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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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United States -- Florida -- Tyndall Field

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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 1, no. 23 (July 4, 1942).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
July 4, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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J I CAMERAMEN FILM TYNDALL I Pvt. Robert E. Henderson, one of the five Hu nat io na I champ ion akeet team, is shown U iilewsreel caMeramen from MGM, and Paramount lews, the Army Air Forces take shots eo( the scene. GRANDMOTHER OF CAP!'. COLIN KELLY VISITS TYNDALL FIELD An agile 81-year-old lady climbed a wing of one of Tyndall's planes last Saturday but couldn't quite decide to go flying. She was Mrs. Parkhill Hays, of Monticello, Fla., the grandmother of Captain Col in Kelly of that west Florida Town. He was a hero of the early days of the war in the Philippine when he sank a Japanese battleship, giving his I ife to aCCOIIp I ish it, TO lnSUI\..E Tyndall Field was transformed into a veritable miniature Hollywood for the past two days with ace news cameramen plus the Air Force's new traveling laboratory busy cover ing the story of the training of an aerial gunner. The newsreel cameramen were John P. Muller of MGM's "News of the Oayr and John Hermann of Paramount News, with Captain Elwood H. Neener of Rochester, N.Y. in charge of the Army crew. An estimated aud i encP of "/'!. 0')0 000 in this c;our,trv, and Australia wi 11 see the MGM and Paramount rea I eases; and inasmuch as the Army film is for general consumption, it is possible that many more than this number may see it. A miniature dummy plane, painted with Nazi Swastikas was torn to shreds by fast machine gun fire for the filming of scenes on the jeep range. Scenes of practice were taken on the skeet and air ranges, along with a number of shots of formation flying. Hermann; the Paramount man, is holder of a Congressional medal awarded for his work as a member of Admiral Richard E. Byrd's second expedition to the South Pole from 1933-35. LT. BURKHART ON RADIO QUIZ SHOW Tyndall's "Thirst for Knowledge" radio quiz show will go into its eleventh session over WOLP Monday night at 7:30, and will feature Lt. John A. Burkhart, Personnel y lnDEPEnDAnCE.


' ; ,, The CHAPLAIN'S PAGE The Question Is Asked: "Why Doesn't GOD Stop WAR?" Somebody ought to stop war o Last Decemb e r9 the cost of this present war was $639000.000 a day according to "Newsweek". And9 the money cost is the least cost. Poverty. resentments. and fears will come and follow after war 9 which may take centuries to overcomeo Truth9 fair-play. generosity. good =will. culture. and civilization all have to be set aside while wars are fought. Yes surely somebody ought to stop war with its ferocity, treachery. and hatredo But. who? God could do that. The love of God in our hearts. God doesn't stop war because He doesn' t want to stop human freedomo He puts the responsibility for war upon us. We are fortunate here in America. Today on the birthday of our nat ion, we can think of those nation al assets which are not mentioned in the "stock market finals". Life liberty. and the pursuit of hap piness" and the freedom to worship God. These are values we should prize anew in a world bowed under the tyranny of dictators, and are the greater r iches for which we may give God hearty thanks on this 4th of July. They constitute America 1 s true weal tho Let us humbly rejoice in them and g ive thankso Let us worship God, and thus preserve th= ese as heritagesfar our children. Chaplain Herbert T Wilson You and I would do it if we could. wou l dn 1 t we? Just give us the pow= e r and see. Then why doesn't God stop war? But9 wait a minute. If you had the power of God put in your hands to use9 just how would you e;o about stopping war? By some gigantic miracle you could take the know ledge of the making of ents of war away from man. But. woul d all this really stop war for very l ong? The obvious answer is-----------------------------------------, no To stop war. you would have to change human natureo And, only


GENERAL: (5 points each) 1. For what was the Ku-Kl: u i Klan organiz ed? 2. What are "Asteroids11? J. Is there a difference between a railroad and a railway? 4. What great actress starred in the original "Tugboat Annie" film? GEOGRAHIY: ( 5 points each) 1. What is the capital of N. Dakota? 2. What city in the u. s. was called New Amst' erdam? J. In what countries oac the following rivers be found---Shannon, Vistula, Avon and Tiber? 4. What is the capital of Denmark? SPORTS: (4 points each) 1. Match the names i n the l e f t -hand column to the sport w ith w hich they are associated in t h e right-ha n d column. Frank M ount Pleas ant Boat Races Garfield A. Wood Baseball Johnny Evers Football Andy Varipapa Polo Thomas Hitchcock Bowling ARMY: (5 points each) 1. What is the 7th General Order? 2. What is the m eaning of the word "Jawbone"? J. What do Specia l Orders apply to? ** Submit your Questions and Answers to the TARGET. YOUR VOCABULARY: (4 points each) 1. we is a 2. Kelp is a J. Ketch is a a. of cabbage. a. rope. b. n n lock. b seaweed. c. n n mucilage. c. paper. 4. Kayak is a 5. Kiln is a a. flower. a furnace. b. swing. b scotish skirt. c. boat. c wooden shoe .-:' :, : _f-1 -:.:-t .... I H O P E THEY FIX THE' !)READ SLICE!\. SOON 5EFOr\E THE BARBEl\ 6tTS tDEAS a. meat sauce. b. small sailing vessel. Co bear trap. 6. Ka.ra.kul. l s a a. sheep b. permanent wa,re. c pig's tail. ;$'.


Gala "Do you believe in love at firs t sight?" Soldier: "I I only got t w o days leave. I Corp: 11My I'm a man of very few wordsc11 Pvt: 11Yeah I'm, married too. .. .. Shavetail: "Do you know what the Indian said to the mermaid?" S gt: "No what did the In= dian say to the mermaid?" Sh a vetail: "How?" Clerk: 11Is that new girl dumb?" Sec'yz brother. she t hinks lettuce is, a proposition." M oPo: it' s against the law to swim in that reservoir. Lad y : didn1t you tell me before I got undressed?" M o P o 1 "There 1 s no law against that!" And o f course you've heard of the Sco t c hman who shot his father and mother so he could go to the Orp h a n s Picnic. .Direct or: f r a i d you Actress: "Young ladyp I 'm a = won't do "Won't 9-9 what?" "Th e y say he's a three letter man." ''Ye ah I .o.u.z se "My girl wears the sportiest golf clothes but she can't play golf. "Tsk! TskX" "She wears the cutest bathing suit but she can't swim "TskX Tsk!" "And this afternoon she's wedding dress! picking out her .. r I lst Rookie: 11yVhen I get to Tokio the first thing I'm going to do is kick the Mikado in the pants. 2nd Hookie: "Butp the Mik = ado don t wear pants." 1st Rookie: "So \' ... Short Story: Her lips q uivered as they met mine I jerked my head back and my whole frame trembled as I looked into her eyes. Her body shuddered as our lips met again and ecstatic vibrations wen t throug h me. It even got worse so I turned off the 1 the flivver. --J,'$"3 St. Peter: "How did you get here?" Deceased: 11Flu.11




{;,lim fff First Lieutenant Walter F Silva, assistant post adjutant is an officer with whom every Tyndall Field soldier is acquainted, as it is his signature that makes official all special orders and bulle-tins issued from post headquarters, which affect the service man's life in a multi tude of ways. However, he is far from being the grim and hardboiled officer such as one might b e led to picture. He greets everyone with a cheerful smile and like his superior, Captain Howell, rarely ever l ets the pressure of his many official duties get the better of his good disp9sition. Having served as commanding officer of nine of the eleven original Panama City squadrons, Lt. Silva understands the prob lems of Army administration from the standW point of the squadro n as well as from tAat of Headquarters. A graduate of New York University, where FIRST LIEUTENANT SILVA he received a degree in mechanical engin eering in 1935, the assistant adjutant was for more than five years a machine design er for the United States Rubbe r Co. Called to active duty in the Army in Feb ruary, 1941, Lt. Silva was sent t o Maxwell Field, assigned to the Panama City units, and made adjutant of the Air Base Group. He attended tb3 Adjutant General's School, Washington, D. c., from March until May of this year. As assistant to the Supply Officer (S4), Technical Sergeant Harry Boone is charged with the responsibility. of insuring that the severely limited amount of office TECHNICAL SERGEANT BOONE e quipment and other supplies are distributed over the field in such a way that from them. the greatest possible benefit is derived Sergeant Boo n e i s a native of Hazlehurst, Ga., and grew up at Webster, Florida. Be graduated from h i gh school in 1936 and won a scholarship to Rollins College, which he attended for a year. The sergeant then became a salesman in Baltimore, Maryland where he remained until he enlisted in the Army at Ft. Benning, Ga., in 1938. After serving in the Field Artillery at Ft. Benning for eleven months, Sergeant Boone transferred to the Air Corps at Maxwell Field, Ala. At that station he served first as an airpl ane mechanic and later as a clerk in the message center, Southeast Air Corps Training Center. Entering supply work in 1940, Sergeant Boone transferred in May 1941, to the Panama City unit shortly after it was a c tivated at Maxwell Field. As assistant S4, he was transferred to Eglin Field, Fla., in September, 1941, and came to Tyndall the following December.


ho s e smile s J.ispla, ed lJy Mrs. Williams o..nd N .rs. last weekend were attributable to t !1e homeco:1in c of t!-1 eir rospe tive husbands Other most welcome were Lt. and Mrs Clayton, formerly of Tyndall Field. She has a tricky new haird that created quite a stir. And now a word about the .A..rmy \\ 1// sewers. Many more are needed at once. We have jus'\\ assigned our p r o share of the Bay County -and there is quite a lare;e amount of wor k to be done before Septer.lber J -.._If you can help out p l ease call Mr s M oore inunediately, preferably before//; in the morning---Telephou e 1600, Ex tension 2295. I might add that I \\ \ one of the rneeti:1gs i n t h e near future will be held at her home on the reservation and I am sure that everyon e will look forward to that. R.e d Cross knitters have been extended the ho spitality of the C lub during these hot summer afternoons and about eigh teen turned out f o r the first meeting held there. W e were very pleased to have t w o guests---one, a Mrs Smith from Columbus, Miss., visiting Mrs. Thompson, and the other, trrs. 3ristle's mother. hope to have an even larger gathering next week. \ I Goings and comings are \.1 //orders of the day. Mrs. Gundlach and }tr s. Morrell journeyed to Dothan last._ ( Mrs. Clas s has alread y depart ed for Atlantic City, New \ Fox is still h ere, h a ving been d isappointed twice in her attempr ""' /,:---to get train reserv ations for her trip t o the city of beans and cod. hasn't given up h ope, thou g h and expects to get off this week. ,\ Eavesdropping produced the information that Mrs. age rie. To date she has a duck and goat and rumor dog. No wonder she's worrying where family will over. Moseley is starting a mensays she's adding a puppy stay when the a n i mals take The younger set is really having a whirl. They were-entertained this w eek at a party by Master Thomas Howell Jr. The occasion was his eighth birthday. Jl hese little ns helped us so we're passing them on to you. To keep insects from usin as a feeding ground try daily baths with Octagon laundry soap. When on sheer material put a strip of n owspaper under the seams when stitching to keep them from If you're a parsley fiend you'll ind it keeps almost indefinitely if placed dry in a tightly covered jar can in the refrigerator. 6 and we're filling ATargette staff if Ua.pproval. in so this don't b lame the regular fail s to meet with your /


T h e Yardbird SEZThe o l e Yardbird is sho esperiensin a mity dry week-in on accoun t uv the man sayed we cudnt git payed last Toosdy H e saye d that wuz on account uv the depindinse bill dun passed. h e nevu r sayed whur it passed er whur it wuz goin er whur it come f rum, but h e wuz sho it h?d passed sumwhur. i tole him rite bak that iff'n w e had depindinse t hat wuz a gud reeson we orter git paye d an t hen he huss.led me inter the 9r.fise ter sine up fur ma own depindinse an i tole him kwick t ha t ma folkes nevur did depind on m e fur nothin on accoun t uv it wudn t be no use cause i aint no help fur nobody; a man with a fase like mine cant talk nobody inter marryin him; ma kin folke s is gittin relief !rum the Welfare an i lets whut fuw frinds i ha s shift fur thereselves. ---I sined up enny how. he fixed it up whur i wudnt lose enny uv ma pay whutsoevur an that mai d me hap P Y bu t i i s still broke !rum waitin. W e is got a konsiderabul amount uv mo -sleepin an pool shootin room si.tse we d un got rid uv our rekrutes an Lyi n Kaydets. i lost e uv ma gu d buddies whin that ootfit wint u p Nawth. i h opes sinserely that they is happy i n Yankeeland. but i dont figger they kin.b e enny wurse off. Iff'n yall n ose whut i means. Aboot the time yall is reedin this i is g o inter be approachin ma gud buddie uptown an be a talkin rite ernest ter him aboot lettin m e ha v e a frindly quart jawbone(includin chasers)till the happy day we is waitin fur an i believe i kin safely s a y that rite now i is got my quart; so i reckin i'd better be agoin -The Yardbird (No.1) PLANE TALK NOI\TH B ... L3 MEDIUM LONG-MNG-E THf 8-25 IS ONE OF THE TWO FASTEST MEDIUM flOMBEP.S IN THE WORLD, SHARING THIS TITLE WITH THE 6-ZG -WAS CREDITED WITH SINKINCT THE A .U. FIRST 6E"MAN SUB. THE 825 IS NOW TttE MITCHELL" IN HONOR OF THE LATE G-EN. MITCHELL. LANDING-SPEED 84 M P .H. SERVICE CEILING-25,400 FT. CLIMB 1,680 FT./MIN. THE fJ-25 I S POWERE D t;Y TWO WRIG-HT 1350 HORSEPOWER AIR COOLED ENG-INES THE 6S &EN EI\ALL Y CARRIES FOUR SO C,.._L. MACHINE G-UNS. WING LOADING 39.3 3 LBS. PER. SQ. FT. HM SPEED OVER 300 MI. PER HR. AND A RANG-E t;EYOND 2 ,500 MILES SPAN G7'6 ... LENG-TH 51'5 HEIC7HT 14'10.5" EMPTY WEIGHT 16,000 LSS. GROSS WEIG-HT 24,000 l CAI\RIES 916 G-,.._L. FUEL AND 84 G-,.._L, O F OIL BlS HAS 5 MAN C1ENEI\f\L DOOLITTLE USED PrZS BOMBERS TO RAID JAPAN' S LARG-EST CITIES


T'l "dan 1'ubli-8hed every Saturday by the Public Relations Office, AAFGS, Tyndall Field, Fla. PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER Cap tain Ammo n McClellan COMMANDING Col. W. A. Maxwell F..DITOR Cpl. Arnold Milgaten ASST'S TO P. R Sgt Jac k H. P Pvt. Sam M els Pvt. Bernard ART WORK Sgt. Oral Cpl. Darrell Pfc. Ernest K e nton Pvt. Car l B. L engerich ASSOCIATE EDITOR Pfc. Saul Sam.iof PHOTOGRAPHIC OFFICER 2nd Lt. Joseph Dick erman Thompson am c astle E. J.li tchell top Sergeant "Rio taJf Leo Carrillo .&.nq Devine Abbott' and t 1 SUBJ)AY, II:INDAI, JulJr 5-6 WEDNESDAY, J 811The lfagniticent Dope" "M;r Fav9!l"ite Spy" Henry Fonda Don Ameche Kyser Ell n Drew FRIDAY, July 10 "Sergeant York Gar,y Cooper Joan Leslie Bm SUNDAY, JuJJr "Tortilla Flats" Spencer Tracy Hedy Lamarr TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, July 7-8 '!Ship Aho)"" Eleanor Powell Red Skelton THURSDAY, FRIDAY, July 9-10 "Jailhouse Blues Nat Pendleton Anne Gwynne SATURDAY, July 11 "Juke Box: Jenny" Ken Murray Harriet Hillard "Romance on the Range" Roy Rogers PANAMA SUNDAY, II)NDAY, July 5-6 "Captain of the Clouds" James Cagney TUESDAY, July 7 "Road Agent" Leo Carrillo Andy. Devine WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, July 8-9 "A Woman's Face" Joan Crawford FRIDAY, SATURDAY, July 10-11 "SOS Coastguard" Bela Lugosi Ralph "Kansas Cyclone" Don (Red) Barry'


\ ""' t30XING Last Wednesday night saw the largest attendance., that the inter=squadron boxing bouts ever had. Each weekmore men hear about them and become spectators. Lt. Thompson the A & R Officer has been hustling around every day trying to acquire M ORE boxers. He likes to see a large turnout for the bouts. but would like it much more if some of the spectators participated. The results of the bouts were as fol-lows: BOUTS and WINN E R S l o Pvt DeSimmone 144 lbs. VSo Pvt. Nelson. 144 lbs. DeSimrnone by decision. 2 Pvt. Plaford9 140 lbs. vs. Pvt. Fra= za. 135 lbs. Fraza by decision. 3 o Pvt. Przygocki9 155 lbso VSo Pvt. Hart. 156 lbs. Przygocki by decision. 4 Sgt. Gentry. 155 lbs. vs. Pvt. stead. 150 lbs. Gentry by default. 5 Pvt Mendel. 138 lbs. vs. Es posito. 140 lbs. Draw 6 Pvt Woodward 126 l b s vso Pvt. Coppa. 130 Woodward by decision. All men interested in trying out for the Post Boxing team see the Post A & R Officer at the Recreation Building or dial 2153 Regular workouts are planned. with view to competition with other Post teams. / Schedule I L t o H o w a r d A Nicholls M o nday L t o John L Moores 6:15 P o M o L t o Wo C o W ood Tuesday Lto w F o B lackwell 6:15 P oMo Lt,. G eorge R Schrock Wednesday L t o Clayton C o Hill 6:15 P.M.. Ltc Estele P Henson Thursday Lt. Bruc e A Campbell 6:15 P .M. Capt. M o E o Noble Frid a y L t Frank D S l ough 6:15 PoMo Capt. M E. Noble Saturday Lt. Wesley H Parks 6:15 P .M. Capt. J u M Wilkins Sund a y Lt. Dav1d H o F o g e l 6:00 P o M o Answers To ? GENERAL: To prevent negro supremacy; Small pla n e t s ; No; Marie Dressler. SPORTS: Frame M ount Pleasant Football Garfield A W ood Boat Races Johnny Eve r s Baseb a l l Andy Varipa p a Bowling Tommy Hitc hcock Polo GEOGRAPHY: Bismark; New York; Ire land. Poland. Engla n d Italy; Copenhag e n ARMY: T o talk to no one except in the line of duty ; Credit; Particular P o sts and duties. Y OUR V OCABULARY : Variety of cabbage; Seaweed; Smal l sailing vessel; B o a t ; F urnace ; Sh e ep CA"RTOON ANSWER Any dope that would l oo k at a flock of silly square s for one minute and not investigate a gal like that. should see his First Sergeant about a furlough. You were l oo k ing at the wrong figure o e


846th QUARTERMASTER Apparently our Big Nin e could have beaten the best of Ball teams Sunday with the zeal and zest they displayed when the team smashed Port St. Joe in the initial contest. The team was highly geared up for the encounter. The score was 15-8. This was a nip and tuck affair to the fourth ending, when Port St. Joe was movin g at a pretty hot pace and they were chilled by the pitching of Pvt. Glover, the ace of our outfit. The remarks made by the local fans in that section was that they hadn't seen a better amateur ball club for a 1 ong time. A great deal of this credit is due our First Sergeant Allen, who has been keeping the men in tip top .. ;:r LT. SMITH It looks like the pride of our outfit will be leaving us for a while .. Sgt. Jordy, has received a new assign ment as Asst. Sgt. Major, and will be on Detached Service at a new field in Arkansas .. Good Luck SEt and please be nicer to the women Corp. Cullen. says there is nothing like having a private sec'y to tell all ones troubles to lst Sgt. Scott still can't seeruro blow his Thunder Bird whistle loud enough Pvt. Casals is very proud of his newly acquired Barracks Duty Corp Kendall has adopted a mascot for our squadron and named it Duration Plus A GREAT MYSTERY: Where did Lt. Smith get that Lucky Dollar he is carrying around with him these days? fjjjiJ. 'V y..) L.) LT. MOORES W elcome to the boys back from their furloughs with tales of good times J.T. Lee is capably filling the important position of "top-kick" Good Luck shape by carefully supervising the A. M. exercises. Well to our regrets w e are sorry to lose our "top-kick" who is going to Officer's Candidate School at Camp Lee, Va. At the same time, we are wishing him all the success in the world. 11'. SCHROCK We all extend our heartiest.congratulations and best wishes to 1st Sgt. and Mrs. Allison J. Barbier, who were married at the Post Chapel on June 24. The grounds around our Barracks are looking 100% better ... Our boys put a great deal of effort and hard work to finish the job. So THANKS AGAIN boys. t o Hirs ch, Laffer a nd Goodma n off to OCS ... Ga.uthier has cha rGe of practically all the trucks o n the f i e l d Ro mances are flourishing a m ong the boys and marriages are booming The newearly reveille is putting a new gleam into the eyes of the boys Imagine the discomforture of one of our boys in slapping a soldier on the back saying, 11Say Buddy, how do I get to the P.X.11, to discover it was one of the field's top men Some of t h e boys are breaking out in a rash while waiting for the new promotions list. ORDNANCE A blessed event has occurred at the home of Pvt. and Mrs. Davis. His mother-in-law left Tech 4th Grades Nealis and Quintero are feuding. Vvonder what the reason can be \'Ve offer our deepest condolences to Sgt. Ratley Traffic is so heavy at the Post Or dnance Office that they are contemplating installing traffic


. --.., 5 ....__ J


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