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Tyndall target

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Tyndall target
Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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Tyndall Target

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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 1, no. 31 (August 29, 1942).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
August 29, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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Vol. 1 10 Sl Ani Air Foroea Gwmery Sohool, Tyndall Field, Fla., Auguat U, Jld "RECKON fD BETTER BE .. The nation s Jlo. 1 ttyardbird Tyn dall Field's own, Corporal Grout, poses candidly for the photographer. Bill y will leave here ahortly for AT1atio n Cadet training. (Jlotice his bag of Bull" lying on the deak). POS'f mBA TRI SCHEDULES "'fBB PRIDI 07 'fBI YANrDS FOR A.E.R. BDEFIT SBOIJ The Fall campaign for A.B.R. funds will get under way next Sunday, Sept. 6, when the Post Theatre Will show one of the finest pictures ot the year, "The Pride ot. the Yankees". The net proceeds o f this showing will be ed over to the A.E.R. fund. For the third consecutive week A.E. R. contributions from graduating gun ners went oVer the tlOO mark. QOALIFIED VOTERS OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK DESIRING TO VOTE Ill 'IHE CCUI!IG GENERAL ELECTIONS O:S NOV. :SRD, SHOULD OBTAIN AN APPLICATION FOR A WAR BALLOT FROM THE PERSONNEL OFFICI Al' HQRS. "SO LOBG, GUD JIJDDIIS Ill TAIDBIID, AS HI BIDS FARDIELL TO !T1IDlLL PIBLD Corporal Billy Grout, known to thousands as "The is finally to get his cherished wisha chanoe to become a pilot in the Air Forces& His readers, (and they are many thou sand strong, for the "TARGET" has a large mailing list), may be surprised to learn that the author ot such illiterate masterpieces possesses the men tal capacity to pilot a bomber or a pursuit ship tor Uncle Sam. However, Billy's brain is every bit as sharp as the wit he has often shown in his week ly column. As Tyndall's most popular character, "The Yardbird" has amused the readers of his column tor the past seven months through twenty-seven issues or the "TARGET". During this time he watched his column become the leading feature of the paper and saw nUJUroua imi.ta tiona of his brainchild in other camp periodicals. One of the most amusing that occured during association with the "TARGET" happened during the early days ot )(arch, when excerpts from hi's column were used in a small town nel'(spaper. The editor did not credit "Gud Buddy" for the material and he immediately dispatched this ejitor a scathing letter, signing it as Yardbird, I!" I In the following issue or that newspaper appeared humble apol ogies and further "Yard}:)ird" witticisms signed, "The Yardbird, #1". Jl.ore pictures and facta about Billy will appear in next week's issue.


The following are excerpts from a letter from Lt. Henry G. Lee to his mother and dad and sister while on duty with Lt. Gen. Jonathan M. Wainright, dated Feb. 12, l942a "I am proud to be a pa1t or the fight that is being made here and would not, even if it were possible, leave here until it is over and we have won, as we inevitably will. By "we" I mean my country in general. Bat a an may fall, but the eventual outcome or the war is fore-ordained." "I have seen some horrible things happen and have had my share or narrow escapes. but I have also seen some wonderful acts of courage, self-sacrifice and loyalty. At last I have found what I have searched for all my causeand a job in which I can lose myself completely and to which I can give every ounce or my strength and my mind." "And I have mentally and spiritually conquered my fear or death. Pure animal terror---(a protective emotion cannot be entirely subdued by the mentality but it can, and has been controlled.'' "My prayer each night is that God will send you, who are suffering so much more than I am, His strength and peace. During the first days or war I also prayed for personal protection from physical harm but now that I may be given. strength to bear whatever I must bear and do so that those men under .me will have every reasonable chance." "Life and my family have been very good to me and have givenme everything! have ever really wanted, and should anything happen to me here, .it will not be like closing a book in the middle as it would have been had I been killed in the first few days or the war. For in the last two months I have done a life-time or living and have been a part or one or the most unslefish, coQperative efforts that has ever been made by_any group or individuals." &miD AI 8:00 A.K. --Mass Chaplain Jinnerty 9:00 A.M. --Protestant Sunda7 School 10:00 A.M. Worship Chaplain Wester 11:15 A.M. Jinnert7 EmmAT 8:00 Worship Chaplain Wester TUI:SDAT 7:00 P.M lellowhip Club 6:30 Inetruction Clae1 WIDNESDAT 7:30 P.M ; Bible Hour THURSDAY 6:30 P.M Inetruction Claee FRIDAY 6:00 P.M Jewish Sen-ieee


Intimate GllmQses SERGEAIIT JACK H. PARJ[S left for Fort lf;yera on llonday. Thie waa hia col'UDID. Origiaa ted by him, it has appeared in twenty-ons issues of the "TARGET". This apace ia purposely short, because volumes can be written about Jack Parka. Jack not only originated this column, but the "TARGET" itself was his brainchild, and it was he who thought up its very apropos name. Jack is not a soldier in the military sense of the word, but this would be a very sad place without a few men like him. The absence of his familiar figure,. with its warmth and humanness, is already great ly missed. He has left nothing but friends here at T,yndall Field, of which he was as much a part as is the P.X or Suwanee Road. No, he is not a military soldier, as Colonel Maxwell admitted when he told Jack that he had "the wQrst right hand salute of any man on the post"--and perhaps we are prejudiced, but anyone who knew Parks won't deny that we have bean privileged. Meet the boys of the POST PHOTOGRAPHIC STAFF. They've done a great job for both the Department of Training and the Public Relations Office. More than two thirds Of these men have left for Fort Myers. Front row, left to rights Pt'c. George Neitzert, Sgt. John Meissner, Pte. Dan Levinson, Pte. James Bird sall, Pte. Charles Brooks, Pte. Edwin Marsh, s/sgt. John Young and T/Sgt. Robert Thompson. 2nd Row(L. to R.) Pfc. Silas G. Upchurch, Pte. Meyer Serlick, Pfc, Bert Anderson, Cpl. Joseph Lassiter, Pte. Harvey McGowan, Pvt. Joseph Laney and Pvt. John Allison. 3rd Row(L. to R.) Sgt. Castle, Cpl. John Bauer, Pte. Joseph Capicotto, Pfc. Harry Haylock, Pfc. Okla Rayburn, Cpl. Copelnnd Camp bell and Cpl. Ralph Steiner. (Absent-Lt. Joseph Dickerman, Sgt. Waller, Cpl. John E. Mitchell and Pvt. Richard Harvey.)


TYNDALL e TARGET Published every Saturday b y the Public Relations Office, AA.FGS, Tyndall Field Fla, PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER Captain Ammon McClellan COMMANDING Col. W. A. Maxwell EDITOR Corp. Arnold Milgaten ASST'S TO P. R. OFFICER Pte. Sam Melson COLUMNIST The Yardbird ASSOCIATE EDITOR Corp. Saul Samiof Pfc. Bernard Pratt Corp. Ralph B Horne ART WORK REPRODUCTION STAFF T/Set. Woodrow w. Busby Pfc. Francis Churchill Corp. John Webster PHOTOGRAPHIC OFFICER Lt. Joseph A. Dickerman PHOTOGRAPHIC STAFF Sgt. William Castle Pfc. Silas G. Upchurch S/Sgt. Oral Ledbetter Corp. Ernest Kenton Pfc. Everett Tackett Pfc. Pri<'e Terry TYNDALL TOPICS Almost every squadron reporter has expressed his organization's regrets over the loss of s o many of their buddies in the recent F ort Myers transfer. We think that Pfco James J. Freeman of the "BRO',IJNIES" covered the subj.ec t ex ceptionally well: '' Empty barrack s no long chow lipes short mai l calls of room at the PX counters seats on the P.c. bu ses yes, the is gone. It doesn't seem like the same place, but it is-minus some swell guys. However, we still have a job to do, a big job, I Less r:1en to do it. It's going to mean plenty of long hours and touc h work b u t we'll see it through The War waits f o r no one. There are rumors o f a new bunch coming in. So what? Vie k now darn well that they won't b e abl e to step in and take over immediately. It is up to us to take h old of them and teach them so that we can maintain and uphold the s w ell record of the Field." With so many men the Field for one reason or another, shortages of skilled men have resulted in various Capable .draftsmen and illustrators are urgently needed in the Department of Training, as are model airplane builders. Pvts. Gus Johnson, Carroll J ames and Ed Kirschner, awaiting appointments as Aviation Cadets, have turned out a totnl of 65 model planes in their work shop next to the dispensary. These m odels are essential to the teaching of Aircraft Recognition in the Gunnery School. These men are due to leave the field shortly and experienced builders ore needed to take their place. So if you have pursued model plane ma king as a hobby, you now have a chance to use your hobby to aid your country. Rep ort to the Classificatio n Office at Post Headquarters if you are qualified for such work, or contact Lt. D. K. Hill of the Department o f Training. ANSWERS TO U 'l? GENERAL: Criminal Investigation Department; San Francisco; The United States; Robinson Crusoe. SPORTS: Jack Sharkey; He wears white uniform at home games and eray when away from home; The four seasons of the year; Babe Ruth. GEOGRApqY: Switzerland; Arizona ; B rd zil; Harrisburg. AR-Ys The Flying Tigers; L ewi site; Gas Mask Canister. YOUR VOCABUL!.RY: Flower; Sign of the Shell fish; Signaling Zodiac; Wine; device; Planet.


SOMETHING TO SHOOT AT1 Mr. Robert Clendening, American Red Cross Field Director scored "80". YARDBIRD'S BUCK PRIVATE'S NON -CC.I' S OFFICER'S 0 30 30 60 60 90 90 99 GENERAL: (5 points each) 1. For what is the "c.r.n." of Scot land Yard the abbreviation? 2. What city is k nown as the "Gate way City"? 3. Porto Ricans are citizens of what country? 4. In what famous novel did "Friday" appear? GEOGRAPHY: (5 points each) 1. In what country is the health resort and winter sports center "St. Moritz" located? 2. From what country is over threequarters of the world's coffee ex ported'? 3. What is the capital of Pennsyl vania? 4. In what state is the "Painted Desert" located? SPORTS& (5 points each) 1. Who lifted the heavyweight boxing crown from Max Schmeling in 1932? 2. In what way does a major league ball player differ in appearance when playing on his home field than when he is playing away from home? 3. What do the four suits of playing cards symbolize? 4. What famous baseball star came back to his favorite field last week and belted out two home runs? ARMY: {5 points each) 1. What famous American fighting force was Brigadier General Claire L. Chennault the commander of? 2. Which gas smells like geraniums? 3. Which itemof' a soldier's individual equipment contains charcoal, soda lime and felt? YOUR VOCABULARY (4 points each) 1. Snapdragon is a 2. Sagittarius is a 3. Sauterne is a a. lizard. a. sign of the zodiac. a. wine. b. flower. b. prehistoric monster. b. cloth. c. large fish. Co type of print. Co mineral. 4. Scallop is a 5. Semaphore is a 6. Saturn is a a. bad burn. a. signaling device. a. large cave. b. small diamond. b. baby's high chair. b. planet. c. shell fish. c. motion picture machine. c. large drum. REGGIE by Lent, AAF


G "BL\CKBIRDS" ood-bye and eood luck to lst/Sgt. B. Wester, Cpl. Finley, Pvts. Koff, Pure, Yudiusky and Cadarett, who left this week for glider pilot training. A hearty welcome -back to Cpl. Vidrene, Pvts. Waters, Whaley and Peacon, who recently returned from furlough. -Pvt. James T. Jordan W THE "69ers" ith so many of the 69ers gone to For.t Myers, etc., the barracks are as deserted as they used to be just before Retreat. Officer Candidate Schools continue to ake their tolls: T/Sgt. Harry c. Boone to Quartermaster; the same for the Intelligence Officer's able clerk, Cpl. George Dillard; S/Sgt. Flowers and Cpl. Gates to Ordnance; S/Sgt. Brewer o AAF at Miami; and most of the other boys, including lst/Sgt. Hos, kina, sweating out the board. Cpl. Fleishman, no ne, in his anxiety to get his stripes on before the Special Orders grew cold,glued them on wi tFi, o all things, rub-ber cement. ---pERTINENT QUESTIONS: When is all this !'Beauty Slee p" that Cpl. Samiof is get ing, going t o take effect? vv.here is bride that Cpl. Hearn w.as so ready to produce a coup1e of mont h s bac k? Will there ever be any ss in our front yard? Have you not i ed e improvement in the food????? ] -Cpl. James Mangum T FINANCE FANFARE hose master carpenters, Pvt. Joe Cappiello and Pf c : Frank Leonard, dood it again. This t ime it's a small doghous e -complete with plumbing n' everything. Our honorary member, Pfc. Joe Angeletti of the Signal Corps, was unable to attend Pvt. Ernie Dumont's wedding last Wednesday. The groom was wearing Joe's best and Willie Laverty, the best man, was wearing Joe's pants. -Pvt. Felix Leon H A.A.F. BAND eartiest congratulations to our c. o., Captain Walter s 'ilva, on his re-t t I \ cen promo 1on. ., The band is s chedul'eti to iVe a concert tomorrow a:t the u .. s.(i). The musical sessiolf begin. as usual at 5s00 P.M. and wil1 feature martial and numbe s s/sgt. w. H. Stoner c 'onducting. The Tyndall Field Dance Band will furnish the music for this afternoon's Tea Dance at the u.s.a One of the best of the week was Si Moyes' jump from a hospital bed to the golf links, whe e, last Sunday, he showed his ve satili ty by finisHing among the Hinners in the u. s.o. Golf Tounament. -Cpl. Wm. J. Higbee W "MEDICWOES" 1 hile many people wisely advocate the absorption of sunshine, Cpl. Samuel Piccalo thinks diferently. This can be readily understood when one kno that Sam spends all of his time in p h X-Ray dark room. Our lip culture fadists have a 'ted a new ideal. All elements wit' ing, by the end of the "dura ion", there should be on display three pleagad 1820 vintage handle mustac ios. One has already. reached the curlL ed end stage. Sgt. Frank Seagle himself out so completely supervising the installation of his "baby", the low pressure chamber, that he had to relax with another kind of baby in Montgomery. -Sgt. William Volk I A "GREENIES" welcome to our new c.o., Lt. B. B Shields. At the same time, a parting salute to Lt. Moore, who has left us for the new school at Fort My ers. Those A.cs. are doing a pretty good job of landscaping around our area Pvt. Kenneth Hansen is walking on air because SHE's here 1 -Pvt. Maurice Baker


,. 7\. 66TH "STUFF" 1'ln old saying, "the grass grows greener on the other side of the fence", has been forcibly brought.home to the 66th. The spacious lawns of Headquart ers Service and the 66th have no fence dividing them (as yet). Sgt. Hinshaw's grass planting detail fired the imagination of Headquarters Squadron and soon they too had a detail out. A friendly spirit of rivalry sprang up, but we were happy and content knowing that our yard would theirs. Days pas sed however, and when the other side became greener, we were filled with apprehension. The story broke when Headquarters inadvertently reported in the "Target" last week that they had had grass pl anters outas early as 4:00 A.v., under cover of darkness, you might say. Our only comment is that it is a sad state of affairs when you have to get up in the middle of the night to uproot your neighbor's grass and transplant it on your side. One result of this horticultural ban ditry is that Private Roulo has now posted a 24 hour guard around the watermelons on the south side of his barracks. We're gladtosee Pfc. Weiss back and S/Sgt. Galloway looks much happiersince the young lady from GeorGia arrived in these parts. -Pvt. Thomas_Verry l A THE SIGNALlERS 1'1.t long last our Barracks Chief has a method of keeping the porch clean. It is a very simple contrivance, and furnishes amusement for the boys. A shuf fle board court has been painted on the porch floor and we have to keep the floor clean to enable the discs to slide. We also have a brand new football and other "toys" so necessary to keep the boys happy while on the post. Our thanks to M/Sgt. Dick Underwood of Finance, who made it possible for our Barracks to get some of this equipment. (This of course does not include the doghouse). w.u. Hines YOUR BESf BET T "WHITE FLASHES" he week-end found every man in the squadron strictly "on the beam"---and howl However, Monday was really blue, in two ways. A lot of our 'buddies left for Fort Myers and then the over blues are always. a little rugged. It seems as if Cupid is still taking its toll from the White Flashes. In fact, one could say that Cupid is taking the "flash" out of the "Flashes". Since love waits for no man, not even Adolph, best of luck to all individuals concerned. The big question here is, why can't the squadron technical inspectors be as nice as the ones in the Sub-Depot? -Sgt. M.E. Gibson Our large moved "CANARIES" squadron seems lonely now that a percentage of our best men have southward. We extend heartie1st congratulations to Cpls. Curtiss and Veazey on their recent acceptance to Officer's Candi date School at Camp Davis, North Carl olina. Our squadron "Romeo" has at last de cided to take the final step, so the rumor goes. When will it be, Harry? Could it be that Pfc. Waters Has fli nally run across sonething interesting in the 5 & 10 Stores? He went into town two nights in succession last week Pvt. Fishman is still determined to be a member of a "big time" band. He is now doing his best to learn how to blow a bugle. -Pre. Pete Hernandez W "BLUEBIRDS" ith Pvt. List, the carpenter, bending over the saw every day, the squad-ron area will soon look like Rockerfeller Center. What with walk-ways, a bookcase and now a fence around the orderly rooml We want to welcome Sgts. Morin and Young back from their brief in Miami Also, Tjsgt. Culpepper, who just returned from Sebring, Fla.,after studying Aerial Engineering. BUY WAR BONDS I I


QUADRO N CRI BBLIN6S H RAINMAKERS aving lost one of its old reliables when Vaughan Ausman left for o. c.s., the Rainmakers are about to suffer another depletion of their ranks. Orders have been received which will send Sgt. Henry Barlow and Pvt. John Eadie on their way to Chanute Weath er Forecaster School in the near future. We'll miss the fire-eating zeal that these two men have put into their jobs at Tyndall. To fill the gap caused by these recent successes of the Detachment, three new arrivals have appeared at Tyndall from Valdosta, Ga. The new, and most welcome Rainmakers are Sgt. rlalter De Milly, Sgt. Lawrence MacDonald and Pfc. Elliott Wahlstrand. -Pvt. Jtorris Lasker 6 "HEADQUARTF:RS HEADLINES" roup Headquarters doesn't seem quite so morgue-like now that the personnel section has moved in. Has anyone ever thought of having a debating team on this post? There are a couple of fellows over here that would take top honors. They practice every night. Beginning this week "Our Thought For the Week" will be submitted in hopes that everyone who reads it will some good from it and put forth a greater effort to do his best for himself and his country. ''Let it be your pride to show all men everywhere, not only what good soldiers you are, but also what good men you are." --Woodrow Wil son. BE W1$EBUY BONDS. -Sgt. Minton S "RED BIRDS" gt. William Thompson doesn't worry about over-sleeping. Tiis pet dog is up on his bed every A.M. at 4:45 sharp. Our barracks area us of a ghost city since the boys broke camp. Pvt. Grombacher received a letter, that was post-marked June Z0/42. Sent from York, the letter arrived via the Panama Canal We're all hoping for a. speedy recovery for Pvts. Carroll Sisco, Laczynski and Brown. Hurry back boys, we miss you. -Pvt. Del Ponte FINANCE FANFARE "The Finance-Signal Corps-Weather Ba'rracks was formally rechristened the 'Tyndall Country Club' at 2s30 A.Y. last Sunday morn. The managenent wishes to anno that extensive facilities are now available for 'playing volleyball, badminton, shuffleboard and football. Rates are reasonable. Special cuisine for soldiers. Any guests who contemplate stopping at the club are urged to make their reservations in advance." MEDICWOESs "When we hear the statement that the Army has the best medica;(knowled ge available, we are wont to point with pride to our Major C.M. Miller. The ltajor voluntarily left a $50,000 per year pre.ctice in Memphis to do his part for the men in our forces. Acts such as this is what makes Axis propa ganda sound so foolish." RED BIRDS: "With pay day not far off, it's a e;ood idea that we all be reminded to give all we can to the Arm:y Emer gency Relief Fund." "Corporal Stansberry and his linemen have been having a gay time pat chine; q> Submarine Cable after 'dig gers' who think the cable is a large tree root. It seems that everyone who digs a hole finds a nice pie0e o ble, and either chops it in hal or badly mangles it, thene-by putting at least ten out of order. This is very unpleasant and impractical for all concerned. Watch out for that precious CANARIES& "The Panama City Transit Companyis cooperating with the Govern ment by issuing new 'Two-Tone' uniforms to the boys who ride to town on their buses. ---Lots of our boys bet on the 'seven-eleven', bu t our BEST BET is WAR BONDS and STAMPS l" BROWNIES' "The Gunnery School is the primary factor on the Field. fleek by week the classes get larger. With the tremendous expansion of the Armlf Forces the need for gunners is insurmountable. The Department of Training has set up a schedule to graduate each class on a certain dateLet's pitch in and maintain that schedulel"


. t The Yardbird SEZ--The ole Yardbird sho feels mity sad rite now. uv coarse a man aint nevur sup posed ter write (I reckin i is powful konseated ter think anybody evur reeds this beer) aboot uv troops round the cuntry, but this time i jest.got ter say a wurd er two. I sho lost a lot uv gud buddies last weak ani reckin everbody did; men i bin Yardbirdin with fur close on ter 2 yeers now an i sho hatid ter see thim go. The old outfit is plum bustid up fur sho now, an lookin back ovur all thim new fields we built an all thim mess kits we toted around all ovurthe South, an thim tents without floors er walls an all the cussins an reamins we got tergether, an all thim gud times we had on the side; whin a Yardbird gits left be hind he sho does git meloncolic. If thim fallers evur git across an raise half as much Cain as they did when they wuz in the old outfit, why, the war is practi caly ovur rite now. The othur day i drawed my new uniforn from the supply sgt. an started rite on inter tQWO with it on. i sho wuz impressed with that new spote collar an i had it all flung open, exposir. ma busom an feelin rite pert aboot the hole thing, an thin here come The Man. He gintly ripped me open with a fuw choice wurds that he dont nevur use ecksept on speshul okashuns an aftur that rearnin i dun made up rna mind that i is gointer start wearin a tie with rna fateeg close befo the order cums ot on it. Well. I reckin i'd better be agoin-----The Yardbird (No. 1) Above are pictured what up until last week was the Drnfting Department. The word "was" is used because of the five men, only two are now on this Field. From left to right1 Pfc. Carl Lengerich, Sgt. Darrell Broten, Oral Ledbetter, Cpl. Ernest Kenton and Cpl. Horn. s/sgt. Ledbetter and Cpl. Horn are still with the Tyndall Department of Training, but Pfc. Lengerich (War Bonds and Aerial Gunner posters for the "TARGET"), Sgt. Broten ("Plane Talk") and Cpl. Kenton ("Jest Jakin'" cartoons) have been transferred to other Fields.


UTI 1ST LT. FRANKMORELL, JR., C. E., served as Post Engineer at Tyndall for the past six months. Lt. Morell left here Wednesday f o r Memphis, Tenn., where he reported for duty as Post Engineer at the Memphis Municipal Airport. The Lieutenant is a native of New York City and attended the University of Pennsylvania's Whar ton Scho ol. He was originally commissioned in the Cav alry Reserve on May 15, 1935, and was called to active d u t y with the QU Corps on July 7, 1941 as A ssistant to the Zone Constructing Quartermaster, Zone fll, New York He was transferred to Tyndall on February 28, 1942. Assistant Pos t Engineer, 1ST LT. RICHARD W. RESPESS, wa.s called to active duty w1 th the Corps of Engineers on Kay 14, 1942 reporting to the Atlanta DiTision Ofti ee and assigned to Tyndall Field on Kay 22, 1942. He is a graduate. at' the Uni v ersity of Georgia. E s CAPTAIN ALFRED de TREVILLE, Corps of Engineers, arrived last Saturday to assume the duties of Post Engineer at Tyndall Field, as well as Post Engineer of the Apalachicola Sub-Base, and the Panama City Recreation Area. Captain de Treville was ordered here fro m the Post Engineer's Office at Ft. Jac k son and is thoroughly familiar with Utilities and other Engineering duties. H e is a native of South Car olina, and before being called to duty on J an. 1, 1 942, with the Corps of En gineers, he practiced professional Engineering For the past seventeen years the Captain was connected with the State Highway Board of Georgia. A ssistant Post Engineer, 1ST Lr. ROBERT B. TUCKER, for the past ten mon ths h a s been on active duty with the C o r p s o f Engineers at the Volunteer Ordnance Works at Chattanooga, Tenn. He was transferred to Tyndal l Field on Augua t 25, 1 942.


' T I L I Tl E s PtffiELY PIERSONAL:.-Post have moved into their spacious new offices on Alabama Avenue, Tyndall Field. In addition to Post Engineer,Captain de Treville, and his two assistants, Lts. Respess Tucker, the office personnel con si)ts ofs Albert Safar, Associate Engineer Superintendent of Construction; Jlr:. Henry E. Pierson, Chief Adminis tra:t;.or ; :Mr. Albert Young, Control Sec-; Mrs. 1'unice II. Rhyne, Work Order S ection; Miss Marguerite Wilson, Per.sonnel; Maggie ::1athcox, Fiscal and Mrs. Teressie Hartsfield Purt:hase and Contract; Miss Martha Wil son, Mail Record; and Mr. Seaborn Aide. Which ''Miss Wilson" do you wish to ':,speak to, please? Is there a registered letter for the Engineer 1 s Office? Does a yardbird have a ''3611 inch spread? .an Army skirt is a WAAC, a Navy skirt a WAVES, is a Uarine skirt a ."LEA TrlERETTE N'ECF:"? .: 1 Is the Utili ties slogan "Keep 'Em Rolling", "Keep 'Em Flying", or ''Keep Guessing"? AUSWERS TO OUR NOMINATION FOR "MISS TYNDALL FI1LD'' MISS MARGUERITE VTILSON WAR BOND NEWS ), /i,,, 1P _/ The Ut1l1ties Depar ment salutes the astounding record set by Serbeant Fred J. Labry of the Sanitation Control. Sergeant Labry has obtained the guarantee of 97 % of his 24 civilian employees to bu y War Bonds via the pay reservation plant His squad is not only killing mosquitoes here, but also aiding our boys to kill some pests over there1 PIN NEY PANTES .flJ .. I po l ogies PILL Any similarity of names is entirely coincidental, nor is it B plug for any firm whose first initials are "J.C." -it does not constitute an endorsement of their product by the gov' t. .f/t8 sez: I yust got ba.k frur.1 a yam sessun down ter the YUSO en this yen fer fi tin hits me(! en with ma yaller yehudi on one side en er yodelin yokt.un on yother en the yf er yellin a. t the yunguns i yust sez i yought ter uv rote this yestiddy but j wint the Post Pictu.r Show ter see the yoomph gal (yeddy lamar) en i yust sez ergin {hJ:l. t yearnin aint gonna mok the hee.rt grow fonder yappin aint gonna lik thim yaps over_yonder en yer caint do bizzness with hitler fer yunited we stand en o yeah i yawned en sez ergin if yer aint sined up fer yer WAR BONDS this here yere is yrist aboot gone so yoo-hoo fer this time. ---frum yutilities yardbird (yunonymous)


MEET MRS. HYNDMAN 1 Funny facts to augment our funny fotos: AMBITIONs To grow EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Red C ross sewing and restrainin0 her husb and from excessive cussin'. HOBBIESa Fishing, Gardening. PET AVERSION: Snakes. FAVORITE SPORTSa Indoor --Bridge. Outdoor---Golf. RED .CROSS Accor:iin g to Mrs. 1laxwell the new Navy yarn will opened soon as the Army yarn is almost finished. New artic les to be made are always interest ing so this is the time to get started. All of you new come on and bring your needles #7. Warm wea ther is no excuse so P-L-E-A-S-E everyone, knitters and sewers, come dqwn t o Red C ross Headquarters next M o nday aftt>rnoon at 1 : 00 P.M The sewing g r oup is progressine nicely, but they can do so much more with everyone's help. As has been said so many times before you need not. be an experienced sewer to come down, there is always hand work to be done. W e 1 re eoing to miss eir h who are leav ine us. Here's hoping they can c o ntinue their good work. FAVORITE MOVIE STAR1 Norma Shearer. FAVORITE COLORa Orange. FAVORITE FLO'liER: Rose. FAVORITE DRINKa Ginger Ale. FAVORITE RECIPE1 Rocks-Cookies FAVORITE POST BEFORE TYNDALL: Phil-ippines. Reason---Because it was so interesting MOST INTER ESTI N G EXPE!UENCEa Trip to Philippines and teaching school there for some time during last world war. ROCKS 1 1/2 brown sugar. 1 cup butter 2 1/2 cups flour.. 3 eggs well beaten. 1 teasp oon soda-. 1 cinnamon pinch of salt. 3/4 pound dates, cut in small pieces. 1 pound nut meats. Mix in order a n d bak e in rather hot oven. EO'USEHOLD HINTS 1 To clean rusty knives plunge blade into an onion and leave for a short time. If an egg breaks on one e nd crack the other end and you can boil with out the contents coming out of the shell. Try putting vinegar into the w ater in which you soak your slightly vegetables and see how crisp and it makes them.


' ( "' Army Doctor: "And so gentlemen, you see that teeth are your best friends." Soldier in Audience: teeth are false friends." This story is probably old but here it is anyway. A man whom we'll call Jones was visiting his wife in the hospital and while waiting until the nurse finished bathing her he fell into conversation with another man who was there to make arrangements for his wife's confinement. Jones, beaming all over, said, "You know, I'm the father of triplets---and it's a funny thing," he confided, "before the babies were born my wife read "The Three Musketeers." The other man's jaw dropped. "Ye Gods," he groaned, "My wife's due now and she's reading "Ali Baba and the Forty-Thieves." ......... . ., ... ... .. .. .. .. .. The only thing most modern girls know how to cook is a man's goose. Daughter, "Daddy, who was that on the phone?" Daddys "It must have b .een some sailor with the wrong number-----he wanted to know if the coast was c lear." "Most of the states have a now where you to wait three days before you can get married. That's to prevent intoxicated couples from taking the leap." "Yeah, no hant;over should last a life time." "Do yo u wanna spoon?" "Spoon? What's spooning?" Shes Hes Shes over He a "Why, look at those other couples there; that's spooning." "Then let's shovell" Of course you've heard of the Scotch man who joined the army just so he could write to his girl free. Yardbird, "What kind of pie is this? Pumpkin?" Mess Sgts "What does it taste like?" Yardbird a "Glue." Mess SgtJ "Then it's apple--the pump-kin tastes like s


"PRIDE OF THE YANKEES" TO BE SHOWN AT POST THEATRE FOR BENEFIT OF A.E.R. It seems as though the new novie season has started at the Post Theatre with the big hits that are to be shown A headliner "Footlight Parade" with Betty Grable, Victor Mature and John Payne for Sun. & Mon., Aue;. 30 & 3l Bud Abbott and Lou Costello are back again in their side-splitting, fun-frolic "Pa}don My Sarong". Wed. & Thurs.,Sept. 2 / & 3. The time has come once again for another A.E.R. benefit show so picking one of the best pictures of 142 "The Pride of the Yankees'' In this story of the greatest baseball player of our time Lou Gehrig Gary Cooper & Walter Brennan are teamed with Babe Ruth, Bill Dickey and many other stars of the Yankees Sun. & Mon., Sept. 6 & 7 is the date Two hours of motion picture entertainment is printed on a celluloid strip more than 2 mileslongJ ORDNANCE DEPARTMENT SPONSORS ARMAMENT COURSE AT NIGHT FOR OFFICE EMPLOYEES Perhaps the most technical of Ord ... nance work is in the Armament shop under the capable supervision of T/Sgt Burnett, where guns are cleaned and repaired for use in the intensive training of the Aerial Gunner. Among Sgt. Burnett's men is a night force, which cleans and repairs the guns used during the day so that.firing the fol lowing day is not interrupted. Many of his men have or are attending an Armament school, where they are given a more thorough technical knowledge of their work. Lt. Hutchinson is also conducting an Armament class for men who work in offices and the ammunition department, who otherwise would have no working knowledge of guns. Complete mortality records are kept of each gun; round$ fired, parts replaced, that a check made will give the life of each gun. POST TBZA.'l'RI SATURDA.Y, August 29 11Bnemy Agent lleets Bller.y Gargan SUNDAY, IIONDAY, August :SD-31 "Foot-Light Serenade" Betty John Payne RITZ SUNDAY, MONDAY, August !0-!1 ftPardon My Sarong" Abbott and Costello TUESDAY, 'Jt'EDNESDAY, September 1-2 "The Gold Rus!:." Charlie Chaplin THURSDAY; September 3 "Lady in a Jam" Irene Dunne Patrick Knowles FRIDAY, September 4 "Butch Minda The Baby" Brod Crawford Virginia Bruce SATURDAY, September 5 "Pra1.rie Gunsmoke" Bill Elliott Tex Ritter LATE SHOW SATURDAY NIGHT "Pied Piper" Monty Wooley Roddy McDowall Tu!:SDAT, 8eptnl'ber 1 Joan ot Osark" Joe B. Brown Canow. WllDIEsDAY, mtJRSDAY, Septeia.ber 2! "Pardon v;y Sarong" Abbott and Costello FRIDAY, Septeaber 4 "Are Huabanda Beceaaar.y" Rq llilland Betty Fields PAKAIIA StJltDAT. KOBDl'T;"""l\i'gust :so-u "'liater V" Lealie Mary Morris TUESOlY, September i -'"Sundown Jim" Johnny Kimbrough WEDNESDAY, September 2 "Ladies in Retirement" Ida Lupino Louis Hayward THURSDAY, September 3 "Texas" William Holden Glenn Ford FRIDAY,. SATURDAY, September 4-5 "Trailin" Double Trouble" The Range Busters


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