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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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United States -- Florida -- Tyndall Field

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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 1, no. 27 (August 8, 1942).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
August 8, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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. ... ... .... 161 GUNNERS GIVE $10122 TO A.E.R. MElT TB! POST WIATRER FORECASTERs Maste r Sergeant Sam Gacesa, of New Brighton, Pa., came to Tyndall Field ib mid-Feb r uary to set up the Post Weather Station. At the time of the cenlal weatherman's arrival here, he poueued the rank of "buck" sergeant. Today, five and one half months later, Sam Gacesa p roudly wear s h i s master aergeant etri pes. At t h e age of 24, Sergeant Gaoesa ranks among the young eat Matter Sergeants on the Post, sharinc honor s with U/Sgt. Dick Underwood ot the Finance Detachment f1'IDALL Jill BARMOIIU OVBR WDLP The mellow voices and native songs of the ten stud ent gunners of the Roy al Netherlands Flyi'ng School, who performed aver WDL P last night, were a rare treat. A c c ording to Pvt. Charlea Stepanion, pro gram director, arraDceaenta are being made to have theae boys aing a g ain very soon. Tyndall Field was honored last week, hon ored by a group of men it had grad uated from its Gunnery School. It is doubtful if Class #31, 1942, will ever be f orgotten here and it is quite pos s ible that the men or this class will, i n the near future, give the world good cause to remember it. The members of 142 (men and boys) quietly and without fanfare, contribu t e d tlOl.OO towards the Army Emergency Relief Fund on pay day. The fact that these men were mature enough to re alize the risk of their chosen duty i n the service of their country and to fully appreciate the responsibility they owe to their wives, children and p a rents, leads but to the COnclusion that the s e men will perform with the same clear headed, accurate thinking when they meet the enemy in the sky. SUET SBOOTBRS oo:rwo GOOD JOB According to the latest telegram received from Lt. G. D. Hubbard by Cap tain H. o Avery, the Tyndall Skeet Shooters are "doing a good job" in the Nat i onal O pen Skeet Championship mat che s now bei'ng conducted at Syracuse, N. y I n the first telegram, received on Wednesday, it was learned that Lt. H. B Joy, Jr. was first in the Class "A'' 410 Gauge e vent and Lt. Hubbard 3rd. Lt. Hubbard placed 2nd in the Class "A" 28 Gauge event,wbieh the Army won. Later information reveals that in the 12 Gauge event, the Army #1 team was defe ated by Navy, 491-493. However, the Army # 2 team downed the Navy 481-478 i n the same event.


GOD AND DEIIOCRACY wls God neoeasary1 Yeal Without Him, there can be no real American democracy." That was the unanimous conclusion of a symposium of Catholic, Protestant and Jewish law students. Their reasons followr 1-The founders of Aaerican democracy officially declared that the justification for their work was to be found in the wLawa ot na-ture and of nature's God." 2The whole philoaophy of American democracy is contained in this quotations -we hold these truths to be self-evidentJ that all men are created equalJ that th-.y are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rightsJ that amongthese are lite, libertyand the purauit or happiness, thatto secure these rights, gov erDmenta are instituted amOJlf; men, deri Ting their juat powers trom the consent or the governed..... 3-Our right, therefore, come frO. G.od and not from the government. Our Federal and State Constitutions, Bille of Rights, and all la1r1, are not the source of our rights but aimply a recognition of and protection for righta that God has given to each man. 4The fact that our rights come from God rather than tram the state or gov ernment ia the main reason that dictatorship is inconsistent with Americanism. 5-The fact that "all men are created equal", that il, equal in the sight ot God, ia the reason why all persons, regardless of race, color, or coadition, are equals before the constitution and laws of the United States. 6-The American Declaration of Independehce was an act ot faith in God. Its principles are acknowledged to be self-evident truths by men ot all religious beliefs who fought to make America free and independent. 7-Because God is the Author ot Liberty, faith in Him is an indispensable requisite tor the life of America and American democracy. To do your own job is not enough, that is no virtue, democracy is not a gift, it' a responaibility. ---Thomas Jefferson. "Sorrow is one of the best educators. through a tear than through a telescope. you leani. IIJJID.&.Y 8:00A.M. --Nass Cbaplain 7innerty 9:00A.M. Sunday School 10:00 A.M. Worship Obaplaia Wester llzl5 A.M. Chaplain Jinnerty sntDAT 8:00 Worahip Ohaplaia Wester A man can see farther and sharper It all depends on how you apply what TUXSDAY 7:00 P.M Jellowehip Club 6&30 Inetruction Clast lr.IDNESDA.Y 7z30 Bible StudT Hour THURSDAY 6:30 P.M Inatruction Claee ftiDAY 6:00 P.M Jewieh Serricea


. e Intimate Gllmf2ses The s o ldiers of Tyndall Field are indebted to the efficient work of Captain Ray L. McCullough, Post Employment Off icer, for the presence on the field.of so pretty and capable girls. The men believe he .is doing a swell job, and hope that he will b e able to c o n t i nue the good work until every lad has his lassie. Capt &in McCullough's home is in Burlington, Kansas, where he has lived all his life except for the time he has served in the Army. He enlisted in 1916 and was sta tioned for a year on the Mexican border, near Eagle Pass, Texas. At that timethe United States had quite a large on the border as a protection against and in pursuit of Villa. It was while at Eagle Pass that the Captain took part in the first motor convoy ever held by the Army. It was an experimental trip from his station t o San Antonio. On August 5, 1917, "Bugler" McCullough's outfit was called to duty and stationed at .....,. _.camp Doniphan, (Ft. Sill) Oklahoma, until April, 1918, when he went overseas with the 137th Inf., 35th Div., participating i n three major battlesaf the War. In 1922 he joined the Kansas Nat'l Guard as a 1st Lt. in the Field Artillery. He was promo t ed to Captain in Sept. 1940, and was called to active duty on Dec. 23, 1940, with the 1 s t Bn., 16lst F.A. and stationed at Camp Robinson, Arkansas. Previous to his transfer t o Tyndall on Dec. 8 1941, Captain McCullough served as a F.A. Bn. Umpire during the swmner maneuv ers i n Tenn., Ark., La. and the Carolinas. STAFF SERGEANT LSDBETTER An o utstanding record has been made by Staf f Sergeant Oral Ledbetter, chief of the Drafting Department at Tyndall Field sinoe he came to t h e Gunnery School on D ecember 25, 1941, and established the de partment whi c h is now recognized as o n e ot the beat on the Field. Evidence of his ability wi l l be foun d in the fact that during the past six months he has been promoted, up on recommendation of the D e partment ot Training, from private to his pre sent grade o f staff sergeant. Sergeant Ledbetter has received a number of commendations from his superiors. On Kay 1, 1 942, the Public Relations Division of the Army Air Forces described as "noteworthy" a drawi ng by the Sergeant which was used on the front page of the Panama City News-Herald on Day T he letter, which was addressed to the com manding officer, recommended that Ledbetter be commended for an "outstandingjob". A graduate of the Ameri c an Aoad.ay of Art in Chicago, Sergeant Ledbetter was connected wi t h a commercial adv ertising firm in La Porte, Indiana, before he en listed in the Air Corps. His home i s in Muskegon, Michigan. During the pastfew weeks, the Sergeant has been working on illustrations to promote flying safety.


T YNDALL .TAR ET P\.ablhhecl eTery Saturday by the Public Relation Ottice, AAFGS, tyndall Field, Fla. PUBLIC RILATIOIS OFFICER Captain McClellan COIOWIDllfG Col. w. A. Maxwell IDI'lOR Corp. Arnold llilsaten AS'ft'S 1'0 P. R. OFFICER Sst. Jack H. Parka COLUIIBIST The Yardbird ASSOCIATE IDifOR Pfc. Saul Sqiot Pte. Sam Mellon pte. Bernard Pratt ARTWORK Oral Ledbetter Sgt. Darrell Broten Corp. Ernest Ienton pte. Carl B. Lengerich RBP.RODUCTIOI STAFF T/Sgt Woodrow 1J. Buab;y Corp. John Web1ter Corp. Miles Porter Pre. Francia Churchill PTt. lverett Tackett Pvt. Price Terey PHOTOGRAPHIC OFFICER Lt. Joseph A. Dickerman PHOTOGRAPHIC STAFF T/Sgt. Robert Thoapaon Sgt. William Castle Corp. John B. Mitchell TYNDALL TOPICS The ettecta or total war are being telt at Tyndall even ift the Chaplain's depart.ent as we note witn regret the transfer f:l Chaplain Cheater R. McClellud durint tbe past week. Ria aervice here was characterized by his broad aaile aDd his seat tor lite; he has watched tyndall Field change trOll a ere stretch or sand to the compact llilitaJ7 unit that it 11 today. !he Flying Chaplain" will be miue. d by the hundreds or trienda he made while stationed at thil Post. However, these trienda will be consoled by the presence ot Chaplain Brooks Weater, a new aember ot f.yndall Chaplain starr. Cc.ing as he does, treah trom. the Chaplain's School at Ft. Benjamin Har rison, veat things are expected or the n .. Chaplain, eapecially aince he hail a trora Deep ill the Heart ct Texas". God a peed aad God' 1 bleuing to Chaplain McClelland wherever his dutiea call him, and to the work or Chaplain We.ter uong ua. Bight .uaical numbers, tros Sipnmd Roaberg' s "Desert Song to a John Phillip Sousa arrange .. nt ot the lational Anth, is the tune tare that will be ottered bJ' the Tyndall Field Band at Bundaf atternoon a concert. To.orrow' pertorunce b7 the Band will ark i t1 aeoolld appearance at the USO Sunday .utical interludes. !be concert, as usual, will begin at 5s00 P.M. and will laat one hour. These Sabbath P.M. concerti atill rate as one ot the tineat 60 ot entert&tDment. t1.S.O. ACTIVIT SUBDAta House All Day. Band Concert on Porch 5a00 P.M. &o\lgbnuts and Cottee aerTed b;y Ladies ot St. Dominic' Altar Sooiety 6a00 P.M. IIOBDAY a Free Movi e 8 a 00 P DaDo ing and Goes attenrarda. 'l'UBSDAta Dance with Cit;y Victorettea-8a00 P.M. WEDIBSDAta Party light Victorettea -8a00 P.M. !HORSDlta Free IIOYie wrop Sergeant 11\alligan" Informal Dancing-8a00 P.ll. J'IInlt 1 WDLP Broadcaat. 'l')'Ddall Bandwith w. c. Coultrap in ryu dall Field in ReTiew". SA1'1JRDAY Tea Dance p. C. Victorettes T.yndall Field Band-6a30 P .M. -!VERY DAYa Shawera, ShaTee, Chec king, Writing Rooa, Game Room, Club R ooms, Creu COW!try llops. etc. 'l'HE USO IS YOUR BEST BE'l1


. e RED + CROSS For ou r las t meeting at t he Yacht Club not many knitters were present but several new garments were turned in. We're glad to know that knitting goes on a t home even though t he ladies can't get out to the Monday meetings. Special. attent i on for all knitters-no more meet i ngs at the Yacht Club. Beginning next M onday, both sewing and knitting g r o ups will meet at the, old Red Cross head quarters, the b ank building at the c o r ne r of First and Harrison. Please d on't forget or get lost next Monday, same hour, new place. Again new y a r n can be secured and completed w ork turned in to Mrs. Al during the w eek. Only thr e e seamstresses w e r e p resent at the s ewing group. All the night shirts are finished and now women's dresses are being turned out. These are attrac tive and fun to work on. A great deal of outside sewi ng work is being done by volunteers under Mrs. Alcott. This is to help fill the quota that must be turned in by 1 HOUSEHOLD HINTS Never pull awnings up or leave them up while wet. Rolled damp they will mildew or rot. .Be careful not to spill foods or liquids on the kitchen radio. It may start a fire. Did you know that make sugarless tea by adding 3 or 4 oldfashioned lemon drops to your hot or iced tea? This is a handy picnic idea, too. Did you know that you can avoid those white water marks if you slip a piece of wax paper under your flower vases? Did you know that the juice left from sweet or sour pickles, makes an excellent .base for aspic, when combin ed with gelatin and tomato? Did you know that pressing trousers with a newspaper, rather than a damp cloth, gives them a more lasting crease? If you have any household hints you would like to share, call any one of the editors. COMMISSARY COOKING Magic Lemon Muringue Pie \ ) 1 can Eagle Brand Milk 2 eggs separated 1/2 cup lemon juice 2 tablespoons sugar (8 in.) I Grated rind of one lemon 1 graham cracker pie shell Blend tog ether milk, lemon juice, lemon rind, egg yolks. Pour into pie shell. Cover with meringue made by beating egg whites until stiff and adding sugar. Bake in moderate oven (350 F) 10 minutes or till brown. Chill. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL: To add t o the signs on MacArthur have you seen this mail box on Cove Road? .... You can t miss a certain Lieutenant's sign also on Cove Roa d es\ pecially at night when the spot light is turned on it. Everyone F to be having a fine time at the new Of Club last Saturday night.We're all glad to know that its now in operation. Too bad Mrs. Bane had to start her home nursing on a Saturday night. More Aircraft Observers a r e needed at the u.s.o. building. The work's not hard nor the hours long. I f you can help' in this work call M rs. Alcott or Mrs. Wentworth. Mrs. Morton, a co-editor of this page is spending this week at her home i n Montgomery. What's happened to the welcoming committee!? For tips on trailer trends call Mrs. Wilson. An excellent motto seen on a Tyndall plane "Take a tip -button your lip."


SOIIETHIWG TO SHOOT AT 1 C orp. Grout a soore for this quiz was "88" GEIERALa (5 points each) 1 Who diaoovered why an a pple falls trom a tree? 2. What was the ide n name of the Duchess of Windsor? What well known political figure was assassinated in September, 19 35? 4. What ia the Arabie equivalent of J:DXCll? GEOORAPHYa (5 points eaoh) 1. What cities on t he Mississippi are known as the "Twi n Cities"? 2. What ia known as the Continental Divideof the United States? 3. What is the capital of Kansas? 4. What is the largest river in South America? YARDBIRD'S BUCK PRIVATE'S N ON-cOli'S OFFICER'S SPORTSa (5 points eaoh) 0 30 60 60 90 90 -9 9 1. In what aport do the players com pete for the Ryder Cup? 2. Who was Ty Cobb? 3. What sportsman calls "track" when he wants others to get out of his way? 4. In collegiate sports, what colleges are known as the Big Three ? ARMY: (5 points each) 1. I s a vanguard: a truck for t ransporti n g soldiers, a troop which marches in front of an army, or a troop which guards an objective once it has been gained ? 2. Who was recently appointed to command the u. s AAF in England? 3. Wha t is the lst General O rder? YOUR VOCABULARY 1.' a. b. c. 4. a. b. c. {4: points each) Protractor is a 2. Peat is a 3. Pancreas i s a draftsman's ins trument. a. soap. a. gland. small tractor. b. fruit. b cooking pot. ventilating machine. e. fuel. c. potted Polygon is a 5. Pagoda is a 6. P-ullet is a tadpole. a. temple. a. clothes person with wives. b. pushcart. b. young hen many sided f igure. e. incubator. e. part the mouth. Th e Honot-Roll of_ 1942. -#31 TYNDALL FJELD GUNNERY SCHOOL==CONTR I BUTEO 1101 Q.Q TO THE -=----== t---A.E.R. FUND AUG.IH19 lf2


Recognition at last p I ,...., .. BASE Wtt.Y PLUS SO% 0-t\ONs/ & \TAPF \H6!MT RATINGi UPON aRlDlWION


"BLUEBIRDS" Jl ate ott to Lts. Robert G. Freyer llllth and William F. Blackwell. two popular officers who are leaving us on new asaignmenta. We bid them a tond farewell and wish them the best c luck alway. At the aame time, we extend a hearty welcometo our new c.o Lt. Roy L. Long. The excitement in the outfit for the past week_, furnished by S/Sgt. Lewis 1. Waddell. Sgt. Waddell's wife gave birth to an 8 lb. 2 o&. baby boy at 8a20 A on Monday, and although the mother is doing nicely, the father i s suffering trom an over expande d c hest. Many thanks to Pvt. List for the improvements around the squadron.area. We hope lat/Sgt. Rahm' s pedal af'f'lic -tion won't necessitate a solicitati on of funds to buy him a wheel chairl Pfc. Albert J Snead T "ORANGDIEN" he squadron welcomes lst Lt. H. w Sellers, our new c.o w h o hails from lfew Orleans. We also send beat wishes to Lt. Bichols, who was t ransferred to Sebring. The day room is in full swing again. The pool table has been repaired a nd a few incidentals have. been added lat Sergeant Kelly is hopp i ng around t he s e days, singing like a bird. Perhaps the "bug" has bitten him Forget the weather tor a moment anyone i n terested in playing football please contac t Sgt Boyes or turn your name i n t o the or derly room Sgt. Guidry and Pvt. Hud son are in training. -Sgt. R.J. Boyea B FilWICE FANFARE efore anyone could S&J "Duke UniTerai "t)r" 1 another Of our men was as signed to o.c.s. there sgt. T e ch. John 1. !lasak leavell soon. When !/Sgt. Johnny Farr was reading the cOIIica Sunday, there happened to be a pad &Dd pencil handy -he a b a enta1D4eci1J begu to figure out "Super.an'Fl71D& Pay& we take pleasure in I.DDCNDciDg two new arrival a Pvt. Joe Cappiello and Pvt. Tom Astle. Th wer e not brought by the stork, the Southern Railroad did t h e t r i ck There; was a young privat e named Who'd take orders like n one we know. His wife and h i s sisters Got hand s 1 ,,f blisters-"" From writing o u t orders f o r dough. Pvt. Felix Leon C "BROWNIES" ongratulations to Sgt. Milf ord Lo Miller on his recent trip to the altar. Unfortunately f o r us, he was transfer red the day after. Lots of luck. Sgt. on y our two new assignments. Through the c olumns of the TARGET, we wish to say h ello" to Cpl. Caufield P t e R.D. Frazier a n d Pvts. Sch r ock and Revers. Y ou fellows have been dawn in that hospital too long. The gang misses y ou and wishe s you all a speedy reooveryl Cpls. Callahan and Powell seem a bit dejected lately it cou l dn t be be cause those two "eyefulls" have gone home? Sgt. D aniel and his g a n g did a clearingjob around the barr a c ks. Pvt. Jam& a J. F r eeman 0 "REDBIRDS" ther squadrons may a dopt eagles and goats for masco t s but we'll stick t o Pvt. Joseph Berberian. Another wedd i ng took place Satur d ay when Cpl Galbreath "tied t he knot". We wish Cpl. and lLrs. Galbreath tne best of luck. Cpl Carl P. ( P stands for Pugg;y ) Juneau will be leaving on a furlough soon We wish him a n enjoyable t r ip. W e r e sure to have p e ace and while he's away, as we won't have to liste n to him and his drumming. Pvt. Vincent Del PaX8 0 LT. W. H. PARKS ur c.o. has set a fast paea ina s much as w e feel tha t we OO

S/Sgt. Robert B. Cherry, as acting lst/Sgt., 11 apealci ng softly but ia oapabl7 wielding the big atiok. There are a lot of ncant corners in our barraoka. Thq are ailent, but potcat reaindera that "something has bea r-.oTed". We aiaa you men and herea wiahin you "happy landingal" PYt. Thomas R. Veey T "'HHRLDfG lfl:NGERS" hoae proapeotive oadeta that have M vacationing with ua tor the past t .ontha aust have loat hope of goinr; to aohool in the near future. It h a known tact that aome of these men haft wri tteD ho.ae tor their winter 111141' glad to have Lt. Turner back with ua atter a leave of absence, and a W'U'1R welcome to Sgt. :N.ogulich and Pte. Goderica, who have recently joined our group. Here's hoping that Sgt. w. T. Clark can tix it with the "brass hats" so that our outfit can get enough bed aheeta to go around Prc. Kinmon can now aeaa with the. non-coms-he bls just been praaoted to corporal A gentle hint to the cadets in the outfit--a little leu "hanger flying" in the barrack at night would be appreoiate4. Cpl. Neil N. Kerico "liT THE "CH.AJIPIONS" YYith the squadron softballers batting out a victory over the Lt. Schrock's Brownies", the QMa have now captured the crown s of' the two organbed aport1 oompet i tiona-bowling and aottballl Congratulations to the men OD the team f'or their successful ertorta'in bringing the softball champ iODahip to the Quartermasters. Could it be love or the expected appo1Zltmeat to o.c.s. that is giving Pfc. Iubin such a bad case of absent mindednesa? It must be quite a thrill tor Sgt. ld Peaden to return to Camp L .. the 1ite of his rookie day1, as a candidate tor o.c.s. Good luck, Ed, DOt that 1ou 11 need it, thoughJ PYt. H. N. McDonald, a native of Pittsburgh, upon being asked when he first saw the light of day, replied, "In Philadelphia, on vacation." Cpl. Paul Hemaoth w. "CANARIES" ere all glad to have Lt. Peter E. Wei with ua. Our c.o. h a s just returned from a honeym oon trip. Lt. Patrick J. Martin is away on D. s. tor an couree Cpl. R. Stovall has from the person nel desk to the radio aet1 down on the "line" Sgt. Ragland's brief' absence cast a spell of loneliness ever the squadron Sgt. Gentry, captain of' the boxing team, has been and we're still looking f'or someoneto take his place The mail situation should be greatly improved now that Pvt. Jack Blackwell has returned from furlough. The outfit welcomes Pvt. Edward )(ilea, has just arrived from Fort Logan. Pfc. P. c. Hernandez T ORDNANCE HE HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK was the sudden enlargement of the outfit which literally puts Ordnance on wheels,-and we'll to give the. Field the most efficient service possible. Lt. Colonel Cain of Maxwell Fieldvisited us last week, and we understand that he complimented 1st Sgt. Malkowski and the Ft. uyers detach ment f'or their drilling. Congratulations from all the boys go to Pfc. Jesse who was married on August 2, and to Sgt. Richardson, who also said "I do" on August 1. Best of luck to both of them. Tech. Jrenneth L. Witham. S "FOUR ACES" ohool days are here again for Lta. Maurice Rondelez and Magee Fuller, who have left on D.S. to learn the my sterious machinations necessary to manipulate those four engine "jobs". We extend a hearty welcome to our new c.o., lst Lt. Ellis R. Ratchford. In bringing old news up to date, we observe that Thorwald Johnson is still


".weatiDC Glider Pilot Sohool !ben there' a that n an in our rank, Ptt. Michael rranooni, who hail1 trom Avon, CODn Reoent tran1ter1 haTe coat the outfit thr .. fine aen, Sgt. Dan Early, Sgt. Jame1 !clwarde and Cpl. Jame1 Bal. eoa Lt. Jo1eph rargo will be absent from the lquadron tor a while he D.Sa. to atuq Pratt and Whitney engines. Sgt. Earl L. Wingarter T "BLACJ:BIRDS" he boy. of our 1quadron supporting the A..! .R. fund in a very encouraging manner don't need the praiae that ie due thea, they know the cause to which they are contributing 1a their own, and are only indirectly aiding themselves. A sincere w elcome back is extended to Lt. J. Garland upon his return from leave of absenoe And a speedy recov ery ia the squadron's wish to Pvta. D'Alonao &Dd 1-rlor, who are 'present habitues ot the holpital A aalute to Sgta. Grahaa and Wad.worth, who keep the outfit' recorda straight up at Post Headquarters. The aipli.ticance ot the phrase, "So methin n baa been added" can be re alized by observing the work done around the squadron area by a fflfl ot the boys. lice work, fellow. Pvt. Jaaea T. Jordan W LT. lf. C. WOOD ell, our little tcu:r.ilyil t.bout set tled once again and everybody ia hapPY The togiea been flowing treely since the tlrat of the month because cf the usual reaeonpromotions Pfc. Varvin Morris finally acquired the double 1tripe, he'a our mail or derly 1 JOU Jmow, and he' ill happy about 1 t that' he now briuga u:r mail in re811U!I Even some ot the fellows who "made corporal recentlY were taken by sur prise when the order waa posted umowa cing promotions. Those men prClllloted to aereant weres Anders, Covington Killer, Basham, Fry. and Minton. Sgta Bo.. and Warington, were awarde d their rocker stripes. Sergeant COYington lett tor o.c.a. thi 1 paat week. We 1rl1h him lot of luck and we know we're going to miu him. Sgt. J. E. Kinton A "MF.t>ICWO!S" 11 of the men are wearing "tirst ot the month" faces. with anticipation shining all over them, waiting tor the rating list to be posted. A few lucky gun-jumpers have already tapped .the grapevine and are wearing their stripes "to be". The promotion s cL S/Sgt. Bra tcher to T/Sgt. and St. Stev. e Bittner to 1ta.rt, are the cream of the endeav-ors. 1 Surgeon Major Brua, who has taken over the duties or Colone l Pluenneke, won a salute fr011 every aan in the detachment when he recently announced that a policy of allowing ten men on turlough at a time would be inaugur a ted and that' a ear-candy in arty soldier's language. Among the men who are leaving us in the near future (and we'll miss 'em) are, S/Sgt. Xory, who leaves tor o.c.s. and S/Sgt. Welch who 11 transferring to Mobile, Ala. Lots ot luck, boys According to inside information, the recent tire near the hoapi tal was star ted by sparks flying from newly p pointed lat/Sgt. Dean. Sgt. Wm. Volk: H D!PAR'IVE!n' OF TRAill!llG TAU ave you noticed that you can now move around in the aircraft recognition room? When Sgt. Boyea cl eans house, he does it in a big way. Congrata to Cpl. F.H. Grant, who has been accepted tor the Finance o.c.s. It &aT more of our expert instructors leave, I IUppose we'll have t o draft aome of thole bucks" and "staffs"among the raduating ltudenta. It just won't seem right, though, t o r a man wearing "stripes" to be teaching olasses. Sgt. (Pretty Boy) Clark certainly lett on that three day pass in a h ur ry I And over-work waan t thtJ !'

The Yardbird Stl a 1 [,;rr-MECRANIC RUSTIN6 PILOT TRUSTING BUSTING! The ole Yardbird's kickin along purty frisky but i cant help but git the im preshun t hat i is bin sumwhat mistreated on severul okashuns. The man had me ot runnin errinds the othur day & i wuz ovur ter the Air Core supplie wuz twistin up a bull durham an the gonna-be-induktee{Kute aint it?)sayed Cant you see that no smokin sine, an i sayed Sho, but i aint a smokin an he sayed got a sigarette in yo an i tole him rite back That dont meen nothin, i got shoes on ma feet but i aint walkin. He sulled up konsiderabul buti got whut 1 wint aftur. Thim civilyans ovur on the line aint bad tellers, tho. Sundy i wuz in desprit need uv a cold brew, as a man is liable ter crave a brew at times, s peshully on a S undy mawnin rite aftur payday. I eased on down in a slow hurry ter see Scotty aboot ma trubbles but the dore wuz looked. i figgered he wuz sick. so i trucked back up ter Less's place but Less wuz sick too, an that left only wun othur place but whin i managed ter git there the sine on the dore sayed Klo s ed until M undy mawnin. Now i got ter figgerin. Everbody else is wurkin 7 da ze a weak towurd the war effart an thim folkes is holdin up nashinul definse by closin Sundys. Sad, aint it?. Well, i needed me a cold drink thin jist like i nevur needed befo an i eased inter the drug sto an axed the purty gurl at the sody founting whut all she had cold in the ice box an she sayed kind uv flip---ice. i reck i n i'd better be agoin-----The Yardbird (No. 1) 1? 3 9 AIRACOB'RA it!R.SUI I" P39 IS ONE OF THE FEW WITHOUT 1\ESTI\ICTIONS POWERED BY AN ALLISON V-1710 LIQUID tOOLED ENCTINE. 1\ .37 MM CTUN IN NOSe. llr_ "'N g EMPTY WEIG-HT 4,955 LB. W\.,v SPn ....... 4.. G-1\0SS WEIGHT 6,&62 LB. LENvTH .. .... 29 9 FUEL IS 140 GAL. r------------'-''-'------------, NORM"L RMC7E 1,560 Ml LES THIS EXPLODED VIEW OF THE P, WHICH IS REPRODUCED FROM'AIRCAAFT PRODUCTION SHOWS THE OF THE ALLISON 1,150 H .P. ENG-INE. THE EXTENSION SHAFT IS 10 FT. LONCT AND Wt1C1tlc; 40L8. IT THE DRIVE FROM THE ENGiNE TO THE BOX IN THE NOSE. THE IS SUPPORTED IN FUSELM7E' COVERING--IS ENTIRELY COWLING-WHICH 'PROVIDES ACCESS TO ETC.


Q.M. SOrTBALLERS P1aah1Dg champiaaabip torm afield, and behind the five-hit pitching ot Jobzmy Downq, the Qu.arterater aott'ballera defeated Lt. Schrock' Brownie laat Tuesday to capture the !.Jndal l Sottba11 Crown. T he defeat waa the aecond in a row auttered bJ the Br ownies at the hands ot the Q.K. teaa and gave the Q.K.a the majority ot the two-out-three aeries needed to win the Post championship. fhe acore was fairly indicative ot the comparative strength ot the two with the margin ot dittere. noe accounted tor JDOatly b7 the eight walks allowed by Brownie pitcher Hoth. Downey, the Q.K. flinger, was not quite a s spectacular as in the first tussle in which he walked none, tor three B rownies reached base via this route on Tuesday, however, D own.y added ten more strike-out victims to his list. the B r ownies played good ball, but not quite good enough. They probably could well have used their first string pitcher am catcher, Stephana and Belk, who were away on turlough. An unusual tact about the two games in which these two teams ha ve met is, that n e ither the Q. M.e nor the Brown lea. oODIIlitted an error in the 14 innings o t play& QUARTERMASTER Gregory lB lolan CP' Jones SS Kitch 11 2B Albr en Lenaeua RF LentlieSF Maxwell LF Buxton C Down8)' P AB R H """! 1 0 0 2 0 0 1 2 2 0 1 0 0 2 1 1 2 0 1 1 1 2 0 0 BROWNIES DR H Kanlcin 2B -s' 'n" T Elliot C 0 0 West l B 3 0 1 Gafford SS 1 0 0 Cata1er 1 0 Kani u 1JI' a o 1 Fitz1ck CF 2 0 1 Ackern RF 0 0 Byera SF 0 0 Hoth P 2 0 1 R H B BRODIES 0000100 QUARTERMASTER 0 2 0 0 1 0 X t 6 0 DOUBLES a 111 tchell, Al britten, Do!rney. 8.0. bJ Hoth-2. WIN POST PENNANT KO!O& JICOL CI.Onl X.OR Cl.OII GD '10 101! II!. .r01 xa n acaa a1 11-21 Laat Sunday afternoon the llotor Pool Clona played the Port St. Joe diamond men a return match. The Clowns had to give way to better ball playing. The final score wasa close squeeze, 18-21. Believe you me, it was an exciting game for everyone. Some very fAncy plays were made by both teams. :gt. Pruitt, manager of the Motor Pool boys gave Port St. Joe something to remember him by when he hit two home runs. Pvt. Glover pitched an exciting game for six innings, at which time he was relieved by Pvt. c Davis, who hurled them down the line with terrific speed. He also connected with a smaah that sailed over the fence f o r a home run. We're proud of our team for the gal lant showing they made. Their spirit symbolizes the fighting spirit of our boys in the armed forces of our United States of America. --Wilson J. It was announced this week that Lt. s. J. Kopach would succeed Lt. L. R. Thompson, as Post A. & R. Officer. Lt. Thompson has been transferred to Fort Myers. Boxing matches have b een arranged tor this Thursday evening at 7a30 P.K. Also, on Thursday afternoon at 4s00 P. )(.the Tyndall Tornadoe s will meet tbe Blountstown nine at the P.C. Ball ParL .U ... !O ? ? ? ? GEHERALa Sir Iaaac N ewton; Wallis WarfieldJ Huey P. Long; 1492. SPORTSa GoltJ b a s eball player, A skier; Princeton, Harvard and Yale. GBOGRAPHYs Kinneapolis and St. Paul; The Rooky llountainsJ Topekaa Amazon. ARIIY 1 A troop whioh marches in front of an llajor General Carl Spaat&; To take charge of this Post and all Government property in view. YOUR VOCABUI...ARY 1 Draftsman' 1 inatru mentJ FUel; Gland' ; aided figure; TempleJ Young hen.


il r D O YO U SUPPOSE WE CO ULD I NVITE OUR ClV!UAN EMP L OYEES TO THE SAfETY MEETINGS?" Maidc "MY boy friend has cold feet. M aster of the Houser "Shame on you, yo ung lady. In my day we didn't find these things out until after we got married." producer is telling Mary he won't be able to keep .her after this week." Then he'll have to raise her salary." Corpc "Squad's right& Vcioe{in rear rank)a "Arter all these year he admits Sergeant, "Heyl You can't go in there--that's the colonel's tent!" Rookiec "Then what have they got "Private" over the entrance forT" She' He, s pot S hec He, became of your valet?" "I discharged him for removing a dreaa suit." that part of his duty?" "No, this was a ten spot&" Exec utioner{to man to die) "Is there a nything I can d o for you before I pull the switch?" About to d iea the lace o n my left shoe: my corns are killing m e l t wiah I had my wife back." "Where 1a she?" "I sold her tor a bottle of whiskey." "So 70u found out you really love her?" I'm thirs t y again&" A priTate was waiting outside the dispensary tor his turn at the iodine swab. "Hello, and how ia everything?" he apoke to a corporal sittin next to him. wot so good. I' aching fraa neuritis, the corporal grunted. "Glad to meet you", b ... ed the private, "I' Rosenberg trom Cinncinna ti." Pity the poor little Scotoh laddie who didn t know how old he was. His old man would tell him when his birthday waa. Again we have one about a Scotchman who was inTited to a party and told that each guest was to bringaoaething. He brought hie relatives. ts your broadminded?" "Say, that's all he thinks of." ANOTHER THING MALCOLM. ALWAYS CHECK YOUR SAFETY BELT.''


REGGIE b y Lent, AAF POST THEATRE SATURDAY, August 8 "Affairs of Martha" Marsha Hunt Richard Carlson SUNDAY, MONDAY, August 9-10 "Flight Lieutenant" Pat O'Brien Glenn Ford RITZ SUNDAY, MONDAY, August 9 10 "Beyond the Blue Hori &on" Dorothy Lamour TUESDAY, August 11 "The Magnificent Dope" Henry Fonda Lynn Bari WEDNESDAY, August 12 "Affairs of Martha" Marsha Hunt Carlson THURSDAY, FRIDAY, August 1 3-!4 "Jackass Mail" Wallace Beery SATURDAY, August 15 "Home in Wyoming" Gene Autrey Smiley Burnette TUESDAY, August 11 "Sweater Girl" Betty Jan e Rhodes WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, August 1 2-13 tor the Eagle" Ann Sheridan Denni s M orga n FRIDAY, August 14 J ackass )(ail" Wallace Beery PANAJIA SUNDAY, MONDAY, August 9-10 "To Be Or Not To Be" Carole Lombard Jac k Benny TUESDAY, August 1 1 "Desert Trail" John Wayne WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, August 1 2-13 "King's Row" Ann Sheridan Rober t Cummings FRIDAY, August 14-1 5 "Down T exas Way" Buck Jone s Tim McCoy


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