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Tyndall target
Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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United States -- Florida -- Tyndall Field

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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 1, no. 36 (October 3, 1942).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
October 3, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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I j Vol. 1 N o 36 Army Air Forces Gunnery School, Tyndall Field, Fla., Oct. 3, 1942 CLASS AWAITS GRADUATION CEREMONIES Class Officers of 142-40a (L-R) Lt. F.' A. Jeffries, Lt. D.G. Williams, Capt Ammon McClellan and Lt. H .F. West, Provisional Company Commanders; Capt. L. R. Blackhurst, Class Commander and Lt. W .R. Koob, Adjutant. Pvt. Gene Gallagher, Pres., and A/C James Hackett, ,Sec1y were not available for photo. 'Newly commissioned 2nd Lts. Dick Mahon and Tom Nio lon, ex-Tyndall sergeants grin broadly as they pose with Mr. Dan Howell on their recent visit here. WDLP AND COLUMBIA BROADCASTING SYSTEM TO CARRY TOMORROW' S PROGRAM AT 5a30 PM At 4:15 P.M.,tomorrow, some two hundred and seventy-seven officers and enlisted men will line up at the Arm ory in Panama City in preparation for their march to the u.s.a. Building. These men, members of Class '42-40 of Tyndall Field's Gunnery School, will be wearing silver wings, proud emblems which distinguish them as full fledged gunners. Their class is the fi:l.st to be presented with the new wings here at Tyndall Field, and, theirs is the first gunnery class in the nation to have their graduation exercises broadcast not only throughout the country, but also to foreign shores via short wave to the men they will soon-join in knocking the enemy from the skies. Their radio program, being c .arried over C.B.S. networks as a part of the "Gene Autry" show, will feature a short address by Colonel Maxwell, a few words from Mrs. Dannit Mays, grandmother of heroic Collin Kelly, a rendition of "He, Wears a Pair of Silver Wings" by the young lady who first introduced the song, Mrs. Lulie Jean Price, wife of Lt. Norman Price of this Field, and Music by the Tyndall Field Band. TWO MOBILE RECRUITING UNITS LEAVE HERE WEDNESDAY FOR TOUR OF NEARBY STATES As a part of a nation-wide plan to obtain for the Army Air Forces much needed technicians and specialists, Tyndall Field will send out two recruiting units on Wednesday of this week The motor caravans will thoroughly 1 tour the states of Georgia, Alabama and Florida, and will probably be on the road for four weeks.


NO ATHEISTS IN FOX HOLES Did you read that unforgettable story of Bataan's last days by Lieut. Col. Warre n J. Clear, u.s.A.? He's the man who, by federal order, rescued Corregidor's most archives and stacks of gold, fleeing by night in a submarine at the risk of his own life leaving behind him doomed men without hope, yet keep ing the faith even as death neared by the minute. It's both gallant and horrible beyond all that story. they do it? What sustained those starved, wracked bodies, many of them they waited? Yet there they stayed, disdaining all chance of escape, laughing as they waited. How did dying as actually There's one paragr,aph in Lieut. Col. Warren Clear's recital that seems to explain it all. He said, and we make the excerpt from the Reader's Digests "In this fighting, many a soldier came to realize that self-confidence alone was not enoughtosustain the human spirit. I remember jumping into a hole during a particularly heavy bombing attack. A sergeant crouched lower to make room for me. Then all hell broke loose and I wasn't surprised to find myself p 'raying out loud. I heard the sergeant praying, too. When the attack was over, I saids "Sergeant, I noticed you were praying." "Yes sir," he answered, without batting an eye, "there are no atheists in fox holes "No atheists in fox holes." Sometimes, these days, sneering letters come, asking me why I believed there is something greater than human greed and cruelty in t,bis conflict, something that will emerge victoriously iri the end, no matter what prioe we pay in suffering or sacrifice. Well, there's the answer. "There are no atheists in fox holesl" SfRmAY A.M. --Mass ... Chaplain Finnerty 9:00 A. M.--Protestant Sunda y School 10:00 A.M. --Morning Worship .... Chaplain Wester 11:15 A.M. --Mass ... Chaplai n Finnerty SUNDAY EVENING 8:00P.M. --Eve ning Worship ... Chaplain Wester ---Elsie TUESDAY 7:00 P.M ............ Fellowship Club 6:30 P.M ......... Instruction Class WEDNESDAY 6:30 P.M ...... : ... October Devotions 7:30 P.M ........... Bible Study Hour THURSDAY 6:30 P.M ........ Instruction Class Wl2AY 6:30 P.M ........ Jewish Services


Via V-Mail from England we hear that 2nd Lt. Joseph W. Timberlake, the first Editor of the Tyndall Target, is now a Squadron Adjutant, with a flying Major as Commanding Officer. Lt. Timberlake left here as a buck sergeant with the first group to leave this field for Miami. We believe we are right when we say he is the first Tyndall Field enlisted man to arrive overseas as an officer. He wri tea that the "sunshine" in England is only two inches more per year than Florida's Promotions reached Major proportions this week wi. th gold leaves falling to Ex-Captains Fox, [eeny and Wilson Lt. LeForce, u pped to Captain, now wears twice as much silver and Panama City's own Cas per Harris made 1st Lt., and went off the gold standard Captain Ammon Mc Clellan, had expected to leave for a course in fighter control upon his gr aduation from the Gunnery School, but now it looks as thou&h he will be piloting a jeep in the cominG recruiting campaign The latest rumor that is awaiting verification from Captain Mi tchell is that the Ordnance has on hand two white enameled Thompson sub machin e guns for use at tary Vfeddings The Edito r of the Tyndall Target wishes to announce to all SquadCommanders that they may relax now that their checks to the "SEAAFTC NEWS" have finally been sent off to Maxwell Field SOCIETY NOTEs Lt. Youngbere; came up from Little Siberia (Student Detachment) to spend a few days in civilization (Po&t Headquarters) Lt. Shields keeps a photo of a certain blonde Tyndallette under his glass pa perweight. It seems that gentlemen still prefer them, and so do Lts we hear from down Ft. Meyers way that Lt. Le R. Thompson has pro moted to Captain All Tyndallettes invited to the Bache loll" Officer' s dance next Sat. Nite. The theme will be "May Heaven Protect Our Girls." DON'T MAKE ANY SLIPS Weddin g bells had hardly time t o chime last Thu1rd.e.y 'llb'hen Staff Sargeant Bob Fry, o f the ServicG GroupD into holy state of matrimony with personne l9s "Jo19 Bennetto It culmin-, ated a "snow job" whi ch in the last few days reached proportions of a blizza1rd o The BROWNIES extend congratulations and Johnny Kimbrell is enjoying a vacation from town this week (he had curfew trouble). Howeverg he w a s consoled by a certain Pt. St. Joe lass who rendez voused him every evening at the gate We that b$ing ijO your i few an A o W o O eLo D consult yowo commanding officer, who might make it officiall oM/Sgt. Luther Underwood the Finance spend hia lunch hour over at Post pereonnel going over the figures TjSgt. (Custodian $Upp l y) is being manicured by his starting fwom i tem that almost escaped us in the recent Tyndall Field Poll of Special Talents, was the fact that one c our Weather "prophets" IJ Pvt. Fred Farr, has studied for the ballet, and on the slightest provocah6 piroutte and bound ovw the floors a wounded Ino cidentally D he wae r.m Arthur Mul!"ray in"" structor tor six and one half Vance the origin& hear t of P os t Hqc back gain after a lapse of swe'ff&l months and his technique has certainly no t suffered d urine; the interim. H e s eems to hav e the messa ge center well unde r control Ralph picture in thh has just entered the hospita l to have a. l..eg ail"' ment "Sunahine" is awaiting the dreaded knook of the "F.Bol:e111 (Jlaoli"= mll btl!! c e oH&mbW"gi!Ji'!! W

TYNDALL e TARGET Published ever,y Saturday by the Special Service Section, AAFGS. Tyndall Field. Fla. SPECIAL SERVICE OFFICER Captain w. H. Wiseman COJOWIDING Col. w. A. Maxwell EDITOR Corp. Arnold Milgaten ASST'S TO S. S. OFFICER Pte. Sam D. Melson Pte. William B. Pratt Pvt. Neil M. Pooser COLUMNISTS The Yardbird and ASSOCIATE EDITOR Corp. Saul Samiof The Taler PHOTOGRAPHIC OFFICER Lt. Joseph A. Dickerman REPRODUCTION STAFF M/Sgt. Woodrow W. Busby Pfc. Francis Churchill Corp. John Webster ART WORK Pfc. Price Terry S/Sgt. Oral Ledbetter Pvt. Marshall Goodman PHOTOGRAPHIC STAFF Sgt. William Castle Pte. Silas G. Upchurch Pvt. Everett Tackett TYNDALL TOPICS Perhaps it isn't quite proper for us to go about pra1s1ng a "competitor", but "YANK", the new Army Newspaper, is just tops in "G.I." reading entertainment. It has everything any soldier could ask for-coverage, style and humor, with a capital "H"l The latest feature of this &Well tale teller is a department called "Post Exchan ge." "YANK" wants material from Joe Yard bird. "Post Exchange"will publish a smattering of everything-humor, art, poetry, photographs, news. Anything goes whichthe editor, ffc. Byron B. Evans, fancies, material from camp newspapers included. To get his name in "YANK", a soldier need not be famous. Editor Evans says it's the idea that counts. To top it off, something new in rejection slips will be offered by "Post Exchange". As the editor puts it, "If no spot can be found for a soldier's contribution, hewins anyway. In the first mail, he'll receive the most handsome rej ection slip ever sent out by any heartless publication, suitable for pasting up be sica that picture of Jane Russell." Contributions should be e .dcfressed to "Post Exchange,'' c/o !'YANK", 205 E. 42nd st., New York City, N.Y. "YANK's" is one PX which never closes for inventoryl O f course there is a motive behind our requ est that everybody get busy and send "Post Exchange" some of your stuff, -you see, we've got a nice blank space next to our picture of Jane Russell and we'll gle.d ly. make a trade with the first Tyndall man w h o receives one of those handsome rejection slips-his picture gets in the "TAR GET" if he gives us his 11slip111 We were kind of raked over the coals by Captain Hinchman, Post Mess Officer, this week. The Captain claimed that some of our recent remarks concerning the mess halls and the food were unjust and uncalled for. Whatever these remarks were, they were in no way intended to be personal, and we hope that the Captain did not take them as such. However, we decided to look into the mess situation from a yardbird's point of view and find out whether or not our allusions were justified. Of the fifty soldiers that we questioned,; half said that the quality of the food had improved. All fift y agreed that there was 100% improvement in the cleanliness and .service. Upon t h e invitation of Lt. A. c. Miller, we inspected !Jess Hall No. 1 behind the scenes. W e left there convinced that every possibl e effort was being made to keep the trays, silverware, dishes, floors and mess hall in genere.l, spotlessly clean. As for the quality of the food, if it seems to fall below par occasionally, we've got to realize that the mess officers can not be held to blame, as foodstuffs and their transportation present a serious problem in this section of the country. When told about complaints bylate comers of finding substitutes for the original fare, Lt. Mille r admitted that sudden changes in perso nnel and the failure of the men to eat i n their assigned mess halls made it difficult to j u dg e closely and correctly. So, gripe if you v,rant to, men, but remember the.t the mess officers are doing their bes t at a thankless task, and keep in mind that thousands of our boys are wishing they had a mess h a l l to gripe aboutl


THE RUGGED "69111" Song To Tyndall Field Oh, Tyndall Field vast and great, You are our home in this gran d old State. I love your buildings, noble, sublime, That stand the weather and w ear of time. I love to live beside the sea And have the breezes bring to me A message from the great unknownWhere Crusoe dwe t o n his i sle, alone. I love to lie amon g the pines And dream of peac e i n o t he r times. I love to know that all around Contentment, joy and happiness abo und This is the Field of which the Poe t s s i ng, Their praises through the years will ring. And like the queen of this noble land, Tyndall Field b y the sea will stand-And to.this Field f rom far and near Each passing day, and month, and year, Men will swiftly rushing come To make this spot their happy home Where man may work, dream or play-Warmed by the sun's most genial ray, And lay him down at night to sleep, Cooled by the breezes of the deep. Oh happy, golden, Tyndall Land, Stretch out thy cheerful hand-From far and near draw to thee All airmen who would happy be--That here may dwell, by God's own grace, The stalwart men of freedom's race. Lt. T.J. Mills (I Can Dream, Can't I?) I t is about time we were represented in the "TARGET". F irst o f all, we wish to welcome and boast about our new acting top-kick, Sgt. William H. Newsome. He is the only 1st Sergeant we know of on the Field who saw action "over there". With hearts bursting with joy, we who work on the line welcome from the bottom of our hearts t h e new K.P. material. Ask Supply Sgt John Colleran to tell you some of his fam ous anecdotes. He's got millions of 'eml Who was that staff sergeant that gave the boys a lecture on cleanliness and then got "gigged" himself? Can it be that Lt. Eadie is "sweating out" a furlough, too? We wish to-rnank Major Clarvoe for the extra special interest he has tak en i n seeing to it that our squadron becomes the possessors of o ne of the best day rooms on the Field. A job w e Touldn't care for is that of Day Room Orderly. It is rumored that Pvt. Jesse Eicher hears "rack 'em upl" in his sleep Fellows, we have a defender for the boxing tournamentl-None other than Kid Starwich the one hundred and twentyeight and a quarter pound wonder! Look men, if you have any news concerning yourself or your friends, drop it in the mail-box and we'll be only too glad to take care of it for you -Pfc. M. Gould T A.A.F. BAND his Sunday the Band will participate in the Gunners' Graduation Exercises which will be broadcast over the Columbia Broadcasting System. The Tyndall Field "Rhythm Pilots" will present that music you all like so well. The Band finally got a water cooler; now if they could only make the water taste like water, everything will be swell. Bob Vun Kannon tied the knot last week end over in Pense.cola; we wish you and the little lady, all the luck in the world, Bob. Let's hope that the furloughs will break through in time for Steve Whetzel to get to Baltimore before November 8, or I hear there wi 11 be on e 1 e s s Sax man in the AAF. -Cpl. Wm. Higbee W 965TH PLATOONEERS e are seeking the talents of those who can sing, dance, speak, recite, etc. It is our intention to create a second front in our life, an Entertainment Front, and we aim to make it as enjoyable as possible. Any of you men who have any such talents are urgently requested to leave your name at the orderly room. A complete entertainment program is the determined aim of those men in charge, and it is hoped that your talent will contribute towards the achievement of that goal. Mr. Ward, who is at the head of our local USO, will supervise these activities. -Pfc. Gaylord T FINANCE FANFARE he State of Florida, and 'the County of Bay, will lose one of its best square dancers when Cpl. Al Lowe leaves for his new post in the Ozarks. Cpl. Milt Levy, that hard-boiled mileage manipulator, i s heading for them thar


Ozarks mountings, too. He claims he is going to show Li' 1 Abner how Fearless Fosdick could have come down quicker, and with a savings of $2.03. (Official Mileage Tables). Pvt. Truman Payne's eyes sparkled when he heard that he was going along. "Non compos Memphis" he said, grinning from ear to ear It's school days again for s/Sgts. Johnny Blazak and Herb Anderson. They're both attending 1st Sgt. classes. Johnny Blazak is now acting 1st Sgt. (Cpl. Paquin please notel) No, that's not the chunt of the tobacco auctioneer. It's only Cpl. Francis Leonard telling his joke of the mythical musician named Shapiro. Cheer up, men, only 27 more days to P!iYdayl -Pfc. Felix Leon I ORDNOTES t takes a red-head to get Sgts. Tiggleman, MacDonald and Pvt. Strackle to Millville Pvt. Moore is thinking of leaving his bed where he found it Monday night (in the shower room) It is understood that Pvt. Pace's wife agreed to buy him a coke when she received her allotment recently. Those who knew T/4th Gr. Joe Schwartz, will be glad to hear that he has been commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant and is stationed at West Pa lm Beach, Fla. Thi4 week brought comforters, blankets, payday, o.D1s. and all were welcomed. All 1re need now is a few WAAC' s. -s/sgt. Ken Witham ... "GREENIES" I he expanding influx of new instructors, ten-gun salute to the ten who have recently arrived. daily with the and we give a new sergeants Thanks to Sgts. Griffin and Arborio for the new foot-bridge. At least now we won't have to worry about falling into the creek every time we cross over. A hearty welcome back to Cpl. Mehlmauer who has finally left his hospital cot. And at the same time, we bid farewell to Ed Farrior, who has left us for OCS. These early morning roll calls are bringing the boys out in overcoats rs there anyone on the Field who is not "sweating" out a furlough? Pvt. James Ritchie will settle for a 3-day pass in order to say "I Do" with the one that matters. He has been referred to the Post Chaplain And Pvt. Seldin has been casting loveria darts at a beautiful heart at the Line PX. Pvt. Reinares was showing his Spanish talent for riding a bucking bronco on a bucking bicycle and finished up on the pavement. He now walks a la sailor-peg leg. -Pvt. Maurice Baker THE RAINMAKERS as it grieved the rest of us to have him go, newly Corporalized Bill Laverty didn't seem to be too unhappy when he left last Friday for Chemical Warfare Officer's Candidate School in Aberdeen, Md. None of us us very clear on just what a Chemical Warfare 0/C learns--nor was Bill--but it's pretty clear that whatever is involved in Bill's new branch of the Service, he'll do well there. The same is true for the incorrigibly cheerful Lee Gaither, who, turned Corporal at this writing, will be "Deep in the Heart of Texas" when this byline is printed--starting in as an 0/C in the Medical Administrative Corps. Other than this, life continues unchanged in this outfit, with Pvt. Mark Riffey and Pfc. Elliott Wahlstrand capably handlinb the society angle in P.C. -Pvt. Morris Lasker 0 "RED BIRDS" ur c.o., Lt. Keim, says that his wife swears to this, The 9-3/4 lb. bouncing baby boy which arrived on Sept. 24/42, quiets down whenever he hears a plane flying near the hospital. Lt. Keim predicts that Francis the 4th will step off on his left foot when he co mmences walking. He is family member numbe r one. The busy stork also made a stop at S/Sgt Baber's home and left a smiling baby boy. Congratulations, Sgt. and the same to Mrs. Baber. What's all this talk about "oil changes", Sgt.? Pool players are advised to beware of two of the greatest coke-pool sharks that ever hit the South. Just in cast you don't already know them, they are Pvts. Kern and Gelormine. We would all like to know why 1st Sgt. Heidema is now so anxious to run a few errands to Post Hq. instead of allowing our runner to go? Our sincerest apologies for lected to mention last week having neg-our regrets


over the loss of Pvt. Walter Grombacher, Tyndall's number o n e che s s enthusiast,who was transferred to another outfit. Pvt. Abbey, formerly of this squadron, expects the stork to visit his home most any day now. This reporter wishes Pvt. and Mrs. Abbey all the luck in the world and that as far as passing out cigars are concerned, this reporter won't mind going smokeless because he never smokes cigars. -Pvt. Vincent Del Ponte T "BLACKBIRDS" h e squadron party given last Friday night for the former members of this outfit was a tremendous success. The only thing lacking was a f e w members who could not be there. A fitting tribute to any squadron is that the men who were in the original "BLACKBIRDS'' will always remember it as it was. If you think that perhaps you have received some mail, you can a l ways find our mail orderly propped up on a PX counter giving one of the female s o da jerkers a sick-calf look. Anyway, he gets -1st Sgt. Llo If you don't recognize him, you should. He's SERGEANT RALPH J. BOYES, chief instructor o f Aircraft Recognition with the Department of Training. H e was among the first group that arrived on this Field and he was one of the firs t m en to go through the Gunnery course. If there is one man on t he Field who is in love with his work, it 1 s Sergeant Boyes. He lives and breathes "Aircraft Recognition''. In fact, if you ever want to talk to him about any-thing, you can be sure that the conversation is going to end up with Ralph tel ling you about the relative merits of the Jap Zero and the Republic's new P-47. If Ralph could have his way, he would probably line the ceilings of all the barracks on the Field with silhouettes of Allied and enemy aircraft. BROWNIES' REPORTER GREETS NEW RECRUITS WITH ADVICE WHICH ALL SHOULD FOLLOW To you new men we say ''Welcome111 You have finally arrived at your "permanent" station, your new home. Most of you fellows wonder why you were sent here, and now that you're here, what you are going to do. B,y now you have no doubt learned that Tyndall Field is a Gunnery School. Each squadron on the Field has a definite duty to perform to keep the school running as smoothly as possible. This squadron has been assigned ten planes and it is our primary function to see that these planes are constantly serviced and kept in the best condition possible. Along with this work there is the very important task of keeping the machine-guns on these planes in perfect order. Keeping these planes flying is a big job, and this squadron has a swell record in this category. It is up to you new men to help us maintain this record. In time most of you fellows will be given an opportunity to work on the "line", either as a mechanic or as an armorer. This in itself is a break, for there are thousands of fellows who would give plenty to have such an opportunity, so don't muff it. All we ask is that you pitch in and do a good job, and we'll help you along wherever we can. There i s one thing that doesn't go i n the Army Air Forces, and that is a "mistake". When dealing with planes, we are dealing the lives of men who will fly in those planes, and there is only one way of doing things-the right wayl Working around planes is darn interesting. Give it everything you've got, and you can't help doing a good job. As for our squadron, we're one big hap PY family, and we want you to feel as tho you're one of us. Just remember that we are all working for one cause and that the better we work together, the better job we're going to do. -Pfc. J. Freeman


SOMETHING TO SHOOT ATi Pvt. Sasson's score for this quiz was "7511 YARDBIRD'S BUCK PRIVATE'S NON-COM'S OFFICER'S 0 30 30 60 60 90 90 99 GENERALs (5 pointe each) SPORTS: (5 points each) l. Did Napoleon die at Elba or St. 1. With what sport do you associate Frank Sinkwi.ch? Helena Island? 2. Who introduced antiseptic methods in surgery? 2. What movie star portrayed Knute Rockne on the screen? 3. Where is the Hall of Fame of Great Americans? 3. A "ringer" is a term in Billiards, Horseshoes, or Polo? 4. For what is the town of Edam, in North Holland famous? 4. What team captured third place in thd National League race? GEOGRAPHY: (5 points each) ARMY: (5 points each) 1. Which is largest in areas Brazil, The United States, or Australia? 2. What sea lies between Italy and Jugo-Slavia? 1. What was the first toxic gas that was used successfully in the last war? 2. Why do the Cadets at West Point wear gray uniforms? 3. What is the capital of Connecticut? 4. Where is the Dead Sea? 3. What do the red stripes on the trousers of the marines commemorate? 1. Xylophone is a a. mineral. b. musical instrument. c. type of glass. 4. 'Zinnia is a a. flower. b. short jacket. c. tanned leather. YOUR VOCABULARY (4 points each) 2. Yew is a a. heavy cord. b. tree. c. blow torch. 5. Yam is a a. gweet potato. b. overshoe. c. Hindu Priest. By Cpl. "Chuck" Lindsley Across 1. A teature of the "TARGET" missing this past month. 7. Musical instrument 8. What the filly said to the mare 10. The cause of most troubles 12. Charlie Chaplin was the best one 13. The brew of all evil 14. Watering place .......--+----; 15. Left step ( ab br) 16. Conjunction 18. New York's contribution to the scrap metal drive 19. Do you have one that jingle, jangles? 21. THE MAN at the student detachment 3. Yawl is a a. turban. b. sailing vessel. c. tie pin. 4. Zircon is a a. gem. b. wild animal. c. padlock. Dawn -r:-world War Ace born near Fort Pierce,, Fla. (Hang your h ead in shame if you don't get it.) 2. C.G. of SEAAFTC 3. Our chief Ally (abbr) 4. Engineering and Operations 5. Examines 6. Precious stone 9. What ---you? 11. An eternal springer in the human breast 16. AR 850-150 lists "Operations" thusly 17. What we.'re always in 19. An.ennless sun 20. Civilian term for Military correspondence's "Subject"


I The ole Yardbird is sho feelin mity rugged rite now. Mostly on account uv these hear folkes i s takin a speshul intrust in me snap ot uv ma ole stuff. The way they treats me yall wud think i is the hole cause uv this mileetary Ball Gl!llle. Things is mity rugged hear as i sayed befo, but the 2 peepul whut reely puts terrir in ma hart is ma fust sgt. an fisical instrukter. Evertime i looks at em i wondurs iff'n the Lawd is reely prowd uv his handywurk. The fisical man sayed ter us the fust day it wudnt be long berohe seperatid the men frum the boys an he wuz lookin awful antisipated like at me whin he sayed it. He wuz jest aboot rite-----i is almost seperatid. He dun dubble timed us aboot 3 miles the othur day an whin we cum ter a big open field i figgered we wuz gonna stretchot fur a nisse long rest an thin ketch a airplane bak ter the camp. but that feller dun throwed us inter attenshun and sayed lippy like. I reckin yall is limbured up enuff ter take a fuw stiff ecksersizes. He wuz plum rite. i wuz the limberest man in Alybamuh. Rite now the rust sgt. is hollerin at me like iff'n I wuznt so slow the dadburned war wud be ovur tomorow. So I reckin i'd better be agoin FAST--------------The Yardbird (Uo. 1) DID YOU KNOW THAT-The difference be tween "cover" and "concealment" in mil itary usage is that "concealment" means hidden from view, but not necessarily protected from enemy fire, while "cover" means that you are both concealed and protected from enemy fire? TYNDALL TOMMY ...... I'M TOMMY; TYNDALL TOMMY NOW I 'CAUSE I COME DOWN TO BE A FLEXIe.LE AERIAL, AND MAKt:-SER&EANT-YA KNOW, AC'rUNNER SEI\.&EANT. THE R.c('RUITIN' MAN SED 'TWOULD HELP UP MY MORAL. '&UESS MEBBE I'Ll LIKE THIS HERE FIELD; FER BACK IN THI: HILLS WE AIN'T &OT MUCH OF THAT THER. THINC:r CALLED MODERNISM ETC. I M WONDERKIN 1 THOUErH WHEN I'll &E.T THEM THAR THREE STRIPES'? YA R.ECK.ON RI6H T AWAY? SEE YA NUT WEEK E<:riN ---. DID YOU KNOW THAT-Frozen or evenchilled dynamite is dangerously uncertain material to monkey with? Frozen dynamite should be thawed out by some one who knows his business. Directions for thawing in a "double boiler" G.I. cans are given in FM 5-25. LEDBETTER


WBB!LY BOXIBG CARD TOPPBD BY 'l'IIB BIO!HIR !OSSLI (By PTt. Neil Pooaer) A pair of twin brothers tram Weat Virginia, Emory and Ernest Leeson, atole the show last Thursday night in one of the best of the weekly tight cards to be presented at Tyndall Field by the A. & R. Office. They were both wi l l i ng fighter and in addition they scrapped with a comic zeal which had the crowd in stitches. Emory, who weighed lSO lba., took a judges' decision over his brother, who tipped the soales at 145. Othe r results werea PYt. larl Fiebelkon et Wisconsin, 160 lbs. vs. Sgt. Sam Oakley 162 lba., of Tennessee. A well-earned decision was awarded PYt. Fiebelkon. Earl Fynum of New Jersey and Edward Kovalchik of Pennsylvania, both 145 pounders, slugged it out in fine fashion until the middle of the second round. Then Fynum suffered a nose injury and the referee gave the tight to the blonde Pennsylvanian on a T.I.O. Arthur Kerber, of Ohio, who had the advantage of both reach and seven lbs. of weight, jabbed out an easy decision over Royal Dutch Navy Representative Douwesdekker of Holland, who weighed 130 lba. Tommy Seaman of Java, 1S7 lbs., and Frank Granese, New York, 145 lbs., fought a dull draw. Two PX boys, BCNa ton Parrish 110 lbs., and Robert St.v ens, 150 lbs., asked to don the Stevena won by a T.I.O. in the first. Wil l Rogers 160 lb. negro from New York, scored a T.K.O. with little diff iculty, over Tyler, 150 lbs., another negro, from Det roit. EVERY SATURDAY !liGHT ftiDALL TALII'l' 'l'YPBOOI SUCCIUnL Reaidenta ot Pa!WII& City and soldier& their talents last night to present the first or a seriea of entertaiument programs at the Tyndall Field Recreation Building. A sizeable group or soldiers -watched the show, arranged by the athletic and recreation office. K i s s Evelyn Canfield and Miss Jan Morgan, Panama City danoersJ Mila Fran oes Clifton, pianistJ Mrs. Switt, r eo reati o n building hostess and pianist Staff Sergeant Meyers, baritoneJ and Cpl Gehrke, pianist, took part in the program. Sgt. Brown of the Student Det a chment aoted as Master ot Cereaonies and also played piano solos and gav e two ABSWERS TO LAST WEEir' B "X" WORD PUZZLI GENERALs St. Helena Island; Sir Joseph ListerJ New York University, H.Y.C.J Edam cheese. SPORTSa-Football; Pat O'BrienJ Horaeshoes; New York Giants. GEOGRAPHYa BralilJ Adriatic Seaa Bart ford; Palestine. ARMY Chlorinea In commemorati on of the men who fought heroically during the War of 1812 under General Scott. (they had to purchase their own gray unitorma); Service of the Marine Corps in the Mexican War. Y OUR VOCABULARY Vusical instrumenta Tree; Sailing vessel; Flower; S.eet potato; Gam.


I 'ic SEE YA LATER JO GOT AN EARLY DATE/" Conductor:: "I'll have to charge full fare for your little brother----he's wearing pants." Young Brothers free." "Gosh, Sis, you ride Pvt: "I can read you like a book." Girl Friend: "That's all right, as long as you don't use the Braille Sys tem." Corp: "Girls don't interest me. I prefer the company of boys." Yardbird: "Yes, I know. I'm broke too." 4lt A diamond is the hardest mineral there is-----to get. j 1st Pup: "Is this a poplar tree?" 2nd Pups "Naw, they seem to prefer the lamp-post on th.e corner." Civilian: "How many kinds of wood are used in making a match?" Soldier: "Two kinds, he would and would." Reporter: (To visiting Frenchman) "And why do you visit this country, Count?" Count: "I weesh to veesit the famous Mrs. Beach, who had so many sons in Fre .nce during the last war. 11 1st MPs do you think they are doing over there in that car?" 2nd MP1 "I think he's trying to get her to join the C .I .o. I heard him say, Let's get organized," RATIONED TO DEATH When I die, please bury me 'Neath a ton of sugar under A rubber tree, Lay me to rest, in a new Auto machine And cover my grave with Good gasoline. GO TO FATHER When I asked her to wed, "Go to father," she said, For she knew that I knew That her father was dead, And she knew that I knew What a life he had led, And she knew that I knew wYhat she meant when she said, "Go to father." Author Unknown 'WHEN I "WIGGLE .. MY 'liNGS AGAIN .START FIRING' --


"THRILL PACKED" FILMS SCHEDULED FOR SHOWING AT THE POST THEATRE THIS WEEK It's a headline bombsh ell when Dana Andrews as an American news a ceevades hitler agents unti l h e falls for an alluring blonde ( V irginia Gilmore) who delivers him t o the gestapo He lives thro ugh a i n a r-:-,centration camp w here they plot his murder to keep him from talking Eow }Jnerican newsmen outwit the hitlerites is told in "Berlin Cor r e spon dent" a picture packed vnth thrills, r o mance horror and s uspens e e.t the Pos t Theatre, Sat. only, Oct. 3 You won't want to miss the jap-sl&ppin' story sensation Across the P a cific", star ring Humphrey Bogart, Asto r and Sydney Greenstreet ("'!he Maltese Falcon" Cast) on Sun. & Mon., Oct. 4-S It's bigger than Bogart 1 s biggest and better than anybody's best Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "Sherlock Holmes and t h e Voice of Terror" comes to the screen, Fri., Oct. 9. SATURDAY, October 3 "Berlin Corre s p ond ent" Dana Andrews Virginia Gilmore SUNDAY, MONDA Y O c t ober 4-5 "Across t he Pa c i fic" Humphrey Bogart Mar y A s tor FRIDAY, Octo ber 9 TYNDALL'S NEW PSYCHOLOGICAL RESEARCR GROUP IS STAFFED WITH "PSYCH" EXPERTS Composed strictly of Psychology experts, the "TARGET" herewith presents some pertinent information about t h e Field's newest detachment; Captain Nicholas Hobbs is the head of the detachment and he is assisted by Lt. Glen Heathers. Captain Hobbs is a graduate of The C i t e .del at Charleston, South Carolina, where he later taught "Coast Ar tillery Military Scien ce" until called into the Service in April, 1941. Previously, the Captain had done graduate work in psychology at Ohio Sta t e University. Lt. Heathers is a University of Wash ington graduate and until entering the Army, the Lieutenant we.s teaching Psy chology at Amherst. Staff Sergea n t George J. Wischner is the ranki n g Non-Com of the outi'i t which includes Sgt. Fran k Harris, SgL Edgar George, Pfc. Jo h n Gleason, Pvt. Walter Ismeal and Pvt. G-erald Blum. TUESDAY, October 6 They Died with t ha i r Boot. s O n" Errol Flynn Olivia de Havilland WEDNESD.\Y, THURSDAY, Oetobar 7-8 "Eagle Squadron" Diana Barrymore Robert Stack "Sherloc k Holmes and the Voice of Terror" Bas i l Rat hbone Nigel Bruce SUNDAY, l!ONDAY, Oct 4-5 Sister Eil e en Rosalind Russell Brian Aher ne TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, Oct. 6 7 "Invisibl e Agent" Ilona Massey Jon Hall THURSDAY, FRIDAY, Oct. 8-9 "Between Us G irls" Diaoa Barrymore Robert Cumming SATURDAY, Oct. 10 "Vengeance o f the West Bill Elliott Tex Ritter LATE SHOll' SA'l'URDAY N IGHT "Give Out Sisters Andrsw Sisters G race McDonald SUNDAY, MONDAY, Oct. 4.-5 "The Gold Rush Charlie Chaplin 'fUESDAY, Oct. 6 "The Man Who Wouldn't Die" Lloyd Nolan Marjorie Weaver WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, Oct. 7 -B "Ho nky Tonk" Clark Gable Lana Tur ner FRIDAY, SATURDAY, Oct. 9-10 "South of Santa F"" Roy Rogers Geor g e {Gabby) Hayes ...


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