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Tyndall target
Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 1, no. 37 (October 10, 1942).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
October 10, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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, ;, I 1. Vol. 1 No. 3 7 ArJJtif Air ForCes Gunnery Sohool, Tyndall Field, Ph., Oot. SEcv. OF WAR VI SITS TYNDALL Fl ELD Secretary. of war Henry Stimson e.nd his party or high ranking J..rnry Officers I prepare to salute as the Tyndall Field Band begina to play the tour "flourishes and ruffles" that are officially acco rded only to obiet members or the Governmen t and to tul l generals. The above picturo was snapped just as the veteran statesman and the members or his party emerg ed from their plane here last Tuesday. (L.R.) Colonel warren A Maxwell Secretary ot War Stimson, Robert A. Lovett, Assistant Secretary of War for Air; Major General A.D. Director or War Department, Bureau of Public Relations; Lt. B.B. Shields, Airdrome Officer of the Day; Brig. General w.w. Welsh, SEUFTC Chief of Staff; and Major General Ralph Royce, Commanding General of the SElAFTC. LEFTa Major General Surles, Secretary Stimson and Major General Barton Yount, Commanding General of the AAF Training Command,. observe Tyndall marksmanshi p


WERE YOU AT CHURCH LAST -SUNDAY? The worship of God is the first and last instinct of the soul of man. Two pictures move the heart more than all others, the picture a little child at its mothar'B knee, in an11rerto its mother's voice, lisping the name of God in worship, and the picture of the aged dying man, 1l'i th p.ll the experience of a long life be hind him, speaking the name of God in worship. In the beginning but also in the years between, suchaman's private duty trom which eve n God Himself cannot excuse him. We do worship Godl In the quiet of our rooml As we soar through the Heavens l tn a private moment of prayer in the Chapell In the great Cathedrall In the time of stern needl But so often alone. There is a need also for corporate worship. We are members of families, we have membership in the domestic society of the family circle, in the civic society of the nation, of the whole human race. There is need for common worship. In unity there is strength, especially in time of great crisis. Hundreds of voices raised together in prayer are powerful. And we in a time of crisis. An outstanding Christian leader of our time has saida "The present century has encountered notable disasters. The very times in which we live are warning us to seek remedies there where they alone are to be found, namely by reestablishing in the family circle and throughout the whole range of human society the doctrines and practices of Christian Religion." Our daily grind of work, the danger of discouragement, the pressure of temptation make it necessary that our souls be renewed by some Power of ourselves, and greater than ourselves, a Power that is above all circumstances and Divine, by God HiJnself. S11Dday is given to us as an important help in our spiritual life. Six days of the week may be called "man's days" tor they are to caring tor man's temporal affairs; at least one should be for the affairs ot eternity "An optimist is one who figures that when his shoes wear out he will be back on his feet." SUNDAY 8:00A.M. --Mass ... Chaplain Finnerty 9:00 A. M. --Protestant Sunday School 10:00 A.M. --Morning Worship : ... Chaplain Wester 11:15 A.M. --Mass ... Chaplain Finnerty SUNDAY EVENING 8:00P.M. --Evening Worship ... Chaplain Wester TUESDAY 7:00P. M ............ Fellowship Club 6: 30 P.M ........... Instruction Class WEDNESDAY 6:30 P.M ........... October Devotions 7:30P.M ........... Bible Study Hour P.M .......... InstructJon Class 6:30 P.M ............ Jewish Services


We doubt if ever in his former theatrical days, or Thomas B. Carnahan received such an ovation as hewas accorded upon "a:rrivinc at Tyndall Field last Tuesday A.M. Needless to say, the Major was equal to the occasion According to Lt. Watson, the girls in Appalachacola are the fe.stest set he has ever seen-at least they are the hardest to catchl The additional burden of the officer's mess has the "Legal Eagle's" tail feathers drooping-and -doing his "road work" on a bicycle has not helped matters any Clarvoe's dinner jacket was the "piece de resistance"at the Officer's Club the other night. (le didn't know there was that much gold left in the country All the Engineering Officers newly arrived fron Hartford are having a hard time learning all over again how to get up in the "middle of the night" Lt. Rocks is on the loose a gain since his true love went back home after a two weeks vacation. He is being joined in his cross-countries to Jackson by Lt. Semanecinterest is named captain Hobbs. please notea One of our more popular "number please" artists is just dying to be psychoanalyzed-we don't think he'll get the "busy" signal should he call Lt. Morrison says that he might have been in the fog on that last trip to Tuscaloosa, but he says he'll try again soon What Captain and three Lieutenants found out that they weren't in the "shape" they thought they were when they attempted to master the obstacle course over a.t the Student De tachmentt From now on they'll stick to mental we understand that the reason some of the Tyndallettes will not be present at the dance tonite is that they "haven't got a thing to wearl" Our thought is, it's not what you wear in, it's what you get away withl Lt. Celani has two unsuspecting women in Jackson believing that he is a member of the Flying Tigers from Burma, in this country for a rest cure. It must have been his "Burma Shavel" we just round a tack on Captain Rawson's chair. Sabotage"is not suspected. but someone was obviously trying to get a rise out of S-211 A story that was a "must" for thisr page "broke" too late for the column on our left. One of our newly leafed majors. (initialsT.A.H.). who, no doubt, is a member in good standing of our local library, complained of the lack of reading material in (C EN S 0 R E Dl1) Now, Tyndall Field's leading horticulturist has placed one of Sears and Roebuck's. 1st editions at the disposal of the "indisposed" Tyndallette Phyllis Gilbert rates the "TARGET'S" thanks for the heroic part she played in a re cent emergency. She permitted this mag's staff to use her ca. r in order to deliver copies of the "Target" to Sec'y Stimson's party just before they left Harry Mabel, THE MAN'S chauffeur, li tere.lly strewed Post Hqtrs. with quality cigars last week. rre was promoted to Pfc The question of the moment over at the Signal Office,is, IS S/Sgt. Foster married, or ain't he?? Carl Brandt former lothario of the Finance Department, now stationed at-an embarkation point. wrote to Lt. Shofner expressing his regrets over the fact that the Lt was struggling along with such an inexperienced staff. (Could Carl ; have been refering to the Finance Bowling Team?). And speaking of Finance, T/Sgt. Johnny Farr has neither received nor placed any long-distance phone calls since that last trip home. Priorities? We wonder? Likeable Sgt. Harry Bullins of the Guardsman is being taken out of circulation tonite by Miss Elma Weller, of Miamisburg, Ohio, as she becomes Mrs. Harry Mullins Others jumping out of the "frying pan" are: Pfc. Larsen of the D. of T. and Miss Sybil Thompson, also of the D. T. Tyndallette Thompson is with a recently gra.duated aviation cadet What sergeant in the Message Center was recently promoted by a very special, Special Order? And up from the Recruit Detachment we hear that two of their nwnber are now "walking on airl" These two stout hearted lads, while recently on duty, challenged THE MAN, ordered him to "Dismount" and "Advance to be recognized l" The boys are really on "the ball t"


TYNDALL e TARGET-Published every Saturday by the Special Service Section, AAFGS, Tyndall Field, Fla. SPECIAL SERVICE OFFICER Captain W. H. Wiseman ASST'S TO S. S. OFFICER Corp. Sam D. Melson Corp. William B. Pratt Pvt. Neil u. Pooser REPRODUCTION STAFF M/Sgt. Woodrow W. Busby Corp. Francis Churchill Sgt. John Webster Corp. Roger Keough Pfc. Price Terry Pvt. Everett Tackett COMMANDIN'G Col. w. A. Maxwell COLUMNISTS The Yardbird and The Taler ART WORK sjsgt. Oral Ledbetter Pvt. Marshall Goodman EDITOR Sgt. Arnold Milgaten ASSOCIATE EDITOR Sgt. Saul Samiof NEWS EDITOR Corp. James Freeman PHOTOGRAHIIC OFFICER Lt. Joseph A. Dickerman PHOTOGRAPHIC STAFF S/Sgt. William Castle Corp. Silas G. Upchurch \N l\ESPONSt TO 1\EQUESTS BY TYNDALL MEN ./ AND PLEASURE TIME "oReHESTRA Wll.L SALUTE : T'\Y a A.\ D. D. 0: 0 IE D. ID (TUESDAY 1 OC.TO&E-1\ I I 942 6:00 P.M. /


w. "THE RUGGED 69TH" ell, Wednesday was the day the Eagle smiled, and Thursday was the day quite a few of the boys cried. The 69th was very well represented in the ring this past week by none other than Pvt. Festus Shellmutt an ex-finalist in the New York Golden Gloves. 'The big smiles and cigars are from the boy s who added new chevrons to their sleeves. Pvt. Dictefano, the Squadron carpenter, is the one who made most of the swell furniture that we have in our day room. For your information he is known as the great Casanova from the west side of New York. Pvt. Joe Granata is leaving on furlough he says to see his Mom???? Pfc. M. Gould our able correspondent is off on one of those three day passes, some say she is very nice looking? We all wonder why Cpl. Kintner has sworn -off going to town during the week? (Could it be Baby?) We wish to man for. his column. thank an ex 69er, Sgt. Fleshable assistance with this -Pfc. Mo Gould ..,. "RED BIRDS" I he best of luck to all the boys on their recent promotions. It is a strange thing how most of the boys had their stripes so handy. Pvt. Francis Casey has sent for every train and bus schedule in the South, so that he won't lose a minute getting home. He is so nervous waiting thathe can't sit still a minute. At one time he was known to be able to sit and sleep Have you tried your O.D's lately, Francia? After months of being without a repre sentative for the boxing matches, we have finally turned. up with the Leeson twins, who to the boys in 348 look to be tops. We hope to see them show again real soon. We are hoping for a speedy recovery of Pvts. Weaver Chrabot, Hicks, Jones, aDd Krogler wbo are oonT&lescing in the hospital. It was nice, and quite a surprise to see and hear the Tyndall Field Band in our Kess Hall the other .Vening. We understand that-thil will be a weekly session and other Kess Halls on the field will have the pleasure of eat their meals to strains of sweet mu.aio. Pfc. Via.cent Del Ponte .,. "BLACKBIRDS" I he reason that lst Sgt. Tayloru feeling gay these days is that he has just returned from, shall we say, a short vacation? Those lip imprints on his uni.f.'orm were not painted on. There is no pool table on the field that sees as much service as the one we have. Someday someone is going to suggest that a game of pool be played for a change. You all must know Sgt. Goodson by now. He is the lad who always has a lump in his jaw. The day after pay day, the Sgt. strolled into the day room with no less than 12 dozen packages of the well known brand of Beech Nut chewing tobacco. Good chewing to you, Sergeant. For the first five days of the month, Sgts. Noble, Clausen and Blackenshot really keep the P.c. cabbies busy, riding to and from town. The next ten days will find them using the Panama City Bus Line. As for the last fifteen days of the month, you can see them at the )(.p. gate, wait ing for a G. I truck to take them to town. We should be able to get some mail now that K.O. Pvt. Mattock has married the chief source of his former distraction What's holding up the organization of a touch-tackle football league amongst the squadrons? Sgt. Tony Statile '1'YBDALL HOPBP'ULS lfC. HAVE "WWSHillG BRIDGE" If Will Make It So", the men of Tyndall Field and their T,yndallettes should be "in" for their best Christmas yet. Captain Charles Brunner, Tynd&ll's landscaping supervisor, is the man to thank when your wishes come true, for the Captain had a bridge to build several weeks ago and of building an ordinary bridge, he thought up the novel idea of constructing a "wishing" bridge. This newly built structure is part of the passageway between the Finance Building and Post Headquarters. A you cross the bridge you will see an box with a narrow opening at the top. To make your wish "come true", you drop a coin through the opening and should the coin ring the bell that has been placed at the bottom of the box, your wish haa a better than even chance of becoming a reality. You may continue dropping ooins until you hit the_ bell the poorer your marks manship, the greater the contribution to the Army Emergency Relifl" Fundl


L "ORDNOTES" t. Parsons is hospitalized, but is re ported aa gaining and Pvt. Smith is out of the hospital and has joined the company. The little fellow with the bow and arrow is around again. T/4 Manly Smith was last Saturday evening and S/ Sgt. is waiting for the little lady to come to Panama City. When is the date Sgt. Tucker? T/4 Hoey in New York at school is an even bet to come baok happily married. T/Sgt. Burnett has left for an armam-. ent school. We're thinking he might show the teacher a few things. Sgt. Mathis bet on the Yanks (and I mean betl)there ain't no justice, eh, Sgt? The Ordnance was deserted over the week end, with school, convoys, passes, and the detachment to Apalachicola leaving. T/5 and Mrs. Davis reported a fine time in but his jeep was rather lonely. If anyone hears a humorous remark, give it to your reporter. What's funnyto one is. fuuny to another. This week Cpl. Pondo "when will the war end?" Anyon e who can answer these questions,?? just tear off the top or his 1st Sgt. and mail with the answers. First prize will be a free meal at #.2 Mess Hall. -s/sgt. Kenneth L. Witham 5 A.A.F BAND i Moye goes forth this week-end to win the Invitation Golf Tournament, here's wishing you luck Si and bring back that trophy for Tyndall Field. There's a lot of competition in the Band right now due to the baseball games between the Pfe's and the Non-Coms. Yes terday was the opening game, and don't look now folks, but the Pte's won by one run. but let's wait, folka, till the end ofthe series and see what the reaulta will be. Last w.ek-end we participated in the Graduation Exei:"cises, but let s hope in the future that these programs will be thoroughly ironed out, and very carefully prepared before broadcasting time. The Dance Orcheatr& worked hard tor ten days on various numbers and only 16 ot Air Corps song were used. (News FlashlS/Sgt. Stoner just 'phoned us the news that Cpls. Rubin \ and Mosur were promoted to Sergeant, and that Pfc's Barnes and Morton made Corporal). -Cpl. Wm. J. Higbee P '"FINANCE FANFARE" vt. Harold had an interesting hobby in civilian life. He was a member of his local draft board up in Minneapolis. Ten new recruits have come to learn the intricacies of dishing out the shekels. and simoleonsfive from Colorado Springs and five from St. Louis. The other mountaineers are easy to spot. All had one leg shorter than the other from continuous walking on uneven ground. The five St. Lewisites were all glued to the radio this Sunday, except Pvt. Eddie Scalett who slept all through the game. Eddie is a St. Louis Brawn fan. Our probably has the best day room of any Finance Detachment of its size in the United States, thanks to the: good officers of our c.o. and his wife, Lt. and Mrs. Emory M. Shofner. -Pre. Felu Leon 0 "GREENIES" ur boys have welcomed the furloughs with a two gun salute.. Cpl. 1!. J. Mul cbay is finally on his way to home sweet hamei after waiting much too lon,;(eo he sayes), Two things that really pepped up the this past were the large list or ra ti.ngs and the Gunnery Wings for the boys who are instructors in the school. Both should go over big with the gals. Every so otten w.e a.re going to reserve a little space in this column for some ot. the great lovers in our Squadron. Th1$ week we are wondering whether S,gt. Gegyo has given up the girls. in Morgantown, w. Va. and Washington, D.C. for one ot our pretty local belles. We welcome the ten new sergeants who have just been graduated &om the Gunnery School, and will become instructors here. We are glad to have Pvt. Kamarchuk, Pvt. Kochut and .Cpl. Turner with us again aft.er a brief stay in the hospital. Buy your share of War Bonds today 11 -Pvt. Maurice


"SIGNALlERS" -are in order for Sgt. Foster, who recently made Staff, and Cpl. Sansberry who was promoted tQ _Sgt. These men are two of the.old standbys of the "856TH"; They have been here as long as the outfit, and certainly deserve the raise in stripes. We have ti ve new men who were transferred here from Maxwell Field. Master Sergeant Blackmon, Cpl. Morse, Pvt. Drake Pvt. Simma, and Pvt. Cannon. We welcome you to Tyndall Field, and hope you enjoy your stay here. Sgt. Blackmon is taking over the responsibilities of wire chief at Tyndall, and certainly will be kept plenty busy. The linem$n have had another unhappy week_due to the carelessness of men digging around the post. They have an unprintable phrase to express their opinion of those who carelessly cut the Submarine Cable, and put phones out of order. Tho it is unprintable, it is very apropos. After all, the boys do have to stay out all night, as does Capt. Thorpe, to repair damage done as a result of carelessness, and they think pretty strongly about the situation. -Cpl. William M. Hines R "THE OLD TIMERS" tings came out in a deluge Monday, but you can still call me Pvt. "The Mad Russian" is giving bunk making lessons, hours, 2 to 6 in the morning. Sgt. "Big Feeling" Davis is walking with a chip on his shoulder lately, he admits he used to box oranges back home. Corporal, "Call Me Astaire", Bogar was seen at the u.s.a. cutting a rug. Some one told me to ask Corporal Dugan when he was coming in for another landing? Staff Sergeant Desjardins recited this poem to us, author unknown. He kissed her on her Ruby lips, T'was just a harmless frolic, But tho he only kissed her once, He died, of Painters Colic. -Pvt. Ed Strong "THE GUARDIANS" heartiest congratulations to Lt. Le Force for having aquired that extra silver bar for his captaincy. Well, we lost some of our boys. Some for detached service and some bound for the hills of Tennessee. We'll miss all of them and wish them the best of luck. One of the "Gun Shop" boys is singing the very popular song nowadays, "She Wore a Pair of Riding Pants". Cpl. Bob Hyde claim& to be a crooner, he used to sing with a hillbilly band back hcrme. Over here we call him, "the yee-o Laydeeeeeeee Kid". Pfc. Diaz has written a song"and wants some member of the A.A.F. Band to write the melody. The prevalent question around barrack #305, is Summa Lee?" Amplo has reduced at least 40 pounds since his induction. Stranger than fiction The M.P.'s in Tampa went to Cpl. J. Leto's house and told his folks that their son was A.w.o.L. and that they were looking for him. The M.P.'s faces turned scarlet when they wel"'e told that, "Tyndall Field, Leto" was in camp and that another Leto with the same first name lived a block away.---"Tyndall Leto" claims that he is no relation of "A. W.O.L. Leto". Buy Bonds to smash Bunda. -Gpl. Sam Marotta A "BROWNIES" t long last the promotion list finally was posted. The list is so long that it will be impossible to list each and every name. Congratulations to the lucky gang may they wear their stripes with pride. Good luck to Pfc. Johnson who has taken over the mail orderly job from yours truly Here's hoping that the well known M.O.'s of, "Have I Got Any Mail?" will not eventually send him to section eight. Having had the job myself, I know well what is in store for him. Who in the Squadron is becoming known all over Panama City as "New Joisey?" He also plays a mean pair of spoons. A 11 ttle late but nevertheless appreciated by all of us was the swell job Pvt. Ackerman did on covering our pool table. Let's see if we can t keep it in good shape. After all you paid for it. We welcome back from Ih s. at Chanute Field, s/sgt. Hash and Sgt. D.L. Smith. Quite a change in the place since you left1 Eh, guys? What ever.did happen to that coke machine idea for the day room? We understand that the way to get a ping pong table is to ask the Recreation Hall for one. -Cpl; J. J. Freeman


GENERAL (5 points each) 1. Ambergris is highly valued in the manufacture Qf' perfume, paper, or ink? 2. Is an Amulet supposed to bring a good or bad luck? 3. What is the only solo instrument capable of' simulating the effect of a full orchestra? 4. Wha t part of the egg is the al bumen? GEOGRAPHY (5 points each) 1. What is the capital of Finland? 2. What is the second largest state in the United States? 3. Where is Baffin Bay? 4. Where are the Finger Lakes? YARDBIRD'S BUCK PRIVATE'S NON-cOM'S OFFICER'S 0 30 30 60 60 90 9 0 99 SPORTSc (5 points each) 1. With what sport do you associate Tony Lazz.eri? 2. Who is the Flight football coach of the Iowa team? 3. What sport of Kings"? is called "The Sport 4. By what other name "Barnyard Golf known? ARMYc (5 points each) is the game 1. is the first thing a soldier should do at the command of gas? 2. Haw tight should the headharness of a gas mask be kept? 3. Who is responsible for locating defects in the gas mask? YOUR VOCABULARY (4 points each) 1. Albatross is a 2. Agate is a 3. Anthracite is a a. flower. a. semi-precious stone. a. small diamond. b. long robe. b. medicinal herb. b. he.rd coal. c. large sea-bird. c. copper wire. o. soft coal. 4. Adder is a 5. Alder is a 6. Avocado is a ae scale. a. tree. a. scarf. b. cow's gland. b. politician. b. fruit. c poisonous snake. c. lamp shade. c. metal. Across Dawn J.7"Somebody must c. --------. 'I'OVe"1ifzii I 2. What one often 2. Henry H. does but never practices it. 3. Kingdom 9. Somebod)' is al-4. All boats do it. ways hitting it 5. Symbol for hyd-on the head. roohlorio acid. 10, Corps .Area (abbr.) 6. Purloughsl 11. Lounge casua!ly 7. Things sometimes 12. Brew spigot grow in this m.an-13. Shade tree ner with "bot.mds" 14. A "Lilly" wh o 10. No can do needs no gilding ll. Chief of Staff to 15. 1942 the Chief Executive 16. Manually and oral12. Body ly spun 14. The tree thst sways 17 Purchased by the in "Begin the Gov't from Sears Beguine". Roebuck Co. tor 16 "---tho I walk in $1.00 per year the valley of the 18, This admiral shadow of death.." ships didn't. do so 17, New Mexico (abbr.) well at Midway. 18. Negative.


No matter now many times you've heard the phrase"quiet and unassurnint;" are the only words we can use to describe CORPORAL GEORGE NEITZERT. The Corporal is a native o f Syracuse. Uissouri. and here at Tyndall Field. he is an expert laboratory technician with the Post Pho tographic Depa rtrr.ent. Geor&e's skill is by no means limited to the field of photography, however. for he is quite a student of nn.tsic and is a most able performer with the flute. lie has bean playing the flute for the past ten years, having studied that instrument for six years at the Juilliard School of Musi c in New York, with Georges Barrera. As a flute player, George has made two Victor Red Seal Hecordings and has appeared with such notable musicians as Albert Spaulding and Alexander Siloti. When asked how come he decided to take up flute playing, George replied that he did it because his brother dared him to. Tha t was over ten years ago, and his brother hasn't written to him yetl PHOTO STAFF NON-COMS GIVE NOVEL PARTY Without a doubt. one of the most unusual parties ever given will take place tonite at a local tavern when the seven newly promoted Non-Coms of the Post Photo Staff play host to the remaining seven ''yardbird" members of the staff. Lt. Joseph Dic kerman will be the guest o f honor at the affair, the expense of which will be borne by: S/Sgti. Wm. Castle. John Meissner and John Mitchell; Sgts. John Bauer and c. Campbell; and Cpls. Si Upchurch and Ge?rge Neitzert. MACY'S, ARMY AND NAVY. AID G. I'S. WITH THEIR CSRISTMAS PROBLEMS As Christmas dravs near, there are two major questions which are going to stump you fellows. The first is, what and how, am I coing to send my folks and friends as presents? The second is,what can I suggest that they s e nd me? These two questions are not the easiest in the world t c answer, but we believe the following wi 11 be very helpful, The world's largest store, in New York, seems to have solved our first problem This store has set up, for the convience of our Armed Forces, a Gift Center, which is headed by Eetty l iason. All you have to do is write to her' at Yacy Is, Herald square' new York. TP-11 her to whor.1 you wish to send a present. If you like, cive her a suggestion .cs to what y ou wish to send. Tell her how much you want to spend and enclose a check or money order for that amount. She 111 select a g ift, have it wre .pped, if you so desire, and ship it in due time for arrival by Christmas. She will also enclcse a card. What's more, Hiss Mason, will drop you a note and tell you what she has selected,so t hat when your Girl'' writes to thank you for "the.t 'perfectly beautiful bag you sent'1--you won 1t b e too surprised. As to the second question "V{hat can they send me?"-Folks on the "outside" e .re not aware of the close quarters and space we have to keep our cloth and sundry items. To give them an idea of what we could use, the Army and Navy hn.ve approved a list of gift suggestions for the men in the service. You will notice non e of the items are of a large and bulky nature. Why not. cut it out so when the folks do ask what you want, you will have a Cigarettes Cigarette Li ghter Pipe Tobacco Pocket Bible c;ood Pen & Pencil Stationery Wrjtine; Ki t Regulation Socks Handkerchiefs Flashlight Playing Cards Leather Wallet Shoe Brush & Polish Nail File & Scissor Travel Kit Razor .!3lades Shaving Cream Shaving Lotion Dentifrice Toothbrush Hair Tonic Foot Products Metal Mirror Clothes Brush Portable Radio Pocket Knife Candy & Gum Sewin g Kit Wrist Watch


A NOTES ON A f)I\OA DCASTIt seemed to us that the spirit of t he graduating gunners was more like that of a college football team that was preparing to tackle it's most hated tradition al rivals, than that o f a group of m en in a military organization. We don't make this observation in the respect that "spirit" and "teamwork" are missing in but usually the "spirit" among men in an A.rmy is more of a silent and grim determination, rather than bouy ant and expressive. Perhaps the boys in '42-40 felt this way because they knew that this might be their last celebration for some time to come a nd they were going to do the thing right. Anyone who worked with these boys b eu fore the broadcast will tell you that their enthusiasm was contagious. .Their instructors, their officers, in fact, everyone o n the Fisld, can feel well F proud that they had a han d in graduating these men. As the day of the broadcast drew near, we wondered how many ofthe listeners .vould ever give a though t to the effort that was put into the forty minutes of actual broadcast time. To us, one of the Moat remarkable things about the entire : program was the complete cooperation of every man who was aske d to help in the planning and preparations. We arrived at UoS.Oe on Sunday at P.M. and f ound Tollllm,Y Oliver and S gt. Saul Samiof putting up t h a final decora tions in the auditorium, The u.s.o. Di rector was working in his shirt sleevesD which was typical ot the he tackle s anything he undertakes. If ever an occasion warranted the act ual naming on names, this is it. Wit h out any attempt to list t he names in pecial order--we haven't forgotten llajor Wilson and Lt. Price and tlw1r ata.f f at Student Operatio ns worked over in order to enable the gunner& tc their course s by Saturday nite .Aild hmr Lt. Col. Jenkins and his stat( one. they received the final grades, tell ; to prepared the diplomas for Sundq mow the drafting department of the D. J ot T. worked feverishly on last:.miiate notice to get the art w o r k for the pro grams over to the reproduction dept r .And how Lt. Dickerman' s men came thru f with swell jobs on the imritations, pro grams post cards, despite the fact that they were in the midst of printing threeother orders for the smoothness with which Cpls. Paquin and Barton carried off thei r announ cing chorea, and the three we:Ua .of wtiting and re-writing of by this radio The way P.R.Q staff (Cpls. Mel son, Pratt, Pfc. Franza and Pvt. Pooser ) handled their of the publicity and arrangements under the experienced guid ance or Captain MoClellen .And far forgotten is the work o f Cpl Oth o Cronk, who can always be d ep nded upo n t o his public address ead y for occasionand walk even when, after hours labor, he is notified that his loud Qp&akera will not be necessary! Ask someone to tell you the be hind the arrival or "Silver Lul lie Jeanne Price. S he left N.Y, Satur-day nite and arrived here i n t ime for the broadcast only through t he cooperation of t h e Air P headed locally by C..ptain D odge. Get CAP Pilot Lt. to one side some evening, and ask him why his plane made a brief land ing at Dothan, Alabama There was humor, too 4for there was that discussion on t he platform between broadcasts a s to whether or not the diplomas should be handed out e.t that moment--will we ev e r how Colonel .Maxwell and Lt. Cole J@nkin p iently and gracioualy,refrtined Wpulling their rank" on Captain :McClo:J..Jl.an wen the latter was i n f avo r or diplomas wnaw&"? And then there was this who spent the entire pPogram correctly plac ing a certain "mike" in the most strategic spots, only to discover at the end pf the program that the "mike" was never I ponnectedJ Lt. and Mrs. loran Price ud CAP Pilot Lt. Vance and hi 1 plane. :


Yardbird Great Day, the ole Yardbird is sho bin partook uv this weak. These folkes has bin havin me fall in an fall ot, an dressin rite, an studyin Radyo an Groun Foces {Jest haw cum a man in the air corps haster lern infintry tacktics beets me)anall kinds uv mathimatiks, an by the time I gits thru with all that it is daylite an i is all reddy fur a days wurk. The othur day the lootenant whut teeches milytary curtesys axed m e iff'n i knowed ennything aboot it an i sayed sho Gud Buddie-I didnt make such a g ud that day. Whin a man gits off uv t h e beam the Sgt. dont give him no reamin-he gives him a awful reamin an makes h im walk r ound the komunity fur a spell fur eech miss deemeenor. Ma Gud Buddie s nose that nacherly I is outtin in the biggist part uv ma nites paradin round Nort h Alybama with a 15 poun rifle lookin prowd an sofisticatid. Whin a man in a mity ecksaggeratid posishun uv attenshun kin ease round ovur the sceenery fur three o r fo hou r s an still look prowd an sofisticatid he sho is a two-faced chickin an aint ter be trustid-but iff'n he dont he will be out there till he does preesent a pleasin impreshun on the locul athorities. Thin rna red haided fus.t Sgt. (Re d h aided is t he only P .rintabul deeskripshun i kin give uv him) looks at me kinda sympa thetik, sarkastic like an says, I wantid wingsl It is sho irritatin. Sad aint i t ? Incidintally, it is bin. 4 1 daze sin c e i'se had a glass uv brew or a snifter uv drinkin likker. I sho i s p atriotik ain t I? Lik e stuffl I is bin restriktedfUr the past six weaks. I s h o wish ma G u d Buddies wud take a drink an say a littel prayer fur me okashunly I needs thim both kwite oftin. I reckin i'd better be agoin----------The Yardbird (No. 1) TYNDALL TOMMY. ...... AND SO TOMMY E. HIS PALS 00 ON A VISIT 10 THE 1\.ANC::rES---WHO'S THI\OWIN' THEM THAR DISHES OUTA THAT LITTLE HOUSE7 AND THAT FELLER. HADN'T OU6Hl TA Be A BREAt<..ltf 'EM lll<.t 'AT. THOSE LITTLE DISHE-S AR.E BIRDS AND THEY'RE THI\OWN OUT BY A SPRING-. HE'S SUPPOSED TO SHOOT THEM. LEDBETTER I


WEEKLY BOXING FANS AGAIN TREATED 1"0 GOOD BOXING EXHIBITION BY LEESON TWINS Thursday nights five-match boxing card proved to b e very popular with t he several hundred fans as "they were treated to an exhibition of all kinds o f fisticuffs. Again, ns in last week's show, the Lees on twins, Emery and Ernest, put on a bang-up fight which caught the fancy o f the crowd. These two boys gave everything they had and the draw decision met with popular approval. In another very exciting bout,"The Fighting Greek", weighing 145 pounds, Jeered a T.K.O. over Pvt. Shelnut in the first round. The "Greek", quite a bit shorter then his o ppo n ent, used his speed to great-advantage a nd sc ored telling blows. Pvt. Shelnut put up a game fight, but just cou ldn't fivure his man out. The refe ree, Staff Sergeant Crawford Mosel y stop p e d the fight as the first r o u nd ended. In a return match, S g t Sam Oakley reversed last week's deci s i on over Pvt. Earl Fiebelkon. This was a good s l ug fest and the outcome was in d o ubt u n til the final bell. Other results werea A. Douwe s dekke r of Holland, weighing 130 pou nds, foug h t a draw with Pvt. Coppa of Brooklyn, N.Y., who tipped the s c ales at 13 5 lbs. The A. & R. Office a nn ounce that all men interested in participating in next week's bouts should contac t S/Set. Mosely at 2258. ANSWERS TO LAST WEEK'S "X" WORD PUZZLE SPORT SLA.NT.S FROM Ol'HER CAMPS (Camp Newspaper Se r vice) The members of Col. Bob Neyland's crack Eastern Army All-Stars received ten day furloughs before returning to duty at 45 widely scatte-red Army Posts. The All-Stars defeated the New York Giants and the Brooklyn Dodgers before being topped 14-7 by t he world profess ional ch amps, the Chicago Bears. 'Buddy Elrod, flashy Mississippi State end and All-American for 1940, is now tackling at Gunter Field, Ala. But it's a different kind of 'tackling' for Elrod, now an Aviation Cadet, is tackling the big job of learning how to fly a Basic Trainer. The boys over at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, are comparing one of the Post's outstanding fighters, Gil Lowenstein, to Jack Dempsey. Lowenstein, a husky midd l e-weight and a tremedo u s puncher, has been hammerinc out some of the most 'devestatinc two-fisted attacks seen o n the islands. "Ma n Mountain" Dean, f ormer terror of t he professional wrestling game is now n sergeant in the Army. The M ountain, whose real name is Frank Leavitt, has lost 50 pound s since his enlistment. His wrestling days are over until the end of.the war, when he hopesto go back to the sport that made him famous. W ord has been received t ha t both Joe Louis and Pvt. Billy Conn are back in training---for the War. ANSWERS TO ? ? ? ? GENERAL: Hanufacture of perfune; Good luck; The organ; The white. SPORTS: Baseball; Bernie Beirman; Racing; Horseshoes. GEORGRAPHY: Helsinki; California; Betwe en Greenland and Northern Canada; New York State. ARMY: Stop breathing; Snug; Without binding; You are. YOUR VOCABULARY: Large sea-bird; Semi precious stone; Hard coal; Poisonous s nake; Tree; Fruit.


' LET'S SEE NOWJ U S T HOW LONG SGT. TEAKLE HAV E Y O U BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FI,JRLOUGH?' A vo un g l a d y was sight-see i n g on a b us in Detro i t.-The driver pointed o u t that "On the right, we have t he Dodg e h o me." "Joh n Dod g e ? asked t h e y o ung lady. "No, Hor ce D odge," replied the bus driver, "And over here we ha ve the Ford home. "Henry F ord?" "No, Eds e l Ford. Then on t he l eft is Christ Church." There was a silence. "Go ahead lady," saij the man sitting behind her. "You can't b e wron g this time." We hear t hata t the l ast ele c t i on a drunk h o l d i n g up one of the po les glanced up ru:Jd saw a man stan ding near, watching im. Not forgetti g his man ners t h e drunk asked' "Wha t yo u run ning for. Mister?" The man, w ho by chance was e mini ster, replieds son, I'm runnin g for the K ingdom of Hea v en" The d runk had an an swer to that one. "By golly. y ou sho ought to get t h e re. I don't know a s oul run ning aga i nst _you1." Little Audrey, mad as hell, Pushed her sister in a well. Said her m o t h er, d rf'. wing water. Gee it's hard to raise a daughter. Heard i n an air raid shelter: "Is there a macint osh in here that's large enough t o keep two young ladies warm?" "No, but there's a M acPh e r son who's willing t o try, was the reply from a d ark corner. Mike a some o f burglar Jake a Mike a thought "Just think 1 I was out with t he fellows last night, and a broke into our house." "Did h e get anything?" "I' 11 say h e did-----my wife it was m e c oming home." Girl s who dress wi t h low V-necks L eave no d oub t as to their seeks. "Do you sol d iers was t e muc h time?" -oh, no---mos t girls are reasonable." ''I T COMES I N HAND Y BECAUSE T HE MAJOR NEEDS All H I S E NERGY IN D RIVING''


LOCAL THEATRE MANAGER AIDS POST THEATRE WHEN SCHEDULED FILM FAILS TO ARRIVE Many thanks to that showman Bill Davis, manager of the Ritz and Panama theatres, who, all owing that "the show must g o on", loaned the Post Theatre a feature print when "Ball of Fire" missed our delivery last week Those disappointed that Tuesday night may be able to see "Ball of Fire" in a later booking This week still brings the tops in stars ap.d pictures from roll 'em in the aisles to killer--diller spookeroo Anna Neagle will be dropping in to see you when her new picture "Wings and the Yfoman" appears at the Post Theatre Saturday only Oct. 10 Clark Gabl e and Lana Turner play opposite rolls in "Somewhere Find You", Sunday & Monday, Oct. 11-12 Winsone Kay Francis with Diana Barry more and Robert Cummings star i n "Be tween Us Girls" on Wednesday and Thurs day, Oct. 14-15. SATURDAY, October 10 and the Woman" Anne Neagle Robert N ewton 3UNDAY, MONDAY, O ctober 11-12 "Som ewhere I'll Find You" Clark Gable Lana Turner "PX" BOOKS BECOME A THING OF THE PAST AS ARMY GOES ON STRICTLY CASH BASIS Starting November 1st all military personnel, officers as well as enlisted men will be on a basis at all Army stations throughout the continental United States. Since August 1st the Army has been experimenting with this plan at Fort Bragg, N.C. and finally concluded that the cash basis plan would be easier for everyone concerned. Squadron and Company collection sheets which have been a headache to Commanding Officers and their Squadron clerks will be cut to a m inimum. Outside the continental limits of the United States the decision of extending credit will be up to the Comm anding Officers. In addition to the military advantages derived from this plan, it is designed to. further the President's plan for reduction of credit buying. TUESDAY, October 13 "Navy Blues" Ann Sheridan ,Jack 0 kie VffiDNESDAY, THURSDAY, 14-1 5 "Between Us Girlsn Diana Barrymore Robert Cummings FRIDAY, October 16 "I Live On Danger" Chester Morris Roger Pryor SUNDAY, MONDAY, O ctober ll-12 "Iceland" Sonja John Payne TUESDAY, WED!ffiSDAY, October 13-14 "Pr1ori ties o n Parade" Ann Miller Jerry Col onna THURSDAY, FRIDAY, October 15-16 "Give Out Sisters" Andrew Sisters Richard Davies SATURDAY, October 17 "Apache Trail" Lloyd Nolan Donna Reed LATE SHOW SATURDAY NIGHT "Eagle Squadron" Diana Barrymore Robert Stack SUNDAY, l.IDNDAY, October 11-12 000 Horsemen" with The Fighting Anza c s Grant Taylor Pat Twohill and Betty Bryant -The breath tak ing beau t y from Australia. TUESDAY, October 1 3 Kids Last Ride" The Range B usters WED!ffiSDAY, THURSDAY, Octobe r 14-15 Tombstone" Richard Dix Frances Gifford FRIDAY, SATURDAY, October 16-17 "Riders of Badlands" Charles Starrett Russell Haydo n ,,


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