEK TO BE OBSERVED Arrang ements have been made by authorities at Tyndall Field to organize two provisional squadrons of 100 men each to participate in the Flag Day Parade planned for Monday. Tyndall's new band will make their first public appearance for the occasion. The Panama City Pilot Club has invited Captain &mnon McClellan to be the guest speaker on their Wednesday night Flag Day program at the Band Shell in the City Park. (8:00 P.M.)


Published every Saturday by the Public Relations Office, PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER Captain Ammon McClellan ASST. TO P. R. OFFIC:m Sit Jack Parks Pfc. Jerome Flacks ARTV:lRK Sgt. Oral Ledbetter Cpl. Darrell Broten Pvt. Carl B. Lencerich Pvt. Ernest Kenton REPRODUCTION STAFF T/Sgt. Woodrow w. Busb7 S/Sit Henry D. Vest Cpl. John webster Cpl. Harold Speck Pvt. Everett Tackett Pvt. Price Terry CCJ04ANDING Col. W. A.. Ka.xwell COLUMNISTS S/Sgt. Dewey H. Gossett and The Yardbird SEC1Y TO P. R. OFFICFB Miss Roberta Gammon SQUADRON REPORTmS Cpl. Robert L. Scott Pte o Robert D. Kintner Pvt. Ray Gros Pfc. George V. Dillard S/Sgt. Carl Brandt Sam Marotta Pvt. William walker A.AFGS, Tyndall Field, Fla. e EDI'l'at Cpl. Arnold Mllgaten ASSOCIAT.I IDI'l'at Pte. SaUl Samiot TYPIST Miss Marf Golden PHOTOGRAPHIC OP'FICFR 2nd Lt. Joseph Dickerman PHOTOGRAPHIC STAFF T/ Sgt. Robert Thompson Sgt. William Castle Cpl. John E. llitchell Pte. George Reitzert Pte. Harry Ha;ylock Pte. John Bauer Pte. Ralph Steiner


. .. The most pleasing sight; To see Lt. Walter Silva back at his desk in the capacity of Asst. Post Adjutant in Post Hqtrs And Congratulations to Jere C. Bristle, who on Wednesday morning was appointed Captain. we nominate Lt. Nelson, Sub Depot, for one of the most popular officers Tyndall's Royalty Captain Bryan should write a book on "Advice to the Newly Married11 Lt. D.B. Clayton, Corps of Engineers, was in Panama City recently, visiting his friends Wel come to Miss Jean Anderson, new Sec retary to Colonel Maxwell and while on the topic of secretaries, if this issue of the "Target" doesn't appear as neat as the others, you can blame that Gammon "Gamin" (Miss Roberta Gammon, Sec'y to P.R.o.) who has decided to tak e a well earned five-day fling even now she is probably out with the "Navy" guzzling champagne 1 It has been suggested that Mr. Lankford appear on the weekly Quiz Programs as permanent Master of Ceremonies capt. Mosely has a favorite hobby, that of riding the 4:30P.M. bus to p.c Lt. Guggino's pet job: Officer of the Day Lt. Nelson should learn his shoe sizes before presenting shoes I'm sure that all departments appreciate the efforts of Captain McCullough, Employmen t Officer An ideal g1ft for Capt. Howell: an electric 11signaturer11 H a ve you ever seen Col. Moore on a bicycle? How do you like Capt. Wil kins' new cap? Major Clarvoe keeps that midnight oil aburning Vhy is Lt. Bob Bean taking the quieter side of life these days. Could it be that all competition has ceased? We' 11 all be happy when Lt. Tannen makes the R.A Colonel Hyndman really boosted Tyndall Field when he spoke over the radio Monday evening Lt. Rawson appears greatly relieved now that the housing problem has been solved. --and S/Sgt. Ted Williams is trying to climb the Social Ladder; his latest compani on is Flacks Don't you that S/Sgt. Edwards makes an attractive ticket seller at our theatre? SHE said S/Sgt. B outwell is such an 11 i tsey bi tsey i ttle angel ''pie 11 San Schenker is back from furlough, now the Courts and Boards can get back in line r hear S/Sgt. Frank 11Tinneye" High is currently interested in "Ye Olde Bungalow" Cpl. Thurston. :Message Center Sheik, is better known as 11Toodles11 Cpl. Joe 1'ror.1bitas was the recipient of a lock of hair ail tied up in a pink ribbon. I hear her name is June We're not going to inquire as to why the smiles on s?sgt. Wise's face these days, but we ao know that it certainly is a for the better Congratulations to Sgt. G.A. May and his new bride It's a known fact that S/Sgt. Stone, Morning Report Section, has that certain appeal s/sgts. Dozier and Rogers arunit that they're house-hunting Why are all the men in Pos t Hdqtrs. suddenly becoming so interested in their 11work11, and to the extent that they don't particularly care about taking their lunch hour Best of luck to M/Sgt. Myers who was recently corLI..>nissioned as First L ieuten ant About the time that this is printed, Pfc. Henry E. Posden, QU, will take as his wife, Marian Reiners, o f N.Y. They will be married---not at 4: 30 P.M., but at four and one half o'clock dare you to ask S/St Cab bage Wonder what Jgto Payne (E. Alfonso9 to you ) was doin& at the beach until 3;30 A.M Just to ranind Willie Nilson that 20th isn't very far away Congrat::',;-..-. ulations to Farr and Un-;-. :, derwood on their recent ';."' promotions If nothing : \t else, these daily drill ( sessions will help Tech. \ ,. Sergeant Charlie Green 1.\ (:\: to regain his rgirlish / figure It isn't harming Sgt. McKaig either.


F QUARTERMASTER or the benefit of you QM men who occasionally 6xperience d\fficulty in getting out of "MP" trouble in town, remember that we have two of our h6ys on the MP Starr, Pvts. B. Moulard and J.B. Smith. Corporal "Dixie" Howell is back with a mechanic's course under his belt Those new glasses of Biffy's are quite becoming Can't understand how Pvt. Mitchell pan be so cruel as to keep his "Rose" away up there in Ohio The for Pvt. Hnylka's smiles theee days is the '"Mrs. 11 who has come to P. C. for the sUltmler A bucket o' 1 uck and stuff to Porter who recently took unto himself a wife and we'll certainly miss the smiles of Miss Cus ter who plans to leave us for the Navy Blue o f Pensacola. --RG. A ORDNANCE ecording to our outfit is leading in Chapel attendance, let's keep that record. With all the new technicians and the barracks is beginning to look like a zeb ra farm1 Items of the week: Pvt. Ponzio's "Fuller Brush" haircut Lt. I!utchison looking for one of his G.I. trucks Tech. Klenk counting the stripes in his room Pvt. sweating out his appointment as an Aviation Cadet. --RLS S CAPTAIN ROY E. GARDNER gt. Myers, we SALUTE youl It is a great honor for the Field and our outfit tha t men like yourself are recog nized for superb abilities and are placed i n responsible positions. Congratulations on your recent appointment from Master Se rgeant to Lt. in the AUSl To the men who are leaving our s9Uad ron, we say 11Good Luc k'', and to the new men, a "Hearty W elcome111 It is rumored that Ray Glass has his cardiac muscles doing a rhumba because of Lakeland lass. --GVD. _lf FINANCE lJune 1, 1942, will be long remembered by the men in our detachment. Pro motions came on that day that should put perpetual smiles o n our aces. First 9f all, T/Sgt. Luther R. Under wood received notice from Washington that he had been promcted to Master Sergeantl In addition, S/Sgt. Farr was awarded a well deserved dou rocker stripe, and Carl Brandt, Herbert Anderson and John E. Beagle also received well merited promotions. (Ed. Note: s/Sgt. Ca:rl Brandt, Finance news reporter left Tyndall on Wednesday for training at Fort Har ... rison. We wish Carl heaps of luck and will be looking forward to his A CAPXAIN WILKINS hearty welcome to the new recruits. look like a sturdy bunch of men despite the fact that most of them c 'ome from the Bronx. "Old Dad" Perkins got "hitched" last M onda y and is planning to honeymoon on his furlough Congratulations to the many men who received new ratings. Who was it that sent Pvt. Artel to the supply room for some chevron "pol ish"? A salute to SjSgt. O'Neil on the performance of his firing squad at Lyn n Have n recently. F PENCIL PUSHER& ive of our wandering boys came "home" last Sunday. W elcome back, Up church, Andersonp Levinson, Waller and Jariucevic! Congratulations to the men in our organization who are responsible fot our great showing in the War Saving s Bonds drive. SqUADRON OBSERVATIONS: Henry Barnes off on furlough to reaffirm Her "Yes''. J.D. Young and George Neitzert has anyone ever heard them raise their voice? Lynch and Crumley and their crew at Rdqtrs five men on a broom Dick Mahon 11and women." vern Burde shaw the man who loves to "gripe" and Friess the "forgotten men" Guastella ass' t. to S-4. --RD.M


, SOMETHING TO SHOOT AT: Major Fleming's score for this quiz was 1184". GENERAL: (4 points each) 1. What artist painted the famous picture, "Blue Boy?" 2. Is gelatin traosparent? 3. Who composed "Rhapsody in Blue?" Was it Paul Whiteman, George Gershwin or George M .Cohan. 4. Who discovered the process of vulcanizing rubber? 5 Guinea is the name of a coin, rodent, bird and land---Name them or identify them: : ARMY: ( 5 points each) 1 What is a "Line Officer?" 2 The General Staff is divided into 4 sections. G-1, 2, 3; and 4. the designation o f G-3? 3. It is possible to take a platoon o f men around a square block by giving them. one command. What is it? YARDBIRD'S BUCK PRIVATE'S NON-COM'S OFFICER'S GEOGRAPHY: (4 points each) 0 13 0 30 60 60 90 90 99 l. Where are the Orkney Isla nds lo-cated? 2. What is the capital of Nevada? 3. In what c ountry can the following cities be found---Mandalay, Ipswich, Londonderry and Sofia? 4. Where is the Ganges river? 5. Is Badlands National monument i n Texas, New Mexico or South Dakota? SPORTS: ( 5 points each) 1. Who is to play the title role in t he forthcoming motion picture on the "Life o{ Lou Gehrie?" 2. Who was the last Major League pitcher to win 300 games? 3. What baseball star has won the most "valuable player" awards? (He has recently been waived out of his league) 4. Identify One-Eye Connolly? YOUR V OCABULARY ( 4 points each) l. Grackle is a 2. Gar pike is a 3. Gelding is a a breakfast food. a. fish. a metal filler o b. jungle beast. b. dam b. flower. Co bird. Co spear C o horse. 4 Gibbon is a 5. Gamma is a 6. Guava is a a. ape. a. Greek letter. a. tree. b. small ribbon b. card game b. city c steel structure Co medicinal herb Co star. G L I OER PILOTS NEEDEO A recent letter from Headquartersg Fourth Corps Area, announces that all who pass the Aviation Cadet Exami nation with a grade of 65 or better, and who have a visual sharpness o f 20-40 or better correctible to 20-20, be accepted for immediate training as Glider Pilotso Enlisted men now awaiting appoint to Aviation Cadet Training Schools may volunteer for immediate assignment to Glider Pilot Training. all such applicants h owever should clearly unde rstand that Glider Pilot Training leads to appointment as Staff Sergeant. -M/SGT MYER RECf.IVES COMMISSION O n Friday May 299 the War Department announced that Master Sergeant Harold M of the Post Armament Shop at Tyndall Field had been com missioned as a first lieutenant in the Army of the United States. Lt. previous to his being had served over 15 years in the Army. He has specialized in armament, bomb sight maintenance and the of power turrets. The former Master Sergeant is a native of Indiana and lists fishing as his favorite hobby. he-will remain at Tyndall in the capacity of Post Armament Officer.


11Let this be clear; Your G overru nent is frankly seeking the current, regular saving s of the people---all the people--men, wom e n and children. ..rt is inviting y o u to save regularly and systematically by putting your money into t h e s o u nd e s t investmen t on the face of the earth---The United S t a tes o f America1 Y ou r Gov ernmen t wants to give every one have a financial D emocracy 11 of you a chance to stake in American Henry Morg anthau, Jr. Sec'y o f t he Treasu r y Treas ury Department will not measure the s uccess of the War Sa v ings Pro gram in terms o ( money alon e it will measure success in termB people participa ting in terms of the number of partners it wins amo ng the men, wom e n and children of the Natio n." H enry Morganthau, J r In 10 years the Treasury will buy back the B onds for a 1/3 more than y o u paid for them t The interest rate on your B ond s i s 2.9% co B pounded s emi-&nnu ally o r 3-l/3% s i mple interest if hel d to m aturity. If y ou find that you h a ve ov er-subscribed and c a nn o t continue p ayment notify your organization cownande r o r department head who will assist you i n the form necess a r y for c ancellation. The m i nimum pay r eservation that y o u can make toward s War Sa ving s Bonds is $1.25 per month. Y o u m a y p urchase a s many B on ds as you wish under t h e original auth o r i z a .tion 'th e sout'\dast Irwesttnent Oh the face of the eat"th'" If you leave the ser vice before comp l eting payments o n a Bond as soon as y our reservation has been pro perly cancelled, a che ck for your credit balanc e w ill be mailed directl y t o you. The B onds are N 0 '1' TRANSFERRAB L E, B U T ;y WAR SAVINGS BONDS can return it to the u.s. Tre a s ury Dept. at a n y time a f ter 60 days from the issue date and receive t h e f ull purc hase price plus any interest due y ou. r desire a b ov e all else to emphasize t h a t in just such measure s a s we support our Gove r nment will it be strong, e f f e ctive and safe The War Savings P r ogram is a privilege and o p portu n ity --an o p portunity t o share in the defense o f all the things we cherish a gain s t the t hrea t tha t i s made a gainst t hem. Fellow Americans, I a s k yo u to demonstr ate agai n your fait h in America. by j oining rne in investin g i n War Saving s Bond s ."-Frnnklin D t h e month is mad e Your B onds willbe ted o n t h e lst day of in which the final payment America has no c hoice but to a r m to make sure t hat this country remains sec u r e a gainst a ggression and t o supply t h e nations t hat are resisting aggression acr oss the s e a s In t his effort to guarcl the f r e edom whi c h we prize a b o v e all else, w e have g o t to financ e w ithout a stint a mighty p ro gram o f War end e a vor. The money to finance this will come from t h e s ale o f Bonds which you a nd I must buy i n o rder to w i n the Victory that we seek." Claude Ni c kard Sec y o f A griculture your Pcly ReSerVJtton o n Monday/


tJt ... thim Bonds rs a mity gud thing/'" 1 The ole Yardbird is feelin his nacherul self rite now. Mostly on account uv i is got a fuw dollurs lef aftur gittin payed off an i i s g o t a lot uv pleasunt memuries frum the"furst fuw nites which always fallers a Pay Day. T he man cawt me the othur day behin the barracks a settin dOW11 whin i wuz supposed ter be a wurkin an he axed me iff'n that wuz whut i wuz gittin payed fur an i tole him rite qwik, No i wuz doin that fur nothin atall. Wensdy whin wun uv the non cums aproched me with a smile i knowed rite off he wantid sumthin so i made haste ter git away but he dun kollared me fore i cud git a inch. he wantid me ter buy sum bonds an i axed him rite qwik jest how minny bonds i cud skweeze ot uv ma salrie. he esplained an figgered fur me an .i'inully kum ter the konklusion that i cud make a paymint fur the price uv only wun quart a munth. i wuz glad ter sign up but i made him think i wuz jest signin ter git rid u v him--didn't want him ter think he wuz smart enuff ter talk m e inter ennything Serious, tho, i figgers thim bonds is amity gud way ter save up an ter help ot a littel mo; tooo Nobody'll miss jest wun quart a munth; much Got a lettur f'rum my cuzzin Chinchy an he sayed his ole man t Mosely Buggs, has dun found a mity gud way uv gittin rid uv the crows outen his corn. He jest make s the skarekrows a li ttel shawter an combs the hare dovm wun side uv the fase an slaps a mustashe in misselanyus like an thim dang burds jest nacherlly kill therselfs a-laffin at emo Reckin i'd better be Yardbird (No. l) PLANE TALK. 1\o L 0 C K H E E D Yfo rHUDSON MILITARIZED VERSION OF THE 12 PASSENG-ER TRANSPORT 14" FOUR PLI\C!E. BOMBER WITH A BOULTON PAUL GUN TURRET USED BV R. C!OMMI\ND FOR BOMBING AND RECONNAISSANCE "SEE NEXT WEEK'S 'TARG-ET' FOR PLANE TALK NO. 2 NO. \ FIRST AMERlCAN MAl>E' BOM6EI\ IN WORLD WAR 1I A HUDSON CAPTURED A SUBMARINE


' 'A-l1 The time has beEim_set for 3:00P.M., Sunday afternoon. The place will be the Panama City Ball Park. The occa sion? The first TyndallField team to take on outside competition, the 846th "Big _Nine", will meet .the un de feated Panama City Giants in what promises to be a thrilling baseball tussle._ The boy s of the colored ter unit have been looking forward to this game for several weeks and their captain, Cpl. 'Pruitt, expressed the general f eeling when he said, W e are going to give them everything we've got on Sunday." Cpl. Pruitt has announced the fol lowing line-up for tomorrow's game: Kimble, RF; MatheW:, lB; Randle, 2B; Captain Pruitt, 3B; Johnson, LF; Pritchett,ssj Walker, CF; Willingham, P; Wil der, P -----------,,;.. .... ... ____ .., ...... BOXING MATCHES WILL BE HELD WEDNESDAY ----------r SUNDAY, JUNE 7th 6 r30 A.M --Mass Finnerty 8r00 A.M. --Mass Che.plain Finnerty 9t00 A .M. --Sun4ay School Chaplail1 V/ilson 10:00 A.M. --Morning Worship "Jesus Affected Me Thus" chaplain Wilson 8:-00 P.M. --Evening "The Gospel F'or Men" Chaplain McClelland WEDNESDAY, JUNE lOth ...... : Bible Study Hour THUHSDAY, JUNE 11th 7tO'O P.M ;.;;,,,.Fellowship Club FRIDAY, JUNE 12th StOO P .;; Jewish Services ANNOUNCEMEUT t Chaplain Herbert T. Wil son wi!l he the guest speaker at the Lynn Haven Methodist Church tomorrow evening at 8 r 00 P.M. All Tyndall men are invited_ and urged to attend. Softball activities for the past two weeks have been rather light due to the over abundance of liquid sunshine and only two games were played this week. Lt. Blackwell's boy s trounced the Quartermaster nine in a 13-1 route. The other contest was a convincing victory by Headquarters over Lt. Schr ock's ball The Pencil Pushers won in a walk-away, 10-2. Lt. John A. Des Partes Monday Lt. David H. Fogel 6 .:15 P.M Lt. Wesley H. Pa r ks Tuesday Lt. William F Blackwell 6:15 P.M Capt. M Wilkins Wednesda y Lt. John L Moores 6:15 P.M. :Lt. Frank D. Slou g h Thursday Lt. John A Des Fortes 6:15 P.M. Capt. Roy E. Gardner Friday Lt. E R. Englebrecht 6:15 P.M. Lt. H o ward A. Nicholls Saturday Lt. A Campbell .6:15 P.M. Lt. George R Schrock Sund ay Lt. Milton B 6t00 P.M. GENERAL: Thomas Gainsborough; Yes; George Gershwin; Charles Goodyear; g lish coin, Guinea-pig, Guinea hen New Guinea. SPORTS: Gary Cooper; "Lefty" Grove ; Jimmy Foxx; A notorious gate crasher. ARMY: A Line Officer is a commander -of a unit. He receives orders from higher authority_ and passes them down to hi-s subordinates; Operations and Training; "Follow me". GEOGRAPHYt Off the northern coas t of Scotland the Atlantic Ocean. Carson City; Burma., England Ireland Bulgaria; India; South Dakota. YOUR VOCABULAHYr Bird; Fish; Horse; ApeJ Greek letter;


SUR.E I !<.NOW WHAT TO SHOOT AT, BUT WHAT IS THAT WHITE THING-FOLLOWING-IT? When necking in the parlor and you hear a noise upstairs, it's a good idea to listen, look and stop1 111'ell me, when is a good girl not a good girl. 11 "Nine times out of ten, pal." A hick town is a place where, when a gal steps o u t fit as a every man in town wantsto be her. beau. "Darling as I kissed you then, love was born." "That's fine, dear, but Wipe that birthmark off your lips. 11 Men, this is no joke: BUY WAR SAVINGS BONDS FOR YOURSB.'LF, FOR AMERICA! .. .Jt,.. .. 1 ........ t{ ;\f;' I .. : ... . Getting drunk is my delight. A delight is something that gives pleasure. Giving pleasure is an honorable pursuit. But will m y wife believe this? "How would you like for me to meet you in your dreams tonight?" asked the girl o f the boy And the boy said, "Half-way 1 Private Jones had volunteered for a special job, a nd was being interviewed by the Colonel. "Have you the firmness of character that enables a man to go on and so do his duty in the face of ingratitude, criticism, and ridicule?," asked the Colonel. "Well, 11 said 3illikins, 11 I was o cook all through the laet war. 11 11'fhat new shavetail is a ma. n o f few words." 11illlho told you that?" 11E e did-----for three hours." "What kind o f dress did Betty wear at the party last nie;ht?11 "I don't rerr1ember. I think it was checked." 11Boy1 That must have been a real party." ( TULANE Hl!'LLAEALOO)


11 s 111/4 ?# tlit Oliver Oswald Lellington Luch wasn't much. He was disgustingly unassuming and needed and such was the status of Oliver Lucho Harlington Harcourt Felicius Ferdinand on the other hands would sweep everyone he did meet off his feet.,. In all the land no one could compare with Ferdinanda Patience Patricia Gwendolyn Green was a queenc Lavender and reams of very old lace was her paceo Your bean would reel at the sight of Miss Greeno POST THEATRE June 6 "Whispering Ghosts" Milton Berle Brenda Joyce SilliDAY, J une 7-8 "Broadway" George Raft Pat O'Brien TUESDAY. June 9 "Sunday Punch" Guy Kibbee Jo Carroll Naish WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, June 10-11 11Ship Ahoy" Eleanor Powell Red Skelton Tommy Dorsey an.d Orchestra FRIDAY g June 12 11Mayor of 44th Street" Now both of these guys brought sighs George Murphy Anrie Shirley I ----------,";: from the love-laden breast o f Patricia. I sure wish'ya could see how deeply in love were these threeo Each of the suitors in would burn at the sou nd of his ri,L..lvs ne.me from the dame t hey knew could not decide 'tween the two. This thing must come to a head, they snidp so together they went to A1iss Green for a scene in which they would find with whom sheUd hitcho RITZ SUNDAY, MONDAY, June 7-8 "Rio Ritan Abbott and Costello TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, June 9-10 "Mayor of 44th Street' George Murphy Anne Shirley THURSDAY, FRIDAY, June 11-12 uTrue to the Army" Judy Canova Al lan Jones SATURDAYP June 13 11Blue White and Nolan Mary Beth Hughes LATE SHOW SATURDAY NIGHT "Sweetheart of the Fleet" Jinx Falkenberg Woodbury PANAMA She thought for merely a second, SUNDAY MONDAY June 7-8 then becko ned "'ruttle s of Tahiti" to Luch9 who finally had won her 9 Charles Laughton ,Jon Hall for a was TUESDAY, June 9 and a PILOT was & .. 1. l?e.dy eould be& 11Lone Star Vigilantes" w1ogden Tash Bill Elliot Tax Ritter s H w WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, June 10-11 MfN s 1R..-!.J. 0 11Go West" lfl ._. The Marx Brothers FOR THE 8ENfFIT Of THE FRIDAY SATURDAY 9 June 12 "This Time for Keeps" A E R Ann Rutherford t1Wide Open Town" Bill B oyd Russell Hayden WE1l. lUHE t"'ih


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