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Tyndall target
Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall Field, Fla
Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
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United States -- Florida -- Tyndall Field

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Tyndall Air Force Base (Fla.)
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Tyndall target.
n Vol. 1, no. 38 (October 17, 1942).
Tyndall Field, Fla. :
b Public Relations Office, Air Corps Gunnery School
October 17, 1942
Newspapers -- Florida
United States
d Tyndall Field.
t Tyndall target.
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r Vol, 1 Bo. 38 Foroeo Gunnery School tYQdall Field, Oct. 17, -f NEW A.M. SCHOOL OPENS HERE .c __..... The instructors of Tyndall's new A.M. School watch closely as Lts. semanek and Raymond demonstrate a phase of the school's work. (Lett to Right) S/Sgt. J. A Parks, M/Sgt. Walter E. Peterson, Senior InstructorJ Pvt. L.B. Worley; Sgt. W.H. East; s/sgt. J. H. Hunt, Supply Sergeant; S/Sgt. W. M. Keith; Pre. J.B. Gaylo, Clerk; and Pfc. B.E. Cox. Lts. Semanek and Raympnd are seated in the foreground. (s/sgt. c.o. Kemp was not present for the photo). GUNNER 1 S VC11f MAY HAVE HAD TWO AUTHORS The famed Gunner's Vow which originated at Tyndall Field las t winter, may have had two authors. Recently published in several leading newspapers the ttvaw" was signed "Aut hor Unknown". However, word has reached us that two men are claiming to be the authors. Pfc. Bernard Backer, of t h e Department of Training, and Cpl. George Harding, ot the RCAF and former gunnery student here, are the claimants. Neither man was available for further information. With Air Forces desperately in need of mechanics, Tyndall Field has taken the mechanic-shortage situati9n by the horns and has opened its own A.M. School. The primary purpose of this school is to develop profici ency in 1st echelon maintenance. The school is open to all enlisted men who have not previously attended an Armf Air Force training school. Each school squadron will furnish ten students per week for the six-week course. New classes will begin each Monday. The course of instruction will cover six groups of relative subjects, at the rate of one group-subject per week. Classes will be held five hours per day for six days per week. Instruction will includea Familiarization of planes, engines, parts, tools and structures; Technical orders, forms, inspectionsa Engines, lers, instruments; Fuel and oil systems, fuels, lubricants, fire exting uishers; HYdraulic system, hydraulic fluids, trouble shooting ; magnetos, distributors, generators starters, spark plugs and wiring. The will be under the super of Lt. Joseph Semanek, who, with Lt. Aubrey Raymond, has been working on plans for the school for the past ffiW weeks. Lt. Raymond was transferred to Ft. Myers several days ago. The all of whom are enlisted men and graduates or an A M. School, will be in oharge of Walter E. Peterson. The school is located in the student operations building on the "line" A grade of eighty or better must be obtained for a passing mark in each subject in order to receive a diploma.


REMEMBER ME? I'M JOE DOAKESl When someone asks me what finally wins the war, I tell him it's MORALE. 'Nhen someone asks me what's l!ORALE, I tell him it's the spirit that makes us confident we'll lick the Nazis and the Japs, but makes us realize we'll have to work like blazes to do it. When someone asks me when the war will end, I tell him I'm just as interested in how it will end. There'll be no peace on earth until we have good will among men:-ind there'll be no good will among men so long as the Nazi and Jap dictators roam the plains. When someone tells me that Germany is crumbling, I tell him to get the salt shaker and take a grain or so. I wouldn't be surprised if the Nazi press agents were spreading those reports so as to make us slow up and over-confident. I notice Joe Louis never underrates the other fellow. When I hear Hitler rant about Nazi purity---! think of the boys in our Army and Navy and the places their folks came from---England, Ireland, France, Italy, Poland, czecho-Slovakia, Swaden---Protestants, Catholics, and Jews. That's America, and it's pure enough for me. When a working man asks me what we are fighting for, I ask about his job and tell him "That's one thing we are fighting for." Under the Nazi system there are no labor unions, and few jobs other then those of creating hate and killing people. When someone keeps criticizing the way things are going, I tell him I never saw a ball r,ame won by the noisy fellow in the bleachers who's yelling at the umpire and razzing the players. Games are won by the men in the field and the captains and coaches who stand back of them, Let's pull together and have team work-----that's MORALE. "There's nothing in the Articles of War which says that a guy who is a buck private can't be a first class soldier" -SfiNDAY 8:00A.M. --Mass ... Chaplain Finnerty 9:00 A. M. --Protestant Sunday School 10:00 A.M. --Morning Worship .... Chaplain Wester 11:15 A.M. --Mass ... Chaplain Finnerty SUNDAY EVENING 8:00P.M. --Evening Worship ... Chaplain Wester TUESDAY 7:00 P.M ............. Fellowship Club 6:30 P.M ........... Instruction Class WEDNESDAY 6:30 P.M ........... October Devotions 7:30P.M ............ Bible Study Hour 6:30 P.M ........... Instruction Class FIUUAY 6:30 P.M ............ Jewish Services I


THE SECRETARY OF WAR WASHIN GTON October 12, 1942 M y de a r Colonel Maxwell: It was most gratifyin g to me to see the excellent work which you and your sta f f a r e doing in the teaching of aerial gunnery at Tynd all Field. I the importance of this work cannot be over-emp h a sized. Certainly, the fiJ;J.est equipment and the fin e s t flying personnel in the world are of no avail i f t r aining in aerio.l gunnery is l acking. All concerned mus t b e taught that a bomber can never complete its missio n without fast and accurate work on the part of the gunn ers in the ship and in the accompanying fighters. The inte rest a nd enthusiasm shown by all trainees is a tribute to your sound methods of instruction. Please c onvey to all ranks my of the fine wor k they are doing. Colon e l Warren S Maxwell, Tyndall Field, Panama City, Florida. Very sincerely yours,


SILVER STAR i little star or silver Gleams on my coat lapel, So mutely in it's beauty A story it does tell. Somewhere, in wood or desert Somewhere, beside the seaA boy moves on to conflict To fight for Liberty. Somewhere, in sun or darkness Somewhere in wind or rain, He does his soldier's dutyNo reason to complain. His homeland hills and valleys, Which once his footsteps knew, Are brown with autumn garments-Are wet with autumn dew. The home fires wi 11 be burning When winter chills the earth. Somewherehis thoughts are turning To the land that gave him birthAnd somewhere, all unknowing To those who only wait--While war its toll is taking somewhere he smiles at fate. by Miss Maggie SWetmon ( The above lines were composed ea pecially for Cpl. Howard :McDonald) JOHNNY DOUGHBOY, YOU'RE A CAPTAIN% Johnrly" Doughboy, you're a captainLYoure commdssioned, never fear. You've no bars upon your shoulder, But I wear them for you here. They are round my heart forever-And I'll wear them for you ever. So, -go fight, and make me proud To wear them for you, Oh, dear& You may fight in far off England, Or the isles of southern seas, Or you may in ice-bound vastness Strike a blow for But no matter where you go, boy, Please emember you're my doughb oy, And I'll love you, love you always, You're my Cap-tain, can't you see? Johnny boy, it's true you're a Captain Of a heart in the U.S.A.--And with debonairish swagger, Yo,l1ll chase away! Tuo, your cheerful song and laughter Will resound forever after You have made this whole Wide world For all men free& But, Johnny Boy, you are MY Captain, And you and I wi 11 see tlle chaplain On the day that you come back-Come back to meL by Frances Sanders (Sub-Depot Supply) To the left is pictured Tynaalls famed Bridge"-' in the midst of being wished upon. Miss Roberta Gammon, S Tyndallette, and Sergeant Robert Hearn of the "69ers" prepare to a wish as the Sergeant aims his coin through the slit in the coin box. Immodiatel,after this was snapped, a bell rang, a belle wished, and a boy had contributed to the A.E.R.I


Ther e was a "hot t ime in the recruit detachment last week, the occasion being one of Lt. Casper Harris' infrequent ap pearances on the rostrum. During the discourse, some "Peter Piper", thinking no doubt, to add a little pep to the lecture, threw a handful of pepper into a nearby electric fan. Lt. Harris, upon asking "who dunni t?", was answered by a volley of "ka-choos", nothing else. So, the whole recruit detachment was res tricted to their area. The next day, se veral guilty-conscience-stricken-pepperuppers stepped forward to take the blame, but were disqualified. The last time we heard anything about it, the recruits were still restricted and their status was still "quo" Discordant note in the beautiful legend ofthe "Wishing Bridge" One Tyndallette reports that she dropped a dollar and seven cents {$1.07) in the "gol' darned thing" and nothing has hap pened yetl-and she rang the bell every time Lt. Eleftharios {Take Me Back To Tallahassee) Vangos was slightly elec trified theother afternoon. He was str uck by a "small piece" of lightning while taking a shower just as he hit a high note. "I was never so shocked in my life", said lt. Vangos Classification and Statistics showed their versatility on Friday, when "furniture movers" Lts. Tannen and Mckinsey supervised the mov ing of Personnel from Post Hqtrs (All this was accomplished while the :'Presi dent" of the firm, Captain Burkhart, was away. Won't he be surprised?) one of the most fearless men at Tyndall Field is undoubtedly Lt. Broome, new assistant Mess Officer. He made the rounds at Mess Hall #1 the other evening and asked the men what they thought of their food. He received a vote of confidence For "in-between-the-line-readers" of this Column, we wish to declare that all in nuendos herein-oontained are labeled as such, andmarked "Poison". We don't have a conscience, but we reg.r.,;, the recent In keeping with the acute tire and gasoline situa tion, Captain of Sub-Depot and two other Tyndall with six-pas senger oars are seeking three more offi cers with ears of the same capacity so that each man will use his car once every six days. Those interested call# 2222. Our salute this week goes to First Ser geant Marshall D. Hoskins of the The Sergeant leaves here on Thursday for OCS at Ft. Oglethorpe, leaving behind a host of friends and a swell record as a soldier Many a moth ball fell when the boys of Personnel donned fatigues to aid in the Great Change. Several people who we thought were on furlough or o.s. came to life during the moving. They were dusted off and now are as good as new Sgt. Sissom seems to be closer than ever to that "shack" he has been dreaming of. Cpl. John Colleran had quite a time with his "brood" the other nite-they were scheduled for blood-typing and they didn't want to "dood itl" Live-wire among the enlisted men this week was S/Sgt. Duda of the "Red Birds,'. Faulty insulation on his radio and attachment of the groun d wire to his b e d gave many a would-be-lounger quite a shock we hear from one of the mobile recruiting units that Sgt. Saul Samiof is doing excellent job as a "barker"-but we woul d much rather that he were back here typing out this columnt Tyndallette Kitty Sa far says that you don't have to go to Holland to get in Dutcht In case you missed the first few seconds of the broadcast the other night-Fred Waring's salute WAS to Tyn-DABL Field& The com motion over at the-n-ew Personnel Bldg. the other day was caused by Sgt. Uangum who became an "ACE" when he killed five flies with one swatl The only reason we 1 re not carrying any news from the "line" this week is because our reporters from that section are striking for high er wages The poem "Silver Star" writ:. ten by Cpl. McDonald's one and only is one of the better bits of verse that we have had the pleasure of reading Cpl. Milroy of the "Brownies" is on furlough and does not plan to return as a bachel or Cpl. "On the ball" Pratt, who 'phon ed from Washington the other ni te to see if waa o.k. at P.R.v. !s expected back very shortly cpl. Felix Leon, the Finance's "Irvin s. Cobb", has left for the Bronx to conducta board of inquiry as to just why the Yankees lost the World Series s/Sgt. cartwright of the "Guardians" is taking ov e r where M/ Sgt. Dick Underwood left


TVNDA L e TARGET Published every Saturday by the Spe cial Service Section. AAFGS. Tyndall Fie ld, Fla. SPECIAL SERVICE OFFICER Captain W. H. Wiseman COMMANDING Col w A Maxwell EDITOR Sgt Arnold Milgaten ASSOCIATE EDITOR Sgt. Saul S amiof ASST'S TO S. S. OFFICER Corp. Sam D. Kelson Corp. William B. Pratt Pvt Neil K. Pooser COLUimi STS The Yardbird and NEWS EDITOR Corp. James Freeman REPRODUCTION STAFF 11/Sgt. Woodraw w. Busby Corp. Francia Churchill Sgt. John Webster The Taler PHOTOGRAPHIC OFFICER Lt. Joseph A. D ickerman Corp. Roger Keough Pfc. Price Terr;y ART lrORr sjsgt. Ora l L e db e-tter PYt. Kar shall Goodmim PHOTOGRAPHIC STAFF S/Sgt. William Castle Pvt. Everett Tackett Corp. Silas G. Upchurch TYNDALL TOPICS Since the general policy of this pa p e r has never been expressed in print, it seems that in view ot some recent c ommenta, thia iB aa good a time a s to do ao. The Commanding Otfi ce r ot this Post has let i t be known that the "TARGET" i8 print e d p r imarily for the b enefit of t he enlist ed man o n the Field. He requests that all itam8 go ing into the pape r be jud ged on the following basis "Be sure that i t io of interest t o the ajori ty of t h e m enJ Don t violate military principleJ D o not use the column s tor airing p e r sonal grievances-howeTer, legitiaate "gripes" should be welcomed" We believe that the "TARGET" h&a kept within those bounds. From the Bombardier Base at Gowen Field, Idaho, we hear that one ot the tirat men there to strut around w1 t h a pair ot the new Gunner' a Wings was Sgt. Asbornaen who reoei ved his gun nery training at Tyndall Field, of course& The Field's Classification Section received a call for a steeplejack last week, and without batting an eyelash, produced onel It was but a matter ot seconds before they came up with Pvt. Eddie Bowser. of the "69ers". He was ne eded to repair t he cablea atop t he fiag pole in front of Post Headquar t e rs. Pvt. Bowser, who in civilian lite was a steeplejack in Kensington, Pa., was not phased by his deed, but, or Classification, it was the height o mething or other& e boarded a late bus into town the he r night and planned to catch a hort nap during t he ride. However, e were pleasantly interrupted trom the sno o ze by an intereating conversation that was going onin the seat behind u s Fram the conversation, we gathered that one of the speakers was a sergeant-pilot, and the other an airplane meohanio, both trom Tyndall. They were diacueaing the merits of varioua pilots on the Field. Severa l pilots were called "Indiana", : which we took t o mean pilota that were not too con servative in their flying. They fi nally a greed on three Tyndall men wham they considered to be amongs t the beat on the Field. We dont see any harm in disclosing their choice. so here goes Lt. Col. Jenkins, Lt. R .B. Wall and Sergeant Pilot Charles Wil s on. We also learned that the sergeant pilot who had been doing the talking has a p erfect record of over 5 00 hours of flying time.


f "MEDICOWS" 'or the past two months our Sgt. Major has be en called; "Buck". Now it is M/sgt. Cherney, Congratulations to one of the best on the field. If s/sgt. Gering continues to get those late passes, he had better inform the bridge tender when he plans to We thought boats passed through only dur ing the day. Our c.o., Lt. Bailey, is determined to h ave the best recreational aera on t he field. At present, two badminton courts, a volly ball court and a boxing ring are rapidly taking shape. I t is good to see some of the original members of the hospital staff return to duty, Capt. Vernocy from Randolph Field. Lt. Lebahr from Mobile and Lt. Cheshire from Maxwell Field. Pfc. Nabelek is fast becoming a statistici-an of note. He is now counting heart beats at Flight Surgeon's--a far cry f rom his duties at Unit Supply. Poor Pvts. Vik and Womer were the happy boys when the Inspector failed to appear,--they'mana g ed to rid themselves of the four supervisors o f their hall cleaning job. Spark ed by Major Brua, the officers hand ed the enlisted men a neat trimming on the soft ball diamond to the tune of 19 to 7. -Sgt. Charles s. Laubly W "ORDNOTES" e take this opportunit,y to welcome our new Commanding Officer, Lt. Hutchinson. Let's keep up our good work men, and s how the c.o. how we "dood it". News of the week were the promotions of Burnett and Ratley to Master Ser geants. Congratulations' to both of you. We were certainly glad to get a new orderly room and day room. Plenty of room now for a pool table, and Sgt. Cin dric and Pfc. Latni are building a p ing pong table. With a little furniture we will have a nice set up for games and reading in the evening. Corporal Weiss left us suddenly, by plane for another station, last Monday. Best ot luck, Irving. We'll see you in Brooklyn after the duration. Friday night observations, Pfc. Jloore was on trial although he can't recall the sentence no. wtibtll.ng w1. th an accent. Pte. Jesse floating over the floor. -8/Sgt. Kenneth Witman l T "FINANCE FANFARE" here' a bro ken heart for every dimmed out light on Broadway, says hepster Pfo. Joe Cappiello. just back from furlough. Best sigh t of the weeks Pvt. Bob Amis trying to wipe the perpetual smile oft his face during gas mask drill. Finance men request that spectators at the fights refrain from standing, as this practice makes it difficult for us to watch the b outs from our bunks. Talking about sports-we're itching to get started in that A &: R tournament. We have participants in every sport, includ ing calisthenics, carousing and cribbage, There's no beer left, would you care for somet hing else? -cpl. Felix Leon R "THB GUARDIANS" atings in this squadron were s o plentiful, that they looked like pennies from heaven. Our best wishes to t he lucky recipients, and may they acquire more as time goes on. Just now, cigars are a dime a dozen around the barracks. We welcome back to active duty Cpl. T. Hilton, who has just returned from a brief sojurn at the hospital. NEWS FLASHES1 Sgt. H. Mullins was hit ched last Saturday night The stork visi ted the homes of Cpl. Nix and Pte. M cDon ald and blessed evented them with a boy and a girl respectively. Why does Pvt. Mulla ney go to Port St. Joe every weekend? He claims it's a "cousin"??? -Cpl. Sam Marotta (Ed's notes The stork, having c ompleted his rounds in the "GUARDIANS" must be now on a well deserved furlough, for the organization's scribe, Cpl. Marotta, also became a proud father last week. Mra. Harotta, of Tampa, is doing nicely. Con gratulations from all the "TARGETEERS!"). "GREENIES" ... arewell,Pvt. Seldin, we wish y o u the best of luck at OCS. Sgt. Paquin and Cpl. Barton are out around the country side enthusiastically extolling the virtues of a. soldier's lite. Bring 'em in, boys, we need 'em, and the more the merrier. Welcome to the new arrivals, and we a gree with them that this is the best out fit on the Field Pto. Crav en has been doing a darn swell job at carpentry around the squadron Glad to see Cpl. Tiernan, Sgt. McShaffery and Cpl. Seiling back


from the hospital Too many of us want furloughs at one time, so we're all sweat in' it out. We're all behind the A & R Officer in his efforts on ow:-behalf-if only all the other squadrons would select their A & R representative, Lt. Lawson might be able to get the various competitions under The bo.ys are giving the tailors a last minute rush in preparation for o.o.s, so that we can maintain our high standard of neat, soldierly appearance. Congratulations, Sgt. Kuzan and best wishes for a happy wedded life Some of our boys have been on the "brink" for quite a while and don't seem to be able to decide (or perhaps it's the girls who can't decide).. -Pvt. Maurice Baker W "RED BIRDS" e were well represented at the boxing bouts the other Thursday night by no less personages then Frank Coppa, the Brooklyn Cat", and those scrapping Leeson twins. Keep up the good work boys, and the best of luck. Cpl. Largen, the jack of all trades, is still trying to find that leak in "Father" Keim's bicycle tire-unsuccessful, but ever faithful. We're going to miss all the boys who have been leaving us recently, but by the looks of things, the new arrivals are go ing to be just as swell a bunch. Pte. Richard Gardner came back from a three-day pass venture looking as red as a beet. You can't tell us that the sun brought on all that redness. Pvt. o. Cavallero got himself such a heaping traytul of food at the mess hall the other day, that some stranger walked up to his table and said, "Is this where I get my dinner? And the "Mad Russian", 8/Sgt. Nogulich, certainly lives up to his name whenever messing. -Pte. Del Ponte 0 "BLACKBIRDS" n Saturday, October 10, 1942, Lt.clayton C. Hill, c.o. of the "BLACKBIRDS", left Tyndall Field to:combat duty. We all knew Lt. Hi 11 as one ot the best C. o. '1 this squadron ever had. His first thought was always in the interest of his men. Speaking for the entire outfit, Lt. Hill took with him the best wi.Bhes of eveey man. May God protect him and speed his return. Replacing Lt. Hill u 0.0., 1a Lt. A.C. Miller, whose reputatio n as a fine sol dier and officer preceded him here. to Lt. Miller, good luck in your new post. The support of every soldier in the organ ization is with you in makin g it the beat on the Field. Note to Miss Garrett at school hqtra.s A certain instructor has been smitten b.r a certain young lady at school headquar ters. This writer !a not the one to be giving out any information concerning the matter, but he believes that Sgt. Steve Blankenship has rather good taste Alao, in the same department, Sgt. Chapnan is casting a very affirmative vote for Kiss Williams. A. Miss Elaine Tewol has come down from Wisconsin to make life pleasanter for Sgt. Xen Neubauer. With puesdo-ehamps Pvt. Joe Caoherio and Sgt. Tobolsky claiming the ping-pong crown, it s high time that this reporter lifted a paddle and defended his reputation. This champ will take all comers. Sgt. Toey Statile ft "THB OLD TIMERS" .. tty the dilemma of S/Sgt. "Red" Laugh lin 1 He's in love with three local belles and can't decide whic h to favor. Sergeant Sanfilippo is over at the Sub Depot a bit often or late. Either busi ness is rushing or it's Lorraine Pfo. Stan Larsen, formerly of this outti t, has brought the missus down from Chicago, and having met Mrs. Larsen we believe that the City is now more chilly than ever due to the fact that one of its or sunshine is down here." Maybe it's the c haw, maybe it's the Tech Supply routine, but we have it from a good source that Sgt. J..ock is goih' Duck Huntingneeda gun, Sgt.? Cpl.Burke certainly is missing M1rt, but cheer up Corporal, the restriction will be lifted in two weeks Sgt. Fair is on two weeks "good behavior" and has purchased a record "San Antonio Rose". That's all for now, but I do'wish that Louise would hurry down here from Rhode Island I'm tired of being a bachelor, and besides, I long for an appetizing New England dinner. -Pvt. Ed Strong BUY BONDS-BU T NOWI


B "965 QUEIICEECOS" ig things are really happening these days down at our local USO-YMCA Building. Our activities for the week included Bin go parties and small game tourneys. The winners in last week's tournaments were a WHIST Cpl. A. Martinez Pvt. L. Harris Pvt. E. Tobias BINGO Sgt .-r.-Long Sgt. R. Fitch Pvt. E. Tobias These parties will be given every Sat urday evening. There are many prizes to be won--ltop by and have an evening of tun. Koda.ks are on hand and may be bor rowed, and mendiqg of clothing is part of the service being rendered by our USO. However, men, this is no excuse to misuse your clothi,ng. The week beginning Oct. 11, 1942, was Founder's Week of the Y.M.C.A. movement. In 1844, Sir George Williams of London, founded the great Christian and youth org anization internationally known as the Young Men's Christian Association. The Y.M.c.A.hasserved the armed forces through four wars, since 1865. .... lhings we would like to seea Cpl. Hakeem take one of those weekly pool games from lst Sgt. Barbier Ftc. Guidry smile Cpl. Mancinelli in one of those Thurs day night boxing bouts More fellas use the reading room The "duck boards" put back in their proper places every once in a while Smiling cheery faces of the entire squadron at roll call each morning The theatre get some sort of system for selling t ickets, so that every time you want to take in a shaw you don't have to out" a line Cpl. Baird in hia new aviation cadet uniform-good luck, Buddyt The way that great foursome ot S/Sgt. Furr, Sgt. Youngberg, Cpl. Marr and Ftc. Smote k burned up the P.c. Golf Course last S unday Cpl. Kilroy on his wedding day-it won't be long nowl Tall dark and handsome Cpl Titus, being BWam ped by the females -of P.c.-all right, Ceasar RomeroL s/Sgt. Hendren when he isn't working lst Sgt. Barbier with a goatee to match his newly acquired mus tache More news for this reporter to reportl -Cpl. J.J. Freeman "TOP KICKS WILL WEAR NEW SLEEVE Now that the first sergeant is to recei ve the pay of t he first grade he also will wea r the insigni a of a master sergeant on his sleeves. The "top kicks" have been authorized another stripe by the War De partment and the insignia will be disting uished from that of a master sergeant's only by the whi t e diamond in the field or blue. We were kind ot looking forward to see ing this photo of SERGEANT JOHlf WEBSTER, because we've s eldom ever seen him out his i'ami liar, printer s ink-stai11ed, fatigues. is head over at t he D. of T.'s Reproduction Department specializing inllll:tilith Press operation He' s a native ot Detroit, Michigan, and oame to Tyndall Field last January fresh from a mechanic's course at the AAF school at Chanute Field. In civilian life he was employed as an technician. razor-like wit has been honed by the rollers of his presses. In the "early" days, if a sheet of paper rolled out with a very light impression he would remark, "A little dark, isn't it?" Today however, when an occasional sheet comes out of the presses accidentally covered entirely with black ink, he'll coyly look up at hie spectators and say, -not quite enough ink". Or when asked what was the moat interesting event of his life, he re plied, "The day I joined the


GBNERALl (5 points tor each) 1. Name the Chief Justice of the United 2. Who is the Assistant Secretary of War for Air1 3. Who is the new u.s. rubber czar? 4. Who is known as F.P.A.? GEOGRAPHY (5 points for eaoh) 1. What is the capital of Texas? 2. By oar, is Pensacola, Fla. nearer Chicago Ill. or Key West, Fla.? 3. Is the population of Berlin greater then that of Moscow? 4. To what country does the island of St. Helena belong? /) YARDBIRDS BUCJr PRIVATE'S NON-COM'S OFFICER'S SPORTSa (5 points each) 0 30 30 60 60 90 90 -99 1. The Davis Cup was last played for 1939. What country won it? 2. Name the teams that make up the "Big Six" football conference? 3. Who is the football coach of the (West Point) Team? 4. When were the Yankees last out in a World Series? (Prior to ARMYa (5 points each) shut 1942) 1. What is a "pressure point" in First Aid language? 2. What position does Brigadier Gen following three let OW!? eral Eaker hold? 3. What do the ters stand forl 4. Name three hemorrhages 1 different varieties ot WHO ARE THEY? (4 points each) Who is Andrew J. Higgins? Who is Raymond Gram Swing? Who is Whitey Kurowski 1 1. Congressman 1. Postmaster 1. Cowboy-2. General 2. Radio commentator 2. Baseball player 3. Boatbuilder 3. British flyer 3. Auto racer Who is Quentin Reynolds? Who is Claude Thornhill? Who is Claire Booth? 1. Foreign correspondent 1. Football player 2. Diplomat 2. Ice skating champ. 3. Tobacco tycoon 3. Bandleader MEN 1 KNOW YOUR OFFICERS 1 ACROSS ""T:"It wasnt his fault that the plane had two stars painted on it1 B. You can no longer do this for pleasure 9. Quisling's metropolis 10. Dumbell (abbr) 11. Meditate upon, ponder 12. We couldn't get this on either (LEI.) 13. Self pride 14. This is usu 'ally a dirty trick 15. Prefix denoting away from. or separation 16. You can talk to one, paint with it, and listen to it 17. The "Eagle" whose tail feathers were drooping laot week 19, Captains Wilson and McClelland were his predecessors 1. Actress 2. Model 3. Authoress DOim -r:-cubic Centimeter 2.' Full of rouge 3. His "ho bby" is Communications 4. Africa's Ol' Man River 5. American Service or ganizations (abbr) 6, Masculine pron oun 7. He left u:rs, "finest' and is now Q.:Ms. c.o 10. Ice Cream, Jello, or expans e of sand, take your choice 11. He proclaimed the quarantine in July when German :Me&sles 15 of us 12. THE WlB on the "line" 14. The most famous of all "Schoolboys 16, Put on 17. Points north (abbr) 13. Sylvester (abbr)


The Yardbird SEZ The ole yardbird is sho feelin mity fine rite now on account uv i aint a john in this hear o o tfit namo. I is dun passed thru the recrute weaks an is whut is called a upperclasmun. That dont pay no mo money but it's awful nice not ter hafto fall ot 1 0 minnets befo every fawmashun an not ter eat at attenshun an not ter hafto dub b l e timeupan down the frunt porch salutin the fire eckstingwishers. But I is still got mo then ma share uv mizery. As usual that red haided fust sgt. i.s still around an nothin i does kin make him beleeve I aint a john. Fur instince, the othur day we wuz havin a full dress peerade with a band an a bunch uv big shots that wudn't cum undur the klasaifioashun uv Satdy nite soljers, an he put me on rite guide with mity speecific direokshuns to act justrite in carry in ot ma dooty on account uv they wuz gi vin a.waya medul er cup er sumthin (that didnt intrest m e none cause they wont let us hook nothin). Well, whin we cum on the feeld with the flags awavin a.n the band a. hittin it up, an ever body feelin terribul pa.triotik a.n like heros an the big shots waitin ot in trunt, he sqwalled ot mass rite an I tha.wt he sa.yed e,yes rite. In about 2 er 3 minnets I glansed around ter see if the oottit wuz lined up propur an I spied am way cross the peerade ground just a. pra.noin aroun a.ll kontused on account u v not havin no guide a.n the tus t sgt. ot in trunt doin a powerful gud job on holdin his temper. The look on his tase reminded a. hound pup whut has jest bin give a ovurdose uv wurm medisine. I hadter hook out on the dubble ter ketch up a.n ha.dter pass the reevuwin ortisers on the way. It sho wuz imba.rra.sin. We didn't win no cup. The man an all the othur athorities ha.s sho bin irrita.bul towards me. They seems ter think it is a.ll ma Well, I reckin I better be a.goin-----. -----The Yardbird (No. 1) LEDBETTER


XRNES: LDSOB AID !rUDDT QUNN'XRS AGAIN "SPARK" WDKLY BOXING BOUTS The regular Thursday night boxing show under the supervision of S/Sgt. Cra wford Mosely, of the A. & R. Office, was another five-bout card and was well attended and received. Of the five matches, two wer e decided by decision and the re maining three were declared "draws". The best bout of the evening was be tween gunnery students, Pvt. Bianchi of the Claes of '42-40, and Pvt. Stotts of 142-46. The .se two boys tipped the scales at 170 lbs. and really threw plenty of leather. Both boys knew how to. handle themselves and pleased the crowd with a fine display of fisticuffs. The draw decision was In a bou t that contrasted the Bianchi Stotts g o, rnest Leeson, taller of the now famous "fighting twins", fought Ste ve Kokinda in a three round tussle that had the crowd howling. Whereas both of these boys knew how to box, their antics and horseplay were far more enJoyable than the actual boxing. Leeson was knocked through the ropes in the second round, but pulled a ".Tack Dempsey" and came tearing back at his opponent. There was no choice for the Judges to make except to declare the affair a draw. Other results were : A. Douweedekker bowed to Cpl. Koballa; and Kells of 1424o "drew" with Pvt. of 142-46. SUAJ'TC PHYSICAL TRAINING HZ1D COMMIBDS L T LAWSON AND HIS "o:BSTACLE" COURSE (By .Ci>l. Sam Melson) "Uncle tough gunners are going to be conditioned even tougher." This was the statement &&de by Lt. Lex J. Jullbright, Director of Physical Train-. ing for the Southeast AA7 Training Com mand on his recent visit to Tyndall Jield. He was just w1nding up a twoday inspection of how the Jield puts the embryo gunners into A.-1 physical shape and ex.pressed himself as being highly pleased with both the methods and the results. The former athletic coachin civilian life he was with Birm inghamSouthern and University of the Southpaid warm comI mendation to the work of Lt. Harbin B. Lawson, Director of Physical Training at Tyndall Jield. 11He has certainly impro vised a rugged course here andhe't doing a ft'ne job", said Lt Jullbright. MANY Ml:MBERS OJ THE CHAMPION 11CA.BDINALS" TO BZ Ill UND'OBM WITHIN A TIM MONTHS Some folks are calling the "Cards" one of the great teams of baseball. Perhaps, but one thing certain is that no one will ever see that aggregation play again. The champs' oldest player it fasteteppin' Terry Moore, who' only thirty. So, there is little likelihood that the same team will ever take the field again. ANsatDS TO UT't G:&NERI.L : Harlan r. Stone; Robert A. Lovett; William H. Jeffers; and rranklin P. Adame. GEOGRAPHY: At1stin; Chicago is nearer; Yea; Sngla.nd. SPORTS: Australia; Missouri, Kansas, at- lahoma, Iowa State, Kansas State, and Nebraska. "Red Blaik. 1926 ABMYa Any one of the many pointe on the body, where manual pressure may be applied to a blood vessel to decrease the flow of blood; Chief o f the AAl Bomber Command in lurope; Office of War Information; Arterial, Venous, Capillary. WHO ARE THIYU Boatbuilder; Radio Commen tator: Baseball player; 7oreign Oorret pondent; Bandleader: Authoreae.


' ''JOE!-JOE!-FOP. SAKE! THEY'VE CHANGED THE ORDER! YOUR'E NOT ON K.P. TO-MORP.ow!'' "So you're a salesman! What's your line?" "Salt." "I'm a salt seller, too." "Shake." are those cops watching?" "That revolving door. been going around with the wrong people." "It little Red Riding Hood lived toda) The modern girl would scorn' er She only had to meet one wolt-Not one on every corner!" She was pensive when I met her; Sadness was on her brow. But my check book made her happy ; she's now. Mistressa (interviewing new butler) "Now how do you address a baron?" Butlers "Your lordship." Mistresss "And his ladY?" Butlera "Your ladyship." Mistressa "And an admiral? Butlera "Your flagship." "What a splendid tit," said the tailor as he carried the epileptic out or his shop. She a "What do you mean by saying that the dates you had with me were like a string or pearls?" Hea "Heokless, dearie, neckless." BURST IS MORE CORRECT It hardly seems honest or just To decree that all bathing suits must Be modest and shys Yet reformers all orycover their stomachs or bust." -West Point Pointer are you doing on this boat?" "I'm not doing it on the boat-----I'm doing it in the water." THE FROG Wot a wonderful bird, the frog are, wen he stand, he sit almost, W'en he hop, he fly almost, He ain't got no sense hardly, He ain't got no tail hardly either, W'n. he sit, he ait on wlu-.t he ain't got, Almost.


"MRS. :MIBIV!R" AID "PAIWIA HATTIE" SHOWING A! POST THEATRE THIS "Panama Hattie" the mot i o n pic ture adaptation of the smash stage success, a t the Post Theatres Sunday and Monday, Oct. 18-19, is f l l of lilting melodies, hilarious romance and adven ture This pepp tale deals with espionage and love i n ama with Red "I dood it" Sk e l on, screen and radio's greatest c omic Ann Southern of "Lady Be GoodQ top tunes of Cole Porter, and bea ou s Panamanian girls MGM' s "Mrs. M i n i v r with Greer Garson and Walter Pid ge on, is the mid-we ek attraction, Wednesday and Thursday Oct 21-22 A d romantic a c tion thri lls of the 0 d West appear in "Apache Trail" the screen dramatization Ernest Wil coxs "Stage Station" "Apache Tr .. the blazing drama of the frontier and recounting the story o f "Trigger Bi.l" is shown Friday only Oct. 2 3 SATURDAY, October 17 "High w ay s By Night" Jane Randolph Richar:! ls SUNDAY, MONDAY, October lD". "Panama Hattie" Ann Sothern Red Skelto n SUN. MON., TUES., October lB-2 "Somewhere l' 11 Fin d Y Lana Turner Cl ark WED., THURS,, FRI., Squ adron" Diana Barrymore SATURDAY, October 24 "Bandit Ranger" Tim Holt U.TE SHOW SATURDAY lHGH'l' "Syncopation" A dolprt Men j o u J a ck i e WAR DEPARTMENT AJIBOUNCES SERVICEMEN MAY NOW "THUMB" FLIGHTS IN ARMY PLANES Recently, from the War Department came the announcement that any member of t he armed services when not on duty may "hop a ride" in an Army plane if h e has permission of commanding officers.of the Army Air Forces stations or higher officers under Army Regulations 95-90 dated July 24, 1942. How ever, the pilot of the plane must be o n a regurlarly assigned duty. The regulation reads' Naval, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard personnel, while on leaves of absence, furlough, or detached service, may be permitted by commanding officers of Army Air Forces station or higher authority to ride as passengers on flights in Army aircraft when such flights are incident to a regularly scheduled mission, and provided such transportation does not involve additional expense to the Government." TUESDAY, October 20 "Gunga Din" Cary G rant Victor UcLaglen WEDNESD Y, THURSDA", October 21-22 ra. M.i.ni ver" G reer Gars v Walter Pidgen SUNDA Y MONDAY, Octobe r 18-1 9 "Flight Lieu anant" Pat O'Brien G l e nn Ford TUESDAY, Octobe 2 0 "Thru D i ffer en t Eyes 1 e.ry Ho d r c.nk Craven SDAY T .. '1D,;t, Oct. 21-2 "All K i a s0d Th'l Bride" Joan Cre.wi' c d vyn Dougla October 23-24 "llisso u J'Utlaw" ,.


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