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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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United States -- Florida -- Tyndall Field

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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 1, no. 32 (September 5, 1942).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
September 5, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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Vol. 1 No. 32 Army Air Forces. Gunnery School, Tyndall Field, Fla., Sept. 5, 1942 MR. LANKFORD IIAS!BR SBRGBU'l' AID 'l'ECHliiCAL SERGEAB'l' PllCilonOlfS AlllfOOICED HERE YESTERDAY Pram Headquarters, Southeast Army Air Forces Training Center, yesterday came long awaited news for twenty-eight Tyndall enlisted men-it was good news and their "sweating" was not in vain. For of the men the news meant promotion to the highest grade of an enlisted man in the u.s. Army, Master Sergeant. To the other fourteen men it meant "thr_ ee up and two down" as they joined the ranks of the Te'chnical Sergeants. Those promoted to the grade of Master Sergeants weres Daniel s. Howell, wm. J. Fischer, Woodrow w. Busby, Romie L. Culpepper, George c. Talley, Frank P. Bilo&ur, Karlin A. Barker, Adelbert J. Ienda, Fred p. Field, Delva I. Smith, Joseph A Wright and Hewitt Callender. Thos e promoted to the grade of Technical Sergeant weres Aubrey w. Dean, Lawrence P. Steger, Harold D. Price, Lonnie G. Gainey, Thomas G. Hornbeck, Clyde o. HcKey, Patriok K. O'Neil, Er nest w. Stone, Kerwin L. Flowers, James H. Fannin, John H. Hamil ton, Earl C. Boutwell, Curtiss K. Bull and Bernard J. Trakimus DON T FORGET AT THE POST THEATRE TOMORROW 11 v ... A. E.R. F U1ND LEAVES TYNDALL Warrant Officer Robert N. Lankford, Chief Clerk ot Tyndall Field, lett here on Thursday to assume similar duties at an AAF Glider Schoolin Mississippi. Mr. Lankford was transferred to this Field on June 10, 1941, from Maxwell Field, Alabama, where he served tor a time as first sergeant of the Headquarters Squadron and in many other capacities. The former Chief Clerk was Tyndall's first sergeant-major, holding that position at the time of the Field's activation in the graded a tech sergeant. He was promoted to the grade of master sergeant on February 23, 1942, and appointed warrant officer on Way 13, 1942. Here at Tyndall Field, Mr. Lankford will be long remembered tor his reputation as a superbly skilled administrator who thrived on efficiency and the. dissemination ot interesting facts and figures. He gave the impression that he had everything at his ringer tips and it was conceded that very 11 ttle went on at Tyndall Field that Kr. Lankford didn't know about. THE IATIOlf'S 10.1 "YARDBIRD" LEAVES TYllDALL FIELD TO WIN HIS SILVER WINGS Corporal William Grout, 'a own and the nation's No.1 "Yardbird" left us last Tuesday for Cadet Training It was mentioned last week that Billy was tar from being a "yardbird" in real lite, and the following sllort sketch of his career thus tar gives a fairly good picture of his versatile abilit iea. (Please turn to "YARDBIRD SEZ")


WHY DO IT THE HARD WAY? An airplane ad recently pictured a man trudging through the snow, carrying heavy bags, and finding the going tough. He is looking up enviously at a plane making its smooth way across the sky. It is not hard to see what was meant by the captions "Why do it the Hard Way?" There is a hard way too, in lifes meeting the of existence without the help of God. That help is secured normally through prayer. Prayer performs spiritual functions which closely parallel the task performed by the airplane motor. Like the high-powered engines in a plane, prayer, 1. SUSTAINS us, giving us the necessary lift to keep us from sinking into discouragement. 2. PROPELS us, giving us the energy to keep going in the midst of difficulties. 3. CARRIES us over life's problems, not removing them, but giving us the strength to conquer them. When we live without God, we live the HARD WAY. And that's just not common sense. Prayer is the most practical force in human life. IUIDAY Chaplain Edward G. Finnerty AND LAUGH! "Go build of your worries a strong-box, Have every part strengthened with care; When as strong as your efforts can make it, Corral all your troubles right there. Store in it all thoughts of failure And each bitter cup that you quaff, Lock all your heartaches within it, Then---sit on the lid---and---LAUGH!" TUJCSDJ.T 8:00A.M. --Kass Chaplain Yinnerty 9:00 A.M. --7rotestant Sunday School 10:00 J..M. Worship Chaplain Wester 11:15 J..M. Chaplain Yinnerty &UNDAT :IVDING 7:00 P.M rellowehip Club 6z30 l.M Instruction Class nDNESDAY 7:30 7.M StudT Hour THURSDAY 6:30 P.M Instruction Class J'RIDJ.Y 8:00 7.M. Worship Chaplain Wester 6:00 P.M Jewi s h Services


. (By popular demand the "TARGET" presents this new weekly feature which will attempt to rattle the skeletons in your closet without breaking any bones.) All God's c hillun got wings ex cept the Administrative Officers, but we understand that some of the more progressive officers a t Post Hq. are designing w i ngs f or the men who ''fly the desks". L t "Tactful" Tannen explains that the pilot s are classified under two headings-those with four drawered desk s and one telephone, and those wi t h eight drawered desks and two telephonesl (The swivel chairs are to be equipped w ith safety belts and time locks, i n case some officers find it difficult to get their hours in) These G. I. beds are hard, but someone should tell Lt. Engelbrecht that are much more comfortable than the parlor floor i n t he Nurses' Quarters w e wonder if t hose pictures that the three o fficers posed for in bed will be used on their identifici= t!On cards? Lt. Shields bought four bottles of champagnedoes anyone know who he was celebrating? Lt. Gaw is hoping that these meatless days will affect only the civilians Did Cap tain McClellan promise to "Love, Honor and Obey" in Atlanta, last week-end? What 2nd Lt. has had silver bars tucked away for l o t hese many moons Lt. Brunner has a way wi .th flowers It's a toss-up between Lt. Wilbur Wood and Lt. Allan Neal as to who is Tyndall's newest Casanova What General Courts Martial Board is going to brush up on its Military Law? The officers all set their watches at 7s29 these mornings when the "Legal Eagle" steams into the mess s o much of.this column as pertains to Lt. Wood and Lt. Neal is hereby revoked. W e have just learn ed that Lt. Neal has purchased Lt. Wood's car. Lt. Nealis now definitely beyond competition w e wonder if Lt. Wesley Parks has f ound the origin of that squeak in his car? Lt. Robert Dickman's smiles can be traced to a riew silver bar. Rumor has it that T/Sgt. Hovrell l8 going to h a ve a spider tattooed on his head to kee p the flies off Notes for little womenS/,Sgt. Gilmore i s only 19 years old sjsgt. Millsis ferrytng a blonde and a brunette home each day from Post Hq.-bon voyage s/sgt. "One Punch" Stegar is not knitting bundles for Britain Some of the Tyndallettes are forming a Lonely Hearts Clubfor shame boys l we notice that lst/Sgt. Stitt is back from furlough and anxious to leave for OCS Sgt. Cullen has been getting married for years now With the new civilian employe e s the PX, the soldiers are getting wondQ.!' u 1 service. It used to be the girls that got waited on first 1 Cpl. Mangum finally sewe d on those stripes-it was a case of "either that or else-l" we hear that the Post Theatre is getting in ''plush" seats this week. We hope it's true from the bottom of our hearts. Plans are afoot to give us more recreation in the recreation building Classic comment o f the weeks ''Where's the nearest town?" asked Sgt. B innie Barnhart as he stepped off of the bus in Panama City Pvt. Thomas Conway, better known as "Crockery Tom11, was in such a hurry leaving for work at the Officer 1 s Mess that he forgot his upper plate and left it in the wash room. He was quite disappointed at the noon meal when he found that steak was on the menul "You too, can cut your cleaning and laundry bills in half", says Sgt. Eric Beagle, bending over the wash tub. Sgt. Beagle is the wit who after watching the last orientation lecturer hurl boomerangs, tho ught it'd be a goo d idea if the princ i p l e could be applied to dollar bills S/Sgt. Don Nixo n claims that the musical powder box and the compact were for h i s kid sister-we wonder whom he thinks he's kidding? Sila Upchurch of' Photo had quite a scare in the air the o t her day. It seems that his aerial camera accidentally released the mech a n ism that inflates the life jackets and Silas couldn't imagine what it was that was forcing his camera


TYNDALL e .TARGET P ublished every Saturday by the Public Relations Office, AAFGS, Tyndall Field, Fla PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER Captain Alnmon McClellan COMMANDING Col. w. A. Maxwell EDITOR Corp. Arnold Milgaten ASST'S TO P. R. OFFICER Pfc. Sam Melson COLUMNIST The Yardbird ASSOCIATE EDITOR Corp. Saul Samiof Pfc. Bernard Pratt Corp. Ralph B. Horne ART WORK REPRODUCTION STAFF Woodrow w. Busby Pfc. Francis Churchill Corp. John Webster PHOTOGRAffiiC OFFICER Lt. Joseph A. Dickerman PHOTOGBAPHIC STAFF Sgt. William Castle Pfc. Silas G. Upchurch S/Sgt. Oral Ledbetter Corp Ernest Kenton Pfc. Everett Tackett Pfc. Price Terry TYNDALL TOP C You can still look into the sergeantmajor's office at Post Headquarters a nd see a thinning crop of hair on the head of the sergeant-major, and there is still a pretty husky guy sitting behind his desk-and he too, is a native of Virginia -but the man who first sat behind that desk has left Tyndall Field: Enlisted men and officers were asked to express an opinion" a real soldier, a gentleman his memory for details and Army Regulations is remark able he must be well read because he has a workir. g knowledge of almost every subject under the sun he made few friends and lost less his consistent efficiency ranked above his amazing memory 11 "His part in the organization and administration of Tyndall Field cannot be overeetimated or overemphasized a crackerjack man, a man whose ability will ever command the admiration and respect of those fortunate enough to work for him -that's how we feel about the man who left Tyndall Field. To those who are slow in recognizing the benefits of married life, we point o t that Pfc. Charles Vickers, a former cut-up, has, since his recent marriage settled down to hard work. Sports activities here at Tyndall have been practically non-existent for the past few weeks due to the various changes in personnel that t ook place. Of course this doesn't refer to the physical t r ainin g p r og ram of the Stu dent Detachment, which daily puts the student gunners through their limbering up and toughening exercises. However, with the announcemen t that Lt. H. B. Lawson has been appointed Post A & R Officer, we expect a co m p lete athletic and recreation program to get under way very shortly. \'Ve discovered that Lt. Lawson has been professionally trained for this type of work and he has already given us a hint as to wha t h e plans to do Blank forms are o n their way for distribution to every man on the Field to fill out, listing his abilities a nd desires in the way of athletics and recreation. With the proper cooperation from the men, we kno w that Lt. Lawson will be able to i nitiate and mPintain the extensive program that he has planned. Panama City's WDLP has scheduled an evening program for the observance of Labor Day. The Army will be represented on this program by Captain Ammon McClellan, who will speak at 8 r 05 P.M.


I Colonel Maxwell received a letter tram Lt. Harrison Harpp JrQ, our former Assistant Poet Exchan 13 Officer, atter his arrival. at F o r t He first tells or having a blowout n ear Apalachicola. He then goes on to mQy, "I aeem to have been the cloe companion of hard luck on this anyway, I had only gon e about twenty miles f rom Tallahassee when the wheal on whi ch I had ht.d th6 blowout 8 ran ott. Then, about m iles a wheel ran off of my In jacking up t h e trailer0 jack broke and the block I had p laced the frame wasn't right i t went up through the floor ot mw Other than the few in cidents tha trip u n c hang @ of $t ti n by vately owned conveyance to be getting tougher and tougher. as time goes on l BUCKINGHAJf FIELD WILL BE (Excerpts of a letter from a "Brownie" now stationed at Bucki ngham Field, Fort Myers.) "Well, this is a large and no fooling. They aay thie be the second largest gunnery school in the country? All t he barra cks &re completed. They from thirty to for ty men are very comfortable The latrine is situated in soparate building about fifty from the barracki!o A l .though the p lumbing @ya"i: .w quite fully complate9 w along fairly well. is not to get halb will b e ready shortly but in time we are using our I've run into some of the f from our squadron who came dawn hsre befor e us. They glad to see u:s 1 There weren e t s'' very many of them and they really had their cut out for them and did a !!Well job of it. As yet, none of us havG bt!! Tt aaaigned to any particular wor k e O m VifOll"k will probably begin ni.'txt :hnn thl!l claas rooms open Ple "31!1 r me to all the gang and 1 msm that Buck ingham Field is abou t t o be heard from." q{i/. t'nsuwnl7hJb Sut.i tted by CPL. 11. lllmSTIIlf Across 1-S. Nic kname for Commanding Officer. 5. Island where Napoleon waa held. 1. To unite by melting. 8. To see. 9. To reatrain. 11. Tech Order (Abbr.). 12. Branch ot A.rrq which we're in. lt. Title or nobility. 16. Correct way to addreaa an officer. 17. Brilliance. Down -r:-Military Peraonnel who receive 2 who goea AWOL permanently. of the u.s. Army. 4. H&utical branch of the service. 6. French article. 10. Species of anake. Ar d ent follower. 15 Prefix meaning "again". WISCONSIB SOLDIERS PLEAS! WOTEJ Soldiers at Tyndall Field who are citizen of t he state of Wisconein may participate in the Badgar State's Pri maries o n Sept. 15, 1942 and in the genenl election, Nov. 1942 J by mean s of absentee ballots. Mr. Fred R Zimmerman, Secretary of State, advised that Wisconsin voters in the write him at once. r"quest ing that ballots be prepared for them. Ballots will be mailed in plenty of time before t he election. Write )t'. Zimmerman at Madison Wisconsin.


SOME'miNG TO SHOOT AT: Pfc. Paul score for this quiz was GENERALc (5 points each) 1. Who was the world's most renc;"-7!eC. lawgiver? 2. In what famous novel did "T psy'' appear? 3. Which is more serious---a. fel or a misdemeanor? 4. What were the two longest sleeps in fiction? GEOGRAPHYc (5 points each) 1. In what National Park is :.d Faithful" located? 2. What is the capital of Iowa? 3. The abbreviation of what s tate is a type of a boat? 4. In what state are the Mountains located'? YARDBIRD'S BUCK PRIVATE'S NON-COM'S OFFICER'S SPORTS: (5 each) 0 30 30 60 60 90 90 99 champion boxer held three at one time? 2. what sport do you associate 3. ,. ,_t ballplayer was called the .:.:J.-year-old wonder" some three years age? (He is now a member of the 4. In "Man of War" the name of a horse, boat, or automobile? ARM1-: (5 points each) 1. What General is in command of the Army g4o und forces in the U.S.? 2. is count number three in gas ;u.:?.s1c C.:::-iE '? 3 is the lOth General Order? YC'J""B. .:OGAB"JLARY (4 -:-rJints IJn.ch) 1. Taffeta is a :a i s a 3. Talc is a a. silk fabric. large ins-ect. a. mineral. b. candy. b. thorny shrub. b. cloth. c. leather. c. large gorilla. c. vegetable. 4. Toupee is a 5. Tambourine is a 6. Tortilla is a a. city in China. a. musical instrument. a. unleavened bread. b. wrist band. b. medicinal herb. b. poisonous insect. c. small wig. c. type of sheep. c. wooden shack. REGGIE--------BY LENT ....


..... F "RED BIRDS" irst Sergeant Stitt came back from furlough and is looking better than ever. He and the Mrs. had a most en joyable time while back in Chicago. Thanks from the entire squadron go to Pfc. Warren Johnson and Pvts. Rum ble and Reents for the swell job they did in painting our day room. The new chrome furniture and the AAF insignia painted on the floor give t he day room a very attractive appearance. Pvts. Joe Fishbain and Francis Gar ceau send regards from Fort Myers to all the boys. Also from that station comes word that Joe Berberian is still haunting the gang with his "gitar". Mrs. Bruno came down from New Jersey to see her son lastweek. Unfortunate ly Pvt. Jalard Bruno had left for Fort Myers the day before her arrival. How ever, Mrs. Bruno didn't let that stop her from accomplishing her mission and she immediately left here for Fort My ers where Pvt. Bruno welcomed her with open arms. Pvt. Walter Grombacher, Tyndall's ace Chess propagandist, is with us a gain and ready to take on all comers. (And that means ALL comers, he sez.) -PVt. Vincent Del Ponte W "FINANCE FANFARE'' hen some of the Finance men awoke Sunday morning after counting that gre en stuff for the the night before, they thought they had money blindness. Our front yard was covered with green. It turned out to be Pfc. Joe Angeletti's grass seed sprouting up. T/Sgt. Johnny Farr, Sgt. Joe Hanak and Pvt. Tom Astle are shaking the Tyn dall Field sand from their shoes, and are preparing to step around in that good old Maxwell Field red clay for several weeks. "Master carpenters!", snorted Sgt. Herb Anderson after reading our column last week, "they ain't nothing but wood butchers." -Pvt. Felix Leon I I S "MEDICWOES" gt. Walter Kulas is the staunch sup porter of the title bestowed on our column. He is firmly convinced that the unit supply requires the aid of a chaplain because he has more troubles than business. We feel like recent G.I. brides as we prepare to move into a new office. The invisible wall between the lst Ser geant's Office and the medical supply has become a reality. The comment has been made that the food is so good at our mess that "Joe's Place" across the street has gone out of business. -Sgt. Wm. Volk !\ "THE CHAMPIONS" 1\tter sweating since early January, Pfc. Ashley Bean's hopes finally came true. We're all sorry to lose him but we know thnt he'll make good in the "Flying Cadets". Sgt. McNeil's elation over the girls from S.C. certainly was obvious last week, and rightly so, judging from the information I have. A good example of all out effort for the War is being set by Sgt. Roberts, who, after working all night as dispat cher, drives a load of gunneTy' students out to the rnnge in the A.M. Many of the men on the Post recog nize a QV man by our familiar "Buddy". A little of that same spirit in other squadrons would be a good thing. Colleagues, this is my first attempt, bear with me. -Cpl. David Rowel: C "THE GUARDIANS" ongratulations to the new stripers. We acquired a radio and an extra pool table we must be rating pretty good. QUESTIONNAIREs Why do they call Lamp arella, the "Actor"? What is that strange name that Pvt. Lowe calls Pvt. Thomas? Most of our men are getting married-who is playing Cupid? WHO'S WHOa Pvt. Morgan used to be a bartender Pvt. Meyerwi tz was a beer truck driver. but does not touch the stuffl -Pfc. Sam Marotta


"REDBIRDS'" FLEET MESSENGER SERVICE OPERATED BY FORMER 6-DAY BICYCLE RIDER We first met Vincent Del Ponte in the Post Hospital where, we understand, he was recuperating from nervousness que to riding his squadron's bicycle. Of course this may not have been true, but when we discovered that Vincent was a former professional bike rider, i t was easy to believe that pedalling one of our "greased lightning" G.I. bicycles had proven too much for him. His commanding officer, Lt. Francis Keirn, then called our attention to him by hinting that Pvt. Del Ponte was the reason why the "REDBIRDS'" messages got around so quickly. (Vincent is the squadron orderly and also their "TARGET" reporter). Anyhow, we finally caught up with the "Providence Flash" and slowed him down long enough to get a few pertinent facts about him. Pvt. Del Ponte is a native of Providence, Rhode Island and first entered the field of bike racing at the age of 16. In 1928 he forsook amateur competition and came down to New York City's then famous Veledrome to take part in the American Motor Pace Championships. Previous to this, Vincent had won the New England Sprint Championship for five consecutive years and the New England All Around Championship in 1926 and 1927. After his first appearance at the Veledrome, Vincent was offered a chance to go on to D _etroi t and ride there. as a member of a six-day bike team. From then on he was in "big time" racing until 1936 when the gate receipts fail ed to cover expenses. Incidentally, those gate receipts sometimes totalled slightly more than hay-and although the average was much less, Vincent once received $1800 as his cut for one night of racing. He saved quite a bit of his earnings and invested them in a wholesale fruit and vegetable business in Providence. He was inducted into the service on May 4th of this year. GENERALs Moses; Uncle Tom's Cabin; A felony; Rip Van Winkle and Sleeping Beauty. SPORTSc Henry Armstrong; Golf; Bob Feller; A famous horse. GEOGRAPHYc Yellowstone National Park; Des Moines; Arkansas (Ark.); New York. .Aruh's Lt. General Lesley J. McNair; Squeeze outlet valve and blow out; To salute all officers and all colors and standards not cased. YOUR VOCABULARYc Silk fabric; Large insect; Mineral; Small wig; Musical instrument; Unleavened bread.


.!8vnt tlteJ E R,., .. Captains "Is there any. difference between a fort and a fortress?" 1 I Recruit z "I should imagine that a o{:..flte, .. would be more difficult to ::-At .fke R>ST felt highly honored for being placed at the captain's table. Tuesday---! spent the morning on the bridge with the captain. He seems to like me. Wednesday---The captain made proposals to me unbecoming an officer and gentle-man. Thursday---The captain threatened sink the ship if I did not agree his proposals. Friday---! saved six hundred lives. to to "I was shot through tb.e leg war." in the "Have a scar?" "No, thanks, I don't smoke." Mother& "Now remember while I'm away, that if you pet and drink and smoke men will call you fast." Daughter& "Yes, just as fast as they can get to a telephone." Santa Claus is the only one who can r un around with a bag all night and not get talked about. Where t h e outgo exceeds the income, t he upkeep i s t h e downfall. "John, dear, I'm to be in amateur theatricals. What will people say when I wear tights?" "They'll probably say I married you for your money." "Do you know who was the first engineer?" "No, who?" "Adam, he furnished spare for the first loud speaker." A badge of honor .for a man is a medal on his chest, for a girl -a blister on the heel.


-A.E.R. TO GET NET PROCEEDS OF "PRIDE OF 'l'BE YANKEES" SHOWING TOilORRCM' Not enough can be said for Army Emergency Relief Benefits neither will space permit a deserved build-up for "The Pride of the Yankees" both to be Post Theatre attractions Sept. 6 Here's the intimate story of a man millions idolized and of a heart one woman knew the life story of the All-American first baseman, Lou Gehrig career that reached the heights of glory and then was cut all too short by paralysis in the face of this certain defeat, Gehrig knew no defeat "Most people think I've had a tough break, but today, I feel that I'm the luckiest man on the face r: the earth" 60,000 packed the Yankee stadium on that memorial "Lou Gehrig Appreciation Day", July 4, 1939,to cheer those simple words Se.muel Goldwyn now brings you this grand picture with Gary Cooper Babe Ruth, and Bill Dickey. SATURDAY, September 5 "Pierre of the Plains" John Carroll Ruth Hussey SUNDAY, UOIIDAY, September 6-7 "Pride of the Yankees" Gary Cooper Teresa Wright FRIDAY, September 11 USO LISTS ACTIVITIES FOR COMING WEEK The Panama City USO following activities week: announces the for the cooing SUNDAY: Open House -All Day Band Concert on the Porch Tyndall Field Band, Sgt. Directing 5s00 P.M. -by the Coultrap MONDAY: Free Movie -Dancing and games afterwards BsOO P.M. TUESDAY: Dance Panama City Victorettes -Music by Roy Woods &: his Orch estra BsOO P.M. WEDNESDAYs Party Night -Victorettes BsOO P.M. THURSDAY1 Free Movie -"Return of the Scarlet Pimpernel" with Sophie Stew art and Barney Barnes -Informal Dancing afterwards BsOO P.M. FRIDAY. s WDLP Radio Broadcast "Tyndall Field on Revi6W11 with Tyndall Bandat 8s00 P.M. SATURDAYs Tea Dance-Victorettes 6,30P.M. TIJESDAY, September 8 "Here Comes M r Jordan" Robert Montgomery Claude Rain s WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, September 9-10 "Invisible A gont11 I lena l!aa sey Jon Hall "Tomb s t one, The Town Too Tough To Die'' Richard Dix Frances Gifford SUNDAY, MO!IDAY, September 6-7 ''Talk of the Town" Ca r y Grant Jean Arthur 'l'UESDAY, WEDNESDAY, September 8-9 "Pied Piper11 Monty Wooley Roddy McDowall THURSDAY, FRIDAY, September 10-11 "Private Buckaroo" Andrew Sisters Dick F oran SATURDAY, September 12 "Frontier Scout'' George HOust o n LATE SHO?I SATURDAY NIGHT "Foot-lie;ht Serenade" Betty Grable John Payne SUNDAY, M ONDAY, September 6-7 "Calling Dr. Gillespie" Lionel Barrymore Donna Reed TIJESDAY, September 8 "Pierre of the Plains 11 John Carroll Ruth llussey WEDNESDAY, ,THURSDAY, September 9-10 "Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde" Spencer Tracy Lana Turner FRIDAY, SATURDAY, September 11-12 "Riders of the \'fest" Buck Jones Tim McCoy .. .. ...


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