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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 1, no. 20 (June 13, 1942).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
June 13, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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I l ------------'-----------Vol. I No. 20 Army Air Forees Gunnery_ F'ield, Fla., June 13, 1942 PAY BILL /lEACHES PHES//JE/117 Lt. Colonel Floyd Hyndman, Officer in charge o f Army Emergency Eelief activities in this area, and Mr. Fnld Philips. the popular Panama City fi[:; ure who has volunteered .his ser-vices to produce the A.E. R Minstrel Show which Vfill be presented at the Hit.z Theatre on \Vednesday evenine:,. ____ A.E.R. MINSTREL SHOW AWAITS MID-WEEK PRF.MI ER wheth e r o r not you've cn,joyed minst rel shows in the past should not interfere with your plans to be .\.mong the limited audience that will be permitted to see the great blackface musical show that is to be presented for the benefit o f the Army Emergency l(elief Fund on wednesday night a t the Ritz Theatre. The show, which has been in rehearsal for the past six weeks, is reported to be one of the finest productions ever to be staged in this vicinity. Among the prominent professionals appearing in the "olio" are Major Carnahan and his wife, veterans of the stage and screen, and Bud Davis. mana ger of the local theatres, who also is an ex-trouper. The music for the show will be furnished by Tyndall's band. Sighs of relief echoed throughout the nation last Tuesday as millions of men in the armed forces relaxed for the first time in months. The occasion of' course, was the passing of the f amed pa.Y bill by Congress, providing for a minimum wag e of for privates o .nd apprentice S f;:amen with a g raduated increase in pay for men of the h ir;her grad.et;, I G vra:s r1. a nd hard for both th; J::,_'n :in t!--H:> service and con gressmen. latter outdid themselves trying; to decide what would be the best fi(1_:tHe for the increase, while the forrner had to sit on the sidelines and b.i te n.ng;ernai ls as they watched the gruellinG tussle. AlthcuGh effective as of' June 1st, there is little likelihood that the J.nc.,.b .. .., will be received with this month' ::-; pay:ro 1. I. .. SUNDAY NlTE CEREMONIES CLOSL FLAG WEEK ACTIVI Tl ES One ol the most successful F lag Weeks Hl the history of Panama City wi.ll be brour;h--c to a close tomorrow vofheu the local American Legion Post completes j _te ceremonies which bef;in at 5:JO P.M. in the City Park. Mr. Fred Philips chairman o f 'the Flag Week Committee, announced that he was extreJnely grateful t o the men of Tyndall F':ield for their part in the week's activities. In addition to seve n leading c1v1c orr;atlizations that arranged a program for each day all clergymen in this vicinity are planning to use "Our as the topic of their Sunday Sermons.


"Th e wor s t turns the best to the bra.ve.11 "Th e r e is a. peace whi c h cometh after sorrow -not the peace which o v e r Eden brooded -but that which trimnphed in Gethsemane .'' A s a flower is known by its fragrance, we are known by the deeds we do.' The r e is a flo wer that blooms in the desert (the night-bl ooming c e r eus) so fra grant that one b l ossom perfumes a considerable area.. VVhen this flower, w hich for months h a s been a bundle of nondescript-looking sticks growing in the sand beg ins to unfold its petals, the reverent Indians believe that a Great Spirit walks the sands, a nd t h ey regard the exquisite flowering with s omethin g of the awe reserved for the mystery of birth and death." "I held it truth, with him who sings To one clear harp in divers tones, That men may rise on stepping stones Of their dead selves to higher things.'' 11The strongest characters are those which .have been hammered out of mist akes and failures; those 1Nho, likt: the oyster, have turned the irritating grain of' sand into a pearl.'' .hnpltdn Herbert T. Nil:>o n Remember-Sunday ,June2lst .. FathersDay Military Police Co. Tyndall Field, Fla. My family and I wish to express our deep appreciation to each of you for the friendship and sympathy you shoned to our dear s o n and brother. The flag o f carnations was perfectly beautiful. May the Lord bless and protect each of you and if you have a mother, may she be spared this tragedy and may you return to he r some day Sgt. Willard Turner t oo k care of all the details so well. If any o f you recall any words that my s on said after he was hurt, I would b e g lad t o hear fro m you o Please let t h e entire c o mpany k now that I am very grateful for the f l o w erso Sincerely, Mrs G. R Ellis If any o f you should ever be in J a c k s on v i l l e Florida, wont you plee.se com e to s e e us? Our telephone number is 7-82 92 and our address is 2749 Lowell Aven ue. O N E I Q AOR N AlREADY BOASTS '?o IN WAR BONOS t>RlVE Lt. Garrett c. Rush, Post War Bonds Officer, announce d today that o n e squadron on the Field already boast s 100;/ nart.iei pation in the W a r B onds pay 1"!-;t>:Jl'Vt;tion ]Jla n arnont; its e nlisted This o utfit, un de r the cor.nnanci f Captain John Strobel, expects to have its officer personne l signed up very sho rtly and g ive i t a true status. One of the better features of a War Sav1.ngs Bond is that a co-owner may cash in a Bond for the value o f the payments made without the consent or signature of the oth e r owne r LT. DICKERMAN TO SPEAK S/Sgt. Te d Williams and Pvt. Bertram Bernheim will represent L t Nicholl's squadron on Monday n i gh t's quiz s howo The reigning champs of the Weather D e tachment, Pvts. Morris Lasker and c. Taylor will take on the challengers Lt. J Dickerrr.an Post P hoto graphi c Officer, has been invited to be the the radio s ho w


SERGEANT P E TERSON A key member of the all-important ground crew which makes possibl e the keeping aloft o f Tyndall Field's aircraft and the successful prosecution of its training pro gram is Master Ser geant Walter Peterson, line chief for one of the school squadrons. Sergeant Peterson enlisted in Sept., 1920 and spent one year in the Cavalry. He has had 15 years of in the Hawaiian Islands, where he was a mechanic in the Infantry, Coast Artillery, and the Air Corp s from 1924 to 1939. The line chief grew up and was edu cated in Philadelphia, Pa. Sergeant Peterson cam e to Tyndall Field in 1941. from l!axwell Field, Ala., where he was a post inspector from January 1939 until he cam e to Tyndall The Sergeant is married and lives at the (ove Gardens Apartments. NEWMAN PROMOTE() TO MAJOR The promotion of Captain Walter D. Newman, supervisor of the ground ran ges at Tyndall Field, to the r ank of major was announced here Wednesday. Captain Newman came to Tyn d all on Dec. 8, 19 41 f rom Camp Blanding, where he was stationed from the time he was called to active duty (Nov. 25, 1940) until transferred here. The rang e officer's horne is in Guntersville, Ala., and he was a member o f the Alabama Le gislature at the time he was called to active duty in the Army. sy PARKS I It'I RST LISUTENANT BURKHART First Lieutenant John A Burkhart, Personnel Officer here since January, 1 942 is a veteran of mor e than 19 years of service in the Army a former enlisted man and a top-notch officer. Enlistine; in the Army i n 1 917, Lt. Burkhart served t hroughout the war and re-enlisted b. ay, 1919. Since that time he has been in the C avalry, In fantry, karine Corps, FieldArtillery, and Air Corps. In fact, he has been in eve r y branch o f our armed forcesexcept the Navy a nd Coast Guard. He was a member of the orie;inal squadron at Ft. J<:.nox, Ky., w hich later formed nucleus of ou1 Armored Forces. From 19 35 to 1941 the Personnel Officer was a sergeant instructor in the FieL Artillery. He wa s commiss ioned ir. J a n., 1941 and six months later w a s sent to the Adjutant General's School, Washington, D c. It is the responsibility of Lt. BUrk hart to straighten out the many tan gles t hat a r e constantly nr1s1ng in the life of 11John Baloney," as he t e rms the "average soldier.11 Passing on requ ests for transfers, selecting men to g o t o various schools and securing personnel with w hich to activate new s quadrons, are only a. few o f the multitude of j o b s performed by Lt. Burkhart. 'iVhen off duty, the lieutenant can be found making out personnel records for his l atest catch of fish.


Published every Saturday by the Public Relations Office, AAFGS, Tynd all Field, Fla. PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER Captain Arrunon McClellan ASST. TO P. H, Qlt'FICER Sgt. Jack Parks Pfc. Jero m e Flacks ART W O R K Sgt. Oral Ledbetter Cpl. Darrell Broten Pfc. Ernest Kenton Pvt. Carl B Lengerich EmPRODUCTION STAFF T/Sgt. W ood row 1iJ. Busby Cpl. John Webster Cpl. Harold Speck Pfc. Francis Churchill Pvt. Eve rett Tackett Pvt. Price Terry SONGS,/ c/OKES, COMMANDING Col. w. A MarNell COLUMNIST S S/Sgt. Dewey H Gossett and The Yardbird SEC'Y TO P R. OFFICER M iss Roberta. Gammon SQUADRON REPORTERS S /Sgt. Carl Brandt Cpl. Robert L Scott C p l William Dufrayne Pfc. H obert ]). Mintner Pvt. Ray Gross Pvt. Sam M arotta Pvt. 1\'illiam Walker EDITOR Cpl. Arnold Milgaten ASSOCIATE EDITOR Pfc. Sau l Samiof RiOTOGRAPHIC 2nd Lt. Joseph Dickerman PHOTOGHAPHIC S TAFF T/Sgt. Robert Thompson Sgt. William Cas tle Cpl. Paul M cCormick Cpl. J ohn E Mitchell Pfc, George Neitzert Pfc. Harry Haylock Pfc. John Bauer Pfc. R alph S teiner Pfc. Edwi n Mars h Pfc. James Birdsall c ADMISSION-1.00


Miss Ellen Brodnax arrived on Thursday "Deep in the i of Texas ( Mexia Texas, to exact) and be the bride of Jj ( Lt. Wilford L. St, .' J app, (also a true Texan) at a in the Pos t Chapel at Hie.;h Noon, Friday, June 12, 1942 Lt. Stapp said that Lt. Russo (Lt. Stapp's "boss") has never done him a greater favor than when he gave his bride away. Both Lt. Stapp and his wife attended the University of----(yep, you guessed it) Texas 1 Here s wishing Stapp and Ellen just lots of happiness and we hope that "Sunny Florida11 will not prove too poor a substitute for the Lone Star State Now that Lt. Stapp has deserted the bachelor fold, we expects Lt. Hutchison to soon follow iil, his footsteps Lt. Tannen boasts that he is the proud possessor of the most beautiful moustache o n the Field--wonder if he's seen the one being sporte d by one of the Dutch Officers, which reminds me of the 11 Bicycle Built for Two" days 'Tis a race between Chap lain I.1cClelland and 6haplain Wil s on to see who can do the most marrying Lt. Kopach haunts our loC'al Post Office, "sweating out",. I suppose, a letter from the one who counts Post Headquarters is glad to see Col. Hyndman back at his old desk and the same time, the Air Base Group should consider themselves fortunate that Major ''Slick" Clarvoe is with them again. entire Post is proud of former Master Sergeant Norval Rhodes who has been commissioned asr Second Lieutenant Congratulations to Captain Nelson and 1st Lt. Slater, two of our Sub Depot Officers recently promoted, it should be a rather pleasant surprise for Lt. Slater when he returns from his lea.ve Heartiest congratulations also go to Major Newman. o f the Dept. of Training on hie. promotion. One of the most puzzling questions in recent months has been the wa;'{ in which T/Sgt. Busby a lways seems to nave his yellow roadster full of beautiful galst Sgt. Cabbage defines Pvt. Van Dan as being a type of Bird t hat doesn't fly We're g l ad to see Sgt. Sauls with those ''Top Kick11 stripes, incidentally, have you e ve r noticed how this boy gets around h e seems to be all over the Field Sgt. Harris seems to have found what he wants out at the Long Beach Casino How about a "Thank You" letter to the Atlanta, Chmaber of Commerce, Sgt.? M/Sgt. Postlevnlit has announced that he is in the market for a shack-mate now that the 11:00 curfew is on He requests that all a pplications be submitted to him immediately Don't kid "Kid11 Truchan about his picture on the Sports Page, he can still pack a mean wallop Inci dntally, it 1 s too bad that Truchan, after passing all requirements for o.c s., was rejected because of his youth VIhy is it that everyone tries to steal the paper weights o n S/Sgt. Ted \Villiams' desk? Sgt. Payne is certainly having dif-ficulty trying to keep a secretary o n his knee Glad to seo Francis Chur chill uck .from furlough, but judging .from rns looks, he must have had a ten-ific timet One of tthe ,, saddest stories t c ever come out of Tyndall Field can be obtained from Cpl. Trombitas or yours truly (Jmybody got a towel"?) Then there's t h e one about Pvt. Harold Strangman, Post Office Clerk, who is so used to look ing up unknown addressees, that whe n the cast of characters was shown on the screen of the Post Theatre the othe r night, he leaped up with a cr'J of joy and shouted, "I know him, he's .in the r448th 1 1" Advance reports on Wednesday night's Minstrel Show rate it as Topsl" A.E.R. MINSTREL SHOW WEONESI>AV HITE RITZ THATRE 8PM. ftoo


Whats Your Name?? In order to a void the awkward neces s ity o f using a squadro n conunander 1 s name to designate a squadron, eac h organization's reporter is asked t o c anvass his outfit to determine the m ost popular nickname, which h ence f orth will be u sed in the "Target" in lieu of the commanding officer's name. The nickname must be approved by either the First Sergeant o r the c .o. The squadron reporters will turn in their nicknames along with the original squadron numbers for use in the next issue of the "Target". T 907th he QM welcomes Captain Melville E Noble, formerly of the N .Y C. police Force, who has recently been as ra.il transportation officer. Now t hat we have our daily dozen in the footwork dept., we see that Ole Lee has developed foot trouble, hmmm, could be rs it really true that termites got the best of Kimberg's mustache? Sgt. Lee is now like the old woman who lived in a shoe, he's got so many non-coms, he doesn't know what to do Lt. Samuels says there's not an outfit on the Field that looks as g ood as ours. Did you know that the commissary is soon to have a new large butcher shop? And, we did win that ball game the other night. See the sports page for the retraction. F ORDNANCE irst Sergeant Sam Ridulph is con fined to the hospital with a throat. Here's hoping he has a speedy recovery. Orchids to Cpl. Miller and Pvt Fisher for their efforts in mak i n g Ordnance ball team a success. Items at Random: Tech. "Straw Boss K lenk and his Skeet Rangers. Best bi cycle rider on the Field is Lt. Hutchinson. Wonder why Tedl .Parks and Pvt. DaY i s smile so muc h these days? And ditto for our Lt. Campbell -it m ust b e that funny little man with the b o w and.arrow. --RLS. LT. G. R. SCHROCK lfhe s quadr on w ishes to extend a h e arty welcome to 1st Lt. George R. Schrock o u r new commanding officer, and t o 2 n d Lt. Ross Fryer, our new adjutant both o f whom arrived here re-centl y from the RCAF Also, a warm "hello" t o the n e w men who have joined the ou tfit in the past few days. The b oys enjoyed their party .last Friday and are already looking forward to the next one. It has been recommended that Sgt Harper take up t he mor e peaceful spoit of boxing. S gt. Holman and Cpl. H i ggison have suddenly become interest e d i n the grocery business, can it be the stock or the clerks? --B.K '"TAT LT. G F. BLACKNELL VV ell, now that he h a s his stripes, it must be offic ial, so, congratulations, First Se r g e ant R ahm. A very hearty welcome to L t Blackwell, we hope h e'll b e wi t h u s for a long time. Vvonder which Walt e r Chop e prefers, h i s title or his j o b? W L'I' JOliN L MOORES elcome to y our new command, Lt. Moores! Our War Bond sales are really boo:millg and it's swell t o see all of the boys pitching in, doing their bit. Something ought t o be done about our softball team, since w e lost our star pitcher-they haven't been doing so _well. Meanwhile, much interest has been shown in t h e cornin g Pool Tourna ment. L ots of luck to C pl. Gupton, who has l e f t f o r the Officer's Candidate Sch o o l at Ft. B elvo ir, Va. --ss A PENCIL 1 though ou r ou tfit may differ from the other squadron s in m any respects, this past week we e xp erienced along with m ost o f the units on the Field a change inC .o .l's We certainly wish Lt. Wats o n lot s o f l u c k o n his new assignm ent a nd at the same time, a warm welcome to L t Wesl e y H Parks. --X -


iit2 YAT?DBIR. D The ole Yardbird is feelin mity blue, sentermintall, an awful sad, rite now. In fack, i feels very much unwatered. mainly on account uv the edditer dun tole me i dont git in near enuff trubble lately, i is gittin too gud with ma superriers, an if i dont git bale ter ma ole way uv livin, hes a gointer figger i is buckin fur a ratin (Hevvin fobidt) an he aint gonna figger me as a Yardbird no mo. H e sho did offind me konsiderabble. But i cudnt offur no ecksplinashun er even give a exkuse so i jest laid the blame wher it is always put--on the 1 rekrutes. This hear daily drill is gittin me down. The man sayed it is fur ma own gud an ter ma hel th 1 s advantigo but :i. kinde. i cud stay in the best u v hel th without all that ecksercize. I wuz up tow n the othur ni te in the sto a snowin the purty li tte l gurl whut sells pu rfoom a n i wuz a tryin ter make gud konvursashun by axin k:weschuns aboot the murchendise a n there wuz surn littel sacks uv mity nice smellin sawdust em i axed whut they wuz fur an she sayed You put em in drawers ter make em smell gud an i tole hur it wuz a gud idee but i f'iggere d i t wud be kind uv unkumfur tabla. i nevur got no date with hur an i dont believe she like s me, but i cant figger on account uv how cum. I heerd tell on the raddyo that us Yardbirds is gointer git a konsiderabul increase in pay purty soon. That is whut i is always advokated, an it makes me very h a ppy t e r know t hat I will soon be drawing so minny quarts. I reckin they is dun realized that us Yardoirds is mity importint peeple aftur all. Reckin i d better b e agoin---------The Yardbird (No. l) PLANE TALK N0 2 I : P .. .. .. -A.V.0-. SHOT DOWN OVER 400 JAP PLANES AND ONLY LOST TE"N OF THEIR. OWN A.V.G-. ON THE BUR.MI\ ROAD USE THE P-40 PLA.NES ARE 1\EPAII\ED AND SERVICED UNDER THE SHELTEI\ OF G-IANT MANCTO TREES. THE P 40 WAS DEVELOPED FI\OM THE P-36 &. P-37 MODELS 5Y THE P-40D WAS POWERED BY AN ALLISON ENGINE ,BUT NOW THE P-40F IS POWERED BY THE AMERICAN MADE MERLIN Afl.MOI\ED

1AIGrte RED + GROSS There were eleven knitters and six sewers at the Red Cross Monday. (You can do better than that, girlso ) M rs. Maxwell is now distributing Army and Navy yarn for not only sweaters, bu t scarfs, socks and wristlets---lots o f fun and easy. The sewers are busily w orking on layettes. Many more sewers are needed. Let's h ave a bigger turnout next M o nday. Last week a pair o f scissors was reported missing from the Red Cross sewing roo ms, and a pair o f Wiss scissors left in their place. W e would appreciate t he return of the missing pair on Mond ay. POE'M (For Mothers Only) DO A S I TELL YOU! Y ou have been milk And all the vita mins the Lord provides; Your limbs are straig h t your s kin i s soft as silk; A nd y ou have charming hurly hair, besides. W:i.th codfish livers a nd with castile soap, Y ou have been plied until y ou look delightful; You'r e well supplied with chari t y and hope ; Your temper's s u nny if a trifle spiteful. And now, as y ou fare blithely fort h t o slaue,hter With those dark eyes some tms1.1s pectin g male, Disse m ble and b e adamant, m y daughter; Let no man see you tremb l e an d grow tJa.l e I did not feed you prunes and carrot juice So some brash b oy could break yo u r heprt i n splinters; Nor that yo u f all so hard, your wits jar loose, Did I preen yo u summers and zipper you of winters Your smile i s gay; your nerves are 132 s teady; Remember your graceful backbones b'aced with cod ; Remember, suspens e makes l ove extn:H11ely heSJ.d y I leave the r est to gentlemen-an 4. ,'-od. F l'&l' :>s Frost STRICT L Y CONFIDENTIAL: Among t h e new comers t o MacA rthur----Mr.s. Lerche, Mrs. Newman, Mrs Sollod, L awson *** Overlook the tar, peop l e and if you can't overstep try Mrs Q Williams 1 practice o f a nightly kerosene foot-bath for the children ***Guests this week---Mr s Strobel, Wa-s o Mrs. Canzoneri, Mrs. Tru man and Mrs. Wynn. *** How that the M o sleys are o n leave, they spez:1d all their. time fishi nr;. Mrs. Samuel a n d M r so Howell a r e adding t o their lovely tans, spending a week at the beach. We hear that M rs. :Moore is happily settled in her new h ome on the reservation---we miss having her close b y but know she will like i t out there.*** Cheer s for Mrso Vernocy who bowl ed e 1 9 1 at the alleys last week. *** Absent from our m:i.dst last wee k e nd Mrs attending a wedding in Pensacola *** For pleasant a.nd attractive surrounding s and lots of fun, try the Yacht Cl ub. *** Come and join the sun -w o r shippers on the Yacht Club pier every morning. *** We like Mrs Maxwell in her offic ial Red C ross uniform. ***Mrs. Mosel y d i d a v ery good job leading the C on ga at the C o untry Club Saturday night. *** Our apologies if "The Targette" is not up to p a r thi s week. Y o\lr regular editors, Mrs. Morton Mrs. 1horpe a.nd M r s Nimocks, are enjoyi ng a much-deserved vacation. ---Anonymous.


Sm!:ETHING TO SHOOT AT: Lt. Silva's score for this quiz was "9411 GENERAL: (4 points each) 1. What was t h e name of Hendrick Hudson's boat? 2. vmat world f amous political figure was given tb.e nick name "Happ y Warrior" ? 3. Who was the first signer of the Declaration of Independence? 4 How long; would it take the earth to co mple t e 15 of its 3 60 degrees of rotation'? 5. In what comic strip does "Uncle Bim11 appear? ARMY: (5 p oints each) 1. What is the 4th General Order? 2 The Interior Guard is under the supervision of a corrm1issioned Officer. What is his title? 3. What is the smallest "'Gactical unit i n the Army Air Forces? ATTENTIO N : A free theatre pass will be awarded to the man who s ends in the best question and answer for next Sat-urday's H O W DO YOU RATE"?. I YARDBIRD'S BUCK PRIVATE'S rJON-COM'S OI<,FICER Is SPORTS: (5 points each) 0 30 30 60 60 90 90 9 9 1. With what sport do you associate Walter Hag en? 2 Handball is recognized as a great body conditioner. What country did it originate in? 3. How many men does it take to make up an Ice Hockey team? 4. Lou i s Myer s and Nilbur Shaw are both great au t o racers. What record do they share in common? ( 4 points each) 1. There are two very famous Parks. Vfuere are they located'! 2 In what country can the following cities be found---Antwerp, Alexandria, Bern and Bergen? 3. W hat is the capit&.l of the Neth erlands? 4. Is the Tropic of Cancer no:rth or south of the Equator? 5 What .tate in the United States is bordered by Colorado Nebraska, Oklahoma snd l\fis souri? YOUR VOCABULARY (4 points each) 1. Harebell is a 2. Hogshead is a 3. Hamste r is a a. rabbit. a c loth. a rodent. b. flower. b. tight shoe. b. ho g C o pineapple. c. large cask. c clothes line. 4 Harvestman is a 5. Hundred-weig h t is r;_ 6 Henna is a a. insect. a. 1/00 of a pound. a. chi b black board. b 100 po und s b. d ye c. scare-crow. c 1000 pounds. c. minstrel man. SUNDAY, 14th WEDNESDAY, ,JU:JIJE 17th 6:30A.M. -Mas s Chaplain F'i.nnerty 8:00A.M. M ass Chaplain Finnerty 9:00A.M --Sunday School Chaplain VY"ilson 10:00 A !t.. Morning Uorship ''F lag; Week" Chaplain Wilson 8:00P.M. --Evenine; Worship ''The Christiau Army Cha plain McClelland '7:30 P.M ............ Bible Study Hour 1'HUHSDAY, JTJNE 18th 7:00 P.M Fellowship Club FRIDAY, JUNE 1 9th 6:00 P.M Jewish Services


SPOR.TS "Kid 19 Truchan of Hq. & Hq. takeR one o n the chin from Georg e Mendel of Lt. J. Moores' outfit. LAR G E CROWD WITNESSES ZND. TYN DALL BOXING C A R 0 Close to a thousand Tyndall f ight fans were on hand last Wednesday nite to w itness the second series of the inter-squadron boxing matches. Crawford Mosel y Student Physical Educa tion Instructorg again carried out the refereeing assignment. Uajor H .1!. Cl arvoe a n d Lt. Frank D. Sloug h along with Mosely made u p the judging trio. The following are the results of the evening's eight bouts. l. })yt. Guastella vs. Pvt. Plautz--No real dama g e done. Plautz by decision. 2. Kid Truchan vs. Pvt. Mendel--Packed with action. Mendel by decision. 3. Pvt. Gott vs. Pvt. Resnicoff--Well matched bout. Resnicoff by decision. 4 Pvt. Rafferty vs. Pvt. Yetman--Last r o u nd very fe. st. Rafferty by deci sian. 5 Pvt. Pease vs. Pvt Pa.lumbo --Nicely matched. Knockdown by Pease. D r aw. 6. Cpl. Downey vs. Pfc. Gonzales--Latter outweighed 1 0 lbs. Both men very fast all the wa.y. Gonzales on points. 7. Pvt. Przygocki vs. Pvt. Lee--Bou t stopped after 1 minute of lst round when Lee suffered cut over right eye. 8. Pvt. Przygocki vs. Pvt. Dopler-Well placed blows by Przygockio F ast mov ing bout. Przygocki b y d e cision. BOXING MATCHES T'.riiS WEEK WILL BE HELD O N THURSDAY. 'rUE POST BAND HAS BEEN SCHEDULED T O PLAY BETWEEN BO)JTS Pfc. Gonzales back s away after flooring Cpl. Downey in the 6th bout. 846 Ttl Q.M. SLUGGERS STOPPED The boys on the 846th Q .M. baseball team played a. g o o d brand of ball last Sunday, but experience and superior batting power finally downed them as the Panama City Giants w on by a 10-4 score. The Tynde.ll men s h owed plenty of spirit and when these t eams meet again it may b e a different story. '?

DON'T EVEP. COME OVEI\ f\0-AIN AFTER M ACHINE CUN PI\ACT ICE/ Toots:. "Private Mort and I went for a walk in the woods today." Honey: "How far did he go?" Toots: "As far as my conscience would let mel" Gal: "I'm going to spend a safe and sane Fourth o f Jul y up at his place." Gal Friend: "I wouldn't --about that1 There'll be plenty of fireworks with him around you!" Salesman: "If you buy a l o t on the main street you'll make a fortune. This city is going places t 11 Disgusted: ''That's y our story, brother, and your stuck with it. This is the first cemetery I ever saw with neon lights 11 There is a much amaze d yardbird walking around Tyndall Field these days. It s eems that one nite last week he went up to the cashier of the.Post Th entre with two of his buddies and at the instant that h e handed over his theatre coupon book, three excha n ge tickets shot out of the ticket machine. Much bewildered, he asked, "Suppose I up here with 1 2 buddies, would 13 tickets p op" out automatically?" .. G'\lVENDOLYN I think that I shall never see A thi!lg as beautiful as thee, To me you are a thi::1g divine, I can't believe you're really mine. Although you're face i s not so smooth, In fact I'd say you're in the groove, I sit 'and look at you all day-You :really take mJr breath away What s that you say? You 1 d like to know Who could it be I worship so? Who is it sets my heart on fire-It 1 s Gwendolyn, my brand new tire! Mogden Tash They parted at the doorstep, She whispered with a sigh-"I 11 1 be home tomorrow nie;ht, 11 He answered, 11So will I." Tulane Hullabaloo LET's TOSS A COIN fOr\ HEI\, LOSE!\ TAKES THE OOCi FOR A. LONCi WALK.


TYNDALL'S G UNNERY SCHOOL Men who have been station e d at Tyndall for only two o r three m o nths find it difficult to b elieve that, had they been here in February they would have seen nothing but empt y buildings where today t hey find the b usy. college l i k e atmosphere o f the Gunnery School. At the time t hat Tyndall F ield s G u n nery School was bein g planne d a n d organized. there was very little t h e t could be used as a g u i de, for the t w o other similar schools in the u s. were also-in t h e e m b r y o nic stage. Howev e r the best methods and ideas of the two U S. were combined with the training de .ta obt ained from the British Gunnery School s and Tyndall's first class o f fut u r e e;uru.ters began training i n mid-Febr u ary. It w a s planned by the Director of Training that the men who sl10wed the most a ptitude in this first class, b e selected and be used as the nucleus for an instructors group for t h e classe s that followed. The i n structors for the first class were chosen from men on the Field who had comp leted courses in armamt:Jnt schools and could be depended upon to convey their know ledge in an intelligent manner to t heir stlJdents. The m e n w h o demonstrated that they were c apable of instrllcting classes were retained along with those men of t h e fjrst two classes who showed un usual ability and these men form the present instruc t ors staff. The story beh i n d the a.ctue.l prepara tion for these courses is one of crea tive effort o n the part of individual officers a n d e n listed men, w h o planned and devised methods and devices for training that could be easily grasped and yet highly instructive. ally all of the prese n t written mater ial being used has bee n compo unded by the members of T;y11dall F ield 1 s Depart ment of Training These men, w ho, u n der the c01runa.nd of Colonel Maxwell a n d under the s uper visio n of Lt. C o l Daniel Jenkins, have contributed t o the success of the training ; prog ram, ean be justly proud of their pa r t in establishing Tyndall Field's reputation as the n a t ion's leading g u nnery school. / .. FOR THIS WEEK .: POST THEATRE SATURDAY, Jux:ie 13 "S w eetheart of the F leet Joan Davis Brenda & Cobina SUN DAY, M O NDAY, June 14 1 5 "True to the Army11 Alla n Jones Judy Canova TUESDAY J une 16 11I n This Our Life" Bett y Dav i s Georg e B r e n t 'WEDNESDAY, THUHSDi\ Y J une 17-18 "To the Shores of Tripo l i n John Payne M a u r e e n O'Hara FHIDAY, June 1 9 "In Old C!l.li forniaY John '/vayn e Binnie Barnes RITZ Su:tiDAY HONDhY, June 14-15 11My Gal Sal11 Rita Hayworth Victor Mat u r e WEDNESDAY, June 16-17 11Remember Pearl Har bor" Don (Red) Barry THURSDAY, FIUDAY June 18-19 "Gone with the Wind" Clark Jable V i vian Leigh SATUP.DAY, June 2U 11About Fe.ce11 1Villiam Tracy Joe Sawyer "Down Rio Grande Tray" Charles Starrett LATE S1 OW SATUHDAY N IGHT 11'i'h i s Gun for Hire" Veronica L ake Hobert Preston PANA1..1A SUNDAY. MONDAY, June 14-15 "The Mad MartindaJ.es Jane Withers Alan Mowbray TUESDAY, June 16 11Come on Dane;er11 Tim Holt W EDNESDP. Y June 17 110 n e Foo t in Heaven11 Frederic Marc h Martha S cott T HURSDAY, June 1 8 Navy Bl'Jes11 Jae k Oak i e Ann Sheridan FRID AY, SATURDAY, June 19-20 11Mokey" D a n Dailey Jr. Donna Reed "Desert Bandit" Don ( Red) Barry e


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