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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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Newspapers -- Florida ( lcsh )
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United States -- Florida -- Tyndall Field

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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 1, no. 24 (July 11, 1942).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
July 11, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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I J. l c Vol. 1 No. 24 Army Air Forces Gunnery School, TYAdall Field, Fl a July 11, 1942 COL. WELSH VISITS TYND ALL Shown above, left to right, as they alighted for a tour of Tyndall F i e l d Wednesday are: Colonel s Frank DeWitt, J. F .McBlain, Will iam W. Welsh, commanding officer, SEAAFTC, an d C olone l W. A. Maxwell. FORMER LUXEMBURG AMBASSADOR TO SPEAK AT POST THEATER Dr. George Platt Waller, United Sta tes Minister t o the Grand Duchy o f Luxemburg when the Nazis took over there, will speak at the Post Theater, July 13 from 3:30 to 4:30 P.M. All officersi all of the first three grade s members of the Nurse Corps will attend upon of Colonel Maxwell Dr. Waller is reported to be a very persuaeive speaker and to have an intense hatred of the Nazis. His first hand accounts of what happe n ed in the occupied countries is expecte d to be interesting and informative. The commanding officer o f the South east Army Air Forces Training Center, Colonel William W. Welsh, an d five high-ranking members of his staff from Maxwell Field visi t ed Tyndall Field last Wednesday and Thursday. A twin motored transport brough t the party here from the four engine school at Hendricks Field, Sebring, Fla. Colonel Welsh termeG vi!it a periodic inspecti on, and took occasibn to commend Colo n e l for the latter's operation of the f ield. He also stressed t h e fact that flexible gunnery was a very important part of the aviation program. The new comman ding general was recently appointed to his present posit i o n as successor to Major General Geor g e E. Stratemeyer, who has been made Chief of Staff for the Army Air F o rces. Col. Welsh received his commission as a flight officer during the World War, and he now hold s the ratings of command pilot and co Jibat observer. WOMEN'S CLUB SPONORS WEEKLY CRUISE FOR TYNDALL FIELD A weekly cruiee for the soldiers of Tyndall Field is being by the Professional Women's Club of Panama City. Tt.e "Captain Antierson" leave the city dock, nea r the USO Building Friday at 7:30 P.M. and will return at 10:00 P M Tickets will be priced at 50i an d may be secured from the Publ i c Relations Office at Post


THOUGHTS FR0M HEB.E AND THERE "There are six mistakes of life that many of us make, said a fa mous writer, and then he gave the following list z 1. !he delusion that individual advancement is made by crush ing others down. 2. The tendency to worry about things that cannot be changed or corrected. 3. Insisting that a thing is impossible because we, ourselves, cannot accomplish it. 4. Refusing to set aside trivial preferences in order that important things may be accomplished. 5. Neglecting development and refinement. 6. The failure to establish the habit of saving money." Anonymous And, may I add another, that outweighs all the above? The one great mistake of neglecting to fellowship with our Creator. Chaplain Herbert T. Wilson CliRIST He is a path, if any be misled; He is a robe, if any naked be; If any chance to hunger, He is bread; If any be a bondman, He is free; If any be but weak, how strong is Rei To dead men, life He is; to sick men, health; To blind men, sight; and to the needy, wealth; A pleasure without loss, a treasure without stealth. Giles Fletcher 'THOUGHTS FROM WORTHY PENS Your friend is the man knows all about you, and likes you. who still Goodness is the only investment that never fails. Thoreau "I would rather be a poor man in a garret with plenty of books, tban a king who 'did not love reading. s .TI!EsDAY I J'!lly ...lit 7:00 P.Jl I"EDNF.s I I .Fellowship Club DAY I JW,y li 7:30 P.Jl FR Bible Stuqy H IDAY, J!lly Jl our 6:30 p .II ..... Jewiah s


Intimate Gllmgses .rr==l! Parks= In September o f 1918 the Aviation Section of the Signal Corps was experimenting with voice control or aircraft by radio, and was seeking a million dollar appropriation from an mind ed Congres s with which to eqUip t he planes with the new type radios. The Aviation Section was having a difficult jc>b of.convincing Congress that voice communication was preferable to ushis excellent wor k at Tyndal l Field. ing the MOrse Code. The money finally was seoured, but it took a demonstration to Wilson to accomplish it. The man chosen to talk from a plane to President Wilson, who was stationed on the White House Lawn, was Lieutenant Philip D. Luoas, now Major Lucas, Post Technical inspector. The demonstration was a success, but Major Luoas admits that he was a bit excited, and that he did a left turn when the Presid.ent ordered him to do a right turn. Receiving his flight training at Kelly Field, Texas and Gerstner Field, Lake Charles, La., Major served during the World War as an instructor and assistant Post Adjutant at Bolling Field, Wash-ington, D. c. From 1920 to 1927, the Technical Inspec tor served as or transportation for a railroad in Which was the most modern one in South America at the time. From 1930 to 1940 he was supervisor ot airoraft operations, Bell Laboratories, Hadle y Airport, New Jersey. One of the happiest men on the Post last week was Corporal John E. Mitchell, photo-, grapher tor the Public Relations Office. The reason is that he received an unusually amount or good neWB,chief or which was a call from the News Photo Pub Relations Division, AAF, Washington a D. C., to the Public Relations Officer at this Post announcing that Corp Mitchell soon would be chosen to attend the Life Photography School, in New York City. This appointment is awarded only to a small group or soldiers, and is being given to Corp. Mitchell in recognition for A photograph taken by Mitchell of Miss Kathleen Nelson, Secretary to the Post Surgeon, wearing the new uniform for women working on the post was used on the front cover of the June issue o r the Arrrry A:ir Forces News and was syndicated by Wide World and the Associated Press Feature Service. Several other pictures taken by him have been widely published. The Corporal's home is in St. Johns, ltichiean. was employed three years by the St. Johns Republican-News his graduation from school before setting up a c ommercial photography business in his home


TYNDALL TARG-ET Published every b y the Public Rel ations Office, AAFGS, Tyndall Fiel!i, Fl!l. RELATIC>:S OFFESH Saptain Anunon l,:cClellan ASST' 3 TO?. R. OFFICER 3 [t. J ack H. ?arks Sa.m Melscn ?vt. 3ernard ?ratt ART WQRK S b t Oral Ledbetter Set. Darrell Broten ?fc. Ernest Kenton Pvt. Curl B. Lor:.berich SQUAJRON REPORTERS lst Set. J. D. Sgt. Ralph 0. Boyes ? fc. Sam Uarotta Pfc, I. 'lfeiss Pvt. Felix Leon COMMANDJN(; Col. W. A. Maxwell S'JUJMNIST T h e Yardbird REPRODUCTION STAFF Woodrow W. Busby Corp. John Webster Corp. Harold Speck Pfc. Francis Churchill ?vt. Everett Tackett Pvt. Price Terry SEC'Y TO P. R. OFFICER Miss Frances Wilson TYPIST Miss Roberta Gammon EDITOR Corp. Arnold Milgaten ASSOCIATE EDITOR Pfc. Saul Sam:i.of PHOTOGRAPHIC OFFICER Lt. Joseph A. Dickerman PHOTOGRAPHIC STAFF T/Sgt. Rober,t Thompson Sgt. William Castle Corp Jo hn E SQUADRON REPORTERS Pvt. Samuel S chun Pvt. William Ha.keem Pvt. Jame s T Jordan Pvt. D. Clyde I I t \ I


e SOM$THIRG TO SHOOT AT: Lt. Dickerman's score for this quiz was "81". GENERAL: (5 points each) l. What statesman was called the "Little Giant"? 2. Who made the first ov;rland expedition across the American Continent? 3. Are the "Islands of Langerhans" in the Arctic Ocean, the human body or the solar system? 4. In what city is the University of Michigan located ? GEOGRAPHY: (5 points each) 1. 'Nhat is the capital of India? 2. In what countries can the follow ing cities be found---Jaffa, Adelaide, La Rochelle, and 3. is the largest man-made located? 4. Is the source o f the St. Lawrence River in Canada or the United States? YARDBIRD'S BUCK PRIVATE'S NON-COM1. S O FFICER'S 0 30 30 60 60 90 90 99 SPORTS: (5 points each) l. Identify Kenetaw "Mountain" Landis? 2. What year were the Olympic Games held in the United States? 3. How many men does it take to make up a Polo team? 4. With what sport do you associate the following men.---Coucci, Robertson, and Fator? (3 points each) l. Match the names in the left-hand column with the city in the right-hand column. Turner Field Brooks Cochran Barksdale-" Fort MacPherson Atlanta Shreveport San Antonio Albany Macon YOUR VOCABULARY ( 4 points each) 1. Lady bird is a 2. Libra is a 3. Loch Lomond is a a. bird. a. sign of the zodiac. a. lake. b. bug. b. snake. b. river. c. cake. c. country. c. city. 4. Lackey is a 5. Llama is a 6. Limerick is a a. manservant. a. priest. a. cheese. b. buggy b. beast of burden. b. verse. c. idiot. c. planet. o drink.


0 LT. IIOORES ur Lt. )(aroheai waa aoTed. up to Personnel Operationa. Good luck Lt Shun, Li ttl. e Wolt, D. Smith, Bernier, Willis and H onig are leaving aoon tor Glider Pilot Training. Happy soaring boya c.J Powell and Ed Lee are Tery of their aedal an d chen-on whioh they won o n the Qhampion t Thanks to Viles Sharp for laboring three days,.. .:: and nights to make out ,:.-\ the company dough ahee t ( tD \' Lash, Salak, Goodhart \rJ \...:", ':::1"'1and Cox t o wed the girls of their dreams Our attac hed Flying Cadets will learn to fly in flying 8Cb ool, bu t A cting lat S g t J.T. Lee, ia sure teaching them haw to aoldiet. Our squadro n may not have t he handsomest boys but it sure has the prettieat automobilea Atter watching the gross on the coke machine, hal f the boys plan to open ciTilian P.X's after the war That wats a wonderful J uly 4th dinner and whoever was responsible eta our thanks Our c. o. an d his ataff have brought Saturday i nspections up to a peak of perfection I t'a funny how new stripes mean marriage t o aoae of the boys and then again mar -riage means stripes to aome ot the others luck to the boys leaving on furlough. C LT. HILL ongratulationa are in order for "!:X" Supply Sergeant Lloyd H. Taylor on his promotion to lat Sergeant of the t48th. Sergeant Taylor takes OTer the job vacated by Sergeant Wester who qualified for Glider Pilot School. Beat ot luck to both parties. With S e r geant Taylo r in charge, the ground s an d buildings o r the squadron take o n a more beautiful appearanqe every day "Horticul turi planning t h e planting ot shrubs and tlowrers, promises a Teritable "Garden of Eden", wiw ... __ .., in Our area. lice going, $arge llembera of the aquadron again dis-' played their dramatic ability i n placing tour ot the boya on the presenta tion, t o the People" broadcast froa Panama Ci ty a "WDLP", July 4th. The boya, Frank llangan, Bill taylor, Bob Bramhall and Sol Seidman are all potential Cadets. Sincere t hanks to both Lt. Garland and sjsgt. Siaco tor devoting their time to the "Cadets", by instructing them in varioua subjects e ach day. C o n gratul a t i ons to Bill "Skeet" MoIenna who tini shed second only to Pvta. Ed Lee and H en d e rson in the first round ot the qualifica tions shoot. last Sat urday. A snap py out ot 5 0 "birds" enabled Bill to gain his position. P HEADQUARTERS vt. N. Joh ns, being a sympathetic soul. is all in favor ot the new allotment and claima it ahould have been put through a long time ago Cpl. "Big John" Vincen t haa turned aleuth and woe be him. who ia caught using his electric sha?er i n the early houra ot the morning, aa it disturb s his A.M. siesta PYt. Gonion, clailaa the horaeahoe pitohiag title of our outfit and will take on, through proper channels. any man trom t he Poat in a contest Sgt. Henahaw, through scientific research, hae de veloped a n toraula on the art of ahiniag ahoes an d keeping them shined tor a long period Thoae inaeperable "Boaam Buddies", Walter Schroeder and Ralph Simona both Pfc' expect to become year men Cpl. Ar nold Milgaten is atill it out in the hospital. we allidl s you, Cpl. S LT. SLOUGH gt. Gentry w o n by detau l t over hia opponent in laa t week' figh ts. Gentry is captain o r the boxing teaa. and is working hard to develop a good one. S/Sgta. H arm on 4nderao n and Walker, both o n D/S at Helena Ark.,viaited at Tyndall last weeke nd Go-getter Clayton C. Meye r s sleeps with both eyes open--not just one ,.


S DEPARTMERT OF TRAIB'IHG gt. Ledbetter haa left tor Michigan on hh 'furlough. He haa matriaony in To wham is Sgt. (major) Clark all those mysterious phone Perhaps he would join the dpal Congratulation Andrews upon the new arriT&l Cpl. Fr-azier hal inally admitted that he \ wil tie the knot. Re aays, "I'm aure now after bein' tor 7 yeara" Pfc. Ienton ia running in competition with the Ha.y. His girl. friend can't make up her aind All the boys are sure sweating out pe.y day. Matching pennies is the fad at the present to see if one can get enough to buy a coke. 0 ORDNANCE ne of the moat efficient officer's on the Pvat is Capt. ttitchell. 'Nhen he seta hia sind to do something it's done. Now that Tech. th ,rade Rabaa is leaving, looka like it rill be a clear field tor PYt. (Mad iusaian) Mahoney. Wonder how ta-uraelia got thoae acratchea on hil Waa it f'rQIIl a having Congratulations 1 their appointmenta. Your reporter waa among fortunate ones. C MATIRIBL apt. Wilkins waa pleaaed no end over the alertness and splendid \Co o peration of the boys in our squadron Monday morning during the emergency that arose An orchid to you Boys Congratulations to the following boya on their recent proaotiona Sgts. Ryan, Cottee, and Byrd, promoted to atatr C pla. Blackmer, Haailton, Shuttleworth, and Sutley, promoted to Sgt. Pto. Sooren: and Childers, proaoted t o Cpl. OBSERVATIOliSa (Bot aental) The ooiae and duet raised by Ptca Leto and Diaz when talking about everything Pf'c. Mashburn, is appointed the squadron Uedico, after several of the boy' "" l throats. Sgt. Rogers (I sending cards to everyone in the outfit tell) A ing about the fish that got away. Our War Bond sales are soaring. T FINANCE he entire staff has been working on a seven day week trying to get every man on the Post paid aa soon as possible. Miller, civilian employee has promised to bring a FLORIDA orBnge down to the office so that eve ryone can see what one looks like. Lt. Nathan Howard and his pipe are new additions to our staff. If your watch is not set correctly, you can adjust it by watch ing Sgt. Tech. John Ericson Beeg l e step out of the door on his way to the Post Office for the second mail. Promptly at 11 A. M. To anyone who sends us the wor ds and music of "All We Do Is Sien the $ Payroll", this column offers one slightly used payroll, or a reasonable facsim ile thereof ---,-P-f-r{-t-.,.... ,4;.: I ---31 t= J' rl' ---==-' ... 6 .t !---=-l!T LT. SCHROCI ""! fYhy so SAD Powell---"No mail fr.am Mont,omery"---you aay---She muat have heard about the girl tram Philadelphia. You don't bring us very many letters in the afternoon Clark---doe the mail bag wear you down Waa hot tor you Sgt. Sgt. Daniels---Your Squad-1 ron duty men are donating 7.u a nice lcm& black whip. It ture ia a honey, too.




I The Ole Yardbird is kickin along rite pert now but 1 is atill rathur at the man fUr suckin me inter the peerade last Satidy. It so bad konaid erin all the wimmeri standin around klappin an wavin an ma topldct alippin me -. B pass befo we left an rna gud buddie uptown lettin me have that quart i tole aboot last weak, so i spint a rnity injoyable Fouth of July. naoherly. Then long aboot Nensdy the ole Eagle an strained an 1 got payed ott. it bein a lit tcl late maid it mo welcum than a job as taste man o n the bett in t h e i payej off all ma obligashuns, eckseptin the pur a e ntage a man ia iLtituled ter furgit, an that left me standin short mo than a littel bit, but a fuw mirnP.t s with rna craps an a reel nise Kelly p oo l game put me back inter a mity s ud c or:unershul standin, so rite now i i s pattin a cupple uv cartons of bull durham a hole pile uv washin an shavin stuff. an the purtiest pare uv mileetary shues with ell kinds uv misselanous buckels an straps. i bawt e m cause i saw ma fust ett. frown at the prise an buy a pare fur fo bits cheeper. Well, ita fur m e ter cleen up an ease on down ter Long Beech an make t h e f emale citizins happy s o i reckin i'd better be ag1in-----The Yardbird (No. l) I S ERJEW' 'ZRO' JAP ACTUA-LLY THERE ARE THREE D IFFERENT JI\P FICrHTERS WHICH, OF THE NUMBERINv SYSTEM, ZEROS. THIS IS A. MIHUBISHI. LITTLE IS KNOWN "&OUT THIS PL"NE JAP PILOTS ARE 01\DERED TO CRASH OR DESTROY PL"NFS IF DISABLED I N IS ABOUT 40 FT, LENCrTH ABOUT 28 FT, HEICrHTH 9 FEET TWO DIFFERENT ENCriNES HAVE SEEN REPOfl.TED IN USE IN THE 'ZERO I. A TWO ROW 14 CYL. NAKAJIMA NKI.-DEVELOPS 900 HP. ALL METAL -=="-f=> CONSTRUCTION 2. A TWO ROW 14 CYL. MITSUBISHI KINSEl=-1000 -1200 HP. _;__,j.._-iiF!rr__._ __ TOP SPEED IS ABOUT 350 M.P.H.-INDICATES USE OF THE KINSEl ENCriNE AND IS NOT AS FAST AS THE CURTISS P-40. TWO 7 .7MM CrUNS FIRE THROUCrH 1\ BLADED PROP. &TWO 2 0 MM. IN WINCrS. PLANE CAN CAI\RY TWO BOMBS. SERVICE CEILINCr IS ABOUT 36,000 FT ..-PLANE HAS A HYDRAULIC ALLY CONTROLLED RETRI\CTA.BLE LkNLiiNCr


8AS!'6ALL The Tyndall Field baseball team defeated t h e Blountstown Nine in a well playeJ came last Thursday, by a score 01'"4 5 2 The Tynri.all line-'.JP was as follows: LockPFirst Ba5e Piccclomini Second 11 aoover Third II Donaway Edwar ds, V.M. Strang:::1an Burnell Lauglin Gott Sho:-t Stop Left Fiel d Center 11 Right {:a<:;cher ? i tcher II Edwar ds,L.J. Catcher and Pitcher Hooks Third Base Fold s R i Ght Field Pvt. lead the Tyndall* witn two hits. Cpl the left handed pitcher for Tyndall, did a good job of twirling, holding the opposing team to three hits for seven ir.ninG S Prt. L.J. Edwar ds, pitched the last two inning s without giving a hit. The Tyndall team played a goo d brand of baseball and showed plenty of fight a.>1d hustle. Tyndall will enter the Florida State Jaseball Tournament at Blountstown, Thursdny,.July 16th. SCHEDULE FOR TfG REMAINJEH OF JULY: Thurs. July 16. Blountstown tourney :)un. II 19. Napier Field (at P. c.) Thurs. 23. Eglin (there) Sun. 26. Spence (here) Thurs. 30. Uapier (there) 3CH!DULE Lt. H oward A. Nicholls Lt. Clayton C. Hill Lt. George R. Schrock Lt. Bruce A. Campbell Capt. E. Noble Lt. Estele P. Henson Lt. Frank D. Slough Lt. Bruce A. Campbell Lt. Wes ley :!. ?arks Lt. David H Fogel Capt. J 1.!. \'li l k i ns Lt. W. F Blackwell Lt. w. c. 7ood s Lt. Joi-L"l L. t !oores ffP /!;(; J.!onday 6:15 P.V.. Tuesday 6:15 :Wednesday 6:15 p .r.'. Thursday 6:15 P .i.; Friday 6: 15 p. Saturday 6:15 P.M. Sunday G :00 P.t!. GENE..R.AL: Stephen A. Doue;las; Lewis and Clark; In the huma n body; Ann Arbor. SPORTS: Baseball Commissione r fqr American and National Leacues; 1932; Four; Horse Racing. GEOGRAPHY: Delhi; Palestine,Australia, France, Ecuador; Boulder Dam, Lake Mead; Ul'.ited Sh.tas. ARMY: Turner Field Albany Brooks San Antonio Cochran Macon Barksdale Shreveport Fort Atlanta YOUR VOCABULARY: Bug; Sign of the zodiac; Manservant; Beast of burden;


, The village fair was all oYer ita annual spelling bee. One by one tte contestant dropped out until only two remained, the town lawyer and the stableman. Everyone waited breathlessly for the word which would decide the match. It came : "How do you 'auspice'?" The stableman lost. We hasten to point out that while every man has hia wife, only the ice man has his pick. "Lady, have you got any old pans a round you'd like to give for national defense?" ''Yes, But I don't believe he'd pass the physical." Pvt: "We certainly had a big time last night for ten cents." Gal: "Yeah, I wonder how my little brother spent it." A colored preacher was hearing a confession. In the middle of it, he atop ed the young sinner saying, "Young man, you ain't confeaain'--you'a bragging." A true music lover is a person who when he hears a soprano in the bath room, puts his ear to the keyhole. A chiropractor is a guy who gets paid for what an ordinary guy would get slapped for. rse -/ tHE GREAT AIIERICAH TRAGEDY I He grabbed me round my slender neck I could not call or scream And dragged me to his dingy room Where we could not be seen He tore away my flimsy wrap And looked upon my form I was so cold and damp and scored While he was hot and warm His feverish lips he pressed to mine I gave him every drop He drained me of my very self I could not make him atop He l.ll8.de me what. I am today That's why you find me here A broken bottle thrown away That once waa full of beer. '\ ( K f :-f I ) -


LT. ROf>tRT'S ON QUIZ SHOW Going it'e t.eltth session Mon day night, Tyndall Field' thirst for Knawledge"radio quiz show rill feature Pvta. Morris Lasker and Chris ehampiona for six conaecutiTe weeks, who will defend their record against Sgta. Arthur H. Byers, Jr. and Fred J. Labry bo t h from the Medical Detachment Priva t e s LAs k e r and T aylor have be come tirmly entrenched as members of the board o f experts. bu t the Medical boys are confident that they can beat t h e c hampi onD to the The contest wi l l from wDLP at 7:30 P. H. M onday, with Pfc. Jerry F lack a serving a a Guest speaker for the evening will be Lt. R.W. Di ekman, Post Weather Officer. SATURDAY, July 1 1 "P aci-fic Rendezvous" Jean Rogers Lee Bowman SUNDAY, MONDAY, July 12-13 "This Gun for Hire" Veronica Lake FRIDAY, July 17 MED\CAlS HOLD FIRST OUTI.No The first in a aeries of outings on .the Tyndall Field beach was held by the men of the Medical Detachment las'bt Sun-. night. Water and land games, arranged by Lt. Ernest J4.Bai ley, Detachment ccmmedor and a committee of five, were pl yod with cigarettes going to the mDD lrffi Sandwiches and .beer wer e served freahmenta. An e x citing potato race, wh@r contestants had to push ndth their noses. highlighted tho S e r geant Cherney and Corp. each won a carton ot nosing ahead in the The mastertul Corp. Rose, entertained vith th@pitu. POST THEATRE TUESDAY, July 14 "It Happened in Flatbush" Lloyd Nolan Carole Landis WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, July 15-16 "They all Kissed the Bride" Joan Crawford "Private Buckaroo'' Andrew Sisters Dick Foran RITZ SUIIDAY, MONDAY, July 12-13 Take a Letter Darling" Rosalind Russell TUESDAY, July 14 "Meet the Stewarts" Frances Dee William Holden WEDIESDAY, July 15 "Pacific Rendez v ous" Jean Rogers Lee Bowman THURSDAY, FRIDAY, July 16-17 "I Married an Angel" Eddy and MacDonald SATURDAY, July 18 "Sunday Punch" Jean Rogers "Silve r Bullet" PANAMA SUNDAY, MONDAY, July 12-13 "A Night in New Orleans Preston Foster TUESDAY, July 14 "The Cyclone Kid" Don (Red) Barry WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, July 15-16 "The"Big Store" The Marx Bros. FRIDAY, SATURDAY, July 1'7 "Canal Zone" Chester Morris "Raiders of .the Tom Tyler Bob Steele Jo hnny Mack B rown LATE SHOW NIGHT / "The Big Shot" Humphrey Bogart ------' ---------.,.,


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