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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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Newspapers -- Florida ( lcsh )
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United States -- Florida -- Tyndall Field

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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 1, no. 26 (August 1, 1942).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
August 1, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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' f e -1 J. } Vol. 1 lo 26 Army Air Forces Gunnery School, Tyndall Field, Fla., August 1, TYNDALL MEN ON A.A.F. SKEET TEAMS ColODel Maxwell preaenta tropbiea to the ae.bera ot the Tyndall tJkeet Teuu (L. to R.) J,t. G.D. 8\lbbard Lt. H.B. .JOT Cpl. C.J. JloClung, P,.rt. BJ Lee u4 Pfo. R. BeDderaon. .JUiq llattena, tuoua glo'be-oirollD.g pilot, ia poeeted bJ 11/s:ct;. LiclcSOD em the fonaer a recent Tiai t to f7Ddall. Six men of the t.elve man team that will represent the entire Air Forces at the National Skeet ships at Syracuse, N.Y., next week, will be frca Tyndall P11eld. A five man officers team and a tive man enlisted men's team will ahoot for the AAF with one alternate on each squad. Records hung up by the Tyndall Skeeters resu l ted in their aelection by Washington officials or the Air Forces. Firat Lieutenants Henry B. Joy, Jr. and Graydon D. Hubbard are the two of ficers going along with Sgt. Columbus J. Powell, Jr., Cpl. Charles J. Me Clung, Pte. Robert o. Henderson and Pvt. Edward J. Lee. These six T,yndall men lett here on Wednesday by train and after a several day stop-over at New York pity they will reach S,yracuae, N.Y. by next Wednesday. The matches will begin on Thursday at the Onondaga Skeet Club. The Tyndall Skeeters have already won the Natl. Service Teams Champion ahip and the Southeastern Tourney. POl!, ftllt'U FIICIS LOnRID Post Theatre Officer, Lt. w. H. Wiseman announced yesterday that effective Saturday, August 8, 1942, the price tor admission to the Post Theatre will be reduced to 15' cash at the window and the price of theatre booka will be tl.20. All books now iD the hands ot enlisted aen will have to be uaed up by or before night, August 7. The new books will be placed on aale &tter Auguat lat, but will not be used until .luguat e.



e TAX! IT OR .LEAn IT Balance these reasonsl hard a-s he can l Every respectable man should swear just as otten and as 1. Because 2. Because 3. Beca u 4. 5. Because 6. Because 7. Becaus e a. Because 9. Because 10 Because it is such an elegant way of expressing one's thoughts. it is such a concluaiv, proof ot good taste and breeding. it is such a sure way ot making one agreeable to his friends it is a positive evidence ot acquaintance with goo d literature. it furnishes good example for training boys. it is just what a man' other enjoys having him do. it looks so Dice in-print. it is such a good way of increasing one's self respect. it is such a help to mafhood and virtue in many ways. it is such way ot improving one's chances in the hereafter But on the other hand it is wri ttena "'l'HOU SHALT NOT TAKE THE NAl4E OF THE LORD n VAIN." Re,cently in Washington, /the General Order deprecating swearing and cursing; which was originally issued to the Continental Army by Georg e Washington in 1776, was reprinted and sent to all recruiting; offices and camp. s of the United States Army. AJnong; other things we the Father of his Country sayings "I hope that the officers will by word and exampl e endeavor to chec k any cursing or swear ing;, and that everyone in the will realize that we can have little hope of the blessing of heaven on our arma if we insult i t by our impiety and folly .' .... ,.. + n t .his. it is a vice so low and mean, without a temptation, that every man of sense and character detests it." ... A TRIBUTE TO THi AMERICAN SOLDIER "About the finest specfiin on the top of the earth is the American soldier, rough and ready, grumbling, never giving up, always able to laugh, oven at his own plight; a holy terror in a fight; ruthless to an enemy capable of a resistance; generous to a raul t to a beaten foe; hating nobody, fearing none; with courage enough to storm Hades and the gentleness to win a child." That is t he standard that has been for us. SUNDAY B:OO A.M. 9:00 A.M. lOtOO A.M. 11:15 A.M. 8:00 P.M. TUESDAY --Mas s Finnerty 1:00 P.M Fellowship Club --Protestant Sunday School --Mornin g Worship WEDNESDAY 1:3 0 P.M Bible Study Hour Chaplain McClelland --Mas s Chaplain Finnerty --Evening Worship.. ,; .. -., ,,{.)'R+DAY Chaplaifl McClel .land: .. z 06 P.M Jewis h Services .. ''


TYNDALL TARCi-ET. P\lbliahecl eTery Saturday by the Public Relations Ottioe, AAP'GS Tyndall Field, Fla. ,PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER Captain Ammon M c C lellan ASST'S TO P. R OFFICER Sgt. Jaok H. Parks PY1i. Sam Melson Pvt. Bernard Pratt ART WORK sst. oral r Sgt. Darrell pt a. Ernest K nto Pvt. Cru-1 B. L e:ngerich SQUADRO N REPOR N Kerico Pte. Sam llaro ttm. Pfc., I. Weia21 PYt Felix l,eon COlOWIDING Col. w. A. Maxwell COLUlm'IST The Yardbird REPRODUCTION STAFF T/Sgt. Woodrow W Buaby Corp. John Webster Corp. Miles Porter Pfc. Francia Churchil l Pvt. Everett Tackett Prt. Price Terry SEC'Y TO P. R. OFFICER Mrs. Adelyn St9kea EDITOR Corp. Arnold llilga:ten ASSOCIATE EDITOR Pro. Saul Saadof PHOTOGRAPHIC OFP'ICER Lt. Joseph A. Dickerman PHotOGRAPHIC STAFF T/Sgt. Robert 'l'hompson Corp. John E. Kitohell SQUADBOB REPORTERS Corp. Paul Hemaoth Pvt. Samuel Schun PTt James r. Jordan Pvt. William J. Bing TO PERSONS ETC. IS PUREL,.Y UNINTENTIONAL


The 4eriill Gunner The most important news of the week for the majority of the men e t Tyndall Field was the announcement released by Colonel Maxwell' s of fice that, effictive immediately, all graduates cl the gunnery schools of the nation would be promote d to the rank of sergean t or staff sergeant, depending o n their previous technical schooling. This announcement, which came i"rom Washington via Ft. Worth Texas, headquarters o f the Southeast Fly ing Training Command, is an impor tant step toward giving the aerial gunners their just and due recogni tion. It is only recently that the true importance of the gunners' role in modern sky warfare has been recogni&ed. For the p6st several weeks all graduating gqnners were given the rank of corporal, however, this la tea t announcem ent means an additional stripe and the money that goes with it, plus a new chest insignia known as an aviation badge A LETTER FROM A "PAL" (T h e following letter was received by a soldier on this post from one of his buddies ) "Dear Flanagan, Aa to the $10 you claim I awe you, I can't s 8em to recall that I owe you anything whatsoever. But i f you ha ve an I.O.U signe d by me stating that I do, I would gladly oblige you. Ot course the c.o. could hardly recognine your statement unless you did produce an t.o.u. The Marines, they have a poet, and would h ave us know it, That they're hot etuff, and sometimeseven rough-More power to those tough lads--dressed in their pretty blue doodads But say, -by the way--did you hear--what the Japs most fear? It's not the Marines, straight shooters that they are, It's the aerial gunners that the Japs in this war, Hate and beyond all reasonbecause it's just the season, For gunners, trained i n shooting straight, to take on about eight Ot the yellow Japs and shoot them downi n just about one half a round. The Pilot drives the plane alongfloating high Hong Kong, His chauffeur role, h e too plays well, but actually the guy Who knocks the hell from the slant-eyed snakes--those Nipponese, Is the gunner lad, with surprising ease. He' s trained and taught, During tedious weeks that a straight shooting gunner really speaks A language the Japs c an understand, as a bullet hits them in the pan, Down their ship goes--and :::he Devil, he spits, For he doesn't even want those yellow-bellied So why do writers so rarely extol the important role The Gunner playa thes e war filled days? Let us stop and ponder--'aposin 'twas you up yonder'? Wouldn't yo u think t hat a strQight-shooting gunner-Was a damn sight more important than ............ Sorry you r no t feeling well. I can well understand what punishment a rear gunne r 4oes abserb. So T ough Luck "ole boy," As Ever e::> \"""' the airplane runner? 1-.. .._ Pvt. s.o.K. .... -.... Public Relations Office Gus P.S. I'm flat busted Kartin, would' you plea send me 15 if it's withia 7our ..ana. I know you can help me and I will gladly give you an I.o.u. until next payday."


S l'IIlAJroB PAJIP'ARE ix years ago, Kaster Sergeant Lu ther R. Underwood' parents wanted hia to complete hie education at Duke UniYeraity. Dick said that he would r ather join the Armr He did. Tbil week Dick received notice that he was to go to o.c.s. this tall---at Duke t:Jn:i:Yerai tyl Since Technician 7th Grade Prancis Leonard has been aaaigned to Tyndall Field, he's a changed am. He baa even changed his brand o f. cigarettes We can't mention the DUW, but it ia them things which are on aide at a bird. Add aimilesa As patient as Corp. Technician Joe Hani k .. eating out a temporary tranater t o Maxwell Field. The reason tor those early mornin& exercises," aaya Bobby Costigan, ia that when the FiD&Ilce Dep t .. aoves dc.n near the pe r sonnel b uilding, we FiD ance men are C'.tng te otteY -Polio A CAPTAIN JOHB WILKjtlf S 11 o .t' thl"' bo;ye are glac:i i!;o be baok 1D the 1" 0ld. o9th 1 ; ... does wondertul thingat of tho l!leQ are back troa and are eagerly putting their DOle! to th'!Y well lmCJ!'i'i.'!. gxindlltoneo We lost

that he can oontira the I'UIIOr about his trip to the altar while on tur lough. A Goodbye and Good Luck" to hta. Roberts, West, Thompson and Zurak01rald who are leaving ua tor parte aouth. A warm welcome to Pvt. Mixon who joined our aquadron last week after a oourae at Fort Logan. 1st Sgt. Taylor has brought inspections up to the peak of perfection, and he himself didn't do so bad ly in bowling out a 277 gamel --J.T.J. S 846th QUARTERMASTER C

RED+CROSS Again we wish to remind you what procedure to follow in regard to Red Cross work in the event you are transferrnd. Ll!lave any unfinished knittin g or sering with Mrs. Maxwell or Mrs. Alcott (knitting) and Mrs. Moore or Mrs. Hyndman (sewing) to be finished by this chapter. This will relieve you of any worry in the hurly-burly of moving. Further information has come t o u s regarding your credit hours. I f you are transferred you should back to your old chapte r and you r credit hour trans.ferred to new chapter. Be sure and do this as just a card wil.l go t this done for you. COMMISSARY COOKIN G Onion Soup 2 tablespoons butter 2 cups onl.on sliced 1 can campbell's consomme' 1 can water Cheese croutons for garnish Cook the onions in butteruntU Add consomme' and water and heat 20 minutes. Serve in soup dishes or earthware bowls. A quick and very easy recipe tor a really goo d soup. In "The Trained-Nurse & Hospital Re view" we saw answers given to 'an AIR RAID WARDEN'S EXAM --which we think might amuse those who took first-aid. ---SYMPTOMS OF SCHOCKa Blood coun t fast & weak Eyes are glassy, weak Calmy pulse, cold respiration, chills The heart beat is r-apid then slow. This is caused by the walls ot abdomen giving way causing all the blood to be congested. This oe.used the heart to work that much harder. Blue nales, sort ot ---TREATKENT OF SHOCK 1 Lay patient tlat on back, proping up so as to hold heat. Keep head lowered, it no t a basal fracture is found. Loosen clothing, oollor, tie, belt, corsets, Oh Keep still The mportant points to be remember ed i 40 t"'+.ifie<\l respiration 1a ne "saa.ry .. KeeP h0ad low it on him oc k lf\r.-l Light & Lower Co. should have been sent for. U..} face down11 head on right arm down & up under first rib. It look s as though every one on Vac A r t hur is trying to outdo hia nextdoor neighbor judging from the signs in front. Can you tell who 11Tea behind theaea


intimate GllmJ2ses Major Walter D. Director of Ground Training at Tyndall Field, has more than twenty years of public service to his credit. -upon graduation tram Howard College, Birmingham, Ala., in 1920, the Major spent moat ot t he following two de cades as a school teacher at various points throughout Alabama J A native ot Opelika Ala., Kajor Iewman has made his home in Guntersville, Ala., for the past fourteen years, during moat of which ttme he was principal or the high school in that city. In addition to his educational activities, the Director or Ground Training served i'rom January, 1939 .until November, 1940 in the Alabama Legis lature. Major Newman was called to actin duty on I Nov. 25, 1940. He was sent to Camp Blanding, Fla., as commanding cttioer-ot Company E, 167th Infantry. He reported tor duty_ at Tyndall Field on Dec. 8, 1941. At Tyndall Field, Jlajor linman has been instrumental in designing a number of in genious devices tor the training ot gunners. These devices have been praised very highly by his superiors. Major Iewman takes great. pride in his three children, all of whom are either al ready in the service or soon will be. One son has completed his second year at West Point, another is in the Navy, and a daughte r is in training to become nurse. MASTER SERGEANT The oldest enlisted man in point or service at Tyndall Field ia Kaster Jlaurice Berthaume non-eonmisaioned ot.t'icer in charge ot Communications Office. Sergeant Berthaume enlisted in the Aviation Section ot the Signal Cor ps in January. 1916, and was stationed at Ft. Wood, N. Y. It was while he was at Ft. Wood that the Black Tom incident occurred. Boats load ed with ammunition tor Europe were sabotaged and explod ed as they passed in the vicinity of the Fort. Windows at the Fort were broken, debris was hurled into the post, and tor a time it was teared that the Statue o.t' Liberty might tall. Soon after the above event, the Sergean t was transferred to the Ft. Omaha, Neb. balloon school and was made Post Electrician. Pioneering in his field, Sergeant Berthau.e opened the tirst telephone systm on the post, gave the radio station at Omaha two transmitting tubes when they first began to operate, and installed one or the tirat radio receiving seta in the balloons. Sergeant Berthaume once narrowly escap ed death during a record breaking balloon flight trom Port Omaha to Ida Grove, Iowa. The distance of mile was covered in 104 minutes, and the trip was uneventful until the pilot attempted to land with the wind velocity between 45 and 50 miles per hour. Upon nearing the ground, 1 t was seen that the speed ot the balloon would make landing extremely dangerous. The balloon hit the bounced about 76 feet twice, and craahed through two fences before finally coming to rest, with the men miraculously unhurt.


SCU!TBING TO SHOO'l' ATs Capt. score tor thia quizwaa "90"e GENERALs { 5 pointa each) 1. Ia the "Pana..a Cana.la 25 1/2 miles long, 50 l/2 mi. lea long, or 76 1/2 milee long? 2. Who is said to have started t.h-1;1 fashion tor bobbed hair? a. Veniaon u the meat at what ani.loo.l.? 4. Waa Peru once ruled bys Mayana, or Incas? GEOGRA.FHYa (5 pointa ... ch) 1. What ia the capital of Idaho'1 2. What canal joina the Jledi terranean to the Red Seat 1 a. Is it true that the Hudson River empties into the Hudson Bay1 4 .. where America's were burned. is in what state? YARDBIRD' S OOCI PH.IVA'l'E' 8 N011..C01f'S OFFICER'S m:OHTih ( 15 pointll each) o ao so 60 60 90 90 99 1 ,. Ua:td1 tha. n21ma ot the champion b.t. th.g li3.t"t oolti!i:m with itu f.yi:ng na!!ile in the a:l.ght hand column., Yacht Wall Boxer So.)J .. Horee ,a.na;

The Yard SEZ-6 Oooh, the ole Yardb i r d is in receet uv a mity teerifik hangovu r r i t e now on account uv i is dun made Nu Awleens on that three day pass i wuz menchunin l ast weak. i sho wants t o s a y that the ole town is ever b i t there, she aint changed a bit. whut with a boo t 1 8 hours uv gittin ma um. twisted by the local citisins i emur ged inter t he h i g h klass sosiet y d istric k mwmNhat.a than a l ittel inebriatedD an the ne x thin g i knowed a ole lady an hur maid wuz a wakin me up off'n bur frunt porch an i started inter poligizin an e xcuain ma self ani wuz 5We&tin em both otter call the c ivilian M P0se that wudnt nevur do on acount uv bein too fur frum home, an i wuz sweatin jest aboot as hard. a s a bootlegger church bizarre. The ole lady fooled She started eatin me ot fur not comin on inter t h e house in t h e furst place9 au1 maid wuz axin me iff'n i had cavt cold, an t hen the butl e r showed up with a m ity nie e drink an aboot that time the y had m e in be d in the nicest littel_ room i ovur alep in. Hex mawnin ohe jes t smiled whin i tried excusin ma self fur bein in the sh ap e 1 wuz an that wuz alright, that she understood. 1'hi n s he showed me a pitcher uv mit,w nice lookin young shavetail an she kind u v smiled s a d l i ke an d showe d me a Gold Star. W ell. I reckin i'd b etter be Yardbird (No. 1) (Editors Notea The Yardbird wishes to emphas i s e the fact t h a t the aotually occured and wishes to u s e this m ed iumiD h i oere thanks for the hoapi tali t y to him by th f New Orleans in general, and tho lovely l ad y i n particu l&ro) Plane TalK ME-110 THIS P LANE I S USED AS A LONCr ESCO"T FlvHTER.AND IS SOMETIMeS USED AC, A. NICiHT SOMBER. THE Of THE M E 110 I S THE JAOUAR AND DIFFERS FROM THE ME-110 IN SPEEO JACrUER H/l.c; A NOSE A N D SHORTER C ABIN. THI S IS POWERED BY T W O 1.150 H.P. DAIMLER-BENZ LIQUID COOLED E NG-INES WITH THREE 6\.ADt PROPS. P fitNE IS ALL METAL CONSTRUCTION 15 HEAVILY ARMORED. Rt\r G: I) AROUND 1700 MILES SPEED IS 3GS .P. H.


DOWNEY PITCHES TWO HIT BALL FOR Q.M. Behind the superb of Pvt. John T. Downey the "pennant" hungry Quarteraaater softball team took the tir1t game of a aeriea ot three to decide the Field Chaapionahip. Their opponenta, Lt. Schrock's men, also had good pitching, but the three hits that pitcher Johnny Stephana allowed were good tor three runs to give the Q. M. boys a victory. Downey, while strikingout six m en, gave out but two hits aDd walked .none. Roth and Mankin wer e the two Schrock men to connect safely, with Mankin slammi ng a double tor the only extra basehit ott Downey. Stephana, was for only three hits but his tour walks were too cos tly tor his team as two ot the three hits he gave up came with men on base. The Q. M. nine scored one run in the secon d and two in the third shortstop Jones sent a screaming double to ft"+.Ar with two mates aboard. Tuesday evening has been set as the date for the secon d and possibly de ciding game of the series. An aspect of last Wednes day's game for Lt. Sohrook'a men is that there can be no alibi for them the two umpire s were Lt. Schrock and S/Sgt. Wilson and the scorekeeper was Pvt. Salvat, all of the loser's squad ronS LT. SCHROCK Gatford S '! Hoth SS Manki n SF West lB Belk C Mancinelli LF Ackerman CF Alexande r 2B Stephana P Catmeyer RJ' QUARTERMASTER Gregory lB Nolan CF Jones SS Kitchel 2B Lenttie SF Albritter 3B Jlaxwell LF Henderson RF Buxton C l)oney p R H E QUARTER11AS7,'ER 0 1 2 0 0 0 0 "! 1' lJ LT. SCHROCK 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 Batterieaa Downey and Buxton tor Q.K. Stephan md Belle for Lt. Schrock. -----------------------------BOXING BOUTS DRAW CROW 0 Tyndall's bozing hopeful t1Dall7 caught up with fair weather laat Tuesday evening and treated acae five hun dred tans to seven fairly aorappy bouts. It was a draw betw een PYta. :Martin Tobollky and James Weat ot the 1 60 lb. classboth men giving and taking. The cr.owd applauded Pvt. John Flan-agan's decision over Pvt. E.R. Gonsalesit was Flanagan' tirat ring appearance and in taking a three round award from Gonzales, he bettered a tighter who ia reigning featherweight champion of the States, A.A.U. Al Young, the 110 lb. Panama City flying cadet added another to his list o f victories when he took a three round scrap from Pvt. R.B. Truitt by the T.K.o. route. Other results were1 Pvt. Joseph Smith won a 3 round decision froa Pvt. I.T. Whitt ; Pvt. Fea.rnl ey downed Pvt. F .14. Bowling with a T.K.O. J Pvt. W.J. Arter was awarded a T.t.o. over Pvt. J.R. Carson; and Pvt. A.M. Vaughn aimilarly disposed of Pvt. R.L. Bombard. A bit of comedy waa worked into the card when Pvts. Robert Smith and A.I. Baaba put on their version or a profea sional wrestling match. It looked rough but no one was hurt. ANSWERS TO ;>?? GENERALs CastleJ SPORTS 1 50 1/2 miles longa Irene Deer J Incas. Brevity Horae Wall Jocke y Salioa Boxer Ranger Yacht GEOGRAPHYa Boise; Sues Canal a No, it is false; Massachusetts. ARilY a Airplane J To call the corporal of the guard in any case not ooverod by inatructionsa Arlington, Virginia. YOUR VOCABULARYa Eight aided figure; Voulding; Vegetable; Musical InatruIHiltJ Card game; Poea. ..


Pvta "Fifty years ago the girls never though t ot doing the things they do today." Cor p s "That's why they didn't do them." The Rookie s ha d a mascot goat, And it was always butt in' On Monday a Colonel got in the way-On Tues day we had mutton Sona "Pop, Igot a lickin' in school t o day and it's your fault. Pop a that, son?" Sona "Remember when I asked you how much a million dollars was?" Popa I Son s 'helluva lot" ain't the Wife a "What's this game Hari-Iari the japs are always playing?" Hub b yr "Get me a knite and I'll ahow you how they do itl" First Boxera "Ah sho teels sorry tor y ou. Ah was bohn with boxin gloves on. Sec ond Boxera "Maybe you was, dark boy, 'cause ah reckon you'll die the same way." JOKIN "A man", said the camp philosophe r to the army cook, "is sup po1ed to be what he eats And what kind ot soldiers d o you we'll have it all ;your t ood tastes like shoe leather? "An a.r:my" said the cook in the aaae philosophical sing-song voice, I un derstand, it's supp osed to travel ita stomach. So naturall;y I try to make the food as much like 8boe lM.ther as possible." IEEP 'Ell TRYIJlG The moon was yellow, The lane was bright. Aa she turned up to me In the spriDgtilae nightJ And every gesture And nery Gave a hint That she craved romance. I stammere d and stuttered And time went by----The aoon was yellowAnd so was Il .-''"' I \ ) } .. .) :. \\ -"' .. T -... ; ...... -""" ...


U.S.O. ACTIVITI The .Panama City USO ann oun ce s the tollowin actiyitiea tor the coming weeks SUNDAYa Band Concert on the porch by th' Bay County High Sc hool Band at 5s00 P.v. VONDA.Ya Free VcwieDate NightDanc ing & Gamea a,oo P.M. TUESDAY Dance-P.C. Victorettes, music by Wood & Orchestra a,oo P.u. WEDNESDAYs Party JJight. P.C Victor ettea 8a00 P.M. THURSDAYs Free )(one-- "The Mark ot Zor ro"Dancing afterwards 8s00 PM. FRIDAY a WDLP Broadcas t Featuring the Tyndall Field Band a,oo P.u. SA'l'URDAYa Tea DancePanama City Victorettea11 w1. th music by the Tyndall Field Band s.oo P M THE USO IS YOUR BEST BET J UTUIIDAY, Augue t l "Dr. Broadway .Jean Phillip SUJIDAT, JIOIDAY, A ugust 2-a Taraan' ew York Johnny W eia..uller RI'I'Z SUIIDA.T, HOliDAY, 2-a "WiDe tor the Eagle Ann Sheridan Dennia Morgan 'I'UESDAY Aucuet t "Moon tide Jean Ge.bin Ida Lupino 1IBDIIISDlT, Aupat 6 !here' One Born ITery Minute Bach Herbert Pe&EY Koran THURSDlT, J'RlD.lT, 6-7 Juke Girl ADn Shqidan Ronald Reagan SA'I'URDAT, Aucuat a sana ot the Pioneer" .Jlo;y Roger "Gr&ll4 Ceatral Murder Van letlin CeoUia Parker LATI SHOir SA'l'URDAT UGHT Jaotu1 11a11 Wallaoe Beery One ot the more pleasant innovations ot the past rew weelca h that at hann th Tyndal l Field Band and the Bay County High School B and gi-ve a OM hour, concert on alternating Sund&J --after noons at the USO porch. The breeze ott the Bay plus the leisure atmo sphere or the oi ty on afternoons blend w1 th the music tor a too short hour ot relaxation. ow that pay day i a once more with us, let's not forget Bmergenoy Relief Fund-the example has been set tor us Back in May11 when the local theatres wer e soliciting contributions from the audiences tor the A.E.R., one ot the usherettes reported that when empty collection plate was passed d an aisle where six privates were itting11 the plate came back contain ng six one-dollar billsl POS 4 mil 'I'RE tti'!SDAT, Aacuat 4 lligbt in ll Orleana" Preetoo roater 'IIEDBESDAY, TBUBBDAT Aucuet 6-e ratea Letter DarltDc Roaaliad Raea e : l PRIDAT, .luguat 7 "t e !dale Anbal Blllr7 J'cad& P!IWIA SUBI.T HORDAT, lupet 2-3 aweater Girl .1'1111e Prei11er TUJWDAY Aquat 4 "Billy t;ba n.tl' S.Oid.llg o.a Baner Crabbe lBDJI'ESDl'!. Aucuat 6 r Jfan who o... to Dillller htte Dane ADD Sheridaa mt1BSDAT. Aucuat 8 "BuDdOWD Gelle 'l'ieruy Bruce Cabot P'RIDAT, SA'flJRDA.T, Aapat T-8 "Attaira ot Taleatim." Marjorie Jlain COOL :/ Denni1 O"leete "J\\c1the Vall.,.W Range Buetera -------= -----


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