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Tyndall target
Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 1, no. 35 (September 26, 1942).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
September 26, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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-Vol. 1 Bo. 35 Anrry Air Forces Gunnery School, Tyndall Field, Fla., Sept. 26, 1942 I GUNNERS TO BE AIRED OVER C.B.$. -L!. COI.O.DL JAII!S 1. LUPBR, .the Post 'Operations EXecutive, checks correspondence prepared for him by Tyndall etta Virginia_Clark. Col. Luper came here from the AAF Miami Beach Schools where he was Director of Training of Officer Candidate and Training Schools -. "TtliDALL TALEB'1' TYPHOOB" OPEBS TUESDAY This Tuesday night will mark the be ginning of a weekly series of talent shows that will eventually give every man on the field who possesses any special entertainment ability to "show his stuff". The purpose of the "Talent Typhoon" is to bring the men on the Field together so that they may enjoy themselves in a strictly "GI" fashion. The shaw will be held at the "Rec" Ball at 7aSO P.M. Sgt. of '42-41, nipt club entertainer, will "Emcee" the dopn or so special feature a scheduled tor the evening. CER!JIOIJIES OF CLASS '42-40 TO BE BEARD OVER "GENE AU!RY" PROGRAM ON OCT. 4JH. I Tyndall Field will really be on the air next Sunday. The one hundred and fifteen stations of the Columbia Broadcasting Systemwill carry the graduation ceremonies of Gunnery Class '42" 40 as a part of the "Sgt. Gene Autry" Program. In addition to being heard over C.B.S., the program will also be short-waved to foreign lands where American soldiers are stationed. Although the program -will not be picked up on the national hook-up until Sa30 P.M. on Sunday, Panama City's WDLP is planning to broadcast the preliminary ceremonies which include a parade bythe graduating class from the Armory to the u.s.o. Building. The march will be reviewed by Colonel Max well and other dignitaries from a box in front of the Ritz Theatre. Due to the limited seating capacity of the u.s.o. Building, where the pro gram will be broadcast, admission to the exercises will be by invitation only A loud speaker system and extra benches will be installed at the waterfront :.,plrk to accommodate the expected overflow of spectators. Music by the Tyndall Field Band, short addresses by the officers of the graduating gunnery class and several other special features will comprise the radio presentation. Plans and arrangements for this momentous occasion are being handled by Captain Ammon McClellan, himself a member or the graduating class, and Lt. Walter J. McKinsey. Corporals Robert Paquin and Dale Barton are preparing-the script and I


PRAYER OF A SOLDIER IN FRANCE My shoulders ache beneath my pack; (Lie easier, Cross, upon His back.) I march with feet that burn and smart; (Tread, Holy Feet, upon my heart.) Men shout at me that may not speak; (They scourged Thy back and smote Thy cheek.) I may not lift a hand to clear My eyes of salty drops that sear. (Then shall my guilty soul forget Thy agony 'or Bloody Sweat?) Lord, Thou didst suffer more for me Than all the hosts of land and sea. So let me render back again This millionth of Thy gift. Amen Joyce Kilmer "There has never been anything exactly like this in the history of the world. The conqueror wants his conquered people to think like him, not merely act as he desires. More than that, they must repudiate their past. With an almost diabol ical knowledge or human psychology, he has actually appealed to the most fundamental things in human nature-the love of order and the love of security. He has promised them both---on condition that they accept them willingly from his hands. Or else---of course dare not let Fascism conquer us from within, all the time that we are getting ready to beat down its physical arms on the field of battle. The next world peace conference will take place in the city of ffashington, D. c. It will be presided over either by Adolf Hitler or by the President of the United States. Which it shall be determined by who wins the revolution more than by who wins the mere war. We must not forget that the revolution is taking place in people's minds and wills." !/n 11zem@riam SGT. SGT. PILOT WILLIAM r-. L. HESKES G. MOORE 2211942


.t"f,W$1CAP'tAIIS THOMAS. A: Hou.'LL a: at!.#/ I 'l'HOJIAS B. POWLBR PROMOTED I TO. :Wix or MAJOR 'i'HIS A.ll. J Lt. 'Gabriel Powers, ccmgenial "Legai Eagle"; is the new Mess Officer for the Officer' a Mesa Of we can t prove it; .but we heaithat "THE VAN" said that the next officer that. complained about the food would be the next Mess Officer, and Lt Powers was IT1 Another sad sa ga REa Lt. Archie c. Miller, or, "From Pilot t o ASS'T Mess Officer in one Easy Transfer",. has us intears high pres sure boys in the low. pres sure room down at the station hospital are awaiting a blonde asaiatant Lt. Charles Rocks' (A Conserver that we forgot to last week) car is in "free. storage" and his girl is due down. from Miss. Ah, DilemmaS OUr guess is that he :trould make_mor.e time now if he'd madeless time then, if you know what we mean.; .we can't 'tor the life or us understand whythe.atudent officers dial "OPERATOR". so many times. Ten to one she already has their number Three of Tyndall's newly commisaioned alumni came b,y this week to their new posts, 2nd Lts. Richard Mah. on, Jimay Crcrwell and Tom Ni olon They tell us that 2nd Lts. (also newly commissioned) Ralph Edwards; Henry Vickery and Marion Hutchins are remaining _in Mia.Dii as Administrative In'structors We. tb:i.nk: that Lt. Robert F. Layton is planning to. be hitched because we saw him in Cogburn's Jewelry Store looking over _the harneaa Tyndall Field had ita own .little Jack-Pot this :Week. "Jack-Potters" were Lt. Brunner to Captain, Lt. Bright to Captain, 2nd Keating to lat Lt., and 2nd Lt. Weia to lat Lt. Immed iately after Captain Brunner' a promotion, several &ZJXiOUS 2nd Lta 0 that we know scurried .into town 'and cornere d the mar _ket on grass seed and we he1itate to mention this,. but potters aay that a Lt. Don will box a PYt. "Irish" O'Brien in tonite's boxing bouta in P.C. It O'Brien has read his soldier's hand book, our money 11 going on the If you notice any errors in the columna this week blame it on Capt. Shipmake r He' I inYe:tigating the "TARGET'S" f.in&ncial coDd.itionU From Pvt Felix Leon, Finance Scribe; /comes the best gag of the week. Leon claims that living near the Band has its g,ood points, tor now' their latrine order lies can clean.up totbe lilting strains of ttr Dreiunt I SWept in Marble Halls" I It's a source of constant amazement to us how Cpl. Billy. Grout, still doing bUsiness as the "YARDBIRD", finds, time from his pre-flight training at Maxwell Field, to turn out iuoh an entertaining Incidentally. while looking over the "Flexigun", the Ft. Uyer s "Target", wenotice that they.too have dealt us a sta. b in the back and, produced a Yardbird all th.eir own. For the record, we would like to say that many have tried, but none have ever been able to imitate the gigh standard or low liVing that characterizes Qur Billy's "YARDBIRD"While looking over the weekly bulletin put out b,y the Bay Co\mty Credit Association, we .notice that marriage licenses have been issued to John E Smith Donald G. Mc laren and. Roy M. Glass, all of Tyt::J.dall Field. Congratulations, boys And while we're on the subject, although we can't find it in writing, we understand that First Sergeant _Twitchell of the "Canar ies" is on the verge or a merge Oh what a time T/Sgt. Trakimus had getting Staff Sergeants (Bad Boy) Bender and (Letis have just one more) Skagenberg home on the bus last Saturday night Is it true that Cpl.Kangum, Classification Coloss us, is tiffing with a ranking member ot our gold leaf family over the tormer-' a informal "soldiering"? (Of course Mangum will deny every word of thisl) Quite a few of the boys in the Air Base outfit are contemplating the "fatal" step as a last resort now that roll call has reared it's ugly head sgt. Pearce ot Poat Rq. is .weating out a job with the orders. section Kias Virginia Reeves, tormerl7 ot Mr. Howell' 1 Otfice, dropped us a oard from Lakeland The stork paid a viait to Pvt. Robert Collins and Sgt. James Edge, bringing a boy and a girl, respectively Little Hell, the original .Belle ot Personnel" just returned from '"fur lough" at Tallahasaee AI\d the boys in his oUtfit think that lst/Sgt. O'Neil ought to turn in one or his ancient autQs to the closest scrap heap. 7A'e


TYNDALL e TARGET Published every S aturday by the S .pecia.l Service Section, AAFGS, Tyndall Field, Fla. SPECIAL SERVICE OFFICER Captain w. H. Wiseman COMMANDING Col. w. A. Maxwell EDITOR Corp. Arnold Milgaten ASST'S TO S. S. OFFICER Pfc. Sam D. Melson Pfc. William B. Pratt Pvt. Neil M. Pooser COLUMNISTS The Yardbird and ASSOCIATE EDITOR Corp. Saul Samiof The Taler PHOTOGRAPHIC OFFICER Lt. Joseph A. Dickerman REPRODUCTION STAFF M/Sgt Woodrow W. Busby Pfc. Francis Churchill Corp. John Webster ART WORK Pfc. Price Terry Oral Ledbetter Pvt. Marshall Goorunan PHOTOGRAPHIC STAFF Sgt. William Castle Pfc. Silas G. Upchurch Pvt. Everett Tackett TOPICS We bow our heads in Shame. The sec ond fatal accident in the histor,y ot the Field occurred this week, and, &I if this were not enough, a group ot Tyndall men took it upon themselve1 to add insult to the tragedy. Somewhere on the Field there are ten or fifteen men who no doubt, are quite proud of themselves. They were ver,y They made up a parody on the song, "Show Me The Way To Go Home". We would like to print that parody, word for word, but we haven't got the guts -we haven't got the guts that those men had, who, as they passed the bar racks of the Royal Netherlands Detach ment the other night, lustily sang their parody. To Lt. C .L. de Vries and to the men under his command, Colonel llaxwell ex tends his deepest regrets for an act beyond apology. As soldiers, we have been betrayed from within our ranks. As Americans, we have been disgraced. The Army Emergency Relief Fund was $25.00 richer this week. Donations from two Tyndall Officers, one for $10 and the other for $15 made up the to tal. Captain Ammon McClellan, who authored the story "The Gunner's the Man1" in this month's u. s. Air Servi-+.n n check that was forwarded from that magazine. The tl5 contribution was received trom Lt. C.L. de Vries of the Royal Netherlands Detacpaent. Several months ago, Lt. de Vries attended a party at a local hotel. During the course of the evening, someone out an irreplaceable insignia from his cap, presumably it was a souvenir hunter who didn't know where souvenir hunting ended and vandalism began. In the hopes that the valuable emblem would be returned, Lt. de Vries posted a reward of tl5.00 and "no questions asked". Two months have passed without any word concerning the insignia, so on Monday, the Lieutenant phoned this office, which was holding'the reward, and asked that the money be turned over to the A.E.R. U, Kynhur We don't suspect any ulterior motive behind the innovation of having the Field Band play at the evening meals, but we hope that one is not an excuse tor the o"t;her. However, the band can well stand on its own merits. In tact, it's high time we tossed our musical organization a few well earned bou quets. The performances by the "Rhythm Pilots" on the Friday night radio pro Q"rama itre a treat or the ears.


' "HEADQUARTERS HEADLINES" t's been a week o f goodbyes for us. First of all, we lost a member of our royal family when M/Sgt Wilton Hodges left ua for OCS North Dakota. His presence will be missed, but we know that he has the ability to make a good officer and has something definite to contribute. to his country's war effort, so we wish him the best of luck and a brisk salute to the new officer candidate. As for the other "goodbyes", well, we're saying 'em to the rest of the men on the field. The time has come when this group must l e ave this Post and move on elsewhere to write another chapter in the history of the AAF It's been a long road t ogether, guys, and it's been swell, but n o w duty calls and it's a farewell salute to all of you, from Colonel Maxwell down to the lowest Private--"So long -Sgt. Joe Minton "FINANCE FANFARE" lrhe difference between "Finance Fanfare" and AAF Band Fanfare, is that the latter wakes you up a t five o'clock in the morning. We have four new men in our office. Pvts. Lund, Hoskinson, Schneider and Payne. We should have mentioned them last week, but in the turm oil of mov ing, forgot. Anyhow, as the saying goes, "Better late than laterl" No takers yet for the oasketball challenge we flang last week. What sa matter you eats, don't you dig our jive? At ease, men, it's only our arthrit-is. -Pvt. Felix Leon 0 "THE GUARDIANS" ur congratulations to the following promoted mens From Cpl to Sgt. 0 .K. Fanning, H. Mullins and Prosper Rich ard; and from Pfo. to Cpl., George Hahn, c. Nix, u. Thomas T.A. Marshall and R. See. The boys are looking forward to the day when some new reorui ts will be assigned to the squadron The saddest lot of fellows can see around the barracks are the Model "T's". Don't take it too hard, boys Music to our earss The Brooklyn Boys daring the "rebels" t o cross the "line" in barracks #307. Pvt. Meola received his barber equip ment and is now ready to trim some of those Robert Taylor hair-dos Pvt. Mike Lambert, (one of the fifteen men who were "sabotaged" in the Post pital by German Measles recently-), claims that the field he likes best is "Ebbets" Fieldl sgt. Autry's damsel was seen with one of our Pvts., could it be that he is slipping??? They say that the Russian winter will make Hitler very warmunde r the collar. -T/5gr. Sam Marotta P "SIGNALlERS" anasuk and Potts, who are at school in Chicago, sent an urgent plea for winter equipment. It must be pleasantly ch-illy up there. Those boys should be back soon with a complete. knowledge of dial maintenanceCaptain Thorpe hopes. Ostrenko has plenty of room for his weight lifting activity, and is trying to convert every man in the outfit to his way of building up mus cles. His missionary work t o date has met with little success, and he should have a guilty conscience about hoard ing all that iron. Pfc. Bill Hines S "RED BIRDS" gt. John R. Heidema has been doing a great job as acting lst/Sgt. He's been .so busy of late that he hasn't had time to write his "one and only" back home in Chicago. We all hope that it won't be long before those stripes ara permanently assigned to him. lst/Sgt. Stitt, attending OCS at Miami, writes that he is getting along fine and that perhaps the South is a place after all,(after see ing Miami). All we can s ay is, the best of luck to a 5Well soldier. We all thought that it was going to be a tough job picking out the champ-


ion coke guzzler, but after watching Pfc. Bosley's pet dog drink it-there isn't any question any more4 Sgt. Don Nixon has begun a rigorous period of training in order to get in "shape" for the coming ping-pong match between him and Pvt. Thomas Abbey. The date of the match will be announced shortly. (Ed's notea When Pvt. Abbey was inter viewed concerning his chances in the coming match his only statement was, "Pvt. Del Ponte is not very tactful, being facetious at a time like this-knowing full well that cigars are scheduled to be passed around in the next few weeks. It's quite likely that Pvt. Del Ponte will fin d himself smokeless at stogie time). -Pvt. Del Ponte T "BROWNIES" hings we would like to seea Cpl. Mur phy finally getting the necessary documents needed to bring his wife across the border from Canada The new seats installed in the Post Theatre. (Don't look now, but they're there) Furloughs reinstated Qne of the many letters t hat Pfc. Rupp gets from that certain party up North A pool tournament to determine the squadron champ Pfc. Mancinelli actually make roll call some morning Pfc. Covelesk i playing his harmonica more often, he's darn good. (Sign him up, Cpl. Paquin) The PX open until at least 9a00 P.M Cpl. Caufield out of the hospital A coke machine in the day room Sgt. Hill shine his shoes 1 st/Sgt. Barbier catching a fish Pvt. DeSimone's face the day he receives that long awaited package The A.A.F. bombing Berlin, Tokyo and Rome. -Pfc. James Freeman l "ORDNOTES" t. Richard Parson joined us this week. Best of luck, sir. After the ratin gs came out the barracks looked more than ever like a Zebra farm. The boys from Brooklyn are wear..ing faces long these days-"Dem Bums" are living up to thei r nickname. One rumor we hope doesn't exp l ode is the one concerning the addition o f new men to the company. K.P. and Guard comes pretty often now-a-days. We have guards, corporal of t he guards, sergeant of the guard and officers of the guard-but what is all this talk about a Secretary of the G uard? -S/Sgt. Ken Witham \AI "GREENIESN Vfe welcrme S/Sgts. M onse;r G ore IUld Seibel back to our squadron. However, we've bid farewell to Cpl. Edward Lee, champ skeet shot and Cpl. Feissner, who left us for OCS. Pvt. Samuel Schun is going to try his luck in carving his name i n t he morning sun as a gunner The PX has become a great attraction for the men on the Field with all of those good-looking galsSgt. Flanagan seems to have the stationery counter under control. Sgt. Griffin had a difficult t ime in going to bed the other night. H e calls Pvt. Baker the "Short-sheet" King Everyone seems to notice the improvements around the squadron area, which has been spruced up under the supervision of our C.Oa We like "Taps" as blown by our bugler, "Hot Lips" Sepulvedaseems as tho we're becoming more and more military like. -Pvt. M.E. Baker D.. A.A.F. BAND lJand Boys are quite happy these days because the A. & R. Office came through with some baseball and volley-ball e quipment; there has also been a promise of a ping-pong table, so there might be a day room for the band after all. The men would like to see Sam Thomas save less money and buy more supplies. This. coming payday, Johnnie Strange, who has almost awakened from life-long slumber, will take Sam into town and see that he stocks up. Sam Sirianni is going to Montgomery on a Military Mission. 'Tis rumored that her first name is "Nancy" Si Moye finally got a date with Iris, but we think he did better at the Golf Tournament. -Cpl. Wm. Higbee A 965th PLATOONEERS t last, work has begun on our USO. It's something we've been waiting a long time for, and Mr. local USO head, has worked very hard to''YE'. d this p articular goal. It's up to u s t o p itch in and help in every way to get the job done quickly. I'n:: sure I voice the sentimGnts of t he group w hen I say that we are very grateful t.o Mr. Word for the work h e is doing for us. -Pfc Gaylord


c "CANARIES" ongratulations to our c.o., Lt. Peter E. Weis, on his promotion to lst Lt. Ev eryone agreed that the cigars were Welcome to our new officers, Lts. Price and Garland, and at the same time, the best of luck to Lt. Vachon who left us this week. Prospects of a ping-pong table are much better, thanks to the efforts of our car penter, Rothschild Pfc. Lee seemsto enjoy a circus, especially if he is in the company of a certain P.C. Miss. On guard, Leel The bribery money is coming in by leaps and bounds, especially from one Sgt. who really intends to keep his name out of this column. (What say, Rags?) -Pfc. Jack Blackwell ll "BLACKBIRDS" L)y virtue of the recent we now have several hundred specialists (each of whom claim.s to be the "brains" of his dept.) and they are out to make this unit no less than the best on the Post in every respect. If you haven't been.out to Sgt. Pilot Singleton's home for dinner, you are definitely missing something. Then there is another Sgt. Pilot who entertains the boys with tales of his friends during the roaring "Twenties" and early 11Thirties11 0ne of his best stories concerns the time he was on a chicken ranch with nothing to do except practice "shot Putting" with freshly laid eggs. Congratulations to former T/Sgt. Taliaferro on his appointment to Warrant Offi cer This reporter is sending out an s. o.s. for a guy with a "nose for news" to take over this column How about a new name for our squadron, fellas? Now that we no longer have any black nose planes, we should get something more appropriate. Turn in your suggestions to the orderly room. Hope you all had a swell time at the final get-together at the Mess halllast Fridayl -lstjsgt. Lloyd Taylor "MEDICWOES" (jood newsto four men fills us with nostalgia because we have to part with old friends. Napier Field requires the services of some of our key men, Sgts. Bernhardt and Rose, and Cpls. Palmer and Piccolo. PSYCHOLOGICAL RESEARCH GROUP TESTS COORDINATION OF GUIRERS FOR NEW SCHOOL It'a O.K., fellas, we've checked up on the mysterious doings over at that bew building across tram the Department of Training, and w:e can give you the "all clear" signal. We summoned up enough courage to enter the gre.y shingled shack at about z,oo P.:K. last Tuesday and came out chock full of interesting news at 2,45 P.M. on the same day. The man in charge of Tyndall's Psy chological Research group is CaptainNicholas Hobbs and he certainly gave us the impression that he knows his stuff. We tried to keep the flow of information from going over our heads and in simple language here's the purpose of putting Tyndall's Gunners through the various tests of coordination and perception, (Continued on back page) Meet PFC. JACK SNODDY: It probably won't be "Pfc." much longer, for Jack is at present going through Tyndall's Gunnery Course for the third time, and his diploma this time coupled with the fact that he has attended the Armorer's school at Lowry Field, Colorado, will probably bring him several more stripes. Jack's claim to fame is that back in 1936 he spent several months as a vocalist with Jan Garber's band, and has been exercising his vocals ever since. As an instructor of Ballistics at the Gunnery School, Jack confines his crooning to the classrooms, using bullets instead of ballads.


SOMETHING TO SHOOT ATs Lt. McKinsey's score for this quiz was 1186". GENERALa (5 points each) 1. Does Hawaii have any representation in the u .s. Congress? 2. Sufferers from what disease are aided by the Warm Springs Foundation? 3. Do you associate Jesse Lasky with the picture industry or politics? 4. W h o w a s t h e male star in "Goodbye Mr. Chips"? GEOGRAPHY: (5 points each) 1. Where is Mount Whitney? 2. What is the capital of Hamp shire? 3. Where are the New Zealand Islands located? 4. Where is the Province of Manitoba? YARDBIRD'S BUCK PRIVATE Is NON-COM'S OFFICER'S SPORTSs (5 points each) 0 30 30 60 60 90 90 -99 1. With what sport do you associate Helen Jacobs? 2. Whicn was organized first, the National or the American Baseball League? 3. What baseball team hes won the most World Championships? 4. Who is the mane.ger of the St. Louis Browns ball club? ARMYs ( 5 points each) 1. What are the words to the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the U.S.? 2. What rank must an officer possess before he can wear the gold braid on his cap? 3. Whe.t is the 8th General Order? YOUR VOCABULARY 1. Weevil is a a. spider. b. beetle. c. ant. 4. Whist is a a. card b. t y p e o f wheat. c ele c t r i c switch. DOW YOUR OFFICERS! (4 points each) 2. Whippet is a 5. a. re.cing dog. b. kitchen utensil. c. rug beater. a. b. c. Wyandotte is a breed II of domestic fowl. cows. II sheep. Across 1. Hell Catooter 6. A sailor's yesses 7. We wish we could do without them 9. Jane Russell 11. For ----and a day 12. Cows do it 13. What the "Dodgers" did in the National League until last week 14. Commanding Officer (abbr) 3. 6. 15. Left to 16. Push 17. Not wealthy 18. THE Man Wikiup is a a.. Indian hut. b. porch swing. c. pulley. Worsted is a a. cement. b. thorny shrub. c. cloth. Down -r:-chief Clerk-Adjutant, take your choice 2. Mentioned 3. One who colors 4. Vfuat woman need most 5. Like 8. "We'll be glad when it's ? 11 10. How well did you do with No.1 down? 12. Only non-flying engle at Tyndall 14. Why the PX sells so many sandwiches 16. The Boston Red ? 17. Every baby has O'ii'e


The Yardbird SEZ--Great Day, the ole Yardbird is sho bin used up complete. around. i found ot aftur i had dun got ter git klassifyed. whut that mint but it didn't sound gud at all. i is sho bin drug i didn't kno jist Whin i got ma intervyou appintment an walket inter the rume whur a bunch uv orfisurs wuz sittin they remindid me uv a bunch uv buzzards i seen wunce a settin on a fince waitin fur a pore littel dawg ter die. anyhow, wun Captin looket aorta like he tastid garbige whin he spied me an sayed ter anothur Captin this war must be gittin mity seeriousl Well, they axed me if i drank an smoket an i sayed sho, an they axed me if i kept cumpany w ith bad gurls an i sayed sho -an they axed me iff'n i wuz konchienchus an i sayed rite qwik -No (i didn' t kno whut that mint eckzackly but i wuz sho it wuznt nothin gud) an thin whin everbody had got threw salutin an i wuz easin ot i hurd wun of thim Captins say "He ort ter make a gud orfisur." They dun klassifyed me ter go ter pilut skoole an i is now residin a t Maxwell Feeld whur i startid off aboot 2 yeers ago. Incidentally these boys who are noncums sho do take a big intrust in there job. they keeps me hoppin an all ma gud buddies knos i don't like to hop. the attitood they takes towurds me yallwud think i startid this heer war an ever body is waiti n j ist fur me ter finnish it--So i reckin i'd better b e agoin---------The Yardbird ( No. 1) QUIET.# LOOSE TALK= LOST ALLIED LIVES QUIET/! THAN ENOUGH


FIGHTING GREEK" THRILLS FIGHT FANS AS HE SCORES T.J:.O. IN 1ST BOUT (By Pfc. Wm. Pratt) Before a crowd of some one thousand Tyndall men, the weekly boxing card was held last Thursday at the Field Are na$ The first fight brought together two 145 pounders, D.J. Wissner of and Pvt. George Triantafillas, ( "The Fighting Greek") o f Wash., D.C. At the sound of the bell, the "Greek rushed to his opponent and let loose with a volley of lefts and rights that had the Brooklyn boy staggering before the 1st round was over. He also won the 2nd round and finally, after two minutes of the 3rd round had passed, he exploded a right cross on the chin that f in ished off Wissner. The second contest went to Pat O' Brien, for.mer stabfemate of Bill y Conn and not to be confused with the cinema star. O'Brien, of Pittsburgh, at 155 pounds, displayed some fancy footwork and proved he had had gloves on before for reasons other than to keep his. hands warm. His victim was J.t. !liyo, 165 lbs., from Roebling N.J. O'Brien is scheduled to meet Lt. Don Williams in the bouts tonite at P.c. sponsored by the American Legion. Lt. Williams is a former Univers.ity of Florida star. Lee Shirley, 130 lbs.,from Evansvil le, Ind., found himself without an opponent and asked tor a volunteer. For tunately for the fans present, "4ce" Barrette, Tyndall's "Mike Jacobs":was ready with a replacement from his stable ot fighters and Tommie Se eman, or Java, proceeded to show Shirley a few things about boxing. !twas agreed that "Ace" Barrette "handled" his man very w ell. In the final bou t of the evening, N J. ManniofMo nmouth, N.J., at 135 lbs. out-boxed J.Fo Purpura o t Norwood Mass., at 15 0 lbs. BASKETBALL PLAYERS ASKED TO REPORT All basketball players interested in trying our for the Post Basketball team are asked to contact Lt. La wson, A. & R. Officer. )(e n interested in try-ing out for the boxing team are asked to contact Sgt. Mosely of the Physical Training Dept. at the Student Detach ment. c.o.s ot each squadron h av e been ask ed to select a Non-Com to represen t his outfit in the A. & R. Counci l Thi s group will wor k with the A. & R. Offic er in organizing the various teams and arranging practice sessions. Squadron teams should be forme d now as active inter-squadron competition wil l begin on Oct. 1. Among the sports listed for the competitions ares Touch football, volley-ball, shuffleboard, t rack and field events, badminton, horseshoeGp tennis, paddle-tennis and softball. The second quarter will in clude more indoor sports. ABSWERS '1'0 LAST WEEK'S "X" WORD PUZZLE GENERALs Yes, he advizes, but cannot vote; Infantile Paralysis; The picture industry; Robert Donat SPORTSa Tennis; The National League; The lew York Yankees; Luk e Sewell. GEOGRAPHY California; Concord; In the S outh Pacific, .oft Australia; Canada. ARMYs I pledge a llegiance to the Flag o the UnLted States of America and to the Republic far whi ch it stands one nation indivisible with Liberty and Justice tor all; Rank of General; To give the in case of fire or dis order. YOUR VOCABULARYs Beetle; Racing dog; Indian hut; Car d ga me; Breed of domes tie fowlz Cloth. l


fi HIT ONLY THE ONES THAT COME oufTA THERE! There was a little girl And she had a little curl Right in the middle of her forehead, And when she was good She was very, very good And when she was bad she was Wonderful. Hea "I love youl Will you be wife!" Shea "You must see Mother first." Res "I have seen her but I'll marry you just the samel" Shea did the artist when you asked for a job to pose?" 2nd Shea "He said, 'I can't afford a model just now but I'll bare you in mind." Sing us a song of pain and penance---Army nurses are all Lieutenants. Whether they're blondes, brunettes or titians----The heck of it iss They have commdssions. And privates, creatures of low Can dream, but never can hope More to the nurses that win hearts degree to be their Than pulses, temperatures and charts. "It is said that the man who invented the keyhole must have had only one eye!' Gala "Whenever I get down in the dumps, I buy a new hat." Yardbird, "I was wondering where you got them." And so when I returned to room in the hotel after I had gone to the shaw I found a beautiful woman asleep in my bed, "said the soldier to a group of bystanders. "So I quietly went to the lobby and slept on the divan. Now what would you have done?" Another Soldiers "The same thing you did, only I wouldn't have lied about it." Knee length skirts have reduced accidents among women working at the Naval Air Station fifty percent. Wouldn't it be great if accidents could be prevented entirely? A louse is the kind of a fellow that would marry Lamarr for her money. II HE


In" !)fJ) "BALL OF FIU0 AU S CHiDULED POll IHCUIWG A! P08! !IIEA.!U What a holidayl With 11 new songs, Irving Berlin's -Holiday Inn" coming to the Post Theatre, Wed. and Thurs., Sept. 30 and Oct. 1, promises to one of this season' master musicals Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire are the song-dance team in partnership with Marjorie Reynolds and Virginia Dare The picture is grand tun, a tuneful earful, with a different kind of story Her e s a rough idea of a new idea i n comedy... "Ball of Fire" with Gary Coope r as the sedate professor who learns about love from the queen of the night apota, Barbara Stanwyck, showing Tuesday only, Sept. 29 0n Friday only, Oct. 2, "Give Out Sisters" with Dan Dailey, Jr., Grace McDonald, Charles Butterworth md a hoat of others A hep-h oney ot a picture with hot t un e s and fresh tun that's alive with jive a nd j umpin' with joy. (JEW DAILY FEATUREs Sort Seatal) (Ccmttd)-Dil BOKBARDIBR SCHOOL l"OR GORl'IERS At Carlsbad, New Mexico, the AAF is opening up a new Bombardier school, the students of which are to be selected men from the nation's various gunnery schools. The men at the school will be taught how to operate the Army's new D-8 low altitude bomb sight and will also be taught dead reckoning navigation. After this four week course the student will be able to take his place at several important air crew jobs with the rank of staff sergeant The school requiresthat its prospective students be physically perfect and anxious to take the course. In addition,his Gunnery School grades must be above average and he must attain a high rating in the tests that are being given by the Psycho logical Research group. It is important that every man make his best possible score as his rating becomes part or his permanent records. The leading men in each class will be recommended and thir ty-five of these men will be chosen by Colonel Maxwell to attend the school. SATURDAY, September 26 TUESDAY, September 29 "Counter Espionage" "Ball of Fire" Warren William Eric Blare Gary Cooper Barbara Stanwyck SUNDAY, MONDAY, September 27-28 "Orchestra Wives" Glenn Miller and Orchestra WEDlffiSDAY, THURSDAY, September 30, Oct. 1 "Holiday Inn" Bing Crosby Fred Astaire FRIDAY, October 2 "Give Out Sisters" SUNDAY, MONDAY, TUESDAY WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, Seotember 27-0ctober 1 "Mrs. Minn i verr. Greer Garson Teresa Wright Walter Pidgeo n FRIDAY, October 2 "Man of Texas Robert Stack Anne Gwynne SATURDAY, October 3 "Boot-hill Bandits" Range Busters Andrew Sisters Grace McDonal d SUNDAY, MONDAY, September 27-28 "I Live On Danger" IVayne Morris Jean Parker TUESDAY, Septem ber 29 "Dangerous Pacific" Di ck Foran Le o Carrillo WEDlffiSDAY, September 30 "Fingers at the Window" Larraine Day Lew Ayres THURSDAY, Octobe r 1 Bachelor" Robert Young R u t h Hussey FRIDAY, SATURDAY O c tober 2-3 "Frontier S c out" ____________________________ G e o---.:=rge Houston LATE SHOW SATURDAY NIGHT "Iceland" Sonja Henie John P a yne j ) I J t I' I


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