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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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Newspapers -- Florida ( lcsh )
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United States -- Florida -- Tyndall Field

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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 1, no. 25 (July 18, 1942).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
July 18, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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PLANt LANDS AT APALACHICOLA The Tyndall Field Sub-Base at Apalachicola was one step nearer completion Saturday morning as the first plane landed o n one of the recently complet ed runways. As a large number ot Apalachicola citizens looked on, Colonel Maxwell brought a BT-13A to rest at the aux iliary base. Following him in two other planes were, Captain William P. Kevan project officer at the base, and Major Andrew 0. Lerche. Also participating in the ceremony were, Captain Ammon McClellan, Public Relati on s Officer at Tyndall Field, and Braden Ball, Publisher of the Panama. City News Herald. Construction was started on the new base i n April, and ita purpose is to eliminate unnecessary flights from dall to the gunnery practice range. SDET TBAJI TRIES FOR SOUTHEASTBRll CHAJIPI O USHI P AT JACKSONVILLE A team o f champion skeet shooters from Tyndall Field went to Jacksonville Saturday to vie for the South eastern Championship as the 12 gauge compet i tion begins Sunday morning at the Jacksonville Gun Club. On the team is a new addition to Tyndall' s champions in the person of Lt. Gray d o n D. Hubbard, who set a new world rec ord in 1939 by shooting 623 straight. He was national profession al champi o n in 1940 and was on the All-American team in 1939 and 1940. Others on the team are Lt. Henry B. Joy, Pvt E. J. Lee, Pvt. R. E. Henderson, a nd Corporal c. J. McClung. Pictured above is Colonel Delmar T. Spivey, commanding officer at Fort Myers. Col. S p ivey visited Tyndall Field Thursday to confer with Col. w. A. Maxwell concerning plans for the new south Florida gunnery schooL CUPID STAGE S LO.O DISUliCB TBLKPBO!lE COUP A T TYNDALL FIELD WEDNESDAY Cupid ex ecuted a long distance coup at Tyndall Field Wednesda y when Pvt. Elmer Reel acqu ired a mate with the aid of one minis ter and the telephone. Miss Arlene Utermark of Oregon, Wisconsin became M rs. Reel in a ceremony in which she a nd the groom were 1150 miles apart. Private Reel is an instructor in ballistics a nd bullet patterns in the Department of Training. He met Mrs. Reel three years ago while he was stationed at a CCC ,camp near her home. Reel soon will bring his bride to Panama City.


THOUGHTS FROM HERE AID THERE AMERICA FIB.ST: NOT merely in matters material, bUt in things of the spirit. NOT merely in science, inventions, motors, and skyscrapers, but a l f o in Ideals, Principles, NOT merely in the calm assert'ion or-rights, but in the glad assumptions of duties. NOT flaunting her strength as a giant, but bending in helpfulness over a sick and wounded world like a Good Samaritan. NOT in splendid isolation, but in C'O'iirageous cooperation. NOT in pride, arrogance, and dis di!n of other races and peoples, but in sympathy, love and understanding. BOT in treading again the old, worn, bloody pathway which end s ineTitably in chaos and disaster, but in blazing a new trail, along ihreh, please God, other nation s will follow, into the NEW Jeru salem where war a shall b e no more. Some day Some Nation Must take that path-unless we are to lapse once again into utter barbarism-. and that HONOR I COVET for VY beloved America. And so, in that Spirit and with these Hopes, I say with all heart and soul, "AMERICA FIRST". Bishop G. Ashton Oldham "If I have served my country, as they say, Shown patience, Courage, faith, and kept alive The ruddy flame of hope when days were dark; Brought sons and daughters up with Of Honor, Virtue, Patriotism, Thrift, Loyal to God, their country, and themselves,-It is because of Wisdom from the Book, Promised of old to those who need --and aak." -Anonymous Chaplain Herbert T. Wilson CHAPEL SUNDAY, July 19 8 : 00A.M. --Mass Chaplain Finnerty 9a00 A.. --Protestant Sunday School 10,00 A.M. --Morning Worship Chaplain McClelland llal5 A.M. --Kass Chaplain Finnerty I100 P.M. --Evening Worship Chaplain Wilson TUESDAY, July 21 1,06 P.K .. Fellowship club WEDNESDAY July 22 7a30 P.R ......... ... Bible Study Hour FiiDAY, July 24 6a!O P.i Jewieh Services ..


SOMETHING TO SHOOT AT: Mjsgt. Liddon's score for this quiz was "86". GENERAL: (5 points each) L What product does the "Sun Maid" advertise? 2. How many main branches are there in the United States Government? 3. What have the following in common: Vilma Banky, Clara Kimball Young and vae )Iarsh? 4. What was the name of Barney Goo gle's horse? GEOGRAPHY' (5 points each) 1. What state in the Union extends farthest north. 2. What large ocean is entirely in the eastern hemisphere? 3. Which six states are collectively called New England? 4. What is the largest bay in the United States? YARDBIRD'S BUCK PRIVATE'S NON-cOM'S OFFICER'S SPORTS: (5 points each) 0 30 so 60 60 90 90 99 1. Are the Curtis Cup Matches, polo matches, golf matchea, or hockey mat ches? 2. In what sport are the following terms used: on guard, feint, parry, and thrust? 3. Name in order the three heavyweight champions previous to Joe Louis 1 4. In boxing which is heavier, a bantamweight or a featherweight? ARMY: (5 points each) 1. How many red stripes are there in the American Flag? 2. What field is frequently referred to as the ttw'est Point of the Air"? 3. Are all veterans of the World War automatically members of the American Legion? YOUR VOCABULARY (4 points each) 1. Machete is a 2. Mastiff h a 3. Marzipan h a a. large knife. a. part of a ship. a. filing case. b billiard term. b. large dog. b. almond paste. c. crushing machine. c. fossil bone. o. cooking pot. 4 Merganser is a 5. llaize is a 6. Velee is a a. vault. color. a. fight. b. blueprint. b. fish. b. chicken feed. e. bird. c. grain. c. switchboard.


This little recipe came over the radio the other d a y Unfortunately another sitting up e x ercise program from another station cut in. You know how those things are We thought it was a good recipe so we are pas. 1ng it on to you. It will clarify itself, we are sur i f you put a little thought to it. Stand errect with shoulders back, place a large can of grated pineapple on left shoulder and inhale it deeply. Extend arms straight f orward holding one half c up of water and two tablespoons of gelatine respectively. S hake well, carefUl not to break egg yolks. By this time water should be warm enough to soak headfor five minutes. No remove skin, which should by nowslip off easily. Exhale with arms extended a t sides onleTel with shoulders, bend at hips and add milk slowly. Bend head back and allow to simmer for fifteen minutes at 2 00 degrees Fahrenheit. This concludes todays exe rcise a nd makes either six hot servings or six cold servings o n crisp lettuce.


J rr==l! ack Parks= intimate Gllmr2ses Captain Thomas B. Fowler, recently appointed Post Supply Officer (84) o n Colonel' Maxwell's staff, is a native of Warm Springs, Ga., and holds a Bachelor of Scienoe degree from North Georgia College, Dahlonega, Ga., which at t he time of hi& graduation in 1924 was one of the nine class A military scnools in the United States. Following the completion of his college course, Captain Fowle r was for one year principal of the Fairmont (Ga.) High Soh ool, where he taught English and Latin The Captain then took a position with the Postal Telegraph Co., in Atlanta, Ga., where he served from 1925 to 1933 first in the Engineering Department and later as Commercial Representative. From 1933 until called to active duty in the Army on July 22, 1941, Captain Fowler was a Commercial agent and public relations man for Western Union in Atlanta and Birming ham. Before assuming his present position on the Headquarters Staff, the Captain was supply officer for the Air Base Group and conunanding officer of the Materiel Squad ron. During the time that he was squadroncommander, Captain Fowler was noted for the way in which he inspired his men With complete confidence in his leadership. He treated the soldier just as the ideal father would treat his son----indulgent when it was not harmul to the soldier, and firm when firmness was demanded. The Supply Officer is married and has two sons. One of the key men in the communications office at Tyndall Field is Staff Sergeant and chief operator Charles R. Allen, who in civilian life was assistant manager of the Broadway Theatre, Charlotte, N.C. The duty of' this office is to keep in touch with transient aircraft and to send times of departure and arrival to other stations. The Airways communications offices also exchange information with themselves and transient aircraft as to a ny conditions that may exist at particular airdromes. Sgt. Allen is a native of Atlanta, Ga., and was educated at T ech High School and at Harding High in Charlotte, N.C. He graduated in 1939 and served as assistant theatre manager until he enlisted in the Army in February, 1941. Upon enlisting in the Army, Allen was sent to Radio School at Scott Field, Ill., from whioh he graduated on September 21, 1941. He was then sent to Eglin Field where he remained until transferred to Tyndall Field in December, 1941. Upon coming to Tyndall he worked on the line until the communications office was set up. Sergeant Allen's ability is demonstrated by the fact that he has risen from private first class to staff sergeant since December.


TYNDALL TARQ-ET Published every Saturday by the Public Relations Office, AAFGS, Tyndall Field, Fla. PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER Captain Ammon McClellan ASST'S TO P. R. OFFICER Sgt. Jack H. Parks Pvt. Sam Melson Pvt. Bernard Pratt ART WORK Sgt. Oral Ledbetter Sgt. Darrell Broten Pfc. Ernest Kenton Pvt. Carl B. Lengerich SQUADRON REPORTERS 1st Sgt. J. D. Twitchell Sgt. Ralph 0. Boyes Pfc. Sam Marotta Pfe. I. Weiss Pvt. Felix Leon COMMANDING Col. W. A. Maxwell COLJJI(NIST The Yardbird REPRODUCTION STAFF T/Sgt. Woodrow W. Busby Corp. John Webster Oorp. Harold Speck Corp. Miles Porter Pfc. Francis Churchill Pvt. Everett Tackett Pvt. Price Terry SEC 'Y TO P. R. OFFICER Miss Frances Wilson ZM,/ SILHOUETTED BELOW ARE SIX O F THE MOST WIDELY USED CO MBAT SHIPS. S OME A P E ElliE MY, AND OTH ERS ARE F R IEN D L Y AN S WERS CAN BE FOUND ON \HE SPO R T S PAGE EDITOR Corp. Arnold Milgaten ASSOCIATE EDITOR Pfc. Saul Samiof PHOTOGRAPHIC OFFICER Lt. Joseph A. Dicke rman PHOTOGRAPHIC STAFF T/Sgt. Robert Thompson Sgt. William Castle Corp. John E. Mitchell SQUADRON REPORTERS Pvt. Samuel Sch un Pvt. William Halceem Pvt. James T. Jordan Pvt. D. Clyde Pfc. Bing Wilson


The Yardbif'd SEZ--The ole Yardbird is feelin agin considerin i is a good eoljer once mo. The reeson i is a good soljer is cause i is broke. i wuz kind uv a.sham'\>,fJ uv BUt self the othur day. The, man axed fur 'volunteers whut knew aboot orfiee wurk an i figgered whut i didnt know i cud pick up purty kwik so i up an volunteered, a n fur two da.ze i freighted typewriters an desks fur the Kwartermaster. Near boot 2 years ago whin i wuz gittin broke inter this hear Anrry i l'fUZ tole -in very plane langwage nevur tar volunteer fur nuthin by a ole Sgt whut wuz jist abo ot. ter git retired. i gess he k:nowed whut he wuz talkin aboot. The way i figger that volunteerin is that their is men whut is gittin ao money than i jist ter tel l me whut ter do an frum now on is abo gonna earn their pay Va menchuned in bur lettur that ma s.ister Siutsie (whut i dun tole aboot befo) dun married tpe B u ggs boy who wuz drafted rite aftur the seremoneys. Well, aboot a munth aftur he wuz gone she figgered the sun had gone down on hur love (i reckin havin ter stay home durin the full of the moon had a lot ter dowith it) an she had d un wrote him fur a deevorse. But aftur this pay day she is in receet u v a big alotmint check an she is dun rekonsidered an is dun wrote him that s he wuz too hasty an they cud tak up whur they let off an all that sentermintal eh stuff that wimmin kin sling around; so Kosely is jest stuc k fur the duraahun Sad aint Well, 1 reckin i'd better be again --The Yardbird (No. 1) TWO 792 MM. RHEII'lMHTAL BO!l.SI6' MI\CHiN <:TUN S IN COWUMG-MESSERSCHMITT M E-IOO F CTEI\MAN HlfrH f\LTITUDE' INTERCEPTOR SPAN LENG-TH HEIG-HT EMPTY WT. CTR OSS WT. FULLY EXTENDED 33' 1\JI\NG-E 750 Ml POSITION OF L.G WING SECTION& RADIATOR' 29'8" MAX. SPEED (21,000 FT.) 380 M.P. H. 7'1" SERVICE CEILING--ABOUT 40,000 FEET. 4,7+0 LBS. DAIMLER-BEN Z ENG-I NE, INVERTED LIQUID COOLED INLINE 6 000 LBS. V-12 DEVELOPING-1,150 HORSEPOWER. HAS A V. D.M. ELECTRIC PROPELLER9'10" THIS SING-LE FIGHTER 1s FIG-HTER-BUT IS SLOWER THr..N THE HE-113. IT HAS ONE 20 MM. CANNON FOUR MN:HINE. I CrUNS. Lr..NDING-AND WHEEL RETRACTABLE. THE 109-R Hr..S A WORLDS SPEED RECORD. ( OP,.IC:f"l..)


T CAPT. WILIIllS hie month should be called turlough mon th, what with the number of our boys on furlough. Have a good time boys. We are sorry to lose Capt. Wilkins and Lt. LeForoe, aa they are transferred. We also might lose Pfc'a Davis and Glidewell. S LT HILL een about town on Saturday evening our own S/Sgt. Sisco---"As proud as a PeacQck" and why not? By h i s side was n one other than Miss Kathleen Nelson-"Cover Girl" of the June iss ue of the Army Air Forces News Letter. to Pvt. Bonsignor on his tine carpenter work in the squadron area. s things at the Point" Sgt. Gillen seemb in good days. Furlough (iays be close at hand, c are they Sarte? Lt. Hill is fast ( co ming the best liked \. \ Y, c. o. on the Post. His fair an d consideration tor everyone has won him the respect of eery man in the squadron. T TARGET he Public Relations Officer the Tar,et Statf wishes that all let Sgts. a p point a permanent reporter, to submit Scribbling cop7 every week. l'f1 LT. SCHRC>a deep-sea fishing trip last Sun day was a .great success, and was en joyed by all with the exceptio n of two or three who were sea-sick. At the end they admitted it was s.e 1----and then there had be a fish story---you can come to the orderly room, and Sergeant Fair. will tell you about 1 ..J ( the BIG KING MACKEREL that got 1 awa7 from him---Hem big was it, Sarge? The happiest man in the squadron at this time is our Mail that he doesn't have to call the about fifty times a day. That new mail compartment is real nice i an t it, Freeman. l AT ORDNANCE VVonder who thinks he's the big shot in since he !nade that one stripe? It:::::::; indeed a sorry day in three lone wolves from Room three on a Saturday prowl for a little tun. the then n erve in an attempt to talk to them. Why is Smokey Xernell so worried these days? Can it be that a c e rtain party in Mobile has him sputtering? Where there's smoke there's fire. C 846th QUARTERMASTER orporal John F. Spratley our :;.ewly appointtd top-kick, the terror of the motor pool driTers really has the boys on the jump. Good luck Sgt., keep them jump Pvts. Dowling and Sanders back from their furlough with of and stories of their loves up north where the lights are always bright and never a dull Th!' city where y ou can always .have a jump good time. Come on and lot Pvt. Bing have your applio8tions foi" your defense b o nds. Let's have a 100% membership.


0 FINANCE ur latest addition is a electric typewriter and cheokwriter. It can do everything but whistle "Yankee Doodle". KLea_ Tiller is fixing to drill ........_,,,. ua, .now that she's het new uniform. S/Sgt. Edward K. Morgan is the only soldier we know that can wear one / of those blue fatigue hats, and still look as if he were going to a dress parade. We came upon Sgt. Tech John E. Blazak patting himself vigorously the other day. We watched him unobserved as he continued. Everything turned out all right though, it seems that he was only practising for a mustard gas attack. FLASH: Which non-com in Finance has chevrons on his pajamas. lhe best of luck to Cpl. Kitchell on his new venture and your reporter, be ing a native of N.Y.C., will endeavor to arrange some pleasant evenings for him. The biggest day of the month, pay day, being passe', was celebrated in a rather quiet Pvt. Menken is about due for a rating, if he can find the girl. Pvt. Iuhfal re minds one ota moYie hero. Tall, strong and ailent. Pvt. Long, ia rather an accompliahe d artiat and is willing to draw portraits of the boys. Pfc'a Flacka and Li vingaton are leaving ua tor Ft. MYers. Good Luok boya. Latf of the weeka Watching Corp. Grout playing horseahoea PYt. Domoaky wondering is keepin' hta out of Hollywood PYt_ Oonnolly baa been nicknamed the "Indian" beoau1e of hie very red face which he acquired after just one 'Yisit to the beaoh Pvt. Simona with that sorrowful look because he' hia pal Schroeder. A LT. MOORES cting let Sgt. Lowrie has takeo OYer 8Top-Kiokn duties in a capable manner Kattooks proving himaelt an excellent disciplinarian had been el evated to Staff Bender is furlough to take up the reins of per sonnel again J.T. Lee ia in the hos pital having his appendios removed Latest volunteers tor the gunnery school include, Fields, Vasquez, Riohu, Hatch, Ferguson, Ousley, and Wildes Congratulations to Babb, Stinchfield, Goodhart, Rodgers, and Speck, who have been promoted to Sgt Also, oongrats to Carter, Shake, Bacon, Wolf and Eh lers on their promotions to Cpl Those boat rides on Fridays are really something Highly recommended That mar riage questionaire put out by the chap lain ia really "Tops" in intelligent movea KcXinney to replace Anderson as Line Squadron Clerk and Baker to replace Schun as Mail Clerk OrchidB to the Post Movies, Library, Fountain, and the Post Female Beauties. C LT. SLOUGH orp. Henry A. Haven of our squadron is one of the five-man skeet that went t o Jacksonville SaturdaLy to com pete for the Southeastern Chazllpionship. Congratulations t6 Corp. Neville and S/Sgts. Long anci Thorp, who were re cently married. Pvt. c. c. Myers is reported to be resting this week. Pvt. T. C Jones is being besieged with people seeking information about the new synthetic rubber he ia report ed to have diacovered over at Kess Hall Bo. 2. i Pvta. relly, N.D. Jonea,R .. [$ D James, and Kirk are cer tainly acquiring a beauti 1'ul sun tan these days.... fA Oh, that Florida sunshine. f'


Mel Ott 1 being handed bouquets as the manager of the year with the base ball season only half completed Given a ball club which on paper could finish no better than sixth pl ace in the National League race this year, the one-time wonde r has worked miracles in bringing his team into the first division. Ott's handling of three men----two veterans considered washed up, and an untried rookie, has been the key to the Giant's success. Johnny Mize; formerly of the Cards who came back to top the league in runs batted in and home runs. Clift )(elton. a hurler, who has been on the downbeat since 1937, has chalk ed up eleven wins already and may get into the charmed circle again. Willard Marshal l is the rookie of the year. He is the first man. ever to make the National League All-Star team in his first season in the loop. The Giants didn't even own the boy when he showed up at spring training. Ott took: one look and named him as his regular fielder. 846 TI::t QM. DEFEATED The Iine juaped back into the looains last Sunday when they tried to their aame wizmin& atreak ot a tew Sunday ago. 'l'hi tiae the score waa 8 to l, in tavor ot Port St. Joe Prt. Glover, pitched an excellent game all the way through. It the in .. field had given their full .upport there would have been a different story to tell.; These same two teU18 will be battling again neat Sunday in Panama City. Come on out fellows and giANSWER-ro GENERALs Rai siu J Three -Jxeouti ve, Legislative, JUdicial; !he.r're all silent screen atareJ Sparkplug. SPORTS s Golf Matches J FencingJ Primo Carnera, Max Baer, James J. Braddock; Featherweight. GEOGRAPHY& llimiesota; Indian Ocean; Kaine, New Hampshire, Vermon1;,. Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, 'fbe Chesapeake Bay. ARMYs Seven; Randolph Field-San An tonio, Texas; No. but they are all el igible. YOUR z Large knif'e; Large Almond paste; Bird; Grain; Fight. ANSWERS To Quz P-400 Kittyhawk. Kesserschmitt. l09E. Heinkel. 113. Spitfire. 5. P-39 Ai 6 Hurricane.


ties\ tlok\n Doraa BeYer tor,ive -relf for going out riding with Tom." Plora1 "Oh, And I thought, you'd be perfectly sate with him." Dora "I was l" Do you know what the little rabbit said as he rushed out of the burning f.orest? He said, "I've been deferred&" The doctor was questioning the new nurse about her lateat patient. yo u a chart of his progreu?" "Jo, but I can show you my diary." The best years of a woman's lite are betwee n 29 and 30. Love may be blind, but it sure finds ita way around the dark. OKAY I SO I AIN'T NEAT ''.1 Pvt "You 1 ook pretty a ad, sar,e." sst "I am. My wife was away tor eix weeks and I kept writing her that I was spending every evening at home." Pvt' ttwell? 11 Sgt1 "The light bill came in just af ter she arrived home---and it's only 50 cents." The business of gettin' married is like making a social call, You go to adore, you give the belle a ring, you give your name to the maid, and then-your taken inl Draftee: "Oh eh cashier I lett my wallet home Cashier, "That's all right just write your name on the wall and you can pay the next time you come in." Draftee, "Oh no I don't want ray name on the wall everybody will see it." Cashier' "Oh no they won t ywr over coat will cover it." I crept upstairs shoes in hand, Just as the night took wing, .And saw wife, four steps ahead Doing the same darned thing. He (parking car)a "Shall I let the radio play, my sweet?" She 1 "No handsome, I want you to hear objections." With the war in China dragging on tor years, the Japs must know by now that the Yen is mightier than the sword. "Should I marry a man who lies to me?" "Lady, do you want to be an old maid?" Alillony 1a a b;y which, wheD two people :aake a aiatake. one of th continues to P&J tor it.


CHAPLAtN WILSON Captain Herbert T. Wilson,. Post Chaplain at Tyndall Field since Jan. 3, 1942, has been transferredto Ft-; llyers and wi 11 leave for his new station on Monday, July 20. A graduate of Cumberland College, and Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Chaplain Wilson was a chaplain in the CCC before he came to Tyndall Fi_e_ld_. ----All Clemson C 'ollege men at Tyndall have been requested to submit their name and rank to Jlr. Sherman, Director of Clemson News Service. SATURDAY, July 18 "The Postman didn't Brenda Joyce SU!DAT, .OBDAY, July 19-20 1110 Gentleme n from West Point" George Kontgomery POST FRIDAY, July 24 "Powder Tmm11 HATS OFFTO MR. I.Oc;ue Hats were ott Thursday at Tyndall Field to Kr. Georg e Logue, Panama City manager of the Sunny State Oil Company. Endeavoring to eoaply with the federal government's edict that all credit accounts must be aettled by July 10, Kr. Logue sought the assis tance of Capt a A. Howe 11 in collecting a balance awed by an-in dividual on the field. A tlO check was forthcoming immediately, and upon its receipt, Kr. Logue indorsed it over to the A.E.R. Fund. mEATRE TUESDAY, July 21 111loontide Jean Gabin Ida Lupin o WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, duly 22-23 "Naizie Gets Her Kan" Ann Southern Red Skelton Victor McLaglen RITZ Sum>AY, MONDAY, 'JuiY 19-20 1110 Gentlemen from West Point" Maureen O'Hara TUES., WED., THURS., FRI., July 21-24 -aeap the Wild Wind11 Paulette Goddard SATURDAY, July 25 "Blondie'a Blessed Event Penny Singleton 11Phantom Plainsmen" 3 llesquiteers LATE SHOW SATURDAY NIGHT rn this Our Life" Bette DaTis Dennis Morgan PANAMA SUNDAY, "Two Yanks in Trinidad" Pat O'Brien Brian Donlevy TUESDAY, July 21 "Bullets tor Bandits" Bill Elliott Tex Ritter WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, July 22-23 "Barnaole Bill" Wallace Beery FRIDAY, SATURDAY, July 24-25 "Shepard .of the Ozarka" Weaver Bros. and Elviry "Stardust on the Sage" Gene Autry 1 e t j I j


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