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Tyndall target
Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 1, no. 29 (August 15, 1942).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
August 15, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
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r I. t 9 Forcea Gunnery School. Tyndall AUSTRALIAN TO SPEAK OJi'FIOBRS' CLUB TO OPEN TOMORROIJ IIGB'f News that was musi c to t he ears of Tyndall Officers came from the Board of Governors which announ c ed the open ing of the Officers' Club f o r tomorrow night. No formal ceremoni e s have been scheduled for the affair other than a cocktail party for marrie d o fficers and their wives and bachelor officers and their "dates" The cocktail party will begin at s,oo P.M. Cotton khaki uniforms out the blouse will be worn as official dress for the evening, with the wear ing of "whites" as optional. rnmALL :tl.C.O. ORGAlliZATION FORMED The first step towards the organiza tion of a Non-Commissioned Officers' Club took place on W edne s day with a meeting of NCOs of the first three gr ades in the Pos t Theatre. The men. with T/Sgt. Dan Howell as chairman, appointed a committee of five to investigate possible sites for the propo sed clubhouse. Further plans are pending the committee's findings. Mr. M.P. Greenwood Adams. native Aus tralian and noted newspaperman and lectured will apeak here this Friday afternoon. Jlr. Adams lecture is part of the Army's Orientation Course and all military personnel on the post are requested to attend the talk. The exact time and place of Mr. A dams' address will be in the daily bulletin during the latter part of the week. Mr. Adams was born and educated at Melbourne, Australia As a young man he was a famous athlete. and entered the newspaper field as a contributor to the Sydney Bulletin and other publications. Abandoning nEWrspaper work, he transferred to press agentry and later was the first Australian to lecture on educational films of that continent. UBUSU.AL STORY FOR "RULERS OF THE SKY" With three fairly successful prog rams under their belts, the producers of Tyndall's Radio Series, "Rulers of the Sky", have an unusual story for their fourth edition of the drama. On Wednesday night the group, under the supervision of Lt. W.J. McKinsey, will tell the story of an Aerial Gun ner's escapade with Americans who haven't awakened to the war. It will tell about Nazi spies and how they dupe well-meaning Americans into giving them information. Pvt. Louis Stepanian, who wrote the story especially for this series, made the statement that,"Although incidents and characters are fictitious, reference to living persons is intendedl


Some day if you visit Mount Vernon, Washington's home, you will see his sword. Look at the blade. On one side is engraved "Recte facies"; on the other, "Neminem Timeas". There you have Washington's philosophya "Do right. Fear no one". Washington engraved that glorious motto on his sword bepause it was ten deep in his heart, deep in his soul. Because he lived thosefwords, because he couldn't consciously betray ideals in the presence of riend f e, because he was never a "yes" man to anything cheap or seurv,y, be ausq r he never feared enemy bullets or bullying friends, o is/ oul and nevor did he have to hand over his proud sword in 'in ngueror, not even to human respect. Today that gword rests in his home. It is a lesson, an inspiration, a challenge. our own soul -to do right and fear no one. "" \ \ \ Jewish twl --


intimate Gllmf2ses The Military Intelligence Officer (S-1) on Colonel Maxwell's staff is First Lieu tenant Charles B. Rawson. who is a natiTe of Ardmore, Pa near Philadelphia. Lt. Rawson graduated in 1928 from The Hill School, Pottstown, Pa.. and in the same year entered Princeton University, where he received an AB degree ih 1932. While at Princeton. the Intelligence Offi cer specialized in political science and studied under Dr. Edward s. Corwin, widely regarded as the outstanding authorityin the on constitutional law and history. and :Jr Harold Willis Dodd, now pres ident of t h e University. While in college, Lt. Rawson took ROTC training and was commissioned-in the Field Artillery in 1932. Following his graduation, Lt. Rawson was connected with an advertising agency for one year. He then took a position with the Chilton Publishing Co. as a writer of advertising copy. Between 1937 and 1941 he was assistant editor of Automotive and Aviation Industries and managing editor of the Commercial Car Journal. Lt. Rawson was called to active duty in August, 1941, and was made IntelligenceOfficer at the Replacement Training Center, Maxwell Field, Ala. He came to Tyndall Field on April 1,. 1942. As s-2, the Lieutenant' duties oover a multitude ot act1Tities, moat of which are confidential, but all. of which are design ed to aaaure the well-being of the soldier. KR. HEIRY S. TORRDCE The Arrrq is far from being a new element in the life of Warrant Officer and Tech nical Inspector Henry s. Torrence. Ria father was an arm.r man, and he grew up at the Ft. Benjamin Harrison in Indiana. Having spent practically all of his life on various Armf. posts throughout the country, Mr. Torrence is very familiar with the methods and requirements of the service. His aervice and record in the Air Forces have also served to make him highly qualified for his job inspector at Tyndall Field. He enlisted in 1935 at Ft. Benjamin Harriaon, where he in the course of time became a line chief. He graduated from two schools at Chanute .Field, Ill., and qualified as an airplane mechanic and carburator specialist. He also completed a specialized course i n the V-1710 engine at the Allison Engineering School, Indianapolis, Ind. He was transferred to Tyndall Field in August. 1941.


TYNDALL e TARGET Published every Saturday by the Public Relations Office, AAFGS, T,yndall Field, Fla. PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER Captain Ammon McClellan COMMANDING Col. w. A. EDITOR. Corp. Arnold Milgaten ASST'S TO P. R. OFFICER Sgt. Jack H. Parks COLUMNIST The Yardbird ASSOCIATE EDITOR Corp. Saul Samiof Pte. Sam Melson Pfc. Bernard Pratt ARTWORK REPRODUCTION STAFF T/Sgt. Woodrow w. Busby Corp. John Webster PHOTOGRAPHIC OFFICER Lt. Joseph A. Dickerman S/Sgt. Oral Ledbetter Sgt. Darrell Broten Corp. Ernest Kenton Pfc. Carl B. Lengerich Sgt. Miles Porter PHOTOGRAPHIC STAFF T/Sgt. Robert Thompson Sgt. William Castle Corp. John E. Mitchell Pfc. Francis Churchill Pfo. Everett Tackett Pvt. Price Terry TYNDALL TOPICS There was quite a bit of excitement over at Chaplain Brooks Wester's home last Sunday, and for quite a good rea son, too. The newly arrived Tyndall Chaplain and Mrs. Wester are now the proud parents of a new Chaplette. It will probably be several years before the men on the Post will be able to avail themselves of the services of young Chaplain Wester, but we'll bet that he's already begun to preach some very loud sermons. Good news to the Post's movie goers is., that in addition to the recently installed water fountain, the Post Theatre management announces that much more comfortable theatre seats have not only been ordered, but are expect ed to arrive any day nowl Sgt. Jack Sikes, one of "Target's" able reporters in its infant days came through the other day with a couple of interesting stories from the Post Of fice. Jack called us last Wednesday and reported that some sixty letters had arrived for a Pvt. Edgar Van Val kenburg. It seems that Pvt. Valkenburg was due to arrive from to become an Aerial Gunner. We were all hopped up about it and were awaiting Edgar to find out who all the letters were from. Unfortunately, we never found out, for Pvt. Valkenburg either has missed his bus, or preferred Miamito Panama City. At any rate, he hasn't arrived here, and besides losing out on the public ity we planned to give him, he's going to have to do some tall explaining to somebody I Jack also told us that a letter had been received from an "S. F Germany, 117 So. Gadsen, Tallahassee, Fla."-the letter was addressed to "Pfc. Charlie (no last name., just a photo), Gunnery School, Tyndall Field, Panama City, Florida." In case "Pfc. Charlie" is still on the Post, he can claim the letter at the Post Office, but remember you told her you were born in Lybia, because that's what she has written on the envelope"Born in Lybia." Most of the men probably know by now that the Post Library is located in Building #343, the Divisional School Group Headquarterswe mention this because we can remember when therewas n't any library., and if you wanted to study up on something, you were just out of luck. There are plenty of fic tion and non-fiction volumes to borrow in addition to technical books.


SOMETHING TO SHOOT AT1 Pvt. Stepanian's score tor this quiz was "80". GEIERALa (5 points each) 1. What is the name by which gaso line is known in Europe? 2. How many signers of the Declaration ot Independence were American Citi&ens? 3. What part of a bushel is a peck? 4. What is the Indian equin.lent ot heaven? ARKYa (5 points each) 1. "What is a pancake landing? 2. What famous General made the sta tement "only those who are tit to U ve are not afraid to die"? 3. Where was the last battle of the Revolutionary War fought? YARDBIRD'S BUCK PRIVATE'S OFFICER'S SPORTS (5 points each) 0 ... 30 30 ... 60 60 90 90 -99 1. In boxing how long is a round? 2. On a regulation baseball diamond what ls the distance between home plU. / and first base? 3. What is Babe Ruth's first name? 4. Who won the Tyndall Field sort ball crown? GEOGRAPHYa (5 points each) 1. Which is larger Texas or Alaska? 2. Where is the Columbia River which is noted tor ita salmon? 3. Port Said is a seaport. In what country is it located? 4. What is the capital or Kentucky? YOUR VOCABULARY (4 points each) 1. Quail is a 2. Quiver is a 3. Queue is a a. flagpole. a. case tor holding music. a. pigtail. b. game bird. b. arrows. b. billiard table. c. sailor t s hat. c. clothing. c. smoking stand. 4. Quay is a s. Quoits is a 6. Quinsy is a a. wharf. a. game played with iron rings. a. sore throat. b. raincoat. b. bow and arrow. b. theatre sign. c. c. an air gun. c. fruit tree. REGGIE by Lent, AAF


RED CROSS Since our latest move back to the original Red Cross Headquarters in the bank building corner of First and Harrison, the Tyndall Field Auxiliary is being reorganized. Each comer is going to be personally in order to determine the work they are most interested in. At the present time production is being most emphasized in the Red Cross. It is our patriotic duty t.o c .ontribute all the. time we can to this work. Mrs. Hyndman with Mrs. Bristle as assistant will directthe sewing group. There is plenty of hand work for ginners. So don't stay at home because you aren't an experienced sewer. Aside from it being a duty it is also an opportunity for usto meet socially. We still need more knitters. Mrs. Maxwell or Alcott will be glad to teach beginners. Both beginners and experienced knitters cooperation is needed. Mrs. Hinchman, a newcomer with 2000 hours to her credit, is going to instruct the. surgical dressing class. She would like to have a T,y.ndall Field group. It you are interested, register at the Red Cross Headquarters or phone 327 and you will be notified when the materials.arrive. MRS. MAXWELL 'S TOMATO SOUP CAKE 1 can tomato soup l/2 cup nuts 1 cup sugar 1/2 cup raisins 2 cups sifted flour 1 tsp. cinnamon 1/2 cup butter 1 tsp. nutmeg 2 tsp. baking powder 1/2 tsp. cloves 1 tsp. soda 1 tsp. vanilla pinch of salt MEET KRS. MAXWELL 1 Funny facts to augment our tunny totosa AMBITIONa To have the time for all the things she wants to do. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACT!VITIESs Red Cross knitting -statt assistance work. HOBBIESs Golf, dogs. PET AVERSIONSa Snakes(at the moment) Smooth treads on tires. FAVORITE SPORTSa Indoor --Bridge, poker, playing piano. Outdoor --Golf. MUSICAL COUPOSITIONa Concerto in B-Flat Minor. COLORa Blue blue. FLOWERa Rose. DISHa Tomato soup oake. DRINKa A glass ot city water. MOVIE STARS a Jimmy Stewart, Rosalind Russell. FAVORITE POST BEFORE TYNDALL 1 }larch Field, Riverside, California. ReasonClimate and Scenery. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENTs Being po liced by a horse. MOST ENTERESTING EXPERIENCEs Driving to California on only a half days notice. Add melted butter tc soup. Add baking powder, soda, and spices to tlour. Mix well. Add nuts, raisins and vanilla. Bake in shallow pan in slow oven 325 tor 40 minutes. CREAM CHEESE ICINGs l 1/2 cups confectioners sugar----1 brick of cream cheese----1 tsp. vanilla---Cream the cheese, add sugar gradually and vanilla. Spread on oake after its oool.


W "BLUEBIRDS" e want to welcome Lt. Howard W. Berg, our new Engineering Officer. The excitement for the week is being furnished by the "A" and "B" lists that everybody is sweating out. The best way to figure it out is that those that want to go will stay and viceversa. The other day we had a surprise phy sical examination and no one knew what it was all about until the last minute but it was rumored that they were try ing to find a girl who was posing as a G.I. in the squadron and quite a tew of the boys searched for the fictitious stowaway in vain. Pfc. A.J. Snead A .''WHIRLING WINGERS" hearty welcome to our new batch of men, may your stay with us be nothing but pleasant. Congratulations to lst Sgt. Landes on his recent appointment to that rank, also, congrats to Nogulieh, Govedarica and Roberts on their promotions. We now have a new mascot, a small puppy named (?) News from our former c.o., Lt. J.H. Crosman, now at Se bring Field-he has just qualified as a 4 engine pilot Bickler and his fiance-ex are lovey-dovey once again. The ring has been returned Bill" Sammon is now receiving post cards instead of letters from that fl ame in Pa Cpl. Campbell is now visiting P.C. three nights weeklyand always at the same house. In other words, our grounded "war birds to be" are growing to like the fair city of Panama. Cpl. Neil N. Kerico A "MEDICWOES" mong the catchy expressions that hang onis Cpl. Blakely's S.C. bred, "You 'nses. '' It's getting to be a detachment by-word. Pfc. Nablick and Cpl. Mishtal, back from a northern furlough, claim the girls there are as lovely as the southern belles. But confirmed cynic Cpl. Laubly says both are as much a nuisance as the mosquitoes he keeps under control We're glad to see Cpl. Amadae Rose back on duty so soon after his operation Our rec ,hall is being fil led with Polka beats emanating from a newly acquired Phono-Radio console. That new building in front of the hospital is going to hold the key to the analysis of our flying men-it will be the home of Tyndall's new low-pres sure chamber. We wonder if there is any truth in Sgt Ed Mullins' statement he i s going to install a soda fountain at the pharma cy so that he will feel at home? Sgt. w.m. Volk HINES' "57" "Hank" Brozanski returned from his harvest furlough looking none the for all the work he turned in. Oh for the life of a farmer, especially in New JerseyS Hank is now looking forward to getting in the corn toward the end of September The business combination of Blazac and Angelletti is prospering. Their laundry concession in our barracks is the envy of everyone-well, almost everyone Angelletti is acting as the "contact'' man, and, as is expected. Blazac, of Finance fame, is taking care of the bookkeeping. Need any more be said? Captain Thorpe finally missed a day at the office. Previously he hadn't missed since his arrival at Tyndall way back when snakes were still boss out where airplanes rule now. A typhoid shot was supposedly the cause of his absence. He probably took some one's phone .out down there in the Medical Department, and they doubled u p on that injection. Pfc. Wm. M. Hines T LT. C. L. NEWTON he best of luck and success t o S/ Sgt. Daniel R. Kester who left for o c.s. and also, to Sgt. "Stinky" Kasp rzykowski, Sgt. Brooks and Pfc. Rosen who left under sealed orders. pte. Dyal returned from a three


day pass Wit h a certain gleam i n his ey e Did you do it, Jack? The boys say that the best news of the month was the following_ p ro motions: Sgts. Hafley, Harris, Austin Pesnell and Wood to S/Sgts; Cpls. Evans, Her sperger, May, O'Neill and Hunter, R.H. were promoted to Sgts. Pfos. Backman, Carter, Dyal, Hunter, M .R., and Strahan w e r e hiked to Cpls. Pfc. A. Sanfilippo w. "FOUR ACES" e're saying good-bye to S/Sgt. James C arpenter as he l e aves to t a k e over as 1st Sgt. of another outfit. Congratu lati ons to James Keith on his promotion to Staff Sergeant Same goe s to newly made Cpl. Martin Wein stein who passed the o.c.s. board. Wanteds An exceptionally good supply sergeant to take James Carpenter's place. Sgt. Earl L. W ingerter A "ORANGEMEN" salute to Dave Lee on his app o intment to o.c.s. When Dave was asked w h ether he would miss the squadron, he quickly answered, "Yes, but t h e squad ron doesn't need a lawyer, it needs a preacher." Cupid took a heavy toll from t he organization ov e r the week-end a.s two of our staff sergeants walked down the aisle. Hats off to S/Sgt. an d Mrs. Carne y Hodges and S/Sgt. and Mrs. Webb. Donat i ons will be accepted f o r a fund to purchase a "Pacifier" for Hob good no w that a broom has be en f ound to fit his hand. The sq u adron's family was bro k en up with the transfer of Sgt. Kelly's bro ther to the Guard Company. Does anyone know where Beahan got the n ickname "Lucky?" This i s a 164 q uestion. Sgt. Ralph Boyes S "BLACKBIRDS" incere congratulations are in order for Lt. Jack Garlund who was married during his recent furlough. Best of luck i s extended to him from the men in t he squadron. A salute to "petite" Miss Mildred on her fine work in assisting Sgt. Graham with the squadron records at Post Headquarte rs. The boys welcome the return o f Pvt. D'Alonzo who w a s recently released from t h e hospita l It's a new and hap py experience when you begin to re-1 ce i v e mail regularly as Sgt. Crooks will verify. H e has suddenly taken on a new o utlook on life which can be tra oed directly to 'the letters which ar rive daily. Pvt. James Jordan T A.A.F. BAND" he Tyndall men who have been in the hab i t f attending the USO Tea Dances on Saturday afternoons w ill no doubt be disappointed to hear that for the present these dances have been discontinued However, the Tyndall Field Band w ill be on hand to play for the Tuesda y e v ening sessions and will also continu e to a lternate with the Bay Co. High S c hoo l B an d o n Sunda y afternoon concerts. Cpl Wm. H i gbee D "HEADQUARTERS I HEADLINES" on't g e t excited after you've read the official title of this column, for after a l l we needed a nickname for our happy little outfit. Last w e ek everyone thought the pro motions would be no more 'til next month; T o everyone's surprise, our former t op kick, Sgt. Wilton Hodges, was promoted to the rank of Technical Sergeant. Congratulations to the able Sergeant, who is now sergeant -major for the Service Group. Also, T/Sgt. Hodges plan s t o leave t o r o c s soon. Sgt. Joe E Minton T 8 46TH 'QUARTERMASTERS he boys are getting into the best ot physical shape with these early morn ing exercises Sgt. Will i.a ms, our gym nastics instructor, can be found e v ery morning leading t h e compa n y through limber e xercises, esp ecially, t h e famous "du c k walk". This Sun day afternoon t he Motor Pool


are echeduled to play Port St. Joe tor the tourth time. The St. Joe men have already won two ot the game but the "Clown" will be in there tomorrow to enn things up. To win any kind of game or battle, eaoh and every man must cooperate to ineure the victory, so let's go out there with the thought of "One tor all and all for Victoryl" Wilson J. Bing T "WHITE FLASHES" he meohanies have been worrying the squadron supply men all week long tryto aecure roller skates. They cl. that they get awfully tired "walk ing the wings" of the planes up and dawn the ramp. Congratulations to Flying Sergeant Gene Ohelendt, who took himself a wit, e while he was on furlough. He says his newly acquired better half oan cook enough fried chicken to teed the whoie squadron. There are one or two members of the outfit who would like to see a certain fellow lose a two headed Canadian silver dollar What Sgt. uses Drene Sham poo to make his curly hair soft as silk? Sgt. M. E. Gibson "REDBIRDS" eat wishes and lots of luck to S/-Sgts. Don Nixon, Wm. Dubuisson, Luther H. Worth; Sgts. A. Littva, John Heidema, Barney Duda, Cecil Smith; Cpls. Warren White, A. Skender and the rest of the boys in our squadron on their recent promotions. Will the fellow who has been loaning his guitar to Pvt. Berberian stop doing sol -at least for the sake of he boys in room #27. 1st Sgt. Stitt can't stand being a part the Mrs. so he leaves soon on a furlough to the Windy City. Hope you have a time, Sergeant. We welcome our new c.o., Lt. Francis Keim, to our midst. We're wondering whether Lt. Keim prefers the sand of Fla. to the hills of Montana? Pvt. Vincent Del Ponte T hinge we would like to eeea S/Sgt. Austin riding around in a oar _by the same name lst Sgt. Barbier in the ring (he'a an ex Golden Glover) MVsgt. Reynolds ep.nding more time a round the squadron ao we could get to know him better Sgt. Faircloth with us again Pfc. Henderson and Pvt. Williams on the akeet range Sgt. Dan iel on the night he was marriedoon gratulations Cpl. Youngberg breaking par Cl1 the P.c. Golt Course Pre. Pat terson calling hoga Cpl. Elliot and Pte. Ackerman in a pool game PTt Echandy amile Pvt. De Simone in a rematch of his recent boxing episode Pfc. Mancinelli the day he didn't receive ten letters Cpl. Paquin broadcasting Pvt. Glickman actually mak ing the 4a30 bus to P.c The girl who is always calling Pvt. Clart Pfc. Ackerman bouncing his new son on his knee-congratulations to you and Mrs. Ackerman The coke machine back in the day room. Pte. James Freeman H BASE HEADQUARTERS & A. B. SQUADRON earty congratulations to all of the men who received additional stripes, including Cpl. Mangum, but we still think that a Congressional Committee ought to be appointed to investigate why FRANCIS CHURCHILL is still a PFCI Cpl. Arnold Milgaten S DEPARTMENT OF TRAINING TALK ome of our best Instructors will be leaving us soon to start the "ball rolling" elsewhere. We hate to see th& fellows leave us. but we know that they will do just as good a job there as they did here. Also, many of our Senior Instructors will be "hitting the trail". These officers rate our salute for the man ner in which they tackled their job here. It's won them the admiration ot everyone in this department. Those new Aerial Gunners' Wings are "sharp jobs" and no doubt will make a lot more feminine hearts flutter. -WFL


I I T FilWlC E FANFARE tire aho r t age stopped Pvt. Ernie Dumont's girl friend coming down by car. Instead, she came by train. "But", says Ernie, grinn i ng from ear to ear, and holding his arm around sparkling Shirley Beranger, "there's no sugar shortage here now I" Pfc. Joe Angeletti o f the Signal Corps was inducted as an honorary mem ber of the Finance Det achment last Sunday, for meritorious services. Joe brings pitchers of ice water and cold compresse s for the men who miss Sunday breakfut. We were discussing the capacity of t he water tower the other night. We finally agreed it can hold just' a little less than the amount of C---C---s that Lee Lovett drinks a day "I'm a fugitiv e from the 69th", pan ted Pvt. Frank Totten, tottering over the Finance threshold. So we took him in, and now he wi elds a red pencil even as well the rest of us Pvt. Felix Leon ; I LT. w. H. PARKS t looks as t hough censorship of the press reache d T,yndall Field. Our reporter faile d t o recognize last week's dews as it appeared in print. (Ed. notea More discretion would re sult in less censorship, Pvt. Verry. Troop movement and designation of or ganizations are no longer permitted to be mentioned. Al s o remember to sign your name to your s quadron news.) Sgt. Tabbard made a flying trip to Mobile Saturday and returned that n ight to find himself slightly restricted. Uniformity at inspectio n here is gen erally the rule so it was quite a sur prise to see an old fashioned hospital bed tied to his bunk tag. He says it's comfortable. Roam ff8 in Barracks 1/=302 has. selected a flowering Fern as an inspiration for those long hours in t he evening. It's beautiful(that picture, Cpl. Vin son), the boys all take pride in it. We had a letter f rom S/Sg t Sadler saying that Tyndall is a paradi se compared to where h e is. That picture i n t h e Mobile Register of Pfc. Barron instructing officers in the art of gunnery, made us swell up a bit Pvt. Thomas R. Verry A THE RAIHJIAXERS lthough no t c hronicled i n 10oiety pages as a social event of t he Panama City season, the Weather.aens dinner and dance at the P. C Beach CUino a week ago was as successful as if it had been arranged by Elsa Maxwell stead of a couple of "G.I.s". was the first universal gettogether of the Rainmakers off the Post, and was added to by t he presence of genial Lieut. Diekman and 'Mrs Dic kman, the First Lady of t he s quadron. S/Sgt. Partington attended w1 th Mrs. Parting ton (noted among the outfit, besides her other attainments, for her expert baking of apple pies), and the other bachelors all-secured a corner on p.c. beauty for the evening, so that a real bevy of dates was as sembled. Credit goes to ex-Sgt. (now 0/C) Vaughan Ausman and Cpl. Wm. Col clasure for arrangements asto the din-ner and dancing, and special t hanks Pvt. Robert SulliY&n who nursed Weather Station whiie his c omrades in dulged in hilarity. Pvt. M Lasker B ORDNANCE est of luck to Gilmore the new adjutant. who joined t he this week. Congratulations to lstfSgt. Mal kowski for his promotion to Master Sergeant; and t o Wachter who was pro moted to Tech ; and to Riney who made" Staff. With so many Ordnance men on [.p. these days the Mess Sgt. is thinking of s ending them to cooking school next week Add. l oud n oisesa Pvts. Pappas, Ponzio and Wei s s singi ng in Barracks #1 shower room. -Tech. Kenneth Witham BUY BONDS N OW


' The Yardbird SEZ TI\E EtJD, A\.AS .'i" Well, the ole Yardbird's bin heerin abQot the green pastures on yonder side UT the Hill fur aboot two yeers now, but i aint nevur had the currage ter go an d aee fur ma self. that wuz wun misbdeemeenor whut stopped me short, but last weekend i sho dun wint slap ovur the Hill. Fur a cupple uv daze er so i Wandered toot loos aroun the countryside in the vicinity uT Chatahuchee an its nayborin torie. i had amity gud .time but jist whut all i dun i aint sayin on account uv that wud be self ink:riminatin.. i nevur got no punishmint but i abo had ter promis sum mity i nflooinchul folkea that it wudnt nevur happin no mo. An it aint. The othur day i wut on a detale ovur by the Cullard Kqartermastur men an they had a formashu n an wuz a practiain up on drill. the sgt. skwalls ot Eres Rite an nothin happint and he skwalla ot.agin Eyes Rite an he skwalls ot aboot as loud and mad as enny man evur akwalled Eyes Rite, an wun uv the burds in the reer rank says kind uv kwiverin like, We all knows you is rite, Sgt. _Well, i reckin i'd better be ago in-----The Yardbird (No. 1) NOW IS fJff flME,IBUY WAR BONDS THE CAPRONI-CAMPINI AIRPLANE I S PROPELLED BY A JET OF AIR B E H I N O THE TAI L. A I R ENTERS IN THE CIRCULAR NOSE, IS EXPANDED AND PASSED INTO A COMPRESSOR., HEATED, AND O R IVEN THROUGH THE TUNNEL TO THE TAIL JET. RESULT IS A FORWARD MOTION OF THE PL ANE. THIS IS SIMULAR TO A HUGE VENTURI ON W INGS. THE COCKPIT EXTENDS DOWN INTO THE A I RFLOW SECT I ON Of THE FUSELAGE. THIS M A Y BE THE fIRST GREAT CHANGE I N THE AIRPLANE SINCE THE AIRPLANE INDUSTRY BEGAN. THIS IS THE ADJUSTABLE NOZZLE CONE AND ORIfICE IN THE TAlL OF THE FAST CAPRONI-CAMPI NI AIRPLANE AND THIS REGULATES POWER AND FORWARD MOT I ON. THE AJRSTREAM IS FORCED ARO UND THE CONE WHEN IT IS DISCHARGED FROM THE AIR PLANE. MAX I MUM SPEED REPORTED OVER 6!10 M.P.H. THE ITALIANS HAVE BEEN WORKING SINCE 1927 ON THIS TYPE OF PLANE. IT HAS BEEN FLOWN CROSS COUNTRY COMPLETE WITH PILOT, TWO PASSENGERS, AND MAIL. THE JET PROPULSION IS MORE EFFICIENT AT SPEEDS GREATER THAN BOO M.P.H. RESEARCH MEN IN GERMANY, ENGLAND, AND OTHER COUNTRIES ARE INTERESTED IN THIS TYPE OF POWER TO FOR A I RCRAFT. INS I DE THE FUSELAGE THERE IS A A I R COOLEO ENGINE AND BLOWER FANS. THE ITALIANS ARE HOPING TO FLY FASTER THAN SOUND AT HIGH ALTITUDES. JET PROPULSION ISN'T PRACTICAL AT ANY SPEED LESS THAN 500 M.P.H.


WIN A .50 WAR BOND BY WRITING A STORY OR AN ARTICLE ABOUT FLORIDA! The Florida S tate Chamber of Commer ce is cooperatin g wi t h the YJPA Fact Find Project Contest by donating a $50.00 War Bond to t h e writer of the best articf e or story about Florida. The contest is o pe n o n l y to servicemen who are NOT citizen s o f Florida. Florida provide s a multitude of jects to intrig ue t h e writer. The Suwanee River is a s tory i n itself. The St. Johns River s a w History in the maki n g St. A u g ustine, founded in 1565, is the oldest pe!"manent white settlement in the United ;;tates. Tarpon Springs is the lare;est sponge fish ing center in America. The south-central ranges graze large cattle herds. Your entry need not be historical or geographical, choose your own subject. All entries must be between 1,500 and 3,500 wordsin length. Mail your story to the WPA Fact Finding Project, 49 West Duval Street, Jacksonville, before September 1, 1942. Contestants should retain copie s of their manuscripts as none will b e returned. Inquiries as to source material and other matters p ertainin g to the contest should be addressed to the WPA Fact Finding Project. Judges' selections will be final. Manuscripts submitted will become t h e property of the State Chamber. The prize winning manuscrip t and the two judged next best will be published in Florida Highways Magazine. Ill CIVILI 411 lifE I OPERATED GOLF TOURNAMENT FOR TYNDALL MEN ON AUG. 23RD AT PANAMA COUNTRY CLUB Because of the numerous requests b y Tyndall Field golfers, the Panama Coun try Club announces that w ill hold a special tournament on Sunday, August 23rd. B o b Ford, the popular pro of the Club, has informed the "Target" that the tournament is being run not only to give the Tyndall an opportunity to test their skill in competition, but also for the benefitof the U.S.Ol To this organization w ill be turned over the sum of the individual entry fees of $1.50. The tournament will be a one-day affair and the initial fee of $1.50 includes luncheon for that Su nd ay. The competition will not b e limited to Tyndall men and w e l l known golfers in the southeast a r e expected to take part. Each prospective entrant must qualify before 10:00 A.M. of the 23rd, or, if a score must be posted, it will be accepted. Numerous prizes will be a ward ed, and among the donors are: Lt. Thom as Hurd, B.S. Gordon, J esse Cogburn, Jimmy Smith, Van Kleek, and many others A large number of Tyndal l men have already entered the event, Which i s to be a 27 hole conpetition. T he tournament will be divided into flights of 8 with three prizes in each flight. Since many of the Tyndall golfers do not have their own clubs, a set may be rented from the Pro Sho p at the Club for the small fee of $.25. Answers ??;> to GENERALs Petrol; None, t h e United States didn't exist then ; One fourth; The Hap py Hunting Ground. SPORTS: Three minutes; 90 feet; Georg e ; The 907th Quartermaster 'team. ARMY: One in which the plane is s t a l led a few feet from the ground, and comes down with a bang instead of glid ing down; General Doug l a s MacArthur; Yorktown Virginia. GEOGRAPHY& Alaska is more than twice t h e size of Texas; Mostly be tween Washington and Ore gon; Egypt; Frankfort. YOUR Game bird; Case for holding arrows; Pigtail; Wharf; Game played with iron rings; Sore t hroat.


"YES, REXFORD, THESE SHIPS DO LAND FAST.'' Professor of Economics: boys of today want to make too much money. Why, do you know what I was getting when I got married?" Voice from Rear r 19No, and I' 11 bet you didn't either." was that peach I saw you with last night?" "Peaehl That was a fruit compote." "Huh?" "She acted sour a s a lemon, she was slippery as a banana, and when I squeezed her she hit me in the eye like a grapefruit." Connoisseurs "I havea Sargeant painting in my home." "That's nothing. I have a general housecleaning in mine." A COUOR..Al \5 A Gr \HA\ L00-..5 OOWN A P Our idea of a soft job is that of the private detective who was hired to trail a hula dancer and instructed to watch every move she made. "Haw do you expect to accomplish any thing with three good-looking stenographers in your office?" "By giving two of them a day off." I'm through with women, They cheat and they lie, They pray on us males, the day we die. They tease us, torment us, And drive us to sin-Boy1 Who was that blonde, That just walked in??? Abea "l want some male and female potatoes." Mess Sgt: the joke?" Abes "No joke, cook wants two sex of. potatoes." "How did you get that bad eye?" "It's a birth mark." "What do you mean a birth mark?" "I got in the one on the Century last night." Musaolini wired Hitler--"Send food." Hitler wired back-------"Tighten Mussolini answered with-"Send belt." There are a lot of couples who don't pet in parked ears--in fact, the woods are full of them.


COOPIRA!IOB OF liD liDDED 'fO IWSURI ll'P'IC IIIIT !ILIPHOBB SIRVICI John Thorpe or the Post Signal Oit'ice has asked that the following hints be observed tor more efficient telephone aervicea For calls between service men and their families, the service men themselves can place the call more quickly than the folks at home. Civilians making calls to military posts should keep the telephone addree sea ot their friends and relatives in the service close at hand eo as to be able to give the operator back home the fullest possible information as to how to reach them by telephone. The men can assist in this by sending home as much information u military secrecy wi 11 permit. Service men should inform the folks back home at what time it would be moat convenient tor them to receive the call, avoiding the rush hours. SBBLL!D BY JA.P SUBS AS A WOW-oOJIBl!.&n', ftlll4LL GUBlER IOW RI&DT POR RBVDOI Fred w. Ahrens, recent graduate ot the Gunnery School and now a sergeant, is one of the few men at tyndall who have "seen action" in the present st.ruggle. Sgt. Ahren's biggest gripe is that at the time, he was a non-combat ant and couldn't do a thing about -the submarines that shelled him and hie fellow workers. Ahrens was a cook tor defense work ers on Johnston Island last winter and since the illand is located between the Hawaiian and Wake Islands it was constantly being dhelled by lurking Jap subs. The subs didn't do much dam age, but the idea or just standing there and "taking it" without hitting back was too much tor Ahrens. The Sergeant returned to st. Louis in April and enlisted in the Air Forces at Jefferson Barracks. Hil next stop was Tyndall Field and now-tl POST THEATRE SATURDAY, August 15 "Timbsr" Leo Carrillo Andy Dsvine SUNDAY, MONDAY, August 16-17 "This Above All" Joan Fontaine Tyrone Power RITZ SUNDAY, MONDAY, August 16-17 "The Gay Sisters" Barbara Stanwyck T UESDAY, WEDNESDAY, August 18 -19 I Married an Angel" Eddy and MacDonald THURSDAY, FRIDAY, August 20-21 "Saboteurs" Priscilla Lane SATURDAY Aug us t 22 "Bos s of Hangtown Mesa" Johnny Mack Brown LATE SHOW SATURDAY NIGHT "Blondie for Victory" Penny Singleton Arthur Lake TUESDAY, August 18 "The Magnificent Amberso n s Dolores Costello Tim Holt WEDNESDAY THURSDAY, August 19-20 "Beyond the Blue Horizon" Dorothy Lamour Richard Dennin g FRIDAY, August 21 "One Thr illing Night" John Beal Wanda M cKay PAUAMA SUNDAY, MONDAY, August 16-17 "Friendly Enemies" Charles Ruggles ChRrles Winninger TUESDAY, August 18 "Lone Star Ranger" John Kimbrough Sheila Ryan WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, August 19-20 "The Male Animal" Henry Fonda Olivia deHavilland FRIDAY, SATURDAY, August 21-22 "The Apache Kid" Don (Red ) Barry Lynn Merrick \


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